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nr Ir. . M'UAKUS.
At the first call to arm In the spring of ' 01
no city in the union wns mora patriotic In In-
tcnso lovofortho perpetuation o ( the union
and the glory of our flag ttmn tbo Rood old
city of Newark , N. .1 ,
Among the cut-licit to organize n company
of volunteers was Captain , John Leonard , a
wounded veteran of the Mexican war and a
most mufjnlflccnt , . bravo and gallant soldier ,
who oventunlly commanded his rcgltnent ns
Its colonel. Ills company , nuin tiering about
one hundred men , left Nownrk In the begin
ning of Mny , 1801 , to join SlcKlei' Excelsior
brigade , then In process of orR.irilzntlon In
Now York city at tlio old city assembly rooms
on Broadway.
iiinr BTAIIT roil TUB num.
Among tbo first to volunteer In the com
pany wcro Francis Kcdmond and hh com-
rndo from hoyliood , Thomas Sexton. Young
Kcdmond had barely reached his eighteenth
year , while Sexton was Just one year his
senior. The former wai a student In St.
Benedict's ' college on High street , Nownrk ,
while the latter was an apprentice ot the car-
pcntcr trade. The ambition of younjt Red
mend was to become n member of the legal
fraternity , hut the llrlnir on Fort Surntcr
stirred his patriotic Wood , and ho and his
Kallimt comrades marched through Newark
to the train for New York , many of them.
nlns ! taking their last look at friends and
rhc-'lrstay in Now York city was of short
duration , as the brigade was moved to
"Camp Scott'1 on Stntcn Island , ana soon
thereafter Captain Leonard's ' company was
attached to the Sov only-second Now \pr
volunteers ( the Third regiment , hxcolslor
brioiuloO As soon ns the news of the dis
astrous battle of Dull Hun reached Washington -
ton the Excelsior brigade was promptly or-
"dcrcd to the capital , who ro It went lute reg
ular training to lit It for the dreadful duty it
performed afterwards so heroically and so
The quiet , gentlemanly hearing of young
Redmond won for him the respect of tils
coimntles awell as hU captain , who , with
the quick Intuition of the gallant soldier that
ho was , pnrticulurly remarked young Ucd >
niond's ' behavior , nnd prouUesled that when
tlu- proper thno arrived ho would make his
All of the fall and winter of 1S01 and 1803
the union und confederate armies , wore fac
ing each other on both sides of the Potomac ,
drilling and preparing themselves for the
terrible death crapplo that , was sure to com
mence in the spring of 18'J. ( !
The regiment to which young Redmond
belonged , under Colonel Nelson Taylor , was
engaged in arduous service on the lower Po-
tomno iilltho winter , nnd In April General
McClellan mailo his famous move to
Yorktowu and ucgim his "Peninsula" cam-
The slceo of Yorktown followed , und one
morning In the early part of May the Army
of the Potomac was elcctrl lied by the news
that General Mugrudor , who commanded the
enemy , had , like the Arabs , silently folded
his tents and stolen away from Yorktown ID
the direction of Wlllinmstown ,
The divisions of Generals Hooker and
Kearney of the Third corps , under command
of ( Jcncral Hclntzelmnn , were at once ordered
In.pursult. and on the 5th of May , 1802 , the
Excelsior brrgado received Its Ural baptism In
A n.Ktxin nnroim TIII : IIATTI.E.
Before going Into the battle young Sexton
called his youthful comrade to ono side , say
Ing : "Frank , no one hut God knows whether
wo will come out of this alive. I had a poou-
liar dream hist night don't lauph , Frank-
but If anything happens to mo don't leave
mo , and If It 11 God's will that 1 should bo
killed and you survive , send this , picture of
mine to my dear mother In Academy street ,
Newark , and bury mo with my dear mother's
picture on my bruast , Tell her my last
thoughts were of her. "
Frank promised faithfully and cheered his
companion up , saying ! "Don't worry ,
Tommy , my boy. Why , old Magruder's
mon never handled the bullet to hit cither
one of us. "
In a few moments , as they advanced , the
sip-zip of the bullets from the concealed
enemy In the "slashing" began to tell with
deadly effect In tlio ranks of tne Excelsiors ,
and almost before they know It a deadly vol
ley was poured Into their ranks.
For a moment the line staggered. Then
the stentorian voice of Qoloncl Taylor :
"Attention , Third Excelsior ! Fix bayonets I
Charge 1"
And with allercoandloud hurrah the reg
iment , wltn set teeth and on a "double-
quick , " fairly leaped on top of the foe. No
human beings could withstand their onset.
Tbo enemy scattered and fled , lonvlng
their dead and wounded , and with the ring
ing victorious union cheers sounding- their
The rain descended In torrents , whllo the
heavy guns of Fort Magrudor , near \V1U- \
latnsburg , played havoa In the union ranks.
The hattlo still raged fiercely , the gallant
Jersey brigade doing nobly.
The enemy , being reinforced , marto a most
gallant charge on the Excelsiors , who , now
being wearied and almost out of ammunition ,
began to fall back.
'Twos at this time that young Redmond
heard a smothered groan and a shrill cry of ,
"O Frank , don't leave mo. "
Ho recotmized ills comrade's voice in the
din nnd smoke , nnd , turning quickly , was
Jubt in time to catch young Sexton in his
Tno blood was spouting In a torrent from
his breast ,
A fulnt whisper : "Frank remember
mother. "
A convulsive shudder , and , as the war ol
the elements mingled with the warfare of
man , the soul of poor Tommy Sexton took ijs
flight to the merciful God from -whom it
The army by this tlmo had almost sur
rounded the youthful soldier , nnd , gently
laying his dead comrade down , was in tha
act of picking up his rille , when "Surrender1
cnmo In bis cars from n stalwart foe. With
one swopp of the butt of his rillo ho fellct
his foonnm to tlio earth , nnd cro ho could re
cover Frank covered him with his rlllo , ani
thinking of his dead comrade , fnlrly hissed :
'It Is you who must surrender. Go on ahent
of mo or your soul will follow that boy's. "
With a croit fallen look the confederate
turned nnd was fairly run into the union
Night at last put an end to the battle of
Williamsburg , the enemy retreating ir. the
night in the direction of Richmond. Frank
was promoted sergeant for heroism on the
lie Duricd his poor comrade with his moth
er's picture on his breast , attended to his re
quest tosciHlhis picture home , and resumed
his duties with many u silent tear In memory
of the loved nnd lost.
Ouuptho Peninsula toward Klchtnondtho
Army of the Potomac advanced and at Haiti
more Cross Heads ( Jenerul Sickles rojolnci
the brigade anil was heartily encored by the
boys who loved him so well , nnd who now
had earned the proud tltlo of "Exoolsior" ii
glorious deeds as well as In name.
nun Finimxa lux.
On Juno 1 the battln of Pair Oaks was
fought with n gallant churgo of the Seventy
first Now York Volunteers , under the person
al command of General Slcklot. Itvn * here
that an enthusiastic Irishman of Captnlu No
Ion's company of the Suvonty'-llrst , seeing the
cool bravery of General Sickles , sang : "Och
biphurroo ! shuro bo's the man ; wo'dchargo
through hell wld Fightln' ' Dan ! "
After the battle of Fair Oaks the duties o
Frank Ilcdmond wcro principally oa plckqt ,
which , as the opposing lines were in sucl
close proximity , wcro very dangerous
Bciircoly a day without a severe skirmish.
Occasionally ho would make a visit to com
panyC , of the gallant Second Now Jcrsov
Volunteers , who llko himself were Nowarl
boys , organized by captain , afterwards Colonel
nel James N. Duffy , one of Now Jersey's
bravest , and most gallant ofllccrs.
At lost the enemy advanced , und on Juno
25. began the famous Seven Day's battlonear
Richmond : Goneial McClelUn rotlrca to
Harrison's Handing , on the Jninos river sav
ing the nrmy by the "skin of Its teeth. " A
length in August the evacuation of the Pen
iusulu commenced and the "Kxcelslor3"wero
transferred once moro up the Potomac , arrlv
lug at Warrcnton Into in August.
As the rcplincnt lay In bivouac Frank
wandered through the pretty little town
and as ho was about to retrace his steps to
his command a piercing shriek and a cry for
hold came from a nont cottage directly bo-
lido him. To dash up the steps and into the
louse was but the work of n moment , and
thcro before him stood a big , six-foot sol
dier of a Vermont regiment wlthonoof the
most beautiful glrU tho' young soldier hail
over behold kneeling nt his feet in beseech-
ng supplication , and Immediately behind
her lay the unconscious figure of a young
confederate odlccr ,
"Oil , have mercy on my poor brother , "
: ho young lady was saying. As Frank en
tered the room the lady briefly told her
story. How the brutal soldier , thinking
ihownsnlono , made degrading proposals to
licr. and , beingspumed , attempted to use
foico. Her brother , Lieutenant Ethcridgc ,
of the Tenth Virginia , who was hid nwny In
the houso. nnd badly wounded In the shoul
der and breait , came to her assistance , and
n his weakened condition was brutally
knocked down by the villainous Vcrmontcr.
Frank , trembling with Indignation at the
dastardly conduct of the rufllan , turned
fiercely upon him anil peremptorily ordered
him to leave the house Instantly.
" \Vull , I guesi not , sergeant. Not fcr
you nohcow. That rcblll Is my prisoner
nnvheow , bv gutnl"
Hardly wcro the words spoken when
Frank , with a well directed blow , stretched
him at full length on the floor. In falling
his head struck an Iron fonder on the
hearth , and ho lay us unconscious as the
confederate lieutenant on the other side of
the room.
"Oh. lr ! you have killed him , " said the
poor , frightened girl.
"I hope not , though ho deserved It , " said
Frank. "Now look to your brother. "
The girl Hew to her brother , whoso wounds
bad been reopened by thorough treatment
of tlio Vermontcr and wcro bleeding1 pro
fusely. With cold water applications the
fair ulrl , with Frank's aid , soon stopped the
flow of blood and brought him to conscious
ness again. When his sister told him of
Frank's gallant defense of bcr nnd him ho
blessed him and thanked him again and
The lieutenant then said : "I suppose I nm
your prisoner , sergeant , but you have saved
my sister's honor , which Is dearer to her nnd
mo than life itself , and I gracefully sub-
' 'OI peed sir , " cried the poor clrl. "don't '
take my poor brother. See , ho will ute If bo
is taken nwav from tlioso who love him nnd
\\illcnroforhlm. O , sir , for God's sake deus
us ono moro kindness.Do not scud my
brother to prison to die. "
The chlvnlrlc spirit of Frank could not with
stand the appeals'of the fair girl , and , being
assured that she could hldohcr brother safely
till the union troops left the neighborhood ,
Frank assisted tbo girl to follow out that pro
gramme , first securely binding nnd gagging
the Vermontcr , for fear ho would return to
consciousness nnd give the alarm. Ho guarded
him till the fair girl w.is ready under cover
of darkness to help her brother out of the
house and to a place of safety.
In taking farewell she asked and received
his name , company and rcglmcnt.and said :
"God forever bless you , Air. Redmond ; the
heartfelt prayers of Laura Kthorldgo will
over ho offered up for yoursafety. "
Pressing her hand to Ids lips Frank hndo
nor farewell , and , waiting until ho saw the
Vcrmonter beginning to regain conscious
ness , ho cut the coids that bound him and left
the houso.
That night Hooker's division left Warrcn
ton , and on August 27 fought the battle of
BristowStation , and on tho2'Jth fought at tbo
second disastrous battle of Bull Hun.
Then followed tno bloody battles of Antlo-
ttun nnd South Mountain , in which , however ,
the regiment that Frank belonged to was
spared from participating. After the union
victories at Antietain the nrmy of the Po
tomac , then under command of General Burn-
side , again advanced on Virginia , and the tcr-
rlblo slaughter of FrcdorlcKsburg followed.
The following spring , 1SIW , General Hooker
commanded , nnd the bloody battle of Chan-
ccllorsvllle followed.
In this , as In all tho-other engagements of
the army , the "Excelsioi" brigade took a
leading and glorious part , and on the never-
to-be-forgotten Saturday afternoon , May.2 ,
ISffil , when the Eleventh corps ivus panic-
stricken and routed bv Stonewall Jackson ,
the "Excelsior" brigade was ordered up to
check the onward rush of the exultant Stone
On that day Frank Redmond received his
commission as Second Lieutenant in Com
pany F of the gallant Seventy-second New
York volunteers. The brigade formea across
the plank road and , when Jacksoa found tbo
old "Excelsior" in his front , ho stopped sud
denly and began to feel his way. Night
coming on put an end to the flirhtlng that day ,
but Jackson , being determined to locate his
foes , fell mortally wounded between the
picket lines and.aied ' a few nays afterward * *
"Gallant fo'rf rjhristlun soldier , " tDT
writer says sincerely. "Requiescat In
pace. "
At daylight next morning ( Sunday ) the
enemy advanced In thrco columns , nnd In a
short whllo Colonel Slovens of the Seventy-
secondwas killed , nnd scores of other ofllccrs
anil men placed hors du combat , and among
them , severely wounded in the side , was
Lieutenant Red mond. The battle raged with
great fury that and the riftxt day , and re
sulted In tno defeat and withdrawal of
the army of the Potomac across the Uappa-
hannock river.
The youthful lieutenant was sent to the
hospital , and his wound healing rapidly ho
made a short visit , to the city of his birth , the
dear old city of Newark , leaving there to re
join his regiment and stopping In Washing-
tolmnglno his surprise and crent pleasure In
mojting sweet Laura Etheridgo face to face
on Pennsylvania avenue. She scarcely recog
nized the htimlso.-fio young lieutenant as the
sergeant who saved her from worse than
death. Greeting him wurmly she prevailed
on him to go to her u tick's liouso , who was a
thorough union man nna who had prevailed
on bor to live with hiinaud leave the dangers
of her Warrenton home.
Lieutenant Redmond was warmly wel
comed by Mr. Daniels , the uncle , who had
heard of his noulo action In defense of his
niece. The render can easily guess the
result of this happy meeting. Francis Red
mend bad loved the beautiful Laura since
ho llrst had the happiness of beholding her ,
nnd with her lovely blushing facohladen on
his shoulder she confessed that her whole
heart was his since that eventful night at
Duty soon called Lieutenant Redmond
away from his betrothed , nnd soon he was
again with his gallant comrades. Then fol
lowed the great hattlo of Gettysburg , where ,
on the second day's light ha was shot severely
in the thigh nnd taken prisoner.
As ho lay in tlio temporary hospital
Colonel Etheridgo , who was a plain llnuten
ant when they mot last , knowing the Excel
sior brigade was In his front , searched
among the wounded to hear if bis preserver
Sergeant Hedmond wns still alive , and
was grieved to tind him wounded so badly.
On tbo retreat of General Leo's nrmy from
Gettysburg , Colonel Etheridgo inaiuigcd to
have him conveyed to a private houio nnd
left him thcro , so that ho would fall into the
hands of his own troops , t hcrubv returning a
kindly act nnd saving him , perhaps , from a
horrible death in a southern prison.
Tlio union troops followed dose on the heels
of the retreating enemy , and soon Lieutenant
Redmond was safely convoyed to a Washing
ton hospital. Being of robust constitution
nnd having the constant visits and cure from
Ins betrothed , as well ns from her uncle , to
solace him in his sufferings , ho rapidly re
covered and soon rejoined h is regiment , wnero
a captain's commission awaited him.
The following spring General Grunt as
sumed command In person and Captain Red
mend with his gallant regiment , participated
In all the battles from the Wilderness , in
Mav. 181J1 , to Petersburg.
When tlio rcgiini'nt's term had expired , in
July. IStVI , ho was sent homo with his com
mand nnd muitertdoutof service. Ho Imme
diately entered Columbia law collcgo and
finished by graduating with honors and was
admitted to the bar of tuo Now York courts.
In tlio month of May , 1SI53 , with white-
wlngod peace In our beloved reunited coun
try , and in the beautiful homo of Colonel
Etheridgo \Varrenton , Vn. , gnllunt , bravo
Captain Krancls Hedmond was married to
Laura Etherktge , thobrlao Being given away
by the gallant colonel.
The happy brother of the brlda proudly
grasped the hand of his former foeman , hut
now , as ho laughingly said , his gnllaut "yon-
brother-in-law. .
Mr. Hedmond Is non'-ono of the most ro-
spccted of the legal fraternity In Brooklyn ,
and with his darling wlfo and happy children
lives al pence with all mankind , enjoying
himself as often ns ho can with the ( < rnnd
Army of the Republic post to which ho be
A I'rouooloiiH Oinnlin fi y ,
A fourlcon-yenr-old Bur IluXjir boy
recently wont with hts father to' Port-
laud , Oio.aud tool : his favorite bcuu-
innppor with him. On the way ho nrndo
lie acquaintance of a nlno-year-oltl
Omnlin , youth bound for tlio snmo place
nnd traveling alono. Tlio 13ur llnrbor
ioy , according- the Mount Desert
lanild , tried to surprise the western
yputh by showing him tin ) bean-snap-
icr. The Omalm Indxnt looked at It
nul returned It with tlio question :
"Wouldn't you llko to BOO what , 1 have
n my pocket ? "
The younjj rmtlvo of Mount Desert
Baid lie wouln , whereupon the western
toy calmly liild out n loaded six-shooter
nnd n lot of ammunition boloncliifr to tt.
The Har Harbor boy was surprised ; albo
ils mother.
How to Urciilt Up a Scrcro Cold.
From the Virginia City , Mont , , Madiso-
nlan : When wo Und a medicine know to
losscss genuine merit , wo consider It a duty ,
nnd wo tauo pleasure In telling the public
what It 1 * . Such a medicine we found Cham
berlain's Cougn Remedy. By the use of this
syrup wo have relieved , in n few hours , se
vere colds , nnd In tbo course of two or three
days , entirely broken them up as has several
of our friends to whom wo have recommended
t. It is all It is represented to ho by the
manufacturers. If you have a cough and
want to stop It , Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy will do tno work. 'For sa'lo by all drug
Ilio Hornby Peak's General Manager
Tills a Reporter About It.
"This talk about there not being any
tin In the Black Hills is tintruo. Wo
liavo the richest kind of tin rock that is
found In tlio world. I inuko this state
ment tidvisedly. "
Thus spake Ilonry C. Wicker , general
manager of the Ilarnoy Peak consoli
dated tin company ( limited ) of HillCity ,
S. D. , when nt the Wellington hotel to a
reporter for the Ghlcturu Tribune. Mr.
Wicker is on his way homo from Now
York , where his comptmy , ho soys ,
recently made arrangements with one of
the largest mill manufactories in the
east for machinery that will bo in opera
tion at the mines before next July , turn
ing out tin by the hundreds of tons per
"Tho mineral in our mines"continued
Mr. Wicker , "is the black oxide o ( tin ,
and It will tivorago 100 pound.s to a ton.
It is in true flsaur.o veins , 'with slate
walls , nnd when Urns found the product
is never known togivoout. The farther
down wo got the bettor is the ore , and
the veins probably extend for miles into
the cur th. The black oxide irf the finest
quality over discovered ; it melts easily
nnd cun bo used for plating. No such
tin wns over produced in the celebrated
mines at Cornwall , England ; so you sco
I do not exaggerate when I say that the
tin ot the South Dakota mines is the
finest in the world. The fact is known
in London and Now York , where there
are specimens , nnd specimens , too , can
be seen by any ono who doubts ii y state
ments in the olllcos of Clny & Forrest , in
the Illinois National .bank building ,
right here in Chicago.
' " 'The trouble with tho. Americans is
they arc too impatient. They think , wo
can go out to the hills , dig a hole in the
ground and produce tin right away. But
it tukcs time to dovolopo a mine , and
that part now has been accomplished.
Just as soon ns the frost is out of the
ground the mill that we liavo gene to
the expense of several hundred thousand
dollars to have sent to Hill City will bo
put in operation , and I am us certain as
I am living- that before many months
have passed wo will bo able to furnish
the mill with 600 tons of ore to crush.
Then the impatient American will know
positively that the new tariff bill is not
protecting an industry not yet born. It
was born long ago and at present is a
largo sized udult. It takes time to
dovolopo a mine when it is to bo run
on an economical plan. There
is $15,000,000 Invested in this enterprise ,
and the mon interested don't propose to
spoil their prospects by being .hasty.
Tlio know as well ns I what the 900
claims wo have can produce , as an assayer -
sayer is working on the ore all the time
making models , such as small anvils ,
paper weights , etc. Our workmen have
gene down liCO foot in some of the shafts.
"Yes , the quantity of tin in the Blade
Hills is unlimited. 'Our mines are scat
tered around Hill City in horse-shoo
shape for thirty miles. "Wo have 1,800
men at work two in each of the clair i'-i '
and if I were not certain that the ore
is all I claim it to bo you can wager all
you liavo that I wouldn't ' bo spending so
much money for labor. It is going to boone
ono of the greatest industries in the
world , and before Juno the people will
thoroughly ro.'lizoit. "
Mr. Wicker intended to leave for Hill
City lust evening , but the alarming re
ports from the Indian districts near his
homo caused him to change his plans.
"It looks as if the situation were grow
ing berious , " said the visitor , "and I
want to know what Imay expect while
on route through Xho Indian country. I
am afraid the savages might attack the
train. If I could roach Hill City in
safety I would bo all right , because the
Indians never come back In the hills.
There nro no ranches there , and as
they cannot find any horses Or catllo to
steal they keep away.
Severn ! years ago Chamberlain & Co. of
DCS Moincs , la. , commenced the manufacture
of a cough syrun , believing Ute bo the most
prompt and reliable preparation yet produced
for coughs , colds and croup ; that the public
appreciate true merit , and in tlmo it wns cer
tain to become popular. Their tnostsanculno
hopes have been moro than realized. Over
thrco hundred thousand bottles of Chamber
lain's Cough Uemody are now sold eacn year ,
and It Is recognized ns "tho be t made"
wherever known. It will cure a severe cold
In less time tlmn any other treatment. For
sale by all druggists ,
Ho wns a bit of a boy not over eight
years old , but ho followed mo up persist
ently and kept up his cry of "Paper , sir ! "
so continuously that I turned on him in
a way that I afterwards regretted , snys
the Detroit Proo Press. Ho felt -hurt
and insulted , and as ho disappeared in
the darkness I heard him calling :
"Never mind , old man ! I'll grow up
and give vou the awfullost licking a man
over gotl"
Wo h'nvo mot almost daily for the past
year , and on each occasion there has
boon no evidence of unbending. A do/.ca
timo3at least , I have hoard him remark
in an aside :
"There goes the fellow I am going to
lick if it takes mo fifty yonral"
The other day I was surprised to ro-
coivoa call from my young enemy. Al
though ho looked no older or stronger , I
wondered if ho had como to carry out
his awful threat , when ho extended his
llttlo "paw" and bald :
"Say , lot's quit , "
"I'm ' nproeu. "
"I sixid I'd lick you , and I meant it all
along , but but "
"Wliat's happened to change your
mind ? "
"Mother's dead died Monday , " ho
gasped , as ho sat down , and I don't want
to tight nobody nor nothiii' . If you'll
forgive mo , I'll forgive you"
And so wo shook hands nnd made up ,
and I know wo both feel bolter for it.
Through coaciies Puiiman palnco
eleopors , dining cure , free reclining chair
cars to Chlenno nnd Intervening'points
via the great Hock Island route. Ticket
ollico 1002 , Sixteenth and Fnruam.
Women In 1'iilille.
Womnn , says a wrltor in Kato Field's
Wauhington , Is guilty of many nwk-
wardnesbos in public. She causes du-
la ysby her ahronlo inability to find her
Just tlie same ,
. . .
322 So * K
Durlnnhls several months location and practtcoln
Omaha , Dr. DllllnKS has earned an cnvlnblo reputa
tion ninoiiK tholiunilrrcls uf cltbcin nhu npplledto
lilm almost nsu ln < t resort , nnd founlln hU skillful
iiilnlatrntlona the full r llzntlon of hope long < lo-
Ho H permanently locateil and 1m ! tlio bent ap
pointed und numt convcillcntU located phalclan's
office nnd ruccptlon rooms In Umahn.
The lick irlll llnd In Dr. DllllnK * a trU3 physician
and a sympathetic frlund anil adviser ,
For the treatment of the following namcddlBcate'
Dr. Ullllngn hus provou himself possessed of most
unusual skill.
ticket or hop faro , but this is uccauso
she has but ono chnotlc pocket in which
to keep all the thinffa which men have a
dozen places for. rfhe will never DO-
liovo that information from n time table
is us nccurato , as that. JurnUhed. , , jjy a
preoccupied ofllcial , but that is because
she IB used to asslmulnting such facts
only riftor they have filtered through
the masculine Intellect. She wears a
disagreeable and forbidding expression ,
but it IB from motives of ripid pro
priety , not'from bad tcmpor. All these
Sins are hors , but in the matter of delib
erate carelessness of the rights of the
unknown multitude about her , she is by
no moans the chief of sinners.
There is no danger of n cold resulting la
pneumonia when Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy is used us directed "for a severe cold. "
It ofTcctuully counteracts nnd arrests any
tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia ,
This fact was fully proven In thousands of
cases during the epidemic of Influenza last
winter. For sale by all druggists.
The Jolco of Oito oi * tlio Principals
KcKultcil in a Karen.
In connection witbSonator-olectlrby's
duel in his younpor days Conprressmiin
John M. Allen of Mlsshsiopi tolls of un
amusing affair of honor in which bo
acted ns second.
There wns bad feolinjj between two
lawyers inMississippi.nnu it WHS decided
that only blood could wipe out the
enmity which existed. A challenge was
sent and duly ncknowlodfjcd. The hour
was appointed nnd the two mon mot in a
secluded spot. Ono of them was u great
sufferer from St. Vltus' dance , and tbo
other was cool and collected.
As they faced each other the afflicted
man began to tremble from head to foot ,
while his pistol described an arc with
varying up and down strokes. His op
ponent stood firm as a rock waiting for
tlio signal to fire. Before it came , how
ever , ho laid his pistol on the ground ,
walked into the woods and cut a limb off
a tree with a fork in the end of it. This
ho brought back and stuck it in the
ground in front of his antagonist. Then ,
turning to the second , lip said : "I must
request you to ask your principal to rest
his pistol in that fork. "
"What for ? " asked his opponent's ' sec
"Well , " replied tbo other , "I have no
objections to running the risk of ono
shot , but I certainly do decline having
ono bullet make a honeycomb of mo. If
that man was to shoot while his hand is
shaking the way it , is now , ho would fill
mo full of holes at his first shot. "
This was too niUtih for the seconds , and
by mutual agreeu\tjnt a truce was patch
ed up , and no shots were exchanged.
"Lovo thy noleljpor ( is thyself , " nnd when
you see ono with u bad cough ndv'so him to
buy a bottle of Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup.
PilcoSocents. '
Thcro is nothing Jn the world which will
glvo prompter rellof to nil suffering from
neuralgia than Salrutlon Oil. Price only 25
cents a bottle. " " , " '
Now York nontfr : Stranger Who is
that flno looking efiintlomanV
Wnshliigtoninn-H/rhatr1 That's Grim-
slmw , the notod'Joinor , who was acquit
ted in the United-States court last wool : .
Stranger Wheels that man near him.
who looks llko n counterfeiter his part ]
ner ?
Wnshlngtonion That ? Why , that's
Congressman Ilenshaw , the author of
the free coinage billl
Henry Schoenhalb. foreman Henry ICrug
Packing Co. , St. Joseph , Mo. , uses Dr.
Thomas' Klectno Oil with hU men for
hprhtns , cuts , bruises , chapped hands , etc. It
is tao best.
Why Athletusltlnlrnv. .
Nearly all amateur athletes draw out
of competition before their records , in
proportion to the number of years they
have competed , can bo used satisfactor
ily in determining whothf or not they
are falling or gaining in bodily vigor ]
writes Malcolm AV , Ford in the New
York llorald. Very few athletes retire
from competition if they can still win ;
but the fact of ono not being ublo to como
CA.TAKHH-Alldl < enic < of throat find noso. Oi-
tnrrh Impoverishes Iho blood mil nurvos , producing
doblllljr , ilecny nnd decline.
DYSI'KPSfA Ami nil Iho plmien of Indigestion ,
llror trouble , Imperfect nMlmllnllou nnd nutrition.
KIUNKV 1IISKASKS Are tno l deceiving nnd In-
tliluniM. Symptom * Imnl to rx-cojnlr.u liy tlio imtlcnt
olten lead to fatal brlglits illaon-o or dlnucU ) .
'HSKASHS OK Tim 1U.OOI ) lllood i > ol onlng ,
acrofula , crrilpelni , and diseases incntlomd hero *
ALT. SKIN II9KASis-Kcfcm . unit rheum , Vnrl-
cl . ulcers , t'ibcrrlo' , scrolulu , lupus , miuMr color
of the f kin , pimples , ant ] disease ) uf tuu tc.ilp nro
cured br Or. Hillings.
NIOUVOUS lI8KASKS-Ix ) < i of vigor , lost rann-
lee l. debility , | uo ( trillion , despondency , eruption
ontliofuce , lo t < if memory , drend uf futuru , etc.
A now treatment that NKVKIl FAILS.
by Dr. Dllllnei when nil others have fulled.
FKMAM3 WKAKXKSSKS-TI13 hnrsh. lrrnllon.il
nnd unnnlurol motliodn usually oiuployoj nro ro-
eponslblo for fully Uireo-fourths of the sulTcrlnK
notr vnilured by women. Invo.nlKato the now ,
homo trc itnicnt uf Dr. lllllni .
tuln , nlxcaspoi. stricture , and nil diseases of rectum
cured without ( ho knlfo , cautery or nn hour's dulay
from work ur business.
AMj HBAIIACIIUS are quickly curcil.
VKN'nilKAl. niaKASKS-Ilecenl ur Ion * ttanillnK
nyplillls , KonorrlKi'ii , utrlcturo and all ro iiltliiK nf-
factions nru cured pcrniancntly aud forever without
any mercury or nilncrnl treatment.
MOlll'HINU 1IAIIIT Quickly , positively nnd
painlessly cured. ,
TAI'K WOUM Tnkon nlth head complete In ono
hour with ono tcaapoonful o5 pleasitnt mcdlcluu. No
f Biting.
OTIir.lt D15MASKS-Stichni old Bores , mnllgnnnt
ulccrn , lumori , cancers , heart Irnuble.i. nutliniK ,
eplletxy , St. Tltuu dance , milk loir , clironlo constipa
tion anil chronic dlnrrhwn pro cured.
T11K COMI'I.ISXIOX The most unslchtljr nnd
rouddy complexion quickly fraihcncil nnd bcautllled ,
f OH OFFENSIVE IlllKATll-A porrannont euro
IIOUKS : 0:10 : o. in. to B p.m. Evenings , 7 to 8:30. :
Sundays , 2 to Ip in.
Patients Trailed By Correspondence.
Medicine Sent Everywhoro.
822 South Fifteenth St.
I Dr. Hillings prepares and dispenses his
own medicines , which are largely aolsctecl
from , nature's healing plants , barks , roots ,
, musshrulS , etc. No mineral drug a given
up to the form which ho hnd shown sev
eral years jirovlouslyshouldnot bo taken
ns a crtlicluslvo si jn Unit his former exertions -
ortions were too much for his present und
future on OB.
In such cases the truth is that they
have not the same physical vigor that
they once had ; but it is generally be
cause tholr increasing dally duties leave
no energy to bousedm physical recrea
tion. Their muscular system then bo-
pins to fall , and although they nro in
lirst rate health , still they are not so
strong and active as they once woro. If
these same mon were suddenly relieved
of their dally responsibilities and began
again to lead a thoroughly healthful , ac
tive , out-door llfo they probably would
accumulate enough plij'blcal energy to
make them just as peed and perhaps
hotter athletes than they might have
been five , ten or fifteen years before ,
provided that they had not passed the
ago whoa ono Is supposed to begin to
stand still.
Referring to what i3 the probable av
erage number of years in which athletes
can compote successfully , It may ho said
that the largo proportion do not remain
in actlvo competition over four or five
years , for now and bettor men are con
tinually facing them. Unusually good
ones will , however , avorngo two or throe
years longer , but in the case of amateurs
retirement from competition is generally
a question of increased business responsi
Ask for Van Houwn'a Cocoa. Take no
Strnnuo Inliituntion.
Detroit Frco Press : She She isn'
beautiful. What is it that infatuates
him ?
Ho Perhaps ho admires her grace-
She Maggie Fuller peaceful ? Why ,
she does nothing gracofullyl
Ho But don't you think she grows old
very gracefully ?
CJsoS. S. S. , when you niol a tonlo.
If you do not , you should. It ! s the cafe -
o s t and
For Old People ,
_ incuicltio
Mymothcrwlio Is a very old mado. It
lady , -was physically broken is purely
clown. Ilia UFO of Swift's vugotalilo ,
Specific ( S. 8. S.lias ) entirely containing -
restored her health. ing no poi
It. 11. Ul I.WORTH , son of any
Greenville , S. C. kind , and
canhj tak-
Bn safely by the most do loato child.
i'ot It cures nil b'.ood toioullo3 , fiom
an ordlmry face pimple lo the worst
form of contagious illood Taint.
The Swift Specific Co. , Atlanta , Ga.
Commission Co. .
300 anil 311 South lJi ! ! ! Street , F.rst
National Hank Bulldlnir.
Grain , Provisions , Stocks & Bonds ,
OrOora executed for tlio purchase nr fialo for
Immediate or future delivery lit oil tliulouU-
Ing nmrkuttt.
1'rlfitte Il'/rc. / Corrcnt > ontletits ,
Bt. Louis. . . , . . . . . . I > . H. Francis & Uro1
Totil IMUM of CITIES ,
Currvscondrnco solicited *
103.109 Dearborn StreetCHICAGO.
IS Wall Street , NEW YORK.
70 State St. , BOSTON.
Manufacturers' Jofa'
Acnio Iron and Wire Wilson & Drato ,
Works , M'fB tubular fluon , fir *
Iron , wlro amlbrass ir'ki. lie t boilers , tanks , l
fiU9. UlhKtrpot.
\V. llochl , Proprietor. riorconnl 10th streets.
Bees Printing Oo.
Llthotraphlnir , 1'rlntlnt
and illank Hooks ,
llth and Howard 81s.
Her & Oo. , William Darst ,
Liquor Merchants. Wine. ' , Liquors and Cl *
1111 Harnor utroot. ,
' , ' B
Manufactur'ri Kcnnodr'i
Ktst India lllltors. 1313 Cnrnam St. , Oman )
B. E. Grotto , Frank Dallono & Oo. ,
Importer nnd Jobber of Liquors nnd Oonuln H -
Wines nnd Liquors Vth
vndi Cigars.
1'rlco lists on application t03 Douglu Strcot
L , Kirscht 4 Oo. . A. Friok & Oo. ,
Wholesale MquorDoaleri Wholesale LlquorDcaleM
407 mid 4008. 10th SU Ml - R 8. 10th St , ,
G.W. Douglass & 0o. John A , Wakefiold ,
Imported , AmericanTori
Ilnrdffood Lumber , land Cement .Mllnauil
Hydrnullo Cement ta
1310 Northl Cth Stroot. gulncjVhlto Lima.
OharlosB. Lac , Wyatt - Bullard Lumber
Hardwood lumber , wool
carpet * nnd purquot ber Oo.
Dth and Douglas. 20lh andltard Streets ,
Fred W , Gray , Louis Bradford ,
I.lme , Cement , Kta , Hto. Lumber , llmo , comontotil
Cor. 9th an 1 Douglas. VU Douglas strioit
0. A. Stonohill , I. Oborfeldor & Oo. .
Mllllncrr , Notions linporlorn nnd Jobbers in.
Cloaks , Kto Mllllnrrr.
108,210nnd1S South llth
110-113 B. ItHliSt , , Omaha street.
Max Meyer & Era. Oo. A , Hospo , Jr. ,
M'f'K ' Jewelers , ilcalars In I'lanos , Organs , Artists'
musical Instruments ,
etc. , Materials , EM. ,
Farnam and IGth. 1511 Douilaa gtraet.
Oonsoli dated Tank
Line Oo.
Ileflncd and lubrlntlni
ciK axle Rrcnso , eto.
A. 11. HlDhop , Manager.
A. Booth Packing Oo. , Platt 4 ; Oo , ,
" brand , " fres
Or'tcrs , nsh and canned "Tiger
. lers ,
Koods. Omaha branch ,
1203 IX3rxTonworth. 8I5itnd817 llowiu
Carpenter Paper Oo. , Western Plating Wkl
Carry n full stock of Gold , silver and nloktl
printing , wrapping and lilnUng on nil motalf.
tuhlewaro , eUvriplaUjil
writing paper , card pa Pollihlnttbrim & ohatt'
per , etc. dcllernork.
Bibbol & Smith , Schroeder & Oo. ,
Dealorn In country prod Cash burers butter oni l
uce , fruits , TOEcUblos , i. un 1 ggneral oem >
et3. mission merchants ,
1207 Howard street. 4 > South llth itroet.
0. Rosso & Oo. , E. B. Branch 4 Oo , ,
Foreign , California and Produce , frulU of all
tropical frulU , kinds , oysters ,
1213 Howard street. till Howard street.
Porter Bros. Oa. , Eobart Purvis ,
California , Florida and 1217 Howard street.
tropical fruits. \Vrllo for prloes on bufc.
801-811 Junes ntroot. tor , ezus , poultry and
0. W. Huttj , Manager. ganio.
Kirschbraun & Sons , Olark
nutter eggs and poultry. Butler , cheese , cut ,
poultry and game ,
1209 Howard street COl ) South 13th street.
Bates & Oo. , Williams & Gross ,
Country produce , frultj ,
Produce and fruits ,
Tccotablos , K r o c e r s '
speclsltlo.i. teai , spUoi ,
etc. < 1719S. . llthHU Kll Hnrnor street
Omaha Bubbor Oo. ,
Manufacturing nnd Job
bers nil klnlirubber
IQOj Kuril ni treat.
A , L , Deano Sc Oo. , Emor on Seed Oo. ,
iQcncra ! agent * for llall's Sooil Krawon , doilerj In
Safe ) . gitrdaii. urais , grain aai
821 and 8U South 10th St. , trOUBCOlll ,
Otnnlia. tll-ftl Boath 15th.
M. A. Dishrow & Oo. , Bohn Saih & Door Oo ,
Manufacturers of sash , Manufacturers of maui4-
doom , blind * and lng < , bllmli , doors ,
MouldlngK , Urruiohof- oto.
flco , 12th nnd Isard sts. 10th and Clirk strooti.
Farrell 4 ; Oompiny , Duliy-Trowbridga
Wbolosalo manfactiirori StDva Minufao'g Oo. ,
syrups , nioluues and
vlnoKtrs , Mniufa'tur'g storeiaal
ntara pip I.
217-319 South 8th stroot. . .
1.IH-12I5 I.earunworth st.
Ooasolidatcd Ooffea
Company ,
KUnn.llllfl Humor st.
Omaha. Nob.
U. S. Wind Engine & A , L , Strang & Sons ,
Pumo Oo. ,
Hallldsy wind mllli , OIS 10U2-100I Karnam streak ,
nnd at ) Jonui st. G. IT.
Koss , avtliu manager. Omaha , Nob.
Orauo Company ,
Hose belting , pnckl.iz ,
steam rmiinn , plumbing
922-21 Fnrnam stroot.
H. Hardy & Oo , , The Omaha Typa
Toys , dolls , nlbumsfanoy Foundry.
goods , liousufurnlslilntf Printer1 Supplies.
' Now and socond-hansl
gouds , clillilrou's car-
machinery ,
rtaKcs. 1319 furnamst. 1113 Howard street.

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