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Awful Punishment Motctl Out to a Negro
Eavisbcr by nn Arkansas Mob.
Death by Fire Insisted on by the Mob of
Infuriated Citizens.
His Victim Applies the Torch That Sends
Him to a Fiery Fato.
Fearful Agony of tlio Victim Horrible
HlglitR lit the Kxccutlon All Ilia
Townupcnplo Join in the
Work of Hcvcngc.
ST. Louis , Mo. , Fob. 20. A special to the
Republic from Toxarkann , Ark. , nays : Ed
Coy , tbo nocro brute who on last Saturday
committed n fiendish assault on the person of
Mrs. Henry Jewell , a respectnblo farmer's
wife , with n 5-month's-old child at her
breast , at her homo thrco miles southeast ot
this city , this afternoon answered for his
nw'ful crime by a horrible death by fire. In
tbo presence of 0,000 people , ho was burned
nt the stake.
When Mr. Jewell left homo on Saturday
last after dinner to como to town for the
transaction of notna necessary business ho
left Ins young wife with her cooing babe in
her arms In the best of health nnd spirits ,
little dreaming when ho kissed her good-byo
of the terrible fate that awaited her during
his absence.
Shortly after the hu baad's departure n
negro appeared at the door and asked the
whereabouts of Mr. Jewell , and the unsus
pecting woman informed him that ho had
gone to town. The negro gave his name ns
Davis and said that ho bad some hogs to sell
to Mr. Jowoll.
CaniinlsHloii of the Crime.
A considerable conversation wns held be
tween them and the woman thus bad a good
opportunity , while not under excitement , to
note tto general personal appearance of the
negro. After the noero had cone Mrs. Jew-
nil concluded to visit n neighbor half a'inilo
distant and went out to lock the door , when
the ncirro , who was in hiding , sprang from
his place of concealment , seized her by the
throat and after a deiperato struggle suc-
coodcd in accomplishing his diabolical pur
pose. Ho then dragged the fainting woman
into the barn , where ho kept her for about an
hour , assaulting her repeatedly. Finally ,
when ho was making ready to go , he took up
the gun which ho carried , nnd finally yield
ing to her pleadings , left her and disap
peared in the woods.
When the husband returned borne bo lost
no titno In giving the alarm , and in a short
time scores of men were scouring the country
In all directions , and during the night two
negroes answering the general description
given by Mrs. Jewell were jailed bore , but
whan taken before her she pronounced thorn
bath Innocent and they were discharged.
The search continued without nny relaxa
tion , and soon It was positively learned that
the name of the guilty negro was Ed Coy
nnd that he had gene north toward Little
River county , Arkansas. Several posses at
once went in rurjult In that * direction , and
have beau on his trail over since.
th.iiiKcd ! CoitM : With Another .Jfegro.
On Thursday , n negro answering the general
oral description of Coy was arrested nnd
brought bore over the Toxarknna & Fort
Smith railway , nnd at first it was believed
bo was the guilty party. After a close
scrutiny of Iris features , however , Mrs. Jew
ell pronounced him not the man , although
the hat and suit of clothes ho were looked
exactly like these of her assailant. Tbo
prisoner explained this by saying that ho
and Coy had ueon together on Sunday and
Monday , and at the latter's request thoy'had
swapped clothes , Coy saying that ofilcors
were after him for some minor offoAso.
Thursday afternoon bloodhounds were
telegraphed for and they arrived Thursday
night from Hot Springs. On Friday morn
ing tbo dogs were taken out to tbo vicinity
wbcro the negro was known to bo , but efforts
to use them were greatly * retarded by a
heavy rainfall on Thursday night and Fri
day. Last night prospects for the ncgroo's
capture began to look gloomy , indeed , It
being announced that In all probability ho
bad gotten out of the country , as the trail
bad been entirely lost.
Located the HntUlicr.
This morning , however , at an early hour ,
n message came to town Irom W. B. Scott , a
farmer living fifteen miles north of town ,
saying Coy was nt the bouso of Ed Givens , n
negro living near him , and asking for men to
como out and arrest him.
An armed posse went Immediately , but
before their arrival the negro started down
the road toward town , and was intercepted
by Scotland his friends nnd hold until the
posse arrived. It also appears that a posse
headed oy Noah Sanderson , which bad boon
out all week , had again struck the trail this
morning , and tboy too came upon the sceuo
shortly after the arrest.
About fifty mounted guards attended tlm
prisoner to town , arriving there about U
o'clock. Coy was Immediately placed under
heavy escorts and taken before hlii victim ,
who unhesitatingly pronounced him the man.
Ho was at once rushed back to town and
conducted to n room where n heavy guard ,
both Inside and out , was placed over him , It
was resolved that no action should bo taken
until all tbo parties ube were out should ro-
lurn ,
The last of these came in about 2 o'clock ,
When a contultatlon.was held In the room by
the leaders , who decided upon hanging as
the mode- and Broad street as the place of
IllH rait ) Deelded On.
Coy was accordingly led out and marched
for the place of execution. Arriving there ,
torno ono throw a rope , but the 1,000 .present
ten tup a shout of "Burn him. "
Someone at this juncture fired a Win
chester and the excitement became inde
scribable. Finally the crowd forced the
inon who bold the negro to move north ou
State Line nvouuo. When near the post-
ofllco someone who bud hold of the rope ,
which in the meantime bad been placed
about the prisoner , attempted to mount a
telegraph polo with it. He was uncere
moniously soUod by tbo foot by a horseman
uud dragged to tha ground.
"Hum him ! " "Burn him ! " wont unajratn
and again , and It was clearly to be seen that
dunth by 11 ro nlono would appease the wrath
of tbo surging multitude.
At this Juncture Charles M. Uejvos , a li
Ing citizen , mounted nn elevation and be
sought the crowd that If they were determ
ined to burn the wretch for the sake of thi'lr
wives and children to take him outside the
This appeal bad the desired effect nnd the
cry wns turned to "Out of town with blml"
"Burn him ! " "Burn him I"
The route to the suburbs wns then taken ,
and when Just over the Iron Mountain rail
way track In front of a low , level opening a
holt was made. A slnglo stump , about ten
foot high , seasoned nnd strong , stood nlono
In bo center of this spot , nnd thlthor the
negro wns dragged.
Another man who favored hanging began
climbing thu stump , but twenty leveled shot
guns mndo him descend In a Jiffy.
Ills Victim Applied the Torch.
Without moro ado the negro was then
made secure to the stump with iron fasten
ings and koroscno was poured llborally over
A shout wont up , "Lot his victim apply
the match ; " "Lot Mrs. Jewell sot tno flro. "
In response to the call Mrs. Jowoll emerged
from the crowd and her nppoaranco was
ereetod with ehcors which almost shook the
ground. Palo but determined and supported
on cither side by n man , relatives , the little
woman walked to the place of execution ,
where her assailants stood pinioned , struck n
parlor match and applied It to the wretch In
two plncon and stopped away.
In a fnw moments the doomed man was n
sheet of flame , writhing nnd rroatnug In bis
hornblo agony. Death resulted In nbout fif
teen minutes ,
The crowd which actually witnessed the
burning could not have bean less than -1,000
and was probably 0,000.
Miilntnlncd Ills Innncnnro.
About twenty minutes before Coy WAS led
out to execution the Republic correspondent
was accorded nn Interview with him. The
ccgro said ho believed that ho was going to
bo put to death , bat was innocent of the
crime. His denial was , however , given in
such a manner as carried conviction of guilt
with It.
While the event Is confessedly a horrible
nffalr , it is justified by a largo majority of the
pcoplo of this section on the ground that a
desperate disease requires an heroic remedy ,
and that hanging has not as great a horror
for tbo average negro as death by fire.
tixcur.xuirs SOTES.
ruinous Nebraska Ciiso finally on the Supreme
premo Court Docket.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Fob. 20. [ Special to Tun
BKII.J After wending a somewhat tortuous
way through the courts from an ordinary
plobia'n justice ofllco , through the moro pre
tentious district tribunal , the now famous case
of the stnto against Saundcrs has reached the
patrician bench of last resort and wns Hied
with the clerk of the supreme court this af
ternoon. Saundcrs was fined ? tUO and costs
for selling liquor on the day of n special elec
tion. His attorneys. In their petition filed
today , nmlvo the point that when the legisla
ture granted n charter to the city of Lincoln ,
In which the control of saloons was placed In
the hands of nn excise board , the general
statutes of the state were sot aside.
J. Sterling Morton was today appointed a
delegate to the transmlssissipoi congress ,
which meets at New Orleans on the 'M
W. C. Edgar nnd C. McC. Reeve both of
Minneapolis were today appointed commis
sioners for Nebraska In charge of the state's
donation to the Russian sufferers.
The Fidelity Trust company of Lincoln
wns Incorporated today with a capital of
? 10,000.
The West Side Improvement company ,
with a capital of $200.000 , ' was incorporated
today. It will establish an'd maintain a nor
mal university.
The Western Normal collects was Incor
porated this afternoon. This is the Institu
tion which Prof. Croan of Shcuandoah has
been endeavoring to establish somewhere In
tbo west for so many months.
A. S. Williams secured a temporary injunc
tion this morning rcstr inlnp the officers of
the Lancaster County Agricultural society
from removing the county fair from this city
to Hickman. The suit Is the outgrowth of
the recent factional fight In the society.
Any ono who pays up his dollar and signs the
constitution can become a member , und at
the annual meeting a party of Hickmanites
swooped down upon and captured all the of
fices and now propose to move the fair
to that town. The petition for in
junction sots forth that the officers have no
right , or authority to move the fair , that tbo
facilities at Hickman are inadequate and
meagre , nnd that to remove it would cause
the county to lose the state aid. The hearing
will bo had next Saturday ,
Mattie Woods , a colored courtesan , con
victed of stabbing Seth Bolen in the nocit ,
was given two and u half years In the peni
tentiary. Charles Knlsor , convicted of rob
bing a drunken man , wns sent up for
eighteen months.
Mary A. Sharp was civon a divorce from
her husband , Sylvester B. Sharp , a wealthy
dirt dealer , on the grounds of extreme
Tbo count of votes In the contest between
Waitc and Uauer for the district court clerk
ship was finished todiy. The entire county
was rocnnvnsscd , and the result showed 1S5
majority for Baker , tno contcstce. Tbo con
testant , Win to , gained but sixteen votes on
the recount and the pleasure of finding out
that bo was really defeated will cost him In
the neighborhood of $1,000.
Goorco Miller and Martin Smith , two
sncaic thieves , were sent up for thirty days
this morning for "pinching" several dry
goods stores of dross goods ,
Louise Llndsoy , a pretty llttlo girl of 18 ,
was arrested this afternoon in a beastly state
of intoxication. She bad visited several
wine rooms In company with a younp follow
named Frank S i.ith , and ho was about to
lead her to a hack when a policeman came
along and took both to the station.
P. W. Hampton , city editor of the Call ,
canned the arrest today of Policeman Lister
on the charge of assault and battery. Hamp
ton has boon roasting the o nicer for alleged
oppression of prisoners , and when the news ,
paper man called at tbo station last evening
to find out tbo number of the officer's star ,
an oxcltlnc colloquy ensued , which ended by
the forcible ejection of Hamilton , Lutor
was released for trial Monday ,
Burglars ontoroa tbo grocery store of
\Villtani Hotnlinir , H 5 O street , last nlht
by the window route and got away with
about &Ti In cash and some groceries.
Jay Burrows and J. M. Thompson are the
corporators of tbo Reform Press associa
tion , which filed articles today. Tbo busi
ness Is gcnfral advertising and the furnish
ing and transmission of news In plates or
Marlon W. Smith is engaged today in at
tempting to prove to the satisfaction of Judge
Field Hint her guardian , Juboz C. Crookcr ,
ha * been handling her estate to his own per.
sonal benefit and applying its Income to his
own uses , besides which she charges that ho
baa made himself personally disagreeable by
his actions whenever she called at hi' ofilce.
A Cernuin Clnh In Koiinttn I'lure.
The DoutRcho Soscndo Kroiso club and a
few of their friends were charmingly enter
tained by MUs Armbrustor Monday evening
nttho residence of Mr. J. p. Hay , Kountzo
place. The guests indulged in hiph five until
u Into hour , when an elegant lunch was
Those present wore ; Mlsios Bauman ,
Fawcntt , May Fawcott , slaughter , Hamllu ,
Polglaro , Weller. McLuIn , MoCuno , Gussle
Baunmo , Holiday , Freeman , Mooru , Hughes ,
Lehmor , Benton and Bay , Messrs. Mullen ,
Colby , Peters , McCunu , Stran ? , Vlcker * ,
( ilfford. Fawcott , Bauman , Fisher , Parma-
lee , Oady , Wright , Boss , Peyton , Tate and
Bon Jensen spent the watches nf tbo night
an Interested sprutatorof a crowd of Tartars'
Turks and Roman Catholics who lose up and
bt round hU arm chair till suurUo.
Mrs. Maybrick anil Mrs , Osborno Still
Before the English Public ,
IIo3te of Prientls Assisting Her Lawyers
to Secure a Now Trial or Pardon ,
Why the Correspondent Thinks She
Poisoned Her Late Husband.
I'rospcrtH That She Will Ho Sciitonrcil tent
nt l.eiist Klglitccu MontliV IinprU-
oninciit Prliieo ( leer o Will Jlo
H Duke HereiiUcT.
ICopyr/oMcil / iS3Itn Jitmtt O.ir.l . M Il
LONDON' . Fob. 20. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tim Br.n.J Mrs. May-
brick has no lack of friends hero and her
American nationality scorns to add to their
persistence. They nro of the loud mouth
typo , of course , for If of any other variety
they would not attract attention. They
began their outcry the moment the verdict
was returned , and delucod the press with
opinions nnd complaints. The lottow were
so numerous , so constant and so cleverly
worded that so hard-hearted n person as
the homo secretary was moved to qunsh the
verdict and change the sentence of death to
imprisonment for llfo. The first bout was
ivou by Mrs. Maybrlck's friends and having
plenty of time at their command they began
, o work methodically.
The woman exercises n great fascination
Dver the majority of people who have como
n contact with her. This Is particularly
noticeable In Mr. MacDougal , the London
county councilor. Ho is a fanatic in the
opinion of co'isorvatlvo people , not only In
ho Maybrick case but in most matters. Ho
s ono of the most thoroughly disliked men in
London , for ho attacks musio balls and other
existing institutions which on the whole nro
.veil conducted. His friends , however , cull
him a "reformer" nnd say it is tbo late of nil
reformers to bo called "fanatics. "
Her I.nvyer Thinks Her Innocent.
Mrs. MnybncK's case was in the bands of
Messrs. Lumly & Lumly , ono of the best
Irms of solicitors in London. 1 mot the
head of the lirm this morning nnd ho said :
I thoroughly behove in the Innocence of
Mrs. Mnybriclc ; otherwise I would nofbavo
.aken tbo caso. I have boon working stoad-
ly and methodically for a long tlmo In her
behalf , and thora is moro than ono commit-
.00 with the same object in vlinv. The com
mittees do not nil agree. Wo have nothing to
do with their quarrels. We take nil the evi
dence they and anybody else can lvo us.
The source Is of no consequence so long as
.bo matter is relevant. 1 go to Liverpool
.oday to secure now testimony. I have
had detectives at work for a long
line , and bavo gathered much material.
Wo may bo nbio to move next week , but this
depends upon the opinion of counsel. Wo
have the best counsel In the market , among
, bom Sir Charles Russell and Mr. Poland.
i\ll the evidence nt the trial , the speeches of
counsel and tbo char go of the Judge wo
have printed. Upon this counsel will pass
before we make a move. Our object Is to se
cure a now trial or a pardon. I have dug up
wo cases of precedents , but these were
never acted upon , so , In one souse , this will
'orm a precedent. "
Meanwhile , Mrs. Maybrick Is taking on
flesh in her prison , and in spite of tbo pa
thetic letters of the Baroness do Hoques , her
mother , is not looking at all 111.
What the Correspondent Thinks.
I followed the Maybrick case very closely.
I went to tun trial unbiased and listened to
all tbo evidence. I was not satisfied of her
guilt when the judge charged the Jury , nnd I
had a doubt when the Jury said "guilty. " A
few days afterwards I had an Interview with
the Baroness do Roquos. She , however , as
far as words and manner were concerned ,
was confidant of her daughter's innocence.
I wrote down a number of questions and
asked the baroness if sbo would secure answers - >
swors from Mrs. Maybrlok. She said "yes. "
and took the questions to the woman who
had been condemned to death ,
I saw heron her return from the cell , The
wo questions which would have satisfied
: no of Mrs. Maybrlck's Innocence were not
answered , and they had been built with much
care. They had not been answered , but the
remainder wero. The baroness could clvo no
reason , and I then believed Mrs. Maybrick
guilty , nnd such is my belief today. '
Moreover , I do not bellovo that the efforts
of her friends and aJnnrors , well backed by
powerful lawyers , can obtain her freedom.
Interest in tbo case was revived this week
by the action of Comptroller Spolrs of the
Mutual Reserve Fund association , Ho paid
$10,000 on a policy on the life of Mr. May-
brick Into court. Mr. Cleaver claimed it in
behalf of Mrs. Maybrick , and a ? assignee
Mr , Cleaver Is going to carry the caao into
tbo House of Lords , neainst the decision of
the court of appeals. The executors of James
Maybrick also claimed it , and Sir Richard
Webster , attorney general , claimed It for the
crown , and so tbo association washed Its
bands of the wbolo affair by paying the
monay into court. The association bad al
ready paid a policy ot $15,000.
IMiiy ( let Kluhteeii Moulin ,
Mrs. Osborno's trial takes plnco in the
.week bepinmntr March 7. She Is still In tbo
Infirmary In Holloway Jail. She Is boslegod
by all sorts of visitors , mostly women a nd
crunks , several of whom Insist they stole
Mrs , Harproavos' diamonds , and .hat Mrs.
Osboino is Innocent.
Captain Osborno dally visits his wife and
brings delicacies and cheers her up. Mrs.
Hargreavos also remains in town and calls
frequently nt Holloway jail on tbo woman
who so cruelly wronged bar in tbo public
Tbo fact that Kir Charles Htissoll Is en
gaged to defend hnr leads to tbo belief that
Captain Osborno intends that his wife shall
stand trial. The consensus pf opinion among
lawyers is that Mio will get eighteen months'
imprisonment which will probably bo spent
in the Infirmary.
Will llo n Duke , Tou ,
Prince Georgu is to bo called duke of Kent.
Tbo tltlo is to bo transferred by the queen ,
who holds by right tbo succession. The
oftlciul announcement , however , is not to bo
made until the queen sends out the usual
birthday honors in May , which consist gen
erally of elevations to the pooragoof patriotic
brewers and railway managers uud the con
ferring of C. II.'s on soldleri and sailors.
Prlnco Ucorgo Is guttering severely from
Insomnia , notwithstanding , the efforts of his
physicians to disgnlso'ttio'fnct.
lleiuly for Another 1'nll.
I had n long chat witli Mr. Foxhall ICoono
today , Juit as ho was Rofng.to Brighton. Ho
looks first rate , but n trillo thin. His Irish
"cropper" kept him In BqjJ twelve days , nnd
naturally ho lost some flesh , The accident
hai loft no visible marks. Ho lost one tooth
nnd Jlind the nerve of nnotr.cr so damaged
that ho had the tooth removed and
will have tbiTgap filled by a porcelain work
of art. So far as appaarancos go his loss of
the tooth Is of no consequence , M Mr. Kcono
docs not show his tooth when ho talks , only
When ho lauRhs , and generally limits himself
ton smile. He says ho fuels all light. Ho
rode for several hours' today. Ho is In love
with Ireland as a hunting country , and bas
boUKht twenty-two br.oou marcs and several
hunters nil tbo latter Irish , which are the
best hunters in the world , as Englishmen
well know.
Mr. ICoone may bo ox'pcctod homo shortly.
Ho will bo nt Ltvorpqol hoxt week to see the
Waterloo cup won and loit ,
il ciisniirr ( { IIQ UUCP.
The postponement Of the cup race was n
disappointment to thousands , particularly to
the followers of Colonel North. The draws
suited him to perfection and In splto of nu
merous good entries the odds against Fullerton -
ton nro only 3 to h Saturday having passed ,
a now draw is necessary and all bets are do-
clarcdoff. 'llils Is unfortunate for Colonel
North , ns n now draw Is not likely to bo ns
satisfactory to him ns the first. All good
sportsmen , however , hope thatFullorton will
wli. the cup nnd thus finish a glorious career
by accomplishing n foot never performed be
fore the winning of the Waterloo cup four
consecutive tlmcsi
Racing has also suffered from the weather ,
which has been unusually severe this week ,
with llttlo nppoaranco of n change- for the
bettor. Early this morning London bad a
dense fog , which disappeared as suddenly as
It came. Thcro Is plenty of Ice , but it is
spoiled for skating purposes by frequent falls
of SDOW and occasional thaws.
Will Itnr rilKillsN.
At last London is to have a club after the
style of the Manhattan 'and Now York
Athlotlo clubs , to bo oaUod the "Sport nnd
Athletio Club , Limited. " The chief object
Is the encouragement of sports , though pro
fessional boxing will find no plnco in the
club's programs. The committee includes
the dukes of Portland , 'Hamilton nnd Montrose -
rose , Lords Lonsdalo , Londcsborrough , Fitz-
hardine , do Clifford ami Gosford.
Inventor Sims , of the Sims-Edison tcrpedo ,
is booked to sail to Now York next Wednes
day , Ho Is called ] ; heap ( because ot illness
in his family. The stria ! of the torpsdo at
Portsmouth this weokjv.s very satisfactory
to the foreign attache , and a probable sale
will bo effected to Russia and Get many.
Mr. Edwin M. Fox ; attgrnoy for the Edison
company , goes to Russia next week.
The first secretary , of the legation , Mr.
Henry Whlto , received numerous congratu
lations this weok. < Khis now title. The
London Times said that among these in the
diplomatic fr.lllory .of , the House of Commons
Thursday night listening to Mr.'Balfour's
introduction of bfs Ir&h bpmo rule measure
was "Sir II. White , Tlrst secretary of the
American legation. " jSacha mistake may
mean a bead lujbo bhskot , as the Times Is
very particular on such points and Mr.
White is too \\cll hijoiyii an American to
make such * an error allowable on any
ground ) .
Tiilklnp of the Iinllmi. '
Indian Commissioner Morgan has taken
the trouble to try to satisfy Mr. Labouehoro
that there is no corruption in the conduct of
Indian affairs. Mr. Labouchcra does not
seem to think that Commissioner Morgan
has made out a good case , though ho fs will
ing to admit that Mr. ' Morgan may not have
got any of tbo "swajr. " But it it curious
how ultra-patriotic Americans bond tbo knee
to the English , whllothoy t } n ordinary people -
plo who are civil to the Anglo-Saxon.
London paupers are slowly growinc loss
numerous. In tbo fifth week of January ,
18S9 , there were 10l.SsO indoor and outdoor
paupers In London ; in 1890 thorn were 103-
033 ; in 1891 there wore 100,577 , , and in 189J
there were 09,303 <
Mr. J. U. Sibbald , the iron manufacturer
of Now York , has been-serlously ill _ at tbo
Savoy with pneumonia contracted in the isle
ofVight. . Ho is now recovering and will go
to Eastbourne to recuperate.
Lord Alllngon , the aged nobleman who
married Miss Lchliih the other day , and
whoso wonderful gifts to the brldo were the
talk of the day , ban n'pt 1iad a happy honey
moon. His old enemy , tbo gout , attacked
him the day after the marriage , and ho is
still laid up with the inulndy.
I'ccullur TcIejpSipU Chargca.
Mr. Hcnnikcr HcsApri , tbp parliamentary
postal reformer , -ihowlng up the very
funny methods pursuod'by the postal author-
ties in making arbitrary and ridiculous rul-
ngs. If you telegraph the words "Now-
castlo-on-Tyno , " they ohnrco ono word ; if
' "St. LconnrdSrOn-tuo-Soa , " three words.
'Dovoro" ' is ono word ; "Dovoro gardens"
three ; "upstairs" one ; "downstairs" two.
But tbo height of red tape appears In this
order just Issued : ' 'You may , nt the ordi
nary circular or book past rate.send to your
coal dealer the following message : 'Send
ono ton coal. ' If you su'y 'Pleaso Bond1 you
roust puy a penny extra , because it's a lot-
tor.1' ' The authorities are evidently not in
clined to encourilca politeness.
Americans who havo'boon obliged to travel
everywhere in whiter will bo glad to know
that the dreadful' railway foot warmers nro
about to bo dona 'a\VA.v \ with. Ono of the
lines running between Lonaon'and Liverpool
has just put In a s sfcni of steam pipes , and
also , much to the.astonishment and wonder
of Englishmen , oloptrlc lights on its trains.
The papers praisqiita company for Us ro-
rnarkablo ontflrpri ejbut tbo time bus not
como tor any railroad | n England to bo en
terprising enough'nqt. , a lock the passougor " *
in the carriages. ) J * "
Secretary Tlllot cu.of the Victory Yacht
club tolls 1119 bis clu i is most anxious to bo
challenged by Auiijticans for a race In
English waters ( or. iio America's cup. Ho
thinks English yoabp have a much hotter
chance to winin , bjoiup waters , ou account of
familiarity with tbb course and p 1st ex
perience has boea.a'splondld teacher , giving
thorn hope of' bsulln'tf.tholr next American
opponent , ' MrTillaUon'thinks now , that
Mr. Burgcas la dead , American yachtsmen
will not buvo thq Banjo walkover as hereto
fore. * j
M nil ? in Our i-rctlyhnlni rli.
The muelcal. society organized by some of
tbo music loving young ladles of Kountzo
Place , mot nt the residence of J. W , Fawcett
Thursday evening. A delightful program
was lUtonod to , uhich consisted of vocal and
Instrumental solos and duels by various
members of the club.
These present were ; Mesdames Koch ,
Benedict and CrandulU Mlnses Armbrmter ,
Collett. MoCaguo. Lydhv MoCusuo , Free
man , Holilday , Saughtar | , McLaln , Nellie
McLaln , MqAnsland , Polglaco , Van Court ,
Bay , Gullck , ) V'odo , Uossio Wedge , Fawcott
and Mary FaWfott ,
A lean year lemon party i to bo given by
Miss Helena Llpp to Iho dub In t ivo weeks
Opposition to the Qer.nau Sectarian Edu
cation Bill Palling Off
In Order to Retain His Plnco Herr Miquel
Will Dense His Opposition.
His Departure Prom Constitutional Usages
Gives Qravo Offense ,
Kiuppriir William IH KxprrtPil In Mulio
Some. Important Miituiiicnt * Highlit nf
Suceesslon In the DiiL'liy or Uriini-
Nrus I''roiu tlio 1'atlii'rlaml.
ii/Xcw rm/r / Atnoetatal IV .
BBIIUN , Fob. 20. The government has
gained a distinct advantage In the division in
the ranks of opposition to the Prussian sec
tarian education bill. The national liberals ,
headed by Herr von Bcnnlngson , maintain
the policy of union with the frelsinnlgo party
against the measure ns n whole. Another
section supports Herr Miquol , minister of
finance , In his endeavors to arrange
a compromise with the advocates
of the bill. Herr von Bonnlngson's
enemies assert that ho is actuated by a feel
ing of animosity toward the cabinet bocausp
he did not receive a ministerial post which
ho had long coveted , and In relation to which
many promises had boon made to him. Herr
Miquol , it Is sold , will surrender his prlnci
pies In order to retain his position ns finance
minister. Ho has now for n long tlmo been
the champion of the compromise movement ,
and thcro can bo no doubt that ho will change
his course of trying to avoid an open and ab
solute rupture. However , as Chancellor von
Caprivl and Count von Xodlitz , the minister
of public worship , bis colleagues , have shown
no disposition to alter the measure so ns to
make possible Its acceptance by the country ,
It Is dlfllcult to see where there is any chance
to apply the principle of compromise.
1'rostiitccl It Only us a I'ormiillty.
The hostility of the situation is ncgra-
vatcd by revelations made by the Allege-
melno X.eltuug , to the effect that Count v'on
Zedlltr , acting under orders from
Emperor William through Chancellor Ca-
privi , only submitted the bill to the minis
ters as a formality when it was completed.
The measure had boon fully elaborated be
fore Count von Zodlltz placed It before the
minority. Ho was simply used by the _ emperor -
peror ns an open clinnnol for the Introduction
of the bill in the Landtag.
The question qf this departure from con
stitutional usages will bo brought before the
Landtag and unless Chancellor von Cunrlvi
can explain it , it Will shako the power at the
ompovor to retain him as chancellor. During
the tlmo when Prince Bismarck's power was
most absolute the ministry preserved the
right of being nu courant on all legislative
New Immigration Iturn.
The bill regulating emigration from Ger
many , about to bo Introduced in the Reichs
tag , enacts that anybody wishing to leave the
country shall Inform the police as to his
destination. The authorities will for a month
before allowing a person to emigrate make
public his declaration as to his proposed
destination and the agents will not bo al
lowed to forward emigrants except In ac
cordance with a written contract open to the
authorities. No parsons between the ages
of IS and 25 years ( the period cover
ing liability to military service ) ,
will bo allowed to enter into a
contract to emigrate. Contracts will not bo
allowed In the case of diseased and maimed
persons or ethers v/no will not bo permitted
to on tor as Immigrants the countries tu which
they wish to go.
The payments made must cover the ex
penses of the entire Journey to the port of
destination of the emigrant. A cents will bo
responsible ( or any losses which emigrants
may Incur in consequence of delays in trans
portation. All steamers used for the convey
ance of emigrants must bo oxamlnod as to
their equipment and sanitary condition ,
livery vessel sailing between the trans
oceanic ports and having room for twonty-
ilvo passengers other than these carried In
the cabin will bo treated as un emigrant
ship. Imperial inspectors will bo appointed
at Hamburg , Bremen , Stettin and other
: * > er.teil to Suy Something Important.
Tbo previous spoocbos of the emperor at
the opening of the Diet at Brondcrburg have
led to the expectation of the country of im
portant utterances by his majesty on the 3-Hh
Herr Horrfurth , Prussian minister of the
interior , states that the dlsoaso of the luil-
noys from which ho It suffering Is becoming
aggravated and will probably compel his
resignation of bis position. It Is surmised ,
however , that this is simply an excuse
brought forward on account of tbo education
It Is rumored that the duke of Cumberland
has assented to the proposition to reopen the
negotiations looking to tbo surrender of his
rights In Hanover. These negotiations arc
based on proposals made by Herr Loxton ,
land director of Hanover , thatttlQ duke of
Cumberland shall obtain the rights of suc
cession In .tho duchy of Bruuswlcu with the
control of the Ouelph fund. Queen Victoria
and the prlnco of Wales are urclng the dnlio
of Cumberland to accopt. The emperor is
ulso earnestly urging this arrangement ol
the matter , ns the last chance of a bottle-
montDoforo the Ouelph fund is swallowed by
oho Prussian state.
I.ondoji stuck Murket.
[ Copi/rtoMfd ISfflbuJumc * Gimlnn llamrtl. ' ]
LONDON' , Fob. 20. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB BBL'.I The stock
market has boon Idle and uninteresting all
day. Business has boon roducud to a mini ,
mum. American raits were generally Hat ,
the Now York market having been adversely
Influenced last night by orders given for tbo
shipment of gold to Kuropo. Homo rates
wore duo weak , Foreign stocks closed fairly
steady , as the Paris bourse was bolter. In
homo rails Brighton deferred rose one-half
of 1 per cent and Southeastern deferred
ono eighth of 1 per cent , whllo Metro
politan deferred and Hhofllold deferred
fell ' 4 per cent and Caledonian issues and
North British deferred , ' ( , per cont. Money
was strong , The demand was at'J f to a per
cont. Applications ere made at the bank ,
where UK per cent wa charged for ten-day
loans. Mho stringency wai caused by tbo
London and Westminster bank handing over
a largo sum to the Bank of Uiiglaud on ao-
count of the Now South Wales govern nt , . ,
The discount rnto was firm. Threo-mihlli
bank bills were quoted nt2 > t per cent ,
to bo shipped from Now York to Uur < i
today amounts to . 120,000.
mttni ) : > i'M iu : SNOW.
: iiRlanil KxperleiieliiK Setrro Slornifi
Cold Weuther.
Loxnox , Fob. 20. Snow slurms prevailed
ast night throughout the United Kingdom.
n London two Inches of snow fell , and this
nornlng the city wns enveloped inndcr.se
fog. The weather remains cold. The upper
reaches ol the Thames nro frozen. In North
Wales 10,0'JOquarryinon ' hove been thrown
out of work by the snow that has fallen to a
great depth In that part of the country. A
dispatch from Dublin states that telegraph
vires nnd poles nro down in all directions
hrough holand , nnd that railway tralllc Is i
ntcrrupicd by tno heavy drifts with which
ho lines are incumborod.
The snow storm continues In the mountains
nnd moors of tliu north of England and trnf-
lo on the various railway lines traversing
hnt country is seriously impeded.
Dispatches say that the roads In the Lis-
ownld district , Kerry , nro also badly do-
aycd by huge drifts of snow.
Much anxiety is felt regarding * the safety
of several farmers who loft the markets
bound for their homes yesterday nnd of
whom nothing has boon hoard.
Protests Agnlnst Its Cnimiminntlnn 1'llcd
\\ltli the ( ioxernor ol IVnnsj l\uiilu.
HAIIUISIIUIIO , Pn , , Fob. 20. Governor Pat-
tlson today made public two letters ho has
ccelved , uno from Auditor Cassatt of the
? onnsylvaula road , nnd the other from Maser -
or Workman Powdorly of the Knights of
Labor , protesting against the Headlnir. Lo-
hlgh Valley and Jersey Central deal. Cas-
satt's letter plves an array of facts which bo
considers are sufllcicut to prove the
llepallty of the deal , nnd Pow-
derly protests ns n citizen of this
state nnd demands that the constitution bo
upheld. The letters were referred by Gov-
; rnor Paulson to the attorney ecucral with
nstructlons to ( take such action as will en
force the constitution of the stnto and bring
all who violated It within its control.
In Mr. Cassatt's letter above referred to ,
after giving figures on the details of Iho big
combine , ho says : "I call your attention to
: ho fact that It is practically admitted that
the power to llx the price of anthracite coal
in Philadelphia nnd olscwharo will rest on
ono man , althoueh the hope Is certainly
nxpressed that'.his power will bo oterclscd
in a bcncficlcnt way. I have thought It
rhjht to collect together nnd submit to you
the acovo facts which arc oil derived from
public sourcci , equally accessible , to you ,
ibat you may have the situation clearly before -
fore you andniuy lane punh action ns you
deem proper and right if the consolidation of
these competing lines under ono
control with the avowed purpose of removing
competition and of securing the power to
ropulato the production and ilx the prlco of
anthracite coal should scorn to you to bo con
trary to public policy or to bo in violation of
that provision of the constitution which pro
hibits any transportation company from ao
quiring in any way the control of u cornpot-
ngllno. "
OAUIU , Fob. 20. \
While cloudy , unsettled wonthor continues
east of the Missouri river nnd in tbo Interior
of the country , it has cleared off warmer in
the west and tbo prospect is for n warm
spell In advance of n storm entering the
upper Missouri volley. This will probnbU
bo followed by another cold biiap during the
Temperature has generally risen but most
notably in the Kooky mountain regions.
For'Eastern Missouri and Omaha and
Vicinity Fair , warmer wenthor during Sun-
dav : warmer on Mondav ; southerly winds.
WASHINGTON- . C. , Fob. 20.-For Mon
tana Fair ; slightly warmer ; soutn winds ;
increasing cloudiness and probably light
rains or snow generally.
For Nebraska. North nnd South Dakota
Slightly warmer ; south winds nod generally
fuir weather Sunday ; fair Monday.
For Indian Territory , Oklahoma and Kan
sas Slightly warmer and fair , and probably
fair Monday.
For Colorado Fair woatnor ; southerly
winds ; probably fair Monday.
For Iowa Generally fair ; variable winds ;
probablv fair Monday.
For Missouri Generally fair ; north winds :
probably fair Monday ,
Ho UrK 'f Now Vorlt DrinocnitH to bo Urouil
nnd riiHltlix In Their Ilcniiiicl.itlon.
Bi.NOiiAMi'TON' , N. Y. , Fob. 20. Kx-LIou-
tcnant Governor Jones has written a latter
In regard to the anti-Hill movement , in
which he says : ' 'The ' effort which starts
forth with such enthusiasm and vigor as a
remonstrance will bo the result of still fur
ther degradation to the party if its
action is to bo limited to n
protest. If wo are but to
'criovo nnd eroan' and then full meekly into
line , wo but strengthen the chains that bind
us. Our denunciation should bo made
broadly nnd in the interests of pure democ
racy , and wo but weaken our efforts if wo
allow them to bo construed as bolnc for the
advancement of the political fortunes nf anyone
ono man , no matter how deserving ho may bo
In his own merits , or In contrast with David
B. Hill.
ItlHfllOH 1'OHtlll A ( I'll lr .
WAMIIXUTOX , 'U. C. . Fob. 20. A confer
ence with the postmasters of sixty-five of
the largo cities of tno country , which has
been arranged for the Oth of March , Is re
ceived , It Is said , with much favor by the
postmasters addressed. The following are
some of tbo questions whjch have boon sug
gested for discussion :
"The consolidation of third and fourth
class matter ( printed matter mid merchan
dise ) Into ono class at the lowest existing
rale of postage , 1 cent for two ounces ; Insur-
inc against loss by the government of par
ties sending registered matter ; the improve
ment and oxtonslon'of the special delivery
system ; the advisability of establishing a
branch of the dead letter ofllco on the I'aclflo
slope. " t
Itnllrouil Men' * Troul > len ,
Ai.nt'QUKii'iui : , N. M , . Fob. 20 , A commit
tee from hero , representing the employes of
the Atchlson , Topeka & S nta Fo njid At-
lunlio it I'aelllo nnd St , Louis it S' , Fran
cisco railroads Is in conference wit . ' 'jo gen
eral management of these rompam * ! n Chicago
cage , protesting against the requirements
that employes give bond in a nuamtuoo com-
panv that they will faithfully fulfill their
duties , etc. It Is intlmntod hero , that the
employes of the tianta Fo system will Insist
upoa the withdrawal of these inqulromonts ,
"V -
, Ky. , Fob. ; 20 , Near ElUabotu-
town last night Ueorgo KurU , aged H ,
stabbed to donth John L. Gooru , a imm of 20
years. Kurtz anil his older brother , Con ,
had bought some candy and started to dl
vide it. Gooro begun teasing George Kunz
and pulling his noso. Con bald ho would
sooner bo knoclad down than have his nose
nulled , Gooro knocked him down. A light
followed In which Gooro was killed.
Ailumimn Will Nuu Wood Ml ( I.
Lir [ .K HOCK , Ark. , Feb. 20.- The attojnoy
general will file a suit in tbo Pufakuki chan
cery court on Monday against tfK' bondsmou
of ox-SUto Treasurer W. R , Woodruff. The
claim will bo based upon the findings of tbo
state examining board , and will allege an
additional shortage of 11)5,000. )
hl four's Irish Bill Saves the Gladstoninu
jp5 Army from Despondent Dissolution.
Without This Measure the Grand Old Man's
Followers Were All but Lost.
John .Redmond and Timothy Harrington
Will Have Vengeance from Gladstone.
United In righting tlio Ministry mill Nearly
On Speaking Terms The llallonr
I'liin Will I'lrilso I'.iiKland Very
Welt as u Compromise.
[ CoifiMr | ) / < l JKttbi/Jitme. * ( Jonlan llcnnttt , ]
LONDON , Fob. S.U [ Now Yorit Herald
Cable Special to Tan Ilr.n. ] Tlio now Irish
local government bill has nut thoGladstonlana
in good spirits. Hitherto everything has
boon going wrong with thorn. This session
there Is no nttnek upon the government foi ?
Its Egyptian polioy , no demands Tor the Ira-
tticOlato dissolution of parllnmcut , mid no
show of fight In nny quarter. Tlio "grand
old man's" army wns thoroughly dlscour
aged , but now they tblr.lt they huvotho min
istry In n tight plnco.
The local government bill Is a mockery ,
they sny , of the Irish hopes. It Is not so cer
tain that It is to bo regarded In that light by
the English people. Probably It gives them
as much as they arc willing to concede.
Anyway It is protnaluro to count upon the
Oofcnt of the government by this measure.
Apart from that It is bacomlng fatally
evident that the general position of tlio
Uladstoniaiis on homo rule Is rotten 10 lit
foundation. Their only hone of success at
the next general election is to hoop" their
country In Ignorance of nvcry detail of the
now schomo. Once rovcal that plan and
oitlnr the English or the Irish will kick
against it , for it cannot possibly satisfy both ,
Ills Spirit Miii-chliiR On.
Mr. Parnoll's followers , led by Mr. John
Redmond , decline to play the pimo without
seeing the cards. They insist on asking for
'ull information. Messrs. Sexton and
O'Brlon of the other whip of the Irish party
arc prepared to bring in Mr. Gladstone on
nny terms , and are confident that they can
put the screws on him afterwards.
Mr. Redmond absolutely refuses to glva
him a blank check , and hols backed up by all
the Parnollitos. They ascrlbo Mr. Parnoll's
death "td Mr. Glads'tonc s hounding him
down , and in their hearts will never forgive
him. This Is ono of the secret Itoys to homo
rule mysteries which must never bo forgot-
tsn. John Rodmoud Is a formidable antac- ; .
ouist , and a , far bettor speaker than Mr. ,
Pnrnclt wns. lie Is young , daring , plucky
and resolute , and the Ilouso of Commons
listens to him with great attention. Fidelity
to the memory , policy and ideas of Mr. Pur-
neil scorns to bo his sole aim. The next
ablest mac among the true Parnollitos Is 7\rlr. \
T , Harrington.
I.UIiiK Tor Vcnccanco.
Between them they will keep the lamp
burningbuforo the hero's shrine , and it maybe
bo , oven nvenco his death. They have not
closed the account with Mr. Gladstone yot.
Ho struck savr.coly at Mr. Pnrnell in his
famous loiter which caused the revolt In the
Irish party. A similar blow may bo In prep
aration for himself.
At present and for a moment both sections
of the Irish ara united against the ministry ,
and they are almost on speaking terms.
Together they hope to turn Lord Salisbury
out. In my opinion they will bo disap
pointed , for the government bill represents
fairly the views of the most moderate
men. Of course , It dee ° > not go far enough
for the homo rulers , but the bulk of the
nation are not prepared to broalt up the im
perial parliament , and nothing short of that
will satisfy the nationalists. The govern
ment measure will therefore bo irogardcd by
the people generally ns a fair compromise.
Sickness and death still cast a gloom over
the house. Four moro members have gona
already this year. It is moat dlfllcult for the
government to keep a majority in the house
nine hours every day on account of so many
being half brouon down In hoaltu. Mr. Dai-
four begins at a bad time , but thus far ha
has done well.
Alti : J < 'tlt U3T.11IA ,
Delegates to tlio St. l.onls Imliin-
Irlnl Contention Iteml.v for HiixIncHH ,
Kosc.Niiiiiiur , Mo. , Fob. 0. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tun BBK.J Tbo Nebraska delegation
to the Industrial conference at St. Louis la
on route via the Wnbasb to nccuro the na
tional convention of the people's independent
party for Omnbn , located as f > ho is in the po
litical center of the voting strength of the
party. The claims of Omaha will bo para
mount , in a political sense , to the dcslrus of
other claimants. Omaha comes with a
* T > 0,000 guaranteed bond to pay the expenses
of the convention. This brings the whola
stnto of Nobrtoliu behind her to ask for the
convention. Iowa. Nubiaslm , Kansas
and the two Dakotas ore strictly "In
It" if the convention cornea to Omnha.
Irrespective of politics Omaha sends down
un earnest and representative committee of
her potential citizens to bring the convention
to the great city of the agricultural gardoti
of the west.
Among the loading ropresontntlvfl citizens
nro the following : C. 11. Van \V > ck , .Ne .
braska City ; J , H. Udonlnstor , Lexington ;
Alfred Fawlnicr , Otnahu , editor Omahu
Tpscm ; Fred Jewell , Plntto Center ; O. Clom
Heaver , Omaha , J. II. Powers , Cornell ; J.
M. Thompson , editor Farmers Alliance , Lin-
t'oln ; 'T C. ICoUoy and A. H. Hlgolow , sec-
fatnry and treasurer of tlio stnto association
Knights of Labor , Omaha ; , . ) . M. Uovlno.
( 'olfuxV. : . A , Hwlck , Platte Center ; W. A.
Pointer , Uooao. editor St. Paul Phonograph ;
J. A. Clafton , St. Paul ; O. II. McGraw ,
Albion ; WN. . Nason , Omaha ; GcorKO II.
Hoggs. Omana ; 0. H. Karons , Sarpv co.unty
and W. P. Hilton , Nnnco county. This com
mittee , covering the wbolo area of tlio state ,
have hired a special troin and aio going down ,
to yell Immediately for Omaha.
1 < /
A Aliitlnwi l.niH'lieon ,
Miss Minnie lUtnlln of Kountzo Place en
tertained about thirty of her young lady
friends at 1 o'clock luncheon Friday. Tha
house was beautifully decorated with palms
and cut flowers. The afternoon was spent
in playing high-five , Miss Grace Polplaco
winning the head prize , u beautiful souvenir
Among these present were : Miss Fawcott ,
May Fawcott , Miss McLaln , Nolllo mcLaln ,
King , Buo King , Campion , Nolllo Campion ,
Wollor , Slaughter , Poliriace , IJa.v. Van
Court , Cotter , Ambrose , M-iAuslnud , Ilonton ,
Luhmur , Madco Luhmcr , Wllcax and Miles
of Lincoln ; MUs Llvingly of Uontrlco ,
MC3dun.es Hnmlllou. McDuulels and Colo.

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