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ro showing tbcm to the republican central
ommittoo. The circular tclh the member *
to moot In lodges with closed doors before
election Oar and tnnhoout nil tickets nnd ROte
to the iiolH and veto immediately on tlio
oiK-nIng of the polls. Ttil.il * to got the republican -
publican members to vote first , then the
iiemocrntfl will go subsequently , { straight re
publicans ay they \vlll not lie caught With
nny schemes thnUvlllholp democracy.
TiMirttoti nt liinuoln ,
I.iscoi.x , Neb. , Oct. Si.-ISpcclal Tele
gram to TUB BnK.-FunK's o ] > cra. house
was crowded to Its utmost capacity tonight
with the Immense assemblage that had gath
ered to lUten to lion. John M. Thurston
speak on the political Issues of thcdny. The
orator held the rapt attention of Ills audi
ence throughout tlio entire apeceh and was
frequently Interrupted by bursts of lattghtor
nnd applaiuo. Mr. Thurston said :
"I urn not hero to apologia ) for ftn3" a'1 of
legislation of the republican party. Thnuk
God. no mail hat to do Hint , 'lha repub
lican party owes much to the country , but
it has never jot when wielding.Icgls -
latlvo or ndmfniatratlvo power allowed
American Interests tosufTer either at , homu
or abroad. The republican party I ins never
allowed the men who fought lor the old HUB
to suffer destitution. It has curbed the
power of trusts ; It gave us thu McKlnloy bill
and tha 11 the best , tbo wisest and will bo
the most popular measure that hos boon
passed by"tlio republican party on economic
measures slneo islil It really dwrnscs the
turilfall nlong tbolliio , Tlio MclCluley bill
Is tiotiin Increase , but a readjustment of the
standing tariff net. Wo must have
a rcveiiuo to carry on our government
and wo hnvo a better government Tor this
money than any other country on earth. Thu
vcrv host and tbo very cheapest way 01 car
rying on n government Is the levying or n
tariff on imported articles , but above all it
encourages American industry and gives
peed prices for American toll. TCo true
American citizen has aright to wear a coat
so cheaply boufiht that the maker of It had to
deiivhls family tno necessities or even the
luxuries of life. The American government
hnsn't bulll its splendor In buying things
cheap. It Is not right to let convict labor un
duly cheapen tlio labor of honest men , much
less Is it right fora forcigiicrto compute with
fordim labor at rauper prices.
Still a young man of Irish extraction is
going over this congressional district ami
Hhouting free trade. Why , free trade did
moro to cnslavo Ireland than tbo bayonet of
the Uritoti could ever have done. The prices
of the old free Irudo days were compared
with those of todn.y. and itwus sbovvn that
nearly everything in coinmcrco lind decreased -
creased in price except American muscle.
The American watches and cbinawaro
wore cited us examples. Protection hus
built In twenty-five ywrsJiVIOO-OOUoC happy
homes. It has made the housewife happy
and inadcilio mcchanicsdimiorpailthebadgo
of America's truest nobility.
Tbo speaker then dwelt at loncth on the
bcncllts of the McKlnlcy bill. Tlio charge
made that the price of nails had been In
creased bad been refuted. It was further
tthown that the McICinloy bill increased the
tariff only ou luxuries or on articles repre
senting iiifaut iudustries.
i-om l.iohnivK
Neb. , Oct. 23 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : DEE. ] The Auditorium was
rrowrtcd to its utmost tonight with aa en
thusiastic audience tonight to listen to the
opeechcs of Hon. L. I ) . Itichai-ds and Hon.
Thomas Majors. Captain J. 10. Hill was
mndo cliuirninn of the mcqtini : and intro
duced thospenlters. Mr. IJichards delivered
an excellent .address , showing up the sub
stantial principles of republicanism ns com
pared with the pcrlldy of democracy. lie
madoa strong appeal to the patriotism and
duty of the farmers of Nebraska and the voters
ers of tlio First district in that
thov should in consideration ot
their own Interests continue loyal
to the republican party that had ever been
loyal to them and which had contributed so
libor.illy to the material and present prosper
ity of the stnto of , Nebraska. Mr. .Majors'
speech wns of alike strain nnd wns especially
directed to the old soldiers , urging upon thorn
the necessity of perpetuating their loyalty to
the country by adhering to the loyal repub
lican party as they did during the
war and urged them to un.horso the
rebel brigadiers again by Bending an un
broken Nebraska delegation to congress , lie
doubted the sincerity of the doimigoguo
leaders of the fanners' nlllnnco as working
for their interests as fanners , but was prone
to believe that the alliance was permitting
itself to become but nn ally of the democratic
party. Both speakers were frequently ap
plauded during their addresses. The meet
ing closed with an eloquent speech by General
L. W. Colby.
Will Stand by Tliclr Colors.
GoniRKncnn , Neb.Opt. 23 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BIK. : ] A Inrpo and enthusiastic
audience assembled at Strahles hall and a
large number of farmers nnd alliance people
were in attendance as well as a full attend
ance from the town. The ball was seated to
Its fullest capacity. There were present as
speakers Hon.f , H. Conger , ox-senator , nnd
Hon. Matt DauRherty , caudiduto for state
senator for the Thirtieth district , and H. B.
Miller , candidate for representative from
Dawson county. Mr. Uaughcrty ably dis
cussed the situation as to the farmers'
alliance under Dictator Burrows and
his ro marks and sentiment * were
enthusiastically applauded. Mr. Miller gave
an able address which was kindly received.
Senator Conger then took the stand and dis
cussed the tariff , the silver question , the
Force bill and the other republican questions
doultwithla the lost congress iiian able and
affable manner. Many old soldiers were
present and , as In the past will stay with the
party of reforms. Mr. Conger made many
friends hero. Dorsoywlll poll more than
the full republican vole ol IMwsOli county.
Democratic Uo\vdylsm.
STOCKUAM , Kob.f Oct. 23. [ Special to
THE BISK. ] Captain Stuckcr and lion. CJ.
U. Chany spoke hero yesterday altomoon tea
a largo audience composed chlellyof farmers.
Mr. CUuuy addressed his remarks chiefly to
McKetghnu's oflldal record , submitting cer
tified copies of the court records lu proof of
what ho said. Ho was continually Inter
rupted from the beginning ot his remarks by
a democratic saloonkeeper who ia Me-
KclKhan's chief supporter at this place ,
until the farmers present took the matter in
hand nnd compelled the wild unit woolly
democrat to bo cjulot , when lie retired to tbo
street and assisted by a. drunken mob con
tinued the uproar. Tha si'O.ikors ' were fol
lowed to the train by the mob ivno'iiisultcd
them in every way posslblo , and even wont
so far ns to procure oggj to assault them
with. The stalwart republicans were on
baud to see thnt no violence was committed ,
and the speakers departed safely for York on
the evening freight. No event over caused
moro excitement In our little vlllago , nnd all
good citizens regardless of politics denounce
the action of tbo MuKelgbun strikers.
Stioklo nnd Clnuioynt York ,
YOUK , Noh..0ct * K. ISpocial to Tun
niic.j lion. J. II , Stickle of Hebron and
Hon. J. G , Chancy of lied Cloud addressed a
largo audience nt this plneo this evening' .
Thu court room was flllod to ovorflowinj- .
The achievements of the republican party
were pictured In glowing terms by Mr.
Stleklo , and Mr. Chanoy dished out Me-
ICfighau's record I a unbroken doses , verify
ing ovoi-y .statement with certificates under
seal , fully substantiating ovcry charge tliut
has been iimdo against him. Wr. Chanoy
says that Webster county will give Ilarlan
800 majority , ami that no honest man can
vote for McKciglum , knowing him and uis
\vlthoutstultUying' hU conscience.
Neb. , Oct , 2y-Sredul [ Tele-
Tin : HER. ] The grand republican
mlly lust night was held nt Ice Park , Cnsler
county , Nebraska. Great Interest was taken
by the fanners. A big crowd came from
Western "Valley and the eastern part of Cus-
tor countv , Addresses hy Hon. Thomas
Darrell or Lincoln and many othov pronii.
nout republicans from this part of tbu state
wore delivered. Thorohas been within ttio
past few days a republican club orguniicd in
the cistern part of Custer county. Thirty
members nro fanners.
A Cirenl Tiiuo nc Albion.
Atmox , Xob. , Dot , 23. ( Sixsclal to T t E
HBK. | Thcrowaia gnmt republican rally
at the opera house lust night , Hon. George
II. JiMting ! and Hois. \ \ ' . II. Butntiors spoke
to a full house Tha greatest intcrwt was
mnnlfested. Tlio republlcunn Imvogot their
pycs opened and nre rallying nround the flag.
The Albion cornet band panulod the streets
nnd gave some excellent pieces of music at
tlio opera houso. The speeches given by the
tibovo named tfcutlctncn xvore to the jwlttt
nnd were well received nnd appreciated by
the people.
ACIcrlunl Protectionist.
I'lATTSMot-Tii , Neb , , Oct. ! i3.-fSpeclal Tcl-
eRram toTiin HBI : . ] A largo crowd assem
bled at the opera house this evening to listen
to the arguments of llev. J. O. Tate upon the
turilt question. The building ? illlodvltli
nn Intelligent and enthusiastic crowd and tlio
frequent bursts ol applause testified to their
appreciation of the efforts of the eloquent
gentleman. In a foiv well chosen words the
chairman , Mayor Hlehoy , Introduced Mr.
Tnte , who wns received with applause. Mr.
Tute Immediately launched hi to au eloquent
pancgy rloof tbo McKlnloy bill
"U'licn I found tbo English and other for
eign nowspaucrs vero arrayed against the
bill , " snidMr. Tate , "boltig an Englishman
myself , I understood what this meant and I
win for the bill even before I had read IU"
Ho went on to nay that the republican party
had always had the courao of its convic
tions. It never tried to sneak in at the back
door like the democrats did with
the Mills bill. If there are auy democrats lu
the bou.sol will nut tncm onto a schema la
which they can make money Ifas they claim ,
the MuKInloy bill will Increase tbo cost of
almost everything In the next thirty days.
1-ct them form u trust nnd buy ovcry com
modity mid thus make 51) ) cents on the SI
iti a month. "
Ho next called intention to tlio editorial In
the World-Herald In which It stated that
there \va ? no duty on wire nails before tlio
McKlnloy bill was passed. "That is not so. "
snldhe. "lu issa , just seven years ago , tbcro
was n tax ofI cents per pound , -whilst the
McKlnlcy bill decreases that toiij cents. If
I were n "democrat I would bo ashamed to
have the leading democratic paper in the
state , the paper that you take Into your
homes , make such false statements as that.
Now for the tin case. IJy and by the demo
crats will have tin whistles and tin horns to
blow and wevlll have tin democrats. Anyone
ono knows who knows anything about tin
that the material wltnwhich tin cans are
mndo is not solid tin but sheet iron with a
tin coating nnd upon Unit coating Is a tariff
of 4 cents per pound , and from ono pound of
that material 100 cans nro made. You can
figure out for yourselves what this tax Is. "
Then ho called attention to the fact that
the tariff on tin would open up the grand-
cat industry lu this country that would
materially help this glorious state of Ne
"ftow. my friends , if I had not lived In a
free trade country ; had I not known Its
blighting effects I might have advocated free
trade. How are you ROlng to run this gov
ernment ! You can't ' run it on wind. You
must either get the money from the tariff or
from direct tax. As Hlsmarok said by
tax hardly pcrccptlblo much less felt have
tbo Americans built up their majestic indus
tries. In showing bow the producer p.ivs .
the tariff and not the consumer , housed tbo
illustration made by Sir John MuoDonald of
the farmer with 100 acres la the United
States and 100 acres In Canada from which
hotels a crop of wheat and sells it In the
United States nt $1 a bushel ; hut on the
wheat raised on the Canadian side ho had to
pay 25 cents per bushel tariff before ho could
bring it to the American market. Thus
showing that the producer had to pay the
tax. "
Mr. C. A. Adams from Lincoln was then
introduced to the audioueonnd briefly stated
that ho could not think of detaining the
audience nny longer and , notwithstanding
the hearty welcome bo received , he could not
make a speech on account ot the lateness of
the hour.
Wclittcr nt Ijcxlngton.
LEXINOTONNeb. . , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele-
Brain to Tun line. ] Hon. John L. Webster
addressed a crowded house in this city this
evening1 on the prohibition question , and his
argument was exhaustive and complete. An
incident occurred , however , that , illustrates
the old proverb : Pools ivulic fearlessly when
nngcls fear to tread. After Mr.Volistcr had
concluded his argument , ono Led\vlch who ,
wo have discovered , WAS brought here for
the purpose oy the prohibitionisto under
the prctenso of complimenting and
endorsing Air. Webster , took possession
of the platform and proceeded to deliver a
torrent of words and a multitude of gestures
purporting to bo an answer to Mr. "Webster's
argument ! ) , and after this tirade , which was
listened to by Mr. Webster without a word ,
Uo stood upon his feet and attempted continu
ally to interrupt Mr. AVcbbtor in the little
llyo minutes speech that It took to demolish
him. After the meeting'was over tlio very
men that gut him here disclaimed having tiny
knowledge of him nnd'did not even , know his
A Koyal ICcceptlon.
NOUTH Purrn , N'ob. , Oct. 23. [ S pecia
Telegram to Tin : Bun.J , George \V. E. Dor-
soy , Governor Thnyor and Judge Wall vis
ited North Platte today nnd were mot with
unbounded enthusiasm. The farmers Irom
all points of the country had been gathering
all day -with the expectation of mooting tlioir
congressman. The North Platte band came
out at 4 p. in. and played during the after
noon an do veiling. At 8 p. m. ovcry avail
able seat in Lloyd's opera house
was lllled nnd standing room at
a premium. Mr. Dorsoy was introduced
and in a clear and able manner
presented the policy nnd legislative acts of
the republican congress and was loudly ap
plauded. Judge " \voll in an eloquent speech
presented the position of the alliance aud
democratic parlies to the evident satisfaction
of the audience. Governor Tliaver closed
the mooting nt 11 p.m. with onu of the worm
patriotic speeches for which ho is noted.
Tha outlook Ls that there will boa fair repub
lican majority In Lincoln county.
A CroAvdnt Friend.
O , N"ob. , Oct. S3. [ bpecial Tele
gram to THE Bin. : ] Nottleton and Ilarlan
spoke hero tonight to a crowded houso. Not
less than eight hundred persons were present
nnd great enthusiasm prevailed. A largo
number of ulliauco men were prescatwho
had eomd many miles to hear Ilarlan , their
next congressman. The vote for congress
man in this vicinity will flimllv narrow down
to nearly tun old party voto. The republican
alliance men will not support IMcICeighan.
A Slim Affair.
AUIA , Neb , , Oct. 23. [ Special to Tun
BtiE. ] The independent mlly at this place
today wni a sllin affair. After oxtcuslvo ad
vertising and largo preparations thcrovcro
not over ono hundred nnd llfty pcoplo inaU
tendance. Mueh of the enthusiasm mani
fested In the early part of the campaign has
disappeared. Outside of what noise the
democrats are keeping up , there Is little llfo
in the Mclveighan camp. Harlan Is gaining
all ever ttio district.
A , Fizzlr.
RBD Oour > , Neb. , OcU 23. ( Special to Tun
BEE , ] Tbo great T lcKeighun rally hero yes
terday -was a Hat failure. By actual count
there were sixty-five teams in the procession
undl&l voters. Ono louo solitary team was
from MclCelghan's township.
V.I A" H'l't'K At VXIOX ,
He Urges tlio Alliance to Stand by Its
USIOK , NOD. , Oct. 23. [ Special to Tim
BEE. ) At a largely attended mass meeting
of farmers held hero this evening , General
"VanVyck inadotholollowlngnddress , which
was enthusiastically received :
The struggles of today are ucarly on the
same lines tboy have been for thousands of
years , the strong attempting to control the
weak , the wealthy still moro absorbing the
the caruinge of the multitudo. Every million
added to the millionaire class is another
million abstracted from producers and la
borers. The form of government , culture ,
even Christianity , changes , modifies or miti
gates but little the Inexorable and sometimes
Inhuman lows of trade. Tbo trlto nphnrlsm
that "business is business' ' is thu foundation
and justification for the barons -who
in medieval tlmos at the cross roads robbed
or "tariffed" the tradesmen of commerce ,
nnd In Christian Europe ted free America
secure superiority liy nil the dovlcct which
eglslfitton can irivoorby combinations nnd
rusts In violation of laws and In opposition
to protestor resistance from the masses who
"While tariffs may bo necessary for -weak
atlons and infant Industries , their contlii
lauco after the causes for Iholr creation have
lapsed , is rank Injustice to unprotected In-
crests and they only exist because of tlio
> ewer by which combined wonlth controls nil
mtions. In removing the tariff duty on supr
md paying from the treasury a bounty of i }
cents a pound only the form of the taxis
changed , the tax b.cco . < n < n inoro absolute ,
2au any man Jit this ago clvo n single satis-
tictory reason whv a tax of ! i cents per
jotind should bo levied upon the industry of
lie nation to enrich the couo grower I with
More propriety it bounty of y cents could bo
jlvcn for every bushel of corn grown ,
New Kuuluud hiw not only In the main gov
erned the republic , but made It profitable In
securing protection for every article she
nauufiii'tures even the fishes she g.ithcrs in
he ocean , \Vc can not Indulge In llsh caught
> y the Canadians , but heavy duties must bo
evicd fortho pocketsof Now IJiiglnud lisher-
neii. That is not now un infant Industry.
Neither Is there any cost In the production ,
except the catching ami curing.
Js ow that the tariff Is removed from n por-
lon of sugar the managers will see to it thnt
ho tav Is Increased as n punishment for ask-
ng relief. When a bounty of ii cents per
> ound Is given for cane sugar the New Kng-
und Yunkoo sceshlsopportunity uiidclutcbos
t with avidity. His mnplo candy nmstsbaro
the fiiiuo beiilllceiiee. They' say : " \Vhy
loti It is an infant Industry J" or ono which
urnliliusu product to sweat en the potatoes
of infants , nnd lo , that must bo protected and
encouraged. The maple sap will not ho Increased -
creased , but the quantity of block , free sugar
'romUuba , flavored with maple sup , will bo
'enrfully increased when the 'J cents per
loumlis drawn from the treasury. Thcro
vould have boon far more Justice to donate U
con ts for every bushel of pig corn and thus
stimulate the growth ot that uutriiueut fern
n f ants.
But how shall wo get relief from the old
parties r In the ngrlcultur.il states the demo-
. rats argue as we do in favor of reduction of
tariff , and even the national convention is per
mitted to keep up the appearance of reform
IV eloquent resolutions favoring it. That
ideasantry Is tolerated while the protection
iomocrnts have ono hand ou the string
fastened to the platform und the other ou the
throttle of the machine. The southern demo
crats want everything free except sugar. The
Pennsylvania democrats want free trade for'
evorvthliigexcept iron aud coal. The Now
England democrats want wool nnd nnd all
raw materials free except manufactured
goods , llsh and maple sugar.
Look- carefully to the legislature. The Im
mediate relief must coma Irom that source.
Money loaners have manipulated it hereto
fore , l ctus have one now that will provide
usury law with suitable penalties , making
usury a crime ; one that will give some relief
from railroad exactions by passing n max
imum rate bill not higher than the Iowa
rates. Tbo people's legislative ticket has
peed men and truo. Stand manfully by them ,
Don't be drawn away by the noise of accla
mation from tbo old party leaders. Kemem
ber you have a good , able man in Allan Hoot.
Ho has been right for years , when the scales
had not yet dropped from your eyes. Helms
always oeeu of tbo people. A teller for years ,
fortunate in amassing some property ; always
honest and prompt in meeting his debts. I
beg of you not to think less of him ou thnt
Allow mo to suggest ono other name , be
cause ho is yournoighbqr , always your friend ,
Dech of Saundcrs for lieutenant governor , n
man of broad views , sounddoscroot , a man of
experience in the legislature nnd la public
and private life never found wanting.
TIIK mioinie
The Voice Charged "With Appropriat
ing Nebraska Ciimnuinn Funds.
Lixcot.x , Neb. , Oct. U3. [ Special Tele
gram to Tins BEE. ] The maddest lot of men
in Lincoln tonight are the leaders In the
prohibition fight. They have been expect
ing some cold cash to arrive from tbo cast ,
but it has failed to materialize. Today news
reached hero that the $15,000 raised "for 6od
and home and native land" by tUb prohlbs bf
the country had been appropriated by the
Now York Voice nnd entirely expended oy
that paper In flooding Nebraska with thou
sands of copies of that delectable shoot.
When the news reached prohibition head
quarters hero the Indignation of the ' 'work
ers" know no bounds and found vent in some
very forcible language , . They had boon rely
ing on this fund to remunerate them for their
campaign labors and to ' 'close the gaps" be
tween now and election day.
"Tho d d Voice has hogged it all through
this campaign , " said ono of the leaders who
joined the movement because hocouldnt
force any cash from tlio anti-amendment
people , "and hero wo nro loft to hold the
sack. It makes mo tired , but what the h 1
to do about it I don' t know. "
All the leading prohlbs of the city denounce
the action of the Volco in unmeasured terms ,
but they nro trying to keep tbo matter quiet
and Just kick themselves. It is reported here
that thousands of copies of the Volco which
have boon shipped into the state are now
lying in the postofllccs uncalled for ana are
doing no good for the prohibition cause.
Some of the leaders are BO uncharitable as to
aver that prohlbltloh will bo hotter oft if no
moro of these papers are sent to Nebraska
Mr. AVob i r8 * I > ntes.
Hon. John L. Webster is announced to
speak on the prohibition question
At Kearney Friday evening.
At Omaha Saturday evening' .
At West Point noxtMonday he will make
a political address ; also
At Blair Tuesday evening. .
At South Sioux City Wednesday evening
of next week.
At Nebraska City Monday , November 3.
SVICIDK < tt' A UA.XK.Kll.
I. Blokclcy freight on of New York
Hlows Out Ills Brnlii.i.
New YOUK , Oct. 23. I. BlakeleyCrelgh-
ton , a hunker , ivas this morning found dead
In his office , having shot himself some ttnio
during the night with a revolver. The body
was cold and rigid when foiind , death having
evidently occurred some hours boforo. Thu
dead man lay on a sofa with thorovolver..vllh
an empty shell in ono chamber , at his
side. Un the office table lay several sealed
letters addressed to his wife and his partner ,
II. II. Brlgtiain. An open letter was ad
dressed to "all whom it may concern , " and
road as follows :
' J have fought a hard business battle , bavo
made a squuro light , but have lost. Jly brain
has given way and now my body must uo.
Please break the nevrs gently to mv wife. "
George Crosby , Creigntoa's cashier , said :
"I left him at the ofllco vesturday afternoon
bnpny , and bavo novcr scon anything in his
conduct to Indicate ho was low spirited. Bo
far ns I know his accounts are nil riRht. Ho
bos had no financial dillleultles , I think. "
Grelghton was the son of the Into Commo
dore CrciRbton of the United States navv.
Ho was well known on AVoll street for tbo
past do7.on years , and It was believed thnt ho
was successful in business , which was that of
gen"ral brokerage and banking' .
The autopsy developed the fact that death
was caused by a bullet , but u largy quantity
of inorphlno was found on the banker's
Cardinal Gluhonn Knvnr.n the .Mission
of Irish header * .
NKW VOKK , Oct. 23. In an interview with
T. P , GUI yesterday , nt Philadelphia.
Cardinal Gibbons assured GUI thnt ho wns In
hearty spmpnthy with the projected mission
of Irish delegates to America and hoped it
woulb bo successful and bo the means
of hastening the day when the policy
of national self-government for Ireland , cnn-
Mstent with true and honorable union with
Great Britain , would obtain ilnal and peace
ful triumph. Aschblsnop Uyaa ana other
dignitaries also eipressed similar senti
ments ,
Citizen * of Omaha at homt anil atiroal t'io
remember that thercinatiitnoiayt of reyMratton
are frlday , Octubtr 31 , anil SaturdayKonm *
lr 1 ,
For burns , scalds , bruises nnd all pain and
soreness of the ilesh. the grand household
remedy Is Ur. Thomav Electric Oil. Uo sure
you gut the pcnulnu.
Old Ones Are Bought Up and Tuturo
Issues ! Prohibited.
Steamboat Cbntracts tlio Only Do-
innrallr.liig I/'cjitiiro In tbo North
western I'rt.-wenttcr Situation
To Urea Ic a Monopoly.
CHICAGO , Oct. 2.1. [ Special Telegram to
TIIK UKK. ] At u meeting of tbo northwestern
incs today , Chatrnmn Flnley announced that
all excursion tickets which" would Inllucnco
the market liail been redeemed from the
scalpers. CSeneral Passenger Agent tllbbard
of the "Soo" llao was present nnd ou the
above showing , said ho would ndvanco the
'Soo" ruto to Now York to the old JUgure ;
< l.bO loss than the regular llrat chisi rate
via Chlejigo. The second class rate between
Chicago nnd St. Paul was tilso wlpod out ,
uivlng only the $11.50 ono way rate for
jaslng purposes nnd for straight first doss
.Ickets. The only tickets now In scalpow
mudswhich will effect the market nro
unlimited tickets accumulated during the
summer. All lines agreed to Issue no more
crooked tickets nnd ns a further check ,
Chnlrmnn l 'luloy was asked to buy up
dally nil crooked tickets In the market
md compel their redemption by the
offending lines. Another meeting will beheld
held November fl to take up the matter of
steamships contracts , tlio only demoralizing
feature at present In the northwestern pas
senger situation. Fortv par cent of the busl-
ness Is now carried'on these contracts and us
Lho agents send nil tbo buslusss over the
North western and Union Pacific , or the Wis
consin Central and Northern I'acltlo the
other lines liuvo determined to break the
The Cheese Unto Uedueed.
DES MOINE.I , la. , Oct. 23.-Speclal [ Tele
gram to THE HUE. ] The railroad commis
sioners made an Important decision this
mornlnpr when they changed chcoso from
second to third class. For months chccso
manufacturers hnvo hoen flooding the board
with facts and figures why this cbango
should bo made so ns to allow lowadnlrymon
to compete with those of the middle and
eastern states , especially New York. The
ruling will reduce the freight on this article
considerably , nnd place Iowa manufacturers
on an eciual footing with those of the cast.
A AVnrnint ; from Ilisnmrelc.
BERUX , Oct. 2 ! ) . [ Special Cablegram to
Tun Bin. : ] The Hamhurg Nucnrichten , in
an editorial supposed to have hccn inspired
by I'rinco Bismarck , points out the danger of
the suggested ignoring of the second clause
of the Frank fort treaty In connection with
the customs union with Austria. The article
contalns.this declaration ! "Whatever lranco
does , Germany Is bound by her cagageinen ts
Her only remedy will bo to cancel or modify
the clause , - whiten'no Gorman statesman
would dream of , doing'.11 It concludes thus !
"it js imperative to dictate a policy which
will avoid sowing germs of differences witn
France in agreements with Austria. If a
dispute Is once kindled on account of the
treaty of Frankfoft , vho can foresee the
consequences. " _
Tlio locomotive
PITTSHUKO , Paf , Oct. 23. Tbo convention
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
spent tlio day .considering . the resolution teen
en tor the organization known as the "United
Order of Kullwivy Employes. It Is under
stood thnt the disousslan was heated , hut it
is not positively known when the considera
tion of this questioii'will ' bu ended.
The third annuAYtonvcntlon of .the grand
international' auxiliary to the brotherhood
catno.to an end UiIA\f ; \ ternoon and. , the now
oflleers were installed. President Murdoclc
says the convention is the most successful
the auxillmry lias held. A sinking fund was
established , the ritiliU' arid by-laws revised ,
nnd altogether the delegates feel elated at
what they accomplished ,
Senator Pact clock Coming : Homo.
\VASIIIXOTOX , Oct 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK BEB. ] Senator Paddock intends to
reach his homo in Beatrice about the cud of
next week to vote and do whatever else he
can for the republican ticket. Ho regrets
exceedingly that ho has been unnblototako
an nctlvo part personally In the pending
campaign , and says tbntiftho progressive
course of the republican party Is at this time
checked , it will result in a serious setback tc
mativ projects for tbo advancement ol
western interests which hnvo been set on
foot by tlio present congress , nnd which are
certain to result In substantial western
legislation , within the uoxt two or three
Adams'.Return to Denver.
Dnxvi5n.Colo. , Oct. 23 , [ SpecialTelegram
to THE BEE. ] President Adams' return to
Denver was ontlroly unexpected. It is salt ]
ho came to consult with Manager .Meek in re
gard to increasing the switching iacilitles ol
the road , the present yard being entirely in
adequate to the volume of business now
being handled. Mr. Adams will go couth
ovorthe Gulf division today nnd return to
Boston direct from Fort Worth.
Report of the Court of Claims.
"WASHINGTON , Oct. 23. The annual report
of the court of claims shows that the nggro-
gate number of suits Drought against the
government and pending is about fourteen
thousand , and that the war claims alone now
pending number nbout eight thousand , In
volving an estimated aggregatoof $100,000,000. ,
Ijlcntemmt Turner IMcndu Guilty.
SAS ANIOXIO , Tex. , Oct. 23. Before the
court-martial today Lieutenant Gcorpo L.
Turner , adjutant of the High teonth infantry ,
plead guilty of the embezzlement of $ ttOO be
longing to the regiment band.
Iiitcr-S-minnry Missionary Alliance.
PiTTSHuno , Va. , Oct. 23. The annual con
vention of the American. Inter-Seminary Mis
sionary alliance opened In Allegheny City
today with delegates representing all the
seminaries In the country.
An Enrthiiuiiko In Missouri.
CAPE G i HA. it i > c \ u , Mo. , Oct. 2J. Two
shocks of earthquake occurred hero nt 6:10
this morning. Ibitlttnge , furniture , crock
ery , etc. , wore visibly effected.
Florid a'rt' Population.
WABIUMITOX , Oct'ftel. ' The census oftlco
todav announced thoipopulation of the s'.ato
of Florida at niW.SId , an Increase of 120,042 ,
orM.bS per cent.
< f i T * -
William's ( J1IY to Von Mnltkc.
BERLIN , Oct. Stf. Emperor William has
sent to Von Moltko' as a birthday present a
marshal's silver huton , emlwlllshod wltbim
perial eagles and ict < jvlth diamonds ,
'IwoKillediniia Sixty Injured.
BimuN , Oct. S tty the derailing of a
train nt Hcdwlgsflorf today two persona
were killed and sittJjninlurod.
Mouth DiilvotftjltiuiKYiillmmod. .
WASIIISOTOX , Oct , 2.1. The comptroller o
the currency hns authorized the First Nutlonu
bank of Ouster City , S. D. : , to begin hufllnosa
with a capital of $50XH , ( > .
UnlversulUt Oliuroli
KociinsTEU , N. "V , , Oct , 23 , Today's sos-
sloa of the Unlvorsallst church congress was
occupied with a discussion of the relation o
the Catholic church to public schools , many
papers being submitted. '
Two Klllo < l In a Collision.
EI.LCNSHUUO , Wash. , Oct. 83. By n col
llsionof two Northern rnciflo freight trains
this afternoon , two men were killed.
Cfttientaf Orna/iutil linint and
rene mber Hull the raiMlnliiy iluutuf rwlstrattui
nui Vilttuu , OcMer 31 , and Suluniii/ / ,
ler I ,
1HK Hl'JKKlf IttMtt.
WASIIINOTOX , Got , ! M. The third day's
races of the Wnsltlngton jockey club were
postponed until tomori'ow on account of ram.
InilopciidUMiuo Haoos.
Ixtir.rBxnnscn , la. , Oct. 21. [ Special Toto-
Kram to Inn DEB. ] Summary of today's
races :
Bamboo ( Stouts ; . 1 331
Stamina ( Drawn ) . 4 1 'J ! i
MarlonVilkes ( Nee ) . a 4 1 U
Alex ( John ) . n n 5 5
Major ( Wilson ) . 3 J 3 4
\Voolino ( Chandler ) . , . . .0 dls
Catmrvlilrd ( Wllllmms ) . dls
Tliuo-'J : ? ' SsSS 2.-30 3S'J > .
- : W.4' . , , : f.
Oamelion . . 5
Crayon . . S 3 U 4 1 3
Swnunnl . 5435 ! l
Johnny Uoggs . -I 45385
Allerton was brought out and given n two-
mile warming im. As he passed the stuud
lie \vas received with enthuslastio cheers
from tno crowd. Tlio llrst attempt to break
his iJ : ! . " ! ) record was unsuccessful , owing tea
a break on tbo home stretch. Guy was then
brought forth to bc.it 2 ! l Jf- The "Ulack
"Wonder" was in his usual bad
humor , and scored tintll the crowd
wa * wearied beyond expression. Cries
of "put him ( iff" prevailed. Allorton again
appeared and was sent on the llrst score , and
was sent a beautiful nillo without a skip in
2jl4 , accompanied hy the runner , Nod Gor
don. When Allerton rcnchcd the quarter
Ouy exhibited an Inclination to go , and re
ceived the word , the two specials being trotted -
ted at the same time. Guy nuido themllo in
Ul : % without u break and received his
share of the application.
LKXISOTOX , Ky. , Oct. 23. The track was
six Inches deep in the mud. Summary :
Five furlongs Pennyroyal won , Little
Hdget second , Blanche last third. Titno
1OT. :
Ouo mlle Pullman won , Couslgno second ,
Dyer third. Tlino 1 : .
Mile and twenty yards Lahra dor won ,
Hoynl Garter second , Nina Archer third.
Time 1 : i7J.
All ngos. one mile Major Tom won , Ilosc-
mont seuoud , Catalpa third. Time 1:50. :
Maidens , mile nnd ono-sixtecntli Mackin
won , Longlcuf second , Aiinio Elizabeth
third. Time 2 :13. :
Semper I ldclo Hold.
LEXIXOTOX , Ky. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele-
ram to THIS Bun. ] C. 0. Railey of Versalllos
has sold the fllly Somnor Fidelo to "VV. 11.
Lotchcr for $10,000. Semper Fidelo Is onb
of the best bred nllies of the year , and her
work for the year shows that blood tells.
She hai started seven times tills year , winning
her last five races and beating such cracks ns
Koseland. Ann Elizabeth" , Ida Plckwck , 'Join
Rogers , Pllora. etc. Sue is hy Longfellow ,
dam La Sylptdclo.
Todny-'tt Tips.
First race Mndstono. Tlpstaft.
Second Uaco Hruiictte , Jersey Pat.
Third race LnanUiko , Kon.
Fourth race Park Kidgo , Mephlsto.
Fifth race Houston , Knmhler.
Sixth race Longford , Can't Tell.
First race Lady Invercauld , Oriental.
Second race Josie M , Outlook ,
Third race-Carroll Reed , Eli JCcndige.
Fpuith race Tenacity , Kll.
Fif tli race Penny lloyal , Tom ilnckln.
They Stop Under a < 3as Tiainp and
Divlilo TMclr I'llindor.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 23. It is learned today that
Brezellwhowas murdered at l csplalnesjncar
this city , last nighthnd about § 0,000 in money
nnd notes upon his person , of which over
S1,000 was in cash. As the men who commit
ted the deed were running away they passed
under a gas light In front of the house of Au-
Rust Moldonlian'1 , jnstico of the peace. They
coolly stopped there and looked over the cou-
tcnts of the biir old-fashioned wallet in which
Drezoll carried his money and papers. Se
lecting the money from the pocketbook the
men tossed , the wnllot and papers over the
fence into n vacant lot. Airs. Molilonhaur
was standing in the front parlor and saw the
men very plainly by tbo light of the lamp.
This afternoon the police arrested Frank
Burns , who says ho is from Buffalo , Ttiomas
Scye , hailing from Montreal , and John
Murphy , from Toronto , on suspicion of hav
ing murdered Brczoll. They wore found in
the neighborhood where the crime was com
Killcil While Hoarding a Train.
EvAJi'sroN , Wyo , , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram toTiir. Bim.J John Christian was run
ever and killed this morning while attempt
ing to board an easUbound freight train. lie
was intoxicated nnd the train \vn ? running at
a high rate of speed. His body was terribly
Citizens of Omaha at home and Abroad should
remember that the nmatotno * ' ( / * of rc jlttratlnn
nreJ'rfdaiOctober 3t , and SatitidaiXovan -
bcr 1.
A well developed case of diphtheria has
broken out in the family of Dr.V. . H. Sla-
Mayor Sloane has taken steps to prevent
the disease spreading.
Itablmd on Tivoiity-fniirch Street.
James Maloney , a verdant stockman who
arrived in the city Wednesday with a lot of
stock , complains that ho was mot by a negro
on Twenty-fourth street , knocked down and
robbed o'f a lady's gold watch. The police
doubt his story.
Counterfeit Money.
\V. Li. Morford of Albright hns been ar
rested on a charge of passing counterfeit
money and will have a hearing before Judge
King. Mr. Morford denies the charge while
John Uegley , of Deeleyte Callaban , says that
Mr. Morforu tried to pass tbo same spurious
silver dollar on him.
Kplnci > itiil Supper.
The coffers of the Ladles' Aid society of
St , Savior's Episcopal church contain nearly
51 00 moro than they did before the excellent ,
dinner and supper served Wednesday , The
palatable meals merited the liberal putronago
nnd the friends were as well plensou with tbo
services us the ladies were delighted witu
the liberal patronage. _
Whllopaintlng ( loot-go Parks' house , Sev
enteenth street and Missouri avenue , E. J ,
Picrco and Charles Clnpp , two painters work
ing for John J , Gorman , had a narrow escape
from serious injury. The scaffolding gave
way , precipitating Mr. Olapp to the uround ,
a distance of twenty feet , injuring him con
siderably. Mr. Picrco fortunately caught u
safe hold and saved himself.
Not OH About tno City.
A son hns been born to Mr. and Mrs , E.
The now cylinder printing press for the
Stockman office has arrived.
Tlio venerable Mrs. Samuel Miles , mother
of I ) . Miles , is dangerously HI.
MUs Minnie , daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles 11. Alack , who lias boon BO 111 , Is bet-
tur and Is believed to bo out of danger.
Parks Brothers have commenced work on
the new pcpslno works building nnd boiler
house for tlio Armour-Cudntiy packing com
Uosoph Tumo picked up aIO-blll dropped
by John Sehromock In Voclar Pivonka's
saloon. After being arrested on a charge of
larceny , Mr. Tumo repaid the money nnd
Judge Levy discharged the defendant.
Mrs. O'Neill , Avlfo of John O'Neill ' nnd
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. John Kilkcr , who
lately returned from Denver , Colo. , for med
ical treatment for blood poisoning , died
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock and will bo
hurled from St. Agnes' church at 0 o'clock
this forenoon. : _ _
Ctlttem of Otnaha tit home mid ol/rrmd rtinutt
rr.memlttr that tlio icmiilntiiu cidyj of reudlratton
are Friday , October 31 , ami Saturday , .Yoreiu-
Itrl ,
The Gang of Mercenaries in tlio Employ of
tbo Prohibitionists ,
They Propose to Iieavo No Foreign
Itorn Citizen Vote Without
VV , E. Johnson , formerly of Lincoln , where
ho was connected with the News and later
with a bath house , is once more in Omuhii
posing aj a tool and stool-pigeon for the pro
hibitionists. Ho is also connected with the
New York Volco and acting ns a spy.
Slncn his arrival lu the city ho has been
quartered at thu HoU'l ICsuumd on North
Sixteenth street nnd Is nurroimdod hy a
corps of so-called detectives who have been
sent hero by tbo Voice.
The gang has Its workshop la an oftlco
In the Now York life insurance build
ing , where all of the secret sessions are held.
Wednesday these fellows held one of their
meetings and before adjournment resolved to
retain WalterI. Limit ) of Lincoln mid Pound ,
nn alleged detective who , a few years ngo ,
shot and killed Pegleg ( Main , was tried and
convicted of manslaughter nnd immceiatcly
Geyser & Thotnas , lawyers of this city ,
have tiecn engaged to do the smelling busi
ness In thiscomity.
Those people nro now working in the clerk's
ofllco copying the tmuiiM of all tlio
men who liavo been naturalized this
fall. They announce that thov
will challenge the vote of every
foreigner ) ! ! Douglas oounty.so that if foreign
uorn citizens vote at all , they will do sounder
In addition to tills nefarious work these
follows nre making arrangements to get out a
boom edition of the Omaha LiMrti'r , which
will be sent broadcast over the country.
fn tins edition they will charge
that the citizens ot Omnhii Intend
to vote 5,000 Italians who will he Im
ported for the purpose ; that thirty-six men
bnvo visited nnd registered nt each of the
precincts , thnt their votes may tie counted
forty-two times.
Besides this , these so-called detec
tives , and tlie lawyers , nro already work
ing upon the registrars and citizens , trying
to induce thorn to make the statement thai
they have been wrongfully inlluenceil by
members of the Hankers'and Business Men's
This man Johnson , who is the leader
In this work , is the same man who
operated will. the decoy letters
who is responsible for the lies told lu the
Voice , the Chicago Lever , the Llnroln Call
and the Omaha Leader about the padding of
Omaha's census. He is u man weighing
about one hundred and seventy pounds ,
dresses in dark clothes , wcara n'hlnck felt
hat and a mustache as long as thn arm of a
telegraph pole. Ho is working for moiiov.
Ho lias tried to injure Omaha for money. lie
Is doing the same thing uoivand is justly con
sidered an enemy of the city.
Law abidingcitirens should see thnt that
crowd of mercenary bindings are rendered
powerless botn at the places ot registration
and at the polls.
Tbo prohibition crew have Imported ono C.
G. Jmlloclc of Lincoln : J. < ! . Smith of New
York and A. U. Jnuksou of Chicago and
others to Intimidate the voters of the larger
cities of this stele , and thus prevent them
from registering. Tlio method tp bo pursued
is to send one of those fellows to Grand
Island , another to Hustings , with the third
In this city , with instructions to arrest some
citizens who nave ivgistercd , with the
object of bhpwing that the registra
tion has bc-cii fnidulcnt This ol
course will cause trouble1 , without , in the
end , luiUiK successful. Those hirelings feel
that this step will deter many other citizens
from attempting to register , not because they
are not entitled to register , but because they
nro unwilling to .submit to tbo blackguard
ism they would bo subjected to at the hands
of these prohibition persecutors.
A few days ago thu olllcc of the supervisor
of ttio census in Lincoln WUH broken into , the
desks were rilled and a number of valuable
papers were iibstracted , These documents
liniiie been located nnd , before long , one nt
least , of the prohibition hirelings will bo
missing from among the gang of conspirators
and thieves.
To Oovclop AVcstprn N'chraslca.
Articles of incorporation will be filed today
by the Bclraont construction company , with
Andrew Ilaas , Samuel KaU , Itidloy II.
Lawrence , Thomas D. Crnno , Edgar 11.
Allen nnd A. Polai-k as corporators. The
business of tlio corporation , ns set forth in
the article ) , will bo to operate and construct
canals nnd ditches for irrigation , manufactur
ing and domestic purposes in the counties of
Scott's Bluff. lianncr , Chepunnu , Deuel nnd
Keith , m Nobrask.i ; also to build reservoirs ,
railroads , telegraph nnd telephone lines , toll
roads and bridges , and to explore for and
mine coal and other minerals. The capital
stock has been placed at * : > 00,00t ) , divided Into
MX ) shares of $1,000 each. The principal
ofllco of the corporation will be in Omaha.
Debar in ttrnoklyn.
NBW Yonu , Oct. 2X ] Special Telegram to
TiiKHKK.J A ( i Uiss Debar has lo
cated in Carlton avenue , Brooklyn , and It Is
said intends to make Brooklyn her home.
bho has determined to carry on her old occu
pation as a clairvoyant. She said today she
had just returned fion : California , where she
had boon to look after property left her hy
Lola Montcz. The priestess declared that
she intended to wage a relentless warfare
against Archbishop Corrignu , to whom she
gave a merciless excoriation.
ltd In Hilton's Husband Hurt.
LONDONOct. . 3.1. [ Special Cablegram to
TIIK BKK. | t.nrd Dunlo , husband of Hello
Hilton , iho concert hall singer , whoso matrimonial
menial difficulties have been the subject of
much discussion both In the courts nnd
among the general public , was thrown from
his horse while riding today nnd ono of his
shoulders was dislocated.
Don't Want thr Pontoon.
ATCHWOS. KIM. , Oct. SI [ Special Tfk'-
isramto Tun BIE. ] The owners of the iron
bridge hnve agivod to reduce the highway
toll to pontoon r.itps , which is n reduction of
moro than M ) per cent. Negotiations with S.
N. Stewart for his Nebraska City pontoon
bridge are therefore off.
Cladstoiu ; IMiiuh Delighted.
Etmnfiwii , Oct. ai. [ Special Cablegram
to THE Bii.J : : ( jlndstono is greatly elated
by the retuni of a liberal from Kccles nnd
to ovcry one who speaks to him ou the sub
ject ho expresses Ills delight at tlio great
victory which his party has won.
Idllrd His \VII' and KnloldiMl.
OSIIKOSII , WIs. , Oct. S3. [ Special Tele
gram. ] William Oalow , a German laborer ,
killed his wife nnd suicided last night , Do
mestic infelicity was the ciusc. Both were
ever llfty years of n e , and leave eight
Hoynl HclroKinl In I'mspoot.
HKIII.IX , Oct. 2:1. : [ Special Cablegram to
Tin : DUK. ] Prince Miixlmillian , nenhow of
the grand duke of Iladcn , will shortly bo
betrothed to Princess Victoria Louisa of
Cold Holds.
OKI.UIOMA , I. T. , Oct. 1. Hundreds of
people are flocking to Xho Arbucklo moun
tains , whore gold has boon discovered In payIng -
Ing quantities , and every train is crowded
with prospectors ,
Cambridge IlnnnrH Stanley.
LONDON' , Oct. 23 , The university of Cambridge -
bridge has conferred a degree upon Henry M.
Stanley. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Cit turn r > f Oinnha at home ttnil abroad
nmemltr thnt tlitninitlnln jilau uf tr li
are FitJiiu , Octolici 31 , ui l . .S'ciluiiliii.Vortw /
Chief IVrryiunn of thn Crook Nation
PAIUS , Tex. , Oc't. 31. The mossagoof Chli-f
Perryman to the council of the Crock nation ,
now lu session at Octmilgco , makes mention
of the law enacted by congress hy which the
western tilbc * nro fast allotliig their lauds
preparatory to ml mission us citizens Into the
American republic. lie then adds ! Tlius
the rights , privileges and authority of the
live nations are infringed upon and curtailed
nt almost every session of eongrws. it would ,
hardly be fair tovhargo congress with malii-o
toward the Indians or wilful disregard of
their Interests , The general pollev of
the government toward the Indians
is ono of humanity nnd charity. The
fault lies lu the Ignorance or our would-bu
benefactor * as regards the true condition
and needs of the Indians. This congress
through Its misdirected zeal for tlio boiti-r-
int'iit of the condition of th-j Indians , Im *
handlcapiwd our most laudable effort * for
self-irovurmnent and si'lf-preservntlnn. Tn-
ceasing vipilanco is the only hope of our i < v-
Istence. Tbo congress of the United State *
must bo constantly Informed of nur
( vnditlon nnd must bo continually iviuincd
of the siicivd Ircnty obligations she lias on.
tercd Into with us in the past. UliriMom.
incuded , tliorefuro , that n strong delegation
lie sent to Washington to represent our na
tion during the next session of congress. "
Ovvncf-i Tlii'i'atcn to UoMirt to iv
General Tie-Up.
LONDON , Oct. 'J.'t. [ Spci-lal Cablegram to
Tin ; HCG.I Ata meeting of tlio Smidorlund
branch of the shipping federation yesterday
it was stated that tbo central authority iii
London was arranging fora general lock-out
should thosnilors persist in their hostile alti
tude. The Shipping tinzotto says on thin
subject : " .Should such u dcspointo remedy lu
necessary , the ship owners will hnvo no dlfll-
culty In malting out their oase.TIn y can
show that their business is being mined by
tbo tyr.uuiv of the new unions. The pros-
poet of on Immeiiso federation of every trailo
remotely connected with shipping liiis con
vinced the ship owners that something must
be done promptly. It is hotter tolmviMi
short , sharp , decisive struggle now than to
imiko further Mirroiiders at the dictates ol
tbo men , ns unscrupulous as they are tyrau-
Icul. "
The Times confirms the truth of tlio state-
nuait , that Inquiries have been started as to
the practicability of a general hiving up of
vessels in lirltisli ports. It says : "Theiv is
no reason to suggest why this Yourso should
bo adopted us a settled policy. No dcclinm
Is posslblu till further meetings like that In
Suiiderlaiul report. "
SlMi > l.TO V.I "ft" 11 fOTKS.
I'rol' Goldxvin Smith's
Opinion of ( lie
McKtnloy Hill.
TonoxTo , Out. , Oct. ' - > ; i. OoUhvin Smith ,
in discussing the MoKinloy net , says : "Tlio
agitation created in Orwat 13rltiiln nnd tbu
other countries of Ijuropu by this tlino ought
to have convinced CiitmdiauH that U is not
liarticulnrly levelled ugnlns' ' . Canada and that
therefore thc.ro U no quarrel or oxeusi' fur
unfriendly demonstrations against n neigh
boring community with which her majesty is
nt peace. The object of the framrrs nf
the Mclvinloy net is simply to secure votes.
Let ISuronoami Canada wait for the result
of the fall rlot'tinim tocongress which aivc-lusn
at hand 'The result of tbo elections will
show , so fur us protectionist corruption will
allow free voting , what is tbo real ti-udenry
of Aincrlenii opinion. There is strong reason
to believe that even among the republicans
in congress who gave a party vote In favor
ot the bill there are intitiy who thought It uu
unwise move. "
Express TMagiuitos in Council.
Cuinoo , Oct. U.I. The mnnngors of the
traflle departments of all express coimiatileo
ruiuiing over the different r.illi-oads into
ChiiMiga met in bpocinl meeting twhiy. IS , M.
Morscinan , who Is at the head of thol'adllo
express coinp.my. with headquartci-s at
Omaha , pivslded as cliniriiiun. Matters of
considerable Importance will como before the
The revision of the present tariff rates west
from Chicago , in order to eqnnlizo IhroiiRli
rates , occnsloiic'd by the advance between
New York and Chicago , to co into effect No-
vcinber 1 , was taken under consideration.
Ijocal rates west , northwest nnd southwest
are not changed. The meeting will be in KCJ-
sion for two days longer. * *
One delegate said today that there will bo.f
no ndvuucos in western rates with one or two
minor exceptions. Kastern rates are beiiit !
advanced maUirially because the < 'ouiiiuniC3
are lozlng money nt the present riilo.s.
Wisconsin's Mar ( lovcrnor Kirlrkon.
NKW VOIIK , Oct. 23.-Hon. H. F. Nobla
tlio old war governor of Wisconsin , who hi s
been visiting I'clntivcs in Ilrooklyn , win
stricken with paralysis today and fell down u
flight of stairs. I'by.sicums think ho will re
Honors to Irlsli
PAiirs , Oct. 3.1. [ Special Cablegram to
Tin ; Br.K. ] Aivccption was given last night
by IJaffnlovitch , William O'Hrion's father-in-
lii\v , in honor of .Messr.i , Dillon and O'Urlen.
Among the guests wcw Joseph Krnst JJcniui
and Hector Henri Malot , author * , unJ
ICurdean , I'ressensc and Lanessan.
Jry nnd AVi-i ( ioods United ,
CIUOAOO , Oct. 2. ' ! . At noon Marshall I'iold ,
jr. , son of the head of tbo great dry goodi
ilrni of Marshnll rield.tCo. , and Miss Al-
hcrtino lluck , daughter of Louis C. Huric ,
tlio nillliomilrc'brewei1 , were- united in innrii-
a o nt tlio resilience of tlio bridf , by Art li-
bishop Tcchan.
Convicted ol'
Tii'pninv.Oet. ! . i't. ( Special Cablegram to
TIIK nr.K.J lov. ! Father David Humphrey i ,
ono of the defendants In thoeonspirary ouhd
now on trial here , was foniid guilty of coin-
mlttlng an assault upon the wlfo of a j.olhv-
mini , tiiiil was sentenced to pay alliin of , lJO ;
Of b J committed to Jail for six months.
Absolutely Pure.
Aoream of turtar baking pnvrdcr. lllsli''n >
f loaveiilns * lreiiglh U. H. tiovorniuunt Itu-
uort AUK. 17. IfcOt
„ , forix'.l tint
uriiinliiml ilU'Imraiw ' ati'l '
| cerliitfiruro for llioilf bill-
tnltiiir v.fitkmm peculiar
_ , JlTPscrlhnllniidfcrl'a (
- \ THEEv mCxtujrn C'Q I" . rMiiniiiifuUtnB It to
1'ilU'K gi.ou.
HHV ijcriMlu ton UNor money tat
Fundi-il , ) y mill t ) . Sj8iijnbr ! < ! from o >
timtlou. COOIC HKSIKD , Om hiNt .
I.lnca CollarM
Correct Sljici ,
Sect Cuillty , PtflK. ' . Filling.
1BY 7HEM ,

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