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Bmeltor Employes Decldo by Ballot Tlwlr
Hours of Labor ,
Tlic Men , After Mnturo Deliberation ,
Decide AfjaitiHt HlHirtcr Mourn nml
KiMltiecd I'liy-beitleU With
out Any nillluuUy.
. The vicinity of the smcltlntf works pre
sented nn animated .ipponr.ttico at 7 o'clock
yesterday morning , the tlmo sot for the inuu
In the roasters And blast furnaces and the pot
haulers to votu upon the eight hour ciuostton.
All the mem employed at these places on
both shifts wore asieinhled about the tlmo-
keeper's ofllco at the south end of the works ,
prepared to vote on the proposition.
It was a very orderly crowd and no demon
strations of any kind wcro made. The men
stood about In group * discussing current
topics and the quoitlou at Issue seemed to bo
passed over ns though It was virtually sot-
tied and not n question for argument.
Neither Ilacon nor Wclcti were present nor
wore there any Indications of any rooellious
ScrKoantOravos and a detail of police were
on Hand , but their services were not re
Each workman had heen provided with a
circular letter explaining the terms otlorod
for the eight-hour and the twelve
hour shift and with a ballot In favor
of eight hours and another In favor of twelve
hours. Evorv man had also boon furnished
nn ordinary brown envulopo largo enough to
contain the ballots and they had bean In
structed to put a ballot In the envelope and
seal it up so that the vote might he secret.
B Full instructions as to the manner of con
ducting the election nad been formulated by
President Barton , and ttieru was no chance
for a misunderstanding.
It was provided that three Judges and two
clerks should have charge of the election. It
was also provided that the company's timeKeeper -
Keeper , H. 1C. Ward , should act as ono of the
clerks on account of his familiarity with the
names and numbers of the men.
At li.yo o'clock the men were all as
sembled about the gates , the night shift
having quit worlc at ( i o'clock and the day
shift being ready to go to work at 7. Secre
tary Nash btcppi'd to the door of the olllco
aid told the men to select three judge * and u
clerk. The men selected as Judges were
Joseph Here. William Puos and Josnph
Bchnurr. Murk lioatmnn was chosen us
The ballot-box was then delivered to the
Judges. It was made of quarter-Inch wood
nud wns about tot : inches square and twelve
Inches high. Tlio top was of wood of the
Etuno thickness and tiad u slot in the center
for the depositing of the ballots. This box
was then thoroughly examined oy the Judges
and the ton securely screwed on by them.
The balloting then commenced. The men en
titled to vote walked through the narrow pas
sageway In the timekeeper's olllco und handed
ono of the Judges his ballot securely scaled ,
nt the same time giving his name and num
ber. The latter were recorded by the clerks
and the ballot deposited In the box. At the
tlmo of the strike there were " 00 men em
ployed In the cupolas , roasters and hauling
pots. Since the settlement nearly all of tlioso
men have been tukon hack , but In order to
avoid uuv dissatisfaction all of the men wlio
had been employed in these departments
wcro allowed to vote , whether they uro em
ployed at present or not.
When the votine was concluded the box
wns Healed and the cover wa'i then removed.
The ballots wcro counted and compared with
the tally sheets. They corresponded ni.d it
appeared that out of the possible 200 there
had been 181 votes cast , showing a very full
voto. The envelopes were then opened and
the ballots counted. The result was as fol
lows :
Tor eight linurs , r > S
For Uvolvu hums 120
Total I8l
The Judges certified the result of the vote
and returned the box , ballots , tally scoots ,
eta , to Mr. linrton. They then resumed
their work , spreading the news among the
men where it caused very general satisfac
tion , few complaints being heard.
This action settles the question of hours to
the satisfaction of all concerned and the men
will work In twelvo-hourshifts.wlth no double
shifts , and twenty-four hours lay-olt every
two weeks.
In conversation with President Barton
after the question of hours had been fully
settled anoint was developed which had not
been made public.
Instead of working twelve hours out of
each twenty-four as has boon clniimd , the
men ouly work ten hours each day. The day
shift coos to woric at 7 n. m. and works until
12 noon , when they have an hour's rest , ' "hoy
resume work at 1 o'clock and worlc until 11 ,
ivhon they tro home. The nightshirt goes to
work at 7 p. in. and works until midnight ,
when they have an hour's ' rest. They re
sume work and work until (1 ( a. m. Tlius
each shift works only ton hours in eacli
twenty-four hours.
By calling in some of the moro proficient
roustabouts and closing down the roasting
furnaces on Sunday , the cupolas are kept
running all the tlmo , and the cupola mon ,
roasters and pot pullers , are given twenty-
four hours off every two weeks.
Under the now order of things the mon In
the blast fiii-uiicca uro paid S.J.-IO per day
with no lay-off. Under the old order of
ttilncs the men received $ ' 3.35 per day with
four days' lay-off each month at half pay.
In other words , mon In the blast furnr.co
who recolvo3.10 per day with no lay-off ,
work twenty-eight aavs in each month and
rocclvo Jt'tf.UO ; formerly they worked twenty-
six days and received W ) per month. The
men have been claiming that they lost fj by
the now arrangement , but the ilgures do not
bear them out.
Mr. Burton states that the claim that the
men In the cupolas are skilled mechanics is
not correct. A common laborer with ordi
nary common sense , ha siiys , can easily be
come export at the cupol.i'ln two weeks and
ho receives nearly douulo the wages paid
laboicrs outside.
Jim Bacon nml John Welch have discharged
themselves and are not employes of the smel
ter company. The former worked live shifts
after the rocout settlement and then loft. Ho
did not show up for worlc for llvo days , and
his ulaco was Illled. The rigid rule t the
matter 1ms been to discharge u man who
failed to show up for work for two days in
succession , but the rule was relaxed lu
Bncou1 ! . caso.
John Welch has boon keeping company
with Bacon and failed to coinu to work for
thrco daj.s in succession. Ho was considered
Jlorsford'H Aolrt Phosphate
For the Tired Hrula
from over exertion. Try It.
Patronize Homo Industry. *
Iii running its ' 'Onmha Branch" the
North Hritihh liumnmuo Co. spends moro
money in Onwlm every your than Its entire -
tire Otnulm , promliiniB amount to. Pat
ronize the North British and lotvvo every
dollar of your iiroinluin in Omulm.
II. N.Vo n , Hesldont Socrottiry.
110 ! South Thirteenth Street.
Now Wo Ate wltli You.
The Chicago , Hock Island & Pacific
railway uro now running nil its trains in
and out of Union Depot , Omaha.
Trains will leave us follows :
East Bound Day express , 10:00 : a.m. ;
Vostlbuleil HmitoU , 4:05 : p.m. ; Atlantio
Jxpross , 0:10 : p.m. Arriving ut 0:40 : a.m. ,
ll:05 ! : p.m. nml 0:15 : p. in.
Uopartlnir , West Bound Denver vos-
tibulod limited , 11 ! : 15 p m. ; Nelson ac
commodation , 4:10 : p.m. ; Denver express ,
7:05 : p.m. Arriving at 3:10 : p.m. , 10:15 :
a. in. and 750 : ! 11.111.
These trains are vcstlbulcil anil it Is
nn indisputable ( act that the dining car
Borvlco of the "Groat Hock Island" Is
Eccond to HOMO in the country. For
rates and sleeping car berths to all
points east or west , call at city olllco of
the "Rock Island Kouto , " 10th und
Farnnm streets.
J , L. Dg BEYOISB , General Agent.
liullontloiiH Promising Tor n Week of
Kino Sport The KIIOCH.
Yesterday was the opening day of the
Douglas County Agricultural Exposition
and mum , and Judging from the bustle
and activity on the grounds , It wll' '
ho a line success , Kxhlhltors have
boon pout-In , , ' Into the grounds all
morning , and the usual rush In effecting
preliminary arrangements Is notlcoablo upon
all sldc.3.
The display of fat nnd thoroughbred stock ,
poultry nnd fancy birds Is unusually largo ,
while that of the farm and garden
Is unsurpassed. The show In agricultural
machinery and Imnlemonts Is also largo und
Interesting , whllo the line art hall is a mag-
nltlccnt bazaar of all that is unique , Ingen
ious ntu ( _ beautiful.
Hig turnouts arc Inevitable , ns the weather
promises to bo exceptionally line nnd the
people of town nnd country are Jubilant over
the prosDcels of a week's festivities.
The races , whlfli nro really the loading
fcaUiro of nil fairs , will be of uncommon in
terest , as the number of entries Is vnr.v
largo , and manv of the best known llyors of
the west nro Included In the number.
Al Hutching * of Danville , ICy. . a famous
trainer and driver , has charge of .Iqlin I ) .
Urclghton's ' string of "cracks. " Ono of the
beauties is Hvangelino , a il-yoar-old , which
will mane a scns.itlon ; she lias a record of
Jl0. : ! Last week at Independence , In. , she
made a half milo In I :0ti'f : ' , the fastest : i-yoar-
old race over trotted. Evangi'llno Is by Di
rector , record 'J-17 , ho by Dictator , her first
dam Hed Wllkes. Mary Me is another crack ,
-1-year-old with a record of iiiWf. She was
sited by Lumps , ho by Cleorgo Wllkes , llrst
dam bv Lexington Chlaf , Clara D is a
! with record. She Is
l-yoar-old no a very
promising mare who has shown a milo in 'J : : ) ) ,
Showasslrod by Uolmont , llrst dam by
Cuylor. Bunco , Jr. , a Day gelding with n
record ofJ lli'tf , was sired by Bunco. Ilo
was working on the track this morning and
sho'.vcd excellent speed and condition.
Wllkos I. a bay stallion , Is by Idle Wilkcs ,
datn by Tom Hall , nnd has a record of
3'J7. : Mattlo H. who Is entered In the
- : ) ( ! class trotting race with a guaranteed
pursoof Jl.OO'J , Is a Hvo-ycar-oldxvith a record
oPJ23. : ! Shots by Aldnlla Mombriuo and a
full sister of Geneva S , record 2:1 ! ) , and
Quinine S , record : L'.r , dam IClla Hopkins.
There are a largo number of other tlyors lu
the stnblcs who will assist In making this
the greatest racing season over given In
Omaha ,
The track and stables were full of Ufa and
activity at an early hour yesterday.
Trainers and "swipes" were busy getting
their horses onto the track and rubbing
them down afterwards. Owners stood about
with stop watches in hand comparing horses
and making comments.
The Butler combination which Is booked to
give Its novel rares during fair week will
provide sotim unlauo and amusing racing.
Ono of thp races Is an umbrella raco. Tins is
run as follows : I2.ich jockey loads his horse
to the track , saddles nnd urhllos it ,
lights a cigar , raises his umbrella ,
then mounts nnd starts off. To
win ho must not only como
under the wire llrst , but must nuvo burned
his cigar at least half an inch and keep it
alight and must prevent his umbrella from
turning inside out. Other features of the
combination races nro chariot raros with four
thoroughbred horses abreast and high Jump
ing hurdle races.
In the poultry and pet stock hall the Oma
ha Poultry , Pieoon and Pot Stock association
has a largo number of birds on exhibition ,
Moldrum & Ctillds have a notable lot of game
fowls , as also have Qatdorf & Thomas , such
as brown reds , Black Sumatra * , game ban
tams and pit fowls. There nro pigeons galore ,
yellow , silver and blue turblts , blue pouters ,
blue fans , black African owls , white nnd
black Jacobins , and mottled , yellow and
black tumblers , a veritable boy's paradise.
In the rear of the building some small boys
have a variegated lot of ovll smelling and
pugnacious goats. Pot rabbits , with gentle
eye nnd snapping young alligators occupy the
snmo box ,
The grounds are bustling with the usual
side shows , such as the merry-go-round , a
tent In which a magiciaif will work wonders ,
a panorama of the battle of Gettysburg and
the novcr-touchod-him gentleman who sticks
his head through a silt In a piece of canvas as
a target for the populace to throw balls at.
There is an unusual amount of enthusiasm
exhibited by everyone connected with the
fair , nnd from present indications and the
beautiful weather It looks as if the attendance
would bo larger than for years past.
Whittle Costs
Must bo carefully considered by the great
majority of people in buying even necessities
of lito. Hood's Snrsuparillucommonds itself
with special force to the great middle classes ,
because it combines positive economy with
great medicinal power. It Is the only medi
cine of which can truly bo said " 1UO doses
one dollar , " nnd a bottle taken according to
directions will average to last a mouth ,
Grand lOntry Into Oniulia.
On and after July HO , 1801 , the Chicago
cage , Milwaukee te St. Paul Railway
company will run all of its trains in and
out of the union depot , Onriha , No
moro annoyance caused by transferring
and switching at Council BlulTs. Solid
vobtibulcd trains , consisting of now
Pnlaco sleeping cars , free parlor chair
cars , oloirant couches , and the linost
dining cars in the world , all heated bv
steam and lighted throughout by eloc-
trio lights. The now evening express
with "electric lights in every berth"
now loaves Omaha dally at 0.20 p. in.
arriving at Chicago at 0'jO : a. m. in time
for all eastern connections. Secure
tickets and sleeping car berths at 1501
Fnrnum street { Barber block ) ,
J. 1 $ . PUKSTON , F. A. NASH ,
C. Pass. Agt. Gon. Agt ,
The prospects lor the coining Omaha
fair and races promises to cctipso any
former fair hold in Omaha. The entries
so far are largely in excess of nnj former
year. The managers have every assur
ance that all races will bo well tilled and
of superior horse. The stock , agricul
tural and lloral departments will bo the
best over shown. Do not fail to attend.
Commencing Augest HI and continuing
five days. Address all communications
to John Baumor , socrotaryOmaha , Nob.
WIMj SKlilt ' 1I1K "SHOUT
Donald Mcljcun'tj Uitilrnad OOPS to
SntlHly it Hungry MortKu o.
Today at 10 o'clock the Paclllo Short
Line railroad , extending from Sioux City to
O'Noll. , will bo sold to the highest bidder at
the Douglas county court House to satisfy a
The full history of this unfortunate rail
road venture has been printed In TUB BBC.
Mr. Kills Uiorbowor is the receiver and Mr.
G. W. Seavor of Oslcaloosa , la. , Is the at-
Some of the herbs in Hall's Hair Renowor ,
that wonderful preparation for restoring the
color and thickening the growth of the hair ,
grow plentifully in Now England.
Wns Not it Shortage.
Some time ago the publication was made
that a shortage In the accounts of Mr. John
W. Mlsonor with W. H. Spelman had boon
discovered Mr. Spolman has made the
following stutomsnt , and Tin : Bui : cheer
fully gives It u plnco in those columns :
OMUU , Noh. , Aiifr. ill. To the Editor of
Tnu BUB : This 1s to cortlfy that a full settle-
moat of my accounts with John W. Mlsouor ,
my recent book-keopor , has been had , and
that a thorough Investigation of my books
by an export has boon made which did not
disclose any shortage In his account * with
me. I make this statement In Justice to Mr.
Mlsener. W. H ,
CJosj tor's MaglulicadacnaVafors. . Curcsal
headuohcs In .u minnta-t. At ull druggists
VThen Itaby as sick , wo cave her Castorln ,
When sheens a Child , she cried f or Castorla ,
When Eho became MUm , glie chine to Caitorlu ,
Vrlieu she had ChUJrvu , the giuo them Castorla.
Ilo DoolnroH That Ho Will Not He In
the Politic-ill Field.
Church Howe , the N'omaha comity farmer ,
arrived in the city from the cast Sunday
night and loft for his farm near Auburn yes
terday morning.
To a representative of Tnr. Br.K Mr. Howe
repeated his llttlo Jokolot about being out of
politics , and tlfo Ignorance ho professed ro-
garltlng the status and prospects of the In
dependent party In Nebraska was really re
" 1 have boon In the east for n month , "
said Mr. Howe , "and have not kept track of
matters lu Nebraska at nil. I wont to Do-
trolt to the Grand Army reunion nnd am
Just returning homo. 1 am In a hurry to got
back as it is tlmo for fall plowing. I got
hold of an Omaha paper occasionally widlo
I was away and gained a llttlo Knowledge of
what was going on , but I uin not posted on
the situation. "
Mr Howe refused to express any opinion
on the coming olei'tlon and professed Igno
rance of the strength of lOdgerton , the nom
inee for the supreme Judgcshlp. Ho showed
a lively 'utorost und a full knowledge flf the
situation In this Judicial district , and de
clared , verv emphatically , that the Indepen
dents had made a great mUtnko lu the make
up of their tlCKOt.
"I see they have loft Doano oft the tIcKet , "
said ho , "that Is surprising. Doano Is the
strongest anti-corporation man on the bench
In the stnlo. Ilo has always been known to
bo opposed to corporations in everything nml
Is the strongest enemy the railroads havo. I
can't undor-ttaiid what they were thinking
about to drop him. It Is a great mistake.
"Then there Is Wnkoluv. Ho was
at ono tlmo a railroad attorney ,
but that was a long tlmo ago and ho has ,
shown by his rulings and opinions slnca that
tlmo that ho Is opposed to corporations. "
Tonqucstlon about the condition of the
money market Mr. Howe replied that any
change lu the situation depended on the com
ing elections.
"Tho recent decisions of several Judges In
Kansas ou" money questions has made the
eastern capitalists very cautious , " suld Mr.
Howo. "It will take some time to counter
act the impressions created by these deci
sions. People In the east are afraid to loan
any money out bore. While It docs not fol
low that the same conditions exist In this
state , yet they are fearful that such condi
tions may develop here at any tlmo and wo
will have to do everything to correct that
"Would not the election of candidates
nominated by the independents have a ten-
doncv to strengthen that fear rather than
dispel iti"
"Not necessarily , " replied Mr. Howo. "U'o
must show thorn that they have no reason to
fear such a stnto ot atTnlrs by electing mon
of established reputation who nro known to
be good mon Nebraska Is going to have the
biggest crops the country over saw , " ho
broke off , abruptly , "nnd the state is on the
eve of n prosperous year. I must get at my
full plowing and see nftor my crops. I am
interested in nothing now except agricul
ture. "
Parents Iload'FliU.
July and August are anxious months for
mothers who carefully watch over their llttlo
ones. Hot days nnd frequent ehuigos of
temperature are llablo to produce cholera
mortms. How satisfactory it should bo for
parents toknow that Haller's Pain Paraly/.or
is both a nleasant and offoctlvo remedy for
all summer complaints. It seethes and ro-
llovcs all pain and griping and always effects
a complete cure.
S. R. Patten , dentist , removed to Boo
building. Open till 7:30 : pin. Tel 50.
Butler will bo at the Omaha fair and
races and will give duily exhibitions of
chariot , hurdle and umbrella races ,
which cannot fail to please those who
attend. Do not fall to witness Butler's
performance during the fair , commenc
ing' August 31 and continuing live days.
For booth privileges call on or ad
dress A. II. Briggu , N. E. cor. 14th and
Farnum streets , Omaha. Nob.
Superintendent Fitinntrlok Sees a
Chance to Cut Schoid Mxpon'-es.
In all probability there will bo so-no radi
cal changes made in thoclassillcation of some
of the Omaha schools soon after the fall term
opons. Superintendent ITiUpatriek has been
looking the situation ever , and Is thoroughly
convinced that there are too many seventh
and eighth grndo rooms In the Omaha schools
for the number of pupils taught in tlioio
In several of the schools there nro seventh
and eighth grade classes that have
but from three to seven pupils
in a class. This , the superintendent
hcllovos , Is all wrong , and if thcaO classes In
two or moro schools can bo united , it will
save the oxpcnso in many instances of ono
teacher , or from $1,000 to $1,200 per vear , and
the pupils will get along just ns well or het-
The superintendent holds that puolls will
do hotter , as a rule , in falrsl/ed classes than
in very small classes. The consolidation of
those gratios into tower classes will make It
necessary for some of the students to walk
farther than they are required to do at
"It would DO money in the poclcot of the
city to pay the car faro of some of those pu
pils. " said the superintendent to a reporter
tor Tun linn , "rather than to continue the
present method of Instructing small classes
In schools that might just ns well bo consol
idated. There nro half a dozen schools
where the classitlcatlon Is very bad and to
continue the present arrangement U the
rankest kind of extravagance. "
This consolidation , if it should tnko place ,
will ho likely to meat with the opposition of
some of the principals , for it will cut dou n
their salaried by reducing the number of
rooms in the schools over which they pre
side. The salaries of the principals are llxod
by the number of rooms In the schools they
have lu charuo and it is altogether orobablo
that this oiTort to lap off f 10 from their salar
ies vill moot with dotormlnod opposition on
the part of the principals und their frlonds.
The only radical euro Tor rheumatism Is to
eliminate from the blood the acid that causes
the disease. This is thoroughly effected by
the pirsovorlng use of Ayor's Sarsapanlla.
Persist until cured. The [ .rocoss may bo
slow , but the result is suro.
Seminary for Vonnjc Iiidlon , Omaha ,
Rev. Robert Doherty , S. T. D.
Fall term begins September 10.
The completing of. the south wing
makes accommodation for 40 boarding
scholars additional.
For catalogue and particulars apply to
the rector ,
A tree ride to Omaha. If you pur
chase a piano of Hayden Bros. , Omaha ,
you will ho entitled to free transporta
tion to Omaha and return. Tills ap
plies to any distance within 1100 miles of
city. Write for particulars.
Strange Death of Joseph Vnllk'a In
fant Son.
Charles Vnllk , Infant son of Joseph Yalik ,
an Austrian , living on Fourth street near the
river bottoms , met with n strange death Sat
urday morning by drowning in a water
About 5:30 : Saturday morning his mother
went to the stable to ml lie the cow , leaving
the infant sitting near a largo nuckot half
tilled with water. During her absence the
child fell Into the water and was drowned.
On her rot urn the mother was horrlllcd to
find the infant legb protruding from the
bucket. Owing to tha Igoornnco of the par
ents , neither the pohro or coroner ( vero noil-
Hod of the death until this afternoon.
Do Witt's Llttlo Early Kisew , o t pill.
Rev. U. F. Roberta of Rochester , N.
Y. , editor of the Karnest Christian and
general superintendent of the Free
Methodist church , will preach In their
church , corner of Klevonth and Center ,
Tuesday evening , September 1 , 1BD1.
All nro cordially invited to como and
hoar him.
The Hook iMtnilit and Union Pnulllo
May . \K > > lm Look Horns.
There Is n prospect that the Hook Island
nnd the Union Pnolllc will again cross
swords , this tlmo on a question of froK'ht.
The Missouri I'nctfloJs also Involved In the
controversy which has arisen.
The latter road has been turning a great
deal of freight ever to the Uuck island for
shipment east , but under the old nrrungo-
rnent this freight was handlnd by the Union
Pacillc and hauled across the bildgo to Coun
cil Dluffs and thnra turned over to the Hock
The Hock Island notified the Missouri Pit-
cillc last weolc that freight consigned to it
must bo turned ever to It on this sldo of the
river nud not turned over to the Union Pa-
cllii ! to haul across the bridge , as heretofore.
The Missouri Pacillc replied that under Its
nrraugement with the lititon. Piieiilc-tho ic-
quest of the Hock Island could not bo com
piled with and It would continue to turn the
freight over to the Union Paolllc for the
Hock Island.
To this the Hock Island mttillcd the Mis-
soun Pacillc that It would not receive any
freight so transmitted. Consequently the
nccnts of the Mlssour Pacillc have been no-
titled not to nccopt freight consigned to the
Hock Island nt Omaha.
There Is n neat question Involved in this
matter. If the position taken by the Hock
Island Is sustained It will cut off several dollars
lars from the revenues of the Union Pacillc.
It Is estimated that the bridge charges on
freight turned ever to the Hock Island by
the Missouri Pacllloliavo averaged ? l5,000por
annum. As an olTsut to this the Union Pacillc
has had the expense of handling the fieight
on the bridge , but the Hock Island could
handle It us cheaply as the Union Pnoillc
nnd Increase Its revenue by so doing.
The Milwaukee road Is in about the same
position but it is accepting freight at Council
liluffs under protest , whereas the Hock Is
land refuses to receive It o\copt on this side.
"Five years ago I had a constant cough ,
night sweats , wns greatly reduced in tlcsh ,
and had been given up by my physicians. I
began to take Ayor's Cnorry Pectoral , and
after using two bottles of this medicine , was
completely cured. " Anga A. Lewis , Hlcard ,
N. Y.
Tonight , Grand opera house , Bohemian
The Nest Hccr'iii the World.
Is the "Muonehencr Ilofbraou"which
has a reputation older than the history
of the United States. A perfect repro
duction of this essence of malt and hops
will bo served to the patrons of the bars
where the celebrated boor made by the
is sold beginning today.
CASH JS WANT 131 > .
\ \ hat Secretary ilod ln Siiys of the
IliU Advertising Trn it.
Secretary Hodgin of the Nebraska State
Business Men's association is having an
awful time with the over-prosperous busi
ness mon of the slata ever the arrangement
of the details for the advertising train
which it is proposed to run through the east
this fall in Nebraska's interests.
When the plan wa.s nt fir t proposed it was
u question nb to whether or not the funds
and proper amount of interest in the movo-
incnt could bo secured. That is ull past and
now its a question ns to the management of
the exhibits which tha various counties In
state will bond up It is practically assured
that sixty of the eighty-seven counties in the
state will bo represented In the excursion
and each county in the list U now wanting to
know how many cars it can load. U will bo
n dilllcult mutter for Mr. Hodgin to convince
these ambitious Nobrasknus th'it each
county can have but about llvo feet of space
in the two pioduct cars , but that's what it
amounts to.
The exhibit will bo in the first place for
Nebraska and will bo arranged by an aitist
of experience , so that the separate products
of each county will bo given proper position
and prominence. The special advertising for
each county must bo looked after by the
county's representatives , who will accom
pany the excursion.4
It is now September 1 , and Secretary
Hodgln urges upon the business men and
the various associations of the state the
necessity of getting their money in shape at
once and placing it in the hands of H. J. Leo
of Fremont , treasurer of the stnto associ
ation. Then the work of airanglng for the
exhibits can be commenced.
There will bo a meeting of the advisory
board ot the .state association at the agri
cultural hall on the stats fair grounds at
Lincoln on Wednesday , September I ) , at 11
o'clock , when the details of the trip will bo
fully arranged. _
Cure lor the Drink Ilulilt.
The John Holiday Remedy company , of
Burlington , la. , guarantees to euro the drink
habit and dvpomama. Homo treatment.
Remedy suro. Ingredients harmless. Per
bottle , postpaid , with full directions , $ J"iO.
No testimonials published , nnd correspond
ence kept inviolate. Wo have used our own
medicine. _
Several of Them on Exhibition lor
Police Court Spectator * ) .
Several family skeletons were exhibited in
the polleo court yesterday morning for
the amusement anil delectation or a
crowded house. The greater part of
the forenoon was occupied with the
case of Mrs. W. Gibbs of 1911
South Twelfth street , charged with \ising
obscene nnd abusive language to Mrs. Alice
Mills , the prominent liguro of u church scant
dal of recent data.
There is a largo hole ton or llftcon foc-tdcop
behind the Oibbs domicile on Twelfth street ,
caused oy a washout , and about two months
ago ono ot her boys foil Into It. Injuring him
self severely and causing the li-ato mother to
opou in several no.v brands of cuss words for
the benellt of the landlady , Mrs. Mills , who
thereupon proceeded to horsewhip her. Noth
ing further was done by Mrs. Mills nt iho
tlmo. Since Hum , however , William Ulbhs.
brother-in-law of the defendant , has closed
the defendant out because of Inability to pay
for furniture bought of his firm.
Mrs. Mills is now seeking to get back at
him by the charge of obscenity against his
sister. The tight is now on , and a right
merry ono it Is. The case will bo continued
today. _ _
Gnml Cooking
Is ono of the chief blessings of every homo.
To always Insure irood custards , puddings ,
suuco , etc. . use Gull Burden "Kaglo" Brand
Comdensod Mlllc. ' Directions on iho label.
Sold by your giocof nnd druggist ,
Property Owners Stop Another Sewer
Contract with nil Injunction.
On August 14 , V. L. Reeves & Co. were
awarded the contract for the construction of
the South Twentytsccond street sewer , but
the work has been delayed by an injunction
sued out by 11. W , Ktiull and other property
owners along the Htm of the pioposcd work.
The plaintiffs allege that no property \\ould
bo benefited by ttho construction of the
sewer , and also that there are no funds on
hand to ihiiKu the payments. Arguments in
ttio case will bo hoard Thursday morning.
'Iho Latent Conundrum
Whv 's ' Ilaller's S.irsaparilla und Burdock
like the moit popular soap of the du > .
Because thev both cleanse the sKui nnd
leave It both soft and velvety.
As the old farmer said when he stood in his cornfield and heard the cornstalk into each
Bothers cars about what glorious weather it was for crops , this is going to be a great fall.
"WE'RE READY FOR IT. To-day we place on sale our advance assortment of
Never since we began business have we been able to show such a magnificent array of
FI N E SU ITS as we are showing today. Our great sales of suits at the end of last winter's
business entirely wiped out every old suit in our house , and we are able to begin this season
WITHOUT AN OLD SUIT. We wish to direct your attention more particularly this wee' '
corners and Sacks with round corners ; Sacks double breasted and Sacks single-breasted :
Frocks and Cutaways ; Suits with binding and Suits without ; Suits that are gotten up with all )
the nicety of the tailor's art , cut in fine style , made lined and trimmed as well as any tailor in |
the land makes , lines and trims custom work.
We extend a cordial invitation to every man in Omaha to pay us a visit during the prescuifc
if for than LOOK.
week nothing more to t
< ?
Corner llth mil Mnsoii Strootn- Half Mock west ot
Union I'.iclllc.inil II \ M. Depots.
New bulMlnir , noiv furniture , ovi-ry tiling flrtt
cli ; < , eooleU locillon In O.imh.i.linv of cntlra
surrouiulliu country , ii.it , l > ith ulcctrlu cirtl liclls "to
Hntes tl.10 nml f 1.30. livery llnouf cnlilonn liuut jr
cirMiiiHs wltliln one block o\o3it | Hu > rin it Avenui
nml I Inn-coin I'.irk llnu. I liluc'ti nnrii ) and yuu cm
transfer to the o If 5011 wish.
Hrnnilniiy & 41ht St. , NViv York.
: DOCTOR Thcso Culotiiatul ENHLISH * .
I'ill are a I'onl'.h o Guru for Sic ) . I
Ilcudiichf , ItlllouMioM , and !
Gou llpiillon. Mmill , plcuH.S
nut and n futorllc Mill1 tbc >
.lien. . Sol 1 In KliRHnit for IB.-
I : il. . In America fur 8 , * > f. Get ;
thim from jour Driieeliti , or ;
end to W. II. HDOLFil * < ( ) . , ;
4G n l Ilr iir 7 , Vw lorl. 5
ITor Sale by KUI1N & CO. . Omaha.
The llrst < l so often astni
gl\ili ( ; < 'lllstlrltyot inliiil.binijmir } "fljoily ,
regular bonds and siillcl ilr li. 1'rlcc , 35c
i Suffering from
J the ciTeeta r/
_ _ > 1 LYfHBHH > Q joutifuU ! > rro4
early docay.wimllnavieaknrfu , Icwt manhood , ote.
I will anil a valuable trcntlso ( " ; > ? contaliitnj
fall particulars for homo euro , l-'HUK of cliargn
A splendid inoillcalwort : ulioulil bu rend by i-vurj
man who Is norvnus nml dpbllllntHl. Ailarrrt
I'rof. F. C' . 1'OWLEK. Moodus , Coim
IN.STUUMKNTS pluca'J on record Ansu- 23
Ib'.ll :
Alhort Altrndorll ami wlfo tit Amelia
llolsor , lot J , hloek 5 , bluelc 'J lloyil's
, ltlI , I 4,500
P I ) Aniliuwstu U H Itiilph , lot h Union
.square Ji0)0 ! )
llnnn.ih Illako to Ilollon Hunklng uom-
niiny. lot 21 , Aicher jilnco . . . 1
Iil.i A llliist and liusliiinil to A J Collins ,
loUi. hloelcT , Kount/o place , . " e'r'J °
I ) It Kdwiirdsitnd linshand to.lennle Mo-
Vlllli ) . Int II. Uiouiiwood add 191
Q (1 I.lchorii to Amy Doiif-liis , n 'M feet
of lot 7. bloolt S , SluUor iiliieo JOO
CiR-Uioll & Hunt to UV Kiiolt , lot N
bl'M-k "i. I.lnwoo I park 400
n.l Davis nml wlfu to O II llallou , lot 7 ,
blot-U 1. MavnepUicc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11,000
Clu 1st Uunkor nnd wlfi'toC W llaldnln ,
lot1 1 and a. block - ' , Crawford's add to
ElUhorn - ' " fco °
. . . . .
.1 .1V IMcuiton nml wlfo to V i : MacClnro ,
lots. McOlnio'shihillv. . . . . . . . . 000
I ) J , llulmi'srt al. to Mlclniul Ivolly. lot
o , lihiC'K I A South Oni-ilia 033
K Kand\\ luiinlio.ul to C It Mv.Mnlion ,
lot H , hlocK S.Juttur's add to tenth
' ' ' ' ' ' '
A. l' . ( iraiii'and'wl'fotoCl'ii'il'us'M'ut aiid
T. MutJr. . , nilddli ) 40 ft'ut lots I and . ' . ' ,
block li Oiniiha View . . . . . . . . . . . l.COO
id : .uil McMnhtm toV. . II. 1 urnhcud ,
lot Kl , bluuK'.1 , .letter's add. to south
Omaha " . . . . . I
Henry Mli'si and wlfo to U I ) , I owler ,
tiustuo. party wall upon n Wifeet lot 4 ,
block 78 , South Oinuliu IiS
Annie Noidoil to llulda Larson , w "j lot
111. Aruhur I'luco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l.JOO
Annlu I'annaleotoW. J. Pinch , lot 48 ,
blocks. Oiehard Hill J,2.0
M. P. Hoys and wlfo to A. Itosi'iiborry ' ,
lot I , hlk I , Uotner & Areher's add to
boutli Uiualia . . . . . . . . . . . ; ' * co
Mli'huul HoiiBon to I.I. Vance , H ' . ' > feet
of n 7.1 feet lots , hioek.I , Jetter's add
tobonthUiiiaha . 1,000
J. A buansnn and wlfo to P. C..Iolinson ,
lot : ) . blkJ , Clarendon add 2,500
Willis Vall.enhurK and wlfo to 1 red
Iliuulluir. lot i ! , block 4. 1'ottur &
Cobb's add to bouth Omaha 700
Tiitul amount of tninsfers * ai"l :
DoWitfs Ltttlo Early Itisori ; only pill to
cuioblulc boauucho and rcsmuto the bi-/ols
"Sliioiicilioiu'r llonirucui , "
the fiinuins court bcor brewed nt tlio
uupitnl of Hiwiriu , if > the best boor nmdo
in Iho world. A perfect roprodttutioti
thoieof will bo ( uriiUlmd to the boor-
drinlfint , ' public ut all Iho snloonn wlioro
the fiiiiiinis prodiiut of the Oinnhii Hrow-
iii" u'jsnlutloii ia sold , bogtnuini ; to-
Used ill Millious of Homes 40 Years tlie Standard
[ OK mviaiiT , 11,11
Has r < itahllshod a Itranoh of Ills Famous
Poi the Cure of Drunkenness Op'nin ' and Morphlnh
Hahlts Thousands cured. 1'or further Inform
lion address *
WE B The Kcclcy Institute , - BLAIR , NEB
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Slanr yearn' otpcrlonco. A regular ermlunto In nicjlclno la dlplo-um show. Is mill treating /rlth thA
. . .ontcst auceosi nil Nervous , rhriinliami I'rtvato Dlauimu. Jt iicrui m < ) nt cum Ktinrnnlooil for Cnlarro
Hiionuatorrhoeti , l.u lManlioo I , Homlnat Wt.ikneii ! , Nluht tn 8GS , luipoti-noy , Syiilitlli , Hlrtcluro. anil ll
dl * uieaof the Illuoil , Sklnnnil Urliiiuy Oa-nni N II. I Kiinriiiilcol'O. for every CIIKU I iitnlertnke nnd fall
tii cure Connultnllon fne Hook ( Mystorlus of Life ) aunt free. Oilloo hour -'Jn ra to b p m. Bunilft/
10 n m. to 12 m. bend stamp for reply.
B1TE3 ,
. . FEET ,
from OVER-
To Bathe
wh < m hea"feA etc.
wen iarnj ) on
v&edTTon tbtihe 3
with you \QV are
4 jfi
.sure. To need iff
perhaps VERYHVCM 'Wi ' ; ; . " ;
indeed , ftM U
probably worlnleia Accept
EXTRACT only. ,
Alzw VorK 6nd London.
, , WOODS' . I
> , rr i i i - '
SI Is Ji H'K. Otlicrs In
AND THE 8 : conurirUoii are plow or
KriKAl > . If mfftrliiKtry
v H I'ciK'triite * . HoI -
I I .Y | 4V < 'll | > H.
All Prn'i-iHti ;
, ,
. \UIIiRll r. A JtlkSON ST.
ill tirftticli.scf fliult llrimatio Art llfUtrtH lf cl * r * Train.
InK School Uruur | > * ucil < lv.nt < fe nt mmltril c < > t ( < * ! * *
loci uulM fr J. lltrrHTALIir , lilrttlor.
llTlnnle Mlllbru Aparipmv vl"r" > 1" I'urk , in.
Illinois Miiiidiy Acaueiiiif , ii i. . ! ! ! impuniuuii
Bctioiil fordlnnuTid V'nunu Lmllon. Kor
catiiloeiioailrtrnsi0 TtlAVICU.Ut. I ,
1oriaal'urkIII.or ! 2 < 5 htalu blrCLt.C
Ilni-nU of UtMralMmlj fun
Alt.l to r'Mn jlli ml in. I'lant
fear Ailitrcril F UUI.lJVUli , Suit Jaikwiivllle , I > L
SUlUUl.S OV IilAIM T V M < >
t * W 1C W1LBOM , rVrt l3 ut.
8 BULLIUM. Uujerlnlendenl
BIJUIMX * run u.n.'JC'iK.UOC *
Loavonworth , Kan. , 0-15-00.
Dr. .1. P. Mooro-Mv Dosif Sir : I hnva
boon subject to side huniliicho nil niy
lifo. Over two yours tigu I bccrnn U8ln f
Mooro's Tree of Lifo for it , und I have
novcr lisid a case of sick boiitliiobo since ,
oxi'opt whan I wia : nt ono otul of th ( |
roittl and the modiuino ut tbo ether ond.
It is worth moro thiui money to mo. I
hoiirlily I'ominoiid It to all sulTorinjj
with sick hoiiduoho. Yours trulv ,
W. 13. KILE ,
Pithtor First nuptial Church ,
Mooro' * 'l'ro'3 of I.lfo n po lttTi euro lor
nil l.lvur roinpl Utit itn'l nil tj oo I ilHono * . Dooila
Pr to suiror trhon you o in iirjlur inln Moorn'i
'Irteuf I.I to. tcio ( J rait l.lfu ItomalrT
DOCTOR : - :
Tim srnoiAt is'r.
ira Kxporlenca In Iho Treatment of nl
f"rmi of
Skin lln'u ) (3i unit Kcniillo lll ui 01 l.mllei from
'UMonly llr Muiirow tiicc'cm In thn trciilmont
of I'rlvntn Hlii'Hin hut niivor noon ciiiullud | llookg
nml t'lrcMihirx r iiKt Truntiucnt bjr ciirro | ioiulenaft
Dili u , 11 aaU 1'ariiia Sti. , Omaha , NJU ,
Kiitniacu on ultliur ulruot.
Tuutli wlllioiit pl.itni , riirnnviililo hrldaq
wuri. . llr. TliniilKiiiiiririrx n.iti'iit. . " No
ilruiniliii. itown of iilutcs , tiitu HiiylliliK yuu
ll u truth rmimin linn .lust tno thinu fur
n.iiiiHli-rH , luwrern unit imhilu Hiunlior | , rrloo
i I Ulu niori ] thuii riilihur iiliiti-B , witlilii roaali
of ail Dr. llulluy , Dantlbt , hits tlio ualu rlk-li * .
to Uuiiiliu uml Iioui-'liin t'uunty , Ulllco , tlilr <
Uo'.ir I'citou 111 oak , Oniulia. ,
| .
if S

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