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ft § ? FT Yd R HflMF RF A HAPPY RNF Jf
Our actual enjoyments arc so few and transient that were we not blessed with homes lots
our would be miserable Every father and mother should do their utmost to make their surroundings the most inviting , the of
neatness , arrangement'and taste The home should be furnished throughout , as shown below The ' '
table will then be ready at the fireside , awaiting the evening meal the and awaiting ! the <
tic singing ; and the wife and children happy and smiling in their glad anticipation of the and ' . ; cups supplies -
evening papas arrival Such a home should be yours , with the opportunities and liberal inducements of our Special Credit 1
System Nothing , no matter how trifling it may seem to you , is overlooked in our eagerness to supply and make your home all you could desire You have never dealt on credit ? Well , now , do you think it sensible
to do without necessary comforts when you can secure them as cheaply as though you hal the ready cash to down , simply because have dealt
pay you never on credit ? Do not be foolish in this respect , but resolve to <
pay us a visit Tell your good wife of your resolve She will aid you all she can , and the pleasure of a happy home will make her step lighter and her hand more willing , and youi hearthstone will be the rallying
place of affection and love We were never so well prepared as this season to cater to the increasing demands of the housekeepers of'this " of Homes " '
you in both satisfaction and money value growing City , and can postively assure you that a visit will repay „ \
1 plush pnrlor Biiit..w $21.50
1 contot' tivblo 1.50
1 fnncy niiiutlo clock 4.00
2 pair lnce eurtiiini 2.00
SMI j nrda Brussels enrpot 12.00
1 S'myi'iiu rut ? 1.00
4 pictures 0.M ( )
$ -31.00
1 oak book ease S 8.00
1 I HllgO (1.0(1 ( (
2 ensy chairs . . " (1.00 (
1 roekor 1.50
" 0 yards BrusscK carpet 12.00
1 Smvrna riiif 1.00
1 p.ilr lace uurtuins 1.50
2 window shades • " > " *
Start.paying on your Holiday Presents , esc
tra teams engaged to deliver goods Dec 24th. |
All goods reserved on receipt ot a small pay
I Hanging Lamps , Stand Lamps , CMoniers
Hall Racks , Sideboards , Rugs , Art Squares , Cen
ter Tables , Plush Rockers , Reed and Rattan
Rockers , Parlor Suits , Pier Extension Tables ,
Bookcases , Desks , Secretaries , Cabinets , etc
A Braoo of B a Shoots Booked for
The Apollos nr-fllvloiti McGrow mill
tlio Geesu Now Players Signed
Kugby loot Hull Mnnaccr
Keller Kxnliiuis Mlsocl-
lniii'ous Xolcti
TucKla\V ) Hie SliootB
A couple of tlio most Interesting shooting
matches Unit have taken place In this vicinity
for a nunibur of years will bo dccidod on the
Gwln & Dunuilro grounds , across the river ,
ucxtTuosdny nftornoon The first will bo
between Frank S.Pnrmoloo of this city nud J.
A. 11. Klliott or Kansas City on ouo sldo and
Charlie Hudd of Dos Moines , the ox-Amorl-
can trap shot champion , and Captain It 11.
Organ of Chicago on the otlior 'J ho match Is
llftyllvo birdsouch.tlilrtyyardsri oinodlllcd
s English rules , for HM a sldo Tbo roforqo
wlU bo chnson on the grounds Following
' this event will ba n similar match between
t W. K. Nuson of this city and Dorsoy Bur
fc gess of St Joe , for $100 a sldo
U 'ihorowillbo a delegation ofspoitBmon
* hero from Chicago , Dcs Moines , Kansas City
and St lee to witness the contests , and local
i ! enthusiasts uro inucli elated over tlio pros
> pects of a giaad aliornoou's sport
* > Prospects Cora Sensation
From present Indications It looks as If
there wcio morosonsations in store for base *
ball patrons , and It Is not at all Improbable
that the wbolo Western association will bo
reorganized , and some of tlio cities now iu-
t eluded In the circuit dropped and new ones
j ' supplied in their places , It looks as if tlio
I American association must g 'fi to pieces The
f , Hultluiores are endeavoring to buy Wushingr
I tons league franchise , and in case of failure
b lu this , will surely go into ono of tlio eastern
mlnnr leagues 'I his would leave the Atb-
f- lotlcs a last sad rcmnnntof the once great
W American association m the east , nud Colum-
& luinbus , Louisvilla nud St I-ouis would have
Pi no altornntlvo hut to go Into the Western
, ibis all teudstn show thai In tlino two big
i lcaguos , an ousteru nud u western , are the
I' l Inevitable outcome of tr.o whole baseball
' ' business Tiioio Is no reason why such pros
perous cities ns St , Louis , St 1'aul , Minne
apolis , Milwaukee Omaha and Kansas City
could not bo tnado one of tlio greatest puv-
. itig basobull organizations over known iu tlin
% , history of the game In the event of such a
if rovolutlon , of LOiirse , such cities as ] ) cs
* Moines , Sioux City and Denver ( tlio latter
, on account of Its remote situation } could not
, hope to romuin wlihiu the circuit
I The Apollos' ItoOIvlviiH
. ! The club took a Httlo spin to Hlrmlngtou
| last Sunday , 'J lie uenthor was slightly
l. chilly , bat not sufilcloutly bo as to spoil the
I pleusuroof the run
I The boys at last , however , uro safe in put
| ting \scline upon their wheels us Old Crimp
{ la hero evidently to stay
f The Apollos have organized a polo team for
I the proposed Juvenile league Manager l'rluco i
I is going to form The Apollo team Includes
E Sanshay , Lecdor , Wertz , liicndorf , Sclfkln ,
m Angel uud Iixley
L The Apollos can rightfully boast of the 1
i fastest boy team of hjkors iu America , In
I Wcrtx , I'ixley and Uciuuorf ,
I Will Wulkcr and Will Plxlcy hnvo ar-
f rouged n teii'iutlo hicyclo race for u hand
t bouio silver cup The race will coiuo oil at >
b the Cellsoum on the evening of the 10th ,
I " l'ixioy allowing Walker a one mlle haudi-
cap ,
i Percy Gibson , the hey champion of 1111-
I- tiolt , passed through Omuhu last Friday en i
ft , route for Ban Francisco , where ha goes for a
r couple of months * visit Uibson is ono of the i
| fusteit joung riders in the country , and out ;
| - f 13 racti came out victor In 41. ills two i
E lefcuts cro sustained at tlio hands of M >
Domiell , at UulT.ilo , N Y. , and bv Pixloy of
this city , at Chicago last Juno
A meeting of the club has been called for
Wednesday evening next .it 7i0-sb.irp : ! , at
the club rooms , corner Sixteedth street and
Capitol avenue
SIcGrpw itmiui ; the ; CnnitilnR
H , N. McGrow , the genial advertising
man has tlio acknowledgements of the
Rportlng editor for n magnificent Canada
geese received per express from the Hlvor
Siouv , la , the night before Thanksgiting
Mac has been up theru shooting for the past
wock , uud has had glorious sport , as the fol
lowing note received on the same evening
with the geese attests :
Hivrii Sioux la , Nov 20 , Sandy Old
Uoy : linelosed iind one geese by American
oxpicss today I could have sent yon a
dozen this sbo , hut I know it would worry
you to got away with them all Von would
enjoy the hunt I am having over mv llvo no-
toys ana with mv Puller geese call on the
Missouri bars , t w ill bring you n down Just
lilio the one I ship vou today when I return
Sunday night 1 shipped sixty-oighttodnv ;
killed tint teen this morning and would have
got us many more If it hadn't been for my
whiskers My shoulder is getting sere ; am
not used to llvo drachms of powder and un
ounce and a quarter of No 2s. Make a Httlo
soup out of this geese uud tiuow Jackson
into It Yours affectionately ,
PS The geese hero are all Canadus ; no
Iiutchms nor whlto or speckled brant.Ma
Oumlia'rt Ni'iv Mon
That Manager Leonard has got a hustle
on himself there is no doubt , Uosldes sign
ing Fanning , the Buffalo twirler , ho has
gathered in two oilier new players within
the past neck The tlrstof these Is Dllly
Urquhnrt , the promising young catcher , with
tlio Now Yorlt state league during the past
season Leonard says that Billy Is a corker
Ho is but twentv-two years of age , is llvo
feet ten inches in height and weighs 170
pounds His catching uvurugo for the past
sousun was . .tl'O. . and his batting average
, JJI ' M. P. Illnei Is thu third man He
played with Lowell last season and led the
Atlantic league at the bat with an average
of .1113. IIo is an outfielder , and in the par
lance of the profession , a buto "
Tlio Kiiho Hall Situitiop
The base • ball slttuatlon atprcsent , summed
up in few words , is about as follows ; It looks
mora and more , as the days go by , that the
brotherhood must result in a lizzie It is ox *
Lcrdingly doubtful whether a ganrb Is over
played under such a management Mauy of
the old league players are quietly sieging
with the old clubs and going hack on tbolr
promises to the brotherhood , The players
uro gradually having thu dust blown out of
their eyes To bo sure the brotherhood lead
ers are still making a stubborn light to do
something , but their chances of succcodlng
nro about ono In ten , The league is quietly
formulating ltsp Inns for thu coming season
T boy will tuko backus muay of their old
plojers as they can get , but In any event
they will open upu now era for the young
blood The tioachory of the men whom they
have fo9torcd and miulo rich has had a mar
velous developing effect upon their caution
ary hump ' 4 ho American association Is a
dead ojck in I ho pit , and as a last desperate
resort may link Its fortunes with the pirati
cal brotherhood The minor leagues uro allen
on uottles , but the foimatlon of a powerful
Western association to include St Louis ,
Louisville , Columbus , St , Paul , Minneapolis ,
Kansas City , Omaha and either Milwaukee
or Denver is not improbable
Still Has lIlnNcrvo
, Dad Clarke telegraphed to President Mc-
Cormlck a day or two ago , that bo would
sign with the Brotherhood unless McCor-
mien remitted to him tba $500 ho claims was
promised hlin If thaOaiahas won ua pen
nant No attention was , paid to tlio young
gentleman's threat ,
The Sun Francisco Chronicle has the following -
lowing to sav of Dad in his la t game with
thu Oakland * on Tuesday Js t : The main
trouble with ( he boys from ever the bay was
their Inability to connect with the curves of
Clarke The little man from Omaha was Iu
I litiudsaina onk chamber suite . . . $20.ro
II p lit hico tiiil'Uilns 1.00
U U Ipilow shades To
lonnls iiij/rnlji curpot 0.00
1 toilet sot u.no
1 mattress ' . 1.1)0 )
1 spring 1. > jO
1 control 1 1.00
. _ _ _ _ fl7.03 !
1 clesjnnt oak oluimbof suitp $18.00
1 window shmlo -10
18 vitrils limiting II.OO
1 totlutHot ! 2.00
1 mattress 1.00
t. j ww.igiawMi. . -j ar > wj * m Jf .t f fiiig 11J m iMFyfW e
1 oult cottng-o olutmliot' suite $12. 0
1 mattress 1fl
15 yards hamp curuct fVr ) ! 20c 51,00
1 toilet &at 1.75
1 oak cotttiRC Biilt $12.50
l'Jyuids hump curpct 2.40
. 1 limttross 1 75
1 toilet sot 1.75
y 14vorlli ol'uoiuNSI ) iur tveuk ot * S I u moiilli I
fJ ! , ' i\oi 111 ol' oixU ft.r ( 0 iioriveck ir S < I | > r moiilli |
sr t > UMi'tli r oi N 8cr [ tvock < > r $ N per moiilli j
* 7. t woi Hi ul'iioiMlN H'i.fti } pcrtwoli < r 81 < > | moiilli . !
gl < M > w ir li ot KoitiN § : i pei'tviiok r * li per mo III j
g200 world o1'koo < In § 5 pt r uciik or Hilt pur moiilli
Open nt night Goods sold on tlino payments una dolivcrud Tree or
elnvrgo to South Omahii , Fort Omaha , Florence tina Couueil B lulTs
splendid form and pitched a most matrnin-
ccut gamu of bnll : His speca was at times
teintlc and bis command ull hut perfect ,
lour scattering hits were all the heavy
hitting colonels could banj out , though tlmo
and again did they have splendid oppoitunl-
ties to send in u run if they could have oven
Will till . . . < . . , . , „ iiinc In ?
Season after season St Louis lias had the
greatest hall team In the country , nnd al
though the city received thousands nna
thousands of uollars worth of advertising
outof the fume of its repicscututlvo ball
club , jot at such a low ebb has ciitliuslism
and Interest in the gaino run at the Mound
City that for thrco years past tlio team has
been nccordod but niggardly patronage
Now that the Amoiican association has boon
shipwrecked bv the dosortioa of Cincinnati ,
Brooklyn anu Kansas City , there is nothing
better In base ball loft for St Louis than to
Join a minor league , and this she must do era
the spriuir arrives or glvo up all but ama
teur games It need surprise no ono to hear
of St Louis knocking for admission at the
doors of the Western association before
many weeks clnpso , and it is to bo hoped
that she will With St Louis in Ues
Moines plnco the Western association would
leap to second place so far as nnportaiico is
concerned of alt the base ball organizations
In the country
'Ilr Vouii tur to II vn a Show
Itiscloaily the intention of the National
league maguatos to encourage young ball
nlaiers , and bv this move thov hopa to hnvo
the country flooded with brilliant players In
the course of a couple of years At present
less than ono bundled mon coniprlso the
great ball placets of the country There are
plouty m&ro whore the present ones onmo
from , sav the mon who hnvo handled the
business in the past This is very true , and
tlio oulv difficulty is In lluding the men to
bring these youngsters out In a long , hard
race for the championship tlio tried old
horse will display his staying powers , and
the ono great drawback to too yuung player
will bo his Inability to hit the ball As far
as lloldors and base runners go , the woods
nro full of them , but good batters uro scarce
and It wll icnuiro many years to groduato
such another school as Hi outliers Kellv ,
Anson , Kulng , O'Kourko , Hlchurdsoh ,
Thompson and the other men who have uphold -
hold tne National league ns the stiongest
pluylng body in tlio country for the past
do/on years
Mil linger Koilor Ijxplnhin
Hosto.v , Mass , Nov , 31. To the Sporting
Editor of Tub Omaha Uce : My Dear Sir
In reference to the national trap shooting
contests that will tuko place hotu cod teams
representing tlio east and west , I wish to explain -
plain to you The scl'oino was conceived by
Cbarlos W. Ulmick , president ut the Amer
ican shooting association , und offorcd to u
certain cartrldgo company , but they thought
the expense of a trip of tills character too
much to undertake at picseut So thu Unttod
States cartrldgo company of Lowell , Mass ,
will hack the enterprise The route will bo
as follows : Opening at Cincinnati , about
the middle of January ; tlieneo to Louisville ,
St Louis Memphis , Now Orleans , Houston ,
Dallas , Austin , Suu Autonlo , FA Paso , Los
Angeles , San Francisco , Stockton , Sicra-
mento , Portland , Tucomn , Seattle Ogdcn ,
Salt Lake City Denver , Leaivlllo Kansas
City , Omaha , dies Mnlnos , St Paul , Minne
apolis , Milwaukee , Chicago , Detroit , Toledo ,
Cleveland , Pittsburg , HutTulo , Syracuse , Al
bany , Now York and Boston , The contests
will bo nt 200 Blue Hock targets u sldo , each
man to shoot at thirty siuglestiad llvo pairs
Ono of the finest hotel cars Iu the Pullman
service litis been chartered to couvo.v the
party over the entire trip , und will bo fitted
up with every convenience for the comfort
of the trnvclers Possibly I can urraupo for
some exhibitions at live birds It Is u great
disappointment that Mr , Parmcleo is unable
to bo ouo ot the western teaui , uud Mr Stico
will take bis place Yours truiv ,
T , II Kullek
An Important Meeting
Omaiia , Neb , Nov , 80. An Important
meeting of the Gate City Athletic club will
bo hold ' 1 ucsday evening December U , and
all members desiring to see the organization
put on a firmer and moro reliable basis are
urged to bo present
W. B. MAOSrit , Secretary
KlniliPH li'rom thi > Diamond
Jneic Snecd is spending the whiter in Mem
Burdick is man iglng the gymnasium nt
Minneapolis '
Manager Ilackett will report at Kansas
Cltv January 1.
Canavan says that Tom Naglo is the best
catcher in the country
London has signed luck Lelg'itou , with
Omaha a short time last season *
Boll , the jouug Cincinnati pitcher , has
signed with Kansas City lor next year
Hug Ilolllday consld6rs Gastrlght of
Columbus the coming pitcher of the country
John J. Hardin writes that the kid glove
soeioty men of Frisco have gone daft over
base bill
Manager Soleo siys that the Coston3 \ \ ill
have a big team next season , brnthernnod erne
no brotherhood
Kansas City has some of the coming play
ers of the profession They uro ull young
nnd full of ginger
Van Dyke , Dcs Moines old left Solder , is
putting in the winter trapping and hunting
in nortlioru Michigan ,
Cincinnati is after the Cowboys great
shortstop , Herman Long , und tlio chauccs
are that the Queen city will got him
Bob Lowe Is reported to bo in Milwaukee
endeavoring to purchase thino of the clubs
inllclders for Boston's League club
Dan Stearns has loft Comiskoy's combinn-
Hon and returned to Kansas City , where ho
Is employed with a ctinttol mortgage firm
Thcro will bo any number of base ball sur
prises yet this winter , umong which the col
lapse of the brotherhood may bo looked for
Ted Sullivan says that the association
oueht to secure Milwaukee Ho thinks that
town nholid of either Detroit , Toledo or
Sioux City cranks nro placing all the con
fidence in the world In Jim Powell , their
popular manager , and alroudy huvu pennant
aspirations ,
Lowe , the lleldor purchased bv Boston
from Milwaukee , is ouo of the most provi
dent mon in the profession Kvory season
ho plantr the bulk of his salai y.
The Des Moines management dcclaro they
will ploy next season out if they sink thu oil
tire amount ot thu stock subscribed They
expect , nowovor , tonnako money
Manager Leonard of the Omnhas has signed
two inoio new men Hilly Kniuhnrt catcher ,
of Sonera Fulls , N.Yi , nnd M. P. Hlnes , the
bard bitting outfleldor with thu Lowells last
St Joe is mnklng'n , jiitllo effort to organize
a louguo to bo composed of that city , Lin
coln , Topaka , Leavenworth , Hastings ,
Hutchinson , Wichita and Sudatla
Ex-Manager W. II Wutklns of the Kan
sas City team has uoticludcd that Kansas
City is a good placolo'llvein ' and has settled
down thcro for tbo present Ho lias bought
an interest lu a feed business und is doing
Comparatively few-changes were mudo In
the plui liif ; rules by tlio Joint Hules committee -
too , una these fowiworo so uuimportunt as
not to affect the gatuo materially , so tbul
playing aoxt year wilt bo the same as it was
this season ,
Some of the Kansas City b U cranks nro
sorry that It has been necessary for their
rcpresentativo team to take relugo In the
Western association , but no ono censures
PresidentSpcas from tutting away from the
crowd in which the dosortlon of Cincinnati
left him
Herman Long , the phenomenal short stop
of the Kansas Citys , teems to bo in great de
mand Ho Is a wonderful Ucldor , a good hit
ter and base runner , nnd Is u young man of
excellent promise With ordinary luou ho
will make tbo greatest short stop ou the diamond
mend ,
Mr Spoas expects to realize no loss than
* lu,000 from tbesaluof the releases ot his
Kansas City players , whom ho shrewdly
signed before the crash carao , and It can ba
depended upon that bo fully appreciates the
situation of the National league clubs , and
has vuluod his plajers none too low ,
Ohio State Journal : Kansas City's move
in going into tne Western association was a
good thing for them , for they can draw fully
us manypoople with the Western association
teams uud with much less traveling ox-
Iploro tension Hilda $ J.50
10 turds Brussels curpst • . ) . < ( )
Oonnouliiilrs . ' Ti.-K )
1 sideboard 12.50
2 windou shudes 75
1 dinner bet , /o /
3H2. 'ij
1 slovo with lktures f 12.50
1 shmlo , , jn
• I chairs ] , ( ) ( )
J t Mo i.fflj
11 ynrus hemp enrpot ; { . ; ( ( )
All Stoves being sold regardless of former I
$10 $ Heaters now selling at $8. $ I
, - $15 $ Hesters now selling for $9. $ I
$20 $ Heaters now selling for $12,50. $ I
$25 $ Heaters now selling for $16. $ I
$40 $ Heaters now selling for $27.50 $ , ' I
$16 $ Cooks now selling for $9.50. $ I
$20 $ Cooks now selling for $12,50. $ I
$40 $ Ranges now selling for $28. $ B
-1 *
penses Better not weaken their team too
much though
The public will never trust a crowd of ball
plaveis to trust themselves , us must ho the
case with the brotherhood There is alto
gether too ere it an oppoitunlty for crooked
nest 'J ho Nntionjl lcuuuo has maintained
honest v in the game always and tbo public ;
realize that Ilutwith the pliijur-Hhomselves
running everything , no mutter how honestly ,
the people wont beiievo that tlio games are
not II fed
In permitting the Introduction of nny n > u-
larsubstituto ut any period of a came , unl in
adopting the double utnpiro system , the New
Players National hague has placed itself
squarely iu advance of the National league
and in line with tbo public demand on at
ioist ono mipoitant particular Tbo double
umpire svstoin Is the luovitnblo system nt
the future , nud in first adopting it , the
Brotherhood men scored a clover point
Uoonoy Sweeny , whoso mug Is a perfect
fac-simllo of that of the famous comedian ,
sivo the Galway's , is in Now York city , nnd
is anxious to sign Munager Leonard of the
Omaha's , might communicate with him , as
the local team hasn't a catcher loft Kooney
has quit lushing , and when ut him-iclf ho is
a stono-wnll bohlnd tbo bat Itoouoy Is ull
right now ana If Omaha can got lilin thov
win get u man who will fill the bill us fully
and satisfactorily as a Nuglo or a Coouoy or
any ono clso
At a meeting of base ball onthuslnjts held
at Dcs Moines ono day last week it was decided -
cided to organize .1 league to bo known as the
Iowa State Haso Ball association , and to invite
vito the following cities to Join it : Clinton
Davenport , Keokuk , Ottumwa Marshall
town , ( . .cdar ltapids , Council Bluffs , Fort
Madison , Burlington and Dubuque It was
deckled that the salary limit should bo § 7,500
for ten men , eaeli club to put up a cash guar *
antee of J500. May 15 to May 17 Is to bo the
limit of the season , each club to play fifty
games at homo nud llltv abroad , the league
not to exceed eight or go below six cltios , the
visiting club to bo guaranteed f-50 per ganio
played , orSiS In case of rain A schedule for
tbo season will bo presented ut the next
moetiiig , which will bo held nt Cedar Uap-
President Spcas has this to say regarding
bis Western association team for not sea
son : Elmer Smith , the Cincinnati twirler ,
will bo rotaiuod Healoy nnd Conwuy will
bo released , and besides Elinor Smith the
pitching department will consist of Swurt-
/ol , howders and Peais These pltchorsout-
class any In the Western association , und
while I do not know exactly whut players wo
will secure , I can promise a winning team ,
'iho catchers will bo GunBon and either Don
ohua or Hoover , und at least ono moro out
bidder will bo signed , 1 have boon in the
business for the fun ot it for tbo last two
years , nnd with n good club ncxtyour I think
wo can do what wo have uover done before
make money The Western association has
been stri-ngtbciied bv the admission of Kan
sas City , und it will furnish Just as good ball
playing as the American U8soo.utiou , '
Ml.ccllaiicoiiH U < uui fcpnrts
The Continentals are being backed In the
pool rooms for the championship of the city
polo leasuc
Tom Connors nnd Alf X3rlonor , the wrestlers
lors , are lu Poi Hand , Ore , where thov wil
live a series of fulto matches In the Mechua
les' pavilion
Helen Baldwin and Jesse Oakcs arc to lido
a fortv-oigbt hour bicycle race for fJ > 0 n sldo
In the Mechanics pavilion , Portland , Ore ,
beginning tomorrow evening
The Parmelco-Elllott and Budd-Organ llvo
bird shoot ou the Gwln & . Dunmlro grounds
next 'iucsday will certainly attract u largo
crowd of spectators
Put Killuu Is In the cast challenging
everybody and everything within hearing
Nobody , howovur , thus far has paid uny at
tention to Ibo Duluth Slasher's bloviating
Mannvcr Priuco lias already begun to lay
his plans for a grand blcvclo tournament at
the Coliseum curly in February , wben the
wbolo nggiegation of bicyclists and bic > cli <
eiinos too , may bo expected back hero
The second game of the Polo league will
take place at tlio Coliseum Tuesday evening
between tbo S. P , Morse and the Council
Bluffs teams The Friday evening following
Iho Gate Citys uud Millurds will try conclu
The Omaha Schutzeuyerehi will hold their
dual shoot of the season on Friday , Decem
ber 27. when tlio best averugos for the clubs
prUes will bo determined Fred Fuller now
I Jo ids for fit at honors , und can hardly bo
bon'on in tbo next three shoots
Early In the now year the Gate City Ath
letic club will oTer a purse of 51,000 for Billy
Slider , the btieater , 111 , ciclone , to go
ag ilrist Jimmy Lindsay , of this eit v. Mover
cau also get n side bet of another thousand
on the sldo that ho can not do the Omaha
co in ten louuds
Jimmy Grlftln lm written Count Gun
soles of this city , from 'Fiico , asking him to
write to tlio papers there and say that it was
not be , but some fellow sailing under his
coirnomcu , whom Jimmy Lindsay recently
knockrdout Grlnin did not say , however ,
anything about having sold out the light
The Gate City Athlotlo club , owing to the
unsatisfactory wny In which some of their
recent entertainments have gone off , which ,
en passant , was all on account ot the lax
manner in which the rul03 nnd regulations
pf the club wore observed , are contomplut-
Ing n thorough reorganization early In the
Now Year
Attho Into touinamont of the Amoijcan
Com sing club hold at Greit Uond K.m , the
handsomest prize competed for , tlio Amori-
cau Field cup , was won by Arkansas 1'rav-
olor , " from the kennel of E. L. Hniueli , u
Missouri Pncilio conductor who resides at
Pueblo , Cole , beating Bessie Lee , the wlu-
norof the rup last year Mr Itionch Is a
brother of Charllo Hranch of this city , nnd
besides Arkansas Traveler ho is the owner
of the famous dogs War Cloud , Don and
Faucet .
QnestKiiiR nnd Aiihwcivi
Can you state In what year it wa9 that
Goldsmith Maid accomplished what was
thou considered the most wonderful feat of
the ago of trotting a mile in Silli Hoof
Boat Omaha
Aus Fifteen yonrs ngo last month ; 2:11
Is hardly regnrdod as wonderful in this day
of fast horsu llosh The gioat gain in speed ,
however , has scnrcoly boon gradual , as four
years elapsed before 3 iM was bo.Uon , Harus
being the flyer to lower the record in 157S.
During the present your no less than stx
horses lmvo beaten 3:11 : : GuySilOTf , Axtoll
2:13 , Hello Hnmlln 3:12/ : , Bonnie McGregor
3:13K , Pnlo Alto 2l : ! f uud Sutiol 2l.l : < tf
Will you please inform mo through Sun
days Hbu who Jimmy Griflln over whipped
How many Jlt'hts has Jacit Deinpsoy won
and lost ! T. It It , North l'latto ,
Aus Know of no ono Grlftln ever whipped
Dempsey haswon fifty ling battles and lost
one ,
To decide n bet please nnswor the follow
ing lu uoxt Sundays paper A hots B that I
he cau husic more corn lu u day than B. In
the contest they husk exactly tlio same number -
bor of bushels Who wlnsl Fo Mo Broiri-
ilold , pcb
Ans It is a draw This question has
been answoicd a score of times in Tin : Bur ,
and is a wormy old chestnut But to duel
date , This saina question bos appeared In
every form of dispute known to man which
admits of wager The decisions fioiu au
thorities uro practically unanimous that con
tests of such u uatuio uio ties , and the prin
ciple of this is Justified by the fundamental
idea of bolting , and it is icnulrcd
if ono ono would guard agulust
tbo most disagrccablo feat uro of n
wager , and that is a misunderstanding I
cannot say that , tlio original of all bets was
on a horse race , but it certainly was a con
test of some description , in which ouch man
backed his horse or himself squaiuly uud
evenly and without undue udv itages us
against his competitors Slncovthat period
tbo tradition has been handed down that
when a man pioposcs to Lauk ouo of two
horses bis friend , If the latter takes him up ,
is understood to hack tlio ether Or , in other
words , neither has tbo advantage of the otlior
by possessing two out of the three clmnees
Incident to every trial ; cither one sldo must
win or the other , or neither , To make a bet ,
unless it Is specifically stipulated that one
party gives odds , each can have ono
chance of winning only , und by gen
eral consent that is all cither has
ever tnado Therefore if A backed hi
woigtit against B , it is to bo presumed that i
B backed his in a like maimer ; aud no quib
bio can bo nllo.red iu B's favor on the ground |
_ _
that A mudo use of the word mire " Although - H
though B did not oxpr , > ss it , it was under H
stood tlint he made the same stntcino'it This |
_ _
is absolutely the only I ulo under widen no H
misunderstanding to the unfair advautago of |
_ _
one ns against the otliei Is possible This |
_ _
question arises every day , and that very H
fact constitutes u sttong aigumont that the _ _ |
universally accepted i ulo for the dcterunna- |
_ _
lion is the proper rule , If A tbciofoio H
wishes to take his wager out of the class , _ H
which makes it a tie under the circumstances H
ol this case , he would have been obliged to _ H
use some spccillu terms oxprosslv forbidding _ _ H
the oidlnaiy understanding of such a wager , f H
aud to s ' ny explicitly that by moro ho H
mount that the uumbor 150 should count In H
favor of his opponent ; H
Will you please state iu your questions and _ H
answers column , what a hand , horse mcas- H
uro , is ? B. L. K. , Windsor M
Ans Four inches l H
To decide a bet will iou publish tne date _ _ |
of the killing of Jimmy Elliott by Jcre H
Dunn Elovcnth nnd Harney ' _
Aus March 1 , lbS ! _
Please nnswer tlnough Tun Bi i : and _
oblige many rendoi s , In u gamu of don Die j _ H
high-five , llfij-two points being game , a and _
B have forty.flvo points and C and D fortj- _
nine ; spades are ti umps ; A and B make llvo -l _ H
of clubs und high and low ; U nud D tlio llvo !
of spjdes und Jack , game Which wlnsl-- { _
Hradshuw , Biadshaw , Neb j _ H
Ans C uud D , as the live of trumps , iH
spades , counts bofoio the llvo of clubs , _ H
iMiirxins | H
Tbo vegetarians may say what they please , { _ H
but Adam was fond of gpai o ribs _
Why , no man , " explained the speaker _
over hi ought down thu house as lie did " '
Loves labor lost making Christinas slip _ H
pen for a Chicago minister two bl/os larger ! _
than his foct
An ndvei tisonient in u Colorado newspaper _ |
announces "a giaud sacred dog light for t H
Sunday " This is entirely too llippint a ] _
wny of referring to a Wiiguur concert H
A bright little four-year old fat Paul girl ! _
the other Tluy shocked lior Sunday school _ _
teacher , lu responding to a reproof with , "i'm H
not stuck on being uti lingo ! , " _ _
After all , " remarked the student of | _ H
Scripture , "bamson was the greatest din ; _
matiu actor who ever lived " < M
How doyou make that outl" queried the ] _
listener { _
History docs not lead us to conjocViro that { _
Adam , especially after the full , was uu un- | _ |
quulifludly happy Individual , but he certainly ] _
was spared thu ( itlllctlou of fitting i > p thu < _
spare room for his mothei-in-law. ] _
A mo ruber of a suburban Browning club ] _
was found reading tbo b'hlo ' Industriously ] _
day after duv Her daughter loiiuiioiiIcJ on ( _
her nuw liobit , and she said : Yea , dear , I ( _
find it necessary to read tlio bihlo new ) _
Browniug quotes so mm h from it , " j B
A small , sovui-yoar old was ono day in- J _ H
formed of the udvent of u now brother , ( ho { _
seventh son Much to his mothers dlsiniy 1H
the next night , a supplement to Ins livening , _
prayer was : "Oh Lord , please soml us ' _
twins the next tlmo Vou know it lake * _
nine to play baseball , and we've only got ( _ H
j _ H
Willie was on u visit to his aunt In the _ H
country It was bed time , uud he had gone ] _
up ( lairs lo the little room sot apart , for nun _ _ |
Auntie , " ho called out , "whvro's tie _
praver-iugl" j _ _ |
The pritjor rug , WillloJ lsu't the carpet H
. good enough I" _ _ |
Not by a Jugful Tbo lust people all use f M
prayer rugs If jou lluvou't ' got uny Ill Ju t , ! _
iio doggonnd If I'm ' going to say my pr lyer f M
tonight , that's nil I" H
The Philadelphia church nhieh recently H
decided to lmvo thu ty candidates pro.u'li in j _ _ |
succession und then cull the host of the lot is ) _ H
reported to be huvlng a great dual more fun _ _
than the candidates Thu iiicu who prcachnd c ! _
Ilrsl fear that tl.elr good points will be er . fl H
tlroly forgotten before the milch Is ended , _ _ |
and thov think they ounlit to hatu u llttlu _
extra show T ho spectacle of thirty clerical < _
contestants preaching to a finish , ltti a _ l
church us a stuku , is somewhat unusual _ B
A r.iro opportunity to make VM lefora II
Chriktwus Addicts wilu ref , Gastbt Lodls U

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