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THE O31AHA DAILY BEE. SA'ii&DAY ' SEPTEMBER 2(5 ( , 1801.1
Dilivcred by Cnrrlcr In any part of tlio City.
Ihnlnc < Ofllcc No. VI
J i
Trt rimnvFtt '
Tri.r.l'I10M8Nlt { | ( , E(1lor ( | x0. : i
Mt.ti . / / ; . > r/o.v.
N V I' . Co.
Council Muffs Lumber Co. , conl.
t'roll's chattel loans , 201 Snpp block.
If you wnnt wntcr In your ynnl or bouse
po to Hixljy'i , IVfi Mcrrlam block.
Tlio Marrlnd fndli'H' Mortal society will
have enUcs on nlo tomorrow at.ollor's and
Henry Walters. Annie Walters and Annie
WrlRhtvcro each lined tlO.TX ) In polled court
yesterday morning for indecent conduct on
Uie streets.
Sheriff O'N'cill It In Mount Pleasant ,
whither ho went to take Hose Leland , the
young woman who win examined by the
commissioners of Insanity and 'ound Insane.
The Jury in the case of A. R Clattorbuck
nKalnst U'llllum Jones and others returned a
verdict yesterday afternoon. The verdict Is
in favur'of the defendant for $ ) ! ) , the amount
of his claim.
The somewhat famous road case of f. , . J.
Klnthorpo against tboChlcntfO , Hook Island
ti Pacific Unllwny comrany was on trial In
the district court yesterday , ami was sub
mitted nnd taken under advisement ut the
hour of iidjourniiient.
Ttie sale of the Option house , which has
been rumored several times of late , was at
last made yesterday , Messrs. I'nrmolo nnd
Morse transferring all tholr Interest In the
establishment to John Danfortli. I'ho deed
was placed on record yesterday afternoon ,
and in It the consldor.ulon is plvun as $ : ! "iUOO.
The property is convoyed subject to a mort-
page of tlli.OOO in f.ivor of the Lombard
Investment company.
Information ffri c.
Do you know that any old sore or out can
bo absolutely cured by ttio intelligent use of
JInller's HaibedViro Llnimoiit. Ho merci
ful to your horsoand try it.
'Jlir ItOKtmi More Always Ijoails In
Kri'sli New OoodM null Itiw I'riccH ,
1'eoplo who see the iinmonso lot of
boxes that uro being unloaded every day
at the Hoston Store naturallv wonder
whore the contents nil go to. The floods
all KO on the shelves , but they don't stay
there long. Wo believe in making prices
that will inovo them. This week wo cetin
in nn immense lot o ! now fall dress tfoods.
hosiery , underwear , domestics , Ida
fjlovoH , mitts and the like. This will bo
niH'thor ' banner week at thn Hoston
Store.Vo want every lady in Council
Bluffs anil vicinity local ) .
HO.STON STOUK , Council BlulTs ,
Fothoringhani , Whitcliiw it Co. ,
Leaders and promoters of low prices.
JMH.SO.V.I / . r.iii.iaic.t I'tia.
Miss Mary Oliver returned yesterday from
n visit of u month in Chicago.
C. IJ. Jones anil wife returned yesterday
from a visit with relatives in Ohio.
I'1. B. Gillllnml loaves this mornliiK for
Salt Lake City , wliero ho will spend a couple
of wpoks.J
O. K. Oastsn , court reported for .ludpc )
rhornell , was in the city last evening on his
way to Tabor.
CSc'orpo t\ Smith expects to leave today for
California , where ho is planning on making
his nome for a year or two nt least.
Attorneys J. J. Stewart nnd T. C. Dawson
wont to Omaha yesterday to attend the
diking of testimony in tno Cut-Off Island
cae. .
Hoscoo Lcmen tins ROIIO to Pclln , Marion
county , where ho will attend the Central
University. The Christian Home , of which
ho has boon the editor , will DO in charge of
Mr. Showard.
For Inobripty
Use Hor.sfonl's Acid Ptiospliato.
13r. John .1. Ualilwull , Ualtitnoro.Mil. , says :
"It 1ms proven by experiment nnil oxpen-
cncu to bo highly benulicial in inebriety and
mental troubles. "
Tlie ItcasonVliy
\\'o have marked our goods at plain
iimnufnottirors' prices is that wo are { jo-
jiip out of btibino.ss. On" time hero is
.imitud and wo are willing to dibposo of
nnr L'oods without a cent of prollt ns
rapidlyas we can employ help towaiton
c'ustoniors. Everybody who visits our
htoro can see what poods , cost and all
must bo Hold at cost. Furniture , carpets ,
reeking and heating stoves , bedding at
actual cost ; many goods less than cost.
Call curly before the stock is broken.
Drs. Woodbury , dentists , 30 Pearl
i-treot , next to Grand hotel. Telephone
] M. High trrado work a specialty
Picnic at Manhattan beach. Round
trip tickets from Omaha , including boat
> ide , 50c ; on sale at news stands at Millard -
lard and Murray hotels.
to Itcnovntfl.
Workmen commi'iiccd yesterday to lay
lown lumber in front of the I iseinan bulkl-
UK for the partition which Is to bo made
JIvIdltiK tlio stoic into two parts. Motc.iU
llros. will occupy the cast half of tlio store ,
ns stateil in Tun HKC several days OKO , as
BOOH as the partition Is completed , and It is
probable the lilsomnns , under the namu of
the Council liluffs Mcrc.intilo association ,
will occupy the west half. This has noi
been decided definitely , however , and will
not DO for hovornl days , or tmtll it can bo
learned what the action of tno creditors of
the linn .vill bo In cuso the HUcniaus decide
to resume business ,
Most complexion powders tmva a vuUnr
Xlare , but I'oz/onl's U a true boautiller ,
\vUoso offccts are lasting. .
Pine bathing at Lake Manawn. Sum-
tnor has returned and ovjrv afternoon
nnd ovuning hundriula are taking ad van-
tape of the line bathing.
Now fall goods , finest line in the city ,
just received at Keller's the tailor's , 3IU
Uroadway. _
J ml dVollh c'roilltori.
An effort is being inudo to revlvo the
.ImliMVells Invostiuont company. A mootIng -
Ing of the creditors of the company wa held
yesterday afternoon In tlio Hoard of Trrulo
rooms and a committee of three appointed ,
roiislstlnt ; of A. \i all , ( . ) . II. Mavno anil
ticortio Mctcalf , to look over the aiTalrs o
the \\lthnviowtotliiUiut : what uro the
lirospecta for settlement. Tills cominiltoo
will i-omploto Its labors nnd miiUo its repor
nl another meeting to bo held October 15. It
Is hoped that an iimlcublo adjustment tnn\
bo made botueeii the company and tlio creii
Iturs , und that the ilrin may bo agulu let 01
Its feet.
Not Miuiti Hope ,
Miss Mamo lioisler , who wns tiorrlblj
burned last Tuesiluv , was still alive lat
in-eiiitiK. and suffering but llttlo pain , com-
jmrstivcly. lr. Cleaver , her physician , hoxv
ever says Hint there Is u buro possibility tha
kho may hold out n couple of weeks , but tliei
U only the sliuliost hope of her recovery , aud
It Is pretty cortatn that she cannot lust moro
than u few days at most.
'hen Haby WRS tick , we K vr hrr Cwtorls ,
f lieu the MM a ChlM , the crlrtl for Castorla ,
Mien she b s.-Ain ( > 11 U * , the clung to Oulorla ,
kcouraging Slnwing of the Oily School
Census ,
tccciitly lie-ported Work of the Sup-
crliitoinlcnt n Very Good I nil lo
tion ol' tin ; .Mtinlolpallty'4
Unusual ( Jrovvtli.
The school census which has Just been
ompleted by Colonel A. T. Whlttlcsoy shows
a total school population of lO.'Jl' ' , which is
onsldorably larger than ever before. In
act , It is so much larger tb.it interested par
ies have been led to wonder where all the
children are that arc Included In this number ,
i'ho last icport of the superintendent of
chools showed a total enrollment of ! l,150
children , which leaves a balance of
nero than T.OiiO who have in some way
: een lost In the shufllo. This number Is
houuht bv many to bo far In excess of the
real number of children In the city. An os-
Imato of the total population of the city ,
vltii the sciiool census as a basis , would bo
n the neighborhood of . | 0XX ( ) , but there arc
ow who claim mat the population reaches
anything like that fluurc. It is hinted by
ofno that the fact that the enumerator rc-
rnlvos l'-j cents for each child ho discovers
ins been a powerful Inducement to him to
rustle in nllho could IInd and some besides.
Mrs. V/lnsio\y's Soothing Syrup for cuild-
rcn teething gives quiet , helpful rest. ' . ' 5
cents a bottle.
I'jil KM son Nut MihNlnp ; .
A telegram from Marshall , Mo. , was pub-
ishod yesterday slatlnp that O. M. Pallor-
son , who travels for a St. Louis manufactory
of surgical instruments , was missing. The
young man has been stopping nt the Grand
lotol for a few days , having been dolaincd
icre by a brief , but rather serious illness ,
'rom which ho has now so far recovered
covered as to bo able to bo on
ana about , though not rugged yet.
ilo was greatly surprised on reading Tin :
MOUSING HEK. and ho began a hurried prep
aration to lot the world know that ho Is still
on eartn. His theory of the origin of the
sensational report Is that his family and his
louse must have failed to receive letters
which he sent thorn about ten days ago. Ho
gave them to a colored porter to mail , aud
Lhluks the fellow must have forgotten thorn.
Ills mother , who lives nt Odcoolt , la. , not
getting her usual weekly letter , probably sent
word to his brother at Marshall , Mo. , and
as ho serves as special correspondent for
several papers , it is though ho sought this
means of relieving the suspense of anxious
friends. Another circumstance , which the
voting man thinks may bavo Inllamcd the
maginutlon of friends , was that Just ns ho
started out on his present trip ho made ap
plication for .somo additional insurance , nnd
nstructcd the agent to send the policy to his
mother. Tno receipt of the policy ,
which was in her favor , und the
failure to hear from him , may have
caused the surmises and undue anxiety. Mr.
Patterson says a strange fatality has at
tended him dining the past three years , for
the reporters have twice announced his marriage -
riago and once his death. To have the iiotor-
ety of u mysterious ilisappeaninco added to
the record Is almost enough to drive him into
tniylng a paper of his own.
Small in sUe , great in results ; DoU'Itt's
' . < Utlo Birly Kisori. B-Ht pill for constipa
tion , best for sick headache , best for sour
stomach. _
Ilcat Hi * Wife.
The patrol wagon was called to the upper
end of Harrison street , in tno vicinity of
"Duck Hollow , " last night to arrest W. W.
Langdon , a painter. An information had
been filed in Justice Hammer's court
charging Langdon with commitling nn
assault and battery on his wifo. According
: o the woman's story her husband and
Doen out collecting during cho afternoon and
cam homo drunk. Something did not go to
suit him , and ho commenced to strllto and
iick her in a most brulal manner. Sue only
escaped serious injuries by taking refuge nt
the house of a aoighuor. Langdon could not
glvo bail and spent the night in the city Jail.
The choicest novoliies , now goods
eveiy duy at Louis' , Masonic block.
Prank Trimblo.atty , Baldwin blk.tcl 303
An Insane I'uticiit.
A man giving the name of Montgomery
Jacobs was a guest of the city Jail several
nights ago anO soon after ho left in the morn
ing ho was brought back by a man who
thought he was insane. Jacobs insisted that
tie was all right , and wanted to go 10 his
homo at Ida Irove. ! Ho was Iliuilly released ,
but yesterday attcrnoon was again arresled
on a charge of Insanity and taken to the
county Jail , Ho will bo given nu examina
tion this morning bdtore the commissioner of
An L'mvoleomc Ijtivcr.
A man named Lawrence , who lives at the
aornor of Avenue A and Sixteenth street ,
last night made complaint against ono Cun
ningham , who ha ? been paying attentions to
his 1,1-year-old daughter for some time past ,
in spitb of repented orders from both the
girl's parents to make himself so.irco in that
vicinity. Cunningham will probably bo ar
rested this morning1.
Oil MOIIH ? Hunted.
A tire still ted yesterday morning at ubout
II o'clock in an oil stor.igo house near the
Uncle Island round nouso. The ( lames were
prevented from being communicated to any
of thu neighboring housoa. The origin of the
lire is uuunown.
A treat is promised the ladies in put-
torn ut our opening ; . Watch for the
the duto. Louis , Masonic block.
Swanson Music Co. , M5 Broad way.
Ilcpulillutms Well Satlnllcd with the
\ \ uric nt Lincoln.
\Vbllo the Douglas county delegation to
the republican stnto convention favored J udgo
Koeso as llrst choice for the nomination tor
associate justice of the supreme court , the
results of the convention's deliberations are
very highly satisfactory to the loc.il leaders
of tlio party. Appended are souio of the
opinions oxprosiud
Conouol I' . ] { Scott I am nnt personally
acquainted with Judge Post hut his record Is
all right. The platform Is n good ono. The
endorsement of Omaha as thu location for
iho nsxt republican national convention win
very strong and will have weight with the
national convention.
Hon.V. . 1 Klfrstoad Any ticket that can
bo nominated with such harmony and unani
mity with a mimboiof candidates In the
Hi-Id , Is bound to bo a winner. Dr. Mercer ,
as chairman of the state central commute ,
will do ' , ig woik for the ticket and the party
lion Thomas Swobo Everybody left Lin
coln In the bott of spirits uiul all well satis-
lled with the convention's work. Dr. Mer
cer , as chaiiinan of the state central commit
tee , will give us .1 vigorous campaign and
secure thu election of thu ticket. Judge
Post's nomination was not n victory for
either the railroads or the antl-mouops and
will give genui-al satisfaction.
Hon. William ruburn would much rather
huvo soon Judco KCIMO nominated , but Judge
Post Is a good , strong man and will bo
elected , Ho will get the full vote of the re
publican party and will draw lots of Gorman
votes from the alliance aud democratic
parties. Ho is heaii nnd shoulder * above
Judge Cobb. With Dr. Mercer at the head
of the state committee ropubllcau victor } Is
n sure thing
MajorI. S. Curkson It Is a line tickot-
the best which could nave been put up. ]
think It will bo the means of uniting all ( ac
tions of tlio party and 111 prove a winning
ticket. Judge Post is a clean man with a
rplendid record and will poll n largo vote.
Itrad D. Slaughter It is u good ticket OIK
will sweep the state. Post is an excellent
man and will HQOW great strength.
I ) II Mercer We've pot u sure winner
Post will carry the state with a rush. 1U
vill neil the solid republican vote nnd there
are whole rafts of democratic business men
vho will vote for him. Ho Is sure to bo
_ _
\rrniiKpmiMitsMndo lor the Observa
tion of the Anniversary.
There was n meeting of the delegates for
ha German iluy celebration on October t )
noldln Gcrmanluhall last evening. Prcsl-
Jont A. Schroder and ihirty-ono delngates ,
representing the different societies , \voro
The German societies who will participate
ore : Turn vereln , Ualern vcrein , Sachscn
ercm , Scuweiror verein , Schwabon veroin ,
'lattdeutschor vorcln. Loidorkrnnz vcrein ,
. .andwehr , Mannerchor , Treubund lodges
N'os. * , 51 nr.d M , Concordia , ( josangs , sec-
Ion of the Omaha Plattdoutschcn verccn ,
Sohuetzcn veretn , Arlon Singing societies
and the Doutschcr club. Societies from
South Omaha , Council Uluffa and Calhoun
vill also take part In the celebration.
Hon. B. Uosowatcr and L'do Bachvogel
vill deliver the uddresscs.
The committee on decoration renortod that
hero will bo about twelve floats In the
mrado. Four of the Hoots are already under
The delegates of the Turnvcroln
reported that they would furnish a line float
representing thu Turners' farewell on start-
tig for the war. The Sachscn , Schwei/or
Schwabon , Plattdeutscher , Landwehr will
also furnish a llo.it each.
There will ho eight bands in the parade ,
which will start ut 2 p. m , from Germani.i
mil. The evening celebration , consisting of
a concert and ball , will bo held In Exposition
mil , which will bo handsomely decorated for
the occasion.
The mayor , city council , flro and po-
Ice commissions. Chairman Uurkhousor
of thu Hoard of Public Works , Chief
Seavoy , Chief Galligan and Assistant
Jhlefs Sailer and names will bo invited to
tnko part In the celebration.
Mr. Oscar Niemann of New Yorit , nn ex-
lort costumer , has been sent for to superin-
; end the decorations.
Hon. George Hcimrod. chairman of the
inanco committee , reported that over $1,000
lad been co.icctod to help toward defraying
ex | cnscs.
A feature of the evening celebration will
bo the singing together of all the Gorman
singing societies.
It is expected by the delegates that a
argo number of visitors from out of town
will bo present nnd that the day will bo ono
eng remembered by all Germans.
Spoulal School Ilonril Srsslnn.
The Hoard of Education held a special ses
sion last night. The use of rooms in the
ligh school building wcro refused Madam
Sau Vogo for her night class in French.
Xcwnian , Hanson & Johnson were awarded
t'ao contract for orecMng a two-room building
on the Sherman avenue site at $1,200.
The plumbing- the Kellum sctiool was
et to Theodore Heuck ut WTS.
The board decided to irivo the scnool chil
dren n half holiday October 1 , in order that
they may attend the exposition.
The board went Into committee of the
whole to discuss thu bond question. The
jilcstion of an addition to the High school
was considered. Morris Morrison character-
zed the building as a veritable fire trap.
It was linallr decided to nsk for ftri.OOO iu
joncls for tbo High school addition nnd ? . ! . " > ,0JO (
: o purchase n site for the Central si hnol , to
jo located in the vicinity of the old capital
To Knun IIin
Deputy Sheriff J. C Kcennn and Carl
[ lolton , claim agent for the Atlantic & Pa
cific railway , loft last nicht for Albuquerque ,
N. M. , with John Cusick , who was arrested
liero on the NJth by the Arizona sheriff and
Detective Ellis for stealing goods from
freight cars on the Atlantic & Pacific road.
Keenan followed his prisoner for nearly
5,000 miles , finally tracing him to Omaha.
Custck is a railroad man aud was helped
along br thorn nil over the country. The
sheriff had to travel most of the tlmo as n
switchman out. of u Job. It cost the railroad
company about f,1UO to pet its man , but
[ fneiian was determined to capture Cusick
ind break up the gang if ho had to ( allow
lilm a vear.
The prisoner was securely ironed nnd
taken to the depot in the patrol wagon.
St. Louis .Mining Stocks.
ST. I.OUIR. Mo. , Sept. 23. following are the
clos n ? quotations :
Aduiii8 1VU LMuntrDfi * I'lncer . Ci > ' {
Amerlcnn nettle. . . . 27VM Hri'iMi 4U
lllniftnlllc IKK ) , MlTor Aue
Ontrnl Mlver . . . l llu | > os
Kllznboth ISO Viliiui
Urunlto M KM
The tlctniltie lniiorteil
Is an alterative and eliminative remedy
which dissolves tenacious bile , allays
irritation , and removes obstruction by
aiding nature and not by sudden aud
excessive irritation , as most cnthnrtics
do. Obtain the genuine imported ar
ticle only.
" \\f | < are selling Mnrnlnzshlu lot- , cheaper
' now than they will O T bo sold again.
The Impiovcmunts aio costlnir MI mucrh that
the prollt la small fit present prices. If yon
\\iiut to get In on the uround lloor it lll bo
necessary to buy thK year.
stocks of inprchawllso and cleir
Onmlcu uiul Council Illnlls piopi'rly to ex
change foi low , i farms. If you bi\o u farm
to oilerulto to Johnston & Van 1'atten ,
HOW would yon Ilko a slti > In llayllss I'ark
for a home. Thuro arta number of sites
In Mornlnj Iilu that will bo proltlvr In u year
or two.
OUNIXUi-IOKIs not finished yi-t. Mu-li
of It Is still Iu the rough , but wo are
uorklnKtou plan that was gotten up with a
great > li > al of care nnil e are iolng to l\eop on
till the whole addition has tlio MUIIO finished
apuouranei' that llaylfss I'ark now has , only
It will bo pietllor than It Is | io-slhle to iiiuUe
any lint uleco of lurid , When this Isdonuwu
shall have the urottlest residence spot nest of
the Mississippi river.
"T7IOHSALK Macro fruit ( arm three miles
J-1 nom postolllee , hlirnlv Improved and
desirable. 1'orost Smith , llaldwln bloek.
\\7ANTKO young girl from IU to 11 years
v > old to act us nur e girl. .Mrs. Dell U. Mor
gan , ISO ? Second avunne.
\\7ANTED A peed barber at once ; steady
' Job. Inquire at St. Joe hoiiie.
\\7ANTKD t'nrponier to build hotoo and
'i tuko pay In tuain of hordes , Apply to I , .
n\orott , I'oarl stroot.
HENT-Meely fiirnlshud front KNIIII.
wlthur wllhoiit bo'inl ; for lady ur Ki'iitle-
ninn ; -cM'tuli iivennc ; be t references re
quired. Addrosi r. iii. lieu. Council lllulfs.
rpnx nnil twenty aeto garden tracts ne-ir
J Connoil Illutts. also vlne.ynrds , fruit farms
and clioic'o fiiiin , for sule. semi for list. Jolin-
ston A. Van I'atten.
EXI'KUT Columbia htcyolc.M Inch , In pcr-
Ccet oidtir. will trade for cooil rllle , o" '
eiillbre. C. A. Atkins , Coiincll lllulfs. la.
TAmVOV"ANca" 7eiiiilniror l' y
rlioinetry. Dlsuiises of all kind diagnosed
and t rented with hot baths iu.il nuissaKu.
All letters promptly answered. Ullleo hours ,
U a in to It ) p. in , Mo U avenue K , near cor.
ISth strcoj , _ _ _ _ _ _
IOH SAI.K or Kent-Gnrilen land with
JL1 houses , by J. 1L Ulco. 1U1 Main St. , Council
II In Its.
Wttkseu omod j .ud Mind , EffecU
UorErroriorEicciltliaOldorYeuir ,
, ° bl > BiMIXII | > r.ll , llr.lorrd. ll. In k > llrc 1 '
, .
itiMlyltIr o.f.lll.f IIIIXK IKkiTHDT Hr ll < l > dl/ ,
f tr.llrtnm ftu HUU * ft 4 Irl I HBlrltk HrllUff
I > nrrlll Vxt , tlplKlIk * uj iinrafi B > IMit > Mfrt ) .
TO WEAK tbo iHecli from r/
juuthful em)4
t&rlr dKtr , wutlag weaknMi * . lo < uiiuUioml , etc.
I will tena a Tulu&ble treatlx ) Iwalrdi cuutalolni
full i nleuUn fur bema cure , Vl- ( : " . ' d > argu
A. plf nilM iu Ulrxl fork i item ! J U > read by rvcn
mm wlm u D rr at mt < l lillilainl. AUilrwi
Vrof , V , C , IT IVLKJt.Mouaui , Coiiu
Our stock this season is by far the largest and best we have ever
produced , In buying Boys' Clothing , workmanship is the important
thing. A good piece of cloth may be spoiled in making. We manu
facture our own goods and aim to make a stylish , serviceable article at
no greater cost than is usually paid for inferior grades. This week we
call attention to a line of School Suits , ages 6 to 14 , at $3 , $3.50 , $3.75
and $4. Every prudent buyer ought to sec them before purchasing.
1 hey will be on sale all week. Boys' Long Pant Suits , special bargain
lines at $8 , $9 and $10. Remember , we have the largest store , the
largest stock to select from , and no goods sold which we cannot safely
G. A. Scnoedsack , Proprietor , Offices 621 Broadway , Council
Bluffs and 1521 FnrnamSt. , Omaha. Dye , clean and refmish goo'ds
of every description. Packages received at either office or at the
Works , CorAve. . A and 26th St. Council Bluffs. Send for price list.
iMorchants who have bhop-worr. or soiled fabrics of any chat-actor can have
them redvod and finished equal to new.
nd most approved muchinoryatest ut less cost than you over paid bofo.-o.
I'uitl Up Capital $100,000
Oldest orsnnl/eil bunk In the tltr ForeUn nnd
doinoitlo cxcliniuu nnil locil pcnrlllo < Kippi-ml
ntlentlon pnlil t > iciitluctloii4 Aecuunti of Inillvnl-
uiiln Li-inks bankers nnd corpur.Ulom SLillcHul.
rorrtMponitoni'O lnvlt I
( jio. I' . hANKDUl ) , rri-itilont.
A W. IltniCMA.N , Cn hlor.
A T UK K Asslitant Onililor.
Council Bluffs , In.
N. W. TAY"L O R ,
Allan Line
M.THrfnl nml gurl > rc lo lHrrj niul Liverpool.
fnMti I. ' ' ) la I'D. nri'oritliu l losnior niuflorntlon of
tlAte room lnti > rmitlAli < nn.l * io ra < tiiil low ruttft
NO TA 1 11 t : I AltlllVI )
New \i > rk mul < lm ii > w vm [ . .miloinlcrrr ctcr/
ivt \ \ XT VI K "f i M IHi'llMA , I I' m
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Or Council Bluffs.
DIIIKI-TOHS-I A Miller. P ( l ( itoiiwnn. T. U
Shiieiirt , U I . II irt .1 I ) IMinuiuNon. rharln *
It lliiinui : Transact rnor.il ImiiUliix I'list-
m'ss. Largest cnplt.il und surplus of any banlc
In Southwestern low a
Can be reached from any of the depots on
Cniiiliictrdhy tliuSNtuMiif f'lmrlty. II V. M ,
TI'.UMS Tor lio.inl and tuition , uin ! > riiMii
nil lir.inclios of a llnlshed o location foryounit
Indies , $ T" > for siilon of Iho months. i' m-
meneliiK llrst Muml.iy In Suntpmlipr ami 1'jb-
rnurv. ri'aiiuctl\oly. For further pirtleul.m
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sisTr.il SITIMIUOU. :
St rrniirls Academy. Couiu'll llltilfs. In.
Galvanized Iron Cornice Works ,
It GUAIlIi .1 SON. I'UOl-S
1O1D nnd 1O17 nroatlwntj.
I > tlumto < furnliliiM on nil kltuti of li ilv.iiilie < l
Iron lornlcoVnrk. . Irnn Itoorini ; , to n Kront unl
Copper Work ArtUtli' w.irk n ipoclnlty lorroa *
I'undunrcKnlirltt'il from points JJJ mill } ) from Cuilh
ell Illiittinnil Umaliii.
14 N. Main St. , Council Bluffs.
Funeral Director and Embaliner.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Many yonra'oxpcrtBncc. A regular tirmlunlfl In niodlclna tllplon.ni show Is mill trentlng with tbt
crentest nucccss all NfiTous , rhronlc nnil I'rlvnto DIII'.TSOS A porimnent euri ) unnrnntooil for I nturrh
hperrantorrbotn , Lost Manhood , bemlnul Wenknen , Nlcht Io"se , Inipotincr. SjphllM Rtrlrturo. and all
dlsemeBof thu HIooJ. Skin nnd Urlnnry Orennf. N II. I eusrniiU * f'O ) for uverr ento I iindvrtaka nnil f Ute
to cure. Consultntlon free Huok ( Mysttrles ot Life ) lent frco. Oltloo houn Ua. m to 8 p in. HunJar
10 n m. to 12 m. facnd stamp for ropljr.
For the Treatment of all Chronic and Surgi
cal Diseases.
Perfectly equipped -with every facility , apparatus and remedy
for the successful treatment of every form of disease requir
ing medical or surgical treatment.
and best hospital accommodations in the west. Board and at
tendance at reasonable rates. The business of the Omaha
Medical and Surgical Institute , formerly conducted at 9th
and Harney streets , by the late Dr. J. VV. McMenamy , has
been removed across the river to 26th street and Broadway
Council Bluffs , la. , where every case and any and all con
tracts , old or new , are receiving prompt and skillful attention
We refer by permission to patients we have cured.
Write for circular on Deformities and Braces , Trusses , Club Feet , Curvature of the Spine , Piles , Tumors , Cancer , Ca
rrhBronchitis , Inhalation , Electricity , Paralysis , Epilepsy , Kidney , Bladder , Eye , Ear , Skin and Blood , and all sur' ica
Deformities of the Human Body , Brace DepL
RACRS , TRUSSES , ami all manner f surgical appliances , manufactured to order and u ( It ( juarantood. The braca dop'jrttnont is tin lor the oh'ir ' 3 of .f. I'Vib
bor , who was lr. McMonamy's brace maker for years , and who is unreservedly rouommeiidud by the medical profession as boinj , ' the beat br.u-'J n tUer iu Hi
United Statos.-
Iri this department we are especially successful. Our
claims for superiority over all others are based upon
the fact that this is the only medical establishment
manufacturing surgical braces and appliances for
each individual case , "We have three skilled instru
ment makers in our employ , with improved machine
ry , and have all the latest inventions , as well as our
own patents and improvements , the result of twenty
year's experience.
144 PAGE BOOK , Illustrated
Sent Free to any Address
DISEASES OF WOMEN A SPKC1ALTV. nook on Diseases of Women Free. Only Itoliablo Modloil Institute' making u Specialty of Private DUoaaos. A
blood disutuos sucL'ebbfully treated. Syphilitic Poison removed from the system without inoroury. Now rustorativo iroalmunt for Ion * of Vital I'owot1. I'uroons univblo
to visit us may bo treated nt homo by correspondence. All communications confidential. Mudiuinos or iiiHtruiiioriU sent by mail or o.xpro.-H , soourely n.ifUud , an
nrks to Indicate contents or honder , Ono personal interview preferred. Cnll and i-niihiilt as or bond hintory of your eif > , and \vo will HOIH ! in nliilu'Nvruppur , oa
"JOOKTO MEN , FHEIi ; upon private , bj eclal or nervous disease * , Impotonoy , Syphilis , Gluut and Varicuceli ; , with question Hbt. Addro-ii
26th and Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.

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