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I The Omaha * Daily Bee
Sconoa find Inoldonts of the Opening
Day in OonRross
Cowlc * of North Carolina Vents lll
8plto on Carlisle Tlio Lottery oT
ffcnn-Nebrnsknns Unlucky
MIsCl-llntlROlM ,
Washikqton HuitBUtTiir O.uuu Dr.B , l
513 FoUllTEBSTM STltEET , >
Was m.no toy D. C , Dee , 3. )
Thcro was the usual crowd of strangers
and people about town at the opening of the
Fifty-Aril congress at noon today No un
usual features ' marked the occasion The
proceeding In the senate wore characterized
only by the admission of lour of the now
BcuatoiB , Messrs Pottlgrcw nnd Moody
from South Dakota and Messrs Allen and
Squire from Washington taking the oath of
ofllco As they procoolod down the alslo to
the desk of Vlco President Morton , whom
the oath was administered by the presiding
ofllccr of the senate , the crowd In the galleries
applauded vigorously and continued to give
evidence of Its enthusiasm over the admis
sion of the now states till Mr Morton rapped
for order The senators were escorted In
the following order : Mr Moody , by Mr
Piatt ; Mr I'cttcgrow , by Mr Spoonorj Mr
Allen , by Mr Sawyer , nnd Mr Squire by
Mr Hoar As soon us the oath was admin
istered each of tbo now senators were Intro
duced to Vlco I'restdent Morton , and they
than placed their signatures In the scnato
book of registration Mr Squire wrote his
iiimio ilrst and Mr Peltlgrow was
the last to attach his slgnnturo to
the book The now senators nro
seated behind new desks which nro In sharp
contrast with these occupied by the old sen
ators , 'i ho new desks uro of light colored I
cherry whllo the old ones nro somewhat
darker1 m color , shaded doubtless by ngo
This makes it easy for visitors In ttio galler
ies to pick out the now from the ofd senators
The senators from North and South Daicota
nnd Washington arc provided with seats on
the republican side whllo two seats hmo
been Bet asldu for Montana on the democratic
> ido The latter can bo changed to
the republican side if occasion do-
mands Oho two senators from
North Dakota are expected to nrrivo tomor
row nnd take the oath 'I hero was a pro
fusion of Jlowers around the senators desks ,
butit was observed that two-thirds of thoin
appeared un the republican side
A wrong Impression prcvniis in regard to
the time when the long and short terms of
the new senators nre to bo determined by
drawing lots A resolution providing for the
determination of the long nnd short terms
was presented by Mr Hoar , and it was referred -
forrod to the judiciary committee .It docs
not necessarily follow that thcro will bo
speedy uction upon this resolu
tion On the contrary , it is likely
It will not bo reported and udopted under
soma weeks , probably not until after the
holidays The senators will contiuuo In
ofllco nnd If there should never bo a report
upon the resolution to dotormlno the lengths
of their terms and no action should bo taken
in any other direct ion , there would of course
ho no expiration of their terms
The Nebraska delegation fared a little un
fortunately in the seat drawing lottery It
was Into and nearly all of the oholco
scuts had boon selected ooforo Mr Dorsey ,
the ilrst of the delegation called , heard his
name Ho succeeded , however , in getting a
very good seat It is located down in front
nnd near the center of the republican side
Mr Lohtbach of Now Jersey is bis right
baud innn Messrs Conncll and Laws were
called late and got outsldo seats The Iowa
delegation was also called lata and mast of
the members woio located on tne out
sldo rows When the name of Colonel
Ilcndorson of Du.bun.uo was called
there was long nnd continued applause , flo
got back of the republican leaders Ux-Gov-
crnor Gear , although drawn later , succeeded
in getting very rear the bunch of leaders
Ho sits beslao Ezra li Taylor of Ohio , with
Mi'Kiuloy , Cannon and other well known
members very near Major Conger of Des
Molnos took a seat near the center of the republican - ,
publican side Not far distant from Major
Conger is Mr Kerr in easy access of the
The new state members nro well located
Messrs Gifiord nnd I'icklcr of South Dakota
nre ocar the copter of the republican side
Mr , Ilansbrough of North Dakota , Mr
Carter of Montana nnd Wilson of Washing
ton have back seats in tbo cantor of the west
Bldo Fred Dubois nnd ox-Uovernor Corey
of Wisconsin are Just a few suats around to
the cast and In the very center of the repub
lican side
Tbo corridors of the house were
far moro ciowdcd than these around
the sunato l'boro wus a general but
mistaken impression that somehow there
would bo a row in the house when the mom
mors ranio to bo sworn in Some of the most
extravagant rumors wore circulated , though
it was knoun at a conference hold by both
parties that It had boon determined that no
effort would bo made to order the contest
ants to stand aside Still long before noon
there was such a jam in the corridors lend
ing to the galleries sot apart for spectators
that two or three ladies wuroovorcomo by
the crowd anil heat Tlio members ns usual
violated the rule bv bringing tholr wives and
daughters on the lloor
When trio doors were at last openedabout
It o'clock , the gallnrlos were llllcd in a twink
ling The diplomats and executive gallor-
las were crowded , but not ono of the execu
tive departments were represented by tholr
chiefs , nor was any inombor of the presiden
tial family present Contrary to all expecta
tions.the scene on the lloor was a& humdrum
as | f the house had been adjourned only a
week JIpro and there devoted fi lends had
Bent the usual floral token , the most remark
able of which in every sense of the word
were two wonderful designs sent to Mr
McCarthy , the Little ( Smut of thu
r.lghth district of Now York
Mr McCarthy represents a wonderful
district and thu combinations of Itowcrs
which ho received were thoroughly repre
sentative of the district The design was
admitted to bo the blggost and at the sauio
tlmo the most grotesque that ever was
brought into the house
'lho spoabor's desk was almost hidden behind -
hind bunks of roses and chrysanthemums
Other members were also remembered as
usual Mr , Heed sat in his old chair with
Senator layno of Now York , una there ro-
celvcd the congratulations of his friends
Perhaps the most Important straneor on
the floor was the Hou William A , Kussou
of Iowa
Mr Randall was not present nnd Indeed
there is grave reason to boliavo that ho will
not bo present for mnuy weeks to coma ns ho
Is inueliiuoro seriously ill than his family
Will admit
Promptly nt 18 o'clock General Ctnrk.clerlt
of the old house , called the house to order
In a twinkling the subdued roar of convcrsa
tlou subsided und in the silence that spread
over the house nnd callorlcs the clicking of
the telegraph instruments In the adjoining
corridor could bo distinctly heard
nil over the house General
Clark Boomed a little nervous und
could not lepoat the usual formula of calling
thu house to order Ho succeeded at last
utid managed to call the roll Hero came
the Ilrst disappointment for the galleries
Comptou of Maryland , is the first con
tested member and It was hoped that there
would bo some sort of action taken by the
representatives when his uamo was reached
Nolhlug of the kind occurred , howovcr , and
Clcuorul Clark announcing that a quorum of
the house was proscut the YQto was begun
for the BpcaKer
Mr Cowles of North Carolina opened hit
career In this session by nn exhibition of
himself Ho voted for Mr Amos J. Cuui-
mlngs of Now York for speaker This ho
did becuusa last year Mr Carlisle , then
speaker of the douse , refused to rccognho
Mr Cowlcs when ho was loaded with the In
ternal revenue repeal bill , nnd Mr , Cowlcs
took this course to gratify his rnvongo It
caused general surorlso and nmusonient
On their announcement of the vote Mr Cur
llslo and Mr McKrnley were designated to
escort the now speaker to the chair They
fodna soma little trouble In enter
ing the main door owing to the
vast crowd of curious people that
collected around the dear to sea the speaker
They Anally succeeded nnd Mr Ueed was
conducted to the chair amid great npnlausci
Judge Kelly administered thu path to Mr
Ileal and Mr Reed followed in a brief ad
dress With this the Ilrst session of the
Flft-first congress was made ready for busi
The only sensation of the day was one
least expected , namely , in the fact that the
gentleman who hud been nominated by the
caucus tor chaplain was turned down most
emphatically and the chaplain of the last
house Mr Mllburn , wasclectod in his stead ,
Mr , Chcndloof Indiana milting the point
that the chaplalnship was u purely nonpartisan
tisan position and on that account tbo blind
man should be retained ,
The drawing of scats was introduced by
an argument nn a resolution granting the
privilege of choosing tholr scats to a few of
the members before lots were drawn , Mr
O'Noil of Pennsylvania Innocently contend
ing that members who had served thirteen
terms or over should bo grunted the privi
lege , uhtll some ouo reminded him that ho
was one of the few members of that class
and the suggestion was lost amid lnughtor
nnd applause It was Anally granted
to allow ex-Sneakers Hanks , Kandall
nnd Carlisle und Judge Kelly , the
father of the house , their choice
After Hint the cholco proceeded by lots , a
blindfolded paga drawing u uumbor from a
box , and the member standing on the
alphabetical list corresponded with the num
ber was given the choice As usual there
was some funny incidents The best choice
fell to the newest members , nnd some of the
old members weio compelled to wait till the
last , Mr MoKituoy found n seat just in
front of Mr Heed , aud that gentleman's seat
was tnken by Mr Hermann of Oregon Mr
Unndall , Mr Hanks nnd Mr Kelly chose
their former seats , nnd Mr , Carlisle's seat lit
once became the rallying point of the leaders
of the domocrntio wing He has about him
the two Hreckenndgos , Mills and McCreary
The center of the republican party lies in
the two rows where Hood formerly sat
Congregated all about Mr McKinley nro
Dodge , Fuyno of Pennsylvania , Uutterwoith
of Ohio , Lodgoof Massachusetts , Hendor-
son of Illinois , McCollis of Maryland , aud
near by nro Cannon and burrows Mr
Humes of Georgia , the Jumbo of tlio house ,
wolghlnc some three hundred pounds , oc
cupies tlio Ilrst sent on the democratic side ,
just under the sneakers eye Koswcll P.
Flower , the New York millionaire and late
presidential aspirant , sits two seats from
him Strange to say , some of thu most om-
ineat men of the house were the last to Hud
seats and thostrangur coming to the galleries
will Und it dinlcult to locate these who were
formerly pointed out ns leaders of the house
In the estimates of the secretary of the
treasury of the appropriations requited for
the fiscal year ondluir Juno 30 , 1SU1 , sent to
congress today , the secretur.v recommends
an appropriation of $1,000 for the Omaha and
Winnebago Indian iigeucy , 51,000 for the
Suuteo agency , 41,200 for thu support or the
Sioux aud different tribes , including tna
Santee and Sioux of Nebraska For pay of
additional employes of the several agencies
for the Sioux in Nebraska und Dakota , etc ,
f 1,103,50.1 is recommended uirainst $1,1)18,500 )
appropriated lust year For the sup
port of the Indian school at
Genoa , pupils 8123 per annum ;
pay of superintendent $1,500 per year , re
pairs and eractlon of buildings , including
heating apparatus , $40,000 , the same as was
appropriated last year Tbo capicity of tbo
school is represented to bo00 pupils For
continuing the Improvements to the Mis
souri river under the commission nt Sioux
City $100,000 is recommended , at Omaha
$100.1)00 , nt Plattsmouth 8100,030 , at Nebras
ka City * 100,000 , at Hulo $100,000 , at Santee ,
Mo , • JloO.003 ; continuing Improvements I
aboyo Sioux City S17. > ,0JO , continuing opera
tions below Sioux-City $00,000. For the
Missouri improvements as a whole ? 2,700,001) )
Is recommended For the support of the
Indian school nt Pierre , S. D. , ? 35,000 is
recommended , against $ J5,000 last car
Nebraska Pink , Jefferson county , Solon
U. Carpenter , vlco T. J. Dakalos , romoveJ ;
Halgler , Dundy county , A. C. Welch , vice
1 , W. Dunlap , removed ; Ilarbcne , Jefferson
county , George B. Murrav vlco J. M. Wild
hnbos , rcuiovod : AVaco , York county , John
J. Evans , vice II S. Hurch , removed ; Western -
orn , Saline county , AY D. Thins , vice T.
King , removed
South Dakota Mount Vernon , Dawson
county , Jnmos Hnynes , vice M. Dougherty ,
removed ; Garden City , Clark county ,
Charles hi Edwards , vice M. T. O. Newell ,
The United States steamer Enterprise ,
now in English wnturs and under orders to
como borne , has boon ordered by the navy
department to proceed to Antwerp , secure
the remains of oxtMinlstor Pondloton and
convoy thorn to the United States for burial
James II , Dlodgott of Rockford , 111. , has
been appolntod special agent to collect sta
tistics of education in the United States for
tbo eleventh census
A preliminary meeting of the National
AVool Growers association was hold today ,
Owlnc to the non-arrival of a largo number
of dclogates the regular business of the
meeting was ndjournod until tomorrow It
is understood that the part of the Mills hill
rofcrrlng to wool and woolens as amended
by the semite at the last sosslon will receive
the endorsement and support of the asso
The attorney for Swift & Company of
Chicago appeared before the dressed beef
comniittoo today and told the coinmlttco that
Swift is willing to attead the sessions of tbo
convention when invited to do so After
examining GeorgoT Williams of tbo Chica
go stocKyards briefly , the comniittoo ad-
Journad to moot at the call of tbo chairman ,
who stated that ho would offer u resolution
I giving the committee authority to sit during
the sessions of tha senate
Mr and Mrs Paulhamus of Aberdeen , S.
D „ arrived this afternoon Mr Paulhamus
Is u banker and bn and Mrs Paulhamus
catna with tbo special train of Dakotans who
uro hero to see tnoir senators and congress
men cuter upon tholr duties A largo party
came from Aberdnon , but they arrived too
late to see tlio opening of congress Son a tor
Pottlgrow had a largo space sot aside for
South Dakotans in a private gallery of the
Boaate , but as the expected visitors did not
arrive until after the session opoued others
were aninittod
Ex-Congressman Holmes of Iowa , the ser
gcaut-at-arias of the bouse , urrlved this af
ternoon and has taken rooms at WorinloyB
Ho Is being oongratulatod tonight by scores
of his friends in congrois and hosts of f rlonds
In pnvuto life Major Holmes is the ilrst
man who has had ofllco thrust upon him In
the organization of cither branch of congress
In nmny yearn , and ho will boar the honors
as gracefully as ho bore his responsibilities
as u member of the house during tlio past
half dozen years
Mr Herbert M , Rogers of Prlncoton college -
lego , a eon of Mr Milton Rogers , is spend
ing a few days in the city with his aunt on
lthodo Island avenue
Pkiiky S. Heath
Windows Ksiimiitcs
AVasiiisotox , Doc , 2. Secretary AVindom
today transmitted to congress his estimates
for lho appropriations required for the fiscal
year cndlnif Juno ao , lbJl Ho estimates that
the sum of $41,123,1)17 will bo needed Tbo
estimates for lS' .K ) were J323,427,101 The ap
propriations for tbo present fiscal year were
The principal Incrcaso In lho estimates Is
for " pensions and puhlio works , the former
exceeding the appropriations for lho present
year by * S,6J7blu and the latter by $ OW0 >
873. .
Tlio Jieiitli Itecortl
Ciiicaqo , Dee 2. Isaio L. Mdliken , ox-
mayor of Chicago , died today , Ho was
seventy-six years old
An Iowa Fnrmor Klllod By Two of
Hl3 Nolghbova
An Old Colored Man nt Osknloosa
Almost Chops His Wifa to Pieces
With un Ax Other llnwlf
cyo Now *
Mnrilrrcd by Ills Nduhhors
Sioux Crrr la , Doc 3. fSpoclal Telegram -
gram to Tub Uee | James Shannon and El
mer Thimplo this afternoon shot and klllod
James Dugcon , n farmer living three mlles
west of Onawa , In Monona county The
tragedy is the culmination of a long standing
neighborhood quarrel A year ngo Dugcon
was married and ho and his wlfo boarded nt
Shannon's house They quarreled und Du
gcon moved on an adjoining farm During
the summer there were three or four law
suits between them , ono being for slander ol
Shannon's wlfo There were throats of vlo-
tenco nnd both parties went armed For
weeks there has been a quarrel over a farm
road Shannon today ordered Dugcon to
doslst from using the road Seeing the
latter drive In a buggy towards the
roud , Shannon , calling Thimplo to
his nld , eonf touted Dugcon Shannon
was armed with a gun nnd Tlilmplc with a
revolver The two men llrod and wounded
Dugcon , whereupon ho draw a revolver und
pursued thoin to a corn flold , firing nt ho
ran Ho had gene no great distance , however -
over , before he foil dead Shannon and
Thimplo mounted their horses and lied aud
have not been arrested
Cold-llloodcd Murder nt Oslcnloosii
OsictLOost , la Doc 2. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Hin.J : Early yesterday morn
ing an old colored mnn by the unmoof David
Martin brutally assaulted his aged wife with
an a < c whllo aslcop in bed and inflicted three
ugly wounds from which she cannot recover
The two had parted some tlmo ago and Mrs
Mat-tin had applied for a divorce As stated
by members of the family , the old man had
been drunk for two weeks past and the last
time ho had been at the house was last
Friday night , nt which tlmo ho Rworo ho
would kill her Ho entered the house
about 0 o'clock Sunday morning by climbing
a ladder to the top of the back porch mid
from there In through an upstairs window
in tha hall Ho thou went down stairs and
broke open the door leading into the room
where his wife was sleeping with two of
her little granddaughters , und going up to
the bed ho dealt her throe blows boforu anyone
ono nbout the house was aroused The little
girls owaitened In time to sco him strike the
third blow , and , by grasping the ax they
pioventod him from chopping her to death
The screams of the children aroused the
neighbors , nnd a horrible spectacle was pres
ented to tnoso who were the first to
enter the house Tlio bed clothes and
rurnlturo were nil besmeared with blood , und
the terrible scene was made the moro hideous
by the moans of the old uoman Martin ,
who is nearly seventy years old , nftor ac
complishing his bloody work , gave himself
up to the police and Is now in jail He claims
to have been temporarily insane , but the de
liberation with which the deed was done
answers against tbo pica
X Kotiiiilui ) of Ituibiu n *
FAiRriGLD , la , Dee 2. [ Spoelal Telegram
to Tin : Bee.J The farmers iu this com
munity uro complaining that the rabbits nro
nbout to take the country They say that if
the present rate of increase keeps up the
United States can in a few years rival Aus
tralia In their pioductlon Hut at the rate
they have been Killed during tbo past weak
it would seem there nro no fears on that
seoio On Tuesday , November 23 , a party
of hunters , eight on a side , loft Fairfield hi
the morning and roturncd at the appointed
time with about 100 rabbits , twenty
six owls aud ether kinds of game ,
That record , however , sinks into Insiguill-
ennco when compared with the side hunt
from Lockbridgo und vicinity on tbo SSth
Forty men and boys participated in the hunt
and when the returns came in at night there
was ouo huge pllo of rabults , 847 in number ,
and some other game as a result of the days
The Arlington Aucidcnr
Des Moines , la , Dee 2. [ Special Tote
gratn to The Uee.1 The railrdad commis
sioners have been ofllcially Informed by M.
Gfllcas , superintendent of the Iowa division
of the Illinois Central , in regard to the acci
dent on that road near Aldington on Sunday ,
Noyombor2i. Ho says the accident was
caused by the neglect of tbo bridge foreman
to place the danger signals far enough out
from the bridge where repairs were being
mudo The foreman had placed signals on
tbo cast side of the bridge , but on the west
side only about 1,100 fe9t away , instead of a
distance of three-fourths of a milo , as the
rules require , The reason for not doing his
duty in this respect was that the track was
straight for moro than a milo and the trains
always stopped at the station before reach
ing tno bridge The superintendent states
that ton minutes more work would have put
the bridge in good repair und the accident ,
which resulted in the death of the engineer
and ilroman , would not have happened
Don Molni'H Sclioolh Closed
Des Moines , la , Dec 2 , | Special Telegram -
gram to Titu Uee I Mayor Carpenter bus
ordered that the public schools of the cast
side bo closed on account of diphtheria Ho
is being severely criticised for locking the
barn after the horse is stolen The dlscaso
is on the doclmo , and when precaution was
needed the mayor neglected to do much It
appears as If ho were angry at the criticisms
ho bus received and was determined now to
tuko extramo measures to splto tbo critics
Tbo local board of health and the state board
do not sustain him In closing the schools ,
but ho takes the bit in his tcoth and does us
bo pleases
Clear Imko Citizens Klnieil
Cleak Lake , la , Dee 2. [ Special Tolo-
Bram to Tub Uee , ] Tha citizans of this city
are highly elated over tholr prospects of se
curing the Des Moines & Northern railway ,
General Dodge has signified his intention to
push the road through from lioono to the
Minnesota state line Two years ago a 5 per
cant tax was voted in a nutnoor of townships
in Uoono , Hamilton , Wright and Corro Gordo
counties in aid of the road , but the project
was then despised It Is thought that no
difficulty will bo experienced iu again votiug
_ _ _ _ _ _
They riuiv tlio Bights
MAiisiivuvrou- , la , Dec 2. [ Special Tel
egram to Tub Ueb.J Four young man from
Uoaman were In tbo city Saturday night and
wont homo sadder and wiser They foil in
with Jim Ilunulcutt , a notorious tuff and
bootlegger , who managed to get hold of a
good deal of their loose change Ha agreed
to conduct them to a bawdy house , Ilrst cot
ting a considerable sum of money , and tried
to sneak away from them in a dark ulley , A
row oiiBUod , In which ouo of the young men ,
named Walter Dial , was shot in tbo head by
Ilunnicutt , the ball glancing around the
skull ami making u bad scalp vyound , Ilun
nicutt wus locked up
A lie Ileal Kstnto Deal
Dss Moises , la , Doc 3. ( Special Telegram -
gram to Tuu Ueb.J An Important deal la
real eatatu has just Deon consummated hero
which promise * large improvements for tbo
city , The old Cntholo | church nnd parsonngo
on Sixth and Locust strops hnvo been mir
I'hasod for ? ; 0O0J. It is etpectod that ono of
the Now York InsurAnco'opmptnlos will put
up a lartro ofllco building ' on this property
Next year will see moro InA-go buildings nut
up in Des Moines tlron formany years past
The HoirlnjiSol for AVednosdnr
Des Moines , InrtDoc 2. [ Special Telegram -
gram to The Uee | The ease of the citizens
of Clnrlnda against the Clurlnda & St Louis
railroad comes up for hearing before the
railroad commissioners "Vedncsdny , the 4th.
It is in regard to tlio removal of the track of
this railway Clnritidn is represented by T.
E , Clark , Willlum Uenton , A. S. A'an Zandt
and li Laranz
Held For Murder
Moui/ton , la , , Dee 2. [ Special Tclegrnm
toTiic Hkb.I In thocaso of the state vs
Dr.A' . F. S. Murdy , who shot nnd killed
Silas Tipton in his moat shop for not selling
him mont on credit , October 8 last , the
! Jury roudorod an Indlctmunt of inur-
Stunt in the first decree Murdy was placed
under bonds of tlS,0J0.
Narrowly Kso inwl Siiffountlon
Muisiiu.i.TONN , In , Dee 2. [ Special
Telegram to The HtE.l D. Cattoll of this
city came'near losing his Ufa last night lie
was found at n Into h6ur sitting in his ctialr ,
where ho had fallen nsleep , and ho was
nearly dead from suffocation by the coal gas
from the ofllco stove Ho will rccovor
Tha Judge Attempts to Ocllttlo the
Knllo Story
Chicago , Dee 2. At the opening of the
Crnuln trial this morning Forrest for the
defense ' intioduced some ovldonco In re
buttal Thu first witness , August Lowcn-
stein , dealer in clothing , testified to seeing
two knives , which nro said to belong to Dr
Cronfn , In possession of Dnn Coughlin April
27. The knives tukon from Coughlin by De
tective Flynn were then shown to the wit
ness , who wns not positive in his identifica
tion of them Ho said that they looked very
much lileo the knives Coughlin had m his
posse sion The cross-examination brought
out the fnct that the witness is a brother of
cx-Dctcctivo Lowcustoin , Dan Coughlin's
After Jnko Lowonstoln had Identified the
knives as holonglug to Coughlin , Judge
Wing for the defense resumed his argument ,
which was interrupted by the adjournment
of court Saturday afternoon , ,
Judge Wine warned the jury that they
might behevo with consuderoblo confidence
that the prisoners were , not innocent , but
this would not Justify a fcouviction They
must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt
of the prlsonors' ' guilt A'inore ' preponder
ance ot ovldonco in favor of guilt would uot
Justify their conviction Ho then continued
his review of the evidence , and coming to
the two knives supposed to bo Cronm's ' , suid
this question is very easily disposed of by
two propositions
1. Coughlin is either igullty or innocent
If innocent ho could not have had these
knives if they were Cronlns
2. If cuilty ho would uot have had them if
they were Cronlns
These two plain propositions in the mind
of nny reasoning tmn would bo the end of
that knlfo episode Lho last und grand
climax that tha state gave to the suspicions
against these men
Judge Wing then took up the quostlon of
alleged conspiracy in Camp 20. The state ,
ho said , had to ma > (0 out'conspiracy because
this case could not tier maintained In any
court of justice against the defonctantaunloss
the fact of consmracy was established be
yond n reasonable doubt "
Speaking ot the ways in which to estab
lish a conspiracy Ho said you can consider
all the proved facts and from that infer a
conspiracy It is fair and it is right under
the law that when you nro weighing any oir-
cumstatico against Coughlin you should look
at that circumstance In the light of Uio law ,
but not In the light of facts proved against
ether mon "I object to this jury or court
taking a partly proven conspiracy and from
it giving color and character to individual
circumstances nnd acts proved against my
client " AVing then wont on to
say that ho hrd never heard
presented so ahsu.b a theory of
conspiracy as the statol presents in this
case Tlio state pretends , ho said that
thcro nro a multitude of circumstances
which if considered lend to the conclusion
of a conspiracy independent of Camp 20 ,
That is not material Tbo question is
whether the acts proved against the men on
trial indicate that tho.v were criminal par
ticipants iu seine conspiracy which resulted
in Cronln's death It may bo Ills dcith did
not result from a conspiraoy , but that is not
what you are hero to try If It is uncertain ,
then there must bo an acquittal , and that
there is uncertainty about it lrom inception
to end is most conclusively shown " The
speaker went on to argue that the various
circumstances adduced In evidence to show
Coughlin's connection with the crime were
consistent with the theory of bis Innocence
As to the noted white horse , even if it were
the nnimnl which drew Cronin to his death
still Coughlin might bo Innocent Ho might
not have tfiiowu what the man from Mich
igan wanted it for ,
' TUOUUIjB nhewing
The Hurllngton Holmes to Bo nouml
by a ltoconc Decision
Chicago , Dec 2. { Special Telegram to
Tub Uee.J Trouble is brewing over the
recent decision ot Chairmen Walker , Mid
gloy , Fulthorn and Flnloy specifying the
rates to bo charged by lines west of the
Mississippi The Uurlmgton absolutely re
fuses to bo bound by the decision , and will
fight tno matter In tomorrows ' mooting of
the genornl managers of the Interstate i
Commercial Ililhvaynisoelntlon Some of
tbo lines nro m favor of a strict obcdlouco to
the decision , and It is expected that it will
bo extremely difficult to even reach a com
promise There is almost no danger of any
cutting of rates , howovcr , as each of tno i
lines Is now doing all the business possible i
at tariff rates
The U. & N. AVonHfto Withdraw ,
Cmt'ioo , Dee , 2. [ Special Telegram , to
The 11eb | It was positively assorted today
that tha Hurllngton So ( Northern had at
tempted to withdraw f Sm tbo AVestorn
states passenger association The letter of
withdrawal was returned hy Chairman Ab
bott with the notation that it was out of !
order in that agreement ' provided no line i
could withdraw before January 30 , 1890. It t
is not known why the Hurlington & North
ern wished to withdriiwj nor Is It known [
whether it will force us' hotico to au accept
unco ut the proper tlmo ' (
A Now Train ro.tho Coast ,
St Joseph , Mo , Via , S. [ Special Tele
gram to The Uee ] The ' recent agreement
between the Chicago , Rock'Island & Paollio
and the Atchison , Topeka Ac Santa Fo roads
is ulready accompllshltig'frobd ' results An
official announcement was made hero today
that commencing Decbmbor 8 the Hock
Island will run u daily through train from [
Chicago lho Pacific coast , via St Joseph , and I
reaching Los Angeles and San Francisco ,
Cul Tlio train will leayo Chicago at 7 j
o'clock next Sunday evening and will come
to St Josepn ever the Kock Island ,
St Joseph and Iowa lines , arriving here at [
11 o'clock Monday morning From St
Joseph the train will go to Dodge City , ICan ,
over the Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska road [
and from that point the route will ho ever
the Chicago , Santa Fo & California and the
Atlantic & Pacllio roads , This will bo the
first train service from Chicago to the Pa
cific coast everjnauguratod by any of the 1
southern routes to tbo golden gate
Flnert Ono Hundred Hollars
Ciiioaoo , Doe 3. The Chicago , St Paul ,
Minneapolis & Omaha road has been fined
1100 for violating the AYostern States agree
ment in selling a detached coupon of a Now
York ticket In connection with oao of its
thousand-mllo tickets , the effect bomg to re
duce the through rate
The Unique Entortnlumont Provided
by n London Philanthropist
Common AA'ITo Heaters nnd Potty OT-
liiiidcr * WVro Not Admitted to
ThisFonst Ah Aristocracy
of Crime
Tronic ofn ttillatitliropUr
[ Copi/rWil tssiliu Jama Oimlm llen < i : ' .l.\ \
London , Dec 2. [ Now York Hornld
Cahlo Special to Tun Hnr.l There was
an extraordinary festival off Drury Ltino
this evening Three hundred thieves of
London were feasted and othorwlso treat oil
lllto gontlomcn by a philanthropist of the
AVest Und It was n tiotablo spectacle
Hundreds of outsldo starving wretches
filled the narrow pavements of Little Wild
strcot to sco how the cx-prlsonors were
t rented
Shining carriages drove to lho entrance
ot St Giles Christian mission with lines of
pollcomcn keeping the crowds back , whllo
the well dressed inmates were escorted
within The Interior of the mission build
ing was gay with flags nnd mottoes , la the
vcstlbulo and around the galleries they
appeared teaching wlso lessons to thieves
and visitors alike Above the long banquet
table where the ex-criminals sat were the
words "Uo just und fenr no man "
It should bo oxplalnod thai , the thieves are
allowed by the pollco to attend dinners as it
is considered bcncllcal to their morals and
no urrc3ts nro ever mndo and no advantage
taken of tha presence of the most hardened
criminal on these occasions Uolh unreformed -
formed and repentant ox-convicts assamblo
Hut for this understanding with the author
ities the bad ones would miss a good meal
Thus it was that the manager of St Giles
Christian mission gave the banquet In honor
of the anniversary meeting of the organ •
Ization So great was the crush of the
pcoplo to see them that many guests were
uuablo to find standing room in the over
crowded hall There was muslo and
flaming mottoes , hanasomo women
aed mon of high station in life , but nothing
was so Interesting as watching the ex-prison-
crs dovoar the piles of rich enko , big pies
and little tarts , nnd good old-fashioned broad
and butter There were chunks , slices nnd
strips of cheese of every color , strength and
flavor Tbo celery und cheese were peppered
and eaten with mustard whllo others put
sugar on tholr beef aud stowed it away us
they shovel in coal under the boiler of a big
Atlantic steamer The only qualification for
un invitation to the supper Is the fact of
having been convicted once or moro than
once for felony No ordinary offense , such
as giving his wife a blauic eye or othorwlso
damaging her is consldored a sufficiently im
portant transgression to be called a felony and
these men are not adrn itted to tlio dinner
Poltcomon from Uow street and Poulton , the
usher of the London central criminal court
nnd an ex-warden of Cold Bath Fields prison
bad nil they could do to keep the not fully
qualified from getting in The oOlcials stood
at the door and scrutinized the applicants ,
who almost tore the coats off each other in
their nnxiety to get in There were Uill
Sykoses enough to tilt a chamber of horrors ,
and thcro wore Artful Dodgers , and ono fol
low who , later in the evening , led tha up-
plauso whenever Christ was mentioned
Decision ol' a Famous Cnso In a
Knnsns City Court
Kansas CmMo. . , Doc 2. [ Special Tele
gram to The Uee ] The Kansas City court
of appeals handed down a decision today in
the famous suit of O. F. Garrison asainst
Caroline Lyle The suit was over the
possession of an Infant son of Alice Lyle ,
who is heir to part of the Garrison estate ,
which will not him some day moro than
$500,000. The Garrison family ot St Louis
is ono of the oldest and wealthiest in the
state , and when Cornolius IC Garrison mar
ried Mirs Alice Lyle of St , Louis , about
twelve years ago , the union of the
two old St Louis families was heralded
throughout the country Tha infant son ,
born iu ISsO.lbouiid the families when it was
given the name of Lvlo Gartisoa Hut this
child has been the occasion ot a gcnoral
family row During his ovcnlful enrcor of
nlno years ho has been twice kidnapped ,
In 18S2 the mother died , leaving the infant
son heir to property valued at $30,000.
Cornelius IC Garrison was appolntod ox-
ccutor of the child by the St Louis probate
court In 1SS7 Garrison removed to Jasper
county , where ho had mining interests , leav
ing little Lyle Garrison in the churgo
of Mr3. Utchardson , a sister ot Mrs
Gorrison living in St Louis Cornelius
Garrison died , leaving tbo child a largo for
tuuo Caroline Lyle , the boys grandmother ,
was then appointed guardian by the St
Louis probate court , O , F , Garrison , his
undo , wanted the appointment Ono day
whllo little Gurnson was playing In the front
yard his undo , O , F. Garrison , and two
masked men drove up and carried him away
His undo took him to Jasper county , and
was by the probate court of that county
made guardian , Curolino Lyle appealed to
the Jnspor county circuit court to have the
guardianship granted by the Jasper probate
eouit sot aside This the circuit court
did and Garrison appealed to the court of
appeals , The court today decided that the
probate court of Juspor county was In onor
In appointing A. F , Garrison guardian , us
the residence of young Lyle Garrison was in
St Louis , so was the residence of his father ,
bis trip to Jnspor county being only a torn
porury ono on business connected with tha
mines Mrs Carolina Lyle , the boys grand
mother , was accordingly awarded tlio cus-
tody of Lyle Garrison , ouo of tbo wealthiest
young lads in tbit > state
Captain Casstl'w Story of HIh Arrest
nnd Kcsoun hv Kinin Iashn
Rome , Dec 2. [ Special Cablegram to Tun
Uee.J The Klforla publishes a letter from
Captain Casstl , dated Tunguru , March 25 ,
1BS8 , describing his nrrust in January by
order of King Kubroga , He says ho was
cruelly bound and was driven from village to
vlllaco toward tbo country ot Cbiof Kokora ,
who gave orders to bis pcoplo to kill him ,
After olght days of suffering and fasting ho
wus rescued by Umln Pasha , but lost every
thing , ivory , papers and letters included
"My grlof thereat , " writes Captain Casstl ,
"Is so strong that I fcol nnulhllaiod A uier-
chant named Hiri , who was residing with
me , suffered ttio same fate and it is reported
ho committed suicide on the road King
ICubrega Is sending soldiers to intercept
Stanley "
A Temporary Check
CmcAfiO , Dee , 2. [ Special Telegram to
Thk Uee , | The attempt ot the Chicago liar
association to stop the unprofessional prac
tices ot the bordo ot dtvorco lawyers that in-
• fest the city mot with a tomporury chock in
the decision of the appelato court today in i
the famous Hoattio case This court decided I
that the statute of lliuitutions covers i
the case of Charles J , Heattlo and I
the decision of the lower oou.-t
sentencing Heattlo to imprisonment
iu the county Jail for one j ear and to pay a i
flno of $500 for contnmpt wns reversed ,
Heattio's crime consisted In foisting thn evidence
denco of perjured witnesses on the eouit nnd
thereby obtaining n divorce for Mrs , Addio
K. Gordon from George 11. Gordon , n To
ronto lawyer It Is stated that the bir asso
ciation will endeavor to secure the convic
tion ot Heattlo on moro recent ofTensos
KIVIl PKIt&O.tri OUIl.UAriH ) .
Fonrl'ill Work or a Flro In Plillmlel-
• fihlu YoRtordiy • -
PiiiiAtiEi Pint , Dec 2. A tlirco-story
brick building nt the corner of Second nnd
Huntington streets burned early this morn
ing The basement and Ilrst tloor were used
by Gustavo Gross as a bakery The second
floor was occupied as n dwelling by Gross ,
his wife and four children , and on thn third
floor dwelt Joseph liltner with his
wlfo and six children The lho burned
so rapidly that before the occupants
could ha aroused the following were burned
to death :
Mrs , Annlo Hltnor , aged thirty-five.
Annie Hltnor , ngol six
George Hitncr , nlno months old ,
Gus Gross , Jr , aged nlno
Hruno Gro s , aged five
Mrs Mlimlo Gross , Iluttlo Gross , Joseph
Gross , Joe Uiluer and John Khinson were se
riously Injured The other occupants escaped
without serious injury
Mrs Minnie Gross dlod nt the hospital nt 5
o'clock this afternoon , the fact ot her being
in a delicate condition hastening her death ,
Still Smouldering- .
MiNNEVroi.is , Dec 2. Tno still smoking
lulus of the burned Tribune building were
visited by crowds this morning , among whom
were a few mourning friends of the victims ,
but it was nearly noon before work was
begun on the ruins lSvnn then It was not
possible to uiulortalto systoaiatiu efforts for
the recovery of the charred bodies ot the
victims of the disaster The coroner Is col
lecting evidence iu the case , and n thorough
investigation of the matter Is assured To
day there is still mucn Indignation expressed
by the public goiiprallv After thu identifica
tion ot the bodies and testimony as to the
manner of their deaths , the inquest ad
Who tlio mon were who were soon to shoot
themselves rather than suffer from the
flames Is not yet decidoJ The woman and
children who went Into the buildimr shortly
before the lira broke out have turned up
safe Measures for the rollef of the suffer
crs and tbo fumillosot the victims nro ac
tively under way
Newspaper men have frequent occasion
to report the bereavement ol others , but it
is seldom so many are taken from their own
ranks ut one time Hcsidrs tbo Associated
press men , Igoo and Miles , the list of dead
included Millman of the Trlbuuo and Pickett
of the Pioneer Proas , nil coed and true men
Tonight the ucwspipcr mon of the two cities
hold meetings for the purpose ot giviug ex
pressions to their feelings in the matter , nnd
during the day the ministers of Minneapolis ,
as well as the board of trade adopted reso
lutions of sympathy
Tliroo Moro
Detuoit , Dee 2. Ex-Mayor Thompson's
residence burned last night ; loss $ " > ,0J0.
Cumpkiiianh , , AVis , Dee 2. A fiio at the
Humbird lumber company's ' yard at Clayton
last night caused a lo3s of 75,000. ,
WiNPsoit , Out , Dee 2. L. HouciTo's wlno
house burned today About 22,00(1 ( gallons ot
wlno ran into the Detroit river The loss is
Hooting Works Burn
Dkxveii , Cole , Dee 2. [ Special Tolo-
pram to The Dee , | The Denver granite
roofing company's works burned this after
noon ; loss $15,000 ,
AV1IO Wlldi JsElTIiK ?
J ml fro Henry Suntmi > H the Mayor *
Veto of the I'nii-American Hill
Kansas CiTr , Mo , Dec 2. [ Special Tel
egram to The Hee.J Judge Henry of the
circuit court , in a lengthy opinion handed
down today , decided that the city could not
pay the 81,000 appropriated by the commou
council to entertain the Pan-American visit
ors Mayor Davenport vetoed the ordinance
passed by tbo council authorizing the ap
propriation , whereupon the council by a
two-thirds vote passed it over the mayors
veto The mayor , in order to test the legal
ity of his veto , caused injunction proceed
ings to bo instituted restraining ; tho-clty
treasurer nnd comptroller from pav
ing out the money The mayor
claimed that the new city charter
authorized no such nppropilations The
council held that under the general wel
fare clause its uction was legalized In
passing on the injunction proceedings Judge
Ilcnrv said"I : recrot that I am compelled
to deny the authority of the council to pass
thn ordinance in question , but regard it as
extra-municipal , unusual in its nature and
dangerous ns a preccnt , aud the power to
pass it a matter of grave doubt " It was
wlnlo discussing the mayors veto in the
Commercial club n few weeks ago that tbo
disgrucefut row between Mayor Davenport
and Congressman Tarsnoy occurred in which
the former slapped the hitters jaws , 'iho
question which now remains to bo solved is ,
Who will pay the Pan-American bills ) > '
Chicago's Ex-Mayor and Ills Lieu
tenant Hiiublicil
Ciiicaqo , Dee 2. [ Special Tologratn to
The Uee.J Uy the action of the Chicago
democratic convention , which concluded its
two days session this nftornoon , Carter II
Harrison , three times unyor , twice oou-
grcssmnn and once his party's candldato for
governor ot Illinois , Is effectively and prob
ably forovcr retired from the field of
politics Although it wus the mission
ot this convdntion to nominate
five men as candidates for trustocs
of the sanitary district m which Chicago and
the surrounding towns uro to bo organized
for the construction of n $20,000,000 drainngo
ounnl and although Carter Harrison nspirod
to the chairmanship of this board , ho was not
oven able to extort from the convention the
mcro nomination for a trusteeship , It is the
Ilrst effective blow which has boon dealt to
Hurrison and Lioutonaut Mike McDon
ald , the millionaire gambler , for years
past und Is all the moro emphatic from the
fact that the highest vote Harrison received
upon any ballot was 77 , though l'J8 ' votes
were necessary to a nomination The doreat
of Iluinson as ropresontlng the gang influence
fluence- was only accomplished by the largo t
property owners taking a lively intorcst in
the soloctlon of ollicors who are to expend
millions of money and who are to bo all pow
erful In the allotment of contracts The mon
dually nominated nro Frank Winter and John
A. King of the AVest side , Thomas Gahan und
Hensaeller Stnno pf the South side , und
Thomas Lynch of the North side
Marylnnil'H OyHtor Grounds
Hai.timoiie , Md „ Dec , 2. [ Special Telegram -
gram to The Uee.1 Open legal advice Gov
ernor Jackson today decided to temporarily
withdraw his proclomotlon throwing open
the oyster dredging ground on the Hog
Island fiats to the dredgers of Maryland and
A'irginla , which tlueatonedto create trouble
with Airginla
Governor Leo of A'irginla today telegraphed
to Governor Jackson us follows :
"Uomo down und dine with mo Over an
oyster stow wo ran discuss this question as i
the governors of North and South Carolina
used to do "
The Wenthor Forcewr
For Omaha and vicinity : Light snow
followed by fair wcathor
Nebraska : Fair , lower teuiperaturo ,
northerly winds
Iowa : Light rain partly as snow in
northern portions lower temperature , north
eily winds
bouth Dakota : Light-snow followed by
clearing weather , slightly cooler northerly
winds ,
But Little Excltoiuant Attends the
Oponluc or the Soaalou
The Itonrc ontntlvcs from the New
States Attract Attoutlon ltacd
ICti'Oted Speaker by 1'wotvo
Majority ,
Thn Heimlr
AVasiunotos , Dec 2. Thcro was llttlp erne
no oxiltcincnt attending the opening of tha
Fifty-tlrst congress on the senate side of tha
capitol Public curiosity seemed to bo
largely with the house side Several of the
torolgn ; dclcgates to the uiaritlmo and Pan
American conferences , und n number of
ladles occupied seats in the diplomatic gal
lery Sir Julian l'ouncofotc , British min
ister , nnd Admiral KozcnkofT , of the
Russian navy , were among those present ,
'lho interest on the lloor was devoted
largely to the senators fiom the now states
They had had scats assigned thorn on the re
publican side ot the chamber On thu demo
cratic side are two seats so far unnsSlgncd
They will bo occupied by the senators from
Montana , when they shall have beou cIiobcii
After the swearing In of now senators lho
Bcnatu at 12 : % ndjournod ,
At noon A'ico President Morton entered
the chamber , hnd the ohnplnln , Kov Uutler
opened the proceedings with the Invocation
of the dlvliio blessing ,
'lho credentials ot Messrs Moody and
Pottigrow from the state of South Dakota
nnd these of Messrs Allen nnd Snnlro ot
Washington were presented nnd they took
the onth of ofllco The house uffcrod n reso
lution providing a mode for assigning sen
ators from thu stutcs of North and South
Dakota nnd Washington to their lecpectlvo
classes ( In relation to the period at which
their terms will uxplie ) und moved Its refer
ence to the comiultlca on prlvllegos und elec
Mr Hoar said It hnd been the custom of
the senate tonsslgn now senators to their re
spective classes us soon as they hnd tnken the
oath , but now , for tbo Utst time , the senators
from the three slates entered substniitiol or
at the sauio tlmo His losolutlon , ho said ,
proceeded un the theory that tlio senators
stood on an entire equality with reference to
their opportunity to bo selected for the shorter
or long term The fact that the proclama
tions evidencing the admission of the two
D.ikotas preceded Washington's by two days
was due to the greater distance the liturns
from the latter state had to come , and it gave
the Dukoias no Just title to priority ,
Mr A'cst Inquired whether there was any
thing In the resolution in reference to
Nothing , " replied Mr Hoar "I do not
understand that the senators from Montana
are hero or likely very soon to bo The sena
tors from Montana will losonothlug Py being
included in the resolution "
Hotel red ,
Senntors Kdraunds nnd Harris wore then
appointed n committee to Join a like coinmlt
tco from the house to Inform tbo president
that congress is ready to receive any coiri-
luuuicntion ho may cheese to muko A reso
lution providing for the continuance of a se
lect committee the transportation and
sale of meat products was agreed to
Aldrlch offered a resolution ( which wan
laid over ) tor the appointment of a select
committee of nine senators , to bo called the
quudro centennial committee , to which shall
bo referred all matters connected with the
proposed coleDrntion of the tour hundredth
anniversary of the discovery of America
The scnato then adjourned until tomorrow
Till * IlOUBU
At 12 o'clock ' sharp , the cleric called the
house to order and proceeded to read the
roll of members The roll-call showed 827
members present , the three absentees boluft
O'Neal of Indiana , Randall ot Pennsylvania
nnd Whithomo of Tennessee More than a
quorum having been disclosed , nominations ,
for speaker were in order , and Reed was
placed in nomination by Henderson of Illi
nois The mention of Heeds name was tbo
signal for anplauso from the republicans ,
which was returned by the democruts , when
McCroary ot Kentucky nominated Uarlislo
for that position , 'lho vote resulted :
Heed , 100 ; Carlisle , 151 : Cummings of Now
York , 1.
Reed haying been oloctcd speaker was
escorted to the chair by Messrs AloKlnioy
and Carlisle , and thy ! oath of ofllco wus ad
ministered On assuming the chair Speaker
liecd made a short speech , tlu.nklng the
members for the high honor bestowed upon
him In closing ho Bald :
"To the end that I may bo successful In
carrying out your wishes , I Invoke the con
siderate judgment and cordial aid of all the
members of this house " ( Long and con
tinued applause , I
The next step In the organization ot the
house was the swearing in of the mombora
clcctod , the oath being administered by the
The other oflicers were then elected They
were Edward McPnorson , clerk j A. F.
Holmes , Hcrgeant-at-arms ; C. A. Adams ,
door keeper , nnd James L. Wheat , post
master Willlum H. Mdlburn was elected
McKinley , Cnnnon nnd Carllslo were then
appointed to inform the President that the
house was orgu ' ulzod uud ready to proceed to
Perkins of Kansas offered a resolution
which wus adopted providing for the draw
ing of seats by lot
When the drawing was concluded the
scrgennt/nt-arms-clcct uppoared at the bar
of the house and qualified
Hnyn of Pennsylvania offered a resolution
directing the speultor to nppoint committees
on rules , accounts , enrolled bills nnd mileage -
age , each to consist of the smno nurabor of
members ns is provided for by the rules ot
tbo Fiftieth congress , and rofcrrlng itho
rules of the Fiftieth congress to the committee -
too osi rules Adopted Adjouniod
They ICennmlnato the Old ofliocra
nnd Declurn Tor Tariff Reform
AVabiunotox , Doc 2. The house demo
cratic caucus mot at 10 o'clock this morning
and remained In sosslon- half an hour AU
the old oRiccrs were renominated except
chaplain No nomination was made for that
ofllco All the democruts will vote for Mil "
burn , the blind chaplain of the last house
On motion of Mr Wiku of Illinois thu fol
lowing resolution wus udoptod without
division :
Resolved , That wo , the democratic
members of the . house of represen
tatives of the Fifty-first congress , at
the beginning of its first session , hereby
send grcetiiiK to tlio pcoplo of the country
and assurance of our coutinuod confidence
in and deyodon to the principles of tariff re
form ns embraced In Cleveland's message
to the last congress upon that subject and
In the platform of niinclplcs adopted at the
last domocrntio national convention at St
Louis ; and that wo hall with delight the
emphatio approval of these principles hy the
people us expressed ut the polls in the recent
elections : and wo plcueo them to renew and
contiuuo In congress the contest for a ro-
duction of wur taxes , so ably begun and
prosecuted in former congi esses by our
representatives and senators
The attitude of tha party towards any pro
Cosed modification of the house rules was
rought up for discussion , but It was deemed
advisable to postpone the determination of
these mutters , and accordingly , alter havinjf
boon In session for half an hour , the caucus
adjourned until tomorrow night
Hood OfToriiigH ,
AVasiiikutojj , Dee 2. [ Suocial Telegram
to The Hue | -Honds offered : (231,000 at
11.27 ; U,000 at * 1.01 } { .
* i
Im I

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