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Bpcclal fao ! on Bilks niicl DICES
All ot Account ofNev llnlldiiiB anil
'Jcnrlinr Out the Honrul \
l'rlc ' AID Itrduird
Hill I hover.
Only a few inoro ilayi In xvhlfli to so-
euro theio "birgalns at this closing out
while building ,
2.r > llccc ) of colored falllo francalso
vvhhli sold a til. GO reduced to llflcytuil.
r pliHciuf 'JJinchoa ldo gmiranteul
< llal { fallln f rant-also rnlucod fiom S to
il.Sl ) This is Uiolinosl silk nmilo and
Will not Hist , ( lit Ol'HlllllL .
10 pleas of wmrnnli'd black rojnl
annuro , ll ! hiihi'H wide , icducud from
t2.iiito ii iw jiu-a.
1(1 ( plcios \\nrrantod bhu'k < ? HH
grain Hillt , b ( mtlfiil finish nnd lovdy
black , woith $1.75 $ , will go on Monday ut
tl jard.
: ) nieces of vvarrniitod pro ? grain silk
In eolois , i educed fiom $1.00 $ to 5V j mil.
HOpieccH colored surah sllKon Moudiy
onlj1 M ) , v rd.
Jn him K ili'isis floods wo offer IS pieces
-Kiliu'li wide HilK waip liotirhtta. at
$1.10pMr yard 'ihose you will not be
able to match elsewhere for le thin
12. iii yaid.
Ifl pieces 10-Inch borgo , was $1. 23 , 10-
diu'e'd ' to "ic ! a yard.
17plocM Hi Inch impoi ted bliiok hcn-
rl * tl.i vill go on Monday at 91o ytiul.
These aio the bent \veoverolfeicd
and are worth % I.CO
Spiclal bargniiis in Impoited hoinl-
ottas on .Monday at I7jc , o-lc , Oou and 7"io
yard ,
1i / pieces of iloublowidth plaids , 10-
' dueeil loard ( ) }
Klploccs of double fold do bclgo 10-
dueed from lioo to I2jc jaid.
Uopleeos .IniuublowirHtripoa icduccd
lo IV yanl.
50 jiieics Ilimulolto suiting1 , woilh
18c' , lediued to lOi'jaril.
2W ( pieies Aimommi serge , 30 Inches
wide , onlj llijoyaid.
2lctts ! | l-l Inch lnrrllsh ] c.ishiuoro re
duced from GV ( to 2'ic yaid.
150 pleteH of 10-inch all wool llamiol
Biiltlng iciRiccd to clo o , 2-n y.ud. 20
places HI inch till \\ool Fionch scrgo ,
woith M2.r > , luluced to70c > ard This
you will llnd ono of tlio bcit birgalns
c\oi tillered by us. -I ) pieces Id-inch
wide all wool lieniicltai , full line
of eolois on Monday oiilj , "Oc
yanl , lU-l puces of imperial
all wool iilaldsat , "IH > , dJJo , C'ic , 7 > c and
Ooopcirnd. . Yon \\ill llnd soinoextia
values In this lot , They me our own
importation and for style and bo-tinty aio
" '
uiiMiirptihsod hj anj in "this nurkct. 'l,000
ronmanUof ovorj dc ciiptiou at nricos "
toclotio. HAYDbN 1IUOS ,
lrfinoik and C'aipots
Only a few moro dajs and then the
bricks \\lll lljdown , < jo the prices still
'o have ovi > r 2,000 pair of blankets
which must bo bold kforo the walls
come down.
On Monday niornliijr wo will elose 100
fine 10-1 w hi to blankets nt Uo cents caeh.
10--I whllowool blankets that sold nt
81. 00 , reduced lo $2. S3 a pair.
11-1 Californiagiay blankets ,
now 8:1,7. : ) iv piir. 50 nair lUnk-
eye all wool gi iy blankets , \\uith
$5.00 , minced to ! ? ; > .oO a pail. 101 1
Blher iriiiy blnnltots G'Jc ' u pair. All
wool icd blanlvotrt at JBJ.SG a
pair. 11-1 si/o six pound white
wool blankets \\oith $3 , cat down to
I2.7,3apilr. , fiO pair "Our Own" wlilto
bhinkots worth S.\50 , i oil need to $ .3 a
paii. 10 I all wool Ciilifoinla siuit.uv
blankets rcducoil to $1.75 a ptilr. 100
aii of 10-t line silver prray Mnnlvols
woith $150 , now ? ! 10 . i pair. 200 piir
of line gmy blankota * 1.19amll.-IOa
pair. CO piir of California guy
mixed hlankuts woilh } 2.7o , now
only $1.75 a pilr. JlO- line vool Califor
nia blnnkots now $3 90. 60 pair of 12-1
BUogroy wool blankets , \\oith $1 00 to
cloxoab $2.ii5a pair. fiO pair line wliilo
California blankets. Jaequiud bordeis ,
onlj JO.ttl a pilr. If you aio in need of
blankets take advantage of these prices ,
ns the best plums will bo picked Hist.
Oui prices aio { jjunrniilood to bo the
lo vest.
Our stock of comforts are poing fast ,
but what Is loft you can htuo at the old
P -i.'Os . , ! ! V , ( iV ( , 7Cc , $1 , ? 1.33 , $1.69. SI OS
aiuUi'itoa : ) li.
On Mondaj wo icduto tlio prices on
-All wool slilrting llamiol -
- Inplaln g-i iy ,
tripes or cheeks , onlv lioo jaid ; pink
mixed llamud l le ; blno gray llamiol
lOc , while slmker llnnnel oo j.udilk ; ( ,
onibroldorcHl llatniol in jjieiit variety ;
opeia llnnnels in nil celm-ri HV vmd.
I'llntfoil andboidoied napkins \\oith
tl now dOe ado/on.
" \Vo aio showing homo extuv larjjalns
in bleachnd nud and cioam lablo limns ,
nil ut old prices Turkish tidies , lOc ,
15e , IDonnd i3e each.
100 do/on ofbleiebedTuiKisli toxvols
woith HM each , to be wild on Mondnv at
lOooachor $1120 do/eu ; only one dozen
to cich customer.
Wo mo Polliii- } ' the best tovveli for the
money In thUcitj. All we ask ot > o is
to compire them. Ourleadeis oirMon-
dav will bo IV1 , TJo and Wo each
60 pieces unbleached cotton IhimieUJe
All double width bheoting and pillow
case muslin at not cost. LL \ iiulldc \ >
muslin.r > e yiud.
Specil ! halo on Indigo blue mlntson
Moiuhi\ ; < ale will continue until all are
sold. Indigo blue prints at oc jard.
\\ideUorimui indigo blue prints Sic ,
ISvnrdt for $1.00 $ ,
Utrn wide and heavy indi'o blue
prints SXs ymd.
Super o.vtiaGounanIndigo hiuo prints
Spociul barffiiubin fullbtandaul piints
reduced to I * } yanl.
iNunos. ,
"Ifi Goods and Carpets.
All { jo to llliss for hats and ,
tlio only plaoo In the west that snows the
latest importations.
' .
'o' e some new things we'd like to
eliow jou in line inilllaciy. Davie
milliner , 11 IS. 15th st.
" "
1C02. Sixteenth and Fainam streets Is
the new Ucxk Island ticket olHce. Tick
ets to nil points east atloxvost rates.
Slnp 1nelc
Is sv now preparation , ready to raise , re
quires no xcast.no baking powder , no
eggs , no suit , nothing but n , little cold
water to uinko a batter. It makes the
finest cakca in the \vorld , Any < jrocer
> % ill soil yon a two pound paokago of
lap jack for ton cents.
Si > cctacles correctly Qlted , X. M.
Kuudy , pracllcnl optician , 211 a. 15th
st. , neat oporiv house.
Try the AVhlte Front market
i ; I , onus
mndo on choice citv proixjrtyatverj'low
rates. Sunia of ? 5tXX ) to SiO.OOOpre- .
f erred. Kiuiball , Champ k Ujan ,
The lays of The Fait Arc Numbercd-The
End Near ,
tt'lili I ho Ajipronoli nf tlio Kml III
Might tins Greatest SiierllltCH Are
Mndr-Tlio More ailing Cost ,
MOID ' 1 lic > 'rc Cud
J I Mho highest llino that you fully
icalim the real factof "i'ho fair" soil-
In out. The enormous atnouab of diy
good < actually thrown on thoinavkot , to
lie solil iimicha , short tlmo , nnd at such
great sac1 ! Illee" , is something IhatoecuH
n seldom ( If t\or before or again ) thnt
It N hiifd to understand , Still tlio fait
iMnain .
nr.rs" is GOING our or
AND FOR aoou.
Kortliofew short weeks remaining In
which the on tlio slock must bo bold ,
prices n ill bo made thuturoboyoiul un-
d orstimding' .
1'ilcos Chilli be so lou as to "bolnslg-
nUkMiit and pitiful , and the baigaiiH
jjood baitfains and bi < jbar ainB shall
grow k'rc.iter and more viiluublo with
evorv dollar vnti invest.
Tlio customers lirst in the ttoro In the
morning get llidt choice. O'omo early ,
toino tomorrow. Vou can't toll how
much you uiaj mi.ss
All oinehcip und low fjuulo dress
goods being1 praotic.ilrysolel out , \\o nio
tompolled to toll the bettor and liner
qualities > it in small a price us vo sold
tlio cheap goo k Tor instance , \\o olTor
now thudouLlcfold line blade mohutr
lirilllanliuo at Hoe , which \vo voiosoll-
Inj ; Ivvo vceksnifjo nl oOe1.
Oin line griulo ol oiishmcio in black
and nil colors nl 1520 ,
All ourlliu'st giades of wide plaids ,
slrl pis and clucks it lto. :
All ourp.N-tri heavy nil wool rod med
icated twilled llaiuicl atlt'c , lilo : nul "i1.
llo.ujwool striped titul chocked thin-
nol icd need fioni 2-V to \ io.
Our entire block of tilmniing furs In
blai'K and colon reduced to IHc und lot1.
Out1 entuo stock ot till frr.idus of silk
umltirlhioilli , ftold and oxidi/ed silver
handle" * , lodmcd toMcl. ) Sound ? U.fi ( ) .
50 pieces imported piiutod dr.ipories
leducud fioiu Me to lite.
Oiu oiilho stock bilk \eillugs nt lo.i
IJe'st xi ido double fold \\ool vailing : at
lie ii ) aril ,
Out entire stock silk , linen American
hcoigo nl fir , fie , lle ) , 2 " a jard.
Our utitlrc stock nf Indies'
111 Llnco lots ,
Sic , Sic , Clu.
A hr o'.i/ol ' all wool , dailc coloivil
blm\\l \ for ( ilk' .
A line wool ben vcr shawl forSt.iO.
Toiuorunv wo nuke n ITeiciiloin ef
fort to i educes this block AVe oiler you
good bi/od calico eoinfoits at I5c.
I'TAtra kiriro best graelo calico comfoits
lit $100.
Pine iinporteil e\tra : sl/o biteen comforts -
forts , frl.l'i. '
" \Yo will soil full M70 while \\ooloy \
bliiiiU'ls lit eec pfir pair ,
Heavy sllvoi tjroj wool blankets at OSc
n pair.
Our finest white , ioy aii'l scarlet
\\ool \ blankuls reduced from SO 00 to
i : .2i.
Our oiitiro stoo-k of ncirly ono hunil-
led iliilehon's fine cloaks with capes ,
Our finest prailo children's
triinnieilltliolofouit \ \ liiaid , with
rolliiH. all l/es , in tlnoo shades , 10-
dueid li-om SO 00 to $2. 00.
Tonioriow also hcos the clo lnpr out of
the en 11 10 block of ladles' nowin irkots ,
lodxK'Iug-tho | ii ices from $3.00 to $ .10.00 ,
down to 41.0 , $ lioO , S3W , $5 00 , $7. CO ,
* lt > . ( H ) .
K\ory one olour0.00 plush cloaks
po now fui $ li50 ! , and our very lliicst
$10.00 ronl soul plush cloak , very best
B.xtin quilled llii hi , beautiful ornaineiit
chiiiuois pocket' ? , tailor lutulo tluough-
out , now 'o foi0
Toclo-o out oui * stock of inlllinerv \
\\illno\vollorfiill \ blacksllk Xollio lily
caps thntvoro $1 nt"oc.
Our line bl.ick cashmere N'olllo I3ly
caps at IVo. ) " " "
Our Illicit giado of impoili > d heavily
linoil , ottoman silk Xulllo lily cips 10-
duc.'ci'l from $ l.oO to Toe.
Our entire block of felt huts , ulleolois ,
jjot ator. .
The wliolo block of laijjo boavcr llnls
i oil in eel to O'c ) ,
The vuy llnest kind trimmed hati ,
pattern hats Litest designs for fill and
\\inter , undo up to oil for 810 , $ , 15
uncial , vlll boofleiod anil bold out com-
pleti'U ' nt
$ l , > i ) , tJ , $2 50 anil M.
502 , CUI , 50U , i)0 ! > , 510 South Kith st.
UOISU'H , UCtli niul
have some apodal baigainaln our
men's fuinlaliliiytjancl bojV clothing do-
I'NDl.USllIK'lS ' and DfUWi'.KS.
Men's imtunil giaj'nnlorshlrts , 7oc ,
Mi'nhea\j all wooluiideii.liIlls , JV ) ,
MenV , iiiitnial gray all wool undcr-
Mi n'- , line seamless so1V. .
Men's unhuindrlcd it , , 60o.
Men's iiiipoi liritlbh wit , -le
Mon's heavj glees , tox. .
Solo agones for the DU. .lAHGIlU un
do rnear , sox. siihiwndeis , etc.
liojo'ilolhlng lain the same wing and
on the MIIIO lloor as the men's furnish
ings mid for tomorrow wo oiler
a special lot of HOYS' OV11R-
COATS AT $ U. 7o , vorth fully
SI eu'h'.wo have ult o a lot of HOYS'
SUITS AT SJ.OO , worth$0 ; wo hive aki
a lot of SCOTCH CAPS oOc , for men or
IVKXISHtNO 13 Kl'Alll'M ll.VT.
Kith and L'tiraaui sts.
The hdiosof this city should study
tholr o\\n intoro.4 enoutrhtolbitllio \
atoio of Mrs. D.ivlcs , 111 So , Ifithbt. , IHJ-
forothoy buj their now fall hat , as she ,
hnsithout any exception the largest
assortment in this city.
Irs.Mcrcer. Mnnicuie.312Pa.\ton bl'k
Some now stj les in lullUnory. Dm les ,
uiillluoi , Ulb. lost.
A phiaooxamlno the now Kilo Kiiulull
piano. A. llospolo IS Douglas ,
1 fVou Want a 1'lunoCIionp ,
Caiti or time , sco the Imryuln ut 107 tf.
IGth su Melnboru , agent.
liny jour spectacles from zv tegular
optician. You \\lll ta\o tlmo , money
and valuable o.vealffht. X. M. Uucldy ,
praetio.il optician , 211 S. 15th , St. , hufl
the boat and largest stock ,
The Palo of the Irieclinnii Stock Is h Oroat
It DinWN the ( ! rcat st Crtivvili , I > ell -
ll 1its All CtistomciH and Sells Iliu
of Any SloolcV
Xe\cr bcforo have wo offered so many
guuid hargnlns In one day.
Monday vve pheo on sale o,000 pieces
otllnudl gi.ulo eiabioldeiles and line r-
tlon , the jjoodsveto \ teudvotl by Filed-
nun just bofoio Ills failure , A liner
stock of ombroldorics h.is never boon
nho\vn , iiotvvithstaiiiltrifj wo will boll
them Monday at lije , 60 , < ) e. 12o , ISo , 23o.
JIV peryaid. 'llieso goods uo mm Ued
tohollby i''iledimm fiom lOe to $1. CO per
We would ro peetfully Inform the In-
illos that the passage ol the MeKiuley
hill advances the pi-ico of ctnhroiderieH
' 2 ] > orcont , You will never again have
suoh an opportunity tobujembioideiies.
Wo soil them attheao ridiculous piicos
Jlondny only.
Friuhnun of Council BlulTs hid noth
ing hut the finest dross frood.-i in his
stock , bub no , hiving the stock so low ,
will sell at lijo nil the eashmoies lion-
tlottai , fhumols , tricot1' , plnids and side
h mil suiting. The goods In thoao lots
aio m irked from ( Oo to 6 > c ] ior jnrd ,
Jlonday wo will sell them foi 2oo per
At ! \\owillsell black billliantlnes
nnd cishinores that bold in Council
lIlutTs at Sio per yard. S tH
At "oc per jurcl wo will sell till the
rilodman plaid { Joot'si ' plaid llannels ,
serge , heiiiiottus 'Ihe o goods aio all
now , bought foi th is seasons trade to sell
fioni $1 to ll.oOper jnrrt.
All the linostsllkolvcts , all colors ,
fioiu the L'lleclnmn block that Fold from
f.'oO to Sjpor jard , goes Mondiy at$1.3o
per yaid.
All the lidics1 cloth from tholr stock
goes ut IlOe , woith "I'M toil.
Imported broidcloth in nil colois at
o'Jcworth ' $1.23
All the 'He and 2oe domestic dress
goods from Ihis slock go In ore. lot ut
1.V per j'tiul
If jou are going to got a dross this
fall you cannot nllord to miss thlss.ilo ,
\\owillsell Jlondiy Ilao di ess goods
for less money than you can buy the
cheaper pfiade.
Zyphorsgo tit-le. Gounaiitovvnjarn
nt 7c per hkuin.
The ladles' muslin nndcicir , gowns ,
thcMiiise , bkii'ts , clinwois , etc. , haiid-
boinoly trimmed with laio atidombioicl-
ery , go at Uoc. l uodinin's price , 50o
and 76e.
All the llnest muslin underwear in the
Fiiedman htock , $2 and S ! , ff < > at $1 each ,
Children's inturnlvool vests and
pints , from 1 toftycirs , I.e.
13o.\s' and gills' n.ituial giaj * shirt ! )
and diawLis , le. ! )
Ladles' natuuil ffiay pints and vests
1'Jc1 ' , I'liedmau'spriio , $1 ,
Ladles * wool ribbed vests in gray ,
white and blue yjc riieclimiii *
, pink ; < i
price $1 tol..r)0.
Liulioa * medieated scailet shirts and
diaweis , the lineal goods mule , OSe ,
Friedman's price * 1.10 and $2.
Liidiet > " duo sanitary natural wool
\estsand pints 'JSc ' , Friedman's pi-ice Si ! .
Misses' and childieii's lamb's \\-ool' ' in
natxiial guiv and eeurlot iiJo , Fiicd-
imin'sprico S5e.
Friedninn's entire stoek of corsets on
sale Siturd.iy intwolots
Lol Jfo. 1 contains French and English
sitines in colois bliiok , pink , ecru and
gold , Friedman's price fioin SI to $1.20 $ ,
our jnlco .Monday I'Je.
LolNo. Uholcoof tills lol'oc. Hero
lll ho found all standaul brands , inch
as S. 0. HI & S , and Frencli woven , the
very best makes , Frledmm's piice from
$1.60 $ to 82.
L \DE13 i'A-ND MR-3 5' FTD K
In this Filcclmim stock is the llnest
line ofiaa \ vo over laid ojcs on. It
seems us if them was nothing lee good
for him to handle , nnd wo ro.ili/.o that
to soil them fust wo must sell them
cheap , and wo want to boll them chonp ,
for wooanafloid to.
Tomorrow wo boll them nt 6c , lOc , lee ,
2oc , yjc and tOe.
HIS 10th bt.
Jlorsn's Spcoiftl IlliuiUct Depart mo tit ,
Monday wo sshnll placoonr cnli restock
and DOWN CO.MFOUTS 011 sale In our
now CliDAllSHCLVEDblankot depart
ment ,
All the blankets wo show nro fresh
and i loan. The tlepirtment Is voiy at-
tuicllvo and wo Bhall offer some wondui-
ful b.ugains 2d lloor , 'Farnuni st.viii .
Dnias : ji A KING.
A\7o iifjaln lepoat the invitation o.v
tended to ladies to mil awl give oui cus
tom die siuiikiiij : department a trill.
\\r12HIJ L'UIW-'IIAsal'iD fioin wsornnto
are willing to m.ikojonvdreM , knowing
that v\o will have gained a ciiMomer
vvlionon sees the cliitti ofoik wo aio
It Is nol by nny nmniis an e\poiiinent
with us wo have nlreulv turned out
work thnt for FINLSlt , 1TL1 nud F.L1'-
OAIs'l'K of.stjlo lt > equul to any lone in
the world
I1 or the piosont wo are MAKING
dresses at ON IS UAIA'1 the prlco
dunged for tlniih\r woik in N'ow Vorl > ,
lo- ? > ton , Thiladelphli orl'htci n.
Our efToits tiostabli- ) , with tlio aid
of the bo-t tali nt Cioin Purls and llorlin ,
a lirst e'lms diessinaking : ustahlisiiionl
In Omaha has already boon gi out oil with
llattoiing success , and v\o hope that
Omahaladlert \ wo. tint Ith to their
Intuiest to aid us iiu'iii-ijlny uu euch an
osttihllt-hmoiit ,
Allhoughohaoa complete stivk of
ilres.spnttoriis.triiimiiiigs , etc. , biought
from 1'nrls by our rt piosunlati\o
espeeiallj for this dopiulmunl , y 'l it bj
no lueniirifotlou.s tint you nuiH puiehtiso
from us in eider to luvo jour goodt. .
made , bring in youi1 materials wo will
sbo\v vouvvlmt vveian do
Tins MOWH mtv ( JOODS co.
N. U. Our dressiiiuKor is the oiilj
one \vost \ of Chicago that visits Pails
oarli ! > OHMII. ) Latest 1'urls stj'lia re-
ceivwl e\erv week.
1'i-of. ' l.osllo S. l > ixl t > .
Piof Dodjre , wlm htn just i > l sotl n
largo and onthnsla tU' ( loriiian olnsIn
St. JHo\ih ( \ , will OJHMI ola smio.vt I'rhliu
nt V. > l. U , A. lootvno hall. I'rol.
him a rapid method for Im
parting a pniL'tical knovvlodgo of ( ! oi-
man , and line IKMMI hlghlj HiuwtHful
in siirroiinding oilles. llo pumiNoi "u
pruclloal Knowled o of ( iormm In a Hvo.
wooU' tourso" Jind has alinoit Innuin-
oraLlo testimonials nil from lollalilo
kouivos In support of tlilsclalm. I'lirtber
nanoimcciniMit of oponlng IrcluteHlll
bo mado.
Scamau'b carrla cos beat and
TLo Parisian OlotTd and Salt Company , S ,
E , Corner 15lh nnd Hainey Sts ,
AVIIII'rpHnnt Anlilcsnnt Prciich Jell )
tu All the MttJo Ones Toniornnv ,
Itf ! > L5.li-
Cloaks for the million.
CloalHfortho iloh and the poor.
Cloalts to suit the moit ecouoinlo pur-
cha or asvull us the leaders of fashion.
The most cUomlvo stock of olo.vk-3 to
soleet fioiu to bo found tmyulierovostof
N"e\f \ Voile.
tit tlio
Tomouow ( Moiulay ) ovoiy child be
tween two anil twalvo jctirs \ \ ill icocho
as n gift a beautiful Fionch doll.
'Ihis nppllo ? only on purehascs of
olilldron's cloilcs between t o years and
t\\elvo jcais , and only on tomorrow ,
Lulics will kindly note that tills is no
catch penny tiick , but bimply to intio-
duce our
to the public.
Our iiilees rniigo from $200 up , nnd
wo shall pro\o \ to jou thnto \ arc selling
our Immense stoclc fully twenty-fl\ per
cent choipcr than similar goods are to
bo had for ol-owliero.
Mtiil ordoii , from out of to n only ,
will receive the doll gift after Mondiy.
Thousands to choose from ,
Our nice tailor nuulo cloth jackets for
io.OO cannot bo duplicated dfcoUioio for
Fine 'cul plusli I'nglbh uulkinjf jack
ets $7. 93 each. .
Splenilid seal plush sicq\ie , 3Snnd 10
inches long15. . 00 each ; c\ory garment
Cloth \MnnHets 9.00 and up , all
the latest stjlcrf.
Furs of every dcauiiption , all pir-
eliaseil bofoio the recent gic.it advaiitu
in priurs of fur-s and vo will give our
cubtomcib the bonoflt.
A goiuiino Alaska seal sacqu SSo 00
and up
suns , SUITS.
Thousands to ohooso fronv heautiful
"A pcifeot fit purantecd , no extra
OUlt AIM ! To plesi'io everyone.
OUR MOTTO The bet poods for the
lowest possible price.
CHARLES M'DOKALl ) , Mnnngcr.
S , 13. Cor. 1 jth and Haraoy.
C loixlcs , Jackets nnd Sl
This gioulbiilois now al ith height.
Never In the history of the clonk tnulo
hnstheio been uih tv paciilieo ulo on
high guulo , btyliah and tailor mailo gar
ments. The vsuioty is beyond com-
Isoipeeiull v\ellstookod in o cij thiiisr
tint peitaiwto the highest ( jrntlo'in tlio
latest novoltlos of foreign nnd dome-tie
mmufactuL'cs. See foi join * -u\ \ ( and "ot
ourpi'itcs. HAYIJEN HHOS. ,
Dry ( ioocU and Milllnorr.
CAUPITS : AND iUAPiuns/ ) :
If ] > eoplc know the provocation for
this hxlo itvouhl bo onto ' uiulerstaiul
\\liy hiii'h Piiet'llloes u'ro made. Tlio
L'lmnjjoi no\v intxkliir may lonipel us to
oloso our stoio o\er thirty diy * .
Standard. IntriMlii o.upots at 2e ! , 2'U1 ,
floe , I0eloo , , oOc ; ; sold over } vvhoio atiiOo
and Too.
( loviinmcnt standard o\tra . \iH | reel
\\ool iMipots in Iho Intfst anil mo-t ar
tistic pittoinsat ftoo , UOo , bbc nnd " . ;
\n ! p.i ) 7f oup toSl. ' ) .
lliisdupaitinont is hhovvla a - > pkn-
did line ot t ipot < tiio * , lioilj lni ) si > l-- , 1110-
qnottos volvuH , AMulnisteii and i-ovul
Spoclnl sale of lace ouitntns eliina
silliH , ponjreosilKf , imlliition silKdrapor-
ie' , ) ioitlores and shade * . It \ \ ill
pin to Keep posted on our low pilivs ,
Dr.V Ciooil" , < arnotsund DrauGi-lii
Prii'os lo\\or \ tlinn ovor. bpring iniit-
tiOhsosiJl.oO , vvLiith i i. The beat cotton
ton muttre.ssos made onl\ $ J M ) , vvurtli * ! .
t ( foot u\toii lou tiiblo s.i. ; ijnith $ " > .
Klot anla oitinant of chilih and roek-
oisat Mirpihinjjly low price * .
Our ( fiaiul trUim and \ alNoQ \ \ II.IM
never had an \iml oltlior In quality , ui-
I'lety 01 lealat io.
io.UAYDEN niOS. ! ,
DrVOoodsnnd rurultuio.
On aei'oiint of \meortnlnt.\ot . belli"
open durlii'tliu } holiday , \vo \ liuvo ilo-
t'ldod to close wit our entire btook of
dolls and ( 'hi istinns jooilH ,
The o jjoodtivcrt ) allpuieluif-rd on the
old taiift btisl * , nnd our pioiont miioh
aio lo > s than lialFwhnt tho-o < joocl& eun
bo sold nt durhiL'.tlxo holUlax H.
"llAYDKN HHO ? . .
lliy G < xxls and Fancy Uood" ,
"llolloo UoUiK ) , Central : "
" \Voll-AVIiat id ItV"
" \Vliy , MeXainnra has opened a new
inuit inailtut alOlh and 1'ieico
htlt'OtS "
"N thnto ? Does ho holliib cheap as
ho did on C'liiiiln - , > tivotV"
"Yei , c'hiMper , .1 ml HMen. "
"UoM'lU the bti it ent > > froinb tolOo.
15 | HiiiiuU ot lound ntonK foi'li.'ic. Chuok
sleuk do. ( ioo l loaMs fli . The lw , t'H * .
IwillnS uudeorii l > eel from a to ftAll
olhor moats In proiiuitloii. The bust the
market utVoidO' '
"lullinnuiitori rheuiaatl'iu nnd nou-
ralnhvian l > o ound 1 > ) calling nt MeN'a
nnra'ii nu-at inmUot , coiner l0th ! and
1'lorco , This 1 no hiimbiig. "
K. .A , Oielianl ,
CarHt | ) , funiUmo and tliiiH3ry. |
llovVantea10 bojn wanted at A.
1) ) , Tl Co. , UWJDouulaLJoed \\nges.
Great Sale of Cinerilr .
We must sell the goods regardless of
cost before wo hko the wall out.
15 pounds granulated uj > ar for
$1 $ ; 3 pound can voiy best solid
packed loin aloes Do ; 'i pound can
uest sugar corn Oc ; nny other
storoln town will ask you lee omh for
thotii ; Hodacraikorslc ; ojster ornckois
oc ; now Valencia raisins KV , worth loc ;
nil kinds of washing powder silo , other
dealurs ask lOc ; best Immdij
Reap 7 liirg for 2 > c , purobuckvvheal
llour.le , pleiiio hams 7c , boneless liains
lOo , sugar cured hiins liJe ! , dried hoof
12ic , now prunes 7-Jc , voij line rlco oc ,
31b can t'aliforiiin ' anik'ots 17lc , all
I'alifoiTin ' ! ) Ihcans of all kinds ofpluins
loc. You cannot buy them in
nny other store for 2)c. ) Good
condensed milk lOc , vorv bolcre'itnoij
"ic ! ; very be t Java nnd Mocha tolTee ,
! Meory ; hesl suiwrlallvo Hour$1.1)5 ,
King's A lIeck < M''s self-raiiiliig buck-
who it Hour , o c , "Jib btono ju all kinds
of jam , 1V ! ; oilHtudlnos , f > i > ; bottlomus-
laid , oo ; choVrchovv , loc per quart.
IIAYJDllN lillOS ,
Drv goods and gi ocorlcs
IIOlTSn PL'UN1SIL1K ( (1OOD55. (
The oxpoMiio of our honso furnishing
goods whcio the vvc t wall Is toin out
will daniiigo them bully. AVe will oiler
them nt such prices as will c.ui o their
quick sale.
Wash bowls and pitchers SOiceaHi.
Plates 3o each , Docointcd CIIJ.M . and
Biuiecis o eaih. Cuspldores oo each ,
( i piece cieaiiibot 0o. isiigar bo\vls \ 5o.
Ihittcr dlshea oc. Spoon holders oc.
Greamer.sue. Salt nnel noppor shakes
fie. Tuinhlorsiijc each. Flno goblets
So each. Vinegar cieuets IV. I'nnrj
toilet bottles i5e.Vino glacs So each ,
All SI7OS of lamp elilmncjs occacli. 14
hanging lump shades o3e. Hanging
lumps fiom SI.75 up Stand lamps from
lOc up. Flower pots le , Jc } , ! } and.jjo
each. 1'aiicy va-ea fioin 5o up
Fruit plated ot every elescrip-
tion from 5c up. 1'io tins -vie.
mil 1 { pans le , pudelliig pins le , dish pans
15o , cake moulds oc , tea kettles l"e !
each , colTeo and teapots lOe caeh , cups
2Jo cich , egg beaters oc each , bisting ,
skimming.indc.iko spoons .3c , 5 papers of
steve polish oc , shoo blacking , ilbovcs
5e ; best sperm maehino oil oc , maehino
oileis siiul screw duvets oe , o
boxes of tacks fit1 , J ! alato pencils
for le. r.uicj cups and sauccis fiom lOo
up. 3 kill \esatul o forks foi 2oe. Tea-
biioons oo per sol. PotatoehtiUcs oc.
Flesh folks oe.Viingcis $1.7o The
Ihapiio wringer $5.00 , logultu * price
JlJ.oO and S7 Up. Tubs " > 5e , Ooc , 7oc.
\Vash h'-ooms loc. The Western washer
$ } .oO Those machlnoi nro vvanantcd
not lo tetu the clothes and wii h quicker
and cleaner than nny other maehino in
the market. 0 do/en clothes phis oc ,
and evervthing else in our hasemcnt has
boeniuaiied down ,
Dry goods ami house fumibhiiigs.
\\o cairy the finet.t pot fume's in the
maikot and will cut the puces lo the
core for ZSIond.ij's aile.
FOR me PER orxrc.
.Tasmiiio tuber 10 = 0 , jlanglang ,
niglit blooming &CIIUH , wood violet , hiv-
cnder , Stewart houquette , .Stophanoteis ,
AVe have an elc'gant line foi 2 < ) e pei
ounce , consisting ofuliito lOie , ocean
spray , iSIngnolii , golden lilly. Japan ,
Ma no Antonetto and others. Pine pei-
fumes 4-o/ bottles for 2c ! ) , woith oOo.
Hood'&sir appaiilla , "oe.
Pieico\favoilie proacnption , 7oc.
S. S. S speeilic , 75c.
AVarnei's * > afo cine , 7oc.
Allcoek's ' poious plastcis , lee two for
Poor imn's plaster , ooeach.
HAYDIN : nuos ,
Dry Goods nnd Diu s.
Sam'l Burns iinporteil a lot of dec
orated Vienna ohinv dinner eets before
the passage of the McKiiiley bill and Is
giving Ins customcis the benelit of the
old pi ices
liieakf 1st , dlnnei and tei set onlv
$2.flO-foimerl $ ) ) SiOOO.
See them.
Anetloii ! Aiicllonl
AIROTN. Kith fat. , tlio entire lot of
counters , bheUlnjy , gla s cat-e < , ra li\-
turei , avMilnir , show cas-es , 00 feet 7-foot
partition will bo sold onTliui-ilaj , Oct.
, i ( ) , at 10 o'eloek a. m. U.Vells , Aue-
- *
Sto\o mountings ronielclod , 1114 Dodijo
There Isn't a carpet house west qf Xe\\
Vorkcitj < o thorough in IN appoinlmont'i
as the non bulldiiin'cf ) .S. "A. Orelmrd on
Douglas st. , jiht east of loth ut. , nnd few
If anvliiiso ) stock will compare > \ith
that of this -well known liout-e. In di i-
peries Mr. Orchard ha Mvthing that
can bn found in this line. hiuce going
Into the now lmlUllii a fuinituio do-
partmenl bus been added mid m htm
nssoitiuoiitof furniluro as Is now oarriul
bjMr. . Oieluiid in seldom to bo found.
It will well repiy anyone to look
through this house.
\Vo ronll/rt that for several months vo
lia\oluul Irouhlo with I'lein-hclooK-
piliijy 'iitlsfaitioii all on tueount tint
wo uiuld not dud a loinpolontiloek-
uuvler.'o \ luv e > nosvuud a linn-
on4 ha ml com pete \\oiKinan It.oiu .
clock is not rimniiig well jlei&e lot 111
know nndo \ will attend to it ut once
See mad in lint * piper
Jo\v eier , Douyfliii and 15th st.
Seaniun's wagons bt .stand ohoapcat.
S , i1iiiMMi , tlif i
ThK veil Knoxvti jeweler is iifjaln
leadj foi hu-liie.ss ut his new louition ,
X. 1coi Pa i mm i nnd llth st.
If the Indiewant line mlllinory at
lowest pilous and at thosuno tnno t ot
the ocu'ieet sj | loj , tboy should \isil
la\les , the mlll'iiier , lllij. loth st ,
Guitars $15 atS. Ituilc , 507 X 10 ,
\ \ 'tCount Iit'o 'I'lilstoi Ma l/
To write a tale t-oestioiuel ) btid
Thnt one , a maker of olothes ;
( Not fioin Cineiimati' )
Should dcuico llmt tlnouqli the P. 0
You cannot get Krtnit/er boimt.r ,
Asniui'h boa- , the man who does
not acknowledge that
ItobortMin llion. soil only
the llnost oiguraiiiaibS. IMh St.
niul l n iiory.
Dcvvoj & Stone I'uriiituro Co.
Go to F. M Rcliuloll fc Co. for hnt
nnd boiiiiots ? . 15Douglas. .
Fine carriages Seam in ' = 5 lopojltoiy
Witch lonnli inj ; . S. Hank , 501 X. 1C ,
Seaman's bujrtfies best and cheapest.
< mpt-is ,
Clms. ShivcilckA Ca , 1200 , 120S and
12JO l-iuiuua st.
t\ ?
teh repilrlng ,
HU Douglas et.
The now olllcos of the Gront Rook
Island route , 100:1 : Sixteenth mal r.iriiam
btnet" , Omaha , : iiothotlmtin the cUv
C'.ill mid H'o them. Tickets to all points
east at louost ititei ,
A Fine line of Special Bargains for
You \VII1 \ bo ( Ircntly Heiiolltlcit tr
Von Visit Our htiire Jluiiiluy
l\tiu } Itiilttucmuiits In Alt
line fancy plaid dicss good310
inches wide , on sale Mondny at oOe tt
jard ; cheap at Too.
Largo line iUMnrh honrlolla , all new
ahnde < . onlv iDcayjudvorth ; it > c.
IJlack billlianllney , ID indies wide , at
COc a jard ; formerly sold tit "oe.
A beautiful bhiisk serge ntoOojartl , nil
vool worth Ooc.
All wool drebs llannols still go at-5c
500 children's till wool jeiseys 23c
100 pieces unbleached canton ihumol
31r ynid.
1 cn comforter pi Ints , Inrgo flames ,
50 biles snow white cotton balls , loii-
dnv .Tiolls for 2je.
A fjood icd t\vlll jlinnot l5c ! a yard
Go i man wide , Indigo blue pilnH , Do a
Napped fanry strliicd shirtings lOo a
jard , worth loc.
Old standard hickoi'v stilpo shirtings
tjcaymd , not half juice.
( tormtni pink mi.v lluincl lOe a jnrd ,
sold bv otlitrs at li 3e.
Ladles' union suits $1.93 each , sold
chowhore at i-2 )0.
Ladles' hid , 'lovo , foimerlv , ° old at
81 50 to $2.li" ) , elosing them out at USe a
pilr.Hip ; line of Indies' cash more gloves at
je , : ! 0c , 3oc , all special bargain' .
\Vonro headquarters on ladies' , ( jent > j'
nnd child ren'b wool and cotton hosiorj" .
Come in and get our prices.
Full line of Rents' and boys' gloves :
moil's viorlatijr gloves , a good ono GOe a
Special silo of ho.s' . knco pants at jOc ,
73c and SI. 00 a piir.
WoolTer 100 do/.on larirobi/.o knotted
fnnsietov\cl8 ati3c ! cieh ; llioy.neorth
1 case white bed spreads at OSc each
that jou c mnotmateli less than Sl.i-'j
A good 3-1 bleach dinner napkin at
Sl.2-5 do7cn ; woith 8200.
Get your comfoitcrs and blankets
vhilo the prices are out to bed lock.
We car rene of tlio Imgestarid finest
lines of cloaks for ladies , misses and
childien can icd in the \\est.
C'hildren's cloaks from ? 2.)0 up , in
fane v plu id8 , solid colors , ' trip11etc. .
An elesriint line of niis-es ! jackets1 at
$2 7o. J.oO ! , $3.98 and S1. ) S each
Mifc-es' nowmarkets at iJ.'JS up to ! 2j
caeh .
Lo\vest pi iocs ever quoted on infants'
long and shoit cloaks. Gre.it vtuiety
fiom $2 up
Ladies' Persian lamb shoulder capes
$13 each , told every where at 'r-il
Ladles' beavori'hoiililoitcipes20 eieh.
Black coney shoulder e.ipes li each.
oOO ladies' blsiek hno ; muft * . ofe each.
Special i-aleini--e&'and tlnldien's wool
diesses , child ion's nil wool ihiunel
dietjscs , 2 to 0 jetiis , at § 2'iQ each ;
inis-es'S ' to 12 je.u-s , $2 7.5 each , nicely
Coino in and eo tliem.
\Veaie still culling the prices on ear-
pets , curtains , nigs , oil cloths , etc. Get
our pilcesand bo convinced.
Seaman's phaeton s , bes-tand cheapest.
11AY1H2N IJltOh.
I'vtraortkimirj Salcof Uniler\vear anil
Tholiinois short until the iear walls
must come down. In order to pro pi refer
for tint event the prices on hosiery and
uncleivvear will take a tremendous tum
ble. Hveiv thing must go.
Children winter undeiwenr , In white
merino , camolV hair , scarlet and natural
giay , at le s thin cost to uunufaetiiie.
Ladles * jors-e\ ribbed uudcmear in
white , 2oe , worth 40o.
Lailien * jorscj ribbed nuclei wear in
nitural pray , ; V5e , woith r > ( V.
Ladies. ' jer--ev ribbed nndeirtoar in
ecru IVyptiaii cotton , only oOeoith ;
Ladies' camel's lulr underwear onlj'
oOe : lediu-ed from SJ.
1 lot gent'- > camel's hair urderwear
only oOe ; i-educed fiom $1.
Uents'heuy i-carlct lambs' v\ooi un-
derweir onlj 7oe ; v\oitb Sl.i" ) .
Gent's eMr.i hem j wool nndeivveti , in
Tu\odo ribbed caiuuv coloied and natu-
1,1 ! jri iy. onh-On1 , reduced fiomSl.oO.
1 lot of hetivj California undorvseir ,
nuulo nt Misinn mills , in puio white ,
shirts only , at 7oe each , \\oith J2.
Ladies' cashmere ho o onlj lee , le-
dueed fi 0111 iC.
Childi ens heavy voohoe \ only Ik1 ,
vnrth We" .
Htns' bioM'lo lio-e , hca\v ribbjd , only
ijeorthoOc. .
1 lot of ladies' fane ) lisle hose onlj OOo
per piir , \voi th Tie.
Men's heuy wool SDK only 12Jc per
Gent ' camel's hair , c.Hbmoro nnd
-liaKoi * hose , all at 12 V , n-ilncod fiom
| ( V. 1 lot of gents' suspenders oui j lic ! * ,
worlb3c. .
Tomorrow woconiinenceagrand clear-
inii sale of cornets.
cornets.iiAvnnx BROS. ,
Diy oods and carpets.
Mr" Meuer. Manicure. ; ! 12Pa\ton bl'U
HII tlio IN'Iis.
Poinowheio about IbOS to ! * > " - it IH
supposed that the following named per
sons icsided in or near Omalii , Net ) . :
James Leonard , William K. Shiiloy ,
Antoin Duvall and Snbol ( Jortimlo
Dobeity. They or their heirs can bo
jjieatlj henollted by sending their ad-
dies to Jainos Honnettof 14. ) llo\\osht. ,
JiooKlj n. slate of Now Yoilc. Any per-
.on ? now ing thoaddioas ot either pntj'
oi their hens will confer a favor bj'
binding same. Western papeis pkaso
copy- _
Decker Bros
and I3\orott
Doctor Bios. SI2" .
Henry F. Miller 1V ) .
Lyon k I Icaly i.'V ) .
Muellei W Sclimollor , 1U7 S. 10th.
Correct styles in millinery , Davlcs ,
111 S. lot list.
A full line of Fedoia nulling just re
ceived at Bliss' , 1-510 Douglas ht.
Mrs. Mercer. Manicure. 312 I'axtonbl'k
I liavo movedmy stock of Jo\\olrj ,
sllvenvaro. iliamondb.ot.- , that I had at
the exposition at the coliseum i-eeonlly
tothoN. i : . coiner r.irn. maiidllllihtH. ,
wherojou willllnd my inh-os the very
lowest in Omaha. I regretfully ask
jour InaRetion biforo making pur
chases , h JO.N'ASl'.N' , Jcvveliir.
i'inest line of hair yoods over
in Omiiliu , Ua\lu , milliner , 111 .S. 15th sU
N. II , I'MI.CONKlt.
Monday Stationery , Uiblionn ntid
\Yo ha\o just received a largo stock ol
writing papoifl in nil Kindt11) ) and sl/cs.
\Vo call particular attention to the fol
low Ing pi lees : y
"Old tdolwoitir1 plate finish paper , .
ImiuKomcly put up with omolppt , ' tof
mutch , in octiuoaml cimnneicitil trT
Too per pound.
Cianii's "all linen , " octavo and TV
ineiclal Bl/esone quire box , IV
I'vtra line "wedding plate , " ' .i\o
sl/.e , ono qulri ) box , -oc.
pnrchmont , " oeta\i
one quire box , -Oo.
liMra llnlsh uroniii and \vhlti we. e ,
pctino nnd coinmeii'lal sl
o , out ID
box , 2Jo.
livlra llnLsh cream laid stoe\ ,
sl/.c , one quire box , llo. )
Mourning papeteiloslii o\tr\ ,
cream wove block , coiuinercinl "c.
N. H. l-'AI.i
\Yo have just purchased dlt
the manor a splendid lot of of > 3
which VNO oiler tomorrow. All Ik
5 , a lot of odd shades , at JJJc i
price is lilic. No. 5 , Iho hit , I cy
bhades , atOlc , Iho icgular pi in i- I- .
No. 7 at Oc , tlio regular pi ice Is n No.
I ) , IL'Jc , the regular prieo is ! "
12 , He , Iho regular price iy 2Jje. No nj
at lllc , tlio regular price Is i-'oc. Iftl , T ( )
is a i ash on these goods wo lm\o i , t
enough logo loundall our ciMoiiui , - eve
\vo do nol vvi&h to sell more than Iho
J ards of each number to am , ono is-
ici n n LOVES , KI i ) n Lorrs.
On Mondny wo place ons.do a lot of
kiel gloves , all new niul desirable nukes ,
at the following prices : 1 butlo'isl7jc ' \ ,
regular priee SI 'J5. 1 hutton 151 \ ihat
$1.115 , repular price Yl 7" ) I button Uin.
bi ia at 41.30 , legul.u prim * ii r > s Init-
ton Mousqiiotnlic bitedo glo\ci : al tl,75 ,
regular pi ice S-.oO.
These aio alia veiy gieat 1m1.no.
X. LJ.rAl.tOM II.
TlidM * lent Store , l.'ilf ) r.trnnm St. ,
: til Door fiom I Ith ' t.
\Ve must have room for ourcxtuit vo
line of holiday goods and lm\u ilc'ur-
mined to clear out all the < ' \ k < rj1 ,
gla "V\aio , tinware , woodenvvaic , c c ,
etc. , during the next lea daj . .
The goods inn-jt move v\o woi.t al'ow
the prices lo stand in the waj
Listen to the inu-ic of th pn 03 ,
Copwr | bottom boiler , Xo. S , - } i. C.T h ,
teaJ > ettles 2oc ; nickel iilated u-pidor" ,
lOc'nickel handle frjing pan- , IMS !
steel tacks. 0 picks for 5o ; wa-hlxu da ,
15e and I'tebe ' ; t wringer1 1 ' s U si
e.irpet s ce-pei , ? 1.S ' ; nickel pl.i1 < 1 \ o -
ibhini , ' iion > , Gcperlb ; clothes r.i - ft
dp Ing clothejc , SOo and ! ' IK at
Hint g'jt's tumblei21e eailiaaoo
di-hes , Iccaeh ; milk pan * , lo , - -Jo
antl oc ; pudding pin- . > c , Oe a. d 7c ;
scrub biuhe > , oe ; | Kt.ito piv -.s 3c ;
chopping kime- , " ; roiling jut -
vms1 handle * . 5e : be-t hiruwocHl
pick , oo , Hour di-eJge- ; cakttors ,
-e ; du-t i u5o : coal ihovel- . > coal
hods. , curi v comboc ; pie t.n-s. Jo ,
Unheard of baipaius in jeweirv.
Children's solid sold ringl l > e each.
Friend-hip ringaiToo usual prn. ! 1 CN ) .
Rolled plato brea t pins lOc , i-vU ced
Solid gold : -et rin23o , rtnluetHl from
Gents * chain , rolled plate , 4jc , re
duced from Sl.OO.
Best "NVin. Rogers * tea-x > on5 t > Jo pei
Gmnuiteed quality of tea poo-i 25o
and -43o .
- jwr s-et.
Fine \i : o lamp- with colored
shade ? , complete. * lX > , worth Jit > i.
K\trv line plu-h iilbuiu withov die < i
v\oul "Album" ou the cover 6VV , wu th
Get ono of our hand-oaie engr.iv i gj
vv ith cake of bal-ani liro.ip for i"x'
Make it a | xnnt to\i tour-tore \ ou
will be sin prised with thoimp'o * < < intuti
v\e ha\e been making. Xovv goods ar
e'onstmtlj being1 added to our .t > , nnd
at inice- . that make it Inteiesting to
trade with n- .
The 'JO-coiit Store.
1S19 Faiiumst. , third door fiom 14th.
Married at Tiinitj talhedial on tha
20th Inst.V. . 11. llndimr , one of the
Union i'nciflc'ti most popular tonduetors ,
and Mrs C. A. Tostovin , Key. Dean
Gtiidonerollieiating. The matiiagovaj
a btiictly piiv.ito atlnir.
125 ! Paik a vo. , co'l. Tel. " 021.
Special low ptices 011 inijliiier.x Tue -
day. Call midget 11 bargain. At lilibs' ,
Before jon buy gold spei-tncleH or ova
glasses see the stock nf Nr. Al. Huduy.
piactlcal optician , iill S. ir th st. All
new hl los.it lowest piicos
Having located on thu cornel of Far-
nam and llth Ht , , I ma mid , ) to mcot
mj limn1 , patrons , feeling satisfied Uutt
tlic.v may llnd , us hciolofmo , a moil ro-
lialjli'hnoof dliiinonils , wali'lierf. silver-
vviuennd jovvehy , as well as musl boxes ,
S .lONASION , .lovvolesr ,
X. I' . Cor. I'm nini ,
D.ivh's , milliner , 111 S. lotb.
Pinis , London and Now York
bbowu onlj tit liliba' the leaden of laihca'
head gear.
On Monday Madam Tliido Vior will
exhibit at the I'.i.xton bold a HioU D line
of infanta' and childmn'H wonr , to which
the ladies are tordiully inv itt'd to c ill.
'Hit ! I'd HI Annual Hull
Of tlio A. O. II. No. fi will bo ghtn ut
HrplliiL ; hull , 101U Shin man a\inuo.
Wednesday evening , Out. lit ) , Ib'Jtt
Tickets , il 00.
20,000 ropioH of latent Hlu-ot naiHii lOo
ticopj atS. Hank , W)7 ) N. 1 ( ( .
Hluslcly nN < > \ \ Ytn-k Coiilial IiiHtl *
liilion. ,
PntroriBof tlio New Yoilc f'ciitral havo"
thij Ltvduslvo advaiitngo of aiiUingand
dupailliif , ' at ( Irand Cuiluil stiilion ,
Kcjintli avenue and Porty-Hurond hticot ,
the very ( enti oof the city , lonvciilonl
to liotul.s and lOhidciiccH , lai i Hi and
IhK'bt im&soiitfor htatlon In Ann ilcn , and
the only ono in tlio iltv of Now Voile.
The Now York Conuitl i the only
trunk line entering the citj of Now
York. _
\WitlH'Hiliiy I'lffilnif , Oclnlici1'IHIi. . \
The giandest cniuort over ghui In
Oinnhaulll tiiko pinto attlu * ColKoum.
\\fcdnohday < j\onliiL' , Oetohui li'Jlh , q
p. m Admission 11) c < 'iitM. '
Frco to ladloH On Wcdniisday and
Friday of thituoining wide vo will trim
b.ingH , cuil anddrocrt halrfrconf chnrt'O'
In older to brlnir our hainlrcmi-r bofora
the iidtlco of lailloH , MIH , DnvhiH , mllli
liur , 111 H. 1/itli / St. , opposite pustollliu.
Musical boxes. S. Bank , 507 N. 1U.

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