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Democrats and Republicans Aroused Over
a Oontcfcted Election Oaso in the House.
BIr. .Jolirmon Alilj- Defends the llrpulillcnn
1'nrty from Democratic AMiuilts Inci
dent * of the Drlmtc SonnturH DUcusi
the TiirllT nntl Kcclproclty.
\VASHINOTON , D. 0. , Feb. 23. The house
Voprcscntnllves wns In the throes of pollll-
'discussion for flvo hours today , nnd purtl-
feeling rcncbcd n feVer bent , for llepro-
'n/tatlvo Brown of Indiana denounced Sonn-
'r Quay , Postmaster General Wnnnmakor
id Dudley for their efforts In carrying the
election of 1888 for the present occupant of
the wnlto house. Tbo Crale-Stownrt elec
tion case wns the subject under discussion ,
nnd nlthough the contcstnut nnd contestoo
nro residents of the Twenty-fourth Pennsyl
vania district , the discussion soon assumed
n wide scope and afforded partisans of both
political faiths an opportunity to denounce
their political antagonists to their heart's
content. The majority of the committee find
In favor of Contestant Craig , and the minor
ity hold that the sitting member , Stewart
( republican ) , Is entitled to retain tils seat.
Itepuhllean Politicians Arraigned ,
Representative Brown of Indiana led the
debate In behalf ot Contestant Craig , and
wns particularly severe In his Indictment of
lending republican politicians.
"Tho republican scheme of 18S8 , " snld he ,
"wns to divide the voters into blocks of flvo
[ laughter ] nnd put n trusted man with neces
sary funds In chnrgo ot those flvo nnd make
him responsible thnt none got nwny and thnt
all voted for the republican ticket. [ Ho-
nowed laughter. ] This scheme wns not In
tended for Indiana nlono , for It wns the pro
duction of ono whoso name Is written high on
the roll of honor of the republican parly and
who was treasurer of its great national com
mittee. [ Applause on the democratic sido.J
In Indiana , at least , it accomplished Its in
tended purpose. It corrupted the voter , pol
luted tbo ballot box , debauched the election
and prevented the people from making an
honest choice. [ Renewed applause. ]
"It was nn expensive schome.-'out Us
founder nnd originator wns equal- tbo
emergency. Largo contributions of money
were secured alike from the good nnd the bad
of the republican party , and history tolls us
that the subscription list contained the nnmo
of nt lonerfono eminent citizen of Pennsyl
vania who has received the reward ot ofllclnl
preferment for thojjart ho took nnd contri
bution ho mndo. [ Oreat applause on tbo
democratic side. | . *
i\ High Carnival WIIH Held.
"When the result of the labors of this
scheme wns accomplished high carnival wns
held und joy nnd gralulatlous wore the ordoi
of the hour.It was imaclncd/thut the public
tteas jry would sopn bo within the grasp ol
tbo eminent patriots whoso ingenuity bat
planned this wonderful device nnd that their
-thirst for grocd would soon bo appeased.
[ Laughter. ] But suddenly dismay and con
sternation appeared when Its originator run
all who abetted him were confronted with
the fearful losponslblllty ot bovine violnted
the federal crimes net * fLnughto'r nnd ap
plause. ]
Mr. Brown was Interrupted by a point of
order from Mr. 1C. H. Taylor of Ohio , that
tbo remarks of the gentleman were not direct
to tbo question under consideration.
Tbo speaker pro tern , Mr. Hatch , overruled
tbo point of order.
Continuing , Mr. Brown reported tbo pro
ceedings of the federal court in the attempted
Indictment of Mr. Dudley nnd others , nnd
charged Judge Woods with a violn'tlon of the
oath of bis high ofllco In interposing to aavo
prominent republicans of national repute
from Indictment and tlogrodulion.
Why DomouratH Attack .Iiulgo WoodH.
The defense of Mr. Dudley and the other
lenders of the republican party was mndo by
Mr. Johnson , who was the lending speaker
for .the contcstco. Ho said that ho would netS
S descend to potty political discussion , nlthough
the temptation held out to him by his col-
lougues wns very Inviting.
"Yet , " snld bo , "if I were disposed to claim
" nn indictment ngninst the democratic party
for violntion of the free ballot aud a fair
count , 1 might put in so many counts that no
democratic member upon this floor would bo
willing to entertain n motion to qunsh
[ Laughter. |
"Judgo Woods hns not been nominated bv
the president to a higher ofllco as a rewind
for partisan services , but on account uf his
learning , ability and high integrity. I be-
llovo ho will bo confirmed , and when ho Is a
learned , upright und eminent judge will tnko
his boat. ( Applause on the republican side. ]
This warfare Is made upon him , not for the
reason alleged , but because bo was instru
mental In convicting and sending to the peni
tentiary tbo noted ballot box stufTor 01 In
diana politics , Simon McCoy. [ Applause. ]
"I assert that all tho.se chorees against tbo
eminent Judge are not in good faith , nnd that
gentleman who bas been most active In
pressing them In the United States senate
bas , when at home , privately admitted thnt
he regretted thnt pnrly necessity compelled
him to tnko the stand bo bad assumed in op
posing the confirmation of Judge Woods. "
{ Applause on the republican side. )
After further discussion the house without
action adjourned.
I'lt Till1 TIIKMC.
Senators Spend the Day lln < : u sln ( ; Keel-
proclty iiml the MeKlnley Hill.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Fob. 25. In the senate
today Mr. Halo's resolution of January D ,
calling on tbo secretary of the treasury for
copies of the reciprocity agreements under
the last tariff act was then taken up aud Mr.
Vest moved tbo following amendment ;
"And the secretary of state will also In
form the senate whether any stops hnvo been
< taken by his authority to negotiate a reel-
\ procal treaty wltb Mexico , nnd , If so , what
bas boon done and with what results. Also
that the secretory inform the sonata If nego
tiations have been Inaugurated for thu pur
pose aforesaid , and , If they have been un
successful , what bas been the causa of the
failure. * '
Tnt-llf Will Ho the Lending lime.
Mr. Vest addressed the senate In reply to
Mr. Halo's speech on tbo resolution. Ho
agreed wltb Mr. Halo that the discussion of
the question would become the leading Issue
In the approaching national canvass.
Quoting from Mr , Halo's speech , the state
ment that It was only the reciprocity feature
of tbo tariff bill that bad saved the repub
lican party from being totally swamped In
the last election , Mr. Vest said thut It
seemed to bis benighted mind that ibo result
ot thcso elections ( in the senate and house of
representatives ) constituted a swamping
process oven on the const nf Maine. Ho re
ferred to the famous Incident In which Mr.
Blnino was represented at having smashed
his silk hat in balllod rage as ho denounced
MoKlnloy and bis colleagues on account of
tbo removal of the sugar duties , and said
that a full report of that occurrence had been
published In an interview , prepared by Wil
liam E. Uurtls , chief of the Bureau of Amer
ican Uopubllcs and adjutant of tbo reciproc
ity arrangements. Much ot Mr. Vest's
speech consisted of questions about tbo
speeches of republican senators in tbo tariff
Democratti I'uvor Keclprocity.
Tbo democratic party bad boon fbp'rcsonted
by Mr. Halo as being opposed to tbo policy
of reciprocity. Mr , Vest docied that asser
tion and declared that tbo democratic party
was only opposed to sham reciprocity. The
reciprocity arrangement with Brazil did not
bonollt the American farmer. No act of con
gress could chance the Inexorable law ol
supply and demand , which prevented un ag
ricultural people from purchasing agricul
tural proa-ictn. South America furnlibcd nc
inarkot for ibo agricultural product * of the
United Stntos. Every man qualified to vsto
know that the market for American agricul
tural products was In Great Britain , not in
South America. Why stop with South
America nnd sugnrl Why exclude shoddy
nnd clothing ! Genuine reciprocity wns free
Ml. Halo nnld that ho did not propose to bo
drawn now Into a general discussion on the
merits or weakness ct tbo McKlnley tariff
bill. Ho supposed from the Indications nt
tbo ether end of thocnpltol that the proper
opportunity would bo given before the reso
lution closed to discuss the McKlnlov bill ,
Its operations on the country nnd whether or
not , on the whole , It had been beneficial. The
senator from Missouri and himself did not
agrco on thnt , the senator believing thnt the
tariff bill was the sum of nil financial iniquit
ies , nnd ho believing thnt it wns a sound ,
strong moisuro nnd that the scnso of Its
met its would increase with the American
people the longer It was examined by thorn.
What the democratic parly wanted and bo-
llovcd In wns simon-pure frco trndo.
Purely n Itepnblleuii Doctrine.
Mr. Hnlo read n newspaper pnragrnph ,
showing thu Increase of Imports to Cuba of
American Hour since the reciprocity arrange
ment wont into effect , nnd said that the flour
ot old Spain had been driven out of the mar
ket. In loavlnff this subject ho could only
nay thnt time would tell moro fully as to
ivhothor the senator from Missouri or ho
vcre right ns to the bonollcont acts of ro
il nroclty. The senator wus In n dllemmn.
toclprocityhnd boon the republican policy ,
t wa * ono of Its corner stones. It would go
of ore the American people In the next cam-
nlgn. There Is not n miner or n laborer or
farmer or n shipper who was not Interested
n reciprocity and in its success , nnd who
vns not hoping nnd praying for its success ,
"hut wns tbo attitude of the republican
Mr. Vest snid that the very fundamental
ortrlnoof the democratic party wns freer
rado nnd Inrgor Intercourse with the whole
vorld and the increase which Mr. Halo bnd
nontionod of Imports ot American flour Into
luba proved thnt the democratic pnrty wns
Ight , nnd when the duties were put down
xports were Increased. The fundamental
octrlno on which the democratic pnrty
teed today was larger trndo and Inrgcr mar
kets for the American furraor. And the ro-
ubhcan party in inserting their reciprocity
cction In the McKinley bill had attempted
o got out of Its ditllculty by stealing a por-
lon of the doctrine of democrats. It never
.vould have tnkon reciprocity with any coun-
ry under heaven hud It not been for the In
llgnntton of the people of the United States
.gainst the McKinley bill.
Other Senators Will Discuss the Turin1.
The tariff dlscussjon-closod with no notion
m Mr. Halo's resolution or Mr. Vest's
nmendmont , but with the Intimation thnt
overal other senators wished to take purl In
ho discussion , notably Mr. Allison and Mr.
The Idaho election case wns then tnkon up
nnd Mr. Vnnce nrguod In support of the
flews of the minority to udmlt Mr. Clnggott ,
md without notion on the cnso the senate ad-
Complete. List of Chuiitjos In tha Regular
Ser\lec ,
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Fob. 25. Special
Telegram to Tun BCK. 1 The following
assignments to regiments of ofllcors recently
promoted and transfer. ! of oOlcors are or
dered :
A general court martial Is appointed to
meet at West Point , N. Y. , ut 11/a. / m. Mon
day , February 20 , or us soon thereat tor as
practicable for the trial of such prisoners ns
mny bo brought before it. Detail for the
court : Captain Edward K. Wwpd , Eighth
cnvalry : Captain Lawrence L. [ Bruff , ord-
nuncc department ; First Licutqnnnt Daniel
H. Boughtou , Third cavalry : First Lieu
tenant Frank Dodds , Ninth Infantry ; First
Lieutenant Warren P. Nowcomb , Fifth ar
tillery ; First Lieutenant Edwin B. Babbitt ,
ordnance department ; First Lieutenant John
C. W. Brooks , Fourth artillery ; First Lieu
tenant Willlnn W , Forsyth , Sixth cavalry ;
First Lieutenant Wilds P. Ulchnrdsou ,
Eighth infantry ; First Lieutenant George
H. Cameron , Fourth cavalry ; First Lieu
tenant Austin H. Brown , Twenty-second in
fantry ; Second Lieutenant William C.
Uivcrs , First cavalry ; Second Lieutenant
Charles H. McKlnstry , corps of engineers ;
First Lloutcnnnt Bcujninln Alvord , Twen
tieth infantry , judge advocate.
The leave of absence on account of sickness
granted First Lieutenant Farrand Sayo ,
Eighth cavalry , February 1U , is extended
one month on account ot sickness. Major
Harrv C. Egbert , Seventeenth infantry is
detailed as a member of the board of ofllccrs
appointed February 12 to meet at Fort D. A.
UusscllVyo. . , March 1 , 1693 , for the phys
ical nud mental examination of appointees to
the United States military academy , vlco
Lieutenant Colonel Gcoigo K. Brady , Seven
teenth infantry , who is relieved from detail
ns n member of that board. First Lieuten
ant Francis H. Shunk , corps of engineers , Is
relieved from duty nt Willetts Point , N. Y. ,
nnd will report in person to Cnptaln Tnomas
W. Symons , corps of engineers , for duty
under his immediate orders , taking station
nt Portland , Ore.
Captain Charles B. Thompson , assistant
goncrnl qu'irtormaster. Is retired from duty
in the otllco'of the quartermaster general ,
nnd will proceed to Madison Barracks , N.
Y. , and relieve Captain George E. Pond , as
sistant quartermaster , of bis duties In con
nection with the charge of construction at
that post , under the direction of tbo quarter
master general. The leave ot absence
granted First Lieutenant Granger Adams ,
regimental quartermaster , Fifth artillery ,
February 12 , Dopartmnntof California , is ox-1
Uinded ono month. The extension of the
leave of absence on surgeon's certificate or *
disability granted Captain Charles M. Rocke
feller , Ninth infantry , November 4 , Ib93 , Is
still further extended ono month on surgeon's
certificate of disability. Thn resignation of
First Lieutenant Edward S. Farrow , Twenty-
first infantry , has been accepted by the pres
ident , to tnko olToct February 24 , Ib03.
WANT ruii : : SIIVIK. :
Jnilluiui'H Congressional Delegation Nur-
prUtH tint Antl-Mlvor Men ,
WASHISHTOS , D. C. , Fob. 25 The Indiana
delegation In congress bold n mooting todny ,
nnd tbo result Is discouraging to tbo anti-
silver mon. Tbo opponents of free silver
have boon looking to Mr. Bynura of this
delegation with considerable hope ns a strong
democrat who would rally to bis support
quite u little strength on any proposition to
postpone a vote on the free coinage bill until
next session. It has boon stated that after
the silver bill had been debated lor a wcok
Mr , Bynum would move tbo post
ponement of further discussion. These
reports , bowovor , will not bo vended , for
Mr. Bynum said todav ho would go with bis
state delegation. At tbo conference this
afternoon it was ascertained that the ma
jority of tbo Indiana democrats in congress
were free coinage men. No attempt was
made to bind any ono , but nevertheless all
present agreed to act as a unit ou this ques
tion aud to vote against a postponement of
the free coinage bill nnd in favor ot its pass-
ago. The delegation , it Is said , lias always
acted together , but it was felt thnt as tno
sentiment of democrats of tbo state was
favorable to frco coinage , there was no oc
casion for a split on tbo silver Issue.
Itulufull niul 1'reo Coinage.
WASIIINOTON , I ) . C. , Fob. 25 , The report
on the rainfall experiments called for yester
day was presented to the sonata today and
referred to the committee on agriculture.
Among tbo petitions presented was ono from
a Grand Army post In Illinois ut-uliist free
coinage of silver.
Appointed liy the l'r * lilcnt.
WASUINOTON , D. O. , Fob. 25. Tbo pros- !
dent today sent to the sonata tbo following
nominations : Postmasters : Illinois Thomas
A. WlUon. Lebanon ; H. F , Bradford , J'on-
tine ; Edwin C. Thorpe , Litcbtiold. Iowa-
Lena Gldley , Mnlvcrn.
To I'roteet the 1'lag.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Fob. 25.-Tho bill
prohibiting the desecration of the national
Hag wus today given to Mr , Bynum by tbo
house committee on judiciary with instruc
tions to report It to the house with a favor
able rocouimouduUou.
Broken Gas Main Oanscs a Terrific Ex-
plosiou at Beatrice.
Frightened IiimntcH of the Striicturo AVero
on tlio Verge of u 1'niilc When tlio
Trouble Wus Klplalliod-No-
Now * Notes.
BiuTntCK , Nob. , Fob. 25. FbDcclal Tele
gram to Tin : Hr.i : . ] In searching for n gas leak
In the basement of the now court nouso today
n hole was cut through the basement colling
'and the plumbers put n light up through the
nperturo to got some Idea of the leak. A
violent explosion followed , but fortunately
with no serious results. The force anil nolso
of the explosion was felt throughout the up
per floors of the structure , and the ocaupants
of the court room and ofllcos began to rnako
hasty preparations to vacate the building.
District court was In session nud u panic was
threatened for n moment. The cnuso nnd
effect were soon ascertained mid quiet wns
restored , The leak was caused by n broken
gns miln. The only dnmago was a partial
demolition of the basement coiling.
Question of Hoard of Kducutlon Members
Disturbing Municipal Mutton ) .
BEITKICB , Nob. , Feb. 25. [ Special to Tun
BEC.J The mayoralty contest Is not the only
ntorestlng feature that Is liable to develop
n this city during the coming spring cam
paign. There nro now two Indy members of
the Board of Education , nnd ns both nf thorn
bnvo emphatically expressed thomscl\'oj ns
declining a re-election , and ns their terms
expire this spring the question of their sue
ccssors Is becoming an absorbing ono. There
s a strong disposition to make a non partisan
nomination for members of tlio school board ,
and the candidates most favorably spoken of
uro Hon. L. M. Pomborton , republican , and
William G. Wnshburn , democrat. The
former was for several years city attorney of
13oatrlco. and has always been ono of the
most vigorous champions of the public
schools. Asldo from this bo Is n man of
sturdy Integrity , nnd Is In no sens.0 to bo re-
gnrdcd ns n politician. Mr. Washburn is ono
of the energetic business mon of the city and
is also an ardent champion of the public
school system. Hols.ut present secretary
nnd mnnniror of the Beatrice Sewer Pipe
company and few men in Beatrice is hold in
higher esteem than he. While n democrat
politically , bo has never lot bis politics hurt
him or deprive him of a friend. Neither of
the gentlemen named are candidates for the
ofllco of their own volition , yet popular opin
ion seems to have settled upon thorn , and if
they can bo prevailed upon to accept there
is not the slightest doubt of their almost
unanimous election.
General Superintendent J. P. Nichols ,
Division Superintendent J. A. Foley and
Division Freight Agent C. J. Lane of the
Union Pacific were In the city yesterday and
today ou an inspection tour of the company's
property in this section.
A United States nriny recruiting depot
has boon temporarily established In this city.
The party Is in charge of Second Lieutenant
M. G. ICrayonbuhl of the Second artillery.
Tbo depot is established with a special view
to securing recruits for the artillery branch
of the service.
A called meeting of tha County Board of
Supervisors wus held hero Tuesday for the
special purpose of acting upon the report of
the special committee appointed at the last
regular meeting to decide upon u basis of
settlement with Contractor M. T. Murphy
for the now court house just , completed. At
the lust meeting of the board Mr.
Murphy presented n bill of extras
amounting to $5U t , which the bonrd Is
very much Indisposed to allow. The matter
was Ilnally referred to this special commlt
too , and at Tuesday's meeting the committee
.submitted a minority and majority report.
Ibo majority report favored allowing Mr.
Murphy $343 as a settlement in full. The mi
nority report increased his allowance to
$ I,2S4. Tno board Ilnally compromised by
offering Mr. Murphy JI.OJO In settlement of
the account. Mr. Murphy declined to accept
the compromise , and bus decided to bring
suit ngainst the counjy for tha orlclnal
amount claimed by him. The board has in
the meanwhile ndjouined and will not reas
semble until June.
Tno Gage County Agricultural society has
decided upon August SO and Ml and Septem
ber 1 and 2 as the dates for the county fair
for the current year.
Nflirnaku'H Death Itoll.
HEHUON , Neb. , Fob. 25. [ Special to Tun
Ben. I H. O. Tnlmago of Bolvldoro , aged 75 ,
died Februnry 23 of old age. Mr. Tnlraaco
was a charter member of Hebron ledge No.
43 , Ancient Free and Accepted Masons , 'ibo
funeral services will bo conducted by his
lodgo. A delegation of about forty wont from
here this morning.
GM VXD ISLAND , Neb , , Fob. 25. [ Special to
TUB But ! . ] About 10 o'clock last night Mrs.
Ilengun , a widow , suddenly died , n victim of
heart disease. She was out of doors when
the attack occurred , nnd called it neighbor ,
who had just time enough to lead her to the
bud when she expired.
CAI.I.AWAV , Nob. , Fob. 25. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BUB. ] Andrew Shoal , n car-
ocntnr well known In this vicinity , was
found dead In bis room at 2 o'clock this after
noon. The deceased wus about 50 years of
ago. Ho came hero from Pennsylvania sev
eral years ago.
Tlmy Celebrated the. I > uy.
Unions , Nob. , Feb. 25. [ Special to THE
BKE. | Tbo anniversary of the birth of the
father of his country was neatly celebrated
at the little white school house north of this
place In school district No. ! I2. The exercises
consisted of a flag raising , participated in by
the scholars of tbo school. The flag , a silk
ono , about ten foot long , was presented to the
school district by the teacher , Miss K. Loooh.
After the ling raising the scholara entertained
thosn present by several patriotic recitations.
County Superintendent Hill was a visitor
and delivered n line address. The evening
closed by a Washington's birthday party nt
the bomo of J , F. Drabok.
Against thii Mlsminrl 1'uelilc.
WIUIKH. Neb. , Fob. 25. [ Special to TUB
BEK. | Mrs. M , E. Baxter of Crete got n
verdict for t3'J3.75 ! In the district court to
day ugainst the Missouri Paclllo for the loss
of her husband , George E. Baxter , who was
killed at Talmngo In May , 1SUO , while In the
employ of defendant as a brakesman.
Horribly lliiriuul ut 1'rleiid.
FitiEND , Neb. , Fob. 25. [ Special to Tun
BEE. ] While stirring up tbo lire under a
steam boiler at the Hotel Corotmdo this
morning the gas arising from the smolder
ing lire exploded with such force ns to burn
Fronds Lock's face and hands In n frightful
manner ,
Yesterday' * 1'roceudliign uf tlio Trunsmln-
bUnlppl Commercial Vangru * * ,
New OHLKAN ? , La. , Fob , 25. At tbo trans-
misslsslppl commercial congress today a
number of resolutions were presented ,
among which were several favoring a postal
telegraph system and uniform bills of lading ,
General Gibson then delivered an address
on the Mississippi river Improvement ,
At the afternoon session Mr , Cruise offered
a resolution setting forth the national signifi
cance of river Improvements to Improve for
eign trade and boncllt the whole country. -
Tomorrow M. It. Formsn of New Orleans
will speak on tbo Interstate commerce law
nnd Colonel J , C. Wlcklltfe of Now Orleans ,
OPO of the leaders of the revolt against the
Mafia , wilt speak on Itmnlgrntlou laws ,
The commltteo on resolution ! submitted
the following ! "That It 1 thodnty of the
United Stntos to rcluni to free bimetallic.
coinage wlthoutdolny : thnt Itsteonoy should
consist of gold and stiver coin of full legal
tender quality , and both' metals to bo coined
by the govoVnmont upon terms of perfect
equality ; nlso notes issued by nnd under
authority of the government bo uiado con
vertible Into coin nt the pleasure of the
bolder ; thnt every dollar coined by tbo gov
ernment should bo of eaual vnluo with every
ether dollar so coined , and recommending
the enactment of a law for the free coinage
of silver as tt existed prior to its demonetiza
tion in 1873 , nnd endorsing the majority re
port of the coinage committee of the house of
representatives. "
Action was deferred until tomorrow.
Colonel A. C. Fisk of Colorado delivered
nn address on the silver question , advocating
free silver.
Ex-Governor Anthony ot Kansas spoKe
nunlnst free colnnpo. Ho favored n full
weight dollar , urging that the country's
debts must bo paid with honest money.
Mr. Paulson of Colorado In n brief address
ropllod to Governor Anthony nnd denied that
the west favored free silver because it bone-
ill ted tbo west to the detriment of ether sec
The congress then adjourned until 10 to
Orncc or WEATIIKU BunsxtJ , 1
OMIUA , Fob. 25. f
Fnlr wonther has continued over all the
western sections and now prevails In the
Mississippi valley and lake regions. Iho
temperature has rlscd In the upper Missouri
valley , where n storm , or area of low barom
eter , is appearing.
The barometer is high from Mnnltoba to
ho gulf of Mexico. Ham has sot in In the
extreme southwest. A colu wave , not likely
to sweep southward , appears In Manitoba
nnd northern Minnesota. ,
For Eastern Nebraska nnd Omnhn and
Vicinity Fnlr weather , growing warmer ,
winds shifting to southerly during Fndny
nnd Saturday.
WASHINGTON- . C. , Fob. 23. For Indian
Territory , Oklahoma nnd Knnsns Clearing
weather ; varlablo winds ; cooler and clear
For Colorado Fair wontbor Friday ; vari
able winds ; probably fair Saturday.
For Nebraska Fair weather ; colder and
fair Saturday.
For Missouri Clear weather , warmer In
southeast portion ; colder and clear Snturdny
nnd probably Sundny.
For North Dairotn , South Dakota nnd Mon-
tnnn Much colder ; generally f
followed by a cold wave. '
Important CUKO To llu Drclilod In tlio South
Dakota Courts. !
PinmiE , S. D. . Feb. 25. T io case of the
American nnd Adams "Exproas companies
agnlnst the Stnto Bonrd of Equalization , In
their nppticntion for n writ of cortiorarl
before the supreme court , tbo court directed
that the writ tssuo ou their application for a
writ. The companies state that the applica
tion is tnado to the supreme court nnd uot to
tbo circuit court for the purpose of avoiding
n multiplicity of applications , as.tho property
of the companies is located in several counties
of the state , and to protect their Interests it
would bo necessary to apply for similar writs
to all the courts within the ststa A decision
in this case will settle tho' power of the
Board of Equalization to assess a company
doing business In the state uppn'tho value of
Its franchise and not the value of the actual
property. The viiluo of thd .American Ex
press company's property is $8,1W30.SOana It Is
assessed ut S | < 5,000. Tho" Adams Express
company's property Is worth'SJ,425.3.Taud'lt
is assessed at $13,500. Tho. decision will also
affect telephone , telegraph nnd sleeping car
companies doing business In the stato.
LOST nsovan'xoxar.
Depositors Will Xot I'UHli tlio Case Agulnst
Hunker Dolainater.
MEAUVIM.K , Pa. , Feb. 25. After wrcstllng
for over thirty-one hours the jury in the
Dolainater case notified Judge Sanderson
that it was impossible for them to agree on n
verdict and accordingly they were dis
charged ntG p. in. today. Interviews with
jurors disclose that the llrst ballot stood
tbiee lor acquittal and nine fo.1 conviction
and , notwithstanding the many ballots
taken , the liguios were not cbanged.
Tbo case will probably not bo pushed
further , as tbo costs have been very heavy
und the depositors express tbo opinion freely
thnt they bnvo lost enough without going to
further expense.
X J''O A liUX'S VIII31E.
Cienerul Mescrolo 1'rejent * the Widow I.ur-
blir ulth I'l\o ThouMand'Dollarn.
New YOIIK , Feb. 25. General J. V. Moso-
role has given $5,000 to MM. Theodore Lar-
big , widow of the man who was killed by his
son , Darwin J. Mesorole , in Mrs , Davie Corn-
stock's flat In Brooklyn last.July. Suit for
$5,000 wus brought on behalf of Mrs. Larblg
against General Moiorole shortly after the
shooting. When young Mesorole wns ac
quitted of the charge of muroor , Mrs. Lnr-
big's suit wns nbnndoned , us there was no
chance of winning it. .General Mesorole
heard last week that Mrs. Larblg was in
straitened circumstances and concluded to
take tbo action referred to. i
Wealthy WuNlilngton Oonpln iiope ,
NEW YOIIK , Feb. 25. Stirling Gait , a son
of H. W. Gait , a Washington Jeweler , nnd
Vlrcinia Winogerd \Vashlngton were
married at the St. James hotel at 5 o'clock
yesterday afternoon , It was a runaway
match. Mr. Gait and Miss Winogord had
been engaged for two years , Their parents
objected and the young people took this
method of overruling the objection. Mr.
Gall Is a member of the firm of M , W. GaM
Bros. & Co. , the Tiffanyu of Washington.
lie is 2(1 ( years old. Miss Winegord is a tul
brunette of 21.
Tlio Dentil Itoll.
DAVENPOUT , la. , Fob. 25. [ Special Tele
grain to TnuBiiif.J Sl9torStanislau , , mother
superior of tbo convent and hospital of the
order of tbo Sisters of Morpy hero , died tnis
morning , aged 00 years. A few hours
previous to bar death occurred that ol
Anthony Shanko of Hod Oslf , who has been
under treatment In the hospital for pneu
monia , His remains will Iho tukon to Hod
Oak tonight for interment. (
, >
I'reparlng for Operations ,
CASi'Aii , Wyo. , Fob. 25 > | Special Tele
gram to TUB BHE. ] Todajf ibe Syndicate
Improvement company unlo < uled two cars ol
machinery for manufacturing ) soda on its
soon property on the Sweet Water nnd are
negotiating for the burning of 1,000,000
bricks. . -i
Denver capitalists nro taking an option on
Casper Mountain copper claims and have nn
expert bore passing on thomj-
- . : '
Consecrated Jtlshoujof Clctclnml ,
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , Feo.435. With the
gorgeous and Impressive ceremonial of the
Homau Catholic churcu , 'with more than a
dozen bishops and hundreds of priests in at
tendance , and in the presence of a tnrong
wbich crowded the great cathedral of Saint !
Peter and Paul , IU. Hcv. Ignatius llorst
nrnnn , bishop-elect of Cleveland , was consecrated
crated today. Archbltbop'Elder of Clnolu
tati acted as consecrutor ,
Must I'uy thojQuay I.lbel.
I'manuiio , Pn. , Fob.25. . Tno Post Pub
lishing company , defendant In tha Quay libo
suit , was refuted a now trial this morning
The defendant company yvna fined ! 00 , nnd
Messrs. Barr and Mlles , president nnd editor
respectively , were assessed R > U und costs
IlnxluoS'Trpuhlcif ,
NEW YOIIK , Fob , 25. - Ely ft Brr. , dry
goods , assigned today with profciencos o
Five Thousand Unemployed Workmen
March on the Royal Oastle ,
Tlio Vullco Ohiirgo tlio Mm mill Drl\ Them
Dark , Taking u Hundred I'rlHoneri IJm-
licror WIlllnm'K Speech Still I2x-
cltcfl UnhiMirabto Comment.
Dnuu.v , Fob. 23. The emperor's spouch of
yesterday cnusctl n sensation. At 10 this
nornlngnbout 5,000 , unemployed men mot on
.ho public square nnd pn'isod Inflamma
tory resolutions denouncing the government ,
They then proceeded to the castle nud bad
almost reached the gnto when the police
charged. After n hard light , In which the
rioters were driven back n hundred were
taken prisoners and sixty or seventy wore
wounded ,
Another How.
Another row occurred about 5:30 : p. m. near
the Drandonburg gnto. About 300 men out
ot employment assembled with the Intention
of holding a demonstration , but thor quar
relled among thomselvcs Instead , and a free
light ensued. They were ilnally dispersed
by the police.
The meeting of which tbo disturbance was
the outcome was bold in the suburb of
Froderchhaln under socialistic mis pices , and
was attended by several thousand unem
ployed persons , several violent speeches
being made. One speaker called on the crowd
to go to Ilcrlin. Shouts of "We'll ' go ; nnd
the kaiser must ace us , " wns the response.
The procession wns then formed. It
marched to ICocnlgstinss , then to the Schloss
plats , the square on which stands the Im
perial castle. Hero the crowd shouted demands
mands for bread mm their nttitudo was so
threatening that the police present sent for
reinforcements. Doing strengthened by the
arrival of aid , the police drew their sabres
ana tried to disporjp the crowd. But the
clamorous people resisted , making use of
their clubs. Several persons were Injured on
both sides before the square wa cleared.
The persons arrested include n number of
During the evening hundreds of unem
ployed persons carried bv storm butchers'
and bakers' shops In the ICoopcnlkaud quar
ter of the city , smashing windows and loot
ing the shops of their contents. The police
tnado repeated charges upon thobo disturbers
of the peace and were engaged in various
conflicts with them until tbo mob Ilnally dis
She Cruelly Merits Her Children und Cause *
the Death of One.
BUI.F.IST , Feb. 25. Mrs. Anna Montague
of Coloralne. daughter-in-law of Lord Mon
tague , wns tried today. Further evidence
wns submitted to prove that Mrs. Montague
was guilty of the first count manslaughter
and she was nold in 70'J bail to await trial
on that charge.
The hearing of the second count , charging
her with cruelty to children , was then pro
ceeded with. The first witness called wns Mis
Wallace , who had formerly been In the em
ploy of Mrs. Montague as a gov
erness for her children. She testified
that Walter Montague , the 4-year-
old son of defendant , was upon
one occasion tied to a trco in the morning
nnd allowed to remain there until late in tha
afternoon. Mis dinner was taken from the
house and put on the crass bolore him. On
another occasion Miss Wallace missed the
boy from bis usual place in the house and she.
saw nothing of him for eight duys. When
she saw him again the backs of his hands
were puffed up nnd looked as though the
blood hud stagnated. Ho tnid bruises on his
face und neck. She hud hoard Mrs.
Montague boating the child in the dark
room. Mrs , Montague said to her that this
was her way of punishing childion She did
it to snvo their souls ; she did i ot mind then-
bed ios.
Airs. Montague was attired in deep mourn
ing nnd a heavy veil concealed her face. Her
husband and orothcr sat through tno whole
proceedings ,
The nurse , Mrs. James , deposed that she
once saw the accused dragging her son Aus
tin along tbo corridor by bis foot , his head
trailing along the ground. This testimony
caused a sensation.
A bouse maid named Campbell deposed
that she saw Gilbert Montague stripped
naked and beaten with n stick until his
whole body was lacerated ; that ho was then
thrust into a dark closet , whore ho lay moan
ing all night , nnd the people were unnblo to
sleep on ncount of his moaning , and she
pleaded with tbo accused to let Gilbert out.
Mrs. Montague was committed for trial on
the second charge.
Kinperor AVIlllum'K Speerli Still the .Subject
of Untl\orillle : Comment.
BKHMN , Fob. 25. Emperor William's
speech , made at Brandonbure yesterday. In
tensely excites political critics , it being hold
ny some that a dangerous crisis Is inevitable.
It Is reported that when the sectarian educa
tion bill in the Prussian Diet reaches the
OborhauH Prince Bismarck , at the head of
the strongest party over known In Germany ,
will oppose the government.
The vosslchoColtung observes that if all
the discontented loft the country , ns they
nro advised to do by tbo emperor in his
speech , the adherents of Prlnco Bismarck
would bo Included among them. The Vos-
slcho Zottungsayn ; ' 'Ttio great employers
of labor who are dissatisfied with labor , nnd
agriculturists injured through the now
treaties , would nlso go. Nobody would bo
loft but Catholics. "
The Tagoolatt reminds Germans that tbo
constitution concedes to every one liberty to
express bis opinion.
Tbo socialists' journal , the Vortwnrtz ,
says It declines for the socialists the em-
peror'a Invitation to emigrate , adding : "The
emperor would rule over n desert if nil mal
contents loft his dominion. "
DlHiixtroiiK Kxnloilon In u ( jinirry ,
Lisno.v , Fob. 25. An explosion in n quarry
yesterday horribly mangled four workman
and fifteen others nro supposed to bo burled
beneath the debris.
DnbolHu Tnhofi Her Application for
Hull Under AiUUmnciit.
MKMI-JIIS , Tenn. , Fob. 25 , The testimony
in tbo habeas corpus case of Mlsi Lllllo
Johnson was completed in tbo criminal court
this morning. Kov. John Voolo , pastor of
St. 1'atrlcic's church , testified to tbo good
character of Miss Johnson , nnd Dr. B. G ,
Hounlng stated that ho bad treated the
young lady since childhood for nervous com
Mr. Patterson and Colonel George Uantt
then made their argument In behalf ot their
client , but Attorney General Peters declined
to nrguo the question.
Judge Dubolso then took the case under
consideration and Miss Johnson was returned
to jail. She broke down completely today
when Colonel Gantt was speaking in her de
fense and her physical stale inspires compas
sion. A decision is expected tomorrow or
The oioeocdlngs IP lunacy in Miss
Mitchell's cuso will not begin before the llrst
week In March.
Improving thu
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Fob. 25. The senatn
committee on commerce today listened to
statements from General Comitock , pros !
dent of the Musbulppl commission , and Cap
tain Webb Samuel , representing tbo city of
St. Louis QUO state of Missouri , on bobalf of
pending bills for the Improvement of the
Mississippi river. General Comsti en
dorsed the hill reported by the coi\ \ , , Jtco
making n totnl appropriation of $15 , , 0
for thnt purpose , nnd said that the mn tjM'
flcultv the commlttoo has experienced , "Z "
past in the discharge of Its duties bad r
from that tbo Appropriations for th
provoment bnd been intermittent , U
the long periods of Idleness the i
nlrcndy constructed had been Injttrodp *
freshets nnd the working force had been .
scattered no that heavy losses nnd delays had
Captain Samuel briefly described the needs
of the communities ho represented for bolter
water transportation facilities ,
Juror * In the Murder Trial ol Aetor Curtis
SAX FiiANcmco , Cnl. , Fob. 2,1. When
Judge Troutt last night ordered the Curtis
Jury locked up for the nlgat there was stir-
prlso thnt the jury had not reached n ver
dict. When the jury wns locked up there
wns n rumor thnt they had stood seven for
co'nvlctlon nnd live for acquittal.
The order of the court wns for the Jurors
to report nt 10 o'clock this morning. At Hint
hour there wns n great crowd about the court
room anxiously seeking admission. There
were many ladies present.
Mrs. Curtis , accompanied by n lady friend ,
cnmo Into court shortly before 10 o'clock.
She looked worn nr.d haggard , but main
tained her composure with fortitude. Cur
tis himsalf was not ns smiling n.s no had been
all along.
Judge Troutt nscended the bench at 10
o'clock , nnd nttcrdlsposiug of some business ,
snld : "Mr. Sheriff , hnvo jou nollllod the
jurors that the court Is ready to receive any
report they bnvo to make ) "
"Yes , your honor , " replied Deputy
Mackott. "Thoy sny they are not ready to
report , "
"Very well , the court will toke n recess
until 2 o'clock. "
At'J o'clock Judge Troutt directed Deputy
Green to brine ' in the jury foreman , Dcnnl-
gnn.Vhon n'skod If they had agreed on n
verdict ho replied : "Wo hnvo not. "
"Is It a question ot law or of foot on which
you dlltorl" nskcd the judge.
"On matters of fnct , " wns the response ,
"somo of the Jurors nro not quito certain ns
to your honor's churgo us to the credibility
of witnesses. Wo would lllio to hoar that
part of the charge again. "
Attorney Footo said that tbo defendant
was willing to have the Jury discharged if
they thought an ngroomcntiwns Impossible.
Juror Donnlgan said he thought nn agree
ment wns Impossible.
Judge Troutt snid ho wiuld trlvo the jurors
until 410 : to further deliberate , and they
wnro then sent back to the Jury room.
At 4:30 : the jtirv was again brought In nnd
again announced that It wns unable to ngroo.
The court thereupon ordered the jurors
discharged. They stood ten for conviction
nnd two for acquittal.
The cnso will bo called ngnln next Thurs-
COULUY iro.v mi : SUIT.
Important Deelslou Involving the Inter
ests of the iililu : > rn.
Diunwoop , S. D. , Feb. 25. [ Speclnl Teie-
grum to THE Bin : . ] The suit of Contractor
Coolcy against the Fremont , Klkborn & Mis
souri Valley railroad , involving $18,000 , was
decided in favor of the plaintiff today
Vhothor or not the full amount wns granted
the plainUfT will bo determined to in or row
upon the finding of facts on account. The
sui' , wbich is considered a very Important
ono , grew out of some difficulty in the classi
fication of grading , the plaintiff claiming
that the classification submitted to him wore
misleading nnd fraudulent and byvTiKb Tie'
lost the amount sued for. The company
fouglil the ease bitterly.
loliu I ) . Jtoclileller 1're.seilts the
Uniicrxlty With $1,000,000.
CIIICAOO , III. , Fob. 25. The University of
Chicago had today a gift of $1,000,000 added
to its ondo vmont. A letter wns locelvcd oy
the trustees from John D. Ilockfeller , tender
ing the sum In 5 per cent gold bonds , to ho
handed over to thn trustees with accrued in-
tercet on March 13. The giver reserves the
right to designate the expenses to which the
Income shall bo applied.
Kiitrrtiilnmi'iit Tor tint Delegates.
Tno committee of business men having in
charge the entertainment of delegates to the
Methodist conference met lust night at the
Millard hotel. Mr. E. A. Benson wns
chosen chairman und A. T. Hector secretary.
Steps were taken to begin n thorough cnn-
vnss for subscriptions to the $ )5,000 fund
needed to entertain 25U delegates nt the
hotels. M * . E. Hosowator was made chair
man of that commtttoo.
It was decided to hold n mnss meeting
next Sunday afternoon nt ono of the operu
houses or theaters for the purpose of arous
ing the citizens to the great importance of
entertaining these delegates. The hotels
have already let out us many rooms ns they
can spare and vigorous efforts must bo put
forth to furalsh private entertainment for
the ether delegates not yet provided for.
Accommodations for about 200 delegates
huvo already been secured , but many more
must bo supplied with quarters.
\\itli Canada Settled.
y , D. C. , Fob. 25. Ono of the
questions settled nt the recent conference
between tlio Canadian commissioners nnd
Secretary Blalno nnd Gonornl Foster , repre
senting tbo United States , was in regard to
the establishment of a boundary between
Alaska and British Columbia , Preliminary
surveys hnvo been made by the United
States coast survey , but no joint action has
been tnkon.
It was arranged that an international com
mission should bo appointed to consider and
report rosulntlons which may bo adapted by
the United Stales and Canada for the pro
volition of destructive mot nods of llshmgnnd
tbo pollution of streams nnd for establishing
uniformity of closed seasons nnd othormcam.
for tbo preservation und increase of fish ,
Compromlsf-il thn Case.
Six Fiusciso ) , Cal. , Fob. 25. In the
United States circuit court J , W. Dates of
Santa Uosa , special counsel for the govern
ment In Itc suit'agulnst the Slorro Lumber
company , nskod that the cases bo dismissed ,
stating ho had Instructions from the attorney
general to compromise the suits. Judge
Hawley accordingly ordered that an order of
dismissal be ontcrcd , The suit was to re
cover $2,817.000 from the Slorro Lumber
company of San Francisco for timber cut oft
government lands In Tohama am1 Butte
The compromise was effected today bv the
government accepting , it Is stated , $15,000.
Michigan JllnerH on n Strike.
Bi'.8SKMiii , Mien. , Fob. 25 , Right hundred
timber mon from tlio Ashland , Aurora , Nau-
rio , Kast Naurlo and Pabst mines at Ironwood -
wood are on a strike. They demand an addi
tional 25 cents per day. The companies will
not yield. It Is liable to result In n general
strike , covering the Gogoblo and Penokoo
ranges. Tbo companies say that if the strik
ers resist much longer the mines will close
Don't Want u Hrr.oml Convention.
NKW YOIIK , Fob. 25. Referring editorially
to the anti-Hill movement In that state , the
World this morning says : "Tbo call for a
second dnmocratlo state convention Is n mis
take. It ought to bo rescinded , "
1'uiinloii llureau liit lliitloii | ,
WASHINGTON , D , O. , Fob. 25 , The special
committee appointed to investigate tbo man
agement of tbo pension ofllca under Commis
sioner Haum , bopun its task today.
Now York's 1'Iuffiio.
NEW VOIIK , Fob. 125. Another death and
two now cases ot typhus is tba record lor
Representatives of the People's ' Party WiU
Assemble Hero ou July 4.
Voter * llrced to ( IttoAld to tlin New Horn
1'olltlrnt tnliiiit So\i < ntcpit llii
mill Si-M'tity-SU Delegates \\lll
Attend th Convention.
ST. Lout ? , Mo. , Fob. 25. The Joint com-
mlttoo In whoso chnrgo tlio mutter \vn
placed by the industrial confcieiico Jusl
ended hero mot this morning , nutl utter nit nil
day session selected Omaha , Nob. , us thd
plnco of holding tuo nominating convontloa
of the nowly-born thlril party. July 4 wn
last night selected ns thndnto and that noIon !
wns roanirmcd. A formal cull was Issued 10
the following tonni :
To TUB PKoi-t.ii or Tim Uxirr.n STATIST
The nntlonnl commlttoo of the people's party *
of the United States , noting In conjunction'
with the following : C. 11. Van Wycit
of Nebraska , C.V. . iMcCuno of Texas , M. J.
Branch of Georgia , J. N. Powers of No-
brnskn , P. M. Humphrey of Texas , L. D.
Laurent of Louisiana , Marlon Cannon ot
California , T. 1 > . Maguire of New York.r.l
II. U'lllots of Kansas , L. L. Polk of North'
Carolina , I'lorco Hackott of Missouri , M. M ,
Garuott of Illinois , John Sells of Ohio , Mary
10. Lease of Kunsns , Anna L. II RS , Dis
trict of Columbia ; Anna Dobbs ol
Toxns , A. P. Pakson of Florida nnd
Hen Tcrrlll of Texas , representatives of *
certain meeting of members of the various
organizations of this country , held in the
city of St , Louis , Mo. , on February 24 , IblUi
respectfully submit to the people of tbd
United States the following pronmblo and
platform of the conference of said labor or-
gnnlrnltons of our nation , hold on the 2''d }
2.1d nnd 24th dny of February , IbW , in the
city of SU Luuls. [ Hero follow the prcntu *
bio and platform as printed yesterday. ]
"Wo urge that all citizens who itupporfc
thcso demands shall moot on the lust Satur * }
day In March next In their respective towns'
and villages nnd hold- public muotlngs nndf
ratify thcso demands mid take stops to or j
ganlzo preparatory to electing delegates to
the national convention , nnd wo call upon all ]
duly qualified voters of the United States ]
who nro in favor of those principles , and (
nominating candidates for president ana vies
president on ttio above platform , to send del j
cgntos to a convention nf the people's party , 1
to bo hold in Omahn , Nob. , July 4 , 1803 , ut 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
The executive commtttoo of the people's
party in each state is charged with the duty ,
ot promulgating this call nnd of fixing ttiq
time , place and method by which the siild'
delegates shall bo chosen. The basis of rep- '
rcson tation shall bo four delegates from cactt. '
coniMcsslonnl district , and eight dolcjtulea
from each state at largo , ranking the total
number 1.7TO.
"tV'o call upon all citizens of the United
States to help us inako our principle1
triumphant. Wo bollovo that if the voters
neglect their duty this year it may be impost
siblo in any future cbiivnss to protect the
rights of the people nnd snvo tlio free Institu
tions of our country The voters must pro *
tect themselves ; they can expect no ouo olaa
to defend them. In the nnmo of the rights of
the people , the homes of the land and tho'
welfare of all future generations wo call
upon all honest 111011 to como to our support
in thU > great contest.
"H.'A. TAUiRNichV :
"KonniiT H. Sriln.MNO ,
"Secretary National Commlttoo People's
' For the committee appointed by the mass
convention :
"Bn.v TIHKII.I , of Toxns.
"H. LoiK'KH of South Dakota. "
rrohlliltiouUtHVill Hold tin Independent
Contention nnd Ma lie Nominations.
CIIICACIO , HI. , Fob. 25 After the rjmark-
able attempt to hisso the St. Louis eyeloco
convention of the farmers nllianco nnd PPO-
pio's party , Miss Franco ? Wlllnrd , prosldnnt
of the National Women's Christian Tamper-
unce union , had n very expressive look in
heroyos when she arrived In Cnlcago to
il ipht.
"Wlmt will the prohibitionma do now ! "
she repeated when the question was put to
her , : iadmg quickly , but with miirked do-
llbornto emphasis and decision. ' 'You may
put just this down as what I
think they will do. On the " 2'Jth ,
of Juno in the city of--St. Louis
will bo held n national convention of the pro
hibition party , the delegates to which will
ho from every state and territory In thd
union , with a fair sprinkling of women
among them , nnd Unit , convention will give
out a platform with a hourt of oak in ovury
plunk , sound on economic principles , treating
of government ownership of nil highways
and means of common education ; nlso of
monetary reform , ownership of Innd , piohl-
hition nnd woman suffrage. Ttio platform
will moan what it snys and sny what it
means. Candidates will bo chosen for presi
dent nnd vice president and wo will have the
spectacle presented of two tickets In the
Hold among the divided reform forces who
seek the pooplo's good. "
Would IIiivoMot Thorn HiitfViiy. .
"The prohibitionists" said Miss Wlllard
oarnubtly , "would have been willing and glad
to meet the pooplo's party half way , and the
method wo had In view was this first , that
the St. Louis National Industrial conforonca
would I'utinto Its platform a woman suftrngo
plank and a plank for the 'suppression' of
the liquor tralllc. Wo had good reason to
expect this would bo done , for nt tlio Chicago
conference were proseut General Weaver ,
Ignatius Donnelly , A , J. Strceter and Gilbert
D"lumntor , tbruu of whom hud boon candi
dates of that element for the presidency , and
presumably know the situation. Wo nlso
know that Colonel Polk of the farmers
alliance , and General Master Workman
Powdorly were thorough tompornnco men.
nnd In conversation with the two Inttor I
understood them to say they vvero willing to
have those planks go in. "
I'fiwiliTly Ae.te.il In < ! oed Faith.
"Do I think Mr. Powdorly acted In the con
vention in ontlro good faith ? Indeed I do , "
said Miss Wlllurd with warmth. "I have
great admiration for Mr. Powdcrly , und so
fur from believing that ho or the Knights of
Labnr In the convention acted in baa faith , I
think they stood squarely up for the women
until they saw that It was going to put them
greatly at odds , whoa they decided It wiser
to vole for suffrage ns a separate resolution.
Mr. Powderly told mo that ho was not the
author of the Colorado resolution , nnd thnt
the UBO of his nnmo In attempting Its with
drawal was wholly unauthorised by him. I believe -
liovo that with less gerrymandering In the
conventionbuffrago would have carried In the
platform by u large majority. Had the load
ers , too , otrong in speeches In the convention ,
been as favorahlo totbo liquor suppression
plank ns they were at the Clilcngo confer
ence , that , too , would have been part of tha
platform ; If those two planks bad been put
In in good faith , the next stop would have
boon to have a joint mooting of the national
committee of the two parties , in which thor
would have mutually united upon the plat
form for the pomlng presidential campaign.
The two conventions would soon have been
hold simultaneously in the same citv , the ona
platform , as Indicated , been adopted by each
convention separately , then the two conven
tions would have Immediately met together
In one hall to give a imino to the new parly
oud select Its presidential candidate ) . "
Canada \ViinU One of Jlur Drfatillei .
TOIIOXTO , Ont , , Fob. 35. On behalf of - > n
of the shareholders of tha defunct Con ral
bank , proceedings were Instituted hero today
to procure the arrest and extradition of I ) .
. \lltcbcill McDonald , one of the directors of
the Institution , on ( ho charge of forgery.
McDonald U In Los Angelas. Cal , , where ha
has. been siuco tuo bunk's failure ,

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