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Union and Taylot Counties , Iow ( Swept by
a Ftirions Storm.
Corn PieltlH Leveled , Whitlows
ml Out , and Ilullilln 4 Un
roofed and Itown ) to I'lec'CH
Other low R Ne\\s.
Cnr.iTov , In. , August 4. * [ Special Tclc-
gmru toTiiKllin. : ] Afurlous nnl ( dcstmctlvo
ttii-m of hall and high wind aweptovcr the
west hnlf of Union and Taylor counties early
last evening. The path of tlie storm was
about IIvo miles in width , and as far as heard
from at present extended over adistrlctthlrty
mile * hi length. Corn fields were leveled to
th 3 ground over this strip of country , the
crop being totally destroyed. The hail
drifted against fences and .buildings in many
places to a depth of three or four feet , At
Cromwell nnd Lenox the loss In win
dow glass wasery heavy , all windows
dews on the north and east sides
of buidltigs being broken by the hall , At
Bedford , the county sent of Taylor county ,
the opera house anil lied ford liousovero un
roofed and 1ho bulldlnus flooded. The front
was blown out of the I'nclllc liouso and the
Chicago , Burlington & ( Juiney depot un-
j roofcd. AInnv stable ? , sheds anil small build-
Inns were blown to pieces , but no lives were
lost. The section traversed by the stoim 1s
one of the most fertile la the l > luo grass
region , and the loss of crops cannot bo esti
Ci-a/.cd with Jealousy it nil Drink.
fj Dis MOIMS , la. , August 7. [ SiwelalTelo-
" * * RiMtn to Tun Br B. ] News just received from
FaumltiKton , Vim Huron county , says that oa
Tuesday night James King nroso about midnight -
night , dressed himself , look n revolver and
stele down stairs. His vvlfo followed and
beggoil of him neb tolo auj thing
dvipoiato. With curses ho drew his
revolver nuel flrod nt her. She
saw the movement and dropped to the floor
in time to save her llfo. Tha rest of tlio fam
ily hastened to tha sconu just In time to sco
King turn Iho weapon upon himself and pull
the tilirgcr. The bullet took effect in bli
breast below tlio heart , and he died last evenIng -
Ing in ( front agony. King had recently led a
wild and dissipated life , and it is supposed ho
vas crazed with Jealousy mid drink.
Btlnrjloy Held \VIUioutIliill.
1 WAinrnoo , la , August 7. fSpccia.1 Tclc-
giam to Tun Bcn.J Ton Stingloy , the Cedar
Falls polltcnian who was ch.irgcd with the
murder of Dexter Jones last Moneluy night
and the shooting of George iMiller , was today
hold to the district court without ball. At
the preliminary examination only the state's
wltnesses were produced , but all svvoio that
BlitiRloy Idiocltcu Jones down and shot him
us ho was getting on his fcot again , The
testimony oho\vcd that the man had neb at-
* * nicked the orllccr. and the shooting seems to
liavo been entirely unprovoked. While the
feeling against Stinsloy ut Cedar IT.ills Is In
tense , yet it h believed that nil danger of
, lynching has passed.
A Scot ion Man Killed.
TAVIA CITV , In. , August 7 , fSpscial Telo-
, grarn to Tan Brirs.J llejrnnn Isle , nscctlon
rnuri , was killed by the Northwestern llycr
going east here at 7 o'clodcthls morning. <
Isle was standing by the side"of the road
with ono foot across the rail , looking north at
a train , ana did not see the swiftly approachIng -
Ing ( Iyer. IIo was Itnojlwd high into the air
and e.unorlovn between the tender nnd baij-
cngo c < ir. The train passed over him , com
pletely severing hh liead. IIo was foity-
olglit year * old nnd had no family.
A. Farmer "Worked for S
Alissoiui YAM.EV , la , August7. [ Special
Telegram to Tim IIK. : ] Today at Modalo n
bharper operated on a wealthy farmer named
Abe Itiehardson nnd persuided him to flgn
nnd accept tvo drafts for ? . ' )00 each in payment
for territory for a patent rifiht. The sharper
ctnino hero nnd triad to sell tno drafts nt a
heavy discount to trie hanks , but they c.iupht
on to the fraud. Ho Immediately left town
and the sheriff and several deputies are
scaiehiiig fcrhhn.
llevlewed by the Governor.
. , Crnvii ILii'ins , In. , August 7. ISpecial
Taiegrnm tofiinUni : . ] The First regiment ,
Iowa nntlonnl guard , In camp hero this week ,
together with a Ijittallon of the Second regi
ment of the regular army , was reviewed by
Governor Boles toilaj' , A largo number of
visitors were present , The governor went to
Waterloo this aftcraooa.
Unmet t Nominated for
DCS Jlorxw , la. , August 7. [ Special Tele-
gnim toTriBBm : . ] A number of etelfMtcs (
of the farmers' alliance , Knights of I < .ibor
nnd other ItilKir organizations In the Seventh
congressional district met hero and nomi
nated State Senator Barnett of Warren
county for eongrcis. UaruottlsaiUuelepead-
Ktoamsfilp Arrivaln ,
Loxnox , August 7. iSpctlal Cablegram
toTniHii : ! . ] The steamer Dritsuinlc , from
New York for Liverpool , passed Fastnet this
The steamer Is'orrmndle , fixm Now Yorlt
. 'or Iln.nburg , passed tbo Lizard this
The steamer Scnudln , from Now York , ar
rived nt Hamburg today ,
At Southampton Arrived : Tbo steamer
Lahn , Now Yoik for Bremen.
At llolyliend- Passed : The steamer Ung-
land , Now York for Liverpool ,
At Quecnstown Arrhed : The steamer
Biituiiiiic , Now Yoik for Liver pool ,
A Quarrel \vjth 1'ntnl Il
CASsormis , Mich , August 7 , [ Special
Telegram to TIIK Iler-liielinrd Franklin
jaml Otis Lawson , both colored , got Into a
quarrel in Wllllnmsvlllo last o\errhiB and
FninWIn vas gettitij ! the best of it , when
LiWboa's brother interfered. Upon this
I'Yanlilln's son , a boy about eighteen
years of age , took n ball club and
rapped his father's flr&t antagonist cnertlio
head , knocking him senseless. Old nuin
1'raiililiii then got up aiulstaited to riiii.wlicn
James Law son grabbed a spade , caught up
vlth hiui and drove It into the skull , millet-
Ing a fatal wound. Tno prospect for Otis
. luwsoii'.reco\crv Is also .slight. James Law-
sou Is in Jnll nnd young 1'iauliliii 111 bo
Irought hero nnd locked uj > today ,
In tlio House ol'Comntimu.
Lo\nox , August T. [ Special Cablegram lo
Tin : UKK. ] In the house of commons tonight
fiarrruel Smith aiked wliothernny further in
formation had been received r-elatlvo to the
treatment of the Jews in Hussla. Tlio under
foreign seci-etnry , iu reply , said : "Tho
llrlttsh ombassador reports that the Hussiau
government denies ernphiitlcally the truth of
the statements which Invo ixvcutly appeared ,
In the Times on this subject,1' 'Jliis an
nouncement was received with Irouical
A Journey to
, August 7. lSi > cclal Cablegram to
But : . ] Ilerrron BoettUeho , lmt > loy
minister of the lutcilorl \ \ on Saturday
proceed ou n Ger 111,111iudlilp \ \ to Hellg-ohinU
to formally tnko oM > r thu Island on bctiulf of
Uvrumuy from thojflrltlsh
lie Vlll Clvoa
nritr.ry , August ? . [ Ki > c cial Cablegram to
TrrBBuKIlerr / Von Hlclehivtlor will give
a bauqiKt to the leading members oC the In
ternational iJvuicul Congress tonight
They Jiro Tripped Up Nloolj lu Hlnnc-
Tillnn. , August 7. [ Special
Telegram to THE Brn. ] A. ping of hnd
swindlers was tripped Up licro this after noon
by means of adetoy. The western laud com
pany hns been doing business at No.I Sixth
street south the fast two vccks nnd hail laid
nil Its plans for reaping a ilch harvest. It is
conducted by thico men , nnd the manager this
afternoon sa'l ' totho decoys "If you will go
to Washington nnd buy ICO acres of timber
land \\o vxlll glvo jou ivlound trip railroad
ticket , and vv hen joti get to the east you can
go to our ofllco and they \\lll providcyou
with 4100 with which to bin thoUiultho ,
government clmrging50 per neie , .After
you liavo aoiulrcd a title wo will
pay jou $500 for Iho Imd nnd
you can return on the ticket \\a pivo you.
Tlio only money joti will bo icijulred to ad
vance to us will ho SH.fiO , ivhidi is onchalf
of the cost of the tiling of the iiapeis ; wewill
pav the other "
U'hen confronted \vlth this evidence against
him the manager said with con
siderable ! nerwrsness : "I will admit
that the transaction Is n llttlo Jlshy ,
but It simply amounts to a little game to get
hold of the timber land The government
will nut sell moio than llWacrci to thu same
pcison , buttvo eau afford to pry $1,000 , to get
tlio huul , us It is worth t..OjU to us. " IIo
claimed , ho westeru agency was a branch
of tlio Oregon land company , but
neither of those companies are quoted
by tbo comrnercl.il agencies , All of the
men connected vvlth the concern refused to
ghe their names , nnd it is said they left for
Chicago tonight to prevent anest.
'Jhc Crop Synopsis Vlll Besent / Out
at the hamo Hour.
N , August 7. The following
lias been rorwjiidcel by the department of
agriculture : Iho Xow Yoik produce ex-
chnn ge , the Milwaukee chinii'jor of cornnierco
! ind the Chicago hoard oftrudo hnvo tnado a
formal request of Statistician Dodge for a
ehango fiom 4 o'clock to 1 o'clock p ni. as
the hour for tlie delivery of the crop report's
synopsis on the lOUi of each month , Ttio St
Louis moi chants' exchange earnestly lira js
that the request of the Chicago boaia limy
not DO granted , deeming ifc onposcd to the
good of the trade and holding that "as values
ere largely affcitcd ! by this icpoit an oppor
tunity is offered to unscrupulous persons to
mnntifacturo and ghe out false In
formation in their own interests , cit
ing as an Instance when a telegram
to the exchange staled that the government
repoit of wheat made the condition M ,
twenty minutes later the ofllciul report
showed It to bo 'l.i : , Ttio exchange requests
its issue at midnight , to bo made public Hist
In the morning pipirs. The Toledo produce
exchange also ciedies the wjnopsls nt mid
night. Tim Detroit board of tr.ido protests
Against a change fiom 1 o'clock. The Balti
more corn and flour exchanges are also op
posed to n change of the hour of issue. In
view of this disagreement a change < loob not
appear to bo practicable. The change to 4
o'clock , the inencnt hour , was made at tno
request of so\cr.il of the trailu oiwinlmtlons.
Thutlrnoof midnight , liowcicr , Is Impracti
cable ns not coming nithln the authorized
hours of. the olHcial service.
Tlio I'RtilnrchB militant.
Cmc'Afio , Augiibt7. This was the most Im
portant ana imposing Oiy in the Patriarchs
Militant cantonment , Ijelngsct apart for the
grand pamdo. The first exercises of the day
were exemplifications of. the subordinate degree -
greo work in Battery 13 armory for priics by
North Star lodge of Minneapolis-and lodges
from AVhltomtcryi ) , ยง . , . nd Dloonilngton ,
111. At U o'clock a hnn'dsomo nnd imposing
dress parade ; and Inspection took plate on the
lake front grounds. The great stiotcn of
green sward was aiihzo with the
black , reel , purple and pold of knightly
uniforms nnel the glitter of burnished
steel. In the afteinoon a great paiado
took -place , which was lutnessed by
crowds of people. Tonight there was another
great demonstration at Unlto Front pirk vlth
a military display , formal conferring of the
decoration ofchlulryfor members ofthoUo-
bckah elegrte , nnd a grand exhibition of
Crcat Preparations.
Ciric.wo , August 7. [ Special I'-jlcgram to
] ITioUrand Army ef tho.Kepub-
lic men of Chicago and Illinois are making
great preparations to attend the cncimpment
next week nt Boston. It is cxjiectcd that the
next encampment will bo held at Detroit.
Coinmaiielcr-ln-Chlef Altfer is working to
hnvo it held theio and the western mou will
cooperate vith him. In excliango for this
the eastern men will bo giantcd the choice of
commander , who will. . It is snlJ , bo General
Ycasey ,
A Btato Attorno ) 011 ( lie U'ar I'ath.
Sioux F.iu > , S. D. , .August
Telegram to TUB BEE. ] What lu been ex
pected for some tirno occurred today in the
issue of a bench warrant hy Juelgo Parllmnn
for the arrest of the lending oilglunl packngo
dealer la the city George Burlc. 'Jho state's
attorney hns announced liUintention to oirest
every origin.il package joint dealer In the city
and .that war of the most violent typo will bo
waged. There are forty-wo siloons in Sioux
Falls , and the prosecuting nttonuy asserts
that every dealer will l in Jail or under
bonds as soon as ho can get them there.
Oklahoma GDOH Itopiibllcan.
GITIIHII : , I. 1. , August 7. Full returns
from the election in Oklahoma bhow that the
republlennsvvlll have a majority on Joint
ballot In the two houses of the llr t torri-
totlul legislature. WiltonV. . Reynolds , re
publican , vho Aas \ elected delegate at large ,
is lying ( lingcrously ill ut his home and is
not canceled toreco\er. \
Tlio Plro llcoiird. *
' , AU , August 7. Tno Mur-
riy houbo , aa elegant summer hotel nt Pablo
licacb. binned to the ground cirly this morn-
lup. Tho. hotel was of wood , four stories
lilch , and the loss en It Is fiiliOO. ( There
v\as \ only 410,000 hiburnnra on the building.
Murderer Kjraiid Attempts Siilcldo ,
I1.11119 , August 7. Eyraud , the murderer cf
Xotiuy Gotrffe , attempted sulcldo today , Ho
toro his shirt into shins , twisted them
together to form a ropa anil vlth it attempted
to choke himself to douth. Hut for a timely
dlscoi cry ho would hnvo succeeded.
August 7. The following
nominations were sent to the sonata todaj :
Lieutenant ColenolTliomns M. Vincent to ho
colonel and assistant adjutant general ; Major.-
Merrill Barber to lo lleiitouairt colonel and
assistant adjutant general.
Tire New Cm-pouters' i'oiiniliiillon.
CHICAGO , AugustT. Hovislou of the con
stitution was the tusk that today occupied
the attention of the national convention of
Iho llriStliorhood of Carpenters. Tomorrow
will probibly see the uov\ \ document coin'
plot' '
Trnllloat I'nrilin" fitoppctl.
, AtifUstT. [ Special Cablesmm to
TitrilJrr5 , ] Tniftleon the railwajs and docks
at Cardlil lias stopped fa consequence of the
strike of Iho laborers tliero. Thodlrectorsof
the railways vlll laako further overtures * to
Iho men.
Klll8t | > urjVisit.s OsbnrnoMuiiRc.
LONDONAti'gust7. . [ Special Ciiblcgnitnto
TiicOui ! . ] Lord Salisbury has gone to Os-
bonie house , the queen's ' residence on the Isle
of Vlght , lor thu purpose of holding an hr-
tor\lo\v with her mnjosty and the emperorof
CJermnuy. ,
Iliu Dcntli Knll.
CITV , Mo. , Autust " . John J.
Martin , one of the wealthiest men of this
city , died tilt * morning after a ihortlll-
nebs ,
Membeis of the Houto Would Like to Get
a Vacation Next Week.
ItarrlNon Iiultcd to Attend
tlio Siicar ialiiuo nt Gr.uul
Island During B
Tier J
Rmmu TUB BBS , )
WASIIIVOTOV , I ) . C. , August T. )
A determined ciTorthns hecn mndoduiing
the past forty-eight hours by u Urge number
of members of the homo to Induce the com-
mlttce on rules to consent to n recess for ono
week fiom next Monday , adjourning from
Mondn ) till Thursday nnd fronrThuisdaj till
Mondny without doing nny business , so a ? tote
give sixty or seventy-live republicans air op
portunity toattcail the Oranil Arm j reunion
at Boston nnd unequal number of democrats
an opportunity to run homo for a few
days. The speaker nnd other repub
lican lenders objected to the arrangement ,
saying that once the members Rot out of
town only n portion of them would bo willing
to leturn without.n mandatory orderuud ,
that , inasmuch ( is there \vero nhuvo number
ol bills on the calendar and a big pile of
ineasuies on the speaker's elcs'c ' , people who
v\ero \ illrcctly Interested in them would luivo
gcod ground for complaint If tire homo sliould
throw away a veok of time. The speaker
nnd his associates on the committee ou rules
said that there was plenty of work to keep
tlio house steadily engaged iintll the close
of the session and that no excuse could
lo mndo f6r inaetion upon n
lu-go number of important measures
If the hou'e should take such a recess now
licprcscntutlvc Council vus asked to sl n a
request totho speaker for this recess , but de
clined , uajlng thotoivns plenty of work foi
the liouso to elo upon measures of great in
terest to the entire country.
Till ! rili : < IIIU > T 1NVITEDTO OIUND ISI.D. .
Mr , Dorsey called on President Hnirison
this morning , nnd on behalf of the managers
of the GiMtici Island sugar pnhco exposition
Invited him to attend the exposition to be
held at G Mild Island ( lining the month of
Boptemoer The president salfl it pave him
great pleasure to note the Interest that
Nebraska was taking In the beet
siigui industry nnd picdietcd that within a
very few ye.ns Nebraska i\ould \ supply a
largo pi oportion if not all the sueai consumed
lu the great noitlmeit. IIo could not premIse
Iso to leave Washington while congress was
In session , nnd from the present outlook he
did not sco how It vas possible foi congress
to adjourn for sorno weeks jet. The presi
dent stated that ho could not go west this
summer oruutumnlud viouldhuvcto decline
a number of invitations , but ho intends to
make au extended -western tour next summer ,
By the very rarely narrow majority of one
( a vote of 01 to Oil ) the house this afternoon
agreed toietaln in the general deficiency ap
propriation hill a chuso nppropriatlngy OoO
to piy George A. Matthews of liiookings , S.
D. , for tlio tlnie hovas elected as congres
sional delegate for the D.ikotas till the omni
bus bill took effect nnd that territory liecarno
two states. Jtlattlicws was elected In 1S8S
und was to t * Vo his scat in March , ISaO , but
thoomnlhia bill ucnt Into effect in the fol
lowing October , and although ho came to
Washington , hired several clerks and did an
enoimous amount of congressional work , ho
never actually took his scat , and Just before
the Dakcitas liccamo states bis wife died on
account of a trip hero and heas put to
great expense , There was n bitter light over
the proposition this afternoon , Kerr of Ixnva
andsomo' ether democrats lighting against
wlnt they thought would boa bad piecedent ,
anclDunnellof Minnesota and Uendcisoiiot
IO\MI struggling to get ttio adoption of tlio
piovision. The seunto vlll undoubtedly
agree to it.
Democratie senators nro not at all pleased
with the republican tactics upon the river and
harbor bill as de\elopccl today. Under the
arrangements made in nursuauco to caucus
action the ri\or and hnruor bill -\\as to have
been taken up tomorroiv , displacing the tailff
bill for the time being , with the undcistand-
inL'thiUlf coiisldomtion lusted moro tlnn
a rensoniblo tlirie three or four days the
taillf bill was again to bo taken up. An an
nouncement to this effect was made a week
ago and the democratic senators had made
arrangements accordingly , which are sadly
disturbed. At the solicitation of tlio man *
ngers of the tariff hill a majority of the com
mittee on commerce liavo agreed to let the
ri er and harbor bill lay o'\er for
another week. The argument that v.is
used to bring them to consent to this
ct inn go of programme wai that the domo-
ci-atlc senators aicso deoplj interested in the
success of the river and haiuor bill that they
would hasten action upon the tariff bill in
order to secure consideration of the former
measure ; that their political cupidity Is so
great that It would OMirrido tlio determina
tion to prolong the dcbato on the Uilft bill.
The rluT and haibor bill does contain a num
ber of items of gieat Impoitance to southern
interests and the policy of tlio republican
senators may ho efleetUo In shortening
tlio debate on the tmilt bill hy tlio means
adopted. In fact , Senator Aldrlch isso contl-
dcnt of this that ho stated today h's ' belief
that the tarllt bill would iiraetleally bo dis
posed of ut the end of niicthcr "week ,
Tha republicans of Arkansas nro awaiting
with n K rent deal of Interest the unseatiriff ot
Mr. Clifton 1C. BicckiinidKe , who represents
the Second dlstilct of that stute. They aie
confident that Mr. BveckinridRO can bo suc
ceeded by a iciuhllcm. ) Immediately upon
his being unseated bj the house a congres
sional election \\lll beheld and the republi
cans believe they can elect Mr. I. P.Lungloy ,
oDiiptlst prenchcr , vho lives nt Brebe. IIo
Is a member of the fannois' alllauco and is
said to bo averjgood stump speaker and is
quito popular. I/ingley i\ill get the
nomination of the aliianco and the
icpubllcaus. So fur as tlia voting la
concerned Mr. Mrocklnridgo's district seems
to IIUAO gone against the clomoerats several
times latolv. In thostntoelecilloa of Soptem-
bir , IbSS , Norwood , the republican aliianco
candidate , carried tlio district by 3,000 , , and
slnco Hint tlmo the district has agdn been
arrlcd hy the straight republleaii c.indlclato
for the supromocouit by over athousand ma
jority , In view of these facts the republicans
feel conlldent that Jlr. Drecklnridgo will bo
succeeded by au ulliunce republican ,
Chairman b'nnston of the comniitteo on
ngrii-alture said today that ho wasexpecting
hourly to bo gi\en \ nn cpiwrtunlty to call up
the Conger pure lard bill In the house , and
ho believed two da j s for Its consldciation
would bo given. Ho acknowledged that a
\ery cffedivo light would bo made for the
inbstltutlon of the Conger bill by the Pad.
dock pure food bill , but ho said that the re
fill t uas problematic , although the friends of
the I'nduock bill are conlldent of success ,
Mr. Mason of Chicago sail that the Paddock
bill would uojoud reasonable doubt be
adopted Instead of the Conger meaiuro ,
as tlie latter was confessed ! v class legislation
and the outcome of rivalry between two
classes of business. The Illinois , Notmska
and thruoor four other state delegations In
the north are &ad ! to ho in favor of the 1'nd.
dock substitute , while the enllro south will.
support It aad light the Co.igir Mil , \\hich \
destroys the cotton seed oil Industry. The
bill Mill undoubtedly como tip next week if
not tomorrow w Satui-day.
Very porslstcnt'jind partlctilarlysuecessful
efforts ha\o \ been made by the united demo
cratic prois of the country during the \vcok
to niako It appear that thuro was a wide aud
linnet-taut dlltcrcnco of opinion between the
president and Mr. lllaine on the cjuestlon of
Itwa4 u ylecti of
strategy from the start , without the least
foundation , aud Intended to crcito in the
mlnih of the peopleromoto from the niUlomil
eapltal the impression that the republican
party -was on the veto of disin
tegration on the tariff question. There
Is not now , nor has there boon ,
nor could there ho any ruptufo on this ques
tion. Tlio tariff bill Is ono subject , aud Mr ,
Maine's suggestions on commercial reel-
proiltv form another subject ,
The idcis of Mr. Hlalne grcv out and \vera
the niituinl rcsultaof the i'aJ-Anicrlcau con-
press , 'Hie piesldcnt'gavo all of these his
hearty npprovil. The president und his see-
rotary of state are now and hnvo bccu nil
iiloiuj on the simc line tu to il icvMon of the
tariff nnd negotiations for cornincretiil reci
procity. All of this drivel published in
specials to democratic nowsiiapors about the
president ehnntring his opinions ono \viy or
another Is simply apartpC thci proKiiiinine to
create an Impiesslon thatthtro aio important
divisions In the ranks of tlio republleaii party.
Thire is \Mirn\ut for any of the statement *
which hnvo gone oat in ifgnul to
' diloroiiecs " "eorncrslons"
, and tlio
lilce. nnd the public sliould not
bo j decched. There has never been any
ground upon which a illvcivciico of opinion
upon cflinmeieial reciprocity bitweca the
president aud Mr. Ulaino conk ) arise.
itnrmiot3 I'nii'Kcenoxs rx nt-i-ci t ,
Tor several daja the ofllccrs of the local
Hebrew societies of Washington hmo boon
iu consultation with Mr , Illtt. the chalrmnii
of the house committee on iorclgn alTaiis ,
with aluw to ace'iiriiiif seine expression of
opinion from the corutrcs of the Unitcil
Status regarding the /texpulsion of
the .Tews from IlussiaT Mr. Hltt
agiecd wltli them that Vonprcss would
bo Juslllled in protesting aga'nst ' such nn
act of biirbailsrn If thcro was ovu'oao citizen
of the United States likely lo bo affected by
the edict , but before any action was taken It
would Ijo well to ascertain exactly what had
occurred and what the Husslan government
had done in the direction reported The
local Jewish societies had no Infoim.itlon
beyond what they liavo derived fiom the
newspapers , nnd It is notoiloas that all pub
lished dispatches purporting to como troin
Russia nro made up ni London , I'aris or
Beilin. Sir James Ferguson dcclarod In the
Bntish house of ( ynrrnons , whcnliitcrrogatcil
on this point , that the govornmcnt had no
authentic ; information on the subject nnd that
the British chart'od' affairsatSt Petersburg
had rnndo no reports further than to say tint
the terrorism of tlio Jens In the
Russian etnpiro was greatly exaggerated.
Mr. Hltt agreed to visit the state
department and ascertain what information
hail been rccohcd there , and , finding none ,
hail a dispatch sent totlio Unltod States le
gation at St , Petersburg asking for tlio fiuts.
The answer curno promptly this morning and
stated that the reports of the expulsion of the
.Tews fiom the Russian empire had no foun
dation whatever. But as tills dispatch as
not considered satisfactory , another ns
sent toduy asKins where tliorcpDrtorlglnnted
and \\hether \ the Kusslan government had
Issued any ukase affecting thJ Interests of
the .Tow ish residents there , A reply to this
inquiry is oxpceted in the morning. A
reference to tlio Hies of the department ,
however , disclosed several dlsintchcs refer
ring totho persecution of the Jews by the
people , who nro said to bo much mow bitter
toward the rnco thin the government , and
often mob them because of reilfious fanati
cism and other reasons , but tlie widely pub
lished story of their o\lcilpn Is not al
luded to.
The nomination of /ohnM. dlasaronr to bo
postmaster at South Omaha \vMssent to the
senate late this afternoon. 'Cue Inu ! pro-
dieted this result borne dajs atfo. The senate
will piorniitly confirm thonommatlonnndOr.
Qlasgow "will soon tnko charge.
By direction of the pecieU > vy of war Ser
geant Major Knmest Stayer1 , fc-e-cond Infantry ,
now vilth bis command at l < VtOiflahu'ivili ;
hcPdisclinrged fiom the service of-tho United
' States under the provision - * . ) , \ < > vgrajih 2 ,
'general orders Tfo. 81"July 'JO , IfetK ) , on ro-
cciptof this order by the commanding ofileor
of the station.
M iry Ann Brayton wa < today appointed
a foutth-class postmaster nt Alpha , Fajetto
lounty , vice R , S. Br.iyton , deceased.
Albert I ) . Uichurtkon has leen appointed
nostimibtcr at meilclr , Madison county , and
C. G , Hough tit Harrison , Sioux county.
Senator Mandcrson nnel Itopresontatlvo
Council % \ero lu consultation this afteiaoon
regarding the leorganl/atlon of the pension :
board at Nebraska City. lrs. ) Ross and
Watson of Nebraska C'itv nnd LaJti of Una-
dillaaro candidates for tno one vacancy to bo
filled on the board. It Is believed that Dr.
Watson his the inside track.
Senator Paddock again touknn active part
In tiro-delate ou the tariff today. Ho nvulc n
strong fight fora reduction of the proposed
duty upon structural iron , which is used for
building purposes. He thought that with\hc
hea\y duty levied upon lum'lieiuud every
thing else used In the construction of a build
ing the expense attending Improvements in
the fir vest wore henUor proportionately
Hum In any other section of tlie country , nnd
ho appealed to the senate to submit ton re
duction. IIo finally succeeded iu securing a
icduetlcnof about (3.40 ( a ton ,
Sonic of the Changes .Undo l > y tlie
h-t'natc Coiiinriltee.
WASHINGTON' , August 7 , Among the
chnnges which the senate committee made
In the substitute for tlio L.O Igo election bill- ,
which vas reported totho sennto touay , aw
the following ! All reference to that section
of the reused statutes vhlcli , Itvas claimed inJ J ,
provides for the presence of troops at the
pollsvas stricken out. The house-to-
liouso canvas provided for ; lu the liouso bill
was stricken out , nnd the provision for
drawing juries In * commissioners also
omitted. Penal offenses were simplified and
niaelo mi-dumeanois Instead of felonies , idu.
punishments \vorumodlllod \ , the highest pun
ishment imposed luiiig three , '
years Impris
onment and anne of $1,000 as against impris ss
onment for iho years and a fine , as in the
honso bill. Iho luelgo of the circuit couit
before Mhorn application for appointment Is
made foi supervisor iaauthorized to appoint
ns supervisors any persons ho may
scoflt , not being confined In his selection to the
test furnished by the chief of the supervisors ,
In eases where ballots are casUin tire wronp
box they are not to bo counted unle the
tully stiiet shows that the VQtes for congress 10S
men do not equal the number of names on the
poll list. Then enough ot the votes BO
wrongly cast shall bo ndded lo the tally sheet
to make a total equal to thn whole number Dtf
votes shown to bo cast. Where , election odl-
eers refuse to administer oaths 1p
to voters np-
pljlug therefor Itls provided in the bill tint
the supervisors shall administer the oath.
But no effort shall bo made tt ) hnvo the vote
thus refused cnst , the object Jioinif merely to
preserve the testimony of the apuiicatlon uud
refusal , |
Ilio WeatlicrIorccast. _
For Omaha and Vicinity Showers ;
For Nobiaska-Falr , eiijcpt light local
showers in eastern portion ; poncrully cooler ;
winds shifting to northeasterly.
For Iowa Fair , except ihqwcrs in norlli-
west portion ; southerly , shifting to vesttrly
winds ; cooler In northwest/ ; / stationary t m-
IH'iatmo In southeast portion.
Fur South Dakota Local showers In eastr \
cm portion- , northerly wind * ; cooler.
A Und Olllco Xiroiilnr.
WA IUXGTON" , August 7 , Lnnd Coruinls-
bioner Groft has Issued a circular for the
guidances of local land officers In disposing of
the lands in.Minnesota nnd Wisconsin vvlilch
\\ero restored totlio public domain by thoact ,
of congress approved Juno 30 , 1WO. This act
nuthoiizcs thu presidenttocausecertaln hinds
withdrawn for rcsenoU purposes to bo re
stored and subject to entry under the homestead -
stead laws. The commissioner states that
no entry lot hettlomtmt will ho allowed after
December w , isiij.
Iron Hrlgudo tinrvlvorn ,
DETHOIT , Mich , , August 7. Today's pro-
rrarnmo of the twenty-shin reunion of oho
famous Iron brigade survivorn comprised lu
liuslness " icoctlng , boat ildo , visit to 1'ort
\Vuj \ no and a trip to Belle IHO ! ,
rut 'rr Ti * T I r\nr riT o /ui'ni r\
Government Troops Victoriotu in a light
with Revolutionists.
giilviulor's I'lovlslounl I'rosldeiit Is *
SUCH u Cuuplu of Jiatillbstus An
tlio 1'ray
In iVibiirate.
S NFrt.\\cr co , Cal. , August 7. TUp Cua- !
tcmalan consul pener.il nt this city has re-
icived a dispatch from tlio Gn.iteinalaii lain-
istor at thoCitj of Mexico stating that Gen
eral Grimznray , loader of thoiovolt against
lirillis ! , has been routed hy the Guatemalan
troops nt 1'alo. Gr.meyti , vleo president of
San Stlvador , lias oignnbed nBOVtrnnient In
San Halvadoran territory In opposition to that
of : Krcta and ishcuiff aided hy Gener.il Mi
randa , oneof the most Itaportint mon of the
republic. The dispatch also statedtlnitll/ota
had shot itinny peoiilo in connection with the
Hivns movement , a'.nonu them being ninny
Impoitnnt pui'sonagcs ,
J.XET.l'S' * 'Jt VL.'tM I
Ho Calls IClcctioiiH and JiiHtltioH the
Course Ho Has Pursued.
SvRAIVAHOH ( vl.i Li Lllcrtnd ) , August
" . [ Special Telcgiani to Tin : I3ir-Pro- : ]
\i.slonal \ President Hzcti has issued n mani
festo naming September 15 next as the day
wheix-on elections for new memhers ol con-
giess shall talco place to substitute those
tthoso tcims of olllce have expired The
elections nro to last sk dnjs and close on
Saturday , September 20. Tlio new congress
\\lll \ meet In thoSiilviulor national theater on
October 1 , 1850. ( icnci.il l zcta has been
named as a candidate for president The
eongioss will elect n \ constitutional \ pres
ident on October I next.
Generall > eh has ulsohsucd another man
ifesto iu which ho jintiilcs his action In
assuming command of tlio troops and govern
ment of Salvador nt a tlmo when President
Moiicndor wasassasslnated , nnd recapitulates
the cause , conduct and result of the
u'ur. General KzcU concludes his maul-
festo by sayinK tliat 119 lonff as
ho has llfo uud power ho will ac
cept no terms of peace AV 1th GuntemaU tint
do not assnro a complete viiulicatlon of Sal
vador's Injured honor and dignity us un Inde
pendent nation.
Both KUniMKUii and Costa Rica ha\o scat
inmlstors plenipotentiary and envoys cxtia-
ordlnary to Sah'ador to confer with Piesldcnt
Ecta andlnue replied thatthclr'resnectUo
povctnments liavofonmlly iecofnl/cclPrcsl- {
elentEycta's inovislonulgoviinuiciit.
President J zetaVarmy , under command of
Gcner.il Antonio Uzeti , iiumbcrlng 10,000
men , Is now In Guatemalan tcriitorynnd is
advancing rapidly towaid the capital of th.it
An American Imolvrd.
CITV or Mi S.ICQ , August 7. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Urn. ] Colonel Broitn , nn
American r/illroad contractor la Salvador ,
with 300 drilled Americans nnd natives , isrc-
poitcd as hn\lug \ taken nn active part with
Salvador in the bittles against Guatemala.
Ho and his men assisted Hzota during the
prcsldeney ofMoneudez to put down the revo
lution started by Kivai , and ho was among
the first to volunteer to offer aid to Ezotn In
the present \var against the Guatemalans.
There wore great festivities in the capital
of Guatemala yesterday , occasioned hy tele
grams received there from the frontier an-
noiinchipr that a bittlohnd been foupht and
won by the government troops vlth tlio rcro-
tionary forces under comnund of Ocner.ds
Estaniflao Sandoml , Slaxiiuo Cenio ami Al
fonso Jungarey in the department of Chiqul-
The government of the TJnltcd States h
aslted Its roirosentntl\o ) , Minister Hynn , for
information In rejrard to nlfalrs in Central
America. 1'ioni Hyan's ' reply H.is seen that
MIzncrdas been sympathizing with the ( lua-
To Mediate Tor Peace.
IA LmcriTAi ) , August 7. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bur , ] The diplomatic corps of
Guatemala Is making arrangements to me
diate for peace betwoeu Guatemala and Sal
vador. It is announced that the following
countries hnvo , through their ministers , ac
cepted United StaU > s Minister Mizner's
invitation to participate ! Great Britain
France , Germany and Spain. As Mexico's
minister. General Alatcrre , is now on route
for Guatemala , the eiaet position hovvilltake
in the proposed mediation will necessarily bo
dclnvcd , built is behoved ho will oppose I
ou the ground of Mexico's hostility to Miz
ner , unless , perhaps , the said mediation has
its biilh in the state department at Wish
inptonand does not como from the suggestlor
of the Barrillas government.
li n Solemn Prom IHO.
LONDON , August 7. [ Special Cablegram ti
Tin : Bnc.l A dispatch to tlio Times from
Buenos Ayres says : "It Is Impossible to describe
scribe the indignation that prevails hi rc
arising from President Celrnan's playing
with his solemn promise to resign , livery
effort will bo used to prc\cut \ Vice PrcMden
1'ellcpilno fiom resigning , as ho vlll becom
president if the chamber accepts Colmau'i
lesifjnntloii. Ills expected that in the even
of his becoming president , Senorl"
vould surround "himself with the host an
most honorable men. IJvory effort will b
inado to Mistam the credit of the republic
Everybody is disposed tomaho monetary am
personal sacrifices to help any homst govern
- * -
The Queen fllvcs a llnii < iuct ,
LpMOS- , August 7. [ Special Cablegram
to Tim III u. ] The queen gave a banquet n
Oshorao house last evening In honor of Em
neror William.1 Forty-six guests sat at th
tables. Among them were Count Von Ilatz
foldc , German ambassador , and Genera
GeorgeAVoUely , The queen's gold &ervk
from Windsor was used.
Emperor 'William visited the dock yan
at J oitsrnouth today. "Whilo there ho ca .
near being knocked down by the horses al
Inched to the carriage of AdmiralCoinmorc 2l ]
naval coniinandor-ln-chlof , at Portsmouth
As the oinporor was crossing the stieot t
enter the admiralty house ho vas slightly :
struck on Iho shoulder bythohorses attached
to n carilago which -was approiehing the I '
admiralty houso. The emperor narrowly
escaped being Itnoclced down by Jumping
uimhly aside.
The Xnuzlliar A rrcincnt.
August 7 , [ Special Cablegram to
u , ] The ngreoment between Trance
and England ia regard to Zun/ibur has been
signed. Jt is olllcially stated that by the
terms of the agreement I'ranco gives her as-
sentto the establishment of of u. British pro-
tcctcmte. ever < Canzlburaud Muscat lure turn
for the recognition by Great Britain of the-
extension of its sphere of influence In Algciia
and Scncg.il to the N'lger river. The agree
ment also provides thai t'.io Drlthh consul join
Madagnsc , ! ! ' shall talco his oxcquiitor from
the French government.
Wi'lc's ! 0iiiilo. [ > crn Combine.
Lovnnv ist 7.-Speolnl [ Cahlegram
to Tin. 11 . \tain i mooting of the cm-
plojers of South \Valosycsterdaylt wus do-
e-idcj thaU-ho tlmohnd como for thorn to offer
united rcslstanco to the tyranny of the A orl-
ingmun. IU view of a strike cval hw risen
.tfoflat C'ollt 'i ) JHtriKMl.
Quo , August T. Word has
reached here of fhcburnlnpof
on Isle I'arrot , t n miles fiom here , ol
three htmdied puplU vero In attendanuo and
they aroiiovvQuartered in tUc
auclfuriii '
inrMirji.v : : j.v xbKCTiiocvriov.
he Fatlu'r of tlio Tjnw liilka About
HfrrAr.o , N. V. , August 7 , Dr South-
vlck , father of the eleotrlcal eteoutlou liw ,
nldtodiy in an Interview "I fool Just M I
invo nhVnya felt In this mattiT. There Is
lothlnjf against the system , nnel the fact is
here 1m been u goo I deal of senseless , son-
satlonnl talltabout the execution. In fact a
> arty of Indies could sit In the room whoraau
execution of this kind win going on and not
see inythlng ropulslvo nh.itover. If
lie mistake of ordering olt the
einront so mile-lily h.id not bcon
wile there would hnvo been now of this t ilk.
"I tlilnk Keminle-r'a rrono iifTootod these
.lioro about as niueh a * anything. It loolceel
' : oine > , thoufth , nsovieleneoof nientul Incapaci
ty. IIo seeinod to boJUiout \ ttv and
iclpc-dto adjust the straps hi way that was
simply astonishing Jfo , slij I do noteonslilor
, lmt this will bo the list execution by clec-
tilelty , There v\lll \ bo lots of thorn. Uhas
irovon that the Idea Is correct , and I think
ho law Is n good ouo. The execution v\as \ n
success , Keminlor never know vhat Imp-
IKiied to him and died absolutely without
inln. " '
ICc'iiiniler'H HomiiliH Xnl Unrloil ,
Aunt'iiv ' , N. V , August 7. Warden Ihiri-
en stated this aftornoou that the remains of
Keinuiler still Ho In the * room In the piison
rthorotho nntopiy was held jcstorJay. Ho
us not decided whorattio ri'inalns will bo
llnidlj burled. -
Thasiibjecthlchcontlnues to ext-lto the
pivatcst intfirostin coiinectlon with the exe
cution Is the record voltage of the shoclt
which killed him It wits centrally supposed
that the 11 wt shock was 1IOO , : volts and the
second between 1,500 nnd 2OOJ. Ueetiieitin
llariiei , who was in the djrmino room , saltl tome
mo of the physicians In iittondanco ycstor-
dry that at no time vas the voltage moro
that 1,1UO , and that It frequently dropped to SS.
A Coroner's Opinion.
VOIIK , August 7. [ Special Telegram
toTrrs Brs.l Deputy Coroner AVlllinin T ,
Jenkins returned to thla city today after hav
ing witnessed Kemmlor'sexocutton. flosnid
llmt ho believed that if the current had bi'cn
kept on continuously ICemmler A\ould \ liavo
died easily , lie did not , know who it was
that ordered the curicnt shut off after the
llrst shock when It was thought tint llfo was
extinct. Ho tlmiks killing by electricity Is
prcfeiabloto hanging , providing the current
Is continuous until llfo vs extinct.
A lirltislr ICleclriduu's Opinion.
J-O\UON , August 7. Mr. Prccco , chief elec
trician of the postofllcodcpaitmcut , in an in
terview today recalled his denouncing elec
tricity as a means of execution befoio the
Uritlsh association in 1830 , his expcrienco
proving the diWculty and uncertainty of kill
ing even a rabbit Aslth the most powerful in
duction cell evciundo. . The great diWculty
lav in the absence of acctir.i.to knowledge as
to what amount of electricity would bo cer
tain to produce death without torture. From
a scicntille view the Kummler execution was
a failure. , Bojond douU ho buffered intense
Tlio Ellziiljotli Uiotcrs Will Appear
Ild'ore the Grand . 'Jiii'y.
Eu/Ai > r.Trr , N. J. , August 7. [ Spcchl
Telegram to U'ur : DRK.l-Chulcs Klop , Louis
Mau , Felix Jlarx , Emll Voglo , Edwunl Bau-
manadd William Jiillerslxof , fbo anarchists
Involved In the affray with the police at
Ellcr's ' giove Monday night , weio niraignod
yesterday lu jio ewcourt and Justice Hatlldd *
lined each of ilteinOS aad costs for disorderly '
conduct. Klop , Viglcv ( and Miller were nr-J
raigncd on a second chnrgo of ussaultlng Po-1
liccmen Smith , Gorstung , Wind nrnl Otto ,
ami were held in 'JO lull to await the action
of the grand jury. The prisoners denied the
charge , but vero Aery positively Idcntltlcd by
the police. Miller furnished ball , but the
others had logo to prison.Vairantsaro \ out
fortwcnty-tvo moio of the anarchists , some
of whom , it Is said , fled Irom the city to escape -
capo ariwt. ThoCiormau quarter of the city
has been Hooded ulth hand-bills nniionncing
a meeting ntArbciter turnhall Sunday next.
Ib Is supposed to denotinco the polices and
authorities. Noted radical socialists nnel
anarchists of New Yoik are billed to speak.
. Terrible ? Dentil.
Cinnovrixrr , Pa. , Augrrst7. [ Special Tel
egram toTiio BKC , ] Dr. Ollbcit Lathrop , a
prominent surgeon of Montrose , met a sud
den and frightful death near Heart lake. . In
Susqiiehimna county , while driving. IIo had
been spending the day with his aillanccd
wife , Miss Saelio Koultgrous of Jersev City.
On his retum to Jloutrosoho vms obliged to
deiconda steep hill. On top of the elevation
tils horses became unmanageable and dashed
down the grade at bieakneek speed. At the
bottom of the hill is n sharp turn in the rend
and a bridge over n low stream. At that
point tlie > buggy oveitnrued nnel the occu
pants \ > cvo dashed headlong Into the creek.
Dr. Lathrop's head struck a stone anil ho
was knocked senseless nnd drowned before
assistance toulel reach him. Miss Foultgrous
was badly biulsed , but it Is thoughtsho will
recover ,
Short Corn Crop.
Tor-rKA , Kan. , August 7--Tlioroport of the
Kansas state board of agriculture for July In
dicates thatjjrowmg crops In c\cry portion of
tlio atato hu\o \ been scilou&ly injured by severe
drought , intense heat and hot winds. It Is
safe tosay the corn crop this year will notox-
cced 7f,0LOJO ) , ( ) bushels. The jioldofvhc.it
is found to bo better than expected. Thirty
to forty bushels pur aero are reported and the
aggrejwto yield will bo about 2)OODOUO )
bushels. Tlio oat crop , although oshoit , Is
yielding bettor" than expected.
IriNliuicn itniKiuct OUrlon.
LONDON , August 7 , [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : DKU.I Irishmen gao a bancpiet toMr.
and Mis. AVHliam O'Briea ' last evening. The
gathcilng , which lias Miry large , Included
many members of parliament , Fitzgerald of
Iloston responded to the toast to the Irish-
Americans , AYlillo going to the banquet
O'Brien ' was served with notice ol action to
recover Lord Salisbury's ' costs in the recent
suit unless pnhl by the llth inst.
I'aiinina Ontinl
PAIIH , August 25. [ Special Cablegram to
TUB Bun. ] The report ol the liquidators of
the Panama canal company has been pre
sented to the tribunal of tire Selno , Accord-
IUK totho report the total oxiOTidltures of the
company thus far amount to llJHK,0JO , ! ) ! ( ) (
francs , TLo assets on Maruh 3 weio 10,000,000
To JInko Crcniallon Popular ,
BEHMN , August 7 [ Special Cablegram t
TUB Bru.l : 'Iho International cremation
congrcsb lias appointed a committee , consist
ing of members from tlio different countries
represented nttho wmL-reis , for the purpose >
of furthoilng the movement for the cremation
of the dead.
Nine ) ; ) in Kussl-i ,
August 7.-SjKcIal [ ; Cablegram
to THE Btir.J A Hamburger correspondent
says UrnpcrorVllllam will spend uuio ntTt
In liussinon his coming visit lo thcc/ur , Ttr
also mys that ho will ho aucornpanled > > v \ ref
Uhaiiccllor Von C.'iprlvl and the princu of
BaxeAlteiibur ; .
BHU.IX , August 7 , [ Spaclil Cablegram to
Kis.lIlerr Wormuthan altachoof the
Oermiin forolgn odlctj , and Captain Clelsslcr
of the German navy have arrived at Ilollgo-
lurid , whlthor ( hey rvent to rnnito nrrarrge-
menu fur the transfer of the Ul.wcl KOto
Qornmny ,
\ \ ' a Id H trln Dead ,
Lovnov , Auguit 7.-'Siwclal CnUogra
to Miru UKK -Comities j A\'alelsUln , lur
of IVluco Mvttcrnleb , It doil
Tb | 5t t Interesting Exorcises of tlo Week
. tt Gamp Lincoln.
Tin * 1 'tiry ' Guard * IVIn Mrm .Money
lit tlio I't-lf.a Prill ( iciiuiiil Ann
Wyck mill OlltiMS Sjicnlc
III the lvctllll&T ! <
-x , Scrrnton , Nol ) , August 7.
[ Spoehl Telogrim toTur : Uir.J Tlio suc
cess of the Intorstito reunion at Superior is
already assured , although the titlendliifj
throng IMS been greatly disappointed In tlielr
expectations of having several speakers -vtho
hwo failed totippoar. Thogovcinonef bah
ICiinsas ' and .Vobrmko , hud slgnllleel tholr In
tention to eomo to the eincniiipment , bat the
nntlonnl reunion nt Hoston seems to liavo hail
greaterattractions fortheia Senator Ingallsw
tit , put off lilt iioii-ncfcptiiuco of the Invlttv-
tlon until the last moment.
The camp Itself has not thnugeel materially
since the opening day , except tospnnd grad
ually tothoestns \ the nddltlonil troops ar-
rhed. In tlio < < tonirig tlio reunion iissumca
quite another aspect nnd the camp presents iv
pretty plcturo. The aetlvlty and htistloof
tlio daj gives way to slow and tired move
ments. The misty sinoko rising from the em
bers which hnvo done service In the prepara
tion of the evening' meal excites nelrowsy
ficllng among the camping veterans ,
A most phasing feature of the evening is
the state ) reunions. 'Ihoveterans gather In
double line and form an oval , totho center of
vihlchono of them calls the men who had en
listed In the various Mates Often , as in the
ttbos of lovur , Ohio and Illinois , u largo pro
portion 1i of the entire number biealc for the
center , shale hands nnet give tlneo chrors for
the btnto \\liosollaKtlioyhnd \ immheil
out. Uc-easlonally but ono lone individual ,
onu gray-haired veteran , hobbled alone totho
center , lie Is the only soldier from Ids state
\\ltt \ ) isaUcmlitiKtho icuiilon am ) has no com-
Lidc'shnndto shako. When no ono responds
tothostate call , a deep sileneo and awe
spicads over the throng as It views the
result * of twcnty-iito years lu shiittcihiK
the t r.inks. hustniglit , alter the roll of stitia
hid 1 been exhausted , there was a cry lor the
Johnnies. Tvvoex-confedi'rates r expended to
the call. One , Joseph ICnchloy , had belonged
to thoSeventh Virginia civalry ; the second.
A , C. I'oatfe , ton similar corps of the Soionu
Missouri. They shook lianils togcthol and
eieh assorted that tliough ho had fought for
u lint ho believed to bo right , ho had long ago
hid down his gun nnd at the sarno tlrno had
put nsldo all bad feeling. A hundred vet-
nans then Jumped forward to grasp tholr
hands and three ohecrj for there-constructed
Johnnies -\\ere- given with a vim.
Recollections of former war-time experi
ences , when thu solellcrs sat ni'ounel the
i.impllrii anel related experiences of thoday ,
causothe vctoraimtogathcrlii similar conelnvo
again , But this tlmu the subjects cover the
whole war and the same old songs receive
their annual rejuvenation , The men rougi-Q-
gated ut Camp Lincoln are moro sparing of
the -woodpile , uud Instead of a lingo bla/o
the glare of a lialf-dozeti headlights Is turned
upon the surrounding story tellers ,
One by one the old-time window steal off
and cxpoiicnco once moio the pleasures ui
wi n na iho Inconveniences of camp llfo as _
do\vn \ upon the eots or straw. Tha" * '
r-s.- calls and dramming1 continue , but
gbiflually become less frcciucnt. The wntl-
nets and retiring soldiers exchange war crlc .
" .Toovvhcro's , jour mule ) " scarcely bounds
on tlie dump iil ht nlr when the reply echoes
fourth , "Joe. licro'svou mule" Tneso erics
arc tailed with a pcculini1 wlcul drawl rcsorn-
bllnga cry loi-heli ) Soon oven this oiuhant-
Ing jelling ceases and only the night \vatch
kcopsup its continued tread.
In thu space without the camp , the land of
liuoltstorsaudlemonadovondi'rs , sunset jcro-
ntcano marked change In the throng's activ
ity. Pcihaps the cooler air allows
the country hisses to tlip the light
fantastic with moio sprinhtlincas. Tha
merry-go-rounds revolto faster and the
fnkiis1 cries sound louder. Some nttcmplTlo
imitate n snow storm by promiscuous throw
ing of pop coin. Others piesont ludicrous
pictures lu tlielr contortions to devoui huca
slleet of melon without burling thcAicolii
the sticky Juice. This continues until the
weohoursof morning , when the tleldler lajs
nstilohlslnstiumcnt atul the fakir scoks rest.
The signs of thoappioaebliig morning uni
uninlstahablo. Tno horses nolgh nnd
paw the ground. . Impatient
their morning feed. The tetivo nxo
resounds us thu splinters fly from Individual '
momhersof the woodpile. The artillery men *
assemble about their fj'ms Matching u cily"
for Iho ilrst ray of the rlsinf'snii. And tlici ,
as the rcddenliiK cast breaUslntoit llcry glow
the disthiirKO of the caiinon lovciberatca
among the hills and startlca each slumbering
camper from his bed. The atarry stripes ( loat
oncomoro from thoheadnunrtcr'sstall , After
this It is Impossible to clcop The tumping
ot these fetching wood and water Increases.
The horses express audibly their Joy at the
approaching meal , The criers at tholining (
halls resume their occupations nnd the camp
of the nhtht becomes the camp of the day.
.Mr. W. Jl. Shlpniaii , traveling freight
agmt of the Northwestern road , Is hcio see-
inntliathis pitrons rcccivotho proiieraccoin-
mod.ition * . That compiny has established a.
bat'apo room in camp lu order to facilltato
Its business.
Another clear sky ( treated the fourth day
of tlio reunion , but thohoatwna InsulTerablo
and the dust blinding. Vet a large crowd
came In from the country * to vvltnoss what
ha\u x ovcu the most Interesting exorcisea
of the ucvlc. It Uprohuble that 10,000 IHO- ;
plo were in attuidanco. Tha morning | > ro-
gr imnio comprised a parade of all the trams
from thoeiiinp totlio dty nnd leturn. 'Iho
line left tlio icrouadH nt JO.liO with Colonel
Adams at Its head. Colonel Larselero and
Captain Murlln nctcd as marshals.
The Arawhoo , ItusWa mid Uonova
bands furnlfclicd the music.hllo
tlio Nelson , flentva. riurhury and Minneap
olis guards andTopeka and\S yinorohuttcrles
kept step to the inaitial strains. 'Iho rear
was brought up hy the Superior light guards
and a body of uter.ms. Altogether about
two hundred and lift/ participated in the
A lo\v \ In formal speeches wore made In the
morning by Colonel Cagp ! , Major Herman ,
PrivatoGinn and Mr. Himback. but in the
afternoon a number of distinguished meinid-
drussed the vast aiidlonco of uonio thrco
thousnnd Interested hearers. After 8Q\eral
musical selections i'x-Coiigicsmnaii Iliin-
bick intioducod lion , N , V. llar-
lan of Vorli , Kob. , candidate for
congress in the Second district , lie spoke
for so\eral \ minutes laudatory of the vutiran
soldieis , rcylowcJ tiio history of thp cotmtl-
tution down to the close of the civil war and
expressed the opinion that tlio government
should bo moro magnanimous to the soldiers ,
closing amid apiihuihO ,
General Van \VycK \ was then introduced
nnd slopping totho fiontof the phtfoim ho
spoke as follows ! " \\'o \ \ liavo assembled horfl
to relicurso the past for loy and jirollt .Uy
reason of the neglect of the govt'inincnt iu
pelting pensions , the latter am as dlflleult
to obtain today na In times past ,
'Iho republics aie noiuorofjrutcful thamiioa-
urohles or other forms of ( rovcrnmcnt. Ihoso
ciititlul topouBlons can only get them after
long llBhtlnif. At the close of the war the
nntion was willing tovototho last man and
tlio lint dollar. They voted the last man hut
the last dollar Mill lingers , [ Applause. ) The
bondholder was appreciated and paid infold ,
but the nation novoruawthiittlio soldltr wu
paid In gold. Ilia greenbacks dcprcclatoj
luforo they readied homo ,
"Tho huoobof the tovolutlon and thoM'ex-
lean war had to light before getting tholr
service pension , Those of the civil wurlmva
only obtained thorn for the dinuUcu.Vull
street rules the Bovernmont It wuits up
inoracirfuliitlng mcJluin , Itwatits no pen >
ilonn because It says that It would croalo too
large a debt. St.itc-smm in
so ntueh inouoyat wrnrnand that tl.ci wUU
i to build illj.i nut jiay the d * ! : ' . 1" ' "

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