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A'mT.KTIHMIKNTP for these columns will
be Inken until 12-TO p.m. . fnrtho availing
\ rilltlun. nnd until t : o p. in. , for the morning
i edition nnd ( a'NDAVllKK.
rpKttMS C'usli In advance. ;
"nATrAilrrrtlicrnentson this papcvrlllbfl
J rhnrerd for nt the rail ? of 1'j edit * per
vnnl fur Die first Innertlon , niitl leent tier word
fer < > ni-li siilifc-iiicnt | liiMttltm. nnd II.M per
lltii irriiicuitli. horuMertKornrnt takou for
li- tl'.ni trmnts forthe llrst Insertion.
"INITIALS. flgnrcsr yn > IJ < > ls. etc. , count each
J i h oiii' uiiril.
riMIV-r' advertisements muni run cotiM-cu-
J lively mill nndiT no rlrcumstancj-ft will
they to Inker or diwontliiui'd by telephone.
iJAl/rlKSnilvcrtlilngln the n columns and
J having their un rTsiiloriMe ; < 1 tori"tium-
Ir-ird lettf-rln i-areof Tilt : IUI. will reodvoa
Mm.I . MI il oliicU toriinble tlipni to get thflr
ji'li ' > r Answers will lie tir-liviri-d - only on
| ifn t ntatliiiiif this elieck. 1 m-loho answers
In i ii < coj | > i-s propcrlv wKlres'cd.
1.1 n < l\crtlsTiiifnts iinopr tlio heart nf
A " rei-lal Notlecs" arc inililKlii-d In both
Iliitiiorn n * nml evening rditlnnsoflllK HKK ,
the eiiculntlnn of which iu-grejiil ! 'stiiorotliim
! 0.cro papers dully , nml fives tin ! advertiser
the lienr-flt not only of tin1 large circulation of
TIIK Mil : (11 ( 'imnlin. h t nlso In Council HlulTs ,
1 liK-oln nml ntlierclth-a nnd towns inllii ! wtst
Advertising for these column * w 111 bi' taken
on tinnl ovei-cindlllons- the following fousl-
ne s honors lie iircaiithnrlred to tnl.c special
iiotlces.nl Iho same rates HH can bo had tit the
main dflloi- ,
f > 1.0 S. Mrcrt , Msti-r Illoe-K.
"FclINV IIKLL7rhiiimaelstWJSouth Tenth
( I slriet.
_ _
- ! " A KIiIlY. Mntloners and Printers
liisiuii : | nun street.
" "
II. I'AKNMVOltfll , Plmrmnclst. Si :
\\r ,1 llfOIIKH , Plinrmaelst , KM Xertb ICth
V . strc-el
W PA UK , I'hiirinticlat , ITh I.i'iiven-
\ ' wort b drool.
FT7 lII Kh'"lM IA IlM A CV. 24th and rarnam.
I o r < Iff. < lc. , rtttiif of Jlml column on tlili
\\7ASTP.I ) " Vu ltlon M liook-keepcr or bill
' clerk by a joiiiii-'man. HCMI references :
pnlury no ol Ject. Additss K M , llee. 8Js-
S1TPT1N ) vanted by a yniinK inun as
sleiii'gi.ipber In some law ulllee ; Ix-it of
refeiein-i-.s. Address I.'l , Heeoltlee. M'TOJV ' *
- . lailv vtmingrnplipr , with er-
lierleiH-e , would like a position. Address
K lio. ll.-i- | 77. ' 5"
\\r ANTI'.D Slinat Inns for Bond ( ill-Is : niy
> vuiltlnu rooms ate always full from II a.
m .lnnp. in , Canadian Kinployini'iit ' olllee.
4'i.s ' l.'th. Telephone _ "k't
1 ni intrn , ttr. , ecctnp nf flint n/liimii nn thttpage.
] | OTI'I. Cook White man wants situation :
1 an all roll nil couk ; with lofereuoe. Ad-
un-ssl , 7 , lice. 1CT4 *
\\rAN'l'l'.D Guoil. praclieal eiirrl.mo palnt-
> > ets ; none other than Hist-class worknu'n
need apply. 1'nnUt Hauls , cur. Kkl anil bard
its. I-'J *
\ \ * AN'I'I'.D isQ per nioiith and expenses to
' men to sell clsiirs at wholesale lo dealers
In Iii a. rvebrnska and DaUotii. Samples fre .
( \ildiess vtlth htanip , llrovvn. Hoot iV Co. , 4- ! ! . " >
1.11 sallo street , ( ' ( dcnge , 111. b s-S *
M \\lthguoil address. Met. M'f'ir C'o.lfiW (
llovvard st. , Omaha , or tiT : N l tli , l.linoln.
\rAN'THD An experleneed elevator boy.
i Applj lie ! vvecn II and 10 Monday morning
roiilliiiMitiilUlnthlng Iliiiise. 1141) 1
U'AN'PKIISalcsniiMi oil salary or commis
sion to handle thenuvr patiMiteluiinlcal
riisluir Di'iicll ; the greatest solllni ! novelty
" rverpitnliiceili erases Ink thoruimlily Intwu
lei-iinds : no abrasion of tiaper : awto nUOpor
fen ! iitollti oninui'iit's sales aninunted toK-'U
In six days : another &C ! In tniihuuist we want
nneKcnoial aitent for eaeh slate nnd terri
tory. For terms and full jiaitlenlais. address
Iho Monroe Krnscr AlantifucturliiKUutnpany.
IM C'rosse. WIs. Mnil .V
\\rANTKD Triivi-llint men In Kansas , NoV -
V braska and South DiiLota , Colorado.
Ulnil , Wyoming anil Idalici ; these who have
rstabllshed trade ureferred : iiiu.st bo teniper-
ato. eporuellc. rollalilu and competent ; spi--
clal liiiliicomi'iits lo rlxlit men. Address with
rofercnei's. JlcICInnev , Hundley k YTnlkur
] ) ry ( loodsrompany. St. Joseph , .Mo. MQ20 ft
rilAII.OItS wanted : coat and vest maker * .
JL rrnnU llarielt & Co. . Hl.lf. l.'ith. H'ffii ' 4 *
" \\rANTKD General Job stereotyper. Apply
i at once , btato Journal Co. , Lincoln. N"et .
MM I 4
rilAll.OH and coatnnkiir vmnted. Jneoli
JL fiihn , ' . ' 131 N htreet , Sinth Oinahii. MS74 5'
A experienced Svvcdii silesiniin wanted ;
JrVimiM have a tliorou 'b UnowliMlcii of a Ren-
eral stoek.bo a Rood s desman and have the
best nf relcroiu'es. Address U , W. KHiiRhi-H ,
--Hooper , Neb. KM ) 0 *
' \\fA STIII ) An A No. I tailor nml cutter , to
TT work on the table when not engaged In
cutting ; KIIOI ! WIIKOS tiiKood man ; steady i-ni-
Jiloyinoiit. J. II. and P. A. Smith , hldora , la.
" \\rAM'ii ; > Men to travel for our raiiadlan
i I nurseries Mono. * . Wellington.Madison. Wls
) A llrst class barber ; good wages
f and no bunduy ( work. UiirlTlt/o , West
Point. Neb. 7774 *
'AU&MUN Wanted -41S P.tUon bloek.
s bloek.M
17ANTKD nnernetlt'youiiK man to takeor-
> dors. Address rdanufitctinur P.O. box LT > 7.
172-in His
i HIM , clr. , Kttuji nffii-ft fiiliifiuion tht
\ \ ; A NrnD-MKlrls for all k hu owori
> tlermiin Hiiipluyinuiitolllcu. n. e. cor. Illth
nnd Dodge. K > 1 *
\\7ANTKD A llrst class cook with o.x-
T1 i oreiteo ! In small family. Apply 11 0 , - .
Sntliavu Uood wages. 7b9 *
TI1D tiood girl for goncral house-
ik.'IIL151lirney. 7S8' "
"XVANTI'D An experienced wat.stniaker
and an iipprenlU-u , Apply UlU
KVl-2 *
" \yANTii : > Coiupetcat nurse Rlrl. Kefer-
i enees reiiulrud. Mrs. Dcuol , 04 Douglas
Htreet. Mlftt-4 *
"WANTIID-Oood girl In inall family. 1IJI
> > . outh IlOth avenue. J1BS2 5
1 llth wnnted for general household work ,
family. Apply at once , Mrs. 1' . J.
> Ilov < ard Htreet.
forKenenil hotisewnrlt. 812
live. , bet. l.eii\enworth and
Itl.isou. HH
\ ANTKU-riimpiueiit girl to cook , vv ash
' and Iron ; best of W : KOS ; 'JIM 1'arnam.
\\'ANTMi-iiod ( girl , good wages. 721S.luih
eor. l.eit\cnvvnrtli 4W )
Fonntft.tte. , iMfop of Hrtil.rnl't > nmi \ fid p ;
IfOU Itl'NT-On Juno I. a nlne-rooiu house ,
all modern conveniences , at JUM Duvun-
port stieot.
S1SUOM homo with barn , nil modern conven-
li-nees , rvj South o.'d street , llundy .t C'o.
1011 Capitol ave. .M O.V )
3 ii Ul'.XT C room cottage , all modern 1m-
tirnvcnls. M3S. Uiltli Htrrot. MlUO-S *
"IjlOU ItllN'P Large numbcrof houses , stores ,
JHals , etiv.tVOO per month nml up. New
list 1st uf eaeh month. Oenr o J. 1'itiil , 1C09
I'ariiam utreut. Wl .Iy : '
"fpOK UKNT 1'lno seven-room cottairc. with
-I-1 barn. Sears , ius N. Y. l.lfe. Mb7s 0 *
J/oK Itr.NT llrlek house , modern ; Bonth
and east front. Key * Dr. fetvitrtl.mder ,
Will und Capitol uveniio. M7W MO'
IjlOU HKNT Ilou u9 rooms , medern coiiven-
4-Mc > iiee i SCSI Uuvenport sttecl ; ftf per
month. MisClni ? '
10IVK room house , ill , 2I2IS. llth street ,
"Vri\V ; n-rooiii house , oil flnlsh.elty . water ,
-1-V t-le < ant location ; two motor lines within
thri'o bliK-ku. lUHi s-oiith ix > lh htreel ; rent rt-ns-
im.ible. I'aII on iircinlbos , or U , I ! , C'okDon -
tlnental butldliiR. UJ
TL 11)1 $ UriNT-l'oiir 0 and 7-room flats wltli
-L bath , hot water , etc. ; paved streets ; near
iiUHlnessi nil linprovi'nients ; onlyJ.5 IH.T H" ) ,
lleferences reuulred. The. Meuu Investment
I'e. , 44i Ileo bulldliiB. 740
S rnTA > | .lieim > d Jlntiat7W3. 10th. Thos. P ,
Hall. Ull Paxuin block. JjJ
IjViirilKNT-Tlio 10-reom house. .No. H.I.I
- DoUKl.ls bt. M
1/OH UKNT 2 eight-room brick houses with
eitf uutorhath and nuwor. IIU feet froni
jnblo lino. F. P. Williams , Flnl Nut , Hank
OUiiUIU. , 3
for ttrmt , tte , , tte. topnf ftnt column on thu juige
HOI'SK for rent ll-room house , modern Im-
pruvennints , i-nrnerZUth and Dodge , tiosnes-
sloti Riven lintnedlntnly. EniUlro | , 4iKl I'axtou
bloek. M. L. Koedor. 71.1
I P you wish to rent a house or store see II. K.
Cole , Continental bloek. 714
X modern Improvements. Inquire , 71J N. 10th. _
IHI.AT for mat and furnlturu for .sale cheap.
J I'or itrnatur part cash. Kvery riMim rented.
I'nrtles ' will lal.0 out payment tn room rent
Address K 47 , Iloo. tCO-l *
4)V)4 ) Davenport st. . n rooms and all rontonl-
pnces. tf > 0.bUi"lUd Duvenport t. II rooms and
all convenluicos } 7i.Xi ( ( ; 1112 North ilHh st. , 11
rooms and all convcnlcnocs. fVvOO. Thesii
liOUHnsiirn In the hpst resldpneo portion of
Uniiihn , t o blot'ki wostof hljli ohool. K H.
Cliiipiiiun. r > ' . ' 4 I'axtdii block , owner. f > ' . ! 0
HKNT Tnn nice C-ioom housps 2" > th
axcntio nnd Lcavenworth st. t" , ' > 0. The
0. P. Davis Co. Ms
" [ poll KKNT 10 nnd IJ-rooic now modern
J.1 houses. Inory deslr.ihli ) locitlnn.on paved
vtioets.V.H. . Iloman. rooms Sand 10. Kren/er
hlk. HXI IS
t HKNT No. SII3 Capitol avo. alt modern
oonvonlennoH. II rooms , lint class conill-
llnn. The O. P. Davis Co. 7s7
I.fOIVK for Kent rnrnlshed or tinfur-
I 1 iiNhod ; nil modern ImpMiM'inonts ; located
on West Hartley street. Imjulru W1 * . N. V
intJ ! UNT Two in-room brick residences.
1 all convi'liloni'es. ( list eonnili'ted , niT-M )
ticorttla a\e. Kent JID.OO for llrJt ye.ir. Hciinl-
vin \ llros. IW7
t r.Vr..NTKi\ : . brick houses with b.ith . ,
r * sevvonigp , otc , 't ' lilocli from Sbei man avo.
Motoi on hvnor slroet ; 122.M per mo.Vator
lull l ! . I. r. Harrison. 01. ' N. V. l.lfo.
rr-lOOM ! house , ulec y.ird. shade treos. cltv
* ' amlolstoin water , elegant nolKhborhood , 2
blocks from street cars , Illl K 7th .avenue , or
lloli'Npharmacv , cor. llth anil Mason. ; ! ' . )
17IOU IIKX'I The S-rooni limi'-o and liii
J S .Tib street , near l.eavennorih Ket at
Peterson's giocoiy , 2711 Leavenwiirth > l ! 04
l Cllt HAI.r. Illitli
J almost new , ejieeodliiijly cheap. Addre
run m IK llee building. MT i M.r >
KKNT Several 8-room houses at JJ )
. ) . II. Tate , K. ! . " > , Chamber Commerce.
JKlUmll *
ir > OK KKNT Houses ; all kinds. tJlvo us a
L1 cull. Jluiidy A. Co . 1014 Capitol ave.
FOK lli.vr : llneUIng , Ktli and Dodge , * IO.
' 'stores , 1Mb and Lake , each JJJ.
1 More. 14th and Capitol , IB
Heed * . Selby. li. ti : , Ixiard of Ir.ule. 67S
For talc * . rtcfcttnpofflist rutumii on tliti piye.
Fl'ltMSIIFI ) fiont ro < mij east bay window ;
modern eonvenloiii'es ; choleo location :
board If desired. 70S N. 18th. 1042
tni'ltMSHKI ) rooms ( ono unfurnished * 41)7 ) N.
1 1'ith. MIKW-S *
" ICEI Y furnished cool rooms with all mod-
-Ls ern eonvciilcncosj rout roa enable ! u'en-
tlonieii only ; 'MS llarney. Jl7-5
IrrilNIMIEI ) room , M > uthera exposure ; .124
1 S. Pith St. , flat D. M'd ' 4 *
1 jM'KNISIIit > looms for ll ht linti oVeeplng.
.southern e\pu- 10. i''l S. ICtli st. . Hat I ) .
M'J74-I '
mfpOUTAHI. ! : furnished room.same sult-
able for ll lil bousukeepln ? . 001 North
! -i-\eiiteoiilhstiect. JIDIO r > *
i H'ltNISIII-'l ) looms , siilendld nelghborliooil.
1 lint-o. - . ' . illi street. Jlssj o
UP.NT Piirnl.shed front room , at It.lS
Chicago street , tlatK. Ms7 ! ) 4 *
N'K'KI.V rurnlshod largo south room for
rent ; modern conveniences. 2U10 Harnov
street. Mltil
OK UENT rurnlsliud rooms 1C07 Dougliis'
hoiisokueplng. 12M N.
loom for rout at 2109 Douglas
J-tlreol. M07J-M4 *
ril\VO nicely furnished rooms for lent , 20 IS
-L Domrlas. l-0'
FOUKr.M'-A largo well furnished hack
parlor also tuo single looms. Modern
conveniences and boiud ; reasonable , ' 0. " >
ruiiuimst. WlU-4 *
ED looms ; references. 2315 DOUR-
J ? lus. CI4 1U *
" 171I1ONT and back parlor } IS to ono or two
-L gent lemon , hath , etc. , cool and pleasant ,
( ooil loe'itlon for clerks In wholesale house.
Ul7i , b. iith : st , . 2d lloor. M5C2 5'
riTHK St. Clulr Kuroiiean hotel , eor. Kith and
1Podge , will hereafter make low rates for
rooms by the wick or month , either with or
without board. 781
NR'TLY furnished loom , N per month , 1006
rarnamst. U& !
li i > atrs , tte. , seetnp itfflrntcAluinn an tlitu
" \TICE rooms. 2.il2 llurnuy street.
T10U KI.NT-rino. small family apartments ,
X all outsld < 3 moms. Lest locality , modern
Improvcmciit.s. Inipilro lCi ! 1'aMon block. 8U7
rpllllKi ; luifiiinlslicd rooms for rent ; sniith-
-L era oxpo-une , with board , ! "J4 S. 2Bth street.
M577 8 *
IflOU HUNT 4 unfurnished rooms , suitable
for hoiist'KeepIng : modern liniirovement.s ;
\\obsterhtrent. . I'rlco Jl\00.
Forratettc. , teeto } > offtrnt column mi
411 North I''tb ' si. , rooms with board ,
or In suits ; summer prices. JI97U-U *
COOI. and attractive rooms In coiner Hat ,
with board or without board ; will also
Rive day hoanl to parties wishing It. Mrs.
Knight , at northeast corner of 1'Jth ' ami St.
Mary's avenue. M977 3
front parlor , suitable forior4gon- :
tlenien , j.'i.OO a neek. lU.'l I'limam. MOir , 4 *
KKNT With board , largo second story
front room , deslrablo location ; all con
vcnlonoe.s. 201 ! . 2. > th avenue. MlKHj' , *
" \7"I.KY pleasant room , gas and bath , with
> hoard , reasonable. N'oitlnvest coiner I7th
and Callfornl.i , Mo'ih *
ITIOU KKNT-furuUliud IIMIIIIS with first
J.1 cln s board , 1J1 Dnvonpgrt st. MU 8'
jTil'KNIs-lIKI ' ) rooms and Iodising house , 1416
JN. . I0th. opposltu Jefferson Siniaro.
"TTH'KNISHKD rooms with board : references
J-1 Hll rarnam , 7h.'l-5 *
IAlHti : . cool ruoins , with llrst class board ;
-Jreffrcnrej , ; lli ; SJUlh sticet. 8 ! > .i 4'
1710K KKNT - Nlco furnished rooms und
J- board JS per week. 201 ! ) llarnuy street.
TT1OK KINT : A large , Ilnely furnished room
J- with board , to a man andvvlfo. The mos
pleasant part of olty , and private family ; u
other bo.irdors ; refercncos. Ailrtress.D 4. , llee
"IjlL'KNlallHI ) rooms and board , 11G3 Iiodgn
J-1 M . ! , <
Tit'I.I.MAN house , 11110 Dodges M. for gixid
J boanl , nice rooms , modern Improvements ,
rates A. location cannot bo excelled. .Mrs.llorn ,
2Jml7 *
I'onatc.iitc.Kct i > i > fji tcotvinn nn this page.
1 XI'SK room or | iart of olllco to rent.
JiJWi llee llulldlng. Mi4i4' ! :
TTIDU Ul.NT-Onico over Norrls i WIlcoxX
.l my Douglas. M
TTl { jTlTx l'-fho l-story brick bulldlng.ulth
Jor ullliout power , formerly occupied by the
llee Publishing CO..DII ) 1'arnam st. The buildIng -
Ing bus a IIreproof cement basementcomplete
steam-he.itim : llxtmes.water on all the Moors ,
KM. "to. Apply at tliu ollk'o of Tlio Dec.
"li'OK ' KP.NT-Or sale , my building on Jones
J ? st. bet. lUth.V. llth. U.A.LIndn.ulstUll > S.15tli.
S'TOHHS nt TOTS , letli ; steam heat furnished.
Thomas 1' . Hall. 311 I'axlon block.
1OK lliNT-Do ; k room , at oTTx , V. l.lfo
J-1 bldg. 81 ! )
"IJ1OU HKNT-A btoro and two rooms. 2SI
J. ' North 13th bt. Inquire 121 S. 28th avp.
MiM-MT *
_ _ _ _ _ _ " -
li'OU HKNT-Tho three-story brick bild
- Ing , 1110 Uouglas street , kiiltahln for whole-
ile purixisos , Jlio per uiouth , t'has , Kauf-
inanii. 1J)2 ) Io gla.s t.
- - o
AWAItr.MOrSK on track to rent\ ell locat
ed for Jobbing or Implcuioim , Uooio&os .N
V , JU fe. 0-J64.
l OU KI'.NT Hrlok waiehouse , two itorlei )
J- high b.isoinful , hydraullu cluvutor , track-
asui boil location tn city , A. C , 1'uwelL 1
for rate * , rtr. . trr. tap nf fni crliimn. on Ihti
( ' AIIDKN farms lo rent. T.Murray.
\ A M143
IT K > tol'El renll1 ! ngeney , Continental l > Jk
II. IllKY. rental ngonUSWN. Y. i.lfo
. M.'KiO ensa
I'orrates.tte , , rrctop of fast column nnthtefMae
ALAKGK barn for rent , apply HISS. IHtlt.M .
I HAVE a goud iinsturo. two miles frnni
South Omaha , for horses nnd colts ; blue ,
timothy and oluver Kra s ; horses called fur.
Cleo. (1. Cans. S/otilli OmaliA JIMCWMSTi *
1'nrralt * . ete.rretnofflril \ > column nnlhu
CIII'.Al'KST mid best storngo for furniture.
Wells 1111 rnrnuni st. _ ji7 !
BK.-T triH-kngn and toniKO liulldlnp In
( iniiihii. I'nlti'd Mates KdM'rniiu'nt lionili'd
wnruliousn. HoiiM'linlil goodx 'lorod and unro < l
for. hours ! rtiti'S ( tuiiriilitced.V. . JI. llmli-
iiinn. IOIJ-lol. " > I.ciiM'invortli. ? :
STOUAtli : of housi'holil Kooils ; clean , dry
plum , prlvuti'ly ntnrrd. lornis inodrmlo :
wo nlso stoiu sto\i's during the .summer : we
will KPl them from the lioilscs iind drlUnr
thorn In the full In Rood trim. Tl. . ICO. I'-MT
iiKlas. Oinalia Sto\i' liopalr Works. TIi9
STOH.VOr for lii'ntTho first llnor of our
unix'houiii * , )1ii\li ) | , fuel , our lltli mill Mc'h-
ola.H nls. Diuiuliu L'uhualus lliiiit'V Co. . .IIJ * - .
Hit hit. 7M 5
l'i > rralifrlt. . trt d/p nf fmt column nn lilt *
\VANTKI--At ) DiiecS unfuriiNliPd rnotiKln
' \lflnltv of I'lirnani und 'i'lth , "lith or .Tlh
stri'Ols. Address K tl ) . Iloo. B.y2 *
1- " Seri : furnlslu'd looms for llsht
liousokuuiilng. Addles K OT Iku oilier.
\\7 ANTED Thrnito lv unfiirnlslii-d looms
IT on uriuind Moor , or ninn.ll oottuce.0
nitiiult's walk fiuin lli'i1. AddiL'ss I , t BIT.
WANTr.D Two iinfiirtilshod rooms for
Ilislit liousi > li > piliig. ] within
of postotllcc. Addri-s , I , in. lice. M'W-4
For rnlw. etc. , tcf Inp of first column im Ihfo
AliK rurnlttiieof n 10-roiiiM huu o.
llouso for ipnt. liKjiilrolffJIt Doiltio. ' 'ut
I'orraJfs , flr. , tclo | > ( ) / Jlrtt column
fl \\t ) sptsdoulili * biiany lininrss } ! " > nml J.IO ;
ialso top liusgv. C'o-opurutlMi hand and
Ioanl'o.0" > N.l'llhtrtPt ' M'lT4.J '
"ITKllJ SAI.n I young ell bred driving
JL liorM's , chi'itn If suld In a fuw days. II. S.
Unki-r. room : . ' , I > , O. Inillillnc. MUf.l 5 *
"ITIOHNAI.i : Span light linttps. il lrlvlnuliorso ,
J- span hc.ivy nuilos , shmln humps * . I'lioiip
buggy , a.1 Douglas block , oppo llo Iliiydt'irs.
HI ( ! > I > - ( ) IILT lonrltie city must soil
oiio Ihc-yi'ar-old Iny ImrM1. I'lffht aliout
H.V ) ! ono suiiMi-vt'ar olil buy hor-o : wclclit
about I.ISI ) . II. I : , folo , 0 C'ontlnontal. MW7-3
IfOll PAliE A horsoR yi'ars. wplght llno.
-L lirleo is'i. .1.1 , llolhiTfr. Lotwoon4. tb and
Ifith , l.osncinvorlh street. JI'JIIJ ' o *
SAI.K A ponv cart. 10'-4 N. SJd st.
OU SAIiK Family rnrrlago. I.co & Mch-
ols , stublo th nnd hoiiveinvorth. M.VM )
171OH SAIilZ A young family horse also bo.\
JL ? IIUKKV. 1T1 Casxt. . 45'J
T7IOH SAM : I'hu llnost cnrrliiff" hoi = o In
JOiniilin , 7 yenis old , wnlglit 1-V ) pouiulH
any lad v can drlvi-him. Iniitilru of O. II. I' .
Hale. UW , llaolldg , or food's llvury bum , 14th
and Howard. MIIT1
Tl 01lrK auction ovrry Siilurduv , 2 p. in. , lit
' l-l'lonciT sitaliles. Kith nml llurnuy. llorsos ,
wagonhnrnos4 , otc. lluyoiuna selh'r.s
hhould attend these sales. II. Iloman , 1'rop.
H. Wells , aiietloiieor. 'J-tS
HOItSKS for nalo. Btalllont In RCIA Ice lit
Mlllnnturstouk farm. Send fnrcatalogitc.
ll.J.Kendull. room 40.1 Ilrown bulldlni ; , Unialiu.
M4 M4
Forratettc. , seetn } > nffret column on thin pige.
EOIS SALE One of tin- best inllcli omts In
Unmha , with calf 8 dnys old. Address K
7Iloo. . .MsoT- . >
HAVE always on hand a lot of first class
milch cows for sale or will trade for dry
ones at barn. H. K. eoinurlOlii und LOHVIMI-
worth. tJ. . Mont omerv M49) ) Mis *
forratei < , rte. , rettni > nf/iryte * > li < innt > n thin pngf.
\\TANTKI ) I'or ciish , onu section smooth
> pralrlo land , south of I'lntto rlvorln Xo-
bruskii. Address A. II. I'oleiiinii , Dtllor. Null.
iilJ- : "
Ft'UNITlTHK bought , sold , btoicd.Vulls. .
1111 rurniini slroot. 7:17 :
2'nrrttttK , ttr. , Kf ( / > } ) nf fir.il niluinn nni
" | 7" llt > 'r mortgages on vacant and unproved
JL cltv piopoitv County anil olty warrants
wanted 1' . M. lileliardsun. 8 N. V. l.lfo. 751
Nib N t Y T cT "L"OA"N R c AL ESTATE"
* . etc. , trftoj ) of flrst roliDriu on IhU 1
" \1ONKYto loin on Imnrovod city pioperty
-Ltlnt eiirrent rates ; funds on hand ; no du-
Iny. Oco. I' . Illuit & I'o. . tti.1 Kiungo blilg. 734
OK. .VO. M. Anthonv , aiS.N.Y. Life building
lend money nn farms In choice counties tn
Nebraska und Iowa , also on c iod Oniulia resi
dence property ; lowest rates ; best terms ; no
delav ; money ready. Titles and values jussod
on hero. 73" >
B I'llDING loans 0 to 7 pec cent ; no addi
tional elm rises for com mission or at turnev's
fees. W. 11. Melkle , Pltst National bank bide.
PKIVATK monov to loan. J. 1) . Xlllle , 914
N. YLlfe. 7.-i7
-IIOUTGAUK loans vvunted. MeOagno In-
-i'l vestment company. 7.\S
"lYIONP.Y to loan on Omaha property. I'ldel-
J.TI | ty Trustcompany , 1014 lariiam. 7.V )
"Ij ASTKUN money tn loan at % ory low rntos.
-Ill 11. II. Iruy.aotlX. Y. Life. MiU.S
T71IUST and seronil mortijiigo loans. Alex
JL1 Moore , 401 lice bldp , ' Wins'
MONKV to loan on fli-st moitKago lealos-
tatoseenrlty. Unltoil btatos Loan and In-
MMnivnt company , 001 Hoc building. Omaha ,
Nub. M721 nil )
MONT.Y on unimproved or Improved city
proport v low rate of inti < ri > st front prlvuto
iiuestors. ll. M. Webster , HOI N. V. Llfn ,
M ONTY to Loan Omaha and South Omaha ,
from Woo to t.Vi.OOO , ( iorman AmerlcanSii-
bank , Commercial National bank bulld-
C1IKAI' Money IM lla. Mortgage and Trust
Co. . wants gilt edge loans , lieu \V. I1.
C'oatoM , | ppie.spntatlve , 7 Hoard Trade Ml
1'ornilif , etc. , Hcttip nf flrrt column on thin jiayc ,
"A1ONHV to loan by II. I' . Masters on chattel
11 and collateial securities for any time from
1 to 12 mouths , lu any amount to suit bor
Ixmnsmadoon household goods , pianos , or
gans. horses , mules , houses , leases , warehouse.
recelpts.elo.at thu lowest rates possible with
out publicity or lomorul of property.
My loans aroM > arranged that you can make
a p.iyment of any amount at any time and re-
cim'c both prlnolpli ) and Interost.
Ifyouowoa balancu on your properly or
ha\o a loan that you wanlcliiuigcd. 1 will pay
It oir and carry It for you. If you Hud It moio
coimmlcnt call up telephone NKl and your
biislne.ss will be airangod at home.
Money always on hand. No delay. No pub
licity. I.owei-t rates. H I1. Masters ,
Uooml , Wlthnoll blk. JMli and Ilarnoy st.s.
_ _ _ 7C1
ClIATTi : ! , bank , Ill'.l ' S. 1Mb xt. . loans money
on chattels or collateral at reasonable rale *
_ IM
MONKV on fiirnlturo , horses , etc. Keystone
Mortgagu Co. . room liOsi-hecly block. MS01
O A 1,1 , on II. A. Darner , room M Hoard of
VJTrado building , for loanson chutteU. 491 0
MONKV loaned on furniture , livestock , etc. .
from 1 to U months , without publicity i
lowest ratus. Dull Urcon , room 'JO , Contlnontal
blooW. M440 inV.1
OHHATri.E loans at lowest r.\tcH , ttri N. Y ,
L ife. It. A. .Morris. 3 l-Mi '
dtED Mohlu , S. E. cor. t'aruum und llth.
I'or rain , tte , , tee top offlrtt column on f/ili / papf.
VTINE trotting stteCMrnat dmiam fiifr
li ground. * wplRliluMCvom 1,000 to liCOIb : .
comprising the blood jtf'lfcimMctonUn , Ameri
can tU.ir. Mnnibrlilo nrVl'f. P.than Allen. Al-
iiuint and Pilot , Jr. l > rnn from il. > to IV ) for
tlio sra on. mil ntidbee the horses ami their
colts. A Thomson. KI7 Ji
ISSMAYHIt , SOU Sheeley Ilk. choropodlst
manicurebi-st equipped ladles' bnlrilrfss-
InRdepartinent In t tin city Ladles'lialrbleaeh-
lUKehlldreirslmlreilltliiKSiH'clally. Man.MIS *
MAS > sAUKtli'atment.olei'tro-thermalbatli .
ncnlp and hair treatment , manlciirn anil
chiropodist. .Mrs.l'oiUim , t.itliWlthnt'll ! blk.
DK. IIATPIKM ) . f.Jt'tvor. UJth and Douglas
sts. Practice llmltcfl'to diseases of women.
17 KMOVA L-Antlqitnrlan book store removed
lVu > 4 i15th ht. , nearllowArit.Karbach blk
J AM't'ltll Lareo blue urass pasture nt
- Helleviieand r.lkhorn City for rent. 11. T.
Clarke , room 11) ) . board of trade. IM Mtfl
loll door and window crecnstet Hamilton
Hies , prices ; carpenter Jobbing done on
short notice ; 414 S ISth street , Tel. 1171) ) .
\\7ILUS COY. house mover ! M3Sontli l"lh
i r street , and bU outliJth avi-inie
CW-Mny 3.V
1'orratc.i , etc. , reetnp offlrft rotiimnon tht * ) > tgt.
\ ? EW 12-Kiiueo doubln-barroll"d I'lirker cun
i- ' for sa o choap. Inquire Western Mer
chant.V. . cor. Tenth und Douglas streets.
MSSI : 4
\\T ANTnD--A purchaser for the furnltnie ,
' llxturos and lease of a lestaurant centrally -
trally located and paying patronago. AUdres *
N. 1' . fell , llee olllec.
I71OI1 SAIi : An plegant llrc jproorsnfe with
J- burglar chest. I'llII llmmol , Ull Jonus St. ,
Omaha , Noli. IHI
J'tirratu , etr. , ttr tap nt nitl roltimii on
I7HHI THAlTfrVr SafeThe"IlivwTivy house ,
i Sorth I'latte , Neb. , will tiii.ii clear land or
oilier property. Address John Haw ley. North
1'latte , Neb. Iis',1-2'
Ii'iU acii A Impiovod land In cential Nebraska
with light Incumliriince to tr.ulo for prop
erty in a small town In Nebraska , Iowa or
Missouri. Co-operative Land and Lot com
pany. Bid N llithM. Mi77-pi !
FOKnXC'IIANor.-Spleiidid rental properties
for f'iriiis , > acant lots , stocks of looiehan-
dise. etc. I aNo liuvi clear I0i-acrc ( ) ) llnoly
Improved ranch to exchange for good Omaha
acreage or business lot and assume Incum-
br'incp. ' % V. It. Iloman. rooms S and 10 , I'ren-
IIT blk. ) * IK ) 1,1
AN'tJi : lVacros ( ) Improved farm land
' In eenti.il Nebraska with light Ineum-
brance , to tr.ido for horses or merchandise ,
millinery preferied. ( Jo-operatlvo Land and
Lot Co. . 203 N. llith street. M'J77 3
CI.I.AN general atoek of merchandise for
farm und money , llox 2U3 , 1'r.iuUfort , Intl.
7(9 (
r.XCIIANtJi : A handsome modern
JHiroom house , barn. ' . ' lots , on motor. In
best nart of cltv : want clear city properly or
iiiorciinndlsp. What have you ? owners ad
dress 1' . t ) . box 7'JO. Uninlia. 7TU .1
MODKKN le.sidciico and bain well loc-ated
| oe\i haiigc for lots and payments. Koom
Ms X. \ . Life , ( , ! M 4'
VW ANTED l-or good clear city lot a high
i grade safety or bjclele. Address J. Ill ,
llee. ' S21
OLl'.AK liuiils to exctiaiuo for city property ,
vtllltaUo some lacuii.hinice. lUiuiu .vis N.
Y. Life. ' 0074'
fnrratei , etc. . zrctopnf Jir l coltiiiia mi tliu pi0 .
BANK Stock i"i)0' ) Tash and balance In
k'niMl eiiulty or 'property. Will tak
about Jl.800 worth ofank stock In good
county bank In county seat In Nebraska. A.
1C. iclley. Ull Continental. Mflfiufl
IfOlt SALU Ualtery nnd restaurant outdt ,
consisting 01 imitahloovou , trough , imns ,
stoves , marhle toptabh's.dlshos. freezers , etc. .
etc. J. Ktchauls , coiiiiir Tncnty-fourth and
rranklln street.s. . , , " .Mllit ) 5 *
BANK s-TOOK Will take $ : .00 cash and
bolide In good wiulty or pruneily. \\lll
laknabolil ? lsoo wortli of bank stoclv In good
coiinlyliiiiiklncoiiiirysa.it lu Nebraska. A.
K. Ulley. It II C'oiilliiontal. MIKiO 5
Oil SALE NlPoilhiiiTbiisliipss IiTclty. M.
_ ( i. Maejeml.njN.JiVL _ lldg. -Ll i
BANK If you want toensase In banking It
will pay yon to Investigate this. Addre.ss.
Lock llox 40l.llioliu'ford ) , Neb. Sir. U *
J71OK KKNT Windsor hotel , Kenrney , newly
- painted and papered throughout , Apply
to K. L. Downing. & 44 7
$ ( k > i,00 ) cash w III purchase an excellent busi
ness chance ready for business , llutuliliison
i Wead , I.Y.4 ' Douglas. n1 ! ! 4
\\7AiOXMAKii ( : { wanted to buy JIM ) stock ;
IT plenty work. Addiess L C , Itee olllee.
8814 *
_ _ _ _ _
KIAU store for sale. 504 S ir.th. . Also lUlit
wagon to trade for fresh milch c-ow , 8si ) 4 *
FOUS.VLi : Lumber and eoal vard In nlco
tin IVIIIR town In central Nebraska.situated
on the II. tV.M.It. It. ; no opposition ; buildings ,
scales and fem-e In jroort condition , with or
without sto-k. Che-m for cash. Adiliess.Loek
llo41 , Alisley , Neb. hVI ft
MKAT market Host location In city , doing
XDod bus'iiess ; tills Is a , ? od llilnj ? for the
richtp irly : small capital required. Address
11. II. Kavmaker. I'alrbiiry. Neb. M0'i *
TT'OIJ SALK C'onfiM-tlonery store and res-
Jtaiiranl , centrally locali'd and one of best
htanilH In city , paying well , llust of loasons
forsolllni ; . Cheap If t aken atonee. Address
K M. Ili-o. 7Nr. 4 *
TTlOlt SAI.F riirnliiiro unil undertaking
-L business In gixid town , with or without
stoiu building ; part cash , balance Kilt cdgo
paper or clear real estate ; Invoices about
llux'Jl1 ' ' Lincoln. 7u8
FOH SALK A sooil paying bakery and
fancy grocery , only ono In toivnoneof ;
the best towns In Kliliorn valluv ; Knod , clc'in
stouk. ThN K a bargain. Investigation In-
vlted. Lock box 5' ' . Stqiitun. Neb. Ki7-ri *
A POSITION for an netlvuman with $ " > ,0)0to
{ 10.000 In Invi-stiiiont hanking business.
Address K K. Hee olllco. Mil' . '
IT OIi SALE An old catahlhnod and good
A ? paylnir clsar store ; good reasons given for
holllns. KM UeojJlllc. ) . W.
IjlOH SAIK--I'nrnlt lire , fixtures and lease of
-L a lestaurant centrally located Uan ho
bumilit verv cheap. I'or particulars address
N. P. I'oll. Hee olllee.
"iJl.Af K MITII and vvason shop , vfllh dvvoll-
JJlns ; .splendid Ineatloui vvrlto for particu
lars ; reason for Milling , puoi health , Tappo
Hi others. Verdon. Neb M.'flmls'
Forratrttt.i > cttoiii > / Jlnt column oii/if ( / pij ( .
i r 'AT/L.V'K / ? fliiir'voyant ; naturally
pitted ; tolls past and future , love
troubles , absent frioiuls , changes travel , busi
ness. iwt : > I'aniiliii htiiit. C04 M10"
MHS. Nannie \Va.irniiclairvoyant. . trance
snoakliu , vvrltlnj'find reliable oiismess
medium , four ye.irs 111 ( Iniaha , 110 .S' inth. ? " > 'i
TII1S. ] ' ( ) ] { I' , palinl > > | fortune teller , tells
-i-'l past and future fr'oin lines of thu hand In
old u-ypsy woy ; ladleyMhly ; feuJI.UO. lc.U'f N.
i.4th. - ; _ ' MaWMI7
_ _ _
ATllS. lilt. Dnl TvN"n7Ky bo coi7siiTlcl at her
l' parlors on all airillrsof Ufa She Is a cele
brated business medium and has a reputation
I hrouuhout tbe world Inr accurate and truth
ful readlnirs of the pt t. present and future
events of your life. ' 'Kvery ' hidden mystery
revealed ; lielns all wlt are In trouble ; never
falls ; gives ad viue oi ) , dl " pulntc of Interest.
business traiibaotloifi love affairs , fam'ly '
troubles , stock epecdliitlon , lawsuits , absent
friends , lotterv iiiimlcs | , lucky days , Inter
prets dreams , locate.s jl | ease , hidden troas-
n res and stolen good ft f restores lost affections ,
biln s the ht-parateiHoitot her , makes speedy
and happy iiinrilnge vllii tlie unu yon love
by pioperadvlce : tqlla'lf the onu you love Is
trim or false ; glvoy.Tiuiky Homan-Ksyiitlan
talisman to help all Mi' ' of trouble ; uerfect
satisfaction guarantocd by mall ; send two
stumps for Illustrated circular , \fl \ Noith 10th
street. Omaha. blO Mil *
ASSAUK Madam DeUler , over CIO S. nth.
For rut a , tie. , rce ti > ] > of flrtt rolumn on
" \I ASSAdR bath at Mudnmo Mnlth's parlon * .
I'l.ul lloor , 420 S. 15th street. 6S1-C *
MAHSAUK MadauUiUlcr ovorduH. nth.
&VSM c
"J\I AhSAOK bath at Mailamo ismltli'a parlors ,
-iU 3 i a. istli - . ' "
- < iioor. j3j strt-Bt. OJ1- .
rorratettr.iutoiio/Jlnt rlnmii on t
GOUItr.sl'ONi ) A. corrsponence liuruau
for ladles and gentlemen. 1'urllculuri In
nl iln Koalod en vioi > o fur''o utamu. Li > ok Itor
Jcti , Onmha , Nou. 770 mis *
_ _
, 'tte. , tte tojinf tut column on ( ftlt paji
SAI < R A b-irRaln-O-rxMtn cotliicoand
lot eenlrally located , ! I3 rent , with mod
ern Improvements ; nNo 2 lots In Snunders ti
lllnirbatiRirs addition lo Walnut Hill. Address -
dress I , 14 , lice. MiUS 4
THIS- Lots 7 nnd S. block 14. Clifton.
IO ra fret from motor line , only Jl. 0. M. ( I ,
Maeleod. UI5 N. V. U bldg , M570 4
FOIt Soutli Omaha property , biislne" . traek-
iiKe or residence , go tu Hie leudlmi real es
tate dealers In south Uniaha , Kd Johnston
C'o. . cor. 24th and N sts. M763
SNAP OOxlIlO. wirncr In Or-hard Hill , with
now eott.igc. all complete , 1 block from
I.owe ave. , flr > OUi { .XH ciish , balance fJO per
month , llutclilnsun A7ead , 1. > 2I Douglas.MJ4
MJ4 4
jjlOU PAIi-l : > tra bargain , choice MtlCO.
* - ' vtlth building ; rents IOOper mo. ; one bloeK
from now I1 , O. 0. I , , Uroen. Ht" . llaiker
block. TCI
"T710I ! PAI.II-Hrlups I'lace lots on motur line.
f Also acre property. P.M. Hlclinrdson , HIS
N. V. l.lfo bldg. Tfii
"T710K SAI.lI-Tne most rotnfortable 8-room
-l modoin house In the city , every conven
ience , bathgas , electric hells , furnaee , lann-
ilry.ete. barge stable , mom for 4 horses , city
water In stable , concrete lloor. full lot In half
mile llmll , convenient to 4 lines of cars , shade
trees , otc. Price JIO.OOO. Address V 'M , Hee.
TPOU AIK A line Improved fnini of .MO
-L ncres , 1UO under enltlviitlou : shade tiees ;
fruit , vv Indinlll , wagon scales , otc. ; P)1 ) miles
\\ost of Omaha ; J'.V per acre. Address O 4" , llee.TC7
FC ) | { HAM' A new house , 7 rooms , nil mod
ern conveniences , ( list-class locution , must
sariillco as I am moving out nf thu city , will
taken Mieaiit lot fur part of llrst payment.
Address llox 411 % . Om.-ih.i P. O. SV ,
" 1711VI-room ! homes In On-hard Illll , JI.W10
L1 each on monthly payments. Thomas I'
Hall. : ill PaMon blk. 742
riOL'SI. of Tliirpe rooms , full corner Int. well
J 1 and eMern. elusois. etc. . itith and PatrleU
avenue. J..VX ) . Will aeeept elearlot as llrst pay
ment. balance on 10 j cars' time. ( ii-orgeJ.
I'unl. Ifioii I'lirnain. M ai-nU
\X7II.li sell S-ioiiiii house , modern , f.VW cash ,
VV balance innnthlv payments , ehe.ip and
well loi-nted. Koom 50 * N. V. l.lfe. ( Mvr.4 *
\\riI.I.selln7ui-sriMim hou-e vvull located
' modern , for } VX ) less than cost for cash
and paper , want money , liooin TiUS N. V. l.lfe
IW4 *
| IKIl SAI.l' 0-roum hoiisi' . all modern eon-
-L venlenees ; corner hit ; verv eheaii nt f.s.oO ) ;
terms to suit. Address K 12. Itee iilllee. M44II
KOt'NT/.i : I'liu-e Ilnraalns-
2 miidt'rn hotises.s aiull ) iiioins eachprice
J\53J to Jti , . " > K ) , t.VW cash
f.Ci per month forS years.
Ill ) jier month for'J years.
$ ! " > per-nunth fur 2 years.
Ilalanee 7-ye.ir time , li per cent ,
J J. Gibson , solo agent ! vo < iulzu PlaceKoom
a Crelghtun block. 2J1
" 171DK SAfiK A nlco home , Mill and I.eavcn-
J- worth ; new , price Ion , and terms aceom-
muilatlni ; . lieo W. I' . Coales , rcpreseiitat Ive.
7 , Hoard of Tr.ide. OtO Mill
" 17L1 )1 ! tSAl.i : 'taere trackage property cheap ,
-L1 Mb and Williams. A. IMouler. N.V. . for.
Kllli ami WllllaiiH sts. *
BAItiAIN > ! Ilargalns Olllee open every
night. Mnr lonn and Trust company ,
first lloor N. V. Life building. Mill Mtv
TMOTrSATTn yiiartersrellun latul.Two mJTel
-L fruiii prlllgllelll. S.upy county ; eighteen
miles from South Omaha. John J. Kelley. bt.
Joseph. Mo. M7M 1118 *
Lots In Potter A. Oenr.'e C'o.'s addition , Cast
Omaha. J.12. > and M.V ) ; $ ioj cash ; terms easy on
b.iIaiiL-c ut 7 per cent.
Lots In Pteclo , t Wools' addition , East
Omaha , on Lounst ' 'treet ; 81,000 each ,
I.nti : ; . blk 1 , Putter's addition , and several
othot-of the best lots In the addition , at rea-
.sunablo llgures.
Potter AOoorzo Co. ,
S. W. Coiner loth and 1'arnam.
irOK SALT. Lots 1 and 2 , blk 0. llrlgss"
-L1 t'lacoadd. prlco JI.TO. Kmiuli-o of O. H
Duvls. hU Ulalr rurupo.iu hotel , 7SJ
"I71OH SAI.K 1G7 acres land 2 miles west uf
J-1 city limits , to cloo tin estate. The o. P.
Davis Co. I NiMH
1-U ncies tine f.irmlni ; land aujolulng good
Nebraska town ; nearly clour.
1(50 ( acres Ilnely Improved land 2'J ' miles from
county seat In Nebraska ; lightly enema bored.
U'D acres good land In Nebraska , . " ! miles from
county sn.it . : y..V,0 Inhabit ints.
House and lot In town hi Kansas ; clear.
Clearlot In good Nebraska town.
4-rnoin house nnd lot , barn , well and cistern ,
llith street , Omaha ; slightly encumbered ; will
trade for Oiuahii pioperty and assume encum
brances. 11. I' . Cole , Continental Uloek. UUO
Forrif * , ft'- , err/op / n/flm' rnlnmn ont/itj / piiji
G I'.O. K. dellenbeek. teac-hcr of tlio banio ,
with Ilospe , nin Douglas. 14 ! ! )
) K1"OUP. buying a piano maniine the new
> scrilo Kliuball piano. A.llo pi-I.U Douglas.
I'ormtrxetc. , tec t < i ) > i > fflnl roumn-oii I/id / pig !
IJATKNT lawyers a-id solicTlors.V.Sues& (
Co. , llee building. Omaha. Ill-ineh olllee at
WashliiKlon , I ) . ( ' t'ensuitiitlon free. 7.'I
tfir infrx.rlrrtr Imi n > ir < ! cnininil m it > tHi t !
r OST Dog , white , one black ear. stub tall.
JJcollar , i.'irewatd If returned to S .1) ) 11 a in 11
ton or K ' 'ID hheely blk. h7 ! - ' - '
1'nrriitCK , etc. , fcetn ) ) f tint column on ( lit * piut.
BKPT line ) mlrnods In west : nalr ilresslnff ,
wigs , sivvltehes , baims , hah chains , etc , a
specialty. Davles , hall goods and milliner ,
opposite postolllce , 111 s l.'ith si..Omaha. 7. > i )
Seale l I'roposnlH.
Sealed proposils vslll bt ) received by the
tute boird of printing at the ollleo nftliu sec
retary of state any time before Wednesday ,
May'-0 , Is91 , lit''oCluek p. in fur the printing
and binding of l.mk ) eoples of the rcnmt of the
eomiiilssluiiers nf hihoi census and Indiisti lid
statistics , for the years Ihsu ; lnd Is'i ' ) , Sil ; ( | re
port to he in-luted on 4U noiiud bank p.iner and
hound In cloth.
Samples of the work limy be seen nt Iho of-
flioof I ho secretary of slate.
The bosid losci'ves the right lo reject any
and all bids.
JOHN r. A I.I.K.N , f-ee. of State ,
J. I' . II M.I. . state Treasurer.
T. II. HKNTO.V , Auditor P. A. ,
btute Hoard of Print ! UK-
IH tlionnljr roini-ily that relieve * toubinlii * hem ] *
ni ho niul ni-iiralKlii Itlstlie fheiipest. 21 ilu es tur
DOia pivrktitre. Neither powder , ll'iulil ' , pill nor lo-
ciik-e It I * the IIIUHI Hureeiitjlii tu take Wu mir-
riint ItiU remedy to Klvu fallftfiu linn , ran ln > innlloil
lli'tnll nf Loslli * \ I.esllu unil liooilinun Drill ; ( o ,
Umnhn. nml nil ilriifBliti nml Jubln'ri. '
rplli : Wheless oloetrle railway .sy-tetn.
I Warning The publlo Is cautioned that
all the patents and Inventions uf Malum )
Wheless for overhead nnd underground rail
way hj-steius nreovvned and controlled exclu
sively by the Whidess eloctui- railway cum-
jiany of Vlielnlu. nllleo Washington , I ) , t' ,
and that any cninpany uslnjr either uf said In
ventions Is liable to action fur Itifi Inu'uini-nl
Special notice Is huieby clvon that no licenses
have been gi anted anil that no person Is em
powered to grant llecni.es. Thu Wheless elec
tric railway co'iipany , I ) . 1' . .Merrill , jr. , sceru-
tary , Washington , 1) ) . 0.
A ( iKM'INi : M1C11DIIK KII.I.KH Ii Klllll S IJKHM
HHADH'ATOH-riin-j iill illieinos l > eomiu It kills
lint mlirobu or Kerin. Put up nml ruUilk-i ! In t. , 11
nml { 'j ilie * . HID latter J I-1.'till Inns he-lit utir-
nliuro I'repalil ' nn rui-etjit uf prlco orl' l > 1) Wo
Uiuo u icunranuo tu rtiro The palillr. trnilu nnil
jubbcri iiiiirillcil by tlioKlnslcr Drill ! Co Uiiinhii.
To euro nillouineis. Sick lloaclache Conitlpatlon.
Malorliv. LlTer CoraiilalnU , tnkn the ncto
and ceruvla rvmtdy , S.VliTH'd
U ottoBMAI.ISIZK(40 , ( little bnnnn to the bot-
lle ) . Ther are Uioinc.it conrunltnt ; suit all tu-ei.
4'rleo of ultbcr ilie , USciinu p rbuttla.
KISSIWG"17 17 > 70t ' botn-sniTiiML
rvl OII panel Uoof Uila ploUro tur 4
cents ( ropp ni or etampi ) .
Makcnof " 11111) Dean * , hi. LouU. Jlo
Avoid draughts anil sudden changes of
temporal nro.
Plu not discard your warm winter clothing
too noon. Il Is lietter to suffer a little Incon
venience thnn lo take cold.
UeniPtnber that one N especially llnMn to
contract a bud colU or clilll at Hi Is sea-on of
the yeir.
A cuiiRh or cold contracted between the sea
sons Is the most annoying kind , and may last
tliroiifth the summer.
If you feel a cough er eold coming on. take
a drink of pure whiskey at once. It will keep
the blood In circulation and is the best pro-
ventatlve against tlie diseases of the season.
Hemember tlmt only ITHK whiskey should
be taken. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey hit * Iho
strongest reconimendiitlotis from the leading
scientists and medical men. It Is the only
iitnmlard medicinal whiskey. TaUe no other
loin j ( > nr drugglal uf gioeer.
.vv ? or THE x
N'chruslcn ,
Dr. Fitch of Ilastiucs will go to Atlanta ,
Ga. , to edit a church piipor.
\Vhllo carclcsslv hanilliiiKa revolver Jay
Carrot Yankton shot himself In the Imiul.
The Beaver C'ity council has cnlarcoil tbo
cutnctei-y by purcliusintf six ailtlltlonal acres.
U.V. . J. Heed , a grain and elevator man at
Ulysses , lias failed and departed for other
Ilnunenstlne , the G'uster county murderer
sentenced to hang May : i2 , la the only mmato
of the juil at Urokcn llo-v.
James Cox and four brothers naiucil Van-
lanliigiiatii have been arrested at Auburn
chatgcd with stock stealtnt ; .
Burglars entered a procory and a shoo
store at Plattbmoutli , but f.iilod to soouro
enoiich booty to pay for tbolr trouble.
Erie .loliiison , chief clerk of the late state
house of representatives , will shortly rest
from bU liiours nnd take a trip to SwoJon.
A pony at I'apll'ion ' rubbed its nose against
n wire fence dtirlii ) ; a thunder storm and was
knocked otT Its feet by tlio electricity with
which the wn-o was charged.
After ono unsuccessful attotnpt to elope ,
Charles Mclntvro and Mary LTrwin of Lotiis-
villo did the Job up brown and succeeded in
being inadoono at I'lattsmouth in splto of
Mary's father's disapproval. The old man
had iio objections to Charley other than that
ho failed to Join the church during a recent
.1. O. Santee of Nlobrnra nearly Imt his
life the other day \vlnlo crossing I'otica crook
with a team of mules. The animals were
swimming across the swollen stream vvhon
K.intco lost his balance and was swept down
the creek. An Indian threw a lasso over the
drowning nun's he.ut nnd pulled him to land
in a rather i1emorali/ed condition.
The O'Neill Frontier Invites 13. M. Lowe ,
countJudKO of Holt county , to resign at
oncu for the reason of his conduct \vitli a
iriiifriud woman of that town. The Judge
took the woman under his fatherly wing and
quartered her in his olllco lu the court house ,
which was occupied Jointly by the Jud o und
the woman night and day , and visitors on
business were not admitted.
A young imin who tramped his way to
Uuffalo county and served his time ai u com
mon vagrant on tlio strents of Kearney with
n ball nnd chain attached to him , six years
ugo , lias dcmon.str.itcil that farming docs pay
in Nebraska , sajs the lUvcnim News.
Today that sanioounfj man owns a llni-ly
liuptovcd farm In this county , is happily
married and is out of debt. Ho has had no
outside assistance anil has made n success by
faithful individual effort. U bile the case is
somewhat uuusual. it Is evidence that ugrl-
culture can bu tnadu u fruitful calling when
Intelligently pursued.
A cuso that Is shrouded In the deepest mys
tery Is cng.itlni ; , ' thu attention of the | > olico'of
I.eadvillo , Colo. A noheinian known as
Frank Chadlin scut n telegram fiom thu
Western Union oflico in Hint city to Joseph
Komint'k , Clarlfson , Nob. , to tbo effect that
Frank Splichel had been killed In a tunnel
accident and to Inform Hplichel's wifi of the
affair. The dispatch lurthcr stated that de
ceased had { .VI upon his porton , and wanted
to know what to do with the remains and the
money. An answer was received from IComl-
nok saying to bury the remains at l.cud villa
and forward the money to Mrs. Splichel.
ChnOim came in to got his telegram , but in
the meantime , instead of waiting for the
answer , ho had burled lus comrade. Ho
claimed to have purchased his collln at
Coroner Fielding's , but n visit to the coroner
ner elicited the fact that no coflln had been
bought. Chadlin tells'a most rcnmrkublo
btory. Ho stated that Splichol win running
an air drill In the heading of the tunnel. Ha
it'hadlnt ) was standing boaldo him when thu
tlrill suddenly broke , driving ono end of tbo
bit Into Spl'.cliol'tt ' brain , killing him In-
btantly Chadim thnn claims to have brought
the corpse to Leaivlllo | , nnd goluu1 to Field. *
IDC'S undertaking parlors paid that , guntlc-
roan TJJ for n cofltn , C'hmlltn nnd two com *
punlons then hurled tlio body at the old grnvo
yard. The strange ) part of the story is that
the undertakers claimed that no such person
bought n collln , A visit to Iho grnvo ynrd
failed to show n sign of n uowly-dug giuvo.
lint a.
The supreme court convenes at Po * Molnos
May is , and Micro nro pros | > octs of n long
teed ! tiotatocA nro shljipoi ! Into Davenport
from Minnesota and .sold for il 1T > pur
Shenandoah will bo Illumlimtoil by elec
tricity. At an election a local company was
voted n franchise for ten years.
H.V. . Halcomb , steward of tlio Hoono
county poor farm , foil from n load of hay and
now suffers from n broken log.
Killfo has offered n bonus of $10,000 and n
eooil slto If the prosbytnry will romovi * their
college from Fort Dmlgo to that place.
Partner M. U'Slinu sold recently In Manson
! IIKX ) bushels of corn at M cents' ( xir bushel ,
nlso lfiOO bushels of oat * ulll ) cents. This
\viis raised on his farm ,
The Missouri Vulloy boat club aim Fish
C'ominlssloiiors' association holds Its annual
regatta nt Smith's lake , near Little Sioux ,
commencing Tuesday , May I ,
Home miscreant nttemloil a social gather
IIIR at Ida Crovo the other night , gathered
UP nil the stliT hat.s of thu Ktiest.s and cut
them with a knife , entirely destroying them
lor further usefulness.
lu the contest between the fivshmen of the
Toledo college for a free year's scholarship
A. L. Speaker was awarded the pti/o. The
subject of his oration was "The Future ol
the American Laborer. "
The Keoktik canning factory expects t <
put \ip more goods this season thnn over ho
fore The company has already contracted
for IIXK ) acres of peas , cucumbers and toma
toes for this season's pack.
Tlu % Oes Molnes I'apital suggesls tint it
will probably bo necessary to change the
name of Ittictmnan county to Axlell , in tumor
of the horse of that iirtme , and Independence
\Vllliamsburg , after the owner.
This papormill at Waterloo has boon com
pelled to shut down for lack of straw , wlurli
costs $ l."iO per ton. The t'odar lulls piper
mill Is runnlntr. but the proprietors are hav.
ing .some trouble in obtaining a .supply ol
The Fort Dodge Messenger snys the local
binding twine dealers are contracting to deliver
liver thu qualities of Uvinu genenillj used at
' .lanil 10 cents per pjuiul , to bo delivered at
harvest time. Those figures are a substantial
teductlon over these of last year , and tint
f.irinei-s nro feeling eorroHKmliiigly | goiKl
Frank DeeU and Mnggio Weaver eloped
from Newton to Dos Motiios , wbero Deotz
left Maggie at a hotel roslsturoJ under an as-
Mimed name. Iloforo ho returned to marry
her she had been discovered y the nollco
and relurnod to her home. Her neoplo op-
] iosod the miirriiigo became they were both
so you nc.
The state Sunday school convention will beheld
held in Mason City June 111 to is Mason
C'ity will provide for free eiitertalnmuut for
all who iniv attend. 1'rominent Sunday
school workers from C'hlcugo , I'coria , Mlnne
apolls and other points outside the state will
be present uu.il will parllcipilo in the Inter
esting programme that has DOCII prepared
A singular accident befell Mr. and Mrs A
I ) . Whitcomb , an ngeil couple living at
Wnpullo. \ \ hiln milking. Mr. Whilcomb fell
to the ground with a stroke of paralysis. His
fall frightened the cow , who broke "her 1ml
ter , and as \Vhltcombentcredthestnblu
for the relief of her husband the cow kickiol
her. rupturing a blood vessel In the lungs
Tne nged cotiulo suffered severely for several
davs , but nt last accounts it was hoped both
would recover.
Douglas Is to have a mammoth brick vard
Louder is to have : i flO.IXX ) Methodist
The snow atCJold hill is commencing lo
melt slowly.
The Laramlo tunnel Is down sixty-llvo foot
and shows tree gold and pans out well
A vein of piying ore has Inou found in
Devil's cannon , about forty tulles north of
Mrs. Loaverton full Into the Powder river
near Fort Loavcnworth and narrowly es
caped drowning.
Dr. George Simpson and Dr. Elizabeth Me-
Nutt. rival physicians at Sheridan , were un
ited in marriage recently.
The belle of the last hall al Kile Mountain
was dressed in mahogany cashmere trimmed
in plaid with a hole in the sleeve.
The logs anil po-tts intended for the Lusk
log house or fort last fall during thu Indian
trouble have boon .sold for llrovvood.
There is lack of hotel accommodations In
Cnoycuno and there Is talk of adding two
stories to the principal hoitelry of the eltv
The Larainio lioomeiangis autli > rit\ for
the distressing news that ox-Ciovi-ruoi1 Moon
light is now chocking freight at the Kansas
City union depot at 1.1 nor month.
The body of an unknown man v > as louiid
under tbo famous Dale creek bridge It is
supposed to bu that of a passenger on the
Union Pucilic who cither Jumped or fell from
a passing train.
Mrs. Jackson lirown's ranch near Laramlo
produced a Plymouth Kock egg that weighed
four ounces. The circumference of Iho egg
niensmod around the center was 0J4 Inches
anil lengthwise h'4 inches.
Tlio U. P. has a largo force of men at work
laying new htoel r.dls near Kvanstou They
arc working cast. It is reported that new
steel rails will he laid over the outiro moun
tain division this coming summer.
11 is said that a slto for a waterworks
plant for Hawilns has DCCII secured from the
Union Pacific company south of the railroad.
The intention Is to rush the Issuing and sell
ing of the water bonds voted at the lust elec
tion a.s rapidly as possible ,
Tlieo. Herald , manager of the Cherokee
hn-wing company of St. Louis , has been In
Cheyenne to seoaboutostablishinga breuery
thoro. Mavor llrosnahcn offered to glvo the
company 100 acres of lanil provided they will
locate a brewing plant costing $100,000 in
Seimtor-Klect John M. Palmer of Illinois
has u son , Louis J. , a yo ing 1 iwyer , pricilc-
ing in Hock Springs , whom Inn father in
tends to visit about May 10. The citi/ens in
tend to give the now senator a toception on
tlmt occasion and are making preparations
for a nig time. cu
Superintendent Knight of the Koystouo
district shipped to the Denver mint a gold
brick weighing sixty-two ounces , 600 line and
valued at ? Ii)0. : ( ) It was the result of u
two weeks' run with Florom-u ere and with
only ten stamps , or half thu mill , the re
mainder being out of fix and undergoing re
An oil exchange has boon organi/ed lu
Newcastle , in winch it Is Intended to Interest
everybody claiming oil lands In the district.
Those oftlocrs were elected : President J L.
Hiiird ; vice president , John M. Howell sec
retary , K. P. Bowman ; treasurer , J P Ost ,
and executive committee , L. T. ( Jrlggs , M II.
Cntnplln and A. M. Nelson.
Tough Cow.
An Indiana farmer brought suit against
the Lake Shore railway to recover value foi
a cow killed by a locomotive. The mry uo-
cidi'J against him and gave the rnilvvnj t
verdict for > and costs. It wai found thai
tlio company's locomotive was damaged thuj
much by collision with the cow
Boils and PimpSes
Are nntiun's i-florts ID eliminate poison from
the blood. This lesnlt may be accomplished
much more elleetually , as well as agreeably
through tlio pioper \eretury channels , Ijy
the use nt Ai-l' ! > .Salsapaillla.
"Ifor several jeais I was troubled with
Imlls and carbuncles. In casting about for a
remedy , It occuired to mo that Ajer'-s Saisa-
jiarllla bail bvc > i iisoil in my fathers family ,
with excellent success , anil I thought that
what was KOOII fur the father would alsohu
good for the .son. Three or four bottlus of
tills medicine entirely cured me , and I have
not slncH In more than two years had a
boll , pimple , nr any other eruptive trouble.
1 can conscientiously speak lu the lughett
terms of Ayer's .Saraaparlll.i , ami many
years' experience In the drni ; Inisiness en.
allies mo to sK-ik | ; Intelllucnlly. " C. M.
Jlatflcld , KarmUind , Ind.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DR. J. O. AYETl & CO , , LowoU , lt.U.3.
1'iUt Hi ill boltlti , ! . . Wctlu ei a tctlb.

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