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The tcmporaluro , ns reported by the
loealBignalolllcc yesterday \vnsas follows :
At7n. in.140' at 10 n. in.,53 ° , and at 1
p. m. , 03.
Msu. Marks 1ms sworn out n warrant
in Justice .Anderson's court and asks
that her brojhor-ln-luvr , .Tuck Lotvroy ,
bo lit once arrested. Jn her complaint
eho Rwenrs that she fears tlmt Low-rev
will do Kreat bodily Injury to her child ,
one A. 0. Shaw.
I > tie ItccoBtilllnii When True Merit Is
Once ISslnbllslnMl.
AViw Grant n great gcner.xlconccdcil. ! .
What mitilu liimsof
AVhcti U S. Grant was hauling cord-wood
into St. I.ouU hi * nciKhboM did not imagine
ho would becoinu the most famous man of
hit generation. When ho was manuring the
little tannery In Galena no ono of tils Intl *
mutes recognized In hint a futurohoro. Hut
bo displayed qualities which should have
fmtltllcd them ho win no common num. What
wm theio about hiinl
If yon start to build a single story shanty
you pay little attention to the foundation ;
you may lay stringers In the sand , with llttlo
tear the building will full. But If you pro-
posoctoctliiK a ton-story block , your archi
tect will tell you you must go to the rock for
the basis of your foundation , or the stately
structure Is liable to tumble about your caw.
The foundation of a great man h tnor.il
force character ; this Is the loolc founda
tion. The nhlftlcss man holes If bo never
BUctccds. Grant nour used an oath n sura
Indication of monil character. Ho never
told , or listened to , If he could help it , a vul-
Knrstoryi thisihowcd peculiar moralllbre ,
nn unusual strength of character. Ho was a
man of opinions-as his wife said , wasobstl
nate ; In other words , ho had will power
Thcso qualities , with peed judgment , well
balanced mental powers , and peculiar execu
tive ability , supplemented by a military edu
cation , lilted him for the emergency when It
camo. As soon as his merits became known
success was assured. This Is always the
case , -with things ns with men. "I well
know tlio value of Warner's ' SafoCure , "
writes M. Carr , of the Hotel Bennett , UliiR-
linniUm , N. Y. "In 15)811 ) had Ulfllculty with
my ltldnc\s. The doctors did not help me.
1 was bndlv out of rig. Ono dayn traveling
man from Utica advised mo to tiv "Warner's
Safe CuiiJ. The llrst bottle did so much
jjood that when my family doctor called I
threw his mcdidno out of the window whllo
lie was present. I continued to UM > "War-
' until 1 well. "
iicr'H Sato Cuio was entirely
The test of merit is the accomplishment ot
the matter In huhd. The best Is that which
is most certain.
Ho Scores Prohibition Organs for
Tlitilr Disreputable Prautiucs.
Since the uublicatlon of W. T. Seaman's
card In Tin : BEE , denouncing- Leader , an
Omaha prohibition organ , ( or its sensational
fnko In legard to the Omaha census , there
have been rumors to the effect that Sir. Sea
man had also renounced the prohibition
pnity and would vote against the prohibitory
As Mr , Seaman hns been tno mainstay of
the Leader , and was supposed to bo ono of
thoiiolitlcal leaders of tliu prohibition party
in the state , this was received with some
surprise and n good deal of satisfaction by
leading citizens who are strongly opposed to
the pussiigo of the amendment. Ono of
these gentlemen said : "It is thno that
Scuuian camu to his souses. His property
Interests are too important to bo thus jeopar
dized by any action of his , nnd I understand
that tils business is bclnjj Injured by his open
light for prohibition. Maybe ttiis has some
thing to do with his action , which , on the.
whole , Is a very sensible one , sa far as bo Is
concerned. "
To verify this report a BKK representative
called upon Mr , Seaman yesterday morning.
In reply to tbo question as to whether the
report that ho would vote against prohibition
\vuro true or not , Mr. Seaman replied :
"It Is not true. I shall vote the prohibition
ticket , according to my well known princl-
plcs.but 1 emphatically denounce the methods
used by somoof the party papers , particu
larly the Voieo , the Leader and the
Lincoln Call to stultify Omaha and
llo about her , I shall vote as my piinciplcs
are , oven If I should bo the only man in
Omaha to do so. I feel ns greatly outraged
as any other citboii of Omaha at the wrong
done our city. I tun not and never have been
a manager In the party in a political sense ,
but hnvo been nn ardent sympathizer ,
and when the editor of the Loader made the
base assault upon Omaha that ho did t ic-
Bolvecl to quit his paper and himself. In
publishing the matter In question the editor
of the Leader used his own Judgment anil
did not consult mo as ho should have dono. "
While the reponcr was In Mr. Seaman's '
ofllco ono of his employes stopped to
the telephone and told the printer
of tlio Leader that If the forms of the paper
were sent up to that olllco for extra copies to
bo run that ho was not to run them , and that
existing extra copies were his ( Seaman's )
In this connection , Mr. Seaman said ;
"I have been the whole linanclal support
of that paper , but have withdrawn it en
tirely. "
' 'Is it likely , Mr. Seaman , that the publica
tion of the sheet will bo continued when
your support ceases I" nskcd the reporter.
"Whllo I do not like to appear egotistical
ty saying thattho paper vtlll go under upon
the withdrawal of mv support , still
I consider ll extremely doubtful , hut
yet n possibility. 1 have seized ,
lor destruction , all the undistributed numbers
which contained thollbclous census article In
order to prevent the publication and issue of
any more of the copies. "
ConthmliiK , Mr. Seaman said ; "I have no
jiersoi al feeling against nny anti-prohlbition-
Ist , but I resent any blow at Omaha , whcro I
have lived for twenty years and where all
my interests are , and vote according to my
convictions , but ! am not at ull In sympathy
with disreputable methods of helping even
my own cause. "
Mrs. Mercer , manicure , 401 Bee
"The Slaughter or the Innocents. "
Lotting- your children die with diph
theria. Dr. JolYoiis' preventive and euro
ia infallible. Twonty-livo years' trial
lias proven It. Prioo $3.00. Address Dr.
Thos. JulTurls , box 057 , Omaha , Neb.
1'rcpnrations Ielii Mnilo for a Grand
DUplny Next Month.
The management of the big poultry show to
bo held m Exposition liall in this city , from
November 211 to the 80th , has arranged nlso
for a bench show , and asks dog f anclors to
Join it , Accommodations will be provided for
nil classes of thoroughbred doijs and pre
miums will ho awarded as follows :
Fifty percent of entry money to the first ,
thirty per cent to the second , and twenty per
cent to the third. Dogs will bo classltlod and
cntrauco money will bo divided equally.
Entrance * fco for each. * l. All dogs will bo
returned frcofrom Omaha If accoinponloil by
certificate Irom the secretary that they were
on oxiuuuion at umuiu ana bavo not
changed hands.
Poultry men or dog fanciers are requested
to patronize the premium list for the big
Omaha show.
further information may ho had from the
ecrctary , John It. Mefjahan , until November
19 , at Lincoln. After that date his head
quarters will bo ot tlio Merchants' hotel.
County Oftlcers' Reports.
The coroner's report of jurors' ' and wit
nesses' fees duo from May SO to September
80 , as submitted to the county commissioners
nt their last meeting shows 2aO witnesses and
B"0 Jurors , at ft apiece , J.VJO.
The quarterly report of the county Judge
shows i
Total receipt ! I 47305
Totul ipoudlturo < iH.OQ
Hatanco cm hand , . .t 51.03
A similar report from the county clerk
Total receipts , tl.l&OS
1'otaloipoiidlturvs v , 1,043.00
Balance on hand . . , , J 110.03
Mr. Harry Winter , who was formerly con
nected with Dewey & Stone , but now located
la Hyde Park , Is visiting friends in the city.
Anil Jlns Ills Oaso Unmoved to the
United States Court.
Judge tyundy held court for a short tlmo
ycstcruay to hear motions In cases whcro
both sides wcro represented. Tlio session
w.w held In the judge's chamber and several
attorneys were present to request orders.
GcortfO L. Osborn of Davenport , la. , ap
peared by attorney and asked that the case
of Geortfo It , Holloa against Ocorffo L.
Osborn bo transferred from the district
court of Uoono county to the United Stales
ooutt. This U n suit to set asldo a deed.
Holton Is a resident of Boone county nnd
Osborn Is nn attorney who represents an
Iowa itiortpaRO and Investment company.
In his petition for a transfer of the cuso to
the United States court , Osborn stains that
there Is a strong sentiment la this stnto
among the furmcw , and especially in the
farmers' alliance , ngalnst foreign loan com
panies. Ho f urthor says that the farmers' al-
ilunco Is a ncll oipuiizcd and far-reaching
organization and it would bo impossible tose-
ctiro a Jury in Hoono county which would not
Include n member of the alliance within Its
number Ho also charge * that the plaintiff ,
Holton , Is n member of the alliance nnd that
the defendant could not scjura a fair trial in
that county or In nny other district coutt in
the state on this account.
The piayorof the petitioner was granted
nnd the order of trans for made.
Niels Seleroo was allowed twenty days In
which to enter a cross-bill foreclosing a second
end mortgage In the case of Laura I. Dan-
croft against William II. Lntcv. Solcroo is
the contractor who erected the bilclc bloolc
for Latoy at the corner of Sixteenth and C.w-
Iclhi * stieola and took a second mortpagn for
$ y.OOO on the buildltiK to sceuro his bill. The
orlfrlnal plaintiff holds a mortgage $ ' _ ! 9K)0 ( )
against the property , representing money
loanc.l to erect the building.
Judge On ml ? p.ivo Loavltt Burnham
authority to notify the street railway people
to appear tomorrow and show cause why they
nhaild not bo lined for contempt of rouit in
not paying the claims of the commissioners
unpointed by the court In 1S ! > 3 to adjust the
rtllTerenccs between the cable tramway com
pany and the old horse railway company , It
will be remembered that the two companies
settled their dllllcultles by consolidating. The
costs in the case were paid , but the company
fulled to liquidate the dalms of the three
commissioner1) ) , Messrs , k. Burnhum of this
city , Thomas Corilgaa , a Kansas City sheet
railway expert , and .Louis Clements , a Han
Fianclsco chll engineer. An order was nude
by the court nt the tlmo requiring the com
pany to these claims , but no settlement was
made. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
District Court.
This week has not opened In a very Inter
esting manner in the district court.
Judge Doano'took up the case of Doll U.
Edwards vsV. . II , Smith to secure the re
turn of certain goods and chattels.
Judge Ilopewcll stalled out with the case
of August Durmon vs Omaha National bank
for $ -JM.r > 0 , rent for the store room at 007
South Thirteenth street.
George 13. Darker 1ms entered foreclosure
proceedings against A. C. Lichtenbcrger and
others on a mortgage to bocuro the payment
of some $800 in notes.
J. H. Millard seeks to foreclose a mortgage
given him by Mary L. Turner to secure the
pavment of f > lO.
The Nebraska Savings nnd Exchange bank
seek to foreclose a mortgage Riven It by
George M. Cooper and ( others , The amount
involved Is ? llii , > 3.
Ono thousand dollars is the amount -which
the National Dank ot Commerce is seokimf to
obtain of James Cotter and others In the legal
way.HughQ. . Clark brings 1'orcclosuro proceed-
ngs against M. M. Marshall and others to
obtain $750 duo on notes.
Tlio same plaintiff brings similar proceed
ings against Daniel Warner to secure MOO ,
also against Martin Peterson to obtain | o50
duo on notes.
Coehran , McLean & Co. sue II. C. Miller
$1,031.83 , on a Judgment recovered in Leo
county , Iowa.
The trial of the case of Nicholas Bruce
agalnsl the American water works company
was commenced In Judge Hopewcll's court .
yesterday afternoon. In 1888 , when the
company was constructing the main from
Florence to this city , Bruce was employed as I
n laborer , receiving $1.75 per day. On the
7th day of June of that year , ho was working
nn open ditch , carrying n pig of lead. When
ho was In the middle of the plank , ho slipped
nnd fella distance of eighteen feet. liTtho
fall , as ho wont down , ho struck against
some obstruction nnd broke an arm. For
this ho Is now In court and is socking to
recover 15,001) ) damages.
In Judge Donne's ' court thojcasoof McDon
ald & Ogilvy against Herman E , Cochrano
was tried and submitted to the Jury. The
plaintiffs allege that they prepared the plans
of a house for Cochrauo and ttiat ho rctused
to pay for the same.
Charles F.Xhninennan brought suit against
the city to recover § 1,000 damages , but his
case is now out of court. In 18SS , when
Twenty-second street was graded , the plaint
iff owned a lot nt the intersection of that
street nnd Leaven worth , on which there
were two houses. As a result of the grading
his property was placed in n hole , and a
heavy rain coming on during the month of
Juno both houses wcro submerged. Ho nt
once commenced suit against the city. Yes
terday the case was called in Judge Doauo's
court and after the testimony of the plaintiff
had been Introduced the court Instructed the
Jury to llnd for defendant , adding1 , "that when
the city doslies to Improve a street it is not
necessary that It should llnd out whether or
not the lots on either side aroup to grade. If
a man's ' property Is below the grade and it is
overflowed and damaged it is unfortunate ,
but it is something for which the city should
not bo held responsible. "
The suit of the Omaha banking company
against /.ilia Ashby was commenced in Judqo
Uoano's court josterday afternoon. The
plaintiff sues to recover $5,000 , which It al
leges Is duo on a promissory uoto dated last
October. _
IIoii. JohnM. TIntrrttimTellH What lie
Haiti About Senator I'addook ,
"Havo you seen the dispatch in Tin ; Bnu
from Minneapolis representing your Inter
view in relation to Senator Paddook's vote
against the conference report on the RlcICin-
ley billl" was asked of Mr. Thurstou by a re
"Yes , nnd I am glad of this opportunity to
correct the misrepresentation of that report.
So fur ns I am concerned , I am used to hav
ing what I say misquoted nnd misrepre
sented , but I dislike to have my statements
mi sreprcscntcd la such n manner as to do
nn injustice to Senator Paddock. lam Quoted
la that Interview as ba.ung :
" 'So far as Senator Paddock is concerned ,
ho probably had other reasons for opposing
the bill ( MeKlnley bill ) , inasmuch as ho ob-
Jcetcd to the clause placing sugar on the f rco
list. '
" 'Why sol1
" 'Piobnbly because ho Is the proprietor of
a largo beet sugar manufactory , ' was the
slgnincant roply.
"I did not make any such statement , but
did say , 'presumably because Nebraska has a
largo beet sugar manufactory.1 So far as
Senator Paddock's ' action ns a republican and
a senator from Nebraska Is concerned , I have
almost always been heartily in accord with
Of d In UUllou * ot HoraM
It. 1 caanot approve , however , of tils vote
on the McKinley bill. " II ho was rl ht In
that vote , Senator Mnndcrsoti nnd Kcpro-
notitatlvcsConncll nnd Dorsoy wore wronir.
That bill was tbo product ol the bent Intelli
gence of tbo republican | artjr. In voting
npilnst the conference report Senator 1'nd-
dock voted to retain the old law , vrhlfh Im-
poacd n duty of 2lf cents per
iKinnd on bliulliifr twine , whereas tbo
SlcKlnloy bill reduced it to MO of
1 cent iior | > ountl. Ono tiling ii ecitnln , bis
voting nK.dnsttho. bill hns uccn ono ot tbo
strongest rami > , ilf'n nr iunctits of tlio Oemo-
cratlo party In the west , nnd It h s made It
very much linnlor ( or republicans to win In
tbls campilirn. "
' Tlio McKinley bill h bolnBinlirepiosented ,
not only by doinorrati , but by nmiiy rcpnbll-
cnnavhotr.wo never read or compared It
with the old Inw , In my JudKinent It is only
necessary for any vcasonixblo man tocompiiro
the two acti In order to satisfy himself that
the McIClnluy bill Is n iniitcrlul reduction of
the tariff , nnil tlmt it bus only Increased the
tnrlftoti nfow maiuifaetures , In order to en *
ablotho Americans to manufiicturo their own
Roods , 'i'lio republican pmty stands for tlio
McKlnlev bill , nnd jint us soon ns tbo coun
try baa nn opportunity to study Its provision *
and witness the effect of Its enforcement , tbo
Aincilcan people will bo enthusiastically In
Its favor. "
Swift's ' Specific is the great
developer , of delicate child
ren. It regulates the secre
tions ; it stimulates the skin to
healthy action , and assists
nature in development.
There is no tonic for child
ren equal to , oO -
Send for our treatise on Blood nnd
Skin Dlscsiscs.
Swirr SIT.CIFIO Co. , Atlanta , Ga.
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists ,
OMA.11A ,
The most wldelj- and favorably know * spec
ialists In the United States. Tholr long ex
perience , remarkable skill nnd unlTeraal mo-
eesi la the treatment nnd cur * of Nervous ,
Ohronlo and Surgical Diseases , entitle those
eminent phyalcluna to the full confidence ot
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rom business ,
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fight Emissions , Decayed 1'ucultlci , Fomalu
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mictlonil disorders tfiut result from youth
ful follies or the excess of mature yean.
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without cutting , cntistla or dilatation. Oiisus
affected At homo by patient without a mo
ment's pain or annoyance ,
A CITTJI7 niPTJTho awful oltoots of
ft-OUKU UKll early vice which brings
orfranlo weakness , rtcitroyln ; ; both mind and
body , -with all Its dreaded Ills , perinanonty
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r > H s
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proper Indulgence and solitary habits , wliloh
ruin both mind and body , unfitting them for
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Chronic Diseases and Deformities
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cvvAimisioliK c6u.Kfii . . .
Opens Oth montli , tuli. Is'JU Ttilrtr rolnutm from
llrona H. Htmlon , 1'hlU. Un l r rare of Jrlundi.
lull collosu oour ui ( or both IUTOI loauini toclnul *
cil , Knilamirlnir. Sclenlino , uml l.ltirjry ilok-rcoi
lleuHlilul loc tlori. niu-nilvo iniunili. lnillillniK ,
niicUlneihopi , laboraturlei , auU llbrarlci. lor lull
, Acticj rreii < ] ut.
Each Season
Has Us onn | iccohttf mnl.i < ly ; tmt with tlio
Mopil iiuliitaliidl Itiastatoot iinlforin vigor
ninlpurll } , by ( lie ni ot A > cr's Sars.iiarllln | ,
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condition ) . Coinposfil u ( tlic licsttillciT.tlvca
ntul tonics , nnil tRlng highly cnnccntr.itcd ,
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ccononilcnl of nil lildoil incillcliic' .
Tor some jcaMgt the return of sjirlnR ,
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\vns unable to t\etf \ nlglilSi nml suflcrcd
greatly \\lth jinli 'lii the small ot my lack ,
I as nlso nfillctctllth licailaclic , loss ol
appetite , anil Imllfrostlon. Tlit. " * ' sjiiipUiins
\\ere much worse last splint ! , uspfdally the
tioublovltli my back. A liluiul pelsuatlcil
me to mo AJCI'S S.irsip.nllli. : I k'Kan
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, Muss.
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I'ltKrAltKll II V
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Boldby JDrugtrl.n. * liliS.Vortb * 0-
COMMENCING In tlio Following
tulro :
Monday , Oct. 20 Momla.v nnd Tuesday
The Favorite Actress ,
Wednesday Evening.
Dion Ilouclraiilt'ii clmrm-
Inf louieily
Uiulor tlip innnnncmont
ot AtiKiitliis ritiin.
Se-its-iiow on ' 'ale. '
D ime
WILL lAWhnil. MA NAG Ell.
'riicMlnaturo llltxtrlc Itnllrond. .New Collection
ufViiv iluuruiVait anil I owlur nupportud t > r n
ulninniiiniy. | . In tliu fnrrp , "Flllr In DiiLlln"
DAY'lON MSTKI13 Hiinjii oiiM | nnil Dnnici. Km-
crfMjil inn ! .Mlllljiirn , Huiio SMO ! nml KnHHImi
X.ullku , tlio 1'crslnn Furtuno 1'oltoi.
THIJ ! "O. "
The flfjuro o In our dates will make n lens ' "S" .
Ho man or U'oman uow living will ever date a
document nlthout using the ftgurc 0. It ntands
In the third place In 1EOO , wlioru It will remain ten
years and then move up to tccond placa In 1900 ,
where itlll rest for ono hundred jcnrs.
There is another " 0" w hloh hns alsooorne to stay.
It Is unlike the figure in ourdntos In the respect
that It has already moved up to first place , where
It will permanently remain. It Is called the "No.
9" HlBh Arm Wheeler i Wilson Sewing Machine.
The "No. 9" was endorsed lor fltit place by the
experts ol Eurojic utthe I'urls Exposition of 18S9 ,
where , after a scvcreoontest \ \ ith the Iciullnc ma
chines of the world , U was nuardcd the only
Grind Prize given to ftmily sewing machines , all
others on exhibit having received lower awards
of gold rncduls , etc. The French GoNernment
also recognized Its superiority by thodecoratiou of
Mr , Nathaniel Wheeler , Prekideutof the company ,
with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.
The "No. 0" Is notian old machine Improved
nyon , but is an vntirily new muchinn , and the
Grand Prize at Paria.was awarded It as the grand'
cctadvanccin tewinR tnachlnu mechanism of the
ago , These who huylt can rest assured , there.
( ore , of having tlio very latest and best.
185 nnd 187 Wnbnab Avc. , Chicago
220 North Sixteenth Street.
- A.T
13O2 Farnatn
City Fasaeacror and Tloket Agent
rVeino ' < " HyfteriA.IIliilnMirtiKinir ! lgjaW ko-
fulnen. Mental Utfura + on. Hoff nlnircir tlio llrnln.ro-
ultlnir In Intanltyaad leadlnir to mlicrjr derir unj
detth , Premilure OM Age , lurrenntw. Low of Power
Incllhor tax , Inrolsnttry Lonen. ami Bpcringtorrhcea .
cftuse l br over xixtaon o ( Iho brain , cvlr.tbupo ur
Off r Indo'eenct. Kftch box contain ! one mont b 'i I reat.
m nt. II aboi , antt < fur It. rent by mklliirrpald.
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ISlODodgo Street. Spectacles accurately
tilted.G. A.
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Merchant : - : Tailoring
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, ,
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season , There is not a store in Omaha or any\yherc \ clc in the west that occupies the floor space or
has anywhere nclu tlfc room that \ru \ have , The assortment of overcoats we display on our second and
third floors , is greater than any two large stores combined can show yon. We make a specialty in
overcoats , and our prices cannot be touched by other houses.
One glance at pur prices and at the quality and make of the garments , will convince yon that yon
would be doing an injustice to yourself if you buy an overcoat outside of our house. Our variety is im
mense ; we have all grades and can suit the rich and the poor. Our lower priced garments are all of
durable material and substantially made , AVe want it distinctly understood that we handle no sati-
nett or shoddy goods of any kind.
In boys' overcoats we also show a larger assortment than yoifcan find elsewhere , and at no time
were such low prices put on them.Yc are determined to make our boys' ' department the busiest place
in town. The quantity of boys' suits we have sold already this season , is simply amazing ; and wo
want to sell as many overcoats. At our prices everybody can afford to dress his boys neat and warm.
To judge from the way our Men's Suits arc selling , they must be very attractive , and poo-
pie must find them cheap. We have never clone a heavier business in' our suit department than
we did so far this season. We are already getting1 in duplicates of lots sold out , and every day
\ve open up new shipments. The advantage of coming to us for your fall suit is , that besides
getting it so much cheaper than you can buy it elsewhere , you will find in our store every day
something nc\v \ in pattern and style.
Samples and catalogue sent on application and goods sent by express with privilege of
examining. If not satisfactory in every way you need not take them.
Open until S p. m. Saturday , 1O p. m.
Nebraska Clothing Co
Corner 14th. and Douglas Streets.
A Sewed Shoe Co.
- : - OMAHA - : -
Are the Exclusive V/estern Agents for the
The largest manufacturers of rubber footwear In tlio world , Wo carry the only complete stoclr. of first-class rubber
goods in the city. Prices always the lowest. Correspondence solicited.
"A cheap bargain
takes money fr'om
the purse , " and
brings disappoint
ment in the end. A
good bargain is an
honest exchange for
value received , and
gives lasting satisfac
tion to both buyer
and seller. Our fall
and winter selection
of Men's Clothing
and Furnishings
( to which we are
constantly receiving
additions of the lat
est and the best )
warrants our an
nouncement of
A Tnll Set or Teeth
un Huhbur , for
_ 1'ivi : DOM , MIS.
A perfect fit Ruarantoctl. Tooth extracted
without put n or flniincr. anil wltloui nimus-
turtle * . Gold and slher Jill us ? ut lowo-t
mien , llrldgouml Crown Work. Teeth wltb-
uutpliitfi. .Ml work warranted.
Entrance , ICth slreot elevator. tiiuuo\on. )
iiKS until 8 o'clock. _ _ _ _ _ _
will ect well U liciliprili.nrillelt lie iKnurrs , our
xvarnliiK. .llfllioa * KrrlHmtvti Nufftmt
. 'Iliomanili n-stnrril liy tlanu
frrulinntl. IlimranlPed 'IVnllmnnlals.
i 1 1 tnalleil lice tatnllm-
InilR NFW RnOKUrilllmr. \ . lt A'lvlrili
| UUH nlTI PUUIV .IVM..I All WcaknfMes
Owing to the large number of requests that
the splendid offer made by us of the Encyclo-
I poedia and Daily Bee should not be withdrawn ,
we have decided to accept orders for a short !
time loiiGfer. The full set , ten volumes is now
complete and we will consequently make a ,
slight change in our terms.
THE OMAHA BEE offers a year's sub-
cription of the daily paper including the Sun
day issues delivered at your address and
per month. The ten volumes delivered on pay
ment of $5.00 and the balance payable $2.50
per month.
ERS- are entitled to all the advantages of
.People living outside of Omaha can avail
hemselves of the above liberal offer by having
the monthly payments guaranteed by some re
sponsible banker or merchant in their town.
Send for descriptive circular.

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