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I The Omaha i Daily Bee
H . . ,
The PrlutorB Had . Often Warned the
I Tilbuno People
1 ho Tclottrnpli Operator Sit , nt tlio
L bounilrr Jill Itcttont In Ion Iiitto
' Alimit Xui til ) I Ioh Sup
i pnsctl tit Ilo Lent ,
i _ _ _ _ _
Kcancn Dint \ivcil tlio Hprolntnri
Missri.ro ! ii Dec 1 I our smoko-blnck-
encd walls towering up uliovo a steaming
sirouldcring mass of tmchlnorv , brick and
building dobrls U ull that remains of tlio
debt story br tit rrlbuno building , In which ,
until today , hail been prlnttd thrco dally and
n weekly papers nnd vv biro was located a
number of otllccs
Alliluv todnj a constantly changing and
ovcr-lucrcnsinc , ciowd of aightscors thronged
the streets , watchlnc the efforts of tlio Arc
men to entlroly subdue the 11 unci which |
they brought under coutrol about J o'clock
this mnrnlng
The building had been considered danger
ou for soulo tlmo Its loose construction per
mitting the heavy muchlnery to Jar the
1 whole building ihcro was but ono flro es
I cape ana It wis at the and
of tlio building where the flro rugod
llcrcost 'I ho slnglo stairway was spiral
narrow and dark and wound around the elo-
I 1 Miter shaft
j Ihrtocar9 ace the madequato llro pro
/ teuton of tlio building was considerably ngt
I * tatcd , the matter being tulreu up by the
' trades and ltboi nssi mbly and carried
llnully to lho tity oftkials an attempt being
mudu to have tl o building oroporly pro
ttctcd or condemned , but nothing c-imo of it
For some titno tlio Union Lcacuo cluL
room where the flro started lias not been
used and ItB origin is a mystery lho room
Is tloso to tht olovatoi sh ift and the break
, ing of a window In tlio effort to extinguish
I the ( lames gave a draft which quickly carried
! the flro to the elevator and tut oft the cscapo
l of tlioso who hud delayed A few broke
f through the btllling sinouo and SLOrching
I flames , but others sought to cstapa clsu
] where
< Jlting at the south end of the building
wlulo thosoiltuiy llroe cnpo was ntllio north
end the printers were tut off A uumUoi
of thorn clnnbod out of the windows and
clung to the ledges vviltl ig for htlp whicn
in SLVtr iltasos tame too late Their piteous
cries attiuctcd tlio uttontlon of the llr men
mid a nuiubti of thtin were saved , while
others ftil off tlio ledgts 01 droppel on lho
telegraph mid ttlcpbono wires down whlth
they tntd to iseapo
lho aitht , of the sufferings of tno burning
atrugcllng men bioucht tears to the ojes of
the bravest
Ono of the most p ithetlc incidents wis the
attempt of Jaaics Igoo to cstapo Ho had
I got sleni of the building aid was cradu illy
< worl ing his wiy alone , the wires to 11 place
1 of sifctj , while the crowd below anxiously
• wntchod his bravo attempt to save his wife
\ mid tour llltlo ones their bread winner Hut
I Ills strength fulled , and a groan wtut
I up fiom the trowil , ns ho w is
I seen to slip 11111 fall to tlio roof of the boiler
' house , rttniviug fatal Injuries Ho was
lifttd gently uml taken to a drag store but
died In a few moments breathing a last
word of loving care for his family
pji pjiM J totvon uouics woio lounu list nlfalit nil of
H I which buv c been idontlhed lhov ivero
V Milton blckott , assistant city editor of tbo
H Plonoor Press
H James 17 Icoe Associated press operator
m , Walter C Miles night agent of the Asotl
B 1 atcd press
_ Prof Olson , president of the South Da
B kotu university
_ \ \ II Mlltmau , coniincrclal editor ot tbo
1 lrlbuno
B Jerry Jcnklnson and Hobert McCutchcon
M comj ositors
J Othtr bodies are known to bo in the build
H Inc but how many Is unknown
H iwo men who tould not bo Idontiflel were
H I Boon to shoot themselves before tlio dunes
H * readied thorn , and ted ly the body uf 11 in iu
H caught in the ruins is in pluiu view from
V rourth strtot It is bcllo\td tnat tht rum
H ( bur of victims will itatli twenty nnd per
B I hups twenty five , but until the debt Is cools
HBBBT ( oil posltivo information cannot bo obtuinc 1
1 1 no last man or the lribuuo tlitoruil stuff
_ to lenvo the building \ ns Munaing ( Llitor
_ _ [ Williams Ilo mn ball > burntd about the
j licaI and hands Mr Williams ji\ts the fol
_ _ _ . > ( lowing stiiton out of how Bo\cnl of these
f nnniod above lost their lives Miles and
Millinnn , together with a number of
in inters sturttd down the liio cstapo A
blast of hot Biuoka uud llamo struck
Mllluian und bo lost his bold
and fell , kuotking Miles off Hoih fell to 1
the sixth llooi , where they struck nnd I
lmockcd olT biokttt nnd Pi of Olson lho I
four mon In fnllint , stiutk against the lowest
i platform of thotsenpenud bounlcd nwav
from the building and were dead when they
truck the ground When Williams started
down the ladder the llro was burning his
hair and hands'aud ho narrowly escaped the
lutool those who proctdtd him lhoprintois
on the laddi roscaped with slight burns I ( ,00
and Jinklnssoiibht toescipo by the wiios
MtLutthcon jumped from a win low lodL.o
( _ _ , far an oxtciislon ladder , but his bauds
J t slipped and he fall to tlio pavotnont A not
m PJt was Gtrotchod to cnttli him , but ho was
M too heavy for it mid striking the
J . ground , was fatally injured bo far
H I us learned umo of these In the building woio
H quite seriously burned or bruised in ocup
H lug , but It is not thought their injuwe& are
H dangerous
H , Minneapolis 'lypogruphlcal union , No U
| met this ufternoon und udoptt 1 resolutions
f Btutlug tliuttho rutords of tlio 'iribuuo and
L Journal chapels show that committees had
H I been repcattdly nppoiutcd to confer with A
H { U Ntttlcton , who at tlio tlmo ha I charge of
B > the building , and bo cd tuna to furnish
proper moans of estnpo in cuso of flro J his
bo refused to do i ho case was taken up by
tbo triidcs and labor ussombly , ; in ] a torn
( mittco from that bodj labored long uud earn
estly villi Nottltloti , but nil Its offoils
The position in wnlch tbo only flro oxnno
on the building was 1 lated roudtrtd it prac
[ H tlealli useless , and a prominent member of
H I tlio llro department has said that ho had been
B trying for three mouths to huvtnu additional
H ilio tseapo plated on tlio building "W
H < most severely totidemn these whoso uuty It
H , waB to plucoa sufllcicnt number of llro cs
H capos 011 the build ing for not co doing , mid in
H our judgment this is a pi optr sulloct for the
H coroner to carefully und fully Investigate
H mid pinro tlio hlaino where it belongs "
H Anton J , Ualil , a bookbinder , was on an
M I upper Hoot and it is believed ho Is among
H the lost , lhoolovatortoau , whoiuado threu
H trips uttnrtho llro broke out says ho saw a
H man tome from an oflltoauu try to cstapo ,
H but u shoot of llamo ut 1 tick him and the un
H fortunate man drew a revolver und shot him
m loir llila , it Is thought , \ > usUahl
H Chief btettson of tlio llro department lua 1
H the blame for the loss of life to the lack of '
H llrocseapes Ho sa > B tbo department did ull '
H that wus 1 ossiblo
H Lho elevator man , wliosobravo attempts to 1
H bringdown the occupants o [ the upper floors
f H while the elevator bliafv was on tire have 1
_ H been generally rommtndo 'd aas hothiulis 1
H there were tllt several ptoplo ou tbo eighth '
H Uoor when eseapo waxcutolT Ho took a 1
H touplo of women up Iu the elevator n few
H uiinutua before the llro broke out , aud ho
H anjs thoj did not comu down ugaln
H 1 no financial loss by tbo lira has been con
M aldcrablj rodueed from lust nltht's estlmate ,
B und it 1 thought that it will not txeced I
H tJoOX)0 , ( )
U B Icons Iiaiat "JO "
M m New Voiik , Dee 1 Tbo western circuit
, wires of tbo Associated press wtrt burdened 1
II with outgoing matter last night aud W. D.
Chan Her , ono of the nio t rapid senders was
hurrying the lnds along the lines that
touches how Orleans southward , Kinsas
City westward nnd Minneapolis northward
lho pneo was warm , for It was btturday
night nnd faundav papers ' wonll go
early to press buddonly Lhand
lcr paused , shut 1 is ltoys nnd looked
up with nn cxnrOMion on bis fnco
that challenged inquiry from his collcaguos
ns to what was the trouble on the wlro lho
Associated press telegrapher , Igoo ut Mln
neopolis had broken and all the men on
the line lad pause 1 , llko Chandler , to
listen "Iheros n llro on the third lloorof
the t Irlbuno building , " paid Igoo on tbo
wlrts , and I'm ' on the seventh ' lhcn after
a moments pnuso ho added , ' Oo nhtad ,
Chandler | , " nnd New York bag in again and
after , n brief spnto paused , for Clnv el ind ,
who had a ' tush" dupntch and this was nil
of ( Clo\ohnd a messai.o that Igoo recolvcd
'Clueiasd O ov K ) UaptwiJoo
Moffatt the well known lnko tnnn was
killed to liy by filling Into tuo hold of hla
vessel "
lust there Igoo broke "Hois" ho
ticked on the wlro and there was nnother
brief pause and all the men on the tlitult
wtro listening with Inttrost for the had
noted In the transmission by Igoo of the
word 'bovs • a tromulousncss of touch just
as 11 lav man coul 1 detect 11 tromoi in the
human voice hois l'vo got to stnndyou
off ' Pin lho only ono loft on this floor
LA orybo lv Is gone and I cant stav any
longer , "
Clitk , shut wont hlskoy , and some operator
on the llnoqukuly opened nnd shoutedaltor
Igoo ns It wore
' 1 alio the innthlne nlong Save the ma
chlnol" roforrlug to tlio writing michho
the AssotI itcd press reports being executed
on v riting machines at ill uoiuts
Hut there wns no lospansc The clicking
instrument ha 1 tiekod Its half jotiilir message
sago m an empty room Ntnr bv sat the
michino and the last woidstaKcn which
had been Clevtimid s Iti m about ihu violent
d"iitli lhcn the work went on again and no
ono of his tollcigucs ihoueht seriously of
Igoo s guo 1-by until theio came the bulletins
of tlio loss of lifo , among them a bulletin
stntlng the fact tint toor lee hid stijed
too long Ihoso _ 0 words ho rem lined to
take were f itnl 1 hoj cost him his life ind
the men nt tholi keys were grnvo as they
v 01 hod on to ( , oed nltht "
Ono , wlio had atartc t 11 nt Good even
Ing , " had lecoived his W before the re
port was tlosed
It is now nositlvclj known that Dihl the
bookbindei vv is not the man w ho shot him
self in the hill ho having turned up safe und
Who the two suicides were Is unknown
It is also almost uosittvtly known that there
nrc no mora printers in the ruins tvery
ono s card being nttounted for Ihcro is a
b ire possibility th it some printers h id bono
to v ork without having turned iu tholr
card ? but this is doubted
bovcral tmploves ot a Swedish paper
whlth was published on the 1 Ighth lloor
wcio in the bibit of sleeping in the buildiug
nnd nothing has been he ird ot thorn Also
some law students slept in the building und
some of them m ly bn anient , the lost lo
morrows search is all tint can detido this
mutter , und it will also settle the question as
to vvhethci the two women tiken up in the
clev itor Just bnfoio the llro nro umong the
victim *
General Nottloton Issued a cird tonight in
which ho donlts ny connection with the
burned Iribuno building for two voars past
nnd savs that while ho was In char > .o of It
no person 01 oeeu | ants ever requested ot
him bolter facilities for cstano in case of
tire Ho c < cp aius the visit of the re ire
sent ili es of the trades and 1 ibor assembly ,
with whom ho went ever moisuros for pro
tection nnd thought thoj were fully satis
lied ubout the matter
" "
I iiinnoial Tiniisaotimis of the Connr
tiylnrthn Iust W elc
Roston Dec 1 ISpochl Ttlogram to The
lit 1 | lho folio ving table compilol from
Bpcci il dispatches to the Boston Post from
the ma n ers of leidlng clearing houses
of the United St it i and Can Ida , shows the
tress ? cxchunc.es for the week ending
November M with the poreontago of lucre iso
and decrease us conpared with the correspond -
spend ng week in 1SSS
_ _
a J
New \ork $ u'OG03iJ ! 0 6
lioston , g ) 0 k 7 J J
II 1 iltdelpnla fi ; 1.13 12
Cliten-o 60 (117 ( 0 0 . J
bt 1 onis JOtti.0.3 J3 0
' -an Iranelsco
] H0CMITJ tu
New OreaUs 1 80 * 411 4 6
Plttsbnr , , 118S1 J. 10 D
llaltlmoro I 11 < ui 1U.I 112
< lnclnnatl . 10 'mi 4 JO Jl )
Ivans ' is Uty 7Tulkls It 0
Vllnuoanalls . 0,12. W 15 2
Jouisvlllo j t"IH8 2 9
Irovll nee B6 J 10 2a n
Mllwnukia BifiOOd 1 2
Detroit 4 II" W ) 17 6
Llaveland ICVOHf .J 8
ht Paul 4 4.1 > U IU 7
Omaha j 3,942 602 20 ?
Denver . . lib 11 ) (
Memphis 11)00 j 0 u
( olumbus . r > ( XW 31 1
HI 1 lunonl 1 Sit 8 11 7
In 1 Ilan 11 oils 1 h0JJ 2 8
tlaivoston ' . 17"M | 0V
lort Worth 1 " ' 111 10 8
Diiluth 1 MO SOU 1)2
Itorli HIII/1 119
Portlrnl ] Ore 10H I 1 JJ J
f-t. 1 Joseph 1VH - " 0 0
bprincMol 1 I J < xi0 ( > r 2 8
Now Haven W'OJI ' 0 9
Woirester , trH.l ) 20 9
Notfnlfc 8tst J 1 8
Dcs < Sloliitjs J ) 111 B 1
low ell fif J UST Bb
( 1 Irnnd Itunids „ fsuos 179
VMchttu 11 II nr
I os incites . 4'7 001 201
lopeka . iOKSJ B0
• llilltnlo 2 ( ll a
• l'ortlinil , Ore . J MMia
'Niishvlllo ' , 14HIU' )
• Hlnux City Ml 014
• beuttlo 77 1 0
• lacomu , 005 "i"
• llirmluttinin lm H
• Montreal WfU )
Total fm.0H8 B
OutaldoNew \ or | JfB.10a.eOI u l >
• Not Included tu tot Us
cuiniioituons. .
An Amijrlo in Ship W n o oil A Gi cut
lrphmtii \ VIII i o Ititriiid
San I iu\ruoo , Cal , Doa 1 The steam
Bhip Gaelic , which unlvel from China mid
Japan toda ) , brings tbo news that the Amcr
ican ship Cheescborough was vv recked Otto
her30ty running on a rock off Stucht-rl-
Hum a and nineteen of her crew drowned
lVurof tbo crew were saved lho most
violent tvpuoon known hero In mam vears
swept over the Island of Side on October.1
1 ifty nouses aud us many boats \vro dc
strovod ,
On October 20 at Kauldamachi , iu Nugata
piufc , ihreo fourths of the village was do
otiojedln the 'lhuochillrciivvcroburned
to death aud lb ) houses destroyed
XI10 Went In 1 I orronst
Tor Omaha and vicinity Tulr , followed ,
by rain
For Nebraska nnl low at Tatr , followed I
by lipht nln or snow , sllgntly cooler except
in extreme cistern portion of lotva , station
ury temperature , variable winds
for boutti Daltotui Light suovv , lower
tcnicrature' ( ' , uortlierlv winds
Alilernimi Htoiin I'mnul
icihlA , lCun , Deft 1 Alderman Stone ,
the prominent businessman who disappeared
mjstenoualy some time ago , has been found
hi his son near Toit Scott , Kan , Stone has
been In ill health for some time aud it now
appears that ho hod become suddenly insane
and wandered avvuv Tor tbo past three
moutlis ho led the lifo of a tramp
Eocommondatlona of the Interior
Dopartmout to Cpngross
General < Iiaml Oflloo AfT.ilr3 The
l.lovi mil Cciibiis ltnllioail Ijntul
Grants Tlio lnillnns lho lon
aloii Uiircau lrilKiitlon
Nolilo'rt ItnpiiFf
WAsnisaTOV , Dec 1 lho report of the
socrotari ! of the Interior Is n very oxh mstivo
ouo ' It first treats of the opening of Okla
homa j , the successful ncgoliition of n treaty
with the Sioux Indians In Dakota and the
ndvont ' Into tbo union of tbo four now states
North Dakota bouth Dakota , Montaua and
otm iiai r ind oirion
With reference to the business ot tao ron
oral land ortlco for 18 9 the following tnblo
with reference to patents issue 1 Is tlven
Agricultural intent , 70 Ul , cov
erlng . . 11,701,110 07
Miner il patents Old . .
Coil patents K5 , covering . . . 17 000M )
liallroait lands , covering . 4,1040 03
Swamplands cov critic jJi21 j
btito selections under cduca
tioualcrints covering no 310 01
Indian uud miscellaneous pitcnts 1SJ J00Jt
Total . . . l. ,7S 1,711 10
lhoro can be found in the eommlssionor's
rci ort tables asslcntnc these dlfterent solec
tlona to lho proper st itcs aud territories In
which they irosltuited
lho limit ontrloa mndo during the jear
covered J 033 Ollitcres , the origiunl en
tiles 8Js11U0 41 ncies und the rollroud und
other selections , 4 IU u7U 10 ucies lho
total amount of cash sales amounted to
fS 1)1'J ) ' 410 III lho uumbor of linal entries
disposed of during the 1 e ir rdiichod bO 000
lhere romamod pending in the olllcj on
the 30th of Juno lbaO lbo 018 linal ontiics of
ull cllsscs , of oue.iual entiles of all classes
then pending JoJ Obi Hallioad sections un
disposed of-9414 olOlnnes ( an increase i
over the amount pending at tlio beginning of 1
the ion of 4 014 J" > j > J icres ) Ibis does
notineludo J04 0 0 07 acres of Oregon wagon
road aelectiuns bwamp selections of v irl
ous states coictine , oyei i 0J0 OJO acres were
pendinc nnd educational and internal Im
provemcut selections coloring 1J7S,47J S3
lho cash receipts for the year , from all
sources weio 5J05i Ul It 11 decrease us
compared with the previous vcar of M bOl
.1008 lhisdecicise the commissioner ex
plains was due mainly to the falling off in (
casl entries
lho subject next in Importance In the land
ofllee I doom that of the systciri nlieady In
auguiatcd In congress f0i the redemption of '
the ut Id regions bv irrlc itlou lho acts of
congress on which it is based are recent aud
are as follows
On March 30 18SS a Joint resolution was ,
approved diiectin the secrotuii of the in
tcrior bymeiusof the dircctoi of the c.00
lolc ) il survej to inv esllcato the practicabil
itv of constructing rusovvolrs for thostorngo ,
of vvaioi in the arid lotions of the United I
States and to rcpoit to congress After
vv irds upon such leport , congress Inserted I
iu the act ipprovcd October 3 lSbj making
appioprlatlons for the suudry civil cxponsos
of lho coveiumeut f ir the fiscal vear ondlnt ,
JunooO l&bJ
I 01 the tmrnnso rf ) InvestlD-ntinc ? the nr
tent to vvblch the aril region of the United 1
btutes can borodeemed by ungatlon , nndtho
sefercgition of the irritable lauds in such
arid region , and for the selection ot sites for
rescrvoiis und othei hjdioulie work ncccs-
sary for the storage and utilization of water
for irritation ard the prevention of floods
undovoiflows J nnd to make the necessary
maps including the pav of employes hi field
and in ofllee , the cost of all instruments , ap
piratus | und materials und all ether ncccs
saiy expenses connected tlioiewith the work
to bo performed by tlio zoological survey ,
uudor the dlroction of the scci ctan of the in
torlor the sum of 5100,000 , or so much thereof
as may bo necessary
lho act apuroved Mm eh 2 18S9 , making
appropriation for the sundry civil expenses
of tUo government for tlio fiscal year ending
Juiu lu lb'JO , makes an appiopriution of
i-U i ! 000 foi tlio same uurposo
iI lu conformity with the provisions of the
aoovo I acts , the director of the geological
auivey has notified the socrctiry of the in
tcrior 1 of the soicctlon of sites for icsorvolr
purposes , , situated in the following states
and teintoiles California , Colorado , Utah ,
Idaho ' Montana and Now Mexico Ihoso
selections ' have boon approved by the de
partment I In the cireulai Issued by the net
in 1 ( , t'oinm ssioner , in compllanco with the
instructions 1 of tno secretary , dated August
5 1 18b9 it WJ3 stated to the registers nnd re
eclvers of the land offices that information
had 1 leached the departmoat thut parties
vvcro ondeavonng to lnnko filings on urld
lauds 1 reserved for reservoirs , irrigating
ditches and canals and for the purpose of
controlling tl e vv iters of 'alces und nvois
and tholr tiihutnrios in the arid regions , aud
tlio ' attention of these officers was called to
the uct of October 2 1833
W'liilu comprising , nil the investigations un
dertnken 1 in the lenth It will Include two ad } I
ditioual nnd Important features An inquiry
In relation to tbo roeoidod Indebtedness of
pi Ivnta corporations und individuals , and J
list ot the names , organizations and length of '
scrvicn ot surviving soidlois , Bailers und
marines uud their widows
I am assured by the superintendent that
the forthcoming census as compared with
any provlous ouo will bo more statistical
aud less scicntltlu , more adapted to an actual
inventory of the nations progress in papula
Hon industrv and vvoalth , nnd loss given to
technology , descriptions and sciontillo dis
lho latest nppllances for the rapid tabu
latlou aud presentation of the results of the
census have been adopted , and no effort will
bo spared to present , at us early a data as
possible , the eutlro results of another decade
ot the nations progress
As an illustration of the mugnltu lo of this |
undertaking , It Is only nectssarv to mention
tbo fact that it is estimated that there will
be employed In tatting the Lloyenth cousua
4. 000 enumerators J 000 clerks from SCO to
DUO special adorns 170 supervisors and 25 ex
ports lho number of published volumes
will probablv ( xeced these of the lentil
census lho calculation bus boeh mude that
ifitho inquiry in repaid to veterans should
Vlold 1,100,000 names it will tike eight
quarto volumes ot 1,000 pages each to con
tain them
it la to bo remarked that by the last olauso
of section 3 of said act ( > , United btutes
stitutcs 701) ) it vv is enueted i All cxamln
utions foi appointment und promotion under
this net shall bo in thu discretion and under
the direction of the secretary of the inter
lor" liy this the appointments were re
moved from the control of the civil service ,
commission and in order to sccura competent
tent clerks in this oBico it was doomed
sulliclont to rojuiru thorn to pass an examin , ,
ation before 11 board established by the sec
retary and upon such subjects as bore near
relation to tlio work to bo performed , and '
not dllllcult foi thosoot ordinary intolllKcnco
and education bueh a board has Doeu J
operation almost from the beginning of the ,
work In the olllco and lho results have boon
very satisfactory Hy it a largo force uuder
the demands of particular stac.es of the work
cau bj.ibtulnod near the place of demand ,
and u ncn this oxti a force is discharged , as
it necessarily must ba after a comparatively ,
short use of from six months to a year , the
individuals will find their homes and not be
in tbo distress or danger that would qvvult
such a body drawn together from all parts of
our vvldo country uuder the moro general
regulations of the civil service commission
\ \ hero a railroad company Is claiming the
land by virtue ot the grant , it imposes u
great burdaa upon the coinuiijsiouer of tbo
Ian 1 ofllco nnd the secretary of the interior
to have to determine ivhctuer the pAtents
shnll bo Issued or not
If congress Intends to forfeit the lands all
ot the facts nro before it The fatltito to net
mav well bo taken as an Indication on the
part of the government tha the forfclturo
will not bo insisted upon Such would bo 5
Just conclusion on the pntt of the oftlccrs of
this department , and these patents may yet
bo issue 1 upon the presumption that conH
grcss does not Intend that the forfclturo
shall bo exnetc 1 nnd that there is no need of
furtherdoliy Ihcro hould ccrtnlrlv bo
found somewhere the moral eourago to give
the evidence uf tttlo to the rnllrouds us It is
given to the Individual , if it Is lntendo 1
that any possible forfclturo will not
bo Insisted upon lho obligation
however , fairly rcats upon con
gress , and It is hoped that lho latter w 111 ns
sumo It nnd act without further delnv Not
only the rnllrou 1 compinlcs are interested In
tha decision of these mutters , but also tbo
government , in or lcr that Its business may
bo disposed of the citOeus , who have put
chused from the tompanj rely ing upon the
grint nnd lho settlers , who , In anticipation
of the restoration of these lands to the pub
hcdomiin hnvo settled upon them under the
homestead or ether law s
lapprovutho recommendation of tlio com
missioner that thu I ifty Hi st congress should
give some expression of togislntlvo opinion ,
by Joint resolution or otherwise , ns to
whether or not action shoul 1 bo taken in the
bind ofllco on selections now pending As to
such portions of Innd giants as uro cotci-
mlnous with these portions of 10 ids still unoi
completed , It is estimated that 5 000 000acres ,
mlht ( bo restored to tlio public domain by
the immediate declaration of such for
Speaking of the Indian bureau the socro
tin shows Mint the approprl itlon for the
Indlm burenu foi lSbJ 90 wns * OOV1S)1 ,
bolnga not Incrcaso over the provlous jcir
of $ J < 3 710
If from the sum ovpondod during the j 0 ir ,
f j 331 (17 ( > 13 wo deduct support of Iudlin
school * 1 131 27002 , Interest on tiust funds ,
$711010bJ , fulUilIng trcatius with iDdlun
tribes poimaneut ? 37i > > 7 13 , making Sin
210 84 27 , the balance is tJHObOlll and
this wo may assume to bo licirlv the sum ro
quire 1 ouch icar to supiily the Indian tribes
with food blinkets clothes me llclnos uud
Implcuicuts oltli"tas absolute gi itultics or
under tioatles that will expho within a low
lbo school sistoni with .ts nttendant
practices , is worthy of adoption and oxunu
slon until it mov be inado to ombraeo all tlio
Indian i outh It is a moJol produced by the
governments own geuorosity and bj tno
ability of these selected by It foi superintendents -
tendents and teachers It is not something
newly discovered or to bo advocitedusu
recent Invention It h is been in full opera
tlon foi jcars In the dep irtment of letters
it gives a good common school education In
the department of labor It inculcates both n
love foi labor and a habit ot working It
tnuy be easily systomutiie 1 so as to have its
foi m ndopted In schools ot dlfforcnt grades ,
uud so thut its utipils may bo gradually ,
when fitted and ontltled , truusferred to tbo
white common schools
The estimates foi pensions inado for the
fiscal jcar beginning July 1 18s9 were not
on I j inadequate but must have been known
to bo so vvhon recommended to congress The
estimate forthoproviousyear was 50 OUO 000
Hut before this ostlmato or ttie prosontyear
was completed It wns npparont that a do
H iontv would bo iuourred , as it was In
curred foi the provlous jcar , to the amount
of at least $3 000 000 and thut this added to
the original oIchtv millions would not bo
cnouirb to meet the obligations accruing bo
fore the end of ov en thut fjjcul year
It w as known also thatlho pension list was
increasing , and it the payments of 1SS3 89 1
coul 1 not bo mot with $30 OOJ 000 but n de
ileiency bill had to bo passed for 63 000 000 1
more it must have boon anticipated that the
former commissioners successor would bo 1
run ' into a deliclonoy Yet the estimate for '
J pensions was confined to JSO 000 000 for 1SS91
90 lbo result If the cause were not so 1
easily ' detected , might produro nn unfair
comparison ' between the previous a linlnistr 1
tlon ' and tbo prcsont as to tlio amount 01
pundod I In this branch ot the sorvlec I do 1
not ' hesitate , however , to assume the re
sponsibilitv ' as I have done in the estimates 1
for the next fiscal v ear , of recommending un
Increase in the appropriatfon for p nsious so
that a iibor il and legal payment may bo made
to all the dosorvlngpenblo lors of the lopub
Ho The sum will reach $97 J10.j2
lbo report of ho commissioner fortho last ;
fiscal yo ir shows that there were on the rolls >
ou Juuo 10 1S39 4S9 7J5 pensioners classified I
ns follows 3j1 4b4 army invalids J7 WO army
widows minor chlldien and denendent iola-
tlves , 4 517 n iv v Invalidsvf 22(0 ( navy wld
ows mlnorchlldreu and dependent lolatlvos , '
OOJ survivors of the warof 18U , 9 9i > 4 wid
owsof these who served In thut war , 17 051 ;
survivors of the war with Mexico , and f 200 j
vvido vs ot these who served lu that war
lho names of 51 921 pensioners were added 1
to the roll and the names of 1 751 pensioners
dropped from the roll vvcro restored , making
nn uggrogato of 53 071 pensioners added to ]
the roll during the v cur Pho names of 10 507
pensioners were dropped for various causes
leaving the net Incre iso fortho jear 37,103
Tbo uvcrago annual vatuo of each ponston
nt tbo close of the year wis $1)118 un in
crease for the vearof J5 78 In tbo average
amount of each pension The aggrogito au
nual value ot all pensions nt the close of I
the ye ir was { G4 2I0 15J80 an lncroaso for
the year of 87 5J9 331 44
lho amount paid for pensions during the
venr was 133 271113 23 , an lncroaso of
$9 499 2jI 10 over the amount paid In the
provlous year The total amount disbursed
bv the uconts for all purposes was $ s9 1J1 •
003 44 At tha close of the fiscal year there
was duo to pensioners as fiist pajments of
pension on certillcatos which hud been Issued
the sum of ? 5 5 )2i0dl.
lho whole number of claims prosnnted
during the year w s 244 , .40 , or widen 81 HO
were for original pouslon , und 10-1020 for ln
crease of pension ilia number of claims
for original pension allowed was 51 021 , the
number rejected wan 1J 147. U10 number of
claims for incro iso allowed was 123 001 , the
nuninor rojoeted was 60 0 9
IIib commissioner mnkos several rccotn-
mendatlons ns to amendments ot the law
und additional legislation
NO HIIil' \va\tid.
South Dakota Able io Take Oaro of
Her BulTororH
Yanktov , S D , Dee 1 | Special Tele j
gram to Tub Bke | Largo quantities of
flour , clothing and provisions have boon con 1
trlDuted in this cltv to ijld the drouth suf-
fcrora in Sanborn and Miner counties
South Dakota people are abundantly able :
to take euro of tholr fdw drouth auffercrs
and will dojt , aud they brand as Infamous
tbo falsehoods oelng circulated in the east
about tb 1 total crop futlriro und the uulver-
sul Btarvntion In Dakota ! Largo shipments :
of bogs , cuttlo nnd sheep are tolng east from
hero dallj.anl the Yauliton flouring mill
makes a frequent shipment of flour to Lu- '
rope direct In lbbj lho Dakota wheat crop
was 41 000 000 bushels , corn 23 000 OOJ bush
ols , oats 22 000 000 bustiols , potatoes 4 000 000
onouch ut ull to keep tlio Dooplo and to spare
Let the eastern money bags look out for
the starving poor of tholr own communities ;
and Dakota will take cars of herself
M010 SnntiilHoiilioiM Oumlit ,
a * i\EsviUE Tex , Djo 1 City Marshal 1
Honojcuttreceived 11 formation last ui ht
that three b into b'o train robbers had boon
cauturod In Oklahoma Cltj , I r. The or-
rest of these parties makes almost n clean
sweep ot the eutlro p 11 ty with those now
arrested Kovtral uro well known in Oalnesi
villo fho entire gang will ba taken to Pur
cell , I T , and will have their prclimin ny
hearing before the United btatus cojimls
aioner tomorrow , >

Tliti Vorai lou l.ngllrtli synrlli ate
CiilClco , Dec 1 t-U is announced tonight
that Law ) cr Cobfn of this city has about
completed a deal whereby the great plant of
the Michigan btova compdiiv of Detroit may
pass Into the hands of uu Uaglish s\ndlcao \ *
compani It controls , besides Its factories
in Detroit , establishments iu Now \ ork aud
His Lrtto Opponents Will Bo RoJ
momborocl Flrat
Tlio Opntlcmon At lie Came In Out nt
tlio Wet Will riml Itcry
Drj ncmocrnts nnil the
Con test oil Scats
WAstttNOTOv Huiieu' Till Ovum Hrp )
513 1 OUIlTrrNTIl bTIIEET , y
WaSIUSOTOV D C , Doc 1 )
. Now that the speakership light Is over the
lutoiest ' naturnlH turns to the disposition
that Mr Heed will mnko of the important
chnlrmnnships nt his dispos il , 111 other words
how he will rovvnrd tlioso who have worked
for lilm early and late Ho vv 111 bo gro itly
assisted In this matter bj the fact that
the balloting was open Ho knows
oxnctl ) who voted for hlui on the second bnl
lot ] . Ho knows who stood by him from the
first nnd who the gentlemen uro vv ho climbed
on bis vvnion vvhtn they saw that his was
the winning team Of course I113 lute opponents
n will for the first
pononts coma in consldora-
tlon Mr McICinloy , ns nlrcaly stated in
these | dispatches , must bo tendered
the chairmniisLIp of the commit
tco ' on villus and means There
Is a general belief that Mr MelCinlov , recoj ,
nizlng ulrcudy what ( ho voner iblo ' I'uthcr '
ICullo ) bus done or claims to have done for
him j will pretor that the chairmanship of
. ,
that ' commltteo botondtned to Mr KolH
Instead of to himself At the same tlmo it
must bo said ttiatJlr MoICitiloy vcri dlplo11
mutlcallvwoikod himself cloir of any plodto
In thut direction by saying that as tbo com
mlttooahip lind not jet boon offered to him
ho J ! tould not sav that ho would decline in
favor ot Mi ICelloi
Mi Cannon , of course , gets tbo npproprla
ntions thairm inslilp
. . As for Colonel llondcrson of Iowa ho w ill
likely remain on the upp 01 riatious com
loin Bajne of Pittsburg will get the
chairmanship of rivers and harbors
It is said that Mr Hurrows wlUpiobablv
prefer to remain on the wujs und mruiis
com mittco
_ Harry Ulngnam the former postmaster of
Plnladolphia has been nctlvt cnoucli m .Mr
Keod s Poll lit to earn the 1 hulrm inslilp of
postofllco ' and post roads commltteo
, Dorsey of Nebraski will probably obtiln
the banking and cuironci chairuiansliin
. Cabot Ledge has been Mr Ketd s ritht
bower iu tbo llkht und has been expecting
the r chairmanship of elections , but Judge
Kovvoll of Illinois will probably c.et It
Puvson of Illinois will rceeivo lho public
lands 1 ; chnlrm mshlp
Perkins of Kansas Indian affairs
Uoutollu of Maine nav il uffulr3
Diugloi ot Mulno men hint mnrino nnd
fisheries 1'arquharof o vork wanted
this hitter commltteo but Heed will probably
not forgot him for breaking the Keod
Now Yoik Wheat combination and prictl
call v electing Cnptaln Adams for dooriieoper ,
so that ho will probably uot got thut chair
MilliKon of JIaln 'e will got the public build
Ings and ferounds probablj
McCoui is ot Maryland for some remark
able reason , seems to bo anxious to leave his
present important position on the nppropi in-
tions commltteo and nght for n chairman
sblu rho district commltteo is sail to bo
his ] i ambition Ho may get it nnd if ' 10 does
ho will only hold it ono week before he will
believe what his frien Is now toll him tint
the po vera to ippoint a friend to a clciks'ilp
ou his commltteo is too big a price to pay for
his 1 leaving tno most important coininittca lu
tha house
The ether chairmanships are still In doubt
and It will probablv bo after the holidays be
fore f Mr Heed vv ill bo able to announce his 1
lho disposition of the committees Iocs not
Ho 1 ultogoiher In the hands ot thu speaker
lho a Iministralion must bo consulted , md I
Mr Itood is under too many obligations to
Sonatois Quiyand Piatt not to hear their
their luQueals befo-o finally announcing his
list 1
Speaker Reed was asked todaj bj jour
coriespondont if ho had any idea when bis ,
commlttoos would bo announced It is im
possible I to toll , " ho answered lu his Blow de
liberate way 'I should think not for two !
J vvcoks and perhaps longer Mi Carlisle
took until the 1st of January and I shall Do ,
doing [ well If I am able to make up the list in
two wcoks bo far I have not been able to 1
give ' the matter ono moments consideration "
. Then vou do not look for much busluoss
to ' be done until after the recosst'
. Hardly If the commlttoos are appointed 1
in ! two weeks from now there will bo onlj 11 1
few dav s left before the usual Christmas 1
recess ' is taiteu "
Are you likely to appoint the commltteo
on ' rules in adviinco ot tl 0 ether commlttoos ,
so ' that the rules c in be modllied bofoto an 1
attempt ' is made to do businessl"
'I um not prepared to say what may bo 1
done ' , but it would not bo surprising if the
commltteo ! on rules should bo apioiuted in I
the course of a few days so lint the rules 1
could ' bo revised while the house is waiting ;
for ether business "
' Can jou oxnross any opinion on the prob
able course of legislation this vvintorl"
1 It would not bo politia for mo to do so
and in udlition tn that I am not able to un-
swer the question this soniouhat unneces
sary contest , " and Mi Hood smiled at the
recollection of the light , ' has taken up ull
our tlmo , und there hns been no
opportunity for consultation lho
views of various members will >
have to be ascertained and conflicting opin
Ions reconciled Measures for which there
scorns to bo 11 public domund will bo pushed
while others may bo dropped \Vithour
small majority thoio will huvo to bo hai-
mony and conciliation If wo are to accom
pllsb anything "
Mr Hood has rccoived numerous tela '
grams of congratulation from nil parts ot the
counlij , und the original Heed man 'wus ut '
tha bhoroham today iu full force Ho has
already rocclved an application for a place 1
A lndv called on him nnd wanted to bo
placed in cliargo of thu ladles rocoptlon
room on tbo house side Mr lteed told bor
tbut tbo ofllco was not in his gift
a vv isl , 11AV
It was learned today tliuttho democratic
members of the house yesterday adopted
u very wise course in ono respect at leust ;
It was ncreod Hint u geuoral committee of
fifteen should bo appointed who shall have
supervisory control ot all matters in vv hich '
it is necessary thut the party policy sha 11 be
maintained litis committee will bo dlvldod
up into Jlvo sub committees , each haying cor-
tain lines of work to lee after and to per
foi 111 Ono of these sub commlttoos will bo '
charted with the duty of inquiring into all
tbo paints at issue on tbo seventeen con 1
teste 1 election cases which are to ba con
3tested fho polio } a now outlined provlies
that wherever there is strong evldonco that [
u ropublicun contestant is entitled to the scat
which ho usks the sub committee having
them In chaigo reports such casus
to tbo full commltteo and they will {
ndvlso their parly of the finding and 1 (
will reooinaiend that no contest bo ui-iln
rtainod against the man who is ovidontlj on
titled to oc-upy the scat for vvnich a cerllll I
ca'o Is held b > a democrat at present On
the othei hand , in cases which show thrt the
holder hns 11 prima facie right to hla seat , or
where the doubts favor tno democrat , it
shall bo so reported and viciously fought
lhls policy , it tarried out , will materially |
aid in settling tbo contested cuscs and will
bo likely to result iu simplifying the course
of procedure
Along with the proposition to extend and
perfect the lnterstato commerce law will
cotno before concross this vviutor the usual
grist of schemes protecting railroad em-
ploycs and to prevent fires consuming pass
cngor coaches lu cases of accident , lho ro-
1 ' "
cent report of the railroad ccmmlssloncr ot
Ion 11 on the subject of mortality bv ncci lents
ot railroads his create 1 n gi eat deal of In
tcrcstamong congressmen lho list congress -
gross ha 1 before it prob iblv a senfo of bills
providing J i that there should not bo stoves In
passoign emchi s nnd that thev si olild bo
} J !
hoited bj stoim , hot ulr , hot vvatci , < Ice
tucltj nn I v irlous other dcvltts nlso that
till freight trilns should bo provlle 1 v ith
all ' brakes nn I safety couplings intondi I to
proscrvo thu lifo nnd limb of brakemen
1"bi It has been suggested thut 11 section shall
bo placed In the Interstate commerce law
1 hlch will civo the commission authuritj to
sot up rules and regulations nnd mnko such
1 ins ns the commission dtoin proper to gov
ern , the questions of heating nnd braking
i Oichcs and ens on pimnugct und fieloht
trims lu othei words it Is suugisttd tt at
the lctorstnto commcrtocommission bo sivon
the s imo latltu lu th it lho civ 11 sorv 110 10111-
mlsslon Is tntntcl iu the win of extending
tholaws 1 his , of comse , will hnvo to bo
done ' bj thosiiictlin of thu piosident
lhoro lsnverv wllo contiast botvvcon the
methods ( puisne 1 nt the genotal 1 mil ofllco
now nnd these which brought about 11 reign
of ! terror umong the sottloison the public do
iitntn : a ion nco A largo force of special
uconts ' dotcetlvos were omploved under tlio
Lylovehind 11 lininljti itlou to collect Informn
tlon j intended to c 1st suspicion upon homo
stoadcriand other settlois nnd depuvo thorn
of tholr homes lho old udago w is rovcrscl ,
nnd ovorvbolj vv is rccar led ns u thiol un
less [ ho could move himself otheiwlso lho
privileges gr inted by the constitution of the
United btiles nnd the felernlstatutes which
give homos to honest intentioned sotlleis
were rcgirdr-d ns of no ndvmitico to ntivonc
* ovv the coed lutentloned eottlei cauhivo
ovorytlnng Commissioner Oroll and bcero
tnrv J < Ohio expect tlio livvstobo compile 1
with and that the rules covcining cutiics
upon tbo public dom 1111 sh ill bo obitriod ,
but the mcro fact that poveitj or sickness
irovonts I the settler from < ompl > Ing with
the strict letter ot the Inv is 11 tie it argu
ment ' 111 favor of lonlcncy If it Is piovm
that the settler has compliol with the nri-
miry requlrimonts observing the fiinila
inontnl principles nnd has striven tn obscrvu
ovcrj point in the law reason and manhool
are cccrclsed In bohilf of the settler vvhon
contests are brought before the goncril 1 mil
ofllco lhere will bo no 1 lids m ilo upon the
public dom iln ind these who hoiiustlj on
ilcavor J ] to oht Un 1 homo 111 the f u west will
bo nssistel rather than piosocutod bj the
federal , government
Senator Allison un 1 his pieasnnt familv
have located ut 1021 Votmont uvenue for the
so ison
Hon J P Dolllvorof Iowa the jouugost
member of the house nn 1 the most clo lucnt
polilicil oritoi of the countij according to
toecrotarj Ulnino's vvny of thluking , is nt the
Hamilton foi the winter
Senatoi l'ottijroiv and family nro stopping
ntthoHlggs house for a low d lys bolero
moving into tlio Randolph house on Prat
street vvnich h is been lease 1 for two vcar *
Lx-bon itor md Mrs Aim Wv tic nnd little
d ' ' luehter unlvel this afternoon from No
briska uud will bo nt the Kicgs foi s3vci il
weeks Pi mil S lluni
Tlio riinmtipi Dovutinir Mnm uf Its
Tiiiu > ti Coiitostoil 1 lections
ICoj n ttltit t&SJ lu Jin < Oar I ) 1 11' 11 t * 1
Pints Dec 1 | Now York Homld Cabio
Special to liic Hei 1riench politics
nave entered upon u dull period 1 [ to ch im
her 1 dovotr-a most of its time to contested
elections and in thaii decision political eon
sldcratlons huvo no small weight , even
though the votes of the deputies are tn many
cases most contradictory When the olec
tlon t of a moiurehjal lmporiillst oonsorvi
tivc , or Uoulnngist deputy has been con
firmed the majority uro uppaieiitlj seized
vvithiemorse uud the next contest 13 , If
there Is the slightest excuse for it , decided
atruins the nnti republic 111 claimmt Still
moroextriordlnny Is an incident which ot-
currcd In committee , to Which wis lofcriel
the contest ! 1 election lu tbo Mont Mattro
district After thu commltteo had tvvlco
decided that Jofferiu wis not legulj
elected , they mined around aud
came to the conclusion that ho wns
duly returned und outitlod to his seat lho
roportof 1 the commltteo und the debate or it
will dnrdly fall to civa rlso to nn iuteicsting
discussion it will probablj bo violently op
posed I bj the rikht und CI"uioucoau s radical
followers ' and it is most likely th it many ro
publicans I will take the sumo view ot tbo '
question as docs the right and refuse to ad
mlt 1 a man for whom only a minority of the i
electors voted Ihoso who demand conllrma
tion ' of tha Mont Martro election ire occupy
iug I nu illegal position uud can assicnnoica
0 < ns ether than political expediency for tholr
votes ihoy foai that if the Mont Murtro ,
election ' is invalidated Boulnngor will I
again ' oft oi himself as n candi
date c and that ho will again 1
Boeuro , . a majority ot the votes cast lhov
therefore demnnd the validation of loffcrln ,
on ' the ground of political expodloncy By so
doing 1 they nro Igrorlng tbo logil nsucctof ;
the 1 question What Is at ptesont takliif ,
pi nco in the chamber Is another proof that
such Is the violencoof political passions 111
Franco thut it is impossible for a political
assembly to dec ! lo questions of this sort Im
partially J ho electoral Btrugglo Is as soon 1
as the elections nro over , transferred to the
chamber lho victorious patty at the polls
has alwajs a tendency toward 1
an effort to make thoictory
moro complete by unseating as many ot tholr
opponents as possible , cither with or with
out good und sufliiioiit re isons for so doing
Many fall minded man think this state of
things mitht bo rouiodled by depriving the
chamber of Its right to decldo upon the vu-
lldlty of thooloctloi" of its members and to
refer the contested election to the judicial 1
authorities of the country or to a special I
tribunal croitod for thut puiposo whoso im
partiality would bo above question
A Lotti r I rnin btinlnv
[ cou / > ifl' ' f 186Jbu James CImlou lknnctt 1
/an/iiiah , Dee 1 [ Now York HerJd
Cable Special to Iiib Hei | Stanley writ
Ing from MlkossI under date of November
SO , says that tha pirty are ult wall and en
joying tha luxuries Major Wulssmann sent
them , but ho complains bitterly of having
been two j ours end cloven months without
news , the mail having been lost or robbed
A postscript , vvrllton on the morning of the
27th Btutes thnt btanloy had Just rccoived
Acting Consul General Smiths letter Lvory
ono was rejoiced to hoar that tlio queen still
reigns and eagerly vvontod nowspapcra to
learn the Incidents of the last thrco J ears
Irrltntmt Ovot I'iiIho News
( Cnpi/rO' / ' t J685 bu J imts ( lot foil //'itneff / )
IloMi' , Dee I | Now Yoilt Herald 1
Cable Special to Iiil Hi r I The pope lias
not , as roportciL sent a tolotnm , to Mr (
balotll requesting blin to visit Ireland on his
vvuy back from America The false news ;
which is continually bomg circulated in ro- '
gard to the vutlcan and foreign ecclesiastics > i
especially tlioso of Ireland , is very Irritating
to tbo holy see , nnd all the moro so as It oufy
creates misunderstandings in Ireland and
among tha Irish In America
Isovrinliei'H 'vrotooroloirlonl f oatiirr-
Wabiiinoto * . , Doc 1 lho sijnnl aeivice
weather crop bulletin for the mouth sajs
tbo most prominent meteorological feature
of tlio month was the great storm which
moved from 1 oxas northeast to the lakes
and thence to tbo maritime provinces , bo
twecn the 20th uud 29lh lbo cold vvavo fol
nlowing In the rear of tbo storm caused frosts (
sand frcoiiug vv eat hei as far tooth us norm
0eru 1 lorida
NLMBER 1(55. (
Iowri Demnndi It nnd Polttloltma i
Will Wlsoly Obey !
I'i'olilliltlon nr liti enso tlio Question l {
AM1I0I1 IhJ t H7ling llnvvkojo i
I'nrtlos Kllltil in 1 Saloon | *
Jlit Ulth nnx 3j
Tlio ' ' 'aviirlio Son r
DrsMoiMs , In Dee 1 [ bpeclil to 3
J UK llEh 1 The question of the election of a si
Unite 1 btatcs son itor to succeed Allison Is f
uttrnctlug more attention even outsl lo the |
stito thnu within It , probtblj for tlio reason *
thut outside the impression in Ov ills that he v
is j in dancer of dofo it "So such impression ,
exists in the minds ot republic ins here v.ho j
nro best Inforaie 1 on the situ ttion Hj , " :
cotninon consent ho w is the iccoptcd 0111- < 1
didutoof the pirtj durliu the cimpilgn It !
the republicans hi I sjcuro I a mijotitj ot 4 ] '
twcntj-flvo in the next leushUuio no ouo J
would have thought of 1 vising u qtioAtlon as 1
to his re election Thcv have 11 ni ijorltv of
six ( . und there Is no good icason whj the
situ itlou should ha change I on that account ;
Lvo-v rojiubllein member who wis elected i
this : j ear , if not instructed bj his county to i
veto foi Allison vv 13 ut least lnuda insure of ' > !
. .
the , . tonornl pntj deslro that ho do so , mil ]
j I 0 fully expected to do so lho 111 publican 4
V 1 old ov or senators also reeognl7 ) thu ccnei al 1
disli oof the part ) for Allisons ro clocttou , ?
oul ! probablj without oseoptlou will vote for
him , J ho onlj exception that auv ono his
suggested is Sen itor Plnii Of lajlor
count . j Hut there is no niasoii I
tobollovo that 1 inn wonl I bolt a parti tau * H
ctis on this sublcct Ho was elected ns n republic - |
public ' in nnd the ropttblluus of this dlstuct R
want to sco Allison ic 1 leeted Mi 10 than J
th it Mi 1 Inn w Hits to bo 1 c uulldiito for }
congicss from the LIflith dlstritt novt sum | B
mor , mil ho would liiudlv btrlu his 1 nidi jl
ducv bv untaioiil7lim tlio w Islies of the tioat .
majority of the tepublieaiis of that distlict -d |
1 ho democrats wo lid ba obliccd to tct , not 51
onlj I inn but it least threu other repub H
licin votes to dofcttllison and they unvor
will bo nblo to do it lho situ itlon is such #
til it 110 republican could alloid no v to botmy S
his putj or his manhool by entering 1 a
leniociaticallinneo i < to dofeit so iniinent n ffl
lopublituii stittsman is Allison lliosovvlio { ja
are host inlormol boliovc tl it Allison will SI
icccivo tlio caucus nomination aud bu electe 1
withoutusincdodissoiitliic republican vote 1
In 11 O 1 ndi \ )
Dis Moinm Ii , Dec 1 [ S10 i il to J
Cm . Hi 1 | Will it bo license or piohibitionl
Hint is the question which sour il thousand
Iowa people uro dailj isking
lhoro hns probablj not been a log slaturo * .
In twontv j cars whoso coming hasuoon
iwaitcd with 11101 a public interest than the
approaching 0110
lho situilloii hns Its inn isinc , ns well ns
its serious sides Hath ) ( -s no llko the . .
follow , who grabbed the bear and was calling f1
for , somoouo to help him let co 1 he demo , '
crits line bom suing ult the while that
tl they only h 11 the 1 banco thov would settle
the prohibition question mighty quick J
Well , thoj seem to have secuteu the chance ,
with < the lid of a few nntl prohibition icpub- " " " ' "
Ileitis 1 but they nro not at nil roadv to settle
the question Ivor no the republic ins much
bottoi l : prepared Lhoioisn geuoral dispo
sition . on the pait of the Inttor to let tlio
dcmoci ats tike the Initiative binco they
think it is so easy to decide vv h it to do they
will bo ( hen the ch line bothorcpuolt - '
cms ire walling to son what the democrats
hivetooITer ' ; there ire a fen republicans , 1
possil ' lfoui or flvo who will fool llko
uniting with tlio demoorits to soetiro
some modification of thn present law Hut
the difficulty will come in when
it I is attoinpted to foiiualavv that will sat ,
isfy ' them and nt the same tlmo sutisfj tbo ,
democratic pnrtv j
riioro is a sharp difference of opinion bo
tvvcon thodoinocrUs as to whit Is noolod
fho domocruts iu tbo nvei counties don t
v\ant ' anj local or tlon they demand a general -
oral license low , and not 1 very high llceuso
olthci lho democrits of the interior coun- .
tics | favor local optbn and 1 high llceuso -
lho republicans who want 11 chiingo will ccr-
tamly < not accept un ) thing low or iu tlio mat
ter \ of control th in nu optional piohlbltlon
and hiIi license ns un ulterniitivi
lho republicans iu the laror cltios ns n
rule 1 fnvor 11 modification of the 1 nv th it '
will 1 permit prohibition to rem lin us the con
ci ' il luw of the state , toi thu counties that
wiutlt , and hich licoino for these who do
not 1 hey clulm tint tliis docs not sin render
tiny , iidvuutico that prohibition has calnod
and 1 does secure some incisure of lecil con
trol 1 In the counlios wheio uonu at all now
J exists >
* Peihaps a majorltj of the republicans , nt
least j ucicnt iminv of thorn In the mteiioe ,
counties , 01 the prohibition counties , want
the 1 Iiw to iciealn as It is with pi tctlc.illy 119
chances ' lho ) sav that they nro s itlsficct
, and they dent boo why everbody else Is !
not Ihoy talk in n lofty vvuy about ' no
bacmvird ston * und 'no surrender ic the
saloons " when tiny know that foi live yours
the law has virtually surrondercl to the bu *
loons in moio than n dozen counties So in- 11
stead of tnkltif , things us they are , thev
close tholr e\cs to the real and tulk about ; < \
the ideal and 111 pi acttonblo bomo of thoia
usunllv wind up tholr rem irks by the tlucatf , /
that if the icpubllcan party ' lowers Its Hag
or makes tiny compromise with the sa
loons " as thov put It there will bo 11 third ,
pn-tv in Iowa of ludoliiiito size the first
year A good maiiv roiublleans uro bccln *
mug to hint tlmt it it c imcs to 11 choice between -
tweon being lulcd bj democrats orbolngrun
bycimiks theyuio lead ) for the founor t
ilio dictation of u few ctuiilt prohibitlonlBta ,
who nro novel linppv unless attaining no- 1
toriotv , Is becoming very tlresomo Ihoy
would piobublj huvo joliicl tlio bt John
ptrti , in a Bliorttimo iitliny rite , for they l
were not attracting onouch attention us *
plain republicans to satisfy their vunityi
U V Wricht , the prcsidi ut nf the Stata P
lompnranco Alliunce , who botrajod lus
trust and holpcd elect a democrat to tha
legislature is ouo of the conspicuous mon ot
that class
lilt illm Willi 1111 Ax
BuiniNOTOv , la , Dee 1 [ Special Tele-
grum to ins Ucl J Uhurles Smith , in a row
with Don Binlltt ( both .roloiad ) , hit the
latter over the hood with the blunt ondpf }
nu ax , felling him tn the floor and in ull
probability lulling him Smith is iu j ill
Killed In it bullion
HiiuivaTov , In , Dee 1 fSpoclal lelo- >
gram to Iiil Hi l ] Prod Petersen was '
hit over the lioad with a ohulr in the hands ;
of un unknown party 111 u bnloon ltianks- ' ,
civlngduy Ho ilio 1 today 1 lie pollco have j
no tlucs to the uiurdtroi ' .
* i
W iiliiiu NoteD
VVAJ OT , la , Dee 1 fspeclul to Tun j
Bel J Mr nnd Mrs J V Willluma of Coun-
ell HlufTs spent Thanksgiving with their
duuehtor , Mis J C bpanclo
lliu J hunksglvlug dinner and supper at '
tlioOrmoM U church netted the / udloi'
Aid society botvvcon 810 uud $ > 0
1 ho craud ball it ( .crmaula hull Thanks *
glviut , uluht was well uttcudeU and a ulca <
nffulr *
A I nriiini Ilurncit Out * * *
MisBoum VALiar , la , Dec I [ Special
to Iiie lira ] lho house uud barn of u Mr |
Brow 11 , living throe miles west of thfa city *
was burned Saturdaj uttcruoou ,
Shot 1114 Mother
St Josia 11 , Dec 1 Lhurloa llorlors , aged
fourteen today shot his mother , because silt u
refused Inui mouoy 1

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