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How the Disturbing Claim is to Be Hoard by
JudgoDundj ,
Another One of Tlio County Jnll So-
Journcrs Makes Ills Disappear
ance Under tlio Cover
of DnrJuiCBS.
The second tiny of the United States court
opened yesterday at 10 a. tn. with the apart
ment crowded with attorneys from all parts
of thostnto ,
Tlio flrst hour was taken up In hearing mo
In the cnso of Dow against tlio city of
Urownvlllo on coupon * , the plnmtlfl was
given judgment In default for $ : > .2M.OO.
Tlio snlo of the Capitol' hotel at Lincoln ,
InSJjUrn'jjr ' lait , wii conllr.njl. Tlia
hostelry wns disposed of to satisfy n
mortgage held by Charles Kitchen ,
formerly ono of the proprietors of
the 1'axton hotel , now of Lcadvlllo. The de
fendant wni W. II. H. Stout of Washington.
D. 0. Tlio hotel sold for $00,000 and iv dell-
clcncy judgment for $ 23,025.41 was allowed
against Stout.
, Judge Uundy then ordered the grand jury
to ho called , and nil answered to their names
except Thomas Coughlan , Omaha ; J. W.
Poarmnn , Nebraska City ; U. S. McCrackcn ,
McCook.Tohn | A. Dempster , Geneva. An
attachment was ordered to tssuo for each of
these member ? returnable Immediately , nutl
the grand jury wns excused until 2 p. in.
The court then announced that It wag ready
to try the Ilclfcnstcln cases and the court
nnd the numerous attorneys who represented
the many defendants hud a lengthy confer
ence as to tlio best method of trying the
It wns suggested that test cases bo made
of that agalast Uyrou Heed , who based his
claim i ) ) I > i ni Kiisi.u 'D.-ui ' eighty
ucres , nnd that npalnst E. V. Smith , who
claimed title to the south eighty acres.
After considerable ) tulle on all sides , It wns
agreed that the cases bo tried together down
to the point where Heed nnd Smith
patted with their titles , and tlint the law
point decided in these cases bo allowed to
boldln nlltho others.
Following this , all the defendants nro to bo
allowed to introduce testimony to prove their
aospectlvo claims subsequent to that tlmo.
This arrangement was satlsfactorynnd the
attorneys of all the cases except these known
us thu "omnibus cases. " whicli huro not yet
had their llrst trial , signed n stipulation to
that effect.
Court then adjourned until 2 o'clock.
At 2 o'clock the grand Jury was sworn nnd
J. J. Mercer appointed foreman. District
Attorney linker instructed the grand jury on
Its duty and the jury retired In charge of u
The judge then ordered the calling of the
pettlt Jury to try the Helfenstcln inses.
At this point it appeared thut the stipula
tion which had been signed by the attorneys ,
representing nearly nil the defendants agree
ing to try the cases all at ono time , was miss
ing1 , whereat the judge was exceedingly
wrothy and refused to proceed until it was
found or another made.
While search was being made for It the
court hcaVd n few minor motions.
In the course of nn hour the stipulation
turned up ns suddenly and mysteriously as It
bad disappeared.
The lawyers wrangled for half nn hour ns
'to which cnso should bo put on for trial nnd
then agreed to try the Byron Reed cnso wltn-
out a jury. Judge Dundy objected to this ,
BtJitlng that questions of fart , as well ns ques
tions of law must necessarily enter into the
trial. The jury was empanncllcd nnd the
following named gentlemen accepted : George
Crowcll of Lyons , William Baker of Tccum-
Bch. Charles Potter of Hod Cloud. W. P.
Smith of Lincoln , Uobert Mason of Kopubll-
can City. A. K. Klleso of Fullerton , M. H.
Dodge of Winstdo. E. B. SIossou of Lincoln ,
John Shnson of Blue Hill , E. D. Andrews of
Omaha. W. II. McCurdy of Waterloo and
John Ilanoy of Elkhorn.
After administering tlio oath to the jurors ,
the Judge adjourned court till 9 : 30 this mornIng -
Ing , when the taking of testimony will bo
TlioMntli Judicial District's Compli
ments to Douglas County.
There was anew face on the district court
bench yesterday morning. It was that of
Judge F. B. Tiffany of the KlntlOudlcial dis
trict The Judpohus cleared up bis own docket
nnd has very obligingly como to help do the
Bnmo in this district. Judge Tiffany's term
expires January 1 , and on that date ho re
tires from the bench and taken up his resi
dence In this city , where It Is said ho has
been making heavy investments in real estate
nnd various manufacturing interests. Ho is
by no means a stranger in Omaha , and re
ceived n cordial greeting from several mem
bers of the bar , upon his appearance in coin-
panv with Judge Hopowell , this morning.
Court will bo held by him In Juilgo
"Wu koloy's old chamber , In the court house.
Ho will Rive particular attention to civil
John Carpenter , charged with grand lar
ceny , was allowed to plead guilty to taking
property for temporary use. Judge Clark-
eon lined him $15 and costs , amounting in all
to nbout $33 , and ordered him committed
until fine nnd coats wore paid.
A suit for $10,000 damages for falsa
Imprisonment was commenced today
by August C. Uhtof of Elkhorn against
David Smith nnd Jonas Frey , justice of
the pence and constable , respectively ,
lu Chicago .precinct. The plaintiff was
arrested October 25 on a warrant sworn out
by Smith charging him with selling liquor on
Sunday. Uhtof was ffnca $100 and costs by
Smith ana sent to jail until It should bo
paid. By habeas corpus proceedings
bo secured his rcleaso nnd now turns upon
Squire Smith with this suit for $10,000.
Frederick Krug has commenced foreclosure
proceedings against Domlnlck A. Hart and
others on a mortgage given to secure the
pay incut of n $500 note.
The cnso of Mrs. Dora ICnowles , charged
with adultery , went to the Jury this after
noon , three-quarters of the day having bcou
pent lu arguments by counsel.
A AVIly Worthies * AVItness Escapes
From tlio County Jnll.
The air about the federal building was very
sulphurous yesterday morning when County
Jailer Lynch appeared In that locality nnd
Announced that Thomas Cox of Falls City ,
who Is wanted as nn Important witness in
eovoral cases to como before the federal
grand Jury , had taken French leave during
the night without leaving his address.
Cox wns brought to the city to servo
s n witness against Joe Qandy of Salem ,
who Is charged with selling liquor without c
license , nnd wns also wanted ns n witness In
flvo or six other cases of a more Important
The day of his arrival In the city ho ex
plored the ' -burnt district" and bad two of
the residents of that localllty arrested for
robbing him , although It Is claimed ho had
llttlo of which to bo robbed. Tlio two women
were bound over to the district court am ]
Cos was Imprisoned as n witness ngnlnst
them. On this account it was notthoilfchl
necessary to Jail him on the United States
Soon afterwards Cox sent for a deputy mar
shal nnd acknowledged ho had put himself lu
A tight box , nnd said ho was afraid ho would
bo sent up for perjury. Ho was plvon no
sympathy and the matter weighed on his
mluu until ho decided to make his escape , am'
last night ho picked the lock of his cell door ,
tolo down the cellar stairs cud made his es
cape through the coal shuto.
Jailer Lynch was seen by a DEB man , but
ho strenuously dented that anyone had es
capcd. When asked about Cox ho said that
that worthy bad been released ou ball ani
was still In the city.
( Tickets at lowest rates and su porlor
accommodations via the grout Koclc
Islam ! route Ticket olllco , 1G02 Slx-
tvUi and Furnaui streets Omaha.
Utclicn and Dining Itoom Furniture
'nrul IlBlicAof nil Kinds.
Wo want every housekeeper In the
Ity to Inspect tlio goods wo show In our
now housofurnlshing department ; wo
uxvo some great bargains lu tinware ,
voodcnwaro , etc. , on the
_ vcry housekeeper will save money here ;
t Is the most complete department in
ho whole west only ono lu Now York
jquala it ; wo will save you half your
lousohold expenses.
Do you want tinware ? Wo have it.
Do you want stoplndilora , wash tubs ,
palls , etc. ? Wo have thorn horo.
Do you want tea kettles , coffco.pots ,
trainers , broilers , tin pans , oto ? Wo
luvo thorn horo.
Do you want granite iron ware , stone
varo , glasses , goblets , etc. ? Wo have
hoin here.
Do you wnnt tea urns , cofTeo urns ,
cnlves , meat choppers , brushes , brooms ,
tc-'i1 Wo have thorn hero.
Do you want dinner sots , Havlland
china , jurdlniercs , cracker jars , cups
uid saucers , anything made in dishes ?
Wo hnvo thorn. '
In fact you will not have to Icavo our
lalesroom to furnish your kitchen or
lining room nnd you may bo sure the
iriccs nro right.
Wo are having our most important
curtain t > ale of the .season.
The continued increase of our curtain
lopartlnent is certain proof that wo are
loadquartcrs on IhcbO goods.
Wo have numerous attractive bar
gains to ollor , and will bo pleased to
how our patrons , whether they in-
end purchasing or not.
Our regular $2.00 curtains , bale prlco
> 2.60 a pair.
Our regular $3.60 curtains , sale prlco
U5 u pair.
Our regular S1.60 curtains , sale prlco
53.70 u pair.
Our regular $5.00 curtains , sale price
51.00 a puir.
Our regular $0.00 curtains , sale prlco
il.50 a pair.
Our regular $8.00 curtains , sale prlco
$0.00 a pair.
Our regular $5.60 curtains , reduced
> rlco $1.00.
Our regular $7.50 curtains , reduced
prlco So. 00.
Our regular $8.60 curtains , reduced
prlco $0.00.
Our regular $10.60 curtains , reduced
irico $ KOO.
Our regular $13.60 curtains , reduced
prlco $10.
Our regular $18 curtains , reduced prlco
Wo guarantee the prices of these cur-
; atns to bo exactly as above.
Send for our now catalogue. Wo mail
1 free of charge.
H. A. Orchard.
Carpet , furniture nnd drapery.
A Card.
Prom this date Omaha's growth will
lie unprecedented. Capital will seek
Investment in real estate from all parts
of the country. Omaha is the only city
that wont through a ronl estate depres
sion without a crash nnd property wliich
had u commercial value at the end of
the boom throe years ago has steadily
Wo dcom It advisable at this'tlmo to
caution the public against mushroom In
vestments. Secure good property with
in your 'moans ' from reliable firms and
unquestionable- .
Feeling satisfied that prohibition
would bo defeated when voted upon , wo
purchased a largo amount of property at
Albright and ave now prepared to offer
a limited number of choice bargains in
" ' Cholco" addition
"Albright's on easy
521 , 622 , 52J N. Y. Llio Bldg.
Luther's Ijlfo Work Reviewed , by His
Tteveroiid Followers.
The session of the North Platte conference
of the Lutheran synod was continued Monday
night nt St. Mark's church , Twenty-first and
Durdetto streets. The evening was devoted
to services commemorative of Martin Luther
and consisted of historical sketches of the
great reformer , piven by several clergymen ,
Hov. M. L. Mellck , the president of the con
ference , presiding.
The history of Luther was divided Into flvo
periods. Rev. Huber of this city related that
portion of history bearing upon the childhood
nnd early school days of the reformer. Rev.
W. C. MeCool of Ponca spoke of Luther's
student Ufa and his efforts to secure an edu
cation. Hov. D. Sprechor of Dakota City re
viewed tils life as a monk , speaking of his devotion -
votion and the events which lead up to the
reformation in 1517.
Rev. A. J. Turkic of Omaha then delivered
nn eloquent panegyric on "Luther , the True
Knight. " who had given to the world civil
and religious liberty.
Following this Uov. Luther M. Kuhus of
this city spoke at length of Luther's domestic ,
life , and Itov. W. II. Kuuns closed the even
ing session by referring eloquently to the
last days of Luther.
The church was well filled and the services
were of n very interesting nature , holding
the close attention of the audience through
An Interesting feature early In the evening
was the baptism of the infant daughter of
Uov. and Mrs. J. G. Grimtu , Uov. O. Huber
ofUcitttlnp. Rev. QrlfUth is the p.istor of St.
Alnrk's ' church.
The conference mot this morning In St.
Mark's Lutheran church.
The following ofllccrs were elected : presi
dent , Rev. A. J. Turkic : secretary , Rev.
Luther M. ICuhus , and treasurer , Rev. W ; 0.
The discussions wore , ' 'Is Luther's Smaller
catechism ( provisional edition ) adapt
ed to the capacities of our Catechu
mens ! " and "A Model Church Council"
This conference covers only the northeast
ern part of the state nud Is not a legislative
body. It represents , however , fourteen
churches , 145 catechumens , about ono thous
and , communicants , property worth $109,853.
fourteen Sunday schools. 101 teachers and
about ono. thousand llvo hundred scholars.
The bonovolcnco last year In this body
amounted to a grand total of $31,774.84. ,
Tonight there will bo an address delivered
to young people to which all are Invited.
Clipped from Canada Presbyterian , under
signature of O. Dtackett Robinson , Prop. : I
was cured of oft recurring bilious headaches
by Burdock blood bitters. ,
Two Flgtm On.
The South Omaha Athletic club's Novora
ber entertainment will take place on the
night of the 35th nt Bloom's opera house ,
being a finish contest for a purse of (500 bo.
twccn Mllto Mooney and Hi Allen , two St.
Louis heavy weights. The Davis-Allen fight
has been declared off , the men refusing to
fight for less than f 1,000. The fight between
Dnn Daly of Bangor , Mo. , and Tommy White
of Chicago for $350 a sldo will coma oft on
the night of the 21st at Gcrmaula hall. Thcso
two bantams are evenly matched and will
make a great battle.
On tlio Square.
OMAHA , Nov. 11. To'tho Editor of TUB
BKB : Please state InTimBEB tlio differ
ence between ouo square nil to and ono mile
square. Also the difference between two
square miles und two miles square.
Answer Ono square tnllo and ono mile
square are equal. Two miles square make
four square miles. ' -
Roiv John II. Holms.
Rev. John II. Helms , pastor of the Gorman
Methodist church at Eleventh and Center
streets , died Monday nt his residence , 1731
Center street , aged 40 years.
The funeral will take place qt U o'clock to
morrow from the church. The remains will
bo Interred at Laurel HilL
TlieDonrd of Trade Examines It nnd
Awnlta Export Opinions.
The monthly meeting of the board of trade
vas hold Monday evening. There were $ re-
ent Euclid Martinpresident ; D. II. Wheeler ,
G. E. Gibson , T. A. Crelgh , 0. O. Lobcck , L.
B. Williams , A. R. Dufn-no , J. B. JEvrtns , E.
O'NcliV. . Hrccn , Henry Pundt and the sec
retary , W. N. Nason.
The directors reported bills allowed for Oc-
obcr amounting to $990.00 ; real estate fund ,
TOH.OJ ; general fund , r 7.01.
llents collected during October amounted
0 $ lr < o.8. ' , and from November 1 to 10 ,
I1. * C. AyciM was elected n member by
ransfer of J. A. Halncs.
The following report wns received from the
ommlttco appointed by the president in con-
ormity wltuu resolution adopted nt a former
meeting of the board consisting of E. K.
irilto. S. 1C. Jackson , . ( nines Steuhcnson nnd
W. N. Nason , to visit the Nigger Hill tin
iilning district adjacent to Spearfish , S. D. .
and on motion of Mr. Wheeler Avas adopted
and ordered filed. ,
To the President nnd Dlrri'torsof the Omnha
lonid of Trade : The midoMlpnoil , your com-
nlttcoappointed to visit.Spairllsli , South Pa-
( ota , und exiimlno tlio tin minus of NlKitor
ill ) , respectfully lityz lunvo to ro.ort [ that wo
tnrtud from unmlin on tlio mnrulnz of the
JJid of Uctobur via the rruinont , Klldinrn &
Missouri Vulloy railroad , urrlvlim lit Whltc-
\ood on tliomornltiffof the Utli. utul , tiftorii
ovpiiteon-mllo ride by stage , anlvodatSpear-
llsh for dinner.
Immediately afterwards , by means of trans
portation furnished by eltl/onsot Spoartlsli ,
vo started for the mines , seventeen miles Ols-
nut , over what proved to bo tlio roughest
TiiRon road wo liivo over soon in tlio"\vest , ar
riving tit the cninp nftur dark. Aftcrsuppcr ,
lioovoiilii , ' wusspontln oYamlnlntspecimens
nnd conversing with homo of tliu minors , of
vhom there Is said to ho about forty , rospcct-
IIK various discoveries and UovompiiiDiits
vlilch had been iniidc. A nMoctlon was iniulo
of such specimens as wo thought vrouhl.bo tlio
iropor ones to examine.
On the iiiomltiKor tlio 2. > th your committee
scpiiiatcd and bolug provided each with a
guide , visited as ninny claims a" ) our tlmo
tould permit , the rntlro work liavlns to bo
lononn foot. Afturlooking at n Inigoiltim-
) or of claims In this manner wo wont tosotliur
inu siw : whut Is known a1 ? tlio Cleveland inmu ,
wlilch Is owned bv sonic New Vorlc parties und
vhleli litifhocii workud l > y mnchlnorv.
Tlio mind ut present la partially IItied with
wiiter nnilwoik 1ms boon suspended for ovur
1 year. Tills inlno lias bcou claimed to bo
very viiliiublo. Wo soleeted a few spuoltnons
'rom the ( lump and from an oponlug which
md boon in ado a short tlmo since on the north
sldo of the claim which showed good maturlal
eloso to tlio surface.
The following la a statement glvlnx tlio
mines , depths of tunnel or .shaft , und width
nf vulns.ot the various minestjxamlnod by us.
'mm nil of which \\o selected and shloped
loino specimen' ! , with the object of having
hem assayed. Wo feel convinced that thuro
stlnoro in lur u quantities In the NlKK r
Hill mining district null that various mines
examined will compare favorably. In nppcar-
incc , with these In tlio Hartley Toiik district.
Wo lonrncd that Inr o quantities of stieam-
: ln hnvo buou taken out of a , small stieam
culled ltt > ar creek , by mlnnrj engaged In
working plucci-mlnlng , wlilc.li U considered
one of tlio best Indications of lurgo deposits
in the adjacent hills. Hut In order to obtain
the ore In quantities sulllclent to supply the
markets of tl o world , u good deal of inonov
must bo expended In the erection of reduction
works und development of tlio mines , many of
which nro owned by the original discoverers ,
none ofhoin have capital to USD In develop
ment woik. Jlessts. Kccts. Johnson and
others of Spoarllsh , at present , hnvo lionds on
Lho majority of the claims and are In a situa
tion to oner them at prices which would
Justify consideration by such persons as may
linvo eapltal and Inclination to make such an
The gcosraphlcallocatlon of Oniuha , nnd Its
proximity In thcso mines , with ample railroad
tacllltles , should secure such concert of action
on the part of our capitalists as to at least
cuuso the erection of a suitable rollnerv and
tln-pliito manufactory and have It ready for
operation as soon as the concentrates can bo
f mulshed fiom the inliias In quantities to
maintain such an Industry lu successful oper
Wo found otliaftho various minors In that
district hnvo been and stilt nro maintaining
themselves mainly by placor-inlnlng and are
devoting their time , when not so engaged , In
prospecting for tin and doln assessment
work on foimer discoveries.
Aftorconuliiillngoiir work atSpearnsh. wo
took n hack for Deailwood , arriving there nt
lln. in.Sunday , and after ono day tliero and
In Lead City , wo started for homo Monday nf-
tornoon , via Lead City nnd Piedmont , over
the narrow caugo nnd Kromont. Tllkhorii &
Missouri Valley railroad , arriving Tuesday
evening. At head City wo mot Jlr.
Green , the general superintendent of
the Homo Muko mine , and gen mil
manager of the 1'lodmnnt tuiirow
gauge. AtTlondwond vro mot and had an In-
tonlow with I'rof. Helm , the celebrated'geolo
gist , who gave us some valuable Information
and as promised has hcut us a detailed ac
count of personal examinations made \iy \ him
of the batno territory which wo hud vlsltad.
Wo found both thn 11 & > I. and I'romont ,
Elkhorn & Missouri Valley roads actively en
gaged In completing tholr lines Into the elty
of JJcadwood.
Communications. Fa-om W. L. Larkcn
dated October 29 , representative of the Chicago
cage Times relative to Illustrated matter and
suDScrlptlons. From C. S. Ilarbrouck , sec
retary of the business men's association of
Syracuse. N. Y , , dated October 17 , soliciting
co-operation IB securing reduction of letter
postage to 1 cent an ounce were read and or
dered filed.
A report was received from II. G. Clark ,
chairman of tbo railroad committee in rclu-
tion to the proposed enlanromont of the na
tional board of trade on a broader basis and
the meeting of that body which is to bo hold
in Now Orleans on December 8 , nnd invita
tion being extended to this board to have ron-
resentatlon , was read , nnd on motion of D.
II. Wheeler referred to the president and
secretary for further investigation and re
port if sudi action should bo considered by
them as necessary.
Attention was called by the president to
the discussion of the board at a former moot
ing of certain discriminations against Omaha
by bridge and other rates to Iowa points.
Mr. Wheeler moved the appointment of a
special committee of flvo of which the presi
dent shall bo chairman. It was aftorwaras
suggested that the matter of suburban train
service should rocolvo the consideration of
said committee , nnd no objection being of
fered it ras so ord ored. Tu o committee w 111
bo appointed later.
Th o combination of Ingredients found In
Ayer'a Pills renders them tonio and curative
as well ns cathartic. For this reason they
are the best medicine for people of costive
habit , ns they restore the natural action of
the bowels , without debilitating.
A Durglnr'A Favorite.
Burglars made an Informal call Monday night
on E. A. McClure , at G2.J4 South Nineteenth
street , end got away with that gentleman's
overcoat , shoes nnd suit of clothes , nnd two
shawls belonging to his wife. All of the ar
ticles were In the hall and the burglarious
callers did not visit any other part
of tbo house. This Is the second time
that the victim has boon made to
suffer In this , manner in less than n year , the
thieves on the former occasion taking Mr.
McCluro's coat , vest and watch , which ho
loft In his bupgy while ho momentarily wont
Into the House.
The value of the propei ty taken last night
was about $100. There Is no clue to the
Cure for Croup Use Dr. Thomas' Electric
oil according to directions. It is the best
remedy for all sudden attacus of colds , pain
and inflammation , and Injuries.
A meeting of the general managers of the
lines of the interstate commerce railway
association will bo held in Chicago today.
They nro Uelijjr. .Kxnmlncl by tlio
Slnto Itonril nt the JIHInrd.
The state board of , pharmacy I ; In session
nt the Mil lard , oxaiUnlng applicants for cer
tificates ns pharmacists.
The board conslsLi of Henry Cook of Red
Cloud. Max nochtiol Omahn. Henry D. Boy-
len of Grand Isbind , James Heed of Nebraska
Jlty , and J , 12. Klggs of Lincoln , nil of whom
\3 present. It wilt conclude Its work tonight
md will hold in examination tomorrow
at tha phnrmnoyv board rooms In tbo
cnpltol building ut Lincoln , nnd nt tbo
Iloitwlck bouse in Hastings on Wcdticsdny.
The following nppJioiiiits were examined at
tboMlllnrd :
Joseph Bishop , Omaha1 , Elinor O.Blake , A.
P. Ulackmnn , Atkinson : Charles U. Cor-
vctto. On-hard ; U. K. Cbitllck. Atkinson ;
Frank B. Green , Omaha ; II. F. Malkn.Chnil-
ron ; Ucrtuird Hoblnson , Omnbn ; Hobort
Sturgeon. Chainplaln , J. J. Williams. Wnl-
> el ; W.S. Franklin , Verdlgi-o ; O. W. Fer-
-uson , Chappcll.
UiholNtcry | Department.
This department is ono of the main
features of our business , and ono which
commends itself to every lover of n
cheerful homo. Here you will line every
itylo of Ineo curtain , from the ordinary
inoxponslvo Nottingham to the choicest
hand-mado point laces , till of which are
our own importations , and nro offered
at the very lowest price.
Wo have the newest colorings of cho-
lilies , mohair damasks , lltix velours ,
; ltlon velours , nnd the handsomest pat
terns of brocatollos , tapestries , spun
silks , plushes , etc. .
Wo have a complete dopnrtinont for
Lho making of shade work , and estimates
cheerfully furnished tit tiny time. Noth
ing hut the very best of materials used ,
and lowest ruling prices east or west
Wo will mail free of chat-go our now
128-pnpo catalogue.
School Items.
Seven cnsos of diphtheria were reported at
the ofllco of tbo superintendent yesterday
nttho following places : 1310 Williams stivet ,
rcnr ot 1)10 ! ) Williams , 2309South Fourteenth ,
' H South Thirtieth. Castellur nnd Four
teenth , 1128 South Thirteenth and 1510 North
Tbo appointment of Mrs. Grace Sudbor-
oujjb to tbo position of principal of the nor-
mil school will create n vacancy In the corps
of biph school tc.icners which will bo filled by
, ho election of ono of the grade teachers.
A boy ts snul to liavu saved tlio
from' Inundation. .Multitudes lii\u boon
s'a\cd f loin the Invasion of disease by a
botlloof Aci-'sS.irsapaillla. This mcdlclno
Imparts tone to tlio s > stcin nnd sticiigtlicns
every oigan and llhie of the body.
" 1 ha\o taken a great deal of medicine ,
but nothing has done mo so much good ns
Aycr's Snrsnpailll.i. I experienced Its bene
ficial effects bufoie I liail quite llnlshcd ono
bottle , and I can ficcly testify that It Is tlio
best blood medicine I know of. " L. W.
Ward , sr. , Woodlaild , Texas.
"Confined to an office , as I amfrom ono
year's end to another , with llttlo or no out
door exercise , I llml great help In Ayer's
Sarsaparllla , uhlcli. I have used for several
years , nnd am nt present using , wllli excel
lent results. It enables mo to keep nhv.ijs
nt my post , enjoying the best of health. "
II. C.Baines , Maiden , Mass.
Ayer's Sarsapai'illa
DR. J. 0. AYEtt & CO. , Lowell , Ma's.
Sold by Druggist * . $1,8U$5. Worth $5 n bottle.
Physicians , Surgeons and Specialists.
The most widely and favorably knowB ipec
lallstj In the United States. Their Ions ex
perience , remarkable skill nnd unlvenal § uo-
ce i In the treatment nnd our * of Nerroui ,
Ohronlo and Surgical Dlsea ev entitle thoao
eminent physIcUnr to tlin full conQdencoof
the aflllcted everywhere. They guarantee :
the awful effects of early vlcn nnd th numer *
ou OTlU that follow In Its train ,
ipeedllr , completely nnd permanently cured.
OKDEBB yield readily to their skillful treat
guaranteed cured without pain or detention
from bushiest.
nently nnd successfully ourod In every oaie.
matorrhea , Somlnal Weakness , Lost Manhood ,
Night Emissions , Decayed Faculties , Fernalo
iVoukneiu and nil delicate disorders peoullnr
to either sex positively curttd , ns well as nil
functional disorders that result from youth
ful folllea or the excess of mature yean.
"sTPirTHPK " Guaranteed porrranently
01 Rl\j I U 1\U cured , rrmoval oou pleto ,
without cutting , cnustlo or dilatation. Oures
affected at homo by patient without a mo
ment's pain or annoyance.
AQIIPR PIIR17 The awful offeoti of
OUKll UUKC early vlco which brings
prpnnlo weakness , destroying both mind and
body , with all Its dreaded Ilia , pormanonty
cured ,
1 RRTTQ Address thoia who harelm-
' . IJijl i o paired themsolwa by Im
proper Indulgence nnd solitary habits , which
ruin both mind and body , unfitting them for
DUHlnesi , study orimarrliiRO.
1IAUHIEU HEN or these entering on that
happy life , aware ofjhys loal debility , quickly
! based mpo fnoU. First I'rtvottoal export-
once , ttooond Every oa o Is specially stuaUd ,
thus starting rlfbi. Third M diolnes are
prepared In our-laboratory exactly to suit
ach case , thus effodtlng cures without Injury.
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
, iu78.
npol/fQQt PflPflQ
ludMdbl uUbUd
telu iwre
iti * soluble.
3fo Cfiemicals
r used In tti pr nar ton. ! It h i tcort
titan ( Ar < ttntt tit * Hrtn jiK ot Coco *
rnlxwi wltli SlArch. Arrowroot or Bug ,
ted ti therefor * fkr more tconotulcil ,
totting In * lAai on * < tnt a eujs It ii
dtil.cloui. nourUhlnjf , ttivnxt lieu Ing , Ki-
eiLY DIGESTED , end admirtbty tdapttd
fjt invLlIdt aiwtlUi p r oct In htilth.
Sold by Oroceri CTeryiihere ,
W. BAZEE & CO. . Dorchester , Masa
The largcit Kitabllihmentlii the
\lorld fur the treatmtnt of lUIr
, end bculp , l ; f ma , Molct. \ \ art ! ,
jauptrrluoui llalr , Ulrlhniarki ,
Ht lVtlu .Ullvfil.in.Acnr.nmpItl
r lllackhtacli , tlarbtr'tltch , Kcart ,
TllUnti. I'owder Marat , KacUl Je.
Telopmtnt , Sunken Cliecki , etc , Con.
v iinlutlonfrteatoraceorliyleHer. . 1SH
p e book on nil iklo and actlp ITfCtlon nd tU lr
tnttmenticntaraleiltoany addreHforlUcta.
JOIIX II. 1VOOUIICUY , Derniululoelilt
la.t AVV.t 4g t Ht. . > g < y "Vnrk C'lty.
SUIn iinUHcnlp.ot Orw > lK > r ty mall.
We oiler today 300 Men's Sack Suits , made of an excellent quality
of silk mixed cassimere , lined with double warp Italian and well trim
med. One look at them will convince you that they are offered far be
low their real value.
We offer today about 100 fine black Cheviot Cutaway Frock Suits , with
} flat binding and lapped seams ; a handsome suit and well fitting , theaqi
suits are selling ordinarly for $15 ,
We offer a lot of extra fine Black Diagonal Cheviot.Suits , double breasted
sack coats with double breasted , vests , of nobbiest make and finish. This Is
as stylish a suit as you can find and we do not exaggerate when we tell you
that such a suit will cost you elsewhere $20 :
" ) We place on sale in our Boys' Department 250Jaool ; ( substantial knee pant suits
I made of honest cassimere , different patterns and neatly gotten up , some with cor -
fdcd seams , some \ \ Kpleats. \ . Tlier nro juM , the tiling for boys tlint , arc hunt on clothes , uuil NO gimr j
antce them to giro tlio best satisfaction. You liiuo to pay In other houses fully $ U.ul ) fur just such
J stilts.
We offer a large assortment of Children's ' Capo Overcoats sizes 4 to
12 made of all wool cheviots , in handsome plaids. This is a neat littl
garment and good for service. The price is extraordinarily low , you wil |
not be able to duplicate it for less than 54.50 or $5 ,
Besides the above we offer , this week , several other bargains in Boys' Overcoats , It
will pay you to examine them. At no time were Boys' Overcoats sold at such prices ,
Mail orders filled promptly.
Nebraska Clothing Co.r
Corner 14th. and Douglas Streets.
We carry the BIG STOCK of the'west , quote Eastern prices and are
BOO miles nearer you than any other market. Correspondence
American Hand Sewed Shoe Co , '
, V
Try our Leather Soled Rubber Boots.
Itis better to always
ready than suffer
For a "winter outfit
ting that will defy
the Cold "Wave that
is bearing down up
on uswe recommend ,
early selections from ,
our full assortment
of Fine Overcoats
and "Heavy Under
A full Pet of Tooth
on Hubbor , for
" 1'ivu DOLMIIS.
A perfect lit Riiarantoecl. Tooth extracted
without pain or diiiiKor , nnd wIUoutaiui.es.
tuellcs. Gold and silver < llllrigi ut lowest
rates. Brldgo and Crown Work. Teeth with
out plates. All work warranted.
Entrance , IGth slroiit elevator Upon oven *
pgs until 8 u'oloolt , _
Die a li the nek noTCiNlgm
leading remedy for all llin
upnaluial discharges ami
pFlvnteill i > c of men. A
iertom euro for tbeiH ! > ll | .
tallng ucalcoeu peculiar
yrdcnlr br I prescribe It and frelufa
THtEVHUCHtMlC'lCo In reroinineudlnK It to
Mulct by nrniiKUfo.
I'MICi : 01.00 , _
13O2 Farnatn 3tra' < ; .
City Faeaoacror and Ticket Agent
Practice Limited
Diseases of the Lungs
Nervous System.
Rooms 316 to 320Bee J3ldg
To cure nillonsned. Sick Headache Constipation.
Malaria. Liter Complaints , tnko the ealo
and certain remedy , B.UlTll'S
Use Ilio SHALT , fiI7.n (40 ( little bcanito ftiobot-
tie ) . They are ihoruoetconventcnl : cult ollngoa.
1'rlcoof cither > lie , 2& cenu per bottle.
KISSINffV1 7- 1770i rhoto-rmiTuro.
RVBOOIIV < k4 panel ( Uo of thla picture for 4
centa ( coppen or eUiops ) .
Makers of "lllla Denm , " Bu Uiula , Mo.
mr x.zauoFi HA.DIT.
It run he alrm li * a cur * F fottt * or tr , or ! nr.
llel of food , without the knowledge ot thai ll nl ,
if Dooomry. It Is abialutelf barale Bud will ilteot
periniatnt incl ppttdy cure , wbilher Ibe patient u
modtrtta drinker oraaaloobollo wreck , lT > KVKlt
VAIL. * . It oDsr Ui 10 ijuully ind wilh jiuch c r-
UlntTthit the patient underROM no lDCoifTenleno ,
nd ere Ua u awtre , lil compute rdarinatloa la
effeoted. 4BpiED book or partloulan free To btkaclol
KU UN IH CO. . 16th It Uouilaaa , St Ifcth ft Cuntlnir UH.
- Tr d supplied by ul7AKl.imUU le CO , and
coo0i h .
I > iT9'lrililw < UD < > 10' iiooyanaJiiino , tuecu
KlliqjUHIIInf BrTnrinrEionniJnOliiorVcnnf ,
Robotl. lobl " HiaHOOIlfollr H t rt4. Howlornllri * aafl
" , Cfl > aTlUiriDUKIlllt. ri > .TIIUI'IoDr.
ii'tVillill'r HBrtlliBV ' KOIB TKUTalT-Dill > la a daj.
M Uill'r ' tram 10 0UIH aa4 , r ljii liinl , ! , , , Urlll Ibtrn.
DWAUj6ov.7n'urFAtq/NjS / [ _
' '
"VoiVljiiiiMOVfcf nr.'l aue't riirlortlcul mil
tlio French remeity.net on the incnitruM system nnd
cure suppr i lun Irani nlmorer caun , rroinota
menatruatton. Them iillliibould nut M taken Uur-
iirennnncf. Atn. Pill Co , lloralty 1'roiia. , Spen
cer , CUr Co. , la. Gonulue t > r Hliunoun 1 McOonuoll ,
Uodtteit. , nearl' . O.Umaliil O. A. Melclier , Boulh
OmahaU. ) 1M2UU , Council Uluffi. Ucr4 farli.
Solo Agent In Omaha ( or Gorhnm Maiv c' ' - .
ufucturlnu Co'a
OurStock _ of Fine Goods is the
Largest and Our Prices the
Como and ECO us.
Cor. Douglas & I5th St
Wonderful Spanish
Kciucily , cnica all
NunoiiH Ulgeties ,
eucli as Weak > lem <
ory , Loss of Braln
Power , Houdich * .
Wnkefulurpe , Lost
. . . . . . „ _ . _ _ _ Manhood , NCDOUB-
JaforoA , After Use. ness , latitude , all
ITioiogr | iliea from LUu. drains aud Ion ol
power of tbo OcncrMlvo OrKant , In cither . * * * ;
cnuecd by ovcr-cxcrtlon , youthful lndlecrctonioi (
the oxccpolvo n > o of tobaccoopium , or etlmnliats ,
which ultimately lend to luflrmlly , Cncimmptlon
and Insanity. 1'iittinln cniivunlent form to cirri
In tbo vett pocket. l'rlccl a package , or Ofor 85
8cDtbymaIltoauy tldrcBi , Uhcular free , lita
tlon tlil nnper. Aildriss
MHBlrJCil lUl.co. , < t7Ucut > crnBt..Clilc&ePUt >
Knhn A Co , Cor. ISlh & Douglrn strrrln
J. A. I'uller * fo. . Cor. lUlnfe Dogclit MrccU.
A , U. Fcslcr & Co. . Council tlluHi , IOHO.
G. A. Lindquest
.Merchant : - : Tailoring
business und Invites his old frl < ! ii < lsnn < l pat
rons , risHoll us tliOKOiicr.il pulilllo null unu
Inspect Ills now stock of Imported cil domontlo
\voolona Everythln Urst olms.an x
Kori.osTor M\N.
u 11001) : ( lunural nml NKK-
VOUS nnitlLIW. weakness of llody and
Wind ; jirootsuf ; llrrors nr _ . _ .
Younir. Kobust. Nnhlo MANHOOD fullyro-
etored Wo Riiitruntro every case nr money
refunded. Sumplo com so , live days' treat
ment. ls full course. . " > . fcuouroly si'.ilpd from
biervutlon. Cook Hunirily Co. , Oinabo , Nub
Et.Olalr Office. Hotel.Cor , latlinnil Uo gna
W A NTFn..A u"ts to sell llio riQlo\
YV/i-ii * jwi-x ciotlies Llnot tbo only „ .
line over In vented tlmt holds tlio ololhfs without - * ,
out plnsi n perfoet HUCCMH ; iiatcnl recently
Issut'tl ; solo only hy aconlH , to wiinin tlio ox-
oluslvo rlnht Ian I vcn. On receipt ofMceuU vr
will send u sumplo Unu liy inalli "I'0 ' circu
lars ; prlco list and terms to ux < - " > - Hmire
vourterritory ut onco. Address 'IUK l'IN-
! , isS : OI.OTllKS MN1J CO. , IT Ilcniion St. ,
Worcester Muss. ,
. _ _ _ _ iNTHcwontuwin.
IV V I rV UOOntTAiN A nupiuRC
orglvercllof llko J > r. i'leroe'i ifaKiiillo I'.Uitlo
Trum. " UliairureJthuunanilal Ifjouwuiitllm.
IIHH'r.BOiul laliiHUiaim orfrcel'jinil' tt ftu , I.
flljjucllo liloillc Truin Co , , ban rranil.io , ta *

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