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Orgaalritlon Perfected and Officers Elected
at Ltwt Night's Meeting.
J'iftliVnnl ClllxctiH Ore.-iiil7.onn Hug.
llsli Itrunuli or tliu I'ei-sonnl
iitM liongiiu or
Nnhrn.sk a.
Gnrflold hall wn < ? crowded with republicans
last night when frank Hansoiu mounted the
pint form mid stated the object of the moot
ing was for the purpose of forming a Douglas
county republican club. These remarks were
greeted with loud applause , after which Mlko
LOG nominated Gun-go W. MaUopenco of
South Oumlm ai tompoiiiry clialrinnn. Tliero
being no other iioiiiliiations Air. iSl.ikojicaeo's
election wus nmdu unanimous ,
.As the chairman walked to the front , ho
\ said. " 1 am , gentleman , first , lost nnd till
J the llino , n ropubllc-m. 1 desire to do nil lu
' *
my power to further the Interests of the re
publican party , and , God helping me , I will. "
IPor temporary secretary James P. Hayes
of South Onialni was elected.
Alose Q'llricn moved thut a committee of
so voi bo appointed on permanent orgtmizn *
\ \ . V. Ilechcl moved an nmendment that
the cominltteo consist ot eleven members , to
be appointed by the chair , one from en ; h
win-dot the oily , ono from South Omaha nnd
one from the country precinct * .
Air. Hcchel's amendment Wai carried and
the dial i-appointed the following committee !
First Wnrd-I. S.llascall.
Second Ward D.m O'Keefo. '
.Third Ward Thomas Sivobo. ,
Foil rth W ark AV. IP. Hechcl. '
Fifth Wnrd-I. iM. Phillips.
Klxlti Ward 12. 0. Ciiopor.
Seventh Ward Mike Lee.
lilghthWiird Simon Ktihn.
IN'iiitli Ward-IP. T. Hansom.
South Omaha J. B. Krlon ,
County Precincts I'at AleArdlo of Me-
Ardlo ptx'i-inct ,
Tim eonnnittco then retired , nnd while It
wns " carrying on its deliberations lion. John
Ij.VlHteir was called for , and for ten
minutes itifulo an unthusliistio campaign
speech , during the dcllveilng of which he
i- wns frequently interrupted by applause , lie
v. ' * i/ eulogized Harrison and Speaker Heed , and
v poured hot shot Into the prohibition party.
Jlopuid a glowing tribute to Richards , and
urged nitre-publicans to stnnu by the nonil-
new of the Uucoln convention.
r- ' rJ'ho oiiiinillteo on permanent organization
report--d as fijlowsi l'or chairman , Thomas
Swobe ; for lirat vice piesldcnt. Dr. Glasgow
of South Oimhn ; for second Vice president ,
* Dr. M. L. Uickott ; scci-etury , AI. L. Kodor ;
trriisnriT , Mlko .Leo.
Jlr. Kwobe , ui > oa assuming the chahnian-
Hbip of tlio elub , thanked the members for the
lionor uunfcrml , and asked lo bo excused from
1:1 nkni ( a speech.
Muaea O'Urlon moved that an executive
, ' . committee , consisting of ono member from
' ' each A van 1 , two from South Omaha and two
f from the country precincts , bo appointed.
. A rp Vitn ot Jlftccn minutes vas taken In
u" order to secure the signatures of those pros-
. . cut.
- * , Upon reconvening the list of signatures ,
I- ' showing that moro tlmii ono hundred ImO
„ * . signed , was presented and accepted.
: - - . 'flip president asked for time in which to
llio executive committee , and the ro-
vm granted.
Iccidliif ? to call the organization the
_ county republican club , the meeting
udjourncd , subject to the callof the president.
VirtU Ward League.
Lust nlghta successful meeting ot citizens
of the fifth ward , to organize a branch
of the personal i-lghta league of Nebraska.
\\-us held in Erfling's hall , on Sliorinan ave
nue , betwen Ohio nud Oorby Htreots.
I1. IP. Srhmiko was elected temporary ohalr
man nndI. A. AtalifatiUL temporary secro-
Air. Schnnko stated that at the
lint meeting cf the German branch
of the league ifc had bcoti decided that it
would we advisable to establish an Kngllsh-
f > ] ieakliig section , and in accordance -with
that determination the niceiing hud been
- The chair then distributed copies of the
Croat debate at the Beatrice Chautaunnnbo
twcen 1'ivi. Dickie and Sum Small and lion ,
.1. L. AVobster anil Mr. E. Itosuwntcrof Tin
_ , 13m : . Ho nUDdistributcd copies of tlio prlnci
plea of the personal rights league , whlcli
' '
| P1.'V' VTIV icailwith n great deal of interest.
On motion of Wr. Erfllng the meeting ad-
. Journcd till next Monday night , when olilccra
vlll be elected.
* The VnuVyuk Clul > .
> - The meeting of the independents to form
Tan \Vyclcdubat the corner of Sixteenth
nud "Vyilltuins failed to materialize , owing tc
- n nllsuiidcrstundlng as to the time and place
Is'ot over half iv dozou were present and in
adjournment taken until a later date.
The Sixth Warders.
The Independent club of the north end" o
the Sixth ward is In arms for political pur-
, jwscs. Its members held a meeting n
Johnson's hull 'Wednesday night , with Pete :
'Juttlo In the chair. There was considerable
discussion nbout local mutters , such as de
. tired Improvements in that part of the city
etc. Finally ono man sprung a question :
"How uro we for fjovornorl"
" .lim Boyd. " was the answer , and there
wns cniite a cheer ,
Ltiht night several prominent dcmocrnta
came together nt Hans richununn's saloon
corner of Thirtieth and Siiaiding htreota , mu
tnlked over the i'suesof tlio day , " U'hoywen
for Huns ydiunian for counellman unit Ooyi'
" > . . for govcmor or "anything ho wants , " sail
mi enthusiastic- friend In the meeting ,
' It is the Intention of the Inhabitants of tin
northern portion or the Sixth ward to keej
f upjlhosu ineotings , They claim that rcnll'
s > * they uro the "middle ward" of tlio Sixth , but
lieiiiRu little northward , there can bo no ob
lection to n , strong ilirht for a ROCK ! man
Meetings will 1)0 held nt , Schumann's , corno
( if Thirtieth and Spnlding streets over }
week until utter the city election.
The Sacred Heart ncadomy for ( ! . .
pupils , situated on Stl Mary's nvomu „ ,
and 27th 6t. , isiia Institution devoted to
the moral anil intellectual education o
rotinggirls. The eoursoinelucles every
tiling from nn olanioutnry dopurtmont tc
n ( liiuhed ulnlsslcnl oilucatlon. IJotililoa
the ordinary nciidamic-il courao , music
minting * , drixwiii/7iiiul / the lnnguig'O3-ar ; <
taught. Fronoh is included In the ordi
nary coin-no. Dltl'oronco of roligloti Is m
ohstiu-lo to the rocoivinj * o ( pupils , pro
vlded ttioy conform to the general refftt-
latioiw of the school. The tsclioliuttiu
term ooinmonces tlio flrst Tuesday in
BontuinlKU' . Classes begin nt 0 a. m. ,
nnd pupil * nro dismissed at 3:30 : p. in.
HoViuiUd n Drink.
.1. O'Urlen ' laiigiilshe.-i under n charge of ns-
nault nntl battery. Ho was recently ills-
rhnrgcd from his position ns foreman of n
giixdiug outllt , und lust evening met Sam
CluiM' , ono of his former u-amstei-s , at the
corner of Sixteenth nml Williams. Ho in-
fisted that the latter should "sot 'em ' up , "
and when Chase refused CTDrlcn smoahed
It Is very important In this ago of vast ma-
torlul projfivss that a remedy bo pleasing to
the taste and to the pyo , easily tnkon , accopt-
nbloto the stomach , nud healthy in lu nature
and effects , i'ossesslii ) ; these qualities ,
Syrup of KipsU the ono perfect laxative and
inosth'Uiitle | diuretic known.
$20 St. Louis to Boston nnd return via
the Ohio fc Mississippi railway , account
( } . .A. K. reunion , with iiholiSo of routes
via Now York und Sound , stcumora via
Pounhkcopslo , Hudson river bridge via
Nowbur" uuil vln Troy. Tiukotd peed
August 8 , 0 iiiul 10 , nnd roturnlnt ; until
Boptoinbor 150 , Proportlonnlo rated from
nil points west. Cull on ticket ni'onts of
connecting lines or mldrcss A. J. Lytlo ,
ponorul. western ua-s ongor .ajjout , St.
DIlOl'l'KI ) OUT 01SIGHT. .
Tlio Htrnnjic u'lHnnpojirAiino of 8. I ) .
* \VliltO | nn Oinalin IMiinibcr ,
S. D. White , tbo plumber , Ims disappeared
as cfrcctimlly ta though tlio Rrountl hnd
oixincdand swallowctl him. Knowing his
cmponito habits nnd businesslike ways , his
frloiuli feel consldnrnbly alarmed and uro
using every effort to discover his where
abouts ,
White wni lust soon ono'wock npo Wednesday -
day lilght , At that time ho loft Ms sli > ) p ,
\vcnt over to his room In the Crcincr llnti on
Jorth Fourteenth Btrcct , diniigcilhlsclotliCH ,
irrnylnff himself In his best nppirol , and then
rocec/lod / to the Wlusor Btiiblcn , on Daven
port street , where ho ordered Ills horse
: iltcbeJ up , nftcr which ho got Into his buggy
nnd tlrovo iiwny.
Nothing wus thought of the mutter ut the
The next morning his plumbers , six In
number , reported nt the sliop nnd waited
nrountl nil day Tor him to return nnd assign
them to their work , but ho did not como. The
next morning they hunted otlier employers
und went to work.
The day nflor White's disappearance ho
was nwiiiiled a ? ' ) ,50U contract bv the Jlenil
Investment company , hut us ho did not return
to comply with the conditions of his contract ,
by way of entering into bond.s for the fiilth-
ful performance of the work , the contnic
is canceled nnd lot to another plumber. t
White's shop was left unloi-ltod ixnd u largo
iiinoiint of material \vns on huiid nt thu tlmo
ho left the t-lty , all or nearly nil having ttseu
paid for and mnnufiu-tured ready for uso.
Another straiio | feature of tlio cuso is that
his trifmr , i > onUiinini > a largo quantity of
clothing , wis left in his room , M was nil of
his prlvnto correspondence. The day Ix-'foro
liu left the city ho visited Ills employes nnd
most of the houses with which ho hnd been
in the hulilt of doing business , ami without
giving any reasons , settled most of his bills ,
nt the same tlmo exhibiting n large roll of
White's most Intimate friends are of the
opinion that Wednesday evening ho drove
out into the coinitryas was his usual custom ,
and win met in some lonely spot , whcro ho
was robbed nud murdered. .They nrgno that
ho hnd built up a busiuojs thut was netting
him fully 53,000 * u yeur , and , being without
any debts that were pressing htm , ho would
not voluntarily have left the city.
About TweiityKlvo of 'JL'liRtii Hiijoy n
I'lciilc ut Sarpy Mills.
The "stag" picnic , given at Surpy Mills
yesterday by the policemen who stayed nt
homo while the big picnic was hold nt Arling
ton on July 20 , was the event of the season ,
and was indulged In by tweuty-Uvo oflicors
and u number of invited friends.
The men went and ciimo via carryalls anil n
tally-ho roach , The Ancient Order of Hi
bernians band accompanied tbo party nnd
furnished inusle at Intervals during the dny.
Tlio Ilrst event was a game of buso ball in
which Captain Davis pitted his "Western
Cyclones against Captain'Ellis' ' Utiffnlo Uills.
The Cyclones won by a score of 8 to 0.
After this the events of tlio day were as
follows :
One hundred yard foot race by members of
the band , won bv Douglas ; slow man's race ,
Graham won , with Fields a close second ;
amateur r.ieo , won by Bolun ; special race be
tween Graham and Utoom , won by the
In tbo special race fora purse of10 , Dave
Mnhoney eariled oil' the money and the
During tlio afternoon the ball clubs put tip
another game , nnd , us before , the Cyclones
wore the winners , the score being 8 to i.
In the shooting mutch for points Bloom
hit the bullseyo eight times out of u possible
Returning , the excursion rojchnd the city
nt 11 o'clock last night , while the baud
played "Home , S Yect Jlome.-
To allay pains , subdUe inflammation , heal
foul sores'and ulcers , the iiiot prompt and
satisfactory results are obtained by using
tlmtnld reliable remedy , Dr. J. H , McLean's
Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Itniisy Itoiuicccl.
It Is Umpire Ilnuswlno no longer. Sccre-
tnry Uocho dropped on him yesterday after
noon nnd told htm in tdi > o English thirt , his
services wcrono longer required by the West
ern association. Ho evidently expected to
hemIt , and it did not tnko him long to pre-
paro'to leave the city , where his memory will
live only as a frightful nightmare. Ho departed -
parted on an evening tr.dn for Kansas City.
He knows , however , what President Dick
McCormicl ; thinks of nlm , und ho will not
soon forget , ns it was too forcibly impressed
upon his mind. Not satisfied with making
nn exhibition of himself at the ball park In
the afternoon , ho took occasion
to call President Mc-Corniick to tusk
on the street a short tlmo afterward. JMe-
Cormlck was In no mood to bo trilled with , as
the sight of Biuiswlno revived too many un
pleasant. memories , and when' the latter
opened his mouth the association's president
swung Ills umbrella against the umpire's
head with such hearty good will that the
weapon was shattered nnd the victim's ' bend
eiiino within nn nco of being knocked oft his
shoulders. lie retired from the Held without
further argument-
Arrested Tor Htoaling n
Herman Ilubsen was arrested last evening
nt the residence of his father , T wen ty-soventl :
nnd Grant , on a charge of grand larceny.
James Houston , who resides nt Thirty-thin !
nud Miami , reported to the police on Friday
that a thief hail stolen n new buggy from his
premises. Yesterday Ofllcer Ve.asoy noticed
a buggy hi the alloy in the rent
of Peterson's paint shop on Sixteenth
street , between ( Junilng and Hurt , nuit
upon inquiry learned that It was sent to bo
repainted. .As it ma n now vehicle and liaiT
not been out of thu factory moro than ten
days , ho thought it rather auspicious , that
the pretended ownerahould want the runnlnt ,
gear painted red , nnd sent for Houston , who
promntlr identified it as his property. A
description o [ the man who loft it there led to
Hnbson's arrest by Captain Mostyn and
Sergeant Graves.
Adolf Lalloz. carriagenunufucturer , 119
Carroll street , Buffalo , N. Y. , states : I was
troubled with nnusou of the stomach , sick
hendiichoimdgencral debility. I3urdockBlooi
Bitters cured me.
Dlstrlut Court.
Anna W. .Iono i has commenced suit In the
district court1 to recover $900 from Alvn B
nud Llllio Cook , und also to foreclose a mort
gage upon certain lots In the city of Omaha
The plaintiff alleges thnt Frank Jorum"
Wesley Coppooic und Lewis L. Heed hold a
prior mortgage for $1,000 , and as the propertj
is not worth the amount of the debt she asks
that u receiver be appointed ,
Hyntiifc AValsh nro in hard luek. Accord
ing ton sworn complaint lllcd In thootllco o
the cleric of the district court lust evening , 01
April S3 , 1SW , they borrowed $11,8 U.07 fron
the National Bank of Commerce , due on do
niand. giving their promissory notes for the
sumo. The onlcers of the b.mlc claim that the
payment of the notes has been frequently do
mumli'd , hut upon each occasion Kynn i !
WUsh have neglected nnd refused to nay
and for this reason they have brought suit tc
recover the amount. Suit Is nUo lirough
ngulnst Dennis Cunningham , who endorsed
for the defendants.
County Court.
In the county court , Judgments wcro rcn
dered yesterday as follows : Ilcls va Itoth
olU , frmSii ; SwUky vs Uotholtz , S2
IIowo vs I'aul , sno.OSi Kirst National haul
of Schuylor vs Hoard , fcHJTi.m ; Kirk vs Ked
Held , tftfo.-'S ; Meek vs Brown , fiyr.-tf ; Haw
Uins vsSturgU , iJ.'U.W ; Cangh vs Johnson
$3 M. 10 ; Hlch vs Thompson , Judgmeat fordo
fcndnnt for costs ,
Oumlm Ponrl Iloiiiiny Company.
The Omaha pearl hominy company Illed it.s
articles of Incorporation with the countj
clerk yesterday. This Is tlio cutcrprlso thn
removes from Baltimore , Md. , to this city. 1
inrortwnites in this state with a capital bind
offil.OOO , divided into shores of &OJ. Tilt
ini'orporators are John J. Shonpurtl , John B
Munuhan , William 1 . llulllo , Daniel l-'urrcll
. Jr. . and William L. Bailie , Jr.
The general ofilcoa are to bo located at Kas"
'he EaU Omaha Laud Company's Guards
Put to Flight.
The Staking Out ol * tlio Ground *
Along Ihu Itlvrr liuiik Koroi-
bly ncHiniril by the
At 9 o'clock last evening war was doclnrod
on the grounds surrounding Cut-Off luke on
the river side. The East Omnlm land com
pany , vho claim the right to the property
against nil squatters , residents , householders ,
Tonco erectors , etc. , have been sUiklng out
the grounds for some days past. They nl.io
ind a posse of men to sco that
.lioso stakes were not removed. Last
night nt the hour mentioned sonic of the
settlers thoupat It about tlmo for outsiders ,
is they called them , to quit encroachments ,
nnd they commenced teal-ins up the stakes.
1'licn the war bpjmn , nnd the guards of tlio
East Omaha hind ronipaiiv wow compelled to
beat a Imstv retreat. Ono of them , Charles S.
Ullts , was very rouchly handled ; his revolver
ver was taken fioia Win , Ills clothes torn nnd
iu several \vnya howas made a martyr to a
cause not yet settled In the courts. It was
rumored that several arrests were iuacle , but
at the hour of going to IM-CSS none of the
rioters have been placed In durance vllo.
Today will probably ilnd some of thoUut-Oit
Inko citizens ijokhifj for bondsmen.
A Notable Hcpoii.
"For dlsordercd munsturation , nnarmia
anil sterility , it may properly bo termed a
specific "
Extract from Dr. AV. P. Mason's report on
the waters of Kxcolsior Springs , Missouri.
Another Prohibition Debate.
Lawyers J. T. Morlarty and Vf. A. Ander
son have flung themselves into the arena ,
tnado dates and will proceed to discuss the
prohibition question free of cost to their
hearers. They have uncaged the People's thea
ter , and on the uipht of tlio 15th lust , they
will handle the question :
"KesolveJ , That the pcndinK prohibitory
nmendmontis wroii1n ( principle. "
Mr. Morlarty will take the aftltnallvo nnd
Jlr. Anderson the iterative.
On the following night they will discuss
this question :
"Hosolvcd , That the paisapo of the pro
hibitory amendment would bo for the best in
terests of the people of the state of Ne
braska. "
In this debate Mr. Anderson will take the
unirinatlveand Mr. Morinrty the negative.
Took I'
The Western printing company , dotnp ; busi
ness as a railroad , show nnd commercial Job
printing concern at Tent hand Farnatn streets ,
was taken possession of yesterday morning
by 151h M. Dyer under iv chattel mortgage ,
Following this , the Omaha National bank
liled second mortgage * against the concern ,
These inoi-tKUges , amounting respectively to
$14,8.l.)7 : ) ! ) nnd 55,1)71. ) were Issued by author
ity of the board of directors to cover money
advanced the concern to ciirrv on business.
The first mortgagee ) appointed tT. H. Daniels
temporary ngont , to tuku possession of the
plant and run the same until permanent nr
rangcments are made.
The Morrlsnoy Assault Casns.
The Morrlssoy assault cases were called
before Judge Helsley yesterday afternoon.
The defendants , Kiimny , Hnsford nnd Mrs.
Has f ord , were charged with assaulting the
cx-pollcciimn with intent to kill and with in
tsnt to do great bodily injury. These were
all state cases , and were dismissed at the in-
stnncDof County Attorney Mahoney , who
stated that ho was satlsilcd that ttioro was
nothing in them. The misdemeanor cases
against the defendants are still pending , and
wil } bo tried utsomo future date.
An Old Woman's Storr.
Ilattio Topping is the name given by a
woman nearly sixty years of ago , who ap-
plioJ at the police station last evening for
lodging. She said she came to Oninlia in
search of work nnd found a place at the
Derby hotel. According to her story she
tvoreod hunt all day , but when night came
she was turned out without her pay. She
had nowhere to go and no means ivlth which
to secure lodging und was forced to apply at
police headquarters for shelter.
South Oiualm Hoodie Cnscw.
The South Omaha city council met last
night to Investigate charges against Council
men .Dougherty and Rowley. The case of
Dougherty was taken up , but only two wit
nesses examined , neither ofwhom gave any
criminating testimony. The hearing was
postponed tilt next Monday evening.
l > EJtSO\ JM U.I till.tl'HS ,
N. S. Jacobs of Chicago Is at the Murray.
J. 1' . Vnnco of Crete is at the Merchants.
C. E. Hamilton of Beatrice Is at the Casey.
D. B. Stciuer of Now York Is at the Pax-
E. J. Cooper of tes ) IV lolnes Is at the Mil-
Gcorgo Logan of Salt Lake is a guest at the
C. N. CJurlcy of Philadelphia is at the
N. W. Ilayden of Hartford , Conn. , is nt the
K. Drown of Central City is stopping at the
C. S. Hardy of Chicago is registered at the
Gcorgo C. Smith of St. Louis Is at the Millard -
lard today.
II. H. Hydoof Fremont was at the Casey
last night.
C. L. Graves of Union was at the Murray
last night.
J. Clxdor and W. II. Dlller of Dlllcr arc at
the Casey.
A. T. Putnam of Detroit is in the city , at
the Puxton ,
\V. T. Dai-stow of Ord Is a guest at the
Joan Itonaldson of St. Louis la registered
at the Paxton.
A. M. Van Auken of Denver is registered
at the Paxton.
Ira Kurr and C. .T. Dart of Iloclc Island are
at the Murray.
E. O. j\ll \ nnd wife ot New York arc guests
at the Mllhird.
GeorgoB. Jllgelow of Lincoln was at the
Paxton last night.
J , W. Brcwster of Hastings was at the
Casey last night.
\V. T. Tate of Pliluvlo\v : was a guest at the
hut night.
13. H. Oswald of Xcw York was at the
Millard lust night.
Thomas Sutton of Dcauwood , S. D. , was at
the .Murray last night.
J , C. Ucrson of Hastings was in the city
last night , at the Paxton.
15. A. Donaldson of Milwaukee is regis
tered at tlio Merchants ,
J , H. Mncomberof Ida Grove , la. , is in the
city , ut ttio Merchants ,
John C. Watson and Fred II. Smith were
in the city lust lilght from .Nebraska City.
O. X. Davenport , steward of the Millard
hotel , returned yesterday from a three weeks' '
vacation ut Hot Springs , S. I ) .
Stuart L. Hnydcn of this city , accompanied
by his sister , Mrs , Ashbcl Patterson , and tils
brother , II. K. Huydon of Lincoln , left yes
torJay for Washington In response to tele
grams announcing the serious illness of their
mother , Mrs. Mary E. Hayden , formerly 01
this city. A younger daughter. Mrs. Lieu
tenant llaydcn. is already with her , Mrs ,
Harden resided hero for many years , an
muny friends will be pained toknowofhci
illness. _
' Tennessee's Kluotioa.
CIIATTANOOO.V , 'l'enn.v August " . Hcports
from all parts of the state indicate a quiet
election for county oniccrs , with a small vote
polled. The farmers' nl 11 unco succeoucd In
electing In some counties independent candl
dates. It. J , Lea bus been elected to the
supreme court by a largo majsrltyj TUa
realcst rxi-ltcinont pn vails hero tonight on
iccount of tbo resulLof the t-lw'ion of county
niwrs today. Tfila county , which gives
rdlnnrlly about OIM thousand irpubllcnn
nalorlty , todnv elected the entire democrat lo
ickct. The change was brought about toy
ho new registration liwnnd the Australian
ystcm of balloting , t Julie M per cent of tlio
egru vote wiw lost by the republicans In
onscmienco of these laws. This Is thn ilrst
line sltico tlio war ttmr thu entire democratic
Ickct has been elected In this county.
Oiuahn'R Commit Kn limit" ,
Ciinvr.xxi : , U'yq. , August ? . [ Special Tele-
; mm to Tun IJni : . ] Seventeen members of
ho Omaha munlc'lp'ai coriH3n\tlon arrived
ere this morning cITrouto to the coast , They
vorc ut once nindo tli < 5 guests of the city and
iftcr breakfasting were tnkcu about the city
n carriages to all points of inter-
at. The underground system of water-
vorks was closely examined. Visits were
mid to Fort Kussoll , tlio Capital City park
mil new Union Pacific- shop ) , jiftcr which n
nucheon wns tendered to them by Governor
VVtirron. The party h-ft for Portland early
n the afternoon.
On ileiiinlii nnd Salvador N WH.
CITV OF Mr.vtco , August 7. A Salvador
llspatehsnys ! "Genoral Miranda , accomplice
of the traitor , Itlvus , who aspires to the
ircsldency of Salvadnr , has been routed and
Salvador is now free from marauding bauds. "
V cipher dispatch from Ciiiatcmnla says :
'The revolution is Increasing. Oenernl
trungnry , the revolutionist who eaptuieil
Jhcgumaln , has increasnl bis foa-es by largo
numbers of deserters from tbo Salvadoran
ranks. Dissatisfaction reigns supreme and
the flight of President Uaii-lllns Is looked for
it any moment. "
Caused Popular llt > | ilctiiK-
1'Aiiis , August 7. A dispatch from Buenos
Ayressays : The election of I'dlccrini to
: ho presidency has caused popular rejoicing.
A decree Just promulgated wises tbo state of
siege and declares for the liberty of tbo press.
tlio I'ropritMiii- < l Knglncrr.
.UTTr , Ind. , August" . Tills morning
nt Mulberry a holler in the saw mill of John
Tucoby exploded , killing Engineer Khoe-
miiker and the proprietor , John Jucoby.
Three others wcresorlouslv injured. *
Coniiiiiiuication With Tucson Cut Oil' .
TUCSON , Ariz. , August 7. Tucson is cut oft
from the east by railroad washouts. There has
been no train for llvo days , The damage to
the Southern Pacific company is estimated ut
National Dental Association.
KXCIXMOII St'iuxos , Mo. , August 7. The
National Dental association , this evening
elected Dr. A. W , Harlnii of Chicago presi
A St. Louis i'm m re.
ST. Louis , Mo. , August 7. The Eagle glass
and metal'company has assigned for the bo'i-
ollt of creditors. Assets , SJO.UOU . ; liabilities
Judge Shields Issued the following ntar-
riago licenses yesterday :
Name and address. . Ago.
( William S. Collctt , Mead. Neb 'Jl
llhilly J. Liud , Mesid , Neb
jAlois Vogcl , Omaha 32
jAtina Fischer , Oniiiha CO
Assaulted n CoiiHtnblo.
Alberta Drlffcorn.w\s \ arrested yesterday
for assaulting Constable Casey when ho at
tempted to servo a warrant on her. The
Jrlffeorns and IMcElhattons have seemingly
let up in their family war for a short time ,
and made common cau.io against the police
Gertrude Thornp , an inirmlo of n liouso
of illfame1vjis seized with convulsions
Tuesday iii htuiid was taken to St. Jo-
soph's hospital , whore slio died Wednes
day morning. The remains were taken
to Muni's undertaking rooms , wherotho
funeral wns held yesterday afternoon.
Olive Branch , in whoso houseaiiss
Thorno formerly lived , assumed all the
expenses of the fiinornl , nnd the ne-
qunintunocH of the dead girl contributed
11 largo number of uiafjnillcont Hoi-til
decorations. The romnlns wore Interred
in Forest Lawn cemetery , J. II. II.
Iteedy , n local missionary , ollieiating ,
It Is astonishing how many have recruited
their impaired energies by remaining * u few
days or weeks at Hotel Colfax drinking and
bathing in "OldM. C. " mineral water.
He Also Adopt eel the Client anil I s-
capcd a Illfj Verdict.
"How did you come to marry ? " The
question won naked by nn iicqualntanco
of a prosjcrous ) .looking1 niiinotabout
forty years of ugo , who sat nonr a win
dow in the sitting ; room at the
Gil-aril , says the Philadelphia Prois ,
"M'oll ; " ho replied , after a little hesi
tation , "ril toll you. At the ngo of
twenty-five my fulnor died. Beiiif ? his
bole heir , my mother 'having died nro-
viously , T found upon my hands a rolling
mill in the center of the state. I took
full charge of the works , but hadn't run
thoin six months when n little orphan
boy employed thel-o wus seriously injur
ed , in fact crippled for life. Uo was un
der the le * nl ago , and besides the acci
dent was the result of a gross picco ol
negligence on the part of my bupcrin
"Tho child soon obtained friends to
help him. They brought suit and ob
tained $25,000 damages. I had retained
the best counsel that I Could find , but it
availed nothing. Of course wo appealed ;
but the supreme court put their scnl ol
approval upon the finding of the lowoi
tribunal. Ono of the particularly curi
ous things about tlio matter wns that
the child was represented by n female
lawyer , compntativo j * young and very
attractive and entertaining.
"Now the entire plant , mortgaged as
It wns , was worth only about 380,000 ; so
when the judgment has been sutlKlled
and other costs and charges hud bee
paid , I found myself in very tightened
"Now lunncs the curious part of the
story. The femnlo lawyer shortly nftoi
the case hnd boon dually settled , adopt
ed the boy. Slmrp trick , oh ? Well
mint-wan sharper. Si mo'nths aftorlmei
the ludy at n reception. I must confess
that her charms' completely cnpturoi
mo , and I was ngllong in discovering
that I was in lovo. Certain circmiv
stances , which I need not mention , lei !
me to nt least ho'pothat my feelings
were reciprocated , I lost no tlmo ii
proposing , anil to iny infinite dollgln
was accepted. "Wb were married nbout
eighteen months after the trial and yoi
can ro t assured thut from the very firs
I was very much attached to our little
adopted son. " And ho looked Into the
faces of Ins auditors nud smiled know
An Indoiiciulnnt I'M I tor.
Tlio Item proposes to bo an indopend
cut paper as to politics , says the Capo
Cod ( Mass , ) Item. If u miserable , peii
porinlnt-drinkliig politician shows his
head this paper reserves the right to
chuck soiuo leaded typo nt him , wliothei
ho bo republican or democrat , us It Is
against my principles to bow down t (
any unlit man nominated forolllco nimplj
bofiiuso ho is n republican. I can tula
this btnr.d because ) I do not want an ;
olHco. The nlmshoiitio would io prefer
able If unable to work ,
Mr. Hold boy ( smiling Idlllnt'ly ) The
waves are using you rudely. Will you pur
mit mo to assist ? you to the shore i Mis
Waterly Never inirid , thntlk you. The
waves may bo rude , but they are not fresh.
With your nmno nnd address , mailed lethe
the Swift SucclOc Co. , Atlanta , Go. , la
necessary to obtain n Interesting treat
ise on the blood and the diseases Incident
Skin Ertrottca Otired.
Ono of my cnttorncM , A highly tc pcct I and
inQacntlal citizen , but who Ii now abecct from
the city , baa used Swift 'a Specific vtlth cicc"r.t
result. He tayt It cua-d him of A rktu cruptloa
thnt lie tisil been tomcntctl with ( or thirty years ,
and luul resisted the curatlvo qualities of
other mcillchica ,
llonniiTLIOO , Try -V "
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists.
Tlio mojt wiilcly nnd favorably Ituown spoc-
InllsN In tbo Vnltcd States. Their Ion ? ot-
porlcnt'o , ronmrlciblo skill anil unlvor.ial suc-
i-css In tlio ttoittncnt : , mill cure of Ni > rvou ,
Uhronlo nnd SnrBtcnl Plsoasos , cntlUo llioao
oniiiiiMit pliVblcluns to HID full confidence of
tliu aHllclcd orury vrhrm Tlioy Kiiarutitoo :
tlio awful cll'c'ds of oirly : vleo nnd thu numer
ous mMNtlmt follow lu its train.
SPiMllly | , conipliitoly uuil poriiiniiPiitly c-iivod ,
Niitvots : iiiuiitTY : AND aivXiiAi-Diij-
OKDKUa yield roadliy to their aklllf ul trout-
RiiarnntriMl rnrecl without i > aln or detention
from business.
iiontly uuil succi's-fiillv i-urccl In nvory cuso.
SVlMIIIjlH. UUNOltltllKA , OLEBT. Hjior-
niatorrhra , Bcir.lnnl Wi-aknms , Lost Jbinliood ,
NlRlit Kinlsslnns , Dccnyi-il irnuulllos , IVmnlo
Wuiiknosf nnd nil dolleatu cllwrdt-M peculiar
to I'lthor SHX posUlvuly ciircil. a.s well n i all
functional dlsurilcra that , result from youth
ful follies or tlio excess of inntiiro years.
Ol'ppMf | | > ] J Gunrnntui'il porimmo ntly
Ollvl l U 1VL/ cured , removal vuuipleto ,
without cuttlns , canstlonr dilatation. Ouros
nfTuoted at homo by patient wltlioUS a 1110-
nient'rt pnlii or niiiioyanco.
A Q1IP1 ? rilll" The awful elToots of
/V OUKb VyUlxlvuurly vlco whloli tiring
orjjanlu wp.iUiioss , dpstriiyliiK both mind ami
body , with all Its dreudoU ills , pcnuuaenty
hue ] U'n' Address tlioso who have Im-
Ui\O. llj 1 1O paired tboinsolves by Im
proper Indulgence nnd solitary lublts , which
ruin both mind and body , unUttlng thoia for
business , study or inui'rhw.
SIAUHIKI ) MKN or those ftitorln nn that
iiappy life , aware of physlualdobllity , qulukly
Is bnsei ! upon facts. Klrsl 1'ractleal oxporl-
unco. Hccnnd Every eii'i Isspcclnlly-studlod ,
thus sliirliiiR rlslif. Third Medicines nro
prepared In our laboratory oxuctly to suit
uuch casoi thus clTuctliiguuvcawlthoutlajury.
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
Drs. Merill & Merill
srnuii\iiisTs IN
ClironlP.N'orvmn , lllood nnd Surnlerl nnd
d cnca of the Uyo. Kir , Susy , Trout uu
Special Attention to Jl case.s of AVe
nion nn < l Clilldren ,
Thn doctors Imvo hnd SP.IIS nf ovMrlanco | 111 the
lioHpttnUof ItriMtklyn niul Now York , nntl nru ninon
the most sucot'ssl ul \\ldclyknuivn upoclfllllsu la
this country.
To Vnuiiu nnd > lilllc-AuniI ( Mon.
I < j t Mnnbooil. NerroiH DcMllly , fporiuntorrhw ,
Soinlnul Uisses , I'll ilc-nl urlslni
) Jlorny , ; fnim linlli-
crctlon , prOliiclnB lpeplo iiio3s iloKpumlonr-jr , plni-
plofl on tliu fru'tiivorHlon to noclrty , ennlly ulHuotir-
iiUHl. lurk of rontldcni'o , ( lull , mint for Hudyor biiil-
DL-i.o , nnJ llniH llfu aburdcn , safely , pcrnuiiR'ntly and
Biiccdlly ciircil ,
Kloiiil nnd Skin DlHonneq.
Pyphllh n cllionsa most drcaJful In In roniltj ,
completely enullcatvil.
( J.'iiiu.-UriTinny Huruory.
Oonorrhn" , Olei-t , Syuhllli , Hjrilrui-olo , Vnrlc-ooolo
otid ytricturo rndlonhy unil eiifuly cured without
ptiln or detention Irum LniMnus. , All Stixnal 7)ofor
mlllUK nud Imi'Cillmcnta ' toiuurrhiKosuccussrully ru
All ItecUl il'0.i ! cs infoly nnd pcrrnnnonlly cured.
Hours , On. in. till 8 p. ni. Humlnys. 10 till IV.
N. II. Peraont nnnlilo to vlnll us innr ho troatol nt
their homo * by I'unosponil IK-O. Moillclnui nud In
Btructlonnnont by otpross. Consultation fruo.
Sunil 4ccaUla Mtampit lo Insure reply.
218 FlfHociitH St. , Unuo lto Iloyd's
Oporn Jlousc , Omaha , Ni-.t .
11101'lirnuni Street , Omulni , Neb
It run be fflvc-li In u i-up uf colfvff ur lea , ur IN ur *
tlclr * uf fvi > d , without the knowledge ol the patient ,
Kaeoeiiarr. It taatxolutelbarmlesi and will eHoot
a perznAtiuut and apeody ouri. wbcthur the natlint l
a moderate drtaker or ntialooholla wreck. 11 JSKKi
KA1L.H. it operate , ao quietly aud with tuch cer
tainty that the patient uudornoca no Inoonveulcnoe.
and ere he I. aware , hi. complete reCormation la
effooted. 43rago boolc orpartlcularo'reo.rlupoh del
KUIlNt CO. , IBth&Bougla.l.tlUll&CumlllliBtB ,
CO * Trade Hupplled by IJL.AKE , IIIIUCK & CO. , and
JUOlliHDSON UHUa CO. . Ouiaba.
rrlmirri Fcrondary or Trrtlarr ycrmancntly cured
IrtCOloVO da } . . Wu rllmlimto all i > ol on fitici tlm
rstcint u Iliat there cannevcrto a ii-turnof ILo dl.
ei-'O In any fomu 1'artlocaii totrx'nlfdBtl.oino , ( for
the ranii ! i > rlro - . . < t p. . n H K D n anl umler " '
> auiu iruaran R" I ? Sfli B B B U C tre > " > ul wlll >
tlioso liolire > . V ro'jfu ' Da Q \ fur to cun.o
l.mvo will B D IB 8 I 1 H H tlB contract t o
euro tlicm or W B " B " Rsu'W rofmul all
In ini'y nr.d p y on Uro opcnfo of c 3mlne , railroad f r
oinl hotel ImU. M'orliaKontre Hie world for aciue wo
fin not cure. Mention ihl. r Pcr. dilp-iw ,
CUOK iiXji > Y CO , Dmalni , ytbratka.
fmfTt'rinii f mm the eilt-ru of ruuthfiil error * , c-arlf
> iny , wwtlnif weakiit-M lo i iuaiiluMl. iu . , I will
H'lid a valuable trratlu ) ( M-ali-il ) CDiiluliiliiK full
tiartlrulan for homo mm. I'll K I' of ihnrtA
l > ltinjil | im-illralworki > houhl ixiraU by ctcry
man whn I * iu-rrmuanil _ _ < lf | > miati- l. Xiltln-u ,
Trof. I'.C.
Two Dollars and a
On payment ot tlio first monthly installment you will receive the Hrst.flva
volumes of tiio EnnyulopaKlln. and your subscripliun to TIIH" HKK will becin im-
mcdintoly. The rcmsilninp ; llyo voluinos of the Knuyclopiudlti will bo dollvorod
witliin four inoutlia ; thus by tlio tlmo you have paid only ton to twelve and ono-
half dollars you will coino into possession of the complete sot of thia Ri-ial worlc
nnd will bo rccalviiip * THE B13K every dny into the bulnin. ;
Do you Uno\v whtit the Ainorlcanixcd Enuyclopiciliu lirltnnnica is ?
FIRST. It is a library of the choicest , most useful nnd most onlerlaininp ;
reading on an almost Infinite variety of subjects. It contains tlio history of every
country in the world ; the biography ot every celebrated individual of ancient or
modern times , including all the living statesmen , pcnorals , historians , poola ,
novelists , inventors , discoverers , Bclcr.tlllo men anil thiulcorsof this ninoleonth
century. It tolls the stories of famous voyages and travels , doscrlbon the habits
nnd customs of every people , explains the principles of every scientific in volition. ,
discusses tlio problems of political and social economy In short , swoeiw round'
the whole eirulo of human thought and knowledge , and spreads Doforo you thu
best work * of
More than One Thousand of tlie Ablest Wri
ters of the Age.
SECOND. It is a complete Library of Rofoi-onco. It nwhos no dllToroncj |
what you want to know about , what fnct you want to verify , what alluHlon yotv
want to understand , the Amorlcant/cd Encyclopedia Ilrilanniua will tell you alU
nbout it at a moment's notice- .
THIRD. It is ono of the best Atlases tliat can be bought for money. It con
tains ninety-six now ivnd beautifully executed inapt ) , ineludlti ' a now map ot everyone
ono of the States and Territories of the Union.
FOUUTII. It is a perfect Biographical Index. You can turn to it with per
fect confidence for full purticulai'a of the lilo of any. mini ol note down to the pres
ent year , 1890.
Why , Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica ?
Because that name describes it accurately. It is the Encyclopaedia Brtati- $ |
nica latest , ruition roinodolotl so ns to 111 it for American homes. The original
"Britannica" was compiled by Englishmen for the use of Englishmen. The
"AmoriounizOd Uritanniciv" has bcon rearranged by Americans for the use of |
Americana. The original work devotes special attention to subjects of special interest
terest to Englishman. Tlio Ainoricanixed Edition devotes special attention to I
subjects of special interest to Americans ) . Th'o original work gives no biog
raphies of people who were living nt the time It was compiled. The American-
1/od Edition contains tlio biography of every noted man , whether nlivo or ( load.
The latest edition of the original "Britannica" waa compiled nearly fifteen years' I
ago. The Americanized Edition has boon rovlaod and corrected to the present |
About seven thousand pages. About fourteen thousand column * . Between olffht I
and nine million words. And the whole thing , together with the best dally paper * I
published in Oumlm will cost you less than
Do a little sum In arithmetic. Deduct from eight cents a day the sum you
now pay daily for a newspaper. You will HOO at vrhat a ridiculously small prlool
wo nroolforing you a work bupurior in n tliousand ways to the Hnoyclopiediu
that are bolng olTorcd ut prices ranging from sixty to two hundred dollars.

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