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The loinponituro. ni reported by the
local HlRi > ulolTlt'oi' t.cti1iiy ttiiHiiifouow * .
AtV n. in . , 1(1 ( ° ; nl lOn. in. ,01 , ° , and at 1
. ,
Wlllliun Osbnrii , vlooimvstor o ! Omnlitv
lodffo No. lof ! Oiliuullnw * * , Is conllnod lo
Ills bed from the cIToctsof nerlpplod fuot
received on a motor train Monday.
Minnlo Tlioinnfl luu Hied nn Informa
tion riBivlnatlior huhb.mil , Arthur , wlmm
* nlm iircu'U'Hof Htilldtifjliorimd sttofirlnir
I nt her nnd Indulging other similar little
The quarterly reports of T. A. Mo-
Ri'iith , loyistur o ( doi'ilt , nnil tl..l. Mil-
lumoy , ntit otliitenderitf ( ) the county poor
fm in for the fiiuutur cmlini , ' October 1 ,
are uvciduoHinc'o thiitdnto.
A little Ind nnini'd Hnrry IVoncli ,
vrlioso parents icsitlo at Tweiily-llfth
nnd 1'nrnnin , WHS knocked down by n
cmoloMdy dilven dolhory nagon liniso
> ' 06torday inortiliiK' imd mdto badly
though not Borioualy liriilHeil.
A movement hni orlL'lnatod among the
inoivtumtH cm Sixloontli Htreot tochango
the iiiimo ol that thnrouglifurofor mi-
olhor of nmoro illntliiuti'.o ehnraotor.
Sovornl nnniuH huvo boon mijfifOHtcil ,
those most In favor suomlny to bo
'Jlroitdwny" or "Stato street. "
CnptnliiH C'orniaclc and Mostyn and
Dotoctlio I lllBlollyeHterduy morning fern
n four days' Hhootingtiip up thorlvor.
islostyn iin'cl Kllld wontiirmwl in regula
tion Htjlo with doi-ojs , duck rallo nnd
uhotginin , but Counauk proposes to call
the biulH in with a police whlatlo mm
Iclll them with a club.
Thomas Howard IH n vnginnt who was
nriustul for hoggin K on the street.
\Vhllu liolng taken to the Htation In the
patrol wngon he attoinptccl to pick the
pocket of another priiimer , until a tap
from Conductor Mut7.i'ri club \\nrriuil
film to doalsl. l lu will burnish the alley
p.ivumenlH for the no.xt llvo iliiyf.
The ( llobo building eoinptny Illcd Us
articles of incorporiitinn in the ollico of
tlio county clerk yentorilny afternoon.
The enmpany Is organi/cd tlio purpose -
pose of buvlng , Rolling , building and
loaning IIIIHIIICHS houses and dwelling ! ) .
It has iicapltid utoek of * 1 00,000 divitlcd
into 1,000 HhreH of % 1W ) each. The in-
oorpornlm's nro II. O. Dofrlcs , W. li.
Tn\IorIL M. Melnliio , M. K. Culver
and Cudol Taylor.
HnoiVSnrsnpirilli has n Hteailily Increas
ing popul.uitj , whiili can only bo won by an
artlclu of real merit , Gtvolt u tiinl.
Con tuy Court.
The county court inonopoli/cd the atten
tion of tno crowd yestenlny nftcrnoon , as n
cnsowlthn Iraclc nmnbcied history was on
trial , Flunk T. Knnsom nnd II. S. linker as
X lnlntiffs were prosecuting Julio Werner of
Hebron , In an olTott to collect nu nltotncy
fooof & ! QO. Such c.iscs nro not tare , but tlio
defendant was tlio grand lOiitrnlllnuio.
Last . .lunuhun tlio Masonic roiicl.ivo wai
IMMO In this illy , It will bo 10-
mcinboivil tluit ut tlio Meicbiuils
liotel a f cm ful ni'citleiit took place
nt im early liour one moming Kmtls 0
Si'crist and Juke U'omcr , staunch filvmK
octupled 11 room on tlio tlilul Hour , and
nlioitly iiftor they rotiiodlilch \ was bo-
twcn 1 nnd - oVlork In tlio moiniiiK , tlicro
wiisu wishing of Kl'i's nnd n few moments
Inter Socilst was picked up , crushed ami
lUccilhiKi from the 8(0110 ( invoini'iit. Werner
wniiit once airastcdniul loulcod In jail. Tlio
m'xlnioinine Messrs , Hansom nnil Darker
culled iiioii | htiiiunilcio \ emplojed to con-
dint thodofi'iiso. Tiino ilriWKi'il along uiul
nfter recovering Sccrlst refused to prosecute
C.IHCiilch ' ' iiiis.uiltltliln
nnil tlio C.IHC , \ \ iluU'Ki'il \ \ -
tout to murder , wusdlamlssod. The liuvyeis
then uslicil for llii'Iriuy , but were put oft
from tlmo to thno until at last becoming
tlrod ofuiitlng , they brought the suit before -
fore mentioned.
O. II. Jeff ios brought suit to recover $735
tluo/roin.M. O. Nichols find W. 13. Ilroolts ,
duo on iipiomlssnry noto.
'I'ho Nebraska savings bank has ancdJ. II.
Van Hosier to iceovcr SIOUou n note which
Is long p.ist due ,
K.U. 1'ntturhon limbroughtsiiltiiffalusttlio
( lofiinct OiiHihubiinUlii company. I'nttcrsoii
nlloiwi tliut tlioconccin still o\cs him $ -11(1 (
for the rent of tlio building nt tlio corner of
Fifteenth and hurncy streets
] tobert.McJlcllunilhu.s ( coininonccd suit to
r co\er $ l'iO frnin Henry Jiettliold and Moses
llcnrli'lc , which amount IB duo on the lent of
u store building.
'I'ho cloriry , tlio moillcal faculty and the people -
plo nil ondoi. so llurtloclc Lllood lllttoi-s ai tlio
boat aj'stcin rciiovatlnu , blood nurlfyiiiRtonlo
lii the world. Send for tlio testimonials.
Mr. Wnltcrs' Denial.
licccntly lltcro appeared nn article In tlio
Woild-I Icndd , stilting tluit the Aiihousor
btcwiiiK ttoinii my. If notnutlvcly , nt
posslvoly , were intercstod hi tlio sue-
cossof yioHlbltloii , for Uio reason Unit tlio
pussngo of the amoiidmont would not prohibit
the company fioin sclllni ? boor under orig
inal package decisions.
U'lio nrtliloii \ calculated to mislead to
euchnii oxtoiit Hint Mr. Wultors , the local
roinscntiillveof | thocoinjviny oallcil iit'l'in.
llii : onicoyostcidiiy and stiitrd tli.it tbo In for-
nmilonas false In ovorv inrtietilur.
"On tliofucoof t.ha inuttcr , " s.ild IIP. "wo
do tint want to kill our t nulo l > v any mieh dis-
ropmatilo means. Oar lutorosts uro such
tinittho Miccossot prohibltloa would menu
tliolois oftliomiuulHot dulliirs , not nlonu In
our Undo but in the depreciation In thoviiluo
of our nroiu'rty
"As \VuiM-Uoralil Intlnmtetl tlio poo-
pie ut St. Louis are ll mlu niton
biiilillnir iv brewery In Oinuh.i It
hanlly sreins possible that a comp.niv inter-
catediis the Aiiliouivr-Unsch people am In
Oniihu would deliberately forfeit that Inter
est for the sake of itiilnli.g a few dollars
thrmnrh the orlilual ( IMUICUK" dccWou.
"In thohcat of a eampiilna jou can hear
nlniost luijtlilni. , but It Hiorfeitlillly ) to
bollevo foru inoinoat that our people nio In-
teivMeil la prolilliltton ucie.s , tin tlio t-oa-
trinvwenisj helping nlonjtlio ; cause ntautl-
] nxlillntion by till the means within our
l > o\\er. A'eed Isny inorul"
Oiiiiifni < i ( ln > mc uiul ntinutil nhoiild
rettwnliei- Unit thtitiiialnti\u \ < lwmifituii > lnitlan
nif. 7fiu > - iiiliiirtiilicr | ! J ; ViMuu , Octuler 31 ,
A Splrlu-il K nm\vay.
A span of mules attached to oxpicss n.i
No. ! H'J ' liecanio friithtened yostciilnv mitt
brolio tliolr fastoaliiKs at Twentieth mid Fur-
until nnd started on \vild' runaway dash.
Thcj nmtlowiiTwLMilloth to llainoy , thoaco
to Slxtoonth uiul turned north , "AS the }
crossed Kamn instruct on ado.ul uin , Asslbt-
tant Stroct Comnilssloiior Onnnliy soiziM oni
ol thoiu by tbobrlille. llocojildnot a-euro
nny control o\cr tlio other anliml. ns It hut
( eft Us bildlo ut the sturliiiR ) Hilnt , Tlio run
awnjs dashoil nloiiR to Douglas stivnt , Mr
Oriinby btrnpKllnir to maintain his l.old , uiu
ho llmdlytucfCiliHl l tUwwluj ; the nnliini
that \ \ as neaivst him to tbopaveiiiont. This
stopped the other and both wera Ktitttfiiunilor
rontrol. The riiiiu\vus narrowly mlsM'd col
lid I iik' with n phii-ton la \ \ lilchoroiiludj
and little girl , the nalut belai ; scratched fron
the plan ton's \vheols. Mr. Orinsby cuiao out
of the fracas xinlajui-cd , buthU iroustcn were
mutilated beyond
A flanipln 4 > fitll. (
"Tlio Ipill of some of the authorities o
Council HluiTsI" e.M-lnnned County 1'oor
master Mahoncy yestcrd.iy. "It Is shn
ply aud surprisingly suprwiae. What did the }
Just do Init send us over very old and do *
prmed looking woman and tier dimuhter to
day , telling them If thy ejiiw over hc-w lha
DougKvs county would plvo them Doth tickets
to Portland , Ore , \vliero they say they have
friends , \\hat \ did I do I 1 pu\o them 'i
cents , nut 'cm ' on a ear and sent 'cm back to
Council Dluffd.
' ! hear , by tha way. " added Mr , Mahoney
'that the World's Fair mnnaKOineut Is HOBO.
tlntjnillh the Council Hluili eluultj
onutaU to put them on exhibition iu
Juatfor their cheek "
Hoc. Tom Beuton , state nadltor. was In the
dty Monday nl jat and attended the rally.
loath Vmlprdii ) . " > Iiirn InnoT Mr. .7,11.
if. Ityuii , the ilimrnnUsl.
Mr. J , 13. J. Ilynn , thovotcwn Jonrnahstof
this city , whom cverjbody nfTcctlonnlcly
tyled " .Joe , " dlcl nt Ida reiltlenco nt 10
I'elocK ' yoslerduy moralng of typhoid-ma-
nrlal fever.
The news spread rapidly thMn.li lh < s city
and on every lido occasioned expression ! of
uriirlu'aiiil regret , HtirjifisJ , boc.mso the
event hid not been expectoJ , regret , became
nu end hud bcoa brought to n citeer tlio possl-
illltlojof ivlilch MCW Itiwvn toattnoit every
e.uly cltUenof Onmha.
The fact tint Mr llyan' lllie s had not
wen known save to a few friends un-
ioubtedly conduced to the fihock.
10 had been lonflnel to lilt loil-
Icnco for the in t four wielcs
liotiKn itvtn oniyrednesdiiy \ List when ho
vos compelled to lotlre to hla bed , to null-
tlputohls hut moments. 11clliluiitho\vcicr.
Mined an asicndanuv over his iiihuliurJ iidil
liu inuilery until liU deitb. Diirlni ; these
nvitii , , tliepiofe tou to which ho had de
voted the talents of n luliulof nondiuus
mwerniat tlioctici'ics ( ofa iihjslcnl sysiem
if the most omlurhiB ehai.icter , ciiKiossedlils
ittentlon. llowatln the local room writing
il < "snoops , " telephoning for news m dotnll-
ug to an associate ( ho fc.ituro of nn Interview
era piece of news will'1 ! ! , In tlio"noxtlssuc , "
would mouse the attention or the public. In
his manlier , the nninesoniomoof liiscstoctiicd
jrotheia of the profession \vetoiinon his lips
11 theaiiKcl of death nhucd upon them tlio
seal of i ternlty.
Mr. Ilynn was boia In Now York city .Iiily
IB , IS II ) , Ho mou'd vith lilt jinieats lo
Astoria whoa a more child , KOIIIK thence tn
New Yoik , when about Mtyo.us.or ii e. In
ho last mentioned place , his father
con due led ono of the most suc
cessful conservatoilcs In the state , wlicio
Inoendy acquit cdn knowlcdKO of the liu's
of plants and Hovers , ntti'iidiiiK mcanwlillo
thosuliool of Iho Jesuit f.ilhcrsof tlntjilna'
In IbOL ho ontcied the celebrated Jesuit
colloijoat ITordlmni , N. Y , whciico ho gr.ul-
uati'd IB lbW. (
Ho then attended the Colninb ! i law school
it Alb.iny , N. Y. , when1 , after a louraoof
three .ve.ir.s , ho Krailuittod withhonou
In tlio year of his graduation , ISTl.ho eumo
. .oOinuhivitli lil.sfuthorand inolheniad set
tled on the then soemliiKlj boundless prniile.id
it a point no\v \ ilcali iMteil as J u o mid
Mercer avenues.
Ho entered the Imv olllcc of JV. . Snvngo ,
\\hleh was then locatotl la the fraino block
\vlilcli stood wlicrn the Mi Haul hotel now
stands. Ho took nnoutivolntcifst in politics
mil , liliohis father , was an indent icpul )
llo supported Senator Hitchcock Inlils flist
c.imal'ii ) ( , vlilcli enileU In that ( 'cntle-
man's eloctlon. Mtor the scnatoi li.id
oao \Vaslnngton he secuicd for
JJr. Ilyan u eli'ikshlp In the
IKMislonolUcoat the capital , a posit ion \vhlch
the latter held for four \C.UM. \ DuiliiK tills
Lliao ho contributed weekly to the liodicstcr
Herald , over the noin dcplnnio ot " Teddy
O'Trlx , " a biiRht , sp.irltliiiK1 , gosslpi letter ,
\\hlcli vas re ul with avidity tluoiifjliout the
section in whlcli thopaperciivul.UeO
In Ib'Olie retired fiom the pension olHco to
aciept apobitlon on the regular homo stall' of
the lleiiild , and on May ,11 ol" tint je.ir , the
d.ito of acceptance ? , \\asinauicd to Allss
Kato Gray , daughter of Mr. .lames l ( . Gray ,
\\\\o \ , for t\venty-ono ycuis , had been super-
intondcnt of tho"scillnj ; loom of the United
States trcasuir.
Ho remidiiod in Ho 'liestcr , dlvldliiK lih
Llmo lietweeiitlio Herald and Dcinoctnt nnd
Clnoniilo of that city tialll hsi ) , vhcn ho
undo up his mind toiotuinto Oiaaha
Hoas aniily welionied by his old
fileiuln , every one ofhoin kaow.uul ad-
inliotl the talents ho possessed and tlio enlil
qii.illtleswhith predoininiited In bisiliarau-
ur. ; I In Ininicill.itcly resumed the pencil , Ids
Hist woilc being on thti 'IVlcBrnin , an evi'iiintt
[ ) inurtliocdltorofvvlileliiistlichitolameiited
Saniuul 1' . Uonnell y , at ono tiniouf tlio llu-
aid of this city and Liter audncd attache of
thuNow York Sun and now dcio.iseil
Ho then went upon tlio Hoi.tld nnd did
iiUKiilllccat work during ttio culchr.ited
striUo on the II , & M dump.
llo Mibseqiifutly bt'cinno connected * ith
the prinlliiK lioubo of Oilisou , Miller .V Rich-
anUoii , Inter with U'olfe'H dlrcctoiy of-
tko , iiKidn dri/llnp hack to IcK'lll-
inmto journalism on the IIciiililvbcn tliut
sheet xvas about to bo sold to the IMiShano
s mllcato ,
Ho rcniulned there for some months nnd
finally associated hinisult with Tnisliiat , In
which ho worked in ovciy department sine
Unit of the cctltorial.
Ills lail roKiilurvotk vns performed upon
LhoOlobeof Council lUulTsi , a place which
tiuiollnqulshcdiiboulii month before hovi
stiicken with the disease which llnally
closott his caii'tr.
Twoje.irsiiKOhls fattiordlcd , succeeding his
mother , who liad died six : before. The prop-
oil } actinlred by the purenti xvas willed to
the grand childuMi , and comptlsei the homestead -
stead at the Intersection above mimed , Ho
leivcs awldowand four ihildien , respect
ively , Katie , Hell , j\d lo and Muiv ,
Tlio lunorul will ho helil Thuisdav inorning
ut tl o'cloclC the raliitlous services belnjr conducted -
ducted atSt. Uecelii's ' chuich , Walnut 11 111.
Mr. lj uvii3 a veil educated and a will
Informed man , Ilia Inform it Ion m-inilied In
the schools -was supplonieatod byakiuwl-
edtfo attained later In the active affairs of lifo
nnd by n close muling net alone of the our-
rent literature but also of the world's
news of the day. Ho know the
history of nil nuhllo ine-a and w.is us
happy la .settint,1 forth their vlo\\s
as noviis In KivhiK an Insight Into their
chauictur , Hn was a ( Incut wrltei on nil
topics , esieclally | the ) ) tist , and the ritl/'oiis
of other days of the town if his inloiition.
Ills UnonledKU of nowa was uxlraoidlnniy
and , Indeediis , cxiclled only
by the naionut of It which ho
obtained nnd the enoitry lie displayed In so-
outing it , Though tliu Kieater | iart of Ills
\voik h.n been In the routine of tliu daily
jiapcr , boiiovertlielcsst'ontilbutW stanas to
ceiuln eustcrn iUbllc itlons. Ho wrote
with eiuso nnd in HUIIIO of
them inlk-ht bo discovered it wealth of
poetic fuey , Ills work in this
lospoct Ins been conllncd , In this locality to
annual addresses , though certain family bo-
rc.iuniuMits in which little oni'.s were i.irrlca
oil lo heaviiu , Inspitvd him to vei-.es of eon-
dolenuo wblchwlll lonjr bo t re wn rod at tor
tlieir Rifted author , jicrliapj , shall hn\u been
forgotten ,
Personally , a moio Rcnld , wholosoulcd
friend mortal nov * r knew Ho win the
friend of over } body and ctorylioly wus his
friend. Everybody Uaow him , cominuiulcil
him for his nonlullty anil his genius , coiumls-
eralod him for his wc.ilcnciscs and \\lll nou
oxpii'ss tlio riigit't tluthuhas atlastpissod
boiond the reach of sinp.ithotlofilends ) ,
Journalists inflect ,
Aincotlntr of the nnwspnpor tneii of Omaha
Is called for thUnftciaoon ntt o'clockal , ttio
rooms of the Pix ss club In Tnu llir. bulldliiK ,
to make ai raiiKonionts for attending the
funeral of the hto J.ll. J. Uyanof thUelty ,
Dratli .if . Ke > . .1. M. Ail air.
Uov. J. M. Adulrlio \V.M the llrstpastor
of the South Tuilh Street M K. churcliiltcd ,
in Ilolyoko , Cole , on Stuuluy. The remains
wcio binuight to Omaha last evening am
will bo burled at Prospect lll'l ' this aftoi-
noon. The f uncial \\ill tulioplmo fittm the
residence of Kcv Hebert loins' , 1120 , Masoa
Cd d la UlUla ot tlomM
t9 I'eara theBtanJiri.
UAIIU IS Mllfjlj IN If.
He ( Jots ft N" ; v Union I'nuino Position
Hall Notes ,
Mr J. ivl llnrr Ims not left the employ of
the Union I'liolilcaf tor all.
It h tnio that he has Ijecn succeeded by
Mr. Hllclfcnulorfcr vs sitpcilntfMidcnt of tlio
N'cbuukn division of the sjitcni : , but Iw has
not Ictt thccominny nnd , It It scml-ofllilaHy
announccd111 , \ bo given another position of
iu t Minutliliniwit-UKO us the oao vuoatod
by him.
Mr. Hnrrtiis been ottorcil anil will probably
iccopttho ( Miltion of iiipcilntoiiileiit of the
I'uclilo dhliloii of the Union 1'nclllc ' , cm-
braclntf tha ola 0 K & > ' , cotniny' | < r.iU
and \\utor \ \ Unoa nnil foruilnp ono of the
larjjcrt and most lniiortant | of the Union
I'acillo di\lslotis. Mr. Barr Is now In the
west in. Uciii.i , ' nn cxntnlnntioiioC thcill\lslou
) f which hovvill [ irobably bclho iictt stiiwr-
intcudeiit. _
Xi-\v ItollitiK Ntoolc.
Tluio it itklooUvlc nt Hoik Sinlnia for
nitntof couloirs , ami business nil along tlio
Ino of the Union Paul lie U effected seriously
jy u liclc ofiMM luillulcnt tokcciithc triiftle
oiToi-cd vvoll In hand ,
This state of tilTiiIrs will iiotcotitmuo long
iowo\ci \ % ni tlio ( oni puny lsrccoi\lntr uiiiit-
.crln.1 itdilltloii to its rolliiiit stcilc. Lust
ipritiK an onler ai tiUccd for iilcn : > jliies
antl 0,000 raw , of whiih Inttef sujiply TlK )
\ - coal c.ii'3. The order Is just \X\\\K \ \ \ \
lllecl. IClovon oimliio1 * oC tholthodo Ishnd
niUoh.ivi ! been iccolvcil uiul two more are
'iirouto , Thociiw uro bolug sent out mp-
dly and thocnnipiiny nIll tiolu niniulltliiii
tohiindlc nil the tianiti that may tooft'ciul.
* All
Uopoits Iwvo bcou bent out froiiiDoiucr
and pictty veil citmlateil nil along the line
: h.it 1'icsiilcnt Athnis ottho Union 1'uqi tic is
about to asU for the resignation of Supcrm-
cmlont Hosscgiiloof the Mountain division.
"Tliero Is iibsoliitulv no roiindatlonhat -
c\cr \ , for tliu circulation of viirh aiopoit , "
said Vice President llolcoinb. "i\'o
such a rhnngo has IKCII eoulcnii > hiteillws
not o\eii bcm disiussod "
Oil OJPII tic's ITHlUc Hopes.
The Choii'iinc pincu have rctnovocl the
ne.ul inarto of the Union IMcitle to that
city. Hccont issues , published after the Alslt
of PresliUiiit Adnins to \Vjoiniin , ' capital ,
lontiiiueil llarin nc.-roimts of tlio cotilein-
iilito lreino\nl ol" the sujiply itcpnrtmutit and
vice I'icsiclent ' Iloltonib's ollico to Chuyenno.
'Iho papers nro raillly | siippluntliiKl'ii'-lcand '
JuilKons aimisouicnt shoots In tuoolllces at
the headiiumters.
J. .T. Cox , the coimnordnl agent of the I ] , feM
M , ut Lincoln , Is in the tlty.
H. D. ITottler ha ? betMi unpointed noting
assistant supeilnti'iulcntof the Wyoming ill-
\iiloti of the Union I'.ti'lllo , with uc.ul-
( | iiartcn tit ( .loon . HlvorVyo , , Inpluco of
ilr. RT. Ullllurd , losigncd.
The tunnel on the nikhuin rnuto near
De.ulood , i.Or'J . feet in length , includInKiii- |
pio.ieliO't , w.is practically opened on October
'J November I will witness the ilwt ti.ilu
in Dcadivood over this told.
( ! ncral 1'assonger .Agents I'rimris of the
lliirliiigton and l oiuuxof tlio Un Ion Piulliu
Invo KOIIU toUhlungo toattoml the mcotlui ;
of the p.isseni'or division of the Timseonti-
iiciitaliissochtlon. The mooting will bo of n
loiltiiio ulminctcr.
Oir ciilurs huvo lioeu issued aniioiincin the
follo\vliif | Union I'acilloiipiwliitiiicnts ' II.
Cimipliell , iiM Utint (711101111 tinnio manager ;
1 (5. ( AVoodviiril , ucnor.U freluht iiRcut , nnil
1S. . Jlillor , nisistiiut euor.il freight tigcnt ,
\\lth ollko.s in I'ortliuul , Oro.
Chailes 1) ) UoKers \Vymoro nndlex
Campbell ot McCoolr , supotintenileiits a -
siieti\ily of tlio southeiu umlvoMlcrn \ dl\l-
Hioiis of the 11. vtM. , me In the citj , They
spent jntt of the dij posing iisdroulh stilter-
< 'n on exhibition , it tno uit ) tlclttt ofllce.
Their distress was relieved.
The into ileilcs of the passenger depart
ment of the Trans Missouri nsioointlon nro
in so.ssloii in Kan , ( s City milking rut 01 for
the winter tourist business to points vest
of the Missouri liver.V. . H. iMurniy
Jttto clerk of the Union I'.ii'irto passentror de
partment , is titlcitigii himil in the affuira of
Cltlzim of Oma/idiit / home a ml abroad nhoM
ttiulthc itmdtitlng ilayiof rtaliti atlan
i , Uitolm 'J ; ri Itlay , October 31 ,
anil > { iliuiii7 , Xoremlcr I ,
County Tcachcr8.
Tlio ijcxt iiivnling of the Domains 0 ounty
Toaclicw1 tissociutloiiill bo hold at lliu
court liouso on Satuulay afternoon , Novem
ber 1.
The lommlttoa on prognuntno has selected
tlio following subjects for coihidoi.ition n
1 , Iiitnuliiulntr tliocouiso of study.
! . ' Alrtliodsof oluw recitations.
3. Tliu proper UIiuH of punishment.
} C3m eminent n system of esploimgo or
mutual I'oiitldunco.
fi. Ifiid.iy afternoons.
C'onceiiiiiiKtho tneinbcrsliip of thoassoola-
tlon and the attondiini.'O nt the inuotiiiis Hit
iwilutondout Mutthovvs hus addressed the
lulhnvliiK to the toiuhorsof thucoiuilyi
"ICvciy teacher of the lounty Is a mom tier
oftlili iHsoeiiitlon , mid iscKpoitod tonttcnd ,
M'lioselio ill ) not nttcnd shoiiKt send to
tlio county superintendent mi oxplanitloii of
their aluuaco , lluintftor the loll \\ill bo
culled , liiehiillnfr tlio mums of nil thoteiushcn
oftlio countyaiul , nrocoid Uoptot' nil ubsui-
( If firm OinaJitial in > mt
i-rinniitid tlitittliP iviiufM i/ / < i
tut Thiuttlau , OitolMf ? J ; rrMit , Oilulicr 31 ,
uiul mttmdiiu , Aoru lifr l ,
Mr. Isniic Itittiu , who tins boon nttmilliiR
tlwinoctiiiK of the AmuiliMii KIS lifilit asso
ciation InSmmumlilias , lotuincd toOiimlm ,
Hlooills tlilcUei thuniitcr \ ,
nnil must bo kept pine to
llltlllL > gOOllllCJlllh.
SWIM'S Si'i.uiFic lf iiatuiesieuicily
for ( Ills piuposc.
II iic\cr tof.iilsdlinmto ( lie Jinpur
lies and LulUl tip tliu gonor.il hoalth.
Them Is only ono Swift's Sii'ciflc | ,
nml tliuio lanothlng llko it
llu MI re uml got tliu ouuiiio.
Treatlsoou Ulooil anil ahln Disc.isca
maili'il free.
Tlio Swift Spcclflo Co. , Atlaiitt On
'flc ' KrAlll rV c
liiuil for regulating In jirrloillo ruurnr.
1 NotifirenulM uubn lioi'l "lluiifAiin.40 rue
S oua | rto7l.n . " MIUIJ 11V AL-LUUUllfttsrs
lFuuuenuV \ C . .N. V.ABfnlifiir tliclf. M.
\VA TMTl n _ ABotiUto bdl thol'lnloks
\WV1M J-.U .
- uuuliM Line : tlio only
llnoovor Invented tliut holds tliu clot lies wltli-
out plus ; 11 potft'ot HICOOMI imlcnt rctciitl }
iMiui'il ; sold only by nsoutu , to lioin the o\-
oiusU o rlsht hiilveiilou m' ( > ipo ( [ .vttniti vo
> \IIUcnla ( ftjiinplo line by inr.lli ixl o clrou-
lursi jirlio list niul tinus ti > listiit : loctuo
yinirtorrltnry at onoiddrcy TL 1K l't.\ .
CI.OT11FS 1.1NB CO , 17 Ilcriiiou
-ti'r MUM ,
Certain dUorOm ot nHN iimke tticm Blue.
Hbtt'H lwau Ihi-v Ui Itoiio looiaoiil
i i nulled nice ! | IM > f r
NEW BOOK I aliMdetltlult tlfialUra
new ouui\i
HlTf.llllwnlui "KJ
/ nff . " HIE lltDXCAl CO .llOalO.M , Y.
Ol so-called connliiciitcs do little more linn
impair the tlUcsti-ve ( unctions nml crc.ito
lillo. j\tcr'd Cliacrj 1'ecttiral , on Uio con-
tntylulo it ciii-us Hie cough , loci not In
tel lornlth \ the fukKllotis olcltlirr stonndi
orlKcr. No uiliur niullclno Is so 5.1(0 ami
vllcacioiis lu diseaicl ut tlio thtoat and
"rourje-T'siija I-tookn sc\erc \ cold , which
vai followed l > y a. tnrlblc congli , I as
siddiitulcoiiiluulto ) iiiyliL-ilalioiitlour
months , I cinptnycil a l > lislclin ) most ot
tlicthnolio , \ Hn.tiy ! said I was Incoiisiinip-
tlon , ami Hint licroiiVI not lidt > > n ( . Oncot
in ) tioltliliors ndvlsnl ni to try Ajct's
Clicrry 1'cc total I dMso. ami , bolero llnd
ilnlslictl tiklng tin * Itrst bolllo vas able to
ill up sill the ilnio. ami to to otit lly Iho
time 1 liiiinnlsliotl tlio bottle1 was well , and
Imc lomahifiho c\cr3liioc. " r .I ) . llhby ,
IhilonsUllo , Yl
Dyer's ' Cherry Pectoral ,
EH. J. 0. AVER. & CO. , Lowell , t flss.
fcklJ by all Drutjl u. Prlej < l , ( .1 A Ultl ) J * , < 5.
COMMENCING In tli Ki > llu liiK llfl'cr- '
Monday , Oct. 20 Monday uml Tuiiiluy
TliotaroiltoAcirovi ,
\\ortiiosilny \ \ Evening.
Dion Iliuclrnult'N
ROBHLKN Loiiilon
siii'ante '
L'ndiT the minncriiicnt
OfllKU \ - tll ! I'UdU
Seats MOM oa Sil :
B 3vd'c ' ANOTA.BLE fcVENT.
J SntiucUiii Milltit3u.
f > Nights , Co ininentlnu f ]
TliunJa s Evo. , VJ
Ill tticUiilxir.ito I'mdiiiiloii of
Bienuilbliiuulniiil dutviliiol inoioulnlioratoi } III in
Mi nluillir rn Jjctloiiknown lo thuttnKO
IIDV Bluet oimi \ > oiliictiliiynioriilni ; . mulnr j > rlu"
And atiiidnj Matinee
Commencing Friday , Oct. 24.
5 n l i
Consollctnlnl wIlliUu coX Swltl't M
i-pcolul Seeiii > r\Tlio only tili'lj
tliu Miiire , IISIl > uilim llliHidliouncis , " .liny"
llui ciliioutul ( loiiUt'y , roiini'--i'c .Tublleo
Slii2 < ri , ( ) | iprutlr Ou'liL'.stiii , S | vtiiiuliir
' Iroot I'urado Hilarity eommliixlvil ltli
Ten rs
Uxnnli rlooi SppilnlPntiirilny nmllni o for lucllps
ntul clild en. I'hlhlrrn , nnj I'tirt ' oftlio IHMI IV
) me
wiu L.A\\MU. \ \ MAN.UIKU.
\\IKKOK \ : our. snii.
Tlio Mlimturo lIU'ililo llnlliniul Now ( "olloillon
of Win Haiirix , Woit miti towti't mi | iwftOit liy H
ular oomimiijT ! tn Uin films 'trtt/ In Dublin"
IIAVTOV SISIKIIS lluijo "onjf- nil I > anu . Hn-
( THUII nnil AI tllburii. Mono St > lo uml F fpiliiti llnMAil" * ,
/nllkii.thn I'rpMiiti Kmtniii' li'llpr
Corner OthaiidHiiruey Streotg , Omahi.
Chronic Diseases and DC fo unities.
DR. JV. T. MoTjAUailLrN , Problclent
J'oiuiclenl by Dr. J. W. McMommy.
Ki-ninly , cure * all
Nervous Dipi-n'fc ,
piicli IIHVrnk Mtni
fj/J/S "P " VJ5r > . IOPB nf'nriln
sr wtL * teVaiiss :
. , . . Manhood , NffMnm-
-n- * , , * . _ ur
iloforo & After U so. iicsj , l.a iiiiuip , nil
riiuuii > i | < liiil fruii Uio ( lrili : mil IORB ul
powc'tof the ( IpticriitUt * Orcnin , In I'llhiT tr ,
ciiiiHOilhy o\crexi-itlon , joiitlifiil Intlln "
( In * ujriiKvciii | > ( > iiMiiK'iiii [ > piiiinor
wlilcluiltiiiuMy linl to Inflriiill ) , Ct
tuil Iniaiilty I'n tun In ruuvoiilrnt forctto ctiiy
In tlunrct iinrknt. I'rlci * $ ln | inckii | * < > , orl > IorS
Si'iiL byiirullinnv ililrL'f , Oticulnr fnc. ilca
tloii thin imiior Aililrt'fH
M41)llliClllllllJkb CO. , 41 ? IXalborwBU , Ctik&go , 1U.
IOlChM.1- U.MM1 \ . Mil , l\\ \
klllm * I > . lur iMh A. IMieliii Min-IK
,1 A. I iillcr .V I . lor HI1UUjniiliirt ( Mtcct * .
A I > hU r il I it. . I ou no ll Illulta , | na. .
GOLD M13DAU , PARIS , 1Q"70.
fiif fyitttt \ > iil
VI ( JHlllitllf.
utit In 111 prc imtlin , Ittio * tf n
fVr tlnrt / W WrfllfM 1 1 OMV
iniKt4wth ( SurrJiIM \ uxiUr SUKU ,
anil U Itu r * fir * t r ttmro fronotiilril ,
fo trf i ; ! * * It4i tint ttnt n ( Vf , It U
ilrUcimi * ii MirUhlutttriMi5tlifiiSnpi li *
I for ln HJ i iUi > iir | omlilualtlu \
Huld I' ) ' ( ir r 'ri ncrjnhrro ,
. BAKEH & 3 CO. . Dorclicstor , Masi
Ppwino for 'tjitr . . tilitln iKSU.K , ir l U.nliv
lilntxa.Uinlnl IM > I > II < | I > II. t 'illi'MUlkMit ( llullrnlll.M ;
( ulllinr m niHiumy n U Ullnir to inliorj- l n out
clMth. IVimmturo Out A t' . Ihrrnnun l.owol J'ourr
inolllioritx. luiuliinUry l.oi.n , u.l f.crM | lnrrlur
u < tl Ir tiMr orllJi of Iho l > r h , n > ! [ < lni our
( Hfr-lilJulirrnre K clllio H > nt ln ii niiinll't H fc
ttwit. ll u IMH , or III fur , ttPlllly limllliiriMlL
Wliti li oi-vKr i.iriH l > i' . "Ill mint | iirlmi'r
niraotf * o irniint i oMv llllii Irfntm.nirnlUlo
Nru. uutrniitNi luujjuiitlrnuill | [ ivltt onllbjr
lltOKumutuStroot , - Omaha , Neb
ll can b * ittvcfl In Mrui , _ f t tf * a r tr . ir In
ktOMt ) < * * tBOt
Arc already a necessity III the medium wclgljtsvc never had such a variety asvenre \ shovingthft Ji
season , There is not a stoic in Omaha or anywhere else in the west that occupies the floor space of v 4 \
ins anywlicrc neai tlic room that vc have. The assortment of overcoats display on our second audr I
thhd floors , is greater lhan any two laige stores combined can show you. \Yc inalcc a specialty iif
overcoats , and our prices cannot be touched by other houses.
One glance at our prices and at the quality and make of the garments , will convince you that yoq
would be doing an injustice to youiselfif you buy an overcoat outside of our hoilsa Our variety isim
ncnscve ; \ have all grades and can suit the lich and the poor. On r lover priced pi i incuts ate all of
dinablc material and substantially made , We want it distinctly understood that we handle no satw
nett or shoddy goods of any kind.
I libels' overcoats \ also show a larger assortment than you can find elsewhere , and at no tiuio
were suck low prices put on them. We arc determined to make our bojs1 department the liustat place *
in town , The quantity of boys'suits ' vc liavc sold already this season , is simply ainayinccuul ; YVQ
want to sell as many overcoats. Atour prices everybody can afford to dress his bojs neat and vann ,
To judge from tlicvay our Men's ' Suits arc selling , they must be very attractive , ami * pcoH
pic must find them clieap. We have never done a heavier business in our suit department than
wcdhdso far this season.Ve are already getting-in duplicates of lots sold out , and every da '
we open tip ne\v \ shipments. The advantage of coming to us for your fall suit is , that besides
getting it so inucli cheaper tlian you can buy it elsewhere , you will find in our store every day
something nc\v \ in pattern and style.
Samples and catalogue sent on application and goods . sent by express with privilege o
examining " * , If not satisfactory in every way you need not take them.
Open until S p. m. Saturday , 1O p. m ,
Nebraska Clothing Co. ,
Corner 14th and Douglas Streets.
"A cheap bargain
tak es m on ey fr oni
the purse , " and
"brings disappoint
ment in the end. A.
good "bargain is an
lionestexchange for
valxie received , and
gives Instingsatisfac-
tion. to tooth "buyer
anci seller. Our fall
j and winter selection
of Men's Clothing
on d F * u r n i s li i n g s
( to whicli "we are
constantly receiving
additions of tlie lat
est and the best )
warrants our anne
no u n c em en t o f
To curn nilloiiHnfsj Sick IlonJaclie onBpn
JUalartn. 1.1 % tr ComilmntM Inka Uiu tufa
mill cortnln romnty. R.'MITII'S
U.E ; AW
llo ) 'llioynro tlioiuu tn > ntonlcnt. iull
1'rlccol ultlioi i > Ui' , 'J5 cuiti | > vrUjitli )
i.lcturo . Jar 4
Mnlcr of "Illlolloant hulxiul. Mo.
G. A. Lindqucst
It : AfiMMN Till :
Mcrcluint : ailoring
liii-.tniv < uiiillu'v UP * , his old ( rliMiiUiiml pit- :
nm- . imll n ilinuonrml imiiliM i-alliiud
- now Mlii'k of Impoiliul filituinoslle
ilr i.eliv .an
A Pull 'it of 'lootli
nu KubluT. ( or
Tur Until VIM
nl * illll.'H . . | a
.i n \ \ rk. hutlt ltli-
niil iiHili's. .Ml work wnniuilid.
Knt iiiri-c , 16thjlroot ilovulor. Oimn ciou-
until ! > uMuok.
Eye and Ear Surgeon
mODoilce Street. Siiectaclou accurately
iiinaluril dlntliirKP init
prhulo tllsi a * n't iii n A
rriltlil run' < illi < * tliMll-
tulhiK vi'aliitu i > t > cullur
H Co I" " comnioudlutt
oia i > r
rick'u QI.OU
r t
O\Aring to tlic large number of requests that
the splendid offer made by us of the Encyclo
paedia and Daily Bee should not be vithdra\vnr
Ave have decided to accept orders for a shorfe
time longer. The full set , ten volumes is now
complete and we Avill consequently make a
slight change in our terms ,
THE OMAHA BEE offers a year's sub-
cription of the daily paper including the Sun
day issues -delivered at your address---and &
per month. The ten volumes delivered on pay
ment of $5.00 and the balance payable $2.50
per month. <
* -
ERS are entitled to all the advantages of this.
great offer.
People living outside of Omaha can avail
hcniselvcs of the above liberal offer by having
the monthly payments guaranteed by some re
sponsible banker or merchant in their towi.
Send for descriptive circular.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
" uJ. S lt I 'V Imp ' "ier HjpillH , Srltt4io. ! tail ul
! I . ili' 'iwo ' tAf..r \ fury ii < ia . Inn Urltki nnl fat
"i" of ur. ) * w tr * " * " - -Ja ui. to a „ u
U Dl. tO U Ul.
AiiTi" lu to Ky it mow rt.
lv null SJ hfouttly mleJ Item nl >
KouIA 111 ci ii\i.r..ur.
Ik' hrvm h runioly. let mi Ilia uin ( trii l ayntoiu aa4
turu nupiirumliin liuni wluievir LMU II , I'romuH
ui < ii > truntluii riio ailll | ilioiil'li it in taken Our.
DC | ir < Dinner Am I'llll'o , Itojnlly rnip . Upon. - ,
ur C l.i | > .u .It ui'iiuliiLi It ; SlHniiuii Jt .MoOnii ll , f
uil , Iiu4tl uUumliil , U. A. Mdclier , Ko
iu , U. I'.LIll * . Cuuacll UluDi I. , o Idtli.

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