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It Alrn < nt Causes a Ministerial Crisis in tlio
German Government.
Attempt to Arrange a Modification ol the
Proposed Educational Bill.
Count von Zedlita's ' Put'ilo Efforts Results in
HIH Resignation from the Oabinot.
lie Hetliefi to 1IU lluiitlnu' Scat ti > H\c
Thought to thn .MiMiurn Which
ThrimtniiH to Ulxriil | III * Ciili-
liint-lliM'iniin Ncw .
New YailtAwittalclVCM.1
IlF.tti.iv , March 10. A calmer vlow of the
iinnlstorial situation provalls everywhere
tonight. It la positively known tlitt Chan
cellor von Uaprivl has not roilgnod , anil that
the rotlrctncnt of Count von Zcdlllr , the
Prussian inlnUtor of ecclesiastical affairs ,
instruction anil medicinal affairs , is still un
decided. It ctoponds on the result of Emperor -
poror William's doll derations In the matter.
Now that thonaluroof the crisis Is better
understood It Is soon that at no time had It
been ol the suddenly momentous character
that rumor gave to it.
Oilers odi Compromise ,
Since the committee having In charge the
Prussian primary education bill began its
Itting , Chancellor von Caprlvi and Count
von X.odlltz have bcon offering liberal oppo
sition to the tentative amendments to the
measure. Only last \voak the government
seemed to bo bidding for an arrangement of
the difficulty which had arisen over the bill
which would ho satisfactory to the national
liberals and would broalc up the threatened
coalition with the freislnnigo party. Herr
Mlqlicl , 'io ' Prussian minister of finance
who , when the Dill was promoted , 'offered to
resign his ofllce , was Induced to change his
position or the promise of the emperor that
satisfactory modifications should bo made in
the bill , was empowered by llorr von Bonnie-
ton , the national liberal loader , to Inform the
emperor that his parly retained no hope that
the negotiations would result success
fully unless the bill should bo so
altered as to iloprlvo the Caldolio and
Lutheran clergy of the special rights given
them to control religious teaching In the ele
mentary schools. The emperor , therefore ,
had to face the loss of his ablest minister ,
HOT Miguel , and the popular agitation
against the bill or to got von Xedlitz to offer
a plausible compromise. On Thursday last
ho Instructed Count von X.odlitz to proo.iro a
compromise measure on the basts of the do-
: > iands which the national liberals nude.
Count von Xcdllt/ consulted with the chan
cellor , who urged that uu altompl bo made
to do the other's wishes , von Zadlttz lound
that an attempt to alter the bill in such a
way that , it would satisfy the national
liberals would involve such radical changes
ns to make the maasuro impossible of accept-
unco by the conservative and cantorists
majority , and that his only way out of the
dlfllculty was to resign , n-id ho will ndhoro
to his resolution to retire from the ministry
if the emperor persists In his feeling In re
gard to the national liberals.
llraoiU In .solliuclr.
In otdor to think over tbodifllcuttv In complete -
ploto scoluston , his majesty loft Berlin ior
his ( .hooting seat , an hour's Journey by rail
from Herlin. The Unto of his return is un
certain and depends on the general state of
his health and the condition of the weaxhor.
1'orsons who are ncqualutud with the
emperor's moods will not bo surprised to see
him in Berlin any day full of some solution
of the existing dlfllculty reached by him
through his reflections among the forest
solitudes. Oc his stav 'may bo protracted
until public interest on the crisis shall have
waned. Ills majesty's habit of isolating him
self to brood alone over state questions of
great Importance has rarely failed to result
in some now departure. Meanwhile the
numbers ot the national liberal and frosin-
nlio | parties nro crowing over their temporary
ary success ,
The crisis has not caused any trouble upon
the bourse anil financial houses have not
plvun credent ; ] to the rumors ot the chancel
lor's resignation , nor uo they attach impor
tance to von /edlltz retirement.
On the bourse today business was Irrogulai
niul prices wore depressed on the par selling
of llussian securities , which declined here
live pighlhs of 1 per cent.
Dispatches from at. Petersburg state thai
nnothcr Important linn Is in llnancinl dim
cuttles , but , It is added , powerful efforts will
bo mido to prevent the biisuensloii of the
linn in question ,
Intercut In tlio SIlMT OnrHtlnn.
The contemplated Austrian currency ngita
tlon , the Blnnd silver bill and the movement
of thn British hlmetalllsts have nwakcnco
Interest In the silver question. The repor !
of the Kcichsbanl : for Ih'Jl shows the tola !
fitoclc of roln hold by tna Institution to bt
b ! : i,700,000 marks. The separate totals ol
the cold and silver are no : given , but th <
amount of silver is estimated at UOUOO,0X (
marks. Kx ports have estimated that tut
liver holu In Austria-Hungary amounts
to 420,000,000 marks. Although President
Koch of the Holchsbunk and other llunndu
leaders of Germany and Austria now ailhert
to iho gold standard , all ugioo that the ua
tlonal Inicrusts would oblljo them to taki
) tart In nn International monetary conference
if ono should bo arranged by the initiative o :
iho United Stutesnnd other countries. Her
court maintains that all that Germany couli
assent to In the conference would bo to In
crease the amount of her sabsldlary silvoi
coinage. The opinion curretitbure , includliif
that of the few members of the KolcliBtui
who still adhere to bimetallism , is that at
international conference would he of doubt
ful value.
UlotlTB SeiltellCClt.
In the criminal court today eight persons
\vho had been convicted of rioting on tbj
btrcots on February 9 , wore sentenced ti
terms of ImpiUonmeut ranging from Jiftcor
months to three years. One of the pris
oners , who WPS charged with liaving in
nulled the emperor and viililled the police
was condemned to two years' Imprlsonmcn
nt hard labor. Others , who wore chargei
with only resisting the authorities , \vcr <
tent to prison for from two to twelve months
In the Reichstag today the tick proUdon
fund amendment bill was read the tain
The porters at the granaries In Herlin bay
tvurk for an Increase of CO per cent In the ]
wages , choosing the time when Immsnso
quantities of praln are arriving hero for
making tholr demand.
H. H. Waring ot Plttsburg , Pa. , the In
ventor of the VVoring cable system , is In Bei-
lln. ills visit Is made with a vlow to start
ing n factory hero , Ilo hns conferred with
several Kuropcan bankers and found them
anxious concerning the results of the Amer
ican silver legislation , which has partly
caused thorn to draw heavily upon America
for gold.
Inhibits lor the \Vorlil' * Fair.
Orders have bcon sent to thot mining dis
tricts that a complete collection' samples
of ores ho made for on exhibit at the Chicago
Columbian exposition.
An Investigation of the trouble which
occurred nt Mlclnlca , Galllcia , on the 10th
lust , between parties of Austrlans and Kus
shins shows It to unva boon a casual collision
between Austrian and Uusslan gen d'anncs
and to havu hud no political significance.
Illll Introiliieeil III I'arllnmrnt to INtulilUli
n beutch l.rgUliittirv.
LONDON' , March 10. Twelve ot the loading
Scotch member. * have Introduced in Parltr.-
inont n bill for the creation of a Scotch legis
lative body. All the liberal members re
turned from Scotland hnvo announced tholr
adhesion to the measure , and many English
member * , Including some conservatives , have
rivately signified their approval.
The Interest of the world at largo In legls-
otion for Scotland , whether relating to homo
ulo or anything else , it only fractional , but
rho bill now before Parliament will attract
attention outside of Scotland , chlellv for Its
bearings upon the question In Ireland. The
croup of Scotch members who have prepared
t are all steadfast. Uladstontans have In
nind throughout the inception of the bill ,
ho probable application of Its main proposal
: o Ireland.
Part 11 rat establishes in Scotland a loglala-
turo consisting of ttio qiioan and Scottish
legislative body , which body shall have Juris
diction over all matter ? except those properly
belonging to Iho Imperial legislature.
The Scottish parliament is to consist of
Scotch mambora returned to the Imperial
parliament , excepting those returned for the
Scotch universities. It will meet in autumn
and consider all bills , public ant ) private ,
and all business executively relating to Scot-
ami. Bills passed become Iaw3 under assent
of the queen and will not require the sanc
tion ot the Imperial parliament nor of the
House of Lords. Neither the imperial parlia
ments nor tno government shall have any
power to vote oa measures passed by the
Scotch legislative body.
The executive government of Scotlanp
shall ba vested In the queen and carried on
In the legislature of Scotland with such
officers and council as may bo provided for
by the Scotch legislature. For the purpose
of administration the Scottish legislature
may impose taxes other than duties of cus
toms or excise' ; shall create a Scottish con
solidated fund , separata from the consoli
dated fuad of the United Kingdom. All
taxes Imposed by the Scottish legislature ,
with all other public revenues under the con
trol ottho government of Scotland , shall ha
paid into the Scottish consolidated fund and
appropriated to the puUie service of Scot
The amount annually payable by Scotland
towards maintenance of nil Imperial estab
lishments and defraying 'imperial charges
shall bo proportioned to that paid by Eng
land and Wales , having regard to their re
lative wealth and population.
Part second , referring to the appointment
of Judge or "lords of sessions , " ns the Scotch
term Is , provides tuat all existing civil and
criminal coiuts shall bo maintained , subject ,
however , to abolition and alteration , and that
lords of session cun bo removed from oftlco
on an address to tier majesty from the Scotcli
Then there is a provision that the "power
and authority of the Imperial pivliamont
shall in nowise bo diminished or restrained
by anything herein contained , " a clause ob
viously InsortoJ to sootuo the toolings of
ceutorsists , who attach much moaning oven
to a verbal recognition of the sovereignty ol
the Westminister parliament.
Some points ot theao provisions are notably
worth comparison with Mr. Gladstone's llrst
homo rule bill. First , probxuly tbsra is only
ono legislative body proposed. The Scotch
parliament will bo a democratic body , bavin , ;
no check upon its legislation , except the ro-
lorcncc to the Judicial commlttco in the privy
council , which will determine as to the val-
tatty of any Dill on the simple issue whether
it is within the constitution or not. Next ,
tno bill ignores the question of police control ,
simply because the powers con
ferred on the executive and legislature.
give them that control , The matter
needs no special clause lor its adjustment.
Ireland with its semi-military constabulary ,
bus Its peculiar dlfllculty. Then as to judges ,
the appointments shull rest with the crown ,
but the parliament evidently , according to
the bill , will have power of protest , and
practically of removal. The Scotch liberal
members have boon wholo-heartoJ lowara
their Irhh aonfroraas In preparing the bill.
If the Irish warty accept its main proposals ,
Mr. Gladstone's way toward hU coming
homo rule measure has now loan made oisy ,
At Clio sumo time , once the mure urgent Irish
bill isOlsnosqd or , the Scotch moinbora will
brooi ; no delay in the accootanco of their pro
posals. _
> "iitl\c > * ul .Mo/.lliiiitn ! | In Iteinlt
The.tr ICiiU-m ,
MoUIIIKJLK , March 1'J. An alarailngcon-
ditlou of affalr.3 prevails at Q ilotomo , the
Portuguese colony on the Quiotomo Hvor.
Thorn have boon several revolts against
Portuguese authorities among the native * on
the X.ambosl. A short time ago thu native
soldiers attached to an expedition undo.
Lieutenant Contino revolted and pillaged the
country and killed all the traders who fol
into tholr hands. The natives continued to
gain strength aud formally detcrmiiioj to
make an attack on Quictomo Itself. A force
numbeilusU.OOJ natives now surrounds the
town and an attack Is momentarily oxpectoj
The authorities at Quiotomo have taken all
the able bodloa men In town to make resist
mice against the attempt to capture the place
As BOOH as thu news of the condition of affair.
reached Morumblquo a Portuguoio guuboa
with 10U men aboard was dispatched to Qule
temo to assist in repelling the native * .
JAl'.YXKil' l
Sellout riKlitliijf iiml Itlotlug Occur li
huver.ll Il < trlul8.
VICTOWA , U , C. , March 10. The Upton line
steamer Zambesi has arrived from China
and Japan , A telegram from Koch ! , datec
February 'JJ , states that with the exception
of Too a aud Akl districts the whole o
Kochl Is convulsed by the strife between the
liberals and national party , who fought with
swords and firearms. Police and gen-
dartres are quite powerless to restore order
and already several men of prominence have
been murdered. In the district of Heda
pitched battle was going on between the fac
tlons , nhout 1,000 men being engaged on each
During the warfare n lire broke o.it , but
the struggle was continued with the utmoit
fuiy , tinny being itlllod or ournod to death.
At ftlatoyim tlu ballot box was protected
by some 3,00'J ' liberals.
rAltIS' Hid HANK PAII.UIti : .
.Sti | > rM loii of thr Iliituiii ? ( ! PIIO IP IVrct In-
ilUtri * Sulclilo ol u Director.
Puns March 10. The Ilnnquo GDIIO
Chniuln do l-Vrot Indlstrlo suspended today.
Ono of the directors has committed suicide ,
wolmvo absconded and ono hns boo ! ar-
osted. The banls speculate. ! In French ,
Spanish and ItJsslan securities. Tno la
bilities amount to 'JI.OJJ.OJJ franc * and the
ssets to 5OJD.03J frauo. The failure hade
o offost on the baurso.
The reason ttsslg.iad for the suicide and
light is tint the authorities were absut to
nstttuto loz.il pros.iodln.73 ag.ilim the dl-
oclon of the banlc on tin c'a irj of fraudti-
cnt bankruptcy and ot obtaining money un-
or false pretenses.
The bank dealt largely In tin French na-
lonalloan ot 1331 , and rjcalvod subtcrip.
ions to the loan for upward * of 'J,03JOJJOJ3
rancs. It U allowed that iiulo id of apply
ing the money thus obtained to the parpaio
of purchasing shares of t'as loan , the dlrjo-
tors of the bank usoi tha fumli for other
purposet , cenerally In Industrial and mining
sooculatlons. In July next the bank wouU
have boon obliged to tura over to the sub-
: crlbcrs of the fund the stock certificates ,
.he money for whlc'a the dlrootow had spent
n speculation. AS the director. ! ImJ no
other socuritlos to miJt Iho dollcltand the
capital of the concarn iinioanUJ to o.ily
i.UOJOUt ) ) francs , the bink would bs plioa 1 In
very embarrassing coadltiDii whsn the tlms
arrived for settling with the crodltow.
The bank did a consldarablo buslnoii , its
dealings being spread over a largo part ot
the country. It had branches In sixteen
irovlnclal towns and had two braachaj bj-
sldes the central oftlco in this city. Its
clientage was very ottonslvo and the sus-
icnslon of the bink his caused much oxclto-
nent among the largo number of parsons
who had placed thulr money m the hands of
the bank for Investment.
Singular fut.illllos ,
VICX.VA , March 10.--A singular casualty
attended the suicide of un artillery man in
the barracks hero todiy. The man shot him
self with a riilp. The fatal bullet , after
passing through the suicide's breast ,
ploughed through the head of a second sol
dier , standing near , killing him , and then
embedded Itself in the arm of a third soldier ,
inflicting a serious injury.
Will Koturu on Monday.
BEnu.v , March H . It is reported that tbo
emperor will return from lluboMtock on
Monday. The lower house of the Prussian
dlol today continued to discuss the education
estimates. Count vtin ZsdliU was absent.
Onmlin anil Council ItlnIM Veterans Greet
Their Comii > : iili > r-lii-Clilc.l.
The reception tendered General John
Palmer , commandcr-in-chlor of the Grand
Army of the Republic , last night at the Con
tinental block oy the Grand Army of the
Kcpublic posts of Omaha and Council Bluffs ,
was attended by iullv 300 veterans of the
war. Captain Robert S. Wilcox was master
of ceremonies and soon after the comrades
had assembled Introduced General Palmer
who spoke for half an hour very ontor-
Ho referred to the breeze that was stirred
up In the south over his order calling upon
( ' rand Army men to refrain from tailing
part in demonstrations where the confeder
ate flag was displayed , and related his ex
perience during his triu to the south since
ttie Atlanta incident. Ho said the great
majority of ox-rebel soldiers wore not de
sirous of flaunting tnc confederate Hag , but
there were u few lice-eaters down there who
had not been and never would bo recon
stnicted. General 1'alrncr said ho had no
svmpathy with the natnby-pimby sentiment
thnt'had oeen chouing the life out of patri
otism of late in order to avoid offrmllni ; the
ox confederates. He believed in speaking
out plainly and in no uucertum manner upon
all questions of p.utiotlsm. Ho read some
very rank communications that were sent
him by soutberu people soon after tbo issue
of his Hag order.
They were from parties who declared that
the government was a failure and a humbug
and they were snrry that tl.o south had not
succeeded in whipping-tho north. The gen
eral road ono piece of nontvy sent him by uu
anonyous writer. II was very bitter and a
the same tlmn brimming full of a grlni sort
of humor that provolted roars of laughter.
General John K. Brook was also Intro
duced and olTcred u few very appropriate re
marks upon tbo Importance of leaching the
lessons of patriotism to the rising genera
Kov. Mr. Croft of Council Bluffs road a
poem upon tbo national Hag that elicited
tumultuous applause. Uev. Mr. Waterman
of Kalatnazoo , Mich. , was also called upon
to say souiothlnif. Ills remarks were tlmnly
and were heartily applauded. Comrade Harl
of Council Bluffs and sevnral others made
short speeches. Mr. Uurmeister led the
singing ot several old war songs , und the
comrades all Joined with u wilt.
All the comrades had the pleasure of shak ]
Ing hands with General Palmer when thn
formal part of the program wai over. Ii
was a very pleasuiit occasion for Grand
army men.
Judge Thurston concluded the meeting
with u magnificent speech.
JHll'tirMl'MJitfflt Ol' ' TllK n'llST.
interesting Dlxuourtiu hy .Mr , V. . Itoxu\\utei
ill the V. M. C.A.
The Hrst of a course of lectures on "Our
Country , " under the auspices of the Voung
Men's Christian association , was given las
evening In the spacious concert hull of the
Young Men's Christian association building
by Mr. Edward Hosowntor , whoso text was ,
"Tho Star of Empire , or the Greater West. '
Tbo president of the association , Mr. A , P.
Tukoy , in introducing the speaker , said thai
bo was reminded of the old Haying that noth
Ing succeeds lllto success , and hu was very
certain that the audience would agree with
him when ho said that to no man , certainly
to no man In Omaha , or , for that matter , In
the whole of thu great won , was this saying
more applicable than to the gentleman he had
thn honor and pleasure of introducing tu
them , Mr. Edward Uosowator ,
After some remarks of an Introductory na
ture , the lecturer govo nn exhaustive review
of the growth of the western country , begin ,
nmg with the century and extending up to
the present time , ernbracirg nn area of territory -
tory reaching fiom the Atlantic to the Pu.
cltlc. It included a compendium of statistics
regarding railroad construction nnd exten
sion. postal facilities , the Paciflo telegraph
system , the California gold discoveries , th0
mineral productions west of the KocUies , tbo
immense wealth of "tho greater west" it
cattle and products of the garden , orchan
and farm , Immigration and population move
menu and the political growth ot the region
west of the Mississippi.
The lecture , which was well attended
elicited frequent bursts of applause am
At the conclusion a resolution was Intro
duced nnd unanimously adopted requesting
Mr. Hosowatcr to print the address in full
nnd also tendering him a vnto ot thanks for
favoring them with such an Interesting and
Instructive presentation of the subject-
The lecture will bo published in full in
Monday's issue of TUB BEE.
"I have in my employ a man who has been
a victim of periodic headaches for years , has
tried all kinds of treatment , aud I nave tried
various remedies on him. Your Bradycrottno
holpa him uioru than anything over did. " O.
D. klnB K y , M.D. , While Plains , N. Y.
Cmparor William's ' Eocentrlcities Laid to
the Account of His Affliction.
Physical Agony lias Afitictsd His Mind and
Rendered Him Dangerously Irritable.
It Was Purely the Ecsult of the Emperor's
Nervousness and Irascibility.
People Are Tired of the AViiy UhliiRH Are
Col up ; SturllliiK Kmimm Iroui .St.
J'vlcraliure mint Will
Uo Do Next ?
33 l > u Jitmu t ? ( ilr
PAUIS , March 10. [ Now' York Herald Cab'.o
Special to Tttn BIE.I A crisis In the af
fairs of Germany is coming on moro quickly
than was expected. The pcoplu nro com
plaining , because they wish to live In peace
with tholr neighuors and with themselves.
They are beginning to complain of being
governed by a vovorolgn whoso least defect
is want of connected ideas. The resignation
of the chancellor Is not biought about by the
disorders in Hcrliu , but by the policy pur
sued by the omporor. If wo accept the cru
cial version , there are no disorders. The
chancellor nntl other ministers resign be
cause the omparor wants to withdraw the
lol scolulro. Is hot this the boat proof of the
111 balanced mind of Emperor William !
There has never been soon such a spectacle
ns this , of u sovereign nibbling no tno treas
ury In an affair of this importance in order to
got out of a dlfllculty , and leaving all the re
sponsibility on his ministers. Ho presented
thb bill and oxpectcd nis orders to bo obeyed.
Just imagine a sovereign colng away from
the capital ut n critical moment in politics.
The gravity of the situation may last four
days , the emperor having pone to a" hunt ,
and nobody being able to got in communication
tion with him.
Ills He llth Is "Very It.ul.
But the excuse of .Kmperor William for
the resolutions arrived nt in the last cabinet
mooting for the Vvtthdrawal of the educa
tional bill , us well as far the proposition to
borrow -10,030,000 marks. does not satisfy the
people. Willlahi , it U said , hai been ill for
days in Berlin. Uo will ha obliged
to live for some tlmo In the country , and that
is why ho has goao totho , Chateau Ilubertus
with his physician , far. Louthold. Humors
arrive by way of Stj Petersburg and are
much exaggaratJa , tfainaso the St. Pdtora-
uiirg papers cantiot jWbihh any thing without
authority on palti'of censure relating to the
health1 of the emper/irl5' 'Ono rumor Is that
the ohip ror's.ill tijilth wl.ll 'render it
necessary to establish ! a council of regency
and recall Princo'Bismarclc.
At any rate it is certain that the court at
Vienna hns boon Disturbed for the last flftoou
days about William's health. It is openly
stated thai the emparor has n now disaaso in
the car , much moro soriou ) than anything
clsS Ho would have suffered much moro
than from r.ny preceding attack wore it
not for the faot that for three days nnd
nights ho was completely under the influence
of morphine. It Is onlv natural to suppose
that such prolonged sufferings have had an
olToctonhh brain. This will explain to a
certain extent somethings otherwise inex
plicable. For examolo , his determination to
sail himself the royal yacht at the Cannes
rojattn because Qioen Victoria dia not ro-
celvo him officially this year ; also putting an
interdict upon London Punch because it en
tertained a caticaturc of himself.
In u Dellc.ite. L'osttloi :
\Vhllo in such a iforvous condition every
thing is possible. Certainly , the crisis which
has occurred was unexpected , but it Is ex
plicable. Nobody , however , can toll how
It will end not evo'J the emperor himself.
If ho withdraws the loiscolairo , ho will have
the whole nobility arrayed against him ; if ho
does not , then ho will have the whole bour-
geolso , the whole people against htm. If he
refuses to accop't the resignation ot Chancel
lor von Caprlvi , the relations batwocn chan
cellor and sovereign will bring ablut another
crisis very quickly , . Kuropoan history proves
that such a political jumble never lasts
Should ho accept the resignation , who will
bo the next chancellor ) If ho should bo a
general , tbo offset upon Europa will be bad.
Snould ho be Dr. Wlgual , the minister of
flnanco , how can , 'a simple citi/.oa hona to
rule the omplro and wltuoata uniform play
the principle role In iti The future , there
fore , Is gloomy for poor Germany. She Is no
longer happy.
With the soverolgn ill , tin ) chief ot her
army under a cloud , it is Just as easy to
declare a war as to withdraw the lol scolairo ,
His recent occentrleltloj may Justus easily
affect foreign affair * us homo alTalra ,
I'rnneo Want * 1'o.icti ,
I must say that Francs is abioluloly in
favor of peace. The minister * noticed this
morning the bad tfficl produced by the re
ported resignation ; of von Caprlvi. They
hope that If William has anything In vlow in
regard to foreign jiffalrj that his allies and
kinsfolk will prov'erit a cataclysm , They
hope \Vllllam will'.not inspire war und for
the sake ot humanity that Uarmany will
overcome tao great. dlfHultlo3 with which
she U struggling .and the present crisis
which , alas , considering the character of the
little emperor will not be the last.
In Berlin in th'ocdurso of the day a now
excuse has boon given for the emperor's
going hunting , nnd a court bulletin says the
duration ot his ab'spuco cannot bo fixed until
the resignation ot ? fou Cnprivl and Count von
Sedlitz are made definite. Everything , it is
said , depends up. an the emperor , whoso ab
sence has produo&di'ou oil classes of the pop
ulation the \voret . txSsslblo effect.
The Paris Banqao do Cho.nlns del Fen ot
do I'Industrlo bus suspended payment. The
small depositor * ( OJQ about 20,000,003 fraio.
The catajtrono | ) wll | not have a great detri
mental Influence on business.
Two atiarcuUts were arrested today for
complicity in the recent explosion's.
The president of the council , Loubat , has
addressed a circular to all prefects riving
orders that tbo severest measure ! bo takou
against all who have boon discovered with
dynamite in ( heir possession ,
4 > K bl'UUKS' UIVOIICI ! .
i\lileiico : fur the Hiulmml Disc-lined hy n
I'nrlsluii I.uivjej- .
iropj/iflM ( l ttoiliuJMiu ( Jordan ISentutt. ]
1'iiiis , March 10 , | Nev York Herald
7ablo-Spccl.il to Tttr. llEB.1 A call WAS
nado by the correspondent nt the legation of
Netherlands , 2U ; ! mo do la Beck. Chev.Ulour
do Sieurs said ho would rather not sneak
ilmsclf on tlio subject of his divorce case ,
jut referred mo to Henry Cat-hard , who hai
boon hU legol advisor in Paris. 1 saw Cach-
ard and asked him whether ho believed
baron deStours capable ot such conduct ns
was charged against him by Madame do
StoiiM. C.icbanl replied :
"I have been in constant Intercourse with
do Steur * since the beginning tt the case. I
mvo attended the examination of nil the
witnesses on iho continent , " I asked him :
"Do you ballovo from a legal point of vlow
that Mrs. do Siouw' case iva * well founded I"
Richard replied : "It seemed imposi-
blo that MM. do Stourj should
pot n divorce. She had no testimony
r.t all m the city where iho llvod , md where
she formerly hns many strong nnd lull lontlnl
friends. The only two witnesses she called
in Parts wore n rook and n butler. To the
cook she had given n gold wntcti and had
allowed htm to maito extravagant charges for
provisions , for the purpose of securing hi )
testimony. This cook spent about fi",000
faancs n year for provisions , The butler
admitted on cross-examination ( hut he was a
habitual drunkard. The Judgment , there
fore , was based on the exclusive testimony
of Mrs. do Steurs , which was not supported.
"Why , if Mr. do Steurs made violent ex
hibitions of ill temper in the prcscnca of
others , did she not secure the testimony of
trustworthy poisons to support her allega
tions ! On the other hand do Stcurs brings
the testimony of upwards of twenty
witnesses amongst whom were own members
of Mrs. tie Steurs' lanilly , such in Waldorf
Astor and Mr. Carey * , who took sides with
Mr. tto Stours. Mrs. tlu Steurs has distorted
events In such n way ns to accuse her hus
band of things which fho had done herself.
For Instance , she once throw a hook nt his
bend In the presence of two persons. She
testified on the stand that Mr. do Steurs was
the ono who had thrown the book at her. "
"Uld this como as a surprise"1
"Thoro have boon many surprise * in this
case. The testimony disclosed n fact which
forced do Stouers to amend his answer. It
is usual for a court to always grant motions
to amend an answ2r lor good cause
shown. Hero there could bo no
doubt about Iho justness of do
Stours' donmads until the judge refused
it. Within n week the Judge forced us to
trial , oven before the original papers , con
sisting of letters from Mra. do Stours , doc
tors' cortilicatos and other important ex
hibits , arrived. Mrs. do Steurs' correspond
ence 'vith her husband stretchas over a
period of fifteen years , when they were trav
eling or otherwise apart from each other.
No woman would write her husband in such
n loving and affectionate manner if ho was
cruel to her. In ono letter she savs : 'I feel
much regret and remorse for all the times 1
have been cross with you. ' In another she
says : 'You cannot regret as much as I the
scones , and how much sorrow I feel for my
naughtiness. ' In 1851 she writes : 'I hope
you will return Wednesday , for I will not
conceal from you that those eight
days scorn months. ' In 1SS3 slio
writes : 'I am very sad at being separated
from you , dear husband. How happy I shall
be to see you again. ' On the 10th of August ,
1SS5 , she writes : 'My dear , dear husband
As I suppose that 1 shall bo asleep when you
arrive , I wish to leave those words to tell
you how happy I nm to know that you nro
. ' "
near me.
"Do the letters as time goes on become loss
affectionate ! "
"No. For instance , on October 10 , ISSi ) ,
she ends a letter by the words , "Thousands
ami thousands of loving messages from your
loving , M. ' "
"That was about the last letter before
they separaredj"
"Yes. The manifest object of these pro
ceedings is made apparent by tlio second
marriage which Mt-3. d-s Steuros contracted
before the divorce was tnudo iinul. "
"Is this second man lure legal ! "
' Wo have every confidence in appeal nnd
it scorns impossible that the judgment
rendered in the case which has been so
irregularly tried , and m which a great part
of the evidence of one of Iho parties was ex
cluded , should not DO .sot asldo on appeal ,
which is already taken. Airs , do Steures
claimed a bona fide domicile at Sioux Falls ,
nnd I understand she has already left South
Dakota. Mr. do Sitouros' attorney at Sioux
Falls asked the plaintiff whether her object
In getting a divorce was to marry Xoo-
orowski. The question was excluded. "
"If your side is able to set aside these pro
ceedings , would do Stcurc3 UHu up the divorce
vorco proceedings on his side ! "
"That is u question I would prefer not to
answer ut protein. It might prcdjudlco do
Steures' future action. A roplv should bo
road In answer to the complaint in which Mr.
do Stcurs charged his wife with collusion in
having offered him a largo sum of money if
ho would allow her to obtain n , divorce with
out defending. Ttio judge again refused to
allow evidence in this point to ho taken "
Question , "You think , do you not , that the
case was conducted In un extraordinary nnd
irregular manner ! "
"I ihink the ciibO was brlskling with ir
regularities , I huvo Just rereivcd n letter
from Messrs. Couldert Brothers , In wsich
they say 'It seems to us plain that any fail-
court must sot nsiilo iln-i judgment. The ex
clusion of proof and tlio refusal to permit
amendment of tba answer constitutewo
think , such abuse of discretion in lo justlfv ,
indeed to call for , intcrfeienco by the higher
court. ' "
"What do you say , Mr. Cachard , about the
charges of cruelty ! "
"Do Steurs repeatedly denied to mo all the
charges of cruelty brought by the plaintiff.
In addition to his statement upwards of
twenty witnesses , mostly people of high
rank and of the greatest respectability , testi
fied that bo was only too Kind and goad
towards Mr ? , do Stcure. Mr. Vanlicr , con
sul general of tlio Netherlands , , who llvod in
the same house with Mr. and Mrs. do Slcurs
for llvo years and saw them every day , em
phatically declares that do Steurs was al
ways kind und full of attention for his wife.
Far from tituting her badly , ho acted towards
her In the kindest and most forbearing man
ner. Their servants nro all of the same opin
ion , with the two exceptions mentioned. "
"That sounds Ilk a pretty strong. "
"I have never seen n case lu which the re
sult seemed moro certain. I cannot under
stand to tills day hoi\ Mrs , do Steuw man
aged lo obtain a divorce. Perhaps iho rea
son will como out later. "
IT in , \
Tiney County , MUnmirl , OlllelnlH Nut Try
ing to IUeo\i-r Mierlf'U'llll.imi Murderers.
Sriii.VGnui.i ) , Mo. , March 10. J , S. John
son ot Otlumwa , la. , who came up from
Forsylbo last nvoning , says that the inquest
in the murder of Deputy Sheriff Williams
Is a complete farce , All testimony that
would Implicate the guilty parties is
being carefully excluded , Ofllciors ,
court and witnesses hoom intent only in
clouding the affair as much as possible in or
der to prevent the criminals from being sent
to justice , lie attended the examination for
several hours Tliursdn\-,2 ; > qnoon. From
what ho saw nnd heard HSi , lt will he no
trouble lo find out who c\v. \ .Vl the mob if
an honest effort Is made.l @flonds of the
guilty ones nro terribly d sjTOTjd over the
governor's tnessA e. in wni wj speaks of
ordering out the milltin. V&Sftvnnt I'000
and harmony in Taney tjSSsSi until the
' * " " -
crime can bo effectively cov
Mviintit ix run F/KsPEaStit ; ; / . .
Ciijler Sliullr foutul ( Julll.t ( Tf Kllllnt : 111 *
> elihhitr ( Ininil IMntuI ,
Oit\\D Isi.vvn , Nob. , March 11) ) . [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bi.r. . | The jury in the
Cuyler Shutt ? murder trial wai Insiruclod
at 0u : : tonight. The testimony In
the case was closed at litlU this
morning. Countv Attorney Hyan opened
the argument for the premonition at
10 o'clock and spoke Unco hours.
Ho wai followed by W. A. Prince for the
defense. Attorney Thompson closed the do-
fcnso nnd was followed In Ibis ovuntng'a
session byV. . II. I Matt.
UiTing W. H. Plait's address lor the
prosecution the wife ot the defendant lulor-
fercd , and U found ro spoil so In a call for
order from Jiulco HarrUon.
Cuylor Shultr , the dofcr.da-it , seomcd moro
rostlcss tonight than over tictoro during the
trial. Tlio court house was puckod lo Its
full capacity , tunny ladles dolling iho audi
AtlOU.'i the Jury nurocd. The ntloineys
were ut once summoned and , ludgo Harrison
called for the verdict , nlilch was promptly
handed in ns "muiderin iho first degree. "
Shultz took iho matter cool as usual. After
the verdict was it.ad ho remarked in the sar
castic manner peculiar to ttio tnan : "Thank
you gcntlcmou , " and us his attorneys cuiuo
up said , "you made a d d good bluff , but
1 am hero yet. "
The verdict meets popular approval.
St. I.Mils 1-ollce AKltiite < l O\eru Seiitmtltiiml
Kllltni. .
ST. Louis , Mo. , March UK The police , hero
have been sot at work upon n remarkably
peculiar case by a letter from the ICuoxvillo ,
Tenn. , chief of police. On the 5th lust , n
corpse was shipped through hero to Knox-
vlllo by on unknown man , wtoso peculiar
actions at Ivnoxvlllo nnd afterwards at
Marj vlllo , where the body of what the fellow
alleged was his son wa buried , led to
an examination of tlio grave , It was then
found that tha corpse was that of n mur
dered man , murks on the skull showing that
the man hud died from a blow behind the
car. Tlio mnn who had charge of the casket
gave his niimo as Hull , and snhl his ' -son"
had died of consumption in Colorado. An
otlort Is being made to find Hull , but the
police hero can do nothing , aa the corpse and
escort were simply in truiult , not even buy
ing tickets hero , but traveling on through
At > SAUi.rin itr iniMr.i.
of ' - I'hilnllelil ,
Cruel Treatment 11 1'i-elty
N. . ] . , Sen.inl ( ilrl.
Pi.uxrint.n , N. .T. , March IP. Bridget
McUonough , a pretty Irish girl , who for the
past six years has been employed as a
domestic by Harold Ferrill of Plalnllela , was
criminally assaulted by two tr.impi this
morning. She went Into the collar for n
basket of wood. When she opened the door
two men who were standing on the threshold
demanded food. Their demand was refused ,
whereupon the woman was confronted with
a cocked ( revolver hold by ono of the mis
creants , while the other knocked her down
and assuullod her , leaving her unconscious.
The police were notified. Two tramps were
ariestodin North Plainliolu this Afternoon
on suspicion of heir ; ; the woman's ' assailants.
They were held.
Iliindled Ciinleileritle .Money.
WAStiisorox , D. C. . March UK A letter
was today received at the postofllco from the
Italian director of posts , inclosing a gij con
federate note , and asking if it was still valid
that It bo redeemed ana ttio value trans
mitted to him by a money order.
invv inos.ii. ,
Now York oily has ! ) , ( ) 'JO children unpro
vided wltn school accommodation.
The Chicago Hoard of Education asks for
S'25,000 to "enforco compulsory education. "
'Iho city is now unaulo to accommodate all
children scoring odiicalion.
The cap nnd gown will soon Don regulation
uniform at Johns Hopkins. The mutter has
been under discussion for two jcars.
Uuilwav schools for cnlldron of railway
emplovcs are maintained by Iho rnilwnv com
panies of India lit a \ cry small expense to
the pupils. * S < < stS *
At a recent meeting the members of tbo
Junior class nt Pilnccton decided to wear
caps and gowns next year , and a committed
\\tis appointed to make arrangements for ob-
laimng them.
Vnrina Anne Davis , the youngest daughter
of Jefferson Davis , in her second article upon
"The American Girl Who Studios Abroad , "
in iho March Ladles' Home Journal , makes a
strong pica for American training for Amcrl
can girls.
Prof. Arthur Fairbanks , who has boon
called from Dartmouth to Yale , Is to bo an
instructor in the divinity school.
General Isaac T. Wlstor of Philadelphia
has given $100,000 lo the University of Penn
sylvania , wherowilh to huihi a biological and
anatomical museum , ft was designed to
keep the identity of tno giver a secret ; but
one of tbo trustees caielessly betrayed It.
Thoaulhotilles of Ilarvara university an
nounce the examinations lor admission to its
undergraduate department and professional
schools will be held on Juno US and ill ) and
July 1 and ! ! , tint only in Cambridge , but in
Now York , Philadelphia , Washington nnd
other cities , under tbu direct charge of uni
versity officers.
Too will of General Cullum of Now Yorlc
makes several bequests of great publio in-
lorest. Ho gives f'0,000 to the Metropolitan
Musfsum of Arts and smaller amounts to va
rious ether worthy Institutions , and sots
asiuo ? 2fiO,000 for the establishment of n me
morial null In connection with the West
Point Military academy. The American
Geographical society Is remembered In a
way that will bo highly appreciated ny its
friends nnd well wishers , for the general's
residuary eslato lo the amount of $100,000 is
to bo used for the erection of a building
for Ihls society.
( ilttl.H.
A coterie of Spruce street millions have
agreed to forojjo chewing gum during Lent.
The choir of an uptown ctiurch Is com
posed entirely ot women , bassos , baritones
and nil.
An uptown woman claims to bavon brother
twelve feet high. She has Uvo half-brothers
each six feet In height.
A rtillned young housekeeper loft her
mutton butcher because hu uslied her ;
"Well , have your logs boon tender lately ! "
A Walnut street lady has four family
doctors. ono for uyp , onu for ear , ono for
nervous nnd ono for general troubles.
The prevalence of Iho r.llk petticoat fash
ion gives the girls a ctmnco to utilize dis
carded bilk oversklrts for the purpose.
Several engagements have boon announce
since the Germantown leap year ball , Th
young women out there know iholr business
H'H an odd sight to see a woman nmoth-
crod In furs standing in the wintry blast ad
miring a window display of parasols.
A YKi.i.o\r \
Wiltlenfur'Jhe Itcf.
O. golden chnllccd floweret that holds the
* dew ,
Tto nectar of the gods from you I sip ;
As tb ( > u are Jealous , so am I ot you ,
1 UJ love's cscenco from your honied lip.
There trno cem so beautiful as this ,
No olbcr flower that holds mo In its thrall ,
Aud why ! A yellow rose my aweoi love
kissed ,
She wore this on her bosom at a ball.
Balfonr Finds His Leailerahip of the Hoiiso
Getting Bettor Support ,
His Reputation is Again Baing Matlo by
Injudicious Abuse from Opponents.
Conservatives Very "ft ell Sat'sfied with tljo
Aspect of the Present Parliament ,
Ho Ciiutlomly lief ruins from Itei-onilnf
intiiiiRlc : < l In Any I'ntlle AtteinptK to
( Meithrou the Ministry-Ill *
Alillllus \Vnliter. .
.Mi/iini i ( 'union
LONIIOV , March l..l-NTow [ Yorit llurahl
Cable Special to Tin1 llnn.l The position
of the government has upon the whole been
considerably strengthened dining the past
week. Supporter * rallied round it In great
numbers and a much bolder front Is being
shown to the enemy. Thu attacks upon "Bnl-
four were too vehement to last , and ninny of
thorn were scon to uo unjust. The consequence -
quonco Is that a reaction has sot in , oven
among n section of tha Gladstonlans , where
the conservatives nro determined that the
lenders shull receive failplay. . As ho frankly
stated when acting as Irish secretary , ho was ,
made a great man bv the unrouasiiroil abuse
heaped upon him by the Irish mombnra. Now
ho Is going to make another reputation
through the exaggerated complaints of his
luidcrshtp in thu House. Ho has shown t >
croat deal of ( lory spirit the last few nights ,
nnd whoii lie has risen to speak thoconscrviv- *
lives have cheered him long nnd heartily.
Once moro his star is In the ascendant.
Wlmt the. ( iiiveriiment MII.V Do.
The ministry altogOtlior seems likely to go
bravely on till the cloto ofaparllomont. LSI-
Louchoro made a futile attempt to force the
luinu of the government with regard to Iho
date of dissolution. Ho wanted to aton sup
plies of money until the ministry revealed
the fatal day. Balfour parried the Inquiries
dexterously by tailing Labouchcto ho knew
as much of the subject as any mambor of the.
government , nnd this la true , for the govern
ment has no fixed plan. It will push on its
program and when that is completed it will
talk about dissolution. Its majorities hav
greatly risen , owing to the return from NlcO
and other places of many of its followers. .1
blessed change In the weather also helps J 1
by enabling soml-lnvnlids to put in nn ;
pearanco. Once more for u time winter hus
vnnlsncd and the murderous east wnuli
have bceu exchanged for a gentle braon
from the wo.u. This 1ms bcon of Imnieuso
assistance to the ministry.
Hittl Tuo fioml MaJorltlcR.
A tremendous raid upon tiio government
was planned for Saturday night but It went
all to pieces. Gladstone was too knowing to
compromise himself by taking any open part ,
but hovered in the background , ready to
coma in at the scalping lime that never ar
rived. Ilarc-ourt opened lire with heavy ar
tillery on the financial question , but was
easily repulsed by the chancellor of the ox-
chequer. The opposition brought up all Its
forces und was beaten by 71 , the largest ma
jority tbo government has yet had this bcs-
sion. Later the same night it raised that
number to three lluuros , owinje to the fact
that the section of Glaustoninns took to their
heels and rnn away.
ThchO victoilc- > have put the ministerial
officers all in the ti it1 lies I good humor nnd I
think will cortainlv have the effect of post
poning the appeal to the country till Into In
Iho summer , perhaps In autumn. There lane
no necessity for the government to give up
when it icceivcs a majority of 102 in its
favor. To bo snto this happened on St.
Patrick's night when many Irish members
were absent , hut in any case Iho Gladstonlan
army must have been smitten hip and thigh.
If Gladstone's advice was followed Dy the
motley party , these premature attacks upon
iho ministry would not bo made , but the
ladicals pay little regard to the nominal
ChnUtmio is Very Vlgiii-niix ,
Ho wisely keeps out of the house nntl
takes as much exorcise as ho can pot. On
Wednesday 1 mot him in the .s'rcnt , pushing
along at a rate of four miles nn hour , with
fresh color in his cheeks : iml looking ubout
him on every side , the very picture 'of n
sound , hearty , aiert old man. Everybody
turned 'round to look at him. Ono cabman
shouted to another ] "Thero goes oltl
Uluddy , " und a second cabman drove after
him to get a good look. His greatcoat was
all unbuttoned , though the day was not
warm , and his phaoby hut was well on the
bacic of hln beau.
In the street Mr. Gladstone does not look
by any moans n dandy , though In the lioueo
ho aluuys seems well dressed. His portraits
make him familiar oven to street IJOVH , uho
bomcllmcs follow him in admiring proces
sion. On this particular day ho had walked
to the lloiiao of Commons and made a long
speech. Kuily in Iho afternoon ho went out
to pay bonio calls. lie cumo back In tltno to
vote In the ulvi-iou and walked homu nt )
lively us a cricket , Not a bad day's work
for u limn In Ills Kid year ,
i NmtM Nut ex.
1) . C , March 10. The larg
est Item In the river and harbor bill , as com
pleted , Is , In round flgurco , $1,000,000 for the
Mississippi rivetimprovemontH from St.
Paul to lly mouth , Of tnis amount $ . ' ,600,000 , ,
approximately , is for work from Cairo down.
The deep water great lakes project und the
Savannah harbor deep water project , It is
understood , are both provided for in Iho till ) .
nnd it u said upwards of 5'JO,0X ( ) are ullowoif
for each projcut ,
Secretary Kostor arrived from New York
nt U o'clock this evening.
Senator Morrlll'a condition continues to
improve. At 10 o'clock ho was reported ni
huing quite us well us at any tlmu iluniiK ul *
Thl'rii M Inert liijnie.il.
LKUIS , S. 1) , , March 111. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK Hut : . I James Cuvauaugh , Dick
KaukcrvU und Jam us Stevens , miners , mob
with an accident In the Doadwooil Ton a
mines about llifiO today. Cavunaugh'g loj ;
was broken , Nankums1 left thii.'h was.
broken nnd Stevens' faou was burned nnU
badly bruised , Tbo men went to a hole Urea
yostnaaay whora a cap failed to explode the
powder and In drilling out the tamping
struck the ponder. The exploilou wiu tor-
DUoaio never successfully attacks
torn with pure blood DoWltt's Bantaparllln
pure , now blood aud enriches

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