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L The Omaha Daily Bee I
Wool Qrcwora and Manufacturers
Oontradlot Each Other
A Rsvlsert TnrlJT nntl Moro of" It Dc-
niitmlud Ry tlio Herders Hut
J IllRllOf DlltlCR Will OlOSO
tilt : Factories
A Conflict ofOpinion
Washington , Jan 3. Tha session of the
tvnys and meiins committee oponcd with Rep
resentative Carter of Montiina as a witness
Ho spoke In relation to sheep husbandry Ho
thought that If there wcro no tariff on wool
thattjint Industry would bo destroyed
Mr Bhopard , a wool grower from Texas ,
read a pr.por to provo that with sufficient
protection the United States could raise nil
the carpet wool consumed in this country
; Ho wanted the same duty on all wool and
said the wool growers of Texas wcro generally -
" ally in favor of protection
B Hon William Lawrnnco of Ohio Bald ho
' j was ono of a committco appointed by the Nn-
| B tional Wool Growora' association at Its roM -
: M cent Washington convention to make some
1M rcmarltsus to the legislation which the wool
IB growers generally believed was required by
IH sound public policy mid justice Ho ad-
} H diisscd the committco on two Subjects , the
) Bj .4 proper duty on carpet wool and on the pro
{ Aj y visions of the law ticcess.iry to sccuro an
' | H , . honest administration of the tnritl law It
Bt • was safe to say the wool growers * gen
Bj cr.illy boliovcd sound policy required the
Bj imposition of such duties on so called
, Btf V carpet eel as would m duo tlmo enable
iBji ' American wool growers to produeo all the
jfljT wool required for homo consumption Either
.aj the protective policy should bo ntmndoncd
, Bj nnd the iHillcy of f roe trade adopted or else
iBJl the protective policy should bo miule effec-
HJ tivu so ns to give the whole American market
to the homo producer
Bl Mr Curllslo asked the witness a number
Bl of questions as to bis views on talilnir the
Bl tax off tobacco , alcohol used in the arts ,
Bl sugar , eta tlo favored removing the tux
Bl from the lhst two articles and rcgurding
HHJ sugar , salu It does not tall within the policy
Bb of the protective t.irilT for the reason that
Bl for more than twenty ycir . with protection
HHJ > the sugar industry has not been developed
B | to supply moro than 10 per cent of the con
Bl sumption of tbo country "Wo c.in , " ho
HHjj said , develop the wool Industry so as to
Bl supply all the wool wo want If nocessnry
Bl to suva the protcctlvo system ho would tax
HH whisky to tbo full extent to which the law
Bfl could bo onforccd
Bfl Dayuo suggested in order to save time and
Bfl < > v. sglvu other Rcntlcmon opportunity to address ,
HH * V * " Jtho committco that Mr Lnwrouce's tnnnu-
Bff - i script be pnntod without being rend To i
WtJ ? * r tlu9 suggestion Mr Lawrence assented , with
HHdKy the condition that ho inuko a condensed l
BBJT _ . statement orally of what his manuscript
HH - - - contained That clause was adopted and
HHT Mr , Luwrenco went on wltli tils re mar us
Bl Ho would purposely , ho siiln , omit n tariff !
Bl speech whlcti ho would hko to makp In con
Bl gross to the effect thai an adequate duty on i
flflfl wool nnd manufactured woolen goods would [
flfll not ultimately Increase the cost at all , bo-
HH cause lioino competition would prevent uti-
Bm reasonable charges , while if the protective
Bm policy were ubundonod and all such products
BV imported from uhroad the result would bo
HH that the American people would bo at the
Bfl mercy of foreign trusts and corporations #
Bm Carlisle Thut argument , rests on the assumption -
sumption that the home industry would do
Bfll abandoned
HHJ WltncsB- Yes , the effect of tbo tariff of
Bfl 1SS3 has been to cut down vastly tbo number
HHJ of our sheep , and with free wool the wool In-
HHJ duslry would bo practically abandoned in
the United States
IIJ James Dobson , a Philaaolphla carpet man
HHJ ufacturor , denied the correctness of many of
HHJ Lawrence's statements Ho argued that the
| HH wool growers of the United States would not
HH | and could not produeo the quantity of carpet
Bfll wool used in that , industry bucauso where
flflkw . they received IL.M ) for a flocco of tine wool
vflflv * thev would not rccoivo S3 couts for coarse
BB : * * " * William Whitman of Boston , president of
Bfl the National Association of Wool Manufnc-
flfl ] turcrs , said the prevailing sentiment In the
HHJ organization wns for the maintenance but
HHJ not the increase of tlio present duties , lhoy
HHJ would oppose any uttempt to restrict the im-
HJI' portation of foreigu wool because It would
JflJ do Impossible for the wool manufacturers
flH to produeo all the goods necessary for noma
flH consumption unless they could liuvo foreign
HJH wool , lit reply to a question , Mn Whitman
HJM said that under no circumstances would free
Hjfj wool cnublo the manufacturers to make an
HH impression on tbo foreign markets Ho
HH thought free wool would stimulate produc-
HH tlou and glvo tha manufacturers an oppor-
HH tunity to displuco foreign products now used
HH ] hero , but he also thought the effect of free
H | wool would bo to diminish the price of wool
nnd consequently discoumgo sheep raising
HB The moment wo begin to take from the
HB , wool produd anv given amount ' of wool tbo
price will bo raised and wool will become
HB considerably dearer than now
HB * T. O. Search , representing tbo Manufuc-
BH Hirers'club of Philadelphia , declared him
HBL Bolf In harmony with Mr Whitman's vlows
jflBLfcfc , _ A statement to a lUo effect was mndo by W.
flBF * * II Folwoll a cloth manufacturer of Phlla-
"Bl dolphin Ho announced himself In fuvorof
HI - i putting high dutlos on bouthoru products
rjHI sugar , rico , turpontlno and peanuts , and
HH having free whisky and free tobacco
H John E. I'lummor of Now York said the
HH country is suffering under the popular
HH prejudlco that butter clothes can bo got
HH abroad thun licro ut tha sama pneo Ho do-
HH clared thoio was no country wbero a man
HH could get as good a suit of clothes for as
HH little money us in the United States
m KiiiLii > iiy iiuhgijaus
H" Iwii Wiiincn Olilorurormed and Ono
H ol'Tlioni Dloi
B " Tucntom , N. J „ Jan D. The dead body of
Bfl Mrs Knlffen.wlfoof Ur Arthur S.KnlfTen ,
B was found on the floor of bor bedroom this
HH morning Near by lay tbo unconscious fig
H Lro of Miss 1'urccll , n young lady who hus
Bfl , been visiting the family 13oth wcro uppnr-
HJ eutly chloroformed , The deed is supposed
flH to huvo been douo by burglars
Bfl Miss I'urcell was finally revived She
Bfl aid that during the night she was invuk-
flfl cned by Mrs Knitfon , who sercumod that
Bfl m there wore burglurs in the house Miss Pur
Bfl 2 co11 sprang from tlio bed to call help , but
flfl was seized by a man who applied a drug to
flfl her face Mrs Kulffen was seized by an-
flfl other man , who chloroformed her That
Bfl ft was the lust Miss I'urcell remembered un-
flfl til resuscitated by physicians
BflT MlkB l'uicoll had almost entirely reoovcrod
flH from bor prostration this evening She still
flB insists on the truth of her story of burglarv ,
flfl although tha police can find so little to Justify
Bfl this theory that they are not looking for the
flfl alleged burglars Dr ICulflln roaohod Tren-
flflj ton from Hrondwuy tonight und was Immo-
B dlately taken unuor escort of detectives to
flfl the police station and subjected to iv private
flH Interview ' 1 Uo police say the doctor is not
flfl * under arrest
flfl m
J TcrliuiiD'a Threat M.iilo Good
Bflj Chicago , Jan a. In accordaucu with his
flfl threat County Attorney Terbuuo today
flfl began mandamus proceeding * against ex-
HH County Attorney Hliss for tbo recovery of
flflj > the oftlca files In the boodle caass" against
Hflj certain contractors Hliss expressed himself
Bfl * as null pleused with this action us it will
jHflL _ > ' /f enable him to stiow there are uo "oftlco Ulei"
jflflfl * ia the cuses mentioned
H h ; ' 'Ilia London i'ullco Atllletod
Bflj • London , Jan , 3. Influenza is spreading
Bflj among the London police force It prevails
flflj especially among officers doing duty in the
HflJ eastern part of the uiotropolis
siorriiin ) iiv Of > MiitoMidR :
Hnil or n Noted Dmnago Mult Against
the Union Pacific
Chrtrvnc , Wyo , Dee 1J. [ Special Telegram
gram to Tun Hek ] The noted enso of John
McUrldo vs the Union Pnclflo railway com
pany was today settled by compromise tno
company paying McUtldo n satisfactory
amount of money , but the exact sum is not
known McUrldo , whllo omploycd in the
Union Pacific shops at this point , was In
jured In November , 18S3 , With several
other men ho was engaged In lowarlug to
the tracks art onglno which was being repaired -
paired , When the Inst plank was removed
a grip was lost on it on ono Bldo nnd it flow
up on the other , the end striking MoUrido
under the chin nud flinging him with great
vluienco against tbo driving rod Mollrldo
was rendered a physical wreck , the section
of his brain which controls movement hav
ing been domorallzod Suit for dnmagos In
the sum of ? 'iri(0J ( was begun in lSbl In
lbM ) tlio ca9B came to trial nnd the Jury ren
dered n special verdict Ono of the great
points involved was as to wnotucr Harry
Stubbs , the gang boss In charVo of the work
at the moment of the accident , was entrusted
with the superintendence of the work Indo
pent of tlio mnstor moohunlc On this point ,
mainly owing to n peculiarity In the law ,
hinged the company's liability The Jury
awarded $ J5,000 to the plaintiff in certain
contingencies A motion for Judgment under
this finding wab overruled A motion for n
new trial wa3 similarly disposed of 'lho
case was then taken to the suurcmo court ,
wlioro it was remanded back for rehoarlng
The case wus in this condition when a com
promise wns effected
One or Minnesota's Statesmen
Charged Willi Itninluu a Home
Minneapolis , Minn , Jan , 3. [ Special Tel
egram to Tub Uue.1 Senator David M.
Clough Is churged by Dr J , A. Mobro with
lho seduction of the lattor's ' young wife nnd
Is inado the defendant in a damage suit for
$50,000. Uhoicomplaint in the action was
filed Just before noon In the district court
The complaint In the dntnago suit was served
on Senator Clough Tuesday The first eritn-
jnnl intimacy between Clough nnd Mrs
Moore , ns charged in the complaint , wus a
year ago last April at No , 1311 Clinton ave
nue , where the wife ctllt resides The com
plaint further states that Mr nnd Mra Moore
c.uno to Minneapolis from Boston nbout
three J oars ago , both of thorn being Chris
tian scientists Shortly afterwards Senator
Clough oiiKagod tneir professional services
for bis wife , who was nn invalid Mrs
Mnorq gave the treatment , visiting the fam
ily resiaenco frequently and spending a largo
part of her tlmo there The following winter
the defendant took his wife to California in
the endeavor to see if a change of cllmato
would not bo beneficial to her health Mrs
Moore accompanied the lady ns her medical
attendant , and Itwusdurlugthls trip or dur-
lnir the rcsidonco in California that the crlm-
innl intimacy is said by the complainant to
huvo existed Mrs Moore lives at the
residence of her father , William A. Shaw ,
nt No 1311 Clinton nvenuo She is a young
and pretty lady of about thirty years She
has lately Drought nn action for divorce
Senator Clough makes no answer to the
complaint more than to sav it is a blackmail
ing scliomo Ho Is ono of the lendine repub
licans of Minnesota and the affair has created
u great sensation Mrs Clough died whllo
being treated by tno Christian scientists
APKIjIOTEI ) with camoer
JudRo Kelly Probably in Ills Last
Washington , Jan 3. Tno Star this after
noon will publish the following : Represent
ative William D. Kelly of Pennsylvania prob
ably has been on the floor of the house for
the last time His cnfeoblod condition wus
the subject of much comment at the opening
of congress , but only a few knew the nature
of the Judges ailment iris now fully de
veloped and Us activity Is most virulent
Just below the roar of JudRO Kelly's Jaw Is
a cancer , and It Is spreading rapldlv into the
throat So qulcklv hus it worked that the
affected man cun speak only In whispers , and
then not without pain
Judge Kelley is slightly Improved tonight
The throat trouble is not a now development ,
as ho submitted to a surgioul oporatiou for
the removal of this growth in 1S ; > 3. About a
week ago the Judge contracted n heavy cold ,
wliich developed into a very severe case of
intestinal catarrh , accompanied by copious
and obstinate dijrrhoca , which rcsultod in
great weakness and u general breaking down
of the system
a noorous' thust
Ohio Physicians Combine to Control
the La Urlppo Trade
Finw.at , O. , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram
to The Heb ] The doctors of this city met
last night and formed a trust tatter which
they ndvnncod the Driro of professional
visits from $1 to $1.50 each The announce
ment has caused great indignation among
the people as la grippe has Just become an
epidemic hero and it Is charged the physi
cians took advantugo of the necessity which
exists for their services to inako ; u good
thing out of the epidemic
A Summer Day
New Yoiik , Jan 3. This was a summer
day , such us was never soon in Now York
city before at this tlmo of the year Tbo
deaths today numbered 220 , ngalnst 125 yes
terday and M5 Wednesday , Pneumonia ,
bronchitis and consumption show an in
crease over tbo standard per day ut this
season , The number of policemen reported
sick this morning wus 1167 , a steudy incronso
Tbo Increased number of deutbs is at
tributed to la grlppo and the disease which
follows tbut malady
Five Thousand Gases
Ci.EVEi.tNi ) , O. , Jan 3. The health offi
cers report that tbaro are live thousand
cases of la grippe in Cloveluud ha fatal
cases huvo been reported yet
Scrrt AVtient fur Ditkotans
St PAUt , Minn , Jan 3. The conference
uotweon Governor Mlllor of North Dakota ,
ex-Governor Pillsbury and tbo Minneapolis
elevator nion yesterday was eutiroly satis
factory and Governor Mlllor feels much en
couraged The elevator men ngreo to furnish
ull the seed wheat needed by Dakota farm
ers at a very low rata of interest or no Inter
est at all , provldod either the state , the rail
roads or corporate bodies will guarantee the
payment when tbo crops are hurvestcd
Klnvator Men Grant a Delay
Ciiicuiq , Jan , 3. There was a lurgo at-
tenilaneo nt the adjourned meeting of the
board of trade toduy to hoar the report of
the committco appointed to consider tbo pro
posed ad van co in storage rates The eleva
tor men did not uromlsu not to udvunco rates ,
but they granted u delay until July 1 before
putting the udvunco Into onorutton , Tha can
cession was looked upon in the nature of a
victory for tlio board and the report of the
committee was accepted
flnooVcing Out ihu PrrtlillK
Lr.AVENWOitni , Kun , , Jan . ' ) , [ Special
Telegram to Tun Hee , | Judge Crozler
of the district court decided this afternoon
that the police could not legally enter any
prciiiitcs without n warrant to search far
und seize contraband goods , they Lad no
right to empty tbo sauiu upon the street , as
hus been done Largo quantities of liquor
hnvo been seized hero lately , $1,500 in ono
lot It looks us though somebody will huvo
to pay for It _
IllnokUurn CoMiooeod HiiiHelf
Lexinoton , Ky , , Jan 3. The democratic
cuueus at Frankfort this , ufiernoou nomi
nated tlio Hon J. 8. lllnckburn to succeed
hiujclf as United Statu * senator from Ken
tuJJfy '
Fryo Wanta Oooan Malls Carried
By American Vessels
Senator Itonuan's Hill to Comnol Its
Abolition Innitequnto Postal Ser
vice Appropriations Pnclflo
lloails Army Cnntocns
Washihoion Uunmu Tub Omaha Hbb , i
\Vashi > eton D. C , Jnn , 3. 1
At the reopening of the session on Monday
next Senator Fryo will Introduce n bill au
thorizing and directing the postmaster genor-
alas soon as practicable to forward nil ocean
malls by Amorlcan steamships nnd to make
contracts with tbem for not loss than llvo
nor mora than ten years It Is required that
the ships with which contrncts are made for
trnns-Atlantio service shall have n capacity
of 5,000 tous and n speed of not less than
eighteen knots nn bour , and that those lor
the truns-Paclllo and South Amorlcan trndo
n tonnage of not less than twouty-Qvo hun
dred tons and a speed of not less than four
teen knots ; that they shall bo paid not moro
than $10 and not less than $5 a mlle for the
dlstanco truvoled on their voyogo outward
Anotbor condition is that the vessels , Hko
these of the naval rcservo of England nnd
France , shall bo constructoJ upon mod
els upprovod by the secretary of
tlio unvy nnd bo eultublo for
the use of the govornmout ns cruisers or
transports In time of war The secretary of
the navy is also authorized to detail oftlccrs
from the naval list of the United States for
the command of these vessels whenever It
shall be desired by the owners thereof nnd
to grant such ofllcors leave of absence for a
term or years on bnlf or one-third pay with
out affecting their Btanding in the service or
Impairing their prospects for promotion
For the purpose of educating soatnon ouch
of these shall carry tbroo or four petty offi
cers or cadets , young men Hko these la the
royal mail service of England , who shall bo
apprenticed for a certain term of years and
be given such duties to uorfortn as shall give
them the opportunity to learn from practical
cxperienco tno scicnco of seamanship Tlio
latter condition is thought to bo very im
portant The race of seamen In the
United States is almost extinct Our
younc men can make so much bettor
wages on land nnd live so much more com
fortably that they will no longer consent to
50 to sea us the skipoors of New England
id twenty-five und thirty years ago The
forecastles of our ships are now filled with
foreigners who are willing to work for sucn
low wnges and put up with such bad food
that American boys will not servo with
them There are plenty of young fellows
who would bo glad to go to son ns potty
officers and learn how to navfgato vojsols if
they could have the chance , and to afford
them an opportunity and to cducato a now
generation of practical seamen , this provision
will bo inserted in tha bill , l'ho provision
permitting the detail of navnl oltlcers to
command the ships is also an important ono
Competent oQlcers are very scarce and have
to bo imported from Europe At the same
tlmo , the navy is full of Idla bfuccrs who
would be glad to take berths on merchant
ships , provided hey could do so without
loosing their chances of promotion Tbo
limit of the money to'bo oxpeaded annually
Under thlsTJin 1b ' ? 3,000O0o : '
Sonntor Reagan is preparing a bill to Intro
duce in the senate on Monday which is likely
to create as much disturbance in ou r rela
tions with Moxlco us Secretary Wlndom's
recent decision on the importation of lead
ere Mr Keaeun's bill will authorize the
secretary of the treasury to suspend the law
whicb allows the transportation of goods
bound from Europe to Moxlco In bund
through the United States until the govern
ment of Mexico shall abolish what is known
as tbo zona libro , or free zone , along t lie'bor
der Among the laws of our sister republic
there is a strip of country along the Rio
Ornnuo abutting on the United Slates into
which goods mabe imported without the
payment of duties , and it has become a smugglers
gler's resort , much ( to the disadvantage of
honest traders on this side of the boundary
A merchant can purchase his goods in
Europe , have them shipped in bono
from Now York to Paso del Norto ,
Picdrns Negras , Laredo and other oitios on
the Mexican side , and there have them no-
Uvored without the pavmont of any duty
Then by watcblng his chauco ' , ho can smug
gle these goods back in the United States by
carts or wagons or ou pack mules and under
sell the honest dealers who have paid the
regular customs house charges This seri
ously affects the trade of Chicago , St Louis ,
Now Orioans and other cities , and particu
larly of Galveston , • Houston , San Antonio ,
and Dallas , nndtbo resident merchants are
continually making complaints of being
undersold by the smugglers This free zone
hus been the subject of volumes on volumes
of diplomatic correspondence between this
government nnd that of Moxlco for the last
twenty-flvo years , but nothing has over
coma of it The prevailing opinion Is that the
Mexican government would boas glad as wo
to have It abolished , for it is the moans of
losing millions of dollars to its treasury in
customs taxes every year , but the fact is
that tbo smugglers are so strong and rich on
the Itio Grande and so many mon of political
luiluenco are involved with thorn that Presi
dent D'uz ' fears a revolution will follow
Whenever any domonstratioa has been mudo
at tbo City of Moxlco looking to the abolish
ment of the f roe zone the politicians along
the border begin to growl , and quurrols have
occurred us a warning of what may huppen
if tbo ill an Is carried out In fact the
northern tier of states that are included
within the bolt would bo likely to attempt
secession If their merchants were compelled
to pay duties on imported goods
Postmasters throughout the country who
are applying for extra allowances to enable
them to procure hotter rooms for tholr offi
ces or secure additional clerical aBslatanco
will bo disappointed in learning that but
little , If anything , can be done for them till
after Juno next , There is a deficiency in
almost every branch of the postal service ,
The lata administration was so anxious to
make a reputation for economy that it did
not teouro suQIclont appropriations from
congress , and only these offices having a
surplus from receipts can hope to get any
assistance tlll'tho next llscal year The
democrats wore simply lucking in the matter
of providing appropriations , " said General
Tynor , the assistant nttornoy general for
tbo postolllco department , referring today to
the lack of funds with which to meet
the demands of the oftlcos at this
time "lho department was liberal
enough because tbo people demanded
postal fucllities , but u domocratla
congress refused to make stiulclent appro-
Griulions The receipts of the ofllco have
een enlarged by the growth .of business
throughout the country , otberwiso tbo post
nftlco uccommodations would bo much lesj
satisfactory than at present , It is the policy
of tha department now to moot the demands
of the people , always exercising proper
economy , yet never denying a reasonable
and Just demand The people are going to
have the best postal fuclllllos under this ad
ministration that can bo secured , The mat
ter of expense is not the first consideration
now ,
pa ci no uoaii .
Senator Fryo is bard at work preparing a
report on the results of tha investigation of
the scuato committee on Pajltlo railroads
and the affairs of the land grant roads Jast
summer , it will bo rcmombered , this com
mittee made a trip through the cntiro west
over each of the land grant roads uudor In
structions of congress for tha purpose of In
forming thomsolvns concerning tbe condition
of tbolr several properties and their ability
to meet their obligations to the government
Mr , Fryo says that his personal observation
during the trip , which pasted some three
nionths.did not mntorlally.ehaniro the opinion
which ho had nlrcndy formed on the subject ,
but only strengthened ltand whllo ho Is not Inn
n position to say wnat" the commlttoo of
which ho is chairman Will recommend . , ho is
hlmsclr In favor of rorundtng tho'Unlou Pa-
citlo indebtedness Into 3 per cent , fifty year
bonds ns tbo best plan of Bolttmiiont for the
road ns well as for the givornmont The
senator Is of the opinion1 that the Union Pa-
clllo railroad Is n much moro valunblo prop
erty than Is generally supposed , and that it
Is many mora times Vnluablo than tbo
owners ere disposed to admit Tbo coal
property belonging to the road will nlono
pay the Interest upon.tho dobttotho gov
ernment , for it Is ono of , the most vnluablo
dctKisits In the UnitediStotos , and Is practi
cally lncxhnustlblo7hll0 there are many
other resources that arc ntt Included In the
assets of the company jhitt nro of almost in-
calculabla value tSouator Fryo Is not wil
ling to hazard a prediction upon the probnblo
action of congress on the Pnclflo railroad
bills , but will endeavor , to got some legisla
tion to quiet the agitation Ho will prepare
the report on the Union Paclflo hlm-jolt ,
whllo Senator Davis oftallnnosota will wrlto
tno report on the Control Paclllc
Secretary Proctors object In authorizing
the recent statement couccrnibg the bucccss
of army canteens Is madri apuarcnt today by
the announcement that jthero will bo a secret
mooting of post traders 111 this city on Mon
day next The mooting , which will bo
largely attended , Willi consider means to
sccuro the revocation otUioordorsummarily
establishing cantecns\lhroughout the army
Failing In this , < nn effort will bo
made to obtain compensation far
property nnd buildings rendered valueless by
tbo practical abolition Of post tradershlps
With tins latter object it Is understood the
soorotnry of war is not Without sympathy
It is safe to say , however , that the efforts to
abolish lho canteen will not meet with suc
cess The nrmy enntpon is a co-operatlvo
club of enlisted men suncrviscd by a com
missioned officer and ra.un.agod by 0110 of tbo
sergeants In the garrlsdn It provides re
freshments and amusements to the uion at a
minimum cost , the oxpetisos of conduct being
practically nothing Ttfs profits are consld-
cranio and nro divided pie rata among tbo
various companies , troons or batteries of the
garrison to help swoirTBft company fund In
ether words the cantjtejitdkes the profits for
merly gathered In by the post trader and di
vides it among tha monte bo expended in
giving them bettor table accommodations
and greater comforts lujho barnioks Sec
retary Proetor in his senll-annual statement
based his opinion of the great advantages of
the canteen to the service on many letters
from various oQlccrB There wus n concensus
of opinion thnt discipline.bad been improved
nnd tbo condition of the enlisted men bet
tered since the establishment of the canteen
system _ . * -l-
Commissioner Groff * today reversed the
decision of tha locaUlahd officers at Aber
deen , S. D. , In the contest of Illrum Davis
vs Lars S. Munson in the homestcad entry
case covering the northwest quarter of sec
tion 4 , township l'J7 , rail go 04 , nnd dismissed
the case The commissioner savs that at
tlio tlmo this contest Vras Initiated the do-
feudant was a bona Ud ! ) resident on the land
in dispute J f ,
Dr Woodruff of Omaha , formerly of the
Rosebud agency , Dakota , is hero working
for reinstatement , " i L ,
H. P. Maideu of OrdUs , In Washington tor
the purpose of securing ! * patent upon an in
genious car coupling Invention This coup
ling differs from othora jln that it employs
the old fushtoned coupling link and pin and
docs not require now facilities in order to
suf'rnsnfiillv mlnnt i * * I
C. C. Woolworth of' , pmaho Is registered
otthoEbbitt *
„ * A
Colonel E. M. Woynoaha bride of Clark ,
S. D. , are ' at the EbbittpLy -
iJTho senate com mlU.vWon commerce has
rocslvod a. rotforrf roi'lj'ho cblof oiiRlneors nf
the United States on lea bill authorizing the
construction of a bridge across the Missis
sippi ntCllnton , la
An evening paper states that ox-Repro-
scntittvo Guenther of Wisconsin , who was
a candidate for the reef ndorship of deeds in
the district , has been offered the position of
remster of the treasury , and has declined it
The delegation of Sioux Indians now in the
City have arranged for aconforencoon Tues
day next with tbo house committee on Tndian
nftalrs It is expected they will leave for
tholr homes next Wednesday
Peiiry S. Heath
Fifty-live Bushels of Oorjals to Every
Washington , Jnn 3. The December report -
port of the dopartmuntof agriculture con
tains a detailed statement of the estimates of
the jirincipal cereals by states Including
area , product and values The reported
area of corn 78,310,051 neres , represents an
increase of " } 4 per cent bvor tbo acreage of
16S3. The wheat acreage , 38lS3b59 acres ,
shows It to bo 2.10 per cent Rrcator than the
aggregate for 188S. A nwislon of the acreage
finds a smaller area In Iowa , Nebraska , Oregon
gen and Washington and a larger area in
Kansas and Dakota Dairying and meat
production have for years bean encroaching
on wheat growing on the eastern sldo of the
great spring wheat bolt Tbo acreage of
oats is placed at 27,402,010 acres , an increase
of less than 3 per cent The ylold per aero of
corn Is very nearly twenty-seven buBhcls or
one-tenth of a bushel less than tbo product
of 1370 , and is tbo largest rate of , yield slnco
1SS0. The product as estimated Is 2,112,802-
000 bushels The largest yields are west of
the Mississippi , Iowa taking first rank In tbo
nggrcgato produced and the yield per aero
Wheat is nearly 12.9 bushels , or ono-toiith of
a bushel greater than lho Novomboruvorago
of the yield per acre Tlio variation from
the current expectation of the last six
months is not over ! pcrcont Tha total
product as estimated is 490.500,000 bushels
The product of oats is 751,515,000 bushels , at
the rate of 27.1 bushels per aero The nggro-
gate of all cereals Is about 3,450,000,000
bushels , or at least fifty-five bushels per
Anprovcs Wlnrtom'B Silver Hohcin- .
New Yoiik , Jan , 3. A Washington special
says : alio president his made up his mind
about Secretary Wiqdom's recommendation
that the government shell accept silver bul
lion und issue certificates thorufor at the
raarkot rat 0 , tbo certiorates to serve as cur
rency Mr Harrisonnas , adopted Secretary
Wlndom's view abouttuis matter Ho goes
oven further than Wlmjom In his approval
of the project He bclovo | , in Its bcncllcicnt
effect upon the prosperity.of tbo country and
regards It as a brilliant i lep toward the de
termination of the sllv-eit problem So much
he has not hesitated to my and there Is lit
tle doubt that ho will osprois bis opinion In
a communication to congress at an early dav ,
or ho may determlno , lq make bis opinion
known In some ether waj A bill embody
jegthe recoinmendatfon the secretary
will bo submitted to cdngrcss very soon It
Is likely to bo offered Simultaneously In both
houses Its fata in tbo house of representa
tives Is problematic tT ) > qro is litllo doubt
that tbo majority of tb , orcpublican , senators
and some of tha domocrjiua members of the
sonata favor the bill , and it Is likely first to
puss that body I
A Union Pnclflo Petition
Washington , Jnn * 3. Attorney General
Miller and Secretary Wlndom gave a bear
ing at the department of Justice this after
noon to Judge Wilson of Washington and
Judge Story of Hoston , representing the
Union Puclllo railroad company , In support
of their petition .to the , secretary of the
treasury for the sato of tha Unliod States
bonds now la the sinking fund of that com
pany und the reinvestment of the proceeds
lu ether bonds paying u'bigh rate of interest
. >
The Weather Forecast
For Omaha and Vfclnity ; Light snow ,
followed by clearing weather ,
For Nebraska Light snow , slightly
warmer , southeasterly winds '
For Iowa Light local snows , slightly
warmer in uortuwest uortlon , stationary
temperature southeast portion , winds shift
to easterly
For South Dakota Light local snowa ,
lightly warmer , easterly winds
Liquor Boarohora at Blkador Moot
With a Warm Roooptlon
Several Shots L'xclimiKCil , hut None
of Thorn Tnko Effect A Lo Mars
Murderer Sentenced Other
loivn News ,
A Whisky It Int
Ei.KADEn , In , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram
to The Hnc | A whisky riot occurred hero
this afternoon ever the enforcement of the
liquor law Some Boarchcis had gnno
through a suspicious building , nnd ns they
were leaving n number of drunken hoodlums
drove upon the scene utid commencotl firing
nt thorn The shots wcro returned with
interest , but both sides wcro so excited that
nobody was hit
For lUllinir a PoUoeinnn
LrMaus , la , Jan 3 , [ Spoclal Telegram
to Tun Uee.J Judge Ladd today ovorrulcd
a motion for a now trial and sentenced John
Gnlnor to eight years imprisonment In the
penitentiary for shooting Policeman William
Hamilton m November , 1883. An appeal will
bo tnkon The verdict of the Jury was man
slaughter The defendant tried to have the
verdict sot nslrto on the ground that 11 Jury
man swore ho drank whisky during the llnnl
deliberations of the Jury
The Teachers Adjourn
Des Moines , la , Jan 3. [ Special Tolo-
grnm to The Hee ] The state touchers' ' con
vention closed with a business session this
forenoon Uesolutious were adopted approv
ing the views of State Superintendent Sabln
in favor of free text books , and district
rather than state uniformity ; also recom-
mondlng the passage of a law forbidding the
saloof tobacco and cigarettes to minors ;
also recommending that the state furnish
at the public cxponso nil the blanks neces
sary for statistics that are required by law
to bo kept The total enrollment was 800 ,
which was 300 larger than over before
Ho Needs a Guardian
Boone , Ia , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Bee ] Vernon IlnllocK of this plaoo
wanted to bo married , nnd two men , George
Urown nud Fred Butler , ngrcod to find him
a wife If ho would treat thorn Ho consented ,
and gnvo his watch to Mrown , not having
money to buy the drinks A mock marriage
was fixed up with a veiled woman , to whom
Hallock gave a gold ring The supposed
woman turned out to bo Hutler , who now re
fuses to glvo up the ring , arid Urown holds
on to the watch They wcro arrested and
will bo hold for trial
Ills Arm mown Off
Atlantic , In , Jan 3. | Special Tel
egram to Try : Uee.1 Enunett McCarthy ,
aged fourteen , had his loft arm blown oft by
bis shotgun last evening Ho had crowded
his gun butt end first into a hole to punch
out an owl , end then drew the gun out by
the muzzle , when It was discharged
Suicide of a lirummer
DunUQOE , la , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tub Ube.1 Jumos E. Uaker , traveling
salesman for Wllllani Lawther , a candy man ,
Vfaoturar of thio olty , romtnltted sulcido at
Eurlcvlllo last night by taking morphine
His homo was in Montreal , where ho has a
wife nnd child
Death From Heart Disease
Oskaloosa , In , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tiie.Uke.J L. K" . Dutton , an old citizen of
this place fell dead of heart dfseaso this
evening Ho was taken sick nn the street
and was removed to a neighboring store ,
where be died in thirty minutes
A. Now bally at Sioux City
Sioux Citr , In , Jnn 3. [ Special Telegram
gram to The Hee.1 A syndicate headed by
Dr E. E. Woods , with 8100,000 capital , will
start a daily morning newspaper hero The
material and press franchises have already
boon purchased
A Rumor J hat the Democrats Will
Put Up Cainnhcll
CouJMiiUB , O , , Jan 3. There is no mata
rial change in the senatorial situation today
It is reported that all candidates tor the
speakership with the exception of Hyscll
have withdrawn This gives increased lifo
to Brlco's boom for the senate Hysell Is
recognized as the speakership candidate of
the Brlce element There Is an unconfirmed
report that the democrats will oleot Mnrquls ,
lieutenant covornor , ever Lnmpson nnd run
Governor Campbell against Urico for the
An effort was made early In tbo day to
create a sensation in a business way by try
ing to force Calvin S. Unco to a settlement
in connection with the old Lake Erie & Wcst-
orn railway Brlco wus president of the
Lake Erie & Western before Its reorganiza
tion after the receivership and still holds the
position His callers were V. C. Ward and
J , C. Grossman , local ticket brokers Ward
accosted Urleo nnd after Inquiry Into bis
business relations prcsontcd a roll of old
coupon tickets , nearly four hundred of which
ho said had been repudiated and demanded
settlement Ho said ho proposed to hold
Urlco responsible und tha latter replied that
ha know nothing about it , but that if no bad
a claim about which there was u dlsputo , ha
should bring suit and proper settlement
would follow Tlio frlonas of Urleo pay llt-
tlo attention to the performance and arc
proceeding with the business before them
Good News for Mr * , Mnyhriok
London , Jan 3. The Cltlzon ,1s authority
for tbo Btatomont that the now evidence
which * has been collected In England and
America In the case of Mrs , Maybrlck is of
the most convincing cbnractcr and needs but
the scrutiny of tha homo secretary to con
vince that official of the Unmedluto necessity
of recommending the queen to grant her a
full und unconditional pardon ,
Bnhnonnr und Crew Lost
New Yoiuc , Jan 3. The Portuguese
Bcboonor Veluria , which left this port for
Madcrla September 7 , Is probably lost She
was commanded b.v Captain Maurlca Franco ,
and had u crow of ulno mon bcjldoj llvo pas
Jnokson Accnpts Hulllvnn's Challenge ,
London , Jan 3. Potcr Jackson , the Aus
tralian pugilist , has sent a cable dispatch to
the United States announcing bis acceptance
of the challenge of John L. Sullivan to fight
for i.T.000 , Ho will sail for Now York
Juno 15. ,
A Financier Biiicides ,
Piiiladeluia , Jan 8. Willis Gaylord , for
years a heavy manipulator of railroad securi
ties and organizer of railroad corporations ,
committed suicide some time last night in a
coil of tbo county prison hero Gaylord was
charged with fraud In the negotiation of cer
tain railroad bonds to the amount of 130,000 ,
Tuiks and Cretans Flirht
London , Jan , 3. A skirmish has taken
place between the Turks and Cretans , in
which many were killed and wounded Six
teen wounded Turks were brought to Canca
A Dying ; Prince
London , Jan 3 Prince Charles William
Philip , head of tbo house of Auortiberg , is
dying at Prague from Inflammation of the
' \u
lillA \ 'Til Plintlli ; TKOUHLES
They i sr P"alr to Soon Itosiilt In Cons -
• &s > cMihln Uloodsticd
Pinnml * * 11) ) „ Jan : i. [ Special Telegram
gram to ' \re.J \ A now complication has
orison ovaFort Pierre matter and rlRht
of posscssft the \ "nnlo square " Today a
full bloodot us Indian named Black Tom
nhawk , nctl njii tim ndvicoof nn attorney
named ti , II Dewey of this city , commenced
the erection of a house on land nt Fort Pierre
320 acres of the choicest part which ho
will take under the sovcralty at.t of congress
Lieutenant Pooro , m command of troops sta-
Honed there to proscrvo the peace , stated
today that ho tould not prevent
Black Tomahawk from putting up
n building or hiring carpenters
from this city to do work , nnd that the
Indian scorned to have the host right of pos
session over sovcrnl hundred whites now
occupying tlio mlle square , " Hlaok Toma
hawk will enforce his claims , if need be ,
with the nld of all tha Indian police at the
agency Uotweon the Fort Pierre residents ,
South Pierre boodlors , Northwestern rail
way nnd Indians , nil struggling lor pos
session of the mlle square , " the matter
bids fair to soon result 111 great excitement ,
If not bloodshed
Evldouoo on llchnir or the Stnto
Closnd List NlKhr
Hoi.yoke , Cole , Jan 3. [ Special Telegram
gram to The Bee.J The evidence against
tha railroad bovs , Nelson nnd Payno.showed
that Swim Clint Nelson Is an engineer and
should have loft on his engine ntU o'clock In
tlio nvcmng of the night thnt Ilcnuctt and
Kelsey were whipped Forty minutes bo-
foio lonvmg tlmo ho got excused nnd En
gineer Clark was scut out on his ongmo
George Payne's duties required him to
change engines on the nrrlval of the Choy-
ciino passenger train at 1:40 : u. m , on the
night in question Ho got a man by the
niiuio of Huckleberry to do this work for
bltn The general tenor of the evidence
wout to show that most of the defendants
spent the principal portion of their time be
tween 0 and 12 o'clock In Walsh's and
Lewis saloons Pavuo and Nelson put 111
tholr uppoaranco nt the BWltch house about
2:30 : In the morning
The evidence for the stnto was closed this
evening The defense will commence the
tntroductiou of evidence tomorrow morning
at 0 oclock
The State Fnlls to Pay January
lluntl Interest
Piehue , S. D. , Jan 8. [ Special Telegram
to The Uee [ A dispatch received ut the
stnto house today from J. M. Uutlcy , exterritorial -
ritorial treasurer of Dakotu , stated that
North Dakota had dofaultcd In her January
bond intorcst , South Dakotas bond Interest
was paid promptly , in fact two days before
it came duo , so thnt there Is no trouble this
sldo of the line The state officers heio are
much surprised at North Dakotas action ,
for that state had money on hand with which
to moot lho interest , and no reason is known
why It wus not paid unless it was an over
sight State Treasurer Smith is considera
bly worried oyer the uows of the default 111
North Dakota , not knowing how it may ef
fect South Dakotas credit It is said the
default , even If an oversight , will iojuro
North Dakotas credit for a tlmo
The Czar and All ills Family to lie
London , Jan IS The arrcab r tuo uu-
torious nihilist leader , Plerio Gross , nt War
saw , has boon productive of disclosures far
more Btartllhg than any of tbo alarming
revelations which have coma to tha police
within the last few days , appalling as they
have boon From letters and documents
found concealed in his clothing the most
damning evidence is obtained against many
persons high in imperial favor and authority ,
contemplating not only tbo assassination of
tbo czar , but the murder of the cntiro reign
ing family an well Already many of tlio
conspirators have been takou into custody
and these still ut largo are under espionage
or nro being tracked by rolontlcss police otU-
cial9. Several implicated persons were ap
prehended whllo attempting to leave the
StonniNhio Arrivals
At Bromoi haven The Lahn , lrom Now
At Hamburg The Russiafrom Now York
At Glasgow The Prussian , from Phila
At Now York The Stnto of Nebraska ,
from Glasgow
At Philadelphia The Ncstorlan , from
At Ualtimoro The Noismoro , from Llv-
At Bremen Tlio Rheinc , from Ualtimoro
At London Sighted : Tbo Mulno , from
Ualtimoro ; the England , from Now York ,
Fatal Accident nc Atchison
ATCHI60N , Kan , Jnn 8. | Spcclal Telegram
gram to Tin : Bee.J A Missouri Paclflo on
glno at 7:110 : tonight fatally injured Jacob
Messomor , a sestion hand Ho had Bteupod
off the brake boara of a moving switch cn-
gino and upon auotbortrack , whllo an onglno
coming In the opposite direction ran him
down , sovcring both logs and dragging him
a considerable distance Surgeons ampu
tated his legs , but ho will die He has a
Hurko's Painful Situation
New Oiti.EANs , Jan , 8. An evening paper
Bays : According to an interview with tbo
representative of the Honduras Pro ross , a
newspaper ptiblishod In Tegucigalpa , Major
Burke , the defaulting state treasurer of
Louisiana , said rclatlvo to his return to
Louisiana ha would probably not bo able to
leave his Honduras Interests until the begin
ning of March next It was u painful situa
tion for'bun to bo in , but bo would have to
endure It for some months to come
Tried to flurn Their Homo
Leavknwoiith , Kan , Jao 0. • | Spoclal
Telegram to The Bee | Frank Boland end
his sister , Winnlo Holund , an aged couple
living near this city , attempted to burn down
their house , claiming that the Lord bad ordered -
dorod them to do so They were brought to
the county Jail this afternoon pending a legal
luquiry lute their sanity
lloxtur Turner Ulsohnruol
MiTCUEi , ! , , S. D. , JJun 8. [ Spoclal Telegram
gram to The Heh.I Dexter Turner , gen
eral agent of the now much talked of Citizens
zens' Lifo association of Cherokee , who was
arrested yesterday on a telegram from Sbor
iff Huffman of Uuudle county , was dis
charged on receipt of a telegram from the
same oflicur \
# '
, im
Mrs SouihwortltiiCondition
New Yobk , Jan ! 8 , Physlolans toduy or-
amlncd Mrs Iluhriftb" fioutjiworth and ad
vised that she be removed from prison She
Is suffering from congestion of the lungs and
at intervals is subject to1 hemorrhages ,
1. , •
* „ Irish Porter * Walk Out
Dublin , Jan , 3. The porters employed by
the Dublin , Wieklow & Wexford railway
company bavo struck for an advance of
wages They are supported by the employes
of ether lines
' . . •
Pierre's Now Hotel Opened ,
PiEiinii , S. D. , Jan 8. ISpecial Telegram
to The Hex.-Tbo | mammoth | $0,000 hotel ,
the Locke , was opened to the public tonight
by a banquet to promlnont citizens ttud mem-
bora of the legislature , state official * and a
grand ball
From PonttiBiilnr Michigan Poluta H
to tbo Missouri IUver M
Chicago Donlcrs Let Loess n How ) M
or Protest-A Matter Which H
Is Likely to Hcopsu M
Some Old Sores M
Trouble Hrntvlnir M
Chicago , Jan 3. | Special Telegram to M
Tun Bke.I Chairman Walkers decision fl
ou hard wood lumber rates from Wisconsin |
ati 1 Peninsular Michigan points to Missouri |
river points has raised a howl of protest |
from the lumber interests of Chicago It M
, again brings up the whole question of corny'U
petition between the northern and southorii1 ' fl
states lumber , 11 question , which b.ulo fair M
Inst spring to bring nbout n sectional rate |
war The situation now is exactly tha snino |
as then The lumbar merchants of Wis- M
conslu nnd Michigan nro asking the ro.ids to M
protect thorn from the competition of the M
yxllow ptna of the south by reducing rates , M
forgetting that equal pressure will bo M
brought to hear on the southern rouds to M
uinko such reduced rates The situ * H
otlon Is further complicated by the H
fact that the rates quoted by Chairman H
Walker nro reduced rates and not via Cbl- H
cage In ether words , a soft wood tariff Is H
made via the direct lines from Wisconsin H
and Michigan as well us to Chicago From M
Chicago , however , ntl tlio kinds of wood ox- B
ccpt ono or two nro clussltled as hard wood , H
thus raising tlio rate by the direct lines from B
Chicago over tha rate of the direct lines H
from Wisconsin nnd Michigan Tha kick ot H
the liimbcimon has ulro.uly resulted In a
decision b.v the Alton to uiuet from Ulilcngd HBV
nny reduction made from Wisconsin und M
Michigan , consequently Clialrman Walkers
decision is nulllllcd ooloro oven it is put iuto ,
effect M
Koroclosiir , ) Sulos M
Cnicndo , Jan 3. Tbo Hallway Ago 111 its H
forthcoming issue.will say : The year 1SS9 |
makes a much less favorable showing in M
respect to forcclosuro sales thun its iuimo- M
dlalo predecessor , although on the ether M
hand its record is much less discouraging |
thun the thrco years proecding lbSS , A
tabloIsnppondod showing that during 18S0 M
• twenty-live ro.ids were sold under fore M
closure , having nn ncgrcgato mileage ot M
2OSO miles nnd and n total funded debt and
capital stock of $187,813,000. _
Ask * n Further Hearing M
CniOAdo , Jau 3. The Santu Fo road has H
requcstou a further hearing bv the executive M
board of the Inter-stuto Commcrco Railway t
nssociatiou on the question of rates on hogs HBb
from the Missouri river to Chicago A Bbort HBb
time ago the board authorized a rate of 23 HBb
cunts from Kant > us City only and the Santa HBb
Fo now asks authority to nnply tbo rate M
from ether Missouri river points HBb
Atohison Promotions H
Chicago , Jau 3. Second Vice President BAVJ
Robinson of the Atchison road will hereafter H
perform the duties of general manager H
Third Vice President Goddnrd has been H
placed lu churga of the tr.ifllo of the cnilro , w H
system - > . H
msanu niuiiiitn < j.-h..i - c , . HBb
I.lko Dogs " . M
Chicago , Jan ; ! . Some tlmo ago the H
Humane society ot Wheaten , Dap.igo count , H
Illinois , mudo complaint to Governor Filer H
regarding the treatment of the insane H
patients confined at the Whcnton poor H
house on account of tha ever crowded condl- H
tlon of tbo state insane asylums A commission - H
sion appointed by tlio governor began an In- H
vostlgntiou yesterday and heard many wit H
nesses Evldenco was taken going strongly H
to provo lho charges These charges wcro
in effect that two insane women were kept
in zinc-ilned cells , seven feet square , with
no beds , bedding or necessary conveniences ;
that tha cells wcro allowed to rcniaiu ill thy ;
that the patients in their dementori condition H
tora off tholr clothing nnd wcro ul-
lowed to remain absolutely naked , and
tbut lu this condition ether lumntcs
of tha poor house as well as omployos ot the
poor farm were allowed access to the corrlHBa
dor and to stare at and Jeer ut tbo unfortun-
at08. It is further charged that bucIi ntton-
tlon ns these poor patients did receive was
given them oy mala attendants , there being
no female attendants employed at the poor
house HOne
Ono ot tbo witnesses said ho had scan ono
of the women fad Her hands were tied behind -
hind her , and as the food was placed on the
floor , she was obliged to gel down and oat
like a dog
It was In evidence that asldo from the insane -
sane pattonts the house was well managed
The management admitted that tbo Insane
patients were not as well c.irad for as they
should bo , but claimed it wus the best that
could bo done , as there wcro no conveniences
for tuking euro ef insane people
Six Women and Ono Hey Lose Thelt U
SiEiiitA Cm- , Cat , Jan a A destructive M
snow slide occurred hero today by which six fl
women and ono boy lost their lives and ,
several houses , Including the Cathollo H
church , were almost entirely wrecked The H
slide commenced at the Sierra Uutto flume *
and swept with terrillo force down the HI
valley , carrying everything before it Some [
miraculous escapes from instant deutb 00 j l
currod and the full extent of the daniagn is | H
yet unknown Ono Chluuuian and a llttlo (
girl are still burled In the snow Moro
slides are expected and the community Is
greatly excited , These known to bo dead
are : Mrs Rich , two duughtors und a son ,
Miss Ryan , Mrs Mooney uud daughter
VIi-o In a Jllltid Asylum M
Kansas City , Jnn 3. FflrcJ In ono of HH
the buildings of the state asylum for the Hj
blind at Kansas City , Kun , crcnted some M
excitement this evening The flro wus In 11 BJ
broom factory , having caught from a dor HI
fectivo flue The Inmates of the asylum HI
were removed before they wore told what HI
was the matter and no accidents occurred , HI
The loss is small ' HI
* HJ
'lho Jicath Itnaurtl ) HI
New Yoiik , Jan 3. Louis Nathan , a well H
known author und dramatist , died last night H
from Inlliionza , HI
London , Jan 3 , Prof , Charles Augutt HI
Huso , a well known German theologian , HI
died toduy at Jena HI
m Hjl
C'hlursi ) and iMirnnHaun Battle , HI
London , Jau 3. Reports received from H
Shanghai say that a force ot Cliluoso fought H
natives noarTakoa , in the island of Formosa , H
and 100 or the Chinese and 400 of the ForHI
inosuns were killed , HI
The Ex > Kinprnss' Hotly
OroitTo , Jan 3. The remains of the ox-
empress of Brazil were removed today to
Lupachureu , an Imposing cortege following
tbo body ,
• . m * .
Closed the Hchnols
Munich Jan 3. Influenza prevails to such
an ottent in this city that it bus been found
necessary to close the schools
'J ho rnnnisli Ministry Resigns
MAiiiiiJan , 8. The ministry has resigned
signed , Saguska will attempt to form a n vC
cabluet *

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