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IK It la .1 sweet lioon to bo regularly
assessed the rncmbcis of tlio nllhuico are
In tlio full cnjojmcnt of It.
Ai.UANCB nidi should tie a string-
llio dollsiis they are lollinp into tlio
\VVCK may bo a man
uithout apvrty , but ho still retains a
fnlr coinmand of tlio pointed terms embraced -
braced in the I'jiglish language.
H manufacturers spcalc ot
America ns "a dear labor market. " It is
dear to the hearts of tlio American
vorlcliifjmen und they propose to keep
Till' farmoraof Nebraska cannot bo In
Biich doajiemto financial straits as the
political leaflets assert when ono hun
dred thousand dollars are more tliancan
bo raised to "blow iu" on n political
Tin ; conduct of tlio campaign 1y tlio
publican congressional cornmittpu
foenis to woriy tlio dtmocrats exceed-
incrly. In the ro-visod wisdom of Mr.
Flaiiijanthatls ( the committees Is
there for.
Tin ; locomollvo engineers as a class
flc&orvo amonuinont of heroic jiropor-
lions to celobrnto their bravery and faith-
JohnUuriisof the LakoShoio
i loud Is the latest oMimplo of their cour-
' nml worth.
Tin : Prcmontors are ahvajs
In Omaha , but they are not absolutely
essential as an escort to Hon.L. D.Ricli-
ni-ds. That dibtlnpulshcd { joiitloman has
a voiy respectable Douglas county following -
lowing availahlo ut any tlnio.
IONSAS Ci7V papers greedily grab
the fiothinps of a besotted scamp about
Omaha SLH goscl ) truth. It doesn't ' re-
guiro much to console the decaying
town by the Kaw , und it is woleomo to
\vhat comfort it can glean from tlio rav
ings of hired Blunderers.
TUB Poruber speech nominating
Blaine for president in 1892 us not intended -
tended lisa boom for Blaluo so much as
n boom for Poraker. Relapsing into ob-
Fcurlty is an operation hich the bril
liant Ohioan does not relish , but is fro-
quoutly tlio futoof mun who climb high
too early in life.
Tin : ruloor mill policy of the homeless -
less mercenaries is lllusti.itedbyicious
snwt8 ou Oiniha and Lincoln. HatIng -
Ing failed to convince the people that
frconlilslty V.M hotter than i oxidation
end icatilction , tlioy attempt to pull
down the loading uitics to satisfy a
pialicloub sphlt. And those wicckers
parade as defenders of homes ,
, K.\in I'liltD refuses to believe that
the Mormons nro sincere in their lonun-
elation of polygamy , How vould It defer
for Ktilo to make a test case ? If slio
could live In Salt Lake City for a period
of sh months without receiving n pio-
posal frinn some susoopllblo baint the
country vould feel like taking XYllford
WoodrulT at his word. Hero is a chance
for Kate to do a service to the govern
ment and society.
Cot.Ucroii AI.EXANDKR'S exposition
ft tlio ArcKlnloy tnritt law , published In
Mds issue , should IWCIAO thomreful at
tention of oveiy reader of Tin : Bi'ic. It
ia a lucid btutomoni of the effect of that
muchdisciibsod measure on vcstem and
nil Amorlcnn interests. It is a most vnl-
iiublij campaign document , and it Is true.
It penetrates the log with which the
democrats hiuo sought to surround the
lu\v ntul lots in the clear sunlight of
common totu-o.
OVH esteemed double-headed contem
porary is trying to iovi\o \ the apirlc of
hope which it rocciitly crushed out In
the hieuhts of Kcmnnd hla followers. It
nowiwks'lio ; \ istirst Thompson or
Koin ? " ami snjs that Is a question about
which friends of the candidates differ.
Onlya fowdajB n jo tlio double-header
presented full returns from the Thiiil
< lstilct mid hnd Tliompson clouted by a
comfortable plurality. Hut that \lo\vof
the c.wo showed too plainly the demo
cratic BC homo of using- the allliuico for
its own ends anil now the "MorW-J/eraH
trie * to hedge. It is too lute , ho over
Kvury ropubltcun furinor Imowsthuta
otufor 3um lnhulf uoto \ for Thotnp-
lltK ISnEFKlfDKK-I . .
The trenchant Icltor of General Van
"Wyck to the inon who claim to bo chair
man and secretary ol the central com-
mltteo o ! the indr-pondont people's
party , ought to oin the eyes of tlio
iionost friends of reform who nro giving1
their support lo tliat party to the true
character of the lenders of the mo'vo-
inont , Tlio fncta presented by General
Tan " \Vycl \ < cannot bo refuted , howo\cr
Tlgorouslj they mnybe denied , and they
convict the inilopcndont lenders
ot a deliberately olunncd nnd pcr-
slitoully pursued course ol chicanery
nnd tilckcry vhiel should cause them
to be distrusted and repudiated by all
men vrho believe that at least some
measure ol fairness and honesty should
bo observed oven in politics.
The arraignment of thcso monclcarly
shows the solC-seeklntr motive which is
nt the bottom of their professed concern
for reform. From the outset o\ery cf-
iurt oltholtttlocabal husbecn prompted
l > y the single purpose of advincinp
the personal fortunes , financial and
political , of its inomljers , und
\dtli rare oxcoptloiis only those -whom It
Jiaa been ell assured A\ould contribute
to this purpose ha o received its favor.
. .Menho \ had the manhood to reluso to
submit to lln dictation , and vho insisted
upon straicrlitfofwiird and honest
methods , luvo not had and do not now
liavo the countenance of the small
coterie of jugglers who achieved the
leadership of the to-colled independent
If these men nro not playingdlroctly
into the hands of the democratic paity
their course certainly justifies the
Icllcf that tlioy are ctitlrelj' capallo
of doing1 so. All their unothoJs and
piaetlces shov that tliey would not bo
llkelj to liesltato at any trickery or deal
which promised tliom personal advant
age. What could reasonably bo expeU-
cd of sucli men were they to attain the
power they so hungrily desire ? Would
it bo safe to entrust to them the duty of
carrying out the -work of political and
economic refoiin vliicli is so neiessaiy
to tlio piospciity and progress of IsV
brasLaV To say nolhiu ) ; of their
Incompetence for such n task , haio
they not most amply demon
strated tliat they lack the integrity cs-
bontial to Its proper pcrfoimanco ? In
llew of the record they bavo made , hoiv
is it pos > diblo tohavo any faith in their
professed devotion to the interests of the
people , or to believe that they might not
bccomo the insidious inutrumonts of the
enemies ol those interests ?
Thcso are questions vhieli the thou
sands of honest and sincere incn uho aio
buppoiting the independent movement ,
in the full helief tliat it Is
the true way to bring the old
parties to a realizing : sento of their
duty to the people , should scilously
consider. Whatever may bo said in
justification ol the independent move
ment , or of its intrinsic merit as a means
of purifying the political sUiuiticn , if It
liavo not lionest and intoilig&nt leader
ship it must not only fail of Us purpose ,
but the effect of failure would , ho very
likely to put the political situation in a
worse condition than it has over been.
This would assuredly ho the case if the
icsult should bo the transfer ot the admln-
Ibtration of affairs to the democratic
President ITartman of the real estnto
exchange is quoted in a recent intcr-
dow : "Wo urodoing nothing and don't '
expect to do anjtiling until after Tfovem-
Twr4. If imoason triumphs over fanaticism
on tliat day , the exchange will bo im
mediately reorganized. "
Does President Hartman imagine tliat
"reason vtlll tduinpli o\or \ fanaticism"
by doing notlilngV Victory cannot bo
nchic\cd without hard , peislstcnt and
united i\ork. \ No tattle was o\cr
von at long range. Jlverj man
concerned in the result of the contest
must get into the trenches and actively
support , tlioso Mho luvoborno the brunt
ot the Cattle for six mouths.
The time to force the lighting all
along the line is at hand. But t\\o \ \
weeks remain for "reiison to triumph
over fanaticism. " A do nothing policy
is fatal. The ical estate exchange , ns
voll as every commercial , business and
souial organisation In Omaha nnd the
state should put usldo ill other ques
tions for the time helng and vigorously
v.ork . to achieve that on which tho.
prog-icsai and prosperity o ( the Btnto
depends. Nor should they wait for
formal Imitations to join the grand
army of Xobioska's ' defenders. Tlio
Aonomous assaults imidoiiponthopooplo ,
the slandora and falsehoods leaped upon
the state and the malignant attacks on
the motives of thobowho dated todiiler
vrith the inipoitod morccnailes , appeals
to the prldo ot every citizen. Having
assisted in making Nebraska the equal
of older states in all tlut contrilutos lo
luipplnessand contentment , they should
indignantly i-epol the assailants of Its
character imd credit -with the zc.il and
devotion ot patriots
Thochnrgo that federal offlco-holdcrs
are more than usually actlvoln tlio pres
ent campaign is rolutodby the > -osultof
an iinestigation which shows that the
imm'ucr of olllco holders publicly cn-
Bagedln campaign work is less thin
one-third of the number wlm wore al
lowed to leave their posts of duty ( or po
litical labor during- the last administra
tion. It is stated that at ono tiino dur
ing the campaign ol 18SO ajinost every
democrat in the departments at Wash
ington ho could nuke a speech.
wus on the stump , and the same "was
tmooftho last presidential campalsn.
In tholattor tlio postmaster general , the
secretary of the interior , the commis
sioner of pensions , and many otlicr
olllcials of loss Importance , \voro \ away
fioni Washington for weeks on ix > liticnl
stumping ; tours , the pernicious activity
In tills a-cspect of federal ofllcoholdcrH
being so marked that oven the mug
wump udmlrcH of the administration
felt callell upon tocondomnlt. There
has not boon n campaign for thirty
joars In which a less num
ber ofouleoholdora toolt u publlo part
thnnnro engaged ia the pending cam-
There was another statement put
forth by the democrats a short tlmo ugo
which they were eo.uaUy uasucccssf ul In
sustaining , This was that the dorks in
the dopnrtmcnts at AVashlngtonwore
bolng pressed for campaign contribu
tions under a threat that -refusal might
cost them their position , whllo
goncrous subscriptions would bo
noted to their advantage. The
( actlsthnt less money hnsgotio outoC
the departments for political purposes
than over before , and so fur as appears
there has been no systcrnatlcofTorttoob-
tain funds from this source. Unques
tionably , n great manyclerlts , perhaps
mostof thorn , have made voluntary con
tributions , as they haae a perfect right
lo do , but that there hwbocn any undue
pressure upon them , or that tlioy liavo
been subjected to nny threat' , tiioso who
have charged thcso things luve beonun-
uble to ehovf by any evidence , and wo
may bo sure If nny oldencoas \ to bo
had they would hiuo found It.
The course ol thoprcsont adnlnlslra-
llon regarding civil sorHco reform , has
not ( 'lvoncomplete satisfaction to the
radical reformers. Possibly it will not
bo able to satisfy them , oven should it
endeavor to do HO. But in respect of
"pornlcloiB Jiclivlty" in politics on the
part of federal oflico holdcritho ) , record
thUHfar is not ono with which fair-
minded men vlll fiad fault. The picsl-
dcntand his chiefs of departments nro
shoving a willing dlspodtion to respect
the goneial jnpular opinion that public
oflioials should mingle as little as posbl-
blo in the political contests of the i o-
ple. _ _ _ _ _ _
ANOVAHOfiTO UlCll.lltnS.
IJast night's grand omtion to Hon , L.
D. Richards isthoansvor o ! "tho repub
licans of Douglas county to tho-o who
have said they would prove lukewarm in
theirBuoport ol the gubernatorial can
didate. Douglas county republican's
have not thiowndovvn tlwir guns and
run mvny. They are \ory unanimously
oppo od to prohibition , but they are loyal
to tlio whole icpublicnn ticket and will
do their part to elect it , " "
Ncbodj whowitiiesscd the enthusiasm
Hint surged wlthlntho four walls of the
Coliseum last night ill doubt thobo
facts , l lchaids nnd Majors received a
hoaity God-tpced from Omaha and
Douglas county.
Pieaidcut Charles Francis Adams has
boon in the west now font fortnight.
During that time bo has had his fingers
constantly upon tlio pulse of the great
railway sjstem of which hols the head.
To a BEE ropresentati\o at Salt Lake
ho gave sin account of his obsoivatlons
upon the condltionof a patient that has
for along tiino occupied the best room ,
in tlio go\crninoatliospltal \ for the euro
of ailingcorporations. .
Mr. Adams reports that the Union
Pacific railway is in a condition of superb
health. His comments on the subject
are marked hya. warmth of enthusiasm
quito foreign to the tempera
ment of his historic "runUy. Ho says he
supposed a year ago that ho hal made
ample provisions for handling- the "busi
ness of tlio roid. IEo counted upon an
increase of perhapatonpor cent , but to
his amazement the Increase is o\or
tivcnly-liio per cent and the facilities
are quite inadequate to the demands
upon it. The road is blocked with husi-
ness wluca it can hardly handle and
overjthlug indicates tliat tnlgrmrvolous
prospertj ia to continue without ulnto-
rnont "Ills inon are worried beyond en
durance. " says thoaisp.itcli/'and nil de-
par tmontsn.ro ruslied to death. " IIo re
ports tbat ono hundred and seventy now
locomotives anil ono thousand now coal
earn liavo been ordered , and that ono
million lies will soon bo put in
needed plaucs and miles of now
stool laid as BOOJI ns possible.
It will bo pleasing to Uncle Sam to
learn that a deMor which CWOB him
something more than lltty million dollars
lars Is in. so flourishing a condition. In
the light of President Adams' ontliust-
astloaccount of tlio road'salTnlrs , It is
cosy to see how the stoclc of tlio TJuloii
Pacific is still highly \alupd.inspilo \ of
Its numerous unprofitable branches and
Its iiitcvininuljlo ritors of watered stocks
and. bonds. Ills undoubtedly a g-ioat
and prosperous propcity , draining a
country that Is going forwaid todovelop-
niontby leaps nncl bounds. A.nd It is ap
parently able to toke care of itself iiitho
Is'o\v \ why cannot this powerful and
profaparous corporationilo bomolhingfor
the people of Nobiaslcn in the way oE
lower rates on local traflic ? % hy
should not the business men and the
army of consumers In this ttnto receive
at loist a portion of the boiieflts of n ,
prosporlty wlilch they have largely as
sisted in croatlngV "Why sliould not the
latosln. NobiMskn como down , to the
basis enjoyed by the patrons of other
roads in other states ? These mo quos-
tlonshniiortant onoutrlito warrant can
Tlio solid west ians much a substantial
political fact us the sol Id south , but it
lives under another lla , It is the bul
wark of lopuMcivnlstn.
Vloived in this light , the present ,
heated contests In ICarms , Iowa and No-
bmeka have signlllcinc-o that is not
measured by state issues , nor even by
the Importance oE retaining republican
supiomacy intlx * lower branch of con-
grefas. In this usiwct ot the ciso the
eontosts In these tluoo states coii-
corntho di-opcr ( question of maintaining-
the Intojjilty ot the republican organi
zation us a wliolQof proteottug- from im
pairment tlio solid center of the
lopubllcjiu line , where tlio hn-
pregnublo baltorics are supposed to bo
located nnil on which the loss rolliiblo
ivlnjj's of the army full luolc to inlly
nguln uftor occiulonal repulses In oil
When the solid soutli breaks It will be
nocoswry for tlio doinocracy to reform
Its lines on new grounds. This will bo a
blessing- tlio country. Itwill show
that tlio ugliest features of our
present politics liavo passed amy.
It will mark the bcglnlng of a. now
era , In which tlio producing- musses
of tlio south und ol the west , -who liaves
many tliiiig-s in. common , inny Bland
tog-ether , But so long as the solid t > outh
continues to bo -unjloldlug ] K > litlcal
fact , thobollilwoHt must remain to hold
up the biiiuior of natlonullty , of
equal rlfilita and of sound economic pol
icy under vvhRjJxIho nation enmo out of
ohnos into tlio frtiMlpht of pi-oaporlty , *
This Is n santM nt that should appeal
to the pildo anujtatrlotlsrn of every republican -
publican In Nobraskn , Knnws nnd lown.
It nlU 1)0 sad nWs for Iho ropubllcntis ol
the United States wlicn the tolld. west
goes back upon Its ancient faith. N"o
local issues InvoTvoil In the election ol
Ro\ernors nnd cuntfrcsamca nro of su
perior importance to this oonsUloratlon
of maiiitalninfj tlio integrity of tlio party
us a national Institution.
Standby the frrfmd old party for what
it moans to the fnturo of the polities of
the United States. Wo shall elect n
president UNO years licnco.
How do tlio people of Llncola rolisli
the letter of "A. Roberts , secretary of
the prohibition state committee , " to
Census Superintendent Parlor. Mr. Hob-
arts had Iho catingo to sign his name ,
an oxampla the anonymous slanderers
and falslRew of Omnlm wisely failed to
follow , but Ills assertions and accusations
uro malicious und baseless. The methods
adopted by prohibitionists for re\enuo
only should arouse the people to defend
thcmsches , their city and their lioincs
from the foul attacks ol unprincipled
agitators. The people of the vholo
state , no less than the residents of the
city , are proud of Iho capital , Its splen
did growth nnd procrrcssho enterprise ,
That it sliould bo maligned "by persons
claiming to bo citizens of the state , its
growth pronounced fictitious , and the
people openly accused of conspiring to
commit fraud , is an outrage that should
bo indijrnuntly i-epelled at every killot
box in the state. And what is true ol
Lincoln applies to every city in the
stato. None are safe from the attacks of
these mercenary raiders.
JOHN M. TimnsTOf is reportrd
as having- said at a ! Mlmio > ipolls gathering -
ing of lopuhllcansithnt President Harri
son is vor. unpopular in Nobr.iska.
This opinion Is in inaikcdcontinst with
the emphatic endorsement which Presi
dent Harrison received at the hands ot
the laigest convention ot republicans
that has ever met in Nebraska und at
the hands of o\ory congressional con
vention as well OB the conventions in
Omaluinnd Douglas county during the
present campaign.
Two yoais ago it cost tlio county
thlity-fivo cents per square yard to do
extra grading aiound the no hospital.
N"ow contractors are tumbllngovoroueli
otlior to do like work tot * the county at
a fraction loss thauthirteen cents. And
the democratic- shouters proclaim that
"everything Is * going up. " The asser
tion however applies only to the democ
racy as a party. {
AN eastern railroad president speaks ,
in. his annual rejxn-t , of the "unconscious
persecution of tha , railroads by the poo-
pio. " It coiUinly is very unconscious in
this pait of the country , but the people
liavo a , lively senuo of tlio persecution
practiced by the railroads upn them.
If it works tbepthor way in thu east , it
is only poetic justfco.
ABSURAXCKS are given that some two
thousand snag-s have boon ruthlessly
tom Eiom the losoin of the Missouri.
The sum of seventeen thousand live hun
dred dollars was at the same time torn
from the federal treasury b } the com
mission for the thesome labor of signing
thopa ioll. There aio no snags on the
THE double-disjointed organ of two
paities throws Kern ovorboird mid grabs
Allan Hoot by the beard lor a temporary
lo-so feast. Bryan committed a fatal
error in quoting and commending TUB
Urn's opinions.
THE nttorapt to force out of the race
thieo of the best democrats on the ticket
deserves the contempt o ( every party
patriot. On behalf of the party without
nn org-nn , TUB Bun' protests against the
insulting conspiracy.
"Wa : commend llio pluck of candidates
Pord , IVlkerandUreen in resenting the
inMtatlun to retire from tlio ticket.
What conventions bavo joined together
lot no collection of political dudes put
THIS in : has ; boon a sulllcioncy of non
entities on the county boaid. If the tux-
pnjors leallydealro a'cform and economy
in county affairs they must see to it that
Van Camp is kept at home ,
Jlotrx.VNar.u is not as giunt u fool as
his enemies picture him. lie certainly
showed good hoisu bcnso In lotreiitiiii ;
with a pot ot five million francs i.ilced
up by his gullible admirers.
x concluded to brncti it
out , The dark spots in his record are
too numerous to bo suiccssfully ex
plained or covered with white wash.
Tim IT. . Bs , o/ the democracy arc
not in a rctlrinjr mood. They prefer
defeat nt the polls to the bilk-btocklnged
THIS inorcoimly' assaults on Omaha
and Lincoln doscp o the unanimous rebuke -
buko of Ihootors of both cities.
" "HUSTON- displayed re-
marka.Wo agility | n opening liis mouth
ntidstickinghm foot In it.
THKIIK will boil large nrmj of disappointed -
pointed dowocfflW ill Nebraska when
the ballots are pijujitcd.
TliK greatest nwit of the hour h the
total wuntofhtftrnionyin the local demo
cratic camp , , ' ' *
ropublieaj'party ' of Douglas
county Is feeling very well , thank jou.
Or Develop 0 o Iiulintry Here.
It would not benbnd Idea to place Can a-
dian rapid transit justice on Iho free list.
Ilosiou'w Horn Morality.
Bostoa's ' funrtlonnries don't think "Tho
Cleaicuceau Cuso" exactly a case for cloin-
cncy. _
Clergymen In Politics.
Altiinti Kipreu
" \Vhat \ has boon ilono In Now York city
should bo ilono clsowhero. The cryluijiieoj
of Iho times Is hotter municipal government ,
If Now Voilt nccjj It Alb my oertuinlv de
mands It , and our local clergymen could not
ilo better thiin to Imltato tbo excellent
cximplo that tins bcon sot by their lirothrcn
of Now Vork.
Hut CHontH Don H Tflko to Tlicin.
Oonlaii Commertlrtl.
Largo checks are nhvnys faslilonnbto for
Inwyon' ' sulti.
ii Matrsinon.
Chicago Inlfr-OfMii.
A Brooklyn Democratic piporarlscs to do-
mimd "free postage. " The country nwy boa
little short on iwtntoe * , but tbo irop of
statesmen Is heavy thliycnr ,
AViiula Upttci- Obey It ,
The N'o foundland povcrnincnt should
cease 1U cfforta to rcpe.il tlio Unit law. The
law ni to bait Is that if you waul to flsh you
must cut it , and It should bo allowed to stand ,
He Toolc > n ClinnccB.
JudRC You robbed ) our benefactor In
moat shameful vay. Do ) ou feel no com
punctions of conscience !
Defendant Bctoro nnswcrlnp , sir , I would
like to consult my counsel ,
ffcw I'oiV & 'KII.
A woman la KpbrasUa lately wrote the
R0\crnor \ ot that state to Inquire If there was
any premium or bounty for tilplotsancl to
mention that If tlicro ATIII slio wa ciitlltoil to
it , The ROicrnorwas compelled to Inform
her Unit the state hns neglected to encourage
census trios .As tlicro nro about ns many
political parties to the sqmire Inch In Tsc-
braska this jear as the soil -will stand , it
seems us If some of them iiil Ht tnlte up tills
a bounty fcr trip'ets. '
XX TJIK J'OX.jirJTC'.llv SM'fJl.
When zealous Mr. Holt Introduced Ills
field-day resolutions before the ministers' '
meeting yesterday ono could have hoard a pin
Chop. Not a word was said on the subject ,
and thoulucrlty with which other business
was taken up - wasory , very noticeable.
Verily politics and prohlbltloa don't nilx.
And now comes the startling announcement
that "Warren Switztor ( UcL-raao for Schwclt-
zei ) Is making his eampiljrn on tlio claim that
he Is n German-American citizen. Ills al
leged that vuy back three or fourRoncratlons
hilho nioldjcobnebby , past Mr S-wltzlei's '
ancestry caino direct from LlmburBcr , whcro
Saucr Kraut Rrcwou trocs nnd Stehers of
beer rnn riot on tlio Rlnno. But Uow will
tills information woik when given to the
silk-stoelclng associates of Mr. Swltr.lcr who
have formerly , with him , renounced their
forefathers In thoold country and rolused to
rccbftnlKs their countiytncn as they passed
by ) This is the burnlnR question that our
filcnds of Teutonic origin will hurl at Mr.
Switzlcriu the -present cninpnien.
Uuffalo county alliances have already paid
&M into the hulcpendcnt campaign fund , nnd
now * Borne of them are ungintcful enough to
ask wboro all this money has gono.
The dcmocratlomanasersin DouRlaacounty
have adopted n new schomoto dispose of tlio
\\elKhtthatls tlio ono distinguishing
feature of the party's legislative ticket ! It
dlda'b sound \vcll to come out and announce
to the vorldthnta poit'on ' of tlio ticket vas
not worthy the suffrage ? of tlio motors on ac
count of the Incapacity mentally nndothcr-
vise nnd so a new plan for unloading liad to
bo devised. The solution of the problem lias
been offered In the alleged discovery that
tlicrewas an error In the records of the sec
retary of tbo county convention nnd tbat
some otthcmcn on tlietlcltct didnotreceho
tlio number of votes nccossaiy for n nomina
tion. This claimwas made by
tlio county delegate , uho weio
B importing C. .A , Lyon for the loglslatlvo
nomination , and the nldni served as a loophole -
hole fortlin county central committee to pot
out or nn emUatrassiUR situation. Tha
matter hns been referred to a committee for
imcstigation , The records of the conven
tion clerk have been produced and bets aio
olTercd without takers-thai when the com-
niltteo reports It will be discovered tliat J. C.
Brenunn , "Chance" Fclker and ono or two
others will bo dropped from the list all on
account of an oi-ror made In countlnff the
veto in the convention.
"Don't ' you bollovo any reports that claim
I'm not la it , " said Pat Ford yesterday. "I
puess any nnawho pays his assessment Is
allrlBhtandl'm ready to pay raino. "
The dotnocratlo assessment roll for cam
paipn purposes constitutes prlnu faclo e\l-
dcuco that nil is not harmony In the ranks of
\mtcrrlfied. . Not many jenrsago when a
prominent Omaha democrat was In the race ,
in which ho proved a winner , for conprcssional
honoislames , K. Boyd wasn contributor to
tlio cainpaien fund to the modest amount of
S.y > 00. This was considered liberal and , as a
matter of course , reciprocal liberality has
bten expected bytno dcmoewtlc managers In
this campaign with Mr , Bojil as the object of
expected faaow. But the facts show tint
tlio democrats vho ere forumly lionorcd
aio cither forgetful or ungrateful. When a
ciy forllnanclal liclp A\ent up from thoSamo-
set brakes a few days ajo ; tlio men who had
profltedby Jlr. Uoyd'sfJ,500io.pondcd b 'a
inwslyT'O contribution. This explains wb )
tlio democratic candidates for honors on the
county ticket nvo gioauitur under burden
some tissessmonts.
A dcmocru fiimtlinr with the situation
said : "Them Is and has been considerable
dissatisfaction with tlio county ticket , but
tlio nolso aliendy nmdo won't bo n marlcor to
tuo hovl that will go up troni the candidates
when the assessment for campaign purposes
is made , Tlio nioiueildeiuociats nto not com
ing to lime and tlio cntlro expense of the
county fight will have to bo borne by tlio
candidates. When tlio central committee
slaps u OO assessmouton each of the bona-
torlal cundiditcs and about MOO on each of
the other candidates I luiugino you'll hear
some merry music
Hon. OoorgoV , niake , ehait-man of tbo
indopciulcnt state central committee , was In
tlio citj ycbtcrdiij nnd called upon TUB B its.
Mr. lilakosald for the present no had noth
ing to My In reply to ( Icneral Tan Wyck's
open letter addressed to his committee. IIo
added , howotcr , th.it .Tay Burrows had noth
ing to do with the dictum excoimnunlcatini ;
Senator Van \Vjck from the Indcpcnilcnt
party. *
ftlTILK Hli * 1.KTX.
St. Joseph News : Do Marcus ' ! hear
poor \Vluto 1s lyinif at the point of death , "
St , Agcdoro "LyhiK , oh ) Well , well ; the
rulhifj passion fatrotitf in death , you know. "
Now Orleans Piccayuno : Yale hai
adopted now rules and a now R-itno of foot
ball. This may require new professors In
the college.
Chicago Trlbuno : Mr ChcfTOtcr-"Sj-
iiunthi , I linvo acouplo of tlckcU ton lec
ture ttili ovenliiK Want togoV
Mri.ChUKwatcr 'MVhat's ' thousoof ask-
in , ; mo , JoblaliI I ha\cn'ta \ thin ? to\vtiar. "
"All tight Then we'll go to the opera. "
VMIK O.I VfiK * > ! '
"J'wns In a broach of promlso suit , tholettcn
ull were read ,
And here Is u hut the opening vords of each
"Dear Mr. Smith , " "Dour Friend , " "Dear
John1 "My Darling Pour- Leaf
Clover , "
"My Owucst Jock , " "Dear John , " "Dear
blr , " then "Sir , " and all -was over.
Ho Will Sue the Lincoln Journal forTwonty
Thousand Dollars ,
Only One Breath of Krco Air Is
CroakerCrookcO-Hnil Ills IVilb'n
i'nrfltnourViwstcil Oilier
Lincoln Nona.
LINCOLN- , Neb , Oct. 20 [ Special Tclo-
pratn to IIIK Dn-Jny : Harrows , editor
nnd publisher of the .Alliance , is madder to
day thaa n March Imro nnd wet hen com
bined , Not only did the reply of Senator
Van " \Vyck to Burrows' ' bull of excommunica
tion , published in the momliiR UEE , stir tlio
soul of the farmers' dictator clear down to
bis toe nulls , but on top of this the morning
Lincoln Journal contained n charge that Bur
rows had pocketed $10,000 of the Independent
campalgu fund.
To say that Burrows 13 mud Is putting it
wry mlliHy , nnd when ho uas met by your
corres | iident thU afternoon ht oycswcrfl
still Hashing Ilro. Ho most cmplintlcnlly
denied the assertions in the article published
In the Journal anil denounced tlicu as mali
cious fabrications from beginning to end. Ha
said further !
"I hare hail no connection nnd have now
no connection wlntovcr with the commit too
handling the campaign funds. I have never
received or distributed any campilgn funds ,
lam not the custodian or distributor of that
money. All I have to loln the llnoof llunnco
h to receive the bonds from the treasurer.
The assertion that 610,000 hat been collected
is not hue. Tlio fact Is tint not less than
11,000 , lias been lecclvcil for tbo campaign
fund. I luuo nrudo up my iniiul to sue the
Journal forf.'O.OOOdamiKcs for itsslmnlerom
statementsund , lam now on my unv to sco
my attorney In regard to the mutter. "
iioviin or cnuoATioML i. vi > s.
At the ineeUiigthla morning ot the board
of educational hinds ami f mull , Messrs. Lucse ,
Stecii and Cowchy wcro niesutit. Attorney
( lenerat Lcese picsenUd thefollonlug !
Re olvcd , Tlmt the Mate tronsurcr lo nnd
hereby Is Ulreutodaticl Instmcti-cl lo iiuy o < il
of tl > purinanciit scliuol fund the uisi | for
all stutuurrutiHfor piyinentwliun n levy
lias bun uiailu top.iy suuii warrants.
This was unanimously passed , nml will
sileuco curtain complaints heard lately of
moneyloimcis buying wairants from state
ofllclaU and holding them for tbo 7 per cent
interest tliat tlioy draw.
It vas decided to nutliorizo John Brady to
liavo section 10-18 l.r ot Bunilo count * sui-
eycd , and after the land isapiiiMkod , Ilmcly
Is to have the right to lease or putchuso It n't
the appraised valuation.
The following resolution of Interest to poi
sons delinquent on leased laud was also
pissed ,
Whereas. Thcrearo nlniesont n largonuin *
licrof c'ase < ( tnlliitiiu > iitfit jiayinent of suiul-
aniiuallnti.n-it. und
Whc'icas. It would boa luirdslilp to force tlio
luynuntotlliu samu at tills time , therefore
lo It
Hi-solved. That the commissioner of puhllo
lands and liillllnsbound ) ] io Is hereby in-
stniutril toilclnylho iiiy-nitiiitoC thu iM for
llio lorfelLino of : ill < ldliiiiui > nt whocil land
leases until the fuithoiordcro/ bounl.
Lotli , blouk l.Vt. city of Lincoln , was or-
tiercel to OoadveitmoU and olTered for sale
and Ic-iso. Lota4) ) , 41,45 , and 4li of section
M , townsliipS , range 14. Otoo oountv , were
ordered suneyed , appraised and leased.
ThofolloHiujj was nlso pawed :
Whereas. Thn lioatcl of cducatlonnl lincls
trail funds iigiucil to purcliisu Tor tlio liuiu--
lit of tlic iiuriimiicnt sunool fund fc'i.oooof tlio
nfuiidlii ) ; bond.s otOuinlii count ] , thcrefoiu
bo It
Kpbolvcd.Tlintlhohtato Ireisurcrhoand Is
lierobj Instructed lo jny the t-aMi for bulil
lnmd > > from the piriiitintnt .school ( nail.
HtHolvo < iTliiitlliu bonds of hiMiiinii county
noxv Iiildliy the state bo ujkdiniigcil for the
iifinilluK bonds of said Shormitu loiuity mill
the tiusuru 1 > and licK lioioby InstruuLi-U
to inn In ) thooNUliiliKO In uccuiduiitu nllhllio
of said lounty made to this
OVI.T ONE wuirr OF ruin : AIH.
Tomorrow JobnBatlcr , xhovas sent t <
the peultciulary for iltteen months for steal
Ing hop , will breathe free air again. The
ch.iso after Butler after ho committed UK
crimed as a most excitingono. . llownspar
sued nsfux-as Onnha and then ho skippec
across the Missouri ilxer intolova. Uequi
sitiori papers wciosccuicd fioni the go\cruoi
of that sta to and the chiso continued clear tc
Burlington. He tlioii cot across the Mlssiss
ippi river Into Illinois. v\Kain reijuUllior
jiapcrs were uoLtcn out anil tlio fupritixovn -
pursueil through liitr svillo and Moiimoutli
nuil ttnally nas i-uu down in Cialcuburp. lie
vas brouirlit back lo Nebiuska , arraigned ,
pleaded guilty to the crlmo of gnind luixcny ,
nnd sentenced to eighteen months Iu the pent
tentiuiy. Through his good behavior ho has
gained three mouths peed tine. Tomoirow ,
, ifter ho ilotfs his convict garb uud dons the
garb ofun oiilinnr } ' citlzeu , hovill get Just
one whiff of free air , as hoUU find Marshal
Mullah and Detective Mulouc waiting tore-
celvo him A\itli open anus and a pair of hand
cuffs. They want him for disposing of cer
tain yrogorfy which bo had mortgaged to O.
W. Spc-irs , of this city.
AS KA-nUAlllltAX Ut : .
J. 0 , Grooker , who foiinerly acted as
CUiirdUn foi : i young { .Mil of fourteen named
Marion W. U. Smith , -was let out for cause
and a now cunrdnn named 0 C Jluk chosen
instead Uicently l ink brought Milt against
Croolur to conipuhini to glio upanoto for
tihont tt , ( > OUlifch , it was clnnncd , he was
holding Illegally. Toil \ < f Uiooltor filed an nil-
sner intho lounly couit. lie did not den j
the allegation nn'iin&t him , but simph ca-
teicd the plcv of non-Jnrlfadtcllon. He luhns
that the eti o belongs piopeily to the district
lIVKTIin nil.VMOtlt AUKKSiri ) .
About elglit weeks ao there abpcurcd in
Tins 13iK an account of howIM lioliiiibou in-
\ltcd the po'lco ' foico to witness his tnuulor
\Villlaiu Johnston for Kissing Ills wife , tint
whoa it came to the climax Itohlnsou failed
to carry out his part. It appears now that
Itolmison was concct In his ihnigcs of Inti
inaov lotwten his wife and Johnson , as last
nlRlit ho caught thorn in llagrantu dclictu
nnd lie caused the pai.unour's nricst. Tlio
case vlll hmo a lieuriiu ; tomorrow.
IULD roit iitn.xcii OIMONTIUCT.
Hd GottUault has sued , T. U' . Winger , the
incrcliaiit , for J'J.TUO foi breach o [ contmct.
Gottlimilt says tint ho nindo aerval \ con-
tiactUth Wingtrto wit a certain block for
nlodslng hoiibO IIo then bought furnlturo
vith vhlch to fuinisli the bousonnd nhon
liooflned the rent to WInKci ho lofusmMt.
Ho tlicrofoie claims to ho damaged . ' .71KI
voith ,
GovcinorThajcr will onttr Into the polit-
ital t-amjitHRii from tioiv unlil election day
vlth nh his old-timo vigor , In company with
(1 , W.I ! . Dunoy lie -will iiiiiUo spcechea at
the following pliiics this wuik :
Tuesday ntturiioon ut the Uiviilo Center
InrhecuoYednesduy cveuingut I.oxingUm ,
Thursihy evening at North I'lnttu , Trlday
1'ildii ) iifteiuooti at Sidney , und Saturday
vftumeon atlCiuiball.
r.Muriioiu/r.n iNstnANcr.
An Inquliy oddresscd to Deputy Auditor
Allan conocrnitig the following msuwnce
companies ilevelom the tact that none ol
them nro authorized to do busldess in this
Pioneer insuranio company , Chicago , III ;
Manufuetu tors' mutual insurance company ,
MllwnukceVIs. \ . : Wisconsin mutual Insur
ance ) company , Milwaukee , Wis. , Northern
inutanllnsurancocompmy , Slou-x City , la , ,
Anchor lirolnsuianeo company , Creston , la. ;
Mutual gunrmtco insumnco roinpauy , OUn
ton , la ; ] ' , irUorshiir Insurance company ,
1'arkci-sburg , XV Vn , Sumca County inu
tual insuraum company , Tiftlii , O , CJhlca c
inutuul liiburanixi companj , Cliltueo , 111. ,
ManufauLurew mutual insurance company ,
llatavla , 111.
OHM x.sn I'.Nii-i.
The now noted Nancy Jeniilo May Avll
case ha again hceii coiitin tii-il In the tount >
court. It vill boglveiia hearing la thocarlj
turt of NoM-mbcr .
.MmConlalii , the follow who assaulted Maj
Smith wltha whtsky bottle and almost killed
. j\.f
tier , was uriulgncd ui jiolicecinirttoaaj.
the girl Is Improving ho was iliniity clurgeil
\\lth \ aiiaulnnd va-s lined ? i1a diosUs ,
A numherof the Grand . .Armyeterans \ ol
Llncola on Joi I'd a trip to Wavorly Satunlay
night , whorou most enjoyalilo cnnptlre win
held. In tlie company v < era noticed the luce :
ofBnmMcClar , H.V. lIonRlnnd. O.M. Tar.
Uer , H , O. MoArthur. lee 1'eoters , Wart
Iltnvo nnd others. Mr. iloagland xvas chosen
mniter of ceremonies.
Ulnrenco Hawk , who carelessly discharged
n shot gun Saturday night and shot Mr.
Baldwin In the nock , \\M airalgncil in the
po'.lco ' court totlny. nahln'iudld notnppcaf
aL'alnsthlm , and , ns ITauk olnlmctl thatthu
ilhcluugo wnsnu accident ho was released ri
I'oouloUvliiRln the Alclnlty of Twonty-
olglith and Q are loud In their prlsesofOnieor
Keano , ho rlskixthls life this morning to
snio Rlrs. OothclC from Injury In u collision
between two hugKlet.
J , O. Wneinpnor , the drugslst on Ninth
nrjir 1 itreot , l charged with soiling liquor
on Sunday and \varruiithas been sworn out
Tor his arrcat.
( lovornor'llmycrhni l ncd notorlil coin-
niUnloui to Wary M. HobhliiB ot St , Doroln.
ISilJ. Hatch of Urniiil Ishtul , , T. .1 , C.ihler.
scUo ofVnync \ , Henry At Morrow otOniahu
anil 1C. II , KshbatlKhoi Holdrcdgo.
Iho fartncM1 adlanoo goneial store of
Madrid Ims iiicorpoiiited with u capital stoclt
The Secretary of tlio Dourer S\\ltth
inon ntanpiicarM wit It Mom < jr.
ItKNvrn , Colo. , Oct. 20.-f Special Telepnin
to Tun HuK.J-Tlio Union Pudltc switchmen
hn\o something clso besides thulr troutlu
v , Ith tlio company to Uillt about. On Sului
any night the minor gained ilrculntlon that
E.J. Coonoy , president of Iho union , had
sWppodout with about $100 belonging to the
organization. Itwis conllrmod last evening
tliat Coonoy had loft the city on the night of
October 11 with , funds belonging to the
union nnd that nothing had boon seen or
beard of him since. W. J. Dlxon , secretary
of the switchmen's union
was seen hyiiro-
poiter for Tins Hin lust cvcnlnp. and stated
tint Coonoy was chixh-min of the bill com
mittee nnd tliat ho liait loft the city -\\itli
about 100 belonging to the union. IIo siM
Coonoy turned In SJJl as the receipts of the
ball given a-ueolc ago anil also n bill whlchha
claimed was pikl amounting- $1 IS , which
was allowed him to pnv for sonioof the looked
out switchmen's boaid uttho MtlDonru house
on Larimer street , but \Uiloh , It was after
wards dlsco\crcd , had never boon paid at
Ho stated that tlio ropoit that Coonoy 1ml
pot nwny with the fnnili which the other
labor OKanijMtlonshad donated was mi trim
and thatho didnothavo tlio handling of that
money. The only money thuL ho not
uuny with was the receipts of the
b.ill ontertalninont. Cooney slaloil that
ho was going to Chicago with the
committee on grio\ancos eonslttlngof T H
Tull treasurer. George Calvcrt and O C
Gitton to lay their grievances before the fed-
oiutcd board of t > \ \ itulimen IIo did not
nnko any ronort or the bill flnnnces to the
secretary , as ho loft two hours after obtain
ing his piss und didnothavo tlmo. Tull , the
tii.isurer , and tbe rest of the comniiitio
reported all right on ami lug In Chicago
cage , but nothing hns been heard of
Cooiicy. The secretary stated thutUoonoy
nny hiuo bunked the money before going to
Chicago nnd th.it lie mny return and miiko .1
statement shoitly , hut there la .1 rumor afloat
tint Coonoy vent away vita n woman ,
Cooney has nlwnjs berne a good reputation
and was regarded bj the swltclimen mini lion
cst mini. It was ho who lln > t concoiud
the Idea of glUugnb.iU In aid of tholot-ltod
outswitchmcn. Helms Innttled a great deal
of money for the union nnd tin to tbo present
tiino hia secouuts liavo nlivnvs been straight
as a die. Some of the liot-licdded nicmben
ai-over.viiidigimnt over the intttor , but tlio
cooler ones sconi to thinlt it will turn out all
Humors tlint n. I'luii'lH on font for
NEW Youic.Oet. 20. [ SpoolnlTolegram to
TinDTE. . ] Olio of the llrst pissengei-s to
land from the Cunnrd steamer Umbrla , from
Lherpool nnd Quicnstonn yesterday , was
Mr , Gcorgo C , Magoud oftho llrm of Klddcr ,
J/eabody & Co , of this city , vho represent
tbo Baling Bios , of London. Mr. Magoun
went to England some tiino ngo , itwas said ,
to Influence Dullish capital in the intcrestor
a icorg-anlzation of the sug.ir trust In this
country. The fuct that Messrs. Cecil and
Thomas Caring returned with him oa the
Umbrin , m well ns Colonel John McCook ,
who is ono of the li\v lirm of Alexander iC
Gicen. counsel for the II.i\emoycis , lent
color to the rumor that the sng.ir tmst , w.is
to bo icvlvcd. Mr. Majjoun umphiitlcallv
denied that the sugar trusthadbecti rcorgan-
Further than this he refused to say.
Porliifjucso I'rotrstnd In Vain.
iNVinui , Oct. 20. [ Sperlal C.iblcnun toj
Kr..Advieos \ reccUud heio by ineam
orilritish vessels whloh have arrived froB (
tho/Cambeaio river , state tbat tlio Hritish
gunooatentered tbo river oa Octobers , do
splto tbo protests of the Portuguese authori
ties , Iii their company was a stonracr ho
longing- the British African lake's com
vany , which had jn tow a flotilla oC lighten
uzid canoes laden with stoics and munitions
of war. The ontiio 7 > opulation Unocl thu
banks of the river , shouting , tUncing and
clapping their hands. Tlio 1'ortuguosn inado
a vctbal protest ag.ilnst thu fjunboats ontci-
LiiRtho nvor.
IiUNnuN , Ott. 20 [ Special Cablegram to
Tim Brr.l Tlio governor of Moxamblguo
lias notified thoRowrnuiunt that the llrilish
South Africa company Inn occupied Mutassi
itiidUeu. The Kovoinor hUtcs Unit the inva-
ilOHOf tllO 1'OltllgUCiO HtJltO Of Mlllllc.l OC-
3Uiiod before ( ienoiul Sons i \\iis suinmoiud
tiytho king to form n i.ibinet , and that If
iiij body is responsible- the luvwion itli
3cnhor I'cn-ao , the former prhuo minister.
1'tirin * l olloy.
Ilut'iris , Oct. 20 [ Siiec'ial Uihlcgi.un to
I'm 13 rp ] The Congo statu gnvcriiinont
[ iroposes that attirillof Ifljicr cent , approved
by a conference of the powers , uo enl > ninlii-
uiined in the casu of Ilicaims Ou iiuinoroiH
irticles the lariT ( will be induced from it to li
[ icr cent , Textile fabrics will bo especially
l Ki reman ICil led.
I'll r ni no , 1'a. , Oct. UQ. The boiler of a
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1'hucausoof. the explosion Is not known.
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9iilnorlbcd anil Guaranteed Uapltul..t. ' > 0 .000
l > nld In Capital aM.000
Iliiya and nulli stocks andl > ondi ; iicotl itoi
comnicrolal p per ; roi-olvis and ixeoutoi
Irinlt. ; actsnn triinHfcr uucnt and tru tt-oi (
Borpure-tliiiiH , taUoa churKo of property , oul-
[ cell taxes.
Omaha Loan&Trust Co
S. E. Cor. 10th and Douglas Sts ,
raid In Capital . . . I 5 > .C01
Bulmurlljod ami Ouiirntitovd Capital . „ 100.001
I lablllti-oJ StoctihclJiirH SOO.OD9
C 1'er Cent Intorrsl Paid on Doyoilln.
1'HA.MC .I.I.AMJIC , UuHhlur.
Officers : A U.7ynian , prcstdciit. . ! . J , llrown ,
ylco-jirc ldcnt , \Vymnn.troaiurur. .
DIrcotori : A.U. Wyuiai ) , J , H.Mlllunl , J. J ,
llruwn.auyO . , Uutton , D. W. Hast , T
George IJ ,

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