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Explanation of the Manner in Which the
Pool Room Scheme Was Worked.
Ho Ilnmllr.t the I > l ] trh < > s at Ilir Jf
York r.tid unit .lugglcd thn Wurlw
I'rogri'itu 'jf tlin Hlryrlo
Hurt ) ,
The scheme to break Iho pool rooms In the
various cities of the country Tuesday after
noon proves lo bo Iho liveliest and mpu
Bleantlo plcco of work uf this description
ever nltomplcd In the country. Il hns n special
local nlgnlllcanco from the fact that It was
through the vlallanco and sagacity of
Charles Sablns , manager of tbo Umtuond
pool rooms , Hint Iho btir. crooked denl
wns balked in Its very inclpioncy. Assist
ant General Superintendent 0. U. Horton ,
ot the western division of the Western ,
Union Telegraph company , snld yoslorday
ipornlng lhat if It had not bavo been for Mr.
bablns' tolocram to Manager Uoaloy of Now
ork , nfter Iho llrst race Tuesday after
noon , thnt every { tool room In the country
would bo dead broke today , ns their losses
would hnvo boon tremendous , undoubtedly.
running up into the hundreds of thousands.
An Operator III the DIM ) .
The facts of tno discovery of the chief lool
in the fraud , ono Prank Boyle , n trusted and
proficient operator In the racing bureau nl
Now York , nro nbout ns follows : On Iho ro-
colpt of Sablns' ' telegram , Manager Uoaluy
was but a moment in ascertaining that'a big
Job wns in progress , nnd forthwith sot about
to frustrate It. Ilo stationed himself In the
operating room and nt the termination of the
third nice caught Uoylo In Iho very net of
substituting the name of Iho horse tno clover
sharks had arranged to play for thu wltniur.
This wns Mabel , Iho winner being Mabello.
Boyle was immediately relieved and tbo
error corrected , and word Unshed ever the
couniry to tbo pool rooms notifying thorn of
Iho fraud.This , however , was too Into to save
any of Ihom excepting Omaha , where Sabins
had stopped tha payment of all tlckols 1m-
mediately after thfflirst race.
In Covington , Kansas City , Denver nnd
San Francisco , the bogus tlcknts on both the
llrst mid second rnce were cashed before the
pool rooms received nn inkling of the Job-
from this city via the racing bureau at Now
York. The consequences are that the ag-
grcgsto loss in these four cities will foot Up
probably * 7. > ,000 , but a drop in the bucket to
what. they would havn dumped ,
had the whole nix races been
played nccordinc to the program ,
for it has since been ascertained that it was
on the last race the sharks were to have made
their "killing. "
lUIixed Their lllg Opportunity.
The two horses that were lo bo played in
tbo last two races are not known , us the
blocking of the gnmo on the third race ohlit-
ernled all chances for further knowledge of
ibo details of this smooth Job. The llrst four
to bu played , however , were Congress , Uosu
( J. . Mabel , and Woodcutter , all long odds
shots , Tbo sharks evidently only Intended
to paVe the way for Iho final calaclasm
op these four horses , intending to null
out n trlllc like a couple of hundred
thousand dollars , leaving the last two events
on which to "bust" the rooms.
Ilnil Mastered Ivery ; Detail.
'To give nn idea of the nonsummnlo skill
exorcised in pulling up llio Job , is only neces
sary lo slate that all telegrams from the Gut-
lonborg Irack lo Iho racing bureau in Now
York cily were nil O. K. in Ibo minutest de
tail , "and were sent from tbo racing bureau
to the operating room all in regular order.
Right hero the nice work catno in. Boyle ,
Who was SL'uftlug on the western circuit to
Chicago , substituting thu names of the
winners lhat were to bo played by his con
federates throughout the.country in the mes
sages sent in plain English , and in tha cipher
messages substituting tbo cipher words for
the bogus horses in place of those given in
Ibo messages from Iho bureau to tbo pool
rooms , so that the cipher apparently was nil
right , tallying as It did with the winners
sent In Iho description nnd olllcial messages
ns Boyle bad adroitly doctored them. This
shows conclusively that be is n man well up
in Iho intricacies of the racing bureau , with
acccess to the cipher schedule , which ho bad
undoubtedly all arranged beforehand.
It is said that Boyle received t O.OOO
cosh in hand for" his participation
in the Job , and ha had executed
his work well , for all the sharks playing the
western pool rooms bad a manifold copy of
the entries nnd the winners , which they wore
to play.
Mr , Iforton explained that Boyle could not
bo other ihnu au expert , as his work had all
to be done with lightning quickness , as there
Is never Iho slightest delay in transinitliug
Ihoso messages. His knowledge of Iho
cipher must bo thorough , and his work at
the key done without hesitancy or hitch.
Notwithstanding the absolute knowledge
of Boyle's complicity in tbis gigantic fraud ,
ho is amenable to no law , as it cannot bo
proven that ho changed the message , for
when caught in the net substituting
Mabel for Mabolla , his claim Hint it was an
error was plnuslbio indeed , considering the
similitude between tbo two names. Ho
a wears thai ba sonl Iho messages as they lay
before him , and if any change was made il
was in transit nt thu Chicauo ofllco. It is not
probnllo , however , that Mr. Boyle will cut
much ot n llguro from this on with the
Western Union Telegraph company.nnd with
his "llulo rake off" it is not probable that ho
desires to.
Docin't C'nrti u lEup ,
DKNVKII , Col. , Jan. 0. Frank Perry , ono of
the mon implicated in defrauding the pool
room of Austin & Co. yesterday by means of
bogus returns on Iho results of the Gutton.
berg rrrrs , .was arrested hero today. Ho had
not attempted to loavn town nnd took his
nrrest very ccolly , apparently believing that
the law cannot touch him for ths ] not. Only
a few dollars were found on him at the time
of his arrest. Ho would neither admit nor
deny that ho was guilty of the orimo and
would say nothing as to hh partner , Rogers.
The latter has not been found yet aud is
supposed to have toft town ,
on right * .
SAN FitVNCisco , Cal. , Jan. 0. The directors
of the California Athletic club have adopted
n resolution authorizing the offering' of a
series of purses to docldo the heavyweight
championship. Tbo men solnUed us candi
dates are Sullivan , Slnvin , Mitchell , Jack
son , M.thor , ChovnskI , Goddnrd ana Mc-
Aullffu. The purses are not to bo loss than
Si.500 each nnd may bo Increased.
NKwOiti.iiAXs Ln. , Jan. 0. The Olympic
club bus completed arrangements for n light
between Cal McCarthy and young Callahan ,
to take place about the ! 20th lust. The purse
will be fc.,000. _
Uoiir Lender * In the Collxenm t'lmso Hiding
. n Itupld Knee.
There was an average good crowd at the
Coliseum lust night to watch the six-day
bykers on their dlfzy way , The feature of
the assemblage was the very largo number of
ladies present , the reserved department
being completely occupied by them. Thn
llrst hour's racing was the best and fastest
lu thu history of the building , the entire
ofaht contestants tolling olT no leas than
nineteen miles , something never before HC-
complUhed lu a professional raco. In tills
time nn ono lost a lap , Stage , the plucky
Scotchman , setting nil the pace. On the
twonty-tlftli mlle Prince , much to the disap-
polntmcnt of bis many friends , again left hU
wheel. Ho argued that ho was out of the
race , and that from this on hli riding In this
race would only bo far training purposes.
The result of the present race so far , how
ever , only demonatratOH the folly of such
men as Prlncoaud Heading entering any sort
of n race ( .gainst a Hold of competitors In tbo
pi UK of condition. They ntiould hnvo gottoit
nt or remained out of the struggle alto
It U evident thai Wood , Aahingor , Staco
nnd O'b'lnnugau are out for blood , if nothing
movu. Tnoy will uot yield nn inch , aud the
man that wins will have tha glory of having
wou th gmitost six-day race aver run In
America. A good word is also coming to
Dick Howell , the short dUUticii
chntnp\on \ This is his llrst six-day race , nnd
nnd ho has evidently roiotvod to stick It out ,
no tnnttor what the result may bo. Ho U
ridlnif bolter nnd bettor ovary night.
On the l.'Bth mllu Lamb dropped out , nnd
on the laiHh Ueiullngnnd llowolf. Thn race
now bin nnrrowod down to Wood , Ashlngar ,
Htngo nnd O'FIanngan England , America ,
Scotland and lrolnndScoro _ : _
IllSi-rs , " Xfllen I.IIIH "llliTnri , Mil pi" l.ntn.
Wnoif lu ) B Unwell 1VJ I
AMilngor im O1 llp.tilliu IW 1
Singe | ni o.l.nmt lit ; !
O'KlnnnKnn.IHJ U I'rlnca Pi 8
l.onliyVimti to INrnpr.
AVCMM , Neb. , Jnn. t ! . To the Sporting Kd-
Itorof Tun Brint On the lOth of December
last , Floyd Harshtnnn of this place , the
champion wroillor of Nobr.nka , mat two of
the backers of Frank Lsahy of Wlsnor , Nob. ,
at South Omaha to nrrango n wrestling
match to tnko ptnco there January J ) , nnd
two days later Leahy's brother met George
Harshman , Ji' , n younger brother of Floyd's ,
In Weeping Water niylnrrangod a match for
Frank with George to taito plnco there Jan
uary BJ , ISM ono day prior to the ono in South
Omaha , Both matches were for $100 aside ,
with fctt forfeit from each sldo In each
As soon in Leahy found thntho was booked
for two matches Lo wrote Floyd that ho
wanted tno date of ono of thorn changed nnd
Floyd accordingly mot Louhy by appointment
In South Oiinha and agreed' ch.ingo the
date of either- match , when Lo.thy tried to
kick out of llio ono in South Oiniha alto
gether , and tbU Floyd of course refused to
do , as bo Is willlnir to give him thirty days
bptwecn the two matches , Today Floyd received -
coivod tbo following loiter from Leahy
himself :
U isxnn , Neb. , Jan. S. Floyd H trail *
man , csq. , SIrr Iwntoyou thcio few lines
to lei you know that whilu I must savyou
worked the boys protfy slluk It wi'l ' network
work with me. 1 have stopped the Omaha
match nid ! llxed It so you cnn'tcollect forfeit.
You know the law on auch n case. Either
both mon withdraw tftolr nionoy or It will go
to the school fund. I iiQvcr would have done
the Ilka If you had played nsquuro game , but
ycu did not , and you know It. I will go
ahead with tha ether mutch according to
agreement , ' but I don't intend to wrestle two
mon itisldo of twenty-four hours. That Is not
a square deal. Youra respectfully ,
FitAxu Lr.uir.
ThoHarshman hovs nsk no advantage
from titty ono and nro perfectly willing to
give lioahy any reasonable length of time
between tbo two mntchos.
-I .V.VO l/.Vt/K.lfK.VT.S- .
"Madnrao Favart1 ' is to bo presented at
Boyd's ' now theater on this and tomorrow
evenings and Saturday matlnoo. Entirely
now scenery nas boon painted and now cos
tume's made for this revival , which will b3
on olabor.ito ono in every way. Miss T'au-
llno Hall assumes the titular role , which is
remarkably rich in gems of vocallsm per
fectly suited.to her voloo. That the lady by
her singing , will add to the luster of the
music is reasonably certain. Gporgo Boni-
face , jr. , enacts tbo part of Mons. Favart , a
character affording him a wide Hold for his
versatile powow. Miss Addio Cora Rood
has a pleasing Impersonation In Su anne ,
who is shy and pretty. Miss Horn Cook is
sure to be In her element as a good r.ntured
hostess , whoso duty and pleasure it
is to befriend the heroine when
that perplexed personage Is most in
need of a friend. William Blaisdoll is en
trusted with the important role of
Marquis du Pout-Sable a creation that
the the finished French comedian ,
Duchosne , llrst made familiar in the
palmy days of opera boutTo In the Parisian
original. American vocalists , actresses and
actors have vastly improved on the ancient
French methods , nnd Mr. Blahcioll may bo
safely trusted to make now and tolling
points in bis interprotalion of the marquis.
John Brand Is offered an abundance of exercise -
ciso for his mniralflcont volco as Lieutenant
Hector do Boispreau , and -Arthur E. Miller
has a congenial role In Major Cotlgnac. A
coherent dramatic story forms tne doslrnblo
groundwork of the libretto of "Madamo Fa
vart. " OfTdiibach , the famous composer of
comlq onoras. has written many musical
works , among which" may' bo mentioned
"Grand Dnchsss of Gorolstoin , " "Orpheus
in the Lower Hegious , " "Bluo Beard , " "La
Vie Pnrislonno , " "La Uavardo do Sara-
gesso , " "Ln Poricholo , " "Los Brigands , "
"Lo Coraairo.NoIr , " "La Jolio Parfumousc , "
"Voyaco dons la Lune , " "Lo Docteur Ox , "
"La Belle Helena , " and "Madame Favart. "
Tbo' last two are the most celebrated.
The advance snlo of seats for the Omaha 011-
gogomont was very largo.
"A Barrel of Monoy" will bo produced at
Farnam Street theater on Thursday , Friday
nnd Saturday. The stage effects during tbo
great.irou mill scene , a feature of the play ,
nro said to exclto the utmost admiration , so
perfectly , so realisticly does the largo engine
work , the machinery rnovo and the hands
whir. Tbo manner in which n young girl ,
tied to ono of the ro7olvlng bolts , is snvcd
from nlmost certain death , is n now nnd
striking departure in stngo mechanism.
The two-headed nightingale , the lady who
Is the possessor of ono body , two heads , four
arms' , four loiy'or limbs , talking , as slid does ,
to two different persons on two different sub
jects , in two different languages ut tbo same
time , is what you sea at the Eden Muscethis
week. Mlllio Christina is smart nnd hot nt
all displeasing ; she sings with both mouths
alto and sonrnno at the same timo. She is
deservedly called tbo Eighth Wonder of the
The entertaining and over welcome Horr-
mann , aided by Mine. Herrmann , will bo the
attraction of Hoyd's now theater on Sunday
ovonlng next for ono night only.
TttXXKSHKK JlfXKItS HT / < t'lllHT.
Troubln Hru\vlnK III tlio Conl Orrnk Viilley
( iimrdliiK the ConvIrlM.
KroxviiAE , Tcnn. , Jan. ( ) . The sentiment
of anarchy Is in Iho air throughout Coal
Creek valley and another outbreak of looting
nnd bloodshed Is expected every moment.
The following circular has boon sent among
tbo minors to reuse thorn.
The convicts shall never train a foothold
hero IIKIIIn. Our prayers must bo. blessings
on our poonlo and dotriiutlnn on tlio convicts ,
lessees and the state nulltla. ' Wo must nut
with priidunoa and give thn tit for tat. No
matter what uomos duath , destruction or
anarchy wo must stand together. Ono hun
dred and sixty-sovon moo think thev may
Intimidate us. Shall wo endure ? Never. Thu
tlmo ta strike nneo moro for our families and
on r homes Is almost at hand.
Todav when a United Ststos IHg was run
up Iho troops cheered it , but n minor yelled
In derision , "It won't slnv ' there long ; wo
will shoot It down nnd you'with It. "
The minors come nbout tno camps and
watch the soldiers , standing about In knots
and examining their position. The trouble
is bound to como inside of u week , and tbcro
will bo bloodshed.
Eugene Merrill , tbo loader of the minors ,
has issued a proclamation calling for n mootIng -
Ing tomorrow night. After ihnl the outbreak
is ox pec tea und the stnto iroous nro prepar
ing for It ,
The. Duutli Hull , r ]
GIUNM > limns , Mich. , Jan. (3.-Jacob (
Bartiio , for twenty-llvo yonrs n prominent
merchant bt this city , secretary of the
Mason to Mutual Bonollt Association of Mich
igan , treasurer of tha Michigan Masonic
Homo board since ( is 6ryi .tiiiiiUou , nnd
prominent member of the Scottish rite , died
of pneumonia superinduced by the grip.
Ton C'orpxr * In \Vrceked Schooner ,
ST. JOHNS , ' N. I1' . , Jan , 0. A schooner
which disappeared in n galtf last September
has been picked up olT SU 1'lorro. The dead
bodies of ten men wore fgund In her.
Know lutho UlllH.
DE.UJ\VOOI > , S. D , , Jnn. 0. A heavy snow
prevails here. A blockade of the railroads Is
anticipated. The storm prevails around
Huron also.
fcoN-rixuBu riuiM FIIIST I'lQB J
W IT ovuintKKn.
l'03tuii tur Workman Kxplulu * Why Ilo In
OliarK il with iiul : > ezlummit.
ATLANTIC , ! , , Jan. 5. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BBB. ) Bx-Postumstor Workman of
Extra , who was arrested yesterday on tbo
charge of embezzlement ot tuonoy order
funds , has been hold to the federal grand
Jury la $500 bonds , The facts are
stated to bo that a maq left
* > with the deputy postmaster to
bo forwarded to nn ofllco which was nftor-
wnrds found not to bo a nionoy order oftlco.
Tbu man could not bo located nnd Iho hionoy
wiu turned ever to the post ofllco Inspector
bv Workman whan ho resigned , nnd n re
ceipt WAS Uknn. When the man found the
money had not bovn sent ho swore out a
warrant for .Workman's nrrost.
( 'nliir Viillry Poultry Club.
IsiiKruNliKNtK , la , , Jan. 5. ( Special Tclo
gram to Tun But : . ] The Cedar Vnlloy
Poultry club closes Its sixth annual exhibl
tlon today , nnd the 1,000 fowls displayed nro
tbu finest ever brought together In the west.
Mrs. Juntos Beattv of Tborndato , In. , carried
olT the sweepstakes on au S. C. B
Leghorn , scoring ninety-six points.
Clinton Miller of this city scored
ninety-eight points on n mammoth
bron/o turkey , n llguro never obtained In any
otbor class ot birds. Judge Fitch nays ol
the exhibition ; "Tho class of birds brought
together hero .should make this city us popu
lar as a contcr tor poultry fanciers as she is
uorlil wulo knuivn as n horse town , "
I own Catholic * { linirri'l.
DfitfQfK , In. , Jnn u. [ Snoclnl Telegram
to Tin : OBI.I : Hen. Father Slnttcry pf Key
West church tins written n-leller complain-
Ine of injustice In the publication of Bishop
Hennessey's Jubilee . Ho charges llov. Father
Burke , pastor of the cathedral , with ignor
ing the part ho ( Slnttory ) took in Iho
exurclsiM of which ho was master of cere
monies , hit name being omitted from the pro-
co'oding.s. Ilo also claims to.havp.Written the
address of tbo prleit-s of thudlocoso to the
bishop , which Is crcdttod in the proceedings
to Father Burki- . The Catholics are con
siderably stlrrod up ever tbo matter ,
\VliNky IliirruU > iel/ec ) .
DfntiQi'H , In. , Jaiii -Spoulal { Telegram
to Tun DM. ] By order of United States
Collector Lnthrop , a part of a' car toad of
empty whisky barrels whs seized this mornIng -
Ing for not having the stamps thoroughly
removed ; also the marks and the brands as
the law requires. They came frbm Chicago
via the Chicago , St , Paul & "Kansas City
road , nnd wore consigned to. tbo Gushing
Vinegar \vorlcs of this city. ,
Clinreh anil Contents llilrnecl.
FORT Domic , In. , Jam 5. ( Special Tolo-
grntti to Tttn Bnn.J St. Marie's Episcopal
Church was gutted by fire hero this morning.
The church nnd furniture nro n total loss.
The building wns n frame structure , built
thirty-four years ago , and cost S > ,000 or
Iii.Oui ) . It will bo replaced by a costly .modern
cdillco. The lire was caused by n smoulder
ing spark.
The experience of Tun Ben CI/UMS
IH'iiH u has brought out the fact that many
of its subscribers do not understand that the
Indian depredations act passed by the last
congress annulled all previous contract for
collecting claims under it. This' is a fact
that they .should know for their ow/i proteo
tlon. When tbo act was stunod all contracts
withagunU were made void by its teniu.
The holders of claims were then frca to make
such bargains with their agents as they
pleased , or could refuse to malio any bargain
at all.
The framers of the act found it necessary
to take this stop for thn protection of tha
claimants. At tha time when there seemed
little chance that such an act would ba
passed hundreds of claimants had contracted
with agents to pay outrageous fens lu case
the nionoy could bo collected. Cases are
known In which thoclalmants had contracted
to give up to the ngonts over ono-half the
amount collected. Cases in which one-third
was promised were not at all uncommon. To
allow tboso contracts to stand would make
the law not nn net of Justice , but , an act of
extortion for the benefit of the claim agents.
Tbo clause was inserted annulling alt the
contracts , good , bad and Indifferent , nnd
limiting the percentage to DO chnrfjod by
agents to in per cent , with nn extra G per
cent allowance for special cases. The claim
agents nnturnlly objected to this , assorting
that it was bovond the pmrors of congress ,
but the be3topinionof- , houses was tbnt
contracts made to collect claims , undqra law
that did.not exist could bo annulled in thse
On the 4tn of March , therefore , the claim
ants who bad signed contracts wore as frto
, from obligations to ngonts as these who had
not. If they were satisfied with their.agouts
and wished to sign n now contFact within thu
tof compensation fixed by the law , it
as their right , but ncno of thorn wcro
under nny legal 'obligation to do so. The
more unscrupulous of the agents naturally
represented to their clients that they were
bound to renew their contracts , with merely
Iho substitution of the terms named by law
for the outrageous commissions nt lirst de
manded. Cases have bean brought t the
attention of Tus Betr in which this
policy had bon lollowod succes Ily ,
by unscrupulous agents. They bad in award
bullied the claimants into ulrfiig tb'om whan
if tbo claimants bad understood that they
were free of obligation , they would have
chosen other representatives. As others nro
being worked upon in the same waytho
facts of the case nro sot forth for their pro
tectton. If they nro satisfied with the mon
they llrst chose they are right in ro-ongaging
them. If they are not satltled. they are fruo
to engage anbody they choose.
THE Br.u CIAIMS BUIIEAU was established
solely for the protection of tbo public. It
was ostublishod on account of the complaints
of Its subscribers who thought they were
being unjustly treated , and those , still moro
numerous , who applied to it to find a reliable
agent. It will collect the claims at only such
charges as will pay tbo expenses of the tu-
reau. It is expected that it will rarely hap
pen that tbo limit set by tbo law will ba
needed to pav the expense of collection.
Miny of the claims can doubtless be collected
for 5 per cent of their face. The bureau Is at
the service of the subscribers nod public nt ,
large. Tboso who take advantage of Us offer
will save monev by It , Tboso who do not
place their claims in its cbarga will save
money , too , for It has put u chock on the ra
pacity of the agents who would otherwise
fool free to take tbo last"pejiliy the law al
lows. It is the privilege of a. grout news
paper to benefit all. .
A tUlKni'.l ) ItUltK'.lff. .
The organization ot tha now court ot law
claims at Denver last month and the an
uouncomont that ibo court will hold Its flnn
session In that city on the 17th of November
tlvo promise that ho long-vexed titles in th
western territories and state , wlllsoon bo in
a fair way to settlement. Tha disputed titles
under the Mexican and Spanish grants have
proved especially troublcsomo'ln.Arizona , and
Now Mexico. They ua.vodolayod settlement
umi investment in seine of the tntrast lands
of the southwest , und have proved .annoying
In the districts farther to thanorthr After
much ngltation und complaint odagrais w.i
nduced at the Ian session to provide a court
for the consideration of this business ; and
vlll soon begin to worlc.
The organization of this court givo. < t Tuc
BKR BrunAU or CI.MMS a chance to extend lu
usefulness. It will take claims underi this
law aud prosccuto them for persons who do
not know whom to engage for tha service.
Tbo business entrusted to tbo. bureau In
Washington Is being prosooLd with energy.
The Indian depredations patent , land
mining and other claims before the courts
and departments are being pushed as rapidly
as possible , with no delays onjiccunt of the
largo amount of business which has been sent
to the bureau. The I urea amount of claims
Intrusted tolls carols a standing proof of tbo
eitoom mid confidence In which Tim BEB is
bold by llio public which ll serves. II Is lllto-
wlsu a demonstration. If ouo wai roqulrod.o
ho need of such an organization
The revelations in regard to ] the Loomls
agency which have boon published recently
go even further In the same direction. When
a man sought for by the pollcu for nearly u
year on a warrant for embezzlement can set
up as a claim agent , Hood the wotarn coun
try with circulars and receive assignments
for sovorul million dollar's worth of claims ,
it appears that there Is little protection for
the claimant who sends to an unknown repre
sentative. Thu men whoasslgued tlielrclnlm
lo Loomls would have had small chauco o
their seeing any of their money If tba
schnmor had boon glvon tlmo to coitcot their
claims. When such risks are run nnd mon
who are not nblo to go to Washington and
know no one there must biro their nliornovs
at haphazard , the need for a bureau to- pro
tect the pcoplo and do their work at reivsoii-
able rates U apparent.
The approval with which TUB BEK enter
prise Is received bv Journalists and public
mon 1s as gratlfvlne as Iho rospousu ol the
Hands of Oj Droiljund Strongtlionod by
the Allegiance of King Oharlos ,
I'JG _
" " "
lO , ll
Sculptor Stov frilvc * Ills lliprrlpntio In I2x.
lilbltliign'l'Miierlran Impositions Out.
ri , in UrcoinliiK
ICopyrttjhtctl IXKIili Jiini'1 Gordon Ittnnttt , ' }
I'AIIII , Jan. 5. [ Now York Hornlu Cable
Special to TUB linn. | A change of ministry
has Just occurred 111 Uoumanla , where the
.feminist party has asiumod the rams ol
oniec. Events of this kind uro frequent In
European states and as n rule , attract small
notlco. nut In this ease the accredited dlulo-
matlsts nt Bucharest thought the change Im
portant enough to make it the subject ol
communications to their various govern
ments. The advent to power of the Jommist
minister menus defeat for the partisans ol
Kusiiu In Uotimanta.
On Saturday Ivlng Charles and the heir
apparent left Bucharest , nominally to visit
the queen , who was lying 111 at I'allnnza.
They bultod on their way at Posth ,
where they hod an Interview with
the emperor of Austria. Francis Joseph
mot ICing Charles at the station. The two
sovereigns embraced oar.li other. Later thu
king nml princes attended nn olllcial banquet ,
which was followed by a private Interchange
of views on political affalri between the
monarch * and the Hungarian ministers.
When the interview had undod Kin ? Charles
ave his hand to the emperor , as ho returned
to the salon * , and , In the presence of the
assembled courtiers , said , "Wo uro friends. "
This remark confirmed what was already
clrar enough from the mere fact that the
kaiser had received the Roumanian monarch.
l iird Illoxv for ltii xlu.
It proves that the sovereigns have arrived
nt nn entente on certain point * . It would bo
useless to deny that tbis entente deals a hard
blow at the policy of Kussla In the Unlknns ,
or that it means a success fur the Irlplo
nlllanuo In the east , In order to enter Bul
garia the Uussinns would bo forced to pass
throuch Koumanlan territory , and if thu
Husalan army found Itself confronted by tbo
troops of King'Charlos It would haven dis-
ngreeablo uxpurlcnco.
ThU now move in the gnmo of European
politics should multd a stir , acd may have
serious consequences ,
The Panama canal again gave rise to some
discussion In ' . Chiunbor today. It was
provoUea by a petition of united share
holders to the government , which has prom
ised to look after theiclnterosis , , but declines
to accept responsibility in the matter. At
the end of tbo debate by a unanimous vote of
509 deputies the'Chnmber requested the gov
ernment to prosecute the pcoplo who caused
the , Panama $ l ; > jjgtorsoverelv.
Port of thelouus employed by the Urban
company hnVtfgbno out on a strike , as a pretest -
test aeiilnst what they regard as the exces
sive sums they Uavo to pay for the use of the
company's carriages. Tno Urban men arc
known to all strangers by tbeir white hats.
tij JAcquiis ST. CI'.HK.
Amcrlriin ArtUU Abroad U'ant Soniu favor
fl-Oinllhe United SI lit OH.
IPopi/rtuliUriJSti li\i \ Jama flaiiltm Jlciinctt. }
HOME , Jan. 5. [ Now York Herald Cable-
Special to Txin Bj'.K.J It may bo reasons Dly
.doubted whether. American and other artists
, h ro will bo < aatisilod with nnvthmir loss
( ban tbo traasprjutatjop. of .their worits free ,
' '
Jo oud.from.tjjej plu'n'iblan exposition. There
are vague rurnora , ofjoat tbat the > Untteil ,
States will send ships whereon marbles and
paintings will bo embarked at European
ports and lauded at" Chicago , bufrro one In
authority can venture to offer uny guaranty
that this is the case. ' Unless nome promise
of this sort can b'o given , the magnificent
palnco of art by the loko front may stahd
Will Story , tbo sculdtor.-sald very much
to the point , that the putting of a duty on
art productions was a matter of deep regret
to all American artists living in Homo "They
call it tariff' for protection , " ho remarked.
"Whom do they ivish to protect ? Wo do
not wish to ba protected. If the govern
ment or management of the exhibition takes
a largo. generous viqw of the matter , I am
snro their invitation' to American artists
abroad will meet- with a ro&noiisn ; but wo
must have a dellnito promise to rely on. Wo
sco Ezekicl of Richmond , Vu. , said no
promise has been in a do to us , yet
when I exhibited works of mine In
Berlin and Budapohst , In both cases
tbo Gorman and Austrian governments
bore tbo expense iof packing and transporta
tion both ways. The Italian committee
wished to send my works to Philadelphia ,
but I preferred lo "iro as on American. The
Continental committee supposed that the
United States would pay the cost of trans
portation to Philadelphia and back , but
rather thought I should have to bear the cost
of packing myself. I took the chance ,
tbo works got. mislaid , and not only
was I compelled to pay the transportation
.charges back , but , the colossal head of Wash
ington , the largest , I believe , over made ,
which got stranded in the custom house , re
mained there during tiio whole time of tbo
exhibition , and 1 was compelled to pay
storage on If. lor a year , bomo of my works
that bad taken prices In Berlin were sent to
the centennial and brought bnclc at tbo expense
ponso of the Gorman government. "
Itovolt < > f tlin Klmbyles HUH Assumed a
Thrcati'iiliiK Stage.
[ Copurlvhttil IKtibifJttme * ( iiiiiluii Ilciinett. ]
TAXOIUIIS , Jon. 5. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to" Tun Uun.l The revolt of
tno peasantry In the province 'of Tangier
against tno exactions of the basha has as
sumed great proportions , threatening the
lives and property of Europeans. All tour
ists have loft. Throe of thorn , who redo
from tbo intorbr last evening , can vouch for
the fact that seventeen knbalat , or districts ,
containing t.OUO lighting man , haveruvoltcd.
Early this morning , the loaders decided to
'punish the forces tnat tbo sultan is sending
to support the bashn.
Great anxiety is felt hero lest Kbabylcs
should attack Tangier * , hoping to ombroll
the sultan wllluthu European powers. Her
majesty's ' sl > lnitrapplor , ( { and Thundnror , ar
rived last niiyit. und other vessels of the
British tlcot are Mow on the way from Cadiz.
The consuls hiiye agreed to nsk that n large
force of blue jifTOls should bo landed for the
defense of thq'plfy.
Five nundrcjfrsotdlors of ( bo sultan are np-
[ ) roachin ? TimvMH , accompanied by a com *
nitteu to InqUlrdinto the griuvanco of the
Khabyls. BainilW Sid Mahomed is an nr
rant coward , uo locks himself and soldiers
ip at sunset In. uls cltldol , leaving the town
.otnlly unguarucd. Peasants have sent In
reassuring tuasAugos. .
Other war $ nw.i than these named are
itoammg up anp . ' ( jowif Ilia oiling prepared to
and men at unj jyouiont ,
Do } Ji < np.i iiiit Calmer.
WJlw Jamr * ( Ionian Ilcnndt. ]
S , Jnn.'M ) | Now York Herald Cable-
Special to TfitPWen. ] Lo Figaro this
[ Wednesday ) morning says Guy do ATnupns-
ant is much calmer , .but Is completely pros-
rated. His mautal condition is such that
confinement to his room Is necessary , Tbo
vound In his. ncbk U hnaling rapidly. Ho
probably will brought to Paris Thursday
and placed In the private mad house of IJr.
From the Noorilliiml'ii Sldo.
ICopyrtgMttl t&t ! liuJtimc * (7 < > nl < m Jlcitnctt. ]
AXTwsui' , Jun. 5 , [ New York Herald
Cable Special toTiiK. UEE.f-Onicors of the
led Stnrllnor Noordland who are charged by
Cngllsh aud American papers with in
humanity for not making proiUor efforts to
rescue tbu crow of thu other voisel in the recant -
cant collision , say tbo fact Is that Im
mediately. after the pollUion two ooaU , ono
n command of Urn chief olttcer , were
oworcd from tbo Noordland and searched for
he crew of the other vassel. Ono of the
jouts ro turned and tbo otbor the uoxt day
roacued tbo Dutcu coast. Tbo NoordlanU
hurt nboutf > 00nouia aboard , nnd was leaking
when Mm put In nt Fluschlng. She arrived
nt Antwerp Sunday night , .
Accltlrnl nt do l.uvoloyo'n Pnnrrnl.
[ Comirtuhtnl lfmi > u Same * Gonlon HtnntU , ]
Unussnt.t , Jan. fi. [ Now York Iloratd
Cablo-Spoolnl to TUB HBK.J The funeral
of Kmllo do Lnveloyo took plnco ted y nt
Llogo before an enormous attendance of
unlvorslty professors , stuaonts , deputies ,
senators and other oftlclaU , with military
honors but no church rlto.
During the ccromonlei in the great hall of
the university the stnlrcaso fell from the
weight of the crowd. Several wcro injured.
Hector Galopin of the university delivered n
long eulogy on the deceased. Blgnt other
speeches were nmdonnd then the corpse was
convoyed to a hoarao and w.i.i sllaatly in
terred In the Hobormonto cemetery.
l the TroojH.
Ute QitANun CITT , 1'ox. , Jan. 5. Several
rovoltillonarr prlnonors , guarded by n do-
tacbmont of soldiers and three deputy mar
shals , loft hero' for Brownvlllo yester
day for trial by the federal court ,
now in sosslon there. A few hours
nfter their doparttiro a dispatch was re
ceived from Sheriff Closner of Edmbnrg to
the comtnanilor , stating that It was re
ported that a baud of mounted Mexicans had
been soon nt Havana ranch , which Is midway
between Midway mid Fort Hlnggold and on
the routu over which tbo prisoners were being
taken. In left than thirty tnlolltos two
troops of the Third cavalry and Captain Mc
Neil's company of rangers wcro in the saddle
with the understanding with Sheriff Closnor
that they were to attack Havana much to
The sheriff also loft Edinburg with u posse
of llftcen men taking an operator to establish
a tomporaryofllce. At 7 o'clock this morning
a despatch was received from Havana to the
commanding ofllcor as follows :
A llttln nftcr duvhreak this morning Cip-
taln McKay with C troop wont. Into Iho Jaya
pifstnroat tbu loner und. ( Japtnm Mi-Nell
with Ills coinjmny wont through the middle ) of
It and the bhorllr with ten mtm and two depu
ties wont Into the upper part Three rove
lutlorilsta were chUsod by the ran or-i , but
they oseaiMil.
Several of tno rovnlutlonlsts crossed tbo
river during thu nUht In such haste us to
leave a hon-o stiiiik In the mud and tbu saddle
on tbo further side. LAMIIIOHNK.
of fntorrst < > < rurrlnjj In tbu Itcgu-
IniHorvlir Yc-Htnriliiy.
WASIIINOTO.V , D. C. , Jan. fi. [ Special
Telegram to Tim Bir. : . -Captain I John Pit
man is relieved from Inspcctlo4 > duty at West
Point foundry , Cold Spring , N. Y. , mid as
signed to duty at Frankford ai unnl , Phlla-
dOlphia , Pa. Captain Henry Motcalfo. now
tiwalting orders , is assigned to inspection
duty nt the West Point foundry , Cold Spring ,
N. Y. Captain Ira MnuNutt 1 relieved
from duty nt Wat-jrvllot urscnal , I > ! ow York ,
nnd assigned to inspection duty at Bethlehem
Iroa works , South Bethlehem , Pa. , to relieve
First Lieutenant Frank E. Hohbs , Ordnance
department , who , on being so relieved , will
proceed to Watorvllot , nrsonul and report to
the commanding olltcor thereof for assign
ment to duty.
] * y direction of the acting secretary of war
the following named olllccrs , having been
found Incapacitated for active service by tbo
Army Kollrliig board , will proceed to their
homes and on arrival there report by lottcrto
the adjutant general of tbo army : Major
Julius H. PatzskI , surgeon ; Captain Henry
A. Aurton , assistant surgeon ; First Lieuten
ant D. E. Hosoy. C. Caboll , Eighth cavalry ,
Is , at his own request , rollevod from duty at
tbo Arkansas Industrial unlvorslty.'Fuyotto-
villo , Ark. , to take effect March I , 189J , and
will proceed on that data to rejoin his proper
station. The following transfers in tbo Six
teenth intantry nro ordered : First Lieuten
ant Walter J. Wright , from company G to
company I ; First Lloulounnt William H.
Johnston , from company I to company G.
"IVuMtern I'ati'iitH.
WASIIIXOTOX , D. C. , Jan. 5. [ Special Tolo-
irnm to Tin : UKE. 1 The following list of
pensions granted is reportoa by Tim BEK
and Examiner Bureau of Claims :
William S. Cook and M. C. Cook , South
Omaha , > soldcrlng Iron- ; William F. Gould ,
Dos Molnos , la. , railway rail splice ; .lames
A. Hinson , DCS Molncs , draft rigging
for car couplings and draw bar and
spring ; Albert Lewis , Marshalltown , la. ,
Bower transmitter ; John A. McDonald ,
Britton. S. D. , combined borsojhoors' stool
md clincher ; John H. and II. Morris ,
Seward , Nob. , combination lock ; Honor
Metric , Omahn , apparatus for heating
nortar ; Charles B. Waturhouso , assignor of
ono-half toJ. H. Philpott , Ulsincr City , Nob. ,
iad screw for harness.
ifr v.ins ,
iiiriniin 1'oHtal Autlinrltlrs Inlcrcstrd In
Our fiiht Mull Trains.
CIIICAOO , III. , Jan. 5. A year ago the Gor
man government took up the matter of better
and more rapid mall service , and In order to
secure tbo most modern Ideas on the subject
sent to this country a number of
the Gorman postal officials , who
spent several months irf a thorough
nspection of tbo fast mall trains running in
various parts of the United States. On the
return of the ofllclals to Berlin and on the
strength of their report the government so-
uctod the postal cars of thu Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul road as the best and at
once entered into correspondence with that
company , which resulted in a contract for
tbo building of two or more of these cars.
The models have Just been completed at
the company's shops in Milwaukee , and pre
vious to being snipped to Berlin are on oxhi-
bltioci in this city , They ar exact worklnc
mo/iels of tbo cars now In service on tbo rust
vail between Chicago and Minneapolis ,
j'hoy are twelve Icot in length , one-sixth thu
size of the standard cars , nro complete in
ivory detail , lilted for steam heat , electric
ight , autonmtiu brnKos and signal , with a
complete outllt of mall poucbos , racks , letter
throwing devices , bunks , ate.
( iood C'n > | ) K Ili'siKinslliln for Spli'inllcl I'lnaii-
c'lul Prospoi'tH In the Stiito.
MITCHELL , S , D. , Jan. 5. ( Special Tele
gram to Tim BBK.J T. E. Blanchard , .state
public examiner , who has Just returned from
an examining trip covering the north pirtof
tbo stnto , finds tbo financial condition of
nearly all tbo counties good. Business
mun and farmers especially , on account of
the good , crops of the last year , have
boon nblo to pay up tholr , taxes promptly , nnd
in a number of cases tbo counties have
grcntfy rrduced their Indebtedness. Ho says
that tbo public institutions were never ns
nblv managed as ut tbo present , tbat they nro
all in gooa condition , and that thora Is not
tholo.ust , sign of Jobbery of any description.
Ho says that the banKs were never before In
-aq goad a condition as at present , that tbo
deposits are very largo , and tbat largo num
bers ol the banUa report farmers as begin
ning good sUed banlc accounts.
Itloli Cliliiiiiiicn Arri > HtfI ,
Dmnwonn , S. U. , Jan. -fSpeclal Telegram -
gram to Tun BKK. ] At 10 o'clock last night
United States Marshal Frye , assisted by
Sheriff McDonald of this county nnd thrco
or four dopntlas , raided a house in the
Chinese quarters whurn a full Hedged lottery
was In operation. Elpht Chinamen , Including
WineTsuound HI Koo , merchants , worth
each in the neighborhood of )0UOO , were
arrested and placed under bonds of { 30
each to appear at the term of United btatos
court-beginning February II. The Chinamen
are charged witn violating the postal laws
relative to the transmission of matter por-
tainlng to lotteries through the malls. The
department was notified three months ago
and In the early part of December detailed
Inspector Clements to work up the cuso. Tbo
ofllcors claim they have positiva evidenceof
tbu guilt of all the parties nrrostud.
Kiiri.AFLOAT. ; : .
Illff KlglitorH AVho Won't nglit Tell Wlmt
They AmVllllnir to Do.
NRW YOIIK , Jan. 5. A dispatch w s ; t )
coivod In this city today by a prominent
sporting man from Charles Noel , president
of tbo Olympic club of Now Orloani ,
asking If Charley Mitchell would light
Bob Fitzslmmons for a puna of { 13,000 on
February 27. Tbo gentleman answered that
ho did not think Mitchell would light any
body , but that If Mr. Noel would address all
hi * communications to Mitchell personally
ho would rocuivo a more satisfactory roply.
A * ho understood It , Mllchall was In Chicago
cage , or " omowhoro west , "
Billy Muddon , npponrmt n faw mlnutoi
Inter nnd on hearing of the offer mndo to
Mitchell , said ; "You can telegraph Presi
dent Noel that Putor Mahcr , the champion
of Irelandwill fight FUzslmmons for n purse
of $10OU ) .
Ho further stated that the California club
had decided to offer an $3,000 punofor n light
between Peter Mnhor and Jim Corbott , but as
tbo latter will not light before that club on ac
count of the unfair drill ho claims tbo club
gave him mills light with Peter Jackson , ho
is perfectly willing that they should meet
before tbo Pacific or Occidental clubs of
San Francisco , qr the Olympic club of Now
Orleans. Ho Is of the opinion that any ono
of these clubs will offer fully ns largo'
purse , If not larger , for a battle between
these leading exports of the llstio ircnft.
They both are exceptionally clever mon for
heavy weights.
rna itKi : jwitn.itr.
TUB Bur. BtmmuoFCf.iiMs In Washing
ton has done a good work for the residents of
this section In attending to the claims arising
under the Indian depredations act. It has
nvod these who hnvo taken advantage of It *
offer from the unconscionable charges of the
regular claim aconts , and has bonolltod the
others by forcing the agents to demand only
moderate foes In order to got lnislno.si. The
long delay ever the passage of the act had
given tba claim agents time to make con
tracts that would give them the lion's share
of the appropriation. Many of the claimants
liaa boon Induced to sign contracts guarantco-
ng the agent from 'ono-thlrd to over fi'J per
cent of the claims In case they wcro allowed.
Tbo depredations act annulled these o.xtor-
tlonato contracts and sot the limit of agents'
foes ut 15 per cent , to bo increased In certain
cases to 20 per cent on the order of the court
of claims.
But so many complaints were made of the
action of tbo ngonts , and so many inquiries
for a reliable agent were sent to this olllee ,
that it was decided to establish a bureau
under the direct charge of TUB I5ii : to pro-
octiw.subicrlbarj nnd give thu.n tha bjno-
11 ts of the law at the lowest possible charges.
Thoburjau b'inw ihu Jiistltio.1 Iti os-
tabllshmint. It has attended to the claims
of a largo number of tbo sufferers bv tbo Inj
dian raids in the west. It is doing the work
nt r > to 1U per cent , talcing in many instances
nlv the actual cost of pushing the claim.
A most of tlui. ) w 10 to ) t their property
rougii tba Indian raili a ? ) o-'i ona of
small means who could not goto Washington
thomsolvoi , the ostanllshmont of the br.roau
where they can bo certain of exact nnd Just
treatment has reached these who nocdit
1'ho persons who have suffered losses from
the Indians since Juno 1. ISilii. will do well
to remember , however , that the tlmo within
which claims can bo wosented is limited. If
the } ' nro not put in within the appointed
time tnoynro forever oarrod. Moreover the
court of claims goes on the plan , "llrst coma ,
lirst sorvoa , " nnd it oohoovcs .sufferers to
plnco their claims before the proper authori
ties at an early dato.
The contracts made before the passage of
the act have , as stated , boon annulled by con
gress. It Is therefore necosso.ry for claim
ants to maico now contracts or arrangements
with their agents , and they nro loft free to
engage now agents if they are not satisfied
with tboso they had engaged before. This
will enable them to make much more favor
able terms for themselves than wcro had
while the passage of the act was still in
The bureau has received the indorsement
of nil tno congressmen and ofllcluls who have
anything to do with the subject of claims.
A letter from Representative Herman of
Oregon , chairman of the committee on Indian
depredations , has already been published In
behalf of the bureau , and similar expression *
have como from others. If any subscriber
requires such services and is in doubt , where
to apply , bo will find tbo uddross OTIIB BKB
Bureau of Claims in the advertising column
T//K .i.VMr.t v
Tan Bei'i Biwnxu OP Crypts , in dealing
with the claims arising under the Indian
depredations act , has boon successful In pro
tecting a largo number of subscribers and
others from extortion and loss. From com
plaints that have comu to It , hovvovor , It ap
pears that mauv of the claimants do not uu
derstand their position under the act. At a
time when there appeared to bo little chance
that congress would take up the claims or
uiako any appropriation to pay them , they
signed contracts with tbo Washington agents ,
promising from ono-quanor to ono-balf the
amount to the agent in case the money should
bo collected. In view of this extortion con-
grass inserted n provision in the net annul- '
ing all contracts and limiting the ngont's
commission to 15 or 20 per cont.
The claimants all probably understand that
the agent's commission lias been limited by
the law , but many of them , according to their
own statements , do not understand tbat they
nro frco to do as they please about employing
tbo agent they hod first choson. They con
sldor that they are still bound to employ the
agent with whom they stenod tbo oxor bitna
contracts whether they ura salulljJ wltti
him or not.
it was the indention of congress to protect
them at nil points nnd they were loft on the
passage of the act free to' do as they pleased
and employ whom they pleased. Section 9 of
the act stated : "Tbat all sales , transfers or
assignments of any such claims heretofore or
hereafter mndo , except such as have occurred
in tbo duo administration of decadents' 01
tales , and nil contracts heretofore made for
fees and allowances to claimants' attorneys
uro hereby declared void.
There could bo no mistake about the moan
ing of tills. All claimants bad to make now
contracts with agents after the passaco of
the act , and thuy were at liberty to omplov
any ono they pleased. If they were pleased
with the zeal and acts of their tint ix'ont
thov might make their now .contract , with
him. If they were dlssatlsod they might
cbooso any other agent that they pleased.
These who have not signed now contracts
.since the passage of the uot mav profit by
this to secure union better terms than they
could otherwise got from the ngonts. The
fuct that TIM : BBK BUHISAU U doing the work
for the baru oxpoudo involved has had n good
effect In moderating tbo charges of all agents
to these who know bow to protect thorn-
selves. For tlioso who distrust their ability
to cope with the claim iigonta on their own
ground THE UKK BUIIIUU U always open.
3Iynt riiniHly Disappeared.
A , la. , Jan. fi. ( Special Telegram
to Tin : BKE.J Mrs. Walter Kallloof Slgour-
nay , the wifu of a prominent merchant , has
disappeared most mysteriously. She started
for Now York to visit friends seine woeiis
ago.nml has not been heard of since. Rel
atives have been vainly trying to get n clew
to her xvtiorcabouts and have finally come to
tbu conclusion that uho must have been ono
of the unidentified dead In a railroad wreck
which occurred in Ohio on tbo line over
which she was to travel about tbo time she
was going oast.
llll/xard In frn. .
CURSTOX , la. , Jan. 5. [ Special Telegram to
THK BKK.J A heavy snow storm coinmoncod
a little before noon today and four Inches of
snow full nnd a blizzard Is now blowing from
the northwest.
Chili's Govornmout Decides That a Bow i (
Not What is Wanted ,
to llo I'umed Upon tlui Couvlutnil
lllolen.fnptnlii Hchloy Tolls UU
Wtory to Hie Pren l .Situ
ICopyriahM umbuJiimti ( Jimlan llennttt. ]
VAI.I-AIUISO , Chill ( via tlnlvoston , Tex. ) ,
Jnn. 5. fBy Mexican Cable to Iho Now
York Herald Special to Tnr. Bun. ] The
government's ' cnblo lo Minister Monti at
Washington , of which I notlllcd you yester
day , contained ns I am now Informed , a with
drawal of the offensive paragraph In Senor
Mntta's letter in reply to President Harri
son's inossago. The dispatch nlsoindmliM an
analysis of ibo Valparaiso llscal's report on
the ovtdcnco taken by Judeo Foster In the
Italtlmoi-o inquiry. This report a hews glar
ing mistakes In the .summoning up ot the
testimony , hut lu final argument that
Gomez , Albumnda and Rodriguez should I
punished for stubbing and otherwise wotin J
Ing seamen of the Balilmoro , will , without \JS
doubt , bo carried out. It is uxpooled Hint
.sentences will bo passed nftbt- the festivities
tomorrow und Thursday In celebration of the
inauguration of tha cungresslonalist rcvoU
against Ilnlmnrcda.
The colouration Is to bo a very oxtens vo
nITnlr. All tbo Chilian ships In the harbor
will bo Illuminated , as will also nil the houses
in Valparaiso. It will probably bo the lust
demonstration of delight ever tno downfall
of the gllted aim unfortunate president of
the country.
The pollco.dotectives who have for some
time past been situated in the vicinity of Urn
American legation at Satlugo , were called oit
The cruiser President Emuurlff has ro-
lurnrd from her trial trip. She nveraged
seventeen knots nn hour during a two hours'
run. It is ; sald thai her full power Is Iwonly
KAi/miom : AT SAN \NCISCO. .
Ciiptitln Xrlilpy hiiyn Ilo .Sees no ( > eel : lcm in
MoilIfy Ills TeleKniplied Itepin'l.
SAN FIUNCISCO , Cal. , Jan. 5. Tbo United
States cruiser Baltimore arrived here this
morning from Valparaiso. Captain Schloy
was immedlarely Interviewed by w\
Associated press reporter. Ho Mated
that his report had boon forwarded to U ash-
Ington nnd ho was not nt liberty to make anv
statements concerning contents. Ho stated ,
however , that ho had no reason to modify his
former lolegrapbl report , based on nn In
vestlgntlon made by oillccrs of the Bnlti
more. '
Tbo riot lasted about an hour and a half.
Captnlu Schlo.v's attention was called to tluj
report of the procurator lUcal of Valparaiso ,
which stated that all but two witnesses do
clarcd the police had dona their full duty
"I don't Know what the men tostilied , " to
said the captain , "but I am sure it was
nothing like that. After much pressing the
Chilian authorities allowed Lieutenant
Henry McCrea to bo present at Iho exniniiu-
tlon of the men , but they swore him to
secrecy and ho cannot make pubh.p.
what was said. They also made tu u
sailors sign two papers wrllten in Spufi
Lsh. of the contents of ono of which
1 nm Ignorant. It may bo tbo procurator
makes Ills statement on tbo stronath of
something contained in these. Tbo Bnlti
moro loft Valparaiso September 10 , rather
.suddenly. Our cruise has not been a pleas
ant ono. Wo wcro in Chilian waters
eight months , und likened to a soi with
nn nhntif'n nt Int'll nt Inn tn fn imhnrn. 'I'lm
feeling toward us .In Chill la not cordial , to
say the least. I think the statement in Urn
morning's papers tbnt Chili Intends to oiler a
full npology Is very doubtful. "
Following is the list of the mon badly hurt
in tbo not : Cioorgo Paules , M. Anderson , ,1
Hamilton , J. 11. Davidson nnd J. W. T&lbot
All thcso nro now fully recovered. At onetime
time their lives wcro in danger. Charles .
Rlggln was killed on shore and \\llllam
Turn bull died of his wounds shortly after
J//.VAKsor.t > .I/MIIK.S.
Annual Session ol the Sllito Allllilieo Third
J'urty jelKiini ! Talked Ol.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , Jan. 5. The stnto
farmers' nlllanco mot In annual sosslon here
today with nbout TOO delegates In attorn !
mice. The morning was spent in the work ot 11
preliminary organization and listening to an
address 'oy Ignatius Donnelly , president.
This dealt for tbo most part with the llnani. . ,
cial nnd other alTuirs of tbo alliance.
Although'thora has been no little tnlic of ,
fusion between the alliance and democrats ,
the leaders declare the .subject bus not como
up at this meeting. It is the plan to sot on
foot an organization of the people's party , to
which the alliance will give its adhesion ,
along with the labor organizations. Then if
there Is any fusion It will bo between this
party and the democracy.
The Cherokee council has ratified the ntlo
of the utrlp.
l-'our thousand employes of Iho Ilomosto.id
stout works ot I'lttshnrs threaten lo goon .1
M. A > I'ht'Ips of lliiluth , Minn. , boots und
shoos , nas Hindu an assignment , Amuls , il'J
O'JJ ; liabilities , t.Y..MU.
A nephew of 1'resldpnt Harrison dlnd on a
riillrond train ne.ir I'alt.'stlnu , Tollo VMIS a
consumptive ami walon his way north.
A wreuk on the Western North < ! niolina rnli-
ro.ul caused the du.tth of I'ii im'ur Fruiti'is ,
Fireman Arthur and u toloiud mun named
UnfiiH lioinphlil.
Chicago typo Onndors dec ! are llioru Is tin
truth In the report that an English Hynilleato
has quietly completed arrangements to KUUI
possession ot all the typo foniidrkv. In tliu
Vnited Slates ,
The Indies' llormltann association of Ten
nessBd bus requested the military orgaiu/ii
lions of that state to honor ( iniioral JiiuUsiin t
memory by Mrina : i salute of thhty guns m
the Hih of January , thu niiiilvuraary of tlio
battle of New Ui loans.
While giving testimony In n &tI.onU unline
court against a nuitrn who had attempted i >
criminally assault her , .Mrs. Dr. d'ralibvMH
called n liar hv the brute. Ilor husband , who
WIIH present , was restrained from idllln thu
nuttro with Dm greatest dtllleulty.
Hlrfilyiiu I'otrls , llrlllsh minister to I'ortn-
gal , has i listened.
Thu diiku ot Dnvoal. a gratiduo of bp.uu
has died ufler a xnorl Illness.
The public .sthoolsnt Mlhm aml-d'onoa havit
lieui : ulosud on account of un i-plilumlu of In
The exports ( if uutlery from Hbufllolil to tlio
United htalcs liixiyoar amounted to less I bun
half the value of the proce.llm ; year.
Tbo Norwegian hurl : Klnt r has IKM-II
\vrtie led oil' thu Scottish coast and nil b'-r
oraw Is .supposed to have boon di owned.
A'n aimrchUt at OrasM ) exploded a bomb m
front ot the purfeuturo a * u protest nximisl
the action of t > omo rlotuns comrade * . Nodivn.
UKU was done.
Dr. I'fulllor of Ilorlla , soii.ln-lavr of .
Koch , liiin discovered Inlluen/.a buccllns iniii
has transplanted It with coinplelo xiicreti
Ho hits also discovered thu original uuu o "f
itifuotlon ,
00 Cents a pound for VAN HOUTEN'S
COCOA ( "Best & Goes Farthest" ) seems to be
high. Lot us compare it with the price of Coffee :
1 lb. of good coffee costs at least 'Me , , makes 31 hall pint cups.
3 ' " " therefore 90c. , OH " <
1 * 'V. U. COCOA" also OOc. , ' IfiO " < "
is t/ie Cheape
9Oc , j 93 cups of Coflfuo ,
(160 ( " "V.H.Cocoa !
SoM liy every Grocer ,

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