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B He Talks to an EnthuBlaBtio Gather
Hl lug of Second Warders
H A HlHrrputnuIo Scheme to Mobillzo
B niul Vote OiudiTH in tlio Inter
H est of Cuahini : Hinte l'u-
m iittoiii Points
m South Sldo Republicans IJally
1 Thcro was a rousing meeting in thu Second
H ward nt nighlccnth uud Vinton streets last
H night , about two hundred voters being pros
H cat Frank ICnspar was clioson clialnnan
B and Judge K. M. Stonborgsecretary The
H meeting was not a political ono as regards
Hi party politics , but was ma Jo up of democrats
H > ana republicans alike All wcro very ciithu-
H elastic over tlio speeches , and it is safe to say
B Hint tlio Second watd will neil an imuionso
H > republican vnto
H Hob Armstrong , candidate for city comp
H trollcr , unit Leo Hclsloy , who'aspires to
H tbo police judgeship , were the first speakers
H and worn followed by Dan O'Keeffe , cnndl-
H , date for the council in the second ward Dan
H was getting in some telling work on Phil
H Andres , when Hon G. W. Llningor , the ro-
H publican candidate lor mayor , cutcrcd
B Tlio cheering that greeted him us ho took
the platform wus so iutenso that O'lCeoffo
M wai forced to retire for tlio time , while Mr ,
M ICaBpcr in a few well chosen remarits Intro
duced Omaha's next mayor
Air , Llnlngcr spulto as follows ;
BB Mr Chairman and Gcntlcmon : Your
nominee for mayor is a very poor Bpuaker , as
yon porhnps all know Hut us the central
connnitrcu has decided that It is perhaps
boat thai 1 Bhould visit a taw moctiugs to-
nlitht , jou will I bollevo listen to a short
talk , I liavo notsouKht the otllco of mayor ;
did not seek the nomination The rcpnuli-
ran puriy in its convention fulled to u reo
upon any of tlio protnlnont candidates after
a long and bitter fight and It was generally
conceded that whoever wus nominated
M ha could not bo elected The bittar strife
that provalled in the pritnarios was carrlod
M Into the city coiivontlon and harmony
seemed to be very far distant At the
reiiuest of lrlcnds I accepted tbo nomination
I una said I thouKht I could hnrnionlzotho fnc-
I Hops I have united thoin In u partial way ;
J In fact , I may say the factions uro nearly , It
J not quite , a unit All tbo nuivspapcrs in the
J city save ono lira advocatlni ; my candidacy
J lu worltliiL' for the success of tlio topjblicuu
J ticket I will nay that I am not only working
J for my own interests but the interests of
J every proport.v owner in Omaha aud tlio
J furmers of the state of Nebraska
J The turmer raises produce that goes Into
M leer and liiuh wines , I uroposo to assort
that it is better to convert that produce into
M high wines at homo than to ship it out of the
J state ut ruinous prices and import our high
J wluos at cijually ruinous prices to us If
J. prolilbitlon carrlos wo will contlnuo to ship
J ) " out our grain and prohibition will carry If
J Omaha goes democratic If Qmaha defeats
J tlio republican ticket the farmers of tlio state
H and the propel ty owners will suffer Values
iu real estate lu Iowa have fallen during the
roigu of prohibition 25 per cent ; they will
fall lu lllto manner here
I know whereof I speak when 1 say that
buslucs * In lawn has fullon off I deal di-
rcctly with the farmers , and since prohlbl-
lion took ofTect In that state I
tiara seen the agricultural Implement
ilvnlcra of Io\yu forsake tliolr btato uud come
to Nebraska to I rado with n people ' hat are
V not handicapped I do not sav that If I am
elected mayor of Omaha that Tcan prevent
H prohibition la Nebraska , but I do say that a
J good mayor of Omaha , backed by the city
J govcruuieut , can materially assist In aehlov-
J ing that end , and that by the tiaio of the
J' ' next election It will be seen that high license
J' ' Is the best solution for the liauor problem
MJ It has been charged that I am not a social
J man , that I uui distant If so , it is your
H fault My doors are ahva.v s open , como uud
J secjme You will be at homo when you get
W'y tliero "
' Mr , Llnlngcr then moke regarding the
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viaduct bonds nnd rojolcod that thov hap
carried Ho also expressed a wish that the
bridge bonds would carry Ho said ho
wanted to sea Omaha boom and that If a
republican administration was chosen
it undoubtedly would Ho then spolio
a few words in German regarding his
travels in Europe and his visit to thu great
gardens , where thousands of people assem
ble ufter i o'clock to enjoy their beer and
light wines , and remarko.l that in Ins travels
ho did not see n half dozen drunken men ,
which goes to show that the Germans are
not the law breaking people they are some
times represented Ho closed by stating that
if elected ho would give the city a good ,
honest government , and would conduct his
ofllco in an honest , upright maimer
When ho had com luded the assembly gave
thrco chcors for the ticket , after which
James Huyo and others made brief speeches
The Plan of Cainpil ii U to Vote l)0
GinderH for Ouihlnir & Co
Saturday it was reported tlut an effort
was being made by the democratic campaign
managers to mobillzo all the laborers in the
city and put thorn In graders camps lu the
suburbs for service Tuesday , The plan was
logo through the form of employing these
men for suppositious work on railroad
grades In Arkansas , mid to recruit thorn
through an ofllco nt Eleventh and Farnam
uud nnotuor further up tbo street
Tnn Bee secured the sorvlcos of two or
thrco Intelligent laboring men who wcro di
rected to call ut those recruiting offices and
apply for work Kach of them at different
times applied , nnd at tlio lower Faruam
street ofllco found an elderly man in charge
of the ofllco 1'hcta wcro several men , ap
parently laborers , sitting around iu the of
llco Thodfenilouian who hud called in the
Interest of The Hei" told tbo recruiting ofll-
cor that ho wanted work
"Wo want laborers for Arkansas , " said
the elderly agent , " but wo dent propose
to send any mon for a few days yet uy-tho-
bye , " ho added , are you a voter I"
Yes , sir , or else I would not bo in this
city , " was the reply
"W'oll.if you are a voter Jwo can inako it
moro of an object to you to work for us , and
in u few days wo will flx.it so your railroad
faro wont cost you anything to go down to
ArkunHas "
Then the recruiting officer wanted to know
of the applicant whether ho know of any
other workuigmon who were voters In the
city und who wanted employment The
reply was In the ufllrmatlvo The applicant
for work stated that ho know of , n number of
men desiring ompioymont whom ho would
bring to the ofllco ' o'clock
at 'A iu the after
noon ,
A cull was then made at the other recruit
ing ofllco , where similar questions were
asked by the agent , " The applicant was
Informed that ho would bo expected to pay
H fee as an evidence of good faith , which
amount would be ruruudod to him upon his
arrivnl at the graders cumplntho uuburbsof
the city At this ofllco also the agentseoinod
to bo gioatly Interested in the voting capa
bilities of their applicant
Six hundred men are now In the fourteen
or fifteen camps around Omaha , and ull of
them liavo been suppled with Cushtug wet
goods and straight democratic tickets , They
are enjoying tbo good things of life
It is suspected that a number or these mon
have been trained and drilled to vote jit the
different polling places under names of reg
istered citizens nnd are expected to perpet
rate frauds that could not readily be detected
unless the citizen whoso name is used was
present The boses are said to have got the
uauics of these registered citizens from the
public registers uud to have instructed the
inch how to answer the questions of the
registrar as their names are presented la
this way it is said many fraudulent votes uro
proposed to bo otfercd
Pat l > "orct lleolnres IliiuHrU'
Pat Ford has decided to bolt the demo
cratic ticket as regards James II McShane
for treasurer and one member of the council ,
declaring that he will vote for Uechel
"I am for John Uush and Hechel and will
vote ana work hard for both of them , " said
Mr.Ford yesterday "Olhor democrats , " he
continued , have bolted the straight tlcuct
and I doiPt see any reason why I should not
bo allowed the same privilege Hush and
Uechel have beeu my friends for years and I
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Kirst Wnrtl Ucmoorat ! " ,
A mass meeting of the democrats of the
First ward will be held at Forest hall , cor
ner Sixth and Pierce streets , this evening
Good speakers will bo in attendance All
are Invited
Second Polo Iioncuo Championship
The city polo lcaguo's championship game
will take place tomorrow evening at the
coliseum , Instead of Tuesday evening The
change was made on account of the election
The ; teams that will bo pitted ngainst each
other uro tlio S. V. Morses nnd the Council
Uluffs Hothhavo bcon practicing for the
post ton days and are in line condition to put
up a first class came The heating aparatus
has been completed and there Is no danger
but that the building will bo in a comforta-
The game on Thursday ovonlntr last between -
tweon the Continentals and the Hamblers
has awakened a vast amount of enthusiasm ,
and an Immense crowd is Inevitable tomor
row night That the game Is going to provo
very popular thcro is not the slightest doubt ,
as it Is replete with stirring situations and
the excitement never lugs until the ball has
been safely urlvon within the goal Tbo
Coliseum rink is said to bo ono of the finest
lu the country , und the facilities for viowlnc
the contest could not bo better , The Council
Uluffs team is composed of a line lot of
young athletes and tboir manager is confi
dent of trailing the colors of the MorBos in
the dust tomorrow evening
Omaha und Chicago Itattlo for
Thcro was a scries of three exciting games
of hand ball at Hurt & Kllgallon's court ,
corner of Twelfth and Chicago streets , yes
terday afternoon tor (25 a side The con
testants were P. J , Kirby of this city , and
Tom Murphy of Chicago on ono sldo , ana
Michael Kllgullou of this city and Dennis
Cronln of Chicago on the other After a
vigorous struggle Kilgallon nnd Cronin won
tbo first game by a score of 21 to 13. Kirby
and Murphy then knuckled down to their
work and took the next two in gtcat shape ,
the first by a score of 21 to II , and the lust
by 21 to IS This was thu hottest contest of
the series , and neither mdo felt confident of
victory until the last point was made
Monday afternoon Kilgallon nnd Cronin
will play a series of thrco games for 15 a
side They both fell piqued at their dofcat
yesterday , and have adopted these moaus as
a way ot determining which of thorn was the
cause of it
Klotoher AVants a Itace
Yesterday L. Fletcher nnd W. A. Grand
Jean of the Hamblers made the return trip
from Hlalr to Omaha m two hours and twenty
minutes , the best tlmo ever tnado on this
trip , Fletcher is lu line form and ready to
meet anybody for any distance Here is a
uhanco for tbo crack riders ot the Omaha
wheel club
Hnvon Mon Sinned
Elmer Cioveland put his list to an Omaha
contract yesterday and Joe Walsh has as
good as signed This makes seven mon secured -
cured so far as follows : Andrews , Willis
Clevelaud , Walsh , Funning , Ulnes and
\ \ ard Tumptinu Clarke
Dad Clarke has been offered $2,500 , with
$500 iu advance , by John M. Ward , to sign
with tbo Brooklyn Brotherhood club for next
Dramatic Information
Outiu , Nov 20.-To the Editor of Tub
Ueb : Will you please Inform mo In Tub
Sunday Hek who played "Snauius O'Brien"
here last season ; also , what did Joe Murphy
I'lay ' • MMSW II A.
Ans , "Snauius O'Hrien" was played Oy
Charles Erin Veruor , Mr , Murphy played
Kerry Gow , " Shaun Ithue" and The
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Max Bachort , manager of the Boston
Symphony club , is in town and has completed
arrangements to give a concert under the
auspices of the Ladies * * Musicale socloty
Of the Boston Symphony club the Boston
Herald says : The first appearance In this
city of the Boston Symphony Orchestral
club as organized for the present se.isou was
enjoyed by an nudiencoof praud proportions
The organization is Blngularly strong in its
Individual memberships , nnd is all in ull a
company of musicians that cannot fall to
please all true music lovers "
Ho who misses seelngand hearing Vornona
Jarbeau in Strictly Confidential and
Starlight nt the Boyd on the first three
evenings of th' .s week , will have cause for
fnturo regret Starlight ! Is a string of the
brightest and most nopular melodies culled
from hero , there and everywhere Thcro Is
very Uttlo dialogue , but there Is plenty of
the best sort of singing Jarboau herself Is
generous cf her tuna nnd presence She
simply bubbles ever with lifo and individual
ity From tlio crown of the head shu cariies
so Jauntly to the too of the slipper that some
times twinkles in midair in a manner uulto
as bewitching as daring , the characteristic
shows itself Her prottlost bit ot acting is
pcrhups in the little scone at t'uo piano , and
her most charmingly tendered song , Where
Are You Going , My Pretty Maidl" She has
a clover set of people with her , and she is not
afraid to let them make the most of their
opportunities On Monday and Tuesday
evenings Strictly Confidential will bo the .
bill , nnd on Tuesday evening Starlight "
Manager Miner caught on to a very flno
attraction for this evening nt the Now
Grand It is the sparkling comedy success
entitled , Chip o' the Old Hloclc , " written
by Herbert Hall Winslow and played by
thaso eminent enemies of the blues , Scott
and Mills , supported bj a very strong
company This play Is of the Tin Soldier
Bunch of Keys typo and the Pacific coast
papers said it was many points ahead of
Iloyt's best success , The action is full of
snap und go The company is strong iu its
comedy features , excellent In Its voices and
songs , neat in dances and far above tlio
average In everything intended to make an
audience laugh Scott and Mills have
gathered the cream from all tbo leading
farce comedies and huva gathered the best
songs , humorous points and dances lute their
Chip o' the Old Block " It Is to be pre
sented tonight at the Now Grand for ono
night onlv , at popular prices ' (15 ( to CO cents ) .
The box ofllco will bo upon uftor 10 a. m , and
these who apply early will bo sure of their
seats j others will not ,
That bright little soubrette star , Pattl
Hosa , will appear at the ) Boyd on next Fri
day evening for the first tfmo In a number of
yearB , Sluco her last appearance here Pattl
Jlosu has made a great success in Europe , win
ning the highest praise from high authorities
The London Topical Times , one of the best
authorities on thoatricaLmuUnrs la England ,
spenklng ot I'ntti Kosu'n Loudon debutsaid :
"I'hut Miss Uosa amply , justified the praise
which has been accorded Jior by the press of
America , and our own provincial critics , wus
attested bv her reception pn Wednesday
evening London has fully continued all the
good things suid of her , nnd , without enter
ing lute any comparisons between the clover
lady now ivllh us and the other American
actresses who have visited these shores , It Is
sufficient to say that she succeeded in plac
ing herself Iu the front rauk of soubrettes
She bubbles over with fun , her laugh is In-
fcctious , her wink Irresistible , and her kick
captivating " Pottl llosa.s repertoire at the
Boyd will oo as follows ! On Friday and Sat
urday evenings "Marjory Daw , " and on
Saturday afternoon Bob , "
Seldom do male aspirants for liistrlonlo
honors get much of a show nowadays with
manogors , But certuln it Is thot men of
genius are mora readily recognized for their
ability now than they were In former years
The cases are few enough ; probably five or
six successful young nctors would cover the
the number Among tbe number may ba
mentioned Joseph Howorth , Edmund Col-
Her , Young Salvlnl and Wilton Laekuyo , the
latter undoubtedly tbo most successful of tne
lot Ho bus created parts in three success
ful dramas and comedies , and has In those
parts fairly astounded tbo public He Is
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reduced prices Secure a sol for Xtnns
scarcely thirty years of ago , but during his
few yours connection with tlio dramatic pro
fession has dovolopcd such remarkable abil
ity that managers are rushing to secure him
for a starring tour uext season in a now play
He is now busily engaged reading plays and
will be launched as a star next season
DThere will bo an extremely social session
at the Grand opera house on Friday and Sat
uiday next The occasion will bo the pres
entation by the Postage Stamp company of
their successful now comedy , "A Social Ses
sion " The play has been produced with
great success through the cast , and Is most
favorably montio ncd by our exchanges , iho
comedy is laughable and possesses the rare
charm of originality , while the situations fol
low one upon the other with a naturalness
aud unique humor which fairly captivates
the nudionce Few comedies contain moro
delightful melodies , nnd the attention of the
listoncr is absorbed from unpinning to end ,
Seat sale will open on Thursday evening .
President Lnwler of the Edun Museo Is at
all times enterprising , but Ills latest achieve
ment has outrivaled nil of the past Tbo
chief attraction at the Hdcn Mu'sco during
the coming week will bo Zamasbu , Hcury
Stanley , the famous explorers , scout
Zamassa has acquired considerable reputa
tion himself Ho is a great Mushuua chief ,
nnd ns such will provo csnoclally interesting
to these who have followed the famous
Stanley In his explorations Zamassa , too ,
has much to doscrlbo In his own peculiar
way of tlio adventures of Stanley For
many years the great explorer , who for
many years himself was a resident of
Omaha , depended solely on Zamassa In no
instiinco did the bravo Mashuua chief vlo-
late this confidence The recently awakened
interest in Henry Stanley will make Zumassa
of double interest to the people One dime
admits to oil attractions in the bouse ,
Illnii-'a Persecuted • Postmistress Ac
quitted of Foul Cluirces
Miss Cora Clark , the postmistress at Blair ,
who ljas bcon iu Oinalia for some tlmo await
ing the uction of the federal grand Jury in
her case , Is once moio u free woman
Miss Clark was appointed postmistress by
President Cleveland , and while heads have
beou falling right and loft , she still retains the
position to which ho appointed her She
was charged with burning Icttors but the Jury
contended that the ovldonco was not suffi
cient and refused to hold her
Her friends say that she was the victim of
a ba o conspiracy , aud that about four
months ago Cougrossmnn Dorsoy sent her a
letter which contained affidavits charging
her with burning letters and intimating that
if she would resign everything would bo
dropped Her friends bay that she then de
manded an Investigation and that when it
did eomo four months later , it was in tlio
shape of an arrest of a cousin of liors upon
the same charge They also claim that Mr ,
Dorsey intormed her thiough a friend that
if she would resign all would bo well , but
she refused tbo offer ,
The World Publishing company filed
amended nrtlules of incorporation witli the
county clerk yesterday ,
The Security Abstract of Title company
filed articles of incorporation yesterday The
capital stock is 250,000 and the business is
stated to bo the furnishing of abstracts of
title to real estate , etc
Hov Newton M. Mann will preach this
morning at Trinity church on Thankful
ness , "
Lost A pair of opera glasses Were left
In Boyd's opera house after perfonnanco
Saturday night Itetura to Bek ofllco and
receive rowurd ,
im < : i > ,
BAHIUNGTOX-Novoinber B0. J , II Hare
iugton , aged 41 years , at St Joseph's hos
The deceased has a brother living on Thir
teenth street , His remains are at Henfey &
Heufoy's morgua
All the rogo , Red Cross Cough Drops ,
five cents per box , sold everywhere
' " ' I
f !
Table Damasks
1 case cronin damask , oxtrti line , ut
57c , reduced from 7oc.
1 case 8-4 blenched dnmusk tit b'Ao , re
duced from $1 25.
1 cum ) Turkey red dniuick , fust col
ors , tit 47c , reduced from iVic
Bed Spreads
1 oiis-o 11-4 line crochet quilts , Mar
seilles pattern , OSc , reduced from $1. . " 3.
1 enso 11-4 flno croi'ltol quilts , Mar
seilles pattern , at sM.llfl , reduced from
1 case 12-4 crochet quills , Maiseillos
patterns , nt $1.S2 , reduced from t.i | > 0.
1 Mease bear iu mind wo do not carry
any Mjconds or shoddy goods in stock
Tliat would bo dear at any price
Everything iboxcollcnt quality and
just us tidvertiscd
Muslin and
Sheeting Dept '
To make things livelv wo will offer ,
ON MONDAY OiJLY , 2 enses 10-4
unbleached Utieu shooting at 21c per
yard , worth ! IOc
As this is considerably less than cost
at the mills , wo will have to limit the
quantity to 10 yards to any ono cus
tomer , nnd positively none to the trade
Blanket and
Flannel Dept '
To cduco this immense stock wo will
offer special inducements in while , red
and gruv blankets during tlio coming
week at 98c , $1.0' ! , lr2.0H$4.o0 up to $1C
a pair Ask to sco ourwhito blankets
nt ? 2.95 a pair
Lincoln's Fostoflloo Still a Matter
for Speculation
GucoiirnRcnicnt Given to the Fnrin-
cr ' Packing ; House Trinity
Church to Bo Dedicated lo-
day The City In llricr
Lixcoi.n BuiiEiuor The Omuu Deb , 1
1020 V Stueut , }
Lixcoiv Neb , Nov ! H ) . |
The Lincoln postofllco continues to bo u
bono of contention Word was received u
day or two ago that C. II Gere , editor of
the State Journnl , had loeolvod the appoint
ment , but it still lacks voi lflcatlon Most of
the aspirants for the position , howovcr , now
concede it to him But with some thu Man
derson lcttor stating that the authority foi
making the recommendation rested solely
with Congrcssmau Council leaves the hope
that the head of ono of tlio dominant factious
of the republican party in Laucustor county
will not bo recognized
Tliat Packing ' nduotry
The farmers association , interested in the
now beef packing house contemplated for
West Lincoln during thu coming year , mot
tlio board of trndo nt Holiamm's hall this
afternoon for a brief conference Chairman
Brown addrebsed the meeting and spoke in
very fitting terms of the work in hand thus
far , The meeting especially hud to do with
a proposition of assistance made recently by
the board of trade It is understood that it
was accepted
Dedicatory HTvices
The rector of the Church of the Holy Trin
ity announces that the uewchurch at the
comer of Twelfth and J stieotswlll bo for
mally dedicated tomorrow and that Ut Kov
Hishop Worthlngton will preach the dedica
tory sermon The sorvlcos will commence
at lU.UO o'clock , the tiBiial church hour On
Monday evening , Decombcr 'A , the church
will bo opened for the purpose of renting
pews _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Stain IloiiHo lottliigH
The supreme court convenes again Tues
day morning at 8:30 : oclock
Auditor Benton examined the history of
$ .1,000 of Loup City's funding bonds today ,
Commissioner Steen Is at Norfolk looking
into some accounts at the Jusanonsjlum
over which thcro seems to bo soma dispute
The Osceola , Polk county , olovutor com
plaint will bo hoaid buforo the state hoard
of transportation Dccembsr 1) ) . It is under
stood that the testimony will bo taken at
that place
It Is learned Hint Judgu Norval will resicn
tlio Judgeship of the Sixth judicial the first
ot the month , Tliero Is no clear indication
ns to whom his successor will bo , but At
torney France of York , is said to have tljo
best chance for the position ,
Aluycr Brothers Now Store
Tbo firm of Mayer Brothers purchased the
two lots lying between tbo building occupied
by them nnd houio Mayer's , east of the gov
ernment square today , from II , J , Walsh and
the Putnam heirs , for $30,000 , As early us
the weather will permit next spring they
will begin work on a new building which
they premise shall bo un attraction It will
bo fiOxHS , and for the present two stories In
bright , though with only ono lloor The
building will be made of glass us nearly as
is possible nnd when finished will afford as
hundsomo a store room as can bo found la
America Louie Mayer will remodel his
front so as to correspond aud the two stores
will present a soventy-flvo-foot front
City News and Notes
Word is received that Warden Hopkins ,
with his prisoner , Harry Hall , loft Deuvor
cu route home this afternoon
W. Morton Smith and his sister , Miss
Maude , are in Omaha visaing a brother ,
Comforts • • I
. . !
Kor ono wcuk wo will oftor eiderdown J I
comforts ut prices that will certnlnl- -1
astonish tbo trndo Secure ono for 4 !
Xnuis Prices , W.IIS , $0.78 , $0.75 up to J
$2" for the llucst bilk quilts -1
Flannels tJM
Wo would respectfully call the niton * |
_ _ _
tloii of the public to our lnruo stock ot A _ _ _
plain and fancy tlntmols Tills depart * 1 _ _ _
ment Is certainly complete , and wo t _ |
gunruiitco values if _ _ _
HOlSERYand | | |
Sl'KCIAL | 11
1 case each Ladies line Jersey Kit " $ fl
tintf ribbed Merino Vests and Pit fits ( in -S | jfl
crciiiu only ) all sl/cs , at O73o each ; worth ' | _ |
" " > < : • 'Jm ' \
P 0 do/.en Ladies * o.\tra line qunltty Am \
Camels Hair Merino Vests and l'ants , , am \
( Rolden brown , ) all sis-os , ut 60c ; they 4
were 7oe. * 1
75 do/.en Ladles extra line quality all if I
pure wool .Torsoy Fitting \osts a'ld S I
Pants , natural and white , vests are alt m 1 >
laced trimmed and warranted not to 4 !
shrink , sale price $1.15. They are 4\\m \ \
cheap at $1.05. d\M \
50 do/.en Ladles all pure wool CnsH * ml
more lloso with double heels and toes , il |
at file They are worth 50c. Jill
05 do/en Ladles • Onyx Stainless * !
- _ _ _
Fleece lined Hose , full regular made , .III .
color and wear grunrnntecd , at 45c pair 'Iij
1000 p.urs of our celebrated Onyx lIM
Stainless Black Cotton ITosc , nil full | { _ |
rcfiular made , and good winter weight , ] _
every pair warranted not lo crock o IM
fade Snlo price l.c. . _ _
400 pounds of the very best Fairy M
Zephyr , all colors Monday only , nt ' , ii
08c ; worth $1.85 , 'I '
_ ] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ i I _ _
We Pay Express Charges on I
all Packages jl
' jt |
Mr Smith represents the Republican In tills 7 > _ _ i
city Iffl
Judge Field put in the day hearing nrgu * ' t-M
monts on motions Law causes as follows * _ _ i
will bo hcurd Monday : Larnuoovs Williams , ) "H
Morton vs Fremont , Klkhoni & Missouri 'i * * j _ * j
Valley railroad , Kaisnervs O'Connor , Un- Jii
dcrwood vs Pucilic telegraph compnuvUeiis j _ * _
moro vs Daniels , Williams vs Dawson , Penn -1B
vs Flick , Oldomeyor vs Uurchuui and Ste\v I'Mi
art Chute lumbar company vs Newton
The Lincoln Gun clubs tournament closed /HI
last evening The day was put in shooting ftnl
off ties made the day before In the sweep ! SSI
stakes l'nrin.ileo won first , Carothorssecond , jll
Reynard third , Smith fourth mid Sloven * ili
fifth It took thrco matches to settle the ' ! _ _
sweepstakes tie , The attendance at the Ifll
tournament was not largo cither day I
The compiled stututes of Nebraska , 1SS9 , $111
containing nil laws of the statu in forca , nli
Novombcr 1 , nrd out Annotations are ex > ftl
tended to iucludo volunio 25 , Nobrasua re- _ _ |
ports % H
Thu Union Pacific railroad company is II
oxtcnduiir itsC.illawiiyllnoof reid west , from 11
Nautiuket Itlssdid tliat the company is "jll
moving in the matter to save legal proceed 'III
lugs The conditions ! are much the same ns IIfl
these surrounding the Republican Vulloy ' .111
road between Culbortson and ilolvoke , Col . ill
witli which readers of Tub 11m ; are familiar , ' -If I
The Hebrew congregation has rented two 111
rooms iu lioliauan's hall , and tholr religious 4 ] *
services ami Sabbath school will bo held \'ll !
thcro until their now tcmplu of worship cnu ill
bo erected ut the corner of Twelfth and O ll
streets , l |
Kv-Warden Nobes of Yoik , was in the . * n _ |
rity today Ho was Interviewed icgardiiigj 111
the rcqupturo of Hurry Hall and took ; -'III
occasion to emphatically deny that ho was ) > I ] jfl
ever a real trusty under ills ndnilnlstro * 'tI H
tiou 411
Mis Grain per , the widow of the old GorfffiH
man who committed sulcido near Prlucoton ? > _ i
tlio other day , was seat to the poor lionso ' : wU
this attenioon It is said Hint tlio old gen'i II
tleman's poverty led him to take his own "m |
life At ono tlmo Mr and Mrs Urampor ' 11
were nuito well-to do , 4 > E I
ninrrtntso Ijicomhoi ill
Liconscs were issued to the following part f I
ties by Judge Shields yesterdny : 'irl
Numo und Address , Ago ' ill
J Judson T. Karnes , Omaha 'A\ - > , ii
I Phila Stokcsborry , Bed Oak , la ' "J f . * _
j Ccorgo MclCnight , Omaha 31 _ A _ _
I Jesslo McDonald , Omaha , 11) HM
j Hans Andersen , Omaha 93 IVI
Annlo Helm Omaha '
I 'Si |
- _ _
( George Hculold , Omaha 'A\ ll
I Minnlo Harris , Omaha 17 xH
I Kurnost Meyers , Omaha 21 filil
( Lean floss , Omahn 2Q -i
j Wllholm Viting , Omaha 23. -jljl
ISophlo Hotmann , Omulia 2.1 tfj |
j'WalterShnuct , Fnlrbault , Minn 21 'III
( Tcnna Miller , Owtunii , Minn 20 4f | |
siNGULAHrrine fill
A llvo lobster half red nnd half green , the 'Ull
dividing color line running loiiglhwiso his fll
whole body.is now on exhibition in Portland , "III
Mo Fishermen say that specimens lllto this l I
mo very rare • dm
A Newport man copturod a sea torpout" kill
last week and has put it alive in a glass Jar Ill
It fulls far short ot the descriptions usuully Jill
given this animal It is only llvo feet lon _ 1311
and weighs two bounds ilfil
A young woman of Crescent City , Cu ! . , Will
picked up u largo pebble on tbo beach sumo Sill
time ago and seat it to a lapidary In Hau Till
Francisco , who pronounced it to bo un outJIIM
orald wortli f3fi00 , llll
An intelligent canlno that spends much of All
Its time around a railroad crossing iu Hostoti flfl
takes a position near the safety gates when u > jlll
train approaches and refuses tn allow per jlll
sons lo pass until all daugor Is over ? lll
At Augusta , Mo , some boys playing In ft itil
sandbank uuoarlhcd u hugo skull of soma JlH
oxtlnct animal The skull Is leprosented as tIH
being four feet long aud the huge Jaws curry 4 ! _ _ _
teeth six and seven inches long , which are „ MH
decidedly ugly looking , ' 'AM
A furmor living about throe miles south " ? _ _
east of Akron has a ben which occasionally k * flIWJ
lavs an egg of solid shell throughout , usually vlil
after none of any kind have been laid for , VIi
bcveral days , Six of these curiosities Imya 7iH
already been secured , _ _ _
Just what a full grown black bear can do lll
in the way of hugging vvas demonstrated In _ _ _ !
Maine a week or two ago , when Druln solzod rj _ * _ _ j
u barrel of boqf , gave it a squce/o and ( n _ _
crushed it to pieces 11 was estimated to bit _ _ _ i
a squeeze ot two-horse power HH

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