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m The Mlnnonpolla Trlbuno Bulldlnpc
H , Dootroycd By Flro
H Tlio FlmncR Envelope Killtorf , Com
H | ) onilorfi nml I'ros-i Arphib 'llio
H IliilldliiK n rite Imp 1 crrl >
H blc fccLUCH Witnessed
H < V Ilnrrlbtr Mldnlclit Scene
H MiSNEAitn.is , Minn , Nov 30. I'lro wa <
H' discovered on tlio third door o ( the 'Irlbutio
H bulldiiift nbout 10:30 : tcnlglit , nnd soon the
H cntlro building was on tire On the sovontti
H Jloor wcro situated the otllccs of the Trlbuno
H BtnlT lVnutnbcfof employes in nttctnptintf
H to escnpo Jumped from the windows
H The number of lives loU is over hair a
H ilui-cn nnd poslblv ton or more The build
H ing Ii an clght-story bullulug at the corner
H of rirstnvonuo nnd Tourth street It U
H occupied by llio Trlbuno , Trluiitic-Star
H ( ovonlng edition of the Tribune ) , Minnunpo-
H Its otlleu ot the rioncer-l'rcss and Evening
H Journal , besides a largo number of ofllccs
H Tno Trlbuno editorial force is oti tlio
H revonth lloor una their coniposliiK rooms
H abovolt Oi these two lloois thcro wcro
W | nearly u hundred persons omplo\ed when
Hff the flro broku out Access to the building Is
Rj b.v way of nn ulevator , around which n nnr-
\ row anil dark stairway wound At night
H this stairway wns the onlv menus ot ingress
H' orogross The bulldiug mlplit bo called n
H , vcritablo flro-ti.ip , nnd the dnngor to these
H who are located thcro has been often com
' incutod upon
H Tlio tire broku out In the third floor nnd
M soon the upper stories wcro cut off from the
H < strout , The building was on the coracr and
H the only ndJoinlnR buildings were only ono
H , ' story in height ; so that no means of cscatK )
H was afforded in that direction Tno Humus
H cut off the escape of illo Pioneer l'russ force
H" on the sixth floor , as well as the Tribuuo
' ,
H' folks on the seventh and eighth
H' ' Ucportcr Uarnes , of the Pioneer Press ,
H < * had a narrow escape lrQtn the building and
H' < loft bohtnd him Milton Pickett , astistaut
If - city editor nnd ono of the oldest won in the
V Borvlco of the paper Pickett wan lost In
H the burning building The Trlbuno force
H suffered most , they being located higher up
M und had loss warning of their danger
, John Olsen , president of the Verinllllon ,
M Dak , college , was In the composing rooms
B ut the tluio the ll.imoj broke out llojumpod
H from ono of the ulmlowM to cscnpo the
H ilatnos , and met with even a uioie horrible
H tleath from shuttered limbs nnd body
M James Tgoo , night operator of the Assoc !
M atcil press , met with a sad death , lie was at
B work on the seventh floor when the report of
M the tire was known , and immediately oucn-
1 ing the key and stating the fact to the Chi
m cage ofllco asked for a minute to Investigate
H In a moment he returned to the key , appir-
M ontly thinking he was snfc , and told sending
B to continue In n moment ho said ho would
H . luno to skip , uud found that ho was too late 1
B and that all moans of escape nad been cut oil
B Ho jumped fiom the seventh story window
BaB and was so badly injured ho died before
H reaching the hospital IIo leaves a familv
Old man Pierce , a printer , was also killed
KB Ono report sajs ton liavo been fclllod , but up i
HBl to midnight only six bodlo3 have boon taken
HBl from the rums , which wcro then fulling In
HBa These known to bo dead ute Assistant City
HBa Ulitor Pickett , Vf , B. Allies , auent Asset -
t ciatcd press ; James P , Igqcu Associated [
HBa jnoss operator ; John Olson , president Vor-
HBl inllliobTakcollege ) : Hurry Colwell , Mc-
BBa _ te Cutchcon and Picrco , printer .
BBJ A general alarm was turned in and all the i
BBlr engines in the city responded to the call
BBI The imprisoned printers gathered at the
BBl windows in the south end and shrinked
B ' wildly , despairingly for aid Hurry with
BBl ladders , for Gods sake , " they shrieked 1
BBa , with nil the vehemence and power
BBa ' of anguished souls of dozens in
BBlr pril of their lives It was all J
BBa they could utter A vast crown from thoop-
BBs poslto side viewed the flro wreak lis work
BBa and shouted words of encouragement and
BBa good spirits to them In strenuous endeavors
BBa to buoy them up
BBI The long ladder seemed to mnvo up at a
BBI snails pace , but was Anally rested in po-
BaB silion und the crowd began to Jescond , the
BaB flames malting steady enuroaclunonts in the
BBa eornor where the frightened men had hud
H' died Llfonotswero brought out and some
B wcro snvod by this means Theontiro build •
BBa < ing at this writing is amass of ruius Sparks
BBa urn flying in all directions und the adjoining
BBa buildings , occupied by a restaurant , saloon
BBa' und tailor store , are doomed The Trlbuno i
BBa building was ilvo years old , a brick structure
M und valued tit $ > 00.000. The loss will prob- '
H ubly roach 11,000,000. Insurances are not
H uscortalncd ,
BBfl ' At the uiorguo lay flvo bodies , that of
BBl Olson iilaceil in n'plain pluo cofllu On the
BBl ; lloor lay the body of Jerry Jonklusou , coir
Sj jiositor in Tribune , n young man who was
BBa Hliortly before married , licslde him are two
HrV ; bodies so blontod and burned , with blood
BBHr Rtlll oozmg from the terrible wounds , that
Hi , ' thus far they have not boon rooognlzod On 1
BBflg , two tables are the corpses of Uobutt Mo-
BflBR , Cutphpon , a compositor , nnd Milton Pickett ' ,
BBh > < u reporter on the Pioneer Press
BBu Jonklnsou eudoavoiod to make his escape
BBa ' on a heuvy telegraph wlro lie clambered
BBa down n short way , but was unable to retain
fla * * his hold nnd wns obliged to diop to the
BBa ; ground , Whuu picked up ho was dead
H. McUutchoon , u big heavy man ,
Hir Jumped and was Instantly lulled
Hk James V. Igou , Associated press telcgraphor i
K in ado un cudeuvor to escape by coming down
K the wire . Ilo hod descended to within
K flftv feet of the ground when ho was com !
BBBK polluil to loose his hold aud died whllo being '
BBBJ curried to thp hospital IIo leaves a wife
BBBE , und family
BBBp Another , whoso uamo could not bo
Hk learned , nppcuruu at the window , und not
H | Bcoing the ladder the llromon wnro raising ,
Hr npparcntly lost his souses uud
drawing a rn-
BBB * , volvur from his pocket plaoed It to his houd
Bflflt . und llred , fulling back into the flames W.
BBfl' : Jl , Hoovorund W , II Williams , the latter
BBB' foreman of the composing room , were
BBB tukeu off just in time to cs-
BBB capo a cloud of flame that swept
BBB , window in which they were standing ,
Bflflj AVilliams was badly burned Jimmy Kohl i | ,
BBflk lucssonger boy uu the Tribune , Is said to bo
BBB inlsuing
H The building burned with such rapidity
H that the occupants were onvtlo | > cd in flames
1 uud smoke almost before they wire aware of
Hi it The sixty-flvo mou working on the sov-
H J until floor made a dash In a body for the
Hl ! stairway Forty of them made the run
h . safely and got out The rest made a frantic
K. * effort to gel through the blinding smol.o , flvo
K'r ' . of those were cut off ut Uio fourth floor und
H | ' jumped to the pavement Thfeo of them :
H | wcro badly hurt uud the other two killed ,
H [ A. J. Ulothen , proprietor of the Trlbuue ,
H'1' ' ai * ho heurd thu cry of lho and started
H : 1 . v down to investigate Ou thu third floor he ,
H' found flames bursting out of the Union
H' - ' ' league rooms , some men trying unsucceBs *
H > fully to subdue them Ho jumped into the
H1 nievator to get the tire extinguisher , which
K ho supposed was on the fourth floor , and
H' Rtarted up oftcr it Before reaching the sup ' !
m posed location of tbo oxtlnguluhe.- was
H half suffocated by the dense smoke und com
H I oiled to leave tbo building , which speedily
burned down , lllethon Is of the opinion
cloven lives havn been lost
The following Is n list of the victims Idon *
tilled up ted p. ms Jnmcs K. Ipoo , Associa
ted Press operator ; Walter 13. Mlles , Asso
ciated press tipcnt ; W. 11. MlllmanIt
cotninorelnl editor ; Jerry Jcnkinson , com ,
po , itor ; Hobcrt lo lutchcon , compositor ;
I'rof.lMward 01senVcrinllllouDak. , ; Milton
Pirkolt , reporter
"OliD HUTUIt" nor
It Makes lllm Miul to llno I'coplop
Think IIo is n Huckrr
Ctiunno , Nov .10 fSpoclal Telegram to
Tnr llrn | Mr H. P. Hutchinson , the welt
known board of trade millionaire , ,1s much
incensed nt the newspaper reports thnt ho
uns caught on yesterdays corn deal to the
extent of many thousands For tlio first
time In hh life , lee , ho objects to the nppol-
lntion 1 < of Old Ilutch , ' ' by which ho is so
f familiarly Ittioun Appronchlnif n wcl |
Known press represontutlvo on the board
todny , ho mid : Dent you think it is nbout
time to drop that name of Old Hutchl' "
The reporter tried to explain that no dlsroh
spect was intended , but thnt ns Mr Hutchc
luson ' had acquired nn International rcputn-
lion under that name it was necessary to
use it in order to let the readers or the paper
know who was meant The old man angorcd
up , shoo * his ilst In the reporters faeo nnd
snld : "Don'tyou doro do It again If you
over use that name In writing of mo ngaln
you'll not bo nblo to write it for a uouplo of
weeks Kumombcr that , young fellow I
wont licit you m > self but Ill got somebody
who will Another thing , " said the old mnn ,
as ho returned to the charge , "I aon't wnnt
your piper to publish mj plcturo ngiln This
thing has got to stop 1 wont stand It "
A Petition fur Itclonsn by a Minna-
apnllri Man
Mis-vnAl-nti" , Minn , Nov 30. fSpoi'lal
Telegram ti ) Tin : IUfl.1 The UlalsdollColtl
lorn ' suit , in which the latter is charged with
faigiugtho numoof the former to notes for
$11S,00U , took an extraordinary turn nt 10
clock this morning when Mr Ulnisdotl po-
titlonod the district court to rid him of his
lawyers j , Messrs Davis nnd Farnam , whom
bo i uccuscs ot charging him an exorbitant
sum for their services They were in Mr
Hlaisdclt's ' employ during the first trial of
Collom nnd bring in a bill for services of
? 7,113. Tills Mr Ulatsdoll roluses to pay ,
but ) the lawyers dcclino to step down us his
attorneys until thov sot a settlement The
second trial of Collotn is to begin Weilnos-
day , and Mr Blaisdoll wants an order of the
court relieving liim of his attorneys , so ho
can employ somebody else to conduct his
case The hearing of the strange petition
was put over to Monduy #
Now Transfer Chocks , Schmlulo Time
and Trnntrcr Points
General Superintendent Tucker , of the
Omaha ( street railway company , lias devised
a now transfer cheek that promises to bo n.
great improvement over the old system and
will bo in every way mora satisfactory In-
stead of every conductor having to carry ilvo
or ( six different kinds of chocks , as formerly ,
onlv , one kind is necessary On these are
marked , the various uros3 lines to which
transfers , are made , and also the different
hours of the morning aud afternoon Thu
line to which the passenger wishes to bo
transferred is Indicated with u punch , as is
also tno hour the check is given Sixty inin-
utcs after the check is given it is valueless ,
As there are : i number of now places where
transfers nro given , the full list of transfer
poirts ] is herewith submitted :
Boilgo nnd North Twentieth cable line
At Lake street transfers to fair grounds
north , or Sixteuntii uud Eighteenth street
line west ; nt Sixteenth and Harney , to motor
going south to HansLom park or north to belt
line ; nt Fourteenth and Harnoy to Shurmau
uvenuo and South Sixteenth street line , north
or south ; ut Twentieth nnd Cumings to
Thirteenth uud earnings line going east or
Harney and West Dodge street liuu transi
forsat Twentieth street to cable going otsfr
on Dodge or norm on Twentieth ; at Fourc
tccnth street to Sherman avenue uud South
Sixteenth street line north or south ; ut
Twoiity-fourth street , to horse car line going
Ilnuscom park and North Twenty-fourth
street liuo transfers on Harney street to
cable line going cast ; utDodgo street to cable
line going east ; at Twentv-fourtb und Lake
street to bixtecnth nnd Eighteenth street
line going west ; at Lcavenwoith and Park
uvenuo to Fui nam and West Leavenworth
line going west ,
Transfers are also made from the Farnam
and AVcst Leavenworth street line going
enst to the Hunscom park and Twoiity-fourth
line going cast ut the corner of Park und
Loavenworth only
Transfers will bo made from the Sixteenth
ami Eighteenth street car line to oleetrio
line going south nt Tvvonty-fourth , or cable
going south from Twentieth ; going west
transfers will bo made to the fair grounds at
Twentieth ud the oleetrio motor going
north at Twenty-fuurth.
Transfers will bo mudo from the fair
grouuds line to cable going south on Twen
tieth or street cars on the Sixteenth and
E'ghtconth ' Rtreot line going east
Transfers will bo made from the horse car
going south at the corner of Twenty-fourth
and Dodge and Twenty-fourth und Farnam
to cable line going east or west , or to Farnam i
street line going east or west
Transfers will bo made from the Farnam
and Forty-ilrst street line to the Twenty
fourth street horse car line going north
General Manager Smith und Gonorat Su-
pcrintondont Tucker of the Omaha street I
railway company have Anally perfected thq I
time card of the three motor lines and the >
foltowiug oxecrnts will give on Idea of the
time the various cars leave the cxtromitics
of tlio lines and Furnum street , going nortli i
nnd south :
At Walnut Hill first cars leave Lowe ave
nuoutililS a. m „ 0:113 : a. m. and o\ory ton
minutes thereafter Last oars leave Lowe
avenue nt 10:05 p. in , 10UO : p. in , , 10:115 : p. m ,
and 10f > 0 p , m. Leave Fourteenth and Far
nam going south at 10:150 : p. m. , 10:45 : p. m , '
Up in and 11:13p. : m.
At Ulnvcnth and Vinton first cars leave at
0:20 : a. nu , 0:10 : a. m , uud every ten minutes
thereafter Lust cars lenvo ut 10:50 : pm ,
11:03 : p. m. , J 1:20 : p. in aud 11:40 : p m. Lust
car loaves Fourteenth und Fain am going .
noi th nt 11:10 : u. m. , 11 : ! p. m. , 11 ; 40 p. m.
and midnight
At Commercial street our barn first cars
lenvo ut 5:10 : a. m , , 0 a. m. uud every ton
minutes thereafter Last cars leave at 10 p. '
in , 10:18 : p. m. , 10.30 p. m. aud 10:54 : p. in
Lust cars leave Fourteenth aud Fui nam i.
going south , at 10.S5 pm , 10:43 : p. m11:01 :
p. m. nnd llr' 'O i > rn Doing north , 11CO p. '
in , II-1 : p. m. , 11(43 ( p. In and midnight
At Sixteenth und Vinton Urst cars leave
ut 0:2J : u. m „ 0:40 : u. m. , 0:55 : a. in and every
ton minutes thereafter , Last curs leave at '
10:45 : p. m. , 11:03 : p. m. , 11 SI p. in nnd 11:39 :
p m.
At Hanscom Park , Oral cars leave nt < l'i : ) i
a. in 0:3J' : . in , 0:41 : u. m , 0:51 : a. m. , 7:01 : u.
in , 7U ; u. ni and every six minutes thcro-
uftor Last cars leave ut 11 p. in , ,
llilO p. in . lti' 'O p. in , ll30 ; p. in ,
11-40 p. m. , 11:51 : p , in auj 12:03 : a. in Lust
cars leaving Farnam street , going north i ,
11:15 : pm , 11:20 : p. in , Uaj : p. m. , 11:45 : p.
m „ 11:55 p. m „ 12.03 a. nu uud 12:15 a. in i ,
Oulug south , 10:45 : p. m. , 10:55 : p. in , 11:05 : p.
in , 11:15 : p. in , 11:25 : p , m. , 11:35 : p. in , nnd
11:45 pm
At Vuleutlno street , nenr Belt Hue , flrst
cars leave nt 0:17 : u. m , 0:27 a. m. , 0,37 a. in ,
0:47 a. nu , 0:57 : a. m. . 7.03 u. m. aud every
six minutes thorcaftcr Last cross town
cars leave ut 11:09 : p. m. and 11:20 p. m , hut ,
cars leave same point , going to Twentieth
and Cuming , up to 12:45 a. ra
Coiiimeiiclue this morning , Uiu Furnam
and West Loavenworth Btroot car line will }
nlaki ) regular trius
Tlio W iail pr Porooast
Tor Omaha and vicinity Fair weather
For Nebraska Fair , stutlonarv temporn-
ture in eastern , colder In western portion ,
southerly winds
For Iowa Fair , wurmcr , southerly
For South Dakota Warmer , followed by
coldot boutherly winds ,
* * nf the Publlu Debt
WaW"v. . 30. Ills ostlmated at
tha tr/ff. / " * . -t that the puollo debt
dicreXrfn Ao - > ntU
It Ro8umoa the DroBSOtl Beef Invooc
The Orcnt Clilcngo Pnokcr Answers
K\cry Qnentlon Put By the Curl
Otis blnlcHiimn ( Satisfactorily
to IliiiMcir
OTPrpiortni'tlmi Saja Armour
W His TON , Nov 30. Senntor Vests
commiltco ( , which hus been investigating the
dressed beef business of the country , resumed -
sumed the cxuinimitlon of witnesses this
morning Armour , the Chicago unckor , wns
the first witness Armour was asked to what
ho nttrlhuicd lho decrease In the prices ot
cattle ; Ilo presented a statement covering
the jears from 1SS3 to lSS't , which shows a
reduction In the prices of canned beef pro
ducts of M ) pr cent In conclusion the statoR
nicnt denied thnt the firm of Armour & Coin
pany had enguged In any combinntion what
ever to fix the price to bo paid for cattle
An nbstrnct given of the dressed beef bust
ness of Armour & Company during 188 ? , thu
year in u hlcli it u as alleged the profits of
tlio _ business wcro Immense , showed that
310,019 head of cattle had been dressed on
whlLh the net liroflt HasfllSlOo
Armour Baid overproduction and ovrr-
raarkotfng wcro rcspoustblo for the decrcaso
lr prices
In reply to the query by Senntor Vest ns
to whether the Chicago market did not con
trol prices , the witness Bald Chicago Is the
iarcost j market and of course Influenced
prices at other places
Senator Vest asked how ho accounted for
the | fact thnt In lbS7 there were markotcd in
. .
J Chicago I,4'l3,00O cattle , which brought * 18 , ' 1-
000,000 , nnd in 1888 that 2,011,000 sold for
Slb2,0OO,0X ( ) .
"It is in accordance with my statement ) '
said Mr , Armour The growth of the
amount of cattle markotcd largely exceeded
the growth of population "
Disarming the combination of packers to
fir prices so as to prevent adoclfno from over
supply the witness said his combination
included J the other packers and they made i
the same prices Armour declined to state
with whom ho fixed prices until after con
suiting his attorney Ho admitted being u
mcmber ' of the bog packing comblno in lbbO
{ In ] Chicago nnd said : "We paid 25 cents a
hog for killing them There was no limit to
the number wo killed There were eighteen
persons , Interested in the agreement "
Have you uny agreement with any per
sou us to prices that shall be charged in cer
tain ; districts ! " *
Absolutely none "
The witness declined to say whether
there was an agreement as to the division of
Did you nnd other firms not ogrco to
divide ' the contracts to furnish certain public
institutions with meat and then divldo the
receipts ? "
"Noi to my knowledge "
Keplylng to the query us to whether he
hud t : a private arraugement with any railroad
or railroad association for reduced rates ,
Mr Armour said ho hud not The firm fro
qticntlv had rates established for n year ut u
time , but they were open and published
rates His Arm had no ndvantago o\or
ether lirms ,
Returning to the question of prices to tbo
consumer Armour said the oeof packers
did ! not enter into competition with
the retnlt butchers auywhoro except at
their own packing houses Our Arm has
never anywhere , " said ho , endeavored to
force locnl butchers to buv our meats nor
entered Into competition with them , except
in I ouo instance , at Akron , O. , where an un
just j boycott was made on us " * • *
The Fricdlund ( Pa.incidont , brought out
in the Chicago investigation , in which it
appeared that Armour & Company hnd on-
dcavored , by telegraph , to interfere with lho
right of a local butcher to kill live cattle ,
wus brought up by Senator Vest Armour
said he know nothing about the dispatch -
patch and disavowed the sentiments
it expressed Hobad reprimanded the author
of the dispatch Armour said that there had
been a constant growth of the accumulation
of cattle In the Chicago market There are
from fifty to one hundred buyers in the Chij
cage stockyards and they enter into the
same competition as exists in other busi-
"We muko no arrangements with any o ' no
for 1 fixing prices in bus ing cuttlo My men
go j to the yards to buy ana buy independent
of others " x
As to the state of the market Armour said
tint 1 if he wcro in the cattle business ho 1
would i stay in It now that ho sees indications
of ( a greatly improved condition of priceb '
within the next three vears
Senator Plumb asked the witness to explain - ,
plain i how it was that the price of oieo oil
had 1 decreased only 30 per cent whllo cunned
beef i had decreased CO per cent
The witness would not undertake that
In the disposition of cattle the witness said
range i cattle were hotter for canned goods
than i corn-fed cattle Canned bcof soils for ;
a i very low price relatively
"I suppose you know , " said Plum , that
cattlemen < all ever the country utterly disbelieve -
liovo in this competition between packers " ;
Armour said that if such a belief existed , 1
and hn admitted there was such a belief , it
was duo to fulso information If any man i
does believe it bo would surrendar his belief
after visiting the stockyards and packing :
houses and studying their mcthodB of busl-
ness A combination docs exist for the purpose -
pose of lixlng the prices of the belter cuU of
beef in New York , Pcnnsvlvania , Ohio , In "
diana , Illinois , Michigan , Kentucky Tcniies-
sco and Minnesota
Armour said the three establishments
using the name of Armour were entirely
distinct nnd under separata managements ,
and In active competition against ouo an
other So active Is the competition , ho said 1
that , us his brother In Kansas City told the
coratnlttoo , it hart nearly disrupted their
familv relations The witness is a partner
in tbo three concerns
fleorgo T. Williams , superintendent of the
Chicago stock yards , s lid ho had been sub '
IHvnu-d to bring the books _ of the company ,
but , llioy belug private " property , ho had ;
not brought them Without the books bo .
could not give the names of
the stockholders in detail No railroad
is a stockholder in the yards When
asked if any oulcial of any railroad is a atock-
holder the witness declined to answer on tlio
ground that It is the privnto concern of the
-npany. .
Muttbias Schwabe formerly a butcher in
Frledland , Piu , testllled ubout the trouble
with Armour's agent and in getting curs
from tha railroads to ship his cattle
Cl W. Uonman was recalled It had been
stated that his testimony hnd been colored
by raallco because ho was discharged by .
Morris & Compnuy The witness explained
that he hud resigned bis position with Mor-
ristotakoa position with Armour After
wards Armour withdrow.the proposition be- !
cnuso Morris objected to his leaving .
Seuutor Farrull Introduced letters and tel l"
egrams from thu witness to his lata employ
ors wurning thorn that ho was going to get :
oven with them by testifying before this
committee as to the dressed beef business
und thu meetings of the combine The com ,
in It tea then adjourned until Monday ,
statio n nwa
Priwcuiitinc I'm ' Omnbl rn
Fkemo.nt , Nub , Nov , 30. [ Special to Tub
IIeeI The first conviction and lining of ,
gamblers which has occurred In this city for
years took place today , Notwithstanding '
the fact that they have alwjys piled their nefarious -
farious business fcoro , as In all other cities of
this size , when It came to proceeding against
thorn the proof for conviction has always '
been lacking Todny Lake Elvers , known '
as "Dutohy , " was arrested and fined fT5 , the
itcharge being for enticing minora Into his
gambling den The complaint was filed by
Fred Chilcoato , a young man from Howells ,
who had been induced to go to his gambling ,
room and was fleeced of everything tie had ,
even to bis oyerroat This proceeding is
heartily upplauded by all good people
Illtten by a Mat ! line
Fukmoxt , Neb , Nov 30. ( Special to The ,
Hbr | Tbo depredations of a dog evidently >
afllicted with rabbles created a sensation in
lho southeast part of the city yesterday A
vicious animal belonging to William SRgcr ,
oil a child of • Mr Sagcr's , also ono ooch of
Henry ! Howermnn'a nnd Dave Booth * bov
fore it was killed , The parents of the
children nrocrv much nlnrmed over the
Bitiintton XJvw' have consulted the ph * > si-
clans nnd will tnko every known precaution
against tbo dangerous results which muy
possibly folUAffg
flfifl '
licit ClnHajMcrchnntH * Carnival
Hr.n Ci.oi [ U-yeo. , Nov 00. ( Spoclnl to
TiiEHnE ] & 6 ovcht of the season thus
far ' In ltcd CtoMl socloty wns the merchants
carnival , wliico wns given with excellent
success onj esdny evening Some sixty
business firingero there represented , nnd
the coslumrs displayed wcro of the richest
description , nnd reflected credit on the
patience itnd tnsto of the ladies who designed
thorn i Tno opera house was crowded to Its
utmost capacity by the rcprc cntatlvo people
ple 6f the city , who expressed themselves as
n unit ns being well pleased with the cnrnl-
vnl , nnd especially so with the military drill ,
paittclpatcd in by thirty-two young ladies ,
and which formed a very pleasant feature of
the entertainment •
Kournov Hroures n Celt ton Mill
ICrahnkv , Neb , Nov 30. fbpoclal Telegram -
gram to Tins llRii.1 The news of lho cotton
mill being secured for Kearney spread llko
Wild lire throuchout the city today , and the
business depression which the city tins
assumed in the pnst few weeks has loosoued
up ; SeVeral real estate deals arc reported
today , nnd confidence in the city's growth
J has been reassured English capitalists nro
largolv interested in thu cotton mill , which
will bo completed next year ,
Tnkon f4 r'1 rospnss
Uhisoi.ns , Neb , Nov , 30. ISpoclnl to Tun
Uek.1 The sheriff arrested O. S. Wnrrou
nnd flvo of his torn shuckors yesterday ou a
warrant sworn out by John Suydam It np-
pears that Suydam had routed land from
Warren , and failed to bring in Warrens
shnro of the corn , whereupon Warren sent
shuckcrs into the Hold to shuck corn and
now Sujdom sends the sheriff and the law
to shuck Warren nnd the corn shuckors
Acctdontnllv Kiilml Whllo Hiiiiting
Ai.uiASCi' Neb . Nov 30. jSpoelal Tele-
gram to The Uee | A joung man of twontv-
three years of agi , residing near hcrcnamed
Daniel Lnndrlgnii , whllo hunting eighteen
miles northeast yestordny , was accidentally
shot through the right lung by the gun bung
ing [ flro until ho had loaned upon it , and died
last night from the effects of the wound
Madison's 1'ostofllcn In Now Qunrtors
M u > i ov , Neb , Nov 30. fSpeclal to
The Bee I Postmaster Stewart observed
Thanksgiving by moving the postolllco to the
now location on Pearl street Besides the
improvement iu the present location-over
the old brick building where the postolllco
has been for years , he changed the furniture ,
putting | In a complete now modern outfit
Acquitted of Grand linroonv
GiHnt , Neb , Nov 30. [ Special Toiograui
to The Dei : . I District court , in session
since Tuesday , ndjourned today The case
of Murphy and Others for grand larceny ,
wntch was or o idorablo local prominence ,
resulted in an ncauittal for the accused
AclfoitHicit Without Date
Neiiuaska GIiTr , Neb , Nov 30. | Sueclal
Telegram to The Hie | Judge Chapman
today sent wordi\hat the December term of
court in this city would bo adjourned with
out date , as there was nn absolute demand
for court in Lancaster county
' '
itotu itir 'a witii Mix wire
Nehuahki GiTr , Neb , Nov 30. [ Special
Telegram to IjieHee | It L. Duncanwhoso
wife cieated such n sensation by her mvsto-
riojs dlSappearhirce , returned today with her
from ' Omaha , ulijro she had been staying
with friends
• *
IjOiiRcticolccrAGi\es 1 its Details in the
Cronln Trial
. Cmouio , Nov 30. At the opohlng of the
Crouin ' trial this morning State Attorney
Longonecker 1 resumed bis uddressto the jury
Ho j went over the testimony regarding the
meeting , of Camp 20 , Clan-na-Gaol , February
22 , at which McGarry made a speech about
the ' investigation by Dr Cronln of tbo
treachery t nnd robbery of the triangle The
state attorney mentioned the speech Ueggs ,
the | . senior guardian , made In reply , in wnich
he defended Alexander Sullivan nnd de
clared ' ha wn3 his friend Lonyenecker then
continued i :
Then you find that on the 22d day of February
ruary this same senior guardian ( Bcggs ) - , ias
called upon to appoint u Bccret committee to
investigate < the action of Dr Cronln in charg-
log Alexander Sullivan with tbo embez7lc-
raent of the funds of the order , or rather the
ex-oxecutive , better known as the trlanglo ,
with that offense The trinuglo had been
guilty ' of ombp7zlinc the funds of thoorder and
putting men into English prisons Yet with
out having mentioned ins namoin his speech ,
McGarry merely repeated tno charge , and
this man Bcggs said ho would not submit to
it ; that it was cowardly for him to make an
attack on a man in his absence Now , gen
tlemen remember this was the 22d day of
February , two days after the carpet had
been nailed down in the flat at 117 Clark
street , flvo days after the notorious letter '
that the sealer guardian had written to j'
Spellmun under pretext of finding out seine
thing he know all about What '
elsol Wo find that in the fol-i
lowlng.mcotlng , on the 1st dav of March
it is in ovldenco from Henry Owen O'Con-
nor thnt as he was leaving the hall , ijaniel
Coughlin , chairman of the committee , tel
lowed him into tbo ante room nnd said to i
Henry Owen O'Connor that there were
other Lo Carons thcro Singular , is It not , '
that on the 8th day of February a motion
was made for a committee in Camp 201 On
February 10 Sonlor Guardian Bcggs is
writing about the matter to Edward Spoil :
man ; on the 17th he again writes about it ; on
the l'Jth the flat is rented at HOClarlrstreet ; j
on the 20th the carpet was nulled down ; on i
the 22d Bcggs defends the trlanglo , and on 1
tbo 1st day of March , this man Coughlin , '
who now is on trial for his lifo , denounces
Dr Crontn as a spy " <
"On April 29 , us testllled to by Bcggs'-
friend Spclluian , it is conclusively shown toi
what this committee had reference , which I
was to ropart to Boggs alone What did i
Bepgs say on that datol Ho said to Spell
man that the matter had all been amlcablj
settled How settled ) Gentlemen , nt tlio
hour he spoke the cottage had bocn rented
At the hour he spoke the llnul arrangements
hud been made , , „ At the hour bo spoke the )
sentence had beep iixed [ sensation | . Toll '
mo when it wasijtuicably settled ) What has
been done m Cump 20 ? What uteos have \
been taken to investigate tbo matter ) No '
ouo knows except itho senior guardian nnd
his committco a ito Just what tbcv did sav "
The state attorney then rend the law of
conspiracy us doveloiied in the Spies case ,
Judge LoiigenOcUor then in slinplo laupuago
and with thrilling forca again traced every
move in the conspiracy from the procotd-
ings of Camp2 ( ) „ t-ep by step to the renting
of the Clark street tut , the Carlson cottngo
end thu luring of lho victim there IIo con
tinned to trace tha story of the crime ,
and dwelling upon the various links in thu
chain of uvldenlA which connected the
prisoners with 11'down to the drlvlug away
of Cronin to thrt Carlson cottage and the
part the alftoi'tllt prisoners bore lu the
tragedy there etlnctcd , and the subscquint
disposition of thu body Coming do wu to the
contention of tboMefcnso that tne blood in
tbo cottage was not human , thu state nt-
tornoy said the evidence tended shows that
it was human blood , but what was the floor
painted for if it wus not Ho would not tuko
up the timeof the Jurv tonrguo that it was
othe blond of Dr Cronin "If you want u
history of the case you want to write :
" 'I contract for thq medical service ot Dr
Cronln PatrickOSulllvan ' 'Icontract for
a ltorso nnd buggy for my frlond Daniel ,
Coughlin , ' .
Draw your line and write 'a committcoof
three , ' and write again : 'I contract for lour
life PatrickOSulhvan contract lorn
horse und buggy to drlvo you to death Dan
iel Coughlin ' 'I rent the cottae In which to
strike out your life Martin lJurUc ' vVrito
again : Committee reports to senior guardian
alone John F. Beggs >
In closing the states attorney said ! When
iou como to consldor the verdict , think of
that msti ( Cronin ) in the cottage , and when
you think of him there , may there royorber-
ate through your oars the death cries of this |
man who in ins lust moments called upon his
God nnd his Jesus Think of these men who
without giving him time to pronounce the
other name of trinity felled hint to the floor
with tbolr blows Think of all this nnd in
the end thcro will bo such a verdict given
that ! when his honor pronounces the judge
ment upon it that having his heart nnd eye to
God ho iimv say ; ' 1 no Lord have tnorcy on
your souls ' "
Judge Wing-then began his address on behalf -
half of the defense commencing with Cought
lln's 1 defense Ho referred to the vast
amount of ovldenco produced In lho case , all
of it circumstantial , and explained the dif
ferent light in which such ovldenco must bo
J ,
considered from thnt accorded to direct ovi-
donee i Ho dwelt upon the necessity thnt
the jurors should put asldothotr natural
prejudices ngnlnst these men on nccount of
their nationality nnd religion and remember
thnt it was natural for them tolovo the homo
of their birth At this point the court ad
journed until Monday
Trouble Groirinc Out of the San
Francisco AVhpnt Deal ,
S\N'FiiAMisto , Cain , Nov 30. [ Special
Telegram to Imp Ui.f.J The collanso of
the big wheat doul In San Francisco , which
nearly wrecked the Nevada bank , drew
within its ruins Charles need , a big land
owner of Yolo Ho turned ever everything
J lie had , including his splendid Yolo ranch ,
to ; Fair who put H. J. Palmer In manage
uient , of the ranch Expenses running heavy
Fair beenmo suspicious nnd discharged
Palmer , who It Is stated blamed his
bookkeeper . , .1. W. Clarke Clark
then f obtained papers proving Ins
innocenca of all wrong doing
which ho wns nbout to exhibit to Fnir wlioti
a warrant was interposed bv Palmer in
which ] Clarke was charged with the theft of
thepapcis Thiseaso wns heard in Woodland ,
county scat of Yolo Clarke last evening
was arrested by a deputy stiorlff on warrants
for ' burglary and grand larceny The latter
charge grew out of it transaction involving
$130 and the burglary charRo wns to take the
place J of petty larceny upon which
Clarke went to Woodland for trial
AIbo Fair hus brought suit for $30,000iigamst
Palmer for tnonoy misappropriated
It is hinted that dot elopments of a most
sonsatlonnl J character may show up in which
J the senatorial toga will bo dragged into the
mud Fair was subptenned to attend to
days ( trial aud the request was granted
Every effort is being made to keep Fairs
connection with the mattorout of thopublio
Amonc the arrivals atAVoodland today
were Chief of Detectives Lees and Contain
Stone | of San Francesco , Fairs personal
friends His legal adviser was also on the
ground Tbo feeling in the llttlo town is
that some of the inside business of that
great wheat deal \vU ! sea light Tlio case
was called in the afternoon but important
witno ses bolng absent the case went ever
till Thursday
NoUraskn j , Dakota an rt lou a IciihIoiih
. Waiuinotov , Nov 30. [ Special Telegram
to The BKr.l Pensions granted Ncbrns-
knns : Original invalid Frederick Nou-
man , Wymoro Increase William N , Mann ,
Cairo ; John M , Moon , Giring Heissuo
John N. Friday , Endicott Reissue nnd increase -
crease Erhart Gehrig , Orleans
Pensions for Iownns : Original invalid
Isaao Archibald , Glasgow ; Callndnr H.
Martin , Hlppoy ; Job B. McKain , Washing
| ton ; Samuel L. Gicpante , Osage Itcstora-
Hon , increase and reissue Ansdell Hari
wood , Mount Pleasant Increase
Frederick ] W. Fuhrmolstor , Solon ;
Morgan I Holding , Corning ; John Reynolds ,
Osceola ( ; Martin W. Smith , Clurlnda ;
Chnrles ( Woodcock , Uurlington ; William
Tuttlc , Chariton ; William Lewis , Mcnlo ;
\ Abner Hoot , Fotitunollc ; Chnrles Johnson ,
Muntervillo I ; Woslev C. Welch , Gi.md Junc
j tion ; Samuel Penttlngall , Boone ; John F.
: Brown , Oskaloosa ; Murion Conroy , Knox
villc j Heissuc Isaac N. T.yioll , Albion
Iteissue j aud increase Hess Wheatlcy , Wll-
Pensions for Dakotnns : Original invalid
August i Eckert , Tyndail Increase
Frederick \ Millatd , Tullaro ; James Gillon ,
ONS . ' , T } SUNDAY { DCC > "K
Third : Triumphal Tour of the Crowning
Corned } Creation
Chipo 'theOld Block
livery Scene Ovetikmlug V.Jth
" ! ! Is Clean and 1'nre.
. -rr >
j Is Furiously llinnv * * > ' -
II" j Is positively Original
J Is Novel in Conception
Is tha Theme of Praise Eiorynhere
A facetious fermentation ot irlvllous fancies
and j funny facts comlesed Into an original , mus
ical , meloilranilc farce comedy especially lutioi
dneing , those monarchs of fun
Ably aided and nbettod by n superb company
otcnnudlaiiN ; and pretty girls , soiecti-d for their '
individual j lltucss for this grand laughing sen
sation , ,
a uvcloni : or ruxi
, A IlL'ltltlOANn 01' LAUflllBI
host douolo ipiurtetto in America Latest
sough ' Mirthful melodies Comical marches ,
Dllllcult dames Ilrllllant Blalogiiis Match
Icis j perfection Faultless CnpiUatlng Un-
eriualled rorlainthtugpnrposes nothingeipials
I. 'tt'ij Sci'iip n Feature !
Ktorj Fea'uro ' a Nnu'Ily !
All box seats , 78c ; Orchestra , urst Pirous
Mc ; all otliorOrchestra eat ? . , l > e : all llnlconj
stats We ; ( lallery He Uho box shea 111 open
ptatarday at II a. m. . nnd iiiiirtay nt lila m.
Becuro jour seats in iidvuiuo aud at old the
owning crush
M.r.MTr | rl- , , • • , , T : , ' nr
I , I jk t aH | ' 111HvfnSfll |
I-V.tltiy tuul Nutiiriliiy , I cf U A : 7.
In their bncicxsltil New Comcct ) ,
ltei > ltto with Now Nin ; . New Dancei ami u
MieftalllCHt AicomiMmcil liy thu
IIbiiiI luratla from the tllllarJ llolel on Milayut
iiegnlnr i > rlitii Iinxdirrt open IlinrJilay
1'rliliij und S.itiinliij , lice ( I nnd 7 , nuil j
Saliinlny Mali me
Home nutttu ufler her mokt nucicsftfal KuroiK-an
luur , ttioLlnrinhiii JIll t > loiimliciiiiu ,
Patti Rosa
( hidcr It * * * lunnuKcnient of Wio Cntder , ICtfq , ruN |
ported l r fieruvtiicouipuoy iirrxerlleuf-ejuciudiriu
thet > n'liinitiusoinnlluu , Sllxsrf l.eu , ( ' llimlluiu ,
Jr , nmt AUKiistiis Jlriuir , . nnd on I rldny nmlrtuirluy
fveuliiui willjirulutu for the Url Dine In | tilm.liy
liorniw uiu lcul tuineUr-niaiiiu ,
At lUHfcalurilnrSIatlriMJl'ttlll Hum will irtoincii net
luuuua v' .Ajul '
Ileiiu's-iirlcei. Sent uo on alcTliur l y.
pajaamiHuuaBnMaa |
] > titL-inltii' tint ! , at HtitO
Abu ( lonerul Skating AdutUslun . j I
Panopticum , Chamber of War and Hall of America
Week of Monday , December 2nd.
, |
| ,
Only . . indivttltml of Ins rnuo ever been in clvili/ution. Ho was sent to Mr
P. T. . HARNUM ns an Important fonturoor tlio Biirnuiu Shows next sen-
son This braved warrior from Africa is ono ot the inostiiitorosUnjj apoci-
mona of humanity wo have ever prosentcd
Late 1 of the Famous Kollnr'n M.vstic.Coiiibiniition , is THE BUST EXPONENT OP
Gray ( & Walkers Miniature Theatre Company
Will produuo the Paiitomiino of
3E3TJIM-irJ'Xi"y ! ' * PTT"lV/rT rT1"V
CLEMENTS j ' and BERNARD The Musical iokes
Late ot the Dockstiidor's Mluhtrcls Thuir lir.st appenrnnco in the Popular Priced
& ] _ HW ltAM > AKI , < 21COTU.StUi : ACTOIB
. The mini Miuko in a remarkable scries ot contortions
Lute of the AUiumbra , London , Kiijlaiiil { Ilor albiini of vocal gems is otorcd
with original and cutchv songs *
7 I Great Exhibition Departments 7
{ furniture ,
J t
' Formerly owned by H. N. Mannington ,
1510 i Douglas Street ,
Composed , entirely of new goods and latest styles , is now in posses
sion i of mortgagees and must be sold If you desire anything in tli °
furniture ' line , call early while the stock is complete
GEO , WILSON , Agent for Mortgagees
ess ' ( j j
Spectatle < ttml I'm ( littles ncctiritoljtirefcoribfld nnd n < ljiistirt Ocilllats proairilitlonn oaro
fully iiml promptly lined , Artlnciul Hyes l.arpwt Ktoclc of Optical ( ioiirtw in tliancat Kcputr
Ingot Kaniunautly ilotiw
L. M. Piccard , - Room 322 Ramge , Block , Omaha , Neb
Feom Max Meyer , & Bro
The auction sale which is now in progress at our
store has caused so many inquiries that we take
this method to answer the inquiries and inform the public at
the same time The object of the saleis not , as some have
asserted , to get rid of our old stock for the best of reasons ,
we have none Nor is it a holiday scheme to get the
trade but it is as advertised , to close the retail depart
ment of our jewelry business which we have been desirous
of doing for many months , and having failed to find a cus
tomer to purchase the stock entire , and to put the stock in
to our wholesale department not being feasible , we have
determined upon an auction sale of our entire stock of diamonds
mends , fancy goods , art goods , and all Without limit or
reserve of one single article We invite all to attend these
sales , which will be held daily for the next thirty days ( if not i
disposed of before ) andsee if this statement is not a fact ,

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