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Introduction of Toatlmony Ootitln-
uod By the State
Xinwycin Ilcrinctt nntk Kelsey lull n
Itcvoltiuir Story of the Hrittnl
licnttiiniit to \ \ lilt.li riiojr
W ere Sulijci to 1.

iti-Noiiiiit ; itoi'inii
Hoi rnur , Cole , Jnn 1 [ Special to Tur
Her ] The Ahito Cap case was continued
ngaili } cMordiy by tlio stito resuming the
Introiluctloii ot tcstlmon } 1 ho now Jury of
twelve tnon who are to sit In judfitnont on
testimony for nnd against the defendants
were In the boy llio court room wns
crowded at nu cn-ly hour with tnon of all
classes to listen to tostllnony that made tlio
heart bload run fiercely through the veins of
many n law abiding citizen The following
witnesses wire examined todnv by tlio state
nJohn b Itennott 1 am a lawyer My
ortlcc is in Ilolyoko , Col My family consists
! ofnllttla glrltvvcivo icars old and i ltttlo
boy of nine Wo nil sleep in the olllco t
i I retired about 12 o'clock on the night of the
' Tth inst I hud been lu bed uwhllo when 1
heard n rap on the door I naked * \ ' hat &
| -uniitoU' und Louis C WIthcrbco nnsv crcd
tint ho wanted it wjnant light quick * I got
8 nn and went to the door lthcrbeo grabbed
I ire by the ton of the hen 1 and they dragged
jj irn down sUIrs WUhirbcc Is shcrifl of the
; rounty Iimvciy familiar with his voice
! there wire four masked men nt mv oflko
B door Wlthcrby wis in the load nnd grubbed
I mi Ouo of the others put something ovei
j my mouth anil drugged mo down stairs head
! foremost unit pirtly toro my drawersolT I
g tore the niosf- off of Lou Witbcrbcc I
n Jcnoclcc 1 the mask up on niiolhcr man s f ice ,
I whom I believe to bo A A bpihr , deputy
E clerk and county recorder It wns a very
1 bright moonlight night J hey drutjci V"0
| across the street to the roir end of % nrnoy's
I store I hollowed nil I could They picked
I mo up und thiow moon the hare boards in n
a wagon two of them then aat on mo mid
K tlioy dev c oft at a rapid speed i hey stoi ncd
& and throw a tout over inj head niter thev
H were nbout thrco hundrcl yards out of
H town In feolng out the tricil to put some
H thing over m\ mouth and I bit the liltlo
ilugor of Louis G Witherboe They choked
I mo and ono of the mon ran his thumb in mi
I eye mid mndo mo let ( , o I
I said I would like to itnow what
I I have done to deserve this Itind of
i jninishmcnt' Mv whole side wns blacit anil
9 blue from theii silting on tne wd riding over
* the iouh ( prairie and jolting on the biro
boards In the box When they drove mo to
• whore I was whipped I saw another mm
! lyinc on tlio ground covcicit up A man
cuino tiding up on n horse with a whip tn
his hand t have slnco recognized the coat
that was thrown over mo lwo men give
mo nine cuts uplcco I our men held mo ono
around each wrist and ono uround each
J unklo I had nothing on but n shirt and a
pull of cotton stockings It wns
a n very cola night After ; I wus
* whipped I saw Lou Witliorbeo with n
whip in his hand Ho said 'iho lawyers
of this county iio getting too d d smart '
iho only difference in tnu dress that he
wore was the mask ho had on his face I
Itnow hint from his voice and his clothes
After the whipping 1 was turned loosu mid
I walked nbout two miles to Ml Diedlcs , I
could not eomo towards town as they were
Ktill standing between mo mid tha road I
would have to toke to get to moflico At
tl at time I had on no clothes whatever ox
ccpt my undershirt and stockings I had
pushed the flesh down in my legs with tni
lingers und it would rotaln the imprint
of them I could hirdly got to
Dlodlo s on account of being so
coaipletoly chilled with the extreme
I cold M > back wus cut eleir through the
skin iho whipping only hurt mo on the in
Bide I wns so cold I was confined to inj
lied several days Iho next diy \Sitherbco
came to joy bedside and usked mo if I recog
, nlzcd anv otthem I saides I rctog-
* jilzcd your voice when you called for a war
I rant ' Ho said nothing and walked off "
111 Is was nil of J3cnncU s direct testimony
In the cross examination his testimony was
not shaken in the least
William D Kelsey I am a lawyer I
have lived in Holyoke twovenrs On the
night or tlio 7th nto a lunch in Walsh's
s iloon Left there about 12 Xa going to my
liomo in West HolyoKe About elghtv feet
from the banks ot thu rreiiebmnn I saw six
or sovou mon coming towards mo rhov
vvoro ubout llftoon oi twenty feet nwiy when
I Urst saw them They came in a semi clrclo
When they were ubout ton feotolt the ouo iu
the conto- said Hold up your hands ' I
Bald 1 would hold up nothing Ho repeated !
• Hold up your hands • 1 said \oung fol
low you ro boring In the wrour hole , you
can tacnro mo ' liy this time ouo was behind
mo mill tied something over my eyes They
t li on neld my hands una walked mo off f
S did whatever they wanted me to and mauo
no resistance There wore too many of
them nnd X saw it was no use 'Iho man in
front of mo had a mask on his face
nnd n , hat on his head It was
Louis Witherbco They threw a borsa blao
kotovcr niy head nndlcd mo about twenty
rods to a wagon When thov went to put mo
in 1 told them I could climb in myself , which
1 did When thov stopped at tlio spot where
J wus afterwards wlilppoa I jot out of the
vacon lhoy made mo ttneol down on mj
kuecs aud hold mo in thnt shupu until the
wagon returned with tholr ether victim Not
.i word wns spoken Kvery thing was so still
I could her the villains brsathing iho
w agon wns gene to town ubout threo-quartoi a
of un hour und then returned I wus then
thrown on ni > face and something thrown
over no Iho whipping thou commenced
i • 'lhoy whil prl thu other man first I could
hoar him moan and say O Godl' I heard
uftci w arils that it w as Hcmtctt After the }
whipped bim they came to uio Ono muu
then caught each of my vvrists nud nnklos
mid stretched mo out with my fuio down
In this position 1 was whipped n villain
standing on each sldo of mo striking al
ternate blows each lick cutting ttuough the
nliin mid bringing out the blood 'lbey then
Bald 'Wo will Just glvoyou twontj four
! hours to eave the country * \ \ itborbee wus
the man that said this 1 then vy ulko 1 homo
I was ull bloody , the blood running down
iny pants 1 tumid sick at my stomach "
lluth Mickey ' Know Ld bparks On the
night of the 7th ho came to my saloon bu-
! twoon 11 nnd 10 o clock and borrowed my
overcoat Ho said that ho was going thrco
miles in the country , that ha would roturu it
iu thu morning "
| Ihis ovcicoat was identified today by Hon
' nott as being the ouo that was thrown ovct
| bun when ho was hauled out In the wagon
' Mrs William I ) Kblsey cauia into
t ho court room loading her llttlo two year
| girl bho wus crying Her face was flooded
a with tears , and it was with difiiculty that
Bho testified as follows , "My husband oarao
homo nbout J o'clock Sunduj , the 8th His
Duck wus beatou and it was raw and blood }
His shirt was all oy or blood and blood was
| running down his punts Ho bocaiuo vary
I wick und suffered a jrout deal I was torrf
I blv frightened and sorely mortified " ,
I rim court adjourned oyor Now Years until
3 'Jhurslavnt U a m , at which time the cvi
i ilcuco for the stuto will bo continued
I 8iAai > My\h
I * hllver III Noliraskn
I , Siu ovie\\ , Neb , Jan 1 Considerable
I excitement prevails at this place over the
I llndlugot sjtvorore in paying quantities at
I the mouth of Burton creek , liftoon miles
i northeast of Springvlew , in this ( ICoya
I Tuba ) county , by a D Leavens , a homo
I I Btcador It seems about a year ago Mr
I Leavens , while prospecting for minerals ,
I came to the conclusion thnt from tndlcatious
I there must bo coal uudei the surface ot
I Ills claim , and ho secured an old worn out
I * drill nnd went to work , the people of this
I lilaiis keeping him ia grub iho hole is
1 , iibout tire hundred feat deep , starting in
I near the creek , which runs a good stream ,
| bat strungo to say there lias never
j Iiedn water in the hole to stop work In
i lact it bus boeu quite dry from the top to
I the bottom la drilling tha 500 feet they
I passed through llireo thin veins of coal , but
j tint Iu payiug quautitlcs , the thickness being
| twelve inches As near us cau bo estimated
] bow there is at least twcuty-Jlyo feet of thu
I 1 Bllver-hou-lug rock that It , iu Uipili , uo
telling what the wlHh nrd length miybo
A bunnlltj of this nick has been taken to
the Oma'ift smelting works nnd an assay
1 roves it to bo worth IMO in silver , 10 in
gel I nnd nbout $10 In copier per ton A
company has been organize ! nnd a shaft will
bo put down immediately nnd if the IInd
proves to bo ns good as now supposed , Ivcva
I'alui county will bo the Loulvilluof the
northwest Insldo of twelve months As It is
a known fact that should the llenton creek
hole proven succc s there nro n number of
other locations within a few miles Just as
_ _ _
Dr-uinuntlc LiIttorH Orgnnl/e
UitiMi 1m ami , Neb , Jnn J [ bpecial
Telegram to Tup Urp 1 In rc ponso to a
cill made soma weeks ago a largo number of
the lending democratic editors of the state
isscnibled hcic today for the purpose of or-
pin'/lng u democratic state editorial associa
tion Permanentorgmlzatiou wus effected
bj the election of the following officers
President , t O 1' Hildobrand of the St
Paul Press , sccrolniy Ed J Hall of the
Grand Island Democrat treasu'er 1) ) V
Davis of the Columbus lolcgram " \ Ice
presidents wcro chosen from each congrca-
sionul district us follows L mm the the
Eitst , 1 red Hosier of the Pnwnco Press ,
from the Second , II H W alqtmt of the
Hastings Democrat , from the ihird , M U
Ooron of the Orecly Deinocnt A coustltu
tlon nnd bj lawswor * ndoptod iho Issues
of importance now pending befoio the pco
plo of the state wcro dlseusscl ft length and
united action on the part of thu democratic
press wns strongly advised All mesent ox-
jiiesscdthumsclvos thoroughly satlslled wHh
the result Mills is the first attempt at oi
ganimlon on the pirt of the democratic
press over mudo In Nebraska Uesidcs
these lircseut the movement leielvcs the un-
nualllledendorsement of nearlj every dome
cratie editor of the state ns expressed by lot
tcrs sent to bo rend nt thu meeting
Narrow I Mcnpa 1 rotn Flic
Hevtuicp Neb , Jun 1 rSpocinl Telegram -
gram to lnt , UblI Iho Dally Press oftlto
nnrrowb escnv od going up in smoke this
afternoon An oflico room In the building
had Just bion vacated to lay und a parlor
match or cigur stump had acciacn ally \
nltod the matting on the llooi , and hid been
smouldering ull the afternoon iho tire had
burned through the Hoer nnd was burning
along the rafters when opportunely dls
covered bv ono of the attaches of the oflico
The Haines were extinguished Jby the ollleo
force before the arrival of the llro depart
ment i ,
Stole the Church Safe
Lincoi/s , Neb , Jnn 1 [ Special Tele
gram to Iue Bee ] rho cast door of bt
Mhorcsa's ' Catholic church wus forced open
sometime last niebt nndv smnll safe weigh
ing about one thousand pounds taken from
the west sacristy aud rolled out into the
east j ard where an unsuccessful nttompt w is
made to force it open llio s ife contained
nothing but batismal [ births and mar
riaec , records
' ' Tostcil
I'avvneo Chj'h Warnrwoiks
P\W\tECiTy Neb Jan 1 [ SpecialTol
egrnm to Mm Hli J The official test of
the waterworks was mhdo todav It was a
pel fee t success
Kctluecil Kites b rom Chlc.igo to St
I'niil Go Into 111 it
tyiurAoo Jan 1 The wesioin pissonger
rate war is now falilj begun The reduced
rites from St Paul to Chicago wont into
effect ted a } , and to muko the fight moro in
tercsting the St Paul executed a flank
movement nnd opened flro from the Mis
soar ! river bringing the first class late from
Knnsas City to Chicago down from Sl-i oO to
* 10 iho evident object of the cut is to pun
ish tno Burlington & Quincy for the action
of the Burlington & , Northern \ general
collapse of Missouri river rates is cxrectod
to follow and there is apparently uo chnnco
of the St Louis lines oeing able to maintain
the present rates between that city and Chicago
A Belt Line lor DiMiver
Ue\vek , Cole , Jan 1 | Special lelo-
gram to fm Bei ] Articles ot incorpora
tion of the Denver Union Hallway & . Tor
miual company w ere filed with the secretary
ot state late y esterdav afternoon The capi
tal stock is placed ut $5 000 000 and the incor
porators are Charles A Adams Trodorlck
L Ames Wil'nrd Teller , J B Gilchrist , J
K Choato and Scott Brj an 1 heso gentle
men nro also named as the beard of ditectors
for the first year Ameetingof the directory
will bo hold tomorrow nfternoon in this city
at which dot lilcd plans for the operation of
the compinv will bo submitted and uctcd
upon Tlieso include the building ot a belt
line connecting alt the roads and branches
entorlng the city and the handling of the busi
ness thereof by what Is known in railroad
uurlunco as u terminal company
Illinois Central Cluwigen
Ciltctao , Jan 1 The Illinois Central
Railroad company announces a number of
changes in officials A A Beck , the actiug
general manager , has been appointed ton
ernl manager A W Sullivan , general
superintendent , t % G Hussell superintend
ent ot the northern lines with jurisdiction
north of the Ohio and east of thu Mississippi
river M Gilleus superintendent of the
lines in Iowa , is made superintendent of the
western lines with headquarturs in Dubuque
and'junsdlction over the ro ids west of the
A Cmillilatn lot the Gallows
M1NSEHOI.IS Minn , Jan 1 A Merrill ,
Wis , special gives un account of i terrlDlo
Now oars tragedy Qeorgo Hondlor , a
dissolute churactcr had been refused eiedit
at Day Id barvis' giloou 1 his morning after
buvliiL several drinks and paying for then )
he pulled i revolver and shot Saivisintbo ' .
back kilting bim utmost instantlv Chief of
Police Iru ix uttcmitod to urrest the mur
dercr and wus si ot tluouL.li tlio lunes , , prob
ably fatally trunk Hou , uleht watch
man was shot in the shoulder and
urm Hmdler hold the crowd at biy
for i while , hut In iittsmptlng to escape ho
stumbled and dropped , his roi olver Ho was
then pounced upon by the crowd nnd taken
to jalL Ho will probably bo lynched
B11HIIICH3 TrouliliM
MlLWADKrE , Jan 1 A special from Ton
Du Lac sujs the aasignco ot the Ton Du Lao
rurnlturo companj , the Lou Du I ao bash ,
Boor aud Blind company mid Wisconsin
Lund and Mining company , known as the
C J Meyer company , show liabilities of
VX,000 ) Mho hcay lest creditors are Hcurv
Sherry A. Co $111 000 , B P Saivyor 150,000
O J L Meyer fJ,030 iho assets nearly
equut the liabilities nnd the creditors will
rccelvo dollar fir dollar
\ otoetl the Itoliber C3ns mil
St , Louis , Jan 1 Just bofoio the uuily
pipers went to press this morning Muyor
Noonun sent a nolo to them snylng that ho
bad vetoed the gas bill recently passed by
the tuurieipil assembly popularly known as
the robber gas bill It is a New Years ' gift
for which the citizens generally will bo very
AMioli sitln Killing
Asulvilll , N C , Jan 1 A terrible tragedy
ody took place la Mitchell county in a
drunken row Christmas day In wnick three
lien vvoro killed Friday Monroe Garland ,
a brotborof ono ol thamurderod mcu rode
up to a crowd in the sumo phico and lirod
Into it and killed three , wounding twelve
Btrnnt.li it a Boy
Dculin , Jun 1 A tbirtoon year old 1 oy , u
brotbir to tlio wltuoss who tostlMod Iu the
case ot the man named Poles , who was tried
at Castle Island tor murder , has been
strangled to death A man named Connor
lias boon arrested on the cnargo of being the
At III DIhsoIvo Iarliuniunr
Deni.iv , Jun t Iho rreemau's ' Journal
say s it has strong reasons to believe that
Lord Salisbury will dissolve parliament at
( ho earltost moment
KniiNUh' Sugar Ontl > ut
MorchA , ICiut , Jan L rho aunuul report
of tl e stuto suur iti iactor shows 1.C9JS75
pounds muoufaetured iu llsbJ ugainst 093 , 71
iu li 3
" "
Tlio Association Puts In Another
Hard Days Work
Proceeding * of" tlio Promoters of
Music Atlantic Mnn Arrested
on tlio Charge of l'orgcrv
Iowa News
A Gnoit llny'a \ \ ork
Bes Moines , la Jau 1 | Spochl Tola-
gram to Trtr BrK ] Iho State loachcrs' ' as-
soclition has had i full days work today ,
both as a vvholo and by soctlons Mho morn
lug exorcises opened with an cxcrclso in phy
sical culture by pupil * frotu the public
nihools , which was followed by a general
discussion led by Prof Booth of Iowa City
MhcotltPi papers at the gener il mooting of
the association were ' College entrance from
the standuolnt of tlio college " Prof If A
llarkness I ulrilold Gonorul discussion led
bv Pror G L Ooolcv , Crcsco , ' Charlatism
in education and educators , " buporlutendont
11 A Kluuoy Woodbine Gcnor 1 discus
siou led by Prof C At Grumbling , Mount
Pleasant In the afternoon the association
resolved Itself Into tlvo sections , each meet
ing scpar itoh Iho fltst was the co11olo do
oartment The principal paper ot the after
noon vvas by President Stetson of the Des
Molnos collcgo on What is n colleginto
educationl Other papers and discussions
followed each led by a rolleto president In
the evening the main address wns by Presi
dent SchaclTcr of the stnto urlverslty on the
An cricnn university President Chamber
lain of the state agriculturil college road n
paper on Industrial education Mho countv
superintendents formed the second section
nnd thay were addressed by State Superintendent
tendent Sabln Iho third section was com
posed of the olomontnrv nnd giaded school
teichers fhoj discussed such subjects ns
the middle man the child nt homo and at
school , hereditary and cducitlou The high
school dopirtmont lormed the fourth section
tion iho loading papers wcro on the high
school libr-iry literature botany and tnutho
mntics The fifth Bcction was dovntcd to the
department of penmanship nnd drawing
President Granger In her annual address
Inst night stated that during the year cud
Ing October 1881 , of the 25 093 teachers ' cor
tilicntcs issued 1 • 070 were to women nnu of
the I 842 who were rejected 3 2U word also
1 ho State Music Teachers association has
also been in se islon all day , dividing its time
between papers and discuss ons and music il
selections Papers were read this moi ning
by Prof Peters of Bubuquoon "Volco Culture
turo " and by Dr AVishnrd of Ujis city on
Needed Heform in Church Music " The
session this nflernoon vvas devoted to an
ore in reclt il by Louis Pnllc of Chicago At
4 o cloclt the Governor nnd ether state
ofllcors held nu informnl New Years re
ception for all the teachers at the state
house The enrollment now reaches aoout
seven bundrel
Arresteil lor Porjtory
Ati intic In , Jan 1 ( Special Telegram
to Tux Bef ] George Bailov was arrested
nt Nevvtou and Drought to this city today to
nusw er to the charge of forgery , comtnittod
hero December 28 Ho was to have been
married today
Drovvnott \ \ hllc Skotinc ;
Haulav , Ia , Jan L [ Special Tel eg ram
to TnK Bee | Ira Ovorholt , sou of John
Overholt whllo skating on the river hero
todnv broke through the ice and was
CATIIjCMLA akousud
Those of the Houttnvcit Will 1 iRht
the Buyers Combine
Font Woutii , Tex Jan 1 A call was
Issued some time ago by William L Black
chulrmin of the committee appointed to in
vcstlgato the causa ot the depression In
the cuttle business , for an inter
state convention of cattlemen to meet
at 1 ort Worth , March 11 , 1800 This call
was followed today bv an address to the cat
tie Industry of Texas and ether states ,
sIfuod by all the i.attlo organizations
of Tovas nnd miny largo cattle
owners of Kansas , Missouri Ne
braska Colorado and Illinois It joins
in the call ind sets forth at length the im
poitutico of cattle men agreeing upon some
uniform plan of conducting theii business in
the future to dofcat the combiua
tion of buyers in the jirominent marlr-
ots of the country iho address
asks the chief executives of the several
states and territories who have business ro
lutions with either Chicago Kins is City or
St Louis to send n full and cQlcient rcpro
sent ition nt the banking and mercantile element
ment with the detonation that may bo sent to
represent their respective sections
Arcliliinhop 'rolanitN Mtatoment
St Paul Jan 1 A Chicago telegram of
the 31st brought the Intelligence that Joslah
Cratty of that city , attorney for cortuin
creditors of the defunct real cstato firm of
I rodcriksoa &Co , had filed nn nmcudcdbill
in which , with prominent bnslnoss men and
physicians of Milwaukee nnd ether points in
thu northwest Archbishop Irolaud was made
co defendant A rcportor todny called
Archbishop Ireland s attention to the tolo
\es " said the archbishop , ' I am greatly
surpnsed at the Btitements made boino
youi s ugo Prcdorlksou offered ns ugont to
sell some lands of which I was the owner In
Swift county thlsrstato obtaining from mo
mi option contract for the Bime Ho filially
purchusod a small i ortion of such lands iu
tus own numo , which ho afterwards sold to
others ns I was iulormcd This is nil there
is of my transactions with riederiksen & ,
Co _
Biiiciil of n Crayon Artist
New Youu , Jin 1 GabrlolloO'Berbauor ,
a talented youug crayon artist , shot hirsolf
dead today in her apartments at 210 East
Llfcbtv first street where her brother Otto
also lived lhoy had become alionlatod
from the other members of their
family Gabrielle hod receutlv learned
that William Brill a wealthy glove manu
facturer who had been paving her marked
attention , was about to marry another
woman This made her dosoondont and led
to her suicide Mr Brill could not bo Been
Mho AlncUey htr ke
Lv insv iu e , Ind , Jou 1 The situation
on the Evansville & Terra Huuto and the
Bvuusyillo A. Indianapolis roads of the
Mackoy system remains practically un-
cbingcd at this point Nothing but passenger -
gor trains are moving The federation of
the orothorhoods of cngiuoors aud iiremeu
nnd the conductors switchmen and orako-
met wcut into effect today aud unless a
speedy scttlcmont is reached there Is a
probability that nil these organizations will
take part In the strike
A Unco War I e-aro.I.
Cu wiXbTO's , S C , Jan 1 Dispatches
received tonight indicate that tbero nro
probabilities of trouble la Barnwall Melo-
trums have been received at Black
villa and neighboring towns ask
ing for aid , and a special train
left Blackwoll with reinforcements todny
It Is suld the negroes intend to burn the
town M he w hole county soeins to bo up In
arms and neoutlict hetwocu the blacks and
whites uppeurs Imminent
A Nihilist i > | nt
St I'jsTeiiaiit/itn Jan 1 Iho police have
discovered the eUitctico of a deep laid and
widely pervading plot agaiust tha lifo of the
czir Mho nihilists are abandoning tlioli
policy ot open terrorism and resoitiog to
methods tuoto secret
Han bnlvnilot'o Kh bell ion Liittrd
La Liiiekta , Jan 1 The government
forces are completely victorious over the In
surgents iu the province of Cusoatlan and
the revolution Is suppressed Mho rebellious
towu of CojulePoiue has bean taken and
Ceucral Uivas baa Uod
Tim \\ii.sii Msxnnnron
f fin .
Delegates I'J-oin ninny btntcn In At-
ni ' 'tr-titlnncr'
Cmcioo JW 1 file first hitlonnleis
teddfod held An America met nt Central
music hall th ) ; ftft6ruoou Bclcgatos from
many states wtoro in attendance It was nn
intelligent , ( UuSturcd audience to which
music , pocsMand pnt-lotlc uttoranees
equally np ) n , ( el and rocolvod cordial
endorsomonM All the proceedings nro In
the Welsh iaiiL'iini.0 Tlio formal address of
President Jo b to llio delegates siid they
wcro there tn show their attachment for the
motherland aHId her institutions nnd to com
meinorato Welsh lltcrniuio and arts Mbcy
were proud to be descendants ot Utiles and
no less proud that they were American citi
nons Tonight tlio chief interest centered In the
choral contest , four choruses competing
Honors wcro onsy between tlio Western
avenue choir of Chicago nnd the Uicluo
chorus , but tlio former wis flvon the award
on the sticngth of the aplritcl singing of
Soloist Miss Grneo Jones
PnulNen-McCoriuick bkntinc Match
Ml-vsrAtMLlg Minn , Jab 1 Mho first of
a serlos of slntiug matches between Alex
nndor Paulson ot this city and Hugh J Mc-
Cormiok came off today at the Palace rink
McCormiak trailed Paulson thoontlro dls
tmco until the last lap when ho spurted ,
Lolng about ten varus when a chiln wis
thrown ncross the trick nnd ho sustained a
turrlblo fill Piulseii von by a couple of
feet A protest h is been issue 1 against pay
ing over the stnl e money , ? j0 iho time
for tlvo miles was 20 18 , ton miles 40 > " i ,
lllleen miles 1 hour 1 minute md JT seconds
Suicided on Ills Ucililtnir Hay
Lobisviliu Kv , Jan 1 | Spccial Tolo-
giam to Iiik Btr J At Jcfforsonvlllo to lav
Charles H Pnxon committed suicide Ho
vvas to bo married to Miss Phoebe Mnars at
3 p m md in houi before that time could
not bo found Ho was at last dtscovored in
the back yard or ins father a nome with a
bullet hole in ins breast nenr the heart He
died soon nf tor A letter was found in which
ho puts the blame for his death entirely upon
himself Ho was in financial straits aud so
drlvou to desperation
Forcstres' Puhllo lnstnllntion
District Deputy George J Seltzer Thurs
day evening installed the officers elect of
Court Mnglo City , No 103 , Indopendout
Ordct of foresters The Installation was
puolio and was hold In the Ancient Order oi
Hibernians' hall Shllony's orchestra furnished -
nishod the music Mho lnrgo attendnnco of
friends w is much pleased with the beautiful
and lmprosslvo ceremonies The following
ofllcers vvoro lustalled Chief riugor
Charles Singer , vice chief ranger Liu ard
Conley , recording secretary l03cph Moloy
financial sccrotn v , William Brennan , troas
dror , Judfo PitrickJ King , senior wood
ward , Beuiiniin P 1 innorty , Junior wood
ward , John H Lane senior beadle ,
Anthony Smith , junior be idle Pat
rick SUei , elm ] lain John Haves ,
trustees , Henry Loechor George I
Selt7or and Patrick Bovvley Uepresent-
ativc to the grind ledge George T 'ielt7or
alternnto Clnrlo Singer The grand ledge
will meet lobruary (1 ( 1800 in La Salle 111
After the corouiony congratulations fol
lowed and in rcsponso to oills Chlof Uangcr
Singer delivered short but neat and fore
iblo speech receiving and meriting hearty
applause rhoi Glco club roudciod some
nmu9ingsonL,3 J hen to the splendiu music the
trlends joined in ono of the pleasant dances
for which the 'Fdrestorshaveboeomo famous
Now 1 ear h Bpcoption , atth" niuanon
The ladies of the Lmiinon sooroil a decided
success nt the Now Years reoeptiou Ihurs
day evening An excellent spread bad been
tastefully aud palatably prenared and vvas
served in a most acceptable manner After
the spread Mr A Cuddington und Misb Kato
Wymau lod-the frand march ind all joined
in a pleasant .dauco With commend iblo
forethought and oift hands everything had
been done to Dleaso und entertain nm ) a moro
delighted partyHvas hover held in the cky
tlmiunry I'ofloo AssisiiineutH
Marshal Mihonoy has made the following
police assignments for January Day force
Jailer , William M Hughes N street , Moses
It Redmond , third ward , Maitin Spoettlor ,
Albright , Thomas Bronnnn Nifht force
Captain Jobu J Sexton jailer , ihonias
Loonoy , N , Tweuty-fifth to J andTwonty-
Bcvcntb to N streets , JoeodIi Huinpol from
N on T ; enty fourth and Twenty fifth to Q
and J streets Third , John Fallen and Pat
rick J McMahon
Grniul Island Mnn Itobbod
A man hero from Grand Island with stock ,
who modestly witholds his name took a
room Wednesday night in the Lister block ,
and when ho awoke in the morning found
that bis room had been entered during the
mcht and his clothes rifled of valuublcs , in
cluding a gold watch and even some of his
clothes were taken No trace of the thief
To Pnve Tvvonty-I ourth Street
Mho rogulir mooting ot the board of trade
will bo held in President John A. Dee s of
lice Saturday ovcnlng Several matters ot
public interest will be discussed , notably the
question of paving Twenty fourth street
and it is the desire of all to have a full at
tondunco .
Noted About the City
Mrs D r. Baylcss is listed among the
neuralgia sufterors
Miss Jennie Morton is ono of the very sick
persons with influenza
Aquiot wedding will surprise the people of
Albright during this month
Court Magic City No 103 pal 1 the funeral
expenses of Mrs John II M KInney
Mr Howe , brother of Charles Howe re
siding in the northern part of the city , is
A dance and raffle will entertain the social
levers ot Albright at Myers hall iuesday
Superintendent James Boyle of the hog
department of tno packing houses of Swift
i , Co , is sick
Mho ofllcers of Alpha lodge No 11 Daup.li
tors of Uobekah , will bo installed Saturday
evening the Jd
Peter M. Bonaboo of this city and Miss
Catherine Kinsella of Omaha have been
licensed to wed
1 rank P Jones of Ponca , who has been
the guest of the Hov Kobert L Whcoler ,
has been given a position in the Union Pa
cillo railroad headquarters luOuiaba
The mayor and city council will sit Friday
and Saturday , tlie'aid and dd as a board of
equalization on thogrndiugof Twenty lourth
and paving ftMjnu/l iwonty seventh streets
and Itailroad uveuuf
Mrs Henry Itfjyjiplds , brother of Oakley
W Hamilton a member of Court Mugio
City No 103 , .yyh.0 committed suicide in
Council Bluffs October ' , has been paid his
$1 000 ln8uranco"mu iiBi by the Porestors
iho action of thl/IOd o has been commend
ably prompt ; j i
All/Ill } I'OMIMIH
Prcd Cocisrcliijj3 ; returned to school at
ties Moines , la TU ) , (
Contractor John Condon has gene to Val
paruiso for u wouk's v isit
Miss Jennlo Suonborgor , ono of the sue
cessful teachers of Divenport , who has boon
visitmg her sistorhnd brotber iu law , Mrs
1) V Buy less has returned homo
M Birnov , pno'bi ' tbo popular young busi
ness men ot the cllyT , has removed to Uock
Springs , Wyo Mr Birncy s friends will
regret to part with him , but will bo pleased
to learn thut ho is jloinf well
Have you tried
McClui ( , 'a Pastry Wafer So last
M bey are delicate crisp and delicious
Improvinc tlit ) Ocoaviou
At I3tnbsuv a drunken Jiuinor lost his
lifo tlio ether eliiy by tumbling into a >
quiary Ho wus a churchman , but his i
wife wns u MothocllBt , &o before , the
funeral the victii called on her tint ! told
hot thut ho intended to omit certain
portions of the burial son Ice , including
that lofutriiig to the sure and cm lain
hope " At the funpral the vicar
harangued her on the wickedness of
schism , informing her that it was a
woioo sin than diuuUciiuess ,
i'tithor Damon Passes Portcofully
Awny at OralKhton Oollogo
Grand Accomplishments of a Lifo
Jc\olcd Sololj to tlieltist Inter •
csts of Humanity A Clu-ls-
tlm llonccr
Death ol I itlier ln ncn
Iiov Arnold I ) linen S J , tiled last night
at • • 11 nt crelfehton college , In the seventy
fifth year of his ago Ho was In n stupor all
diy nnd was unconscious when ho passed
I athor Dntnon was born iu Iho province of
North Brab mt , Holland , March 20 , 1SI5
Ho came to this country In 1837 , under the
fostering ciro of the famous missionary to
the Indians of the weJt , Pitbor Do Smct
who was then returning to this countrv
Aftci the trials and vicissitudes which
fifty years ago beset the path ot the western
bound missionary had boon suco ss fully
overcome , vuung Damon wis assigned us u
uovlco to the Icsuit novltl ito at 1 lorrissmt
Mo , iu the dnys when missives nd Iresscd teSt
St , Louts were inscribed St Louis , near
Florissant ' Ho wus admitted to the novltl
nto November 1 , 1837 nud soon afterward
beenmo n toncher ot philosophy at the St
Louis university There ho romnined until
l H when ho vvas ordiiiucd priest and np
I eluted pastor of the collcgo church in St
His power nsn puluit orator giincd him a
vv ido reputation and ho soon becumo i lo uier
in the nfcgressivo mission work carried on by
the order throughout the cntlro west
Bishop O ttoagau of Chicago wanted a
Jesuit church and school established iu that
city , and earnestlv inv Ited the prov inolnl su
perior of Mio order , the Hev I It Druyts , at
St Louis to start the work llio enter
prise vvas deemed full of promise , and iu the
summer or l"a7 Father Damen vvas selected
as the ono best qualified to bee.in the lufnnt
mission In company with thu bishop ho
rode and walked tot miles in ind nrouud
Chicago to select a favorable lee ilitv 'or the
projected church and school Finally , and
with what must now bo admitted as a fir
sighted judgment as to the future growth
nud population ot Chicago Father Damen
Dorsouully solectcd the locitlon on which
now stmds tlio splandid buildings of the
Josutt church and college on lwelfth street ,
between Blue Island avenue nud May street
A llttlo fiamo church vvas erected , then i
school house and a dwelling for the fathers
All around this first establishment wis what
then looked like unredeemable prairie but
thu improvement which oventu illy mido the
locality the most densely populated part of
tlecltycime rapidly , and Fithor Damon
and his assistants found theii time tulh oc
In the language of ono who as a boy
skated over the Bite of the present imiLnlli ,
cent church Fither Damen undertook i
herculean task in this section of the city
Forjeirs after the commencement of his
ministry the place vvas about the toughest
part of Chidto Mho people there derived
their living almost solely from the lumber
y urds and packlnc houses and it was about
as wild a district as any which Father
Damen has since found in \ \ \ omine , " But
steidlly thq work of evangelization aud edu
cation progressed Father Damon's energy
and on iuranco were resistless nnd with in
domitable pcrsovercuco and a marvelous
physlenl otior , y ho preached appealed nud
raised monev for the erection of the krcit
church college and eight parochial schools
which together form the enduring monument
ment ot his goo 1 works
Holy Family church was completed nnd
ucdicatcd m 1800 lben followed the fur
ther un lertaklng of building tlio college
which Father D unen opened in 18 0 Mean
while there had been growing uo a treat
parochial school system accommodating an
aggregate atton lunco of r 000 pupils
The ministrations of the clergy of
the church aud the cotlego extend
to a parish community of 25 000 souls All
this may bo said to have beou the direct re
suit of the lifo worlc in Chicago of Father
Arnold Damon
iho Church of iho Sacred heart on Nineteenth
teonth Btrect , smarted bv him as an outlying
mission church also owes its successful es
tubliBhment to his faith and labors
In marked con'rast to bis inro intellectual
and aaminlstiativo ability has ever been the
severe simplicity of his personal lifo Kigld
ns ore the regulations of his order Fithor
Damen in his personal hab ts and methods
was a very Spartan in mitters in which his
own uersonal comfort and convenience were
concerned From the earlv morning until
night in iho wearisome hours of the con
fcssional In constant preaching and travel
ho has for many yeirs outdistinced nit his
immediate associates in personal toil nnd un
remitting exertion up to his sovontv-third
year His simplicity und humility
have nlwuy s been as great as his talent for
worK lwo years ago when the
catholics of the city and many in
venous parts of the country were uniting in
getting up a testimonial in honor of the fif
tie th anniversary of his admission to the
order hopositlvolv refused to accept a pros
cut of any kind Not one cent would he have
nor an article of value ot any kind The of
ferings of gold and silver , naintings money
and other articles were by his express wish
converted into u sum of money for the benetit
of St Joseph's homo for girls nnd the school
for deaf and dumb , two institutions which
nlways ba J a warm place in his heart Such
wis ouo instance of the simplicity and self
denial which marked the whole life of this
treat mission priest
From pastoral charge of the IIolv romilv
ho passed to that of the Siciod Heart then
again into the missionary field
Light vcurs ago ho came to this city for
the second time to gtvo a mission in the
Church of the Holy Mriuity , a church It may
bo mentioned bearing the same name as thut
to the erection of which ho himself in
Cbieigo bad devoted the energy of his early
manhood The pastor then wut > Lev John
r Quiuii , later transferred to Denver aud
still later to the Pacific co ist Hie church
has slmo becti confided to the charge of
1 atber Damou s order , a worthy disciple
llov It A Shuffol , S J first vice pros ! lout
of Croighton College nnd now of St Francis
Mission Osage , Kan being the first pastor
Hundreds flocked to hear the venerable
clergyman his achievements having made hl3
name familiar in every Catholic household
About n ycur ago bo came to this city with
the intention of giving missions in the sur
roundug | country and miking bis head
quarters at Croighton College
Silver Ore in Koin I'nhn Comity ,
Mr L W Nash , treasurer of the Omaha
aud Grunt Smelting nnd Helloing company ,
stated to a IU e reporter last night that the
report from Key a Paha county of the finding
of silver ore in paying quuntltlss is correct
Mr Nash said a quantity of the ere bear *
lug rock bud been received at the smelting
works aud ussuved about 1200 in silver { 7 in
gold and about fin iu coppei to the ton
It is not known how thick the volu is an 1
it will bo impossible for some time to toll
what the extent of the vein Is
Mho vein was dtscovored on the homestead
of b D Lcnrcns near the mouth of Burton
creek , about fifteen miles northeast of
Spnngviow Mr Laurens wes boring for
coal and pierced three thin strata ot coal
Mho silver lock vvas struck nt a depth of
about tlvo hundred feet
Pears soap secures a bcuutlf ul complexion
General null Mr * . Brooke Kiitortnln
General and Mrs Brooke entertained the
staff ofllcers of the Department of the Platte
at 1 o'clock yesterday at tholr home M wenty-
fourth street and St Mary's ovonuo Mho
house was darkened und muslo and
lunches vvoro provided The ofllcers were
in full dress nnd tha ladles in evening toilet
The reception wus in ttecordauce with u
good old army custom and under the very
hostntablo direction of th3 toDerul and his
wife proved one of the most exceedingly de
lightful affairs ot the day
Go.pel X intttrnnoe
The temperance meeting at tbo Newman
M E chuieh , corner of bt Mary's avenue
uud Mweuty-sixth street , was moro than
usually interesting last night Colonel Holt
gave some of his experience , which was of a
most stirring nature Monlgbt the colonel
gives n lecture entitle I ' Chicago bv Gas
: Light " This Is n t aid lecture usually , hut
ho gives it tonight free for nil , nnd lot till
eomo nnd enjoy a treat , tome out to the
song service at 7 p. m J ha lecture com
monies at 7 JO sharp
• sTAltltLl ) 81..VIA HMDs
Probnhls I ntnl Bow Between Chnrlca
Klnir anil Antoiic Ilrnninir
Charles King nnd Antono llcnulug played
cards during tlio most of yesterday at a pint a
locited near the south limit of the city , on
Dominion street between Iwilflh and
thirteenth streets
About 11 o clock last nl ht they got to
quarreling i
King savs thnt Hcmiliia struck him and
ho ( IClinr ) then stabbed llennllig sucn
times j , the blows falling upon his fice mil
It was found upon ox munition thnt one of
the blows , which wus over the kidneys , will
probably provo fntnl *
The fight was ono ot tlm most bloody tint
bus cvor occurred In or about Omaha
While It was iu prostess Hennlng s wife ,
who was nair at hand stepped to the door ,
or ' it is so sin posed and Hied a pistol In
order to nttruct attention and secure assist
I no police were not iiotnlcl of the uffilr
un'il some time afterward
II is si.l I th it thoi e has been n t , i udgo between
tween the two men for a long time
Mi others of the Association Lnloj
nn Lvi ninir With Iilcndx
The several tundsomo rooms of the Voting
Men s Christian ussuciitlou building Ueio
brilliantly iuviliug lust cvcunig iho occa
sion wis i nlfjit of ( .enurit cutertalniuent
furnished by uiembeis ot the isaoeiation to
their multitude of friends
And thcio wis a niultitudo of these smio
friends i resent lhuy fillol the reception
rooms nnd pirlors , overflow el into
the main hall nnd nt ono time
took the private mlco by storm
iho yonuL , lud\ clement was ratlin in tbo
majority , and it was noticed thnt the young
man , or old ouo either who didn t have n
girl on cm h arm and r n additional escort ot
two or three to the fore or rear , was well ,
almost no muu it all Aud this very eondl
tion of things doubtless accouutcl for tht >
huppy breczmoss which provullod throuh (
out the entire evening , for it was ono of the
liveliest , most entertaining affiirs known
within tlio hospitublo walls of the \ M C
A. building for many i day
After a time of renewing old and making
new uiqunintnnccs tlio feuosts were cillo I to
order and tlio following very interesting pro
grummo wis feiven
llunjosclo I rot Ollltnlucl
hi ( iciiis On Uorizoutll lhii
soug yuaitotto
A ldress Oniah i Past an I I uturu
Li M llltcticock esq
' ole Mrs Murrlll
Dumb bell trill lunlor Class
ullrcsfae Xoun vteiiH lnrlitluii M > 6
tiutlou Judge I A ( .laikaou
"anjo Pi it e.illtubtcfc
CliibswinglQL Class
y ounc Men s Christian assoclutlon chorus
1 lot Lee ( Kiatz
A luncheon wns served nt 10 o clock nud
ull went homo couiident of hiving hid ono of
the best titnos of their lives
Makes the Biggest Bccotil 1 vci
He ird ol in America
The Ananus club met piouiitly ) m the
toll eiU room it the station house last
night Some of the moiubois wcro talk
ing : of life on the ( aim m boyhood dav s
Captain Bob C unpbcll , who is bier mil
( at , s uv an opportunity to ludulgo iu t
hit of reminiscences , says the Indian
apolis Now : *
'I was i ilsed on a firm , " siid the
c tptnin " md was taujjhtto do all lands ,
of ( turn work , fiom shearing s > hoep to
whitewashing a foneo Andto bo suio
I did ovoty tiling well I vvas tnopndo
of the com try Whonovoro a counti j
lid got lav or profouod coining to
town to wet king on the farm , hib father
used to say to linn Jeetns' that is if
hisnaniQwas looms why dent vou
got a hustle onto youraoli' ' Look at Bob
Campbell See what a worKoi ho is
Brace up , nnd eomo day you will nnlccn
rich m in out of youibclf' Of eouisc ,
jou undeistand this made mo iealptoud
and I novur knew what it was to to t 1
have actuallj wotltodsovonty two houtu
on a stietch , and didn t think much
about it Iwouldntno it now , but in
those d ly s I en joj cd it , I had a gi c it
tocoid as a wood choppei , md mudo big
wages out of it Fifteen oi twenty cordu
adnv wnsvety ordinaiy foi mouiidus'I
got $1 i coid fi om Uio uoighbois when I
vvoikodfoi them , jou notice I made
plenty of monej
"An old diciid o ( my ( athot's hiied
rae ono time to cut SOO cords of wood
It wns i pretty big job , hut I was on my
inottio and detctmined to tackle it
the logs vvoio oiled on the Imnl s of a
riv et in a cle iring , undo I had plenty
of loom in which to swing mj a\ I
always used an ax weighing fortj
pounds A young in in who taught
school and boirded at oni house nshad
me to tnko him in on the job anil I did
ho ju9t to please him ( ot ricuew th it ho
couldn't cut moro than Iho coids a day
to save his lifo Well , wo st utcd in on
the job Iliad 100 a\es it the wool
jnlo by dijlight and then Icommonecd
I cut so hwift tnat the .n\cs would got
hot nnd my assistant would tnko tlicni
to the nvei md ttuow them in to cool
thorn olT If this had not boon done
tl oy would have melted light in the
logs At noon I hid twenty-six coids
cut , and mv ixeswdro in such a condi
tion that 1 h id to lav off Bright mil
enily n-xt morning I wns at the wood
pile to begin again , but the chins I lind
made the day bofoio were fulling in
'biichnbhmvei thut T had to wnit until
the wooden riiu censed , which I im
agined would bu about ! o'clock in the
1 Having nothing else to do the school
master and I sti oiled down the llvot
h ink about ton miles , and there wo
found a lot o ( ( armors scalding hogs in
thorlvoi PI icing my hot axes in the
wiuoi had mndo tno uvei boil like a
cauldron , and the ( aimers took advan
tage o ( the hot watoi to bull hoi then
hogs und pjopuio thorn ( ot the iniukot
Out county lustoty had ono chuptui devoted -
voted to this lomutUablo event
The Mound Builders u Mylli
Man hus dwelt in tlio United Slates
foi unnumborcd jonrs , hut so ( ar as wo
yet Icnow.onlj . duiing thn luttoi hull o (
Pleistocene time , writes Major JV
Powell in the Januari Forum Mhoro
are no ovidoncesof races of pcoplo oc
cupying the counti j unteiioi to the In
dian tribes Pre Columbian cultuio
was indigenous , it began at the lowest
stnge o ( btungorj und developed to the
highest , and was in many places pass
ing into bin bat ism when tlio good queen
sold hot jewels
rr -Tf lIosltlvi-Iy Cured by
UrilU IbSlv They also relieve Dls
HI ITf'I ' C tresa rom Dyporakc
j T juTt Indigestion and Too
S IVtR Hearty Eating Aper-
H QBIIC feet remedy for Dlztl-
jS ' • • % ness , Nausea , Drowst
jJ BmbAS new KadTostolu the
" MHs Mouth ContcdTouguo
riD f.IVFH , &c They reguUtotlie Iloweli ,
and pre rent Constlpitlou and Piles The
smallest and easiest to take Only ono pill a
dose 40 in a viol 1 urvly Vegetable 1 rice
25 cents
0ABTFB UEPI0IMK 00 , Prop . Hew York ,
Actor Hal Rolcl Again the Here ot fl
n So mntior jm M
Ho SiyH Joseph tlesncls' \ \ ifa Wanted fl
1IIin to Klopu With Iter , Hut Uo 9
I Irmly Hefitsctl Her fl
1'roposltHiii H
A Sonantloii llelilnil the Sccnok
bT Josri n , Mo , Jnn 1 [ bpoclal 'Iolo
Rrnm to fin lh r 1 Hal Held bus aided an 1
other very interesting chnptor to the noton
cty helms received ns the result of his hcu
sutiotul mnrrino ( to Miss Wcstbrook of St 1
Louis The Allies Ilcrndon company was
billed foi the ( .Irand opera house this nftir * \
noon and tonight in I.n Hello Mnrle nnd
it being n general holiday the house wns
crowded to the utmost for the mtillnco | cr
formiitiro At the clone ot the third act
when the curtum went down it rem iluod iu *
thnt condition lor thtrtv minutes
lti\cstltiitlon dev eloped that a scnsntionnl
act was in procross boh ind the sccnei mid
that Hat Ik id , whose stage name Isjl'icston i
wns the hero Held s story is , in substnuo
thnt over sltuo ho bcniim i member of the
com piny ho hns noticed that Miss Ilcrndon
was in love with liuu llutwcimtho acts this
afternoon she sent for him to call ut her
dressiUK room When ho vent lhi.ro she
locked the dooi nnd ho savs pie | esc 1 to him
thnt hoeloo | with her it the conclusion ot
thecvcnini ; performance Ho refused the jHfc
proposition but she renewed it himIu mil i H
ottered liuu ns an inducement hci hank c T
count of WOOD and all of tier diamonds I
which uro supposed to bu worth f. 000 butlo 1
rcfusi d J
At this Juncture Miss Hcrndon s husbaiul j
loscph A Jcsscls nppenrcd and a uuuoril I
lUarrel ensued iluriug which Miss Ilcrndon |
denied the proposition Allies nud her bus 1 ]
b md both pronouiieu Hi id n ll ir , whllo Mrs
Held ncuMtss 'WcstbiooK , thinks hci hus _ a i /
band Is boini ; persecuted " * I
licochum s 1'ills euro hilious und nervous Ills J
lr Tnlmaitu'H Curly lloni" ft
Mi mind nho runs buck to one of the n
host of cirli homes , vvtitos Hov T. Hi
Witt lalimi o in the Lidics' Jlonio j
lout mil l'ruyerliko a root ovct it
l'cnco , like an itmosphoio in it I'm- '
onls licisonilic itionsof ( aith m tutil md
comfort iu daiUness The tivo pillnts
of thitciiLthly homo long ago ci iimblcd
into dust licit sh ill I ovoi foitt 'ct that
e irH home1ci when the llowei ( oi
gets the sun that w tuned it Yea j
when the inailnor ( ingots 1110511111111'
guided him Ties , when love nus gene I
out on the hcuts nltai , and monioii }
has emptied Ha urn into ( oigoHulucss ,
Ihon , iho homo of mj childhood , I will 1
( otgot thec the ( unnly ultui o ( 1 1
( athci s iiripyituiiitj and a mothei's 1
tcndciue a , the voice , of alTection , the ]
( unoi Us o ( our dead ( athci and mothci
with interlocked arms like entVMiiiug
bunches of trees in ilcing a patcinnl
atboi of peace md kindness then I will
foi ot tlioo then , and then only 0
dates ol pe ul c ip toncs of amcthj sis , ' ' -v
thrones of dominion do not stii my boul BMBv j
so much us the thought of home Oneo HiX
thcio , lot cuithly bonows howl like Bu
btoinis ind toll hi o seas Ifomol Ict - _ J2.
thrones rot and empires withci Itouio1
Lot the woild die iu eaithqu ikes hti u -
glo and ho buued mud proecsbiou of
planets and diigc of atmosphcics
II01110I Tet ovorlusting ages 1 oil in
irresistible sweep Home ! No sorrow
No civilly No to us No death Hut
home swoct homo , be uttidil home
everlasting home , hptno with ouch '
other , homo with uigcls , home with
An linpiilcil V fiilintunkci ' ' ,
Ono of the moU oxttaoidtnuii cases (1 (
on rccoid , say s Gali jnani , Ins just eomo V
bcloro the police couit of the bcinc j
In Tuly lust a mini named Dubois took a '
loom in the KuoTiuvoi iereand onoof
Iih hrst ucts was to put upiihwiug lamp ' ,
In ordoi to hx it ho be „ 'iiu hoi ing n hole
in the coiling with 1 ceil tor-hit , and waH j
h ird ut woik when the concleigo and I
souk of the tcuunts tushed into thp 1
loom and c illcd upon linn to stop , ns A |
setting that ho had pierced the coiling j H |
and implied the tun tint who occunlcd
the room above Ho wentupslurs with 4 i
them and ( ound the tenant in question , ] :
a violtnm ikor , sitting llxcd to the llooi J ]
and wiitlnng in agony
Iho instrument wus cautiously with
diawn ( rom his llcshbut the injuij in
ilicted was so scuous that ho was con
fined to his bed (01 three mouths llio
case cuusuu 1 good deal o ( amusomout
in cotutto cvoiy one huttho pooi violin
mukor , who wis only awirdedUiOdancs'
compousntion ( m thtoe mouths'loss of
work , while Dubois was lined 1G ( inucs
for uogligcnco Hint a mini should
have been silling on the Iloor exactly
above tne spot where the hole wns
boingboieu is oxtiaoiduiaij But thnt
his cues should not have been hcnid by , 1
his toiinr-ntoi is still 111010 romnik iblo ' 1
Still Consiiicrctl t'reslilent 1 j
JofToison Davis was not nn o\piosi- I i
dent , obaeives the Covington ( Ga ) J j
Stai Ho was elected and iiibtallcd as * J
picsidcut o ( the soutlicin conodoiacv ( , . s * H
and under the law was to hold his olllco 1 I I
until his succcSbot wub elected nnd in-W' f
stalled This was never done No man "
vvna ovoi elected to Biiecood Mr Davis 1
and consequently his term o ( olllco '
novet toiminuted
Absolutely Pure
Thispowdornever varies A marvelotuurltr
fctreiibtli anil wliolesomeuess More cconoml
11 ut than the or Hilary Kinds und cannot bu sold
in conn utitlon with thn multitude ut low ton
short weight alma or nhosphutnponders t > ol < l
ItnlU < llfrtllH Horn llAKtkll I'OVTUBU CO , 191
Furnishing Goods
. . .

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