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TJlJil Oi\L THURSDAY , JUNE 5 , 1390.
Vary Rank Decisions by the Urapiro Qivo
Minneapolis a Game.
Xlio tta to .lOFnvorlto Kails to Ilcnoli
the "Wire In Time to Take
Money Sain-
fern "WiiiH II.
A very Interesting gamn of ball rewarded
ilia small crowd who went out to the local |
I Kirk yesterday afternoon.
Although the homo team lost their playing
was masterly , and if they can but take today's
fjamo It will not be so bad.
jt Contributory to the loss of the game was
the very canary umpiring of Blogg. In fact
JJlogg had ovldnntly made up his Lillputlnn
mind tluvt Omaha should not have the game
under any circumstances. Homo of the boys
wanted to punch his head for his miserable
work of Tuesday , and ho adopted this plan of
Betting cvou with them.
This wns all nuts for Sum Morton , who sat
1 ack on tlio bench [ and smiled In such a
way that n party of German tourists
who wore In the grand stand mistook his open
inotith for the entrance to the Mammoth cave.
Anyway , one of them Inquired If that was
1 ho case , and ho almost swooned when In
formed that It was only Morton'o mouth !
As everybody knows when a team has the
umpire to fight u well as the opposing nlno
it requires the sharpest kind of work to win.
Omaha wasn't equal to the effort yesterday ,
nnd , and if Colonel Blogg is go'ng ' to ollleiato
ngnln thfs afternoon Captain Andrews might
us well wrap the gnmo up nicely and give it
to Mr. Morton in advance.
The game opened up in 11 lively way. and
the audience settled themselves for u lively
and stubborn contest.
Lengthy Mitchell , after several wide balls ,
pave Canavnn the one he wai waiting for and
lie sent it whizzing out into left. Walsh's out
from pitch to tlrst boosted him to second , nnd
on a bad throw by Dngdalo he trotted round
to third. Then ICcnrna Hew out to Foster ,
but Phalcn made a lilt and Jimmy scored.
On Cleveland's grounder Phalcn was forced
at second.
However , one run was better than none.
But Morton's men were not to be outdone ,
no Carroll , too , led off with a hit. Then Fos
ter went out from Can a van to Andrews , and
the Minneapolis captain stole second. Mln-
jieban then swatted the bull for three sacks ,
und Carroll ran home , where ho was quickly
followed by Minnchan on Kyu's single.
Jlonglo succumbed to Cannvtm. but O'Day
was given his base on balls. Ho was left ,
though , along with Hyn on Mitchell's out to
The score wits speedily tied.
Andrews stopped to the plate , nnd catching
the Ilrst ball pitched ] u. t right , ho sent it for
three busjs w.iy out near the carriage gate.
] f some 0110 could only have shoveled in an
other bucket of coal U'nlly would have got
liomo on it. As it was , however , ho crossed
the platen moment later on Willis'safe one.
Q'hen followed a singular sequence of plays.
Moran forced Willis ntsecond , Urqimhart did
n lilto service for Moran , and Cauavan did the
same for Urquahart.
But it was horse and. and the spectators
were fairly well satlslied.
Minneapolis' half was a heart searcher ,
mid what looked Immensely like a Imshel of
runs , resulted in a great big healthy goose
egg.And this ia how it was dono.
Old Farmer Miller took his base on four
wide ones. Dugdalo and Carroll followed
with singles , uuu the bases were full aud no
one out.
But Willis fooled Blogg. Ho did not allow
liim un opportunity to clinch the game for
Minneapolis Ju > t yet.
Foster fouled out to Clevelandand on Mln-
jiohun's hit to Willis , the farmer was caught
nt the plate , and then Uyim was tossed out at
lirst by Willis , also.
Now that was great , wasn't it !
The third was a blank for both teams.
Walsh was thrown out at Ilrst by O'Dny ,
Minnohan attended to Keanis , und Phulen
died at lirst. For the Minnies , Carroll and
O'Day hit safe , Mitchell struck out and O'Day
nnrt Miller were doubled up on the hitter's hit
to Walsh , who touched second and then
threw to Ilrst In less time than it takes you to
bay scat.
Sharp fielding all round , oh ?
Tim fourth was passed without a feature
worthy of note , but in .tho ilfth Omaha took
the lead.
After Moran had filed out to Minnchan Ur-
ininlmrt made a lucky three sucker to right ,
Bcorlng on a bad throw by Dngdulo , who
caught Uftj off his base.
Cunavun then followed with his second safe
hit , but was forced at second by Walsh.
Kcurns also made a hit , but ended the inning
by being thrown out at second.
No more scoring was done until the seventh
Inning , when four runs eumo in , and moro's
the pity , every one of them went to Minnea
polis' credit.
Urquahurt gave the calamity a good
deal of momentum by inufllng Dug-
tlulo's fly , then Carroll and Foster made three
buggers and it was Kitty bar the door , so fur
us Onmhuwus concerned.
Minnchan llniilly Hew out to Phnlcn , but
Ryu mid Ilengle cutno along with hits for two
bags each. O'Day then sent ono to ICearns ,
nnd on Mitchell's grounder Henglo was
caught at third.
But all the ginger had been incontinently
knocked out or the Black Sox , and they fell
easy victims in the eighth and ninth.
And thin loft the score just 0 to ! i in favor
of Blogg , nnd his aides from Minneapolis.
The sumo teams will try It again this after
noon. ,
The score :
All. It. 111. Sll. Sll. FO. A. K.
Oannvaii.Sb 4 1 II 0 1 0 3 0
Omalm ttootoooo-n
Mlnneaixills 2 0000040 * 0
Kilns earned Omaha 2 , MlnnoapollR 5. Two-
liaso hits Kyn. tlunulo. Throo-baso lills
AnilrowH. tTriiuiihart. Carroll , 1'osturand Mln-
noliaii DuiiDla plays Walsh to Androws.
llnnulu to Kyn , lluans on callcil bulls olV
Willis 8. Struck out-Willis 2 , Mitchell a.
Wild iiltcbu-v Willis 2. Tlmo of game ono
hour and forty minutes. Umpire lllogg.
DCS MolncH 5 , Kansas City -1.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , June 4. [ Special Tel
egram te Tim Bun. ] Fussclbaeh's hit In the
tenth inning won n brilliant game for DCS
Moincs today. Seoro :
Totala . 4 11 K > 15 0 Totnlt . 5 11 80 H 1
Kans.isClty . 1 000100030 4
DCS lloliiei. . 1 UOOOU300 1 5
Kuriicd runs Kansas City 1 , DCS Moincs 1.
Two-liaso hits E. tfmlth , Hunagan. Three-
bnsu hltb K. Smith , llubi-s on biills-OlT I'eari
& eir Huuuh 1. btrur.k oul ly ! I'ounS.by liuuch
7. Umpire llenUersoii.
Now York . 3 01. 0 13010 0
Boiton . 0 OOOiaoOO 4
V lilts Now York 14 , Boston 8. Errors-
Hew York lBostoa4. ll lKcofo and
Ewlng , Maddcrn , Guldertmnn and Murphy.
Umpires Matthews and Gunning.
Philadelphia. . . .3 0251100 0 11
Brooklyn . 0 0 0 0 0 5 B 1 1 12
inis-I-lTilndclphlti 12 , Brooklyn 10. Errors
Philadelphia 1. Brooklyn n. Butteries
Cunningham and Cross , Vnnhultrcn and
Cook. Umpires -Knight nnd Jones ,
AT nurrALo.
Buffalo . 0 40030000 7
Pitteburg . 0 0300000 i.1 4
Hits Buffalo 8 , Plttsbun ? 8. Errors
Buffalo II , Plttsbnrg U. B.itterlos Fee ntid
Mack ; Mitul and Carroll. Umpires Fer
guson and Holbcrt.
AT cmcvao.
Chicago . 0 4
Cioveicnd . . .0 00010000 1
lilts Chicago 10 , Cleveland 4. . Errors
Chicago 1 , Cleveland li. Butteries Bartsoii
und Boyle , Bnhely and Sutclift. Umpires
GitlTney and Barnes.
National Ijcugue.
New York . I 00210000 4
Brooklyn . 0 00001000 1
Hits Now York 8 , Brooklyn 5 , Errors
Brooklyn 2. Batteries Kruusle nnd Buckley ;
Terry and Clark , Umpire McQuald.
Philadelphia. . . . 0 23010 1SIO * 7
Boston . 0 00000000 0
Hits Philadelphia 13 , Boston 5. Errors
Philadelphia 1. Batteries Get/cin and
Itannalt ; Victory anil Clements. Umpires
Powers and Zachurij.i.
Cleveland . 0 01000200 3
Cincinnati . 0 00000001 1
Hits Cleveland ( J. Errors Cleveland 1 ,
Cincinnati y. BatteriesBeatin and 7Am-
mcr , Dnryea und Kcof. Umpire Lynch.
AT I'lTTint'IlO.
Pitaburgt . 0 01000000 1
Chicago . y 000100 10 5
Hits Pittsburg (5 ( , Chicago 9. Errors
Pitlsbnrg 8. Batteries Gibson nnd Kit-
tredge , Baker and Wilson. Umpire Mo-
American Association ,
Brooklyn 2 , Hochestor C.
Columbus 14 , Toledo 0.
Louisville 2 , St. Louis U. .
Athletic game called at the end of the second
end inning ; rain.
Postponed Games. i i
DfiN'VEit , Col. , Juno 4. There was no game
today on account of a sand storm.
Sioux CITV , la. , Juno 4. No game ; rain.
'rut : si'j-i&it nixa.
Tbo Great Mii-llsb Derby.
Loxnox , Juno 4. The great race for the
Derby toolc place at the Epson summer meet
ing today , the Derby stakes of fi.OOO sovereigns
eigns to go to Ilia winner , 500 to the nom
inators of the winner , 503 sovereigns to the
owner of the second and 200 sovereigns to
the owner of the third. There were eight
starters. The race was won by Suinfern.
Leuonl second and Ortwcll third. Ortwelt
led to the distance post , but hero Sainfern
drew to the front nnd won by three-quarters
of a length. There was a neck between
Lcnord und Ortwell. Surcfoot , the favorite ,
cumo in fourth.
ljUonla ; Knees.
LATONIA , Ky. , Juno 4. Summary of to
day's races :
Three-year-olds and upward , mile and
twenty-live yards Gymnast won , Outbound
second , Osborn third. Time I14 I : } < .
Thrco-vcar-olds und upward , inilo and
twenty-live yards Kuparta won , Catnlpa
second , Murehmont third. Time i-ir 'C.
Two-year-olds , live furlongs Philora won ,
Caprice second , Jay Jay Ceo third. Time
1 : 1 TK-
Three-year-olds nnd upward , mlle and
three-sixteenths Fortunutua won , Elytau
second , Climax third. Tlmo 2 : OJ # .
Latonia matron stakes , two-year-olds , six
furlongs Pussara won , Ida Pickwick second
Iluenemo third. Time 1:17. :
Morris Park Knees.
MOUKIS PAHIC , N. J. , Juno 4. Summary
of today's races :
Three-fourths of a , mile Tcnny won. Civil
service second , Geraldine third. Time
1 : ! ! * .
Snn Simon handicap , mlle and an eighth
Judge Hoe won , Montague second , Cusslus
third. Timo-1 : K % .
Justvillo stakes , two-year-olds , hnlt mile-
Starch won , Hoodlum second , Gold Dollar
third. Time 1SJ. ( .
Flectwood stakes half
, three-year-olds ,
mile King Bye won , Chaos second , Magnate
third. Time 1:4U4 : .
Five eighths of ii milo Corroefion won ,
Lima second , Claudlno third. Time 1 :10 > / .
Mile mid an eighth Philosophy won , Ad
miral second , Sam Wood third. Time
Onmhu Gun Club Shoot.
The Omaha gun club held their weekly
shoot yesterday afternoon and despite the un
favorable weather , some very creditable
scores were made as the following attests :
Field . . . . . . . ] (1 ( 9
Brewer . 23 8
Purmlco . 10 t !
Townscnd . . . 20 5
Chryslco . 15 10
Mussclman . 14 11
Krug . 10 J )
Fojiir . 15 10
Fuller . 20 5
Ilnlnor . 18 7
Plcard . 10 9
Burton . 10 9
ThePufjson 1'op.
NEW OKUUNS , L : . , Juno 4. [ Special to
Tins Biu. : ] The committee on police re
ported unfavorable upon the ordinance pro
hibiting prize lights , that is , us to glove con-
contests before chartered clubs. The council
lias therefore indefinitely postponed the
second reading of the ordinance , and it is
hinted that boodle has cut a big ligure in this
Nisw Oiii.iuxs , La. , May 1. [ Special to
Tun Buis. ] Gus Lambert und Jim Daly will
bo the next two asplr.mts forduculsund listio
glory before the Audubon club. The tight
will take place next Monday night. The kill
ing of tno prohibitory ordinance in the city
council bus put the fancy in high feather
Mum lluve a Uunlp Today.
The last game of the present series be
tween tbo Minneapolis nnd Omaha teams will
toke place this afternoon. Tnese two teams
are play Ing great ball. Their games arc close
nnd oxcltin ? , and lovers of the sport who are
remaining away uro missing a big treat. So
far , by the aid of a very jwor apology for an
umpire , Minneapolis bus been a clean winner ,
but Captain Andrews says the Black Sox
must have n scalp today , and what Cuptain
Andrews says goes. Saturday the Mll-
wuukees will bo hero for three games ,
Plxloy HldoH Second.
In tlio second heat of the ono mile race ,
3:10 : class , ordinary , at the Chicago bicycle
tournament lust night Will Plxloy of this
city ciuno iu second und would have won had
he not met with a slight accident in turning
the Until curve. As it was. Glthem of Chicago
cage passed him and won tlio heat In 3:00. :
In the live mile handicap , safety , the win
ners of Tuesday night's heats started with
the following handicap * : W. C. Theme of
the Chicago * and Bert Meyers of Peeria ,
scratch ; C. C. Peubmly of Omaha , J. O.
Moans of the Illinois and W. J. Bray of the
Aoo\us \ , 275 yards , Peubody set the pace and
kept well to the front until thallftklup of
the last mile , when his handle became locwo
and his machine toppled over. Menus wixs
close behind and ran over him , taking a hard
header. Bray followed on top of the heap.
Bray soon gained his wheel , with Moans
close behind , On the home stretch Means
passed Bray nicely and won , Bray second.
First mile , time. 2:45. : Tlmo , live miles ,
11:31) : . _ J
The Wbeol Club Minlualo.
Tonight 1 $ ladles' night at the Omaha
wheel club rooms , aud the members have
prepared a ino.it nltracUvo musical pro-
gramma for the delight of their fair visitors .
Tin Blanche and Kynn Friday Rrc.
George La Blanche , the "Marino , " and tno
only conqtierorof Jack Dcmpaoy , the paragon
of nil pugilists , is booked for n hot meet with
Jack Hyan at the Grand opera house next
Friday evening for a purse of S2.W. It Is to
bo n sclentllh1 contest , but them will be plenty
of good hard punching. Besides the main
feature there arc a half dozen other attrac
tions , one being n three-round go between
Mike Luclo und a local unknown.
til Illo llcy All
ST. Lot-is , Mo. , Juno 4. [ Special to Till ?
BRI : . ] ThooJoro Winter's celebrated chest
nut colt , El Klo Hey arrived at tho' fair
grounds ycstordny along with his brother UIo
Del Key , Sail Jose , Joe Courtney , Baggage ,
Barrett , Chan Huskcll , Joanna Otllla , Belle
Singer , and In fact the whole Winter stable.
El lllo Hey Mr. Winter pronounces In the
Uncut kind of fettle despite all reports to the
contrary. Ho will start in the derby Satur
to Cros * the Pond.
Niw4YoiiK : , Juno 4. [ Special to Tun Bnn. ]
The offer of George W.Atkinson of the Lon
don Sporting Lifo to mutch Frank P. Slavln
against Joe McAuliffo before the Pelican club
for a purse of 1,1X10 , was accepted today by
Billy Madden , McAuliffo's backer , who cabled
his terms to Atkinson.
Ho and MoAullft'e will start for England as
soon us the $ . " > ! > U to bo allowed for their ex
penses is received. If the money Is cabled
over today McAuliffo nnd his manager will
probably ( tall on Saturday. Madden has not
yet withdrawn the & ) ( > which ho recently
posted with Jimmy Wakeloy to make a match
for his man with John L. Sullivan.
Avoca , Iowa , Inundated.
AVOCA , In. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Bic.J : The Nishnabotna has overflowed
Its banks and the town Is nearly surrounded
by water. It Is claimed to bo the highest
over known. There has been considerable
loss of stock in pastures.
National Building InHpcotors.
MI.VNCAPOM.I , Minn. , May 31. Pursuant to
u general desire on the part of a largo num
ber of the building inspectors of the United
States , a convention is called to meet at the
Grand Pacilie hotel in Chicago on Wednes
day , Juno 18 , 1S90 , nt 2 o'clock p. m. , for the
purpose of organizing n national association
of building inspectors , appointing committees
and mapping out the work , after which wo
will adjourn to meet at some future time and
place to bo at that time decided upon.
A general invitation Is extended to all Inspectors
specters of buildings in the United States ,
with the earnest desire that you bo present at
our initial meeting. Every city that has newer
or contemplates having in the near future
building laws should bo represented. The
following committee of inspectors of build
ings has the matter iu charge : J. M. Huzcm ,
Minneapolis , Minn. ; Gates A. Johnson , St.
Paul , Minn. ; George C. Whitlock , Omaha ,
Neb , ; J. M. Dunphy , Chicago ,
111. ; T. J. Brady , New York
City ; Arthur Bates , Milwaukee Wis. ;
E. W. Simpson , Detroit , Mich. ; Frank II.
Jackson , Col. ; Einil G. Hueckert , Cincinnati ,
O. ; Spencer B. Hopkins , Providence , U. I. ;
Hey McDonald , Louisville. Ky. ; L. W. Hansen -
sen , Portland , Me. ; G. T. Woodward , Lowell ,
Mass. ; J. Tlieo Oster , Baltimore , Md. ; John
S. Damrell , Boston , Mass. ; George Wharton ,
Philadelphia , Pa. ; M. A. Lytle , St. Joseph ,
C. Hollenbeck of Fremont is a guest nt the
Atnesa Cobb of Lincoln is registered at the
W. L. Wilson of Nebraska City Is stopping
at the Mlllard.
Mrs. William Collins of Bancroft is a guest
at the Millard.
J. M. Bennett of Hebron is stopping at the
Alex Altschulcr and wlfo of Ainsworta are
registered at the Casey.
N. Ilolmoj cf Plattmouth is a guest at the
O. M. Dye and B. F. Pitmanof Chadron
are ut the Cusey.
Editor Curson of the Gibbon Beacon nnd
brother are guests at the Casey. The Beacon
has been sold to the prohibitionists of that
section , and Mr. Carson now proposes to start
a new paper , the Telegraph , und udvocato
high license.
C. S. Pcnlield and J. F. Allen of Fremont
are guests at the Murray.
John C. Wuldon and Fred B. Smith of Ne
braska City are stopping nt the Murray.
G. II. Hcadstrom of Stromsburg Is stopping
at the Pax ton.
John F. Kocho of Nollgh is at the Paxton.
John II. Hoe of Kearney is at the Paxton.
D. J. Gates and J. J. Young of Albion are
guests at the Merchants.
F. B. Herd ojid wife of Central City are
stopping at the Merchants.
J. II. Uoynurd of Central City is registered
at tlio Merchants.
Mr. Victor Hosewater , son of the editor of
Tun Bnc , returned yesterday Irom Balti
Mr. J. E. Winner , assistant manager of
Lippincott's Monthly Magazine , Philadel
phia , is in the city on business connected
with his popular publicationMr. . Winner is
an affable und entertaining gentleman and Is
homeward bound from the Paciilc slopo.
W. C. T. U.
This , Thursday , afternoon , Juno 5 , nt
3 o'clock , at the Young Men's Christian as
sociation rooms , corner Sixteenth nnd Doug
las streets , the regular monthly business
meeting of the Buckingham branch of the
Women's Christian Temperance union will
bo held. The recent removal of our Homo to
now quarters Involving as it does additional
responsibilities will , it is hoped , insure a full
attendance of our membership.
Mus. G. W. CLAUK , Sea
Tlio Cost of Newspapers.
From a suffgostivo article on news
papers , by Eugene M. Camp , in the Cen
tury , is taken tlio following : What IH
the total annual cost to the wholesale
purchasers of news namely , the pub
lishers of tlio entire nows-produet of
the United Stated ? An answer to this
question would bo of interest , but it has
never been answered. For several years
I have been gathering information upon
which to base an estimate. Publishers
have uniformly extended mo every
courtesy ; nevertheless , I find it an ex
ceedingly diflicnlt quantity to urrivo at ,
and for my llguros 1 do not claim abso
lute accuracy. Publishers in this coun-
trv annually expend something like the
following sums for news :
For press despatches $ 1,820,000
For special despatches 2,250,000
For local news 12,500,000
Total $10,570,000 ,
The business of tlio Associated press ,
a mutual concern which pays nothing
for its newa and which serves its patrons
at approximate cost , amounts to 81,250-
000 per annum ; and that of the United
press , a stock corporation , is $450,000
per annum. Tlio former aims to provide
news about all important events , in
which work 8120,000 in telegraph tolls
is expanded ; while the latter endeavors ,
above all else , to provide accounts of
events occurring in the vicinity of the
respective papers served ,
Positively cured by
these Little Pill * .
Tliey also relieve Dis
tress trom JtyBpcpala , Indigestion -
ISTTLE digestion and Too Honrly
iMm Eating. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness , Nausea ,
PILLS. Drowsiness , Had Taste I
la the MouUi , Coated !
Tongue , rota la the side , I
TOUPII ) XJVEIt. Tlioyjl
regulate the Dowels. Purely Vcgetalilo ;
The Iowa Grand' ' Lodge Puta in a Whole Day
, , .Discussing It.
< " , 't
' 4
* .
A Unillonl Ih'pnrturo from the Stand
Taken nn''Thla Question Imst
Vcar-i-Otlicr llnwkcyo
. , .State News.
OnmtwA , In. , June ! . [ Special Telegram
to Till ! HKK. ] The grand lodge of Masons
spent all day in disoiisslug Scottish Kite Ma
sonry. The ilobata was very warm. The vote
on changing the coda stood 531 to-175. The
amendments thus carried provide Unit Cer-
ticau Masons must withdraw from consistor
ies or from blue lodges before August 1 or
submit to extreme penalties. The grand
ledge la made the tribunal of such cases in
stead of subordinate lodges. Grand Master
Gambia was re-elected and Phclps re-elected
senior warden.
The Supreme Court.
DM MOINKI , ! . , .Tuno 3. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bun. ] The following cases
were decided by the supreme court this inorii-
l g :
Mary Ann Phelan. plaintiff , vs .T. K. John
son ; , proceeding by certiorari originally
brought in thia court ; Judgment for plaintiff.
Hoag it Stooro vs Arthur I' . Martin et al ,
appellant : Hardiu district ; reversed.
In ro estate of William Cory , deceased ;
Lynn district ; ufllrmod.
Mnty T. Aplington ot al vs James Nash ct
al unit .Tamos bobbin , intervener and ap
pellant ; Butler district ; reversed.
J. II. Giger vs the Chicago & Northwest
ern railroad compant , appellant ; Tuma dis
trict ; anirmod.
O. S. Garrotson vs Merchants and Banlc-
ors insurance company , appellant ; Polk dis
trict ; reversed on defendant's appeal ; af
firmed on plaintiff's appeal.
Davenport plow company vs Christ Lamp ,
assignee of Glebe plow works ; Scott dis
trict ; reversed.
G. H. Bcnton , town clerk , etc. , vs Stephen
King , assignee , etc. , appellant ; Harrison dis
trict ; nnirinod.
Magnolia district township , appellant , vs
Boyer independent district Jefferson towu-
shlp ; Harrison district ; reversed.
Independent district of Boycr vs Stephen ,
as assignee , appellant ; Harrison district ; af-
Mary Larkln , appellant , vs Ellen Mc-
Manus ; Leo district ; anirmed.
Guto City land company , appellant , vs E.
C. Hollman ; Ida district ; affirmed.
M. W. Lynch vs Simmons hardware com
pany and Perry & Co. , appellant ; Polk dis
trict ; ufllrmed.
A New Fanfjleil Poison.
WATEHU > O , la. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram
toTim BKI : . ] A number of families in this
city have recently boon taken suddenly very
sick with symptoms of poisoning , followed
rapidly by stupor. There have boon no fatal
cases , though in several instances death was
narrowly escaped. The physicians ascribe
the sickness as a result of being poisoned
with tyrotosyciillno , the newly discovered
poison from decomposed milk. It is believed
that the recent hot weather caused the poison
to become active.
KiimncratorH Uespect fully Decline.
WATKHLOO , la. , .Tuno 4. [ Special Telegram
to THJJ BEE. ] Two of the census enumer
ators in this county have refused to perform
the duties of their.onico. They are J. I.Carr ,
appointed from Waterloo township outside
the city , and W. W. McClung of Orange
township. Thuy claim that they could not
make wages doing the work in the way it is
required to bo dono. They also claim that
Supervisor Keod did Jiot inform them of their
duties until less than a week bclore Juno 1.
They then refused to take the onth and de
clined the positions. At last reports no new
enumerators hivpo been appointed for the
townships in question.
Omaha Pcoplo Detained.
NF.OLA , la. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Biu. ] The Milwaukee train which loft
Omaha last night for the cast has been de
tained here for the last twenty hours on ac
count of a washout ahead. Among the pas
sengers are several from Omaha Charles II.
Dewey and wife , Dr. Conklin , ex-Councilman
A. M. Kitchen and wife , who are on their
way to Europe , and Mrs. S. G. Joyce. There
seems to bo no prospect of the waters abating
The Cyclone VisitB lown.
POUT DODOK , la. , Juno 4. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BRE. ] A destructive cyclone
started northeast of this city at-JJO ! this
afternoon , between Badger and Vincent
streets. It worked Its wn3' along the Boone
river , destroying everything in its path.
At Henwfek a mau was killed and several
houses destroyed.
The big iron bridge near Eimvick was also
blown away.
Creston to Huvo n Now Depot.
CKKSTON , Ta. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram
to TUH BEH. ] A supply track was laid today
for the purpose of hauling in the material to
construct the new Chicago , Burlington &
( ulncy depot. This action on the part of the
Burlington lias convinced most of the citizens
that the company moans business unit intends
building a magnificent depot at onco.
The Marketing of I loss Continues tel
l > o liberal.
CINCINNATI , O. , Juno 4. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bun. ] Tomorrow's Price
Current will say : The western marketing of
hogs continues liberal , but is not now en
larging. Packing returns show 1(03,003 ( for
the week , or 123,000 less than for the preced
ing week and against 205,000 , last year. Prom
March 1 the total Is 3,245,000 , against 2,753,000 ,
a year ago , an increase of100,000. , .
Annual AreotltiK or Stockholders.
CIIICAOO , Juno 4. The annual mooting of
the stockholder 'of' the Chicago , Hock Island
&Paclllo i-allran was held today. Y. II.
Porter , Marsha } Fjehl nnd John Dovino of
Chicago wora cleotcd directors to succeed
themselves , nnfli tifovld Dews , Jr. , of Now
York was clccvd ; to succeed Juntos U. Cow
ing , After adjournment \ of the stock
holders' meeting the board of directors held
u meeting mid liirocecded to elect oIHcors for
the coming ychr , 'H. H. Cable of Chicago
was re-elected president.
The annual ri'io'rt to the stockholders for
the year endl i } Murcn. Ill , IblK ) , in compari
son with that of the preceding your , is as fol
lows : Gross earnings , ? 17lW. > , OiK ) ; increase ,
81Kil,000 ( ) : oporntiug expenses , $1,1.'I7,00 ( ) ; do-
creuso , W&O.DOOj not earnings , f"llH,000 ; in-
ercuse , U77tXX ) . The i-oport sliows the total
mileage of the road operated to bo 3U39.
North Plutto Wre < ik AMqClms.
NOUTII PI.ATTH , Neb. , Juno ! . [ Special to
Tim BEB. ] William Coleman , the victim of
the collision In the yards hero Saturday mornIng -
Ing , was uurlcd londuy. A vast concourse
followed his remains to the grave. Engineer
Irvlng's case Is considered critical. Sawyer ,
the Ili-oman , is thought to be out of danger.
The coroner's Jury brought In a verdict exon
erating everybody.
Tlio Flro Heooril.
ATCIUSOX , Kau. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram
gram to TUB Uni : , ] Flro last night destroyi d
Clani E. Cook & Co.'s stock of millinery
goods. Loss , f0,000 ; Insured for ? .r oo. Thu
building was damaged about ! , ' ) , fully in-
sui-cd. The orifc'iii of the lire U unii'Mivu.
TlioTwcnty-Tltlrd StateSniidny Soliool
Convention Meets at IlAAtltiKf * *
II.VSTINOS , Nob. , Juno -I. [ Special Tclo-
gramtoTiin Unc.-riio twenty-third state
Sunday school convention of Nebraska was
opened tonight in the First Pnubytorlim
church by President Stevens of Grand Isl
and with devotional exercises , Hov. Cress-
man of Aurora offering the Invocation. Dur
ing the business preliminaries rules were
adopted providing that in gancr.il discussions
live mlhutcs bo the limit for speeches ; that
persons must llwt bo recognized by the chair
and that no ono shall speak twice on the sumo
subject until all have s | > okon.
Dr. Cassott , the able leader , was placed In
charge of the slnglmr. Telegrams wore read
sending greetings from the state Sunday
school convention In session nt Xanesville , O.
Articles were adopted formally incorporat
ing the Nebraska state Sunday school associa
tion. Following this thewelcoinlng address wus
delivered by Kev. George T. Crlssmun , who
in a few words extended u welcome to the
homes and hospitality of the citizens. He
called attention te tlio growing magnitude of
the work In Nebraska , where 1-10,000 were
now in the work. Ho also spoke of tlio ef
fort on the people of bringing work from
every where into ono brotherhood , solidifying
the Christian ranks. lie trusted that the
.success of Sunday school work in Hastings
would have its effect or visitors by an In
creased enthusiasm on their part. He wel
comed them to the intcrchanyo of Ideas and
reiterated his warm oiler of hospitality.
The reply of President K. A. Stevens , ac
cepting the welcome , expressed pleasure nt
mid commendation of the thoroughness of
preparation , evidencing n spirit of interest
and zeal in the work. lie said that those
from abroad were hero on n mission of love ,
hoping not ulono to become good themselves ,
hut to benefit Hastings. The speaker culled
cjpcclal attention to the mlsslou of tbo con
vention in breaking down the barriers be
tween churches , nnd in this spirit of love and
unity the convention proceeded to work. A
few impromptu remarks wore made by Hov.
Crcssmnn emphasizing the influence of chil
dren In determining tlio character of tiny
church for work.
Hov. Samuel Burns of Omaha in a few
witty words said that the Ilrst man that
called on him on his arrival was the census
enumerator , and that no explained why the
convention was called at this particular time
and protested against being counted in here.
Ho also expressed his interest in the idea of
Christian unity.
Prof. Casboy of Omaha called attention to
music as a factor of work in the Sunday
schools and emphasized it particularly as a
means of interesting children.
Following these exercises tlio parlors of
the church were thrown open and a reception
tendered the delegates.
Kcliucs From tlio llljj Storm.
BROOKVIBM ) , Neb. , Juno } . [ Special toTnc
Bun. ] A heavy rain fell here lust night , to
gether with wind and hail , although
the hail stones was of largo size
they were not thick enough to.
damage crops to any great extent. Two or
thrco reports of entire loss have been re
ceived. Several houses , barns , corn cribs ,
wind mills and outhouses have been com
pletely demoralized.
Edward Genoway , a farmer living seven
miles northeast of here , lost his house , burn ,
wind mill and com crib.
A renter living on County Treasurer Far-
ncy's place received some injuries , but to
what extent cannot at this time bo ascer
tained. His barn and other outbuildings
were completely destroyed.
II. C. Murray had several ribs broken and
was otherwise seriously injured ; he also lost
his barn and had his house rocked to a con
siderable extent. These houses were nil
situated in thick groves.
Others report horses , cattle aud hogs killed ,
but as yet no lives have been reported lost.
NnmusKA CITV , Neb. , Juno 4. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Biu. : ] The heavy rains of
the lust few days caused the largo fish pond
of J. Sterling Morton to break last night for
the second time within n year. The loss will
reach several thousand , which will fall on the
contractor who built the dam.
CITY , Neb. , Juno 4. [ Special
Telegram to Tnu Bii : . ] During the storm
last night lightning killed a valuable horse
and four head of stock belonging to Mr.
Schwartz near Dunbar.
It AVill Ho a. Success.
HASTINGS , NOD. , June 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BKU. ] The twenty-third an
nual state convention of Nebraska Sunday
school ussociutions convened this afternoon
at the Presbyterian church und will continue
for three days , A full representation from
over tlio entire state is expected. Two hun
dred delegates have arrived and nro being as
signed to their quarters by a local committee.
SulUcicnt accommodations have been pro
vided for 300 delegates. A meeting was held
this afternoon of the executive committee for
the purpose of completing the details of the
programme and assignment to places of enter
tainment by the local committees of ofllccrs
of the state association. E. A. Stephens ,
president ; W. A. Ileimburgcr , secretary :
U. F. Merrill , county organizer , and
J. II. Mickey , treasurer , have
arrived and are actively engaged in prepar
ing reports , etc. Hev. J. G. Tuto is expected
to bo present to nssist in the prosecution of
the convention work. The convention proper
will convene this evening at S p. m. with de
votional oxprciscs led by the president , E. A.
Stephens , followed by an address of welcome
by Hov. George T. Crissman of the Presby
terian church of this city. The response by
the president will bo followed by u reception ,
tendered by the citizens of Hustings. The
convention ut this writing gives promise of
being the most proiltable und interesting held
In the stutc.
Glowing Crop Prospects at Norfolk.
NOUFOLK , Nob. , Juno . [ Spcclul to Tin :
Bun. ] The heavy rains of Monday night nnd
last night have thoroughly soaked the ground
and funnel's in this section are Jubilant over
the blight prospects of abundant crops of all
Corn planting is largely completed and that
crop will grow rapidly under the influence of
the warm , moist weather.
Wheat and outs never looked better , and
there will bo an unusually largo crop of these
cereals should nothing unfavorable intervene
between now und harvest timo. A great
many fanners hereabouts are raising sugar
beets for experimental purposes , and that
crop Is up and growing finely.
Jay Helphroy , traveling man for Peycho
Brothers , has gene into the sugiir beet busi
ness on u largo scale , having planted nine
teen acres , und lias contracted tlio crop to the
Grand Island factory. His enterprise will
solve the problem of the profitableness of the
County Division is Not Demi.
CAI.I.AWAT , Neb. , Juno 4. [ Special to Tun
BKii.f The railroad addition to Callaway bus
been platted and a gang Is now at work lay
ing oil nnd grading the streets , This week
lots will bo offered for sale. The depot of
the Kearney & Black Hills railroad will bo
placed in the middle of the addition.
County division is far from dead in Custcr
county. The different quarters will hold u
county convention iu Culwway Juno I , They
will then ugreo upon the division line *
and prosecute u lively campaign. In prin
ciple , there Is an overwhelming sentiment
hero in favor of division. The diflli'iilty li :
now , as always , the arrangement of dividing
lines that shull satisfy all quarters. Custer
comity is forty-eight miles long by flfty four
miles wide and contains 2.VJi square milo-i.
The county seat Is at Broken How , a distance
of nearly forty miles from the extreme cor
ners. This long drive across tbo hills is ex
tremely inconvenient for the farmers. Hut
local considerations for prospective county
scats have heretofore blocked any united ac
"Tlio Great American Uonnrt. "
MAUIUD , Nob. , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram
toTm : BBK. ] The Farmers' ulllance of eas
tern Perkins have located a $13,000 llouring
mill ut Madrid , the work to begin utonce and
to bo in ojx > i-aUon by September I. The same ,
organization ulsn contemplates establishing a
supply depot ut this point to furnish morohiiii-
dlsu und machinery for tlio alliance through
out the county. In addition ftcvjt-nl store
buildings and nulittmcos uro iv P contract
and the prospects for j * idrlJ fTa very Hal
tering. /
Seven ruins In the /nt ten days give the
farmers insurance ef g'jod crops und prove
the "groat American desert" a humbug so
far 03 western NobnviUa la concerned.
Tlio AVoiiinn Quit Winner.
OjCKOt.A , Nob. , Jitni' 4. { Special to Till !
Bm.l : The time of Judge Sheosley , lawyers
and a host of witnesses has been taken up
for the past two days with a awe of assault
and battery ! Mrs. Margaret Berger against
Dr. Julius Looion. The doctor's farm was
occupied by the Bergew. Ho went out to
look after things and , having a war of words ,
the lady came towaixl the doctor with un ax
in her bund. The doctor didn't run , but
undertook to defend himself. Hesult : fciO
tine und over $ . > 0 costs. The case will bo ap
pealed to the district court.
A Prominent jHcrcliant Mnrrlc.t.
BiiATim'i : , Neb. , Juno 4. [ Special Tcla-
gram to TUB BRR. ] W. H. Kilp.Urlck , ot the
llrin of Klipntrlck Brothora & Collins , wus
married at noon today to Miss Maggie
Niscly , at the residence ef the bride's parents
ut Hockvillc , 111. Hev. H. H. Ingruhnm of
this city was the officiating clergyman.
Koportors AVero Ktolmleil.
Oim , Nob. , Juno 4. [ Special to TUB Bnn. ]
The Valley county farmers' alliance met
nnd orguul/od hero today. The meeting was
hold with closed doors , nowspapsr reporters
being carefully excluded.
The only information granted your corre
spondent wits the olllcors elected : Hobort
Johnson , president ; George B. Truett. vice
president ; K. C. Loomls , secretary , and S.
C. Brace , treasurer. D. McCull Is county
Jlcntrluo aicrclinntB Aroused.
BuATUtcE , Nob. , Juno 3. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Bm : . ] E. H. Hoggen , secretary
of the Nebraska State Business Men's and
Bankers' association , was in tlio city today
nnd succeeded In exciting quite an interest In
the association among Beatrice merchants
and bankers , a grout many of whom have be
come members of the association at his solici
Hardly AVorth Their Trouble.
BE.VTIIICK , Nob. , Juno 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bin.l : The Hock Island freight
depot was broken into by thieves last night ,
but only n few cents and articles of trilling
value was obtained.
Kctnrn to Omaha of Hlshop Newman
nnd Wire.
Bishop and Mrs. Newman returned to
Omaha yesterday evening after an absence of
about three months , during which time the
bishop attended two conferences in New
York state und one in Now Jersey. The
bishop is the picture of health and reports
huviint hud a charming time among his
friends in the east. "While in Washington , "
ho said , "I visited Senator Stanford und
spent some time unftmgst my friends , listen
ing to tlio speeches in both houses und renew
ing acquaintances. Then I spent a week in
New York , at the house of Mrs. Grunt , who
is an old friend of MM. Newman und myself ,
nnd always insists upon our visiting
her. I shall remain in Omaha until
Monday , when I take my departure
for Japan , where he will attend'tho confer
ence of the church of Japan. On Sunday I
shull prciich at the opening cf the lecture
room of the new Newnrin Methodist KpLseo-
churcb , and in the meantime meet the local
committee and the commission appointed to
arraugc the general conference of the church.
In the east the most intense
interest is manifested by both
clergy and laymen in the coming general
conference to bo held hero , und there is con-
sidcruble conjecture as to whether Omaha
Will be competent to entertain it. When I
told them of the generous prospect thev were
pleased , as many of them are very anxious to
see the west and are pleased with
the idea of coming here. The commis
sion who will bo hero this week
is taken from amongst the bait business ele
ment of tbo cast , men who have money to in
vest nnd I think it will be a good thing for
Omaha to have them here. The Sunday
school room at the now church will be ready
for services next Uuuilay and hereafter our
people will worship there.
I sail for Japan on the City
of Pekin on July 19 , and shall re
turn on the same steamer August 11.
This will give mo ample time , us I have no
sight-seeing to do , having been in Japan ba-
fore. Mrs. Newman will not accompany mo
this time , us she bus bctm in Japan and is not
a good sailor , whilst I am. When I re
turn I shull hold four conferences in
the north Paciiiu coust , two In Tacoma -
coma und two ut G rant's Puss , Oregon ,
about VJU miles north of Sun Francisco. I
mil glad to como buck to Omuhu , even for so
short u time , to serypmv friends und dedicate
the beautiful church. "
The bishoii was welcomed back by u largo
number of the clergy and laymen who culled
upon him ut the Paxtrm.
A Murder Suspect Arrested ,
Auu'Aiioi : , Neb. , June 4. [ Special toTiiu
Bun. ] George Pluimner , the suspected mur
derer ot his brother Joseph , was arrested lust
week in Wyoming and brought hero yester
day. He will bo given his preliminary exam
ination before 'Squire E. B. Murphy tomor
row. The county attorney claims to bo in
possession of enough evidence to bind Plum-
Kdltor Grndy's Kirst School.
The first school that Mr. Grndy at
tended was taught in an humble little
ivy-covered , one-room frame buildin < f by
a lady who came to Goor/jia / from Now
England several years before the war ,
says a writer in the New England Maya-
Kino. Young Grady was nine years old
when Hrst placed under the tutorship of
tins oatimiiblo and cultivated ludy , and
continued under her training and guid
ance for two yoara. But about Ibis time
the lirst guns of tlio civil war were sum
moning fathers of both southern and
northern children to the front ; and
among tlio lir.st that lotl Athens was
Major \V. S. Grady. Ifo WHS ordered to
go to Anhovillo , N. U. , where
ho was placed in command of
several companies that wore mustering
for tiie great conflict. Iloro ho was In
camp for many months , drilling hi.seom-
panicH and Hehooliiig tliom in matters of
warfare. a\\iilo | tints occupied , Major
Grady WUH often viHlted by voting Henry
Grady and hia mother ; audit is said that
oven then , while but a ton-yoar-old boy ,
his Hympathles wore HO evenly balanced
that ho gave utterance to nimilar sonti-
inontu to these which In after days were
no eliai'aetcriutlc of his great speeches.
In fact , all through hi * boyhood lie was
known among his schoolmates to have
boon , while a loyal lover of his native
Houtli , ahvaya Keomlngly thoughtful of
the nation's welfare , an truly us on the
night when , as has been said , "ho
planted tbo standard of the Kouthorn
democrat in Boaton'n banquet hall , and
discussed the problem of the races In the
homos of Phillips and of Sumnor. "
.V Now Father and Mollu-r.
Twenty-live yours ago a London boy
was Hunt'for a pint of milk.rJlo hid tlio
can beneath a.Htono , directed ills coursu
to the noarost'wharf , Hhipnod aa a cabin
boy and wont losoa , Hays tno Now York
Morning Journal. Years went by and
lie wus glvon up for dead ; ho was amass
ing great wealth.
The other day lie returned , found the
can where ho had hid it , procured a pint
of milk and went to ills boyhood homo ,
entered and ( mid :
"Fal her and mothor.horo'fi your milk. ' '
lie was given a , warm welcome , but lie
noticed that there was a changein his
parents' appearance ; they had not the
old familiar look , llo questioned thorn
and explanation : ) followed , through
which , though they were still his par
ents , tlio change In their appearance
was accounted for.
Shortly after his departure from homo
his father died and his mother married
again ; thnn his mother died and lila now
father married again. Thus , on his return
turn , ho found the old homo as ho luft it ,
tlio only dlilorenco being that bo had anew
now father and mother. Vurlly , tviitli
is btrangor tlui.i llctlun.
The Mention of Prtlmor'a Nnmo for Qovonioff
Kecoiyed With Appltirtso ,
Ho Commends tlio Purposes of
Convention anil Ilejjrcts III.s Ina
bility to bo PreHO
Srius-nFinut , III. , .Tune 4. Tlio democratlo
stnto convention wiw called to order at 12:10 :
by Hon. Dclos P. PholpH , chairman of the
state central committee , after prayer by
Hov. F. W. Taylor. Mr. Phclps in opening
the convention read n letter from U rover
Cleveland which was followed by great ap
plause. Mr. Phelps named Joseph Mann ef
Vermillton us temporary chairman , who re
sponded In a speech opposing the liiritt aml/L
the present compulsory school law nnd favorf f
ing the nomination of General Palmer for -
governor , the mention of whoso nnmo
elicited great applause. The other oftlcers
were James McNumaru , temporary secretary ;
assistants , S. L. Nclsoh , H. W. Ifows , Allen
C. Dubarron. Committees on credentials ,
permanent organisation , resolutions , etc. .
were appointed and the convention adjourned
until 2 o'clock.
Ex-President Cleveland In his letter said :
"I have received your invitation to attend the
Illinois democratic convention on the Fourth
of Juno. I note with much pleasure your
declaration that the state of Illinois Is by
nature and inheritance democratic. Such a
sentiment nnd the evident determination
which prompted this utterance give hope that
the democracy will , after years of exclusion ,
como into Its "inheritance" and successfully
claim its own. If this comes to pass the
Illinois democratic troops may well Insist
upon the right of line when the general en
gagement takes place. With my deep Inter
est in all that concerns democratic success I
should be glad to bo present tit u conven
tion which promises such results
us the ono vou have determined upon.
I cannot help thinking that there ought to bo. .
there purely and exclusively the couusels iiiya
sentiments of the Illinois democrats. Tbo
rest of us will be ready to applaud If you will
give us the chance.
"I have made nil my arrangements to leave
for a long vacation within a duy or t w. > of tbo
date of your convention , and for that reason ,
if none other , I am prevented from uiTcpting
your courteous Invitation. Hoping that the
utmost wisdom may prevail und that the con
vention may prove" bo the Ilrst htagit of ; i
campaign which will bo crowned with suc
cess , I mn , yours very truly , "
The judicial convention mot at 11 o'clock
and nominated Ethan A. Snivelv for clerk ot
the appellate court for the third division.
Springer llonomInated.
SruiN'fii'iii.i : ) , III. , Juno 4. The democratic
convention for the Thirteenth congressional
district met in this citv today nnd renom'-
nutod Willium M. Springer for congress I y
acclamation. This is Springer's ninth nomi
Tennessee Prohibit inn tats.
NASHVII.T.I : , Tenn. , Juno 4. The state pro
hibition convention met hero this morning
and after appointment of a rhuirmun and
committee adjourned to 2y : ( ) this afternoon. „
Anti-Bcntict t Ijaw Convention.
MIIAVAI'KI : ! : , Wis. , Juno 4. The German *
Lutheran anti Bennett law con vent ion was
called to order shortly after 1 o'clock. After
n number of addresses by prominent Luth
erans , Mayor Peck und others , resolutions
were adopted ugaiiut the Bennett law be
cause it unnecessarily curtailed civil and religious -
ligious Hocrty. The Lutherans declare that
regardless of former party ulliliations they
will vote for such candidates only us pledge
themselves to work for the repeal of the Bcu-
nett law.
13.vpct-to Think Oinnlin Will Carry Of ?
Some His Prizes. -
KANSVS CITV , Mo. , Juno [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bnc. ] A heavy shower fell at
loon today , but it quickly passed over
mil now a warm sun is promised to make
the day , , , a beautiful ono. The encampment
grounds dry readily und are now in flno
shape for the real competitive drilling which
s to opan tomorrow. Today has been given
up to composition drilling , in which t'io '
Oniahas have received a line share of tlio
) laudits from the immense audience. Fol-
owing is the programme for this afternoon ; - . -
Vurora zouaves , zouave class , 3 to J : ! " > ;
: inllniio Guards , grand interstate class , 8
0 : tlii : ; Halo zouaves , zouave class. 4 to
: - ) . " > ; Company A , Third regiment ,
Jluthe , inuidon class , 5 to 5:1r : > ;
:30 : p. m. guard mount. 8 p. in. dross par.ido ,
1 p. m grand llumbeau drill und pyrotechnic
lisplay by Scdullu republican Hambcuu club ;
nformal bop at exposition building.
From Omaha today , us guests of thoOmalui J *
ruurds. uroMrs. SehuriT , Miss Glasson.MlS'r
LVschuck. Mrs. Teuzalln , Miss Touzaliu , Mrs.
Clark und other ladies. A number of gentle-
nen accompanied the ladies und spent the
lay with the guards. A reception will bo
.endorod the visitors tonight in the art gal-
ery of Kxposltlon hull which bus buen
pcclally fitted up for the Omaim guards. A
) liMo ; has been put in und other
> reparations made for a social oven-
ng. Musio und dancing will Iw
ndulged in and refreshments served , Thl.-i
vill bo a grand affair and Cuptain Scharlf is
nuking all preparation : ! for the successful
) arryingout of the programme. The ladles
vill sleep in camp in special tents pitched for
heir accommodation.
The Omuhas drill tomorrow nnd again
"Yiday. Exports say they will carry oft
omo big prui's.
T5-in Iced Her Dloncy In the Collar.
Five thousand dollars in gold \v \ > ro
ound buried la an Aurora , 111. , collar tlio
lUior day. It , hud boon tlio wopoi'ty ot Jp
Mrs. May A. lialdwin , wluxllod Fi'iduy ,
it the tifju of soventy-Hix. She had bemi
niuorly in hoi1 linbitit und was thought
, o bo almost without meant * . Guiiiuil by
i Swedish girl who had lived with the
ild lady , I'ohitivori of the deceased dutf
ri tlio cellar mid found the ( fold in a tin
can. A V5,0X ( ) government bond wus
Use discovered on a pantry sliolf.
KlllH a Pool Player.
Noul Ifeeney , u prominent oill/.t'ii ol
) oniplmu county , JCtin , , was Htrui'k by
Ightiiinjr the other night and instantly
dlK'd while in a pool-room lit Severance
mil in the act of making a Hhnt. r > Hij"--f
n the room wore badly HhouUud. The
iiain bolt of liglitnlngBtruclcu barn ncai *
,1m pool-room and lluoiiuy wan killed by
i fork of It. The jrnonle of Hovi-raiK'n
ire grimily worked upabout the casualty
md local pruiichora look advantage of
ho high feeling in thoii1 boi'inona Hun-
Absolutely Puro.
A crfciun of tiirtar baking powdor.
nf lenvcnlni ? strength U , B. Uovurmaimt Hn *
port An ; ; . > ? ! * '

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