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BCcurlng the apprehension nf Sllcott , ns the
indictments will miuro the punlshmcLt ot
the criminal If ho can bo caught. The only
danger is that bo has got beyond tha clutches
of Iho representatives of the law and cannot
be caught ,
Postmaster General Wannmakcr went
over to Philadelphia today where ho will
spend tomorrow. Mr. Wnnamnkcr's ' ( laugh
ters cnma to the department this morning
with thnlr father. Ho showed them hli of
fice and then took them up stairs whcro thrr
rspectcd his "retreat , " at his private room
upon Iho third floor of the department Is
called. The "retreat" Is very handsomely
furnished with law curtains nnd upholstered
furniture. H consUts of two rooms. The
larger room has n dcnk In the center nnd ti
ultcd up ns on ofllcc. Connected by n door
way is a smaller room , which Is divided by
partitions , thus providing a place for toilet
' facilities nnd also an office room wherathcro
is ono desk nnd one chair. When the post
master general Is nt his desk the room is
full. There Is no space for anything else.
Ifls daughter * were naturally Interested in
the "retreat" and especially In the cute lit
tle private ofllco. Mr. Wimmnkcr does net
occupy his retreat very much , but when ho
wants n plnco of this kind ho wants it badly ,
and for this reason ho hud these rooms fitted
up for Ills uso.
Treasurer Huston , after January 1 ,
will have tha regular bank punching
machine brought Into r.C'juUttlon to provcnt
the ruining of checks. It makes iiund hulcj
n the draft or check iimnedhlely preceding
'and ' following the llsures so ns to inako the
raising of n chock Impossible. Air. Hii'ton
says ho hns used these punches In his bnnk-
ng house with great success nnd altliouih ;
Ithcra has never been raised a check cached
nt the treasury department ho 11 fear
ful ho will wuko up BOICO line morning and
Jlnd the government swindled , because there
nro very largo checks and drafts issued dally
und lloatcd throughout tlio country. Mr.
Huston has introduced n number of Inovn-
tions which facilitate the work of his ofllco
and guard against the practices of dishon
Thcro is a good deal of talk among promi
nent members of both houses about the war
that is to bo made upon trusts. It will be re-
mnmbercd that tbo ilrst bill introduced in
the senate this session was by Mr. Morgan
prohibiting tha formation of trusts. There
Is scarcely a man in cither house who is not
oppoeod to trusts , and when the mcasuro Is
reached Its adoption U assured.
Nebraska Geruinntovvii. Sownrd county ,
C. Fcttcrman , vice C. E. Hnus , removed ;
Tildcn , Madison county , Mrs. L. E. Honey-
sett , vice G. W. Hone.vsott , deceased.
Iowa Hluft Creek , Monroe county , M. H.
Sumncr , vlco W. F. Crowcll , resigned ;
Cotnii , Shelby county , \V. S. Uorubaugh , vice
W. J. Smith , resigned ; Calumet , Obrien
county , W. T. Kowell , vice W. O. Jones , re
signed ; Knox , Taylor county , AT. D. Har
riott , vlco G. V. Houton , resigned ; Luther ,
Hoonc county , H. H. Uadlay , vlco F. Luther ,
John li. Ucattlo of Iowa has been ap
pointed chlof of n division In the treasury.
Frank Alexander of Lagraco , Campbell
county , S. D. , has bocn appointed chief of
of the division of swamp lands , general land
The Sioux Indian Commission of Standing
Hock ugcncy , McChesncy of Cheyenne ,
Agent Anderson of Yunkton nnd Agent
Galllclier of Pine Kidge , nro hero , nccom-
pant&d uy > delegations of Indians from the
various agencies. It Is balicycd that the
commission will submit its report on Mon
day and tliat the president's proclamation
to open the reservatlou will bo issued within
a low days thorafrom.
Senator Moody will on Monday introduce
a bill to reimburse the country south of the
forty-fifth standard parallel. South Dakota ,
for tbo expense incurred in the constitutional
convention of 1S85. Tlio constitution adopted
in ISSo was used as a basis for North Da
kola , Washington and Montana in the prep
aration of constitutions in ISb'.l , which short
ened the sessions of tha convention nnd
_ av < d money for the federal government ,
which by the omnibus bill contracted to pay
the expenses of those conventions , nnd Sen
ator Moody says the government can now
well afford to pay the expense of the Sioux
Falls convention of 1885 , amounting to
about ? ir > ,000. The senator will also Intro
duce bills providing for an assay ofllco and
public building at Doadwoou.
Joseph Hara was today appointed post
master at Hill City und J. O. Cnllab.au at
Whitewood , S. I ) .
Senator Allison intends to leave Washing ,
ton next week for DCS Molncs. Ho xvill remain
main thcro until after the question of tils re
election is settled and probably not return to
Washington till some tlmo In February.
The stories being circulated to the effect
that the senator is going to be married are
said by bis friends to bo untrue.
G. M. Hitchcock , editor of tha Omaha
World-Herald , arrived m the city last night
and left this morning after a conference
with Senator Mundcrsoii.
OMr. Koscwator will leave for Noxv York to
morroxv night and after a few days thcro
will return to Omaha.
W. C. Shutloff of Waterloo , la. , has cntoici
upon tha duties of cashier under sorgcant-at
arms Holmes. This Is tha position recently
occupied by Silcoit , who decamped to
William Hill of Iowa has boon appointed a
folder In the house document room.
John F. lioatty of loxva xrau today ap
pointed chlof of a division in tbo rcgistiar's
ofllco in the treasury department.
Secretary of tha interior Noulo today dis
missed tha motion for a rnvlew In tha ca a o :
Perry vs. Illldrotb , Involving the north
west } t of section 23 , township 10J , range 64
Mitchell , S. D. , land district.
A IMii i > ltloint Gift.
N.EW YOIIK , Deo. 14. At the annual dinner
nor of the Wcslayau University club las
evening it was announced that Dr. ' Dauie
Ayers of Hrooklyn hail paid over to th
trustees the sum of fiW.OOO as an endow
ment fund for the university. Dr. Ay era
.although not a graduate of the college , ro
ecntly gave It 50,000 to establish u chair o :
.biology , and has also given other consider
qblo bums. The uowly elected president oi
ho college , Hradforl Kuymoud , added to thi
enthusiasm by the declaration ( hat tbo trust-
Ues bad resolved to add 50,000 to Dr. Ajor'u
gift , nml.tliut tOU,000 of thu amount was ul
ready raised.
Roblipil n Cnslilor.
QIIEAT FALLS , N. H. , Dee , H. Ao Cashio
Stlckuby of tbo Great Falls National bank
was leaving tha buildlut ; las' , night t < vo met
confronted him with revolvers und ordered
him back to open tha vault. Stlcknoy explained
plained that the tlmo Jock was set for morn
ing ana this satisfied them. They reliovei
Hticknoy , however , of a watch valued a
CUOU upd his lee o change , after which they
made their escape ,
Two ol' llurrnwti' Clang Onuturoil.
Auour , Miss. , .Deo. 14. Hufo Smith und
Joancs WcClung , tcembers of the uotorlou :
Hulxi Uurroxvs' gang , wore captured hen
by the Southern Express company's dciec
tlvcs this morning. Thcro was a desperat
Btrugglo during whicn McUluug was she
nnd Borlauily injured. It Is understood thej
were organizing un attack on the puy car o
the Kauiuu City , Memphis & liirmlngaaui
The Juvonlloa Orgimlzo n Polo
\ I'rnfrfulotml SU-D.tv lllcvclp Cliaso
CockltiRMain The Toxj- Sen
ator and AVIittt Ulnrko
Would Uki > to Do.
.Invnnllc I'olo 1'lnyrri.
The first game for the juvonllo polo cham-
plonshlp of this cltv wa * pliijcxl yesterday
ifternoon at the Colisntlin bctxveen the
ttirkots and the Txvo Orphans teams , nnd
resulted In a victory for the Two Orphans by
n score of & to I.
Thcro nro four teams In thU adolescent or
ganisation , vb : The Haricots , colors red and
illicit ; the Two Orphnus , black ; Iho Apollos ,
blue , und Council Bluffs , maroon.
The positions of the tx\o loams in ycster-
luy'n contest were ns folloxvas Uuikots ,
Searlllrst rush ; Hnskcll , Hccond ; MorrU ,
foul tend ; Alexander , hulf-bru'k ; U'oller ,
xnter. ; Two Orphans , Arnold , Ilrst rush ;
Jlirlstlun , second t Purx-H , ioal ? tend : \Vlut-
mm , half-back ; Stanley , coiiter ; Itofcruo ,
The boys put up a fine pamo , nud xIth a
little more jinu-tlco will bo nblo to inako a
showing against thotcaniHOf the older game.
'Iho next gnmu will be next Saturday after
noon between the Apollos nnd thu boys over
the river.
A.ldltiniiul Q lostlo IH Ansxvrroil.
Will you publish In Sunday's sporting col
umns tlio record of Lron Lo/.ier of Council
Hluffs for 100 yards , nNo that of U'ulton of
Grconxvood , Noti. , and oblige I Also are there
many Rood sprinters in UIH ! city ! Sprinter.
Ansxver : Lozlcr , 101/ ; Walton , 10K- There
nro several , among whom might bo men
tioned M. T. Kottlomnn and Hub Skinner.
\Vllllvtha "all playur , li also a speedy
Please Inform mo In Sundnj's ' Unr. xvnat
the score xvas between the Midland und Gate
nity lxlo teams nt their game Friday oven-
Ins , December ( ' . John Manner , city.
Ansxver : iif'ht to txvo In favor of the Mid-
To decides a wager , xvill you plcasa Inform
us what Hamlet , the Melancholy Dane's ,
lir&t name was I Minnie and Lanuio , Cass
Anmvcr : Churlio.
A SU-Dav Oyclc Ulinse.
Manager Prlnca , of the coliseum , U mak
ing preparations for a big bicycle race , open
to the world , to bo held cither during tha
; a" < t xvcok of January or the first week in
February. The race Is to bo u six days , four
lours u day , for a purse and the gate re
Morgan Wins tlio Hacc.
Senator Morgan won the six-duy bicycle
chuso run in tlio Mechanic's Puvil'on at
Portland , Ore. , last week , after a hard
struggle with Knnpp nnd Kennedy. The
score xvas as folloxvs : Morgan , 33U mlles
and U laps ; Kuapp and KonnoJy , "Ul ( miles
nnd 10 laus ; Fabing , 71 miles und U laps ;
Merrill , ol miles and 1 lap.
Tlio ButtlR or ( lie Hlrds.
'I ho dead yamo will assemble at n rendez
vous just outsldo of the southern city limits
this afternoon nnd indulge in acockingmaln.
There are to bo flvo battles for SJ5 a battle
and f 100 on the main.
Is Willing to Work.
Dad Clarke hns concluded to remain In
Omaha this xvintor and while \vaithi _ for the
ball.sooson to open would Ilka to servo ns
cashier for some bank or tbo president of a
'I liu Hrotliprhofid Ball I'luyors Klatud.
J KIV YOIIK , Deo. 14. The brotherhood of
ball players hero are gleeful tonight because
of legal opinion which was rendered them
by David M. Noxvburgerupon the validity of
the rescrvo clause in the league contract.
The document sots forth in detail the
reason for tha final conclusion , which is in
thcso xvordt : "Clause is invalid nud not
blinding , and a party of the second part ,
whoever ho may be. In my judgment is at
liberty to attempt employment under any
conditions ho muy choose whenever ho
pleases. "
Kllraln Convicted of Assault.
Pniivm , Miss. , Dec. 11. The jury In the
Kilraln case returned a verdict of not guilty
of prize lighting , but guilty of assault and
battery. They were out flvo hours.
The jury was secured without much dlfll
cultv this morning. It was composed of nlna
whites and three negroes. The testimony
was not lengthy and did not differ
materially from that in tha hearing
a fexv months iipo. Heforco Pitzpatrick
was one of the witnesses. A strong charge
xvas mndo by the attorney for the state ,
Willie the advocate for the defense hold that
the llttlo allalr xvas a social combat , and not
a prize-light. After live hours' deliberation
Iho jury returned the verdict as above , and
Kllraln was sentenced to pay u Ono ot SIOC
and imprisonment la the county jail txvo
months. An appeal xvas taken , and ha was
admitted to ball in tbo sum of { 1,000.
A SciillcT's Clm1l < n < ; t > .
TtENTON , N. J. , Dec. U. Edxvard Hanlon
tbo sculler , dictated a challenge to the work
this afternoon , ngrcolmr to post $1,000 will
any Noxv Yonc paper agreed upon for nu
open , frco-for-nll scull ruco on tiny labo In
this country or the Thames rlx-or , England
in July next ; each entry to put up $1,000 , ,
tha winner to taUo two-thirds and the scconi
one-third of the stakes , and tha winner to b (
classed champion sculler of the world , li
this is not satisfactory to Australians ha xvll
roxv any Australian for $3,500 n side on the
Thames course next July for the champion
ship of ibo world.
ISnsn linll Tent Cases.
PniLADEU'iilA , Dec. 14. Colonel Rogers
as solicitor of the Philadelphia league club ,
today fllod a bill in equity against players
Hallinau and UuQlngton , setting forth the
nature of the league , its contracts , etc. , am
asking that players ba restrained tram giv
ing their services us ball playurs for the aoa
son of IbOO to any other club. These xvill bo
mudo test cases.
A iNexv Orleans Hotel Firo.
NEW OUI.FASS , La. , Doc. 14. The Allen
house , a hotel sltnntod m the upper doors o
'ho McCIousky block on Charles street
burned this morning , The stairways wort
nblazo immediately after the alarm am
nearly all the guests hud to maka their cs
capo through lha xvlnUowa over tlio roofs o
adjacent buildings. Three or four jumped to
the pavement nnd wcro badly Injured
Frederick Hust , the manager of the Nallla
Mollonr.v theatrical company , may not recover
cover and Charles Shackford , tha loading
man of tba paruo company , was torriblj
burned. '
The Jieutli Koooril.
NBW YOIIK , Doc. 14. Jud o Ambrose
Monull died tunlght. Ho xvts recently Im
plicated as counsel for Sheriff Flack in the
notorious divorce casj , and it 1s said that his
Ill-health dated from the discoveries of the
fraud In that caso.
Nsxv Yonif , Deq.4. \ . Hector Havomeycr
president of the Havouioyer Sugar Heflnory
company , uud cousin to the president of the
UKar trust , U dead in Furis.
New YOIIIC , Dec. 14 , Hov , Koubea Jef
fery , Dl ) . , u xvoll-knoxvn Huptlst clergyman
died at U ; 15 o'clock today in Hrooklyn ,
VIENNA , Doc. 14 Cardinal Ganglouauor
archbishop o ( "Vienna , who has be n orltl
cally 111 for some ' tlmo , died toduy ,
AVnlto Cant Arrested.
LAsVcdis , N. M. , Dee , 14. Throe prom
lucn Mexicans , supposed to ba the ringload
era of the wlilto caps , anil tbo fenca cutters
who tvora arroitoj ya torday , inakuJ sayou
fie fur takoa into custody , leaving thirteen yet
to bo arrested for murder aud other crimes.
lirouc" nrldcc A Colllalon A
Cin ( ruction Trnln Ilprnllrd.
HArKrx < xcK , N. J. , Dec. 14. Durlne n
loxvlmg snoxv ntorni this nttornoon it coal
ram nn the Susntichnnnn road xvcnt through
nn open draxr-brldpo into Hngllsh creek ,
Cnclaccr Nlxou. Fireman Harrington and
William Sccly nro under tlio wreck In the
Collided With n l-YHiclit. .
ST. Loui" , Dec. 14 , A passenger train on
ho Missouri Paclilo collided wltlfn freight
rain nnur Pleniant Hill liHt night , nnd txvo
nimpt stealing a rliln batxvccn tha tender
ind the mall cars were crushed to a pulp ,
Ml the passengers were shaken up , but none
wcro seriously Injured.
Drrnllnd on tlin WnOnoli ,
ST. Lornt , Doc. 14. A construction train
on IhoVabash railway , fifteen mllus from
hln city , ran down n hand car , derailing the
rain nnd Killing txvo men nnd badly Injuring
'our others.
A Cnpltnl Crliuo.
If ANSXS Cur , Dec. 14. Tbo coroner's Jury
.oday rcturnoil a verdict of guilty against
Jharles Merchant , charged with having set
Ire to tha Oklahoma house yesterday. The
crime li n capital one ,
Ncxv York In UarktirsH ,
Nr.xv YOIIK , IVc. H. The city is almost
entirely in dnrkness tonight In consequence
of the cutting of the electric wires. Thcro
s net an vlcctrlc light visible south of tbo
[ > ark on oltlicr side of the town ,
Itti-iiness TrniiHnototl ly tlio Coni-
iiilhslonGro Ycstpt-ilny.
The bill of Henry Gibson for printing and
stationery furnished m October and Novem
ber , amounting to ? lllT.t. , ! : > , engaged the at
tention of tlio county commissioners yester
day afternoon , after all the other business
had been transacted. The finance comtnlt-
tco reported the bill back with tlio recom
mendation that It. bo cut to a total of (051.25 ,
and tha report xvas adopted. The bill con
tained itoias of poll books , pans , pads , etc. ,
some of which xvarocut nearly iiJ ( per cant.
Mr. Anderson , chairman of tha llnanco com
mittee , stated that the charges were extortionate -
tionato nnd xvcro m excess of tlio market
valuaof the articles.
Mr. Gibson was present and explained
that there xvas no contract between himself
nnd the county for the year 1830 , and the
only baits xvas the bid submitted by him.
Ho claimed that the iricos named were the
market prices. The poll "books used in tha
election wcro charged at ? 1 each , und Mr.
Anderson claimed that other counties only
paid SO cents for them. Mr. Gibson ex
plained thli by'saylng that the books for
Douglas county wcro larger than these used
in other counties , and cost mora to inako up.
Mr. Anderson then asked about the item ,
"senate pads , " xvhich are charged ut-11 cents
each. Thcso are pads of .yelloxv writing
Daper , foolscap stzo , some of the pads con
taining fifty sheets and others 100 sheets.
The price on thcso xx-as cut by the committee
to UO cents each. Two dozen short hund rn-
portors' note books xvcro charged ut $29.
This Item was changed to $0. _
Mr. Anderson stated that tlio court report
ers told lil'Ji they could buy .the sumo books
for in cents each.
Mr. Gibson merely laughed at this state
Mr. Anderson then asked to have the chat
tel mortgage records brought Into the room ,
us ho wished to ask Mr. Gibson something
about the books. County Clerk Hoche
brought in three books and said , "Thero they
are. "
' Arc those alt of the books ! " inquired Mr.
The clerk replied that these xvcro all.
Anderson then demanded how It xvas that
ttio county had paid lor four books when only
three were furnished.
Tills reopened the old fight .between
Anderson and Hocha and the satna old argu
ments xvere broughtt > ut again , but nothing'
nexv was developed.
Anderson said his idea In having the booics
brought out xvas to ask Gibson why they
xvero not furnished with "indicators" on thu
edges of the leaves , unit ha had no intention
of bringing up a dispute.
The dispute over the amount of Gibson's
bill xvas overlooked entirely but Mr. Gibson
remarked that hu xvould not accept the
amount voted by the boani. Ho was not
propuied to inako a detailed statement as to
the various items , but would do so later.
During all the time tuis dispute bctxvccn
Anderson.Gibson und Kocha was going on
Cnalrmun Mount vainly endeavored to bring
the board to ordor. and finally succeeded in
putting a motion to adjourn" until Monday
afternoon und dcclured It carried.
The chairman at oneo withdroxv , leaving
Anderson und Hocho to fight it out , which
they proceeded to do. They accused ono
another of crookedness and brought up the
same charges which xicro aired about six
months ago.Vhon they had vented their
spleen they retired and quiet was restored.
Previous to the dispute occasioned by
Gibson's bill tha following business xvus
transacted :
J. C. Mahoney applied for Via position ot
engineer at the county hospital. Kefcrrcd
to the committee on construction.
The county attorney returned tha bill of
Police Judfio Heather of Soutn Omaha for
fees In sidle cases , with tbo opinion that the
county was liable for fees in felony cases ,
but not in misdemeanor cases' .
Mrs. Marion Casey submitted a communi
cation asking damages for land taken In
locating road No. 4fl D.
The ofllcial bond of Sheriff -elect John F.
Boyd for $10,01)0 ) , xvitb. William A. Paxton
und John A. McShano ns sureties , was ap
The bonds of F. A. McArdlo , ai justice of
the pence of McArdlo precinct ; John ej. Mor
risen , justice of the peace of ilia Third dis
trict , city ; John Stolnert , jnstlco of the
peace of McArdlo precinct ; J. H. Watts ,
justlcooftho peace of Waterloo : William
Clark , supervisor of Elkborn prrclnct ; S. S.
Wilt , supervisor of Elkhorn precinct ; C , E.
Ogle , supervisor of Valley precinct ; L
Peterson , constable of tha Seventh xvard ,
aud Polar Sbarkuy , constable of the Fourth
xvard , xvcro road and approved.
Tha bonds of David Neil , us constable , of
Waterloo precinct ; Jacob Hortman , con-
stabla of tha First nreclnct , and Honr.v Me-
Kendry , justice of the peace of South
Omaha , xvcro referred to tha committee on
A number of applications from county of
ficials , for supplies , xvoro referred to tha
committee ,
The claims of the Judges and clerics of the
election on the bond propositions , at $ ii each ,
xvere presented and allowed.
The following estimates were allowed :
Dan O'Kcoffo , brick culvert , JOd.2J ; Hoot &
Johnson , grading Stata street , Florence ,
J7.VJ.25 ; Eli Johnson , grading county road ,
$171.03 ; O. Davis , grading Dodge street ,
$1U0.3 ( : ) ; II. C. liarnco , grading Military
road. ? ! , , ' .SO.
A number of small bill * were allowed nnd
ordered placed on the next , appropriation
Tha bill of the Democrat publishing corn-
pan v of f.OI..VJ for publishing thu election
proclamation was referred to the finance
The foes of Clerk Mooros of & ! H7 for the
February und May terms were allowed.
Appropriation shoot No. 17 , of tha road
fund , nmouutliiftof 1.259.11 , xvus nllpxvod , as
xvaa also , sheet No. 3'i , of the general fnnd ,
amounting to t5U.'W.87 ,
The bill of Iho canvassing board of the
last bond election , for txvo days , xvas dis
puted by tbo chairman. Tha board jnot to
canvass the vote after all the buxus wcra In ,
and fouud that tha boxes from two wards
were empty.11 They were obliged to xyalt
until thu next day to canvass these txva
xvards , and their bill for tha second day xvas
aisalloxvei ] . Chairman Mount voting against
that part of the bill , xvhllo Andaitou voted
aguluat the cntiru bill. O'Kccffe and Turner
voted ayu.
On motion of Mr. Anderson thn county at
torney xvus directed to draxv up u bond to bo
signed by all contractors for county xvork
providing for thu payment of all claims Inr
wages of laborers , mechanics , etc. The mo
tion carried. Messrs. Mount , Turner and An
derson voting ( n the afilriuattro and Mr ,
O'KoofTo ' in the negative , Mr. O'Keeflo '
wanted exception made lu the case of li J.
Ureunan , who hud ulraidy submitted a bond
xvhich covered this point.
The board then udjourued until Monday at
3 p. m.
Mr. W. A. Paxton , jr. , will KiviTix wtllllon
Tuesday u von Ing , December 17 , in tbo hand
souiu ballroom of the family residence.
And Because Ho Wouldn't Mttrry
Her She Poisoned Horaolf.
\ I''mud icriotrntcd | on ( lie Slattern
Woodmen An Old Account
Closoil Othrr low *
Now * .
A. Wotnnn'ft Bind Act.
( jEDAn Hiring , In. , Dec. 14. [ Special
rolegratn to THE Hun. ] Last night Mrs. E.
2. IJoollnlo , uilrcis mnkor , walked liiUJ Dr.
( n.vinotul's ofllco this city , ntul demanded of
) lni that lie marry her. On refusal sha
swallowed a iloso ot poison and died Ibis
nornlng. Sliu has been Insane some tlmo
anil considered herself enraged to tlio doe-
.or. Whllo hu win trying to provcnt her
from carrying out hot Intention she broke n
> late glass window. She seized' n plcco ol
.ho glass neil threw It nt the physician , anu
rut an ugly pa h iti his head. Tlio docwr U
ono of tlio most prominent physicians In tlio
An Inaiirnnco hutndlc.
DCS MOINBI , la , . Dec. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim HER. ) A sxvindllng scheme of
widespread Interest has just been brought to
liubllo notlco liero by un attempt to have tlio
alleged perpetrators indicted by the Polk
county grand jury In this city. Tlio fraud
was practiced upon tlio organization of Moil-
\Voodinun of America. About n year nijo
tlio national otllecrs of ttio organiza
tion were notincd that .lolm Herman
had joined the order us an independent mem
ber nt Lawrence , Kan. , where n deputy was
supposed to linvo admitted him. There being
no local camp Ills assessment fees and dues
xvorp paid uircctlv tolholiciut ofllocrs , nnd
after a short time It was reported that ho
had gone to Houston , Texas , and
died there. Then an application
was made on behalf of Mrs. Herman
for tlio amount of his insurance , ? yUOO. The
necessary aflldnvits , proofs , death burial ,
etc. , xvoro Brut ou to the head bunker , Qua
Smith of this city , who , supposing thorn con-
nine , made out tlio draft. Uo was Informed
by 1 load Counsel Hoot of Lyons , la , , that
the widow was there , and that If
the money was sent to him ho
would puy it to her. It was so
sent but Investigation later showed
that there Was no such person ns John Bre
men ; that the name was fictitious nnd had
been Invented to cover a fraud. Then cauia
the resignation of Root and another ofllcor
who seemed to bo concerned with him , and
efforts over slnco have been going on to try
and indict some ono for the swindle. The
? rand jury has refused to take it up , be
lieving that it did not properly couio witlim
the jurisdiction of this county , it Is an
nounced that Banker Smith will himself
iiroscjiito Root , and thus bring the matter
into the courts. The Modern Woodmen
number over foi.ty thousand , chlofly la Iowa
and surrounding states.
Closed Up nil Olil Account.
DBS Moiscp.-Ja. , boo. 14. [ Sposinl Tele
gram to Tin : UBU. ! The state treasurer has
received n check forJM > 0 fro'n ' ox-Attorney-
General McPherson In settlement of old ac
counts outstanding many years. During
McPherson's administration ho made some
collections und hud some offsets by way of
romumsions which produced confusion in
the account , { { he executive council made nu
investigation and. decided that McPhcrson
owed the state tnls sum which ho has
promptly paid nnd closed up the old account ,
A Sellout Trouble.
Missouni YjtVCY > Ia > l ec > ' * [ Special
to Tun linn. ] A. little unpleasantness oc
curred to mnrjtbo serenity of our public
schools. Utcenis that somn days ago Super
intendent Coleuinn had suspended a boy
named Carr for various misdemeanors. The
boy , obeying instructions of his father , W.
D. Carr , returned to the school room several
times , but was promptly sent back to his
parents. Finally , Friday , the father took It
Into his head to reinstate the boy himself ,
and accompanied him to the school house
and entered , After considerable parley , in
which Superintendent Colcmun told Carr
that his son could not return to school with
out action of the school board , Carr made an
assault on Mr. Cotomnn , who very promptly ,
Properly and viitorously < flectoa the intruder.
t. is reported that the board will prosecute
the offender for a breach of the peace ,
Everybody approves the action of Prof.
Coleman in maintaining tbo dignity and
authority of his position.
Ileiirracntativo Shoploy'u Illnrga ,
Dus Moisng , fa. , Doc. 14. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bnc. | The latst report of
the condition ot Representative Shcploy of
Guthrie county Is that ho is very 111 with
pneumonia. His condition is regarded us
quite serious , and much anxiety is felt as to
the outcome. If ha should not ba present nt
the opening of the legislature the domociats
would elect the speaker ,
How iho St. Paul llailroad Gor the
Kuzzlo Unzzlc.
'It ' I' a short road that has no branch
lines , " said un ofllcial of the Milxvaukco ono
day last week , and bo accompanied his asser
tion xvith n declaration which might mean
much or little.
Conversation lit relation to an inquiry for
news had been diverted from common place
mutters into moro Interesting channels ,
which brought out sdmo racy aevelopments
as to xvhy the Uuion Pacific formed Its train
service combination on Denver passenger
business with the Northwestern Instead of
Iho Milxvaulcco.
"I can unfold to you n story shoxvlag
suftielctit reasons , " said u Union
Pacific attache , "and strange ns
it seems the facts never became known out-
Bide of thu Immediate circle of tboia who
were diiectly concerned.
"Wo oflored to negotiate with the Milwau
kee people Ilrst , but they acted very Indif
ferently nnd cave us to understand that
from their point of view there wai nothing
in it for them. Mr. Lotnax , then our assist
ant general passenger agent , was sent to
Milwaukee with a proposition ar.d full au
thority to close tha deal. Mr , TobbeU tele
graphed the MilwaukeeoQlciuls that ho was
coining nnd they all loft town , purposely , as
I havu alxvuys believed , to avoid meeting
him. Anyway , xvhon bo arrived there the
head men xvero.ngt . to bo found.
' This uctlon bora such unmlstakablo evi
dence of contempt toxvurds our friendly , well
intended overtures that xvo naturally felt
aggravated and would have done something
moro surprising tlian the consummation of u
tio-up xvuh so strong a competitor as the
Northwestern tol'accompllsh our schumc ,
From Milwaukee , Mr , Lgmnx went to Chicago
cage , mot TiliuqUJl J-lioro , and together they
called on tlio Northwestern _ pcoplo , made
qulto different , tiifrbgii it does not change re
sults , Hosayskii'UVo are noxy very sorry
that the Northtvostern xvas permitted to
get away with us ou that enterprise , but the
management CQUid.1 not be induced then to
bdltova that lupip [ was anything worth
struggling nuyr in It for our
road.Vo weco not glvoa a fair
showing , nnd for this reason ; When
tbo Union Pacific Ilrst talked of putting on n
through sleeping car between Chicago and
Doux-orour people wcra consulted and agreed
to into the schema Whlla Lomax was with
some of them at Chicago and St. Louis , lin
ing it up , Charles Frances Adams happened
to put in un appaarauco at Omaha , mat Mar
vin Hughitt hero and xvltb him closed a con
tract to take the Northxvestern instead of
our road. That i why wo curno to got the
razzle-duzila , "
The Missouri Pacific oltlclals are feeling
angry about having noxv freight rates thrust
upon them In Nebraska because they were
not consulted. It teems that la all meetings
by representative ! ! of other llno xvlih the
Omaha Jobbers , this corporation was en
tirely Ignored. Once General Manager Itiply
aud General Freight Agent Stona of the
Uurlingtou xvuro horaund sat nil day In a
session , with Union Pacific , Northxvostcrn
uud H. & fil. uiaenateg ut filr. Mullln'g ofllco
without letting the Missouri , 1'acUio know
nn\ thing nbpul It This Is what make * tlio
latter show nn inclination to stand out nnd
create war ,
Tfie now lumber ruto for Nebra'xka ' polnti
from Omnha will go Into effect tomorrow.
An an Illustration tha following towns nro
glvnn. showing what the tariff has been nnd
will bo :
Old Kate. Now Rnto.
Lincoln Scents ficcnti
David City. . . , , , lOecnts ( icents
StromsburRH cents .Scents
Iloatrlco 10 cents 7 cents
Schiiylor in cents ! > cents
Columbus 12 cents 7 cents
Fullerton Ill cents 12 cents
Norfolk 12 cents Occnta
ThatHronfon Howard possesses consldor-
nblo alovornoss ai n playwright Is not to bo
denlod. Perhaps the least tittractlvo side of
him , ns nn ortiit , it that cleverness scorns tel
l > o his Ideal , nnd that ho is fully content to
be clever and nothing more. In the latest
ono , "Tho Henrietta,11 you feel that ho hai
cared for llttlo clso than to show litutsolt at
n cleverly successful "mnn of the times" In
the piny-writing way. Wall street specula
tion is no bad thoino for n play , and if , in
treating It satirically , Mr , Howard saw III to
sot up such personages ns the Iwlilonablo
clergyman and the Anglomunlac dude ns
side targets upon which to expend hU spuru
try to laugh n popular vice out of counten
ance , however , is ono thing , buUto politico
upon n populnr vice ns uxccllutit material for
njoko iser.v different. When "Tho Hen
rietta" was brought out last season by Hobson -
son nnd Cruno It bccaino an Instnntancous
success nnd wat ( julckly pronounced a great
attraction.This se son Mr. Itobson is play
ing the piece without Crane , nnd will bring
It to Hoyd's opera house next Friday night.
The management of the lie d oporn house
IH pleased to announce thu engagement of
Messrs. Ulch .t Harris' Host on Howard ath
enaeum specialty company , which begins lit
engagement ut that theater tomorrow oven-
ing. The proprietors of this famous vuudo-
villa company nro the originals In contribut
ing to tlio .rollni'd class of theater-goers a
highly enjoyable entertainment , suoh as a
dUTaiciilclciiiont has long been privileged to
enjoy , but which the bettor clats of theater
patrons have been debarred from witnessing
on account of tins style of amusement being
usually civon at. places that the upper social
world docs not frequent. The company this
year comprises the clnvorost variety per
formers In the best bill over offered in this
country or Europe. .Monday and Tuesday
are the dates of tbo Howard athenaeum
company at the Uoyd.
' 'Tho King's Fool" will bo sung nt the
Grand opera house this evening by the Con-
ried comic opera company , and the cnmo
cast that appeared on wednondnynud Thurs
day evenings , with the single exception of
tlio substitution of Miss Mayen Kelso for
Miss Helen liertram in the leading role.
Prince Julius. Wliila not possessing quito
ns strong vocal powers as Miss Ucrtram ,
Miss Kelso has a sweet and beautiful voice ,
and she will muko a most charming and at
tractive prliic- ? , with her wealth of charms
of form und feature.
In compliance \vitli the expressed doslro of
mnnV thnrn will Im nnnfhnr fnnnlnrf miili'li
this evening during the third act between
Captain Alford of this city and Miss Englo-
Imrdt , of the Vienna female fencers , who
won the Thursday evening match by four
points. Popular opera prices will prevail for
this evening , from 15 to 75 cents , with nil
box Heats nnd Jlrst four rows in the orches
tra reserved at tl.
"Peck's BadlJoy. " byapartlcularlvstrong
company , will bo the attraction at the Grand
opera house tomorrow , Tucsdnyand Wednes
day evenings , and a Wednesday matinee ,
with popular prices. The company is said to
bo a strong ono and the play is the original
comedy , out of which Manager Atkinson
cleared over $100,000.
Mr. Josorh Murphy needs no special in
troduction to Omaha theatergoers. Ills en
gagement at the Grand opera house last
season , when ho played to over 5,000 pcoplo
in four performances , pioves that his
clientele in Omaha is unusually large , and
his popularity hero is not equalled by any
other occor in his suecial lines. Ho will up-
pear there again next Thursdas' evening in
"Kerry Gow. "
For the coming ween the Eden Mus > eo pre
sents a very novel attraction in the person of
Muxcy , wtio has become known to fnmo us
the human sowing machine. This remark-
ublo man lunches on 100 assorted needles
hourly. PIUH nnd needles both are masti-
cited npd swallowed witn impunity. In ad
dition to this President Lawlar has se
lected two of the best staga performances
over given In this city. All of the seven
departments will bo filled with interesting
features , and altogether this week nt the
popular family resort will bo ono of the best
over presented to an Omaha public.
Ono of the largest matinee audiences over
seen In ISoyd's opera house witnessed , np-
preciato'l und eujoyedtho _ second perform-
unco of "Llttlo Lord rauutleroy" yesterday
afternoon. It was composed very largely of
ladies und children , who went especially to
see , hoar and admire handsome Master
Tommy Hussoll and his pretty , graceful
mother. What all tboso pcoplo said about
Tommy and the delightful manner in which
ho ployed his part would 1111 columns. The
children went wild over him. Last night's
performance , at whlchMCay Maskoll , a charm
ing little girl , appeared as Codrio Errol ,
drew mother very largo and enthusiastic
The Apollo club has engaged Mr , H. 13.
Lord to secure associate members for the
coming season and all parsons desiring to
attend its concerts should avail themselves
of the opportunity , nnd secure membership
tickets of htm as tlio management will posi
tively refuse- sell single tickets.
Delhi i ox , the bewitching little soubrot of
the Conrled Opera company"is going to try
her fortune next season in farce comedy.
Mr. Conned lias secured and 1s having two
or three old German productions translated
for bur.
The Husioll family U arranging a piny
from one of Mrs. Ewlng's ' child stories for
Master Tommy , in which ho expects to star
noxtseason ,
On Wednesday afternoon next Mr. and
Mrs. It. li. Yonne will give a matinee mu-
slcalo at Max Moyer's music hull. They
will bn assisted by Mrs. Fred Nye and Mlsj
Uortha liaylms.
The next entertainment of the Young
Men's Christian , association course will be a
concert next Monday evening. The partici
pants are mainly local artists and arc as
follows : Ml S3 Carries Maud Ponnock. so
prano ; Mr. George W. Sues , zither ; Miss
Clara Hoodor and Prof. J. E. Uutlor , piano
fork ) , accompanists ; Mist Anna Lou Fitch ,
piano forte ; Miss Frances liooder , con
tralto ; Lieutenant Khulo , tenor ; Mr , Penny ,
baritone , and Slmpklns select.
Huvcr.U Good Sites Oder oil fur Its
If Omaha don't get the state fair it won't
bo bccuuaa suitable locations for holding the
show cannot bo secured. The board of truda
committee appointed to secure options on
doslrablo ' locutions have a very satisfactory
report'to muko at the mooting to bo bold to
morrow night. Thu committee has received
offers of ut least six different sites , oauh
comprising train 103 to 140 acres of ground
and all within easy access from the city , The
'sites ' offered uru all within the four milo
limit and can bo purchased at from ? IOO to
fUOO an aero. Chairman J. A , AVaUellold of
the committee thinks thcro will bo no
trouble In securing subscriptions for a stock
company of fcJOO.OOO if that liiud of u moru
will secure the state fair for Omaha for the
next live years ,
i ,
IVruiiiiul I'aritiraili8. |
Miss .Alico Hall of Washington , la. , is
vultitighor Bisvor , Grace Hall Andersen , ut
U1J North Twenty-sixth street.
M. H. Collins of Louisville , Ky , , is visit
ing his sister , Mrs. Horiftun llartmun of this
i city ;
J. II. Green , general agent of the Chicago ,
i St. Paul & Knnsat City railway , with head
quarters in Dan Molues , la. , is In thu city on
' business for his company ,
Mrs. L , K. llauV ot Milwaukee is ( n the
city for a short visit with her sister , Airs.
. .Tatuos Horn.
Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. S my the are visiting
Mrs. Frederick Loivo for a tlrnu. Later they
, wUl bo a.tjtko MijlarJ Mel for jnu wm r.
Close of the Fourth Anuiml Sosalou
nt Indtanoln.
Tlio hrullos of Illnlr llolil n Success
ful Trndca Hliplnj Ill'jr l > ninn-
crs HftkcMlofn Mmllson
Nclirnnkn Ktnlo flrmi e.
IMHAXQI.JI , Neb. , Dno , H. fSpoclal Tele
gram toTiiu Hr.r. . | The State Granpo of
Nebraska held Its lourth annual meeting in
this clly from December 10 to 14. Ono hun
dred and 11 ft ecu delegates , representing
iUty-olght local granges , wcra present anil
n great dent of Interest wat manifested In
the procodlng ( < ) . On the Hth the citizens of
Indlanola gave n public reception to the
the oftloers and delegates nt Musonlo hall.
The secretary's report shows the following
facts. There are now 5 local granges In the
stiito with n moinborslnn of over 3.000. 'Iho
cosh receipts for the .vour wcro fTMJ ; total
expenses , * , vr > . Twenty-eight local granges
have been organl/od during the joar with a
gain In membership of COO. .1 , A. Copa of
Pawnee and H. J. Hcnshaxv of Jefferson
county weio elected members of the uxecii-
tix'o cominlttoc. Tno session closed its labors
on Friday , und the delegates Departed for
their homes well pleased with our city anu
lilnlr Tntdo * DlNolny.
Ht.Aiii , Nob. , Dee. H. ISpccial to Tun
Hnii.j Ono of the most successful enter-
tiilumonta evur held here was given by the
ladles of the Congregational church , who
gave a trades display. Over six hundred
people wore present. The different busi
nesses were rppresented by thu young ladles
of the town , who had some very pretty and
expensive costumes.
Itli ; Hiilt Agnlusit n Snlooiikccpi'r.
BUmsox , Nob. , Doc. H. [ Special to TUB
HRB.I Notlco wutservfd on Albert VCcssln
toduy that the relatives of Frank Murphy ,
deceased , had through their attorneys oogun
suit to recover fiO.OOJ , nlloued damages for
selling Murphy whisky , the same being the
causa of bis death.
A Costly tiukt Over ItritlipK.
NEIIIUSK Cm- , Neb , Dec. 14. [ Special
Telegram to THE UEB.J Several weeks ago
E. C. Hlckford of this city by imstnko tooic
the wrong bridles from tha stable of a man
named McAllccr at Unadllla and was ar
rested forsteallng. Ho foucht the case und
brought a counter suit against McAlcor. The
course of the suit , through the stubbornness
of the principals , brought into tha fuss O. O.
Hefner nnd M. J. Covoll of this city. Today
Unadllla ofllccrs nttcuimcd to Invv nn
Hefner's ' stock of horses for judgment nud
costs in ono of the suits brought against the
xvrong party. Hefner got out un injunction
nnd also commence J null for damages against
the Unadlllu ofllcor und his bondsmen for
t3UO. The bridles worn worth about $1 , but
will bo more expensive before the casa is
A Nnrrowly Ijscnnacl Katallly.
HEATHICH , Nob. , Doc. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bun. | Miss Hello , the
daughter of District Cleric Frank Holt , very
narrowly escaped a fatal Injury this * ufter-
110011 by belnc thrown from a carriage in
which she was riding. The team became
frightened from some causa nnd ran nwny.
Miss Holt was thrown out at thu corner of
eleventh and Grant streets by the vehicle
coming in contact with' the street car track.
She was badly injured about the head and
face nnd It was at ilrst , thought she was
killed. She regained consciousness after be
ing taken to her homo and her injuries ,
though severe , are discovered to bo not nec
essarily dangerous.
An Accident C.iiiRuil by n IIo < r.
Si'inxo HAN-CHE , Neb. , Dec. 14. ISpccial
to THE UEE. | A peculiar and aggravating
accident happened to Supervisor D. W.
Evans of this precinct. Ho sold u fat hog tea
a neighbor , or rather traded it for corn liuslt-
Inp. When the hog was loaded Into the
wagon it became unmanageable and to ob
viate the trouble they thought best to stick
the porker , and in so doing the team bccaino
frightened nnd ran away. In getting out of
the wagon at tha rear end Mr. Evans' helper
Blabbed him with the butcher knife , laying
Mr. Evans Buffets considerably and is con-
lined to liia bod. '
Ijlncnln tiiimtilcrs Arrostoil.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Doc. 14. [ Special Tola-
gram to THE Hci : . ] Joe Phillips' gambling
den at tbo corner of Thirteenth and O streets
was raided tonight. Eleven persons were
caught bucking the tiger and playing draw
pnkor , Phillips and tha gang were taken to
the police station and after being searched
wcro committed to tha cooler ton wait u hearing -
ing Monday morning. Marshal Carder in
tends to pull every gambling room operated
in the city.
I'latlsmoulh Clotlilnj ; Tliluvc ? . ,
PLVTTSMOUTH , Nob. , Dec. 14. [ Special Tel
egram to Tim HUB. | Two light-fin gored
gentlemen entered the clothing store of Joe
Klein today and while the clerks wcra all
busy ono of them managed to leave tliostoro
with un overcoat , n hut and a pair of punts
concealed beneath his coat. Ho and his
conn ado were arrested vand taken bcforo
Judge Clifford. The former got ten day on
bread nnd water and the latter was dis
charged ,
Kroo K-voufHlon 10 KUIIHIIN City.
IliiATiuci ! , Neb. , Doc. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Hnn.l Elaborate preparations
uro being mudo for the frno excursion to
Kansas City over tlio now road Monday next ,
The train will leave hero ai 7 o'clock Mon
day morning and will convoy ubaut 1100
Itcatrico citrons , the city ofllctuls and thu
board of trade.
HJrst Train on tlio Uonil.
HcATlucn , Neb. , Dec. 11 , [ Special Tola-
gram to Tin ; IJui ! . 1 The first freight train
over the Kansas City & Beatrice railroad
reached hero about 3 o'clock'this alternoon ,
It consisted of twenty-two cars of coal from
Lcuvcnworlh. The tram was gaily deco
rated with banners and was mot at the depot
by u largo delegation of citizens ,
A DaiiKCroiiB Cliuroli to Attend.
NEIUIASKA CITV , Neb. , Deo. 14. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Hcn/l Members of the
African Methodist Episcopal church toduy
petitioned Mayor Kolfo to station an oftlcor
in their church on Sundays to preserve order.
An urinod guardian will bo appointed for
wervico tomorrow to Kceptho members from
Not Onllly.
WAIJJE , Nab. , Dec. 14. [ Spenial Tele
gram to Tun HUE. ) The Kelly case was
riven to tha jury at 4 o'clock this afternoon
and at7UO : they brought in u verdict of "not
guilty. " ThU result was expected. When
Iho verdict was rendered Dr. Kelly and his
counsel thanked the jury ana tha casa was
over ,
rflriuern' Alliances I < 'oriiilni ; .
SrniNo KAXCIIIV NCD. , Dec. 14. [ Special
to THE HKE. ] Alliances uro being formed
ulI over thl * part of the country , The
farmers hava concluded that they have
worked for party long enough und now propose -
pose to work for the farmer. Their power
will bo felt in tha future.
Democratlo Henntorlal Caucus.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 14. The democratic
senatorial caucus committee , to arrange the
minority representation on tha new com
mittees held u mooting ut the caplTol today.
They completed tbuir work , but-owing to the
absence from tha city of numerous demo
crallo senators who must bu coicumnlcatod
with before thu selections are submitted to
tbn caucus , the members of UIH cotmnlttoa
declined to uiaUo any &UUmont for publi
TIII : Timiusn HATH
Dr. tt'orlry Clmrgo t > Aiul tn Ilio
Snln nnrt AVnntn Them Imok.
I > r. Worloy hat commenced a suit for fraud
In the dlttrlot court against J. li. Flnlojr , the
pronnotorot thoTurkl h bath rooms under
Uoyil's opera liotno. In his petition Dr.
\\orlcy recite * that loma months ago ho sold
the bath room ! ) nnd appoortenancus to Flnloy
for $ ! i,000. receiving ftioo ( in cash and a $0,000
mortgage on n lot ot property nt Denver
Junction. Ho recently made nn examination
of the Denver Junction real csuto and
nllogct that It Is worthlets. rir.lay , tlio
petition claims , has sold apart Intorcilinlhrt
establishment. The doctor tbcrcforo asks
that the original sale of the property by him
to Flnlay bo set aside on thogroui.d of fraud.
Ho IIIIH deposited $0,1100 nnd the niorlgagct
with the court nnd wants poxsestlon of thu
bath rooms.
The lolnnd Si-lllers.
To tlio Editor of TUB Ur.ii : In * [ yjA
uvcnlim's World-Hornlil Itiotlco that Charlq's
J. Urorn ( the best pleased man In Omaha )
v.'lth thu itld of Judge lirowor , lopcn | In soon
oust the settlers now occupying .the old bcc |
of the Missouri rlyor on Cut-Oft island ,
011111)03 ) ,1. Green Uiulcrstumli well enough
that every settler now occupying land in
the former Ixxl nf thn Mlnsnurl rlvpr rn.
poses having his Ony In court and thcro con- > ) l
lest every 'foot of his claim with all comers. J |
And by thu tlmo their cases uro rourhcil by
the seven other judges of thu United States
supreme lotirt nt Washington , it may bo
moru than possible that these cases will bo
Mioxvti to differ considerably fiom Iho bnso
of the Hunt Omaha Laud company vsThomns
Jeffries ( tha onl.x case which has thus fur
been bofoio the courts ) and xvliorcin thu
East Omnha Land company , having just
been granted n rehearing by Judge Hroxver ,
nro Highly elated. Their picsumptlon Is to
bo admired nnd tha minds that can ba mudo
so hilarious on sue h trivial grounds nro to
pitied and Orservo the sympathy of all in-
tclligont people.
1 ho change uf the river affecting a portion
of the river-bed groumli ( cutting off the entire
Inland ) was the most sudden and rapid ever
known by the oldest residents of this i
country. J ; ]
Supposing , for Illustration. Unit the " 4 ,
Missouri river of today should suddenly '
shnpo Its HMirso east toxvards Council Hluffrt
nnd leavn Its prcKont bed from the Union
1'acifla bridge north to the water works , to
whom would that abandoned river bed belong -
long xvlth Its txvo bridges ? To tha United
States government , thu states of Ioxx-n aud
Nebraska , or would it boconio accretion tti
the land now owned by tlio smelting works ;
or uotild ttic Hast Omaha Land company
coma down nnd claim It ns accretion to their
island property ? Solve this question nud
you xvill have ona of the point *
on which the island settlers ( not
squatters ) ore making their light
and beforn wo nro through wo will try to
keen thu East Omaha Land cMnp.iny from
taking all the land which the Missouri river
happen ! ) to vac.uo between Montana and thu
Gulf of Mexico.
Judge Hrexx-cr has been appointed to ono
of the highest positions man can hold ia this
disposal of the people's property tlmo nnrt
again in IIH hands. Ueyand that court , of
xvhich ho xvill doubtless bo n nturdy member ,
wo cannot go. Not the slightest BUspiclou
should over for n moment , attach Itself to
that court. Noxv xvhy should any mem
ber of that court ox-or do nnvthirig
to excite suspicion ? Wo do nnt say
that Judge Uroxvcr xvas Influenced in any
way by being banqueted hero by the land
sharks of tha East Omaha Land company
out It does not serin consistent with thu
dignity of his position to have dined with
Wooluortli and Croon immediately after
their arguments before him for a rehearing
on this particular case , and before ho had
rendered his decision.
As to the comments ofsomo of the Omaha
papers upon the disrenutablo nnd luxvlcs *
element occupying this disputed territory , xvo
hava little to cay , 'limo xvill efface any lie ,
und : is thcsa comments nro founded upon
lies , they do not xvorry us. A little In
vestigation xxlll couvinco * any fulr MiindiTj
man that tbo pnrtiei occupying
the deeded laud of thu East
Oinului Land company hold the bait that
catches the laugher element fiom Omaha ,
nnd ns the East Omalm Land company hava
encourgcd the establishing of saloons and"
fostered other lawless enterprises , they
alone nro responsible. Wo are xvilling to
leave the public to judge of the ] -tico or
ttutli'of such statements.
It is not the principle upon which our gov
ernment xvos founded "to oust pcoble en
gaged In agriculture for the purpose of much
boasted Improvements. " Wo pass by that
Should the East Omaha Land company , or
any other , ueciuiro a better title than xvu
possess , xvo will resign xvlthout debute. Very
tuily yours , A Sivm.Eii.
A ntnhlced Knlcrtninincnt.
Lifeboat-Jodgu , I , O. G. T. , guvo a mask
entertainment at Goodrich bull lust night.
The performers wcro all masked un inno
vation in this lino. The programme included
recitations , dinging and instrumental solos ,
the identity of the performers being -con
Mr , F. H. Hurncs , the lodga deputy , as
Unla Sam , had charge of the ceremonies.
Among the characters represented xvera
the following :
Tup. OMAHA. UIE , by Miss Lulu Voorliies.
This bostumo wus imiJu of the dally ami
weekly issno of Tin ; Urn , with pictures of
Tin : HEH building. The cap xvus a bpo hive.
Tha companion nt this costume wai ona
representing tbo World-Herald , by Miss
Katie Drum ,
Misses Lottio Watts nnd Myra Austin rep
resented "two llttlo maid * from school"anil
sang the appropriate ) air. The ether "llttlo
maid" did not materialize.
MUs Nelllo Askxvith icpresentcd the god-
des of liberty.
Thcro xvas the usual number of counts ,
zouaves , peasants , school clrls , lloxvcr girls
An oyster supper xx-as torved in tha oyster
room , after which the evening xvas pusscil
very pleasantly iu u social way.
Comity Court.
When David Huuio died , October 0 lasts
ho left a xvill bequeathing nil of his property
to hU step-daughter , Miss Helen Gibson.
Soma of ivlr. llnmo's relatives Induced Mist
Gibson to cuncei her father's will , persuad
ing her that the property had bocn originally
deeded to Mr , Hume on condition that hu
would care for hla aged father during hu
lifetime. Miss Gibson agreed to ucecpt the
insurance on her father's life , $ ' ,000 , und to
and to cancel the xvill making her the pos
sessor of tha real ostutc. SIio tiled a peti
tion In tha county court asking for Iho
appointment of W. N. Nnsonus adminis
trator of tha estate and canceling the xvill.
She has dimmed her mind recently und yes
terday illcd a petition asking that the order
appointing an administrator ho got asldo
Judge Shields grunted tha petition and tu.
xvlll xvas Hied for probate.
Illmrlot Conn.
Tha attorney for the complainant Iu the
case of ( Jcorgo A. Hoagluud x-s tha Omaha &
Council Bluff * lirldgo company , hayo Hied u
motion for a now trial , producing thu pro-
ccedlngs of tha Insane board to prove that
Andrew J. Harmon , onu of the jury , xvus iu-
suna ut the time ot the trial.
Another motion fur u now tilul has boon
! Hod by the plaintiff In the case of ttio
Oinalia Pair and Exposition association
against ttio Missouri Pacillo Hallway coru
puny. The petition charges Juror Oibbi
with peculiar conduct in being in tha com
pany of ona ol thp railway employes aud ac
cepting drinks from lain.
llanUli liiitliuritn Uliiuuli I'air ,
An entertainment was glx-on ut Washing
ton hall last night for the bandit of tha
Danish Lutheran church , at the corner Ot
Txvonty-socoiiil and Lcavonxvorlli street * .
An amateur programme was given In which
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Nelson , KrnstNordlu ,
L. Hanson , Christ Uarz , O. Nelson unit
Fritz Jacobsen took part. Thin wan fol
lowed by u supper und dance ,
Jllseliuruml l y J > mitli.
Some months ago II , A , llr.vnnt ofVy -
inoro xvatt Indicted m the United Slatesoourl
on the charge of bonding threatening letters
through the mails. Yesterday , xxlicn lit *
casu was railed , his uttorncxv bhowod ( hat
he had bean dead loru month , and hi * casa
wa dismissed.

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