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iMtPin i iITIM \ i i ii'n ' \TI\IM\ \
llIhlRlOLIIKALLlHi , liSDhl ) ,
Wbt the rtUtiro Hai inStcro forfx-Scna-
lori wl eX'RepnsontattVcfi
I'nllHMlc Sli lflio ul' tlic Men Mli
\ViM-o SnowtMl I'nilcr In tlic Mom-
onililo i'imiiniuii | " ' ' Mio-Tlio
* III' I'lllitlCH.
, /snf / , fi | J'ntiiJ. f ;
WAMIISUTIIV , Maivli ft.Si | > ecl.u
spoiuleiico of Tun HIP ] Tlio 1'lftyflrit
< onirosiilpiti ; | atrriliiy niul tioxv neiirl ) two
hundred statesmen \vliohuvu been online
f.'i.TOO onch ycnr out of t'ncloSn III'H c ibuic
trotting nliout VVinlilnpton mi tliolr
\\lth nothing but tlielr Imiuli In llipir
I'tMimi with little inoiuthau confusion In
their hauls. They nro uuiulcrliig u hautboy
.Many of them linua licon in pnWle service
FO long that they linvo lost their Identity "t
hnino. Their business Inn ROIIO lo smash ,
their inn < clc.s nnd minds tire out ol training ,
nnd they hiivotlio look of the dofoatod.
Tliroo-foiirths uf the inon elected to con-
piess cannot iniiko J-Vixw a youat honu1 , ami
tlio defeated IUIIOIIK these tlueo-fourths KO
bnclt totliolrdLstilcLs with expensive tastes
nnd with practically nothing ; saved out of
their salaries
Ono huiidicd nnd seventy odd members
hn\o been defeated for to-oleetion ntid a hull
do/en odil senators hn\o been tliiown from
thrlr eiishloncd seats out upon thu cruel
tlinrltlcsor Ihu hustling world.
Kvorjwhoto 1 go I sco Iho evidence of
wnlllnpiuid gnashing of teeth , niul It Isonlv
the fewest of the gront men who ha\o do-
chletl upon their pl.ins for the futuio and mo
sntlslicd to K'U uiuk home.
i in in is or mi : M \\TII.
The ousted senators mo In the best
Senator l-'nrwell Is rich , Ho hat his con-
tr.iet for the big stnto hnuso In Texas 1 yet
to settle up nnd ihe 7WOWO , ( noies of land
which ho is s.ilit toliavo gotten from it , will
Keep his mind Ijusy and his muscles well-
tilled , llolll go back toChicago to Iho and
\Mllprohtibly continue thoinurcaittllo busi
ness \\lth his brother.
Senator Spooner will go back to his prnc-
1lco of law. llo wr.s aiailroail lawyer when
lie was elected to the senate and ho Is said to
linvo ono of tlio Iliiost legal mimls in Wis-
lonsin. lie pot ? IUtWl ) ujear fiom ! S7i : to
isst } ns tlio lawyer of the Clilc.iRO , St. I'nnl ,
Minneapolis & Oinnha road nnd no will
probably tn.iko twice tills niiiouiit In tils
practice , lie will settle in Milwaukee , but
the prospect Is that ho will h ivo \Vnslim K-
ton branch of his l.iw olllco imd that ho will
have roiislilernliloHiipienio lourt and depait-
inent liusincss. He was inueli disappointed
nt not heinp elected anil j uiulcrstuml that
ho is Ullioil of as the successor of Si'imtor
hnwycrunil thai Saw j or has ptoiniscd not
lo run ngniii. Tlio people \Visionsln
havo. howeuT , a vorj friendly feeling ; for
eld I'liilotus , and Wisconsin men tell me
they \\ill not allow him to ivtiic.
M'M'nill 1MUIIS III MS | , MTIrlST.
Rotmtoi .lolin .1 Ingalls still icmains roll-
edit as to his plinis. llo has not derided
whether ho will edit n newspaper lit $ , ' , \iMil ) a
jenr , plvo Mercnntiron lectures on thosrunes
of thi ) United States sentitodnrini , ' uxeeutivo
sessions , in whkh the art of the cm teen 1st
will ho oi\mllcd | \ only by the pyrotechnic
Iniifruapo of tlio gretA Kansas orator , or
whether ho will settle thuui to tlu * pi.ictiio
of Inw In one of the hip cilles of the Untied
States anil uin the business for Infills nnd
rcveinio onh. He feels no Is , for the lime , n
political corpse , but lie hns no lileii Unit the
corpse nmj not hu Knlrnul/ed into life , lie
Is , in his own words , perpcndie'ilar , nnd not
hori/ontnl , ns he told uliuly josterdny.
Tills lady eiiino In to condole with him on his
ilcfoatniul she entered the coinniltleo loom nt
time Senator Inpills wns Miporintonilliitf the
tlio picuinpof homo lonp boxes of lookswhiili
l.o intended to ship out to Atchhon. These
hooks lay in fiont of Clio door , and as the
Imly shook l.anils with Senator In alls over
themsho pointed downwards nnd snld :
" 1 suppose , Senator InpiilU , these arc cof
fins ami they contain the reuintns of tlio de
ceased "
"No , " replied the senator wltli nn emphatic
nod , ns his1 houldor went baek anil his head
went up. " N'o , iniulaine , you use the wronp
word. Tlieso IIONCS do not contain the ie-
mains of the deceased They ciiiitnin tlio ef
fects of the deceased. Tno deicased" nnd
hero ho threw himself tip stiulKhtcr and
stiaij'htoriiilohe tlncw out his rinht nun
In -estuio ( of streiiptli "tho deeeasod Is
perpcnuiculir and not lioil/ontnl , ainljio will
probably remain in an erect position for
je.irs to come. "
Senator Infills will prohibly do nothlnp
iluvinc thu coininir suinnur. llo will take
from toelKhtmontlis icst and will then ,
It Is .safe tosn.\Ki > on the lecture platfoim
for the coining season ,
Among the ratifjing olTeis ho has ic-
celved to lecture , are a number fiom
cliunhes , Sunday .schools and Cliatnuquii ns-
fomblles.hhowlnc that the ielit'ions people of
the countij do not uclioxo that hit-alls con
siders "pniity In politics an irnilescent
dream. " llo will probably open n law ollico
nt AUlilson In connection with his son , hut
his will lie inoio to civo the young man tlio
rhiince of Iho titesligo of his naino rather
Ihan for attuarworltandho , will onlv take
big cases.
Bliilr , Hampton nnd Kvaits will nil go uaclc
homo nnd they will all , 111010 or loss. , pay in
tention to their farms.
Blair has n little farm up in New Hamp
shire w hero he says they have the most beau
tiful scenery in the world , but wlicio they
produce more 070110 than crops. Holsulaw-
jear by piofesslon.hut ho has been in polities
neaily thnwholool his life niul ho has kept
up no practice to speak of during hU term in
the sennte
KMirts will po back to his pi-actlcoand ho
will probably spend n gooJ ninny of his win
ters In Washington. IIo has a ROod-si/ed
farm in Vermont nnd ho bought another big
one down on the I'otomae a few je.irs ape
nnd In slock inUing and law , ho will IMVO
plenU to do.
Senator Mood } of South Dakota is tlio law
yer of ono of the bluest mlnine companies of
the mack I tills , lie nets hip fees and his sal-
nry from this company nmonntsto much more
than bo icceivcs in tlio United States senate.
Ho will continue his practice and will laHU )
bis cyo oi > en for a cliaucoto get back to the
AVhat Oil Pierce will do no ono knows. Ho
may blossom out as a Hrat class laujpr , may
stall a paper at Uismanli , may bo an appli
cant for a lllst class mSsioii , ma } bo cov-
crnor of his state nr inn a llr t class Look
BRcnev establishment , lie Is ono of those
cat-llko men who alwajs fall on their feet
and who nro lead } for anything and overy-
thitij , ' thnt the world turns up.
As to Joe Hrown , ho vill probably remain
Just wheio he l . IIo Is worth several million
dollars and he fcols that this needs all his at *
tendon In his present state of old u o anil
poor henlth.
This , ends the senate , with the exception of
Senator I'.iyne , who , rich , old and wiry , will
KO back toClo\oland , O.und , aid In scheming
to boom the political fortunes of his son-in-
law , William 0 Whitney of New York.
MCMN'l.dNI > lll > > K\UM. \
I mot Major McKlnlcy In the Kbbitt house
last night and nskod him wncthor ho inten
ded to piaetiso luw , or run for the governer-
t < nlp of Ohio , or bo n candidate for n foreign
mission ! Hoieplicd : " 1 shall do none of
these things , but 1 expect to tile me to my
faun near Canton anil to pot away from the
troubles mid worries of politics. 1 have a
fine fiirm , some oed stock , the nlr is pure
and the feed is otxi , 1 doubt not I shall bo
happier there than hero and the lowing of
tliLMclno will ho sxveetor lo in" ears than the
hum ot the legislative bec-hlvo on Capital
hill. "
The piospcct. hrwovcr , Is that McKlnlev
will bo n candidate for the governor-hip of
Ohio , \\ltn tbohope , if successful , of boingtho
next presidential candidate of Ilia republican
iiuty. llo Is a mnn of nvans , mid his homo
is In thollttloclty of Canton wboro ho used
tn practise law before his election to con-
Tully cue-half of tUo defeated
are IIMcrs ami ninnv of them hid bltf | irno
tlsi i before thi-v wert i lect 1
TlniM thntji- witli I u Tolleito of U'n
CI.IIMIIIKI had n luw ollUe at .MiidhLti.
u Inch liy HHMUI\ " l hat k < pt OH'II dutlliK
Ins iix > 'O.IPH In"rrtiiirrom lli > Is a little
fmui-tl iitl frllnw \ \ ilh a bitfoli'i > and a \t\H \ \
bruin and he can po hack to a { It'.ncO ' n jour
law htislness anil nnike It jrrow lie Is only
thlrtv-sh voim old and has already oi.oiiKh
t ( keep him comfortably Cine of Ills Invest
ments Is a Imrse ranch In Dakota upon which
hi > luis $ ; \iKKmorthof stuck and where he
brccilt sumo \cry good liorsiM
notbir hur'nc loing and horio-wlilng
congrcsimiin is Oeoiye Porsey of Nobtutlcit ,
who raisei llni < I rolling stodt ami who vies
wllh Senators Ktockbrtdge and Stanford as
an aiithniiiy on jrood horn'llrsh Horsey will
now devote" himself to hl < horse ranch nnd to
his blinking and let his district be I un. by an
alliance Hiuvi'ssur .
lien Uulu-iwiirth will praetico law either
before or niter ho pets throui'li with his work
on the \\orUrs fair Ills present ollleo pays
him more than twice what he pot Incongiesi.
ami bo will inaku a hlgthiin * at patent law
when ho begins to prailico. lie was , you
know , commissioner of patents , and hoill
probalily do as well as e\-'iimtnlssioner ( of
1'elision's Dudley , who I am told Is taking
things \ery casv nnd U making sf''O.OOO a
3 , ear Ilnlterworlh Is not lit h , and his re-
tlicnionl from congiess was \olunt.iry.
JtidKO Thompson of Ohio will ninctlie law
at I'ottsmoiith mill ( icncral C'hailes ( iros
venor A\lll probablv resnme his praclleo at
the little to\\n of Athens , Ohio Moth are
fond of Washington life , and the } will eonie
b.uk as soon as they pet a i-bunce.
roVdiiiiMM \ \ i'v\sov AND rin : MI ronsnii'
A number of our ex-statesmen of every
congiess settle down In Washington to prac-
t bo law. When they lose the crapes of otllio
lliuv tuin up their noses and s.ithey are
sour , but I notice they are \ery glad to pet
them uh'Miou'r they ha\o a second chance.
This seems to bo the case with Judge 1'ayson
of Illinois
I rode down from the capitol with him the
other day In ono of the led heidics which
takes jim all ever Washington for a nlckle.
and duiinp Iho ilile 1 told him thall had
heard that ho hail Intended to give up poli
tics and settle down to the practice of the law
In U'ashlnpton. He replied that he was tired
of political life and that ho was glad ho was
not polng back into It.
"I IniNu , " said ho "enoiu'h money safely
invested to keep me eoinfoitablj for Iho rest
of IDV dav.s , mill I have bought a couple of
lots in waslnnptoii on .Massachusetts avenue
bi'twoon Klevunth and Thlitoeiith s'.iecls ,
nnd will build mo a house and live heie. 1
shall not hint myself pnicticlnir , but will do
sometblnp nl Iho law nndili have nn otlUe
heie. I don't ' mean to say that 1 am rich In
In the modern sense of tlio term , but I hino
enonph for nu self and my family niul my
Mants are not exuavagant ones. "
This talk 1 hail in the afternoon , That
ou'inng the Judge without his knowledge
and \\Ulicnit his antlclpalion was biouuht
forth ns a candidate for the I'nltcit States
senatorshipaiid the ne\t inornlng 1 saw an
interview \\itb .ludjfo Piiyson phen within an
hour of the above talk lahlch ho said ho
would of com. so bo plad to tot tlio nomina
tion and ovpiessiug no objection whatever to
icsumlni ; pohtleal labors for six } carsto
The Hon. .1. ( ! . Cannon \\ill po back to his
law and his banking , He is well to do ,
thonph not wealthy and ho has thoinone-
making bent I heard him oneo say that ho
might have been a rich man if lie had kept
out ot cimprcss , and it may bo that his defeat
will make lilm a millionaire.
Coop.T of Ohio will practice law at home.
ll.ikcr of New York will build a house in
Washington and will engapo In hanklnp
here. Ciencial Hob Ken uidyill po back to
Ohio and to the law. McComas of Maryland
will do likewise mid ho will luuo time to le-
consiilu1 his action on Iho election bill.
McComas is a lepuhllcan , but 1 understand
thnt ho mairied into a strong democratic
family , \ \ hich has preat Influence in his dis-
tiict. His father-in-law , so the stoiy pees ,
has , up to the last election , cone in with all
his might for McComas , Hut AIcL'ounis
nnpored him In his \otinpnnd spenklnp for
the 1'orco bill , nnd the old man kicked and
Iho result was the younp man got lelt. lie
was a bripht vomit ; nmn nndVns uington is
sorry to lose him.
Tom Hrown of Indiana coes out of conpress
in veij poor health mil ills very doubtful
whether he will ever too Washington apnln.
lit has been steadily failing throuphout the
session and his fiiends fi-ar that ho can no\er \
lecover. If bo does ho will praetico law. llo
is a peed lawvor anil has been one of the
leading members of conpress slm.0 thedaj ho
came heii > , foil men jcars airo.
Wl.sIlltS LONCdlbxsMI V.
It is the same with the western oonpress-
inon who \\ero tinned down bj the alliance.
Peters , thu man whom thesockless Simpson
succeeds , voluntarily letiied. IIo will trvto
got a place on the bench under the new Judi
cial bill. lie MiU last year ho was too poor
to stay In conpiess and he don't hello ; o a
statesman can save anything on J.I.OOJa year
in Washington.
Alonlll is rich. JIo pocs back to his bmik-
inc business in Hiawatha nnd Leaven-
worth I'erkins will co back to the
law and Kiniston the only ono of
the Kinsas congressmen who \\as ie-elecled
will como back hero. Kunston , by the \\ay ,
U a llrst class deinapogiio lie saw tlio way
the alliance people were ninnlnp the state
and bo wrote a letter to the ; larmeis of his
district tolling them that the iollticiinsero
against him and that ho was their friend.
lie had a llttlo farm and ho posed as tlio
farmeis' candidate. Ho wrote that tlio time
had como when the farmcib of the country
must stand topcther and the result \\ns that
Iho farm'Ms voted forhiinatid ho is sent back.
Ho is a politician for all that politics ! m\e to
Representative Finnic of Missouii will po
back to St Louis to the law. Thoui/h one of
the jounpest meiubeis of this congress ho
has , It Is slid , a law practice amounting to
nnout $ ir > , lHH ) a jear and isonoof the bright
est jounp lawjers of his state , Xiediinp-
haus will go back to makiiip tin in St. l-ouis.
lie is u rich miinulacturer nnd does not like
political life.
* roit sotTlll IIVril
As to souOicin chanpes , Cleorpo Harnes of
( icnrgia , Iho fattest man In the lower house ,
will return to his law praetico at Aupusta.
iiwnrt of North Carolina will resume the
law nt Ashvillc , which Is now having a boom ,
and wheio the business will bo good , and
Hail } Hrown of Virginia will have his law
praetico at Aceomac , Va , where , It is said ,
ho pets $ , " > , ( XX ) a year ns a railroad lawyer.
Langston , Iho coloied memberof this house ,
is another in , in who Is again thrown out of a
Job. Ho will go back to Pelersburgh , Va. ,
and try to como baik hero nt another con
gress or will attempt to manipulate his natty
in the next piesidcntialcamp.upn IIo In a
politician , pure and simple , and hensplios to
control Virginia , notwithslandlnp Mahono.
U'be Oltiunl Girl.
TonMtHttm \ ,
They met And afterward she said
She liked him \ery well ,
And } et itiniphtbe hettoi If
He was a shade moio swell.
Ho took her to the play one night ,
And lelt he'd mot his fate ;
She said she'll had a good time but
His hat was not on straight.
And after they'd been to a ball ,
W.th tearlul eye- , thereto
She'd bad a splendid time , but oh !
That specie upeu his coat.
"I lo\o you , dear1 ho said at last ;
The maiden sighed , "I find
I love you , lee , but , 0 , dear mo !
Your nee'jtie's up behind. "
Not Kar AVronp.
CVi Ciiyo Titliunc.
"Will some ono repeat tlio polilcn
to.\t ; " ' called out tlio Sunday behool
Hiiiiorlntondont. "Wlllio McGlnnis.will
you rojieiit it ? "
And U'illlu stood up niul said ho ilia-
reiubinborcil It 'Mii-tlv , but ho thought
it was fomatliini , ' about Inyhu ; up your
ti'uitbuiud wlioro no trust could corrupt ,
Kale rtill'c H'df/idiu/iKi. / /
Conl ni > alurtoilb ( ) wife ) J va1- grossly
insulted this morning ;
Wifo-Imleed ! By whom ?
C'oal Dealer Ono of my customers.
Dencon Gooclinnn ,
Wlfo-Wlmt did ho bay ?
C'oul DciilQr Ho besought mo to see
the error of my woiyhs.
Ask \oiw uroccr for Cook's Kxtrn , dry Jin-
poihU ( . 'huiiiiugne , I Us boquct Is delicious ,
uuU It is perfectly pure , Tiy it.
\V1\ \
AM )
Recital of the Story of Johnston's Surrender
Near Hillsboro , N. 0 ,
IIwv .Itilin-ton . Ill-reived tinXIMVM ol'
IjIncola'M A'-x.i'.siniUon Hi
Stmilling r.nVi-l Uii | u
SlKMiiiiin'N.iiny. .
In Ocaeral Sherman's Memoir * li found
the follow Ing interesting chapter In the his
tory of the war :
On the morning of April II. I'tVi , Ooneinl
ICIlp.it i Irk i cported from Diirhniu's Ktatloa
that n Hag of truiohad come in fiom the
enemy with u paeknpo from Ucneral John-
sum mlilieswl tome. Tnklng It for granted
that this was preliminary ton suriender , I
ordered the message lo bo sent to me at Ha-
IcUh , nn.l on Iho lltli iecel\ed from Ceneral
.loluiston n letter dated April 1M , Iwtt , in
these words :
'I'lii' results of the recent c.itupilpn In
Virginia have changed the relative military
condition of the belligerents I am , there-
foio , induced to nddre < s joii In lids fuiin Iho
iwiniry wheiher , to slot ) tlie ftitther effusion
of tilooil nnd devas.t itlon of propeity , you
ait ) willing to inalio n tempor.tr } suspension
of active operations , anil to coiniuunleato to
l.loutenniiKieneiid ( Irani , eoniiinuidlng the
armies of the United States , the object being
to permit the civil authorities to enter into
the iieeilluliuT.ing'enieiit.s to terminate the
existing ; war.
To which I replied as follows :
Ilr.\i \ > qriiiriu : < Minrvin DIMSIOS or mi :
\lissi . | i'pi , IN mi : I'li'.i n Utir.iiiit , N. C.
April II , INM.leneral.I. ( . 15 .loluiston , com
manding confederate arm } : ( ienoral 1 have
this moment received your ediinminication of
tins date. I am fullv empowered to arrange
with yon any teims for the suspension of further -
thor hostilities between the armies command
ed bv } ou and thosei-ouimamled by mselfnnd
will be wllllnp to confer \\ithyou to that end.
I w ill limit the nilvanceofiiiv main columnto
morrow , to.Mouis\ , and the eavalr } to
the university , and expect that } ou will also
maintain the present position ot your form's
until each has notice of a failure to agree.
Thnt a basis of action may bo had , I under
take to abide b\ the same terms and condi
tions ns weieiiindoticnuralsCiiMiit and L.UOUI
Aiiponuittox comt honso on the Oth instant
iclative to our two aimies ; ami , furlhermoie ,
to obtain fioiu ( ieneial ( Jinnt an order tosns-
| iend the movements of any troops fiom the
dlicetton of Virginia , ( icneral Stonemnn is
under inv coinuiand , and my order will sus-
iionil any devastation or destruction contem
plate 1 by him. I will add that 1 really desire
to save the people of North Uaiollna the damage -
ago they vould sustain by the inarch of this
army through the icatral or western parts of
the state. 1 am , with respect , your obedient
servant , \V. T. HIIIMOUN ,
Major General.
I sent inv aide-de-camp , Colonel McL'ov , up
to ljuibani Station wllh this letter , with In
structions lo receive the answer , to telegraph
Its contents hack to me at lialeigh , and to ur-
lanuefor an interview. On the liith I re
ceived a reply fiom ( ienfral .loluiston , agiee-
Inp to meet mo the ne\t day. I ordertd a car
and locomotive to be prepaid ! to convey mo
up to Durham at 8 o'clock of the moining of
April 17.
.lust as wo cnteied the car the telepianh
operator i.in down to mo and said that ho
was nt thnt instant lecohinpa most import
ant dispatch from Morebe.id City which I
oupht to see. I held the tiaiti for nearly an
hour , when ho lotuined with the message.
It wn > from Mr. Stimton announcing the as
sassination of Mr Lincoln , tno attempt on
the life of Mr. Sewaid and son , and a sus
picion that a lilce fate was designed for ( J n-
erul Cirant and all the principal ollleera of the
Dieading the effect of sueh a mcssnpe nt
that critical iiioiiient , I asked the operator it
anyone but himsellhad seen it , ho answered
no. 1 bade him not to icveal the eonlents
till 1 came back , which I proposed to do the
Mime afternoon.
The train then stinted , and , as we passed
Monis's station , ( .icneral Logan , commandIng -
Ing the Fifteenth corps , came into my cnr ,
and I told him I wanted to see him on my return -
turn , ns 1 hail something \ery Important to
communicate. IIo know 1 was going to meet
( Soneral Johnston , and \olunteered to say
that ho hoped I would succeed in obtaining
his sarrendor , as the whole army dic.uled the
lonp march to Charlotte (175 ( miles ) nheady
bouun , hut which had been interuuted by
the iccoliitof General .Johnston's letter on
the I'lth.
\Vo reached Durham about 10 a. in. Oen-
cral Kilpatrick sent a miin aheail with a
white flag , followed by asmnll platoon , be
hind whuli wcrodeVe lode up to the Hills
boro' road tor about llvemib's , \vhenourlliip-
bo.ircr discovered another coming to moot
him They met and woul was pissed back
to us that General .loluiston was near at
hand , when ue lode foiwnrd and mot Gen
eral Johnston on hoiscback , lidinp with Gen
eral Wade Hampton I asked if there was a
plate convenient wlioro we could bo private ,
and General Johnston said lie had passed a
small fiiiin-houso a short distance hackwhen
wo lode back to it together.
SVe had never met before , though wo had
been in the regular ui my together for thir
teen ye.us , Ho was a man some twelve or
moio'yeaib my senior , , but wo knew cmniph
of each other lo be well acquainted at once
U'osoon leached the hnuso of a Mr Hennett
and dismounted. Our ollicers , on footpassed
into the yard , and ( icner.il .loluiston and I
entered Iho small farm honso. \ \ oasked the
farmer if wo could have the use of his hoii e
for a few minutes , and he and his wife w Un
drew into a smaller lop-house ,
As soon ns woeio nlono together I
showed him the dispatch announcing Mr.
l incoln'a assassination , and watched him
closely. The perspiration came out in larpo
drops'on his forehead , and he did not attempt
to conceal his dlstiess. llo denounced the
net as a displace lo the ago , and hoped I did
not chut go it to the confederate government
1 told him thnt 1 could not believe that he or
tieneral I.ce.or the ollicers of the confederate
army , could possibly bo privy to nets of
assassination , but 1 would not say as much
for Jo IT Davis , ( ieorpo Sanders and man of
that \Vetalkodaboutthe effect of
this net on the country at larpo and
on the armies , and ho lenli/cd that
It made my situalion exlremely delic.ile. I
explained to him that I had not yet revealed
thene\\s lo my own personal stuff or to the
army , and that 1 dreaded the effect when
made known in Ualeigh. Mr. Lincoln was
peculmily endoaicd to the soldiers , nnd 1
Icaicd some foolish woman or man In HnleiL'h
might say something or do something that
would madden our men nnd that a fate wor ethan
than Columbia would befall the place.
1 then told .loluiston that ho must no con
vineed that ho could not oppose my army and
that , since Leo had sniienilered , ho could do
the same with honor anil propriety. Ho
plainly and repeatedly admitted this , and
added th.it nay further lighting would be
"murder , " but he thought that Instead o
.suiTonderiug piecemeal , wo might arrange
terms thnt would embrace nil the con federate
armies 1 nslccd him if ho could contro
o'hcr aimies than his own. lie said he conk
not then , but intimated that be could pioeun
authority ironi Mr. Uavls. I then told Inn
that 1 had iccently had an Interview will
General Irant ! and I'lesidcnt Lincoln , inn
that 1 wns possessed of tholr\lcws , tha
with them nnd the people north there secmci
to be-no vindictive feeling ngalnst the con
federate armies , but there was ngalnst Davis
nnd his political adherents ; and that thu
terms that General tirant had given to lien
eral Leo's army were certainly most generous
and liberal. All this he admitted , but always
recurred to the idea of a unhorsal surrendoM
Our conversation HiitUlied mo that it could
have but ono result , and that which wo all
desired , vU. To end the war ns quickly as
possible ; and , being anxious to return to
Halolph before the news of Mr. Lincoln's
assassination could be divulped , on General
.lohnslon's saying that ho thought that , dur
ing tlio nlpht , he could procure authority to
nit in the name of all the confederate armies
in existence , wo agreed to meet the next day
nt noon at the same place and parted.
We roue hack to Durham station anil then
I.sho\\cd the dispatch announcing Mr. Lin
coln's death. 1 cautioned the ofllcers lo
watch the 'oldlcr-i closely , to movcnt any
\ lolent lutnliation by them.
As soon as 1 reached Haleigli I published
orders to the army nnnounclnp the nssaslna-
tlou of Iho jirebidcut , auil 1 doubt If lu the
\hole land them wore moroMneero mourner *
iver his > ail fute > than wore thru In nnd
ibout Knlcu'li 1 watched the effect elosei }
nnd was irrallili'd tout there was no single
net of ret illation , th nigh 1 uw nnd felt th t
> ne sin : le word d\ tiit < \ \ mild have lulil Iho
city in ashes and turned Us whole population
louseloss upon the country , If not \\orso.
Duiinp the evening ot the Kill nnd
nornlng of the IMh 1 snw
ii'iirl } nil the > general ofllcera of the niniv
Schollehl , Sloeuin , Howard , Logan , Hinlri ,
mil we talked o\er \ the-miller of the confer
ence at Hennctt's IIIIIHO uf the day before ,
and. without CM option , nil advlsod mo to
igiveto sciine teimx , for they nil dreaded Iho
eng ni'ii haras-dnp march in puwult of u ills-
olvlng and lleclnp army.
We all knew that It we could bring .lolm-
ton'siirni } lo \\coonlddesiroy It In nn
lour , but that was .sltnid } Impotslblo In thu
o'intry in which wo found inmelvcs.Vo
llscnssed nil fie prob.Udlltlos , t.moiig which
\as , whether , if Johnston Hindu u point of
t , I should assent to the escnpo fiuiu Iho
oiintiy of Jell D.ulsnnd bl.s fugitive cub-
net ; and some one of my general ollk I'tseitlier
Agan or Hluir , insisted that , If asliod fore ,
\o \ should even pioNidea vessel to cairy
hem to Nassau fioiu Chailoston.
Tlio next illuming I again started In the
cnrs to Ihirhum Station , accompanied by
nest of in } personal Malt and by ( Seneial's
ll'iir , Itnrrv , Howard , etc , and , teaching
iuncral Kilpatilck's headipiaiters nt Dur-
lam , we again mounted , and I oil e to llon-
ictt's house , rcaehii.g there punctually at
loon ( ioneral Johnston hid not > ot arrived ,
t must hiuo been neaily - p. in
< hen ho arrived with ( ielieralVado
lampion. \Ve again enteied Hennctt's
louse and I closed Iho door. llen-
'ral Jolinstoii then assured me that bu had
mthoiity over all the confederate atmies , so
bat they would obey his orders to smrender
m thn same teims with his own , tint ho
ngued that , to obtain so cheaply thl doslra-
lie ivsult , 1 ought togi\ his men and ofllcers
someassnianceof their political rights after
liolrsiirrcmler 1 explained to him that Mr.
ilneoln's priuhiinallnn of amnesty uf le- )
oniher h , lMit : , still lu foice , enabled overv
onfcderato .sohlier and olllcer , below the
auk ol colonel , to obtain an absolute pardon ,
> y slmpl v lav Ing \MihN anus and talcing thu
oniinon oath of allcciniu'e , ami that Geneial
5rant , in iiccuntlng the surrender of Cieneral
A'c's army , hnd extended the sam-3 iirineiplo
o all the olllceis , Cieneral I ee Included ; such
i paidon , 1 understood , would restore to
lie-in all their lights of citizenship , lint no
nsisled that the ollhers unit men of the con-
edeiato army were unnecessarily nlarined
ibout this matter as a soil of abuphear llo
hen s dd that Mr Hieckenridgo was near at
mint , and ho thought that it would bo well
or him lo bo orescnt. I objected on the
scoio that ho was then in Davis' cabinet , and
negotiations should bo conllnoil stiicily
o bellipoients. Ho then s'dd that llreelcen-
idpo was a major general In the confederate
irmy , and might sink his character of secie-
tnrvof war. 1 consented , anil ho sent ono
of bis staff ollicers back who soon ictuincu
with Ureciteniidpe. ( ioneral Johnston and I
non again went over the whole ground , an d
-ircikcuildpe conlilined what he had said as
o the uneasiness ol the southern oflleorsnnd
soldiers about their political rights In case of
then satdowi at the table and wrote off
the terms , which 1 thought concisely es.-
ircssed nls views nnd wishes , nnd explained
.lint I wns willing to submit these terms to
.ho now president , Mr Johnson , provided
that both armies should reinnln in stiiUi quo
mill the truio therein declined should ex
pire. I had full faith that tieneral Johnston
would religiously respect tlio tiuco , whuli ho
The papers were dulv signed ; wo parleil
ibout dark , and my parly returned to Ha-
.elgh. llariy the next moining , April P. ) . I
teloL'raphed to Mmehond I'll } to prepare n
steamer to cairy u messenger to Washington ,
mil-cut Major Henry Hitchcock dovui by
rail , beaung letters and an agreement with
Cieneral Johnston.
tin thur lace they iceited that I hnd no
iiitliorit } to innku linul ternisjnvohinp civil
or political ( jiie-tlons , but thnt 1 submitted
Lhem to Iho pioper unailer In Waslunglop
for tlieir action , and the letters full } ex
plained that the niilitarv situation was such
Lhat thodelny was an aiHuutato tons.
On tho''Oth I reviewed Iho Tenth corps ,
and was much pleaded nt the appe.iriinio of
Cieneral I'.uue'o division of black troops , the
lirst I hail ever seen as pirt of an orpniii/ud
inn } ; and on the 'Jlst 1 reviewed the
1'vu'iity-tliird corp < , which had been with
mo to Atlanta , but had returned to Nashviho ,
Linil formed an essential part of the army
which fought nt Franklin , anil with which
General Thomas had defeated General IlooJ
in Tenneseo ,
Nothing ol intoiest happened at Raleigh
till the evening of April J.lnl , when Major
Hilebcock reinrted | by telepr.iph his return
to Morehead City , anil that ho would come
up bv mil iluilng the night. He auivod at ( i
a. m April accompanied by Cieneral
Giant mid ono or two ollicois of his stntt
Of rouisc , 1 was both surprised and pleased
to see the general , 1 soon learned that my
teims with Johnston had been Ulsipproved.
wns Instructed by him to give the b hour's
notice required by the terms of Iho truce ,
mid nfteiwanl to piocecd to nttnclc or follow
him. I Immedi'itelj tolegrapho.1 to ( ienoral
Kilpatrick , at Duihain , to have a mounted
courier ready to carry the following message ,
then on its way up by rail , to the tebel lines
Cieneral Johnston , commanding Confederate
army , ( ir cnshoio-
You will take notice that the trnco or sus
pension of hostilities agued to between us
will cease in IS hours niter this Is received
at your lines , under thollrst nt the articks ol
agicemi'cnt. ' W. T SIIHIM\S ,
At the same time I wrote another sboit
note lo ( icncial Johnston , as follows :
I have replies from Washington to mv
communications of April Is. I aniinstiuctod
to limit my operations to your Immediate
command , nnd not to attempt civil negotia
tions. I theieforodemand the suiieuder of
your niiny on the same terms as were given
toGctier.d Leo at App'.unattux , April ' . ' , inst ,
jjuiely and simply.
At the same time orders wore sent to nil
paits of the army lo bo ready to ieumo the
tiiusult of the enemy on the expiration of the
toiv-elght hours' ' truce , and messages were
sent to General Gllltnoii ) to the sumo effect ,
\\lth instriutlons to pet a similar message
tbiouph to General \Vilson at Mui-on , b }
some means.
General Cirant had hroiipht him with from
Washington , written answers Irani the secre
tary of war nnd of himself , to mv communi
cations ol the isth , which J still possess
On April i"i I received a letter from lion-
oral Johnston ngivelng to nicotine again at
Dennett's house , the next day April ' 'ii , at
noon. Ho did not oven know that General
Ciiant wns in Halelgh.
Geneial Chant advised mo to meet him ,
nnd to accept his surrender on the sumo
terms as his with General Lee ; nnd on tlio
liith ! 1 again went up to Uiiiham Station by
rail , and rode Oiit to Hcnncit's house , where
wo again met , aim General Johnston , with
out hesitation , agreed to. nnd we executed ,
the lollowing linul terms :
Terms of a mllltiir' } convention , cntoied
into this -JOth day of April , IMi.l , at Hennett s
house , near Durham htalion , N. C , betvM'en
General Joseph h Johnston , commanding the
confederate army , and Major General \V T
Khuiman , loniniamiing the United States
aimy In Noith Carolina :
1. All acts of war on the- part of the troops
under General Johnston's command to cease
from this date.
L' . All arms and public property to bo deposited
posited tit Gieonbort)1 , and delivered to an
eidnanco oflieorof tlio United States aimy
II IColls of all tlio ollii-ers and men to bo
made In duplicate , OTIC ropy to bo letained
by the commander of tlio troops , nud the
otherto bo given to an ofllier to ho designat
ed by General Sherman. 1'ach otlker and
man to give his Individual obligation In wilt
ing not to take up imns against the govern
ment of the United States , until properly re
leased from this obligation
I. The side arms ol oflleeis , and their pri
vate horses and baggage , to bo lotained by
5. This being done , all ofllcors and men vill
ho peinilttid to let urn to their homes , not to
bo disturbed by the United States authori
ties , so long as they ohsor\e tlieir obligation
and thu laws In force where tlic } may reside.
W. T. SiihiiMiN , Major General ,
Coniinincllnp United States foiies in Noith
, J. K. JOHNSTON , General ,
Commanding Contedorato font's in Xoith
Appioved :
U. S. GIUST , Lleulonnnt General.
These teims wore rejected b } thu govern
ment nt that time , but Dually were piucti-
cully neeeited. |
Conblii'l You SoeV
"This tnilh totheel nhnll confess , "
She spnko , while wildly danced my hlood ,
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liccuuso I do uot think it could. "
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llOI'lts ' > Un in tuS | > in Utuiilnji , 7 to ;
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Patients Trotted Hy
IMeJiolno Sent Everywliuro.
322 South Fifteenth St.
Dr. l > illln < r < 3 tiropnres anil ilispcnsos his
own medicine * , which ar largely s > l otal
Iroin nature's lie.illiig pl'inti , ba-lti , rooti ,
raua.hhrubi , etc. No mlnor.i or drug ? given
N. E. Cor. 14th and Farnam Sts.
WiMUIl iinUiMou a'ct of teeth n-liu-tlio ln'st i uhlior and M" AliANTHH a lit. fur'I1"
I'AINl.l.-S r\TIA ! < TION \ \ Ithimi im Mini Uclliau \ti.iclotl I Absolute ! ) \\ltliunt \
( mill. Mlvt-i anil Iliiiu-llllln.'s. ( i.inn , uitl llriiliri'\Vnn >
Um .Motto I ho III.- I' tk nl il wtni > . at i.Ort I. T llliu uilfi-s.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
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n. in. t L'
Draperies and Furniture.
THE ORIGINAL AND CCNUINC Th , mllift . --lir. > . mnl riltUi Till tor . .I-
I mill * , n > k Drurittit ft r ni n ttt It unj In U. il nl tvtj imul le
P4it < lwui I. . < n nbl n I ut.fiui ui : r kind. lr\t * sutilKuiintM uti /nir.i
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in.OIMIT unn.m , \ * t'i > f ; CHICHCSTtR CHEMICAL CO . M , ll. . , , , "
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l r > f. F. t I'mvi.iiu , .HoodiiH , ( iiun
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T. A. ( sloiuui , .11. U. , 181 1'i-Hll ft > l. , .V V.
Hjrifln for Mritorlv l > iiitmi , KIti murnlirla \
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