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= PART ' ONE.- * 1 HE UMAHA 1JAILY t > EE. . PAGES . i TO s.
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fiostiles Gathering Strength for Their Final
Dcsporato Stand ,
, ' American Horse tbo Only Lessor Ohiof Now
at the Agency ,
fe jGenoral Mlloa Reaches Pine Eidgo and
A'.Eumca Command ,
" (
IiullntiH I'laii to Burn tlio Agency
With Ifiro Arrows llevtacd
Iifst or Victims of
if/ ) the Itntllc.
PIMP. Rinon AOKNCT , S. D. ( via Hush-
villo. Nob. ) , Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram to
I Tun DKK.J Chief Two Strikes nndo largo
body of followers broke away from the
nnoncy during the duy and started cither for
the bad lands 6r some point near Kosebud
agency , it la not definitely Icnown which.
Word has bcou sent to the commander of the
troops tit Itoiobud to try and Intercept the
band. Other defections tire momentarily ex
pected , so much so thut one well up In author
ity says that by morning ho does not expect
to sro a slnglo liosttlo remaining hero. That
Includes now nearly every able bodied In
dian except the police , some few Choycnues
and scouts. Hed Cloud and all tlio lesser
chiefs except American Ilorso liavo Joined
their brethren for the last great fight.
A blinding snowstorm which Is fast assum
ing the proportions of a blizzard , bas been
raging here since 7 o'clock this morning.
A desultory flght was kept up nearly
nil nigbt at the Into battle ground
within n few miles of the agency
until , by reason of the suspicious ac
tions of the alleged friendly Indians
Iho troops wore called In from the field.
Both sides nro resting on their arms and
eaoh awaiting some move from the opposing
forces. Thut further dcsnoruto flRhtlng will
occur tbcro seems no doubt. If the Indians
iihould onslaught during this storm they
would undoubtedly linvo great advantage , as
they uro In their clement nt such n time and
Inured to hardships , whllo the soldiers nro
not of hour's mill-
, though eourso every delay -
lutes to the disadvantage of the Indians ou
account of luck of rations.
Eight moro dead soldiers wcro orougbt
Into the agency after dark last night ,
{ being part of yesterday's ' fatalities.
Tlio two strangers found murdered within
f i miles of the agency yesterday , are now
1 Jovcd to bo toamsU'i's from Hushvillo.
Lieutenant Herman Kranberg , company A ,
Seventh cavalry , wbo was sbot In the arm
nnd sldo nt Wounded Knee , died last night.
Several others are noarlng death's door , although 1-
though most of the wounded are doing as well
i. could bo expected. Franch Schetto , troop
X4 , Seventh cavalry , Is the name of tbo other
soidlor killed yesterday In the battle that
took place six mlles west of hero.
The Episcopal church has been turned Into
n hospital and this morning contains thirty-
eight of ttio hostile Indians , wounded nnd
captured nt Wounded ICnoo. Most of thorn
nro squaws and n majority will dlo.
In addition to Carr'scouimand , the Seven
teenth infantry , nnd all the cavalry they
liavo at Kosobud will bo hero by tonight.
General Mllca will also como today.
A scout caino in about 8 o'clock last night
nnd said that the hostllos were reassured by
tbo fact that the soldiers quit the field yos-
tcrduy nftornoon ; that tUoy had planned to
attack nnd burn the agency with flro arrows ,
then stampede the troops and massacre the
Inhabitants , and the report was proven true ,
to Bomo extent , but the very heavy lines of
pleltots frustrated and stopped tbo hellish
scheme ,
A tcrrilio blUzard struck the agency this
morulng. Tno air is blinding with snow nnd
tlio mercury Is falling rapidly.
0. II. Cius9EV. :
111K UKA 111 JtOdL.
Corrected hist til'tlio Killed nnd Thcii-
Coiu ] > aiiluH.
PINE Union , S. D. , { via Uusbvillo , Nob. )
Deo. 31. ( Special Telegram to THE BKE. ]
The list of killed nnd wounded nt Wounded
Knco and wbo hnvo slnco died , as revised
nnd corrected this morning by tbo surgeon
corps In the presence of surviving members
of the companies astho bodies were prepared
for burial , nlso giving" the full name of the
deceased and where wounded , is as follows :
Seventeenth cavalry , Company A
KKANBl'JHHY.A..shot . inarm and sldo.
DYER , A. C. , sergeant , c-heat.
PREY , HENUY , head.
LOGAN , JAMES , head.
Company 13
COFFEUV , D. 0. , sergeant ,
FOKEST , HENRY A. , head.
COST1LLO , JOHN , head.
COOK , UALPH II. , heart.
MIZO , WILLIAM S. , head.
NEWELL , CHARLES II. , tibdomon
Company C
DEUVEEDE , JOlIN.'chost.
Company D
KEINECKY , PitANK E. ' , head.
Company E
NETTLES , UOnEriTH.hoad.
NEEUNEIl , J. , hoaU.
Coiumiiy ) 1 -
HONE , ALUEUTU. , cbest.
IfOONi UUSTAV , head.
* < eLLKV JAMES E. , head.
CUMMINS , JAMES , abdomen.
Company 1C
WALLACE , GEORGE D. , captain , bond.
HODGES , W. J. , sergeant , abdomen.
McCUE , JOHN M. , back.
MUIU'HY , JOSEPH , head.
Non-Commlssloncd Staff-
Co UWIN , 11. W. , sergeant-major , Seventh
Hospital Corps
1'OLOCIC , OSCAU , groin
Total , thirty dead.
( J. II. Cunsscr.
AO l-'lllUMHttES XO\\ \ \ ' .
JlostlU'S Ijiirklng About the Agency
In all Directions.
I'l.vn Hinon Aauxcv , S. D ( via Hushville ,
Neb. , ) Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram to TUB
Bic.J : General Miles arrived hero this noon ,
but hns been closeted with General Brooke
ever slnco his coming. Until this secret con-
fcrenco Is over , it Is Impossible to ascertain
anything definite as to what the next move
will bo. I saw General Brooke just for a
moment as ho passed from ono room to an
other , across a hallway this after
noon , and asked , what effect ho
thought the intense storm now
raging would have upon the situation , nnd ho
simply replied :
"Wo never allow a storm , whatever It bo ,
to have any effect upon our plans. I cannot
speak for the Indians. "
The strain of the fearful anxiety , height-
cncd by having to carry n Winchester ana
belt of cartridges every time wo f > tcp out of
the door ami having had to stay up
nnd stand guard for four consecutive
nights with prospect of , nobody
knows how many moro , Is telling heavily
upon everyone.
Hud It not been for the'.ijizznrd ' there
would certainly have been another battle
today , as the hostile forces , there nro no
"fricndlies" now , nro lurking and circling all
about tbo agency.
A number of the wounded nrovorso to
night. Tbo Second Infantry leaves hero to
morrow morulug , but for where cannot bo
learned. C. H. CUESSCV ,
Till : SOLltlEltS' fVXEIl.ili.
Waiting of tlio Storm Winds
iilshcH Tliulr Only ltc < ] ulcm.
I'lVB Hiuon Anii.scr , S , D. ( via Hushville ,
Neb. ) , Dec. III. [ Special Telegram to Tim
BUB. ] Amid as wlldr blinding and bitter n
wintry storm ns ever swept this bleak and
barren country , wo have just laid away to
their last rest thirty of the bravo boys who
fell with face to the fee in ttio bloody en
counter at Wounded ICneo tho-day before
yesterday. It wns 3 o'clock when
the funeral cortege , with General For-
sytlio nnd Major Whitslilo at the
bead , and composed of ilftoon wagons ,
bearing the rudely colllned dead ,
followed by nil escort composed of Companies
A. K , B , I , D nnd E of the noble but unfortu
nate Seventh cavalry together with an as
sisting squad from the Second cavalry ,
wound away from tun camp up to the llttlo
cemetery situated at the crest of the bill
southwest of the agency. The surviving
members of the fated Company 1C looked
lonesome enough , with their fearfully thinned
ranks. The vacancy so striking , in contrast
to tbo rest of the column , caused the tears to '
start in the eyes of many a comrade for the
comrades lost.
The graves were In rows of six close
together in the southwest corner of the ceme
tery and overlook the camp , whereupon ,
Christmas oven , these now cold In death had
mndo merry together , and looked forward
with confidence to just as merry a Now
Years eve.
After the reading of the burial service by
Rev. Mr. Cook , tbo Episcopal clergyman
hero , aided by his assistant , the bodies wcro
lowered Into tbo grave. Owing to the In
tensely critical condition of the sur-
rouudlngs , with herds of the enemy flock-
ing about tbo agency , threatening nn
attack , the usual salute of guns was omitted ,
while soft notes from the bugle and the wall
of tbo storm whispered the last loving good
The remains of Captain Wallace will bo
sent to Fort Hlloy , Kan. , for interment.
These of Captain Mills , who was found dead
in bis tent yesterday morning , from rheu-
mutism of the heart , from which bo hns been
a sufferer for a long time , wcro sent to
Onmbu today , C. II , CKESSEV ,
He HullovcH Brooke , Who Takes the
Field Today.
PI.VK Umou Acinxov , S. U. , ( via nushvillo ,
Nob. , ) Dec. 31 , [ Special Telegram to THE
BEI : , ! Late this evening It was learned to a
certainty thut General Miles bad assumed
command , relieving General Urooko. Tbo
latter starts into the Hold early tomorrow
morning with his staff and the Infantry hero.
They go try way of Oclrlchs to a point some
fifteen miles north of hero. Two or three
of tbo Indians who stampeded from hero
Monday night came in tonight nnd said ,
thut there were several , now numbered as
hostllos , who wanted to return to the agency
If they could get away from the main body of
the hostllcs. Llttlo or no dependence is
placed in thorn , b wovor , and their coming Is
looked upon simply ns u result of the blizzard.
Signal Li
RVSIIVIU.E , Nob. , Deo. 31.--Special [ Tel
egram to TIIU Due. ] Indian signal lights
were again plainly visible last night
In the rough country twenty miles north.
It has been repeatedly suggested hero that
in the event of further hostilities part of , .
the state militia might be used
to good advantage in the small railroad
towns _ nearest the reservation to guard
against straggling bands , Inasmuch as under
a general tight the troops would undoubtedly
have all they could take care of at the prin
cipal sent of danger. The sottlorvand homo
guards , however , are fairly wolr organized
and equipped except that aioro guns are
greatly desired.
The Town Pilled withFrightened Sot
tiers from nil Directions.
HAT Si'iitxos , Nob. , Dee. 31. [ Special
Telegram to THE BKK. | On the evening of
the ! ? Jth news of the engagement on Wounded
Knco was wlrca ( icro. Closely following
cntno an ofllclul telegram notifying all sot
tiers to be on tbolr guard against bands of
roving Indians. Couriers wcro at oneo scut
: o all settlers west and north of town notify-
ngtliom to boon their guard. The settlers
sonotlltcd interpreted the warning ns n mes
sage to como Into town and by 11 o'clock they
jegan to arrive , By some mysterious process
.ho news \vns carried In . \ southerly direc
tion nna by the morning of tho00th the town
.vns crowded to overflowing. Settlers
aroused from their slumbers hastily throw n
'ow blankets and provisions into their
wagons nnd started. In ninny instances
their terror was such that this precaution
was forgotten , and many today huvo had to
oat only what has been given them by some
thoughtful resident of the town.
After the couriers wore dispatched warn
ing tbo settlers of their danger , measures
were hastily taken for the protection of the
town and to reassure the nervous and excit
able. Company F , Second regiment , volun
teered its services along with many citizens.
The town \vns patrolled , which was regularly
kept up until morning. Captain M , Finch
wired the situation to General Cole , but up
tb < date , thirty hours Inter , no answer has
been received. II the state will toke no
action during the next twenty-four hours
Sheridan , Dawcs and Sloiu counties will bo
semi-depopulated. At the present writing
every vacant room , thrco churches nnd the
school house nro filled with frantlo people.
What the future will bring forth time only
can ; tell.
HAY SriiiNdi , Neb. , Dec. 31. ISpcc.al
Telegram to THE Ucn. ] The first snow
storm of tbo season has made its appearance
tonight. The town Is full of people who loft
their homos for fear of being scalped by the
Indians. Every house , church nnd stable Is
full of people. In many cases their
stock hns been turned out -to care for
itself. If the storm continues until
morning there will bo n heavy loss in stock ,
which the farmers nro unable to stand. The
town has had n , picket around it for the
last two nights , being the volunteer
services of company F of the state
militia , but tonight they nro out.
with the authority of the governor. Whllo
tbo homo guards to the number of twenty-
five have gone north near Beaver creel : to
guard the roads loading Into this town. It
Is reported hero tonight that n troop
of .soldiers nro stationed out north
on the Benver creek , but Just at
what point Is not known. The probabilities
are that with soldiers and pickets out be
tween t us and the agency and pickets nround
the t town wo are snfo from surprise from the
Indians I and unless they como In very largo
numbers wo could probably drive them ofl as
everybody In town Is well armed. People
are leaving hero In largo numbers nnd doubt
less ' will continue to leave as long as things
are as uncertain as they now nro.
ClfA JltOtVfl A ME A fi.
Governor Tlinyor Petitioned for Mlll-
X , Neb. , Dec , 31. Governor Tlinyor
Is In receipt of the following telegram , dated
Chndron , Neb :
Indians lighting hero for two days. The
city Is full of women and children nnd no
arms. Can't ' you order out militia and send
arms. JAMUS C. DAIII.MAX , Sheriff. "
The governor immediately authorized the
following response :
LI.NCOI.X , Neb. , Dec. 31. Captain Smith ,
company E , Second regiment , Chadron , Neb. ;
Order your company for protection of people
In town and country.
A. V. Coi.r , Adjutant general. "
It Is understood that roving bands of hot-
tiles have renewed their depredations all
along the Nebraska and Dakota border.
Tliey Are AJinnnt. Surrounded by the
Hostllcs nt tJio Mission.
PINIS Kmoc , S. D. , ( via Rushvlllo , Neb. , )
Doc. 31. Word was brought In by courier
yesterday that the Catholic mission buildings
had been tired by hostiles nnd the inmates
were beinc massacred , The cavalry wore at
once In the saddle and started for the scene.
They found it was the day school house which
had been flrcdand _ not the mission buildings ,
which wcro fully a mile away. Thcro were
over eighteen hundred bucks in the vicinity
when the troops came up , but only a few
would show themselves at a time , the Inten
tion evidently being to draw the troops on.
Colonel Forsytho suspected the trap laid ,
and being outnumbered began to retreat.
Then the Indians started an attempt to sur
round his force of the Seventh cavalry , and
had almost completed tbo cordon when the
Ninth cavalry cnrao up from the agency nnd
caused the Indians to retire.
The combined ' forces of cavalry
wore , however , still greatly outnumbered
and returned to the agency after a sh.irp
skirmish In which several were wounded
nnd U Is bellvod some IndInns were killed.
An Unfounded Humor.
Pi.VKHmoc Ancxor , S. D. , Dee. 31. Last
night was one of terror. Lieutenant Bcnham ,
commanding the Indian police , rccelvcd'word
through scouts that an attack was to bo
made on tbo agency about 9 o'clock , be
fore the moon appeared. It was the
Intention of the hostllcs to make a dash
in the dark , shoot flro arroxvs and burn all
they could. Following on the events of the two
previous days , tl. . report has had the effect
of causing a panto among the Inhabitants and
pandemonium reigned supreme for two hours
Happily the rumor proved Incorrect , though
about the hour named a body of nearly ono
hundred warriors appeared on the hills , fired
a few shots ana retired. "
General Milcti' Ulllclnl Kcport.
WASHINGTON1 , Dec. 31. General Scbotlold
this morning received the following telegram
from General Miles , dated Chadron , NoV
December 80s "I reported yesterday a state-
ment received from General Forsytho through
General Brooke. I am now Informed that the
losses in that affair wcro Captain
Wallace , Seventh cavalry , and twenty-
five men killed ; Lieutenant Gurllngton and
thirty-four men wounded ; Lieutenant Haw
thorne , Second cavalry , also wounded. About
three hundred Indians that were at or
near the ngonoy at tbo time are now hero.
General Brooke reports that ho expects the
same will return with about tlvo hundred In-
dlans belonging to the hostile element. I ex-
pcct to bo at the agency tomorrow and report -
port more in detail.1'
Hump is Happy.
HUIIOX , S , D. , Dec. 81. [ Special Telegram
to THKBEE.J Two Sioux chiefs , Hump and
Iron Thunder , wcro hero this afternoon , going
to IJnpld City to see General Miles. They
wcro In charge of Captnln Ewers , Fifth in
fantry. When told of the fight between the
troops and Two Strike's band Hump laughed
heartily and said ho was glad the Indians
were \vblppod. All wcro had Indians and ho
hoped Big Foot was dead , for ho wade much
trouble. Hump and Hlg Foot wcrojdeadly
enemies , and each has been anxious to kill
tbo other ; hence the satisfaction over the
killing of many of Two Strike's ' band.
Plenty of Troops.
Cifrrtao , Doc. 81. Assistant AdjutantGon-
oral Corbin , speaking today of tbo Indian
war said that General Mlles reports ho has
a sufficient number of troops at his coaimaud
at all points. It wns understood at headci
quattorsthnt tbo bodies of tboBfildlors slain
In tbo recent b.ittluwerobitrlcdntl'lno Hldgo
today. Details of tbo obsequies hnvo not
been received. There nro , no particulars of
the recent lighting near the ugcucy.
Moro Troops for
SALT LAKI : , Utah. , Dec. 81. Several coin-
panics of the Sixteenth and Twenty-first In-
nntry , now nt Fort Doliglai , have been
rdeied to start tit once for Hushvlllc , Nob.
. Hunt CliHfltmns Kvo lUdo wit h tlio
Xlntli Cavalry.
PIXR Ritinn Aor.xcr , S , D. , ( via Hushvlllo ,
Cob. ) Dec. HI.-Special [ td Tun Br.r. ] Your
orrcspondent who accompanied Colonel 0\\f \ \
r. Honry's command of tbo Ninth cavlary to
lie front on Cnristmas eve had a taste of
avalry dash. The troopers were ordered to
ush towards the crossing of Whllo river at
VoundedICnco crock to entrap , or try tofro-
cnt the cscnpo of BI ? Toot of Sitting Hull's
and , Just escaped from Colonel Su inner
lortb of us. One hour afcr ( receiving the
rdcr the command of four troops , two
lotcbklssgunsof tbo First nrtlllory under
Iculcnnnt Ilnydcn , and a pack team of forty-
our mules , with eight days' rations , started ,
loving out nt n swinging trot in two hours
hey covered some twelve miles and nt8 p. in ,
hey halted to cook supper coffee for the
men nnd a small feed for the horses. The
imrch was resumed and at a trot and u walk ,
vtth an occaslunal halt , Whlto river was
At this crossing the river wns partially
'rozcn , so the horses had to slip from solid
co on the edpo to the water In the channel.
Fho moon was full on this beautiful Chrlst-
nas eve and many were the wlcrd scenes
msscd In t o onward rush here the poles
iround which the Indians had a few days bo-
'oro danced their ghost dunces ; hero tlio deserted -
sorted cabins ; bore and there cnttlo trails
which the Indian scouts would examine to
see If pomes orhostlles had traversed them.
It was cold but clear water frozen solid In
cantcons notwithstanding the constant shak
ing on the horses.
Crossing Whlto river wo entered the bad
lands , whoso curious formations In the inoon-
Jght were ghost-like. Wo. reached Cottonwood -
wood creek nt II n. m. , having trnvoleu llfty
miles on the Jump , with men , horses and pack
mules in good order and at daybreak the hos-
; llo Indians looked down upon us from their
jlbraltnr and gained some idea how cavalry
could travel when necessary.
But little wood and no water made our
hrlstmas morning breakfast short and wo
pushed on to Haruoy Springs , some five
miles , to coolc coffee. Lieutenant Haydcn of
the artillery saw his gun carriage run on ono
wheel , the other not having titno to touch the
ground. This is n celebrated locality named
iiftor the Indian lighter Ilnrnpy. Hero seven
teen years ago Colonel Hunry spent Now
Year's ' eve , camping on the Ice to obtain
shelter from the biting wind , with the ther
mometer 40 = ' below zero. Hero numerous
plans of deviltry hnvo been concocted by the
Indians ; here Is the divide or water shed for
the Cheyenne river to the north and tbo
White to the south ; from hero with glasses
you can see tbo table laud or supposed
Gibraltar occupied by tlio hostilcs , which
the troops have been watching.
Your correspondent returned to Pine
Hidgo the second day exhausted , having
learned what a cavalry dash required quick
eyes , strong limbs and constant work. I
know now how n cavalryman may bo called
upon for clays and nlchts ot hard riding , nntl
whllo I do not wish to join the cavalry , 1
would not for a great deal liavo missed the
moonlight Christmas eVe dash with tbo
Ninth cavalry.
Something About tjin Company En-
gUKfd In tlio III * ; Koot Fight.
Troop 1C of the Seventh cavalry is known
ns the "Jonah" or "Fatal" troop of the regi
ment. In all of tbo Indian lights In which the
Seventh has been engaged 1C troop has borne
the brunt of the engagements. In the first
great light of the Seventh cavalry against tbo
Indians , the battle of the Washlta. 1C troop's
loss was greater than of any other company.
Eight privates were shot down In that famous
charge. In the Custer massauro 1C troop was
almost annihilated , fully ana-half nf tbo com
pany dying with Custor. The year following
began the Nez Perce or St. Joseph war. This
In many respects was the most peculiar
Indian war in all the history of frontier
troubles. General O. O. Howard , with several
regiments ut his back , cuasoU Chief Joseph
lu a zig-zag course from Oregon to Dakota.
Unable to corner bis wily fee General How
ard so wired headquartors. General Miles
and the Seventh cavalry were then sent
against Chief Joseph.
The morning of September 80 , 1877 , Gen
eral Miles , with troops A nnd 1C of the
Seventh , was in advance of the mam column
under General Sturgls. As the llttlo troop
rode up a knoll In the prairie the advance
scouts reported the camp 'of Chief Joseph in
front. General Miles ordered a charge , the
cavalry being supported by the Fifth infan
try. As they rode into tbo flght Captain
Owen Halo , commander of troop 1C , turned
to bis companions and remarked : "Hoys ,
tbls Is too pretty a morning to dlo , nnd It
goes hard to bo killed so early lu the day , but
I am sure to go under. " Thirty minutes later
Cuptaln Ilnlo and Lieutenant Blddlo of the
same troop foil at tlio head of their men ,
Elghtcon or twenty privates of 1C troop wont
down In that charge.
The command of troop 1C then fell to Cap
tain E. G. iMathoy. Fortunately for him ,
perhaps , there have boon no Indian wars
from 1877 to the present in which the Seventh
was engaged. October 1 of this year Captain
Mathoy was assigned to duty nt 10 South
Clark street , Chicago , and Captain Gcoriro D ,
Wallace placed in command of the company ,
Ills death with seven of his men bears out tbo
fatality tbnt seems to cling to troop 1C. What
adds a peculiar sadness to tbo killluc of Cap
tain Wallace Is that -Mrs. Wallace , who has
been nn Invalid for many years , is now dan
gerously ill nt Fort Itlley , K"nn. , and her
friends In Chicago fear the shock of his death
will prove fatal to her ,
What the Fueling U at the National
WASHINGTON , Deo. 80. { Special Telegram
toTmBci : : . ] Men in the vrnr dopnrtraent
nnd Indian oftlco as well as 'in congress ex
press surprise at the extent nf the slaughter
among the Indians in South , Dakota. Forty-
eight hours ago they were felicitating them ,
selves upon what they supposed was a happy
nnd bloodless termination of the threatened
outbreak. 1'rlvnto ns well ns oftlclnl dis
patches Indicate that the war has become
almost general and the impression hero Is
that the soldiers and settlers , tbo Indian
police nnd cowboys are shooting down uum
bers of the warring bands without provoca I-
tion. Very llttlo criticism Is heard of this
supposed notion of tlio white people. The
treacherous work of the followers of Two
Strike lu slaughtering the troops engaged In
the disarmament has licensed the latter ant
ovcryoody else to shoot Indians ad llbltom.
Thcro will be no complaint at this end of the
line if tbo Indians nro taught a severe lesson
at this time except from minority members
pf ( ho house , whj ( contend that the Indians
hnvo ground for dissatisfaction on account ol
harsh or dishonest treatment on the part o :
ccituin agents. The legislators who \vouk
make a partisan Issue of the Indian troubles
nro very few , for there Is not a wosiam man
who docs not endorse the work of the troops ,
As usual the belief Is largely entertained that
tno Indians nro getting the better of the
fighting. The efforts of the littln bund of
. cavalry which followed Custer to oxtcr-
I inlnnto Two Strike's warriors nro com-
1 mended upon every hand ,
He KCCUIIIIIIOIKU tlio Appointment of
At my Oilleors.
WASHINGTON" . Dec. 31. ( Special Telegram
to Tun litn. ! | An nrmy ofllccr tells your
correspondent tonight that General Miles
some dnj sago urgently recommended to the
secretary of war the dismissal of the Indian
agents at the I'lno Kldge , Hosobud , Lower
Brulo , Standing Hock niul Crow Creek
agencies In South Dakota and the assign
ment in their nlaccs of live well known nrmy
ofllccrs. Ho did this not ns n reflection upon
the agents , he said , but because ho behoved
n crisis existed among the Indians In that
region which would require the attention of
the army , nnd ho thought it would bo wisdom
o have such officers nt those posts and in
clnnvc of the Indians ns would have the
authority and experience necessary to make
> rompt military moves. It is stated ( lint the
eeoinmcndntion received the endorsement of
General Sehollcld and Secretary Proctor and
vas sent to Secretary Noble for his endorse
ment tireparatory to being laid before the
president. The secretary of tbo In-
erlor , tbo report states , took some
ttmo to consider the matlor , then
ofused to endorse It and laid it before the
cabinet nt the last meeting with the Intlma-
ioi : that such n step should not como from
the war department , as It was interference
with the business of another deportment.
The president , It Is stated , came to the con-
iluslon that the Interior department was able
o handle the Indian question , for the present
nt least , nnd tbcro it dropped , Had It suc
ceeded It U likely it would have led to the
ultimate transfer of nil tbo Indians to the
war department , a move which has been
agitated for some time and which Is very
popular in congress.
A VACKtxu itousi :
Green & Sons nrCoiiuoll HlnfTrt Assign
with l.lnDilltles nl $70,000.
Thcro was much surprise caused yesterday
by the report that the Grccndalo packing
tiouso near Council Hlu ( Ts had fatted. As it
: ias been generally considered as solid , with
plenty of capital , nnd as it has long been es
tablished and apparently successfully man
aged , tne report could hardly bo believed. It
proved to be true , however , nn assignment
being put on record about , noon. Tbo firm
consists of Illchardlind Robert Green , who
have been doing business under the old niimo
of Thomas Green & Sons. The schedule of
assets foots up $ G'i,400 nnu the liabili
ties $75,150. E. E. Hart Is named ns assignee.
The cause loading to this failure Is said to
bo mainly a series of losses from n falling off
of the market. Thcro is now at the packing
house a largo amount of cured meats , and
this has been held at a loss , in the hope of
better prices. Thcro have been some very
heavy losses in preceding seasons , nnd tbo
firm was not In condition to wait longer for a
changn for the better.
The asseti being chlcfl ) In cured meats ,
readily convertible into cash , the creditors
feel confident of getting at least 83 cents on
the dollar , and that , too , without delay ,
Senate I'rooerdlims.
WASIIINOTOX , Dec. 31. After disposing of
a little routine business tbo senate resumed
consideration of Mr. Morgan's resolution rcl-
ntivo'to nn amendment to the election bill
and discussed the point of order madongainst
It by Mr. Sherman , which was that the reso
lution was now on the calendar nnd could not
bo token up except by unanimous consent.
Tlio vice president sustained Mr. Sher
man's point nnd Mr. Morgan appealed and
proceeded to address the senate on his ap
After considerable debate on the points of
order the matter went over without action.
Mr. Mnnderson offered a resolution , which
was nerccd to , directing the superintendent
of the census to report at the earliest possibls
moment the population of tbo United States
according to the census of IS'.H ) by congres
sional districts nnd counties.
The senate then resumed consideration of
the elections bill nnd wns addressed by Mr.
George in opposition to it.
At the conclusion of the speech Mr. Hnw-
Icy nliudcd to the shooting of Postmaster
Matthews In Senator George's township.
The shooting , ho said , was In cold blood nnd
becr-uso the postmaster was a republican.
Mr. George said politics had nothing to uo
with the shooting.
The senate then ndjournod until Friday
noon with the understanding then that fur
ther adjournment take place till Monday.
Wnr On tlio Underwriters.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , Doc. 31. Tbo business
men's league , which is struggling to sccuro
lower Insurance rates , has determined to
proceed against the underwriters' board in
tbo federal InstoaO of the state court , and to
make the movement national in cnnr-
ncter. The underwriters' board Is to
bo charged with violating the federal
anti-trust laws. The llrst suit will bo
brought in Kansas , nnd If successful suit
will be then Instituted In Missouri , Nebraska ,
lown. Illinois nnd Indiana. The business
men of the largo cities will bo appealed to to
Inaugurate these suits and contribute to the
Fourth Class I'ostiunstTH.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. fSpeelai Telegram
to Tim Ben. ] Iho following lourth class
postmasters were appointed today :
Nebraska Blrdwood , Lincoln county , Mrs ,
H. L. Hobcrts , vlco C. K. Hboadcs , resigned ,
Iowa Blnghnm , Page county. H.O. Miller ,
vlco J , H. Byers , resigned ; Uunbar , Marshal ,
county , L. Larson , vlco II , L. Marlon , ro
slgnodi Blttloport.Clinton county , j. J , Ilrigg
vlco W. II. Gnrber , resigned ; McVeigh , van
Duron county. J , II. MoVoigh , vice W. T.
Dow , resigned ; North Merrimac , Jefforsoi
county , J. A. .falzinnn , vlco C. A. Bryan , re
moved ; McGregor , Clinton county , ICato
Hancock , vice G. Winger , removed.
Moro Fdvoruliln lor DopnNltorn.
CHICAGO , Doe. 31. Attorney Mayer , repre
senting the creditors of S. A. Kcan & Co.
the insolvent banking firm , stated In cour
today that a statement of tbo bank's condl
tlon by the assignee haa been completed nnd
was more favorable than hud boon untie !
paled , Tlio bank would pay ! IA to 40 cents 01
the dollar , besldoi equities In assets now un
available. Attorney Mayer says It has been
decided to lay the facts before tlio grand jur ;
with a view to securing ICean's indlctmeut.
A Sllohlxnn Mlacronnt'H Work.
PI.V.MOUTII , Mich. , Dec. 31 , An unknowi
man went Monday night to the residence o
Miss Cummlngs , who lives on a farm , crin :
inally assaulted her several times nnd robbo ;
the house. She inunngcd today to gut oiu
sldo and call n neighbor , who summoned t
physician. She inuy recover. No truce o
the miscreant.
'Jyiliold FVver Kplilctnlo nt Dultitli
DUI.UTII. Minn. , Deo. 31 , Dr. Howltt
secretary of the state board of health , is here
tnklng measures to stop the typhoid fove
epidemic. Ho addressed a public mectini
tonight on the subject. Eighteen deaths Iron
typhoid fever have occurred and the fove
continues unabated.
Tlio Fire Heoortl.
AUGUSTA , Gn. , Deo. 31. Augusta bad a
8100,000 tire this morning at 6 o'clock. A
number of stores wcro burned.
Somewhat Clillly In Maine.
) , Mo , , Doc. ill. The thermom
eter registered CO degrees below zero this
morning ,
A ( limit Hook Cdiicorn.
CHICAGO , Deo. 31fSpcclnl Telegram to
TUB BEE. ] An uftornoou uapcrsays that A.
. . McCltiri ? fc Co. , the well known publlsheis
nd book seller.- ! , have concluded the pur-
haso of the retail department of the publish-
ng house of S. . A. Maxwell & Co , thereby
inking the largest book store In the country ,
'ho parties In interest decline to talk about
ho matter.
\tii. TO Aoi , nyi'iu : I'ltoit M.W ,
Western Ollluliil.s Cannot Auroe on a
Coui-HO i'orNl U'ook.
CIIICAOO , Dec. ill. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : ! : : . | - have the western rail-
oads failed to agree ou a line of action lor
ho nll-nbsorbtng meeting In Now York next
veek. The vlco presidents and general
nnntiifors tried to agree yesterday uiul the
luy before nnd fulled utterly. ' They wcro to-
lay reinforced by Presidents Miller of the
St. Paul , Cable of the Hock Island , Iluglntt
of the Noithwesterii nnd Vlco President
Inrris of tbo Builington ,
For pu rnoJos o ( secrecy the meeting wns
icld In President Miller's private oftlco. Tlio
result wns the same failure to agree , except -
cept that the association must bo formed ,
Vfterlho conference it was learned that
hero was nn apparently hopeless disagree-
nent on account of the conflicting demands
of the different roads. All agreed , however ,
hat the demands of the bankers for the nro-
losed organl/atlon were too powerful lo bo
ovcacomo. Said one of the members after
lie meeting :
"It looks llko nnarehy to blot out
such associations ns the western pas
senger nnd tlio western freight nnd
ilaco ! them and nil other nssoel-
itions with an experiment. Wo nil liopo it
will bo a success , but the lesponslblllty of
failure will bo on the Unking llrms , which
are forcing the formation ol tno now associ
ation. You can nlso put it down ns a fact
tbat the Alton , the Chicago , St. Paul & Kan
sas : City , the Denver , Texas & Fort worth
and the Kansas , Fort Scott & Memphis jwill
nti oin the association , I don't care what they
sav to the contrary. Tlio trouble between
the St. Paul nnd Hock Island with the Union
Pacific on the Omaha termlniils will cut no
llguro with the new association , but to a man
up n trea it looks as though It might cause
trouble after Its organization. "
Tlio Advanced Hate * .
Cmcuio , Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : DEI : . ] The western roads have treated
themselves to n liberal Now Year's present
in the advanced rates goim : into oflect tomor
row , the interstate commerce commission's
decision to the contrary , notwithstanding.
Wheat rates from the Missouri river to Chicago
cage will jump from 20c to 23e nnd corn rates
will advance from 17c to 10c. The bisls on
all rates will go back to the old 7iio tariff ,
first class advancing 5o to 7."c ; second class
2c to OOo ; third class remains at-tie ; fourth
class 2o to : tOo ; fifth class -le to 25o ; A class
2o to 30o ; B class 2c to 25c : C , lie to 'JOe ; D ,
ike to ITWo ; K , lo to llc. ( To St. Paul ,
llfth , H and C classes are advanced 2 cents
nnd D and E 1 cent. Packing house product
rates , from ICansixs City to Chicago , are ad
vanced 4o to 22o ami the only reduction Is in
the live hog rate of : tu to&c. !
Chairman Finloy Prompt.
CIIICAOO , Deo. 31. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : Bun. ] Chairman Finloy of the Western
Passenger association has again shown his
nntipnthv to half way measutes oy ordering
nn immediate reduction In the passenger rate
from St. Louis to Chicago to $5.r > 0 , the pres
ent r.Uo bolcg $7.50. This action wns oc
casioned by tlio cut rates mndo by the Jack
sonville Southeastern in connection with the
Atehison , on tlio "H d Express" St. Louis
lino. The southbound rate remains at $7.50.
CbnUiunni'Finley would probably have re
duced the rnto to ? > , except that it would
then have caused n reduction In the rates , via
all Missouri river gateways to Chicago.
Dnxvr.it , Colo. , Dec. .11. [ Special Telegram
lo Tun Bin.J There is nn apparently well
authenticated rumor in railroad circles , this
evening , that C ! ' . Meek , general manager of
the Colorado division of the Union Pacific ,
has forwarded his resignation. As Mr. Meek
coulu not bo scon today the report cannot bo
verified , .
ISnllrond CoiiniiiKslmicr.s Called.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31.A call for a con
vention of rallronu commissioners of the dif
ferent states to meet the oniccrs of the Inter
state commerce commission March 3 was
Usucd today.
.More Fnlth Displayed In Future Pros-
pcuts Tliau Ever. .
CAsrnit , Wyo. , Doc. 81. [ Special Telegram
to Till ! BEI : . ] Today actlvo operations on
the well No. 3 on Salt creek closed down for
thirty days. The well is down 1,509 feet and
the drill for the last 2.)0 foot has boon poundIng -
Ing at blue sand rock. Colonel Dorsett , the
resident representative of the company , hopes
to strike oil at a depth of ' , ' ,000 foot , but hav
ing only 1,500 feet of cable and owing to the
approach of b.iU weather , ho closed down
until more cable arrives. In the las.t five
months the company has spent SiO.OOl ) , doing
assessment work , nnd to hold their oil prop
erties next season will necessitate an outlay
of nearly $50,000. ,
The Dobscmer will shut down Sundry
night , having roachtd n depth of lbOO ,
feet , the deepest well In the state.
They went through about cloven hundred
feet of blue shale and Sundav the drill struck
a white porous rock formntlon and the com
pany decided to close down for the season ,
Locating is going on utii great r.ito and out
siders seem to have moro fniih In the future
prospects of the fields than over belore.
Iowa ami Dukotit
WASHINGTON' , Dee , 31 , [ Special Telecram
to Tin : Unrj.J Pensions were gi anted today
to the following Nobrasknns ; Original
Charles Shumway , Geneva ; Oliver Conrad ,
Clearwater ; Gould J. Hrown , Albion ; P.
Lorenzo , Canllcld ; Norman Anscn , 0. II.
Howdish , Do Witt ; Joseph II. Hamsay ,
FilloyJohn ; Wanders , Hastings ; James A.
Benedict , Republican City. Increase Hus-
scll Hill , Humbolt ; Johnson Thompson , Hast
ings ; David Dardwoll , Omaha ; Thomas Car-
berry , Hlair ; Montgomery Stroud , Arcadia ,
Original widows Mary , widow of Kllsha B.
BCCCH , Wilbor ; Anna A , , widow of Soveryn
Leidernmn , Lincoln.
lowai Original John Drown , Mount
Pleasant ; P. Kimborg , Brldgowatcr : .1.
Burke , La Belle ; Leroy Flopiwr , Iowa Kails :
M. Brady , Campbell ; William W. Moore ,
Polk City ; Andrew Baker , Pilot Mound ;
Henry Feat herscn. Vail j John W. Nullio ,
Cambridge : 0. Drake , Newton : Joseph
Concau , Southcrland ; Jacob Platt , Ilupliin-
town ; George Sutler. Kast Di's MoInosS. ;
Ault , Cod ur Haplds ; Kphram Angel , Hentict ;
Thomas Ityan , alias Thomas Mitchell , Geneva -
ova ; Daniel Storms , Kort Madison ; Xonos
Scott , Stuart. Increase James H , Hood ,
WIntcrsct : A. J. Francis' ' Urbann ; Nathan
Ball , Floyd : Joinos Philpott. CrestsnH. ;
Brcnno , Muscatino ; J. Clark , Floyd ; 1C , Top
per , Colfax ; Koburt McCivath , Qllddcn ;
Marshall Nelson , Cambria. Holssue Charles
M. Castle , Clarlndn. Oiiglnal widows
Mnrclssa , widow of Envln Benedict , Marlon.
South Dakota : Original Invalid Benja
min I'S. . Dickinson , Putnoy ; Ncuman C.
Nnih , " Canton , increase Cornelius McKiu-
ley , Lobcnm ; Jacob Hrown , Woonsockct.
Uelssuo John Fecnoy , Whlto.
Caught liy I'ltohor.
Auuoiu , Ills. , Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BKB.I Vnrnoy Anderson of this city ,
the well known haso ball pitcher , has clopoa
with Florence , the sovontccn-ycar old daugh
ter of William Doughty of Hochford. The
couple wont to Bololt , Wls , , that .Mecca of all
Hocklord lovers , and were married ,
IlrlllHli CoiiHtil Ijynll Honnecil ,
GU.VKSTOXTCX. , , Dee 31. Ilrltlsh Consul
Lynll hns been Instructed to vacate Ills ofllce
tomorrow ,
Ei ht Hundred Dollars Taken from n Oar
at Aloiti ,
Another IntrroNtlnc Programme Car
ried Out Yost onlay A Ili-lilc-
crooin In ilnil Kulclilo oT
nn IIIH.IIIC I'armer.
. . . . .
BttituxnTo.v , In. , Dec. HI. [ Special Telegram - f
gram to Tun lii-.l ) : News hns been received
of an express robbery at Albln , la. The rob-
oers . entered nn express ear nnd secutvd $800.
Particulars nits delayed by n deluge of rain
falling ' tonight , roiidermg telegraph wires
Tin1 lown Tiiau..ers
DES MoiN'r. " , In. , Dec. ! 10. ISpoclal Telegram - * t
gram toTinlii.J-Tlio ! : : forenoon was taUon j
up by the state teachers' convention hi a '
meeting of the general association. Immedi
ately after the opening the chair announced 1
the following committee on conference on the
world's fair : Q. A. Gates , Grlnndl ; Sam
uel Colvln , lown City , / . Loughrldgo , Cedar
Fulls ; W. P. Cramer , Sioux City ; F. J. Ses
sions , Waterloo ; E. W. Colcnmn , Missouri
Vallov : H. C. Unrrott , Osago. Thou followed
tin extended discussion on the subjoctof pen
manship , the matter being introduced by a j
IciiRthy paper bv Prof. C , H. Pierce of Keo-
Icuk , the general tenor of tbo discussion being'
that penmanship is net adequately taught lu
the public schools. Miss Mary A. Illood of
Chicago gave an Interesting talk on reading.
Dr. E , E. White df Cincinnati , O. , consumed
the remainder of the session by a discussion
of the subject of moral training. The niter- *
noon was devoted to meetings of the various
At the meeting of the woman's round
table Inst evening the following oltlcers wcro
elected ! President , Miss Georgia U'nrrlck ;
Dos Molties ? vice president , Miss Carlisle ,
Chariton ; secretaryGrace Cooley , Dnbuijuo ;
treasurer , MissHiichanaii , Washington ; mem
ber of the executive council , Miss Hello Pat
terson , Osknloosa.
In the evening Dr. Whlto of Cincinnati
lectured before the general association ou
"Tbo Duly of the Hour. "
In the college nnd university department
this afternoon President C. A ; SchuelTor de
livered nn address and the following papers
were discussed : "The Etymological Objec
tion to Spelling Hoform , " Prof. S. O. Barnes ,
CSrlnnell ; "Tho Helatlons of Secondary ,
Schools and Colleges , ' ' Prof. II , II. Freer ,
Mount Vernon ; "How May the Number
Seeking to Obtain a Thorough Education Bo
Increased , " I'rof. J. E. Todd , Tabor. lu the
evening the following programme wns ren
dered :
"Tlio High School Practical Studios , "
Sadie Hlco , Boone ; "Manual Training , "
George Uobbins , Davenport : "High School
KiiRllsh , " George Edward , Mnrshiilltoxvn.
The Normal School "What Shall It
Teach I" William M. Groan , Snonandoah ;
"Tho Use of Its Methods , " A. W. Hum , Lo-
mars ; ' -Tho Abuse of It.s Methods , " Fella
Buckingham , Cedar Falls. *
In the elementary and graded departments
the following subjects were discussed :
The Tcnclier Out of tbo School Hoom
"Tlio Teacher in Society , " Miss Etta Suplco | ,
Des Mollies "Tho Teacher lu Politics , "
Superintendent C. II. Carson , Wtntorset ;
"Tho Teacher In Finance , " Superintendent
Charloi W. Do.uio , Sioux City ,
Tlio Promotion of Pupils "Kovlews anil
Examinations , What and 'How , " Superin
tendent Orion U. Scott , OskaloGsii , "Tho
Per Cent Systdrn- Marking and Report
ing , " Superintendent S. S. Townsloy ,
Hampton ; "Methods of Marking , Dally
Heeitutlon Marking and Monthly Esti
mates , " Superintendent George C. Chandler ,
Tbo primary section of the elementary nnd
graded department wns taken up with the
lollowlngpapers : "Tho llerbartian System
of School Education , MUs P. J. Snclling.
MarslmlltownThe ; Sanitary Condition of
the Krhool Hoom , " Mrs. Minnie L. Hatch ,
Des Moliics.
Tlio county superintendent's department
discussed the following paper : "Ought the
basts for promotion in ami graduation from
normal Institutes to bo the sumo In all coun
ties In lowui"
Tlio penmanship nnd drawing department
session discussed these papers : "Writing In
the public schools. " Prof , A. S. Parsons ,
Creston ; "Penmanship in comity institutes , "
Superintendent II. C. ilclllngsworth , Ccnter-
villo ; "Drawing from nn educational.stand
point. " Prof , C , P , Lumloy , Muscalino ; "Tho
practical In teaching penmanship , " Prof. D.
11. Snoko , DCS Moines ; "Material for writing
and drawing in public schools and insti
tutes , " I'rof. H. F. Ogden , Delta.
The committee on the world's fair met in
the afternoon. There were also present tbo
lown members of the national committee.
President W. F. King of Cornell college ami
Colonel Joseph Eibocck of Des Moinos. The
state commission wns represented by F. N.
Cha o of Cedar Falls , Henry Stivers of Des
Monies , and J. W. Garnlgan of Montczuran ;
Mrs , Whiting S. Clark , ono-of the loivn lady
managers of the world's ' fair ; State Superin
tendent Sablne , nnd ono or two others were
present. President Oates of Urlii'iell was
made chairman and tbo meeting resolved It
self Into an inform il conference. It wns
dually decided that Iowa must have a credit
able educational exhibit nt the exposition ,
and ncotnmttteoof live from the State Teach
ers' ' association , with Stnto Superintendent
Snhino ns ex-olllcio chairman , will bo np-
pointed tomorrow morning , to have full con
trol of ttio exhibit , subject to tbo approval of
the Iowa commissioners , wh o meet hero In
January. The Idea will bo to have competi
tion all over the state for representation la
tlio exhibit.
A Bridegroom In JnlI.
Sioux CITV , In. , Dec. 31. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim HiiJ : : The honeymoon of
Mr. mid Mrs. Clyde Walker Is not a happy
ono. The young pcoplo were married after
being brought back from Cherokee by the in
dignant father of the girl. They were re
fused admission to the homo of the brldo's
parents , and Clyde is now In Jail. This morn
ing Sheriff Mngnor received a telegram from
Sheriff Mender of Hard In county ordering
the arrest of Walker on the charge of Illegal
voting at Ackloy at the election last Novem
ber. The arrest was mndo nnd the bride
groom will bo taken to Aeldoy tomorrow.
fiuiolilo oT n Kiirmrr.
FOICT Doooi : , In , , Dec. 31 , [ Special Telo-
grnm to Tin : Bm.l : Baitholomow Welch , a
prosperous farmer of Webster county , com
mitted suicide this morning by cutting his
throat with a ra/.or. The deed was inspired
by insanity , superinduced by continued sick
ness. Welsh was a resident of this county
for thirty-live years.
This Wnntlirr Forecast.
For Omaha nnd vicinity Ham or anowj
much colder.
For Nebraska Light rain or snow ; north
erly winds ; cottier ,
For lown Haln or snow ; northerly winds ;
colder : cold wave.
For South Dakota LIghl rain or snow ;
northerly winds ; colder.
A severe storm is central In eastern ICnn-
sa , which will cause general rains In the
eastern portion of the United States , with
snow m England anil ram in the central
Mis sis lppl valloy. which will turn Into
n snowstorm during the day , with high
northerly winds an < l a cold wave In upper
Michigan , Wisconsin , Illinois , Missouri ,
Kansas , northern Texas , Iowa and Minnesota
seta ,
W. e. Oohiiy Doiid ,
Lini'.iiTY , Neb , , Dee. Ul , [ Special Telegram
to Tin. HKH. ] W. C , Ooudy , a cd seventy-
jpno one of Lliiuriy'M oldest and most rospeot *
id citizens nnd undo to A , K. Cioady , state
supei In tendon t elect , died -today of lirlguU
ti. .
, 1
j ,
f i

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