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K. HOSfcWATBH. KtiiTOtt.
Unity Her-without ( HtindnylOnn Ycnr..t 8 '
Dully nnil Sunday , Onu Year 10 i
Hlx month * B'
Tlirco Mnnllm 2f
Hunitny llcn.Unn Vi-nr 2 <
f-nlnriliiy lice1 , Onn Yunr . 1C
Weekly lieu , Duo your H
Onintin. The tire Ilullillnc. . ,
Fonth Onxilin. corner N mill Will Streets.
' I'oarl Struct.
f'cmnnil III n IK 12
Chlnntro Cinirc. : ilT Chnmlirr of Poimimrrfi.
New York.llooniM 13.14 nnd iTrl1)iuio ) lltll'.dln
Washington , 3ii : I-'ourtci-nth Street.
All coiiiiniiiilcatloiis rolatlnit to nnws nm
editorial nuitti'r ilionlcl bo addressed to tli
Kdllorlal Di'jiiirtmunt.
IUINKH3 U'rriU : ? .
All Imslne-si loiters nnil remittances ilmuli
lo add re-wed tn Tlio llt-i'I'iihllshliiB Company
ejiimha. Drnfta. elifcrki nnrt poslolllci ) order
to lie niuclo payable to thu unluruf the coin
le Bee Publishing Company .Proprietor . ,
Btatoof NebniKKn I
f'onnty of Doinrlns. f „
N I' . IVII. Imsliipss malinger of TUB ItKi
Publishing contpanr. dot.-.s Hotninnly swim
Hint ni-tiiiili-lrcnlnlloii of Tin : IMil.v HKI
for tlio WCCK ending Sopteinhur ID , li'JI , was ; i :
follows :
Hnml.iy. Hi-iil. HI SS , : '
Monday , Sent. II -'I.SH
Tucsdny , Sept. 15 2l.nl
Wednesday , Sept. 10 2I..V)1 )
Thursday , i-i'Jit. 17 2 . 2I
Friday. Se-pt. H Bl.IIfv
baturday. Supt. li ) VT.I'.ii '
Average 2r , " > < ll
N. I' . KEIk.
Sworn tn liofnrn HIP and siibscrllicd In niv
presence- tills luth liny of i-oplrinl Or. A. IIMi
8RAU 13. I * . Itoneiii.v ,
Notary 1'tibllc.
Btntoof Nebraska , ( _
Comity r.f Douglas , f"
Opurpo II. Tzsclinck , being duly sworn , do-
jiosci and iiys that lin Is sccn-tary of Tut
IlKK I'nhlKlilii ) ! c'oiupaiiy. thnt tin * actual av
erage dnlly circulation of TIIK DAII.V IlKK foi
thu month of Hoptcinhur , IM , wimlW.hTOe-oploH :
for Ootnl IT. IM > , U > ,7ffiJcopU's ; for Novc.mbor ,
1BOO. KM1cnplcs ! ) ; for December , IMW. EJ.I'I
roplos ; for January , Ifr' ) ' , 2.4lli ! copies ; foi
Fobrnnry. IHH , iil2 : copies ; for Mnreli , IKll ,
24riir > c-opli's ; fur April , iSUI , KI.IHH routes : foi
May , Iffil. Ifi.Kin copies ; for .lime. INK. 20ll' !
rnnleii : for July , 181)1 ) , ST.n.'l copies ; for August ,
lMlSifMripli ) : < i < . UlX'iim : II. T/scilUCK.
Sworn to li : < foie nm and nuhscrlbcd In mj
presence tills 1st day ( if August , ISUI.
N. P. Km i , . Notary Public
Fllt TIIK C.l.V/M/f..V.
Tn order to clvo every render In this state
nnd Iowa an opportunity to keep posted or
tlio processor thu campaign In both these
states we linvo decided tooftYr TUP WKEKI.Y
llKE for tlio balance of this year for twenty-
five cents. Send In your orders early. Twc
dollars will bo accepted for 11 i-Inb of tor
Omaha , N'ob.
A HKPUm.iCAN uiinnot bo ii pessimist ,
It is against nntu.ro.
JOHNNY WATSON , Kil ( Juntos and
Diclc Norvnl apnrcel no efforts for Cobb.
JOHN H. HAYKS of Msielisor
nnd G. O. McNlsh led tlio Keoso forces
ndinirubly and ronminud loyal to the
Mu. WAI.TKK SKEI.KY iias bcoti secre
tary of the stsito eontral coinmittoo lonp
onoucrli. lie ought to resign or bo ro-
DoiKU-AS county can bo redeemed tc
tlio republican party this year if we
place in nomination clean city nnd
county tickets.
TIIK platform of a candidate for n
judicial otlico should bo the constitution
nnd the luiv and the solemn oath that ho
takes Judi/c A. M. I'ost.
.Ton HiKJKKTON ought to nractico
nwhilo before tlio supreme court before
nttoinptlng to wtrni the woolsack of No-
Lraska's highest judicial tribunal.
WK shall never get to tlio bottom of a
good ninny interesting matters in con
nection with municipal and county af
fairs until wo have the inquisition of a
grand jury.
PKKHAPS wo shall give no offense to
our jaundiced contemporary by remark
ing again that the best way to build up
homo niniuifncturca is to give tliom
homo patronage.
THKKK are J , ( ) S,707 soldiers of the
xinion now living. Of this number GS8- ,
r -l ! ) arc not pensioners. There uro 871)- ) ,
008 Bloopiny in soldiers' graves. These
are llgureH wliicli it will bo well to
ledge in the memory for future refer
TIIK people will expect a report from
the committee appointed by thu Hoard
of County Commissioners to take the
preliminary btops toward enforcing the
license law in the two mile bolt. It
should como up at this week's regular
NBW YOUK , Pounsylvania , Massachu-
Bot.ls. Ohio , Iowa and Nebraska will nil
bo carried by the republican party.
Harmony and aggressive campaigning
cliBtlrgulshos the party in each and all
of tlieso states. Hosidos this is a repub
lican year.
OMAHA was heartily and unanimously
ondoiBod as the place in which to hold
the national republican convention by
the republican state convention Thurs
day. Colorado will come to our assist
ance next Tuesday. There are hosts of
friends for Omaha ovorywlioro.
FAUMKUS' combines are playing the
mischief with the grain spe-sulntors.
The grain operators do not know what
to expect from this style of corner ex
cept that the farmer is'always a bull on
the market nnd generally from tlio
grain npouulator'a standpoint a bull in
the china atore aa well.
TIIK charge of the bribery of certain
members of the council in the furniture
contract must bo investigated and its
truth or falsity established , but in pur
suing the question it must not for a mo
ment bo forgotten that the homo bidder
was $2,000 below the outsider and yet
failed to secure the award.
SHOULD the courts sustain the posi
tion taken by the attorney general of
Indiana and compel banks to furnish Hats
of their depositors and a btntomoiit of
thol- balances the taxshlrkor will re
ceive a tolling blow. In Indiana It Is
estimated that at least $100,000,000 will
bo added to the personalty listed for
taxation if the attorney onorul is sus
f'.V/O.V PACtFlO K/AVIiVVR0. /
There is it favorable promlso that the
financial embarrassment of the Uulor
I'aoillc railroad Will bo relieved for n
lime. A mooting of creditors of the
company will bo hold In Boston today
at which It is expected an arrangcmonl
will bo made for an extension of tlu
lloaling debt , amounting , according tc
tint rcMorl of the government directors
to * 2I-IOO,000 on December 31 , 1800. It ii
announced that creditors representing
$12f)0,000 have already agreed to tin
proposal of the company , and it is nol
doubted that the others will do so. It :
that case temporary relief will bo pro
vided , but whether with results to the
permanent advantage of the company ,
only time can determine. It is nn expedient <
podiont that with wi.so , prudent mnnagO'
munt may enable the company to onet
more got on a solvent biais : , but whicli
without such management will place the
company in a worse embarrassment than
it h at present.
Tlio report of the government dlroc1
tors of tlio Union Pacific , just filed with
the secretary of the interior , is an
apology for tlio present financial condi
tion of the company andii plea for relief
by the removal of the restrictions im
posed by congress for the protection ol
the interests of the government. The
directors inuko a sweeping defense ol
the policy of the company in acquiring
control of tributary lines , qualified only
by the suggestion that the "terms and
conditions upon whicli some have been
acquired might bo open to dis
cussion , " an extremely moderate admis
sion in view of well known facts of olll-
cinl record. L5ut the more important
part of the report of the government di
rectors is tlio plea "for relief by the re
moval of exactions and limitations now
imposed by law. " It is nlllrmcd to bo
vitally necessary that the company shall
bo freed from these in order that it may
maintain itself in competition with
other systems ' 'not so hampered and re
strained"and the directors are unable to
perceive that " t he go vorn mentis any way
benoiitted by tlieso limitations , or that
security of its own lion would bo in the
least Impaired by its removal. " After
tliis deliverance it is not surorising to
find further on in the report that tlio
directors are iavorabo ! to an extension
of the security of the government prob
ably for a period of fifty years , at a re
duced rate of interest , as was proposed
in a bill introduced in tlio Fiftieth con
It can be safely assorted that popular
bontimoiit in the region traversed by
the Union Pacific will not endorse
the views and suggestions of the govern
ment directors of that road. The so-
called exactions and the limitations im-
peed by law upon the Union Pacific
company wore most deliberately pro
vided as absolutely necessary to the pro
tection and security of the interests of
government in that road , and they
are not less so now than when the legis
lation was enacted. The government
cannot abandon them without endanger
ing its interests. As to extending the
debt of the corporation to the govern
ment , the only certain olToot of that
would bo to prolong tlio exactions of the
company from the people wherever it
can carry out its well known policy. It
is highly probable tbac the cll'ort to
secure legislation favorable to the Union
Pacific company will bo renewed in the
next congress , and the report of tlio
government directors seems designed to
smooth the way for it.
The time is rapidly approaching for
the meeting of the republican national
central committee , at which the
date and location of the next re
publican national convention will
bo determined. There are practi
cally but two candidates for the
honor of entertaining the republican
cohorts. These are Omaha and Chi
cago. Minneapolis aroused quite a good
deal of local enthusiasm in her favor a
few weeks ago , but her efforts have been
practically abandoned. The friends of
Minneapolis under those circumstances
would therefore naturally favor Omaha
in order that the precedent of holding
national conventions west of Chicago
may bo established.
Thus far our campaign lias gone on
with a steady tide of sentiment making
toward Omaha. TUB UKK began the
agitation in time to secure the favor
able expressions of Iowa and west
ern newspapers in her behalf prior
to the Iowa republican state convention.
When the convention mot the delegates
wore prepared to receive a resolution for
Omaha with favor. Tlio Omaha'dologa-
tion therefore found no dilliculty in securing -
curing the endorsement of Iowa. It was
graciously , cheerfully and almost unani
mously given although no speeches
wore made upon the subject and the
delegation remained at Cedar Uaplds a
very short time.
Armed with this resolution and the
almost united sentiment of the. press of
the trniiHinissouri region in our favor
C'olonol Scott made his descent upon the
executive committee in Washing
ton , lie secured a hearing and
nromisos of a candid consideration
xt the hands of the working members of
Lho committee. Not only so but the
Dmaha movement was recognized as
bona ilde by the press of Washington
vnd the east and this city became known
uul i-.cknowledgod as a formidable rival
3f C'hicago.
The Nebraska state convention on
Thursday passed strong resolutions in
'avor of Omaha with a shout of uni
versal approval that told plainly enough ,
, hat Nebraska fully sympathizes with
iho ambition of her metropolis , Colo-
ado has her state convention next Tuea-
lay and will undoubtedly add the ap
proval of u third republican state con
vention to the proposition.
Chicago bus her hands and her hotels
mfllelontlj full already in anticipation
) f the World's fair and cannot make as
iggrosslvo a light as otherwise. The
> olltical conditions are also powerfully
n our favor , From this time forward
> ur committees must bo busy with the
lotails Incident to the contest , The
lastorn conservatism which regards
Chicago as the extreme rim qf the west-
> rn horizon must bo combated and eon-
. Ineou that wo are no longer on the
rentier but In the very center of the
voalth and population of America. Wo
uust show that wo can entertain the
convention. The remaining few weeks
ought to bo very busy ones for the con'
vontion's committee.
run tiKTunx OF uor.n.
Gold Is flowing back to the United
States from Europe in a swelling
stream. Several million dollars lias
been received during the past twc
weeks and It is reported that between
seven and olght million is now on the
way hero. During the first six months
of this year the United States lost about
$70,000,000 in specie , nnd if ( he
return tide continues at present
proportions that largo sum will
all come back to the country before -
fore December 1. There is some doubt ,
however , as to whether Europe will be
disposed to part with so large amount
of gold. According to late dispatches
the Rothehllds and other great bankers
agree that the shipments of gold to
America will bo largo and that nothing
can prevent it , but in tlio same connec
tion nn eminent Hngllsh financial
authority is quoted as saying that
before $50,000,000 in bullion is
sent to this country , both the
Bank of England and the Bank
of Franco would ralso their rates of dis
count and check the drain. In the opin
ion of this authority payment for Ameri
can grain will bo made chiefly with
exports and securities. But this coun
try will undoubtedly get back a largo
share of the gold that went abroad this
year , and it will bo no disadvantage if a
portion of the sound American securities
hold abroad shall bo returned. We should
bo quite as well oil if they were all held
here and the returns from thorn wore
kept in the country instead of being
sent to Europe.
There appears to bo a feeling in
Europe that a financial crisis in the
United Stales is probable1 MS a consequence
quence of the largo amount of paper
that Is being added to tlio currency for
the purchase of silver , but there is little -
tlo ground for apprehending anything
of this sort if the amount shall not bo
allowed to exceed the present
limit. There would ba reason to
fear such a crisis if free
and unlimited silver coinage should prevail -
vail , but tlio country can absorb without
danger the paper issued in purchase of
the silver product of our own mines.
What is more to bo feared in the imme
diate future is wild and reckless specula
tion , to which the conditions offer a
strong temptation. There has been
a good deal of this already , and though
the damage done has not been widely
felt the failures of speculators furnish a
warning that ought not to nass un
heeded. It is in the power of the great
financial institutions of the country teat
at least restrain speculation within rea
sonable bounds , and both interest and
duty should induce them to do this.
MAJOR McKiNLKY was greeted at Ot-
tumwa , la , , last Wednesday by a vast
crowd , and his address was received
with great enthusiasm. Ho discussed
the tarill and silver questions with his
usual clearness and force , and took occa
sion to warn republicans against the
danger of allowing the - democrats to
got into power and gerr.vmivndor
tlio state and provide for the
election of presidential electors
by congressional districts. The Ohio
republican loader mauo a strong speech
and an excellent impression , and there
can bo no doubt that his visit to Iowa
will materially help the republican
cause. The outpouring of the people to
hear him was of itself a reassuring sign.
THE Union Pacific government direct
ors are out with their annual apology
for tlio unhappy financial condition of
that railroad. It is observed that the
directors do not place the responsibility
for the pecuniary embarrassment upon
the management which before competi
tion began to bo felt , wont on pocketing
dividends and wastefully expending and
diverting the largo profits of conduct
ing the road. The late difficulties need
not have presented themselves at all
had the earlier history of the Union Pa
cific been more judicious , honest and
PEOIT.IK who are inclined to oppose
the pension laws of America are referred
to the fact that i ; > ,229 pensioners wore
dropped last year by reason of death ,
rhoro uro U7l ( , 160 names on the pension
roll , and it will take a long time for all
Lo pass out of. the world , but the old
soldiers and their widows are dying at a
rapid rate. , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
TlllUTKBNTll street continues to oc-
; upy an unusual amount of space in pub
lic interest.
1 ho Genuine Article.
CmcfmuKt Commercial.
An Ohio manufactory smashes the bnlil-
londcci story about tlioru boltino ; tin plate
tniulo lu tub country.
iloint DolmteH.
7/0.1(1111 AtlVfrUser ,
Governor CumnCcll and Major McKInley
ire , IB It said , to engage In Joint douuto.
I'liat will uuiUa vet more lively ono of the
Ivollust campaign on rocord. It will also
iorvo to recall another uunpalpn tliirty-tlirso
ears ago in u state further west , wherein
hero was a series of Joint discussions that
i ad far reaching uonsofjucucas. What has
luen limy bo uguln.
Cninpl > ( > llon , the Slump
HVic/ifnu/ / / I'iir-t ( rep.I
If the cumimign of tl.o Ohio democrats wns
aKKhig oa account of thu iibscnco of i VR. !
> rous ana courageous louder , that dullclnnoy
jos been fully uui | > lted by Governor Cuinp-
joll's return to the state and Ins roappear-
nice ou the stump. The governor's formal
iponlnp or the campaign nt Sldnuy cannot
Mil tmvo an inspiring effect on hU party , and
'rota now on the curivass will no doubt bo
rigorously prosccutt-J ou botn sldus ,
KntlniHliiHtli ) mid Hopeful.
New York Uornlna Adreitiitr ( ileni ) ' 'J.
Mr. Fassott opened his campaign in the
Uy with a bit ; boom. The now Carne lo
mil , lu flfty-sovontti street , was illicit to
vorflowlnc. The state ticket was warmly
atllled , Mr. Pnssott made an effective
pCQiih. Ho toro Tammany Hall limb from
imt ) nnd scattered the remains all about the
ppor onil of the city. There U no doubt
bout the Hulrlt wita which the republicans
uter the campaign. They are enthusiastic.
ud hopeful.
Democracy anil l 'ri o Silver.
The Nebraska democratic ) stale convention
> atlo tbo fourth out-and-out declaration this
car for free silver in the iiamo of the Uoino-
ratio party. There will doubtless bo luo
same declaration fronvJvory do.nocratle stati
convention hold tliiinjroar and next , otitsidi
of n few states IA * tjio cnst. Twonty-tw
democratic state ijfi cntlotis adopted Mich i
resolution la t yqar.'br anout throo-fourth
of alt the Ucniocr.iticctato conventions hold
If anyone isuppo osithat tlioro Is any hope o
curing the UomocrHtlo party of Its silver In
llatton craze they aVij counting without tin
facts. The teniloacyof the party silvnrwan
becomes more ovldcuvcvory day.
1'nsN the Hut in
England ought to bo a good place to pas :
around tbo lint for tb'o democratic camnalgt
in Ohio. There ard siild to bo many wcoltlo
Englishmen who are as mad at blind rattle
snakes at svIcKinloy , and would contrlbuti
liberally towards a fund to bo used for til
defeat. What makes tlio case amusing I :
the fact that the common Impression ovoi
there is that upon the election or defeat o
McKInley for governor of Ohio depends tin
continuance or repeal of the law which boar :
his numo.
Till : UKI.AIIt > MA KVtill.
Chicago fnter-Oeean : Tnatsuoutlng crowi
upon the borders or Oklahoma , each unxloui
to own a "homo of his.own , " was a good ob
Ject lesson for Henry George nnd his dUcl
St. Paul Gloho : With the piecing ou
Oklahoma Is getting it will soon uo blf
enough for a state. But it will have m
chunco in tlio senate until It Is suon wbai
kind of voting it U Inclined to.
Minneapolis Triuune : Another Oklahoim
invasion , duly authorized by law , took pltici
yesterday. These who entered lands In goot
faith will wish they hud como to the fertile
northwest before they have tried to farm i !
three seasons in the droughty region when
they have pitched their tents.
Chicago Post : Tlio record of yesterday' ' ;
doings shows , among other things , that r
largo proportion of tnoso who woruostcnalbh
socking homes in the new territory are notol
the kind that are likely to settle down to I he
hard work necessary to homo making , or whc
would under any circumstances constitute r
desirable element in the community.
Philadelphia Record : After the flurry of
the boomers in eastern Oklahoma shall have
subsided those who have boon unlucky in
their ( juost will probably turn their eye <
longingly toward the Uhorouoo outlet tc
which a United States Judco recently decided
cided that the Chcrokeoa had simply a rlghl
of usance , not of possession. Hero are ovoi
(5,000,003 ( acres of fertile land awaiting own.
ors and occupants , and serving now only tc
nourish tbo predatory Herds of wealthy cat-
tie syndicates. "On to thu Cherokee out
let" will bo the boomers' cry henceforth :
nnd congress will scarcely venture to disregard
gard it.
Philadelphia Lodger : Eight hundred
thousand acres of land , in lots of 1(10 ( acre * ,
wore settled yesterday In a very few hours
after noon. The description of'tho mad raci
of the "boomers" in the nbwtorritorv is verj
Interesting , for It was a real race , w'ith sub-
stuntial stakes to bo run for. According tc
the despatches there were 15,000 neoplo en.
gaged in the scramble , two-thirds of whom
wpro doomed to disappointment , for the SOO- ,
000 acres thrown open to settlement will onl.v
accommodate 5,000 settlers on quarter sec
tions. Every effort is being made to shut
out me.ro snoculatortfibut they nro sure to
turn up , ready to sell out their claims to the
disappointed ones.cwhp can Dotter afford to
buy than to roturulojhelr old homos.
' '
The settlement of.tlip Union I'aolflo' finan
cial atfiiirs proves .unuw that Jay Gould Is a
man of considerable note.
New York Herald ; "Why do you gminoso
wonmn was maduafter man ? " asked Miss
Harrow. ' " " '
"Ilccauso. " rctiirircillCynlcus , "It Is part of
her niituro to bo afjarhiau. "
The tlmo Is coming jvhon the gate
Out on the frouV yrd { fence
Will need nuw.slmuglli to hold the weight
Of lonu.soiMO.Jolm auu lovely Katu'
Who swing at itti.tpctisa.
Kate Field's Washington : Drown Shall I
Invite Johnson ? Don't yon think It would add
to no to thu dinner to have him ?
Jones Nut unless It's a basket picnic.
Philadelphia , Kra : 1'liyslulan f have lust
been ri'aelliig of a man who line four arms.
What a monstros ty he must bo ?
Young 5II"S Itlanuhu Ifoiir arms ! How
perfectly lovely ! How 1 would like to know
him !
Washington Plar : dh say not "can yon
cook ? " yuiiiis man wnun at her feet you hurl
your love-lorn self ; say rather ; "Can you boss
a hired girl ? "
AMI TMI : iiuTCini : : S.MII.KII.
Jlrtiuit Free Prow.
"Hiivo you road Lamb's lulus ? " a caller asked
Of a brldelut fair to vluw ;
"Oh , no , not yot. " aim swcoll" said ,
mo thoy'io soniuihriig now. "
1'hnii st ralgbt to the market she did RO
-Oh , dear Mr. Itutuhor , doYen
Yon hull tittle onniilii ; , ' run lambs' tails ?
I'd llku a pound orwo.t-
Now York Herald : "I'm clad Mortlmar Ii tn
marry a wlft > with no falsu prldu and with
ionic practical Unowlcd i > of liousulceuplng , "
"llns All.ss Van Ducats any of that ? "
"Why. yts. This paporsays she looked very
liamlsomu sweeping nn tliuavonuo yesterday.
Washington Htar : The stake for a pil/.o Tight
joes by thu pound. ' *
Now York Telegram : " 1 have a tender feel
ing for you , " said the locomotive a.s It bauuutl
down to the train of cars.
"Wot ! , If 1 had n switch hnndy I'd punish
you for thu jolii ; , " replied the latter.
n'llKUK TIIK TltOlfT LIJt.
-'f ill r/i/ / ) ,
Last night it rained. Hero on the bank
A splashing shower the willows throw
With every liree/o : the grass , sprung ronlc ,
Sparkles with drowning drops ; 1 know
NTo Ireahor , brighter jjreen can bo
I'lian hero , uo such luxuriancy.
rim stream Hews fast , with clamorous sound ,
O'er stopping-stones that towered dry
Last night ; the slftmgsun has found
Its pourine wavelets , through their sky
Df low-hung leaves , and flecks thPin uright
With shifting fragments of warm light.
My line Is cast , but lanquidly.
The red-specked , wary creatures may
lido them or curvet safe1 , for mo.
1 watch astiulrrel scamper , play ;
V woodchuitk whistles ho that knows
Where the sweet clover blushing grows ,
fonder the bilberrio ? swell red ,
And blackoorrlcs are every where
iVhlti'ly abloom ; and young Corns spread
The rain-wot eiirtlt Tbo day Is rare ,
Vnd I could know uQISaro nor ill
Icro where the trout lie heedful , Btlll.
ii IViiNioiiH.
WASHINGTON , D. C.Sopt. ' , ' 5. ( Special Tolo-
; ram to TUB UHK. -Tho I following list of pun-
lous granted h ropoflod by TUB Hun and
Examiner llureau af Claims :
Nebraska : Original Davis MeConacby ,
leorgo E. Timlall , ' hlah McElroy , Homy
Boater , Ilelnnch Van Huusen. Archibald
inlander , .lames ICfygTton , Chester W. Hukur ,
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ludolph lilum. Hpi'isuo Thomas Crusln-
lorry. Original wiuows Soboskl Thomson.
Iowa : Original -Patrick Martin , David
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'homos UlYord. Helssuu Joseph Yuagar.
telssuo nnd Increase Emory W. Prutt.
Irlglnol , widows , etc. Lyelln A. Willott ,
lolher ; Mary ( Jolidgp , mother ; Esther M.
Iwlng , mother ; Louisa Clifford Catlmnno
i. Whitacro , Lcnora l-'ouusy , Frances E.
> avcnnort.
South Dakota : Original John llichards.
iildilionalRobert Park , Ciideon Wulkor
luntor , Huissuo Jesse 8. Clarx , Albert
PiHtoiil ; | ] ! ( Again. v
The Murphy-Wcatburdi assault case oo-
upled nearly tlio wliulo afternoon in police
jurt. At f > o'clock the case was again post-
sued until 10 a , tn. Monday.
OTIIKH visits THAU inntn.
The recent characterisation of Napolofti
by the German emperor us "tho Corsica !
parvotiu"has caused a great deal of com
ment , not all of It complimentary to tli
author of the remark. There Is no elynast ;
now rolgnlntr In Europe , except that o
Ilcrnadotto , which owes less than the hous
of Hohoiuollorn to hereditary right , am
inoro to these native abilities of which klne ?
happily , have no monopoly. The llrst men :
borof the family who emerged from obicur
Ity was merely Uurgravo of Nuremberg , ami
ho became Margrave ) of Hrandcnburg not b ;
conquest but by purchase ) bv the long purs- -
and not by the strong arm. It was not unti
the beginning of the lust century Just sixty
eight years before Napoleon w'as born-
thnt an elector of Brandenburg In hi !
capacity of duke of Prussia ventured to pu
n king's crown U | > on his head , nnd ho ngali
had to buy the recognition of the title fron
the reluctant Hapsuurg kaiser. It was tin
contempt with which Marie Theresa re
gardcd the Hohcnzollcru upstarts , who bai
once pstcomeel it their highest honor to hoh
tbo stirrup of her ancestors , that made it v
hard for her to forgive the seizure of ho
province ) of Silesia by Frederick the ( Jrcat
It was on the other hand , by n display of thi
surpassing military and administrative tal
cms which ho shared with the Corslcai
parvenu that the same Frederick rnlsei
his potty kingdom to a high place amoiij
the powers of Europe. Ana to whom
pray , was the superb nggratidizomon
of Prussia , which wo in our owi
day have witnessed , duo , so far as it may bi
ascribed Justly to Individual talent , if not ti
Ulsmarck , the son of a small landowner , wh <
in England would bo called n squircarch , urn
to Moltko , the son of an obscure and noedi
Holstclncr , who was glad to procure for hi !
boy a soldier's ' education at the cxpoiibo o
the Danish state , following lu this roapec
With strange closeness thooxamplo of Honn
parto's parents ? Did the young emporo
think of those things before ho gave vent si
rashly to his foolish contampt for parvenus
Of course ho did not. Hut a man who wil
not stop to think before ho suoaks is lackitif
in the primary qualification of a sovereign.
* *
When any government of Franco can will
easy assurance of its own Invincibly hole
upon the respect and affection of the people
put out its hand to crush the power the mol
of Paris which has again and again i"cr
turned nnd created governments , that ha ;
been for moro than 100 yoar.s tbo terror of al
government , it is only fair to assume thai
the republican idea at length rests upoi ;
broad , deep foundations , nnd that the gov
ernment of the French people , by nnd for the
French people , is not likely to perish , oven
though It bo set up there in the heart ol
Europe , where it is surrounded upon
all sides by other govern monts thai
look with disfavor upon it , anil the
stability of which its endurance per
petually munacos or renders impossible.
In every country of Europe the political
trend is in the direction of enlarged civil lib
erty , u broader , moro general recognition ol
popular rights , and the curtailment of the au
thority of personal government. The repub
lican idea has passed the experimental point
in Franco ; even the incident of the recent
omtiuto in tno Place do i'Opera furnishes
most gratifying proofs that behind and sun-
porting the government are the will and
power of the people themselves. "Paris is
Franco" is a saying the truth of which was
long ago conceded , and Paris was , to a most
dangerous degree , dominated by the mob.
That it , is so no longer , that the government
no moro fears it , that the authorities dare do
what is right in the foco of the .strongest
prejudices of the mob , are indications of now
and hotter conditions , which afford the most
gratifying assurance of toe perpetuity of the
French republic.
* *
If the Hussions thought that England bed
so far lost the spirit of other years , that in
the march to Constantinople.sho might safely
bo loft out of account , they have found then- :
i.ch'03 mistaken , and the discovery seems lo
have made upon them a dcen nnd salutary
impression. They have made bnsto to dis
claim , not , Indeed ofllcially , but through
Journals which only print what the govern
ment sanctions , any special rights in the
Dardanelles for Russia , and the recognized
ministerial oriran in St. Petersburg mokos
the extraordinarily and exceedingly sinnill-
cant suggestion that England and Knssia
become allies instead of enemies , the con
sideration on the ono bond Using friendly
neutrality in Europe , and on the other a
recognition of English rights in Hindustan.
It is scarcely possible that these overtures
should lead to any delinlto action , but that
they should bo made shows clearly enough
what an effect the counter-demonstration at
Mityleno has had upon the Russian minu.
The Mityleno coup do main wns ttio most
masterly stroke in foreign politics executed
by any English statesman since Disraeli secured -
cured control of the Suez canal by the pur
chase of the Khedive's shares , and since
England , after oil said and done , represents
progressive civilization nnd liusslo quite the
contrary , Americans must feel gratified at
the exhibition which has been made of Eng
lish spirit.
* #
It Is possible that the shortest road to a re
duction of thu burdens of Europe from vast
armaments may bo found to lie through the
increase of thorn. As the nations nest able
to afford the increase withdraw u larger pro
portion of their young men from productive
ndustry , and spend a larger share of the no-
: Ional product upon the army , and as they
uro imitntod by nations lass able to do this ,
, here must como a tima when the whole sys
tem will break down under its own weight.
That point has nearly boon reached in Hus-
< ia , whicli , as the least civilized and least
modern of European countries , is the least
iblo to sustain thu burduu of war taxes , ag
gravated as they are by ofllclal extravagance
md corruption , According to seine observ-
JM , Italy Is approaching thu same point
Jirongli her anxiety to rank ns n military
tower with richer nnd moro populous na-
lons. At any rate , it Is Impossible to sea
mw rellof Is to come , unless It comas from
ho carrying to nn Intolurablo extreme of the
ixUting .system of a maximum force In time
if poaco.
* #
If diplomacy can find uo common ground of
tmlorstandlng with regard to where the
lies shall bo conclusively drawn between
Cngland and Knssia In the east and Itscoms
0 the most sagacious statesmen of Ktiropo
in possible tu find such ground than sooner
r later the question must bo submitted to
ho arbitrament , of the sword. The day of
nbnilsslon may ba near or rmnoto , bat It U
ho common bcllaf that It will not bo delayed
oyond tno tlmo whoa UusMa fools ready to
ieet her adversary alielil. Tlio worn of
reparation , of diplomatic scheming In
'urkoy nnd in tlio llalkuns , and of warlike
reparation ivl every point of vantage , hnvo
eon proceeding for many years M parts of
Lussia's comnrohenslva plan , and that plan
1 ovUlcutly to ba put In execution when
tioroughly wrought out ; she , llko Hanilot ,
otisldering that "tho readiness U all. "
loanwhllo the ground between England and
tusaia is coveired with dry stubble , to which
ny hasty , Ill-considered or long contom-
Intcd deliberate act by either country may
nddonly apply the torch.
Heavy Pnlliire In < \ iistralln.
Mr.i.iioi'iixi : , Sept. 25. The Australian
lorcantllu I.oiin company u hopelessly In-
olvcnt , The assets art ) placed at 1200,000
nd the liabilities are estimated at
vt j//.v ro.v
WismveiTox Hunmiroir TUB HSR ,
513 Fot'iiTRKVTit SrnnKT ,
WASMINOTOX , D. C. , Sept. S3.
"Quito a number of the best lawyer * In th
country who hove boon watching the nrofi
rcss of the question hnvo expressed the be
Hot that the an promo court will romlcr n do
cUlon ono of thojo dny.i thnt will nullify th
interstate comtnorco law and put an end ti
the commission which looics after the on
forcemeat of that low , " anld Second Comptroller
trollor Gllklson of the Treasury ilopartmcn
to Tun HUB correspondent , "lam now re
forrlng , " ho continued , "to the progress 01
the case of Cox vs the hohigh Valley rail
road In Pennsylvania. The company tool
nn appeal to the circuit from the ilistric
court , on a Judgment rendered complainant
nnd announced that It would test the coiutl
tutlonnllty nf the law. I would not venture
nn opinion on the subject , but nm , with mnnj
others , watching Intoronlnirly the progru-s-
of thu caso.
"H Is hold bv the attorneys for the rallroai
compnnv that congress , whllo having n par
feet right under tbo federal constitution to
regulate interstate ) commerce , bos tie
authority to doloeato tnat power to n com
mission ; that congress tuny moko lows foi
the regulation of interstate commerce anel
put them in the hands of authorized law
oftlcors , such as district attorneys , for en
forcement , but it has no right , thov say , to
create a commission and give It authority tei
interpret or en force the laws. It Is n strong
point , and has bcon raised with success on
repeated occasions , not onl.v by the stntea
under their constitutions , but by Individuals
where questions arisu under the federal coi
stitulion. \\ouldbenvcryliiiiinrtuntihliii : o
rule the luterita'O Commerce ) commission out
under this point ! but It would prob.iblv not
be morn important than wns the original
package elccislon. Tlio status were , ih tint
decision , denied the delegated power of mak
ing laws nlTecting interstate commerce. I
don't believe , however , that the case will
over reach the sunrcmu court of the United
States. The railroad companies nro said to
bo not desirous of having the Interstate ) Com
merce commission abolished. They do not
want the law nullified , either. Tnoy make
moro mopoy now than over before. There Is
less competition , n broader community of In
terests. Some compromise may bo cffecte'd
by which the Cox case will not bo pressed. "
Captain A. G. Forso , in command of a cav
alry company nt Fort ICeogh , Mont. , Is hereafter
after having spent the greater part of n
jcat's ' leave of absences in Europe and has , of
course , kept un eye on the military move
ments of thu great powers. "No man can
predict when a clash of arms will bo in
augurated in Europe , " said ho , "but the
limit of the tension must sooner or later bo
reached and then wo will see a conflict pro-
clpitated compared with which nil the wars
that have yet taken place will sooni like
mimic frays. Each nation is watching the
other , nonoeinring to taleo the initiative , but
continue in o constant state of preparation
for the outbreak that all the time seems im
minent "
An order wns today issued by the commis
sioner of thu general land olllco for the sur
vey of the Fort Hall military re.survntlon at
Pocntcllo , lelnho , eiuou the request of Senator
Du 15ois , who Is in the city. Tlio survov is
preparatory to the allotment of lands' in
severally to the Indians on the Umatilla
reservation at Pocatcllo and will romovu the
obstructions which hnvo heretofore existed
in the way to thu dovoloumcnt of that town.
It is said the Union P.icilie railroad company
is considering the problem of building shops
at Pocatello.
A post chaplain with the relative ranlc of
captain ( f 1,500) ) is to bo appointed from civil
life to lill the vacancy caused by the retire
ment ot Chaplain K. W. . ) . Lindosnnth.
The friends of General Geiorgo Danely , the
depot eiuartormastor , are trying to Induce the
quartermaster general to determine upon hU
retention for another term of duty at the
H. C. IJurgo was today appointed post
master at Wostervlllo , Custor county , vice
F. Vlnsonhaler , resigned.
Congressman John Lind of Minnesota , nn
able Scandinavian , is mentioned for the
Interstate Commerce- commission , but the
fact that bo was elected to the Fifty-second
conerross operates against him in this con
Ed fi. Peck and wife of Davenport , la. , are
at the St. James.
Miss Lucy Corkhill , after a tour of the
continent with Mrs. J. S. Clarkson ot Iowa ,
sailed for this countrv u few days since.
Mrs. Clarkson and Miss Corkhill made a
short stav in Paris previous to their departure
from Europe.
It wns reported today that ox-Congressman
Duunell of Minnesota may bo appointed
president of the Civil Service commission to
succeed Lymau. P , S. II.
Sixth Wnrele'rs Muaiini ; wllli Success
in Tlicir PliiiiH.
The efforts of the Sixth Ward Republican
club to hold a grand Jubilee on October 17th
it the Gr.nd opera house , for the purpose of
raising funds to assist the citizens' committcu
in securing the republican national conven
tion for Omaha , are mealing with satisfac
tory results ,
The work of the committee , which consists
of Frank Spore , W. P. Morrow , Thomas A.
.Joldun. J. U. Hcovo nnd A. T. Hayes , has
joeu directed chiefly to making arrange-
nonts for the occasion and In this they have
Decn very successful.
Tlio co-operation of several of the other
ward clubs has boon secured , and when the
tiuio comes the mutter will bo pushed vlgor-
At present the committee is ongage-d in
correspondence with public speakers of
intlonal rnpnution who are to bo in attend-
nice and take part in thu proceedings.
These who will partluiuito are : lion.
loswell li. Ifoir of Michigan , Hon. J. P.
Jolllvcr of Iowa , lion. John M. Tliurston ,
Ion. John L , Webster nnd Colonel C.'lt.
Scott of Omaha.
Correspondence is being carried on with
Hon. William Mclunloy and the chances aru
very favorable for securing the uttondanco
3t this noted speaker. The services of tno
Second Infantry baud have ) boon secured nnd
it Is the Intention to sec uro the sorvlcos of
noted singers for the occasion , maklnu' it ono
3f the llnust ulTalrsof tlio kind over held in
Thu method pursued by the commlttoj In
raising funds is to solicit business men gen
erally to purchase tickets for the affair at
: ho rate of ! i i cents par ticket. This
jivus thu purchuseir the assurance ) that hu
iVill gut full vulno for all tlio money invested
md avoids the already over worked suhscrip-
ioii racket.
All the money raised over nnd nbovo the
ixponso of the affair , which will amount to
ibout fc00 ! , is to bo turned over to the citt-
: ons' committee and will bo used In sending
eprpsontatlvas of Omaha to the state con-
, 'cntions of the neighboring states to solicit
liuir endorsement of Omaha us thu plaeo : for
loldinir the national convention , thu same as
vns done in Iowa.
'Iho committee of arrangements has made
hu following npnnintincnU for the occasion :
tlnJorT. S. Clurkson , master of coromnnles ;
ocoptlon committee , Messrs. A. I * Strung ,
J. A. Henson. Henry Holln , Judge ) I < eo
lulsloy , Cadut Taylor , Thoii.as Swobu , John
4. McCnguo , W. A. MeMsiok , S. D. Mercer ,
V. F. Hechol , F. E. Moorus.
Colonel Scott will start for Denver today
0 attend the Colorado republican con
dition which moots on tho'"Jlh lust , for the
lUrpoao of securing the oiidorsumonl of that
poJy for Omaha. The oxponsus of this trip
/111 no paid out of the funds raised by Iho
ibilco committee. Thu citizen's committee
1 handicapped by lack of funds and Is unable
3 send representatives anywhere.
Executive Olomancy Reqriostou1 b ; th ) Slayer
of the Jonoa Family.
Oe > vcriie > r Tlinyer Will DlHpino of ( ho
Cnso Finally in thu
Ilnooln NCXVM
of Interest ,
Lixe-oi.v , Nob. , Sept. W. ( Special to TUB
UP.K. | The attorneys for Ed Nonl , the
Umnhn man who Is under sentence of death
tor the murder of the Jonoj family , having
failed to aocuro a rohuarlng of ttictr case by
the supreme court , hnvo now appealed to the )
governor to Intorfaro with the sentence of
death pasjod upon him. Governor Thnyor
has llxed next Monday at 0 o'clock In tbo
afternoon for thn hearing. Ncal U sentenced
to hang on October It.
T. E. Polk , a grocers clerk , was arrested
this morning on the charge of a criminal as
sault on the Ill-year-old daughter of Thomas
Wllloughby. The assault Is alleged to hnvu
been committed Juno r > . Polk wns rolunsod
on $ , " > 00 bonds for trial October fi.
The national convention of the American
Onicursand Detectives union , which has
been in session tn Lincoln , adjourned yester
day , The business was mainly con lined to
thu change of curtain portions of the by-laws
nntl tn the election of ofllcors. Thu following
gentlemen wore chosen to manage the ) atTairs
of the union another \eap : I'roildont , A. ! > .
Pound of Lincoln ; Ural vlco president , Alf.
W. Hurneltof Charleston , W. Va. , second
vlco nreslelont , J. W. Fuller of New York
City ; Hoard of Director * , J. M. Fuller chair
man , W. G. llahlwln of IJIuollcId , , Va. , T.
fa. McKulvoy of Sallda , Colo. , Uobert Mason
ot Uupublican City , Nub. , W. O. Mclntosh of
Concordia , Ktin. . W. S. Patterson , Van
Couvcr , Urltish Columbls.
nisTiiieT coritT xo
Judtro Field nnd n Jury are encaged In
hearing the case ot Frank Abbott , who l.s
charged with having sold a horse on which. I.
M. Holts holu a mortgage ) without securing
the consent of or with the knowledge ot the
mortgagee. Abbott wns bound over from
Judge Cochrnn'a court.
George Parker , who was convicted of bur
glary recently , nils tiled n motion for n now
A motion for n now trial In the cnso of the
Stewiirt-Chuto company vs Cirnhnm , decided
in favor ot the defendant , was nlo Hied.
Thu fuss between George F. Hammer and
S. ,1. Gordon over the running horsot Wed go-
fluid , has been transfurred to thu district
court from Justice Foxworthy's realm.
W. C . Small began suit in the district
court this morning against U. A. Atkinson ,
GcorgoV. . Hurtin , Lester Great and A. IJ.
Clark to recover possession of a lot In Lnu-
roncu's addition. Small claims that several
years ago ho borrowed $ . " > 7-t from Hurtls , nnd
Lo secure the payment thereof gave Iturtis n
do'jd to lot U , Laurence addition , which > vas
absolute in form , but really onl.v a mortgage
deed. The mone-y was paid back in monthly
installments and the whole doot llnally dis
charged. Uurtis , however , is allogoei to have
transferred the title to Atkinson toeiofoat the
right of plaintiff nnd refuses to rcconvoy.
coxrritnse'i : wemic.
The third day's session of the Nebraska
conference opened with un increasing inter
est in the work before the body , the attend
ance beliur considerably aiiKinontod. After
minor business had been dispatched the reso
lution to divide the conference ) into tin-on
districts was called up but lost. This would
reduce the number of presiding elders from
flvo , as now , to thre.-o.
The vote on the admission of women to the
general conference was then taken , resulting
in eighty-seven voting for mid twenty-one
against their admission , interest on this
question was qnito ardent in the lobbies , but
the general result Is not affected by the votu
In the conference , three-fourths of the preach
ers in tbo whole convention failing to doclara
Tbo following ycung men were Introduced
and received on pro nation : Uasil E. Newton
or Hampton , Hlbort H. KImball of Fnirtmry.
Owen W. Fiferof Lincoln , E. L. Unroll ol
Man lay. Abel M. Perry of Clay Centre and
F. W. Bean of Ayr.
lUMlll.I.VH AlTUANCnS lIUHN'rill.
It is reportoet that thei gambling appllancci
which were the cause ol a riot between po
licemen and constableis on Wednesday even
ing , have been burned by the police and considerable -
sidorablo excitonont exists among the
gamblers over the matter. The'y declaru
that they propose' to II ml out whether this Is
true or not nnd if it is , to bring an action
against the mayor and chief of police to
force them to give up the contlscatcei goods
or stand a trial for unlawfully destroying
the property.
The somewhat noted case known as tha
State vs the Atchison & Nebraska Rail
road company was submitted today to J. II.
Amos as roforoe. The attornuy general has
no connection with the case , lion. C. G.
pawns appearing for the plaintiff. This case
is the one in which the forfeiture of the )
charter of the road Is concerned.
IIKAI ) Tlimil Tlll.i : CI.I5AI1.
Jndfc'O Tibbutts hoard the case of Kato H.
Andrews nnd II. H. Wilson vsAI. II , Mullen ,
Steven Halo and John Ii. Andrews this
norning. About two venrs ago Mrs. Andrews
obtained n divorce from her husband , ono of
-he elofungants , and as alimony received ; i
Iced for forty acres of land in'Mlddlo Crook
irecinct , but on February 15 , 181K ) , Andrews ,
, vho Htill retained tha ownership nf thu
ither olchty , executed n mortgage toV. . N.
iavls for $ < ! 7l.f)0 ! , rovorlng part of the land
iroviously dccdud to his wile ) . In September
ast H. II. Wilson became the owner of tlio
! lghty belonging to Andrews , and paying
ho Davis mortgage. In ISti'.l Andrews'
'nthor being In thu need of some money bor-
owed W.Kl from Mullen , who afterwards
indorsed thu notes to Stuven Hnlo. The neto
vas afterwards paid and thu inortgnga
cloascd , but It appeared from the record
hat the assignment from Halo to Mullen had
fesvor been ree-ordetl , and thu old mortgage
cmiilns on apparent lien. After n hearing
ho c-oiirt , ordered the cloud cleared nnd tha
Itle of plaintiffs was made absolute. .
onus AND rsn.s.
E. T. Warden , sheriff of Nuckolls county ,
3 in the city toda" .
Lieutenant Porshlng , the United Stntos
dicer assigned by the War department to
uccuoel Lieutenant Grifllth n.s Instructor In
allltarv science at the ) State university , has
rrlved In the city and is quartered nt thu
! apltat hotel. The llonlunant has madu n
nvorablo Impression already among thu
eoplo he has met hero ,
lionril ill' I'nhlleVoriH. ! .
Tno session of the Hoard of Public Works
oldyoitordny afternoon was attended by all
f tha ir.ombors except Major Furay.
Contracts for grading thu following streets
roro awarded : Seward from Twonty-lllth
) Thirty-sixth , to Lamurnux Brothers &
'ittlngar ' , at 1IJ4 cunts per cublu yard ;
hnrles trom Twenty-llfth to Thirty-sixth ,
) Alf IJrulnard , at 11 ! t-10 cents pur cublo
John Schlarb e'omplalnnd that tha snvvur in
10 Mloy In the rear of tha Windsor hotel
'as Improperly constructed , Thnt by reason
t such Improper construction his property
ad boon flooded and damaged to the ox ton I
f fl.MO.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
' / * . '
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