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They Do Not Like the Regulations Promul
gated by Secretary Rink.
All Arc AnvlotiH Jo Opc.rnto Their
JloiiNOH Oinlcr the Now l > nw mill
I\POOI to iiuiiii Up i\-
Xrw Yonif , Kept. 0. Some of tlio expor
ters of tncnt proilucts In thli city Imvo en
deavored to ercnto an Impression In the pub
lic in in el that the raising of the embargo
pint-nil by the German povornmcnt on the
Importation of American moat products Into
thatcountry would result In no benefit to the
American pi'oplo because the Inspection reg
ulations put In force by Secretary Husk , and
on the strength of which the Gorman Inhibi
tion was tornoved , were Impractlblo. Thiso
exporters nllc'n ( that they have been unable
to pet the packers to sell them their meats
subject to those ri'tfuhitloni , mid they were
orjually unsuccessful In getting Oerinan buy
ers to Inlto ttio product without such Inspec
tion , "although , " ono ex porter suld , "wo had
ordori at tlio full price * now current. " It Is
further asserted by these city exporters that
the pnckcrs are not willing to huvo nil the
hogs they Kill oxamliied by the government
ofllclals because they do not know what per
centage , If any , of their product will bo taken
by Germany. Moreover , these city expor
ters object to having the names of their cus
tomers In Europe put on the packages.
"Wo Imvo taken steps. " said Uornard .1.
Abel , an exporter of meat products , whose
Ofllco Is In the produce exchange , "to present
the facts to Secretary Husk and seek to secure -
cure loss stringent regulations , and uo have
sent n ropscntatlvo \Vastiiugton to talk
the matter over with him. Wo think the In
spection demanded will cause grcnl delay
and inconvenience to the packers , who in
reality Imvo to glvo up their packing nouses ,
to the Inspectors so the profits obtained from
the ( lOinmn trade would hardly recompense
thorn for the loss occasioned bv delav. Then ,
there is the matter of putting the IIMIICS of
our customers in Kuropo on the packages.
That would bo revealing our business and
enable the piicuor to step in and cut us out.
It Is scarcely just to innku us do this. It Is
unbusincss-lilio. "
Interviews obtained bv n Tribune reporter
with several of the leading packers of this
country , .showed no prounu for the exporter- , '
assertion that the packers object to the new
law and will not take orders under It. "
" 1 don't bollovo there Is a packer in this
country of any importance , " said II. O.
Armour\\ho \ is not pioparlng to do business
under the new law. Uut It Is a now law , and
It is polng to take tlmo to get it working
smoothly. 1 have notoven scon a copy of the
regulations yot. Hut It will bo thoroughly
tested. Wo shall help Secretary Husk all wo
can As for taking orders at cnriont prices ,
that Is ridiculousfor how can wo take ordeia
when wo have not even killed a hoj under
the now system. It will take sixty days to
euro the nie.it. This question of prices will
oo determined by the cost of tlio now in-
ipcetlon. It will have to bo done gradually ,
lllling small orders nt first until wo know
what wo nro doing. Twenty iniuirios | about
the effect of the now law the day It was an
nounced that the German embargo had been
raised. Wo telegraphed to Chicago to get
the desired information , and the answer was
returned that nothing dellnltocould bo stated
until the now system was tried. It takes a
llttlo time , but the packers will do their
The matter of putting names on the packages
docs not affect the law or Its practicability.
Wo will brrad the packages. "
Ono of the Fowler brothers , who have
packing houses at Chicago , Omaha. St. Paul ,
Kansas ( Jlty and Jhitehinson , Kas. , was
nskod what he thought of the criticisms of
the exporters.
"It's nil nonsense. As soon ns wo heard
that Gnrmany had lifted the omb.irgovo
telegraphed to Secretary Husk to send his
men on to pur houses and ijavo orders at our
dlffoient places to got ready to do buslnois
under the now law. We shall have all the
meat products that Germany can t.iko In a
short time , October , and tho.-o will bo no
delay. And It the exporters object to the
names of their customers on tlio packages
mid won't do the business , whv wo will do
the biiRinoss ourselves direct with the Ger
man importers. It is unreasonable , how over ,
to expect a packer to tnlio an order nt current
jiricos when ho can't fill it with meat cured
under the now system. The prices will go
with the meat products ulllod for Geunanv. "
J'lio representative sent to Washington' }
the exporters is Henry Goulard , son of the
senior member of the linn of Goulnid , House
< fe Co. , the oftlclal Inspeetorsof moat products
for the Now York i'roduco exchange. Tlio
oxportoissay that the present custom nf In
specting mc.its In use by Goulard , House &
Co. would bo satisfactory to them. This
custom is to test 5 per cent of the product as
to weight and quality.
M. Hector , an agent nt Antwerp for ex
porters of this city , is in this country on n
visit. He said to the reporter that ho thought
the now Inspection rules would work all
rltrht and that llttlo by little a gieat tr.ido
would bo built ui > in Gormanv.
"We expect to have a horrible time in
Kuropo this winter , " said ho , "and every
thing ought to bo done to facilitate the ex
port of American mo.it products and breadstuffs -
stuffs to the continent. It ought not to bo
said on this side that the law cannot bo en
forced , for the German people might bo
frightened thereby into putting on the embargo
barge again. Plenty of men and newspapers
In the kingdom are willing to scare thorn into
this notion , for by doing so they get bettor
prices for their own moats. "
Inffirimitioii Froo.
Do you know that any old sere or cut can
bo absolutely cured bv tlio intelligent use of
Huller's Harucil Wire Unimont. Uo merci
ful to your horsoand try It ,
' 1 lia wot1 System.
The Ottawa ( III. ) Journal of September
b , said , editorial ! } :
The mooting at the court house Thursday
night served to strengthen the conlldonco in
tlio present munlclp.il administration In the
matter of its ability to successfully cope
With the emergency presented In ttio demand
for a now system of sowers. Engineer Hoso-
water presented the bonollts to bo derived
froui a health department , the basis of which
Is a soworaso system , In such a conclso yet
detailed manner , backing up hU statements
by facts and llguros Unit none who were
.irosont failed to rocognlzo iu him h man o'
niporlor ability and thorough master of san
itary ongluoorliiif. Ho wasted no tlmo in
theory. Ho dealt only in solid
chunks of truth. Every statement
made In regard to the health of
title * from ttio days of Julius Cicsar
nnd Homo down to the visitation of the black
liliiRue upon the cltl/ciis of thq old world In
Ilia fifteenth century , which science nnd
health departments have proven to have been
thu direct result of the filthy condition of
municipalities , was demonstrated to bo cold
rut facts. It was In that country thatsclenco
began applying Us methods to the work of
military engineering. Crude nnd Impractl-
cable asoru the earlier experiments , three
centuries later big oaks from llttlo acorns
planted then h\vo : giowti. The child born
of OM'eilinent ' has grown to n master
science. Ono that has matched from
the abyss of death millions upon
millions of human beings. The blue ) ;
lilnguo , cholera , yellow fever nnd kindled
epidemics have nearly been suppressed by
King Science and sanitary engineers. Mr.
Hosownter's talk and thu statistics furnished
by him were n lesson. It opened the ovcs'of
tlio taxpayers of Ottawa. They had spent a
hundred thousand dollars In imlhtlng sewers
and hud no sou or. Nothing save a few
storm water ditches supplied with unoj-
men ted drain tile , and the citizens had been
gulled Into paying for these by misrepresen
tation. They had been taken in on susplclnn
ns it wcro. The moating gnvo the Kickers an
opportunity , but none of them would kick.
If there wore anr present they became nil-
mil-era of Mr. Hosowator and his system of
Use Hnllor's Gorman fills , tlio treat co n
) Uj > ullon nnd Uvwr regulator.
Intrrc-slH of Oinnlm Mrtlm.lUt Imillcn
CnnvnMcil In Convention.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary society
of the Omalm district of the Methodist
church mot yesterday at the Trinity Metho
dist church In semi-annual convention. There
wcro about ir > 0 ladles present including the
delegates. The programme began nt 10
o'clock In the forenoon nnd lasted until 0
o'clock in the evening.
The llrst oxcrctso was n "prniso and prom
ise" service conducted by Mrs. Collins "Jor
dan and Mrs.F. W. Huffman of the Seward
Street Methodist church. At 10:30 : there
was n song service conducted by MM. U.
Cole of the South Tenth Street church. This
was followed by prayer by Mrs. Hov. llodg-
otts nnd then Mrs. Ilodiro read n scrlpluro
At II o'clock ' Mrs. Hov. W. 1C. Hoans de
livered n short address of welcome which
was responded to by Mrs. Chase of ttio Hans-
coin Park church.
The young ladles' quartette of the Seward
street church then sang "Hedooincd. "
Sisterly greetings were then extended the
delegates by Mrs Merrill. Mrs. Phllllppl ,
Mrs. Unities and Mrs. McCullouch.
A very able paper upon missionary work
was presented by Mrs A L. Stoni'cypher ,
followed bv another very creditable putieu
upon "Porsonul Hcsponsiblllty" by iMra.
Chase ol South Omaha.
Mrs Hov. ! ' . W. Ware of Newman church
read an Interesting paper on "Young Ladles
Hero , YOUIIL' Ladies There. "
Short pastoral greetings were then ex
tended to the Indies bv Hevs. Ci.ine , Merrill
Hawon and other Methodist ministers of the
The ladles of Trinity church then Invited
alt picscnt to luncheon In the social apart
ment of the church. The socinl hour nt noon
was made very enjoyable by the "ntertnin-
ment committee under tho'ofllclont leader
ship of Mrs. .1. J. McClnm.
At'J p. m. there was n missionary love feast
conducted by Mrs. T. C. Clcndenning , the
conference seerutnrv.
AtiJr.'iU Mrs. Hcv. .1. W. Shank conducted
a consecration service.
Then followed the report of ttio recording
reciotary , and the reports of auxiliary
Memorial service was conducted by Mr ? .
H. Slovens. Mrs. Jessie Hodder rend a
memorial poem , "Our Hallowed Dead. "
Mrs. Olcott of Monmouth Park read n
paper on "Pouorof a Seamless Garment. "
Airs. Miller of Valley discussed "Heathen
Woman's ' Friend. "
Mrs. William Freed of Fremont talked
vcrv entertalninglv about "The IJureau of
Exchange Our Litoratuie. "
Then followed an hour of business matters ,
after which Mrs Sweeley of Monmouth
P.irl : spoke upon "Children's Hour. "
Miss Miller , ono of the deaconesses of the
hospital , spoke briefly and entertainingly
about the hospital work.
The question box was conducted by Mrs.
F. W. Muthews of Springfield , nnd the meet
ing was brought to n close , everybody being
well pleased with the day.
The delegates present'woro :
llnii'-eom Park .Mrs. Chin"ee , Mrs. Harmon.
Mrs. 1'iMter
Tilnlty C'hureh Mrs. Tloyo. Mrs. Munscll ,
Mis. Kuan. Mrs. Hamilton , Mrs. Craft , Mrs.
MiiNflelil. Mis. HciKlns , Mrs. Wellor. Mrs. Har
mon , Mis. Porter. Mis MoAiisliinil. MlssUhani-
ln-is , MNs now. Mis. Mnniir , Mrs. Knncott ,
Mis Mol.ean. Mrs. L'liumUurs. Mrs. Italian ! ,
Mrs. Kinsman , Mrs. lloon , Mrs. Slaughter ,
MIM , Cast , Mr * . Hector , and Hov Itoans. Mrs.
I.ill-ill. Mis , Williams. Mrs Torus , Mrs. Krat7 ,
Mrs. Kcje * . Mis. llano. Mrs. Co\and Mrs. Slpu.
Moiinioutii I'ark Mis. Hwcolcy , Mrs. Hammond
mend , Mrs. Olcott.
1'list eh inch Mrs. Merrill , Mis. Olondcn-
n In K. Mis. llayncs , Mrs. Slovens , Mrs , IlloKol-
linry , .Mrs O. Hose , Mrs. A. Hose. Mm. " 'eston ,
Mrs. Hcv. Shank. Mia Phllllppl. Mrs. I'legen-
barn , Mrs I'lnllln , Mrs. Cortolyon.
Sewnrd i-troot Mrs. Jnmos , Mrh. Cair. Mrs.
White. Mis I'lckens , Mr . .Ionian , Mrs. llufl'-
iiiar , Mrs , ltu bv. Mrs. llallv , Airs. Schneider ,
Mrs. AiiKol , Mrs. Hunter. Mrs. Sohollcld , .Mrs.
lloxlo. .Mrs. llurilngton , Mrs. Haley.
youth Tenth Mrcot Mrs. llodRltts. Mrs.
llodpo , Mrs. Clinse , Mis. M. Pee , Mrs. Pierce ,
Mis. nil-nil , Mis. I.ohmei. .Mrs Kmithon , Mis.
Ilarictt. Mrs. C'ardmau.Mrs. Ashley.Mra. Ham
ilton , Mis. Krost.
Neninan Church Mrs , Clark.
Selinylor Mrs. Wlieoler.
Deaconnoss Homo Miss Horrlek , Mlas Mil
ler.Now York City Mrs. Itoon , Mrs. Whttobrcd.
l.os Angeles , Gal. Miss McCoinb.
rromont Mrs. Moo.
South Omaha Mrs. Cruwford , Mrs. Younj. „
1'Irst Presbyterian C'hiiroh Mrs. Wood.
Wusloy Cliureh Mrs. Cotton , Miss Foster ,
Mrs. Ill.ieliburn , Mrs. Puttlgrew , Mrs. WleUer-
sliam , Mis Klllcit , Miss Johnson , Miss Mason.
Gniiul 1C n try Into Omahn.
On and nftor July 30 , 1801 , tlio Chicago
cage , Milwaukee if St. Paul Hallway
company will run all of its trains in anil
out of the union depot , Onviha. No
more anno/anco caused by trnnsforrinpr
nnil switching at Council Bluffs. Solid
vohtihulcu trains , conbistlntr of now
I'nluco sloopinp cars , free parlor chair
curs , olotr-mt coaches , nnd the 1'nost '
ilininir ears in the world , all hunted by
stuam nnd lighted throughout by electric -
tric lights. The now evening express
witli "electric lights in every berth"
now loaves Onuiha daily at 0.20 p m.
arriving at Chicago at 0'jO : a. in. in tnno
far all eastern connections. Secure
tickets and sleeping car berths at 1501
Fnnmm street ( Barker block ) ,
J. E. 1'UKSTON , F. A. NASH ,
U. Pass. Agt. Gen. AgU
Western Pensions.
W 4SII1VOTON-D. C. , Sept. 9. [ Special Tolo-
grani to THE Bun. | The followlnglist of pen
sions granted is reported by Tin : Bun and
Examiner Bureau of Chums :
Nebraska : Original Ira P. Marston , Jacob
A. Walling , William H. Fri/ioll , Hufus C.
Brooks , Adam Smith , Daniel fi. Lincoln ,
Maurice C. Powell , Thomas Hoe , Emerson
Heed , Joseph N. Burn , John H. Wright ,
Heubon Pudgot , Colestln Thlobault , Thomas
Thomas , Joseph H. Malonc , Clinton Kendall.
LowU Kelley , Michael McGutro , Hamilton
Krebs , Christian Stlekmnn , Salathlol E.
Sttlggort , Benton O. Lewis , Ephraim M.
Squire , John G. Damon , Joseph Hn/clwood ,
David W. Hershey , Winfleld L. Smith ,
Oliver Lockwood , Geor 'o H. Homer. Ho-
liowal and Increase Horace Green. Original
widows , o'c. Sarah Sucets , Sarah A. no-
back , Nancy Poasley.
Iowa : Original William H. nay , Hum
phrey Hathaway , John Lees , George Buck ,
John W. Crosslov , Ellas B. Utt , William J.
Farms , John B. Judd , William O'Neill. Wil
liam Lucas , Samuel F. Penney , Nathaniel
W. FioRor. Warner Moollor , Homer II.
Webster , FinncisD. Spurpeon , William Cox ,
James A Schr.ulor , Uobolt Pfraomor , Henry
C. McLnuo , Hiram L. Bigolow , Price Wil
son. Simon S. Coon , James W. Williams ,
William Scott , William H. Arms , Griffith
Thomas , Isaac F. Leo. John Troub , Henry
F. Tumor , John H. Lambert. William F.
Vormlllmn , Henry C. Lezott , Henry C.
Adalr , Jacob Scholl , Jacob Cook , John
Knlph , Gooreo W. Stout , Cyrus Casloy ,
Osmer A. Hess , Henry Simmons , Franklin
1' . Wylio , John O. Souarred , William H.
Turner , William A. Waldo , Charles S.
Howso , Jesse England , Bennington Fulton ,
Emunuol X.crbor , William W. Scarf , Isaac
Height , Jonathan F. San foul , Joshua Ilcadlo ,
Alfred B Collins. Frederick A. Ware , Ell
Eastman , Leonard J. Weaver , Hiram Gray ,
B. Franklin Mungor. Fred W. Burgess ,
Montraviilo Shouck , Wiley (5. Jennings , Jair
Wiluman , John B. Shaw , X.lba T. Wilson ,
Almon W. Parmonter , Alexander Gilchrist.
Oiiginal widows Panolla Heed , Hiichcl W.
Nichols. Stephen Moss , father , Knto Llp-
plttor , Mellnda J Coo.
South Dakota : Original-Wllllr.m W.
Diilnii , Phillip Vauphn. Charles C. Sprat-no ,
John Turning , George W. Denham , William
Selvert , William Stoucr. Additional-David
B. Beckhorn. Original widows Harriet C.
King , Mary Plum.
$1,500,000 , Expended In Making the Har
bor at Volasco ,
to Attract
Universal Attention , In Wliloli
All Nortliucstcrn Stales
Arc InteroNttMl.
Vclnpco , nt the mouth of the
river , is tlio commercial hope of Texas ,
and also of all the territory north of it
to the north line of the state of No-
Tliis E-oitmls , to any ono.ho . has not
rnrofully studied the conditions of pro
duction'and commerce in this territory ,
like too largo a statement. Tlio re-
miirctniMils of trndo , I might say , the
demands of trade , tire cheap transporta
tion nnd ample facilities for handling
all articles of commerce. Thu greatest
requirement is deep water naviga
tion. The territory of which I tun
now speaking has never had any deep
water navigation. There has boon no
port on the Gulf coast west of the Miss
issippi river deep enougli to accommo
date the men-hunt marine which hand
les freight the most cheaply. iJuop
drought vessels cense to ho cheap means
of transportation when they nro forced
to lighter their cargoes. This has al
ways been necessary at Giilveston , and
all other ports on the Texas coast. A
vessoll which draws more than
M feet of water cannot get into any
port in Texas except at the mouth of
the Brn/os river , without lightering.
At that place , and there only since
about July 1 , vessels have boon able to
enter drawing ns milch as 171 feet of
water. Galveston has recently loaded
several ships with grain and each one
of them had to lighter a largo portion
of their cargo at great expense , in
fact lightering is practically an om-
bnt'Ro to tlio tratiMportathm of grain.
Had either of these vessels loaded at
Volnseo , they could hnvo put on their
entire capacity at the whnrves tin !
sto'.imed through the jetties and over
the bar without tlio assistance of tug
When the work of deepening tlio bar
by building jetties was commenced at
the mouth of the lirn/oa river two years
ago , there were only four and a half
feet of water. In the two yearf. by the
expenditure of ilf ( > 00)00 ( ) , thirteen feet
of water have been added to tlio depth
on the bnr. and within a very few months
tlio action of the river unassisted by
dredges ( which hnvo never been used on
this work ) will deepen tile water to
twenty feet. This was contemplated in
the original plan of this work made by
Mr. E. L. Corthol ) , the eminent civil
engineer , who was chief toUtiptaln Kads
in tlio work at the mouth of the Missis
sippi river.
No shallow sea coast port will over
bo popular with ve ? ol men , shippers or
insurance companies. And the recent
action of tlio Southern Pacilic Railroad
company in abandoning Galveston and
running their Morgan line of steamers
from Now York into Now Orleans 1 believe -
liovo to bo duo more to the uncertainty
of the water at Galveston and its shal-
lownobs than to anything else. I also
believe that the statements made in the
press dispatches that as soon as railroad
connections are made with the port cf
Volasco , that the Southern Pacilic Hail-
road company will put on this same line
of steamers from Now York to Volabco
) > as a foundation in fret.
The statements that it is the indention
of tlio Southern Pacific company to de-
llect the trade of tlio greater part of
Texas from ITouston and Galveston to
Now Orleans J believe are ill-founded.
A careful consideration of the situation
must convince any ono to the contrary.
By water , froiirht can bo handled moro
than llvo times as cheaply as by rail.
This being a fact , it would cost the
Southern Pacilic company live times as
much to haul freight from Central Texas
to Now Orleans as it would from the
port ot Vohihco ( which is about the same
distance to the west ) , to Now Or
leans , or that far on tlio way
to Now York. By rail , moro
than by water , does distance regulate
the cost of transportation. The safe
harbor at Volasco and the i0 ! feet of
water at that port will attract the ship
ping of all the business for the territory
west of the mouth of the Mib&Uiippi river
and should Galveston succeed by the
proposed work in securing deep water
( which is open to serious doubt ) , the six
or seven years time which will bo con
sumed will bo used by Volasco in estab
lishing bucli trade relations and building
up such trade facilities and conveniences
in the way of cotton warehouses , com
presses and wheat elevators as will for
all time keep it in the load of Galveston
in commercial importance.
O.V. . ClJAVFO1CU. .
VKI.ASCO , Tox. , August 20th.
IMrents UoaiiTliii.
July and August nro anxious montns for
mothers who carefully watch over their llttlo
ones. Hot days and frequent changes of
tempornturo are llablo to produce cholera
morlms. How satisfactory it should bo for
paionts to know that Hnllor's P.iln P.ir.ilyzcr
Is both a pleasant and olTectlvo remedy for
all summer complaints. It soothes and re
lieves all pain and griping and til way a olTocts
a complete cure.
" \VeHtornorn in New Vorlc.
Niw : VOHK , Sept. 9. [ Special to Tin : Bin ; . ]
Miss Marion Baker of Sioux City , fa. is
a passenger on the Etruria of the Cunard
line , now bound for Liverpool ,
Mr. Maurice Eoby of Dakota is at the
Astor house.
W. C. Benson , Dos Moincs , is at the Met
ropolitan hotel.
.Sirs. j. J , Bliss of Omaha Is nt the Hotel
St. Stouhen. having Just como In from
Europe on the Aurania of the CtinarU lino.
She has been abroad for her health.
Mr. Howard Kennedy of Omalm was nt
the Hotel St. Stephen. Como in late and
wont away early.
Mr. M. Saliiish of Dos Moincs Is at the
Belvldoio houso.
Mr. \ \ ' . F. Waltes of Wyoming Is at the
Continental hotel.
Mr. J. W. Dlllmati , Iowa , Is at the Conti
nental hotel.
Mr Kmii Faust of Lead City , S. I ) . . Is at
tno Continental hotel and Mr. D. E. Moodlo
is unit him.
Mr J. O. Council of Omaha U at the Hoff
man house.
If you could BOO jour own scalp through a
ordinary nmgnll ing glass , you would bo
aum/.mt at the amount of dust , dandruff , and
deiul skin thcroon accunuilatod. The best
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tl.o bu.up u Aver's Hair Vigor.
r :
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Many ycnra' experience. A rcirnlnr Krnjunto In moillclno illploninii ilintr IH mill troallnn/f / Illi the
Krontcstauccou nil Neivous , Chronic and I'rlvnto Dlinniui. A poriii'iaunt ciiru Kunruntceil for ( nturrti
Spermatorrhoea , I.o t Mnnliooil , Homlnnl Wcnkneis , Nlitlit I.osst i. ImpoU-ni-y , Syplillli , blilfturo , nnjl 11
UlsoBHosof tlio Illood , bklu ana Urlimry Oruani. N II. I KUiirant. o f OJ for uvory ciuo I nmiurtako . niul lull
to ciiru. Con > ultutloii fn-o Hook iMystorlos of Llfo ) neat free Olllcu liuurs-'Jii. m to8p iu. aunUar
10 n iu. to U m. Sond'stnmp for ruply.
' I10\V TO 13UIM ) A OITV.
Atlvtuo GIVIMI JOltnwn 1 y Hon. Andrew -
drew liosuwntcr.
Hon. Anilrow IJtwowator returned yester
day from Ottawa. ) 111.vnero ho has boon for
the past three wooks. Mr. Hosowator fur
nished a comploto. plan of public improve
ments for the city , including graiUnp , iiavlnc
nnu sewer systonn.
Mr Hosowator'srworlt ' wn ovldontly very
satisfactory to tbo' people of Ottawa. After
his services had beou tendered no addressed
a mass uicutltiK ot the business men of the
city on Tluu.Hdiiy ovonliiK List. The Dally
free Trailer of Ottawa hoailod Its loport of
the nieolliiK as follows :
"What.i pity "Us thai Andrew IJobuvvnlpr
Isn't u rcbldont of Ottawa Ono man of his
htainp inluht nmko Ottawa u olty of uTi.UOU
tiooplo in ten > cius. "
The name paper also mves an interesting
hvnopsis of Mr Uosowatoi's address , v.'hlch
dealt H 1th the question of puhllo linprovo-
niunts in cities , and inclndcil sonio sound advice -
vice to the Ottawa people on the nooosslly of
esUiiill hlii ( { Hist a cuinplutu plan of public
uot'U and thnn adhonn oliHoly to It won
ttioutrh but little \\oiU was done year by
year , tMiitlonlnc them piirtioulurly to avoiil
I ho mUtnko so often made In moro pruiun-
tions cities of tr.\ li.'unow plain ami nuw
Hrhemus until thu puhllo Improvriuonis were
of thu patch work p.iltorn , oxiiot.bivo nnd
tlnuncially worthloss.
Mr. Koiowator trucoa the history of puhl.o
Imprnveinonls In eltio , fiom the .xcollunt
system of water worUs , sewers unil an eels of
Uoino yWO ( } ear * a ; o ; told of the decline of
bunltury science In the Mlddio uces and th
uonsoijuont "bluolt pla no" In Kuroj.o und
tbo renewal of Interest In sanitary lniirov |
meuU wUicb bore Its llrst tnurkud re-sulu in
London In 1SOO , nmt pointed to the achieve
ments of the last half century in the work
which has so prcat bearing on public con
venience , comfort und health.
The city of Ottawa , prior to this year , has
spout nourly $ IKXK ( ( ) in putting down sewers ,
without rofcrcnco to grades , connections or
anything else , and Mr. Hosowator found the
entire system worthless. In his address ho
tola them :
A city without bnnltary methods , the streets
of which inn HID mud boles , In like u tiamp ,
ma ) bo all iluht at liuuit , ImtaniiiMininrei iut >
ti-Miliisl.lt. Washington Is thu palai'u rltvuf
America hoennso him has artistic Htii'uts
Omiilfi'rt old fOKlos III 1 1) ) had a to n of : iOHHi.
hut bur yontu men In the past dorado have
\\ati.TcMl and Honcicd and p.ivcd In-r up to
II M DO , Von ciiiiiiiit Incrrasit yoiit imniilaiU'ii
iinlus- . yon coniliiiit- with the cities ul out JCMI
and outstrip thi'in In public ln.prn\ciiiontN
and Inislnois enterprise. You must KO ahcail
oryoulll bo niitstiipjinl In the ruiu for
\\callh and popiiliUlon. Vim IIIIINI M'l ' tlio c\-
IIIMII | | > All crow th must como from ulthln.
\\hrn ) un tin VH beaut I lied yoifc tv and m.iiio
It in. Inhuhll inlu an llm lamer eltms. pnpulii-
tluii nml iminufuuiuiin ; ulll uoinu to > ou ami
not liufiirn _
_ _
tie < jler' .Ma'lolloilajnoVarnr * . Ourosnl
hoadichih in tfU inin.it M. At .ill dfu'lan
'Plio fotlo vliiR in ii'ri Killoirnui wurjUiu J 1
by .III lo S ilil Is yoitorJiy :
Niunoiiii'l Aildioss , f jtv.
l I'ninU li-ivtou. Ashltind . > tl
) Mnriliii Mlt'liull , Umali.i . Ci
i W. I , Dunlin , ( ova . '
I l.utt i Cuiila. Uiiinhn . -I
I I'nUT I'uU'iMin , Oinahii . ' "i
1 1'otra D uil'jNuii , Unuihti . ' - ' " '
) Prank I1. Thornton. Omaha . >
I Mary A. Twlhnntur. Umriha . . IU
Per SohllU boor appiy to U. R. Uravto
ovri J-iow ptairj [ o njy mind &n ? Ifje scenes of
m jTjy childhood , ,
j recollection recalls them iov/ew / *
TJeso&p-keltle | hungf on fte poles of
_ , , greer ? bwswoocf/ /
I Ic5moke ; and If/e5mell / Ih lmy l-
anC > KteV/ ? !
Bur llyose dayi ofo oVp Aqd
consequent anguish ,
Have loijg1 since deparled. we
pray and we Ijopgj
Tfje use oF He ] sfuff dn to
wane andfo laLn uish
i As sooj | as tfeey offered
Boycl's New Theatre.
Se\cntointh and Ilarncj Stieuts.
Thursday , FriJay and Saturday. Sept. 10 ,
11 and 12 { Saturday Mttiuco. )
riiKaKement of the I'mlneiit Ti aged Ian ,
Suppjrtsd by a Po vcrful Oo'iipany
In the following tepet tohe :
TliuiNtliiy l ciiing "Klein-lien. "
I'riiliiy Ktpiiiiis "l.oiiN XI. "
Saturday M itin i' "Muruliant of Venice"
Sntiml.iy M ht ' 'Klclianl III. "
Hov slu'Ols now open nt the fol'owlny prices Uo
frrvcil "i-nts In p iniuet niul | inr.iu > t clnli'lI.'X ' ) linl-
tony 7. ' > c , ut'iiurnl iiilinl'Minn ( n paniuct t > c , general
lulmliolon to biilcony f-Oc , pillory 2 > o
K A UN AM . TTiT-i K. T "TlnTATl-ilf
T , reo Nigat * . Sept. 10 , 11 and 12.
Lincoln . I. failcr's Grand tocnle 1'ioltii'tloii ,
Popular prices -1.V , 21e. ! 15e. Sue. "So
Grand Opera House.
The Gioat Laughing SnC'-tss
- UY -
Saturday and Sunday Hxe's the I'opular
Grand Matinee Saturday , Special for Ladles
anil Children.
PRICES , 26 , 33 and 5O Cents.
itKi'unoiitr XBVT WKI.K
Boyd's Hew Theater.
Handsomest and Safest Theater In America.
hevenleenth and llarney Htreo'ts.
Sunday , Monday , TaSy anil f ednesflay ,
Sejember 13 , 14 16 ami 16.
Tlio Comedienne ,
Asslsto I by Will Mamlo\llle. Joe C'oriitliorno
und u Miipuib company In the
follow Ins mays
I'rlees : I'nninet anil I'arqnot Olrrlc , JI.OC.
Ilalcony , 7. > e. Admls-lon to l'lr-.t Ploor. 7.V.
Admission to Iliilcnnv , .vie. There will bo bo
ttom i.'UO and IK ) ) sunta at 5Jo each In the
Unlcony. Ciallory.'J.'ic.
roiirnl.'htsconimenc'ius Sunday nl.'lit Sept 13
I'nnular prices , me , Sflo , I ) e , Me , T.'e.
LI///.IR SI'l'UlinON' , the \rmlcss I'ianlsto.
MOUMV'S : Illiimlnatoil I'aiun mid.
IilTTI.L SUlti ; MIOT , In Trli'liliootlnf. . ' .
MAIf-M. thoTio iilioni ) Mil'- .
Wo cciid tlio mnr olnnn Vrrnrh
Itcinc.ly CALTHOS free , nml u
Kk-al KiiiinuitcoHint CALTIHJS Mill
KT r Ill rlmrcr . llmt-lnn. ,
CIFItK Hp.rmnl < irrluii.iirlciH'tlo
und KKM'OHi : l.n.l 1 Iciir.
L'a it and pay ifiatisjiei ! ,
Adlrf.i , VON MOML CO. .
Bole Ainrrlrin Igfol. , llndnn.ll , llblo.
\\Ilil. Ol'I.N IN
Th6 GolisBUm Building
Sepleinlicr-Stli anil cl sc Oi'tolter ITtli.
Parlies Desiring to Afakc Ex
hibits Should Apply at the
Secretary i Office.
Room 2/5 / , Clininbor Coininoi'co , Omaha.
1 Hot Instruction In all ilrintt-
3 in. lit. or MilflmlMnil ) HMD
/tit , Mi' SMi.all.licl.iM.i'la.st.
ycai Aililrcsai : 1' Ill'I.I.AIlI ) , Sui I Jaiktoiulllo , I > L
Illinois Military Academy , YOTi , , * lx&J&
forCullccoorliu.lim. turniuil.iu'ia iiilrlnriin. | | ij h
, Hoarding
rorUlnaanit Vniinu Iji.tlnH. Kor
catiloifiiiniliro88 ; ! | ( | . 'I'llAYlill. I.I. ,
ul " ' . .in.Jrti ritulu bircct , C'Ulcun
( UK kLIIIMi IUI \TAIUrlll I at I A Jil kMIV NT.
illtrnN. lK cf Muiir | ) r nifttio iri ll Milr Tra. . i rr ' Train.
ir ( tvl'ftil ' LiluriM4 J ajl utave 4' in > l ra c I ' t4 *
lei > u < lM ( III. I , i , IUTItr4Llir ) , Illrrdur.
hi lluul.h HP \M.T"N. | . MO
BJ * V/A. WiLaoN. freedom.
BO u HllLI.EIIH , Uutcrlnlandtnt
C13XIIVX3 run '
Loavonwortli , Kan. , G-15-00.
Dr. J. P. Moore My Dour Sir : I imva
boun subject to side liofiilnclio nil my
life. Over two yours ngu I bocnn using
Moore 's Tree of Lifo for it , und I hnvo
never hud u c.i o of ak'U hoailuclio alnco ,
except whoti 1 w'i3 nt ono end of the
rouil und the inodluino nt the other ond.
It H worth moro than money to mo. j
heartily commend It to nil sufl'orinjV
with sick hoiulucho. Yours trulv ,
W. 13. KILE ,
Pastor First Baptist Church.
Mooro's Trooof I.lfo n pmltlvfl euro ( or KMaar
nilMvun'o miUInt ni l nil b oo 1 illiu-ne Duxlt
pay to sutTrrlion you cm ural br uslu Moora'f-
Truocir 1.1 fo. tiiu limit l/lfis Itnmalr'
DOO OH , : - :
Sixteen Vo-ira llvpurlenco In tlio Treatment of t
furius uf
'B '
bkln IHci' < 04 mill Fum.ilo DUoi.tH l.iirtlo from
to I only lr ) Mclirow mceu-n In tlio truatinon (
f I * rt vnto ! ) ht > IHUI Im1 * nm IT h oti equnlMd lloolc *
u I C Ircul iri PltKK. Troitiucnt by corriiiiuinitonoo.
Ollic-o , 14 and Kama n St3. , Omaha , Neb ,
Kntrnnco on olthur struot
So auilous were the ancicnii fur uilwart mf n IbM
I uny bojH at blrlti were put to tleatb.
E > rjr MAN can be BTROHd
I andViaOKODBInallrcipictl.
Buffering from HERVOHB DH-
BILITV , Loit or ratlin * Man'
hood , Physical Cictuel , Mental
Worry , fituuted DevtlopiniDt , or
any PERSON At WEAKNE8B , can b *
rrltond to PERrrCT HEALTH ant
MEN , the Pride and Power of Nation ! .
Wo claim ! > y yenra of prnctlrp by
our PTrlmUn inctliiiiH n uniform
Inirnll Dlieaeei , Wf tn iieand
i AOIctloniotMtn , Tor.tlinonlula
1 from CiOHtntoa nml Territories.
PJT\U Dnnif ' " " " writ/re-r.nealnlpent-
NtW DllUlV i.nld.fornllinllpil tlmt ! a\
Itwhlleyoucan. Full EipUnatloni for HOME TREAT.
MENT Too can b FULLY REBTORED ae Thotllandl
bavebeenbyui Readourteitlmonlali Addreai tOBC
Colds in the
by one pplie-
Iron ,
In a very thoit
Dy Fever
from Ihrti toftvt
day * *
60o p r Dottle.
'lueth without plates , rnmovabto
wort. . ' Dr ThrodUmiii iin'h pitent. " Nt
( Irupiilii.'iloAiiof phili" , , bltu unythlnn you
111.e , teetb rmnalll linn .lust tnu tllllli ! foi
ininirileih , lawyers and public piml > OM. l'rlo (
u I tllu innrii tlitiu rublier plates , within roaob
of all Dr Iliilluy. Duntlst , bus Urn olu rluhl
to iiiiMilui .mil DouJhiH I'ouaty unice , third
llc.i.r . l'u\t < m block , Omaha.
i.ori I'H ouir.vTAi , ,
ItDlnutwTnn. I'ltlii.liv , rrrck * ,
_ try Mr in lit i Oft
Ixitiitjr , null defies
" , PfeUmi Uio' tent Of 4
L % ' ) m , anil t 10
, / / Il4lllllr M * Utttlt
to.wuiuUUprbp <
t-rl > nmde. Auepl
no t'oiintt if til u
Imllu ! uniiifl. Dr.Ut
A. bMjrir utii to
lady of Oie hauMoa
' ntklilj "Aijen
l < Mth > ruiul ( of all
t > > iklu tir lar >
tlona. " K.ir aal lijf
II KlUKtfl'l *
r lnllia ! nito.1 Kl tn. Canada ! and Kurv | > aft
II.UK 1 I. H. if.
en a
KO 1
or I
all !
If i
hi ca
of o
out <
was |
a i'oil
The f
was !
. bucic ]
1 no\j
liavo ]
won i
hud '
for I
have ]
With I
ns thff

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