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Tlio United States loan and Invest
I mont company hold Us riYinual mcotinff
at their olllccs in tlio First Nutlonnl
I bank building yoatcrdny Tlio ofllcora
; elected/op the ensuing year are T. II
Taylor , prcsldont ; Gcorpo 13. T/schuck ,
' ! vlco president ; II A. Wagoner , secret
tary , and II C. Bromine , uttornoy
' The directors are T. li Taylor , Ocoriro
I B. Tzschuck , J. It Harris , George 13.
i Barker , II C. Uromino , II A. Wagonur ,
O. It Cheney of lted Cloud and M. II
( PerMonnl lnrnernplii
! John Uorryof Chadron lsat the Merchant * .
! I ) . M. Stornsof Uralnard Is at the Casey
V. V. Noul of Udgar is a guest at the I'nx-
| ton
i E. P. HogRcn ol Lincoln is stopping at the
1'nxton. ,
GcorRo J. Wright of Wahoo is a Ruost at
the Cusoy
John A. Wlshold of Clarkson is stopping at
the Cnsov
Morris J. Jones of David City is a cucst at
1 the Ponton
P. 11. Lollos of Grafton is stopping at the
li It Wooloy of Weeping Water is al the
A. N. Clark of McCook is gutst at the
1 Merchants
G. L. Horn , Jr , of Lincoln is stopping at
the Millard
' U. V. Ilcrrminn of Stanton is registered at
, the Mlllnrd
' W. J. Fodroa of Cutnhrlilgo is roglstored
• at the Cnsey
I 1) . P. Holro of Nebraska City is rcgistcrod
' at tlio Murray
Ilobort Lorton of Nebraska City is regis ,
tcrod at the Murray
Fred Kulno and wlfo of Drokcn Bow are
guests ut the Casey
JudgoA M. Post und wlfo of Columbus
are among the guests at the Murray
M. L. Klsworth C. II Paul and II Host
wick of Hastings are guests at the Murray
A. M. Lynoman , the well ltnowu trunk
and valise salesman of ItotnndWn Hros of
Milwaukee , is calling on his trade aud shak
ing lianas with his friends
Mr Edward Wohlors , secretary of the
Peycko Bros , comuany , loft last cvoning on
a visit to friends and rolntives In Europe
Ho expects to be gene about thrco months
Bcvernl of the ynunir mans Omaha friends
were at the depot to bid him goodbye
A Wolsti Iranchcr
' The Hov ; . John It John of Swnnsoa S. W. ,
j will nreach at the Welsh Presbyterian
! church Thursday evening ut 7:30 : p m. All
, ' . the Welsh people of the city are invited to
j attend
Hurt In n Kiuinwny
, Whllo driving over the Sixteenth strcot
' viaduct otOUO : a. m. Pat Heatuy's liorsn
took fright uud ran away The sleigh was
upset aud torn to pieces and Mr Hcafoy re
ceived a number of painful bruises
Died Willi lux Grippe
Mr W. N. Knnho , ono of the postal clerks
under Chlnf Cramer died at 3akor City ,
Orcgan , lucsdny with a cotnplicallon of la
grippe and pneumonia IIo has bcon in the
sorvli'o two montns , and is thirty-threo veurs
I old Of lute ho has been making his homo at
I The IjIcm'iinu llonril
Thoflro and pollen commission held a short
* session yesterday afternoon as a license
Ed Hothery was granted a rehearing on
his application for a license for a saloon at
the corner of Eleventh and Hnrney streets ,
which resulted in a license being grunted
Ernst Wctzlg was granted a license to run
a saloon at 1035 North Twcntioth street , and
H. Hoylo and John Bowycr were allowed a
license for 1CJ7 North Twentieth street ,
The application of Alnry A. Uankhardt for
a license to run it snioon near the fort was
refused , the board being of the opinion that
, the place is a very tough joint
ilankrupt Shoo Hnlc
Largo Btoolc of flno shoos to bo sold for
the "bonoflt of the croditora' ' in the
largo store , 121(1 ( Fnrnam fat Bargains
never before hoard of Itcad : Ladies
iirst quality rubbers , 15o pair ; Burt's
shoes for Indies and gents wear , $3
pair , worth $5 ; ladies iwirrn house slip
} iors , 2oo pair ; gents velvet
iouso slippers , ! ! 9e ; special sale
of slippers mndo for this bankrupt
linn for Christmas trade and will be
sold by us for loss than halt crico ttub-
bers , boots and shoes till kinds almost
given away
Ladies ' line kid button boots 08c pair
Ladies line sample shoes , $1.00 , $1,125 ,
$ r.G0 and $2.00 pair
Gents dent fuil tosoo the Hondorson
flno calf aud kangaroo hand Bowed
Bhnos ut $3.50 pair , worth $7.00. Re
member this stock must bo sold for the
benoiit of creditors In the largo store ,
1210 Furnnin St Open overlings
Appraised the /.uolmr Farm
William II Smith , James Uotts , John M.
Ward , Amos Gates , John L. Polin nnd
James D. Pnttorson , the men appointed by
Judge Dundy to lix a valno on the forty
thrco acres owned bv Ilonry Zucher in the
pionoscd fort Omahnslto near Ucllovuo , met
at the government building and settled
upon the value of the tract at $175 per aero ,
including improvements and damages to-tho
remaining portion of his farm As tbcro are
forty-throb and eight-ono hunuredths acres ,
the total npnraised value of the tract is
The tlrst ballot resulted in an avcrago
valuation of $131 fill per aero ontho nuliod
land , $2,000 being allowed for improvements
The dumacQ to the remaining portion of 1
the form wns Hxed nt $ U16 , nlthough ono of '
the appraisers was opposed to ullowlng uny
damages The valuation in each case was 1
reached by Hiking a ballot aud finding the '
Hui't'H Shoos < ) ij : Pnlr ,
for Indies nnd gents wear , worth $ -5.
LndlcB1 rubbers 15o pair Lndies' line i
kid button boots D8u ptlp Bankrupt
shoo sale , 1210 Farntim st
This evening W. W. Tlllotson's
comedy company will open at the Boyd In the
now musical faicocomedy "Zlg-SCag , " and I
will continue during the roinalador of the
week The sale of scat3 boir.ui vestorday
The Phltadelphia Call , speaking of "Zlg-
Zag , " said : "A performance that will make
ucoplo laugh whether or not is that of 4/.lg-
Zag , " which began last evening at the Wal
nut street theater It is what In stage
parlance is termed a musltul farce aud is
tnado up of enjoyable dlaloguo , delightful I
music , ploaslug nH | > ciulties und a satisfying
company "Zlg-Zag" is guaranteed to make )
all who see It laugh und its part of the con
tract is tilled to the loiter
There will ho three attractions nt Boyd's
opera housa next nook , us follows : Tues
day and Wednesday evenings , • 'Slio1'
Thursday evening , "blherm , " und Friday
nnd Saturday ovonlngs the Orau opera com
pany lu Strauss now opera , "i'ho Utig-
auds "
Itusslnii Inlliionzn
Almost every ono is now Interested in
knowing the proper treatment for this
disenso , According to the best author
ities it requires proeisuly the sumo
treatment as n sovuro cold , and it is
ponorully known that there is nothing
butter for a bovoro cold than Chumboi'T
I Iain's Cough Homody taken as directed
Bxtrcmo care should bo taken to keep
the foot dry and warm , the body woil
' clothed and to avoid exposure , cspoci-
* ally when roeovoring from diboaso , and I
I to keep up the vitality Persons phys
< 1 cally weak should talto tonics to keep
| up their strength It is also important
that the bowofs bo kept regular No
ordinary wise is likely to require any
further treatment than this to insure a
complete recovery , Fet eule by all
oMAiiAvs STitniox u.vit | snnvicn
A Correspondents Complaint anil tlio
flompntiy's itnplv
Omtu , Jan 15. To the Editor of Tnn
J Hee : Your reporter certainly must have
been misinformed by the oftlUats of the oloef
trie rends yesterday during his attempts to
get the news for Tub Uee Motors that left
the north terminusns early as 7 o'clock Sun
day morning for South Omaha didn't ' roach
Fnrnntn ] street on their return trip until 13
b'clock noon yesterday E\ory avallnf
bio \ motor was cither dead , "
stalled . or working its way
south , up to noon yesterday , not a smglo car
haviiig 1 gouo north ot Tamam street cither
bundav ! or Monday provlouj to noon .vestcrI
day The lust motor In the barn on Comt
mcrcial uvcnuo left on Its south trip about
8 j : 'i0 o'clock jestorday morning , nnd not until
very late jcstcrday afternoon did they uh
proaeh what the oOlcials term regular trips
• 1 ho fact is that there is probably not an of-
llclal connoctcd with the etitiro street rail
way systems of Omnha w ho knows anything
about i running any kind of a street car line ,
oxiopt ' what lie has learned smco being con
nected with Omaha lines 1 his Is common
talk among the emplo.vcs , and they are not
at all backward in communicating It to the
patrons , cither Everybody who claims to
Know anything about running cither surface
or other Cars knows that In order to properly
aeeommodatn patrons it Is necessary to run
trippers during tlio busiest hours of the
day , nut who ever heard of such a thing in
Omahui iiunningi on schedule Umu lu
Omaha means that cms uio ( provided the
crow in churgo doslre ) to consume a speci
fied tlmo in going from ono terminus to an-
other Mind you , there are no Intelmcdlato
time points , Is there an old conductor of
any eastern street railroad who wouldn't llko
to jerk the bell on the tall end
of an electric motor in Omaha I Wliv is it
thntsouioof these experienced ( II personages
didn't uiaxo the motors jump the truck !
It isn't necessary to run the entire line on
ono track during a blockade Seven or
eight motors , all alive " were at Fourteenth
and Fnrnam streets at noon icaterday with
the head motor trying to push through srow ,
the north bound track not being opened
north of Furujtn street It wouldn't have
required a very largo .u.id to have oidcred
all Hands ( which would huvo included
souio thirty meu , sweepers and all ) to pick
up u motor or two and sot iliem
on ttio south hound track , which
was open north to the end , and sent these
motois north to aecommouato the public
With an experienced man as foreman they
could nave put a motor any where ho pleased
A snow storm like that of Sunday would
compnl any road to nb indou regular trips ,
but when thov have all night Sunday night
and up to Monday afternoon before they get
things moving It goes to nrovo tlio above ns-
seitlon The officials might stuta for the
bciietltof the Slierman nvonuo line patrons
w by it is that all favors uro bestowed upon
the Hnnseom nark line X. X.
'Iho officials of the Omaha strcot railway
company were Interviewed in reward to the
contents of the above letter General Super
intendent Tucker said that judging from the
tone of the communication It wus evidently
written by some discharged employe , and
that the author of it knows us little about
what street car manugei s have to contend
with in a Btorm like that of Sunday as a bed
bug knows of Creek
Every available man , from general man
ager of the road down , was out nt worl ; at 4
o'clock in the morning on Monday and
worked incessantly until the roads were
cleared • >
Orders were Issued Sunday evening for
every man to turn out as soon us the storm
abated Swecpars were equipped and started
on all the lines , nearly nil of them , as early
as 4 o'clock a. in Utilortunately thoswecpor
on the Walnut Hill line became crippled , but
as soon as another was available it was set
at work
General Manager Smith says that no par
tiality was shown to the North T'vonty-
fouith nnd Hnnseom park line , as alleged
In fact , if any partiality was sho.vn it waste
to the Sherman avenue and South Omaha
line The cable sweeper , which is the best
owned by this company , was nut on the
South Omaha line , aud that of the latter put
on the cable lines
" 1 hnve no pots , " continued Mr Smith ,
but the line that does the best business is
the ono to receive the most attention Wo
used greater exertions to open the
South Omaha line than any other But
wo had snow drifts tbreo or four feet deepen
on Sherman avenue to dig out , and the Six
teenth strcot viaduct had to bo shoveled off
its entile length , as the sweepers could network
work there Cars were finally gotten across
the viaduct between 0 and 10 a. m. , aud by
noon they had returned By 3 p. in the
cars were making regular trips every twclvo
minutes , as were all the cars on tup other
lines The sweeper on the Sprague or
Hnnseom park line worked tiptop and soon
cleared the track for service The cable
tracks were also cleared early in the fore
noon , so that the onlv appreciable delay was
on the South Omaha and the Walnut Hill
lines Wo loft nothing undone to got every
thing moviug
"As to lifting motors and carrping thorn
around llko baskets , thn writer ovidoutly
doesn't know that such cars welgn oetwoen
five and six tons
"As to putting on trippers , 1 can say that
wo haven't the motors tor this purpose but
have ordered some that were duo here two
months ago Every evening wo put on trail
ers to nccommodato the people except when
the tracks are too slippery
"In regard to having no Intermediate points
on the tlmo card , all I have to say is that the
follow does not read The Bui : , which bus
published correct tables ot the tlmo that all
the motors in the city lcavo'Farnam street "
Mr Goodrich says that Mr Tucker is a
man of sixteen years ' cxporienco as a street
railway man Ho directed the laying of all
the rablo lines in Kansas City , and was for
years general superintendent there Previ
ous to that tune bo was superintendent of
construction at San Francisco Mr Smith
is a man of sovent-en years cxporienco Ho !
has mot nearly all the loading street lullwny
men in the country and compared notes with
them in the handling of cars during snow
storms ,
Ono Fnet
Is worth a column of rhotorlc , said an
American btutoaman It is n fuct , os-
tnblished by the testimony of thousands ,
of people , that Hoods Sursaparilla does
euro scrofula , salt rhoumnud other diseases -
eases or atloctions ariring from impure 1
state or low condition of the blood It
also overcomes that tired feeling , ere
utcB iv good nppotito and gives strength t
to every part of the sybtoni Try it
A Young Wife llrnrti or the Death of
Her IIuWmiuI
A very sad scene was witnessed at the I
Union Pacitlo depot Tuesday night Tuesday
Geonro Hess , a clerk in Falconers store , ro-
colvod a telegram fiom Itock Springs Wyo ,
informing him that A. W. Edwards , well }
knowu here , having once been connected '
with the Taylor , Kilpntrlclt & Co firm , got
lost vvbilo out huntinir and froze to death ;
also asking lilm to moot Mr Edwards wlfo |
who left Clovclaud for homo Monday ,
and break the news to her Itoss was at I
the depot when the overland llyor came
across from Council Bluffs , lound Mrs
Edwards aboard and conveyed to her , uftor
Mho hud been culled out of the oar Into the
depot walling room , the contents of his tclo- |
The poor woman was so shocked at this
very sudden and sad intelligence that she
Bank Into a seat eomiilotoly overcome with
grief Her cries were most pitiful and for a
time she refused to believe the sad story ,
saving that It must bo soma horrible mis-
toke She contt'iued on her journey though
very much prostruted
Children's Hliors S5o
and upward ; never have such bargains
bcon otforod in children's shoes ; the
stock must bo bold for the benefit of the
crodltors Bankrupt shoo sale , 1210
rurnum st Open ovonlngs
Sent Up Tor Bloating a Watch
IMdiitlca With Water
The usual number ot drunks and vags
were arranged before Police Judga Helsloy
yesterday morning and received their just
Frank Hlnes and Thomas While were nr
rniguod on the clmrge'of stealing a watch
from a pawnbroker named Spoiglo , who has
a shop at 1W North SUteeutU street , Tuey
wont Into the pawnshop to trade watches ,
nnd whllo Whlto talked with the proprietor ,
Hlnes slipped part of n watch Into his pocket
An officer was called , but Hlnes took the
watch out of his pocket before tbo pollcoman
arrived J White was discharged and Hlnes
was sentenced to twenty days In Jail and $30
George Uockhoff a boy about ton yenrs of
age { , was arrested on complaint of Thomas
Gallagher , charged with turning on the
water in a building on the corner ot Thir
teenth t and Center streets , resulting In the
dnmngo to the building and plastering
amounting to about $ COJ The building is
ono contnlng three stories nnd three flits
nnd the water was turned oiT at the supply
pipe , in the hasomont , while the fuueets in
the t rooms above were open Soma ono broke
into I the basement and turned the water on ,
Hooding I the entire building and damaging
the t water pipes nnd plastering Several
wltnosses testlnod to having soon the boy
about the bulUing in eomuiny with nthor
boys 1 , but no ovidoneo was introduced show >
ing I thnt the boy had turned the water on
After the prosecution had submitted tholr
ovldenco the cuso wns continued for two
weeks \
A Number t bo Putin ! > y the Ameri
can WnterworlCH Company
The American waterworks compiny has
decided < upon an improvement in their
hyJrant 1 servlco In the central portion of the
city < The National association ofQro | chiefs ,
nt i its last convention , endorsed a now patent
duplex ( lira hydrant for use In nil of the largo
cities ( and upon principal thoroughfares Uy
the use of these hjdrants two lines of hose
may i bo laid irom onn , an accommodation
that I is very valuable frequently to llremon
at i big tires The hydrants are so arranged
thut I , when two lines of hose nro attached ,
If I nno breaks It can bo detached without
affecting i the use of the other The Improve
ment fully doubles the firemen's facilities
'Iho ' waterworks company will put 175of
these hydrants In place m the central portion
tion of the city instead of those now in use
I/iuIIrs' Itnbbcrfl 15c Pnlr
The bankrupt shoe sale now open ; ho
sure and nttond ; bargains never before
heard of ; 1210 Farnam st
Swell body and Portlands , single and
double cutters ? , bob sleds and sleigh
runners for buggies Liningor & Mot
calf Co , cor 0th nnd Pacific
Interested Parties nro Moviti : ; in He-
lintfof Uiiitihn
The establishment or a fat stock show is
again being vigorously ngltated , and with
strong hopes that it will bu oi-oiiglit to a suc
cessful issue Omaha is , " said a , gentle
mau interested , "a most advnntagoous point
for an exhibition of this kind , even suipiss-
Ing Chica.ro in many respects Omaha has
the ralfioad facilities , Is ono of the greatest
stock growing regions on earth , and nothing
would so effectively further tlio
Interests of these concerned in
those matters It shouid , however ,
bo gotten up on n thorough and lasting basis ,
and not bo allowed to llourish u season or
two and then bo nbantloncd The right par
ties should tnko hold of the matter and nusli
It through , and the bcicfits will come so
quicklv and so fully as to insure the colabors
of evciy stock breeder In this nnd the adjoin
ing stutcs Now is the time to begin the
pielimlnary work "
Die Orrat Hook Island Roulo
In changing timu on Sunday , Nov
17 , the Chicago , Itock Island & Pacific
By have considered every point of In
tel est to tlio . Omaliu traveling public
If you are going to Des Moines , Chicago
or any point east , our ! , olid vestibule
limited train is just what you want
Leave Omaha nt 4.2.1 p. ra arrive in Des
Moines UHH : p. in mid Chiuago8:80 : a. in , ,
dining car for Buppor le.vving Council
BlulTs and for breakfast before reaching
Chicago This train is also equipped
with the finest sluopors uud chair cars
mndo by tno Pullman Co , which leave
from the U. P. depot , Qmuhaovory day
nt 4:25 : p. tn , making close connection ' s
at Chicago with nil trains for eastern
points In addition to this'magniiiceut
train wo have two ether daily trains to
Chicago , leaving Omaha at 9:15 : a. ra
and 5:15 : p. in For information as to
routes , rates time , otc , call ut ticket
ollico , 11)05 ) Farnam strcot ; telophouo
782. S. S. STPVUNS
General Western Agent
Thn Only One
The Chicago , Mihvnukoo & St Paul
Railway is the only Hue running solid
vostibulod , oloutriu lighted and steam
heated trains between Chicago , Coun
cil BlulTs nnd Omaha
The berth tending lamp feature in
the Pullman stooping cars run on these
lines if patented and cannot bo used by
any other railway company It is the
great improvement of the ago Try it
and bo convinced •
Sleeping cuts lcavo the Union Pacific
depot , Omaha utO p. tn dally , arriving
at Chicut- at 0:30 : a. m , Pussengors
taking this train arc not compelled to
got out of the cars at Council Bluffs and
wait for the train to bo cloaucd Got
tickets and stooping car berths nt Union
ticket ollico , 1501 Farnam st
F. A. Nash , Gen Agt
J. K. Pkesion , Pass Agt
Mr Bnlln Completes His Annual Re *
port ! ha Slioivlnc : Hindu
Rx County Treasurer Bolln has completed i
his annual report , which shows the follow
ing balances on hand In the various funds at t
the date of Ins retirement from office , Jan
uary 0,1830 :
Stuto funds $31,130 89
County general tunds 2. " > ,4'27 29
Special school funds 8,11)7 ) 7J
Apportionment funds S.U35 40
School bond funds 1,5(11 ( ill
Uailrond county sinking fuuds , , . 23,390 89
Bridge funds 3,413 (15 ( , ,
Hondfunds 7..ts3 10
Hospital funds 15,574 95
Florence tax funds 3.11 u. ] )
South Omaha tax funds , 305 43
Watorlootax funds . i
109 3. , ) .
Millard tax funds i 810(1 (
Klkhorn tax funds 05 ft )
Hcdomptlon money 0,3.11 07
Florence sldowalk'tax 20 54
Poorfurmfund 1,007 8. j
Total $131,055 98
. Alnrrinun IjiconsfH ,
Licenses were Issued to the following
parties by Judge Shields yesterday :
Kanio und Hesidonce . Age
( S. L. Warner , Omnha . . . . .B0
JKato Agio , Kansas City 37
j Peter Person South Omaha , . , 24
| Lulu Maud Mitchell , South Omaha 17
I Bodrick Iiremn , Omnha 2J
j Aunio Slugo , Omaha , . , , , .20
Io not bo Impotcd on by any of the numerous
Imitations , eubstltutca , etc , which are flooding
the world , There is only one Swifts Specific ,
and tbcro Is notblog llko It Oar remedy con
talus no Mercory , Potash , Arsenic , or any pals
onous fubjtaoco whatcter It builds op the gen
cral health from the first dose , and has never
failed to eradicate contagions blood poison and
Its effects from the system Be euro to get the
genuine Bend your addrcaa for our Treatise oa
Wood and Skin piseases , which will be mailed
IS a blood di en * . Until tno poison Is
expelled front the sj stem , there enn
bo no euro fm * this loallisomo and
dangerous malady Therefore , tlio only
effective trcatmeht is a thorough course
of Aycr's Sanmpnrilln the best of all
blood purifiers Tlio sooner jou begin
tbo bettor ; delay * Is dangerous
"I wns troubli'd w 1th catarrh for over
two years 1 ttlcd various remedies ,
and wns treated by a number of phvsl-
rlnns , but received no benefit until I
began to take Ajcr's Snrsapnrllla A
few bottles of tills medicine cured me of
tills troublesome complnint and com
pletely restored my health " Jcsso M ,
Doggs , Hohunu's Mills , N. C.
" When Ayers Sarsnparllln wns rec
ommended to me for entnrib , 1 was in
clined to doubt its eflknry Having
tried so mnnv remedies , with llttlo ben
efit , I had no fiiitli that nnjthing would
euro mo 1 beenmo emaciated from loss
of appetite and impaired digestion I
bad nearly lost the sense of smell , nnd
my system was badly deranged , 1 was
about dtacournged , when n friend urged
mo to try Ajei's Saisnpnrilln , nnd to-
ferrcd mo to persons w hum it hnd cured
of cntnnli Aftti taking half a dozen
bottles of this medicine , I am convinced
that tlio only surewnyof treating this
obstinate disensn is through tbo blood "
Charles B. Maloney , 113 lllver St ,
Lowell , Mass ,
Ayers ' Sarsaparilla ,
rnrrAiini ) nr
Or ! . C. Ayer U Co , Lowell , Mass
Trlec $1 ; eli bottles , ti Worth * 5 a bcttlo
'mi : land or
Hi FASiH irAai' < - - - .Vvu
- ; . - vuUUCj | | \
LUNG5Soihn Uflft
• Sen.dirCl ( ( - , ? Hrkttlt ] br p. 2- .
lAuipiNr tD : .OWIWLLI.CAL
if 6 M0J.7\ " T V THC O N.LV-1
J i ° BY MAiu .j'fpEf jf cuKe T ° n.
15H ° 2 Lcw > frc ATARRF
; ptrjijrMnr-f | - • -m < -
For sala oy Goodman Drug Co
1108 Kaiivam Stiieet , Ouaua , Nisu
( Opposite Paxton Hotel )
OfllcehoiirBuaro , to8p.m. BunUajs 10a. m. , tc
p. in
Blieelallsts In Chronic , Ncrvoiu , Skin and Blood Dl-
tlTConiullatlon at oftlco or by mall free Meal
cIiil' fent by mall or cipresi , securely paeked , tree
from obscrvutlon Guarantees to euro quickly , saio-
tr and permanently ,
alons I'liTxIcal decay , nrlnliiK fnini tmllner , Hon , or-
rtmsor lnuulKence proJucltu slccplosne" ilc pen
< 1i ncy , pluiplts un tlio faen.nvurnlon tnsDcluty , easily
discount ? ? , ) , Inck ot conn lento , dull until for study
vr business , nml Ilndi llfon liurden barely , pernmii-
cnllr nnd prlvMely cured Consult Drs Ileus & llctts ,
HuuVnriioiD Micct , Omtlia , Neb
Blood and Skin Diseases WSWuilTn 'SS '
re iiltn , complitely emdUfltnd without the aid of
mercury , tstrofuln crjatpuUi , foTer foron , nlotclicj ,
iilpt'ri pnlnilntlio lit nil and bones , t > yplillU1o Bore
ilirout , mouth and toncue cutnrrh , tto , pcruianontly
cured wtitroothers lm\o fal ot
KiliiG7. ( Urinary KLMau ( itnsl } BSi , ?
quont burnln/or btooly urine , urine ht/ti colored or
with milky pediment on btanJlnn weak buck , nonorr
bn-it. Klotft.cy tltU , etc IToiujUly un 1 lufely cured
cliaret s reaBonablo " * r
sTnicTnaE i ssrfu ' royje :
mnvalcnniplcto wttbotat rutllnv , tmuilu ordlllutlon
( una oiTuctoJat Uuiu6by patlont without a moment *
pain oratiiioyunce
To Tonne Men * anil Minlc-AicA Men
AOTinp niinn lie awful effects of early
OUltti UUnDVlce willed lirlnijs oriruuto
weakness , deitroylpjt potn mind aud body , nllli nil
tsdruuded Ills , perniaituully cured ,
T1DQ PtTTIJ Arlilfeas those ulio have lm-
linO , JJLll 10 pirreil llieuibelves l > y Improper
lmluliuuice und am ! blltnry liabln , which rulri Lolti
tody and wind , uurUtlnK Uiem for Uuilnoss , study or
. Uaiiiiieu M v , or'lbose tnlerinir on that happy
life , niaru ot ptiyslcist dt unity , quickly usslitvd
Isbssed upon facts , " ( frst-prectlcsl oiperlenrn , sen-
oii'l uery tsio Is esfeclully studio I , thus surllni
irlKlit , thlrd-njedlMses uru prepured In our own In
bnlury otuctly to suit eitcu iu v , thus unvulnv euros
without Injury ,
fi endti cents postairo for .rolebrsted works on
cbronlc , nervous and utllcato diseases TUousanJs
cured IV a ( rlmnUy letter or cull may rnrexnu fir
ture suirerlnif andtherue , andaitdtcoldcn yesrs tolifu
tJTSo letters answered unless accompanied by I
tents In stamps Address oruill on
i itt in/rrs tv iixtts ,
1 < 1ti Farnsin street , Omitlm Neb
Furnishing Goods
Everybody Is advertising Clearance Sales WITH US , this January clearance business /
has two objects Not only do we want to clear out the remnants of our winter stock , but
our greater object is to start the New Year with a grand advertisement for the coming
years business , and we know that nothing advertises as much as SELLING GOODS
CHEAP and giving big bargains All the money wc spend for the newspapers , docs not
do near the adveitising for us than the fact that we really sell goods lower
than everybody else THAT'S ' WHAT DOES THE BUSINESS
Having won the confidence of the people by giving them at all times better values for
their money than they can get elsewhere it is our determination to strengthen this con
fidence year after year T
When you bear in mind how low we sell our goods every clay in the year , you will
realize what Our Clearance Prices mean A Bonafide Reduction from
our regular low prices , means an uncommon opportunity to save
One dollar expended now in winter goods , will go further than a dollar and a half a
month ago Clearance prices in every department
Ming Hats , Shoes and Furnishings , .
Corner Douglas and Fourteenth Streets t
During January and February our store closes at 7 p. in Satur
day at 10 p. m.
S = E5 WEST = = IiHS
H311I1SPARK = = =
A rich , bnautiful tract of tabic- land seven hundred (700) ( ) foot above
the Willnuiutto Buautiful P.irlcs , with mineral springs , shade trees
and niaeadaini/cd walks A building society in operation erecting
cottages and stores for rent or sale A motor line is being construct
ed , to lie in operation by May next , with 5c fare Only 800 of the
3700 of these lots are nlacod on the market at a quarter of their value
Thcso lots ate sold on the Installment plan , with easy oayinonts or a
liberal discount for cash A special arrangement will bo mndo with
parties purchasing ono or moro blocks
Ti040 ! lots will lie advanced 11 fly pur ccni after llioso
iiimv on lliu mnrltol lire sold
Ahingfon Building , - - PortandOregon !
Will sell for the next 10 days , at the Lowest
Auction Quotations , all of tlie stock left of our
retail department Some of the most desira
ble goods in
Diamonds , Watches , Jewelry , Art Good
Bronzes , Clocks , etc , etc
Remember the opportunity will last but 10
days only , Store for rent and Fixtures for sale
Cor 16th and Farnam Streets
Medical & Surgical Dispensary , Nos 101 to 113 So J3th St
.10 Koonnlor InlloutN lt < < * ui lloii Kooiiih ill ) ami IO , Omaha , Neb
tV ( \ ATT ATl MifJflng ' Nervous DoMlltr , fost Manhood Haltlnu Momorr Kiliaustlnj
1U JYIjIj ilJii > DrulnsTcrrlblo Dron.nn , Head nnd Hack Ache , mil all the oSmts leiuliikto
earlr decar and perhaps Consumption or insanity , Irunle 1 scluntlHcallr , I'J ' new methods Consultation fruo ,
Calarrh.ltlit'Uiuiitlsin.rolsonoiis IilsLhames , milky urine , painful sifelllnus quickly ri'lliived and rndluillr
ruri'd liiustraifil book , Life • Secret Iirrors • I cents Sent rorQuustlnn Mat on nny Lhronlo Dlsrasu
Ttli'ljY PTV.T I'l'll/tl HimcaandJrusscs Ileal In.mill's.apparatus and rtinudlts for suotussful
JJVjVXJIxIixI I J JiO ! trratmtntnf everr form ofdlsiaso nuulrlnir Modlcal or tiuuliiil treatmi nt
\ \ a makti it specialty of Unices , Irussos , I luu feet , OurvntJrcs ot Splno , Illos Tumors , Cin-er , Mronrbllls
Inhalation Klectrlrlty I'aralysls , I'lUlepsr , Kidney , liladder , ICar , Skin and Ulood and all ur lcal ( Vera
thins Hooks and quistlon blanks free
TvlOl ? A Ul/U / " A\rr\ATTAT A SIKCIAITV Ilnok , OlrTjlars ( anil Qu stlon llrt on Nerr
lilDT-iADl O \ > \\\JlMlii S oiismsa tonsilpatlon , NaurulBla LoutorrhuB , l'alu In the
Hack , l'rolapsiia I'terl , 1'llcs , Kenaloioakncss , D/sptpslatflilu I'liuples and all tlio id Dliuusos ,
SjpbiUn , ticroruln , Hull Ulood , SLlii , Urlmiry Dihoouus ttnil Gluat Cured for Jjlfe
. j.
1513 Douglas Street , Omaha , Nebraska
HIMEBAUGH & TAYLOR , 1405 Dougias St
So nil for cutuloKUO
enratdd lliieaot lloota mil Shoes , ruuinfiulnr
ed tiy U. M. llendorHou tc L'o „ ot OiIcjl'o-Kiio-
torlea at Clilcaeo , J-lxou 111k , unit Kim 7)U luc ,
WJ ulioiilil writu BM , N. WAlbON , real
denco , KitKMDNT NK1I. Travollug ; aceut
Headquarters tor Jtubbera ,
A full set of Teeth on ruhbsr for M. uuarantoe t to
bo as will made as plates sent out from auy iluiiul
onitelu this country , uud lor nUlcU you trouU b
tlianted over twice as oiucli , , , , .
'Jeelhoilraclod without psln ordaniter , ant wltai
out thulisu i boiofnrui , uas , tllher nr elounclty
tiuld and sllrtr alllin ut half rules
bntUlacitioii Ciunrnnteutl ,
L'axton Illotk , 10th nuil ruriiam Slrccls
'J a Wo blbvator on ltltn Htrcot
= 3
roK Till TftkUHIKXT Of JOJ ,
Bott Facilities , AppitirusandRtm.at.sforSntofssfa ; ? H
Trcatacnt of STSiy form of Slssase requiring H
Board & Attendance Beit AoeonunodatioaiiaWest
03 * WRITE FOR CIRCULARS on Deformities and
§ races Trusses , 01 b Feet , OurTatnres of Bpine.l'lloa ,
umors , ( Jancsr , Oitarrh , Bronchitis , Inhalation
BlectrieltT , , Paialyiis , Epilepsy , Kidney Dtailder ,
Bye , Ksx , Skioani Blood and alfaurKi al Operations
wonm DiaiNiiooiiriiirgatT ( STRlCTlr sitiy Tt , )
All Ulood DI..I , st < „ irally ticitd tj.nhllllle r.lioa
r.m v , d Iremlh ij.l.m .Hhoul nrciiry > .w K Virtl.s
rrolai.t r.r Lei r TIT1L rUM IH rrtl . ussbl ta ,1,11
B.Ba.yb.trct.dat homsby orrifioDdnei Allcomnviiles
U.as.oata.alUI > Idllsorlailriimaliinttirmillora
. , . . ur.lyp.ckcaBBlisrk , .olodie.t.roatfslior . . ,
n.p.rou.rir.l.rlswprl.ir.d. ( . .ll.oleon.ylto < jtMri4
kl.toryoryosr.sMan ] > . lll stud la pl.lo r.rrr , o.r
UUUi\ U Intra K.TousDIi . .l > irol < s < y.8yps.
Uli : UlMtsad Tarteoesli , , with s llsa lilt Addri
OBlAJIA MBDIOAL ec huhoioal inbtituxji
18th and Jtoifit Btr.sts , OMaHA , HBB
. J. ,
Tlio Well Known pcclnllil ,
llPITlHLU lllipo-
iincy l-isi of
.Viinhood and
.tmliltlon Htcr-
Illy or luirrun
nt-ss ahsolutnly
§ cured Mind for
l..i.jksTliu ; ; 1 Ifo
tnrrah mid hkln
quickly and pur
niLiit hy corru *
anondcnio , fond |
tnmps lor reply * I
< j > \ ! > ui.T.a'i'ii4tA riitu ; . zl
Office SE Cor lytli & Jackson SC ?
Omaha , Neb ,
-a gffBSKRs THIS NEW "
vinr1W5 irTWPrfPll " a lad uliurcnt from all ,
( VriTisT' .fyrT Jl * others Is cup rluipc , wllh Ktlf *
4 i , JZ'llr tftoallpobUlouaottli < ihodV hll < i
B , > ' thabolll the cup.preuooa lincR
" > rfs" ihoTntgntlnoaJ let o o portion
tion doe ? with the flnROr . WitTiWit iwtsf *
Sio llrrnla Is In IJ aiicurrfy J Vy Midnigiit , and a , radical
CLrorcrtsln Itlacaar.ilurali'nnn Irluaik H ntbymalL
Circulars ( n.c LUUXliIUa ' 'Ulba iAi , .Ut > e , Ub
Liquor Habit
HtAUn/ WORM Tftt JSBUrO/f W/l
DHAlKE5 golden specific
Uo4ti It * uWfM Iuhiuii urtulTiin or lruat > r In hn
UcUa uffu > J , without the knowledge of tbo patient ,
U ucceiiary It ia abaolutfly hirnilcat and will eiri j
• perronent nd ipAeiljr our * , wbtthe * lh patient
• inoder i ( ] rlnk0roran loolioUonrrck.lTi > CF.ICH
FAIIn It opf > r i a o quietly and with Joh oer-
talnty that the pallant undargoet no Inponvenleno * ,
and ere lie la aware , hla oorapletA rafonnation U
• ifeoted 43 pafto hook of partlpulara free
kilNA.C0.1&UAI ; auiily andlNlliA.Cun.tutf8Ul
h J mpiII 4 ut HI.Ak'IC lllirrK AC , Omaliiurt % u
Zm * . WM3 iiTK' ' ' . lr" . , . n . t I'lstht ' , wlille ali-fpliiif.
Mg * $ IhoilMnrctlaiitHniifiilsoiour
W Vl Srm , " ' " ' 11 lll . ' ? ro " ' 'sorl.cd Into tha
. * Jy iVM'rrffi " " ' . " H'rouili the mucimi
I ? > • ' ' * " " ' • " 'alio , i Hi rinliiitliH : tlm
f * ' ? ' . ' 1'fi'1' ' | ! i-'riiiotdlifai1u hilcv
\'i # S 1 omrlncnud It Ualwthulicst
Ytia'srii J. _ * r rcmclylu the < nld nrrjlarili
? Sa9l' ! ' ' anil nil ills , asca of rfsplratory
• 'X UXSir' crjaiij i\mrniifril Viko
-rr . . r : " " " • Foratluiiy rtnxrcuus op
tout Uy man , common Hr..v > .i ; iumiiiy : : ; o. .
TttbtuU ) titi.nt , ttilcau-oJlt.
Buffering from thn > m its < > r Jinithrul rrrors , railr
decay , wnatlnit weakni as lost niaiihocHl , < tc , I will
Mini a inluublu tuatlsu ( wahil ) tontalnltiK fulf
imrlli'iilurs rnr homo cunl'ltli : of rharei' . A
MilLUdldioidlculnorkikliould In n ad by oirr
sn m ahn la jurvouw and ilelillllalPd AdilrcHJ „
aTor i' . c. i'o\vM'.itiTiooau , conu ,
I'HACiiut : i.iuiftnro * B
iusiAhisor : xvoukv - < , J
Omcc , H. K. Cor , Uth and Douglas bts , Uuiaha Noh
A GOO OR ) OH Atfy nta12J ( Dear
• bum at , ciitcaKQ ; uilvicu free ; 31 ye tra x
perlencoi 1 > us1ub yuletly aaa l.nallr tram

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