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Destruction of a Orowdcd Now York Oi
) ver Thirty People Are Supposed to
Buried in the Euina.
Buesta Aroused from Their Slumbers Of
- to Meet Death ,
tmlciicrllmhln Sucni'S of Auguliili mul Hun
| iH-IlnirtrciullnR Tulri ) of Danger un
I.Ut of the DIMII ! mul
K Sfiirthlng tliu Itnlns.
NEW YOIIK , Fob. 7. A disaster , appall
In horror , bringing to the mind the terrl
occurrences at Parlc Place still fresh In
public mind , occurred In this city early t
morning. The Hotel Uoyal , that well kno
landmark which has stood for more thai
quarter ot n century at the southeast cor
jf Sixth avenue nnd Fortieth street , \
burned to the ground , and a largo num
it pc'opla were burned , suffocated i
crusted in tbo ruins.
Crowded With Guests.
At the tlmo of the disaster there w
nearly 150 guests In the hotel. The hi
employes all told number fifty-live. Of t
Dumber of people llvo have thus far b
found dead , six are In the hospital i
ilxty-threo have been reported nlivo. C
hundred are still missing. The numboi
lead will probably not exceed , at a Is
istlmato , thirty. Tbo scones were hei
rendering ana appalled even the firemen i
policamcn who are usoa to terrible scenes ,
Soon after the lire brolto out nmbulan
krrivod from the various hospitals. Mi
physicians whoso residences are in
neighborhood wire quickly on the scene i
flid all they co ild to relieve the injured.
Nearly every ono of the 124 rooms , wh
t .o hotel has o i its live floors , were occup
llast night by tjjcsts , many of them transit
P\ p.t. nil the rooms save four had b
taken at 1 o'ct'wk this morning when III
ard Moars , 110 proprietor , wont to I
Whoa the fiaties burst forth , from some
known origin near the elevator shaft ,
entire building was Instantly enveloped
Demi , Injured nnd MUitlng.
TJNKNOW J WOMAN , 40 years old , fi
t n red skull and slightly thuriied. She Is E
posed to nave Jumped from u window :
killed liars-iir. Body at the morgue.
AN UNKNOWN WOMAN , 28 years old , II
Complexion , good looking , were an nbumlu
pf Jewelry , burned nnd sntrocutod. Body
t. c morgue.
UNKNOWN MAN. about.13 yours old , d
brown hnlr , Jumped from a window. U
imashod to pieces. Smooth face , about 5 I
) Inches In height , weighed about 100 pom
wore linen ulght shirt and trousers. Iludy
the nor : no.
UNKNOWN MAN , good looking , ahoul
years of aic. had on striped Bilk under * !
light brown stripes. Evidently n liobi
Itodr at the morxiio.
HKNUY O. LEVY , of the firm of I , (
Btrauss & Freeman , 707 Ilruailway. wholes
clothiers ; Indentltlod by his brother , H
Levy , at the morgue.
Ttioinjurod'nro :
jl ' /UIAIIESCE W. KI.CIN , 80 years old , sin
L , /lawyor , Hazloton , Pa. , suffocated and bun
Injuries not fatal. Taken to Bellevue 1
pi nl.
WALTER L. YATES , 00 yean old , ciothlo
Philadelphia ; condition serious ; burns
contusions. Taken to Oollvuo hospital.
Miw. IsAiiBi.i.i ! MUAUS , wife of the prop
tor ; Injuries not serious ; will reco
Taken to Bellevue hospital.
HciiiiKitT HAIUMXO , engineer of H
RoyaU Fatally burned while trying to
cue a wo nan ; several ribs broken. Ti
to the hospital.
Tbo following are missing :
Tlionn Who Kseupeil.
Tbo rescued are : W. O. Buchanan , C
Sauby , Rupert Lament , IJjj.Krainor , E.
Reynolds and wlfo , C. Cockburn , E.
Allen , O. Seplor , C. White , E. G. Hard
W. H. Scott and wife , Langdon Smith , C
McUoo , James E. Corry , Mrs. B. F. Tl
Mrs , S. Knapp of Chicago. All of tl
escaped from the burning building and v
taken to the Ucdnoy house ,
P. Taylor , H.P. . Totnpklns , A. C. Pea
Those were rescued and taken to H
Motropolo , four blocks nway.
Jleurci the CnieUllnp of the Flitmra
At ! i:0. > o'clock Mrs. Isi.bolla Moan , t
If Mr. Richard Moars proprietor of
hotel , awakened her husband , telling bin
, house was on fire. She beard the crack
it the flames and saw smoke coming tlm
the crevices of their bedroom. Mr , M
only retired at I o'clock and was aro' '
\ With dlfllcultv. Ho sprang nut of bed
ml ran into tbo hallway. Volumes of si
ni 3d the balls and the flames were ma
In < lr way rapidly up the elevator si
T iclr apartment ? were on the third tlooi
t irty feet from the stairway. Ono glum
tie situation was enough to tell bin
story. Ho ran to his wife's room and sbou
'Now you follow mo , " snatched up a
nr.a ajaln ran Into the hallway. Ho fat
his way straight to tha staircase , suppo
that his wife was close behind htm.
pass tire way was choked with dense su
which almost strangled him. Then thro
lila overcoat over his head to pro
suffocation , bent his head low
grop-d his way to the banls
on wnlih ha placed his loft band. Hi
wop i shooting up from bolow. His
wbl h was bu the railing was burno.l
d Ills plr was singed. HU situation \yai
I llous , To run luwn the stairs for two III
' meant dealt , mid so ho , swinging hie
over the hand rail , droppai twenty foe
the ground lloor. He landed on his toot \
out a broken bone and uudo his way to
\Vn ii1Mul lu it Mima of riitmoi.
Mr , Moars was a nong the first to 1
the burning building , and when ho madt
exit not a flrj engine bad urrlved , But
in these few mlnutei tbo flames had g
Iholr grip on tbo fated structure and tin
. /shooting from all thu windows of the t
' floors.
When Mr. Moars reached safety i
street then he realized that bis wlfo wa
with him. At thit moment a hooli
ladder arrive. ] . Moars Implored tbo
save his wifo. A ladder was quickly n
* position to ft window which ho salt
hU wife's room. Up the ladder Pollcomi
Morrlttvan. The window selected was n
the right ono. In It was nn t
known woman , who quickly stopp
out on the ladder and was carried down
safety. Then the ladder was placed again
the window of Mrs. Moan * room. A you
man ran up to help save the womnn , who h
already stopped upon the ladder. Moars r
up the Udder , too , and stopped off to the reef
of the verandah over the entrance to I
ofllco to steady his wlfo whonnhocnmcdovi
Sbo was vfry nervous and In making t
dcscont slipped and fell to the sidewalk. S
was picked up with n tpralncd ankle and h
several body brulsos. In the mcantii
Policenun Gallagher had rung in an alar
which was followed by two calls for n
Dntliril to Dentil.
The scenes at the Ore before the flro co
panics arrived wore hen-trending. Ono mi
whoso name is not known , sprang from
third story window and was dashed to dci
on the ground below. People turned th
faces aw ay , horrlllod at the sight. This vi
on the Slxln uvonuo sMo of the building ,
moment later a man leaped from n wind
on tbo Fortieth street sldo and was lustan
killed. Shortly afterwards two women Juraf
from windows on the Sixth avenue side n
wore dead when ptckodup. Their bodies wi
taken to the Thirtieth street station a
afterwards , iinldcntllled , removed to t
morgue. At that hour the unknown d
numbered four. Several had dropped fr
windows or slid down ropes , with whl
every room in the hotel was provided , >
escaped with severe burns , while many mi
hod been injured In the some way mam
their escape by the fire escape , and were
the bands of ambulance surgeons who I
been summoned from Bellevue hospital c
Now York hospital. The surgeons had tb
bands full in taxing care of the injured e
All this time the lire was raging fierce
and It was plain to be scon that the build !
was doomed. The structure burned like
much kindling wood. Tbo work of rcscul
the quests still wont on , and many w
taken from tbo windows by ilrcmen i
policemen ,
Work of Itcncnc.
Sergeant Ward and Patrolman Phillips
flro patrol No. 'J , went Into a room on
fourth floor and rescued Walter H. Phe
and wife down a ladder. They succeeded
saving Mrs. Samuel ICnlff , who was about
leap from ono of the windows on the th
lloor.Mr. . Frederick Kuhlmann , a dealer In he
has been a guetl at the hotel for years i
lived with his brother Simon and mott
The latter yesterday went to tholr coun
residence at Laltewood. Mr. Kuhlmanu 1
gene to bed shortly after 1 o'clock and \
sleeping soundly when ho was rud
awakened by the cry of lire and the scree
and shouts for help of the Inmates of
house. Ho ran from bis room on tbo scci
lioor , which was directly over the otllco , i
the hall. He found it tilled with smoke i
was forced back Into his room. Again
made an attempt ana , falling over some
strucllon in the passaco way , succeeded
making his way down the one flight of sti
to the street below. Ho escaped with o
an overcoat to cover his nakedness. .
Kuhlmann lost everything in bis room ,
eluding $12,000 in cash. Several checks i
notes ana other valuable business documc
were lost.
Xnrrow KscnppH from Death.
Among the narrow escapes was that of
H. O. Thonipkins of this city , who wi
transient guest at thn hotel. Ho '
awalienod from his slumbers by the cr ;
iiro. He got up and wont into the hnll\\
but escape down the stairs was impo&si
Mr. Tbompuins koot his head about him ,
securing all his valuables escaped out of
of the windows down a rope. In descend
the Humes from the second story windi
burned his hands slightly and scorctiod
hair.Mrs. . F. Knapp of Chicago had a room
the fifth floor. Stio had presence of m
enough to wiap n wet towel about tier h
to prevent being suffocated , aad wont to
window and waited until rescued by a bt
Mrs. Koupor and daughter occupied a r <
on the third floor front. They wore tn
from their room down a ladder by the ]
men. They lost all their clothing save tl
nignt dresses , which they had on ,
were cared for by Mrs. S. Knl
of West Fortieth street. Mrs. Kci
suffered from the shock and Miss Koup
lone blacK hair was singed by the lla
which burst over her head as
stepped on the ladder. Mrs. Knight ma
temporary hospital of bur Hat and hai
less than nine homeless people there at
time. Among these who accepted the bo
tnllty was a young man named L.ovy
bad slid down a rope , tearing the ( losh of
bands to tbo bone.
llurluil In tliu Huriiliif ; Uiilns.
These escapes occurred before the wall
the building fell ana while tbo firemen v
doing their utmost to stop the progrcs
the flumes , which threatened to envelop
ndjolnlntr buildings. When tbo walls
people were soon at several windows on
top lloor crying for help , but they fell I
and wore soon buried in the ruin.
The flames of the burning building ill !
nated the sky for miles , and drew to
scone , which during ttio entire day wa
object of curiosity , an immense throng
people. Tbo llr'j lines were strictly dr ;
and maintained during the entire day ,
none ; ave a person authori/ed to onto ]
reason of his ofllcial position was allo
within the prescribed boundailci.
The news of the disaster spread thrc
tbo length ana breadth of the city , and
friends of those wno lived in the hotel 1
ricd to the spot in fear and trembling.
Ono of the most thrilling escapes of
night of terror was that of a young
named J. Noonan of Jersey City. Noc
had been recently married and Had Just
turned from an extended wedding trip ,
came to this city yesterday to celebrate
event with his friends , and after a nlghl
It wont to the Hotel Royal unu took a r
on the fourth lloor. Noonan was awuiu
by the shouts of lira and the cries for
of men and women in the building. Fc
rcomont bo was dazed , but In an Instant
collected his scattered senses. Ho lot
out in the ball , but there was no on
there. He looked out of the window ant !
ladder was near htm , so bo , with tbo c
deuce of an athlete , swung himself from
window sill to the window below , and I
ono window to another he descended unt
reached the' ground ,
Ouu I'orluimttt ( iucfct.
Mr. L. N. Schoenfeld w.ent to the H
Vondomo after the tiro. Ho is the ownc
the Schoonfeld stock farm at Hockford , 1
tint stays at the Uoyal in Now York ,
probably fared better that any ono tn
place. Mr. Schoonfeld occupied a roar
tbo ground lloor of the hotel back of
oftlco. Ho thinks that ho slept throu
good portion of the flro , but when ho
awnku ho found escape through the hall
oft. His room , however , overlooks the c
vard and after packing nil his belongings
a trunk ho tossed the trunk through
window Into tbo yard and followed it
self. Ho lost nothing except an over
which ho loft at the office In the hotel ,
bade Proprietor Mears good night atl o' (
this morning.
Hotel Royal was built more than two
live years ago. It was formerly kop
Messrs. Moars and llutlor , but Mr. M
leased it thirteen years ago. In 18S2
building was remodeled and un addition
made on the south side. The bouso wai
homo of many persons In the theatrical
fission , and was patronized chiefly by I
slants for a night. Many families mad
however , tholr permanent place of reside
Thu elaborate restaurant was liberally
ronUod by the class of people who kept
hours in the upper part ol the Tomio
Kfurchlntr the Hull ) * .
After the tire had suftlcUntly cooled to
ml' a partial examination of the rul
search was made for tno dead. The sc
was at on co awarded bv the finding
charred body , almost burned to a crisp
was unrecognizable , but was Idoutlnc
that of Henry J. Levy from a ring on o
tbb fingers.
The walls were In a dangerous cone
and it was deemed necessary to pull
down before continuing the scinch for
dead. A force of 10u men will be put to
Signatures of National Bank Ofiloiah Mv
Appear on all Notes ,
Such Taper
Tlio o Institution * HmliiR
tilrculiitlon Will bo Urunlrrd
It In nt the KarllMt Vot-
sllilo Moment.
WASHIXOTOX , D. C. , Fob. 7.-Spoe |
Telegram to Tun DEE. ] Two Imperil
questions have Just boon raised at the oil
of the comptroller of the currency. Both i
of unusually practical interest to Bit w
have anything IQ do with national ban
They relate to the signatures of manapl
and i
circulating notes
bank o nicer * upon
administration of the oath to these who c
tlfy to the condition of banks from tlmo
time and In the protesting of notes , dral
loiter was received fr
etc. Yesterday n
the west enclosing a $5 bunk bill to wh
and cashier w <
the names of thn president
plainly Jittnched by the use of a rubl
stamp. The .signatures were splendid f
similes but tbo ink was dim and tbo outlti
of the stamp works were plain to bo seen.
Tbo letter stated that a largo issue of tb
notes had been received by the writer , u
as seen upon i
oil the signatures were
sample. Immediately the ofilcors. of
comptroller's ofllco pronounced the use
the stamps unlawful , and they cited pa
graph 51 , section 5.172 of the national bai
Ing act , which says in relation to natlo
"shall bo attested
banlt notes , that they
the signatures of the president or vice pn
dent and cashier , " and also paragraph 01 , i
which of Dank notes that tl
tlon 5,182 , says
shall "bo signed by the president or v
presldant and cashier thereof insuoh man :
as to make thorn obligatory promlssi
note . "
They nre Important Joto .
It is hold by the comptroller's office tha
loRal signature can only bo attached w
the hand and not by stamp or machine , i
that a note signed with a stamp is an
perfect note. Therefore the bank no
signed by rubber stamps , no matter h
perfect , are the same as notes not bearing i
signature they are imperfect.
There is no law , however , to punish t
offonso. The banks having snch notes o
standing will simply bo required to i
thorn In and issue portect signed nc
in tholr stead. Tbls will ontall qv
a loss to many bonks , as it is believed t
there are millions of these notes in cxlste
signed by rubber stamps. An order i
likely bo Issued prohibiting the circuiat
of notes bearing these rubber stump slgi
tures and requiring all national banks reci
ing them to send them hero tor collection ,
Important to llunkurs.
A bank ofllcor in Indiana wants to Kt
whether as cashier , teller , bookuoooor
other olllcor or employe in national ban
he can act as notary public for the bank ,
sees no impropriety in it so long us
does not swear himself or pass dirci
upon his own nets. There is
law or written rule on this subji
but tno ofilco of the comptroller of the i
reucv holds that it Is a bad policy , Indicat
either penurious or loose business moth
for anyone connected with a bank to act
notary public In the transaction of the bat
busin'es ? , if for no other reason than
notary public must , necessarily in a maas
at least , pass upon his own uots and rospo
bilillcs whenever tje attests the oath of
ofllcer of the bank in connection wth
bank's business. It would be highly
proper for a director of a bank or jxny Oft "
with discretionary or plenary powers to"
as such notary public.
The President nnd SllTor.'o
It is very evident now that there will
no stops taken by congress toward free cage <
ago at this session , and wo will pass thro ,
another campaign with that question an
definite issuo. It is no secret that u bill
unlimited coinage would not bo signet
the chief executive , and It is very doub
if it could now got through either housi
congress undortno present organization.
President Harrison , while a consist
blmetallist. strongly favoring tbo use of t
gold and silver as money , has been un i
spoken opponent of the free and unllm
coinage of silver by this country alone ,
a staunch and able advocate of a sound i
While bo his aald on all occasions t
nothing would please him more than to
silver restoroa to its former value * s a ma
metal , yet , under existing conditions ,
free coinage of silver by this country wo
In bin Judgment , disastrously affect our b
ness Interests at bomo and abroad.
During the last congress , when a free cage
ago bill had passed the senate by tno v
of democratic senators and a few republl
senators representing silvor-produi
states , nnd there was a itrong probabl
that such a bill would pass the house of
rosontatives by the lame combination-
bulk of the democratic representatives
the republicans from sllvorstates Prosli
Harrison in a modest but earnest manner
ertod all the power of bin influence to
vent the consummation of such a scheme ,
Ills plain , outspoken words of tha in
tion of the administration to preserve all
our money on an equality mth each o
and with gold , and In favor of a sound
rency have had a beneficial Jffcct througl
the length and breadth of the land , unu
day tbo well-grounded bollof of a prosk
tial veto has more effect in deterring i
gross from passing a free coinage moa
and does more to give confidence and as
mice to business than any other fact.
MIscelHlneollH ,
Mrs , Clara Colby of Nebraska has
delivered a splendid address to the Worn
National Press association upon "In
Mythology in the Fur West , " which p
Nooraska a good send off ,
Tbo Nebraska Republican association
hold meetings tomorrow ovenlnu at
Fifth street and talk over state politics
the impending campaign ,
Watson Plckrell of Beatrice , special a
of tbo bureau of animal industry , has si
.recovered from his recent severe acciden
to bo able to "calculate upon a safe Jon
home for complete recovery within a
days. Ho will not bo able to resume
ofllcial duties under some weeks yet.
Charles H. Burgo and wlfo of Keokuk ,
are at the Kbbltt.
lltmril of CommUslonrrii IimiiBiiruto Set
Iteform Me urc In UntntliiR Conlruc
ALUIOX , Neb. , .Fob. 7. [ Special to
Br.e.j The first mooting of Doono cour
now board of commissioners was colour
by the enactment of various rofo
Among them , was tbo awarding of the
of the county printing to the Calliope ,
organ of the independents. Tno Argus ,
ducted bv Commissioner Burnes , obtalt
small fraction of the work , and the othoi
papers of the county none. Subsequent !
was found that Lr. Barnes , as cominlssu
could not legally put in bU otd as publl :
and it was decided to reconsider
whole matter at a future roec
It is rumored that Postmaster Ladd ,
prlotor of the Albion News , has dUpost
an Interest In that paper to H. L. Drool
St. Kdward , a gentleman who has air
acquired some editorial prominence.
\V. S. Jolly , mustering ofllcor Nebt
division Sons of Veterans , has located
will engage lu builness in Albion ,
Messrs. Barns & Needbam , proprleto
the Argus , are In Omaha for the purpo
purchasing material , and will coon en !
and otherwise improve their paper.
That tbo advantages of Albion as a in
facturing point uro receiving attention
tested by the enterprise of aomo of tbc 1
ness men. The fence making industry. '
ntod by H. M , Bronion , u meeting with
cesi , and another firm expect soon to ha
operation a chteio factory of large cupt
Several other manufacturing ontorfiriscs a
under consideration , to bo put m operation
the near futuro. . , '
The First National bank has In vlow tl
erection of a substantial brick building
adjoin the block now occupied by that Ins
Not to bo outdone by otncr Nobrasl
towns , Albion Is to have an Institute for tl
euro of inebriates. Stock is bolng su
scribed bv our citizens , nod the Institution
to be opened In a few days.
iik Crock Hir > | ) Ciili'ib ? ,
ELK CIICRK , Nob. , Fob. 7. iSpodal to Ti
Brn. ] Thomas Orovo dtgd at his homo tl
SOth ult. nnd was burled Sumlay , the Slit ,
11 a. m. The furneral orvlcos were co
ducted by Hov. U. M. Oatos , his pastor ,
the presence of about ! > OQ frlenas and noiet
bors. Mr. Orovo was 7:3 : yoait of ago , ha
inp lived in Nebraska slncp 1800. Ho hi
many friends.
Andrew Augden and family visited
Table Hock Friday.
William Pusco was called to the bodslda <
a sick child In Illinois recently ,
A party of about sevonty-flva friends ati
neighbors ealhorcd at the1 home of Jam
Lutcuvlsh last Friday evening abd gave bin
Joyful surprise. The guests took the
supper , also some beautiful presents. T !
evening was spent In a social way.
Revival meetings will begin In the E
Crook Methodist Episcopal church uo
Monday evening.
Tbo Johnson county teachers will hold
mooting bur * next Friday and Saturdu
Quito an excellent program la being or ran R
by Prof. Arnot for the entertainment of i
Who attend.
Nelso Libby Is visiting at Lincoln ov
Sunday with'family.
Items I'rom Coltimbni.
CoLUMnus , Nob. , Fob. 7 , { Special to T :
BEE. ] Evansellst O. J. Redding of FalrlU
arrived In the city today , ntid wilt hold
three weeks' revival meeting In the Congi
Rational church. This makes the tbl
revival in progress in thls'otty.
D. F. Davis roturnoil'from Omaha yesti
day , wbor * bo bad gone -on business wl
the state oil inspectorship. Davis Is rotlce
about the matter but It.ls Understood by i
friends that he will be , 'or has boon , t
pointed ono of the deputy Inspectors. 1
one could bo appointed that Would give me
general satisfaction to tlio people
Columbus. ,
Mrs. A. Austin of Lincoln U here vlsltl
with Mrs. M. Early.
Carl Rohde , a local business man , is abie
in the south part of the state , whither
went to purchase a number of < aiio horses i
broodlnc purposes on hlsifortn.
Tne incandescent Hglftt hero have be
giving poor satisfaction owing to there bel
too many lights for the , dynamo used ,
dynamo of double tbo capacity of the font
one is being rigged up , and wuonJ in use t
cause for complaint will be abrqgntod.
The young folks ard nlrcadylooUluK fc
ward , with antlclpatlons.of muchoy , , to t
masquerade ball to be given by tbo Urom
on the evening of February 10. ' ' "
Kearney's Splondlill'rOiiccti. |
, Neb. , Fob. 7. fSpWol to T
BEE. ] Kearney has boon seldptod as a n
teorologlcal station. This sbleqtlon is part
ularlv advantageous on account ] , cfTits cent
location.- . t j , . v
The railroad committee appointed a f <
weeks ago at a mass moellng to'co'nfor w
tbo projectors of 'the Duluth &j tPneblo re
are sanguine of securing theft , ) d tbrou
Kearney uext summer. It U "tUtjo , given c
that the B. & M. will build , fr rn Saratoga
Ravenna via Kearney , * tKVis Rlvjug the Hn
shorter haul by about SOU juUSif * in trai
f erring freight from its.JJlacic'Hllls line
the south. main line extoadinrintp.Colora
and Wyoming. . Another railroad-rumor is
the effect that 'tbo Kearney & Black Hi
road will cxtonfl itsJme tm'.tbA west fri
Calloway to Candor. Logan-bounty , a d
tance of twenty-six nillos , ana that the coi
pany will build to Mlndon , thus securing
direct outlet to St. Joseph' . ' vVltb. these r :
wav improvements tbo value'of Kearney
4 Jobbing center can be realized to Us t
extent. i
Ilobron News Tfotai.
Hr-nnox , Neb. , Fob. 7. ' [ Special to 1
BEE. | The Landholders bank has sold
business to the First National bank of t
place. Hebron still has throb banks. 1
event of tbo season was tno masque t
given by the Eastern Star last Thurac
evening. Some elepant oostutnes wore wo
Tbo Hebron Dramatic club , which e'
tbo people a great surprlsa at their cnterta
mont given under the auspices of the Sect
regiment band , will show /Fairbury n
Monday night. There h s , doubtless bi
oorer shows In this pact sc-f- " the count
ievoral in the company arayfty clever on
St0 0. . 'f W
C. H. Willard , ox-state treasurer , and w
returned Saturday from a three weeks * v ,
to New York City.
Entertained at Norfolk.
NOIIFOLK , Nob. , Fab. 7. fSpecial to T
BEG. ] One of the moifr enjoyable soc
events of the season was' that of tha c
party given last evening by Mr. and Mrs.
H. Hake in their palatial reildanoe on R
folk avenue. Tbo affair was truly an on ]
able ono. The games were clbsely , contes
and the supper was dollcloji , after wh
the gentlemen repaired to tb'o.smokinc re
and puffed the fragrant hdr na , while
ladles discoursed favorite s Ioouons at
piano. For the entertainment of friends
a truly hospitable manner the name of M
Hake is proverbial.
AVI11 lliivu n Siiuur licet IMnnt.
YonK , Neb , , Fob. 7 tSpeoUl to TUB Bi
York is determined to huvo a sugar t
factory. An association has'been organl
with J. F. Harrison , prosVeat , R. Artnstr
vice president , aua N. P. Lundon secreu
A vice president has been < appolntod for o
townsbln , whoso d\ity it is to sco bow mi
farmers will experiment with boots this y
and what amount they wl\l \ Uuvoio to the
dustry if it is a success , .
A movement is also on fool to establish
elevator and mill. This la to bo in tbo In
oat of the farmers and tob6 owned ana c
trolled exclusively by thetn V
OFFICB ov SVBifu u JJunEiu ,
Oj44.ni. Feb. '
The storm which passed oVjif Omaha d
ing Saturday afternoon and plight is n
central over the lower lake qrfigu , with
low pressure of 20.5. Qon rally ole
weather with light gnowaj prevailed
evening in the lower Mbiip ri and uy
Mississippi vulloya. Tha Ujujpqrftturo in
western districts and as fur J\ouJ.h ai f > a
Fe , N , M. , and Dodge City , join. " , was ba
freezing. Bismarc * reports" "ipro temp
turo and St. Vincent 4e bulpW > ero.
For Eastern NcbraakarrWl ; > ' weatl
nearlv stationary temperature Uurlnif jS :
day ; fair and warmer Tue d y.
For Omaha and Victnllx - lr wealt
stationary temperature ; warmer " ami
Tuesday. t\ \
WASIII.NQTOX , D , 0. , Fob. 7. Colorni
fair ; slightly warmer. v. '
For Kansas Generally fair ; polder ; 111
winds ; probably fair ; slightly warmer Ti
QFor Missouri and lowa-tQecidedly coU
northwest winds with " * co\d wave ; gei
ally fair Monday ; probableffar Tuesday ,
For North and South , lakou-Sllifl
warmer and generallyfiilf ; variable wli
For Nobrrska tttr tulr ; IK
winds ; colder in sou11 * sr'.ionwar ' ;
nnd probably fair Tu f.
I'uriloiK-il hj i/e t rrnor.
SEATTLE , Wash. , Fou. -Charles R. II
moud of Cleveland st/eot , London , uotorl
who has boon lu jail 'hciu on a charge
grand larceny for over a year , has been ]
donod by Governor Ferry. Humrnond
sentenced in December , IbUO , to two yeai
tbo penitentiary. Since then it i-ns I
proven that hovu pot guiltv and thi t
charge was a trumped-up one ,
Io Writes to Governor Boyd Porina
Tendering Possession of the Office.
To Longer is There Any Doubt as
Who is Governor of the State.
Missives Exchanged byv Parties Near
Concerned iu the Great Case.
Io Declines to llo Interviewed lu t
1'romlsoi , Further Tlinu to Sny Ho
Will at Once Annme the Duties
of IIli Onicn.
LINCOI.X , Nob. , Fob. 7. jtipoelal Tclogn
to TUB BBS. ] The famous Nebraska pub *
natorlol contest is at an end.
Governor James E. Boyd will tonight
celv an autograph letter from Govori
fbayor tendering htm possession of the i
ocutlvo office tomorrow afternoon at2o'clo
John L. Webster arrived from Omaha
noon today and at once proceeded to 1
Lincoln hotel , whore ho met G. M. Latubo
on nnd Governor Thayer. The three ha
consultation for sorao hours. At thn end
be conference two letters were signed , t
from General Webster to Governor Thay
which was at follows :
Mr. Wttbstor'a Letter.
"OMAHA , Fob. 0 , 1893. Governor John
Thayer : My Dear Sir When you w
elected governor of Nebraska by tbo suffrt
of the people It became your duty to hold i
office until a successor was chosen posses ;
of all tne constitutional requirements , hit
est amongst which ts citizenship. The c
stltutlon is the supreme law of the state r
must bo bold to represent the steadfast v
ol the people. It is the anchor to hold stoa
; ho ship of state amidst storms of party ci
tests and the sudden but temporary tumv
of popular clamor. I know you wore moi
by a lofty sense of public honor to ass
your coustltutlonal right nnd oath-bou
obligation to retain the ofilco until your si
cassor was elected by the people , clot !
with alt the requirements of that same c
stitntton ,
Ills Duty Faithfully Done.
"The sacred trust put In your hands j
have faithfully fulfilled and with much co
age. Since the decision of the highest ju
clal tribunal in the land has been annoum
no moral obligation rosU upon you to e\ \
retain the office until tno coming of the mi
date. To at once surrender the ofllco woi
be bowing to the will of the people and
spirit ot the opinion of the supreme court.
"Our nooplu , regardless of party aftl
tlonSj cannot forget your bravary and pa
otic services as a soldier from the hour ;
marched forth as the communderof the Fi
Nebraska regiment until you returned w
the well-merited rank of major gene
Neither can they forgot your services testate
state and nation as ono of our flrst Unl
States senators , the associate of Chat
Sumner , Henry Wilson , OliveP. . Mort
Benjamin F. Wade and the trusted friend
Grant and others great among our countt
past protectors. Your public career of fu !
ful service to the state , crowned with
many honors , will insure you the lad
gratitude of an appreciative people. Ye
sincerely , Jens L. WEUSTEII ,
Ills Formal J-cuvotulilnjf.
The other letter signed was from Govor
Thayer to Governor Boyd. It will bo
llvered to Governor Boyd at Omaha ton !
by General Webster , in person. It reads
follows :
"LINCOLN , Neb. , Fob. 6. Governor Jai
E. Boyd , Omaha : Dear Sir \Vhon I c
menced proceedings , onoyoar ago , to test j
title to the office of governor , I did so in
full belief that there was great doubt in
public mind us to your-cHiaonship and ol
blllty. I then took occasion to publish 1
as soon as your citizenship wasostablUhoi
the courts I would cladly surrender the 01
to ynu , The contest was not ono of persi
strife , nor to satisfy any ambition of inv o
but to comply with and uphold the const
tion of the state.
" * Willing to Acquiesce ,
"Now that the public press _ has annou r
that the highest tribunal has declared uc
the constitution and laws of our country ;
state your rights to the oftlco , I now obi
fully yield tbo office of governor to you \v
out awaiting the mandate of the court.
"An I am about to leave the state on M
cay , to bo absent some weeks , It would
most convenient to mo to turn over the o
to you ot 2 o'clock on that day , If it is y
pleasure to accept the lama at that it
Vary respectfully , Joii.vM. THAVEK
Kniloriteil The lion.
Governor Thayer said to Tun BBB rej
tentative tonight that he wa heartily ;
that the contest has finally como to i
His determination to turn over the olllcc
once , bo said , was arrived at last Tim
but It was thought best to wait until a c
of tbo decision could bo received from Wi
Ington ,
He furthorsaid , In presence of his n
neys , TUB BUB'S conjectures In regard to
tlmo when the ofllco would bo turned
\vcre correct all the way through , ana
letter woula have gone to Governor I
Friday If delay In securing a certified <
of decision bad not occurred.
Governor Iloyd Itecnlvip * the Me ne I
( lovornor Tliuj'iT ut Koine.
At a little before 10 o'clock tonight a
resontatlvo of TUB BEE handed to Gove
James K. Boyd the letter written him
General John M. Thayer ,
"By courtety ot General Webster ,
crnor , I am permitted the privilege ot hat
Ing you this message ot peace , " said t
" 1 thank you , sir , " raid the governor.
With Governor Boyd at the tlmo wi
Charles Ogden , chairman ot tbo domocra
stnto committee , and Mr. Kills Biorbow
Governor Demi's son-in-law. The place v
the library ot tbo governor's rcslrtonco
Nineteenth ana Davenport streets. A sn
of pleasant satisfaction shone on the th
faces , as the letter had boon expected.
Governor Uoyd slowly opened the lett
read It In silence and handed It to Mr. Ogd
who also sllontly poruiod It.
llml Nothing to Suy.
"Havo you anything to soy to the publ
Governor Boyd I" nskod the reporter.
"Nothing , " said the governor ,
shall go to Lincoln In 1
morning nnd take formal possession nl
o'clock tomorrow afternoon. "
More than this nothing wis said. Gov
nor Boyd decllntd to talk on tbo subjc
and Mr. Ogdou said propriety suggest
nothing mo.ro at proiont. A telegram v
sent to Governor Boyd's private scorota
Judge Higglns of Columbus , asking him
be in Lincoln by 2 o'clock Monday.
Dmnorrntn Were I flippy.
It didn't take long for the news to gi
considerable currency in Omaha , nnd 11
short tlmo democrats were hustling fr
notel to hotel , from club to club , ovorywln
congratulating each other that the end h
thus boon Jreacbed. Whether there will
any demonstration or not is uncertain , L
week the Samosots nnd Jaoksonlans docu
to escort Governor Boyd to Lincoln , n
lalor the Omaha guards concluded to Jo
"Ho has demeaned himself with comraoi
able patlonco nnct forbearance througl
very trying situation , " said a well uno
republican to u BBB man , "and It is not
bo expected that ho will now do anything
mar the good impression ho has made on t
public. Mon of both parties have boon w
to htm by hu conduct In this matter. "
Ceremony Jfcxt Slondiiy.
Chairman Ogden of the Plate domocra
commlttoo has Issued the following :
"Owing to the suddenness which has
couipaniod Governor Boyd's rolustatom
to the gubernatorial chnir , the Inaugu
ceremonies will take place next Mondi
February 15. All democratic clubs t
citizens ere cordially Invited to attend. 'I
various civil and military societies will mi
at the Lincoln hotel at 2 o'clock p. in. n
escort Governor Boyd to the capital , wh
a recnptlon will be hold until . The orgi
zatlons will then escort the governor b
to the hotel , whore at 9 p. m. a reception
citizens generally will be held.
' 'Ciuiti.Es ' OODEN , Chairman ,
"C , S. MONTGOMERY , Secretary.1' '
Governor Boyd has been confined to
bouso by a severe cold for several days ,
wilt go to Lincoln In the morning. He \
be accompanied only by Charles Ogden , i
no demonstration whatever will bo mado.
JtEFO .WT.Vn Till ! CO.lSTTK.tOK.
Xclxou MorrU Kxplulus till ) Olijvct of
Ctillforiilu racking Interests.
CHICAGO , 111. , Feb. 7. [ Special Tolegi
to TUB BBE.J Nelson Morris loft this af
noon via the Chicago , Burlington & Qui
railway in his private car for a six moni
tour through the west. Ho was nocompar
by his wife , his daughter Maude , ft
Holhchild and son and Mrs. Nat
Hopbclmor. Mr. Morris talked of the ob ;
of his trip to a reporter , told how the idei
establishing the stock yards , packing neil
and canning factories at San Francico o
mated with him and explained the work !
of the whisky trust.
He said : "I am going direct to San Fi
cisco. I shall bo gene six months
will make this a pleasure trip ,
have yocn under a great strain
find I am in neea of rest.
San Francisco my time will bo occupied vi
the interests of the now stoelt yards tl
in which I nm one of the largest fiU
holders. Prominent business men of i
city , Omaha and ban Francisco are nlsc
tercstod in the encrprlso , as well us
Grconhut of Peona. Among tbo Chic
stocuholdcrs are P. D. Armour , George
Swift and my son Edward. Of the Om
men , Peter E. Her , Mr. J , Kuuz , the ban ]
and Air. Creighton , a prominent iron n
are holders of largo blocks of stock. Mi
and Lux , Mr. Ulenthal nnd Mr. Cracker
the majority of butchers in San Franc
are interested there. C. W. Smith , formi
vice president of the Atcuison roud , wil
our general manager.
The idea of establishing a stock yard :
San Francisco came to ma three years i
At that time I was making an extended t
through southern California. I was looli
after tbo interests of the Atchlson roai
which I nin a stockholder and also after
health.I foresaw n great future fo.i b
ness conducted on a proper basis
economy nnd detailed Mr. Her of Orate
to purchase land in the vlcn
of San Francisco , The first purchasn m
was a largo tract of land owned at that t
by Miller & Lux , who ran attort of n sum
garden near Baten , u suburb eight u ;
from San Francisco. They bccamo sti
holders in the enterprise , and from that t
on wo have boon quietly purchasing adjoii
property until now wa own between : i
and 4,000 acres of land at Batcn.
' The majority of San Francisco butcl
have pledged themselves to give us tl
trade nnd we shall inaugurate a great roj
In the moat trade of the coast. Wo wll
close to China and Australia where our
ports will go and receive consignment
all the llvo stock from tbo adjoining coui
which formerly was shipped to Kansas <
and Omaha. Arizona territory and W
ington , for Instance , will find it moro pro
ble to ship thcro than any other point ,
stork yards and building arn fairly ui
way and will bo completed before in
months. "
con'Jiurs' FHIHT ,
Ono of Tliuui fitfully Shot Kucnpn of
GiiEtT FAM.R , Mont. , Feb. 7. Joe Peg
cowboy , was shot and fatally Injured yes
day morning at a ranch near * Shelly Junci
north of here , by another cowboy na
Dick Crawford. The shooting was the re
ot un old foud. Last night a dance was g
nt a ranch , at which a largo number ot i
boys attended. Several times during
night the two men quarrelled , but were
apart by friends. As tbo dance was brett
up Crawford approached Pogi ; and a :
him to shako bands and bo friondi , '
I'opg seemingly agreed to , but as Craw
turned to ride away ho opened lira i > on 1
Crawford instantly returning the flro.
oral shots were exchanged and ono bal
tercd P.cgg's sdo ) Just below the hi
Crawford wat hurried away by friends
is stlU at largo.
Marriage seems to take a Croat dc
foolish pride out of a man , the same
takes the independent own-the-oarth air
put ot a girl.
There are two things that every man
privileged to do at homo ; one ts to sp
the carpet ana the other to scratch m > U
on the wall paper ,
Io ij rly tunl Finally Declines to Bop -
? p n Presidential Oaiuliilato.
" * rr. _
Vorocaul * ito Work of ttniiRro forth *
Ciiiull 2sk MciiNiifct or I'opiiliir
lull Jy Ho ( jOiivlitarril Ni > s
\ ' . , from \VlMhtllft | ll ,
WASIIINOTOX , 11. O. , Fob , 7. Th > ) follow-
n K latter ox pi til i ) a Usclt :
WASHINGTON' , D. 0 Fen. rt 'ion .1 M. *
Clnrkscm , Chairman of ttio National Kupubli-
can Cominlttoo : My Dear Sir 1 nm not a
candidate tor tbo presidency , and that my
nixmo tuny not go before the republican
latlonal convention I nnko this rfhnounuo-
nont In duo season , Tno o who have
ondorod mo tholr support I ewe stucora
hanks , mul nm most grateful for their con-
lilcncc. They will , 1 am sure , umUo earnest
effort In the approaching coiitost , which h
ondorod especially Important by reason of
the industrial and financial policies of tin
government bolng at stake. Tito popttlai
decision on these issues Is of great moment
itid will bo of fnr-roaohliig conacquonco.
Very sincerely yours , . ! \\insG. Iti.M.xi : .
Work Which HIM Ili-i-n Mitpprd fop Seimt
unit llousu till' UoiiilllKVuok ,
WASHINGTON , L ) . O. , Fob. T. The bouse ol
roprosonlutivos is at last equipped with n
oodo of rules for its government anil the way
s now clear for legislation which may bo
expected to begin in earnest this week. Our-
tig the period of two mouths spoilt In the
nouso in Its efforts to organize committees
and provldo thn necessary rules ror Us guiu-
anco , tlio sonata has boon working .steadily
and , as A consequence , has secured a consid
erable advantage In the pasiajo of slxty-slx *
bills and Joint resolutions.
The program for this week Includes at
oust one measure of great popular interest ,
lamely the Paddock bill to prevent the adult
eration and mlsbranalng of food and drugs.
According to notice given by the author of
.ho bill It will bo called up for consideration
mmodlatoly after llnal action is had on tin
Jill relating to the publlu printing and bind-
ng , which is now the unfinished business.
The Idaho senatorial contested election
case will bo broucht to the attention ol the
senate at the earliest possible moment , and
us it louche * tbo privileged question of thn
right of a senator to a scat on the Ilonr , it
will bo kept before the scnato until a final
conclusion Is reached.
SoiU3 time Wednesday will bo devoted U
the delivery of eulogies upon tha late Kopro-
sentatlvo Houk of Tennessee , and Senator
I'clmcr may address the senate on his bill
proposing the election of senators by direoj
vote of tho'people. . A number of publia
building bills aio In a position to bo early
A feature of the week's proceedings will ba
kept from observation of the public behind
the closed doors of the senate , for it is ox-
peclod that in executive session will ba
fought out the contest over the nomination ol
Postmaster of Elmlru , wherein Senator Hill
has token Issue with the president , and , per
haps , also the contest growing out of the
opposition of the In(11 mi4 senators to the '
nomination of Judge Woods of Indiana to b
one of the circuit judges.
Under the new rules tbo house , after tha
introduction and rouort of bills tomorrow ,
may devote itself to business relating to tha
affairs of the District of Columbia. No bill *
from the District of Columbia commlttoo nro
yet on the calendar , and it Is not expected
that the district bill will tulco up much of
the legislative day.
Mr. McMillln of Tennessee has botn in.
structod by the ways and means committee
to call up tomorrow the resolution making
the customary distribution of parts of tha
president's message nmonit ttio various com
mittees of the house. This is a formal pro
ceeding , but occasionally gives rise to so ma
Contests are expected over sovcrul matters
which will bo called up lu t'ao house at the
first opportunity , tnougti no time has been
fixed for ihoir consideration The most im
portant of these are the World's fair Investi
gation resolutions reported by the appropria
tion commlttoo and the special Columbian
oxpoiition committee. The latter will make
a strong light to have jurisdiction to maUo
the investigation conferred upon it.
The accounts committee has n report ready
for adoption by the house relating to a com
paratively unimportant matter concerning
the organization of the house , but < u the re
port lias in it the elements for a spirited debate -
bate the opportunity is not likely to bo lost
and political speeches arc probable witti this
report as the text.
The rules committee during thn week will
report and , If occasion offers , call up In tno
nouso ono or more of the numerous resolu
tions of investigation now before It.
Pcihaps the most Interesting feature of the
week , however , will bo found in the pro
ceedings of the house coinage committee ,
which has made tin order that the discussion
shall close and voting begin at It o'clock
Wednesday on the Bland frco coinage bill.
Since the order was made Mr. Hlutid has in
troduced a substitute for the bill named in
the committees order and the session of
Wednesday may possibly bo exhausted before
the committee reaches a tlnal vote on tha
question of rorortlng a free coinaco bill to
the house. In this event an adjournment
until the following day is not unlikely as II
can bo positively slated to bo the Intention
of the committee to make its report to th
house ut un early day.
Abduction .of tlin Mttli ) Sou ol' it I'ltUlinrg
PITTMIUHO , Pa. , Fob. 7. A bold abduction
of n boy was in ado last night at Woods Hun.
The son of Mrs. Kane , 17 Wllklns street , was
enticed away from homo by a man , The po
lice are investigating the case. It appears
than John Kane , aged 8 years , and Jamnt
Hughex , a year younger , wore playing In
front of their homes about 0 o'clock lust
evening when a man came up and offered
them some cundy. Ho was very friendly ,
and as they wanted more candy they followed
him down the Ft. Waynu trucks almost to
Jacks Kitn , where ho said ho would got them
soiiio. When near .lacks Kim ho sent the
Hughes boy back , giving him 5 cents to pur
chase a lead pencil. This was but a pretext
to becura the boy of Mrg. Kano.
Hughes got the pondl and returned , but
the man and the boy had disappeared.
Hughes went back homo and related the
facts. Ho could not give a good description
of the man. The latter , ho said , WAI a Inrga
man and fairly tvcll dressed , The police
have no clew as yet.
Mrs , Kane , the mother of the child , was
nearly hyauirical when questioned last nignt.
She bad no Idea why her son should bo
taken. She is a poor woman , Her husband
loft her about two yearn ago , anu since then
she has not heard from him. This fnot was
marked by the police , and they do not doubt
the probability of the son bolng abducted by
the father.
Duly mul O'liuiinull'K I'lulit.
Htot'x UITV , lu. , Fob. 7 ISpocial to Tim
BIEJ Daly and O'DjimoH ore training for
tholr llnlaii fight , which It to take place hero
March T , Of the WOO Make money tiOO hat
bean posted with tuu uplifting editor of the
Journal and the balance will bo put up tha
ilay of the light , A ulaco bin been secured
on the Nebraska side of tbo rlvor it : ca e tb
police interfere on thU sldo.

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