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Ono Hundred and lifty-six Indians Bite the
Dust in It.
TLo Greatest Slaughter of Rodskina of Many
n Year ,
L *
* *
M a
Children's ' Laughter Mingled with the Roar
of tlio Guns. ,
TwoKtilkc ami Little Wound Mnlcn an
Attack on tno Catholic MU-
NI slon More 1 rouble
Ptsn UtnoB AorACT , S. D. , Dee. RO. [ Spe
cial Telegram to Tun llt'E. ] following Is
the correct llst.of the killed and wounded nt
Wounded Knco yesterday so fur as is now
"known at hospital headquai tew here , wheio
they have all been biought :
J > KUl.
GnonOE D. WALLACE , captain Com
pany 1C , So\ with cavalry.
JOHNSON , in i\ ate Company A , Seventh
THEY , prlvate.Cominny A , Seventh cav-
nlty.DYCU , lirst sergeant Company A , Seventh
ICELLEY , private Company I , Seventh
CAIN , private Cotnpiny I , Seventh env
oi ry.
ry.COFPEY , first sergeant Company B , Sev
enth cavalry.
COOIC , prh ale Company U , Seventh cav
JOSEPH MURPHY , pihato Company K ,
Seventh cavalry.
KELLNEU , pilvnto Comcany E , Seventh
NETTLES , first sorgcant Company E ,
Seventh cavalry.
/ , OSCAU POLLOCK , hospital steward , U.
HODGES , pilvnto company K , Sovontt
BONE , corporal compiny I , bovcnth cav
FOUIIEST , private company B. Sovcntl
NEWELL , pilvnto coinnany B , Sevcntl
cavalry. *
McCUE , private company K , Seventh cav
LOGAN , private company A , Seventh cnv
COSTELLO , puvato company B , Uovcntl
_ UAGAN. " pi ivato company A , Soventbwiv
'jpijt ; , wV > v4 > coin | any K , Sev
enth cavalry.
RANEICA , private company D , Seventh
cavalry ,
DK FICDY , piivu'io company 0 , Seventh
WILLIAM ADAMS , private company 1C ,
Seventh cavalry.
Total , twenty-four men. .
THOMAS Huiu.vv , private company n , Sec'
end Infantry.
IloiimiT BRUNCH , private compiny B.Sec-
. * * *
Jens COIFEV , private llgtit bnttciy , First
ui/ilHcry. /
IAIIIIV L , Ci.irroN , corpoial company K ,
j-cnth cavalry.
Mrs Wuto , sergeant cowp-vuy B , Scv
i cavalry.
| \Vii.UAM-Toom.r , sergeant conip my B
Jvcnth cavalry ,
| jioiis McICuN/iu , pilvato company D , dev
i.h cavalry.
f'lAiivi.v H. TIIOUAS , private compiny I
Svonth cavalry.
[ ' miibroinrn JlAHTtx , private company A
iwcnth cavalry.
lon.v F. FJIIIT.I' , flrat sorcount company K ,
i cavaliy.
iUMcMAiiox , pilvato company A
Eeventh caually ,
AHAM Nmut , private company A , Sovontl
IlAiiHVSTosu , private company B , Sov
cnth cavalry.
FJIEU Wnnnit , private company 1C , Sov
cnth cavalry.
IIi'Oii MtGiNMH , private ooii.pnny 1C , Sev
cnth cavalry.
WILLIAM D\\ i ? , private company K , Seventh
enth cavalry.
EiiWAiio A. SUI.MVAX , pilvnto compiny K
Seventh cavalry.
SAMUEL F. SMITH , private company K
Seventh cavnliy.
' HoWAint , private company I , Sev
enth cavalry.
CIIAIILES OiMvnui quaitciraustcr sci
GOTTI.IKII HIPP , pilvate company I , Sev
tnth cavalry.
FIIANI ; LEW is , private * company B , Severn
cavalry ,
j II. L.WTJIOH.V , first lieutenant , Hccon
It * ' rs\ _ . A *
AI.MX II. HA/KMIOOL > , prlvniecoinpttny 1
Scv cnth cavalry.
GcouaB Yoiuc , ptlvat * } , company D , Se\ out
JAMP.S CnniSTCMsox , private , company K
Soycuth cavalry.
IlAiutT L COLV , private , co-npiny /
Seventh cavalry.
Wn.i.uu H. Qiirb.v , private , company (
Sex cnth cavalry.
lUoitai l.i or u , e recant , company i
| jo\outh cavalry.
llKiiuKuAMiti.u , pi hate ,
ittCjflntU cavaliy.
( "POHOB Eu.torr , pilvato company K , Sev
enth cavalry.
UUVIVK ScimmrNUi private company C ,
Seventh crvnlry.
I'nSFST A. G vjiMxriTov , flrat lloatcnnnt
company A , Seventh cuvilry.
Total , thirty-three.
The lint names In some cases are ImposM-
bio at this \vrltltif ; to bo obtained , owing to
the fact that the onirert who have thorn are
now in the Held Hunting , There are three
men missing. Their names cinnot bo ascer
tained for the reason Just mentioned , !
The firing did not cense entirely until
nearly 11 o'clock , mid continued nbout two
hours. The hot part of the struggle , how
ever , lastrct but thirty minutes. The windup -
up presented a strange scene with the bat-
tciy of three Hotchklss cannon surrounded
by a vciy hnttlly Impiwlsed urcastuoiks of
sacks of grain and boxes of piovlslons ,
behind whicn lay about two hundred of the
cuvnlry shooting at these of the dating icd-
sklns who , as If by a miracle , had escaped
from the open tilatiglo of cavalrymen nnd
uero niuklng for the gulloys nnd draws
, \hlch cut up n little plain that sopniatcd
hem from the foothills nearly to the west ,
'iho battery and breastworks wcro on u knoll
nbout a hundred j ards northeast of the spot
\\hero was fought the horribly llcrco hand to
hand struggle that was opened at such des
perate odds by the daredevils at this placo.
On nnd around this spot lay the bullet-rid
dled bodies of about sixty of the redskins ,
HIg Foot among the others , \\Ulo the slope
further west \\as spotted with them , lying ,
lu most Instances , with faces In the dust , ono
foot In the air and a rltlo , tomahawk or Imlfo
In their hand.
A glance up the ravines showed moro
of them that hid been pldiod
off as they had raised up to get a
shot at the soldiers. A hundred and sixteen
warriors and forty squaws lay stiffening in
It wns the Rroitest slaughter of Indians
that has occurred since 1809 , whoa Ocnornl
Hardy had almost Identically the same ex
perience \ \ Ith the Bannocks at Soda Springs ,
As for the squaws , they weio not killed
with puitlcular Intent , notwithstanding that
they had been runnmt ; around with scalping
knives trying to stab the soldiers. They
were killed principally by reason of being so
mixed with squads of bucks that made dashes
to gain the ravines and \\eio mowed down
by the battery.
Itwna a ghastly and bloody field , the horror
ror of which was added to by thogioms of
thirty-tin co wounded and dying soldiers
gallant , utterly f cut loss , Seventh cavaliy
boys , whose bravery In the discharge of
their duty none except these w ho , llko my
self , w Itncssed It , can ever fully appiecinto
Many of them weio shot \\nilo purhulng the
reds who escaped from the death triangle of
troops and had gained the fortification in the
The wounded , In the majority of instances ,
wcro fearfully wounded , particularly in the
legs and nuns , while several wcro shot in the
breast and cannot survive long or , if they uo
will aU\as bo sufferers moio or less.
While the light w-i-HlioUcat therojiidngleil
liujhf roSr of musketry the careless , joyous - '
ous laughter of half a doicn little Indian
children , who were not more than five or six
yards from the sccno of the savage conflict ,
and who paid no moro attention to it than if
Itero so much conversation.
As a most sti iking illustration of how
deeply rooted and founded in Is the ghost
dance faith , even the children of
thcbQ fanatic Indians have become
llko them. Ono of them , a little
thing who could Just talk plainly , ran up to
ono of our interpreters , Just after the firing
ccnseO aud , shaking a toy tomahawk at him ,
exclaimed : "Tho soldiers wouldn't have
killed my father ( ono of the bra\os ) if they
hadn't been cloio enough to touch him with
their guns , because ho had a ghost shirt on
and whlto mnn cannot kill ono of usvhcn wo
have a ghost , shirt on , unless they can touch
us with their guns. "
It was a pltlablo sight to see the cavalry
horses that had been wounded at
the first xolloy us they stood
tied near by in a long stilus * try to got up on
their feet and Join their comrades , who boio
away their riders in pursuit of the enemy.
At uoottt noon ordcis came from General
Brooke to Immediately pack up and como to
the agency to aid in icsistlnt the attack that
had been inndo hero by the thousands of so-
called filendlyIndians liinnd ncartho igcncy.
Compliance with the eider Involved a re-
handling nnd long , rough , hurried rldo for
the wounded , which probably hastened the
death of three which occuiicd Just uftcrtholi
arilval hcio.
The order , ho.vover , was thoroughly ncccs'
snry , as shown ia my dispatch fiom this
point yesterday.
Intcnso oxcltoiiient reigned supicmo here
when the .Seventh cavalry arrived ,
Every man hero was going about , carrying r
Winchester , n 45-cnllbro revolver nnd a bell
of cnrtildgos. The women and children were
huddled together ID one house , guarded bj
Infantry , No ono slept last night or over
took off his clothes. Colonel Henry with the
Ninth cavalry arilvcd soon nftor daybreak
his horses \\hlto with foam and read }
to drop. Ho had scarcely got
into camp when n courier dnshcc
lu and ropoi ted that Colonel Henry's wagoi
train , that followed a halt hour bohlud , hai
been surrounded by the Indians that wen i
. out of hero under Two Strike and Little
Wound. The Seventh ftow to the rosjuo
nnd after running their horses six miles
came upon the devils , and after killing i
largo number nnd losing thrco of tliolr men
succeeded In rescuing the trntn. As I writ )
this the booming of cannon and the raUlu o
inusicolry tolls that they are still fighting' ,
after having sent the wagon train back
Before leaving the agency last ; ilght will
their thousands of warriors , Two Strlk"
nnd Little Wound compelled poor old Hei
Cloud under throats of instant death to at
company them on the warpath.
A courier Just In says that the Indians lm\
Just burroundod the handsome Catholic mil
slon property six miles west ; have sot flro to
the small bulldlmrs , hay stacks , etc. , nnd
were Just firing the magnificent great main
structure. In response to this Intelligence
the Ninth cavalry , not n man of whom has
had rest for four days , have rushed to the
mission , where hundreds of children , many
priests nnd ilstors are quartered.
Two Strike's Indians hnd yesterday been
consldeicd poaccnblo and subdued , but their
sudden change of mind causes the gravest
fears hero that perhaps none of the so-cnllcd
frlciidllcs can bo rolled on. However , word
from General Brooke to the settlers today Is
somewhat reassuring , It being to the effect
thnt n great body of the savages hnvo re
mained loyal all the while , and that neatly
nil the rebels are dead. Ho further says
the settlers hero are not now in danger.
The body of gallant Captain Wallace nnd
tno other dead soldiers arrived nt Uushvillo
nt noon from the agency , nnd will bo shipped
to Fort Robinson , the nearest military post.
Rushvlllo Is crowded with settlers. The
churches nnd all public rooms are thrown
open and no effort is bolnl * spared to make
the i of u gees comfortable. Ihoy are hero as
previously reported on the ndvlco of General
Urooko. They are not only'1 rundy to de
fend their homes , but many Wo anxious
to enlist with the regulars If further fighting
should occur. C. H , Cmssuv.
OAJ ; KILLED , srx i
Serious Stuto of Affilrs at the CatlKJllo
Mission. \
PINT. Uiima AOUNOV , S. D. , ( via RushvuY ,
Neb ) Dec 80. [ Special Telegram to TII\
BFF. ] The Seventh and Ninth cavalries re
turned to the agency at i o'clock this after
noon. They found Indians six miles north of
heie , and In perfect sw'aims. It was simply
impossible to count them , Inasmuch
as they came out and did llirlit
lighting In companies of about thrco
hundred and It was hard to tell where the
companies began or ended , ns to numbers.
The estimate which was ventured by some of
the officers was'from a thousand to fifteen
hundred , while several thourht theio were
over two thousand.
Scores of squaws were on horseback
nnd armed with Winchester rifles ,
which they kept pumping nt
a very lively rate. The cavalry , owing tc
their completely exhausted condition , were
foiced to fall back to the agency and wait foi
ino liOO of the Eighth , under Major Adams ,
who nro expected hourly.
It is doubtful , however , whether anj
further attack will ho matlo until tomorrow ,
when 000 of the Sixth , under Garr , will bo
hero sura.
General Brooke siys if the red dodls Jumj
in on us before Cnir arrives , the soldiers wil
simply do the Debt they can and trust to faU
for the rest. The Seventh themselves saj
that they were only saved fcora cornt > lot <
annihilation today by the Ninth coming U
their rescue. -
There was ono man killed and six woundcc
this afternoon. The deid nnn was a mem
tier of Company C , and comes from Fort Me
Kinney , but his name cannot be ascertains
at this writing.
FIUST SciHiisANTlU-v.son , company 1C.
private , company 0.
private , company B ,
U J. NOIAX , private , company I.
W. ICiiix , private , company D , Seventh
Lieutenant Wann was shot in the back and
scorns not to ho seriously Inmod. ) Lieuten
ant Hawthorn , of company K , Second artil
lery , who was shot through the groin jes-
tcrday at Wounded Kucc , is toulght in a
critical condition.
The condition of Father Crafts who was
stabbed In the breast nnd arm yesterday is
n trifle Improved.
Collins are Doing made for the twenty-foui
bojs who fell at the battle on Wounded
Kueo. So far as possible tbolr friends arc
being sought by telegraph.
A casket has been ordered from abroad foi
the remains of Captain Wallace , who foi
It has just been asccrtitnod that the dead
body nnd horse of Charles Hay wood of Coin
pinv D , Ninth cavalry has boon found t
considerable ) distance from any of the grouni
traversed by the troops today. Ho was on <
of the guard of Colonel Henry's wagon train
Ho was shot. / / , C. H. CHESSET.
nro sTitiicr.'s STAXI .
Nevvsol'Ilfittlo Molng Ilccclvctl at tin
Town of Kuslivllle.
Rusnviuj" , Neb , Doc. 80. f Special Tele
gram to Tim BEE. ] The work of making
good Indians has been going bravely on neai
the agency all the afternoon and a dcspcrali
battle has also been fought near White river
As to the latter , very little In detail cm
bo learned , but the Ninth cavalry
has undoubtedly been engaged then
with some escaping band of Indians 01
practically the same grounds where the battle
tlo of early morning was fought. Th
remnant of Two Strikes band , with posslbl ;
some auxiliaries , numbering in all 150 war
rlors , made a stand under entrenchments am
for thrco hours past the troops have bcci
slowly but surely dislodging thorn ,
I have word direct from th
the scene of action that by 0 p. in. It I
thought not ono of the rebels will bo alive
but many soldiers have boon wounded am
some killed. It U impossible to get defi
nltonows of families on cither side
Nothing 1s moro evident than that a con
sldcrablo number of Indians are determine1
to fight to the dcatb , and the gravest fear
are hero entertained that any moment ma ;
witness a still further defection from th
friendly tribes. Every building and pleco o
Improvement from ttio agency village to th
mission school bouse , four miles away , whcr
the battle Is occurring , has been burned by th
savages. The whole country thereabouts ]
a desolate waste except for tbo ravines an
everlasting hills in which the Indians are ei
General Brooke again telegraphed hero i
the middle of the afiornoon to tbo captain o
our homo guards to warn all settlers to coi
greguto in the towns or lu largo groups 1
the country nnd to take drrcry precaution
for defense. Basing fuj 'opinion on
this nnd the further fact that Wtlors , Just In
firm Hough Country , sixtce'r rilles north of
us , hnvo neon many straggling' ' Indians , It Is
believed that many nets of 'depredation will
bo committed before torhorrovv morning.
Settlers from the , north , between
hero and the scat of danger
nro still pouring into the toun.
Many of them rcpoit having seen signal tires
of the Indians all last night on the bill tops ,
but know not wnnt It mc-int.
Some parties who loft Hero yesterday for
, ho reservation hnvo not yet returned , audit
s feared they hnvo met with foul play.
The possibilities of grciit danger during
-ho coming night have set n very solemn seal
on every bod's ' face , but there is almost n
young army of partly iirm&l settlers In town ,
Double pickets have been thrown out and
every possible precaution
It IB Hoard All Night by tlio People
of Pine Kldgo.
IltisnvtLLr , Neb , Dee , 3 ) . Firing at long
rnngo was kept up most of last night by Two
Strike from the hctghti northeast of the
agency nnd the troops. This commenced
upon the arrival of the Ninth calvary troops
from Colonel Henry's command In the bad
nnds. The casualties thus fur reported nio
ono soldier killed and ono wounded.
At 1 a. m. nn attempt was nindo by Two
Strike's band to capture tlio Seventh calvary
supply train returning from the scone of yes
terday's battle at Wourjdcd ICnco. Upon
hcnrini shots tbo troops mode n dash , routed
the reds and killed thtrtyuhrco of thorn In
response to stttiul light ; ) sent up lust night
hundtcds ofsettlois tookrefuge ! here In the
churches nnd court room , A better feeling
prevails at Pine lUdgo.
Foot's Bund Nearly All Killed or
\ \ Wouncf ( id.
\VVASIIINOTOV , D. C. , CDoc. 30. General
Sehciield this ufternoon received the follow
ing teWram from Uencral Miles , dated Hermosa -
mesa , t\D. *
"Gencr.il Brooke telegraphs ns follows :
Colonel Ijrsytho says that slxtj-two dead
Indian meiMvero counted fin the plain where
the attompUvas made to disarm Big Foot's
band and wYwo the light jb gan. On other
parts of the v und thc fi wcro eighteen
more. These < } 0 , not incluui these killed In
the ravines wh\m \ > thodnod wauioi-s vvoio
seen but not council. SixT Wore brought in
badly wounded , arkslx others , with a piuty
of twenty-three inel\md \ vvojneu , which Cap
tain Jaukson hud to abandon when nttackcil
by'about 150 Brulo Indian from the agency
This accounts for ninety-tyro men killed , and
loaves but few alive anil unhurt. The
women and children b-.ijlta for the hills
when the light commcBcijd , and compara
tively few of them were hurt and few
brought lu. Thlrty-nliio aye hero , of which
numlier twouty-ono nro vxJumlcd. Had It
not been for the attack-by Ilia brutes an nc-
curate count would have ( wen made , but the
rnviiii's were not teeniofloj. afterward. I
thinfc this shows ver//litilo apprehension
fro'A Big Foot's band hi.llio future. A party
ofmy isropqitcd ns b/ld/ < scouts at the
hfii of Mexican creek , 'vllese consist of all
sifes and tboxjavalry atJPfoebudjgrlll bring
" " "r
t > ,010111 if iristruo. " / - '
/'General Miles adds : "llicso Indians under
Dig Foot were among tto moat desperate
'There ' wcro thlrtv-elght ol the remainder of
Sitting Bull's following tast joined Big Foot
on the Chojenuo river , antt thirty that broke
away from Hump's " foUowig when ho took
his band an
Bemi t m-jidnjj in all nearly ICO warriors
Bofoio leaving their campon ] the Choj enuo
river they cut up their harness and broke
their wagons , und started south for the Bad
Lands , evidently not intending to rotuin
uut to go to war. Troops were placed
between them and the bad lands and they
never succeeded In Joining the hostlles there.
All their movements vvoici anticipated , nud
tliolr severe loss at the hands of tno Seventh
cavalry miy bo a wholesome lesson to the
other Sioux. "
General Schoflold said that the fight was a
most unfortunate occurrence , but ho did not
see how it could bo avoided. Ho sent a tele
gram to General Miles expressing the opinion
that ho ( Miles ) would bo master of the situa
tion very soon. Ho also expressed thanks to
tno officers and men of the Seventh cavalry
for the gallant conduct displayed by them.
The surgeon general has received from
Medical Director Bacho atPino Ittd/o a re
port of the casualties aincj5g. the troops at
yesterday's ' light , as follows :
"Captain Wallace , twonly-flvo men of the
Seventh cavahy , and 6)110 ) Indian scout
killed. Lieutenant Gadlngton , Seventh
cavalry ; Lieutenant Hnwlhorno , Second ar
tillery , and thirty-eight men wounded. Many
of the wounds nro sovoro. "Hospital Stewart
Pollock was killed. Hav < also about Unity
wounded Indians , men , Women nnd Chil
dien. "
The commissioner of Im ian nffnlrs Into this
afternoon received a tolc inm from Special
\gcnt Cooper at Pine Kldgo , saying that In
yestorday's-'llght 150 In ill Ins were Killed and
thirty wounded and captured. Ho also states
thnt the Indians attackodp wagon train this
( Tuesday ) morning , two miles north of the
agency , killing ono soldfoc of the advnuco
guard. j _
Agent Tloycr's Ofllqlnl Roport.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. 30 , 'f ho commissioner
of Indian affairs this morning received the.
following dispatch from Agent Roycr , dated
Pine Hldgo agency , pidcomber 29 : On
Wounded Knco creek , 1 tnls morning ,
while the soldiers ' -yvero disarming
Big Foot , nnd his b'ond , after their
surrender , a fight took pUui , which resulted
in the killing of about thrco hundred Indians
and sovornl soldiers , including Captain Wal
lace , with a number vvouidcd. Two Strike
nnd his party , who were camped on Whlto
Clay creek , Just tcfjiw Ued Cloud's
house , opened flro on tun I agency from the
hill tops opposite the boarding schoolvvound-
Ing two soldiers. The txjllco returned the
flro , killing two of Two Stlnkes Indians and
wounding two others. Two Strike and bis
band have retreated In k I north westerlv di
rection from the agency nnjl it Is supposed ho
is trying to make his vfiy back to the bad
lands. Thus far tha PinoTlidgo Indians have
taken no part in the war , but the Big Foot ,
Slow Boar , Kicking Bear andTv\o Stiiko
bands have been and ara active In the dis
llio Sltunllomat Rosebud.
Uoscnuj ) AoBNCr , S. D. , ( via Valentine ,
Nob. ) Dec. 30. [ Special Telegram to TUB
BEE.J Two troops of the Ninth cavalry and
three companies of the Eighth Infantrv hnvo
been prepared to move nt a moment's notice.
Last night orders came for them to start
nt once for the bad lands. The
pickets at Uosebud have se n Indians signal
ing with a looking glass. A sohomo of nhout
twenty young men to steal horsoj and break
for the bad lands was discovered by the ar
rest of tUo first man who tried it.
A Beatrice Squatter Found in Hi ] lint with
His Throat Out ,
Ftillcrtun Receives n Severe Scoruli-
liiK An KvConvlot 1'itjB for Ills
ClirlsttnnH 1'iitldliiK Ne
brntdcn City's llopcs.
BBATIUCF , Neb , tcc. ) 30 [ Special to Tun
BIE. : ] About , halt past 5 o'clock this evening -
ing n neighbor living adjacent to tholiut of
Doicu Baiter , on the corner of Fifth mid Pcr-
lilns streets , had his intention nttructcd to
some mysterious nolso lu linker's house mid
summoned the pohco. Ofllcor Wilson was
promptly on the ground , ami in glancing
through n window of the hut saw Baker
lying on his bed with blood coring from his
throit uud apparently in the lust throes of
The ofllccr managed to force an ontrnuco
to the house and a ghastly sight presented
itself , linker was Ijing , ns stitcd , on his
bed of rigs , with n horrible gash In Ills
throat midway between his chin and eolHr-
bone , nnd hud Just bioathod his last ns the
ofllcor reached him.
Coroner Wells , Doctors Boggs nnd Clnus-
son \vero immcdiatc-ly summoned , hut tlio
mnn was dead before they ranched the hut.
It Is still undetermined at this hour whether
Itisncnsoof murder or sutoiilo A careful
scnrcn of the promises fulls to discover any
weapon In or nbout the house by which the
thcoiy of sulcldo might bo supported.
From the appearance of the squalid
room Baker hud evidently sat on
the edge of his bou nnd lot the blood ooro out
on one snotnonr the nend of the bed. When
ho wns found by Ofllcor Wilson ho wis lying
on Ills baclc on Ids bed \\lth his hands crossed
on his nbilomou. There is n strong prob
ability that the man was muidcred.
loren ) Unkor wns a half-wlttoJ follow , un-
innirlud , and 1ms been u resident of Hoatileo
many pears nnd Is known to every old settler
in the city. Ho was good naturetl. harmless
nnd Industrious and performed odd Jobs , such
ns sawing wood about town , wherever ho
could llml them to do Ha was probably
foitv years of aijo. Ho held u squnttera title
to his lot and shanty uualived there all alono.
lie was Known to lnivo some money and a
quantity of valuable clothing. Uvcrj thing of
this chin actor Is missing and thcio now seems
but little doubt th.it ho Is the victim of a foul
nnd brutal muidor at the hnnds of some ono
who know of his possessions.
Doron was seen aoout town ted ly in his
cherry good nature and the chancier and
habits of the iiiifortuunto man precludes
eery possibility of suicide.
riillcrton Ilailly Suorclicd.
FOIJEIITON , Neb , Dec. 30. [ Spcdnl Tele
gram to Tm. Uii.l : At 11 o'clock last night
Fullerton was visited by her first disastrous
fito. The flio stmted In the bake shop of
Brown ite Co , and the city being wlthoutllro
protection of any kind the flames spread
rapidly. Eight business houses in all were
soon i educed to ashes. The Tirst National
bank , Cook & Nonnmakor , dry goods and
groceries ; G. D. Krledler & Co. , liardwarc
merchants ; Harris Brothers , real estate and
loan ugotits ; Young & Soarta , b.trbers ;
Brown & Co , bakery and confectionery ;
George McICelvoy , jewelry , were tlio ones
whotsuffored by the llro. Most of the goods
Were saved ; hut still they woio tnoro or less
Injured. The losses are all co\ered by insur
ance with the exception of Brown & Co.
Monday , at a > ' clou It , some ono set flro tc
Leu Shaw's barn > about tweho miles \vcst ol
Function. It wcs "burned to the ground.
Loss , JbOO ; 110 insurat fj v
s fr
CIinH3 County X w i Notes.
iivtipirp * Neb , Doc. 20. [ Spoclal to Inn
BEFr A. pSfinTtis't-r ? ' voy was completed
11 tills county today for nnTntgtttillir ditfftt ?
torunfiom the Fnmchmi'i to the vicinity
of Hi iwatha , In Dundy county , about twen-
ty-ouo miles , and will ba practical In irrigat
ing oer twwty-flvo tuousuid acres. Mr.
Unggl3 , inombereloct from this district , is
one of the chief promoters. It is thought
the work will bo conmonoed shorlly. The
weather Is delightful ; no frost In the ground
and no ho xvy or expensive work required.
Alargoprjportlonof the ditch will bo made
by owneM of the land \yho will bo bonclltod ,
and they will tnko their pay In water rights.
Chuso county people are thoroughly aroused
on this subject. Our county commissioners
having S3locted a committee of two gentlemen -
men , 0. P. Shellcnborn'er of Imperial nnd
Hon. J. H. Hanna of Lamnr , to v Islt Wash
ington to secure an oxpoilmenlalwell or two
Wo are greatiy encouraged In this Idea fiom
the fact that a few days ngo Mr. Butel , near
Winchester , In boring for \\ater , at n depth
of 800 fcot , struck a vein that throw nut or
soveial feet above the surface , and continued
to ( low until sand choked up the.six inch hole ,
The peoulo greatly appioclato the timely
aid bo generously sent to this county fiom
Omaha , and especially will remember the
/eal which Tin : Deis has shown lu this churl-
table work. Wo have the soil , the climate
and the will. Give us rainfall or Irrimtion
and wo will bo in condition to retuin In kind ,
to tlio unfortunnlc , the bicad cast on the
fitewnrt'M Complaint.
NcnitASKA CITV , Neb. , Dec. 30 | Special
Telegram to TUB Bir. : | A complaint , wns
sworn out by William Stewart against Roberi
Druscdovv for obtaining inonoy throusli
fraud. Stewart has recently boon released
from Jail , Svhero ho has been smco July 1 01
the charge of gambling , Druscdow had pur
chased from the colebiatlon committee the
right to sell licenses for chance gunos and
Stow ait was ono of the victims.
An liiHann Hermit.
NrmusKA Cur , Nob. , Dec. 30 , [ Special
to TUB Bn .J The board of commissioners
en insanity have examined Tiutn Huraldsoii
and declared him a fit subject for the asylum
Haraldson Is a hermit , sixty years old , who
lives In a cave in the western part of tin
county and was on lumato of the asylum yoai t
ago.Otno county has live insane patients or
hand waiting for admission to the asylum.
Handy with Ilia Run.
CITIT , Nob. , Deo. 80 ( Special
Willis Brown , an ox-convict ,
whonttomptod to shoot George Baker on
Christmas evening , has boon lot off with u
sonttnce of thrco mouths In Jail. Drown
drew his revolver on Sheriff Willmnn whec
the arrest was made , but the sheriff knockot
the gun asldo and It was discharged in the
S round.
A Now Hope.
NEIIHA&IU Cirr , Neb. , Doc. 80. [ Special
to Tno BKf.1 It is announced hero today
that the D. & M. has attain determined to
cut-off from this city to Ashland , upon which
woikwill begin in the spilng. The nou
branch will give a new route from Nebraska
City to Omaha.
Mcrritt ItoilrrH.
HisTixas , Neb , Doo. 80 , [ Special Telfl'
gram to TUB BEE 1 Editor Mcrritt of tin
Dallv Nebraskan disposed of his half Intorcsi
In the paper today to Alderman Thoraai
Brcoth. The change goes Into effect Jun
uaiy I.
Itnttiiinti'H Club ,
Nimusiu Cur , Nob. , Dec. 30. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Brr.1 Ernest Kottmnn o
I'almyra was today bound over to the dlstrlc
couitto answer to the dim go of sellluill ; < iuo
without a license. Six now complaints wcro
immediately Hied against him. In the tilal
it u us shown that lan U guardian of n
club which 1ms nborhundred \ members ,
each of whom pays 1 % nd receives In ex
change chips for i „ ho can get all the
liquor ho desires frortman as the high
chief. The prosecutll * < ushctl by the pro-
hlbltlonlsUs nnd the n\ ' * mplnlnts will bo
heard In January. Tbmills offered to
withdraw the suits lf\ * -an would quit
the business and leave \ luntry , but ho
declined , '
to t-atli.
WYMOIIP , Nob. , Nov. i\ \ [ Spoclal Tele-
pram to Tun Uir. ] Mflton Miller of Dluo
Springs met ulth n ternblo death nbout thrco
and ono half mites north of Miirysvlllo , Kan. ,
ast night. Ho left Blue Springs yester
day nftcinoon in company \\ltu
Snro Cooper , IntendliiK to go to
Mnrys\lllo with him and return on
: he Union Pacific. When tlu-y arrUed near
llorso Shoo ciook Cooper n-nchod back for
: ho binku , whun the \\hcol nm Into a rut and
throw him oul. Ills supposed tint Miller
wns reaching lor Cooper whui ho was thrown
out and dragged ubout one humlicd and Ilfty
j ards. Coojxr \ \ out on to a fat m house , pi o-
: iirod a buggy nnd eamo back for him. Ho
then went for u doctor. Upon examination it
was found that Mtllei's ribs on uoth sides
w CM broken , his breast bonociushcd in. his
right aim broken and Ids head bruised on
the back sldo. The accident ocemred nbout
5 30 nnd bo died shortly afterward. His re
mains u era brought homo lodav , artlylng
about 10 o'clock. Ho le.ives n wife , \ \ ho Is In
\ cry dt'licnio health , mid live small children.
A Veisntllo Koivor.
LINCOLN , Neb , Dec. HO. [ Special Tele-
gi.un to Tin : BK".J Victor Studloy , a
smooth young forger of only nineteen jcars
and of splendid family connections , wns ar
rested tonight. His homo Is in Appleir.itc ,
WIs. , and his step father is publisher of the
Daily Crescent , Is postmaster , cx-congiess-
man and quite wealthy , young Studloy
lias been lately connected w ith n sooret so-
clotv Journal run by L D. Boyntonof Mlnne-
ai.olis. Studluy's fast habits caused his dls-
charge , and , In order top ly his expenses , ho
forged four checks , ho claims for only about
t J5 each. It Is claimed by the police that
they mi ) much lat or. Ho lied to Omaha and
there , it is alleged , ho again i.ilscd a largo
sum of money by his boldness in signing
other people's untnus .
An Alliance Itmuott ,
Nr.wusKA Cm , Neb , Dee. 80. [ Special
Telegram toTm : Bcr.j The local papers to
day icceivcd notice fiom the Cotton Orovo
alliance. No ! U I , of this county , tint i evolu
tions \\oro adopted to boj pott all papers Unit
\\oia not supporters of the alliance party.
Jay Duirous w.is "exonerated" of the
chaigcs against him and his paper endorsed.
An Unnatural I At'icr.
Giusn ISI.\M > , Neb , Dec. 80. [ Special
Telcginm to TIIC Bir. : ] Hczokl.ih Bedfoul ,
a farmer living near Abbott , this county , w.is
lodged In Jail here todiy charged with as
saulting his fourteen- } car old d.iuuhtor The
complaint was made by his wife , and in the
trial the daughter's testimony corioborated
the complaint. _
Disposed of Stolen Gnodi.
Neb , Dec. 30. [ Sp-eial Tele
gram to Tin : Bi i . ] A barber who hns boon
woihinghero for some time under the name
of George Casey was arrested last night by
ofllcurs fiom Lincoln and taken to Lincoln ,
where an olll cor from Iowa a\\nlts to talto
him back to Pnlinor for disposing of stolen
goods. _
IJ at Uuntilirj.
Neb. , Deo. DO. ' [ Special to THE
BKF 1 Owing to the extreme wnim weather
for the past week the Missouri river at this
point is open nnd llio steam ferry boat wns
put In operation yesterday In order to got rid
ol the accumulating freight nt the depot.
A Ilrnkonmii'H Horrible Death.
LISCOI.V , Neb , Dec. .10. 1SpocI.il Tele
gram to Tun BIP. I L. Showstcr , a brakeman -
man on the B , & M , walked off a broken
train at Omopolis tonight and was horribly
crushed under the wheels of the last section.
Death wns Instantaneous.
Hey Drowned While Slcnlnn ; .
, Dec. 30. - [ Spccl d Telegram
toTiii : BibTj VurcinfT S-nod , the eleven-
year old son of V. Toogood of this L.'tv , broke
tluough the icoon Walnut cicck today'wuflp
skating and wns drowned.
Tin ; ito\it ixjVACiittx ,
A Futile KlVort to Survo It on Auditor
Hen to n ,
LINCOI.V , Nob. , Dee. 80 [ Special Tele
gram to TIIR Brr. 1 Mr. Krncst Stuht came
down from Omaha this evening armed with
an Injunction to restrain Auditor Bcnton
from delivering the Omiha union depot
and viaduct bonds to Thomas L. Klmball ,
president of the union depot company. When
Mr. Stuht and Shcilff AlrClity went to Bun-
ton's house , at Seventh andF stieots , Benton
steadfastly refused to appear. His wlfog.uo
ns n reason that Mr. Bcnton had lotlrcd. Tor
half an hour a parley was held , Mr. Stuht
and the sheriff using every endeavor to bring
Bcnton out , but to no puiposo. Mis. Benton
finally declared that sno was Instructed by
her hush md that the auditor could not bo
seen. The sheriff Insisted that It \ % ould tnko
only n moment to scivo the pipers on Benton -
ton , but Mrs. Bcnton rofusea to open the
door nnd carried on her conversation thiough
the glass In the door. This was at 10 o'clock.
rouxn Jir HIH
An Ajcd Gorman Arrested fora Mur
der ol Thirty Ycnrw Ago.
llcTin HIEM , P.I. , Deo. 80. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bi'i.l : Henry Lmt/ was j ester-
day arrested at Illlclt's ' mills , near hero , for
niuiuer comniltted in Germany thirty years
ngo Some time ago a man died In Germany
and on his death-bod ho confessed tint LuU
had murdoicd n whole family nnd that ho
had assisted In the butchery named and made
his homo any\\horo. Lutz was tnued nnd
uucsted and Is now on his way to Gcimany.
JMIlincHota Farmers' Alliance.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Dec. SO. At today's ses
sion of the state fanners' alliance Ignatius
Donnelly , state lecturer , dclivcied his annual
addios.3. After congratulating the conven
tion on the immense vote polled last Novom-
boi for the alliance ticket Donnelly proceeded
to aiguu that thu ulllunco must maintain its
scpnato identity and not fool with demo
crats or lopubllcans. Ho referred to watered
stock In scathing terms and paid bpcctal at
tention to the organizers cf the See load.
Afterpajlnghis respects to .lav Gould the
speaker Uesctibcd various iefoin > s now work
ing nnd closed with an appeal for the alli
ance to move fur wind.
National Lcctuier Ash by of lown , also
spoke. Tonight Donnelly was elected presi
dent , receiving fii3 votes against 105 foi
Northwestern Travollnt ; Mon.
CiiiCAno , III , Deo. sO. The Noithwestern
Traveling Men's association began Its six
teenth annual session today. Among other
business transacted a committee was ap
pointed to formulate a plan for the formation
of a rc&crvo fund with a view to crectlnu i
great building In this city for the usool
traveling men. George J. Itecd was elected
president , also u long list of Nice presidents
Investigating the Cnrrollton Killing- .
WASHINGTON , Dec. ! iO , President Ihmlsoi
with the assistance of Postmaster Goncia
Wanainakcr Is mulling an investigation Into
the recent killing of Postmaster Mntthons
at Carrollton , Miss. Senator George today
received u letter from a Baptist minister a
Carrollton , saying thn killing was lla ictiilt
of u pctsomil dlniculty and politic * did not
en tor Into the e.vo.
A Terrible Oonflngrntlon Among tbo VTaro *
houses Near Blackfrinra' Bridge.
St. Itonnett's Fnmoits Old Cliurctl
Completely DcHtrojcd , but tlio bnl-
> atlon Army lleii < liiixrtcrs |
Sa ell by Hard Work.
Los DO v , Dec , ! )0. ) A terrible conflagration
Is now raging among the warehouses on
Queen Victoria and Thames streets , near
Blacltfrlar's bridge. Fourteen engines vera
soon upon the spot , nnd thu llremcn did their
utmost to check tlio course of the Ihiinei ,
but as the wind was blowing It materially
added to the fury of the lira The largo
wholesale fur manufactory of Hevillon
Frorcs , extending from IS * to 111 Queen
Victoria street , was doomed. Following Hits
news wns the infounatlon that n largo
cooperage he use , a number of tancy goods
stoics and the Gulchor electric ) light and
pewIT company's building wore al o a com
plete prey to the Ilamcs.
The Humes spread as rapidly on all aides as
If there wcro no tlrcmcn or engines present.
Immense crowds of people gathered on the
bridges over the Thames mid and the streets
running down to the liver \ \ hero a good view
of the coulhigratloti could bo had. Many
people expressed the hope that this disaster
would at last bring nbout a reform la th
Uowlon iho tnlgndo and Its long-needed re
modelling upon the plan of the New Voik llro
As the llro progressed It spread to tno
quarters of tlio salvation array. Thu Salva
tionists \vcio woihing like beavers in their
elicits to place the rccoids nnd other prop
uitv of the army in a place of safety.
At I p in. the llro was rapidly spreading In
all directions. All the buildings from the
comer of Bennett's Hill to No , lJ."i ! Queen
Victoria stieutvcio cither blaring flcieoly otf
else woiosinoiildoilng ruins.
The lire originated In tlio building of 0.
Davidson & Sons , piper manufactuuus and
bag makeis 110 Queen Victoria stioet. This
building was a Inrgo structure nnd was coui-
plotelv gutted , as was also that ofdolph
Fi.inklin & Co , nwnufncluieis of :
pi I os and importers of tobacco.
The old St. Dennett's chuuh on
Upper Thames street , the famous Welch
church also caught Ino. At-ti ! > 0p. m. what
would bo tcinied in Now Yolk four Imgo
blocks nio on llro mid buinlng steadily.
At tno llro this nftcinoon St. Bennett's
church was completely deitioved. The flro-
men managed to save thu heiidqmirtois of the
Salvation army and It was then announced
that the Iho was under control. Two million
dollars , it is estimated , will cover the loss.
Later An oxnuilnattor of the buried dli-
tilct shows that St. Bennett's chinch , thu
old Welsh \\oishiplng plnie , was not entticly
dostiojed , na nt first thought. Besides the
high wind today the weather was oxtiotncly
cold , the water freezing all over the llio np-
piratus and the firemen. There was no loss
of life nnd few accidents among ttio lliomen.
join : w Tin : Tit.ten.
The Union I'aciilu Drllus the OriloroC
thu Court.
The wur between the Union Padfle aid
the Milwaukee goes merrily on. Aftone-
curing an eider from tlio court yesterday to
compel the Union I'acillo to permit the Mll
waukco ti.ilns to come ncross the bildgo , Mr.
Nash ol ttio Milwaukee decided to make ouo
moro cffoit to gain an entrance to the union
depot , and went over to Council Bluffs last
night. Intending to bring the Mllwaukco
trains across.
Hut no had harldy calculated upon the ex
tent to which the Union Pacillo had deter
mined to cm ry this light When lie vlsltod
the yards nnd the time came to bring a tiain
across ho was astonished to llnd that the
switch making the connection bctucon the
Mllwnulico and the Union I'acltlo hid been
actually torn up and several tojs of the track
cntlrelviomovi'd. This made it absolutely
impossible to got a solitary car fiom ono
tiaclc to the other , nnd the effort was aban
doned for the present.
" Mr. Nash snvs , however , that this action
on tfiV pii t of the Union Pncille will only
nnko the light inorodatcmiJncd and exacting
on the p.ut of the Milwaukee. , ,
Killed In n IlinldhiK Collapip.-
NEW YOHK , Dec. 30. This aftcin&on uio
top of n live-story building on the northwos t
corner of Twenty-nlntn sticot nnd 1'lrst nvo-
niio collapsed. Fifty men were at work
transforming the building into nn annex to
Kohlcr's bipvvcry. What caused the acci
dent cannot he leaincd. It was thought ut
lirst that moil of thu men must have been
killed hut \v hen the firemen and policemen
m lived on the sccno they soon found the
affair not so serious. James Durcon and
Lewis Webei weio fatally injuiod , dvlng In
a short time. Ten other men weio painfully
hint nnd ono or two of thorn may ( lie. The
men In falling rathered gathered ill ) ut the
center post , forming n sort of umhrc'lla , nnd
this explains how the men escaped so miracu
Fight wltli Unilii 1'iiHlia'H Forces.
BI.IIIIV , Dec. 30 , ThoTagobliittlms n letter
ter from Its correspondent In Zaiulbnr stat-
Inp tlfnt Grain Pasha recently bent Lieuten
ants Ltinghcld and Bulow at the head of a
body of troops to Wrambo , where they
inu ght a battle with the Watuta til bo , de
feating the latter with severe loss. The
Watutas subsequently joined forces with
another tribe and again attacked llio Ger
mans , Their lilies did not stick to them well ,
however , and they were again badly defeated.
'Iho Hermans had thioo killed and nhio
wounded. Commander Stuhltnan teccntly
captured a slaver's camp near Vlctniia Ny-
nn/a , killing many Arabs and releasing a
largo number of slaves ,
A Torrihli' llvporloiicr.
Pini.VDLLi'iiiA , Dec. ! )0.Tho ) schooner
Lnmson brought In today Charles "Wallon-
bergiir , solo survivor of the crow of the
schooner Potter , vvhick capjlzed Sunday in a
terrible stoim off Barnogat. Five men wcro
drowned at once. Captain Evims , Wal-
Icnborgw nnd anotlior man managed
to sccuro themselves to the wreckage ?
and drifted about for ten hems with the sou
dashing over them and a cold wind adding to
ttielr misery. The ciow of the Lanison man-
tigod w Ith the utmost dlflli-ulty to got to the
laft , lound one m m do id nnd Captain Uvuns
nnd WallPiiborgcr nearly so. Cnpttun nvnns
died In half an hour , but Wallonbergor ,
while In iitorrlblo condition fiom exposure ,
will piobauly iccover.
a ho
Tor Omaha and vlelnlt } Ll tA rnlnj
warmer , followed by colder.
For Nohiaska Fair ; southeily winds }
slight changes In tcmpciatuie.
For Iowa Fair , except light rains In Mis-
slsslppl valley ; southerly winds ; winner
ForHouth IaUota Fair ; southeily vvlndst
slight changes In temperature.
Ills Aunt Muicloictl Him.
CiiR'too , III. , Dec. UO.Mrs. . .locnidt , aunt
of Frank Biaun , who w us found dead In his
sxloon Saturday , has confessed to lillllnif
him. She sujii they quarreledover * monor43 H
rnnttcw , ho atuokod her and ho ( Irou 'i
holf.dcfonso ,
Snrui'on fSnnoral of tlio Arv/ij- ,
WiiiNOTOV , ! ) ! , 'iO. Thoj/cnJl ) toddy
fonllrmed Colmal t hiirl ( > ' * fcj tbf i 'and ' M
t-'i'iieiai of llio iinir autl tJuhi.
in in i tn imstuutlDi < t taaioia , 111 , >
fiy A try-
, . , -

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