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BK ! fl H
BB < • f .
BBV I A Lineman of the Company
B B _ , Ono cold November morn ,
B B * • , ' Tuidgcd gaily on his dutj 'a rounds , ,
B B While to and fro the mirthful sound ft
BBT Of bustling deeds nero borne . < * .
BB , „ . 4 \ 2 Ills form was lithe , of graceful mould , • •
BB f Ills mlon of noble cast , , , , f ,
BB s > / ' * . v 1 , _ , , , , . i * • • ' * v \ > ' • J *
' The glow his manly face * - -J
Hft it , upon . , t k- it s
BY * * ' - Gave cvlduncoof Joy and grnco , ! * .
BB * , h ' Fttro index of the past "
Bfl , . • s jns homo was blest , with no ' or a cloud , " J'1 , 1" f" , * '
B ' To mar its pcnootul realm j * " " • - , . '
BB ' , - 0 > k < Alo\lngwlfo ; whoso ardent care _ ' , . *
B Devolved upon tholr darling fair , , , / " - ' , " * < , ' ] ' '
BM " „ • - While ho stood at the helm , fc * ' • , - * , > r
BB V i tt * r '
BS 'u v. * 4 As sunset from n lofty hill . ' > ' < * , \ ' " * f/
" * " * " * '
fl * t < • . " In radiant splendor glows 1 ( . * , ; , . ; t
BK $ & * ; * . ' So too when oveningshudows full , ' ' * ' " . . * " " J i-
B B * > • " t . At home , midst those ho loved so wall , JA „ >
> , - ' > < ( ? < * • v
* <
BJ -v' i * Our Lineman peace bestows *
H "H v * * - . „ * v ' ' < - i ? All -
* ' * ' "
. . . • .
B B „ 5- The order had gene forth that day , ' . \ "
BBB * * - * i Vw , •
V - To eloar seine wires crossed , i -r . , .i * - v *
To scale the dUzy heights once mote P * - . " . '
HJ t , * . - > r • ' , , > %
" * '
B , * + . Adjust tho.breal ; , frco as of joro , * * C
K ' 1 r 4 r ' Though clad in ley frost * * ' < v - ' .i'
" * ' * < " '
BB • • 4J * a
H B -v c " 6 No thought of danger eross-ed his mind , . f
B l Af.'v Ko dream that death be nigh , • . * * Vs * " * * '
K B $ hH * "V " His duty taught but to obey , . . <
B H * , f -To climb to whore the wiies luy ,
B " - * " ' „ , • Tttixt fro'on onrth and sky „ i
Corner 13th and Parnum Streets 41
IBB Free Xiunoli Viands In Omaha and
J Elsewhere
I B From Tcrrnimi o Water Soim A
H Cnniitcr on a Table AVliloh Kcil
H tiln Iinpt'eunlous lor
H On tlio Xjunoh Houtc
K Hot lunch nil day , schooner of boor
B Grand free lunch from 12 till2. "
H BJ Hot 'wolnorwurst , and boor only 5
B B These nro u few of the signs to bo
B H seen la front of the saloons of Omaha
ll B And yet , the Gate City 1b not a free
IffaV lunch town by any means A citizen I
( BJ of Washington , Now York , PhllndelI I
H | Bj phia , llultimero or Now Orleans and
t B oven poor old St Louis would kick vig-
HYa H , orously , wore ho to ontoi * ono of these
j B places mid nntico tlio chnractor of the
I B Mgrub" sot up for the patrons of the
BjlB B
B BJ The nvorago saloon puts up n very
I BJ rocky spread Some very ngod do-
H Bj mcstlo cheese , a little wolnorwurst , a
BJ BV dish of raw sliced cabbugo , soma black
BJ Bj bread , and possibly , some very tough
H BJ toast beef from the anatomy of the nut
H Bj nuil nonrcst the avrlcular , constitutes
H Bj tlio layout of this Hoason In summer ,
H H when tomatoes , radishes and cucumbers
H B nro cheap , these tnav bo found
BJ BJ Tills description uppllos only to what
Bt B nro known as boor bulls or schooner ;
BI Bji houses , " whore the pationngo is that of
BH fried shiits "
| moil who soldoui wear
H I H In the bolter class of saloons , whore an
BIBB attempt 1b made to draw pationngo by
l B lunch , the clos3 of vltuulsisslitrhtly
BIBJ hotter There will bo a plate of sand
al l H wlchcs , possibly a few wolnor-wurbts
B S B smoking hot , or a joint of roust beef ,
B ( BJ with a little salad on the side The
BJ j B hotels that sot up lunch f urnUh Sura-
fl 1HB toga chips , siilud , sllcod ham and cold
M UKJ tongue with bread , but it is not a lunch
BJ BJ after
B ] Bj Hut , O , for ft free lunch from Wash
BJ B iugton or any city in the cast , where
BJ B ) fried oistors mid elura-ehowdor mo not
BJ BJ considered any too good for Iho patrons
BJ , B ° ' l'10 ' h"ubui wboro sauerkraut nnd
BJ B atnoai'-kaso , with boiled ham nnd corned
BiBW , beef und cubbago , nro pllod on
H BJI the table side by sldo with
BJ BJ roast boot nnd boiled maccnronl ,
BJ B whllo terrapin Boup with boiled
BJ B onions Is not ultogother unknown
H BB The profcvslonal route worker of
H H Omaha would go insuno before such av
BjrBH IujouU
BJ BB1 According to the best authority ob-
BJ B tulnublo on the subject Now Orleans
BJ B clatms the distinction of haying sot the
BJ Bl first free lunch It happened in 1837.
Bt BJ The old Bi Louis hotel , now the Hotel
BJ H ltojnl.was then in the business center
BJ BJ of the city , The mm chants in the
BJ BJ vicinity claimed that was too fur to go
BJ 1BJ home for lunch and that they did not
BJIBJ euro to nay exorbitant prices uticstau-
B I B rants The proprietor ol the hotel con
H I B coivod the idea of setting a tight lunch
B\VB ° " l'10 ' nr 'or ' ' ' 8 Patrons and upon put
BB IB tiug it in oxcputlon , discovered that his
BBlB gaiiiu greatly Increased Ills cxumplo
BBJlBf was soon emulated and , in a very short
BbIH time , the Orescent City obtained a rui -
BBJlBi utitiou us the only town iu the world
where they gave n man a square meal
in order to got him to take a drink
The free lunch business grow on
npaco and was taken up in the oust un
til now the leading baleens have a reg
ular bill of faro each day , while oven
the country tavoms give two filed ojs-
tera with each glass of beer
Some of these eastern free lunch
houses make a specialty of thoh' spi ends ,
and on the day of Garflold's inaugura
tion a saloon near the tieusnry buildlne ;
had soionty dflTorent dishes on the
bill.Tho regular layout is generally soup
of some kind , with fish on Friduvs ,
hnrd boiled eggs , cola hnm , roast beef
smoking hot with brown gravy nnd
mashed potatoes , chicken salad , baked
spuro ribs and sauor kraut , boot stow ,
etc ; Of course this isaried , and
stowed kidneys , salmi of ohickon , giblets -
lots with rico , stowed liver , dry hush ,
game stew , fried tripe and all the good
things imiiginablo nio set up Itolishcs , ,
such ns tomntoos , asparagus and green
onions or cold slaw are
always ineludd , and dainty indeed la
the taste of him who cannot muko a
meal at ono of these places The usual
method is to have a loi'g counter with
stools opposite the bar where ono is
waited upon by the wnitor with ns much
deference as ho would rccoivo in a load
ing hotel The clnss of customers are
the very best and the price for drinks
is usunlly in advance of that of the ordi
nary nlaco of rofrcihmotit
But in Omaha how dlltorent Hero
everything Is sotupon atablo and a half
do/on fonts nio stuck in a gobloi of i\ lit
er and lunch"is ready The first pation
is generally an old route norkoi * who
knows every place where lunch is kent
in the city Ho usually has a nickle
which ho ' reserves until the food is put
up then ho buys a glass of beer and ho-
glnB flo bolts choose and wator-crack-
crs aud devours the pickled trlpo with
nn avidity that at once betokens the
fact that ho has not caton slnco
the day before While ho is
feeding , a gentleman or two drop in and
p.irtako spuiingly Perchance , while
they uro daintily spearing o. plcco of
bologna , a husky drlor of a coal w ngon
drops In and Blunges his griaiv hands
in the nicklo boat , then they quit
Omaha free lunch is moretoriou3 In
ono respect It Is filling ) but the man
ner of serving Is very diffciont froM
the methods cmplo > cd in the cast
Hero a lunch route floiidontoisniiy
saloon ho pleases and gets away with nil
ho can hold There ho stands no show
whatoNnr , for unless ho has manoy to
lint up for some bo\erngo or u olgar ho
is invariably "llrod" by the bouncer " '
The latter isonoof necessity's chlhlron
lie is a lory necessary ugent Lilco the
business ho manages or presides o\or ,
ho originated in Now Orleans
Ho is genoinlly a professional
thumper und his duty is toflroany-
• bum who attempts to ring in without
patronizing the house The Now Or
leans moii after establishing the lunch
counter soon dlsco\orod that ucoitain
' ' . " Ono
class was working up loutos
day a saloon keener kicked one of thorn
out of doors Tno man sued the saloon
keeper for damages nnd got thorn , the
court holding that the saloon was not n
rostamnnt , nud that all lunch must bo
absolutely frco Then the salooninon
established regulations and hiiod
' carvers , " and would not allow their
guests to help themselves The carver
is tlio bouncer , nud when a route
worker comes in is always too busy to
help him If ho tries to help himself
ho is kicked out
Very few are over kicked out in
Omaha , for the prlco of a beer tlxos
things Carvers are few , for there is
nothing to carve Everything Is go-as-
Notwithstanding ihe fact that in our
Omaha lunches the principle of Live
and Lot Live is hut imperfectly illus
trated , there was n time whou a lunch
was soned in Omaha which was patron
ized one winter by hundreds of hungry
mortals ,
The Senate saloon und ovstor house
had been opened on Turnum street nour
Fiftconth , where the Dlmo Savings
bank is now located It cut into the
patronage of another saloon on Fif
tconth street , in the room where the
Adams express ollico is now located
To covintei act the competition the
proprietor of the latter place , still in
business In this city , established a
lunch At 11:30 : every morning there
was a spread thioo foot wide and twenty
foot long On It were piles of dolf with
pyramids of broad , towers of cake , bowls
of crackers and forests of colerr The
place smollcd like a restaurant In a
ronr room a colored deity presided over
pans of bonus , boilers of soup and rounds
of beef , inviting enough to bo carried
into the dinner table of a merchant
The dinner , for such to many it
really was , never wont bogging In
deed , even before it was served , fifty
people gonornlly awaited Its nppoar-
anco , and bdforo it"closed not less than
three times that number departed
gorged with a meal which had cost
thorn but the price of a drink
Indeed , ' to some , it was ovod loss , ex
pensive The impecunious , the broltcn
down man of ether days , the million
aire stood around the board Many a
time the experienced eye of tliu prop
rietor bolund the bar detected the man
from whom ho expected not even the
price of a. drink But ho could not gene
no further than bestow upon him a
withering glance , which , however , the
hungry mortal took great pains to
n\oiu. To thrust him ftora the saloon
would cause him too much annoynnco ,
nnd , ns a consequence , during that
eventful winter , that saloon man
suppoitod many a mortal
who otherwise might have starved ,
Pcoplo dined at his table who had not a
penny In their pocket , who hadn't had
opo for weeks , and who didn't ox-
poctto have ono for months People
albo dined there who expected to bo
called to haio r drink by seine more
fortunate friend , and who , under this
deceit , felt entitled to sample the
viands , The moro impociraious the
diner the moro voracious his appotlto ,
At length , howovorjtho frigid months
of winter pabsodaway Spring arrived
Tlio doors could now stand open , and
with the first awakening of that happy
Benson with its attondunt balmy airs
from field and forest the odors of the
great free lunch kitchen ascended to
great the nostrils of its varied epicures
no moro _
Make tint hwlnu Today ,
Commencing today tlio following cbangos
take piaca on the Union Paclflc ; J. A. Mun-
raa baronies assistant general traffic man
agcr , J. 8. TobbeU goncral freight agent , P.
A. \ \ arrack assistant , Elmer H. Wood , who
comes from Kansas City , also assistant ; J ,
W. Scott assistant general passonyer aftent
vice T , W. Lee promoted to general passen-
Rcrucent and transferred to Poithmu ; M. J.
llreevy traveling passcn or aient ; ft M.
Ctiuaiborlala transfer past > eager agoat
Army Nntrw
Leave of absence for ono mouth lias been
granted Major William D. Wolverton , Bur
geon , Port Douglas , Utah ,
First Lieutenant Henry 11. Wright , Nin'h
cavalry , Port Itoblubon , Neb , has been as
signed to the duty of witnessing Issues of
tuiuuity gtiods , vita First Lieutenant M. W.
Day , who bas been rclletcd of the duty
A plague or monkeys afUict Tnnjoro , hi
southern ludla 'J lie crouturoa do so much
inluhief that nn onlciul nionkoy catcher re
ceives a rujiee for ouch monkey captured
7 'Twas quickly mounted , snfoly reached , ' ( . , i f \ r f BTfl
The mass of wires outspread , * . v * P l
The cnuso iomoved , ono moments rest , „ : j B
One thought of homo so truly blcssod , _ llBvB
And now for homo , " ho said • lilBB
- liH B
8 The labor done , ho turns to go * l l
When suddenly a turn , - • < " 1 * ' . ' * ' F Bl
A slip , a wrench , ho fulls : Oh Godl * ' > BB
Yet Scot Ills co.it's caught nn iron rod " iIwAb
Which holds him fast and firm ' ' , - „ • i rra B
v w M
9 Tlio crowd below gaze on aghast , i F1 : " " , t / < v -B BBJ
Upon that fearful sight , „ " , * . . , BJBB
A ladders brought as quickly raised ' s . " ' 'J'J wBB
j , v OBBB
Midst hc.ntfolt breathings God bo Praised , ' ' • ! t * - < * IlBB
. ' . . , . . -
i. , iv , - r4 i tlBBi
Ills lifo is spared tonight . " i - ; _ , IBB1
life nil ho said ' 'J % > " BVJ
10 I owe my , my , % . ; 4
To that asPcmhled throng : < • „ Jffa i , , k j , j ]
" . . ,
' _ ; , HHj
To ono whoso honest aim has boon , : * ' \\t .w ih t " • BBI
To deal straight forward with all mon , " " > t . , ' , ; - t\j flfl
' mislead . " " ' i" " : * * " ' ' _ H
And no'er or wrong1 M
* * i ifll
, -i >
"v J A " " , • iBB
11 This coat you so e that saved ray lifo , % - 1 rA. . * , .i' - > liBfl
. 'A BB
> * 'i i
Wasibought at Hollmon s Store , • , i i " * v \ I MB
And though the price I paid was small , t \ i . , V * ' 5 , * i * * ' ' * < < • IB
His honest goodssaiod mo that fall * * 7' / , " * \ , i $ * " HJ
't * " '
God bless him evermore.'t , * 'BB
* MORAL , \ " " * * ; f n
If youTwould purchase of one who nlwn\s , uimsito give jou value for vnl- ' ! J Hue
uo on any article go to , • j Bj
Ho Beat Iowa People Out of Ton
Thousand Dollars
How tlio Democratic Candidate Tor
Mayor Guaranteed and Then Ue-
pudlaictl the Grocery Dills
of Ills Kmployes
Low Grade Honesty
CtlniNDA , Ia „ Nov t9. ! [ Special to Tnn
Bee.J "I understand , " said S. M. Crooks , a
loadlnu real estate dealer bore , that Ulch-
ard Cushing Is the domocratlo candidate for
mayor of Omaha "
The question was dlrectod to the corre
spondent of The Bfe and on being assured
that he had been correctly Informed , Mr
Crooks contlnuod :
"I nope ho will bo defeated "
And those are my sentiments exactly , "
interjected M. K. Ansoech , who overheard
tbo conversation ,
What do you pontlomon huow about Mr ,
CushhiK to occasion such forcible expres
sions against him ] "
An Unprincipled Rogue
"Wo know a ereat deal , " was their reply
in chorus
"Ho is an unprincipled rogue , " declared
Mr , Crooks , and moro thau two score of
Rood men in Page county found that fact out
to their sorrow "
It being bis turn to speak again , Mr Ans-
pech said : Yes , bo beat us out of 9.800. "
How did you buppon to got caughtl"
"By furnishing supplies for which wo
never received anypay/'ropllod Mr Crooks ,
The facts are these ; In 18S0 John lltz-
cerald & Compauy took a contract and built
what is known as the Huanstou & Shonan
dooh ruilroad They were at wont on it
nearly two years The grading and bridge
construction was sublet by them to numer
ous parties J. M. Bostwlck , new dead , and
Hlohard Cushtng were the company end of
the firm , aud Cushing staid hero as resident
manager of the enterprise After the work
started most oji jt these subcontractors
tors came tO/nius and made
arrangements whereby tboir mon could got
provisions on tlaio iMr Anspocb and I were
then conducting a coupral merchandise busi
ness together We hud made soma money in
this manner before , nnd felt glad of what
seemed to bo an opportunity to do so again
Wanted Commission lee
Negotiations wchfcaslly consummated
Mj partner went tottashing , however , before -
fore we closed the contract and received as
surances from him tfcat these men wore all
right Mi Cushing wt only interested him
self in their behalf but also suld thut , for a
consideration sunlcient to compeasato him
for any trouble ho mlt-lit bo put to , would
stand as our rcpresii/itativo / and insure us
agaiust loss Wo consented to pay him 10
per unit on all our lU\ls provided ho would
deduct each month tbmnmount duo us before
paying the laborers That proposition satis- ,
tied him and he agreed to It
CiiHlllim Itepmliutcil tlio Clnlnin
"Kverthlntr ran along smoothly the llrat
month , and when payday caino arounJ our
chocks wore cashed witbout a single protest
or ii ord of objection At the cad of the second
end month trouble commenced When wo
wanted our money Mr Cashing put us oft on
the plea that his allowance was short In a
few das Mr Ancptch oallod again , and was
given a cold snub , Pushing refused to see
him atall- The next thing weknow.and about
tlio end of three mouths , all the imported
subcontractors suddenly disappeared , and
Pltztrerald & Company had taken the unfin
ished work Into their own hands As a con
sequence we wcro left in the soup
' Cuihtng utterly repudiated our clatms
and said wo could whistle for what was com
ing to us About that time It was discovered
that there were many other * in the boat with
us We lost , through Phelps & Konvon ,
Jl,300 ( ; through Mike Boxton S70U. and Sain
Ferguson about * 1,000 , besides some smaller
sums , making in all { 9.800. "
II L. fatllwell , Henry Knost , V. L. AW
bott , and several other leading fanners , liv
ing along the line of this work , were men
tioned as huving boon deliberately swindled
out of thousands of dollars for liny , corn
and oats , furnished to the graders for their
teams Thov hold Cushing rnsponsiblo because -
cause bo gave them his word that they
should have their pay before tno laborcrs-
Ciislilntc'n AVorthtcs * Promisp
"Wo learned later on , " said Mr Anspocb ,
that the absconding sub contractors bad
boon taken away by Cushing und put to work
on another contract > his 11 rm held , in Wis
consin Not havlnc been socurcd only by
Cuslung's piomlso to protect us , wo could do
nothing "
C. B. Vance Is another of the victims who
was soon by your correspondent Ho con
ducted n grocery ut the time and was left in
the lnrch for bills aggregating $1,000. "On
Dick Cushing's endorsement , " Bald Mr
Vance , "I agreed to tnko Perguson'B orders
and let bis men have supplies 1 took a
chattel mortgage on his shanties and tools
but in addition Cushing insured
motbntlf Purguson did not pay the bill ho
would When 1 wanted to draw a portion of
the account after it was past duo , much to
my surprlso I discovered that a stupendous
swindle had boon perpetrated and that I was
only ono of twonty-llvo or
Thirty Oilier Victims
Cushing at first put me off on various pleas ,
but finally refused to talk with mo at alb
Then I Btartcd out to seize the property , only
to find that the shanties bad boon torii down
aud the tools in Cushing's possession Pur
guson hud disappeared aud was working for
the same firm in Wisconsin , You can say
for ma that Dick CusLiner is not tlio kind of
a maa to be clootcd mayor of Omaha I
would like to bo there and help defeat him "
"Wasn't riUger.ild coguUint of these
swindles ! "
"Bo must have bcon , but Cushing con
ducted the business Pltzgcrnld was an ig
norant sort of man , though he had the money
and Cusblng
Did all tlio Solictnlng "
T , J. Bracken , who keeiis a book store was
the next mnu intorvlowod
Through Phillips & Kenyan I lost tl.lOO , "
said he , "nud it almost broke mo up , "
Did you furnish supplies , tool
No I bought time chocks of the mon
and paid 80 cents on the dollar for them "
What security did you have that these
checks would over be rodoemcdl"
"No security , except Dick Cushing's word
Ho told mo that it would bo all right
When I asked hlra for a settlement ,
however , bo put ma off tbo same
I as everybody clso on the excuse that his es
timates were short , though repeatedly us
suring me that the men were good and I
would got uiv money , After Phillips fc Ken
Left tlio Country ,
I went again to Cushtng , but ho would have
nothlug whatever to do with me then , "
"Doou ihink Cushing stood In with these
sub contractors to swindle jou pcoplo ! "
There is not the loasl doubt about in the
mind of every man who knows anything
about these transactions If not , why did he
beep them employed for the lirm In other
parts of tbo country ! Bo brougnt them
here , aud under his orders they loft , " The
DlstresMlni ; Cnno
of cruel ticatment was that committed on
James Harrington , who took a contract to
grade one-half milo of road near I'agu Cen
ter , Mr Harrington was an enterprising
\oung nmn in the grocery business ut Clu-
rinda , and believing that ho saw an oppor
tunity to tnauo a few dollars , concluded to
trv his hand as a contractor , und toolcn Job
where a deep cut had to bo made When
the wonc was about half completed and he
had expended nearly all of bis owu capital ,
a smallpox epidemic struck the community ,
t and for want of men he was compelled to
stop operations Under the conU'act Mr
Harrington obligated hlmsolf to have the
Job done within a certain time The small
pox and severe told weather ren
dered it absolutely iuipossiblo for
him to fulfill bis obligation
Bald ho in tolling bis stoi v , Cushing not
only took the contract away from tno but ro-
fustd to ullow mo ono cent for what work I
did , In consequence of which
1 Wim Left Ieiinlloss
It took everything I had hi tlio world to pay
my laborers "
Mr Harrington Is now earning a living a *
clerk In n grocery store
There uro others who substantiate every
word told In this nariatlonol facts and the
entire community , rcgaruicss of politics ex-
press strong hopes thnt wily Richard will bo
snowed under so deep that bis name will
uever bo mentioned agnin In connection with
any public office :
Sirs Lyman Richardson's Luncheon
nt 'llio Inxlon
It will , " no doubt , be a delight ro the soci
ety of Omaha to know that at lost wo have
found right hero iu our midst the cosiest
possible place for a little luncheon or dinner
or thcator party
Mrs Lvman Richaidson's luncheon j ester
day at tbo Paxton , where she ontortaincd so
charmingly the Ladies cuchro club , proves
this conclusively Conors wcro laid for
thlrty-threo guests , The latter comprised
Mrs Shorldon , Mrs Smith , Mrs Tower ,
Mrs , Cowln , Mrs Dctibam , Mrs 'Buohanan ,
Mrs Summers , Mrs Kitchen , Mrs Carter ,
Mrs Wnllaco , Mrs Doanu , Mrs Barton ,
Mrs , Hanscom , Mrs Karasoy , Mrs , Mo-
Kcnnn , Mrs Bennett , Mrs Gurdnor Mrs
Wheuton , Mrs , Spalding , Mrs Pntcbott
Mrs bhelton , Mrs Yost , Mrs BarkaloW ,
Mrs Coutnnt , Mrs Gilbert , Mrs Wnkeley ,
Mrs Wossells , Mrs Laoy , Mrs Mellon ,
Mrs Broouo , Mrs Pcabodv , Mm Horbach ,
Mrs Barkalow , Mrs , Yates and Mrs , Pat
The long table oxtondmg from ono end of
the cafe to tbo other was most attractive
with a wealth or fruit nnd delicate tracery
of ferns und smilax A boarty leaven of bonhomie
homio nnd bright talk amongst this goodllo
companio soon ussuredthehostossof her sua
cess and put spurs to thoapputita for the good
things that followed , The menu was as fol
lows :
Oyster Pates
Hultros a la Crctno
Proncli Peas Flutes ,
Frozen Bggnog
Quail on Toast Lettuce ,
Jco Cream Cake
Bach course was an added pleasure , and It
is not amiss to remark , the surprise und the
satisfaction experienced by so many in the
knowledge that wo ha\o tbo ways nnd tbo
means to carry out successfully our efforts
in tliis direction
After luncheon the guests went above
stairs to Mrs Richardson's charming rooms ,
so well calculated for the reception of her
frienas , where , with a keen relish , they be
gun the contest at cards
The Guards Itnll
Tbo Omaha guards gave another of their
delightful dances on Tuesday evening at the
nrmory Among these present worei Mr
and Mrs A. L. Lowe , Mr nud Ml s. P. L.
Gregory , Mr , and Mrs Pinto , Mrs Squires ,
Misses Coburn , Hantaan , Johnson , Cosk ,
Richards , Smith , McConnell , Wiley , Bailey ,
Murdook of Logansoort , Ind , Blorcoof Indl-
nnapolis.Chureb , Messrs Farnsworth.Col-
fox , Guiou , Fostieuncr , Sherman , Clark
Uodick , Chat Rodick Bert Cook , McConncll ,
Poyo , Goodman Guckert , Morrow , Dr Wnr-
ren , Lothrop , Webster , Nye John McCor
mlck , George Minor , Johnson , Moorcs , Mof-
liit , Hughes.mMcCunn , McDougal , Smith ,
Bryuut , Bryaas , Rica , Riiueui , Butler , A.tch-
Uon , Oheufcldor , White , Mulford , bhannon ,
llauni , Moore , Lowe , Bedford , Young , Pul
ler , Barker
Mrs Colp iz > r'H Luncheon
Mrs Colpetzer gave a very charming lun
cheon on Friday in honor of her guest , Mrs
Mujer Tbo invited guests wcro : Mrs
William A. Paxton , Mrs Thuyer , Mrs , Dur-
fee , Mrs Linlngor , Mrs Duller , Mrs , Corn ,
ish , Mrs , Motcalf , Mrs Dlctz , Mrs Sholtou ,
Mrs Austin and Mrs Fleming
A Thanksgiving Dnuuo ,
Tbo rioreuco social club gave a very
enjoyable dance on Thanksgiving evening ,
Most of the enjoyment seekers were present *
A fine supper was served at IS p. m. Bxcolout
inusiu was furnished by the Fort Omuhu
string band , under the leadership of Prof , A ,
W. Dunham
Pnihounl IurnirrnpliH
Miss Brown of Bvunston is the guest of
Mrs Hussey ,
Mrs , D. J. Wheeler , Jr , bus issued card
for nn afternoon rocoptton on Friday , from 3 .ffiBfl
until 0 oclock ' 1B !
Mrs Dru'on returned to Tort D. A. Rus- 8 B
sell on Saturday iliBa
Mrs Victor Caldwell will give a luncheon II
on Tuesday at 1 oclock ' H
Dr Frank J. Ives , U , S. A. , and wlfo ar | l
at the Paxton for a fortnight 1 ] H
Miss May Clark of St Louis and Miss 'SI
Knto lay , formerly of Omaha , are visiting IB
Mrs W. A. Rath BB
Mndnmo Sophia Lowe , her daughter , Mrs , ? wH
Bmyiho , nnd Miss Edith Sraj the are the mU
guests of Mr Frederick Lowe ' SB
Gonornland Mrs Whcaton have isauod JlO
cards for n "Kuffeo klutch" on Thursday la "BB
honor of Mr aud Mrs Spauldlng , from 3 .BB
until G oclock BB
Miss Pierce , who has boon visiting frlonds j ! | B
hero for thb pust three weeks , has loft for illBI
Kearney whoio sbo will visit friends before 1 NB
returning homo to Indianapolis , Ind 4 Ijfl
Miss Murdock , who has boon visiting lilfl
friends bote for the past three weeks , bus 1 Bl
loft for Dos Moines where she will visit 1 81
friends before rcturnlns home to Logons I
port , Ind I j
Miss Llvosov gave a dollghtful dancing I fl
aJS . F'May evening nt her resldonco , ,
3,803 Capitol avenue Tlio party was given J
In honor of Miss Murdock and Miss Poirco A Bl
of Indiana ]
Tbo second Happy Hour club party was | fl
given atMosonlo hall Friday evening It was !
ono of the most onjojubloof thosorles nnd II
was attended by about sixty ladies nnd gen
tlomen Prof Hoffman furnished the musio IB
The next party will bo given at the same ill
ball January 8.
Lust Tuesday Mr and Mrs Thomastflfl
Swobo celebrated la an ontlroly informnt 4fll
and quiet manner the twonty-ilrst annivor'iflfl
sary , , f their mnrriago Thov ontortalnod a iK.fl
few intimate friends who ciillod on them la > '
the evening very pleasantly nnd received ilRfl
mauy kind wishes for a long continuance of ,21 fl
domestic foliuity \W \
ItOOHi : WONT UKsION sjffl
Ho I'lomlsea to Itomnin Sober Dur * fflfl
lug Di > cciiilii > r. vflfl
County Commissioner W. J , Mount was 4vfl
asked last ovcnlug why ho had voted to withiBD
draw his charges against County Clerk M. § fll
D. Roche , after ho bad himself preferred the f Afl
churges 'ApJ
Well , " said Mr Mount , "Roebo placed " fl
bis resignation in the hands of tbo county flB ]
attorney , and premised to behave himself , IflWJ
nnd as that ( sail wo could have accomplished "fl
by pushing the matter , I agreed with tha M
rest of the board that wo might as well withiWk
draw the charges " fWj
There is auotbor thing , " added Mr nfli
Mount " 1 have boon accosted a number of J fl ]
times on the street , during the past weak , by zBH
business men here la tbo city , who hnvosatd , " ? BI
'I am glad to sco you have the courage to imk
prefer charges aguinst Rocho He Is not a 4fll
lit man to bo In uny odlco I sco hlin around % BJ
town in a beastly stuto ' I would theu pull lifl
out myponcll nud say , ' 5 hot's good j let me JiflJ
have your full niuno , please ' That settled - * >
It ; they would hurry uway , saving , 'Oh no , I 3fB ]
dent ' want to got mixed up in that thing , ' - ! land
and that's the way it goes , 'lhcy are glad fltmk
to see ( omoonu else do the dirty work , but ill
wont tnko part in it themselves " < M
Commissioner Andersen suld ho was op "II
posed to having the charges withdrawn as bo fl
thought they were true and could bo sub jgH
stantlated As ho put It , "I um'no boy , and iBf
dent bellcvo In playing with a thing of that 3A1
sort " | Bl
Ledge or Morrow Today , J H
As Is their annual custom the order of * i fl
Blks overywbero will today observe th sM
loogo of sorrow , and at 2,00 o'clock hold ap- j fl ]
proprlato sorvlccs In their various meeting ' B
places throughout the countryt Omaha lodge m II
No , 89 has arranged an excellent jirogrmmmo B
for tbo occasion , and every member who pas j fll
slbly can Is expected to bo present and invite * Bf
ono or moro of his friends , The lodgu room 1HM1
has been boautllully decorated la the somber ' < 1B
emblem of mourning for departed brothers iH !
Dwight O. Hull , Zaohnrlah 'ihomason and iWmi
Willis Clarke bolng those who buvo passed ? jH
away JjH
Bon J , M , Thurston , Rector MeKuy of 75M
St l'uul's iOplscnpsl church , Council Bluffs , " 191
and other tpaakor * will address the lodge , B
In addition the best vocal musla to bo ub- | H
tulucd has been secured /flf

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