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, It Opens on the Chelsea Embankment with
1 . Great Oeremony.
Full Sized Model of Nelson's Famous Flag
ship on Exhibition.
Innumerable Marine Engines and Uonstor
Gannon on All Sides.
All the Imrj-cst Ship niillilrrs and
blilp Owne-rn Ki'iiresentcd ria n
r mill iiiMi : ns of All
Nation .
LONDON , Mny 2 The naval exhibition on
Chelsea c'liban'cmcnt opened today with
croat cciemonv. The pilnco of Wales pie-
A Hunt flashed from the light house , a
cannon hot was heard from one of the model
mon of-war In the grounds , the union Jack at
the loft of the main was raised and the bands
played "God Save the Queen "
The exhibition is held in the grounds of
the old Chelsea hospital , In tcmporaiy
build \nfi \ erected List year for the
military exhibition. The hospital and
grounds look directly on the Thames , the
Chelsea embankment , a line broad prome
nade , well planted with trees , separating It
from the river The exhibition and grounds
cover over llftcui acres The gioumls are
divided Into two sections of unequal size , the
building quite surrounding them The
smaller section Is laid out \\itb elaborate
flowers , ILLa band stand .mil a mlnUtmc
i.iscade and fountain The larger section
has nn arena and a good sized artificial hike
Between the arena and luUo is a grand stand
of largo seating capaclU , and across
the arena from the grand stand rises
an exact fac sltnilo of the Eddj stone
lighthouse , 'iho lichthouso which Is lighted
up to the extent of r 00,000 camllo power , Is
built of a fratno work of iron covered with
American expanded wire , ovgr which cement
is laid , giving It the appearance of solid
stone ' 1 he lower part of the lighthouse is
used for an exhibit of lighthouse and sig
nalling apparatus , while the top , reached by
_ elevators , ufTotds a good observatory One
Of the most intcicstlng features of the exhi
bition is a full sized model of Nelson's fam
ous flagship , the Victory , furnished through
out with guns and accoutrements of
Nelson's day. _ On the lake it is proposed to
give each day a mimic naval battle between
miniature iron clad men of war , including
torpedo attacks , torpedo practice , submarine
mining fireworks , etc. In the arena bodies of
sailors will illustrate how drill is done aboard
ship and gymnastic contests and displays
will nlao bo given , in whlc.li the bojsof naval
schools will figure. The handling of naval
machine guns , such as the gatling , will bo
shown hero by picked parties of bluejackets
The main exhibition building is divided into
nine galleries , each named after some cele
brated sailor , such as the Nelson , Houbow ,
Cook , Houo and Hlako galleries , each
gallery being devoted to some one
class of exhibits There are Interesting col
lections of old naval relics and of the various
X Argtio expeditions , and the arts section con-
-Joius the finest collection of nav.xl pictures
cVer brought together Tlo other'galleries
are equally Interesting , containing specimens
of all the latest developments of naval Inven
tion There are hundreds of models of old
mid new warships Innumerable charts ,
ancient and modern , mo hung nn the walls of
the galleries Just Inside the main entrance
Is n fine model of the battleship "Tho Queen , "
constructed In 1 17. Isothlng could show
more strikingly the enormous strides made
in naval construction during the past half
eenturj than a comparison of these
warships with a modern iron-
rlud. Innumerable marine endues
r.ie exhibited and also some of the best
cannon over- made A 110-ton gun Is pir-
ticularly conspicuous iu n full section of the
turret of the Victoria All the laigest ap
pliances for manipulating the hcavj ordnance
mid mnchlnerj' of all Hinds are on view , as
nro also shells , sections of shells and models
of shells in their different stages of manu
facture. An Interesting contrast is made bj
placing side hy side a charge for the modern
100 ton gun , weighing TuO pounds , and a bag
containing the heav lest charco u'eit during
the Crimean war , weighing sixteen pounds
All the largest ship builders and ship owners
lire represented , if not in the exhibition it
self , In a building specially provided in the
grounds The galleries mo ciuulilj festooned
with lines and ensigns of all 111111011" , not for
getting the Stars and Stripes.
Issued ( "mm tlio United Stale : ) Signal
WvsniNnroN' , Maj 2. Following Is the
weather ctop bulletin Issued by the signal
oKIce , Washington Citv , Saturdaj' , May ) ,
Temperature -Tlio past week has been
warm in thu northern states , cast of thu
Kockj1 mountains , except In not them Now
- . -England , while about the noin.nl tempera-
' tint ) has pie vailed tbroughoat the southern
' states and on the Pacific coast. Thu excess
of temperature bos been most marked In the
noitlivvcst , where , over thu spring wheat
region , the dallj' tcniperaturu ranged
from 5 dogreei to 10 degrees
nbovo the noimal for the vvce > k. About
the same excess of temperature is reported
from the middle Atlantic states. The tern
porat u re for the season from Januaiv 1 to
May 1 continues in excess throughout the
iiorthein states , mid this excess is apparently
on the Increase in thu principal grain glowing -
ing states In the cotton region Uu theinml
conditions foi the to ison are about normal ,
the average dallj tempcrrturo In that legion
differing less than 1 ° from that of previous
jcars. Precipitation-Tho week was drv
generally throughout thu ngricultuial dis
tricts , thu only section repotting an excess of
rainfall being Washington and noithvvest
Oregon , portions of Idaho and Montana aiul
eastern Florida. There was a total absent o
of rain generally throughout thu gulf and
middle Atlantic states , upper lake region ,
tbo central Mississippi valley and Cali
fornia. The thowcrs occurred la
New England from tbo lower laka
region , southward to Boston and In
Minnesota , Iowa ami thu upper Missouri val
ley. Thu rainfall lor the season continues in
excess ov or the ei-eatcr portion of the agri
cultural legions , notwithstanding the total
absence of rain In munj sections during the
past vv eck. There vv us a largo oxi ess of mois
ture generally throughout the states west of
the Mississippi and generally from the cast
Gulf states noitheasluarcl to the St. Law-
venco vallej. In the central Mississippi val
ley the rainfall for the season uenurallj' ex-
reeds the point of the normal , while In north
ern Florida and cxtiemo .outhorn portions
of Louisiana there was the usual amount.
General remarks -The weather during the
east week has been specially favorable
tor nil grow Ing crops thrcugbout tha grain
regions of the northwest and the central vol-
lejs , except sunshine and warm weather fav
ored farm work , and early sown wheat in
Minnesota and DaKOta Is in excellent con
dition Thu light fioits which occurred dur
ing the week In the ccntial valleys did not
prove Injurious In the winter wheat region
from the Ohio valley westward to Kansas
and southward to Tennessee and Alabama
all crops arc reported In excellent condition ,
wheat and grass growing ulcelj and much
corn planted The warm , clear weather has
caused verj rapid evaporation , and although
there has been an excess of precipitation dur-
itiir the season there are ciauj * localities in
the central vallevs where additional rain
would prove beneficial , and the in
dilations nro that thcso rams will
occur during the early part of
next week In the cotton region cool nights
have retarded j'rowth and crops are gener-
allj in need of rain Clops are backward ,
although a good stand of cotton is reported
in the western portion of the cotton legion
while in the ] cast the ground is too dry for
plai.tlng In the stnto-i on the Atlantic coast
the weather was not favorable and t reps m
this section would bo mucn improve-d bj lain.
Frost during the earlv part of the week did
slight damage to fruit in Now England , but
icports from New Jersey sav "i'auditions
nro favorable and fruit prospects in all dis
tricts novel better" Orecon repoits nor
mal weather conditions and wheat prospects
most excellent. no damaging frosts
and all fruit trees heavilj laden Hun to the
oistof the Cascades would bo beneficial.
Colorado reports ram needed , ground crusted
bv high winds and hot sun Corn and potato
planting Is well advanced , and fiutt Is In
splendid condition California reports that
high winds and hot weather damaged grain
crops imterlallj In the latter tiait of the
week. Frosts in the coast counties nightly
damaged the fruit prospect Having is in
piogress in southern California and prospects
good. Ornneu and lemon trees are blooming
well , but piomlsc a late start.
C ( million of Kansas Wheat.
KANSIS CITV , Mo , May 2. Hoports were
received todaj from sixteen of the principal
wheat giowing counties of Kansas. Brown ,
Dickinson , Barton , buiuner , Saline and Ford
counties icport that the wheat Is turning
jellovv fiom some unknown cause. Iho re
ports say those counties will not j lold moro
thin from one half to two thirds of a full
crop Heuo county reports much d imago
fjom the Hessian tij. Khawnee county re-
poits many fieids unlit to cut The "now bug"
apne irs in several counties w hero the w heat Is
tinning jcllow Several counties report
damage fiom drouth An evening paper
sajs "The cooler weather , accompanied by
showers In Kansas todaj' , will undonbtedlj-
bo a great to ic-llt to the wheat crop. Not
withstanding the excessive rainfall of the
past three months , there are maiij- places
wh ° re ram will do gteat peed now In manv
parts of the state the fiouud is baked hard
and the sun has cracked it and pulled the
roots apart A great deal of wheat , in the
hurij to put in great acreage , was drilled
into unplowed stubbles a-id corn fields and
this wheat will need considerable lalu to
hi Ing it out.
f'AILEU TO CO.1tllI.Mt.
The Attempt to Form 11 Stucco Gyp
sum I rust I'aIN Tlirougli.
FoitTDopoF , la , May 2. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin , Bns.J The pioposed stucco
gypsum trust which was to control the out
put of every plaster mill In the United States
has followed the big harvester trust. On
May 1 the options secured by Hamilton
Browne of St. Paul upon all the mills
in the interests of the combine expired
and the deal has fallen through. An
effort upon the part of some of the mill * to
raise prices by mutual agreement of all the
western mills has failed and the tlvelv com
petition which has cut the price nearly 200
per cent In the past two years will continue.
IOVVII'H Ciop Prospects Pine.
Dr.s MOINJ , fa. , Mny 2 This week's
weather crop bulletin tepoits the dally aver
age temperature 0 ° above normal and sun
shine of moro than the avciago amount. In
the larger portions of the state there was
onlj a trace of rainfall and the conditions nro
highly favorable. Plowing for corn is pro-
giessing and some planting has been done.
Grass and grain are doing well anu pastur
age is fuithor advanced than usual at this
date Fiuit trees uro generally In bloom
vv ith fine prospects
An i luctric Itnllwaj.
CiPVH Uipiii * , la. , May 2 [ Special Tel
eyram to THE Bf-r ] The city council last
night granted the Thompson-Houston com
pany a franchise to put in a svstom of elec
tric street rallwav in this city The company
will begin woik at once and will put In live
miles on the cast side and three miles on tbo
west side ot the liver
A Victim of I/a Grippe.
Drs MoiNf , la , May 2. [ Special Tele
gram toTiiu BEF.I T E Blown , one of the
pioneers and wcalthj citizens of this city
died todav after a llnecrmg illness with la
grippe lie leaves a wife , three giown sons
and n daughter His estate , is valued at
nearlj 1,000,000.
A jrittivs iT.cvi.iAit llULI ( ; .
It UcsnltH in a \ > } * ro Murderer Get
ting a Ivlgl't Sentence.
I\\v-\s CmMoMaj- Judge White
of the ciiminal court , noted for his eccentric
decisions , toJay added another altogether
novel ono to his list. Jefferson Hughes , col
ored , was on trial for wife murder The evi
dence show ed that he kicked her to death in
a quarrel rtioiasewus piopresslngsinoothly
for the prosecution when Judge White suit
dcnlj announced that ho would submit to the'
Jui v onlj a case of manslaughter in the second
end degree , giving as the reason for his de
cision the fact that the evidence showed
Hughes had committed the crime "in the
heat of passion " Uhojuiv bioupht In a ver
dict in accoidanco with the Judge's instiuc-
tlons and the murderer gets only live je'ara
In the pen
Hughes recelv ed his sentenced w 1th an air
of indifference , and aftei it had been pr"
nouuccd iionchal.intlj lit a cigarette and be
gan smoking While being taken from the
court room to the jail , u distance of live
blocks , ho slipped hU handcuff and made a
break for liberty. Deputy Marshals Free
man and McGowan , who had the prisoner in
ehargo. immediately opened tire upon him
Tbo escape occurred at the corner of Mis-
soutl avenue and Walnut streets , ono of the
busiest parts of tbo citj , and caused great
excitement among thu hundreds of pcdcs-
tilans. Tbo deputies fired four shots at the
fugitive before thu.v brought him down with
n bullet in the she ilder The wound Is a
painful but not ditngorous one.
TitK ir/.t7J// ;
WisniNGTON , May 2 , 3 p in Fomast till
Sp m. Sunday The following heavy rain
fall ( Inches ) was repoitod during the past
twontj-foui hours Colambus , Mo , 2 ut
For North and South Dakota bhowers ;
sllghtlv cooler bunday night ; vailablo
w liuls.
For Iowa and Nebraska Sho.vcra , cooler
Suiidav night , variable winds.
Foi Mlssouil-Kain , coolw Sunday nlgut ,
variable uimK
For Kansr.s Showers ; slightly cooler ;
northerlj' winds
For Colorado- Generally fair , except sta-
tloneiy temperature in extreme portion , var
iable WlU'J ] ,
Missouri Delegates to thf Conctoss.
Juiiiisov CITV , Mo. , May 2. Governor
Francis today appointed a delegation of
thlitv-flve members to represent Missouri at
the trans-Mississippi commercial congress to
be hold In Lenv er or. May iy next , The dele
gation Ii composed of the most prominent
men in the state Amoni ; them aio Lieuten
ant Governor Claycomb , ex Governor T. T ,
Criltcndcn , ex-Governor Morehouso , Mai-
colm McKllUh. T. J. Dcluney. J. K. Edwards -
wards , K. M. BotSlno , M. W. Hall , B. I ) .
Bjrnes , vV. F. Tuttle , Sam Orr , J. O. Crowley -
ley , Cusber Kihurt , Given Campbell , Champ
Cl ik tdM. C. Drykea.
Renewed Turbulence in the Mining Dis
tricts of Franco and Belgium.
Many Assaults Made on Non-Union Work
men by Strikers.
Authorities of One City Compelled to
Declare a State of Siego.
Two Hundred 1'eisons Jailed nt
ituino lor Klotous Conduct on
.Ma ) la > Domestic )
Labor Noun.
LONDON , May -From reports received
here it is learned that ttie turbulence iu the
mining dlstticts of Fiance and Belgium In
resentment for the sentences of two jears'
imprisonment Imposed on the anarchist
loaders in the riots w htch took p'.uco in Char-
leoi and St Q lantin , in Fiance , led to re
newed c3nes of disorler in these pi ices to-
dav , while at Liege , iu Belizium , detetmined
attempts were undo bj the strikers to pre
vent anj of the men who refused to Join
their rinks from working When the non-
strikers attempted to commence they woio
attacked bv the strikers , who assailed them
with a show or of stones ana other missiles.
The gendarmes who had been placed
on duty < ti the mines to protect
the = o who were willing to work found that
all their effoits to rjpress the disturbance
were useless , and tljo.wercflnallj compiled
to invoke the aid of the military.
At the Harloso collieries In St. Nicholas ,
where the military had been ordered out to
preserve the peace , a ride fire failed to awe
the strikers , although some of them fell
wounded. Ttio stilkers vefy stubbornly re
sisted the military and w ithstood a charge at
them with swords , and only disjcrsed in the
face of a cavalry charge. About thirty of
the rioters weie anestcd.
During the not on Friday at Bedeks in
Hungary a number of enraged peisants
made a savage attack on the chief magis
trate of the pi ice for prohibiting the
people fiom holding May day demon
stration The magistrate was thrown to the
ground and the peasants trampled upon and
kicked his prostrate form , Inflicting terrible
Injuries on the unfortunate man. Upon the
military coming to the rescue of the imper
iled magistrate a sharp affray took place be
tween them and the desperate peasants The
soldiers charged upon the crowd , and ono of
the rioter- > was pierced through by bayonets.
The rioters were finally forced to retie.it and
twentj men were captured and are now
under arrest. The flglitlnir caused the gieut-
est excitement in Bedcks , and affairs as-
assumed such a dangerous shape that the au
thorities were compelled to decl ire the place
in a state of siege. All the shops hue been
closen and the latest news sajs that the people
ple are still w ildly oxciteJ.
Povvderlj' InlUs.
Ciucvr.o , May 2. T. V. Powderly , grand
master workman ot the Knights of Labor , is
in the city. "Wo hardly tuvo time to pav
attention to the wage question at present , "
said he. "The railroads and the currencv
are occupying every officer's time. Tno
eight hour movement w ill bq successful be
cause there are so many machines being
brought upon the market that theio will bo
soon nn overproduction of goods Wo will
try to do awav with the gold standard. The
public his been long cryinir for the gold
standard , but when it leajhes that point
where there is not $ .r .000,000 of gold in cir
dilation and Rockefeller , Gould and Astor
could buj' overj' gold piece lu the nation and
thus get a , : i ip on the public that would bo
difficult to break they will coincide with us. "
In the Italian Deputies' .
ROMJ , May 2 In the chamber of deputies
today amid noisy interruptions Signor Ira-
brianl , of the Inteilor , described the events
of May daj and road telegrams to show that
the country was then quiet. The troubles In
Kome , ho said , weio duo to the anarchist ,
Lumbdle , vv ho had been sent expressly from
Pails to Incite a dlstuibance SIcnor Im-
briani prov eked a storm of piotests by per
sisting in the face of Signor Nocotoia's
denial that an officer was brutallj- attacked
at Uar elai The tuimoll caused the presi
dent to sushcnd the sitting until tomoirow ,
when the government will demand nn ex
plicit vote of confidence
Denver III ick MnnldeiN Go Out.
Di NV m , Cole , May 2 The brick mould
ers emploved In Davis' and Larmon & Co"'s
brick jards have gone out on a de
mand for shoiter hours Deputy shei-
Iffs were placed In charge of the
latter jards todaj' and -tonight when the
stiikors attempted to enter thu pi'emlses u
collision between the officers and men oc
curred , during which about thirtj shots woio
fired , but no ono was buit. Moro trouble is
expected tonight.
Man } ' Arrests at Kome.
HOVIF , Maj- Two hundred persons have
boon placed under aireu in connection with
the labor day dlsoiders here. A gendarme
wounded jestordav while quelling the riot
died this morning from the effects of his In
juries. Miiny sU/r's nro being closed as It is
feared theio will bo moro trouble todaj' .
Going Iiack to Woi k.
PlTTsiu HO , Pa , May 2 Of the 3fiOO car
penters iu this district who struck for olirht
hours and an Increase of vvajes , about half
are working today at their terms. All the
miners of the Plttsburg district return to
work Monday , their scslo having been ad-
Griuiito Quill rj men Out.
IHiuir , VU , May 2 Nearly four bundled
granitoqiiarrjmcn are out on a strike because
of the refusal of the employers to show dis
crimination between union and non-union
workmen If the strike holds on it will
tluowUOO granite cutters out of omploj-
Fifteen Ulnter < Anesied.
N NTI vMaj " - Fifteen persons have been
arrested hero us a result of the labor dls-
tuibanccs justciday. _
, /ro.vu.uisr
His funeral Made the Occasion of a
Great Demonstration.
Sr. Pf.ri rtsntito , Moy2 The funeral todaj'
of S'-helgounow , the well known Russian po
litical economist , was made the occasion of a
great demonstration. The students of both
schools inarched through tbo thoroughfare In
defiance of the police order prohibiting them
from so doing , Iho latter , having no sus
picion that the students would venture to
disobey tbe orders Issued , were not out along
the line of march followed In sufllcient num
bers to stop them. The police , however , af
terwards arrested a largo number of the stu
dents who had taken pait in the demonstra
tion and several of them , were afterwards
dismissed from their school * and bavo been
expelled from the city. Reports bavo been
received hero that riotous and revolutionary
meeting * have been held at Warsaw , the
capital of Russian Poland.
Hemarkable Deliverance on HplritH.
LOVPOV , May 2. [ Special Cablegram to
Tun BtK ] The house of commons commit
tee on the blending of spirits has presented a
report of general world-wldo interest , The
evidence presented weakens the accepted
theory that new spirits Ls a flagrant poison
compared with old spirits. A number of
witnesses concurred In the opinion that now
spiilts could bu tnujn with as much impunity
as old could The committee tended to the
opinion that old spirits is the most vv hole-
some , but btcndid malt and grain whisky
seemed to hit the best dldetic medium The
report refrains from suggesting any Interfer
ence with the existing systems of blending ,
except forbidding the blending of hamburg
spirits with Jamaica rum The report does
not ndvlsc that spirits be kept In bond for a
fixed period 'iho committee's deliverance
read like a toper's vado raectim.
London Man the Inlluen/n.
LONDON. May 2 Influenza Is spreading
rapidly in London Many barristers and of
ficials of the law courts have be-on attached
by the disease. Many mcmbcri of the house
of lords and house of commons are suffering
sorlouslj from the effects of the epidemic
Herbert Spencer , the English philosopher , Is
under the influence of la ytiippo. Atool -
vvich arsenal so many of Iho workmen lira
suffering from the influenza that the work is
greatlv interfered with.
At Leicester the disease has appeared la a
vicious form. Numbers of people are already
confined to their beds. AtVidnes , Lan
cashire , the lafluenra has developed Into a
vei liable epidemic of a dangerous and pe
culiar character Physicians of the town and
ni'ichborhoodnro working night and day. At
bunderland there have been several fatal
cases of Inlluei.za
railed ID 1'revoni ( lie Parad .
liiu sit i , May 2 In spite of the man
ifesto issued by the council of the working-
men's party urging the worklngmen not to
go out on a strike pending the decision of the
chamber in regard to the demands being
made throughout Belgium for universal suf
frage , 30,000 minors and 4,000 iron workers
in the ChaiU'toi mining district have struck
At Liege numbers of people who arc out of
work attorn ped to march in procession
thtoutjh the streets , but vvoj-o prevented fuom
so doing by the police.1 The action of the po
lice in stopping the procession resulted In
several riots , during which the police used
thclt batons frcelv ana made several arrests
Irish Cuniinonurfl Quarrel.
LONDON , May 2. Iu the commons the Me-
CarthHes continued to debate the proposed
government , amendment to the land bill
Parnell advised them , in viuw of the concil-
4atory attitude of the government , to confine
the debate to the imputtunt points of the
measure. Timothy Healy retorted hotly that
i'arnell had been repudiated and he would
not bo guided by any of Painoil's actions
Fitzgerald said Irishmen still recognize Par-
nell and would never bo 'guided by Sexton
and Healv. This interchange of views cre
ated a liv ely scene for souio timo.
Provisional GovoVitpipiit of IJebelH.
PAUIS , May2. The iJhlL.in Insurgent party
has issued o notification v ich has boon pre
sented to the French d ' { foment to the effect
that a provisional gov rn 'jit { or ministers
and congressmen who nrp jnposed to Presi
dent Balmaccdahus beei-V itablishod for the
administration if thoa Mrs of the eight
Chilian prov luces which . -3 now m the hands
of the insurgents. , ,
Shipwrecked Persons Rescued.
LONDON' , May 2. The cloven persons who
were missing in a small boat belonging to
the British steamer Deccnbria , whlch was
foundered in the Irish channel while bound
from Glasgow for Bombay , have been les-
Valuable Art Collection Sold.
LONDON' , May 2. The olokow art collec
tion was sold at auction todav and realized
the sum of frMO.100. .Meissomer's "Sign
Painter" was so'.d
310KE MA
.Major Slniki spcaro ] Appealed to for
Police Protection.
Nnvv Oil ! BAN * . La , May 2. Mayor Shake
speare today received a petition from Philip
Patorno , asking tor police protection. Pa
toino states that about a year ago ho was
taken sick , and being a member of the
Giovani Bc-ssagliri ho demanded the
medical and cash relief to which ho
was entitled. A prrtion of the casn
relief only was paid and Patorno for the rest.
This action of Patorno a incensed the mem
bers of the society against him. Ho was as
saulted with a dangerous weapon and sum
moned to appear for trial for violating the
lules of the society , the trial to take place on
Sunday , Ma ) H , liOl , at the society hall.
Patorno fears fioni his previous ex-
pcrienco that another attick will be
made to do him bodily harm. Ho also
savs that although ot Italian nativity ho
now on American citizen. The society
Giovani Barsagalli i is a mutual ocnnvolent
association Paterno SLJ s that the evil of
thosociotj which is now evoked atralnst him
for having brought the ult is nothing more
than the cruel Mafia of death to the traitor
who complains against a brother Italian
before any other than ttiu secret tribunal of
the oath bound fraternity.
JIHS. Illlt.\Ani'S
Dr. Graven Said to Have Milled the
P.itnl P.icluiKe.
BOSTON , Mass. , May 2.Tho Herald has n
story this morning in oouucction with the
Barnaby case of a mau who claims to have
seen another man cloicly following tno de
scription of Dr. Graves utnll a packaco which
was marked Denver , Col. , in the Boston
postofilce March UO. The Uurald's informant
was taken to Providnuoo and shown Dr
Graves , whom ho identified as the man ho
saw at the postoflico.
It has been demonstrated that the man who
said ho remembered the itnta of the mailing
of the mv sterious package bj an Important
letter he sent that day , did not mall his letter
March M , but April 0. so his story of a man
affixing stamps to a iWvcr package March
UO seems to bo lacking in consistency.
itorn .wij.v inf.ft MriT.tTLr. .
The Chicken nutor anU tln > l\lg Hu 1-
d ( > K Meet With Filial Itcstilti.
MiPDJMioito , ICy , Slay 2. In Walnut
Hills , Va , vestcrday , Dim Jackson , alias
the "Chicken Eater , " and Jim Crabtree , alias
"Big Bulldog , " two notorious outlaws be
tween whom a feud has existed , met. Crab-
tree shot Jackson through the heart and a
ball from Jackson's revolver penetrated
Craotrees's brain. Both men died Instantly.
Ate Poisoned vlencrvverNt. .
INDUNAI-OUC , Ind. , May 2. At Cambridge
Citv the family of Thomas Knoi oto very
heartily of vvienenver t and shortly after
wards showed symptoms of poisoning Ono
child H dead and four others are in a critical
Given n Military IJurlul.
Cium.onevn JE , Va. , May2. The funeral
of General A. L. Long was hold today. All
business was suspended. He w 05 glv en mili
tary burial in honor of his rank of brigadier
Government Alarmed by the Prospect of
Bismarck's ' Reappearance.
Poles in tbe Reichstag Small in Numbers
But Sturdy in Support.
Oaprivi Denies Going Bayond the Scopa of
the Sottlemant Law.
Somewhat "Modified hy the I'nct Tliat
He Polled Loss- Votes Than
ills National Libeial
.Vit Ytirk Aiiothittil fVfM |
Bun iv , May S The prospect of Prince
Bismarck's eailv reappearance In the reichstag -
stag has civen an Impetus to the govern
ment's plans for the conciliation of the var
ious parties so as to render them ready to
coalesce In the government's Interest The
center and rieslnnlgo pnitics- and the
Guelphs and Poles in turn receive govern
ment Inducements. Thouirh the Poles only
count sixteen in the reichstag their sturdy
support is vvoith havine Ihe lecontlv de
veloped tendencies of the government to
foico the conciliation of the Poles ought
Justly bo ascribed in part to a
quicKened sense of Justice in dealing with
them \\hatover mixed motives may animate
the government the Poles o'vo something to
Prussia and Posen aud have been favorablj-
Influenced by o free use of the national lan
guage in the schoob and by the greater
facilities afforded them for the acquirement
and sale of land than bv the Increased court
esy accorded by officials to Polish families
Todaj- debate in the lower house of the
diet on the budget information for ho Ger
man colonization of vvestein Prussia occa
sioned remarks touching the government's
policy In 1'osen and provoked Chancellor
Von Caprivi to explain. He denied that the
government had conceded to the Poles
nnj thing hovond what came within the scope
of the settlement law. It met with the w Ishes
of the Poles as regards Polish schools and
the church The Poles on their part had also
manifested n desire to bring themselves Into
closer accord with the government. This
desire found expression in the support which
the Poles gave the government proposals for
increasing the defensive power of Germany.
This , the chancellor said , was indeed a pleas
ant and surprising change. If the Poles
vv ould take the lead upon that conciliation
the government of the Germans was rcadj'
to follow. Alluding to the suggestion that
the amiciablc troutmcnt of the Poles had a
latent aim to make pioielvtcs among them ,
Chancellor Von Cnprlvl scouted the
idea tnat the aim of the govcinmcnt
was to conciliate the Poles through
a sense of justice The speech met with gen
eral favor in the house. If no had contracted
the conditions of the Poles in Peen with
that of their harassed kindred over the Rus
sian border the cnaucellor could not have
spoken better.
Prince Bismarck's victory in Ucostomundo
Is modified by the fact that he polled 2,000
fewer votes than did his national liberal pic
decessor In the scat The socialist b illot was
reinforced by over a thousand Gueluhist and
rrcUinnige votes , whoso hatred of the prlnco
exceeded their dislike to tbe socialists
The seml-ofllcial press abstain from com
menting on the result
The Freislnnlgeeitung hails Prince Bis
marck's cntiance into the icichstag aan act
of homaco to the narliamcntaij sjstem which
ho persistently tiled , when chancellor , to dis
credit and weaken.
The prince In an interview on the eve of
the icbaliot declared that if ho went to tno
reichstag ho would never attack anj pollcj
directly initiated bj the emperor and that
his line of conduct would be the same as fol
lowed by him since he loft Berlin. Ho was
convinced , ho said , that the greatest danger
to the father ! ind was not from without , but
from within. He would not refrain from ex
posing , but ho certainlj would never say
anything to give Ills opponents reason to
charge him will attacking the emperor from
personal motives. This sort of assurances
promises lively times in the reichstag
The Hamburger Nachiichten holds that
iho death of Count Von Moltko adds to the
desire of Germanj' to see the prince in the
foio front of politics "A sentiment of dis
quiet , " sajs the Nachnchten , "fills the em
pire. The future is uncertain. The i.cw
men into whoso hands have been confided
the destinies of the fatherland cannot 10-
assure the country.1
'Ihn rrcisinmgo and centrist press Is in
dignant at this laneungo and thu Ucimania
responds as follows"True Germans have
the fullest confidence in the emperor and the
new councillors and disquiet will onlj' arise
if a political despot again becomes tbo mas
ter of the fate of the nation "
The Austro German plenipotentiaries will
sign n treatj of commerce at Vienna tomor
row. The bw Iss bundesrath today received
an invitation to send delegates to the com
mercial trcatv conference w bleb U to open on
the lith ! inst.
Neither Belgium nor Italy appears to ho
w llllng to assist in the formation of a cus
toms union directed primarily ngilnst the
new French tariff The results of
the conference cannot affect the commer
cial relations between Germany and America ,
It seems to bo tbo opinion that It is Impossi
ble for Germany to grant preferential tariffs
against Trance under a strict construction of
the provisions of the trrntj' .
The American department of the Interna
tional art exhibition Is a thorough success
Blorstadt sent four pictures. C S IVarce's
"Shepherd" is among the largest canvases
exhibited. It has received high praise from
the critics. Garl Melcher's work occupies
the place of honor E L Wce.cs exhibits
his "Pearl Mosque , " Walter Mace his "Ab
sent , " Kugene Vail "Tho Thames , " Walter
Gay "Tho Spinner" and Julius Stewart
"Full Spopd " Other fine wotks are sent by
Frank Bridgoton , Julian Storey , T L.
Clarke , Miss Uee Hoblns , Miss Greatorox ,
Humphrey Moore , G. P. Hralj and A D.
The appointment of Lieutenant Clarke of
the United States cavalry to soivo with the
Uusseldoif Hussars bus evoked approving
comments from the press The Vossicho
Zeltung says It is the first coso of the kind
and ougnt to be recognuod by America as a
high proof and pledge of the warm feelmrs
which those in the hlgheit station In the
German empire entertain towards the grout
Hon Charles Emory bmlth , retiring Amer
ican minister to Kusifa , passed through this
city today en route for Liverpool.
He Is Still Alive.
Ei. PVFO , Tex. , May 2 The report tent
out that General Ignaclo Mejla of Mexico
was dead 1s ofllclally denied. There was no
foundation for such a report , so sajs his son ,
who was seen by a press reporter this after
SnjwTlicy Committed
BOSTONMass. . , May 2. C. H.
who was Marlon Mould's counsel in her
divorce suit from Mr \Ads.whcn shown
today the report of ti * \Jrriago to "Jack
Mason"sold1 "Tho t go will not hold
good under American * U It is bigamy
and If cither of them ct \thisstato they
can be punished. " '
1IOVM > TO V.4K ,
Alton Will Withdraw ' \ tlio Western -
ern Passenger At Vtlon.
CinrAdo , May 2.It Is e * \ that at the
next meeting of the Westertseuger as
sociation next Tuesday the i \vvlll glvo
notice of Its proposed w Ithdr.v The man
agers of the other roads are de .itlni : In their
own minds whether It Is hotter to lot the as
sociation go to pieces or antagonize their
western conr.eotlons by giving aid to the
Alton and thus keep In the agreement one nf
the lines tint mo nocesary to Its perpet
uation. The board of rulings of the eastein
roads Is nppirontlj encouiagcd bj an opinion
expressed by Vice Piosldent tt I' .
Hiploy of the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St Paul , who said jostordav
that the Alton cannot po stblj win the tight.
An Alton olllcial lomarkod today , "What
Mr Itlplcv happens to think Is of no concern
to us Wo arc neither going to back down
nor lose this light btrong Influences are being -
ing biought to beat bj the castein rouls to
force us to jleld to their demands , but thov
will not succeed. Should thov mannco to
injure our revenue wo slm'l not
hesitate to adopt any measures that
may seem nccessarv for our own piotec-
Ion If the Alton Is forced to 'educe nites to
1 cent a mile between terminal points wo can
assure our western friends that they will
never n itln bo able to have them lalscd
above that figure "
Other people sav' ' they tv ould not bo sur
prised to sco i.atcs'go down to M between
Chicago and Kansas Citv orl between Chicago
cage i nd St. Louis before the light is over.
Pi i served.
Cmrvr.o , May 2 At a meeting of the
freight representatives of western roads It
was agreed to preserve the thiough tariff
i. at es of lake and tall traflle fiom the Missis
sippi river to Buffalo and seaboard points
bomo of the lake lines wanted to scpaiato
the rate at Chicago
Koc-k Island's iaiiiin ; H.
Cmmoo , Mav 2 The gross earnings of
the ertiro sjstem of the Hock Island rail
road for the month of April as given out
today are $1,207 , su , an increase , compared
with the estimated earnings of the same
month last jearof IJit.liOt )
Union Pat1 lie llnriilnus.
BOSTON , Mass , May 2. The preliminarj
statement of the Union Pacilic shows the
net earnings to bo f 1,017,000 , n dcciease of
i : * of T.IK in : i , AM ATI : its
Proposition o Settle on n riflj-Cciit
HasiH I alls Tluoni'li
PrrrMitiw , Pa , May 2 - A special from
Mcadville , Pa , says The proposition of
Dclamater it Co. to settle vv Ith their cred
itors on a i" > 0 cent Tjasls has fallen through
The terms of the proposition w ere that it
should bo unanimously accepted bv May 1.
A meeting of the creditors was held last
evening , at which it was shown that only
about S.'S.OOO of the liabilities re
mained unsigned. They promised to
assume the responsibility of that
amount and demanded of Delnmator & Co
that thev consider the proposition accepted
and proceed to fill their part of the contnicU
Olscn Uelamatcr withheld his reply until
today , when ho stated to the committee that
the terms of the proposition had not been
complied with and that the friends who had
propcs d to assist him m making the first
payment of 10 per cent could not consent to
have the time for securing the signatures ol
the balance of the creditors extended. The
creditors' executive committee. Is preparing u
statement vv hlch will be made public Monday
and it Is expected to create a sensation
The members of the firm of Delamater &
Co were arrested by a small depositor and
ball furnished in the sum of f-iK ( ) each. It is
assumed that an attempt would be made by
repeated ariests to exhaust the bail and
llnally get the ex-so'iator in Jail.
Hl Son Summoned From Washington
to San Dleyo.
CINCINNATI , O , May 2.-A special from
Washington to the Commercial Gazette says
that Solicitoi Go icral Toft was today sum
moned from Washington to San Diego to
the deathbed of his father , Hon Alonzo Taft ,
cx-secrctnry of war and ex-minister to Aus
tria Charles P. Taft of this city Is avvnv
from home and at this hour his u hereabouts
have not been learned.
Judge Taft suffered so severely from pneu
monia while in St. Petersburg , Kussla , as
minister Unit he never fullv recoveied. A
complication of ailments followed , and re-
centljho went to Chili , bouth America ,
where ho spent some time in living to reeu-
perato his health It was on his return that
ho stopped nt San Oicgo , Cal. . whoie for n
time his health appeared to improve.
Work ol KansIH Vigilant n.
KANSAS CITV , Mo , Mav 2. A spccia' ' to
the Journal from Jewell Cltj , Kan , sav s
A farmer nnmed Bennett was evicted from
his piemlscs last Wednesdaj after a reguhu
fotcclosuio pioceediuf * 'iho mortgagee
placed a now tenant named Jason C. Ling-
spcrger on the farm Last night liftj
farmers armed vvitli rtvolveis and shotiruns
called on Llngspeigot and ordered him to
leave. Ho resented their Intoiforoncc and
asked bv what nuthorltv Ihev would make
him go The spokesman , drawing his tevol
vor , said "This Is our authontv. " Ho left
todav and the vigilantes roiustuted Bennett
on the fat in _
Negro Poisoner Iij nolle I.
Mrvij'ius , Tenn , Maj2. . -A Couiumbus
dispatch sa\ Monroe P Walters , colored ,
who was tbo leader in the attempt So poison
Captain Haire itino , was be-ng biought h > 'ro
from Birmingham , Ala , vvhern no was cap
tured jesterhij , to answe-r fcr the ciime As
thottaln came into Hudson , a station near
hero twenty men boarded the ttaln , over
powered the ofilccrs , took the prisoner out to
some woods near bj and prosurnablv Ivncheii
him Isc fuithur paiticulars can bo gained
Clued l > y Koch'H Lymph.
DTNVEH , Col , May 2 Dr. Joseph Meucr
this aftorr.oon dlsi barged from the Koi-h
hospital tbe following patients , who have
been pronounced permanently cured of con
sumption Philip Johnson , Nathan Pollock
Hdward Lvnch , John Small , John McCoy
Ed Bcrgran and Tr.mk Vadobronceur Thoj
have been pronounced entirely cured bv i
committee of tivo phjslcians 'Ibis Is tbo
first cures made In the wst mid pc'rhnps the
largest number sines the use of the Ij mp'i ' n
Knjolned tlio Shot Ti list.
CiNciN.vtTi , O. , May 2. The Sportsman
shot company of this city asks for a rcittaln
Ing nidcr apninst the combination known as
the American shot and lend company which
it asserts , itvas Induced to enter by frnudu
lent representations and which is DOW nl > on
to damage plaintiffs lualness. Thn appoint
ment of a receiver Is asked for and also the
cancellation of deeds trau f < iring its proper
ty to the trust. Judge baylor graded a tow
porary Injunction ,
Gulliy of lmliezilement. ;
ToirK , Kan. , May 2. A Jury in th
United States court jesterdanftorucon
found Frank Woodruff , deputy postmaster a
Lawrence from IbVi to l SO , guilty of embez
zling f l.iXK ) . Wood.ufl'h shortage was W.iOO.
but f..rxxj was afterward paid In. Woodruff
attempted to prove the defalcation was tnico.
uhle to Postmaster Osborno hh ir.non lu bav
in ? drawn money from the onlcn without
charging himself with It.
PADTFO T\T rnTf\T ) T *
Dissatisfaction Among n Few Soreheads in
the Ministerial Ranks.
lobel Leaders Discouraged by a Warning
from Salisbury.
Jovernent Against the Attorney Qjuonl
for Alleged Delinquencies.
llio Lvelv n-Hiii Ibei t Case to Me Ho
opened Illgli-loned l igllsh sin
ners I.voreo Court * Con-
( .Ideied fashionable .
( Copi/rfuM Wl l > a JumM ( lantni netwtt \
LONDON' , May 2Now [ York Hoiali\
2ablc Special to Tin : III r 1 There is
now n small party of soieheads In the minis-
crial tanks , some of whom had a meeting
estorday to plan a soitio against the lead
ers. The incipient rebellion bio'io down nt
ho Mint , ballsbur } has onlj to whUpor tha
vord dissolution and the prancing steeds
settle down to the traces as quiet us Iambi.
I'ho leaders of the thtcatened icnolturon
x > or lot and can make no wnv against tha
ron discipline which governs the torv pirty.
Vnj attempt to attack the ministi would
recoil on the heads of those who made It
K.indolph Chmctnll staited out on that
Ine , and where is ho now I On his way to
\frica as apent of Colonel North's and a city
sjndicate Uather a tumble clou n for ono
who has been ( haiiccllui of the exchequer.
Sallsbuij does not cue whether ho 10-
malns nt the head of the mltiKtiv or not , but
10 is not going to allow anobodj to beat him ,
so the present little group of gninulers will
sco i climb down and humbU beg forglvo-
A more formidable movement is in prepa
ration against the altornev general foi sup-
> oscd delinquencies In preventing the public )
nosccutors fiom milting up the Huilhcrt
case Sir Ulch.iul Webster , I can pmltlvoly
state , is not In nn > wav toblamo for this , hut
t Is n great point , whether n man occupying
Disposition should bo allowed to take pri
vate piuctice , ho having acted as Hurlbcrt's
counsel. U is maintained th it his Judgment
would not bo imputial should thepublla
[ irosecutor appeal to him for advice as to the
iirocecding against ono of the patties in
: ho leccnt case. 1 understand us a
matter of fact his advice has not
been sought , the public prosecutor having
como to the conclusion , on his own responsi
bility , that he cannot cot sufficient facts to
gether to justify proceedings ngninst either
nvclyn or Hurlbert But the matter will
again nu.1 Rfalr. bo pressed in parliament
and probably n vote will bo taken upon it on
the proposal to reduce the attorney general's
salary. Mennvvbllo Hurlbert promises to re-
jopcn the case on his ow n account as soon as
iio has found Wilfied Muuaj , a Job which
Is expected to take him some little time. Ho
has not jet staited for Now Voik on his in
teresting voj ago of discovery
Our /lumbers in pailiament are still climln-
Ishing ovciy day , though no fiesh polica
warrants have been issued to raj knowledge.
Do Cobaln of Belfast , chaigod with n name
less offense , talks vaguely of i-oming back to
face his accusers , but takes care not to do it.
Captain Vetnov , accused of a dieaclful con
spiracy against j'oung gills , is at largo on a
trcmcndouslj high ball. His friends begin ,
to bo much' alarmed at the ev idenco pro
duced against him. It Is whispered that tha
woiat has not oven jot been 110111 1
Charges aiosaid to bo hanging ever tha
head of another member , but thov would
lend to nothing worse than the dtvorca
couit , vvnich Is a more trifle lu the present
day. Fashionable life is scarcolj' reckoned
complete without an occasional visit to that
classic spot. Lady Dcsart has Just paid
her second call there This tima
on her own account. A few vcars ago she
was divorced by the can of Desalt for q
gulltj' Intrigue wltn an actor named Snyder.
She man led Snyder and now has obtained a
decree against him for desertion and adul-
teij- . Most people think she has boon paid
In her own coin. Some other cases aio pend
ing which cannot fall to cause a stir in high
life , so called because it now appears to be
the lowest in the land in the bcalc of moral
ity Kvcry now scandal of this kind brings
the inevitable crash a little neater.
MrMiiru or PAUI.UMLYT.
An Kxtr.iordln.irj'cddlng. .
W IVIt tin Jiimti ftndnn Ittnn'U ]
LONDON , May I.-Now [ Vork HeialdCabla
Special to TUP Bi-r.J Isabella Uurubart
and Svlvia Gurrish aio taking in the sights
of London. Miss Uiquhart denies having
tun awaj on account of the Can oil divorce !
ca o bhc savs her trip has l > C"n too long
conto nphi'ed.
A wedding of an cxtraordlnarj' character
took place at South Shields the other daj' ,
the bridal pair being n little lady onlj thirty *
two inches In hoiplit , and Piofossor Hodloy
the solo euphonium plajer who Is six foci
and one Inch in height. Th" gentleman who
gave the lady away was Monsieur IluCert ,
the man without nuns , who signed the mar'
riage certificate as n witness ith his pen
held bnlwcon his teeth. The bildcsmaldi
were "Nina" the American giantess , weigh
ing COO pounds , and "Satanolm" the firs
queen The "best man" was Captain Dallas ,
seven feet and ten inches in height and Gen
eral Motilinc , twentj-nine and n half Inches
in height All are connected wltn a menagerie -
erie and circus.
Loss by KOI est I li os.
OAMAND , Mil. , May 'J. Forest Oos are
raging all oxer Gurrett county. Much valu
able property is being destiojed
Pi ntuNTViiiE. N J , May' ' The forest
llrcs are under control. Loss , $100,000
NEW Voiih , Mav 'J. A great section of
New Jcrso.v , extending from Point Pleasant
to the southern extremity of the state , has
been desolated by fire and unless ram comes
soon the pine and - - odiuforcsU are likely to
bo wiped out and tint cran-
borrv bogs ruined There are unconfirmed
riAiior.i that a Ilrbrow rolonj In ( umbcrland
countj' has been rlcstrojod
CutiiM.r , Pa , May ' „ ' -Another serious
mountain the 1s sweeping tip from the south
west and now thicatens the lands of tha
South Mountain iron company at Pine Drove ,
the lira has leveled about ton miles and is
still advancing. One hundred men are fight
ing the file. 'Iho fires to the oust have laid
w asto fully 3,000 acre * .
KVSTON , Pa , May 2 , Forest fires are
raging along the Lehlgh mountains
Lchigh Ua ; > and Bcarduan's station ,

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