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Polly and Sunday , One V ar 110 00
fix Miratlis . A IK )
Three Months 2M
ftandar lle One Tear s 00
WceKly lloe One Year with Premium . . . 8 00
Omaaa , rtio IluJdlng
Chicago omce , r < R ltookory IJtilldlng
New Vork , tlooms It and 15Tribune Build
iDfiiWnslilnRton. . No , r.H Fourteenth 8treot ,
Council JIlnlTs No 121'carlStreet ,
Lincoln , 11K9 1' 8tic < ! t , ,
Boutk Omaha , Corner N andSftth 8trests.
All communication * rclatlnu to new * and pill
torinl matter Bhould bo nddre-acd to the Editor
ial Department
All business Icttcru nnd remittances should
be addressed to The Hoe Publishing Comtiany
Ouinlu Drafts checks nnrtpostolllco orders to
be made psynblo to the order oC the compiny
The Bcd Publishing ; Company , Proprietors
llr.B Ilulldlng I'arnam and Seventeenth Stteots
Tlio llr > < ! on the Trains
There Is no excuse for a failure to gctTnr Her
tin the trains All nowstloalers liavo been noti
fied to carry a full supply Traveler * wno want
'I lit ! Ur.c and cun't git It on trains where other
Omaha papers bib carried are ronuestod to no
tify Tun linn
I'lcnte bo particular to ( rive In all cases full
Information as to dale , railway and number of
Clhe us your name , not for publication or un
necessary nso but as n guaranty of eood faith
Sworn Stntoiiipiit i > r Circulation
f tnte of NebrasKo , I. .
County of Douglas fB3-
Ocorao It , IzschucK , hecrotary of The nee
TuMMiIng Company , doessolemnly swear that
IhoactunlcIrculatlonofTiiu Dut/rllKK rortho
wcecendlnaDecemhiyT , 1SSJ. was aafollows !
Sunday , I cc 1 21.100
Jloodny If c 2. Mil
Tuosdav Dec : } ll'.IM '
, Wednesday Dec 4 HUUi
Thursday , Doc B. 111.145
Friday , lined HUM
Baturday , Dec 7 , WIH
Average lO.OSO
Bworn to before mo and subscrlboil to In my
presence tins7th day ot DecomDcr A. D. ISSJ
ISeal.l N. P. FKIU
Notary Public
State ot Neb rasko )
County ot Douglas , ( "
Gcorgu II , Tzscbuck , being duly sworn , de
poses and says that he Is secretary of The llee
I'tibllshtng Company , that the actual avoraga
dally circulation ot tub Daii.v Her for the
month of December ism , 1SK1 coplen ; for
January 1S.VI. lfjm copies ; for February , 18 ) ,
lS.uaa copies ! for March ] fiM > . 18,8.it copies :
for April , 18S0. 1S.W0 coplestfor M jr PW ,
lP.fiOW copies ; for June into 1H.K.V1 copies ; fur
July lM , IS,7IU copies : lor August , 18K' , 19 , -
(151 ( toples ; for September , 1 . 18,710 copies ;
for October 1SHJ , ls.our copies ; for November ,
lfcSi , 111 110 copies Gl.OHOK H. T/,8CHUCK.
fcuorn to before me and subscribed In my
presence this 30th-day of November A D , IhSi
LSeal.l N , l\ FBI ! . .
Kino Kalakaua of the Sandwich
Islands ) , it is well known , has long boon
on the downward road Now ho is ac
cused of hcirinc * written a play
TnK Minnesota natural Roa well will
not thaw out the coolness between St
Paul and Minneapolis , nor effect the
industrious dispensers of gas In both
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Winona road is humping toward
Omaha at a lively rate The cortalnty
of facilities for crossing the river re
moves all doubt of the early completion
fv _ ot the road
- TDK movement for an advance in the
salurlos of United States judges is a
commendable one Five thousand a
year is only moderate compensation for
first class legal tnlont
• ' Lkyisoukn'S mammoth Catholic bank
Bchomo was as short-lived as Count
Motldowioz's gigantic Chinese mint
The latter squeezed his patrons , but
Loybourn's bait failed to get a nibble
Talk about robbing the government !
Broatch draws a balary of twonty-fivo
hundred dollars a year us member of
the Missouri river commission without
rendering the slightest service for the
monev * - _ _ _ _ _
I If it is not too luteTiibBue suggests
that the coming prohibition convention
' bo hold in Council Bluffs instead of
Omuhn No spot in the west can furnish
mora interesting object lessons on the
effectiveness of prohibition than the
metropolis of western Iowa
"GlVK mo free ere , " o.vchiims the
prosldont of the Pennsylvania stool
company , in an Interview , ' and I will
sell pig iron in Liverpool and steel rails
in London " Tliero Is Uttlo doubt that
the request will bo heeded Pennsylvania -
' ' vania ruroly fails to got what she goes
' utter
. ' Lincoln has boon shaken to Us
; foundation by the disebvory that the
* article wlilch is mainly used 011 the
, side is liquid death " The product of
f the local wells is alive with wigglers ,
\ ranlc sinolls anil other graveyard pro
* i motors , There is no immodkito danger
ir , " that the stuff will produce an intormtl
> IT took Carlisle a month to preoaro
* tie ) committees of the last congress
' Speaker Rood performed the same work
F for the present congress in seven days
I The incident illustrates the dlffo'-onco
Iv between domocratio snail pace and republican -
! '
| ' publican speed , and Indicates the en-
f- orgy and dispatch which will charao-
• torl < so the business of the session
H > ; BitOATCrr strikes a Macbothian attl-
| tudo and cries out ; Lay on Macduff
H ; and damned be ho who first cries hold ,
H enough ! " The attitude is decidedly
H * pat and truthful , with this dilTorenco
H' Macbeth iuvitcd lianqtio to his feast
H and conspired to murder him before the
H "soloinn supper began Broatch 111-
H yited Lmiugor to his feast and con
H 'eptrod to tnurdor him afterward From
H' the whole of '
range Shnkespearo's ckar-
' actors , Broatch could not luiva eoloctod
H * ' 0 > 1Q that tits him as effectively as the
H j trcachorous , bloodstained Macbeth
H Railkoad malingers oxprcs3 gnvvo
H- , . ( oars that the legislatures of the two
V' Dakotas will udopt radical measures
H i regulutiug the ( towers and duties ot
H > cotpmon carriers This is the usual ory
Hj , , when the people demand fair treat
Hp ' mont , For years the railroads refused
H " to listen to the producers They rode
H'f ! roughshod over tiiocouiitryoncourugod
H' * and supported elevator inouopollos and
Hr exacted their pound of flesh without
B. justice or mercy Now that the people
K have taken the rains in hand , the cor-
H poration * bog for quarter They sowed
H. the wind ; lot thorn reap the whirlwind
The sltitomont of the attorney Ron
oral of the United Statoa that in portions
tions of the country there hits been
shown such hostility to the federal
courts and officers as to seriously inter
fere with the administration ot Justice ,
presents a mnttcr of the very gravest
Importance For the most part this
hostility has boon developed in election
casi.s , whore fcdoral prosecuting attor
neys prosecuted against persons who
had violated the oioctlon laws , but it
has not boon confluent to this class ot
cases The attorney general says :
But it must not bo supposed that hostility
to the United States courts ami United
States officers is conllncd to election mutters
On the contrary , the records of the depart
ment of J'jstico show that in some districts
the civil proceedings of these courts and
criminal prosecutions wholly disconnected
with the olcotlvo franchise cannot proceed ,
because the lives of necessary witnesses nro
in such d.uisrcr that it would be simply In
human to enforce tuoir nUcrulancj anj the
RiviiiR of tnelr testimony ; while the ovldonco
is abundant that in certain localities no oc
cupation is so dangerous ns n faithful per
formance of duty by United States marshals
Of course such lawlessness cannot bo toler
ated In every uata the instructions to
prosecute have lioen couptoj with the as
surance that no means within the power of
this dopartmotit will bo spared to protect of
ficers nnd witnesses In the discharge of their
duties , nnd to bring to punishment every
man who illegally attempts to thwart such
Certainly this Is a matter which
should deeply interest every citizen
who doslros the consorvattolt of law
nnd the constitutional exercise ot the
national authority Great as is the
wrong Involved in depriving citizens of
their political rights , it is not a more
serious matter than that ot interfering
with and defeating the administration •
of justice in the fcdoral courts , and the
toleration of such interference any
wlicro , under whatever circumstances ,
is to invite the growth of n inoro for
midable danger to the perpetuity of
our institutions than coultl arise from
any other cause If anywhere in this
land justice is compelled to abandon
the pursuit ot those who vlolato the
laws because the Uvo3 ot the ollicors of
the law and those who are necessary to
the prosecution of the criminals will
be imperilled if they perform their
duty , there is a place where the
power ot the government cannot bo
carried too fur nor exerted too rigor
ously for the removal of the evil and
every loyal and law-respocttng citizen
would sustain the mostcxtromo measure
found necessary to protect the courts
and the olllcors acting under them In
the discharge of their proper functions
It cannot bo necessary to indicate in
what portion of the country the out
rages noted by the attorney general
nave occurred , but no matter whore the
spirit of hostility to federal courts and
officers of justice exists , and makes
itself felt In a way to contravene the
enforcement of the laws aud defeat
justice , It is the obvious duty of the
government , and absolutely necessary
to the maintenance of a general public
respect for the laws , to crush out such
hostility by the use , if necessary , of
every power at the command of the
government Whatever diversity of
opinion there may bo as to the wisdom
and expediency of a federal election law
to protect ull cities in the free choice of
their representatives there will be none
regarding the overshadowing noccssity
of so guarding the national courts and
these acting under their authority and
subject to their commands that the ad
ministration of justice shall everywhere
aud at all times bo free from all checker
or obstruction
There is no moro difficult or import
ant task devolved on the speaker of the
house of representatives than that of
making up the standing committees
Thoclnlmsof individuals , the welfare
of party and of politics , the interests of
legislation , the precedents , all have to
bo taken into consideration Most
speakers h.tvo found this task l > oth
laborious and embarrassing , and it has
sometimes happened that a month or
inoro has boon consumed In completing
it , as was the case with Mr Carlisle in
appointingthocommitteesof the fiftieth
congress Speaker Reed has accomp
lished the mo3t important part of this
work with exceptional promptness , the
leading committees being already an-
nbunced The suloetiont for the heads
of these committocs are the gentlemen
whoso appointment hud been expected
Mr McKinley of Ohio is chairman of
the ways and means committee , with
Mr Burrows ot Michigan in second
place , and these gentlemen will have
among their democratic associates Mr
Carlisle of Koutucky and Mr Mills of
Texas The republican membership
cf the ways and moans committee Is not
roassuringfor tv tariff bill that will re
vise the existing schedule In the direc
tion of lower duties and au enlarged
free list to the oxtotit dosirbd by a
largo portion of the republican party ,
and justified by present conditions The
attitude of Mr McKinley , who will bo
the controlling spirit among the repub
lican members of the committee , 1h well
known to ho that of pronounced oppo
sition to any considerable reductions in
tariff duties It was understood that ho
did not approve of many ot the ohangos
reducing duties in the semite bill of the
last congress , and his tariff speeches in
Ohio during the late campaign showed
that ho was not In sympathy with the
reform sontlmont In his own party Ho
is distinctively the champion , and
perhaps the ablest in the country ,
of the high protective policy It is pos
sible , however , that the position of the
administration regarding the tariff , as
vvoll as of a largo body of republicans in
Now England and the west , may load
Mr McKinley to somewhat modify his
views , and to ngrco to such a revision of
the tariff us will prune It ot such duties
as are no longer necessary to the pro
tection of domestic industries , but serve
only to enable manufacturers to exact
an unwarrntitabla nnd unjust tribute
from the people ,
Mr Cannon of Illinois is chairman of
the committee on appropriations , a po
sition of honor nnd responsibility which
that gentleman will undoubtedly fill
with great ability While Mr Ran
dall was at the head of this committee
ho oxoruisod a greater power oyer the
course .of logislutiou , at particular
Junctures , than any ether ono man In
the house , nnd so objoctlonnblo did
his tactics bceomo to his own
party that an effort was made at
the oponlng of the Fiftieth con
gress , by changing the rules , to greatly
reduce his power to Interfere with the
course of legislation Tliero will prob
ably bo no occasion for the ropubllcntis
to find a ltko fault with Mr Cannon ,
but the country may safely expect of
him a vigilant and judicious guardian
ship ot iho public treasury Mr Ilcn-
dorson of Iown Is a member of this
committee , and will take proper care of
western Interests which it may bo
called upon to consldor Mr Kelley of
Pennsylvania , the father of the
house , " Is glvon merited recognition as
chairman ot the commlttco on inatitt-
fncturos , a position doubtless entirely
ngrccablo to hlin as not being especially
arduous , and yet of dignity nntt impor
Mr Itcod hnB followed precedent In
providing for his competitors in the
speakership contest , and the result will
bo very generally upproved by ropubll
The state board of ngrlculturo , at its
mutual mooting January ill , will decide
where the state fair shall bo hold lor
the ensuing five years Tliero promises
to bo six competitors , Omaha , Lincoln ,
Hastings , Kcnrney , Grand Island and
Columbus Lincoln hns good grounds
and buildings , and her competitors for
the fair must bo proKirod | to guarantee
equally favorable facilities and accom
modations This would involve an ox-
pcnulturo of not loss tlinn one
hundred nnd fifty * " thousand dollars
Omaha should bo able tp readily raise
this sum , and moro if necessary , in
order to sccuro the great advantngo
that would bo derived from having the
fair hero It ought to bo obvious to our
business men that-such an annual at
traction to the whole people of Ne
braska and to many of these of contigu
ous states would most certainly
nssuro a handsome return on
an expenditure ot ono hundred
and fifty or two hundred thousand del
lars Nothing draws so largely lib a
state fair , and the great majority of these
who attend it unite business with pleas
uro If Omaha seriously desires to
sccuro this great attract'on prompt ac-
tiou is necessary There is but little
more than a month for the work of
scouring subscriptions , nnd while that
ought to bo tlmo enough , if our business
men take a proper and practical inter
est in the matter , none ot it should
be wasted Committees of the Douglas
county agricultural society , the Omaha
fair association , and the board of
trade presented the matter to ti moot
ing of the board last night It was de
cided to make a bid of two hundred
thousand dollars to socurc the fair
It is not doubted that there is n
strong sentiment throughout the state
favorable to Omaha , and if this city
manifests a liberal spirit its chances of
securing the fair should bo first rate
But the competition to overcome is
formidable , and Omaha can succeed
only by supporting her superior claims ,
as the metropolis of the state , with a
generous financial backing ' promptly
provided _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Senttlo correspondent of TnK
Br.E condenses a volume of truth in
the words , ' Nebraskans , stay at homo "
The now state of Washington possesses
a variety ot advantages for tho.home
seeker , as we ll as opportunities for the
speculator , hut every branch of busi
ness , every avenue ) of trade and labor is
crowded by the multitudes gnthorod
there by land and town lot boomers
during tlio last two years Wages are
lower than In Nebraska , fonts high and
the cost of living groatcr , A map with
a homo and a position in Nebraska ex
changes a pormanonoy for an uncer
tainty and sacrtflcos flvo years of
toil by going to the northwest
The talk of the great value of the tim
ber land in Washington is all bosh A
fnrm in Nebraska is worth a dozen lim
ber claims in that country All laud
adjacout to railroads is taken up , so
that the land hunter must plunge into
the wilderness and pay a stilt price , in
most cases exceeding the cost of im
proved farm land in Nebraska With
out a railroad and a sawmill the timber
is worthless Even with these facilities
the profit is not great In most cases
the timber must bo cut down and de
stroyed and the stumps uprooted , in
volving years of labor , and no little ex
pense The mineral nnd agricultural
wealth U unquestionably great , but
it is the worst of folly to exchange a
farm or town lot In Nebraska for the
floating prospect a competency in
Mayor Broatch's latest screed is truly
la marvelous tale a collodion of
brazen falsehoods calculated to befog
the issue and cover up the trcaehory of
himself und his hired assassins on elec
tion day Ho dared not defend the
charges of Tin : finis , but reverts to
street gossip to mitigate his infamy
No amount ot Bolf-prniso and hypo
critical pretense can wipe out the ugly
fact that Broatch'a career as mayor ,
from bogiutilug to end , has boon ono ot
unceasing duplicity A doublo-dealor
by nnturo nnd ' training , ho has paraded
the upper wards with a bauctlmonlous
visage , to hoodwink the law and order
oleinonts , while ho was ohook-hy-jowl
with the lawless classes ot the lower
wards , no was all things to all men ,
provided he could use them to further
the political fortunes ot W. J. Broatch
Broatch waves asldo as a trillo the
fact that ho sanctioned the paytnont of a
months salary to Tom Cummingswith
out warrant of law This is doubtless a
epecimon of the backbone about
which ho prates It Is paralleled by his
brazen conduct in forcing on the pay
roll of the city his chosen political pots ,
The power to creuto now offices Is ulono
vested in the city council , but the
mayor has ignored this express
authority and created the olllco of
clerk of the street commissioner , with
a salary of three dollars pot * day
Placing H , L. Sownrd , an elastio tool ,
In that position , the mayor displayed
his backbone to the comutrollor and
J ordered that official to place Seward's
iMJiidHMHHjjBSjB | | _ MJMfi | M
nnmo on the payroll without Iho
authority offfl She city council
Broatch thOlejl God in ono breath
that Linlngcrfi-n4 not elected mayor ,
nnd shows hls J jlocrlsy In another by
confessing thtlf ho voted the slrnleht
republican ticket nnd forced his coach
tnau to do llkowiso Is that the net of
nn honest man ? JJoes ho not by his nets
provo himself a llw and doublc-ilcnlor ?
While ho openly professednlloglnnco to
the republican ticket , ho had secretly
scattered his hirelings over the city to
work nnd vote against himself nnd his
coachman ! / ' ,
Mr Broatch refers to privnto matters
that have no boarlng on the question
Tub Bra : mlghlliso disposed furnish a
few chapters on his connection with
certain disorderly houses ; but lot that
pass Wo propose lo hold up Broatch
to the scorn of honest men on his record
ns an official , and his duplicity ns a poli
tician Palaver nnd falsehood nnd con
colt cannot alter the stubborn fact thnt
ho and his gnng outraged the ballot
box in nn attempt to continue him
self in power , nnd uftor being squarely
beaten 111 the convention , notwithstand
ing efforts to bribe delegates , ho
conspired with the leaders of the Solid
Twenty-eight" to defeat the men they
had publicly pledged themselves to
support They accepted democratic
money to betray the republican party
With treachery on their lips ntid mallco
in their hearts , they nccoptod Mr , Lin-
ingor's hospitality , while hours before
they had porfeotod their plans to
slaughter him at the polls
These nro the cold facts which will
haunt Broatch and his gang till judg
ment day
JUDfli ! ANnnit oN of Utah , who recently -
contly decided thnt a mormon alien had
no righti which courts were bound to
respect , is a democrat of tlio Iowa vin
tage This fast rondcrs the decision
nil the moro startling ns It alTocts a
largo number ot democratic votes nnd
conflicts with the cardinal principle that
guilt must bo established before convic
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
TnK oppouonts of Glndstono fre
quently assort that the grand old
man Is In his dotage and this seems to
bo the strongest argument they can
bring against tlio statesman But from
the way ho has been hustling around
recently it is evident that ho never has
his dotage with him
AN editor in Kansas is nccusod of hav
ing stolen the greater part of his
Thanksgiving editorial from the bible
Tlio plagiarism lias > just > been discov
ered It came very near going unde
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tin : latest fmetljod ot advertising ,
inarching thrrttigrlj Africa , may bo a
little laborioujlfu uj It pays Stanley
has sold his foijtjiicoaling book to a Lon
don firm for two hupdrod thousnud del
Colorado furnishes a duplicate of
the congressional forger nnd tbiof Ir
rigation is at n mighty low stage when
the Centennial state cannot match the
product of any Ruction of the country
CoNontssiON"An talk about beet cul
ture Is Hmoly ; bdt effcctlvo measures
should bo taken to hold the boats after
they are raised Remember Silcott
NEW.1 cosiunxT
California has a judge with a fine sense of
Justice Ho indulged in a drunken spree
recently and when sober lined himself $50.
Ho was fortunate in havlug the money with
him or he do would no doubt huvo sent hlm-
self up
Russian physicians assert that cholera is
in tbo air of that empire , and an dutbrcak of
the dreaded scouruo Is feared throughout
Europe It will bo well for the largo cities
In this country to look after the condition of
their sewers
Mr McGinty , tbo first baby hippotamus
born in this country , tiled after a short ex
istence In Now York city Ho was evi
dently afraid ot being enrolled among the
400 and so hastened to fall down to the bottom
tom of the great unknown whence ho came *
A few .vears ago Southern California was
enthusiastic over the prospect of ostrich
farming , but the industry thus far hns
turned out very much like Colonel Sellers
schemes , The ' 'mlllioDs in It" have mostly
been on the wrong side of the account , Af
rica charges nn export duty of $500 on each
bird und f 1"5 on oaci egg , so that it costs
about $1,090 to pet an ostrich to this country
Under such conditions it will rrquiro a
Unanclnl genius of high order to make the
business successful
Mrs John W. Mackay has won her suit
for llbol against the Manchester Exnminor
nnd Times , which accused her of being a
washerwoman before she married tbo mlll-
llonulrc It would certainly have been no
disgrace if she had been cngagod in that use
ful occupation , providing she did her ' wash
ing well
Tbo obsequies of Dr Lewis Mclsborgor ,
who Ulod in Mumilo , N. Y „ last weolc , In
augurated a now aoparturo in funeral rites
By u codicil to his will , 8330 from his cstato
was do voted to a feast of champagne and
oysters A free concert was also provided
and over two hundred people enjoyed the
banquet Everything wont off as merrily ns
a marriage bell aud apparently death was
rohbod of its sting 111 this instance
Execution by electricity is evidently to become -
como an instltutlon'iuNow York , A brick
building , thirty by thirty and twenty tfot
high is now in course of construction infaldo
the walls of Sing Sing , to be used exclu
sively for electrical executions , Criminals
are to bo congratulated They can now avail
themselves of all the modern improvements
and pass into the hereafter with neatness
amlalspatcu j-j
_ t3 ;
Jiifltlco-lq' Mr Illniiif > .
iVil ( < t < Idj > hiff7Jrord ; ( Dun )
We may not bajij * much admiration for
Secretary Ululue'i jiijltties as a statesman ,
but wo cannot crc it' jTpr ono niomont the
Idle and maliclous h'itimation that the stuto
donartmont In Wasliln 'iton is restrained by
Uritish financial InliiresU from recognizing
the ftcpubho of Brazil The Republic of
Ilruzll Is In no' hurry for recognition , and
will not suffer from d6lay. ' It can afford to
wait until other nations shall have authentic
and official information that the ropubllo
Mr Keniiin's Gr < : nt Work
Detroit Vite Pr < u ,
The Philadelphia phllaathrouists who desire
sire tbo United States to importineutlylntor
pose between Russia and her Siberian pris
oners may sparp themselvoa the trouble Tbo 1
force of public opinion can cross a frontier
with no fear of espionage and it bas pene 1
trated to the very heart of Russia So wa 1
learn that Mr Kounau't wonderful work in
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ j _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ;
the exposure ot the cruoltlcs of Russian con
vict ltto has had Its direct effect and that the
most nutocrattc monarch of the wstcrn
world hns boon forced to nmollornto condi
tions that hnvo cxistod for generations ,
l'rintort1 Ink never had n greater triumph ,
Aotlvo Animalcule
J.fiiroln VaU ,
A satnplo of Lincoln water taken from an
O strcot welt , loft In this otltco by the health
officer , last night nt 7 o'clock , walked off this
morning at 2I0. : !
Tliel.uianclpttion nfUt ill
Salt taht Trtlmn\
Attor February next wo trust that no mon
in Snlt Lake will bo found mean enough to
make rofcrenco to the past of villainy and
blood A now era is dawning , but It dawns
not save under a liberal sun nnn in the full
glory of true Americanism Let the barnacles -
clos nnd reactionists take notice , their night
of dnrknoss is pust ; with the dawn of the
day of hborty and patriotism they musthunt
the gloom of secret caves with the b.tts and
the owls , no moro to aftllct this fair laud
with their uncanny and despicable methods ,
a blight to progress , an insult to patriotism ,
and the scorn of honest men , The liberal
torches will light the way to the emancipa
tion of Utah
Itullronil Fnllnoirn
Silt PMiitchcoCfiiuMfrlf' .
Certain newspapers which are very friend
ly to the Central Pacific railroad nro Insist
ing that the corporation cannot pay its debts ,
nnd that if payment bo insisted upon the
road must bo abandoned or the money to pay
the debt bo dragged out of the people of Cal
ifornia by an Incrc.iso In the rates of fares
nnd froichts Neither of these positions is
tenable The past history of the Central
Puclllo railroad demonstrates that it has
been a moneymaking road , and thnro is no
reason why it should bo less profitable now ,
when the stnto has iucreasod in
wealth and population , than it was
olght or ton yoirs ago As ovcrybody
knows , the Southern Pacific road was
built out of the Di oilts of the Central Pacific ;
the quadrilateral accumulated itnmcuso pri
vnto fortunes ; u number of anotllary com
panies both railroad and construction com
panies were enriched ; and enormous sums
of money were spent in ways wlucn will not
bear the light of Investigation ; and all this
was donn out or the earnings of the Central
Pacific Is it not obvious , then , that it the
Conttnl Pacific were given nn even clmnco ;
It traffic were not studiously diverted from
it ; if its rolling stock nnd equipments were
ltopt up properly ; nnd if tliero were nnt a do-
tcrunuod and persistent effort to wreck it , it
would bo a paying property , and that , too ,
without any increase in ratcsl
Hullil Up Omaha
litrltte ( Mi ) drautiicfK
There is no usu in shipping stock and grain
5C0 miles when ns good n market can be had
at less than one-fourth the distance This is
especially true when considered with the
fact that the building up of markets nt
Omaha und Kansas City means an increase
hi the value of the land here and the general
prosperity of ttlls iwrtion of tbo country
These cities ulroady possess very good facili
ties , und with the Improvements that will
como with ineroasod'trado they will each
equal Chicago In all rpsuoct3. They may
not at first bo ublo to pay as good prices as
that market , but the saving m transporta
tion , titno and the many other good features
of the short run will much moro tham make
up the difference Wo bellevo too , that
eventually the markets of Kansas City or
Omaha , or both , will rule as high as these of
Chicago Ono great drawback to the states
west of the Mississippi river , especially the
territory on both sides of the Missouri ,
is the great distance to good grain und cattle
mnritets Nut only has such a state of
affairs proved disastrous because of tup high
freight rates to the distant tnarkot , but the
loss of tlmo , the injury to stock by the long
haul , and the manv other disadvantages en
tailed have boon such us to badly cripple the
interests of both the farmer and the stock
mon This state of affairs should no longer
bo allowed to exist , and wo bollovo it to bo
within the power of the people to bring
about.a change Lot un intelligent nnd sys
tematic ofTo.rt bo made by our fnrmcrs and
shippers to build up Kansas City and Omaha
Wutch the market nt these places and when
ovcr you can do as well by shipping there ,
dent fail to do so In the meantime propo
sitions looking to continued shipments to
these places will certainly meet with a re
sponse from enterprising men there Lot us
build up Kansas City nnd Omaha
NebrnsUn Jottlncs
An effort is being made to organize a camp
of Sons of Veterans nt Central City
The corner stone of the Washington
county court house will bo laid at Uluir December -
comber 111 with tilting ceremonies
The Webster county Woman's Christian
Temperance union will hold its fourth an-
nuidjucctlug at , Cowlcs , December 11 and 12.
The first carload of eggs over shipped from
Wnkellold to New York went out recently
The value of the consignment is placed ut
3IK)0. )
The Nelson creamery has shipped over ono
buudrcd thousand pounds of butter to east
ern nmrliuts this season , besides supplying
the local trade
York is to have a now national bank , with
a capital stock of $100,000 , mostly taken by
homo capitalists It will bo known as the
Third National Uank of York ,
F. M , Harney , an Elm Crook young man ,
has Invented a telegraph transmitter which
holds letters oxuetly the saino us these mudo
by the operator Bonding the mossuge
The merchants of Strntton have organized
a stock company for the purpose of buying
grain aud uiuking tbo town tbo best grain
market In the southwestern part of the
Two engines were almost completely de
molished and one fireman badly bruised by a
collision of frolcht trains ut Humboldt
Tlio cause of tlio nccidont was the failure of
an engineer to obey orders
W. E. Russell , a young man living at
( Jllcad , carried off the malden of his choice
from before an Irate fathers eyes and mar
ried her For thus bearding the lion * in his
don the young mau was arrested and fined 15 ,
Miss Anna Shnfcr , living near Cnadron ,
was thrown from a horse , dragged a long
distance , and kicked nnd trampled upon , but
she will lccovcr Hugs were to blame for
tLe uccjdcnt , frightening the animal she was
riding und causing it to run away
Soma wcolts ago Frank L. lllckcnbotham
of Frlond was treated to a charivari by u
party of enthusiastic acquaintances who ,
no alleges , put him into u water tank In
order to compel him to cash up Ho bas just
commenced action in the district court
ugalnst.tho parties for $5,000 damages ,
. Says the Fairfield Herald : The alliance
sold a lot of corn nt Edgar last weolr , deliv
ered on track , at IS coutt nor bushtfl , but
after ten cars had tyeeu loaded they were no
tified that the road was blocked , and hence
the delivery direct by the alliance people
was refused , Tbo alliance people will
promptly upnoal to the commissioners aud
claim heavy damages as at the prices they
were realizing the loss to the average farmer
will bo fjomllOO to { i00 , or many thousands
in tbo county , which , if added to the scant
profits of the farm , where it oolongs , would
enable many farmers to lift mortgages and
live lllto white men aud Amoricau cltizons
The wrong will bo righted if there is any
justice or acfousu for thooppressod left in
tbo law books of tbo nation
\Vyonnnir nnil Colorado
The street railway at Aspen , Col , , Is com
pleted and the cars have started
S. S. Burton of Trluidad , Col , , has fled
the town , leaving many mourning creditor * .
It 1 * expected that the „ vater works at
Douglas , Wyo , will completed in ton
Coal is delivered at Suadaueo , Wyo , for
J3 n ton , with n liberal discount to hoary
The Orootoy , Col , pump works are not
nblo to keep up with their orders , and their
facilities will bo Increased shortly
At the rate ot Increase In the past few
years the wool crop of Colorado will soon
exceed In value the output ot her sliver
mines ,
Tno losses cauood by tbo flro In the
wjomlng cnpltol have boon ndjustod nnd
the building will bo rondy for occupancy
when the legislature moots
Yam potatoes around Stewart nnd'f owner ,
Col , do not yield mnny to the hill , but for
Mzo they take tbo cake , A well known
fntmor says that some of his vines only had
ono potato , but thnt it was so largo that ho
hnd to quarter it so as to bake it
The Liramlo , Wyo , city council has passed
an ordinanca allowing gnmblers .to operate
on the ground lloor Heretofore the fosttvo
faro bank and soduotlvo roulette tnblo have
beea conllnod to the second stories , whllo
poker gnmos have been under iho bin of the
A man named Johnson wai shot and fatal
ly wounded by a companion , whllo hunting
n fnw miles north of Ouray , Col The mon
were looking for deer nnd the victim of the
unfortunate mistake was tnkon bv his com
panion for nu animal aud received u well
directed shot
Wyoming has a pig baron whoso cstnto is
near Buffalo , In Johnson county Ho Is the
only man who over had any success in tbo
hog buslnuss In the territory nnd , ot course ,
la it Ucrmnn , Ho hns Just slaughtered eighty
hogs averaging J)0 ( pounds each They were
fattened on alfalfa
Whllo the prisoners in the county jail at
Uvanston were hauling coal from the out
side , a sheep tbiof named I'ugtnoyor made a
break for liberty The deputy sheriff fired
nt him wlthput effect , but after a long cha o
the officer reenpturod his man on the river
bottoms , where he had hidden in the
William R. Alton , who sklppo 'd from Pueblo -
blo , Col , with $1,300 belonging to Mr Onl-
lup , his eraployor , has boon captured , Sheriff
McCarthy , when advised of his ( light , plncert
his minions on the trail and Deputy Sheriff
Lo Claire found Allen nt Coolidgc , Kan , ,
where ho was sailing under the uamo of
William Honnoy
While n ooy named Mills was with n hunt
ing party in a. canyon about twelve miles
southeast of Sundance , Wyo , ho was sud
denly grabbed by n boar that was hiding
under a rock Ono arm and n log were
broken and his no so and part of his fnco bit
ten off Ho managed to draw a hunting
knife and stabbed the brute , when the boar
went away and left him Tao boy may ro-
A writer in an eastern paper , who went'to
the bottom of the Grnnd canon of the Colorado
rado last winter , says : "t have been all
through the Rockies from Montnnnto Central
America nnd know what a chasm is , but the
sight of that abyss took my breath away
Prom the top to the bottom it Is fully 0000
foot Over a mlle below 5'ou ctTi see the
river touring through the gnrge , but not a
sound enn bo heard , It is so far away From
one bank to the other it is apparently not
over a numtcr of n mile , but as a matter of
fact It is fully nlnoteon miles "
Montlon of the town of Both well Carbon
county , Wyoming , Is the echo of moinory
A month ngo the plnco was n future groat'1
with its little bunch of houses , general store
nnd postofllce , with a newspaper next door
Lots were on the muikot nnd the land com
pany advertised it the cast , dwelling espe
cially on the petroleum prospects Today
the coyote Iodos uown the main street of
Hothwcll , for not a soul now lives in the
town Everyone has emigrated , but the
town site men will give the thing nnothor
whirl In the spring , The immediate coun
try is not without material resources and the
Pacific Short Line has a line surveyed
thrbugh the valley
JofTUnvlfl' First Spccoli a9 President
k Hostile to the North ,
Chicago Smiilitii Trtoun ? .
About February 14,1S01 , Mr Davis started
from Jackson , Miss , for Montgomery
Whllo waiting at Stevenson , Ala , some of
the citizens called on him Ho stepped out
of the car to the plat'orm of the station and
made nn extomnornneous hdccqIi Tina
speech was reported nt tbo titno by Mr
Rosewater , now connected with The Ommiv
Heh , but nt that time telegraph operator and
press ngent at Stevenson The following is
an extract from Mr Davis remarks :
England will recognize us and n glorious
future is before us The grass will grow In
northern cities where pavements have boon
worn oft by the tread of commerce Wo will
carry the war where it is easy to advance ,
where food for sword and torch awaits our
armies in the densely populated cities The
enemy may como and spoil nur crops , but wa
can raise tlie.111 as before ; they cannot roar
again the cities which took years ol industry
and millions of inouoy to build Wo are
now determined to maintain our position
and make all who oppose us smell southern
powder and feel southern steel
Mr Rosewater , telegraphed the speech in
full to the Associated press and It was
printed in the northern papers the following
day It created quite a sensation , us it out
lined the policy Mr Davis intondoa to pur
sue and was the first Intimation ho had given
of what his plans were
lu 1ST5 , fourteen years later , General John
A. J , Crcswell , who had been postmaster
general under Prosldont Grant , ( In the politi
cal combat in Maryland , charged Mr Davis
with the sontlmcnts expressed in this speech ,
which had boon printed in several histories
of the rebellion Oua of the prominent dem
ocratic leaders denied , on be hair of Mr
Davis , that any such language h\d over been
used by hlin , and Mr Davis himself in a card
published in 0110 of the southern papers
about two weelc later , denied over having
made any speech nt tbo tlmo and place men
tioned , or ever having said in substance
what was attributed to hlin In reply to this
the paper with which Mr Rosewater is con
nected replied editorially , giving the names
ot the members of tno committee that walled
on Mr Davis and all the circumstances con
nected with his passage through Stevenson
Mr Rosewater says that as ho kept a diary
ut the time , and ns the speech wns reported
to tno Associated [ press within thirty min
utes utter the nadrcss was delivered , it Is
hardly possible tliero'could have been any
mlstako made
Incidents or tlio Grant Singers Ar-
rivil In Now York Olty ,
Pattl , ever fulr and eve ' r young , " to use
the Inuguago of her favorite poet , entered
Now York again to begin nnothor series of
farewell uppoaratieos , says the Npw York
Times With her was Signor Nicollnl , the
perennial Manfred , two Mexican dogs and
some servants An attempt was made to In
duce the slngor to leave the Tuctonlc , which
brought her over , for the steamboat Laura
M. Starln while in tha upper bay The at
tempt appeared at the tlmo to have boon an
nccldontal fuiluro , but later Mine Paul took
a reporter for The Times into her conlidoiico
audoxplumod that the failure was due to her
hunger "I was so hungry , " she declared ,
that I was afraid to sea the reporters then
lost they should bco how much I could cat , "
But this dlftUcuco did not continue
throughout tbo day , for tha prima dotiua bold
a rccoptlon in the evening ut the Windsor
hotel and , with Marcus Meyer as mnstor of
corcmonlcs , related many interesting particu
lars about herself While she ohnttod she
amused herself by Btrokiug tbo furof lUcchi ,
the tiny dog which Mr.Diaz , wife of tbo
president of Mexico , gave her ,
Pattl in nppouranco has changed to a very
remarkable degree Amorlcans have been
In the habit of thinking of the great singer
as a pot I to brunette , with jot black hair , o.\os
and eyebrows , dark and richly colored com
plexion , The Pattl of this year is altogether
a different looking ludy Her hair bus taken
on Itself the color which gleams in the
tresses of Titian's Yonuses ; His true that
her eyes are as black and as sparkling as
over , that her brows nro as dark as otyoro ,
but her complexion bas become that of n
blotido inilk.whito , with a touch of the
strawberry-red , and it Booms that with this
transmutation ot brunette into blonde tliero
has coma a langour in her manner bettor bo-
titting her new self than that dash and
sparhlo which used to charm all who came
within tha Iniluonco of her personality ,
The explanation of the change , according
to Mine Pulti's self , is that she ti weary of
wearirg blonde wigs upon tha stage You
too , " sha explained , "I am obliged to bare >
light hair ns Jullot and In many ether characters - \ < M
actors , What should bo moro slmplo than }
Hint the rhnnga should bo made otico for nil , I
nnd that I should bo rid of constant chang I
ingl" Of course Mme Pattl wns * glnd to )
get back to America , she always ( s , mid she m
Is going to nppoar in roles in which she has
never sung before hero The ono which she
hns chosen this tune is "Lnkmo , ' * the ox-
qulslte work ot Dollbos and nn opera which
Is remarkably well suited to n display
of her voice When she was nskcil
whether Abe would appear with Inmngno /
she rcphod m the negative "I do not sing
lu his oporns , " sha added They nro the
heavy , horolc works , No , I shall deal with
tha operas that hnvo been In my rcportory
torso long Including Romeo nnd Jullot' '
and Lnkmo ' " Mme Pattl related many of
her wonderful recent successes in franco , j B
Spain , lluonos Ayres , Montevideo nnd MexIco - ,
Ice and rolntod how recently she had . In j
obedicnco to the entreaty of Guonod , gene |
to Paris to sing Jullot twice , but was compelled -
polled to nppoar ton times malting n trip to
London between onch porforuiutico in order S
to fulfilrhor engagements there M
Duiing her last tour In South America
Mme Pnttl received either $ . " > ,000 a perform * ,
nnco , with a percotitugo of the rcoolpts , or ' m
nn assured (0,000 a night On her prosout
tour she will recelvo more than { 5,000 for
each performance For thirty performances U
In lhienos Ajres she received $180,000 ,
Slnco she has boon hero appearing the last
tlmo in the Metropolitan operabouso In May , ' _ |
1SS7 she has boon very hard nt work singfl )
lug in concerts in the larger cities of Grcnt *
Britain and tha continent , receiving for a fl
concert programmo usually two numbers
700 or ubout f3.MJ0. Perhaps it is because
of these modest additions to her wealth that
rIio I1113 added extensively to her casket ot
jowola , which Signor Nicollnl guards with
the most jealous euro and usually rnrrlos in
n snchol , nnd that she has built n beautiful
little thcatro nddtlion . fl
as an to Crmg-y-Nos ,
where she can assemble "u hundred or two ' S
of my friends " This thcatro is to bo opened ; _ |
soon alter Mme Paul's return home , nnd fl
she has hopes that Henry Irving will apnoar 1
tliero when the curtain is first drawn up ,
o H
HII111I0I by Ambition ' _
I'htlaMpMa ftibhc Lt\gcr. \ * fl
Jefferson Davis had it within Ills power in H
IStit to have none n uricolcssand almost vital |
service to Ins country ; but ho allowed his sol J H
fish ambition to blind him nnd to allure him H
nway from loyalty , patriotism , honor and M
duty Ho was at the parting of the ways In
January , ISM , * and was not man enough to B
turn to the right ; nnd so ' M
A single turii.into the wrong has given M
Ills nnmo o doubt to All the winds of Heaven L
Took Ills Slniul With Traitors § H
A'nith Amtitcvu |
But the recollection ot his perfidy must H
never fade Ho deliberately chose to take H
no risk of standing with Arnold and Burr , H
and ho must bo held to the consquencos It t _ |
is no plcasuto to turn the sinister traits of a j _
mans character to tbo light liut the prac- ' H
ttco of converting the funeral pall into a _
mautlo of oblivion for the defects nnd crimes M
of a public man is not to bo tolerated , The H
press must reform its methods as regards ' ! _ _ _
the dead whose lives outer m\o history ' - _ H
Below the llerolo Standard ,
_ _
St Lou * Qhibe-nunncrat. f' ' i
_ _
It is not to bo doubted that when JcffcrH _
son Davis was captured ho was trying to , H
cscapo from tha country , under the impres- j H
sion that if caught bo would bo banned In j. _ H
other words , it is certnin thnt when tbo col- ! H
lapsoof the confederacy came ho did not * H
wait to sot his followers an example ot ' 1 _ _ _ !
manly submission to the inevitable , and to H
share with thorn the sorrow and privation I H
ot the situation , but lied from them as fast [ H
as possible , caring only for his personal I H
snfety If they chose to forgive him for 1 H
thus deserting them , very well ; but the fact I H
remains , nevertheless , that his conduct fell H
far below the heroic Btandard , I H
Galled an Able Stan ' H
AV10 York Evening Post 1 H
Nobody could bavo done more than Davis / H
did to give success to the cause that was 1 _ H
doohicd nt the outsat to fall before superior 1 H
force It follows that ho wa3 ono ot the 1 _ |
ablest men of his time , for it was by no V _ _
stroke of cnanco that ho was chosen to guide Ej _ _ |
n masterful race through a struggle for no- jj _ |
tlonal existence Ho was eoloctod because I B
bo was behaved by good judges and with | _ _ |
practical unanimity to bo their best oimippcd * t _ |
representative uud strongest man < _
Tarred With Treason * f |
Cleveland Lender M
Tlio name cf Jefferson Davis will always M
bo prominent in American history , but the j H
odium surrounding ic will augment as civil / _ _ j
ization , cauahty and human rights advance ] H
Time can bring no changes that cau efface ! ' _ _
the foul blot of treason from his naiao ' H
APIoturosqno Ilomlnlsceiicc H
Detroit Free Press i |
_ _ _
To the vast of the American
mass people , \ _ _ _
south ns well north he ceased
as , long alnco | H _ _
to bo anything but a moro or loss pictur- f _
osnuo rommisconco So far as ho has had I H
any Iniluonco upon this later tlmo , it bas f _ _ _
been an obstructlvo ono But oven as nn i fl
obstructionist his iniluonco hns not boon ] H
felt seriously onouch to make his death in , _ H
any sense a relief It is simply unimportant ' H
in all its respects except thTiso porBonul ones , M
which make ovary death important within u ' IB
certain radius B
A Monument Of Kelly t B
St , Louts Globe-Democrat , \ M
The surpassing mtsfortuno ot his life w s 'BJ '
his cscapo from the gallows at the close of l t
the war Had bo boon hanged at that tlmo - M
bo might have died with soma hope of boiag j _ |
esteemed In the future as a bore and a mar M
tyr But when the government spared him \ M
and loft him to stand as the living monument _ |
of his own folly nnd disgrace , ha forfoltcd > _ |
allchanco of such a compensation Lor the ' H
past quarter of a century ho has lived merely j H
to kocp the country reminded of the fact t _ B
that ho sought to dissolve the union for the | _ H
purpose of perpetuating slavery H
A Man Without n Country H
CMcaoo Tribune * H
When Davis visited England , ns bo didnot H
long after his dlschargo from Portress Mon * H
100 , be was virtually a man without a conn- , _ H
try , slnco there was no rocognlzod nation to _ H
which he could appeal for protection as a flH
citizen Mississippi could not give him a ' H
passport or interfere to protect his rights H
when abroad An enoiny of American H
nationality and a partisan of state sever * _
olgnty , denying American nationality , Jof * H
ferson Davis survived many yearn us a cltl- J _ H
zun of no nation and practically u man with { _ _ {
out a country _
m _
Ills DUnldlltlcH Removed , U
l'Mlailclvhtu Record l M
Jefferson Davis disabilities In this world M
have been removed by death Ho has goof |
to suttlo bis account before n tribunal where H
a just balance will be bold between what ho U
did with tbo approval of his couscioiico and M
what ho did la disregard of conscience In the |
great part be was called upon to play in the M
affairs of his country Ho served the union M
well , and hoservod it ill His allegiance to M
ills Btuto overbore and extinguished his alio-
glance to the federal government ,
* A
llond Offerings , ' B
Washington , Doc 9 , [ Special Tolcgram ' H
to Tub Hub.I Bonds offered ! M3I.550 at _ fl
nS7 ; * 3a,700atilOI , %
- , _ , 1 Positively cured by M
ft * ADIT DO these L'ltlo PlHs
ll/AlYI Ll\0 They also rclloro Dts-
mm . _ _ , _ tress fra * Dyspepsia , in- H
i Bi ITTLE digestion and Too Hearty H
IUFD Eating A perfect run
J M If Ln cdy for Dizziness , Nausea ,
_ PILLS Dr ° ' ' 'Mncai , Uud Taste
_ _ _ _ _ In the Mouth , Coated
_ _ _ _ H Tongue , rain In the Sldo , S
1555S = 5 ! Itouiid iiyiit : The
regulate tbe Dowels J'urely Vegetable

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