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Little Enrt May Mistakes a Playmate for a
Street Oar Deal In Lincoln
Horses nnd JMuIofl Give I'lnuo to
Electricity Governor 'I hay or'n
Stirring Appeal ,
Pnr.Mosr , Neb. , Dec. 31. [ Spcclnl to THE
UEI : . ] An unfortunate clrcunntanco took
place lait night about dark at the residence
ofC. II. May. During tlio afternoon his lit-
tlosoii Durt , a lad of cloven yearn , had been
entertaining n number of his frlcndi. At
dusk Homo of his quests were enjoying them-
.Jiclvcs In the yard , while others were In the
pouse. Flnnllr th'cro wns n tappltiRon the
U'lmlow. Lootdtitf tlmt way the youiif , ' host
: ! ! thn Indistinct form of a faro. Uo thought
hU ftucsU had nil gone homo and the form
lielntf nt such n height from the K round ho
naturally nupiioscd the intruder was a man
n tramp or a thlof. Ho remembered where
his father's revolver was kept and turning
to cot It , ho Ilrcd at the form at the window
nnd shot Master James Illclts , ono of his
playmates who was standlnir on stilts. The
ball , which was n : ! 'j-calii > cr , struck the little
fellow on the chcolc bona and planccd down
ward , led trlii K In the neck , from whcnco It
was extractcu by surgeons.
Street Car Ilcnl.
LINCOLN' , Nob. , Dec. 31. [ Special to TUB
Br.n. ] The Lincoln electric street railway
syndicate , which recently purchased the
Lincoln street railway and later the Bethany
Heights line , today bought the six and a half
miles of line owned by Brown Bros. , the
well kno.vn grain men , fora consideration of
? CO,000 , the Standard people to retain nil real
estate given them for the purpose of extend
ing their line to Wcsloynn university. The
now company Is to take i-hnrgo April 1 , but
M' , * in the meanwhile will make all arrangements
j'/ to turn the line | mto an electric road. The
electric syndicate also made an ngrcpmont
with the property owners in Collcgu View ,
where tbo Advcntlst college Is located ,
whereby they will extend their line on Sum-
iicr street to Twenty-seventh nnd thcnco
south to the college. This deal leaves the
rapid transit the solo remaining Lincoln
street railway which u ill bo run by horse
and uiulo power.
Governor Tlinycr'H Appeal.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Dec III. [ Special to TUB
IjEK. ] On behalf of the western sufferers
Governor Thayer has issued thu following
appeal :
To The Public Atn meeting of the evoca
tive Iroiird nf th ( ! state relief com mil toe , com
posed of w. N. Nnson of Oinnlm , It , II. Urcor nf
Kaarnoy , John I < 'lt7geril < l. u. W.AInshor , Louts
Jluyur , A. . ) . S.iwyorof Lincoln , and thosupcr-
Intciidrntsnf tlio work , the following resolu
tion oflYrcd by Louis Muyur was unaiiliiiously
udnptcd :
wiiorons , Tbo funds for relieving western
snfli'rrraiiru about exhausted ; and
AVbcreas , There nro ovrr twenty counties ,
averaging over two hundred families to a
county , a total of 2. > ,000 persons depending on
Miiiiillns f HUH oiirHtuto ; anil
\YliuiouM , Somu tlmo must elapse before tbo
rgnnlro and inaliu the ncces-
sary uppojirlntlons for help ;
Tlmrofori > , resolved , that thli executive
hoard request Governor Tliayor to iniifco an
other stlrrlnir npmal to tbo citizens of Ne
braska fur contributions uf money , clothing
and provisions eto ,
1 now appual to you with all the earnestness
I can cnimunnd for morulit'lp for the people of
the droiitb-mrlekcn cnuntli" * . Vou liuTo ro-
Bponilrd nnblv thus far ; your contribution1 }
have gone to the destitute , and through vour
Konornslty thousands of our own people liuvu
boon sa\pl from cold and hunger. If you
rould ri-ad the lettow which Messrs. Martin ,
Luildun nnd myself rrcolvo dally from these
counties to which relief has but'ii sent It would
do your heart good and 3-011 would feel Ilko
duplicating your former gifts , and that Is ox-
aclljr wlmt 1 ask you to do now. Wo can
probably Ict-ou tho.se pcoplo supplied for about
olght day.s longer , and then our means are ux-
IjlUlMttM ] ,
1 Homo will say , "Well , the loglslatnro will
meet In a few days ; that body will make nn
iipproprlutlon. " True , hut lei us.sen :
Tim luglslutnro will ussoinblu on tlio nth of
January , legislative business cannot bo du-
'jicndrd upon to take plnco till after the Bth.
Thus a wcc'U of January bus gone ,
Kvury Mil must bo licad on I'nch conwent Ive
clay for Ihroo duys In each limiT.aiul thus an-
othur wi'ok will bo consumed. Tlicio must , In
evitably bo u good deal of dismission over the
bill. It lasafo to eonclU'Jo tbteu weeks , and
In all probability four , miistolnnso bufoio any
rollof can lie derived from aluglslatlvn appro
priation.Vo must brhhiouvur tlmt tlmo. It
Is linn voidable. Tbo necessity docs exist ; It
Is most Imperative , and now 1 entreat vou to
runow your good works. The appeal wllleon-
tliini ) to coino to Messrs. Martin , I.udden and
Lad IDS nnd gentlemen of the public , wo
mnst have tlio means to meet t ho demand. Wo
cannot , and will not , ay no. Lessen your ov-
IICIISOH , Id up on costly entertainments and
useless extravagances mimiiihvr If you do
not glvo. some poor human being may dlo of
cold orsturvntlon. Vou , yourselves , will bo
richer for what you give. TorimDlo these
people to go through tbp wlntur nnd bo pre
pared to put in crops In tbo spring will bring
to you four fold , yes , tn only fold greater re
What tbo proplo have thus fur done for our
Buffering bmthron causes mo to feel more
iiroud of being a Ncunibkan than over bo-
loro.Thin state IH caring for Its own peoplo. and It
Trill earn for tlioni It ornvus no outsldo liolp.
It stands , and will stand , to the honor und
glory of our commonwealth , that It Is thus
nobly nnd generously meeting and fulfilling
tlio highest obligations of Christian dntv , and
illustrating a broad humanity. Tlio very inls-
fortune which has Iiofnllen thostnto this last
Benson , and our way of meeting It , will result
In Imparting gieatcoiilldenro und credit for
our people , outsldo ot Nebraska , and before
thn wet Id ,
All punornl correspondence should bo ill-
irocted to Dr. O. W. Martin. Lincoln , superin
tendent ot rollof. All parties having supplies
nf any kind to ship will please address Itov
It. P. l.uddon. superintendent of distribution ,
Lincoln , Nub.
1'nrt les furnishing funds will jiloaso remit to
O. W. Mnshur. president of the Capital Na
tional bank , Lincoln , Nub.
JOHN M. TiiAVp.n.
The undersigned earnestly endorse the ap-
State TonchrrH' Association.
LINCOLN' , Nob. , Deo. HI , [ Special to Tun
BKK. ] The address of President Hughes before
fore the State Teachers' association last
evening has received most complimentary
, criticisms from the teachers present. Ho
objected to annual examination for teachers ,
> A teacher who is qunllllcd need not bo ox *
amlncd every year.
The law tlmt limits the time n teacher may
1)0 hired to ono year works a detriment to
tlio schools. Lot the law be changed that n
teacher need not pass through this order
every year. The olilccr who employs nnd
judges the work of the tuachar should bo as
veil qualified ns the teacher.
Members of the school board should not bo
elected nta general election where trades may
bo mndo for political puriKiscs.
At the morning session C. 0. Pcarso of
TJeatricu read n paper on the subject , "Shall
the State Provide Instructors for the County
Institutes ! " Ilo urged that as a matter of
economy the state snould provide instruction
And drill for its teachers.
Tno subject was further discussed by Prof.
Bosioy , Superintendent Dauin of Hod Cloud
nnd others. A motion that it U thu sciiso of
the association that legal step * should betaken
taken to nut the recommendation in practice ,
was carried after general discussion.
A paper. "Shall the State Establish n
Board of Education ! " wns .vad by Prof.f. .
E. Taylor of Peru. It was discussed by J.
I ) . Monlux of Hastings. On motion of Prof.
Hunt the subject wns referred to the council
on 'legislation tbnt both this and the subject
of Prof. Poarso may bo brought before the
coming legislature.
Miss Stacin Crowly of Omaha read a paper
on the right use ofvordb : "A Deficiency in
the Vocabulary of a Uuco Shows the De
ficiency in the Unco. " A brief review of the
'origin of the English language was given and
Individual words were taken up to show their
hidden meanings. Tbo puncr was listened to
with closest attention nnd by unanimous vote
it was asked that it bo published.
Hllziartl at Elwood.
ELWOOD , Nob. , Dec 81. [ Special Telo-
pramtoTiiu DEC. ] A heavy blizzard , the
lint o ( the season , struck this place about &
o'clock this evening , Some snow is fulling
ana a high wind keeps it nil In thu ulr. It Is
f eared tboro will bo. much suffering of stock
groin the storm.
Two Mcrltrd Promotions.
Mr. N. P. Fell , who has for a number of
years bscn cashier of THE BKK Publishing
company nnd Is now treasurer of the Dee
Building company , has hern promoted to tlio
position of business manager of TIIK Bin. :
which places him In direct control of all
subordinates of the business department.
Mr. M. 1J. Davenport , the present assistant
cashier , has been promoted to the position of
TIIK ire / , / > '
SjHtonintlu I'fTort * to Injure Its Pro-
po.L'ts in Kni-upn.
CHICAGO , lce. ) 31 , [ Special Telegram to
Tim BKK , ] World's fair ofllciuls are contin
ually In receipt of inquiries from European
countries , asking questions in reference to
the fair , which nlToril ovlilenco that there Is
being a systematic effort made abroad to lit-
Jtiro the prospects of the exposition. Today
Vlco President Ilrynn rccotved n letter of In
quiry from Paul do Houston , a writer on
financial matters for La Franca Sociato. The
wrltet questioned principally In regard to the
McKInley bill nnd claimed that statements
inadu in regard to It In the French Journals
were materially Injuring the chances of n
good European othlblt. Ho ventured the as
sertion that it would not pay iniunfucturiii *
of nny line uf goods , with which there wns a
good trade with the states , to exhibit at the
exposition. As Mr. IJrynn Is , by virtue" of
the position ho holds , compelled to eschew
politics ho finds it very hard to glvo a satis
factory answer without presenting the claim
that tlio derogatory reports cnmtmto mostly
from the correspondents of the democratic
papers nnd from the Paris edition of the Now
York Herald.
Chief Handy , of the bureau of promotion
and publicity received this morning , copies
of extracts from publications nt ( J.irlo nnd
Alexandria , Egypt , in which the claim w.is
sot forth that everything was in n
state of choas at , the world's f.ilr headquar
ters and that In point of fact it had not yet
been dccidod to hold the fair at Chicago. The
extracts also touched on the McKluli-y bill ,
From Lyons , In the south of France , where
the great silk Industries nro located , cntno
discouraging reports , emanating from the
papers nf that city.
Chief Handy and Vice President Bryan
both were of tno opinion this morning that
something must bo immediately done to
couiflPnict the pernicious effects of such
work on the part of opponents to the success
of tno fair.
On Saturday Director Davis and Chief
lIAndy leave for Now York , where they will
attend a meeting of the foreign affairs com
mittee , nt which Chief Handy will suggest a
way of overcoming the difllcultv. Ho will
place the situation in its true light before
the foreign correspondents located ut New
Miss Cousins , secretary of the board of
lady managers , does not think her salary of
i..OOO is commensurate with the duties of her
ofllco. Hho said tills morning that It isn't
fair to glvo Secretaries Buttcrworth and
Dickinson $10,000 and the secretary of the
ladles' board only Si.OOO.
Operations Have llcon Considerably
Itctlncud tlio I'nst Week.
Cixcix.VATr , O. , Dec. 31. [ Special Tclo-
gram toTiic Buu. ] Tomorrow's ' Price Cur
rent will say : Western packing operations
hove been considerably reduced the past
week , the total for nil places being approxi
mately 303,000 , ngalnst 400,000 the preceding
week nnd 805,000 last year , indicating a total
-1,100,000 since November 1 , against 3.COO-
000 last year. The undermentioned places
compare as follows :
South Dakota f ducntnr3.
Sioux FALLS , S. D. , Dec. 81. fSnocial
Telegram to Tun 13in.l : The annual inectinp
of the South Dakota Educational association
closed Its 1800 session today In this city.
IMudlson was chosen as the place for the next
meeting and the date changed for the holding
of the annual meeting from December to next
summer. Prof. W. H. H. Beadle , president
of the state normal school at Madison , deliv
ered the principal lecture of the day upon
The Work of the Normal School. "
A Denver Paper Changes IlnndH.
DKXVBK , Colo. , Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram
to TJIE BEE. ' ] The Evening Times changed
hands tod'ay. W. II. Grlfllth retiring. The
now management Is represented by II. W.
Hawley , manager , and w. E. Brownleo , ed
itor. Both nro from Minneapolis. The paper
remains republican In politics.
An Ancient Kind.
HOME , Dec. 31. At n meeting of tno Ponti
fical academy of archaeology it was an
nounced that n basilica in the church of St.
Sylvester had been discovered containing the
tombs of six popes , including that of St. Syl
vester , who occupied the papal chair from
314 to 3 0 , A. D.
Fought Over Social Precedence.
VIENNA , Dec. 81. Count Doy , ambassador
from Austria tn England , nnd Count do Lut-
zen , first secretary of the embassy , fought a
duel with pistols near this city today. Neither
was wounded. The affair grow out of a
quarrel In London over u question of social
A Celebrity Sentenced.
StUTTi.E , Wash. , Dec. 31. Charles P.
Hammond , proprietor of the notorious Cleve
land street house In London , who was con
victed of grand larceny a few days ago , was
today sentenced to two years in the
penitentiary. The case has been appealed.
Itlnliop Spnldlng Declares Himself.
SPIU NO FIELD , 111. , Doc. 31. At n mcellngof
the state teachers' association 'last night
Catholic Bishop Spnldintr of Pcorin delivered
nn address In which ho advocated teaching
religion in the public schools and declared
himself In favor of compulsory education.
Ilonvy DeinnmlH Tor Cold.
New YOIIK , Doc. 31. A special from Lon
don received today says : It is rumored that
n largo demand has been made for Bank of
iCngland gold for shipment to Now York.
Germany continues Its demand. The banK
charges 0 per cent for loans.
Pnrncll ami O'llrlen
PAiiisDcc.31. The Sleclc claims that a
hot nnd hostile discussion took place ycstcr-
dny between Parnellnnd O'Brien. This dis
cussion , the paper says , renders a reconcilia
tion between the Irish leaders most Impossi
Killed by nn Uxplonlon.
NEW YOIIK , Dec. 31. A Now Orleans spe
cial says : A tcrrlllc explosion occurred last
night nt the power station of the Louisiana
electric light aud power company. The build
ing was wrecked and several employes killed.
Noiv York Hankers Pall.
NEW Yonu , Deo. 81. Batcmnn & Co. > , ,
bankers , assigned this morning without
preferences. Arthur O. Datcinan made an
individual assignment The failure was for
mally announced on the stuck exchange. -
Bay tl > Strike IH Over.
OLASOOW , Doc. 'it. The general managers
of tbo Scotch railways have announced that
the striken nro defeated. Trains are running '
regularly. _
Ovcroonio by Vlro Damp.
MACOUU , 111. , Doc. St. While dioglng a
well today "William McLooU and William
Cokcr vero overcome by llro damp.
Mx'Tronsuror Hptnnnr Donil.
JACKSONVILLE Fin. , Dec. 31. Goncral F.
K. Spinner , ox treasurer of the United States ,
died this ovoulnc.
Union Paoifio Officials Bsfma to Bo Served
with a Court Summons.
Clnrk , llulcoiiih , Illlukenstlerfor anil
" \Vnro Must Show Cntiso Why
Thojr Should Not Ho Fined
fur Contempt.
The Indications now are that the railroad
war between the Union Pacific and the Mil
waukee Is only In Its Infancy , and , further ,
that when Judge Doano Issues an order It Is
not simply for the lulo purpose of signing his
As U well known , the Judio Issued an
order enjoining "tho Union Pacific company
from Interfering with the runnlngof the Mil
waukee trains , but disregarding this order ,
Tuesday night the former company locked
Its switches and by so doing sent a Milwau
kee train into the ditch.
Yesterday there was a cessation of hostili
ties , but the light was renewed last night
when Agent F. A. Nash and Solicitor Fish
of the Milwaukee appeared before tlio Judge
and Died an infor'uintlcn that his order had
been openly violated.
This In formation was not pleasing to Judge
Doano , and ho at once issued nn order for
( lononil Manager S. II. II. Clark. Assistant
Ccncr.il Manager . li. Holcomb , Division
Superintendent Uoliort nilekensderfor and
Train Dispatcher Charles Ware of the Union
Pncllicto nppcar before him on Saturday ,
Junutiry n. at 10 o'clock a. m. , and show cause
why they should not bo lined for violating
the onlur of the court.
The warrant was placed In the hands of
Dcmity Tirney for service Justnf tor 7 o'clock
and was served upon Mr. Hllckensdorfer
without any difficulty , but with Mr. Clnrk It
was cath-as-catch-can , Mr. Clark was at
the MlllarJ. and us the deputy entered the
front room he How through the billiard hall
and out onto Thirteen th street. The deputy
followed In hot pursuit , but lost his man in
the alley. This forced him to give up the
chasu. and ho had to content himself by mak
ing service by leaving a copy of the papers In
Mr. Clark's room.
The service upon Mr. Holcomb was made
by leaving the papers In the hands of u ser
vant girl. Tlmoy visited Mr. Holcomb's
home * , and after a vigorous ringing of the
door bell , nn upstairs window was raised ,
and sticking out his head , Mr , Holcomb de
manded , "Who's there } "
Ho was informed that it was the sheriff ,
and the window went down with a bang.
The door bell was again worked , and at
last a domestic appeared , and to her the paper
was handed , with the instruction that it bo
delivered to her employer instnutcr.
The Union Pacific filed the necessary pa
pers late yesterday afternoonand the injunc
tion rase begun by the Milwaukee before
Judge Doano will probably bo removed to the
United States district court-and will bo tried
before Judge Dundy.
Report nf the Operations of the Bu
reau Tor six MnntliH.
WASHINGTON , Dee. 31. The superintendent
ol the census has submitted to the secretary
of the Interior a report of the operations of
the bureau for the six months ending today.
On the subject of the apportionment of
rcnrcsentatlves in congress Porter says :
' The apportionment of representatives In
congress was not delayed a moment by the
failure of the census ofllco to have ofllclal
returns of the population ready on the con
vening of congress. If the apportionment
bill which passed the house should pass the
senate and become a law the apportionment
under the cloven th census would bo about
two years earlier than any heretofore made. *
On the subject pf.fnrms , homes and. inoyt-
gages , etc. , Port or said : "Tho work accom
plished : by this division up "to" date may bo
brietly It stated ns follows ! "Number of coun
ties in which complete abstracts have been
made , 2,775 ; numoor of counties in which ab- '
stractlnp Is unfinished , 71 ; total number of
counties in thu United States , 3,783 : number
of counties in which supplemental work must
bo done owing to the incompleteness of ab-
straoters , 17 ; number of mortgages for which
abstracts were made , 8,515,015 ; estimated
number of mortgages for which abstracts are
yet to be made In counties thafaro'not to bo
abstracted , 57.450 ; number of m'oiMgaees re-
cordad in the United States during the ten
years 3i 3 ending December 21 , 18H9 , rough count
and estimate , S.572UV > ; number'bfInquiry
counties m which Investigation is yet to bo
completed , 30 ; number of inquiry 'counties
in which the Investigation has been com
pleted 09 ; total number of counties com
puted from average llfo , 1,353 , ; total number
of counties sorted , 880 ; total number of
counties transferred to result slips' , 310.
" \VithIn a few months the census office
expects to announce the number of persons
in the United States living in rented homes
and cultivating rented farms , the number
occupying their own homes and fanes frco
from debt , mid the number reported as own
ing farms and homes mortgaged. While the
facts obtained by this Investigation will
throw new light upon the subject of mort
gage Indebtedness , and while the material
gathered bids fair to bo far more complete
and more reliable than I had ever hoped , the
cost of the inquiry has been great and will
fully reacn my original estimate of 81,250.000
to $1,500,000. "
The Proponed Jewish Colony.
WASHINGTON , Dec , 31. With reference to
the proposed organization of a colony of Jews
in the Argentine republic the bureau of
American republics furnishes the following
from Kuvuo Dud Amencaine , Paris : "Wo
have before referred to the project of Baron
HlrschVho proposes establishing in the Ar
gentine republic a Jewish colony of 500,000
persons from Kussln , which enterprise will
require a capital of $4)0.000,000. ) Rothschild ,
the great banker of Frankfort , arid several
others , will participate In the undertaking ,
which , besides the possible idea of gain , will
assure to tins Israelite colonists sholteragalnst
the soml-scmctlc movement which in eastern
Europe threatens not only their property but
their lines.
The Illinois Legislative Struggle.
HOCK ISLAND , IH.Dec. 31. William Payne ,
republican , was elected to the legislature at
a special election held la the Twenty-first
district yesterday to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of Collins , who .was found
to bo ineligible. The democrats refrained
from voting and will contest the election , as
sorting that the democrat who was defeated
by Collins should have the place. The inter
est lies in the fact that the result will affect
the United States senatorial contest at the
coming session of the legislature.
A. Warm New Year's Dnjr.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. The signal ofilco re
port says this morntngthat reports show that
over Arkansas , eastern Missouri and Iowa
the year closes with ono of the warmest
crtods on record at this season of the year.
The teinporaturo over these sections is iroin
ai3 to 30 = above the average. This warm
wave will move eastward and over the gulf
states , the Ohio valley and the greater portion
tion of the lake region. New Year's day
promises to bo ono of the warmest , over
IllhioU Tflnohers.
SruixnpiEi.n , 111. , Dec. 31. The Illinois
Stnto Touchers' association concluded Its
thirty-seventh annual session tonight. Prof.
Alfred Kirk of Chicago was elected presi
dent. Resolutions were adopted in favor of
a compulsory education law without any
modification that will Impair Its. cfllqeucy ,
ami in favor of the purchase of text books by
local school boards and the furnishing of the
saino frco to pupils or at wholesale prices , ao-
cording to the opinion of the board.
Business Failures the Past , Year.
NEW YOKK , Dec. 31. The business failures
occurring throughout the United for 1SOO , as
reported by Dun , nro lO.tOT in number , being
but twcnty-llvo greater than 18S . The lia
bilities show a very lurgo Increase over ISSi ) ,
being tisy.000,000 , as against I48,000,000 , nn
increase of Jit,000.000. These are the largest
liabilities since 181 , when they amounted to
AOrnnil f-'i sc-ltiulo of l ght nnU Color
ut l.o | .
The Collsctfr\l \ iffluia not have presented n
more bcautlfitf appearance Hum It did last
evening , wltl\l ( \ > Hood of brilliant light nnd
profusion aeUflUo decorations , and with
scores of gnllyt crtMumed masquers whirling
over the spacious llcor.
It was tlio' kf.i'nd mnsqucrado ball given
by the Mysti'o Circle , and desplto the In
clemency o ( tjjOj' ' weather , hundreds of tlio
pleasure loving , citizens of Omaha took ad
vantage of the ! opportunity offered to pleas
antly watch thO old yc.irout and usher In the
now. ' . , :
Never bcfoFopWas the great structure so
elaborately decorated. Three fdll car loads
of Christmas trees of Wisconsin
spruce and cedar were arranged about the
railing of the great amphitheater anil
grouped around the Immense plllnts support
ing the roof , nnd yards upon yards of buntIng -
Ing gracefully fustooncil and almost filled the
spuco under the roof. The flags of nil nations
were conspicuously draped from the pillars
Just Inside the track.
Over the scene was cast the rays of 320 gas
jets , twenty-two 3,000-nro lights , three locomotive -
motive headlights and a powerful calcium
light , which afforded n most brilliant illumi
An orchestra of fortv pieces , composed of
both the Union Pnclllc and Knights of
Pythias bands , occupied the platform at the
north end of the dancing lloor , nnd the Wal
nut Hill htuznr baud was stationed ut the
south and furnished promciiado nmsio be
tween the dance numbers.
Hundreds wont merely to look on , nnd the
spectators swelled the number in attendance
to nearly two thousand. It was not , how
ever , such a turnout ns the elaborate prepara
tions deserved. Arrangements had been
made to care for fully 8,000 people. Mr.
James Balcli of the Hotil Darker had charge
ot the catering , and ticorps of waiters served
the following excellent meiiu at tables ar
ranged In thu balcony :
Haw Oysters.
Cclory. . ,
Turkey. Westphalia Ham.
Smoked Touguo. Corned Dcof.
Chicken Salad.
Now York Ice Cream. Assorted Cako.
TUo v/lno list Included Piper Holdslcck ,
Veuvo Cllquot ( yellow label ) , Monopole ( ex
tra dry ) , "White Seal and Niorstoincr.
The dancing programme was very prettily
arranged , and included twenty-four uum-
The grand inarch took place at 9:30 , and
two hours Inter 0.11110 the unmasking.
Just buforo the masks were removed the
Judges awarded the prizes. The Judges were
Messrs. Mctirow , Snyder and Smith. Prizes
were awarded ns follows :
Best represented inalo cnaractor , Mr. J. O.
Hines , "Do Soto,1' gold watch.
Beat represented female character , Mlsa
Dora McDonald , "Tho Huntress , " gold
Second best represented male character ,
Frank ICrasuski , "Turk , " silver-headed cano.
Second best rcnresi'iitcd female character ,
Martin Knsle , "AYldowof Prohibition , " vnso.
Handsomest male costume , Harry Phillips ,
"Monto Cristo , " diamond pin.
Handsomest 'female costume , Miss Ella
Harrison , "SpahMi Beauty , " diamond ring.
Best "Undo Saai , " WillinmMaek , cane ,
Bcstcomlo male1 character , J" . M. Gay-
more , "Old Man'and Wife , " umbrella.
Best comic female character , "U'llliam S.
Roberts , "Grnsrf Widow , " umbrella.
1'rottlest gendraVcostume , Miss Gertrude
1'atton , "Katlskh,1' ' silk umbrella.
Best represent couple. Miss Lucy Nor
man and Mrs.WS. Roberts , "Oxford Girls , "
$10 in gold. '
Grand prize of ? SO for best group of five
characters , "SptinlsU Students , " E. G. Wil
son , J. J. Hannigah' O. B. Slater , Frank Anderson -
derson , M. J. Lenctro and Frank Ley.
_ = '
There was novery : jolly masquerade bal
given by the wl ijsaod daughters of Court
Eclipse , Indopcjidonf. OrOorof Oddfellow ? ,
last night atGnrflhld hall. The costumes
were beautiful aodiKrOtosquo , and I no party
spent the evening ) lu < n-most delightful man
ner. vi.
Fully two hundred..couples toolc part In the
dance and the supper tables were thronged
at midnight.
Enough-to Keep the Wolf Away.
NHW YOIIK , Dec. 31. The duchess of Marlborough -
borough will have to curtail her expenses
In the future to $50,000 a year , the supreme
court having decided that that sum will now
bo applied , to the payment of three Judgments
aggregating nearly J700,000 recovered agaiqst
her recently , The suit was begun By John
Jaffray , who holds judgments to as
certain how much her ladyship
required for her maintenance. The
duchess answered that her net Income
did not exceed § i.t,000 : ! nnd that alt of it was
necessary. William A. Duor was selected as
referee , and ho llnds her gross annual in
come to bo gUO.OOaand her not income § 130-
000. The rofcrco.further llnds that she will
have a reasonable allowance after deducting
? 50,000 a year.
National Capital Notes.
WASHINGTON' , Dec. -fSpcclal Telegram
toTjisBnK.-rMrs. ] W. E. Annlu and chil
dren arrived from Omaha this afternoon and
nro nt the Langhnm.
Miss Kilbourno of Iowa will assist the
daughter of General Schoflcld tomorrow In
J. T. Cowan of Patron , la. , Is at the Amor-
lean , and William J. Hughes of Manning , la. ,
is at the National.
H. C. Fairchild of Beatrice has been ap
pointed to a postal clerkship on the Union
Pacific run between Omaha and Ogdeu.
Another vacancy exists on the pension
hoard at Crawford by the removal from the
city of Dr. Drynn. The Nebraska delegation
will make an appointment to till it.
PunlHiicd Children wltti Hot Irons.
CHICAGO , Dec. 31. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : BEK.J The preliminary examination of
Mrs. Seeloy , alias AUen , tno matron of the
Bethany homo for children , was continued to-
dav. It was shown that she punished the
children by burning thorn with n red hot
poker , The woman denied all of the accusa
tions of cruelty and neglect rnado against her.
She was hold for the further action of the
grand Jury. It is said that she possesses con
siderable property ,
A. Shore Cnnliler Suicides.
COULE CITT , "Wash. , Dec. 31. Walter B.
Webb , who was cashier , of iho Northern Pa-
clllo express company at Spokane Falls ,
has committed sulpido by shooting himself la
the head. Ho had1 Ution drinking and gam
bling lately andAVlis discharged Sunday.
His accounts wcref6uml to bo short and ho
was about to bo ntr&tcu' ' . Webb Is a son of
William B. Webb ; " " secretary of Montana
under the Clevelrnd administration.
Postmaster Mffifiows * Slayer Freed.
C.MWOI.TOX , Mips , , , . Dec. 31 , At the pre
liminary examination ? of McBride for killing
J , P. Matthews , Uho'Tepubllcan postmaster
nt this nlace , lastt' Tlstmas , twcnty-flva or
thirty witnesses \Voro examined. After , ex
haustive nrgumolijb'lt ' was decided that Mc-
llrido acted In st'lf-Ylofenso ' aad ho was dis
charged. V 'i ,
Four Kndln&i Demolished.
, Colo. , "VS ) * , , _ . ill. A collision oc
curred near Semp riColo. , this mornl'ig on
the Union Pacific between a freight and
train No. U , north-bound , Four engines were
demolished. No ouc was injured.
Farmers Will Compote ,
ST. Louis , Mo. , Doc , 31. The farmers' alli
ance of Missouri la taking steps to compete ,
by co-oporatlvo manufacturing , with tno re
cently formed gigantic American harvester ,
company of Chicago.
The Uonvor Times Hold.
DENVER , Colo. , Dec ill. The Denver Times
was sold today to H. "W. Hawley 'of a Min
neapolis company , 'It Is understood that
f 175,000 was the consideration.
Ntoninxhln Arrivals.
Passed the Lizard The steamer Dan I a ,
from Now York for Hamburg.
At Sicily Passed : Steamer Latin , from I
Now York for Bremen.
Hugo' ' * Description of tbo War Between
Rome nnd Oarthgo.
IJur.ipo mill Africa Pitted Agnliiat
Knuh Other Tlio Wonderful
Itlilo ul * Lily Scrvonso in
The Fool's Krriuul. "
Many literary gems of the brightest ray
find a'lftaco too often upon neglected book
shelves. The masses do not HOO them nnd
few favored ones enjoy them. Several bril
liants have been unearthed by TIIK Bur. and
are herewith presented !
Homo and r < irth K- >
Victor llnui } .
Rome nnd Carthage I Behold them draw
ing near for the struggle that Is to shnko the
world. Carthage , the metropolis of Africa ,
Isnc the mistress of oceans , of kingdoms , nmkof
nations ; n magnificent city , burdened with
opulence , radiant with the strange arts nnd
trophies of the cast. She is at the acino of her
civilization. She can mount no higher. Any
change now must be n decline. Homo Is comparatively
paratively poor. She has seized all within
her grasp , but rather from the lust
of ( conquest than to til her own
coffers. She is dcnil-barbarotis , nnd
has her education and her future both to
htF . All Is bcforohor nothing behind ,
For a tlmo these two nations exist In view of
each other. The ono reposes In the noontide
Ol her splendor , the other wjxes strong in
the shade. But , little by little , nlr nnd space
are , wanting to each for her development.
Homo begins to perplex Carthage and Carthage
ago is an oycsoro to Homo. Seated on oppo
site banks of the Mediterranean the two
cities look each other In the face. The sea no
longer keeps them apart. Europe and Africa
weigh upon each other. Like two clouds sur
charged with electricity they Impend. With
their contact must come the thunder shock.
The catastrophe of this tremendous drama
Is ' nt hand. What actors are met t Two
races that of merchants and mariners , that
of laborers nnd soldiers ; two nations the
ono dominant by gold , the other by steel ;
two republics the ono theocratic and the
other aristocratic. Homo nnd Carthage I
Homo with her army , Carthngo with her
Hoot ; Carthage , old , rich nnd crafty Home ,
young , poor and robust ; the past and tlio
future ; the spirit of discovery and the spirit
of conquest ; the genius of commerce and the
demon of war ; the cast nnd the south on ono
side , the west and the north on the other ; in
short , two worlds the civilization of Af
rica and tno civilization of Europe. They
measure each other from head to foot. They
gather all their forces. Gradually the war
kindles. Tlio world takes llro. These colos
sal powers ore locked la deadly strife. Carthage
thago him crossed the Alps , Homo tlio seas.
The two nations , pcrsonillcd in two men
Hnnnilml and Sciplo close with each other ,
wrestle , anil prow Infuriate. The duel is
desperate. It is a struggle for llfo. Homo
wavers. Sh6 utters that cry of anguish
Hannibal nt the gates I But she rallies , col
lects all her strength for ono last appalling
effort , throws herself upon Carthage and
sweeps her from the face of the earth.
Lily Servome'H Hide.
From To\irare' \ "A Funl'i Jlrmntl. "
It was Just at sundown and Lily was sitting
on the porch at Warrington , when a horse
man rode up to the gate nud uttered the
. .
usual hallo which it is customary for ono to
give who desires to communicate with the
household in that country. Lily rose and ad
vanced to the steps.
"Hero's a letter , " said the horseman , as ho
held an envelope up to view , and then , ns she
started down the steps , threw It over the
gate Into the avcnuoand cantered easily
away. Lily picked up the letter , broke the
seal nnd read :
"Colonel SITVOSSO A raid
: of Ivu-Ivlnx IIJIH
boon ordered to Intercept Judge Denton on his
way homo tonight. It Is understood that ho
has telegraphed to you to accompany him
hmno. Do not do It , If 3-011 can by ui\y \ means ,
glvo him warning. It Is a big raid and moans
business. The decree li , that ho Khali bo tied ,
placed In the middle of the hrldgu across the
rlvnr , tlio ulankH taken up on each side , so us
to prevent a rosuiiv. and tlio brldso t > ct on lire.
Lsund this warning for your sake. Do not
trust the U'logrnpli. I sbull try tosond tills
by a MI ft ) hand , nut tremble lost It. bu tno
late. Idaro not sign my name , but subscribe
myself your UNKNOWN Pnihsn , "
The young girl stood for n moment para
lyzed with horror at the danger that threat
ened hoc Jnthcr. It did not once occur to her
to doubt the warning she had received. She
glanced 'nt the time-peace upon the mantel.
The hands pointed to S o'clock.
"Too Intel too late I" she snld , ns she
clasped her hands and raised her oyai to
heaven In prayerful ngony.
"O , my dear , dear papal" she cried , as she
realized more fully the danger. "Can nothing
bo done to save'hlniS"
Then a new thought flashed upon her mind.
Sh'o ran to the back porch , und culled sharply ,
hut quickly :
"William ! O William I"
' \Vllliam , " said Lily , as the stable boy ap
peared , ' put my saddle on young Lollard ,
and bring ; him round as quick as possible. "
"But , Miss Lily , you know tlat boss , "
tbo servant began to expostulate.
"I know nil about him , William. Don't
wait to talk. Bring him out. "
it was perhaps well , for the accomplish
ment of her purpose tlmt for some time after
setting out on her perilous journey , Lily Ser-
vosso had enough to do to maintain her seat
and guldo and control her horso.
As ho dashed away with the speed of the
wind , she felt how powerless she was to re
strain him by moans of the bit. Nor did she
attempt it.
Sometimes her way lay through the forest ,
and she was startled by the cry of the owl.
The moon cast strange shadows around her ,
but still f > ho pushed on , with this ono only
thought in her mind , that her father's llfo
was at stake and she alone could save him.
Still on and on the bravo horse bore her
with untiring limb. She glanced nt her
watch ; she had still an hour , and half the
distance had been accomplished in half that
tlmo. Half the remaining distance is now
consumed , nnd she comes to a place where
the road fonts , not once , but into four
branches. She trios to think which of the
many Intersecting paths load to Glenvlllo
her destination when she hears a shrill
whlstio to her loft which turns her blood to
Ice in her veins.
Once , twice , thrice and then it Is answered
from the road in front. There are two others.
0 heaven 1 if she but know which road to
takol She knows , well enough the moaning
of these Hicnals. She has heard them boforo.
The masked cavaliers are closing in upon
her , and , as If frozen to stonu , she sits on nor
horse In the clear moonlight nnd cannot
choose ,
From ono to the other the whistle sounds
sharp , short signals. Her heart sinks within
her. ' She 1ms halted at the very rcnde/.vous
of the enemy. They nro all about her. To at
tempt to ride down cither road now is toln-
vlto destruction.
She urged young Lollard nmong the dense
scrub pines which grew between the two
roads from which she know she must choose , ,
turned his head back towards tno point of in
tersection , drew her revolver , leaned over
upon his neck , nnd peered through the over
hanging branches ,
Hardly had she placed herself In hiding
before the open "spaeo around the Intersect-
lug room was nllvo with disguised persons.
'Gentlemen. " said the lender , "Wo have
met hero , nndorn solemn and duly authenti
cated degree of n properly organised caino of
the county of Kockford , to execute for them
the extreme penalty of our order upon Thomas
Denton , in tno way lind manner therein pro-
scribed. Vfo nro , however. Informed that
there will bo with the said Denton another
notorious radical well known to you all , Col
onel Comfort Scrvosso. What shall bo done
with him J"
Some one moved that the same decree bo
mtulo against him as ngalnst thosnlil Donton.
The vote was taken. All were In the uftlrimi-
tlvo except ono young man , who said with
ctnphnslH :
"No ; I'm not In favor of killing anybody I"
"Order I" cried the commander.
'O , you needn't U'H tno I I'm ' wrtnfrald of
anybody lit-ru. tiornll of you. "
"If you tlr from your place , " said the J {
leador/Htcrnly / , "I shall put u bullet through
you. "
" Vou don't expect to frighten ono of the
old Louislinn tlgoni In that way , do you I" ho
continued , drawing n huge navy revolver nnd
cocking Hcoolv.
At this consldorablo confusion arose , nnd
Lily , with bur revolver ready cocked In her
hnnd , turned nnd cautiously made her way
to the road which sho' bad overheard , led to
Sno had proceeded thus about ono hundred
ntul fifty yards when she caino to n turn In
the road nnd saw , sitting before her In the
moonlight , ono of the disguised horsemen ,
evidently ( ilnco ! there on guard. Ho wni
facing the other way , but Just nt that Instant
turned mid. seeing her Indistinctly in the
shadow , cried out ntoncu :
"Who'sthere ! Haiti"
They were not twenty yards npart.
Almost before the word * were out of the
sentry's < mouth she had given young Lollard
the spur nnd shot Ilko nil arrow Into the
brli-ht moonlight , straight towards the black ,
inttllled horseman.
"My llodl" lie erieil , nmazed nt the sudden
npiuritlon. ,
She was close upon him In nn Instant.
There was a shot ; his startled horse sprang
aside , nnd Lily , urging voung Lolhml to his
utmost speed , was living down tbo roivl
toward ( ilcnvlllo. She heard an uproar
behind shouts , and one or two shots. On ,
on she sped. A tnllo , two miles were passed.
She drew In her horse tn listen , There was
tlio nnisu of n horse's hoofs coining down a
hill she had just descended. She laughed
ovea In tier tcrrlblo excitement , at the very
thought that an ) ono should attempt to over
take her.
Tlio perplexity concerning tlio choice of
roads had delayed Lily longer than slio bait
expected. The train from Verdcnton hail
reached nml luflGlcnvllle , The ngent hiiJ
re-entered his ofllco when n foam-llccked
horse ' , with fiery O.VCB nnd bloody nostrils ,
ridden by n.voting girl with whlto , set face
and ( lowing bnlr , dnshed tin to tlic station.
"Judge Denton 1" the rider shrieked , The
agent had but tlmo to motion In the direction
the Judge and her father had .taken when she
had swept on and was borne Ilko an arrow
down the nvcnuo. She realized she must
overtake them before they reached u guarded
place in the roail beyond which the klan.wcro
assembled ready to perform their horrible
Uusk , Thetears , cnmo again , but she drove
them back ,
Then a thrill of Joy took possession of her
.soul she was In tlmo for from a slight
elevation the carriage was Just vlslblo at a
turn In the avenue.
" 1'npa. papal" shrieked a girlish voice , as
she swepton.
A frightened face glanced backward from
the carriage , and in ui instant Colonel Scr-
vossc , was standing in the path of the rush
ing steed.
"Ilo , Lollard 1''ho shouted , inatono which
rang over the sleepy town Ilko u trumpet
The amazed horse veered quickly to ono
side and stopped as If stricken to stone , and
Lilly happy in the realization that she was lu
time , fell Insensible Into her father's arms.
Their I'urahaso Itcinj ; Investigated
by n CoiigrcsHlonal Cuinm.ttro.
WASHINGTON , Dec. 31. The joint congres
sional committee on emigration today began
nn Investigation Into tlio purchase of Ameri
can Industries by foreign capital with C. A.
Pittshury , the Minnesota miller , ns n wit
ness. In reference to the sale of the Pitts-
burg aud Washburn milling properties the
witness said the conveyance was made to
Carey & Whlttrcdgo of New York , repre
senting a London company. In connection
with thcso mills there were sold about ono
hundred nnd thirty elevators belonging to
the Minneapolis elevator company nnd lying
along the line of the Great Northern road ,
the Minneapolis mill company and the St
Anthony water power company. The total
consideration was about $3,000,000. Differ
ent terms were mndo with each of the parties
interested In the concerns sold. Ho thought
the largest part of the stock was owned In
England. Pittsbury siiid thuf under the
terms of tlio snlo ho agreed to manngo the
properties for ilvo years , though ho supposed
tils services could bo dispensed with earlier.
Witness employed 701) ) or 800 men and the
pay roll averaged $2.50 a day per man , which
was Increased to S'3.11 by the voluntary dis
tribution of profits by the firm.
xuf fill ) .
lloporta or lUeli Discoveries Mlulo at
Gold Hill.
-Citr.rr.xsn , Wyo. , Doc. 31 . [ Special Tele
gram to THE BKK , ] A special from Saratoga.
Wyo. , says : Samples of new ere from the
Gold Hill district , twenty-eight miles east of
here , show much native silver. Ono twelve-
foot vein has been struck , the vein display
ing largo pieces of pure silver with old also
showing. The estimate on the value of this
rock is U.OOO ounces per ton. A large party
of prospectors leave hero tomorrow for Gold
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Wool Onllook.
BOSTON , Mass. , Dec. 31. The American
Wool Reporter In Its annual review of the
wool trade of the United States will say to
morrow : The amount of wool on band In
most of the primary markets of the United
States is now excessive. The supply in Bos
ton is considerably lighter than a year ago. A
recapitulation of tbo stocks in the principal
markets , to which is added the estimated
amounts In other markets and conceded sup
plies of wool in pullers' ' hands gives the total
supply at OI,8liSSa ( pounds , against 09,251,6. ) ! )
a year ago. Figures for the first
ton months of 1800 for the
whole United States show total
Importations of87,9HlU ! pounds In compari
son with 110,7ll,45l ! ( for the corresponding
tlmo last year. In consequence of tbo less
ened amount of foreign wool on the market
and the fact that there is n marked improve
ment iu the woolen goods business the sup
plies of wool in the United States cannot bo
considered burdensome , The only weak spot
in the outlook is the probability of increased
importations of foreign wools after the begin
ning of tno year.
A Illazoln n UrRlniirnnt.
At 11 o'clock last nlgnt flro was discovered
In the kitchen of n restaurant ut IGl'J Farnnm
street , next door to the Morse dry goods
house. The promt response of the depart'
ment prevented the flames from- doing much
damage. The walls of the kitchen were
scorched and blackened and some of the
kitchen furniture wns ruined. The damage
will not amount to over &JOO , and is amuly in
Thomas Concannon Is the proprietor , nnd
ho says that the llro must have caught from
the explosion of a lamp which usually burned
all nlBUt in the back part of the store.
Prpslilent Kccnlves School 'JVncliors.
VfSIIISGTO.V , Dec , 31. Tlio public recep
tion today was attended 1)y 2,000 , pcoplo ,
principally school teachers from New York ,
Now Jersey and Now Hnglann states on nn
excursion to Washington. Tlioscenolu the
cast room wus animated. The president
shook each visitor's hnnd. Secretary Tracy
received the teachers from Ilrooklvn In his
private ofllco at the navy depiirtment nt
noon ,
Hold Tor Criminal
Nn\v YOIIK , Dec. 31. William \\Illlam3
Joseph Turner , John and Louis Weber urn
Charles Ash , foremen , held accountable for
the accident to the brewery which rcsultci
In the death of two men yesterday , were
balled out today In the sum of ? s)0 ( ) ( ) . The
doctors say all the men Injured by the fallint
walls will probably recover.
Dakota Weather Clinngcs.
AiimiDHR.s' , S. 1) . , Deo. ill , Thoo.xtrcmolj
fine weather that IIM prevailed hero fo
months took n sudden change today. A ban
northwest wind Is blowing tenant , accom
punlcd by snow. The prospects uro good tea
a big storm. _ _
Killed His Wlfu nnd Siilulclnd.
CHICAGO , Deo. ai.-Leo ICloln , a Gcrmni
workman , tonight fatally shot hh wlfu nni
then suicided. Apparently unfounded Jonl
ousy and excessive drinking was the cause.
I'nrnrll Itutnriin to
LONIIOS , Dec. 31. I'-irnell returned today
Ho said ho was In butter health than for
long tlmo.
The noiilli Hull.
PAIIIS , Doc. 31. Admiral Aubo , former !
minister of marine , U duud.
Much Speculation HognrdltifC Itil'nto
In the Konntc.
WASHINGTON , Doc. at. [ Special Tolegrnin
Tim Bii.1 : A ropiilllcan sr-nator stated
ouay that It wius the Intention oMils slJo of
ho chamber to get a vote upon the cloture
resolution on Tuesday next If possible , lit
tJded : "Just what wilt bo the result of thai
( ( Tort no ono not possessed of illvlno
vtsdom can fortcll. " That appears to bo the
lltmtlon In n iinuhell , Mcanwhllo a dead *
ock in all legislation cxlm , and It Is itnpo.ssi-
ito to penetrate the gloom which enshrouds
ho futtifo boyoiul the period mentioned ,
vhon the Ullort to vote upon
ho cloture resolution is to bo
n.uto. It Is very probable that should a
ole occur within a week from this tlmo the
evolution will bo mloiitcd , There appears
o bo only live or six senators opposed to it ,
itit shotilit there bo n , prolonged wrangle over
ho iletidls of getting- n vote the result will
w doubtful. No business can bo trans ,
icti'il while thn nrcst-nt conditions exist lu
ho senate , livery ono Is anxious , too , for
something to bo done. There art1 , for in *
tinico , a number of Important measures on
ho sonatu calendar from the catninlttco on
igrluiilturu which are of vital importance to
lie country and over which It Is conceded
hat there will not ho a little discussion ,
flioy are the pure food , Conger lard , meat
uspeetion nnd bureau of animal industry
The Impressive part of Senator Wulcott's
peccli jestcrdny In favor of laving nsldo the
election bill was tlmt wliluh referred to the
ne.isww which must bo passed for the
'nnnow slid which ho declared could not rc-
julvo action unless there was nn Itnincdlnto
ftl put to the general debate which has bec'n
u progress lor a month.
Senator Paddock has for weeks east used
every otTort to bring before the senate und
secure consideration of the two anti-udnl-
cr.itioii bills reported irom his commit-
co. 'J'licso are the pure food bill und
ho Conger lard bill , both of uhlch huvo
jcen petitioned for by hundrrds of thousands
of farmers throughout the country. Saunter
I'.uldocK bclloves , with many , that tlio gen
eral anti-adulteration bill \\lll 1111 every ro-
Itilromcnt of tlio Conger lard bill , not
only In the case of lard , but all
> tuer articles of food , but he has consistently
nslstcd tlmt the Conger lard bill should bo
wrought before tha sonata mill Unit an oppor-
.unity should bo afforded to Its nuvocatcj and
Menus to vote upon the sumo. The senator
s not opposed to the Connor lard bill nnd
icvdr has been. It was due entirely to his
efforts that nn adverse report upon the sumo
was not sent from the committee on agricul
ture , of which ho is chairman.
It Is understood that Vlco President Merion
ion has Informed the republicans of his Inten
tion to oec-upy tbo presiding ofllccr's chair nt
tbo time the liiuil vote on the eloturo resolu
tion It to bo passed , indicating thai bo will
ipply whatever procedure thu caucus nmy
tgrco upon to cut off dobatc. Beforu a vote
Is reached n half dozen or more senators wlio
liavo left the city for two weeks or more ,
most of ihenrto look nttm- their re-election ,
will have to bo called back.
A full attendance of tno republican mom
icrship will bo necessary to inuko a quorum
Tor the resolution. Wliltullls not prob.iblo
MM such men as Plumb , Tiller , Wnlcott ,
Cameron , Stewart and Qnny would Join the
ninority to break a quorum with a view to
defeating tlio Cloture resolution or anything
ilse , it is conceded by every ono that a vote
jhould not bo pressed until every republican
senator Is in his seat. Until the election bill
s out of the way no general legislation can
bo had , and Unit measure cannot bo passed
) r defeated until steps are taken to close the
7 wo ITorscH Cremated.
\t 10:30 : last night n barn bdongtng to Ed
ward Lapage , a mall carrier , who lives at
2lWO Parker street , caught lire nnd was en
tirely consumed. Two horses were roasted
to death in the llames. The los * will bo about
( W , with SI "ill Insurance.
Mr. Lapago thinks the barn was sot on flro
by a tramp who wanted to sleep there , but
was ordered out of the burn and oft the
premises about two hours buforo the llro was
: ilscovered. The liru department arrived nt
the scene in time to prevent the Humes from
spreading toother buildings.
Ton DcjfreoH Allot n 55ro.
The following message was received at the
Omalm.signal station Init night ut midnight :
Ilotst polil wave signal. TVmpor.iture will
hop to 10 degrees nbova zero by 1ft Id ay
J'lltS ( > X < l fj / ' . H.I UltA I'IMfi.
Andy ICorr of Beatrice Is nt the Casey.
A. li. Wolf of Chlciifjols nttho Murray.
W. A. Hough of Chicago U at the Paxton.
WultM. Seoly of Dennett Is ut the Mil-
II. McAdam of Lincoln , ICnn. , Is nt the
W. S. llnrlan of Aurora Is at the Mer
C. S. Drccch of Holdrego Is In the city , at
the Casey.
J , J. Murphy of Chicago xvos at the Mlllard
last night.
E. M. Kord of DCS Molnos Is registered ot
the Mi'.lard.
J. M. Miller of St. Louis Is registered at
the Murray.
J , M. I'.itterson of Cincinnati is in the city ,
at tlio Murray.
Henry Clark of Stnnton Is In the city , at
the Merchants.
It. B. Lewis of Lincoln was nt the Mer
chants last night.
C. M. Northup of Ivansas City was nt the
Paxton last night.
H. 13. Harris of Dos Molnsa was nt the
Murray j last night.
Frank P. Ireland of Nebraska City was at
the ! Paxton lustiiiglit.
Thomas A. lluekner and wife of Kansas
City are at" the Paxton.
James T. llobson of .Tulcsburg , Colo. , li lu
the city , at the Mlllard.
L. K. Sawyer of Nebraska City Is regis
tered at the Merchants.
S , M. Jaekman of Avoca , la , , was in the
city last night , ut the Casey.
Tlio only norwm given to oxtrnva-
gmiconlllio present court la , perhaps ,
the queen , who nliiiro with her country
woman nn inordinate love of drows , u
mnttor In which Hho unfortunately sots
her BuhjccLs n bad example , oncmmiL'lntf
them yet further to dross beyond their
means , Bays the Chiciign Herald. For
Queen Marghorlta elves the tone In
thcho mnttcrii to Italian hoeioty , and it Is
to bo deplored Unit her influoiico i not
oxorlcd in the direction of grouter
simplicity , as well ns of Intel
lectual enlightenment. But Qiioon
Mnrjrherllii is n Catholic nnd 11 daughter
of the hoi.B . ) ofSuvoy , ever noted for
clerical lotininga , und Hho cannot recon
cile hot'fcolf to the fond tlmt uxlHlH between -
twoon the monarchy and the church.
She hut at various times attontutod
conciliations which liavo drawn down
on her homo roproiich , and have c-niised
her to lese In homo quarters a little of
her high favor. Hut not oven the moat
extreme republican newspaper has
ever recounted any tale Unit could
cast a doubt on the queen's
honor. IJoyoml n question Mnrghoritn
of Savoy hiiHti lilph conception of her
dittlos us queen , wife and mother , nnd ,
above all , Hho , Ilko her husband , has
clo-,0 at heart the glory , thogoocl ronuto
of that ancient house of Snvoy , to which
tliov both belong , and which tlioy fool
( anil iljrhtly ) h s been ennobled yet
inoro by tlio ag randl/.onient of Italy ,
hy nil thai Italy has bufTorod , won and
done unilor its ijunncr.
The empress of Austria , slnco the traffic
death of her son , has avoided the rupllal as
much iwlias boon posslblo for her to uo. Bho
much prefers the solitude of the vast forests
Which surround the Imperial rcsldenco *
The enipross Is still ono of the hand omc t
women of Europe , I lor stop Is clastic , her
cnrrlnt'ooasy and orcct , and she is even now
thoHUporh horsewoman tbaUho was In U t

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