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Ho Will Make lor Ilia Plnco la the
Iowa Lofxlslaturo
tlin ICnlli mills bulilx it II ttlun It
hnumlit liilorinntiou A. t r-ry Un
Hntls file lory Document Llopt.-
incut in Low tillo
Will fiinlidi l.nvv' election
Oaiimh In , Nov " 10 [ Special Telegram
to Tin Hn ] 0n Moiulny inpers will bo
proonre 1 for n contest oior Ilia otcction of
John Law ns icpresontutlvc of tlio Llchty-
Jlfth dlsttlct llio state democratic central
cotnmlltco have cntiiped the serthos of A
H Ciimmlnts of lc ) Moines , who Is now
Investigating tlio mutter The cuso will
create ticatinterest throucrliout tlio state ,
as In casoof 1 nw s dofcnt It will tlio tlio
democrats ono mnjorltv in tlio legislature
and glvotheiii u Bpeakcr
A C Hltilov , who wns tlio candidate
atalnsl Law was lnlcrvlowi il bv jour cor
respondent torltht anil thinks tlmt hi ) cm
full ) establish that Law Is not a clti7cu or
tbo United Slates , and Is ml ihscquonco not
oltgiblo to tlio uNic llio records or
Onoldu countv , Now % t rlc , show that In b > l
nnturallzatlo 1 pi | ors weio in en out bonu
Thomas Livt When in ( otumbl i countv ,
it Wisconsin vvhero the I uws forniorlv live !
C tlio rccorls show that 1 horn is I uv , pro
f lumably lolln Liu a father , took out lilt
first pnpcis
Representative elect I aw sirvel odcwu
In the late war Hi Coinn mv I , Second low i
cavnlrv Ho held tlio onico of county ro
( Older of ttinnobnto county for four jc us
iiliil llwaya suppose 1 that ho was n cltl/en
on the grounds of hoi linn dlscharto papers
from the iirmv 1 aw Is of llio opinion tli it
hoc in cstibllsli Ills clllrotishlp by virtue oi
Ills father becoming u citizen while ho wns
jot n minor I iw wis bom In 1 nglnnd
A DlmippDliniii i K"i > nrl
DemMoim * Io , Nov 11 | Sp Jil Ido
tram to 1 iir Hi p 1 -llio inilroad couiuils
Bloncrs tiled their report with the ( .motnor
today It is tonei illy res irdc 1 tm tbo poor
est report that they Ii ie tiled fro n Its lack
I of Intelcstlng Infoiiimtton llio inilroal
couip inlcs have kept back much information
that in other ye us they have furnished A
few months ate Uovoriuir I irrabeo told the
commissioner to usk for iiiul.1i additional in
formation this jcir and tlio rallroids were
not please t nt the dema 11 und so gave less
than usu il It Is evident thnt tlioy know
that ha is to re tin : frouioflleo in u short tlmo
iuhI are not so alrnid of cine o-f Ills mess ills
as formerly
Ono raid the Chli iio Burlington A.
Qulnii explains Its fnlluio to tlvo the do-
Blred information on the ground that ex
treme poverty had compelled it to abandon
its stuistlcal uopartmont Some lli.urcs
wcro fui nbshed that show to bomo extent the
oporntioiis und revenues of the Iowa roads
but tlioy ura not so complete ns w is expected
The proportion of tt e e lruints bclontlnir t
the lines In Iown Is ro | artud as fJTns 1 0 "rt
Sovoial roids bnvo fulled to ioj art but
counting their earnings the same ns lust y cat
llio total gross eirnhit * foi lhoeir ending :
January SO ltjbl nro * . 17 4b I JitjS < an infrcuso
over last yeir of * 1 ICs'trs The pnsscntcr
ournlnfcsiiro 10 pci cent height 01 ind mis
ci llnncous Is I Whilu cnrniiits have in
eieased oxjenscs I ave decreased , so that
the not revenue is increased in lowi
$8 > is8 lO The nuiiibei uf passcntois cat
lied carntnt revenue was 10,11)0 IsO , uvorago
distance carried 1J miles tot il p isscntcr
revenue , til 001 ill 71 , avento received
from cnth iiissentcr , 7li ( ) icnts , nuuibor of
tons of freight carried earning revenue
< iiiA \ > OSS total freight roveuuo tOl f 14 ,
200.20 , average iceeived for ouch ton of
frolght $1 OS , uvorago receipts poi ton per
- " ' * mile fl 03 , totil passontcr and fioigl t cirn-
Ings , t > 5 wll ( j5.1' ' .IT , numbel of passenger
trains , 4ol 13o freight tialns 171 B71 c.cn
oral tonnage 3.i 01 > It 4 While tbo tounuto
on lntoi' .stuU tiaftlo shows u dccieisoof
ncurlj six million tons thotonnugo in Towu
busluess has ii coasc I ibout three bundle 1
and lifty thousand tons
1 he uumbor of oinploj es in Inwa lsi.uon
ns H tlli nmount paid if 14 2i [ o IJ J7 taxes
fsi lbSS il 000,57 , 5.1 , foi 185J ? ll08bJ17J
lV _ Ions of coal consumed blocoinotlM s
v I Ji4 10 varying during the j ear Suvtutj
two persons woio Utile 1 and HU injuiod on
thu ruilroads of tlio stite Of tboso 1 llled 4
\voro passengers and ! > cniplojes , of the
Injured -5 weio iasBoiiors ( and 142 wore
employes er
Ibo report i ills uttoution to sovornl points
wheio conllluint , theories nro entcrtninc 1 on
some questions or tlii > law , und recommend
legislation to remove oil doubt as to nny
) oiuts on which the uuthorit ) of the board
j , to net has been disputed I ho suggestions
of IbTD that certain duties devolving upon
the secrataiy of stnto bo ti uisforrod to the 1
boird uro icnouod The subject of Joint
leeeives miemioii iinu mo coinniis-
Hioncrs think tlioy should bo piopeilj
elotbod with authority to compel joint rates
'llio attention of the lcglsluturo Is cillollo
tboso iascs wboro priv ito paitles dusiro to
build tru ks nnd connect with raihvnjsfor
the siko of having curs swltcbel to their
doors Tlio right to correct has been ills
putcd The boar 1 nsk further lllit to tvlmt
* lonstitutos a now industry , " the lighlof
special lutes wbou unproved by nnd tiled
with tin , ) commissioners hnviugbcon united
by thu last gcneril assembly to such Indus
tries A statement ns to wliut shall Do le
girnod as for ' clinijtublo purnosos" is also
requested at the hands of the legislature
Tint report us it wliolo lb \ disapiiolutiug ,
nnd the tovei uoi is ( list osod to rup tbo roads
• t. sovcraly in his departing message to the leg
I All Mnrrliiui h Hold Good
\ " nuiitisfiToN , la , No10 [ Spoeinl lelc-
L gium to riiE Hi f J Judge Phelps hug ron
h dared a doclslon on the demurrer to thu In
illctment in tbo eiiso of tbu state vsV C
" Novvton , for perjurv , which bus cioatcl so
muoh anxious comment among recently
' married couples ] ho court announced Its
dcoUiou , overruling the dumurrci , nnd t > i\o
r. Its icusons for doing so nt some length
[ ' loucblng on tlio tinoo main points of tlio
ilomuriur the Judge said tlmt the duty ot
| ( Issuing marringo licenses wus imposed on
tlio clerk of iliu district court , the conernl
h , act eharglug him with nil tbu duties foi merly
tr performed by tbo clerk of tbo district court
K thoubh uoispcclllcullymeutlouod becondly
on the point thut the inking of testimony In
B Issuing a marriage license was a Judicial
W oct of the clerk , as cluiincil on the demurrer ,
r t and so not to bo transferred to his deputy ,
If tlio court hold tlio point not well tukuu and
1 quoted from the code , chapter 8 , section 777 ,
[ which expressly declares that in the ubsonco
of tboelcrk lus ilcputv shall norfaim all the
duties of his piuiclpil On the third point ,
thnt tlio luw did not require un uDldavIt to
the reijvsl for n mnrriii n license , the court
hold that tbo clerk bud the rl lit to require
L what proof ho pleased for lus own protou
* tlou
4 T bo court closed its remarks with a sug
gestion tu tbo clerk thut hoi i after In nppll
I cations for marriage lieenso the oath bo first
I nIminiatored to the witness and that llion
I' Ills signature to the ropiest bo obulnoil
I 'llioeaio will b" to trial Immcllately on its
I merits
L Llopeil Willi ii Fiatioruoinan
II UiuiLiMiTON , la , No10 fjspoclal lole-
I gram to 'Ihe IIle | Ilonderson countv ,
I Illinois , ttbitut U by the particulars of an
I eloponicut whichocouried sotoraldays ago
I but the fuots of which luo only Just trau-
I t , spired
I * . Tno parties to the uffulr are Mrs Jacobs
It- the wife of ii ttsherman lhliig nu tlio Illinois
I sldoof tlio river , and William Moore who
I ll\od on u farm about thico miles further
L , up Mrs Jui/ibs loft homo Wednesday ou
Ft the iirctensu of goiugto Uludstuuo to visit
I friends Instead ot dolug so , | iowo\or , alio
I eumo to lturllngtou wbero she wus net bv
I Moore wno lma Pi oeodnd her bore Ou the
I tuiluro of the parties to return to tlielr homes
I bu luquirj wus Instituted which resulted In
f lracing tliom to this city when tbu trull was
I lost , tbougU It U believed thoj went 60Utli
I from bue
I Moore is said to bo about thirty jcars of
I ugo and leav es u liuudsomo wjfo mid throe
I eblidrou while Mrs Jacobs Is doicribcd as
I soverulj ears bis senior , ' by no means band
I kouiound tbo mother of two children Jacobs ,
| the husband of the woman Is one ot the men
who Inst Rprlng saved clcvon persons from
| the wrecked steamer Lvcrett nnd was pre
Rented wi.h n pursa by tbo p < > 0 | lo of this i Ity
I Decoration 1 iv In acknowledgement of bis
Ik roism on thut occasion
l > vl tenth n > ilniiuil < rstniiillng
Huiiiinotos , 11 , Nov HI fbpcclil lolo
gram to Tin Hli | Mr rdwurd Scmplo
tbo president of tbo Hankers Lifoassoclu
tion of Dcs Monies wus in this eltv vestcr I |
dnv nnd being Inlervleivcd relative to the |
pre"iH dispatch from Dcs Moines upon tbo j
matter of the recent iiisiiinnco decision sujs
Hint the despatch was evidently written
under a misunderstanding of the decision or
with the willful mtint to misrepresent tbo
case which , nciording to vlrcmple , Is ns
llio board of directors of the liinkors1
Life nssoclntlon prepare I two now Tonus of
certificate of membership cither onu of
which II i roposcd to issue If the fouii was
approved bj the mdltorof state riionttdlt
or huv lug some doubt nbout tbo legalltv of
the forms submittel tbo | olnt tntbonltor-
n ev Renernl who In tils decision sivs In
effect that the leg il defects a | prolicndc 1 do
not exist Mr Scmplo furthei sins tint ho
confcired with the auditors dopirtincnton
vrstcrdiv nftcr tbo decision wur piibllsbcl
bv tcb i bono und thut his association unit tbo
dc | irtnietil lire In full nocord noon the matter
tor nt d that ho ri j lehcn Is no lilndrnm n to
the issue f lie ceitiilcito nmposol with
some niodltkatlnns snijgLstel tbeiitlorncy
ti nernl s decision
A ICik Ic Uljiinl Sphonio
Dhs Moivt < In , Nov to [ Special Tele
luim to Tin Hi l. | Information has just
ijeen male | ublle thut the new Iowa \ \ ,
Nebiasku rmlioil loccnth chartered Is n ,
scheme of tbo Kick Island to shorten its
louto lo Dciivoi and help it to regain some
of tbo buslm ss it Is losing The now road
will build u brilc.o u toss thn Mlssiourl it
Lorn ill HlulTs mid then constiuet n link of
rondciLlitv miles long from Omaha to He it
i c0 Ibis cut off will shorten the Denver
routovry much nu 1 through trains will co
vvestbv vviivofDes Millies and Council HlutTs
Instiadofbvst loscpn ns nt present Ibo
new agreement lutweon the Noitbwesteru
and the Union Pacillc bus liuiriid up tins
ehaiiLii us tin Koi It Island is railing behind
vciy much on Its thiouth freight , business
Humid lln Child in Dentil
Wisteiisit , In , Nov ! Special [ Tele-
M un to Tin Urb 1 It has been learned in
this city that on Moudnj lust a child of
Jackson Wiicht , of lurksou townshlo , i little
tlo jirl of noout four jenis of ue.o got so
near tlio stove ih it hei clothis cauiht tire
She ran out a few rods hoi clothes
still burning lieloro si o i ould bu iolleved
she was burned so bully tint she died about
4 o clock that ulternoon
A Colt Hi ir Cnino HIrIi
Duimqm , In Nov to [ SpecialTolegram
to Iiie 13i.r I I he Stouts at Highland stock
farm no ir this city have just told ii rIk
months old colt by Nutwood fiom Alicia ,
for $ " ,000 Tlio ( olt goes to Lexington , Ivv
to IhomuR Icffersou Ihoprlco is tbo ling
est ever paid foi n six months old colt
Died I'm in licmi DIsoiihc
Oskvioo- In Nov ) Specnl lolo
gram JO 1m 1m. ! I lliis nioinlni' Mrs
Huth Moore , nil el lerlj ladj rccentlj from
Mt Pleas tut , was found dead m hoi bed
She retiied last niL-lit In her usual health
and died it is thought during the nijbt
fi om hcait disease
I ell Heir to n fortune
I out M uiisoN Iii Nov 10 | Special Tel
ecram , to Pub Hi t l Mrs lohn Mcl'rldo oi
Nuuvoo ill , mil Mrs Gcorgo Koberts of
tins eitj , who nio sisters have jointly become
como heirs to piopertv at 1 ort Scott Kan
said to bo valued ut s.iO 000 left to them bv
the widow of a deceased brother Mr Hob
erts departed for Tort Scott Inst Monday to
inv cstig ito mutters
liurirlnrized u Clolhiitir Store
CnrsTos , In , Nov t0 | 3pecal Tolo-
gnm to lili lln Thostoio of Hallab &
I'aldock of this pi leo was burghin/ed last
nlkhL J ho thieves entciol u blacksmith
shop , slolo some tools and pried the front
door of the store open tilting about * 100
worth of undeivvcai , silk handkerchiefs
gloves mittens and jewchy Jlioie is no
clue lo the thieves
\ \ III iliivo a Ci ainoi v
I our Uoixn , la Nov to [ Special Ielo
gram to Tin lln I lho final share ot tlio ;
$20 000 worth of stool In the Fort Dodge
creamery association was subscribed this
afternoon nnd insuid th establishment of n
I u-o cicamei v hero
UHLltl il \ \ \ > , OIJIAINBI )
llin Hogim Hnliy \ \ liicli Set ted to
Hired nn Iiistimiuio President
Kanhvs Lm Mo Nov 10-ISnecIil TpI
crnm to Tub Ui p j Denositlons Hied ted
d iv In the dlvoico case of Ira Welch against I
his wife Tda Welch tell whore the bogus
baby was obtained which depleted the
pocketbook of iboniM Huieli of Chicago
president of the Phoenix Insurant oooinpanj
1 bo novvspapei reading public is fnmlliar
with the story ulrca in tbo Chicago ( omts In
regard to tbo lalson of the lieh Insurance
compauv president und Mrs Welch Ilureh
holloved himself to bo the father of her bubv
boj , Lrncst Clevelond Welch , and was
proud of its rcsomblanro to him It was
uftorw urds discov crcd t1 at this baby wus n
Quel out wboro it enmo fiom was a mvbtciy
In the depositions Illel in tbo divorce casa
todav Jostphine Herm ti mid wife of Si
Louis testiilcs tb it the babj was obtained
fiom her ostuolishment nnd that tt nurse
girl was its mother The nuiso girl saw an
advertisement In ono of thn St I ouls papcis
statlnu that a married wouinii wanted to
ndopt a bub j a month old and giving u de-
seilption of the kml of child desired lho
nurse girls bauy nnswerod tbo description
nnit she wrote a note , which was answered
bv Mrs Wekli
lliilnoi * Troubles ,
Joiiosio , Out , Nov 10 V KlornanV
Companywholesula grocers , buvu suspended
Liabilities .VKOO , assets , not given
It Hiyuns of Liudsuy , a lumber doalcr and
mill owner , has inudo an usslgnment I la
blllties , f. 'iO.OIXl , assets nominally $70 000
( .i.oiui KTtii , Mass , Nov0 Ihollshlng
nnd hrocery nmi of lames Munilclit , \ Sons
the oldest ostablishiuont in Cloucestei , has
failed , liabilities unknown
DIxiiilsHid ilm llill
CuiiAi o , Nov to Tudgo ( iioshum today
dismissed the hill of the Thorn Who Hcolo
lompanv against the Wnsliburn & . Moeu
Mauufncturmg company for accounting
holding thn dofjudaut company had fulfilled
its lontrict with thn plaintiff Ila also dis
missed the cross bill bv Wnsliburn & Moon
seeking an nicountlng with the Thorn com
siiiniiislnii Arrivals .
At Phllalelplila lho bcandiiiavian , from
At IJueenstown 1 no Umbr'tt , from Now
% ork
At Now York lho Adriatic and Oltj of
Chicago , from I Ivorpool , tbo Quceii , fiom
llreuun , tbo Holgoiiland , from Autworp
lllnlno luoli Honor
Wasuisoton , Nov ill heerotorv Hlalno
Is much butter this _ mniiiliig Ho is still
conlliied to his bed , but expects to leave it
during the daj und to bo at the state depart
iiient Monday
KmhhIiiii , limriiiillHt IlislimiolilNcd
br PiTrusiilio Nov 10 > Hy the reform
In the ndiululstiutlon of tbo lialtlo provinces
which has gone Into etieet under the new ud
inljilsliatlon Journalists uro doprlved of the
fruiublsu Tbo Kutiiiin language leptaees
( • eriiinn
.liiliiiHtnvv h'h Aid I und
Joii\btous , Pa , Nov JO Sotsietary
Kramer of tbo Hood icllof rommissioa today
prai tically Jlnished his connection with the ,
local bo ird of in lulrv by lho dUlubutlon of
11,000,000 m jobustowu , .
noiims : mstit siiiiim"
laiiKlcr I mpli Oslfli-nlo u Orenl
I est it al mill It 11 Ivn Pllgi inu
I angler Temple , Ancient Arabic Order
Nobles of the Mvstio shrine , held a grim 1
fistivnlat I rcemnsou'tbull Pildiv cvenliiL
Candlilatcs wcro present from Grand
Island , ICcnrnov , rrcmont , I exiiiKton , North
Platte Gibbon , Ilia r , Red Oak In , und
Vlillsoi In
Anumlerof visitors were present from
Chicago , Detioit Clin innntl , Indiiimtpoll * ,
nnd u liireo dcKcation from Llucilu
lho inudldntcs weio eonduiled across tlio
hot studs with nil tbu | ouip und uuti'iiitl
iciko perliiining to this icren oiiv und were
duly tluultful when tlioy tcaclfd ttio shelter
lug dome of liingicr
After the eeromonj of intiferrlug the do-
trces the entire part } adjourned to the bin
quet loom vvhero u most elaborate repast
iivvnted thorn , nnd to which they did atnulo
1 ho banquet was followed bv in nil lr6ss
ot wckomo to lho nowll creited nobks nnd
visitors irom abro id bv Potentate Gustavo
Anderson , toast mnstci Kcsionsos wcro
mndo bv Dr Garten potentate of Scostris
temple flucoln.O P W orsley , of r I Kahp
tctunlo , Lcdai ltaplls , lit , Geoigo vI'ovn
ton of Motor temple Detioii , Homo Mlllu
of Mcdinnh temple Lhicngo , mil A 1
Meyer , of Murat timple , liidtinnpolls
ltfdin \ \ b fatrnwn of langior tcinpli
then delivered an tiddioss U | ou tbo hlstoty
of the order
T I Points of'lniigler followed In n general
oral ml lress of u historic n ituro
W H Uowcu , of I angler rcspondod to
the toast Tbo Goncinl Grand Chapter of tbo
United States , " Hcnrv Gibbon , of rnnglor ,
responded to the toast ' Tbo Grand Com
mnnderv Knights Templar of Nebraska '
fowisM Kcnno of I remont , ono of the
nowlv cicitcd Nobli s lcfpoudcd to tbo
toast * lho 1 rem mt Delegation "
Depulv Grand Mnster Kobort Prcncb or
Kearnev fnvoiod the Nobles with un oilg-
inal poem entitled Nobles of the Mjsllo
Shrine , " which was vociferously ipplaudel
Dr Hntleyof luiigiei nnd Majoi McCnilhv
of Lincoln varied lho procrotumo by some
splendid sinking
ImncS S I rinto pros del at tbo eij in
dining the progress ot the eoiemonles and
at tbo banquet
llio festivities were biouchl to u close
nbout J ii m , by singing ' Auld Ling syno "
Ij ilior Notes
"Thov say it Is boln to bo uhnrd wlntnr '
said u strong healths laborer to n repoiter
an 11 dent know what us fellows aio going
to do "
'Huveti't the men hud plontv to do all
No , us fellows onlv had a fair season
Tbo pay h is been moderate mid the work
unstcadv The single men huvo perhaps
saved a few dollars but laboters with
families will bive i hard strugclo to
pull throueh the winter in ease Ii is ex
tromelv cold and thov urobaricd from woilc
Ibo inukatloiis accorUlng to ibo novvs-
liipers nio tlmt It will bo very told und
stormy from this ou Coal is high wages
low and work ns seurco as money I'm afraia
it will provo hard lines foi the lads vv ho huvo
not laid awav u little nest egg "
Ovei ono hundred men huvo benu laid oil
from work by tbc street commlssiouoi dur
iug the week Ibis was done partially on
account of the weathci und partiallv
on account uf slaelc of work It
Is tiuo that the council wccilv
passes resolutions instructing the street
commissioner to rcpiir nnd build certain
vva'ks , but that sort of work only requires
about fprtj men This numbei is still io
tnincd Silownlk work can bo done oven
after the ground freezes , and the fortv men
now oinplojed will bo kept foi sovoial
lbcDonrd of public woiks has lellevcd
nearly all of its luborirs
Contractors arc onlv woiking sin ill gungs
on alio ) paving Aside from tills tbo othui
woik is ncaring n finish
llio d astorcrs are ill woiking full time at
good waics und thcro is no discord among
the men Some of the gants are working
ovirtliroin order to tinish up cert tin jobs
before it cets too cold
1 wo now horscshoers arrived direct from
dlisgow , Scotland , this week lhov wore
not union la Is but before going to work
mndo apphcitlon ti the secretin v of tholncnl
union for ap"rmit to work , and it they provo
to bo competent workmen they will be
elected and initiated
Aetivo work among the carriage in ikors
was practically at an end as 30011 us the
suow commenced to ( Iv Hut none of the
bovs were lot oui lho forces will not bo
rcuuecd Whatovei icpalrs that are neees
sniv will bo made ana then prepamtions
willbo in ido to begin woik ou the vehicles
to bo sold next season
1 he laboring men of Omaha uro quietly
discussing the leecnt organization of thu 1
bulldcis' ana traders exchange The major
its of them are of tbc opinion that it will aid 1
them in settling disputes in case of stiikes
lhofi O vii Medicine
Men in tbo professional stieots ami
squuics " says tie Spectator , nro paying in
London 10 per cent higher rates tli.iu thov
did in l iJ the Increase being pull ) direct
and un almlttoJ consoiueuce of now phlliiu
tin epic legislation and putlythe result of
the Increase in valuations which as fit us
anv onecin see never stops rhoSpecta
tor points out that proiesstoual Inco nos uro
hy no means lucreismg savs United Labai ,
in nu equal ratio , and bees * no remedy ' foi
this stnto of things It is evidently n enso
of the engineer hoisted with his own
petard lho profession ! and educated
( lass pononlly huvo tin own thoii
whole politic il and social Influence
into the sealo ugalnst nnv rtdlcal realjust
moot of the system of distribution lhov
h iv 0 been the obsequious defenders of the
' riUus' of proportj and the llrst to cry out
communism when any ono called utten
tlnn to the maimer in vviiich the landlords
and capitalists weio enriching themselves by
others iudustij Now , that they In turn
uio feeling the pressure , poi Imps they muy
In tlmo begin to see Hint all labor bus acorn
nmi Interest lho process by vvhlcli they
are being squeezed for tbo benefit of the
clnsa which has long fouud Its most servile
und unswerving defenders in their ranks Is
0110 for which labor reformers are nt no loss
to propound 11 remedy Hut hitherto tbo
professional classes have donlod thutjuiy
icmcdv was required When workncmcn !
uttorcd tbo same complaints of being overtaxed
taxed to sustain the vutlipiro ot landlordism ,
and with lullnitely more reason the ; have
boon told that their troubles were of their
own making nnd tbo remedy in their own
hands 1 ho professional classes and their
organs have preachodindustry , sobriety and
ccouomv as tlio iufolllblo panacea fm all in
dustilul difficulties Well , now , lot the pro
fosslonal gentlemen tiy adoso of their own
medicine Henedy , iudocdl Wnatl have
they so 6oon lost faith in their own foi inula 1
Let thorn practice Industry , sobiicty nnd
cconomv , ns tlioy aroulwavs rcommcndlng
otbors or elsa acknowledge their own
hypocrisy aud It 1101 mice
Cnuttlitnt Iliu Old Onin-
John Smith , alius Hrovvu , alius Jones
alius Morgan and 11 thousand othoi allusos ,
is n confldenco man wno was urrestnd in this
city about three years ugo by Captain
Mosty not the pollcej force for ply lug bis Il
legal vocation , for which he receive In sen
tone * of two ears und four morths in tbo
penitentiary Ho served his toiin ull right
and got out a few weeks nc.o , coming dtroct
to Omaliu
l'rlday bo was at his old Itrlcksjaguin and
by representing lumsolf to bo 11 fuuuiir sue
ceodod m omuloy ing u youu g hvvodo nnincd
Nelson to work for him J lien eumo the
usual racket It was uftor hanking luurs
and the employer had u bill to nay No
inoiiuv Would omplovo loiu him WO Coit
And that Is why John bmith alias Hrow 11
etui is now behind the bars with a good
chance for repeating his last teini at Lln-
Hi'cond Wind Deinooinls
Louis llelmroil presided at a meeting of the
Second ward democrats hold at Mios ball at
Sixteenth and \ \ llliums streets last nlcjit
bpecihos wcro made bv Chuiles Goodrich
J b Gibson , James Donuollv , sr , aud
Hun A"nliiHt 1 Kiilif
UUh Nestlehouse , Horry riolder and Jim
McCarty , tbreo dishwashers otoiio spree
last night uud wont to the Dent or chop
bouse ut Sixteenth nnd Dodge to clean out
thoplaco I hey didn't do It , for Pcto buau
11011 a waiter , opcuol flro on ihoin with n
curving knllo 11111 suicossfully whittled Me-
I'irtj's bead into sci4knt
Dr Hulpli dicsse llhl ! latter s wounds nt
Ih-istation , where nil ulo now awaiting tha
( lawn oi Mon lily , s j
I < V Polh ( uijinV Pluk
Hie pvlko found Jwd boxes of freight sup
| | osed tohavohsen itiilen fiom n box cir
neai Sulphur Sprlnirtjl 1st nltit ( Hoth were
Jitninirkrd j Ono corrtnimd hirncss liunirs
I tlioothei holiinv goods lloth boxes ore nt
the eliicl s ofTUc
rut , itcGisiit\nos
Sot cut mi ItioiiHitiid A otcrn llnve
Itrcn Plnei il on the liistt
Tbo registration boa ds In the several
vvirdsor tlio t Iti censed their labors Inst
nl.htntfl | oiloel , | reparntory to the city
nnd bond plectlon , which takes place next
The nuuibor of names placed on the bool s
In the v ninus voting precincts are ns foi
Pirst ttnid
1 irst distrlit . . . un
Second district . . . UI8
lbiid district . 41S
Second Utinl-
llistdlstriit 1.B4I
Seiond district . & "J
Ibird Unrd
I list district . . 1 041
Record illstilct . 1,710
louith Ward
I irst district 1,137
Second distiiet . . . 1.1 >
llfth \ \ mil
ln st distiiet l 8
Second distiiet lli >
Sixth Unrd-
Plrst dltrict . 1 HI
Sc < end district T-jI
I ilrl distiiet s > l
Seventh Until
Pirst distiiet SI *
Sdond dlstikt 150
Lb htb Wall
1 Irstdlstnct itt
Second distiiet SO )
Ninth Uiud
I list distiiet 70) )
Second illstilct . I2. >
loti.l 17 43)
lho number of names cmollcd In the first
reclsti itlon , whii h closed immediately pic
ceding the countv election ono month uc.o
wis 14 1)2 DuriiiL , the rev islon of the lists ,
which ut divers times has sluco taken place ,
1,1 ( Vt mimes have been nldeo to tbo toll
Personal Pnrnnrnilis
J Ucssel of Noifolk Isut the Casey
L H llalloy of Lincoln Is at the Cnsoy
A M Post ot Columbus Is ut the Paxton
H A Plko of Grand Island Is ut the P ix
Hugh Chittick of Premont Is nt the Mil
C II Gobel of rromont is stopping nt thu
N W Totios of Hustings is u guest at the
A L Hook ot Hebron is stopping at the
Duke Uenlls of Lincoln is ot the Mor
en tnts
C I. Smith of Lincoln is lotIstcred nt tlio
II II bhedd or Ashland is 11 guest at the
M H Duvoy of Lincoln is stopping ut the
Murrnv \ , "
Gcorgo \ ites of Fremont is registered nt
tbo t u3i v -J
P U Pooi of Clafks is rec.isterod at tlio
Merchants V t
0 VcMenemy ofTBlalr is a guest it the
Meiehauts | ( l
r U Uuiris of West Point Is a guest nt
the 1" rxton * *
G A Kn.vmer ot Lincoln is stopping ut
the Paxton
L M Keene of Fremont is registered at
the Millnid f\
X ) E riiomi'son ' o ( Lincoln Is registered
at the Miir ruv * * " "
Mrs U H Disney of Uushvlllo is a guest
at the Siutiav
r H Halev and son of Vork nro stopping
at the Millnid
John S Hoover ot Blue Hill Is stopping at
tbo Merchants
W H Henderson of Sew nd Is registered
at the Merchants
fames II Kothwoll of Crelghton Isicgis
tore 1 ut the Pu\ton
1 J frum m and George Kennedy of
Genoa aic guists nt the Casey
Clarence ricmmg the manager of Hoslni
A olas , is u guest at the Mlllaid
A K Hurgrenvcs uud A S Prescott of
Lini olu uro stopping at thn Paxton
Cmniiual Cabn hotter known us Minnie '
has loturnod to Omih 1 iftci an absence oft
tn vt * 11 s
Mr I V U llluinn of Pnlconer s dry gobds
house 1 ns loturned fiom his visit to Ohio
where be iittenaed the sihi r woddluir of bis
Colonel M T Skiff , the vetorai fi ly
halicd theatrical m inager , is in town arrtng
ing n reception for his star , Pattl Iiosa
At tbo Windsor S Osthcitnei , Chicago
M Nowhouso Phihidolptila , I i' Canhold
and vlfo , Des Moines , M M Snider Das
Moines , T C Abbott , Wilton , J V Hutch
inson , St Tosopti , I W Phillips St Louis ,
L U 1 oai Hurllu tou
D D Uolleniuid wife of Donvei are In
the city visiting their nephew , C C Hcldun ,
uud family Mi D D Holden was ut 0110
tlmo mayor of Omnha md Is well remem
bered by muny old settlers Ho and his wife
will leave next week for U nshinttoii , where
they will snonil the w Intel
A Hntil on ilm Joints
Nellie King , rraukio Clifton , 1 annie Ham
ilton Ailuiilo ruircliild Jottio Reynolds und
M ly Coleman tno brigadier generals ot the
six leading houses of ill-funo of the city ,
were nrrostod yesterday afternoon charged
with selling liquoi v itbout license About
fouror tlvo vvnRoii liads of boor nnd wino
vvoia conliseatod and taken to the police
station ,
I ive Tons ol Niti o-Glvoeriiio Utils-s 11
I ciirful Coiiiiuotion
On CmPttNov SO Anoxplosionof nl
tro-ghcqrhie oicurredln a8Uburbnt2o'clock
this afternoon In which two orothors sons
of a widow iinraod Pishor Jainos , aged
oiUitcon , and Charles , a ted sixteen and Ld
Hoffman , aged t venty six , worokilled
1 Ivo tons of nltro glyeonno owned by a
torpedo ioinpany weio" being unloaded from
a boat uud plated In a magazine Whllo the
mon were awuv tbo boys were soon to n | -
proauh tno boat , and it Is supposed that 0110
of the party foil und tisuscd tbo accident
The shock was 11 tremendous ono Farm
houses and burns in 111 bv were shattered
aud blown to pieces An Ice house 100 foot
luure wus reduced to kindling wood llio
windows in the postonlco and depot , two
miles uwuy , were Hhattprcd by the shock
1 . . .
I It oil by Hectrlcity
CmuAiio Nov JO [ bpoclal Telegram to
aim Hi 1 JAn J oleetrlo light who ignltol
the six story build'ngjrff ' It D Shepherd , at
the corner of Fifth nvenuo aud ICinzto str < ct ,
tonight , an I in twenty minutes tbo whole
sixth story wus burned out lho total loss 1
is estimated at f ! 000 ; of which K ) 000 is to 1
tbo building uud tJO 000 to various mercantllo 1
agencies who ha 1 goods stored therein Tbo 1
engines prevented the llio from spreading to
the lower iloorrf
SlL'iiidii Caliloriliu Catcher
SanFiiimisio Cal , Nov 30 [ Special I
'lologram IoTiik Hli } Swott nlckmamed
' Pod , " catcher for the San Francisco ball 1
team , has signed u contract to play with tl 0
Hoston club of the brotherhood nt a salary
o f ? 400 per montl , or it W > for the season
Quarantined O in u iUltnsud
Toima , Kun , Nov K ) The llvo stock :
pnd sumtaiy commission today has ordered 1
th it all cattle now held 111 quarantine In ,
Kansas to prevent the spread of loxas fever
bo released
VI it lo I in it Hurry
Sa\ Din 0 , Cal , Nov -bpecal | ! Tele
tram to inn Hee I Sirs Cole , the daughter
of Judge lhurman , who was divorced last
Saturday , was marriel m high style to u
( wealthy Half Mexican beroloiUy ,
Ho Denounces Ilia Hen lor htlioxlng
llin Crookrdnrsi
Dr Slomlnskl called it meeting ot Polish
cltl/cns nt Cites hull twenty sixth nmi
Unluut streets last night About sovcnt\
five Poles rcspondcl u lur .o portion of them
liclontlng to tliu faction which Is opposed to
The doctor ' nddrossol lho mooting lit
great length ill Polish , the sum und sub
stance of his romiirks being a venomous at
tack on 1111 Dpi Ho lull 11 copv ot Tin
Dm ot the Jib Inst , 11111 ti inslitcd the
ni title refcinug to lho illsntTecii in 111 tbo
Polish ranks und tlio opposition to Insloadir
ship Ho donoiiuced the nrtl to ns a He mid
onllo 1 upon the meeting to pass n losolutlo 11
endorsing him ox | rosMng eonlldoiico 11 his
Icidcrship urul on 101 sing tbo demoei itlo
ticket Uhcn ho lillcd foruvou upon this
resolution the nnvs" weio loU lo th 111 the
"uvos , " but tbodoctoi nniiouiicod the iojoIu-
Hon ns curled mil consuled those who ti id
dared to veto at ilnst It
Tboso who hud vote ! ngilnst the resold
Hon uro90 mid utten pted lo witbbi iw in 11
bolv , but blomluikl rut 11ft 1 them and
foiccd them bade lhov reunlnol in the
room hut showed their disgust bv hissing
und booting at his lemuks
the doctoi continued bis ro narks in tbo
sumo strain devoting himself lo I111. ill 1 s
oxposuio ot his trickery
Hoforo ho conclu lo I bis tti 1 lo ho sent for
beer and elg irs mid tro iti 1 tlio whole crow d ,
nt tie sinio tlinn trvlig to win ovcrtho
Aftci the meeting the doctoi grow ix
trcmclv eonlldeutul und luformo I a Hi 1
lopor'er , unilei tlio mistaken impression that
bo was conneetel with another piper that
ho was deteimined to beat Koiow iter and
wont I spot d ull tbo money ho hud tone
eompllsh it
' 1 vo got tbo Republican and the Uorld
Herald soli 1" sililhc 'lho Ucpubllem
has offered mo n column any tlmo 1 want it
to defend m\self agninst Hosewater Hotb
the Ucpubliciiunnd the World-Hor ild huvo
Piumlscd 1110 that they will Jumi ) 011 Uoso-
water in tno morning and will help mo
agah st him
Oil , I tell vou I am the greatest politic ! 111
\otl ovei saw ' said the doctor po npously
'Rosewutcr thinks he is 1. politic ! 111 but ho
cuu'tget ahead of mo Wbv , " bo coiitin
liel , ' I wus considered Uo gri atcst poll
tleinn 111 Chicago und whou 1 told a man ho
would Lo oleeted ho w is always elected uud
when 1 told him ho would bo defeated bewas
nlwavs defeated
" 1 will put you on to 11 treat sons Ulo 1 , "
said the schemer tlLefullv 'My wife is
toing to horsowblp Kosowator on election
duy She has hen wanting to do it for some
tlmo , but I told jor to wait till a hotter tlmo ,
and I have retnlncd General Cowin and W
W Slab lugn to defend her for doing It ,
Now , I want you to fix up it good account
ot this meeting and I willpav jou well for it
Sa > tbeie were JOO Poles present and that
they cheered mo when I onto ed the ball
bav also that 11 resolution was passed dc
nounehigtho slundois of Tut Brr mid expressing
pressing the grontcst eonlldcnco in mo as the
leidcr of the Poles
' 1 feavo a mnn 110 to cal this meeting to
night and get nil the Poles to it I will brim ,
tlicm nrouuil all rltut mid they will vote ns
I toll them '
WHAT Till : It > AItI ) DID
It Lots Micky lloclio Ilovvti Insj A
liot ol "Mtnoi Work
W hen tno hoard of couutv eommissloncis
enmo to order yesterday afternoon County
Vttorne ) vlaboney made a statement to the
effect that County Clerk Ituho had in ido
Inm a solemn protmso to abstitn from the
use of intoxicating liquors durinc tbo re
mnindcr of his term of nfrtcc und had placed
his rojtcnitton in tbo hands ot the co inly
nttoincv to bo piescntcd In case of 11 rcpiti
tion ot the offense
Corimissioner Turnci moved that the
charges bo dismissed This wassccoude 1 by
Corriguu villi coined , nil the members voting
for it except Cou unssionei Anderson
County Supeimtendent Uruner nske 11 iat
ho ha fuiuisliol the valuation of the school
dlstucts whicn hal occn chanted by the
creation of two now districts lho county
cloikwas directed to furnish the Informa
County Troasuier Uolln roporlel that the
t x assessment on thopioperty on the cornel
of Fourteenth uud Do lno streets belonguib
to thu Odd Fellows Hull association should
be cancelled Ucfencd to tno finuneo committee -
A communication w is received from the
Goodrich Hall association , asking that the
tax o 1 th6 Odd Fellows hull , 011 Saundeis
sticet bo cancelled Kefcricd to the com
mittee ou finance
liunsportntion was requested for Mrs
Hunt/berry and her fainll' to friends and
lelithes at Haterstown to pioveut the
family becoming cliaigcs ui on tlio county
Ircob L U lit notiiio 1 the board that ho
wool 1 upi ly for u wilt of mandamus to com
pel the commissioners to allow him tlmo
* , l'5Siluo ' for woik on loads Uofcrrcd to
the countv attorney
Mis Kictiard Cont'd on npplied for tians
portation to Portland Ore , vvhero sue h is
filciiis She has llvo children and Is a fljf
forei from cluonio heart trouble Referred
to coninnttco on charity
A resolution was Introduced providing for
tlio extension of Wool worth nvenuo und
Hickory street from Doutlis addition to
Hansi'oin park and rcforied to the cominittco
on ro ids
1 ho bond of Mount & . Gilnin for furnish
ing BOft coal in half ton lots to the countv
poor wns picsonted nnd nccei ted
lho following odium bonds were pro
souted and approveo P O'Mnlloy countv
cleik fill 000 Charles Hrandcs , justice of
.ho peace SoOO , George M Roberts jus'ieo
of the peuco , foOO , loseph f Hroen , Justice
of tlio peace $ . )00 , Tumcs W Moore asses
tor , mOO , Silas H Lal.oassessor , * > t)0 ) lhc
bondB ot David P I arquhar and M Lies , 1 s
constable and assessor lespcctlvoly , were ro
fi rred to tbo cominltteo on judieiory Peter
0 Mallov s bond boio tbo names of I'd
Meadlmbernnd lhomus Hreiinau us sure
Chairman Mount nnd Contractor H J
Urenuan siguod tbo contract for tlio con
sanction ot the soweiugo svsteui ot tbo
county hospital Mi Hrennan s bond fo-
$1 IKK ) vvlth Pitrlck McArdlo nnd Geoigo
Holmes Jr , as suretlos was upprovi d
A uuinbei of bills foi work on roads wcro
refericd to the comiulttec ou toads
The committee on Judiciary recommended
thut Gcorgo U Robt rts bo appointed Justice
of the pence for West Omaha Adopted
1 ho bill of the Goodman drug company for
SISllOfor drugs furnlshcl from April to
September inclusive wus allowed
lho county clerk was diroctcd to ulvertlso
for bids for cioctlng 11 brldgo ever the ;
1 Ittlo Papio , bids to bo opened Saturday ,
December il
Mr O'Koeffo Introduced a icsoluiion on
the matter of the paving of Intersection on
North thirtieth street providing Hut no i
funds bo used for such intersection north of
Amos avenue until full payment bo undo 1
for Intersections south ot that point
Mr Corrlgan introduced a resolution to !
the effect thut no transportation on account
of indigents bo allowed for a distance ox
eoeding tlvo hundred miles Adopted
Ibo following appropriation shoots were
ullowodi General fund , No SS amounting
to2274 45 , genoiulfund , No 3) W05J21 ,
road fund No 15 M.IIJ70 , bridge fund ,
No 8 * bilfi , hospital fund , No J2 ,
* 1 123 01
Ryan & . Walsh submitted a communica
tion Btatlur that if the board would order
tbo steam turned on the countv hospital bo
tlio plaster can bo dneJ tbo contractors can
turn the building over to tbo board in about
a week
Ten o clook S iturday morning was set for
hearing protests against tlio locution ot roa 1
commissioner Aiideraon stated that lis
had been told that the protecdlngs of the
boaid hal not been published in the oflleial
paper of the county , uud the county clerk
hud said thut lho clerk ot tbu board was ro
sponsible for tbo neglect
Clerk Uebb acknowledged tbo coin and
said ha wonld tet them out
Mr Anderson then asked how many
1 ounty ofticers had failed to muko their quar
tcrly reports as icquired by law 1 lie cloi.i
vv as not positive , hut thought tbo county
clerk , register of deeds nnd treasurer were
the only ones that had mudo the proper ro
On motion of Mr Anderson tbo clerk was
Instructed to furnish tbo county attorney
With 11 list of these who were behind nn 1
I the attorney illreetol to proceed nciorllntf
to liw to compel the ortlcors to present their
Tlio Mnnu'MMtcr MurttrV Cel dilution
n Sueeo * "
j I As fine aad iippreci itlvo nn amlicnco ns an
. orator coull vlth to uddrots , mamblclln
I Hunts oiiuri bourn Sttttr Uy night to earn
memento the execution of All 11 , Lirftlu
nnlOllrieii thn "Minchestor Martyrs *
Hon M V G iiinon ot Omali i w is olecto I
eliilrmnii llio Anrbit Orlor of Hlbornl
nns'bind of Omih 1 put uvcrybolv In teed
hunorby Its flno music
Lhoioonnnd stngo hi I bion tustofully
lieeorutcd with Amorle 111 iilul Irish iiutl 311 il
tla s nu 1 pictures of Irish p itriots On the
platlorm sit Gcorto Parks , Itiilto King ,
Icrumiih Howard Dmlol McCoy nn 1
Hon John McMillui of this eltv ,
thu ihnlrniun , Hon M V Gm
11011 mil Moses P O Hrlon of Ornihii
and Hon John P Sutton of Lincoln
Lb ilrtnati G union called the mooting to
orluritm ! in ido 11 biiof but Interesting und
apt Introductory ud Iross , after which he In
triluct I Hon lohn P Sutton of Lincoln
Mr Sutton gave n ululn , Inlerottlng mil
vigorous talk hoi ling the closest attention
of his nuiHiiKoto the list , cnllint roith fro
qtiont and ho in v applause
Mt Sutton s 111 strip Ion of tin men ns
ttiey stool hofoio tin 1 mit wns v iv Id and
most Interesting ' \ \ iUlitm I urklu " ho
sill lull b ion bom md rene I a Piotost
nut tmt lo hul been icceinly convcrli 1
tot ithollclsm and ns bo stool thcro with
his pile tic , linniturally ptin ut this sii
prune moment of his life w lib his long mil
hmirluit hli k h iir hanting bic * over his
cirs Just In budding 111 inbood for ho hi 1
justpissel twenty , iiokcl back dell nice
the dellnieoof fi arlcss hate O Htlcn sttl
wart in roini with his mirtlal beirlng , roi
bo h id spout fouryem In lho seivlco of his
udoptcd eotltitry in tbo war of the lobcllloii
received Ins sentence as If It weio 1 boon ,
but in his eve be unci lho tlio of 11 feroclo is
detoruiln itlon as if born or dosp iii I arklu
was tbo son or a tritesmun uud tbo hriud
son of 11 nun who hal suffoiel foi his
attachment to uud pitrlotlc nets for his 111
tlio counttv Ho loft 11 wife und fnir
children Sin h weio the men ton Icmiicd tu
die November 23 P > (7 ( \ \ Illl un Alii 11 with
his 1 lie bluoiye , vvltli tbo hueofdcith was
the ilist to i | ptoacb tbo sciiffokl O Hi lei
coming next , with his ma till step repeated
the words of bis lather in heaven I ither
fortlvctliLin for they I now not what they
do and kissed Vllen s hand Martin 1 .it -
kin , pnlonud with unstcadv slip was , think
lug of bis vcnci iblo and dependent \ arents
und loving wife nnd children und O Hrlon
stb | ping whispered in his cir lust mtly ho
stood and walkcl erect and met his futo
llko un Irish boio '
vlr Sutton closed with a beautiful tribute
to tbo pitrlotsof Lrln
Chairman Germ in then leal a letter fiom
John Rush giving reasons wbv ho com 1 not
bo present
A humorous roc tntion was then given oy
Mi Mulhtaii
Moses P O Hnon then mndo a short n id
pleasing uddriss
Miss Maggie Rush sang " 1 lie Ilntp 1 h it
Once Thio liuris Hulls'jnl lCcLivcd nn
After a ] atilotie iccltatlou by Mi Gor
nun Mi Kobeit \ Uinlorpf of Omihi
give a piano boIo and u beautiful sent b\
Mr lames Rush m d sisturs Misses Mamie
und Mattie Rush close 1 onoof tbu 111 ist In
torostint cntert itnnicuts over held m the
I no ir II liniiioiid'i
At 0 ll 0 clock Situioiy evonlm , flio wis
discovered in tbo new smokchouso ut the
George A Hummond v. Company pad ing
houses lho alarm was piomptlv sounded
and Rescue boso wus prompth ou bun 1 1I10
flames were extinguish d bef ire doing anv '
pirticulnr dumato totkobiilldiiit lliebu ld
ing Is full ot meits nnd while it is now be
lieved that 110 particulai dam.ito bus been
done yet the loss may bo very severe
While the lire laduies di 1 evorvibii g pos
sible nnd merit nil 1 r Use , y ut the tralni d nu 1
efficient men of the house p irticul irly the
hog Ming under the industrious , cool und
business line John D Robinson must tot be
omitied for they weio where dangers were
thickest and work was most needed , and won
lots of fi lends by tbch successful work Su
perintunucnt Hy U Meliy is jtistlt proud of
his well trained and trusty men unu tbcv are
as fait ti fill is an emplovcr could desire After
the lire Mr Meday took the boys out 1 nd sat
thorn down to 11 w 11 mint up spread that w is
as much appreciate 1 ns it was tenerously
given by Mr Mcdav No estimate can be
made of tbo loss
I Ill 11.innxic ! ti
The elegant homo of Mr and Mrs James
D Jones Twenty s icond street , Ootween I
and K sit cots w is made men y by a house
full of young frlcn Is Saturday ovenlng In
their e isy und c iptivating way Ml and Mrs
Jor es ma lo llio M ung peuplu fed at homo
und vouched them us picas int an evening ns
the old let all and the young dream of
Ilnnil 1Iam | i < mile Hill
Matio city Cornet band will tlvo n { ,1 ind
masquerade ball and reception in A O H
hall Rowley's block , lues lay vening Do-
JI10 boys have ontatc 1 food musio and
populai as ttiev ore will lnvo a lnrto ittoud
auco and will give their friends tlio finest of
Aliout People
Messrs W H Chock William M Wood ,
N U Mead , D O 1 reemiui and Georto H
Mooters went to Omiili 1 to uttond the b in
qnet und reception tlvun In honor of Gi md
Chief A D Thurston of the U legraphors
Doll 1 dwaids , nfroi 11 weeks jaunt
tlnouth Iowa , returned homo Satuidiv
George W Hewers , who hns been visiting
his pan nts in Ciilc.ito bus icturncd
RobcitP Lchllu of the Aiinoui Cudahv
foieo h is boon enllid to Chfcuto to attend
the funeral of an uncle who died suddenly
John Parks who has beou spending sev
eral weeks in K nisas City is receiving 11
toy tl welcome bin k by his muny fi lends
Notes About llio tllj
Colonel h. P Savage hold ticket No 01
and die w thn prio Saturday ei cuing ut
I aw son A , Wulker s drawing
Apleasant sicinl d inco was fclven Situr-
dny evening at Thomas Hionnnn's , Albiight
A doeu couples wi nt down from this dt\ \
lhomus Hclditol has removed to 1 ivonty
llrst nnd N sticets
Cusbloi W H Wvmati of the Union Picillo
ruilioad foieo , Is on the sick list ,
D mlol Dee is in the city " locked up and
will Iw soni to Fiouiont to answer tof ginn 1
Mnnutcrl dvvnid A Cu lahv has recovoicd
Irom his illness aud Is u „ tin ut his ties (
Georto Heinold , uu omplovo ut the | iclc
ing house ot Swift Su Company nd \ss | |
Mlnulo Huirls , duughtor of Mis William
Hums were marriel at the home of the
brums pironts Mr nnd Mis Willi un
Hums thirty third uril R streets nt 'I
o'clock Situidny evening , tlio Rev Mr
ltelno Hrown , D D , olll luting
Rev Robert 1Wluohr ut II 01 lock
Sunduy moinlug viil give Some Ihauks-
thiug Ihouthts' in tbo Presbyturiun
ebuicb Sunduy bchnil lit the 1 ouitli war )
schoil house at i (0 ( o clock A buudnv
bchool will bo organkod at J o clock In thu
1 ' = 3 ! H
school house nt Sixteenth street and Mis- |
sourl nvenuo In the evening n union gospel H
tempernnco meeting will bo held In tbo H
Prvsbytorlan church hy Mrs ( . ' M Uiol- H
w ard of Sew nr 1 M
Nliss Molllo Condon In going from her M
homo , Iwoiitv sixth mid K streets to lho H
I'nloii 1'iicttlc deot | Krldny cvenlog , lost a H
1 valuable gold chain aud bracelet 4 l
A young mini whoso nnmo could not ho M
nsierlalnod , vv is hot 1 up and robbed 1 rlilny 1
night nt Iwnnty fourth nu I I streets M
\ daughter horn to Mr nnd Mrs Ccoito M
Dmlol lvillv , ono of the cftHlent stock * B
Vnrds cmplovcs hat hCcti sorely atlllcted this B
winter First his son Charles w is tikcn ill , I H
then ho was taken down und 1 liilimd to his |
bed then Ins little dnuglitei , and now hit j H
wife isvciy sick l
Mis Hem v Mai tin , who has been dinger * 4 l
uuslv 111 is ticttot } H
Jacob Plilllq s , dnv ton man of the Union l * H
Rtockvurds switch cruvv No i after 11 shorl > H
Illness is better und ut woi k ngnln l B
1 1 Ilrceu bat remove I to Iwentleth ntul ( i H
I streets l
lho South Omalin nthlctie club will giva I j H
nn exhibition in the club rooms under f H
Kulglilsaf Liibn hill , 1 wcntv-slxth sticet , IS I
litesliy oviuliig fi H
Mrs C M oolwnrd of Sownial national t H
orgnnl/or or thn Wonion h Chiisiluu leiupcr fi H
mice union , will iioueli in thu Methodist V H
Hplscopildiurrh at tl o cloi t-Suuil it morn * H
ingmil will tnnduct 11 tuiioii teui | irinca H
uieotlngin the Presbytoriiin ihurcli Stliiduv H
uv oiling H
I Icoliis I'10111 un Irnln Patlior H
I mil Oberg of O iltlnul was In tbo eltv Ij H
vestcrday He Is thu victim of his own pci I H
lldy and Hindu his osui | 0 to Omaha to avoid H
the lithiums wrath uf un irnta fnthoi whoso H
dnuthtei had luvid Ohirg not wisely but too H
well His stay in this eltv was un short H
nnd tie scorned ufinld of puisult Ilostnitod H
oastw ird fiom Omalia and will no doubt H
seek new Holds lot the oxcrciso or hisvil- H
liunous propensity J l
DOM PI MHO * , \ aAOI1 M
11k I \-l 111 it 101 \rii\i h Salt ly al Ilm | H
( n ] ) ( < lc \ ( id Isliuids i l\\H \ \
I dm on , Nov HO The Porttitiieso 1 1
steiilnur Alitois with ix 1 inpeioi Dom I H
Pdlro and his 1 itty un board arrived nt St H
Vincent CipodoVcrd islinds todin Ml > H
lho members of the p 11 ty are well U | ou j H
the irrhul uf the Alntoas it M
St \ inceiit an iittemi t was undo |
to Interview Dun Pelro concerning li H
tbo events thut bill led to his di position ami I | H
exile HeiUiliiil bowover , to ontci Into ' |
unv discussion rel itivo to tlio revolution , but H
st lie 1 ho h id been ti e ttfc 1 w ltb the utmost H
kindness thrnuthoiit H
1 ho Al igons w ill proceed to Lisbon tomoi - * H
row U hen the slcaiuoi arrived she was M
III lot tlio new II it of tbo Unite 1 Stutos ot H
Hri7il The Hag rem lined Hying until the H
Hra/ill 111 vieu consul boar led her mm in- t
foi mi ! the iiptiiu bat the piovi- M
sioual govcrnmctil hil tiVcii lustiuo J |
tious tli-t the old II ig wis to bu H
hoisted at - > t A inecnt and Lisbon lho H
olllius of the steimci not hiving received M
un ould fi nn Rio Inticiro dc lined to malio H
lho eb into lbev , however imincilinti ly B
htut 11 uible dis | itdi to Rio Inneiro asking H
foi ordcis relilivo to the Hut lien lint the M
arrival ol which the Alntois Hies 110 Hag ,
at j Ij H
lho Vhcois wus ( Oiivoyod foul and 11 half H
davs fi0111 R11 Inneiro by a liri/.iliin uiiin M
of un Imuvvcither was expciieneed nil H
the way from Rio Jaiuiio to St \ inecnt H
tjAs soon us thostcamir Matasdiopicd nn M
choi in bt \ inecnt a boat was sunt ashoio M
b mint a e ibh message to tbc king of Port > M
ugil fn 111 ex 1 mpcioi Dom Pedro Ilia 'l , l
lalcinpeioi ucliuovvle Iges with tritoful B
ncss tbo oltei bv the 1 int ot u pulaco for his \\\H I | \ \ \
icslloncc out siys bo cannot accept the ill H
fiver Innicdittelv upon his itrivulntlis m H
bou the < \-ompcroi will to to tlio Hotel l H
Hritaii7i When Dom PeJro Ian 1c 1 at bt f H
\ lucent the PoitutcBO 0 ivetlo which was M
In the harbor Urol 11 royul s ilu e The fet 1 H
tresses did 111 ewiso > H
I'liNCTUItbl ) AS LDirOH M
\ IJnircd SlntcH Jlmslial Itotluki H | < H
St iiHiiti mill .louiiiitli-nii I H
U < in n Ltih Nov 10 [ Special Tclctraui | H
to illl H11. 1 CS King eiltorof the Dily il l
Union , w is shot and probably fatal \ wounded l l
tins afternoon by o\ Deputy Mauhal I L il l
I xnin I ho shooting w is the lcsult of 11 iW
villilnuis uitiilo 1 ubllshod in tl 0 Union fli l
Nnvemboi 21 1 elicit Int 011 1 xum mid his Olfl
lately mnirlcd wife , urouiinent and highly ji l
res | tcted people November 27 Mnisliiil I' H
111111 1 deni indod of King a puhlislied statement - ' H
mont ictruetlnglho rorincr article and be * / |
llttlmt him ( Kliiti which King printed the ! H
follow int dnv but lidding a saviut dau'o i H
miklnt tltu whole affuir woiso than hofoio \ fl
lodn\ the puties met uud 1 xum flicil four Y l
shots ut Knit , ono slithtly rutth g thoiulf M H
of bis leg tin 1 the otbei lodtmg agninst li H
Kbit s wind pipe H l
King published 11 paper here seven venrs Vt l
ito tlio Daily Rustier und was quiutly filWWl
tain I and fe ithcicd for a Riniilat offense by J l
hoiiin lather piomiueiit 1 Itizcns Ho went to IliH
iintle Utah uifaln stinted n paper , only to Vl l
come to tikf shoitly beint driven out of ) IH
that mining town Ho betan publishing the 4f |
Dull Union hero lust spring md 1 oiled pi | u flU
cipillv upon ricklcss sens iti in illsin foi od fell
itorials MuirIiiiI Lxuiil Is n iiromlneut elti jl |
/en of Mississippi appointed bv Clovcluul III
dm mt the dimuuiatin udminlstrntton , nud tUfl
has the symp ithy of most of tlio citizens } VU
( Il inn Man II111 dm 'd | fl
Hiuimi PiNov 10 [ S | cclnl loltgram Jl/I /
to Tin Hi 1At 1 PottHtown this morning TlIM
thoeoioncr s juiy 111 llio ease of John Chauii , HI
said to h ivo hi como 11 helpless paiuly tie us 1 sfl
lisult uf bluspheuiv and who was found
ihuisliy morning in his room liungint 011 11 f { IH
iO | 0 fastened to a bed post retained a vtr § 11
diet lint di ith losulted from stiautulalion gfl
ut the hands of Ids wife a punmour lohn III
Kludaioseh , and that vtis Chiuin wns nu j 11
accessory to the crime Kinlniosch uud | jBJ
Mif Chunii were eoinmltted to pilsou this f ) H
morning to inswei the eharte of murder IH
Di ( UnllorH Muko 11 Hush tVJ
vvvm Mitinif Pu Nov 10 lho Farmers [ H
nudWeivors 11 ulonul b ink opened Its doois t U
utnln this morniut uud thoio wus a rush ( I
made at once by tno depositors which lusted iflj
ull day lho newly 1 lectel president , G L „ , 11
Uyley , siys the bank is tiafo mid has j louty i ]
of money lo pay nil depositors At least ] ]
iwcntv of of tbo most wmlthy mon of tbo til
country will bo mined bv being icspnusiblo IH
fm those who filled lho amount lost In ; \ \m \
them will nttn-Mdu ovei half n million J !
Now \oilc Dry Goods Mnrlcnl f | l
Nrw tout , Nov 8) ) ( Sneelal Telogi uu (
lo J nu UirJ With lho weather atalu L
more seusoniiblo Ihoro wus iiu.rcusul cheei C
fulness In the dry toodi trade , a col I torn i
p ( rituro being lho only tiling needed to 10 1
nnliuito tlio market Tlio ilomai d was tin I
important today , or nt least loimpicuous us f
it , usually Isut tbo end of tha mouth lho "
market continue 1 In 11 well sold upcoudltion , T
howuvci , am strong intone Huycisnio
expectul to visit the market next week when ,
ousluess will again ho moro act've
mmmm six-cord
spool / Br\ 'C0TT01 , •
Fet Sale bij all % JttBw J Letlw0 , Ooaleis
34 Union Square , New York City , Aug 31st , 1889.
AJtei 11 serits of It sis tit 111r J Innlxthpoi tfiu/t > ) , tleu ling ol er I
a ttnod of sevaal uumlhs , 'ce hate itdUtcd la use the a
Mm 1111 , ' tl lo de the best ( In en I now in the m.vket , mil sliou 1
/ ecommetui it to nil agents , purchasen nn I use/1 of the Sun , et Mithines Ill

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