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m ( Iowa Democrats Want a Worthy
H | ' - Opponent for Allison
> ' _
H ;
B' A Protest Prom tlio Hny Shippers
K itcport or ttio Inspector of
BS Hunts An * Insurance
Bk rrobloin
BB Allison Ton St rene Tor Him
Bk Dr.s Moines , In , Doc 29.-Spcclol [ to
BS Tiir I3r.R. ] lho democrats hnvo about cou-
BS eluded ttmt Senator Allison will bo his own
BB successor Tlioy It now that ho can never foe
BB beaten by n democrat , ns tlioy lack tbo
BM , necessary democratic votes , and no rcpub-
BB licau would leave his own candidate to vote
BB 'or a democrat Bo thov bavo boon boating
BB > tlio bush to find some ropublicnn who might
BB do Hut the trouble is that nny rcpublicnn
BB' ' who would bo likely to rccolvo tlio united
BB dcmocritlc Rupport Is not a man whom tlio
BB republicans themselves would support They
BB talked Governor Larrnbco for n Ions time ,
BB , but xvlnto ho might bo favored by two or
BB thrco republicans it thcro worn n clmnco to
BB elect him , thcro nro at least twenty demo
BB cratB who would not vote for him under liny
KH circumstanros ' 1 hen , when some man lllto
H Major Anderson was proposed , who hud
| BC been supported heretofore by democrats , no
BS republican would touch him 'iho s.imo was
a" true of John C. Hills of Davenport , who
S used to bo n republican , but hnd loft tlio
{ told , and become so strong n democrat that
Bflv no rcpublicnn could vote for him So tbo
wi democrats nro completely lost Senator
KS < Allison is so much respected by democrats
BS generally that us between htm ana some other
BB republican there nro tnuuy democratic mom
BB" . * bers who would support lulu Iho lending
BB democratic papers in the statonronowsaylng
BB that It is no use to think of beating Allison
BB with some other republican That they
BB would bavo nothing to gain by such n course ,
BB and that If n ropublicnn is to bu elected it
BB should bo Allison Ho has nlwnys treated
BB the democrats with great fnlrnoss ana cour-
BB tesy , and they appreciate it , and proior him
BB to any other republican That makes pretty
BB oiosr sailing for him Tboro is a republican
BB majority of bix on Joint ballot , and without
BB any democratic or Independent vote being
BB cast for him ho will bo ro-elcctcd without nny
BB trouble Uut should tbo democrats attempt
BB ito bring outscmootuor republican thcro arc
BB tnoro than a dozen Democrats < n the logis-
BB lnturo who would vote for Allison There is
BB , uodnngcr of that , however , and no reason
BB to bcllevo that nny republican will refuse to
BBj enter the caucus or to ubido by its action
BBJ 'J'he truth is thntSenntor Allison is the united
BB ] and hearty choice of tno republicans of Iowa
BBj All this talk about uofcntlng him arises froui
BBj men who nro not republicans , and their in-
Bj lluenco Bhou'd bo estimated nccordingly The
BBj endorsement of such n lending antimonopoly
BBj paper as Tin : Hub has done much to disarm
BB ] tbo mugwump criticism that Allison was not
Bft n true friend of the people Some of his
BB ] stroneest supporters mo found among the
BB ] farmers In fact , be is tbo man wbo coni-
BB ] mands mora votes and a larger following
BB ] among Iowa republicans than any competitor
BB ] who bus been discussed ,
BB ] A Question olIniurnnoc
B Dns Moixes , la , Doc 29. | Special to Tins
BBJ Hei ; . I The nttornoy general has boon asked
BB | for au opinion on a question that interests
H many insurunco people It is regarding the
BB | policy of letting outside insurance companies
BBJ do nioro tlinn one hind of business in Iowa
K The case involved is the Fidelity and Cnsu-
| ' alty company of Now York For several
M _ ycars it was given a cartitlcato by Iowa au-
BBt thorlties to insure against accidents to per
B sonB and to plate glass But the Now York
Hl legislature passed an act forbidding com
BBJ panlos from other states doing two kinds of
BBflf business in that state , ondas , , Iowa com .
B panics were included in this prohibition ,
BBt ) ' Auditor Lyons thought It right to retaliuto
BBy "L * and shut the Now York company out from
BBy | * " " * " doing mora than one kind of business in this
BBj ] state Especially was ho inclined to do so
BBjV slnco the Iowa law forbids Iowa companies
BBi from doing tbo dual business The case
I , wont to the supreme court nnd tbo auditors
BBjV position was sustained Slnco then , how
BBj ] over , New York has modified its law so that
BBj ] , . foreign companies can do mora than ono
BBjV Jtind of businosi if they wish , and so the
BBjV Now York company now asks that it bo
BBj ] ' given the same privilege in Iowa , although
BBj Iowu companlos themselves can do but
BBfv ono kind Tbo attorney general Is asked
BBlr for an opinion as to whether with this
BBjV changed condition it would bo proper to ox-
BBjVtend the privilege If that is done , it is not
BBj ] ; unllktly that the Iown law will bo amended
BBatt so as to give homo companies the same ad-
BB * ' vantage that foreign ones enjoy
H liny Shippers Protest
H Dks Moines , la , Dec 29. fSpactal to Tub
H' . Bee I The rallroaa commissioners arare-
H _ coiving many complaints from shippers roj
H' ' ' yarding a recent change in the weight of hny
H' per car Some of the railroads have raised
H • the minimum weight of bay per car , making
B it 17,000 pounds for SO toot oars , 19,009
H for cars from 80 to 31 foot In length and
H S0,000 pounds for cars ever 31 foot long
BBV The complaining shippers claim that it is
BBS difficult to got tbo weight designated as
BBjb minimum into tbo cars , nnd the practical
< result Is a raise in the rates Some time
BBS ugo the commissioners changed bay from
BBjMk class D to class 13 , which was a material
BBS lowering of the rate Tbo railroad men soy
BBS that thcro is no protit in hnuilng hay now ,
BBS * nnd that their cars are loaded up nnd kept
BBStied up by it when they might be used with
- Bomo prolit in hauliug other freights Still
4 tbo hay men think they uro not fairly
Bait treated
BBB Inspector olltonts
H ; Dss Moines , In , Doc 29.Spoclal ( to
K. Tun Unci It may bo nowa to some that
K Iowa , a prairie state , has a state officer whoso
* -f , business is that of inspector of boats Uut
; < there is such an individual , Mr Joseph C.
H' BUb > of Couucil Bluffs Ho has recently
• . filed his annual report with the governor
BBBly It doesn't indlcato that buslncs is very
BBBte pressing in bis line , for his report only fills
BBBBj two pages Still bo has something to show
BBEoT for bis work Ho colleotod fees as follows :
BBBBLfY Cor steamers licensed , 150 ; for pilots , { 15 :
v lor engineers * 31j total of expenses of
BBBBk > j making tests , fO.75. Leaving a balance for
BBBBjr the treasury of $79.23.
BBBfi * * Notes
BBBji | Pes Moines , la a , Doc 29. [ Special Tola-
K gram to Tn Ueb.J Captain Shipley , the
Br " ' representative-cloct from Guthrlo county ,
Kit bos recovered from tils wounds and his slok-
BBBL ; . ' ness and will bo on band at the opening of
Bt' the leglslaturo all right
BBB * * * Senator Finn of Taylor county is the first
BBBk * member ot the legislature to arrive prepared
BBB , to stay Ho has taken up his residence hero
BBBe tor tbo winter
B , Governor Larrnbco was recently Inter
HF * viewed at Dubuque and bo stntud that he
BBBs baa no doubt that Allison would bo re-
BBBf * elected ,
BBBJIt turns out that there are only forty-ilvo
BBj ) clemocrats in the next Iowu house The other
BBB ] Hvo that have been claimed as democrats re-
BBB | turn themselves as independents That will
BBB | < * , tnako thorn independent of n damooratlo eau
BBj ] * cus Thcro are fitly icpubllcan members of
BBBjlci the house , and with the uecossury help
BBC * which they are going to rooolvo they will or-
BBBjf < gatiltu it nnd elect the pouker
BBBC There will bo a gathering of coal minors at
BBBV Oaualooaa Jauuury 20 to urejiaro bills for
Br ' some desired legislation in their iutorost
BBBV1 f "Xhey will recommend a law compelling pay
BBBjm inont ot wages every two weeks
BBS , , ' The State Teachers association and tbo
BBB * ; . : ' ' Etato Music Teachers association both meet
BBC tore tbU coming week It is exneotod that
BBBR' , tM * wln brl"H I.000 attendants
H | Sirs Hobert Trier Dond
B - • MoNToougnr , Ala , Doa 89. Mr * . Robert
Hji Syler died this morning , aged seventy-four.
K Mrs , Tyler was the daughter of tbo trage-
• r < lan , Thomas Cooper , and Mary Falrlio , a
BBBkV celebrated belle of Kew York In 1B10 bUo i
BBBS : • inarrled Robert Tylar , the oldoit son ot
BBS ' tTvildoat Tyler , aud upon the apeciul re
quest of Iho president nnd his wife , who was
an invalid , she presided ns the lady of the
white house during the first thrco years of
1'resldent Tyler's administration
IJostoh , Ilea 29. QforeoV. . Sawln , nn
instructor in matbomallcs at Harvard college -
lego , died this morning nt the Massachusetts
general hospital aged 29 years Ho wai
seized with nn ncuto ottuck ot peritonitis
Tuosdnv nnd on Wednesday was tnken
down with La Urlpno
ATLtsTA , On Dec 29. James F. Wood
ward , n prominent business man , died this
evening , Thursday night bo was walking
out on Marietta street , when somebody
' slopped in front of him , pushed a pistol to
his breast nnd Qrcd Woodward wnlkod to
his sisters bouso n inllo or moro nway nnd
told the story Ho trentcd the ranttor
lightly nnd thought that ho would get well ,
but a rolapsu today brought denth ,
He Itnd I'lnnneil the Murder or n
Now VorR Pniuilj * ,
Nnw Yohk , Dee 29. ICarly this morning
the gns In the sleeping room of Fredorlck
W. Stodlfcr , proprietor of n bakery nt 801
Floyd street , Brooklyn , was extinguished
hud Stodifar wont down into tbo collar to
find out the cause Hd saw n man there
whoflrod a shot at him The bullet wounded
him In the neck nnd partially dnrod him ,
when the burglar effected bis escape
This afternoon the police nrrostod Albert
Malscr n former cmplojo of Stedlfcr who
confessed that It was ho who did the shoot
ing Ho said ho hnd hid hlniBOlf in the col
lar nnd turned off the gas thinking Stediror
would como down to see what was the matter -
tor , when Mnlser would shoot him If Stcd-
Iferfnlled to como down Mnlser intended to
turn the gut on ngulti nnd suffpento the
family Mnlser acknowledged ho ontcr-
talncd a bitter hatred against Stodlfcr on
account of derogatory • statements niado
against him whllo In his employ
A Whole Fnmlly in Dcontur , III , In
TorrUdo Agony
Chicago , Dec 29. | Special Telegram to
Tub Bke.1 Mrs Asa Clothier of Decatur ,
this state , it she recovers from her present
serious illness , will probably hereafter bo
suspicious ot provisions which she may Hnd
Yesterday morning she plckod up In front
of her door a beofstonk wrapped in brown
paper She supposed It had been accidentally
dropped by the rightful owner , but not
wishing it to go to waste , took it In and
cooked It for breakfast Shortly nfter the
meal Mrs Clothier and five members of the
family who had partaken of the steak were
tnlton violently ill A doctor who was
hastily summoned discovered marked evidence -
denco of arsenical poisoning Ho worked
vigorously ever the victims and today says
that all will probably recover
His Double Moaning
Lokdok , Dec 29. A remark by Sexton at
tbo farewell banquet in Dublin last night
has caused some comment in political circles
In toasting the queen a necessary cere
mony which is generally gene over with as
little grace as posslblo by the nationalists
on such occasions Sexton said tbo national
ists will vote for royal grants so long ns her
majesty does not roiuso to sign measures on-
nctcd by the pcoplo This may bo taken in
u double sense , ns indicating loyaltyao.tho
crown , and ns hinting nt a fear that the
queen may aomo day abuse her prorogatlvo
by negativing the will of the people ns ox-
prcssod through parliamentary enactment in
favor of IrUh rule
Twlcn Escaped Donth
UitAZlL , Ind , Dec 29. James Dahlgron ,
wbo was Jailed hero a few days ago on the
charge of forgery , had a narrow cscapo from
death twice yesterday It was believed ho was
Uic man wbo assaulted Miss Clara Wnrnor
several weeks ago and yesterday her father
brought her to Jail to sea him She promptly
identified Dahlgron as the miscreant Her
angry fnthor drew a 4rovolvor nnd
would have shot him had It not
boon for Sheriffs interference The
Btory got abroad in town and
Inst night an angry mob gathered with the
purpose of lynching him The sheriff got
wind of the intention , however , aad placed
such a guard at the Jail that the mob gave
up tha schoino
Shaken I'usi-iurors.
Pim.ADEi.riiu , Dee 29 Eight persons
were sorlously bruised and shaken up by the
derailing of a passcngor car on the Phila
delphia & Reading road in this city lost
night The train was moving very slowly
wnen the car was dorallod and thrown on Its
Two Killed
Wuebmxo , W. Va , Dec 29. Another
wreck occurred today on the Chospoaku &
Ohio road at Fort Gay , Green Brier county
A freight train was derailed , Firomau
Loichton was killed and Engineer Murray
seriously injured
A Serious lllaz ? .
New Westminster B. C , Dee 29. The
Woodor buildings , occupied by Columbian
Printing company , loyal & Co , alntlonors ,
and Woldendcn Uros , grocers , burned yesterday -
torday , together with Cunningham's steve
depot Losses aggregate 104,000 ; insurance
Macon , Mo , Dec 29. A block of six
buildings was destroyed by tiru today , entail
ing a loss ot $15,000.
Newcastle Wnntu Coal
Londos , Dec , 29. There Is a sorlous
shortage of coal in Belgium owing to the
labor troubles iu the mining regions Man
ufacturing Interests are beginning to suffer
and even the government is unable to obtain
its usual supply ot fuel Tbe singular spec
tacle is likely to bo witnessed of the government -
mont of a coal producing country sending
abroad for its coal Bupply
Sotni-Utllcially Explained
Bciimn , Doc 29. It 1b somi-ofllclally ex
plained that the Emperor Williams remis
sion of the line ot Editor Uachlor was the
logical sequence of tbo Emperor Frederick's
press amnesty This measure applied to
pending as well as completed cases ot the
Fear * tlio Somalia
Bkumx , Dee 29. Dr Peters , the African
explorer , in a letter dated IConla , October 8 ,
recently received by his brother , after stat
ing bo had killed a native chieftain , says ho
bad defeated the Gallao's and captured their
harvest He expresses fears ot conflicts
with the Somalia
It Was M\ Talk
McFali Mo , Dec 29. Tno reports of the
attempt that was made last night to lynch
Press Howard , the murderer of Fallis , nro
greatly exaggerated There was some talk
during the day of an attempt to lynch How
ard , but bettor counsel provullod
A Littlp llnvolulloii
ClTr or Mexico , Dec 29. Telegrams from
the rcpubllo of San Salvador received today
state that the revolutionists in the depart
ment of Cuscatolan are retreating before the
government troops soot against them and
tbo revolution is ot no importance ,
Only Pirteou Jnfeote.1.
Chicago , Dee 29. Only fifteen of the herd
ot 109 alleged lumpy Jaw cattle under sus
picion at the stock yards yesterday Droved
to be infected The tittoen condemned car
casses were destroyed by order ot the state
All Quiet At Barnwell
CHAULK3TOX. S. C , Dee 89. There are no
ncwdovolopmonts in the Barnwell lynching ,
Tbo town is quiet tonight and there are no
fears ot negro retaliation
IluslnoHD Troul > 1 on
PniUDSLviiii , Dee 29. Alexander Beck
& Son , carpet manufacturers , made an as
signment yesterday for tbe beucfit of credit
ors Liabilities f lilu.OOu ; assets $100,003.
New Aincrioaii Hltthopi
Roue , Dee 29. At tomorrows consistory
thopopd will appoint the bishops of the live
new Amoricuu sees
niAniiO itnnFiBtiij'B " 30. "
It Comes to Hint After Years or
I'ntlpnt Snfr rlnir
Charles E. Jledflclddiod Saturday night at
9 oclock
The deceased bed lived In Omaha for
twonty-thrco years , and was known to mnny
of Iho early settlers , whllo to ttis Iato comers
ho was n compnrntivo stranger
Ho was born lit Vermont , February
7 , 1631. nnd was descended from nn
old Now England family.to which Judge
Rcdllold of Vermont belonged , and of which
Redilcld Proctor , the present secretary ot
war , Is also n member His family moved to
Michigan at nn early dnv locating nt Ann
Arbor , where the boy worked in the offlco of
the Signal of Liberty , an nbolitlonlst paper
printed by Rev Guy Bcekloy , nn uncle on
his mothers sldo , by the yonr Ho there
learned the printing business About 1S55
ho went to Woup.ipu , Wis , nnd published In
conjunction with his brothers , n paper called
tbo Spirit Ho boenmo influential in poll
tic , and wni n recognized leader during the
tuna ho remained there
When the Kansas troubles about the
Blav'ory question occurred , Mr Redilcld
wont with n company of Wisconsin militia to
assist In preserving order The perils of lifo
in Kims as nt the time nro familiar to nil
students ot history nnd th ? Bubjcct'of tins
sketch Is said to hnvodlsplnvcd romnrknblo
courage and sagacity and to have been nn
nblo assistant to the immortal John Brown
In keeping Kansas out ot the slave otomont
When the war broke out Mr Hod Held enlisted -
listed as a private in company A , Eighth
Wisconsin volunteers , which wns the com
pany that grow famous because of its asso
ciation with the Amoricnn onglo , Old Abe "
This regiment , whoso brlgado coramaudor
wns General Joe Mower , saw hard servlco in
mnnv of the western battles On July 29 ,
lblH , the deceased , for bravery , wns promoted
meted to second lioutonnnt nnd transferred
to tbo Forty-second Wisconsin , where ho
was Bonn advnticod to the position ot adju
tant of the rcglmont In this latter capacity
ho served ns escort to General Phil Sheri
dan on ( ho occasion of a banquet
ivon to tbo latter , and the
§ cccused related tbo cxtremo bashtulnoss
of the general when en route to tha place of
entertainment In requesting tha adjutant to
excuse him before thn guests from mnmng a
Mr Rodflold served in the Forty-second
until the regiment was mustorcd out , when
ho returned to Wisconsin In I860 ho came
to Omuha , nnd , up to within a few years , ho
hnd been associated with his brothers , Joe
nnd Luke , in tbo printing business Ho
leaves nn cstato valued at from $15,000 to
$ . ' 0,000 , and a family consisting ot a widow
and four children
The c.ircor of the deceased as a soldier
was creditable , and his record as a citizen
was upright and honorable As a young
man no was ambitious and hopeful , and
mingled much in the affairs of tbo world
For eighteen years , however , be has boon
afflicted with a tumor , which sapped his
vitality nnd finally destroyed his life
Ho was always n reader of books and a
profound student of human nature His con
duct in the face of death furnishes an index
to his character , because bo met it with tha
same complacency with which he faced the
cares nnd responsibilities of lifo
Ho know that he was going to die ,
yet with Socratic composure ho regarded it
as an incident of existence If ho nwoko
again In n better laud , well and good ; if not ,
death were better thau the transitory sleep
of a night , so long ns ho had done his duty in
lifo , nnd the time had come for him to die
His logic know no passion There was no
effect without a cause , nnd bad matters wore
never mended by bluster nnd bravado A
facetious remark always suited his temper
better than inventive , and his irony was sel
dom misdirected His love and sacrifice for
his children partook of the supernatural , and
these who knew him best feel that on this
account , as well ns for his mnny virtues ,
whatever justice may have been donled him
Mi this world will bo vouchsafed when be
awakes on the eternal morning
The funeral will take place at 2 p. m. today
from the rostdonce , 1420 South Seventeenth
They Abandon Their Infant Child to
the Cnro of Strangers
About C o'clock last evening a Sister of
Mercy responded to a long and persistent
ringing of the door boll of their institution
at Fifteenth and Castellar streets , only to
find a bundle which , when opened , disclosed
a babe whose eyes had scarcely as yet socn
the light of this world The watt was warmly
wrapped in flannel baby clothes , outside of
which was a handsome wrap richly embroid
ered in silk There was nothing whatever
about tha find to give the least ciuo as to the
parcntago of the child As the Sisters lifted
the little bundle from tbo stops the only per
son noticed upon the street was a woman
plainly attired in black walking slowly by on
the opposite side A moments thought
showed there was no sufficient rcascn for
mnking inquiries of this strange ' woman ,
though they thought it very probable there
was some connection between the fact ot her
being there and the finding ot the child Tbo
police were immediately notified that
a babe had been found and
were requested to take charge of it ,
but replied that it would have to remain at
tbo institution until morning The Sisters
nro qulto indignant that they should bo im
posed upon in this manner , slnco it is n fact
which thov have made known moro widely
than almost any other that they have no
facilities for caring for children under two
years of ago
When Inquiry was made regarding tbo box
of the child the Sisters demurely replied
that they didn't know
About 0 o'clock yesterday morning a tall ,
well dressed , dark complcxioncd man with
a mustache called at tbo institution and in
quired whether the SIsters would take a
throe weeks old baby under their care , asa
"a friend of his had such a ono nnd she
was unable to support it The caller was
told the rule of the institution , ns given
above , and ho wont awuy evidently very
much disappointed
What People May Expect Who Apply
For I.oflslngH nt the Station ,
"Ho makes the thirteenth tonight and tbo
103d so far this month that wo have been
kind enough to give a nights lodging , " re
marked PatBy Havey , Jailor at tbo control
police Btatlon , last night , as ho gave a half
frozen , gray haired old bum sleeping space in
the warm but atonch-curaod corridor
Yes , " commented Captain Cormack , with
Bpoclal vim , and wo will Just aboutshut
right down on this thing of running a hotel
bore After tonight we will vag every mua
or woman who tackles us Lore for a nights
lodging Wo were run over , trampoil on ,
and stark slok all last winter by this lodger
business nnd its been going on for years It
will prove something of a change and a sur
prise to the vermio covered devils , but it
will bo ono of the healthiest little reforms
that could bo instituted , according to my
notion , nnd I think everybody will ugreo
with mo Yes , air , Patnoy , huroaftor wo
will locic these poonlo up and trot 'em be
fore tbo Judge next morning and get a little
work , if no money , out of them , "
Tlio Milwaukee Preparing to Meet
tlio ilurlincton Cat
Slnco tbo Chicago , Burllugton & Northern
road has given notice of Its intention to re
duce the passenger rates between St Paul
and Chicago some lively work has boon in
augurated in other soctlous of the couutry
This cut , which is to go Into effect January 1 ,
promises a war among tbo western roads ,
The Milwaukee gave notice yesterday that it
proposed to meet the reduction by tailing
$ ir > 0 off the first class and $2 off tbe second
class tickets from Omaha and Couucil Bluffs
to Chicago This will make the faros $10.25
and $ d,2a. The other roads will bo compelled
to como down No cause Is given for tbo
Chicago , Burlington St , Northern's action
Other than that it is uo longer bound by any
association rules and takes this means of
gtttlng business
Dunlli in the Kns
Losuo.v , Dec S9. During a foe 6n tbo
river Clydo the steamer Ovlngtou came into
collision with the steamer Queen Victoria
aud the former sank Five person * were
drowned '
li > X
ill V •
The RomnrtottWo Sohomoof a Youoff
CoWiJok Enfflnoor
! rfjf
He Has nceul < Sent on n Tliroo Years
Lonvo or.Almeiico to Prosccmto
Ilia Itdsettrchcs The Spl-
T nllrlnolple
A Twontj-Four-Hour Trip
Lconltlo Apostoloff , n young Cossack
engineer , whoso niuno is hardly known
outside his owii country , claims to have
mudo tiuiscovory fttitt patautod nn in-
vontiOu destined tochnngo the fnco of
tlio maritime world , says the Pall Mall
Gazotlo Wild as his claim may sound
for ho assorts that his itivoiillon will
enable us to cross the Alluutio In
twonty-four Lours thcro is enough
sul > 3tutico lu his , dream to have sccurod
him tliroo yours lenvo of absence by
the Russian govorninont In order that
ho mny prosecute his scloullflc rc-
6oarchos. M. Apostoloff elected to
study at Marseilles M. Apostoloff is
tall mid dark Ills face bespeaks on orgy
and determination Ho is twenty-eight.
"Ib It true ' ho was aBkcd
that you expect to perform the voyage
from here to Algiers in four hours ? "
Certainly , "ropllodM , Apostoloff "My
boat will travel 100 knots an hour that
is to say , flvo tlmos quicker than the
fastest stcamor I have applied to nav
igation the spiral principal , that is all "
But what is the spiral principle ? "
"It is somewhat difllcut to put into
words You knbw it takes longer to
hammer a nail into the wall than to
sct'otr H in Again ( In old days the ball
from a gun wont thus straight at its
object , and hit perhaps at 100 yards
Now the ball is twisted out and goes
immensely quicker and much fnrthor
Still auothor illustration Why does a
man swim ? Because ho ugitates his
arms and logs , you reply Very go od
But why does a serpent swim ? " and M.
Apostoloff smiled triumphantly You
do not know ? Perhaps you did not
even know that ho who tempted our
llrst mother swam at all Yet a serpent -
pont , once in the water , goes quicker
ulong than the/astest fish "
What suggested this idea to you ? "
When I wasquito ayoung follow my
regiment was ordered to Samara , where
a bridge was being built ever the river
The district istjsingularly bereft of
stones , and as j.thoy were absolutely
necessary in making the foundation of
of the bridge , the raoujiks extracted
the in froittfi the bed of the
current itself * And how ? By means
of an mgonious' invention of their
own A rope ( , was coiled several
times round a jir o tree trunk One
end of the ropodiad boon made fast ; to
the other dangled an iron claw named
kosvhka , whichsignifies ) little cats '
daw At a ) touuh from the hand the
beam turned round in the water , the
rope , unwinding jitself with the rapid
ity of lightninffj descended and the
claw clutched , riold of anything it' '
found in thor/bed of the river , and at
a reverse Joftctyj Jtho beam brought
it up to the , eurfaco , , Sometimes very
largo stones were brought up in this
manner This struck mo greatly How
intelligent of those poor peasants to
have discovered the spiral principal for
themsolvosl Simply dropping the rope
into the water would not have been of
any croodl If you doubt this trv it for
yourself with a pencil and bit of
thread "
Then I-supposo you began trying ex
periments ? " Just so I tried many
experiments , wishing to discover some
now motor to drive my boat along * But
the great principle of the thing lay in
the spiral idea "
But how can you apply the ponci- )
and-throad plan to a boat ? " Thus :
My boat , to look at it , is not unlike a
long , rather pointed egg in shape , an
egg round ' which has been twisted a
piece of string It will revolve rapidly ;
In fact , thodiffcrooco between the speed
of my boat and the modern Bteamor
will bo , to quote myself again , the
difference between a blunt nail driven
into the wall and a nail screwed in
You are wondering where the passen
gers will go Well , inside , for this
ogg-shaped form is only un outside
shell Inside , fustouod securely to the
beam running through it , is an inner
shell , cabin , etc . which roinains abso
lutely steady as if on land You will
note that the rudder i3 both porpondio-
ulnr nnd horizontal This enables the
steerer to direct the boat up or down
under the water , a thing the usual tor-
podo-boat cun not do This is , rpuuhly
speaking , a torpedo-boat half in ana
half out of the water My bateau
plongeur will remain habitually under
water "
"Of what material
will-your plongeur
bo made ? " "Of the strongest steel , to
ennblo it to resist the great pressure of
the water above it , On the other hand
the boat will bo very lierht , so licrht , in
deed , that in case of any injury to tlio
machinery , etc , tnore will bo no
danger , for It will of itself rise to the
surface ot tlio water "
How will the inhabitants of your
little craft breathe ? " ' "Kvory thirtv-
eight hours it must como up for a long ,
deep breath , " answered M. Apostoloff ,
smiling "Praotically the only danger
wo have to fear is the outer shell , or
corps tournnnt , getting smashed either
by running onto a rock or encountering
a whale Still ' , .affoworfulelectric light
will shine through the bolt of thick
glass running orqund the boat und will
llluininuto the water depths above ,
below , and for 100 yards nil around us "
And will tho'plongour always remain
under water5 ' MNo , not necessarily
so ; but if it is hftl'f' p out of the water the
speed of the cofps , ; tournant will to ro-
duued by nearly half , the boat will pro
ceed at a rate t > A eighty knots un hour
iusteud nt scuttling along at 120 knots
an hour "
Your invention will bo chiefly useful
for the purposoa of maritime wnrfuro ? "
"I wish moro to utilize my discovery for
the purposes of commerce , but of course
as n torpedo boat it will bo irresistible "
Have you ovornnctually tried it your
self in water ? " ol Yes ; gome time ago
in Russia on the Volga I was not rich ,
bo I built my bout of tin rattier a fool
hurdy proceeding A etoainer contain
ing a party of my friends started to race
me Iu a few mlnutos I had
rushed fur beyond it , and in
fact disappeared entirely from
their sight 'Alnsl' cried they ,
poor Apostoloff has gene to the bottpm '
But utter some time they came up to
mo I was resting comfortably on the
bunk , Great , iu you may suppose , was
their Joy and relief , But the extreme
rapidity with which my boat had gone
caused the tin , of which it was com
po od , to smash in "
And when will ypu linvo your craft
in working order ? " "B.V January It
will bo twonty-oight motors long and
ubout'threonnd one-half motors through
in the thickest part There will bo
' oem for twenty-nvo persons My llrst
voyage will bo to Toulon and back in
fifty mlnutos ; my next trip will bo an
attempt to go to Alglora nnd back in
eight hours I now have ever fifty ap
plications from people anxious to go the
trial trip "
few , M. Apostoloff , wo como to
what is ot course nn important Horn
Whora does your motive force come
from ? " "Ah , Hint is mv secret I have
discovered n now electric motor which
enn not , unluckily , bo patented ; that is
why I am kcoulng it to myself us long
as I can Soon it will bocoino common
property , but no ono can steal from mo
my corps tournnnt , " ho uddod , cheer
fuliy "aud without that they can uovor
liopo to attain ono-third of my speed "
And what will bo the rolatlvo cost
of your bateau"plougour in comparison
to the ordinary torpedo-boat ? " Forty
per cent ohoapar , as far as the cost of
construction is concerned and VI uor
cent chonpor lu actual working ox-
ponso Tints the 100 francs worth of
coal which goes to supply the torpedo
boat will bu rcplacod by ( I francs worth
of my now motive force , in fact , thcro
will bo practically uo working expenses
alter the llrst installation "
You can at least toll mo ono thing
about your now motive power Wilt it
also supnly the light ? " "Ycs.it will "
Have you ever thought of seriously
adapting your bateau plongeur to pas
senger trnfllc ? " Certainly Think
whut it will bo to a man of business to
got to Now York in twonty-six hours
These who do not like the idea of being
inside tlio shell will have to have a
kind of platform attached to the ex
tremities of two of my bateau
. . " And do
ploiigouri you propose to
soil the patent to nny country ? " "Cor-
talnly not ; or , rather , if I did I should
ol course keep it for Russia , my own
country "
Her IVholo Family Tainted With In
New Yohk , Doc 29. A cablegram was
printed tbls morning to the effect that the
wife ot Judge Barrett of the Now York su
preme court bad been conflnod in an insane
asylum at Dresden by order of
her husband and that she is clnlmod to
bo sane Judge Barrett on being " shown
the dispatch sald.tho facts were these :
Ho marrlod his wlfotwonty years ago
Some years afterward she began to show
mental peculiarities Ho then learned for
the first time that insanity was herodltnry
in her family Her mother died
of Bortoning of tha brain Her
fnthor , Mr Fulrfiold , was known as
the crazy man , " her grandfather dlod in
sane , her sister had boon for twonty-llve
years in the Georgetown insane asylum ,
both of her brothers dlod Insane
Mrs Barrett's ' Insane actions caused her
husband much trouble for a numborof years
Her chief delusion was that people wore
trying to poison her Bho finally
went to Europe to escape the poisoners ,
Her condition has steadily grown worse ,
The Judge hcsltatod as long us duty required
him to do Finally Mrs Barrett's actions
attracted the attention of the authorities
and the United States consul On the nd-
vice of a physician it was deemed best to
send the lndy to a retreat for the insane ,
where she is receiving the best of care
Judge Barrett has nlways tried to induce
ills wife to return and live with him , but she
would not do bo , and soeuicd happy only
when flitting from place to place in Europe
She bad tried to get a divorce , ono of her
delusions taking the shnpo of baseless Jeal
ousy , but the Judge would not consent to a
divorce , regarding it as his duty to her and
his daughters to care for her as bis wlfo as
long as she lived
lie Was Game but Too Ijlfjhi for the
tik Fatetie , Iud , Dec 29. A prize flgnt
occurred this morning near hero between
Hichard Keating , a pugilist ot some
note in this section , and Edward
Corey of Crawfordsvlllo , a novice
The men were evenly matched and weighed
about 1S5 pounds each.ICoating had trained but
little ana was ever confident Corey played
a very cautious gaino in the first part of tbo
fight and nltnough receiving several heavy
blows mannged to Inflict serious damage on
his opponent and soon got tbe upper hand
In the fifteenth round Keating was knocked
down three times Cautious sparring fol
lowed In the twenty-third round Keating
touohed Corey lightly on tbo nose with his
loft and swung his right just below Coroy's '
ear It was the decisive blow and Corey , tbo
game novice , was knocked out ,
San Fbancisco , Dec 29. In an Oakland
boarding honso this morning Mrs Jane
Krwin and bor two daughters , Mary and
Bcsslo , aged 10 and 12 respectively , were
found dead In bed , having been nsphixiatod
by gas They had Just arrived here from
Missouri on route to Ventura county , this
state , whore the husband of Mrs Erwin has
a ranch
Tlio Troubled Czar
St , PETEitsnuno , Doa 29 , The czar is
again reported indisposed
Many army officers suspected of revolu
tionary sympathies have boon arrested ,
General Vnnnovski , the minister of war ,
proposes that nobles only should bo allowed
to become army officers , but the czar re
fuses to ontertnln tbe suggestion
I'ort OmiWia Notes
Private William Shorrad , who was recently
contly tried oy a court-martial on the charge
of desertion , and who sot up the defense
thnt ho was not legally in the sorvtco of the
United States , having enlisted on Sunday ,
has boon found guilty ana sentenced to
thrco years confinement at Fort Leaven
Tbo Juveniles at Fort Omaha ontertulncd
their friends on tbo evening of December 20
with a Christmas tree nnd dance Among
those who enjoyed this hospitality were
General and Mrs Wheaton , Major Butler ,
Captain and Mrs Mills , Captain Amos , Cap
tain nnd Mrs Miller Captain and Mrs Ulio ,
Dr and Mrs Hartsuff , Dr , aud Mrs Ilnlli-
day , Ur and Mrs Hradloy , Captain Keller ,
Quartermaster and Mrs Benson , Captain
and Mrs Churst , Lieutenant and Mrs
Waing , Lioutonnnt and Mrs Tunes , Lieutenant -
ant Kinzlo , Lioutonnnt Arrosmith , Lieuten
ant Chrisman , Lieutenant nnd Mcsdamoa
Aborcromboi , Lioutonnnt and Mrs Howell ,
Misses Wuinig , Ilalliday , Hartsuff , Whea
ton , Mills , Kuaro , M. Turner , A. Keller , M.
Uowoll , M. Hartsuff Messrs W. Turner ,
Ullo , Keller , O. Holhday , M. Ilalliday ,
Mills , B. Butler T. Butler , J. Miller , F ,
Knare , F , Boivell and O. Uowoll
Burprfsod Celestials
Man Len and Mun Chow are the names ot
two very swell Cblncso merchants from San
Francisco who were pulled out of a house of
prostitution last night by tbo police , They
were thoroughbreds , were diamonds aud
gold watches and bad plenty of uionoy Both
said It was mighty funny that the Omaha
police did what never was lionrd of in San
Francisco , nnd Interferrod with gentlemen
out on a little lurk ,
A Truly Item rkabln Knot
One frequently hears ol killing two
birds with one shot , " but it isn't often
that onp Hears of killing a wild goose ,
on the wing and a dog on terra flrma
all at oue shot , says the Brooklyn
Times But that is preolsoly what
Captain Si Mott of Par Rockaway did
yesterday Ho was strolling along
the shore at Wave Crest when a iloo lc
ol wild goose passed ever him , flying
very low Ho pulled out bis 82-caliber
revolver und shot at the Hock , bringiug
to the ground a largo , line goose When
the ball descended it struck a dog u
short distance away , owned by Mrs
Duncan , with such forqe upon its head
that the unlmal oxplrod after two or
three kicks It is pronouuood the shot
of the season , and the captain is now
the here of the hour in gunning circlet ;
Uut Ho W -WtUlnR to loll About
Now York Sun 1 'Trolly cold in tlio
far west , 1 tfoo ? " wai queried to the man
in the seat ahond who was enveloped
in a bearskin overcoat nnd cap , and
whoso fnco was hidden by a heavy
growth o ( whiskers
"I should remark ! " ho answered
You from Montana ? "
Exactly "
How cold hns it boon this winter ? "
"Klghty below , but that was off the
trail nnd not included iu the wcnlhor
bulletin "
"That's awful Hews the state of so
ciety out there ? "
Improving nil the time I dent
linvo to kill over one man a week now "
Then "
you you
"I have to do it I'm ' a sheriff , you
sco , nnd I have to keep the boys in sub
jection "
Indians about ? "
"Oh , yes , but they nro very tnmo and
humble I have my boots blacked by a
cliiof , and another does my cooking "
Lots of game ? "
Well , I killed two grizzlies Inst
week "
Toll mo about a blizzard how it
starts and what It la lllto , You mubt
have endured a number of them "
Over two hundred , sir As to what
ono of our Moulniina blizzards Is , just
imaglno u million wildcats "
A quiet , well dressed man on the seat
opposlto , who hnd been attentively list
ening to every word , now rose * tip and
touched the Montana man on the
shoulder nnd nskodt
You from Montana , sir ? "
"Y-yos , sir "
"Shorlff ? "
Yes "
What district , aud what's your
name ? ' '
"I I I " stammered Bearskin in
great confusion
Say , " whispered the ether , as his
ova had an ominous Hash , you uro
from Wisconslnl"
Never sawMbntana in your lifo ? "
You are a drover or laud-looker ? "
Yes , "
Thought bo Now shut uplAnd
And ho resumed his scat und took "up
a paper , und the way old Bearskin kept
his mouth lishut for tlio next two hours
would have made a deaf and dumb mun
Flvo Shillings Worth oTSentiment on
an ICngliHh StoatiiHhlp Doolc
The other morning ns a departing
Cunurd stcamar was casting off its lines
and swinging out into the stream at
Liverpool , an elderly-looking business
man hastily embraced a lady who was
ono of the passengers and rushed down
the irung-plnnk to the wharf , says the
Munchestor Gunrdian Going up to a
melancholy loafer who was watehiug
the busy crowd the gontlomnn drew him
behind a pile of freight and said :
"Wunt to euro flvo shillings ? "
Rather * '
You see that old lady in blacken the
farward deck , there ? " said the geutle-
Yob "
Well " , that's my wife going to Now
York Now , of course , shell expect mete
to stand hero for the next twenty min
utes while the stoaraor is backing mid
filling so as to wave my handkerchief
and watch her out of sight See ? "
"I understand "
Well , I'm tco busy tofoolnbouthore
Stock to buy ; business to nttend to
She's a little nearsighted , bo Ill just
liiro you to wave this handkerchief in
stead Its a big ono , with a red border ,
and so long us she sees it shell think
its mo Come up to No 202 Lime street ,
when they nro well off , nnd Ill pay
you "
"Sposin' she looks through a telescope
or suthin' ? "
"In that case you'll have to bury your
face in the handkerchief and look as
though you were weeping "
• 'That'll bo
two shillingsandsixponco
extra "
All right Time is money , fcook
sharp now You can kiss your hands a
few times ; say , throopence for a , kiss , "
and , snapping hi3 watch , the over
driven business man was oft
We print this affecting little incldont
to cnll attention to tha fact that the
man thus employed has gone into the
business regularly Ho iB now a pro
foBslonul farowellor , and business men
and others can Bavo valuable time and
yet give their departing rolatiyos an
enthusiastic sendoff by applying to the
above specialist nny Bteamor day Go
early to avoid the rush
Tim Winter Sunrise
Some the finest effects of brilliant
colors at sunrise are socn iu our north
ern winter , Bays the Hartford Times
At loabt they are wituossod by moro
people for the Juno sunrise comes
along nt such "an unreasonably early
hour that'only these who have fullon
into the practice of rising with the sun ,
if not before it , ever Bee that exhibi
tion But in these winter dnyB , when
the sun gets into his most lag
gard habit of late ' rising , ono
may study at his leisure ( pro
vided his vie k is not cut oil by cluster
ing intervening roofs and towora ) the
gorgeous cloud ecouory that heralds the
coming ljiminary Of course ho must
have a bedroom window which , like the
prophet Daniel's , looks towurd Jorusa-
iom ; no side squint nor half view will
do any justice to the BUbjoet Such a
suiinso as Turner would have joyed to
pulnt may frequently bo soon tills pres
ent winter Mixed a little with the
abounding dark and wet mornings ,
these brilliant day-oponors nro all the
morn delightful , There was such a sur- .
priBo this morning , not , perhaps , o.
epocially noteworthy color display , coin
pared with eomo of the others , but a
splendid exhibition nevertheless It
was pleasant to note the growing Ilium-
inatlon tosoo it
Startle the dull night
From his watchtower in tbo sttios
Till the dappled duwii doth mo
und to note the unfolding glory in one
particular locality , a brilliant region
crowning the indigo lulls
Itigbt against the eastern gate ,
Whore tbo great sun begins his state
There were just enough clouds iu that
quarter to catch the coming blaze , und
spread it out in great splashes of glow
ing color Sun-smitton gems , nor bu tu
rn or meadow globes of duo , ever Hash
forth moro brilliant touches than some
of these lhuninir elfoets of the Oocom-
bor sunrise clouds What vulutllo ,
oluslvo ethereal , but most uplifting
tjpirit is that , which so fills ono with
it sort oi triumphant joy in the
Hooding glory of a passing spectacle -
taclo lilco a fine sunrise ? If
it may still charm the beholder ,
in tutor life us in curliest childhood , it
must have u dcopor meaning than wo
have thought ; it must bo a proclama
tion of good and it may embody , in
the splendid illuininutiou'of these moro
niassos of cold gray vupor a universal
assurance that tlio winged cherub Uopo
is nut after all the fabler we have ull
However that may bo , it is a joy to
see our northern winter broken , hero
and thoru , by such supernal mornings
I Tlrocl Out rom m depressing effects ot ' * B
the clinngtng season , or by linrd uork nnd K
uorry you need the toning , building up , ncrvo- H
strengthening elTcvt of Howls Sarsaparllla to ' H
plvoyoitiiffcllngof health and strength nnnln ' B
It purines the blood , cures bllllousnese , dypcp- H
tin , liciidni'he etc B
Hoods SnrBnpnrllln Is sold by all drujt M
glstx 1'iop.ircn by V. I. Iloo.l A ; Co , Lowell H
- • i M
to see , ns the shipwrecked Knock ' |
Arden saw , from his tropic island ' |
The sunlight brolsoa Iato scnrlus shafts , r H
nnd the dnrknoss beaten into Unices of i H
llro - ' It is the glory-crown of the days H
best hour H
Thn Car Stoves Dostlny H
Tlio report that the Pennsylvania H
railroad hits decided to try no further H
to ilnd a substitute for the car stove may ' |
bo true , but wo liopo aud believe it is H
not , says the Pittsburg Dispatch The H
authority for the statement which n H
cotemporary prints is anonymous , and ' H
this fact encourages us to hope that the H
Pennsylvania's olllcurs are not so blind B
to their own interests und so cnreloss of H
public safety as the report would have H
us believe M
It is said that the Pennsylvania rail H
road lias spent 475,000 in experiments H
with stoain car heaters A full test of H
various systems ol heating wo know fl
has boon made by this railroad Now H
it isulloged that the car stove , has no H
poor and it is not to bo disturbed or H
supplauted Tno prominent railroad H
ollicial who Is quoted on the subject H
lightly indicates the dreadful sulToring H
travelers ondtire where thn curs are M
houtod by steam Bufferings from which H
the travelers , btruugo to say , never B
complain and playfully winds up with H
the cheerful chum ; of truth that the cat H
steve never hurt anybody , anyhow , H
This would bo all right from some rail H
road men's point of view this weft ol H
polite fiction and if there were no court H
ol appeal to which the mibliocould npplj H
we fear it would bo all the comfort tlm H
railroads would grudgingly grant tothf H
people But there is a court of appeal , H
the legislature of the state In othct J M
states , notably Now York , the legislature - H
lature has abolished the cur stove The B
same thing can bo done hero It would M
be much bettor for the railroads to do B
tlio work themselves in their own way
and with deliberation , than to have to (
make a radical change at short notice ,
and , possibly , according to some parflBa
ticular plan SH
The Pennsylvania railroad is manVBv
aged in-such a capable and enlightened * Hfl
fashion that wo believe that the stortr " H
will bo hurled from the cars before IonOne / ; . H
Ono thing is ccrtn-in , the car steve hai B
too bloody a record to ho tolerated much m
longer In plain English , the car steve K
must be abolished ; H
1 lie Street Car Bonr H
I am not bloodthirsty , but if there is M
unyono at whose taking oil I could assist - H
sist with satisfaction H is the churlish ' H
boor who persists in wnlkiug ever ones j H
feet in the street car , says the Chicago M
Journal It is no small task to keep a M
pair of boots in presentable shape in this H
sort of weather The mud is hard M
enough on them , but the boor is worse M
I start from home iu the morning with H
my boots neatly polished , the result of H
fully llvo minutes brisk labor If ,1 H
have to ride on the platform someone H
is sure to drag their muddy feet ever B
the shiny surfuco of my boots BHl
before 1 got down town Riding inside HJ
the car , even when I gut u seat , doesn't H
keep the boor away lieis always on H
hand und always manugos by some H
awkward lurch to precipitate himself B
square on my feet and send rau to my HBl
business with at least ono disgracefully HJ
airty boot • That means a shine before M
going home at night , at the outlay of a M
dime Somehow the boor doesn't H
usually show uo ontho , homeward trip , ] t
and barring having to fight my way M
through the crowd of his cousins who 1 |
persist iu crowding the platform mid ; ' |
steps when there is plenty of room inside - M
side , I gut homo in tolerably doccnt ri H
condition I prcsumo he stays down ' H
town with a crowa of congenial com ' H
pan ions romparing notes on the dam J H
ago ho lias wrought I l
Chewing Gum Statistics M
Superintendent of the Census Porter , ' |
recently received a letter suggesting H
that statistics bo gathered relative to H
tlio chewing gum habit , says the Now M
York Sun A visitor at ono of the uptown - H
town hotels last week is the proprietor M
of a chewing gum factory in Elkhart , H
Ind Speaking of his factory , which is H
one of the smullost und least important H
iu the country , ho said ; l
Thus fur tliisyear wo have made and > I H
sold $400,000 worth of the stuff Wo am- > M
ploy ICO men and girls , and wo ship to j H
jobbing houses iu every largo city iu j H
the country There are in the United H
Btatos nlono fully u dozen lurgo factories - H
rios employing as many people as wo do , H
and in most ensos more The annual . H
output of these factories will average H
$450,000 per year , making a total pro H
puction of moro than $3,000,000 , and H
there are enough smaller confectionery H
establishments to Increase the annuul H
production to at least 80,000,000. " H
" H
* $ mc I
Absolutely Pure
ThiiiumdarnereryarUt A mnr r.u ( v./mr ,
Llienglh uul wliolesumoiieu More euonouil ; (
cut thun tha ordinary Kinds , aud cannot do sola '
In competition with the multitude , of low teit
short weight alum or nlio.i > hnt powders Set ! H
OHluincam .Uovan Uakimo Powukh Co , VA
trail St , N. If

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