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* s.p-MQRSE&cos |
( Mredn's '
Slightly Soiled
Monday about 20 dozen rib
bed gray Merino Undervcsts
for Children , worth 35c , 40c
and 50c , slightly soiled , at 15c.
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JH An Incident in the Career Of an Old
JH Whaler
HHM Captain Gooruo O. Baker Spins Yarns
HHB of Adventures or a Lit To on the
HHH Ocean Wave A. Son ,
HHM Urcczr- .
B Experience of a Whaler
M Captain George O. Baker of Now lied for J , i
m Mass , who tins boon vIsUIdet bis brother , tbo i
H superintendent of Tim Hub building , for tbo i
HHJ past week , has soon about as much of this
HHJ wldo world as his years would allow , and ho 1
HH ) is by no means n young man , either Ho is 1
HHJ the muster of a whaling vessel and is now on i
H his way to San rrunehco , wlionco ho will 1
H shortly sail on what ho Imagines will be his
H final trip to the waters of the northern lJa-
HHj J11 uppearanco ho is the typical sea captain
H of the good old school Stoutly built , his
B sturdy frame looks as though It could defy '
H' the wildest wind that ever blew His fnco
j has been beaten and bronzed by wind and
HHj Wave In all the waters of the earth , uud bis i
HHj hair and beard nro blcachod with the suns of
HHj all climes His keen cies twmulo with Rood 1
HHj humor , aud bo has u laugh which shaucs his
HHJ ] wnolu anatomy
HHJ ] In spite of his white hair ,
HHJ ] , when ono looks into his Rood humored face ,
HHj ] feels tbo Tigorous clasp of his hund , and lis-
HHJ.tens to his hearty laugh , it docs not seem at t
HHJ all Incongruous to boar his brother speak of t
HHJJ ] tbo time sines ho baa seen this boy "
HHJJ ] > blnco lbGU Captain Uaker has been master
HHJJ ] of 11 whaling ship and the paths of all the
HHJJ ] oceans are as familiar to him as the strcots
HHJJj of his native town Ho spins glibly off tbo
HHJJ ] names of out of tbo way capes , islands and
HHJJ ] bays of tbe Arctic ocean and tbo southern
HHJJJ • Fuulflo , along tbo coast ot Now /.eaiund and
H Chili , up through tbo seas of Japan , China ,
m M * Okhotosk , Kamtchatko , , Panama bay tbe
m M lonfth and breadth of the Atlantic , and in
H fact of all parts of the world where ships
sail and whales spout Ha cannot swim a
ntroko and his boat has been Bwatnpcd
HBl * and smashed times "wltuout number
Ha bos been lost for days among
B ) foes aud iceburgs , cast asboro among sav-
HHJ uges , tossed high In the air by the Hip of a
HHj , whalo'B fins , driven helpless , before the tern
MJ ] , pest , and yet does not Imagine there Is any
HHJ ] thing in bis experience which would at all
IJHjJJ interest the readers of Tut : line
HHJ ] Since becomiug master of a vessel he has
HHJ ] taken upwards of twonty-BOven thousand
JJJJJJJJ barrels of oil which represents uvaiuoof at
I least f510,0O0.
Hi It tunes some llttlo time to draw him out : ,
HHJJ as the incidents oud advonturcs of a sea
HH farer's lifo are commonplace affairs to hlui i ,
IJJJJJj but when once stariod ha can spin many un
JJJJJJf inteiostingyarn
( JJJJJJj "No , I imvo never been shipwrecked yet , "
[ HI > said the captain to a reporter the other dav ,
IJJHJ hut I have had some almighty close calls for
HH , nil that About the toughest time I overbad
] I guess , was before I became master , In ' 571
IJJHJ ] think It was We had just crept up to one
li Ba of the flnekt whales you ever saw , and were
/ kind o' seesawing on the waves made by
bis tall First thing I knew , aud I never
sh could tell just exaotly how it happoufid , our
HHJ boat was drawn squire over bis great black ;
J flipper and the brute saw us The next I knew ,
J I was sailing heavenward lllto a skyrocket '
HHJ When I got back to tbe boat there was a
HHj four-foot bole In ber bottom and I went
V through It My left leg was broken , and I
HHJ wes bruised aud barked from top to too , but
HH my only salvation was to hang on to that
HH boat , and there I hung , The other boats
were allies away , bat they bad seen our
M sail disappear and came to our relief ss soon
Hi as possible In the meantime I was clinging
HJJ there immersed in the bitter cold water with ;
HJJ a broken lag swishing to and fro with :
JM the motion of the waves Very pleasant
iflJJJj ] wasn't itl I wm finally taken to the ship
f and laid up , It was ovpr twelve hours before
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I got any attention , and by that time my lee
was ns big around as n bushel basket Then
the surgeon turned the hose on it for about a
diy , and got it setA .
"A few years ago I wns lost in a fog in an
open bo.it hi the sea of Japan for tbroo day 9 ,
and thought all was up with mo Wo had
plunty of fodder , however , and manuged to
live through it nil right , but I tell ) ouI
never felt so thankful for anjtnlng as I did
for the sight of the masts of our ships at the
end of the third day ,
Two years ago I was struck by n gale
tlutcame mignty near putting an end to my
whaling in this world Wo were running
along , about ten miles off the coast in tno
sea of Okhotsk , when the brcezo struck
us Lord , how she did blow , and
dead on the land at that I Every plank and
timber of the stout old ship creaked and
groaned in misery , the wind wbistlcd and
shrieked through the rigging und a deluge
of salt water poured over our decks continu-
ally Our boats were all blown away and
steve In and tbo rigging snapped like pipe
stems I toll you , my lad , that was a huid
night aud none of us expected to see the day
light Wo squeezed througb , however
Thcro was nbout a hundred barrels of oil
aboard and wo steve In the casks and dumped
it into the water That saved us
Hut I must tell you about the Pork
War " 'I hero Is something that no historian
has ro far dona justice to This was u good
many years ago I was in command of the
Ed Carey , ono of a fleet of four whalers car
rylng all told 120 men When two months
out from San Francisco wo wore overhauled
by the privutcor bhonnudoab and captured
Of coursov/o niadeno light Wo had nothing
to light with Woweroall clapped iutoirons
and kept there for seventeen days , at tbo
end of which wo wcru put off and left to
shift for oursolvcs among the savages of
Ascension Island Wo were there lor six
months , and I cannot say it was a very bad
lllo after all Wo were scattered In various
parts of the island on account of thu food
suoply , which is simply wild fruits , ilsh and
game of vurlous sorts and gathered bv tbo
natlvos when they feci hungry Wo ottlcers
were all together und the objects of tbo
special cara of the Uliip , who was not half a
bad follow Ho built n house for us a llttlo
square stone affair , located on a pier over
the water to avoid the mosquitoes , which on
the islund wore as big as canaries and as
bloodthirsty as Bengal tigers Every tnoru-
ing some of the natives , Knakas they are
called , brought us our * days supply
of bananas , bread fruit and otbor
supplies and in fact treated us liUo princes
The rest of the partv was parceled out to
different tribes of the island und all were
well treated It was a luiy happy-go-lucky
kind of u llfo und wo made the most of it
Hut ubout the pork war I dent think
there was over such an affair on the island
before for they have their own stj lo of fignt-
Ing For Instance , two tribes huvo n rtifil-
icutty aim are supposed to be at war Hotli
parties lay low uud tnlk loud till ono of them
gets an incautious member of the opposing
tribe out alone very likely a lone old wo-
man In her canoe they then pounce upon
her and scatter her anatomy to thu four
winds of heaven The other party retaliate
in HUe manner and the cruel war goes on
The crow of ono of our ships consisted of
inatives of tbo Sandwich Islands who very
readily fruternUed with the islanders ,
Two of our men got hold of n barrel of pork
from the wreck of our ship and rolled it up i
to tholr hut Tim Sandwich vlllians got wind
at It and forcibly contlscatcd it Word was 1
brought to us of tbo occurrence and the fol- ;
lowing day nemurchod to the quarters of
the robbers seven men strong and as the 1
booty was guarded by only two men we baa [
no difficulty In recapturing it That night an (
emissary arrived with the information that
our whole party was to bo assassinated We
loaded our guns and prepaied for aslego
Sura enough , at dark down came the black
devils and began Mating away wito all sorts , i
of muskets und ritloa I was in command of [
our party and after telling tbe boys
to be ' careful of their aim
I Bought the shady side of a
stone wall and watched tbo fun None of our
inou were hurt , but 1 suppose about sixty
shots were ilred The cauoe was riddled j
one man was killed and two or three were
wounded Then tbo defeated men enlisted
tbo sympathies of the tribe whose guests
they were and things bejun to look serious
I sent word to the king that wo wanted an
audience It was c/ranted / , and the obstrepcr-
out tribe was summoned before blm at the
same tuna We muttered the wuole white
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force , nearly a hundred strong , aud filed before -
fore bis duskv majesty in martial array
There was u good deal of speechmaking and
we Anally told him that if ho would take the
guns from the belligerent tnbo ; vo would
give up our design ot making mincemeat ot
the entire population Ho did so und the
Porlc war was ended Thenceforth I was
saluted with salaams and the title of Jnul Id
Pouupil , the Knaka synonym for most Illus
trious commander
A skin game tattooing
A man who eats lish ought to got along
Nolhine will so soon make a person hot as
cold treatment
"I thank my stars , " said the managerafter
having a full house
The corset is a paradox It comes to stay
and yet cocs to waist
General court news account or the en
gagement of ono young muu to several young
Does your tcaohor over got mud ! " Yes ,
indeed I am often the victim of his ruling
passion "
No solf-rcspectlnir nowspnpor man will
connect coffee with the grounds for the revo
lution in Hrazil
Theatrical people Ilka Chicago , Cincinnati
and Omaha because iIiobu cities ure noted for
pacuiug houses
There is a threatened stiiko in Wales
Striking and w'allug always went together
w l > in wo were boys
When an Undo Toms Cabin comuany
dies on the road we suppose it is ueccssary
to hold nu nu-Topsy.
Judging from the many attractions in the
dime museums , it is easy to buhevo that this
is a freak country
A writer says that whipping a boy mav
roaKo blm stupid It may be , but it is moio
likely to make him smart
Never make love In u corn field Kemem-
bor that corn has cars , uud It is easily
shocked You should make an oat of this
vVhcn a husband comes homo with powdo r
on the Blcevo of his coat his wife
is very apt to show Ure Then be Is blown
"No , " said Bboj "I never use powdor.palnt
or cosmetics of any kind " Dent youi"
said her dearest fee "You'd look a good
deal hotter if you did "
Nothing tends to turn a man toward pro
hibition quicker than going toward the
closet in tno dark for the brandy bottle and
getting tbe cod liver oil bottle mstead
As an inoontlvo to patriotic exortinn a
Monrong , Cal , man has loft 920,000 to bis
duughter , to be Inherited only upon the birth
of her ilrst child Case of C. O. D.
Ah , wicked girl , you broke my heart ,
How could you act so bud a parti
Hut tnat , ulasl Is not the worst ;
You broke mv lioart but broke me first
John L. Sullivan spells colored man with
two "g's" and charges colored victims 1
double prices John is a true Irishman , and
so long as he ts sober ho seldom goes back on
tbo sod
Wife Harry , do you see bow attentive ,
that couple on the sofa are to each other ! I
I'm quite posltivo there's something bctweon ,
them HusDatid ( after a look ) I think
y ou're mistaken , my dear
The subject for debate this cvenlng.lndles
and gentleman , " said the president of tbe so-
clety , "Is the old maid " Heady for the
question ! " humorously shouted everybody in
tbo hull at once
Mans llfo is as a sleepers
Waking , who says "AlasI"
Blinks with his drowsy peepers ,
And then blows out tbe gas
Tbe reason whv there cannot be a thorough >
reciprocal understanding between the north
em and southern republics of Ainoriouls not
so much on account of the manners as it is
of tbo customs of tbe former ,
"llllnklns is a nlco follow " "Yosbutbo ;
shows such n maruod disposition to exaggor-
ate " 'To be sure ; but that is counterbal-
anced by one tblug " What is that ! " "Tbe
general indisposition to believe blm "
To make an egg stand on end without
breaking the shell , place a small looking
glass level on the table face upward ; take I
fresh egg , shake It violently so that tbo
white and yolk mix , then plaoe it upon tbe
point and H will stand in equilibrium
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mThisTeoplk praise him
Whlspora Prom the Vestry , Pulpit
and Few
Church Movement * Durum Tliunk-
givinp : Weolc A SlicpIiorUless
l'loulc New Homo of ihe
liiiinnnucl Ilnptists
Services for Hotnl Waiters
The inaugural recitals of the now Hooso-
velt organ in thu yt Mury's Avenue Con
gregational church will be given on the
evenings of the IStu and 17th of December
The organ will bo opened on tbe 12th by
Prof Louis I'ulk with a progimnmoof class
ical aud popular selections , assisted by Mrs
Lntov of St Louis , in sopruno solos The
second icoital will bo of : i popular character ,
with organ selections by Mossrs Tabor ,
Marshall mid others of this city ; select
readings by Miss Audursou , una a pro
gramme of so at : by soloists and a chorus
Thu recitals are under tbo management of
tha ladies of the church , and are given In
aid of the organ fund
The .Vmv ImmiMiiirl Unptist Church
Today the members of tbo Immauuol
Unptist ehuick will meet In their now build
ing , North Tivonty-fourth and Uinnoy
slreetB Tha pastor will have for his morn
ing theme "rhannsgivhie : . " Evening theme ,
Upsetting Things " At the close of the
morning service recopiion of now members
nnd sacrament of Lords supper The pub
lic will bn welcomed to our new house The
pastor , Uov Frank W. Fostar will have his
oCIeo in the new building hereafter , and
may bo seen there , every morning nnd every
aveuing except Saturday
An Orgni Declination
Gospel services for colored people will beheld
hold in the Pooplo's-church , Hoyd's operu
bonus , this evening at D oclock Preaching
byllovTJ W. SavUUo ; subject , Words of
Counsel " The liotpl .yaltors of Omaha are
always in serviceuntil 0 p. in , and can
never attend Christian worship They have
desired mo to hold this scrvico , and with
them all are wolcomqivvho lllto to attend A
colored chorus will 'jul the singing
I'lilplt mill L'i' w
Ulstiop O'Uonaer.ivvlio has been duiwor-
ously HI for u month lu > s bean forced to leave
for tha south for thc bjncilt of his health
Ho was uccompauled , by his private secre
tary , Rev A. hU CoUnorj
A magniUcontplpo , organ Is being placed in
the St Mary's avenue Congregational
church and it will probably bo ready for use
by next Sunday
At the Holy ramll lMiurch horeafteV Sun
day masses take place at 7 , 0 and 10:00 : a. ui ,
vespers at 3 p. m. instead of 8 p. m. All so
ciety mootlngs will bo , hold after vespers
There will bo a meeting of the Omaha
presbytery Uocember I ) , at 2UU : p. m. , in the
First 1'resbytenau church
A very Interestintr series of meetings for
men only are held Thursday evc.ings ut the
Castellar Presbyteriun church At tbo close
of tbe meetlug last week the ladies ot the
church treated the goullemou present to a
fine lunch
Qishop Nowmau bus returned with h ls >
family after a somewhat protracted absence '
and will pass tbo winter at the Paxton ,
An effort is being made to organize a
Young Men's Christian association at South
Omaha There are already 100 applications
for membership and on Monday oveulng tbo '
prospective members held a social ut tbe
South Omahu Methodist Lplscopat church ,
enjoying a most pleasant evening
Wanted , a Iastor
St Marks Lutheran church , on Twent y
first and Burdette , is still without a pastor
since the resignation of Iter C. H. Sohnur
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several ; months ago on nccount of bis pre
rornug to marry the woman of bis choice
Hov H. Urown of Sterling , III , occupied
the pulpit last Sunday morning und evening
and the lurge uudicncos that gathered to
listen to him were highly pleased with his
discourses Ho lias been Invited to return
again , un-l there is n possibility that ho may
bo offered the pastorate
Itnv itrnilv Ijravcs
Rev C. T. Hrauy , lately assistant to Dean i
Gardner , has loft with his family for his
now homo In Crete Mr , Brady will have i
charge of the parishes of Wilber and Crete '
At tbe latter place a new rectory Is to bo
built and the church building crontly im
proved Dean Gardner is now looking for
an assistant
Church Notes
Tills ovou ing there will bo gospel services
for colored posplo nt the Peoples church ,
Itov William R Hondorson's subject nt t
the ovomng service at the Second Presby
terian church 13 The Relation of the Ho >
spccUulo Citizen to the State "
Regular sorviees ut Plymouth Concrre-
gaticmul church Preaching both morning
tmdovening by Dr Thim Sunday school
ut 12 in Y. P. S. C. B ut (1:30 ( : p. m.
ICouutra Memorial Bvangolical uitboran
church , corner of Sixteenth und Harney
streets Rev J. S. Detwoilor pastor Church 1
scivlco nnd preaching by the pastor at 10:1)0 : )
a. in und 7:4 : > p. in Morningsormon for the
ilrst Sunday In advent , "fho Conqueror
Coine ? . "
St Matthias church , South Teuth street
nnd Worthlngtou place , Advent Sunday , De
cember 1. 7:30 : am , lmly communion ; 10 : ]
u. m. , litany and holy communion with ser
raon ; : i.UJ ( p. m. , Sunday school ; 7:30 : pm ,
evening prayer and sermon The seats are
all free
At the First Presbyterian church , the pas >
tor , Rev W. J. Haralia , DD , will preach
beta morning and ovonitig In the oveniog
he will conciudo his series of Sabbath even
ing loLturo on tbo theological views of
Shnuusnoaro , the topio ocing for tonight ;
The Poets Idea of What is the Matter with
the World "
Rev tfJllard Scott will preach In the St
Mary's Avenue Congregational church in the
morning atlOK ; : > um , when members will be
received uud tbe sacrament of the Lords
supper administered No ovonlng service ' ,
as the gas connection has not yet boon made ,
and the church is without evening light
First Methodist Episcopal church , Seven | a
teenth and Davenport streets , V , S. Merrill
minister ; parsonage 1414 Chicago street -
Mr Merrill will preach today at I0.U0 n. m.
and 7:00 p. m. 'Ihe morning subject will bo
Christ Proven and Duplicated ; " the even
ing discourse will boon "Thu Supreme Mo '
tive " An old fashioned Methodlit welcome
to ull For good seals go early ,
Trinltv M. E. church , Knuntzo plaeo , ,
corner Twer.ty.flrst und iilnnoy , Rev , W. K.
Unans , pastor Proachlne at 10:1)0 : ) a. in and
7:1)0 : p. in Morning subject , The Power of
Sacred Sung : " evening , The Hand of God
in Our Nutionul History " Sunday school
at ! 1U0 : , M. M. Hamlin superintendent '
Young peoples meeting at 0:45. The people
made welcome
Three I'risi Verses ,
Recently the Magazine of Poetry offcrod
prizes for the three best quatrains on the
subject of poetry , 'Ihese are the honor
verses ;
She comes llko tbe husht beauty of tbe
But sees too deep for laughter :
Her touch is a vibration and a light
i Fiom ivorlds before and after "
"Oh , wo who know thee , know we knoiv thou >
Thou Soul of Beauty , thou Essential
Grace I
Yet , undeterred by baffled speech and
The heart stakes all upon tby hidden face "
"Goa placed a solid rock mans path aoross , .
And bade him climb ; but that It wight f >
not Do
Too rough be wrapped it o'er with tender
moss ;
The rock was Truth , tbe mots was Poetry , "
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Promising Outlook for tbo Younjr
City of Bed Oloud
A Conspiracy of Advantages to Force
Her to the Front A Few or
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A Young Giant
Kkd Cloud , Neb , Nov 30. [ Spoctal
to THE Bie ] There are yory few
names in history enjoyinjr the distinc
tion and notoriety of that of Rod .
Cloud The name itself has many
pleasant and very many unpleasant ns-
sociations * It 1b derived from the early
days of the Sioux nation and it no
doubt om.ann.tod from no particular
For many years the southern bound ,
aries of the Sioux reservation wore i
along tha present Kansas and Nebraska j
line It was then that Red Cloud , tbo
great chief of the tribe , located Ilia
vlllago oti the north banks ol thu Ru- 1
publican rivor-uoar the present site of
the young and prosperous little city of
Red Cloud , and there maintaii.od his
beadquartors until the reservation was
thrown open for uottleinout in 18B8.
Early pioneers soon located the pres-
ont townsito upon a beautiful I
mesa overlooking the broad and I
fertile valley of the Republican i
about two miles north of the rlvor , and I
hero todaystnnds a bustling , onnrgotia
city of 8,500 inhabitants , the couuty
seat of Webster county , the population i
which will reach nearly 20,000.
Rod Cloud , by force of nature nnd I
surrounding conditions , is destiued to
bo In the nour future , tlio'chief manu
facturing and jobbing center in houMi-
orn Nobraaka She has a magnilicont
water power , second to none in the
state She has un immense area of agricultural -
ricultural torritorv tributary to her
market She has the full and undivided
trade of Jewell and Smith counties in
Kansas She has ono of the largest
systems of railway in the world , the U.
& M. . with depot , ofllcos , eating house ,
round houbes , etc . located hero She
has the Rod Uloud & Konrnoy line of
railway soon to bo constructed whioh
will intersect and traverse the richest
nnd moat productive parts of the Re
publican and Platte valleys She has a ,
splonUid system of water
works She has broad avenues
aud driveways macadamized und beau
tilled by niituro's luxurious growth of
elm , poplar and oak throughout the
city She has the Edison system of in-
candescout and are electric lights , the '
dynamos of whioh are run by turbine
wbeols plucod at tbo falls on the river
She has aovoral miles of street railway i
winch will lu a short time bo run by
electricity , the power being obtained
from the turbine wheels operating
Sprague motors She bus n number of
line , largo brick business blocks , nest
ing from 82,000 to $30,000. She bun par '
haps one of the largest aud finest roller
mills In tbo state , representing an in
vestment of over 400,000. This mill is
run by water power aud has a capacity
when running full force of 150 barroU I
per lay Red Cloud also has a
pressed brick factory of : ! 0 , < HX ) daily '
capacity She has two pub >
lie school buildings costing $18,000 ) ,
S. 5 P , MORSE & CO
Knit Goods I
Toboggans , Children's M
Hoods ] nnd Skirls Ladies ] m
Skirts Children ' s Bootees , Infants - - | | H
fants ' Knit Trunks , etc All at ifl
special ; prices Monday jH
Sample Line 1
Ladies'Cloaks ' I
-$12. I
A lot of Manufacturers ' Samm M
pies l made and finished in an |
extra g6od manner H
Plush Wraps worth j
$20 to $25 ,
Plush Jackets worth
$16 to $20 ,
Cloth Wraps worth $18 '
to $22 ,
3-4 Jackets worth $15 , M
Cloth Newmarkets Ijfl
worth $18 to $25. 'M '
Choice$12. 1
Hand Made 1
Underwear J
Monday wc will show a beau | 9
tiful line of Ladies Gowns , - !
Chemise , Drawers , short and jlfl
long Skirts made and embroidfl
ercd by hand in jfl
French Convents , II
also a special lot of ! !
Muslin Underwear 50c , H
and another lot at 95c. wM
S. P. MORSE & CO ll
eight churches , three lumber yards , a ull
court house and jail costing 820,000 , tin Mm
onci-a house , $15,000 , seating cupaulty Nil
COO ; a completely equipped lire dopurt- - l
ment , hose carts , hook and ladder curt , ( HI
Red Coud has five hotels , the Hoi . * > n
land , the B. & M. Eating house , the -19
Gardner , Vnlloy , and Fourth Avenue * !
The Holland is the leading house for jl
traveling mon , being located in the m
business center , llrst-class in every respect -
spoct , heated by steam , oto The GurdM ,
nor is also first-class and dlvidos tha m
trade with the Holland ' .
NKWsrArnns * M
The Red Cloud Chief , A. C. llosmor , B
editor and proprietor , established iu m
187U , has 1,000 weekly circulation fl' '
The Wobbtor County Argus , ( rep ) , Ij
establiKhed 1878 by Coorgo J. Warren , Hi
has 1,000 weekly circulation • Tlj
Tlio Red Cloud Democrat , oatablishod |
1888 by D. J. Mj ors , has 500 circulation , I
The Red Cloud Republican , ostab-
lislied 1888 by the Red Cloud Publishing ' j
company , hiiB 500 circulation
The First Njittioiml R. V. Shiroy , s >
president ; Jolm R. Slilt'oy , cashier j
Capital , $75,000 ; surplus and undivided
prolits , $15,759.09. , 1
Tha Fannors' and Morchauts'Bank Jm
Ex-Governor Silas Giirbor , president ; Jm
Anson Higby , cashier Capital , $100- 1
000 ; But-plus and prolits , $ ( I,22j. > 'IJ |
Red Cloud National J. W. Shcrm
wood , president ; L. P. Albright , cash , !
ier CaplUil , $75,000 ; surplus $ . ' 1,000. > C
The Nebraska und Kansas Farm Loan W
Comuany Capital , $ . i0,000. Ily Clark , M
president , Now York ; J. A. Tullys , vice ' , • '
president ; R. V. Shiroy , treasurer It
G. O. and R. D. Yolsor are amoug tha " 11
loading real estate dealers in Red m
Cloud and hrndlo farm and city prop IM
orty cxclusivoly Mr G. O. Yolsor ia aflj
ono of the oldest sottlnrs in Webster ' < 9
county vBj
D. B. Spangle of Red Cloud is one ot B
the oldest settlers and heaviest real os- JH
tate donlers in the state He also does , ; * Ij
a general loan business on farm and pM
city property 9J
Rod Cloud can boast of tier natural " wj
facilities for carrying on manufaoturim \
ing ot any kind , having an abundanca MA
of water and eutllcient elevation for . ' 1K
good driiiniigo A joint stock companyJll
have constructed a very costly and subJHI
staiitiul dam across the Republican < 1
river u couple of miles ubovo the city ' /J I
where the roller mill and olectrlo light • ; !
plu'its ure located Hero they obtain a * M
fall of about twenty foot , which fur 'jm
nishes unlimited power for all munu- 9
facturing purposes Jfl
Tlio Monkoy'H Appeal Si
AVio York Sum > *
Why should tlio hand-organ stop off its 2
music ? &
Why must uiy master go begging for ' ? ,
rods ! " * jf
Why must I leaau to da chores in the
kitchen i \
1 was not made to make hashes und beds I < m
Who's colng to dance for the tenemeut II
children ! J )
Who's Koing to tcaob them the Initional 5
ttlrsl 4
These are the questions the poor folk a
hewlldaln' > 9
They are not thinking of millions and 2
fairs I'l |
Whore will the cripple now eke out a llvingl * \
Where will the crone get the price of a M
bltel 1
Surely the great folk might be more for 4 §
glvluR t |
They needn't work for a home svcr-nlghtl ' B
Lo , the poor Simian appeals for your mercy , flj
Womeu and children join in his appeali '
( live him au organ or buy blm a hearse , he 9
Must starve * like a man , If his orzan U 2fl
stm m

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