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Something Wonderful Going on at Stone-
hills Tomorrow , Monday ,
lonk to Vour lllfclit on llntorliiR Soinn-
thliiK IHItiTrnt In u Time Hull Itrnil
Ilio Jnlrmliirtloii llclmv It
Kxpliilnit ItM'If.
Tomorrow every hour wo arc "going to
place on n counter to your right on
entering Porno wonderful bargains. Wo
describe each ono below , nleo the tlmo
they are going to bo on sale. You can
not miss the counter. It is to your right
us soon as you got into the door. Every
hour the goods on this counter will bo
changed as you will see below. All wo
ask is live minutes _ at the beginning of
every hour to change about these goods.
Head carefully below the following
bargains which wo ofTor every hour and
bo sure that you are on hand or you will
not got Iho bargains wo advertise. Wo
shall begin the sale sharp at I ) o'clock ,
not before.
From 0 to 10 o'clock
Wo offer 100 pieces of now spring cali
cos , plaids , stripes and figures , at : ic a
yard. Wo will not sell moro than 0
yards to a customer. These nro Iho Lodl
calicos and , as every lady knows , they
nro woith 8c a yard. Wo shall have
enough clerks to wait on everyone that
comes during this hour.
From ID to 11 o'clock
Wo give vou a bargain such as you have
never before purchased. It is about the
Hiimo as giving the goods awny , but for
ono hour the stuff goes. Wo will not
guarantee this bargain to last the hour
out , but think it will. If it don't , don't
be mad , because wo shall bo plain with
you. Wo have n big lot of it now , but
as wo shall not limit the quantity wo do
not know how long it will last.
It is about 10,000 remnants of silk
clastic , running from one-quarter of a
yard in length up to two yards. You
oan have your choice of it for le a pieco.
Wo do not cnro how much is in the
piece. It all goes at the same prico. It
is worth 2oo to ! if > c a yard.
From 11 to 12 o'clock
Wo offer ! )00 ) pieces of fancy plaid and
figured spring wash dress goods , full , ' 18
inches wide , double width , remember.
It is worth 18c a yard. From 11 to 12
o'clock these goods go tit 8Jc a yard.
Wo shall limit. 20 yards to a customer.
From lli to 1 o'clock
Wo offer 500 pieces of shirting ging
hams , also a lot of blue and white chucks
fof aprons. These goods are good qual
ity , they having no starch at all in
them. They go during this hour at 4jc
u yard. Wo guarantee them fast color.
From 1 to 2 o'clock
"Wo are going to glvo you a benefit. Our
customers will no doubt remember the
great silo : of jewelry wo held several
days ago. We shall pick out all the
poods that are worth from 50o up , and
place them on snlo for the ono hour at
le. ! ) If you are a good judge you can
get goods in this lot worth us high as
$3.00 , an we will hold nothing in reserve
from this big stoclf of jewelry that wo
advertised , and wo will sell everything
for ono hour at l ! > e. You can buy beau
tiful nnck chains , breast pins , and the
lace pina wo will sell will bo I'.le ' for as
many as there is on a card that wo
throw on sale.
Froln 2 to 3 o'clock
\vo are going to give the ladies who con
template buying lace curtains a rare
treat. Wo have SO pair of lace curtains
worth about $0.00 a pair. They are extra
wide , so that one can bo used for a win
dow. In fact , they nro the widest cur
tains wo ever had in the house. Wo
olTer these curtains for $2.05 a pair dur
ing this hour , and to make this hour
cx'tra interesting wo shall give with
each curtain a polo and fixtures. That
makes , bear in mind , 2 poles and 2 pairs
of fixtures with every pair of curlains
free of charge.
From it toI o'clok
Wo offer 2o pieces of extra quality ,
fancy outing flannel , suitable for shirts ,
tea. gowns , wrappers , boys' waists , etc.
This is none of your cheap stuff that
has boon selling around town for 5c a
yard , but extra quality , worth 12je. It
goes during this hour at 5c per yard.
From 4 to o'clock
" \Vo offer 50 pieces pants goods in rem
nants of from Ij yards up. They are
the entire product of the remnant's of a
Trenton , N. J. , woolen mill. They will
make beautiful pants for boys , as well as
men. For this hour wo will sell all those
remnants at one-naif price. They are
all marked in plain figures , and marked
about one-half what they are worth , but
for this hour they will go for just ono-
lialf what they are marked.
From S to 0 o'clock
"Wo shall offer 1100 pieces of imitation
china silks , worth 15o a yard , atIJc. .
Wo shall limit 20 yards to'a customer.
Do not forget that these goods aton-ch
hour mentioned will bo placed on the
right hand counter on entering our
Our spring opening ol millinery goods
will take place Thurwlny and Friday ,
March 2-1 and 25. STONHHILL'S.
Samuel Burns Is offering the cclc-
lirattitl Jewett filter at not cost.
The Working Woman's union meats
every Sunday afternoon tit 2:110 : at 101(1 (
Douglas street , up stairs.
To Oklahoma anil tlio Territory , Clirap.
The Chicago , Hock Island & Pacific
railway will sell tickets March 22 to
nbovo points at ono fare for the round
trip. Tickets good for ! 10 days , and
they can bo purchased at nil principal
"Hock Island" towns In Nebraska , Kau
nas and Colorado.
.1X0. SUUASTIAX , G. T. fc P. A. , Chicago.
Ideal ladles' hall-dressing parlors , hair
goods , toilet articlesSOU S loth.tld floor.
Silk and dross goods snlo , Stonohill.
iloliiK Hunting ?
If you are , the numerous lakes and
river bottom country along the Sioux
City & Pacific railroad in Iowa 10 or 50
miles from Omaha offer the best induce
ments. Two daily trains each way.
Ticket olllco HOI Fnrmun street' .
Mrs. U. II. Davies is showing the
finest line of millinery In the city. Op
posite postolllco.
Jifiiutlliil Clifton Illll ,
No , wo don't rent houses. No , wo will
not trade this prororty for down town
property , or for farms or for property in
tiinall towns outside.
Yes , wo have a few houses for sale ou
onsy payments to the right parties.
A party having n , clear lot worth from
$300 to $500 can put it in as a ilrst pay
niont on house and lot. Yes. the streets
ixro lighted. Yes , the city water IB
there , Yes , most of the streets have
eidowalks , and many of the streets are
graded. Yes , mail la delivered twice
daily. Yes , wo Imvo as prosperous one
enterprising a community as can bo
found Miywhoro in any city. Yes , the
motor loaves every ton minutes. Yes
the Holt Line trains stop at Grant street
YCB , wo will build the house at actua *
Now York Life
Crowds Attend the Wonderful Silk Sale at
" Stonchills.
WomlnjIlir Itannor Day for Silk * iiml
l > rcn flixHlft UarKnlm Unliritnl Of
Trier * That Will Surprise
Vou Tomorrow ,
Tomorrow wo cap the climax by beginning -
ginning the greatest silk and tlrcss
joods Bale over attempted in the state of
Wo purchased from a Now York im
porter 8.000 yards of dress silk. Wo
placed part of them on sale Saturday ,
nit have left the plumbs in reserve for
They will not bo advertised after to
morrow , as they will bo all sold tomor
row , sure , without fail. If they are not
.ho price will go up out of sight com-
mrcil with what you can purc-lmso them
'or ' tomorrow. Tomorrow , tomorrow ,
: omorrow Is going to bo the banner day.
Bo sure and como in tomorrow.
What wo want to impress upon you is
Llmt tomorrow will bo a grand day , not
the dav after tomorrow.
Silks , just think of it , at 22o a yard.
Such silks ab other houses will sell for
SI.00 , for 22c. That is wo sell them at
22c tomorrow.
At ( J3e wo are going to offer tomorrow
goods tlmt the importer sold for $2.00 a
yard to the wholesale trade , so you can
have a faint inkling of the value of thos > o
beautiful silks. At 880 wo shall oiler
Hies that will retail in this city all over
at H 00 a yard.
All wo want the ladies to uo is to
como in Monday and EOO this line of
silks that wo shall place on sale.
Thcro is at least ono piece of every
kind of silk nrndo in this wide , wide
world. There are china silks , Japanese
silk ? , India silks , surah silksglaso silks ,
l'cau-de-Soio silks , gros grain silks , satin
rhndames , crepe do ehein , fades and in
fact every kind of silk imaginable. Silks
with two colors in them.
The magnillccnco of this sale is be
yond our power to describe.
All wo ask of you Is to come in and
vou will bo pleased.
If you are going to buy a dress , lady ,
this coining season , Monday will bo your
roat opportunity.
Wo noticed in Thursday's paper an
ad. from a competitor advertising certain
dress goods at certain prices. Well ,
wo nro going to offer them way below
what they wcro advertised for 'by our
illustrious competitor.
In fuel wo are going , to use slang , [ cut
the lifo out of dress goods tomorrow.
Wo have not the trade that want to
buy a lot of truck for 5c or ( ! c a yard ,
consequently wo are only going to ad
vertise the bolter grades of dress goods ,
of which v/o received about 300 pieces
by freight Saturday.
Wo will begin by advertising the very
best grade.
At S8c wo offer in twenty-one different
shades a line of extra quality and extra
width henriottas. Genuine Gorman
goods , silk finished.
These are the $1.50 grade , the finest
ifoods manufactured. At the same price
wo offer eleven shades in crcpon cloth ,
worth 1.115 per yard.
At 7-lc we offer u lineof Bed ford cords ,
the $1.00 quality. Ono of our competi
tors advertised the honriotta at 75c. Wo
have thirteen shades in this same qual
ity loft which wo offer tomorrow at 50c
a yard. These goods are strictly all
wool anil the silk finished.
At 5-1 Acve shall offer fifty-six differ
ent plaids and stripes in camel' * hair
and ilannolots , worth 85c to $1.00 a
yard.At .
At three shillings wo shall offer a line
of plaid dress goods thatourcompetitors
advertised at oOe a yard as a bargain ,
worth 7oc. They are the identical goods
they advertise.
Do not let this opportunity pass if you
want to get a dress way below the regu
lar prico.
Ono of our competitors are advertis
ing that they are sole agents for the P.
& 1' . kid gloves. Wo handle this line ,
and our prices are 25o a pair below what
they are advertised for by the linn
claiming to bo the sole agents.
Our opening of spring millinery poods
will take place Thursday" and Friday ,
March 24 and 2-3.
Now spring styles in milinory goods.
All the latest novelties. F. M. Schadell
& Co. , 1522 Douglas street.
Silk and dress goods sale , Stonohill.
C. D. Wood worth & Co. , successors to
Wolty & Guy , 1UKI Farnam street , man
ufacturers and dealers in harness , sad
dles , etc.
Samuel Burns hail an opportunity
when east to buy a job lot of ' 'English
agatevatos , worth UIl.oO to $4.50 , and is
offering them at the uniform price of
$2.00 for next week. Call and goo them.
Incursion to OUIaliomu.
On March 22nd the Burlington route
will sell return tickets to all points on
lines of A. T. & S. F. and C. , H. I. & P.
railroadb in the territory of Oklahoma.
Tickets good until April 21st , will bo on
sale at 122U Farnam street. W. F. Vuill ,
city ticket agent.
Silk and dross goods sale , Slonchill.
ONI ; I'-AHI : i\uuitsioy :
To Oklahoma Mnrrli ' , " , > .
Round trip tickets will bo on sale via
Santa Fo route , March 22 , from all
points in Kansas and Nebraska to points
in Oklahoma and return at rate of ono
faro for the round trip. Tickets good
until April 21. Stop-overs allowed in
Oklahoma , For tickets and full information
mation apply to your nearest ticket
agent or address K. Ij. Palmer , passen
ger ngont Santa Fo Koute , 11110 Farnam
street , Omaha.
Hamilton Warren , M. D. , eolootlo and
magnetic phyaldau and surgeon. Spe
cialty , disoasoj ot women and children.
HUN. lUth street. Telephone148i
AVonilrrlanil mid ( irunil Oorra House ,
Fifteenth street and Capitol avenue ,
Hroulllards famous wax works , Cntullcs
marvelous illusions , thousands of de
lightful surprises. IQu admits to all , lOc.
AV1 Traveler *
Know a good thing wlion they see It ,
and when they travel they select the
Burlington route.
They know that to Chicago anil the
eabt , to Kansas City and the south , and
to Denver and the west , the "Q" is the
best line.
The Burlington "vostlbulod flyer , "
which loaves the union depot , Omaha ,
at 4.30 p , in. every afternoon is by far
the most comfortable train to Chicago' ,
it is made up of magnificent yes , mag
nificent Pullman Bleeping cars , elegant
reclining : chair cars , comfortable day
coaches , and dining cars on which one
may obtain meals "fit for the gods. "
Omul in daily , two other trams leave for
Chicago at 0:60 : a. in. and 9:20 : p. inboth
of which offer superior service.
W. F. YAir.T , ,
City ticket agent , 122U Furnaiu street
2,000 , Pieces Fine Spring Dress Gooch from
Townsend-Monlant's Great Snlo ,
Finn Ttirklftli Toirrli , Bn ) Turkldh ( Tinvrl )
! ! IH-hifli lllrnclicil Cnnlind
II I-let AM I.lnrn dims
, II l-iu.
Double fold , cheviot plaid dress goods ,
Oc , worth Uc. )
HS-lneh now wool Bedford cords , till
hpring shades , lOc , worth 20c.
Fancy brocade Windsor twills , olcgant
double fold goods , 12Je , worth 2-je'
38-inch line English cashmeres , all
colors and black , 14e , worth IWe.
10-inch finest English honriotta , in
blacks only , 25c , worth COc.
I0-inih ! all wool crojio effect and
striped Bedford cords , suitable for tea
gowns and combinations , 3Sc , worth S5e.
Tlio newest styles of cheviots and
camel's hair novelties for early spring
wear , -10c ; sold all ever for " 60.
Elegant now Bedford cords , plain and
fancy effects , till the latest shades , guar
anteed pure wool , Too a vnrd.
35 pieces all wool novelty serges in
spring weight i inches wide , 4'Je- ' , worth
' 85c.
! 10 pieces of tlio latest fads in black
goods over shown , -10 inches wide , in
wool and silk mixtures , fancy Windsor
cords , figures , crepes and silk llnishod
serges , silk warp tirmares and honriotta
cloths , all tit Sou , worth 31.50.
Fast color , turkey red table damask ,
Extra flno heavy cream satin damnsk ,
10 pieces , wide cream damask' , new
patterns , o3e ; regular price , 75e.
Finest grade bleached damnsk , 65c ;
worth $1.00.
f pieces full bleached satin damask ,
S9c ; worth 81.35.
5-8 full bloachcd selvage napkins , OSc a
do/.nn. Only ono do/.en to a customer.
Turkey red fringed napkins le each ,
all sixes.
All linen loom damask towels Oc each.
Extra i'r/.o all linen towels lOo.
100 do/en assorted knotted fringe
damask towels 2oc ; worth 50c and 05c. '
OS dozen assorted all linen inomic ,
bureau and dressing scarfs , 18x51 in. ,
go at 2oc , worth 03a
Elegant line of hem-stitched open
work tray cloths , bureau scarfs and
lunch cloths at "Boston Store. " Popu
lar prices.
Extra special stamped , canvas splash
ers , 2c each.
Spot cash purchase ; entire production
New England factory , white and colored
Frinired colored bedspreads , 5'Jc.
Better grade colored "fringed spreads ,
Genuine mitcholine bedspreads , SI. 10.
Finest mitcholino bedspreads made ,
White crochet spreads , Ooc.
Full si/.o , Sl.2.3 , Marseilles pattern
spreads , Soc.
12-t Marseilles pattern crochet
spreads , $1.39.
Special : Finest white imported Mar
seilles bedspreads , go in 3 lots , $2.48 ,
$2.08 nnd $3.48 ; all worth double.
Northwest corner 10th and Douglas.
Monday and Tuesday , March 21 and
22 , wo will oxnibit to the trade French
pattern hats and bonnets and
At N. B. Falconer's.
i Hall.
IIebre\y theatrical performance Sun
day evening , March 20. Second week of
the great success. An Unfortunate Love
under the management of Abraham Gold
of Chicago. See Mr. Gold in his great
character of Chat'/.kol ( idiot ) . Tickets
35c , reserved seats 50c and 7oc , to bo ob
tained at box otlico Sunday afternoon.
Dooi's open at 7 p. m.
Silk and dress goods sale. Stonchill.
AVondorlaiul anil ( iranil Opera llonsr.
Fifteenth Direct and Capitol avenue ,
all this week the Rinhoart Opera , com
pany in the new opera "A Waif's Luck. "
Twenty great specialty stars and a
musee filled with wonders ; lOc ad
mission. Performances of the same
length as the high priced houses.
Dr. Cu'lirooi-o , oeulis ; . Boa building :
J. E. Dletrick , nrc"nhaet,003 N. Y. Life.
New designs and patterns in dfnnor
sots. M. II. Bliss , 1410 Farnam street.
< Mllr' ' < Time to the lilHt.
Under the schedule , which recently
went Into effect on the Chicago it North
western Ry.t passengers can leave the
Union Pacific depot , 'Omaha , daily at
0:15 : p. m. and arrive atChicago at fl:5'J : '
o'clock the next morning.
This arrangement reduces the time to
Chicago two luurs , and also affords con
nection with all of the fast limited trains
for the cast , and the journey to New
York , Boston and other eastern cities
may now bo made In several hours
quicker than over before.
In addition to this service the after
noon "liver" via the Chicago fc North
western Ry. loaves the U. P. depot daily
at 5 p. in , and arrives at Chicago at 8:15 :
the next morning.
Both of the above mentioned trains
are vcstibulcd throughout and are
equipped with \Vagnor and Pullman
sleepers , free reclining ch.iir curs and
"Northwestern" .
dining cars.
Bitgtrngo checked from reMdcnco and
through sleeping car berths reserved.
City olllco , 1401 Farnam street.
R. R. RiTCniu , General Aient.
G. F. WKST , C. P. & T. A.
Powder :
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and Pastry , Light Flaky
Uiscuit , Griddle Cakes , Palatable
and Wholesome.
, Ho other baking powder docs such work.
New Capes , Now Ulsters , Now Reefers , Top
Ocots and Blazers ,
( Irnnil DUplityNor Oholro Novelty lire" *
llnoiln-ltUli riRiirnl luilla Silk
( Irrat ltarfnln In Plnln mid
1'nncy Da'ji tloods.
PHsso , damask , broeho , cropon , cou-
tile , chovlot , tweed , etc. , etc. Every
thing that is fashionable in style and
coloring will bo displayed Monday.
Prices and styles invlto your purchase.
Over 150 styles to select from. Un
surpassable for fct\'lo and shading ? .
Three cases line woolchnlli , exquisite
styles , sale prlco
lite. lc. ! ) IDc ,
They will not last long. Select your
dress at once.
1.000 yards , all the Into shades of flno
Bedford cord
37 k. 37 3 c. S7J .
Wo have placed a counter apart for
bargains. On Monday wo ofTor cheviot ,
tweed and pretty summer suitings worth
85c , 75c and 03c at 55c. 50e and 42Jc.
$1.00 40-inch honriotta for UOc ,
$1.00 40-inch serge for Hoc ,
800 nunsveiling lor ( Wo.
$1.00 Bedford cord for ! )0c. )
And o ior bargains ; visit our store
A rich , pure silk , dyed and finished in
France , worth Doc.
Wo close the balance of this line at 70c.
\Vo have just added over 100 new
styles to our already largo line of this
beautiful silk.
Our stock of black and tan capos at
$5.00 , $7.00 , $10.00 , $13.00 and $15.00 are
all made 40 inches long , with medicl
rolling collar. These goods are very
stylish and are extra value.
Tills week wo will offer a bargain in
reefer jackets in black , blue and two
shades of tan , made of all wool worsted
cloth and 28 inches long , choice $0,50 ,
worth $8.00.
Wo also show this week the latest
novelties in ulsters with capes and largo
hood.i lined with changeable silk. These
goods are the latest for street wear and
extremely stylish.
Don't fall to visit our ladies' , misses'
and children's ' shoo department on the
second lloor.
Cor. Farnam unit 15th street.
On I'iitrnt lcdlrlnrs Great Salt- .
Commencing Monday- morning all
genuine patent medicines to bo sold at
Bennett's popular cut prices , which are
away below tho'So-cullocl
"Long Established Prices. "
Lay in your supply now and save
monoy. \V. R BENNETT CO.
300,000 bars Union soap sold in Nebraska
braska last month. It's the bust.
Union soap employsNebrnska labor.
Silk and dress goods sale , Stonohill.
Tliu Kiiflor tint Only Iiiior | Cure.
With scientific treatment , no failures
and no time lost. Visit the institute ,
South Omaha.
\VoiKlcrliinil anil Cnnul Opera HIIUM- .
Fifteenth street 'ind C'apitol avenue ,
nil this week the Rinhcnrt Opera com
pany in the new opera "A Waif's Luck. "
Twenty great specially sttirs and a
musco filled with wonders , lOc admis
sion. Performances of the same length
as the high priced hotihcrf.
OmaliacomprcFscd yeast strictly pure.
You have seen California frequently
mentioned in newspapers and tnu'/a/.InoK
Perhaps a friend has been there anil
writes enthusiastic letters bad : homo
about the climate and the fruits. It
makes you anxious to sco the country
for yourself.
The best time to go is in the fall and
winter. Then work hero is least press
ing and California climate is now pleas
ing. The way to go is via Santa Fo
route , on ono of that lino's popular , per
sonally conducted parties , leaving Chicago
cage every Saturday evening , and leav
ing Kansas City every Sunday morning.
Special agents and porters in attend
ance. Pullman tourist sleepers aroused
used , furnished with bedding , mat
tresses , toilet articles , etc. Second
claw tickets honored. Write to E. L.
Palmer , piissongor ngont Santa Fo
route , 1310 Farnam street , Omaha , Neb.
A liooil roluiy Try It C'lmnirtcr anil
ICniirir.v Hi" Only Ciiltnl : | lti > iiilrml. |
Profitable employment can bo secured
by men of good reputation who desire to
ineronso their income and indepen
dence. Many are under the impression
that years of experience and other
qualillcations that nro not possessed by
the average man are required in order
to sell Lifo Insurance. This is tine
with policies Isfiiied by a number of com
panies. Thor policies Issued by the
NATIONAL , uro absolutely free from
technicalities and need only to bo un
derstood by tUu customer to bo wanted.
There are u.groat many business men
with good copulation and yours of ac
quaintance ever an extended field , who
can make niich acquaintance yield them
a bettor income than they are getting
at present , llho secret of commanding
Hiich situatiomts ono that commends it
self to the good judgment and goad
sense , vlIvcstig.ito : the NATION
AL'S plans ; sot control of a salable at-
ticlo at a salable prlco , in a territory
tlmt you can work without long absence
from homo and without great expense.
Insurance men with experience who
would like to'better ' themselves and sell
something that the /coj/ ; / < want ; business
men that are capable we desire to inform
that experience is not nocossarv in order - ,
dor to make a good income. Thee who
bollovo that good work should briny
good pay , who desire to connect themselves - -
selves with a company that is ever forty
years old ; that is indorsed by the ablosi
Actuaries , Hankers and Businosb Men
in the United Stales ; with assets over
$7,000,000 ; the company that issues a
policy that is Mmpto to understand ,
easy to sell ; tlmt combines Siivingti
Bank and Life Insurance ; policy that
guarantees Investment , protection and
the useof your capital and is negotiable
the same as nny other bond or stock
policies that are original with and is
sued only by the NATIONAL , nro ro-
bpeotfully invited to confidentially cor
respond nr visit
M. L. JIOEDER , Manager ,
Tin : oi CKNT STOUI : .
Snpclnt 1'xtrnonllnary Itnrfnlii for .Mon *
ilny'n Salr.
Child's polld gold sot rings , lOo each.
Bow knot hair pins , latest styles , 2oc
Stick pins with bow knots , nil the rngo ,
25c each.
Brilliant oar drop * , rolled pinto , 2oc
Solid gold rings 4ic. ) worth $2.00.
Celluloid picture frames 2oo each ,
worth 75c.
Ladles' pocket books and hand bags
special prices for Monday.
Extraordinary bargains In perfumery.
Wo want to boom our perfumery de
partment and offer for Monday 2 ounce
bottles triple extract for 20ca bottle ,
sold usually at 75c.
All of our lOc and 1 oe con ] ) Monday at
Gc a cako. This includes Lily White
Glycerine , Ideal Bouquet , cold cream
nntl glycerine and other fnvorlto brands.
Hair brushes , combs and toilet ar
ticles at } r less than others ask ,
We're right in it in house furnishing
goods and are offering Ilrst clabs goods
at prices never before heard of in
Tubs n ( , 45c , oJe and G" > c. Palis , lOc ,
12.- and lc. ! )
Washboards , lOc , lee , IDc and 25c.
Clothesline , ( I yards for fie.
5 foot step ladders , 5b'c , Clothes bars ,
2oc , 20e and 40c.
Clothes hampers , OOc , worth $1.2.5.
Chopping bowls , 5c , lOc , Ific and 2oc.
Lumps , glassware and crockery at loss
than cost to manufacture. Don't fail to
cxninitio our stock and prices before pur
chasing. It will save you monoy.
Rouiotnber our baby buggies. We're
agents for the celebrated \Vhltnoy make.
At $4.)5 ! ) wo offer a splendid full shed
reed body enrringo , trimmed in the
latest pattern , with ball ornaments , up
holstered in American damnsk , with
purasol to match ; this is uo shoddy car
riage , as most dealers got $10.00 for ono
no better. Our Mr. Hardy has just re
turned from Now York , where ho pur
chased an enormous stock for the spring
trade. Now and interesting novotlics
are arriving daily.
Till00CENT : STORE ,
Kin,000. Prompt IMyinnit.
O.MAHA , Not ) . , Fob. 2,1 , 18)2. ! ) M. L.
Roeder , Manager National Lifo Insur
ance Company , Omaha , Neb. : Dear Sir
A few days ago I was notified by you
that my husband , John F. Boyd , carried
a policy in the National Lifo Insurance
company of Vermont for $10,000. Today
I acknowledge receipt of draft for
$10,000 in full payment , on his policy.
Thanuing you for the prompt'pay
ment and assistance you have personally
rendered mo in this matter , 1 remain
your respectfully. AnniH F. Rovn.
No I'nlillflty.
It is the patient's own fault if there is
any publicity about his or her treat
ment tit the Houston Cure Institute ,
and. if so desired , the treatment can bo
so conducted that not oven the other
patients will bo aware that it is being
done. The ladies'apurtments are en
tirely sopurato from those of the men ,
and neither need ever como in contact
with the other.
Ilaiiflsomc ( irammnri'y Purl ; .
We offer you u homo in this delight
ful location on the following terms :
Will give yon choice of lots at $ S")0
and build you a house costing $000 , or
less if you'wish , or more if you will ad
vance the balance , and sell all com
plete for $1,750 , $100 when house is com
menced , $50 when house is completed ,
balance $15 to $20 per month.
Or will sell two lots adjoining at
$1,700 , build houses to cost $1,500 and
sell nil complete for $3,200 , $ 00 when
house is commenced , $100 when bonce is
completed , balance $20 to$25 per month.
This offer is good on the Ilrst fifteen
houses sold. A. P. Tt'KKY ,
818 New York Lifo Building.
Why are ladies moro patirotic than
men , they buy Union soap.
\Voiulcrlaiiil ami ( .raml Oirm | House.
Fifteenth street and C'apitol avenue ,
all this week the Hinheart Opera com
pany in the new opera "A Waif's Luck. "
Twenty great specialty stars and a
musee filled with wonders , lOc admis
sion. Performances of the same length
as the high priced nouses.
Every bar Union soap guaranteed.
RAMGE wishes to announce the ar
rival of spring woolens and takes pleas
ure in showing them to all his friends
desiring the best grades of clothes.
Silk and dress goods sale , Stonohill.
"Xntliliif ; Nv I'lidcr the Sun. "
No ! not even through cars to Denver ,
Ogden , Salt Luke City , Sun Francisco
and Portland. This is simply written
to remind you that the Union Pacific is
the Pioneer in running through cars to
the above mentioned points , .ind that the
present through arrangement is un.
excelled. Wo also make the time.
For details address any agent of the
company , call on your nearest ticket
agent or write to E. L. LOMAX ,
G. 1' . & T. A. U. P. System ,
Omalm , Nob.
OIT ; or TOWN iirvins. :
They Can Now Slake IMirrlintm In Onmliu
on Knny Payment * .
Your attention is called to the half
page announcement on pngo 13 of the
Peoples' Mammoth Installment House ,
1315-1317 Farnam street , who have ex
tended their credit system whereby
those who reside In any city or town in
the west can purchase goods of them on
easy payments , the same us persons can
who "csido in Omaha.
Hcr&tofore the credit system of this
popular house has been conllned to
Omaha and Its suburbs , and the fact that
they have extended their system of easv
payments to all the towns and oitlos of
the west will no doubt be appreciated
and will bo p'ttrniiizod as soon as it be
comes known. Their now 150 page cat
alogue will bo ready for mailing April 1
and it Is said to bo the linc.Ht catalogue
over Issued In the United States. U
contains complete illustrations of furnl
lure , carpets , stoves , clocks , silverware
and everything essential for housekeep
ing. U can be had by sending your ad
dress and 10 cents In stamps to cover
po. tage.
Tliolr terms to out-of-town buyers uro
one-third , one-fourth and one-fifth down ,
balance monthly. Agents are wanted
in all the cities and towns of the west.
Freight will bo paid on all goods
shipped within a radius of 100 miles and
shoulu the distance bo greater they pay
their proportionate amount. Wrifo for
samples of carpets nml for further infer
mation. All correspondence answered
same day us received" Their mail order
department hna three stenographers and
typewriter for the solo purpose of
answering explicitly all communications
from their out-of-town customers.
Slofklioldt-iV Not Ire.
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Mutual Loan and Build
ing association , hold on March 7lh , an
adjournment was taken to Monday ,
March 21st , at 7:30 : p. m. , at its olllce.
All members are urged to bo present.
By order of the president.
G. M. N.vmNUr'.lf , secretary.
I have the honor to announce to all
students of the art of singing Unit the
school of my deceased husband , Prof.
Cav. Antonio Sangiovnnni , is continued
by mo , I having already assumed con
trol of itforsomo time previous to his
death. Emilia Sungiovnmii , Via Sol-
ferino N. 24 , Milano.
Bollock china new.
M. H. Bliss , 1410 Farnam street.
Von are linllrd.
Visit the EnsorlnstitutoSouth Omaha ,
and investigate the euro for liquor ,
opium and tobacco.
Wonderland and ( iranil Opera House.
Fifteenth street jmd Capitol avenue ,
Brouillards famous wax works , Cutullos
marvelous illusions , thousands of de
lightful surprises. lOc admits to all , lOc.
Silk and dress goods sale. Stonohill.
To the lint Sprintol ; Arkansas Via Hie
Wali.isli lEallroad.
On April 7 and 8 the Wabash will sell
round trip tickets at above rate , good
returning until May 10. April 12 the
government will commence sale at auc
tion of town lots from the reservation.
Only 37 hours from Omaha to the springs
via the Wabnsh. For tickets , sleeping
car accommodations and a map showing
location of the property to be sold , with
description of the springs , call atVa -
bash ollice , 1502 Farnam street , or write
G. N. Clayton , N. W. P. Agt. , Omaha ,
Subscribe for shares in the 2th ( ! series
of the Mutual Loan and Butluing asfo-
ciation. You won't regret it. Office ,
room 111 Chamber of Commerce.
G. M. NATTiNGKii , Secretary.
Wonderland and lirand Opera llonxo.
Fifteenth street and C'apitol avenue ,
Brouillards famous wax works , Cutullcs
marvelous illusions , thousands of de
lightful surprised. lOc admits to ail , lOc.
$100.000.00 to loan at once on good im
proved properly or vacant lots in Omuhu.
rJDEMTV TltL'hT t'O.Ml'A.N'V ,
1014 Furnam Street.
S. R Patten , dentist. Bee building.
W. T. Seaman , wagons and cnrriuges.
Silk and dress goods sale , Slonehill.
U'luit N "Tin- Overland riyrr ? "
It is the only vestibuled train running
Between Otnalia and Clieyenno.
Between Omaha , and Ogdon.
Between Omaha and Salt Lake Cily.
Between Omaha and Sun Francisco.
Between Onmhu and Portland.
It is composed of Pullman palace
sleepers , Pullman dining1 cars , free re
clining' chair cars and modern day
'It is run on the Union Pacific.
It is the train to take for all western
Ills Iho train for you to tnko if you
want to got there quickly.
It louvcfi Omaha daily at 2:15 : p. m.
For tickets and steeping car reserva
tion apply at 1)2 , ! ! ) Furnam stri'otOinaba.
H. P. Douol , city ticket agent.
On Pntrnt Mcilldne Dront Snti- .
Commencing Monday morning nil
genuine patent medicines to bo sold nt
Bennett's popular cut prices , which ni'9 ,
n vay below the so-called
"Long Established Prices. "
Tny In your auppl.v now and save
monoy. W. R. BENNETT CO ,
"The yitPPiiV I'rlro Prolilrm.
If Mrno * WM the son of Pnnronh's dnupli-
tcr , what rulutlun would Moses ho to thn
daughter of I'hiuonh's sonf
The Qiiooti will plvo na clppnnt Manon fc.
Ulsoh orSlclnwiiy tluo tonuit uprlcht , pinno
to the Ilrst porjoa nnswcrlni : iho nbovoprob-
loin correctly ; tin cICRnnt Rold wntch for the
socoml rnrroot answer ; n china dinner set
for the thu-it correct nnswor ; nn otccanl silk
ilrcss pattpra for the fourth curroot answer ,
nml ninny other vnlunlilo prl/.oi , nil ot wlilcli
nro nnnounccJ In tliU Issue of The Qnoon ,
Vnluablo spculnl prizes will lie plvon tor th < 3 *
first correct iinswors from cnch sfito. Ktich
rut-son unawcrliiK must micloo tlftcon 'J-cont
u. S. Htninpi for "Tlio O.mnillun ( v > uoen Mlll-
tnry Kolintusoiip , " just out , tOROtlicr with n
copy of Tlio ( Jncon , coninlninp a tienuiifnl
water-color roproilncUon , "Sovon. llo
Loves , " nml full particnlni-s of our oitticti *
tlonnl prizocoinnoilttons. The olijc-ct of ofTnr-
ItiK those iivi/.c < Is to iticronao tin1 clroulntloii
of till : ) pnpular fninlly mucnzlnn. lly soiiilin
totlny yon may secure a valuaulo nrbo.
Can."A. . " Toron ,
Can. \
Haydru Hro , PrloeH on lluUer.
Country butler , Klc. ISc , 20c and 220
per pound ; mudo by Nebraska farmers
and is shipped in fresh every day. Nc-
brnska creamery 22c , SMe am ! 20c ; mudo
at Dodgo. Remember wo are leaders in
first-class butler at lowest prices.
( iitim llaelt to Alaska.
Ciiptnlu Lavender of South DnUotn , who
lias been spending n part of liU tune In
Omnlm during the winter , Imi bocu ordered
to start nt ouco , so Washington dlspntc li' *
stnto , for St. .lohus islind , Alailtu , to ItiuTi
nftur thn .scnl Interests. Just nt present.
Onntnln Lrivomler Is iilhts homo In Scotland ,
S. 1) . , nnd his Oinniia friends hnve not vol.
learned wlion ho Inumds to start , hut iii'nll
probability tin will bu In Omnlm In n fmv
tin.vs or at least boforu he leaves for the far
Mrs Davies is roL'civliifi ; ninny beauti
ful novelties in millinery. Ill S. 15th
Are Von Happy ?
If you are ono of the lucky ones that
tlmt got a complete outllt at the People's
Clothing liouso. 1303 Douglas street ,
you surely must bo happy.Vo bog to
announce that wo just have reduced the
price of our jeans pants ; also in our
gents' furnishing department prices will
bo lower than over.
1303 Douglas street *
Silk and dress goods sale , Stonenill.
liallroail Arrangements lor thn
KiK'niupinent , li. A. It ,
For the national encampment G.
It. , tit Washington in Sop'tembor no'xl ,
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad oilers Jin
unexcelled s-orvlco of through limited
vestibuled express trains , with Pullman
sleeping car's from Chicago , St. Louis ,
Cincinnati , Columbus , Wheeling , Pitts-
buugh , and all principal intcrmediato
stations to Washington. The encamp
ment will bo ( he greatest event in
Washington since the grand review of
No rail roi ; d in America is bo.ter )
equipped than the I ) . & O. to transport
huge volumes of passenger trafl'c with
dispatch , safety and comfort. Its long
experience in transporting crowds to
Inauguration ceroinonie.s , Knights
Templar conclaves , and similar gather
ings on an extensive scale , will provo
most valuable In carrying the thousands
to the encampment.
The B. & O. is the shortest route to
Washington from nearly all points east
and we1 ? ! . Passengers from Chicago will
have the opt inn of traveling via Pitts-
burg or via Grnfton. both routes CTOS ° -
ing iho crest of the Alleghoniesamid the
most p'.cturesqui ' ! cconory in America.
All B. & C ) . oiiht-bound trains pass ITvir-
per's FOIT.V and traverse the historf < j
valley of the Potomac , whoso baUlov ,
grounds nro familiar to every veteran.
Visitors to Washington will bo pleaded
to learn that the 15. V O. will sell excursion - . ,
sion tickets at greatly reduced rules
from Washington to Maryland and A ir-
ginia battlefields during the cti'-ump-
Silk and dress goods sale , Stonelull.
OMr.visi ; ; uxc
To Oklahoma , Mai-ell : i'M.
Round trip tickolH will be on sale via
Missouri Pacific- route , March 22 , to all
points in Oklahoma and return , at rain
of ono faro for Iho round trip. Tlckotu
good uiilil April 21. For tickets and
information call atolllces , N. K. corner
I'tth and Farnum , or depot liith mid
Webster. THUS. F. Gonnti'Y ,
.1 , O. Piiu.ui'i'i , P. & T. A.
A. G. P. .v F. A.
veterans of Wntorloo still survivcn-
Frnnee , unil there are a do/.un other old soil ,
( lion , mostly contnnarliiiis , nilvo who fot'h
under the great Napoloon. ul
T 'C
Increased Assets.
Increased Surplus.
Increased Now insurance Written
Increased Premium Income ,
Ago Forty-four since
years incorpor
ation ,
Exporlenco--PassoQ wifely through
epidemics , punics and civil war.
Progress -Steady and Mibstantlal in
crease in HSi-otH , surplus and income.
- Strength Large amount of assets in
proiiortion to liabilities. Rutio , $1.15
for every- dollar of liability.
Mortality Minimum death rate.
.Investments Solid , .sofo and prollt'i-
Economy Ronsonab'.o saint ios to of
ficials nnd economical muntigomont in
every department ,
{ Management Able , honest and con
System Purely mutual ; no stock
holders all prollU being guaranteed
the Insured.
For Financial Struti th , Low Mortal
ity , conservative and wise inunngomont ,
tin ) National Lifo Iii.iurancu Cum pany
ofJVcrmont has no superior.
The old jirovorb , ' 'Economy is
wealth' ' Is eminently into in the mini-
ngemoiil of a Lifo Insurance Company ,
for It ihusi ho borne in mind that every
dollar biivetl in expensed is a do'.lar in
dividends to policy holder ? .
Is not the company having n high
rutlo of surplus over liabilities , a low
mortalisy , conservative mnnugomon
sufa investments , nnd founded on the
rock of Pure Mutuality , the best ono
with which to place your Insurance.
Assets , I ci'oiilnir : lsl , 1S 1 . ; . $ 7li ( ! . " ,7SO 7 <
Total aiioiint : paM f policy hiililiirs slncu orgiiiilmUoii . 7,175,1)17 ) SI-
. , ( ) ' ! : t.l lt : IS)1 ! ) , limn-Ill ? . 1-1,707 , ' . : M 01) 'J '
IHCOIIIO for ISiM . . . . . . 2,21S. : ! 0 85
The usual form of Lifo Insurance Contracts contain many objectionable font IP-PS
that have boon the cause of dissatisfaction and dlfputo.s. There tire op JtTi'
gcucies besides death and old ago , for which they make no provision. J/caUh /
miy : bcL'otuo impaired , unking it impossible to continue bmliius * , often in tlio
mot t critical time in one's all'aird.
> Through financial trouulo or t > j)0'-ulaUoii )
ovo-ything may bo wrecked. Oomip'illnn or position may bo lobt , flius cuttlngou
till incomo. Under theses clrcumslani'as , which ovot take ninety-seven out of t\ < V
hundred some time inhfo , what lut-uinus of the usual policy of liieiii-incoy ; It iloi- >
not furnish money to bttirl or liolpin bullies * . H deus not furnUli money lo meet
living expenses , It docs not produce an Income. In blmrt. it renders no Jinain
assistance whatever.
The policies ixsued by the National Life provides for any emergency tlpit imy
arise , and contain the following nbrolulo guaranteed :
Fir t. It guarantees an anmml cash value , which after a certain poriol N i ex
cess of all premiums paid. This is a great advantage lo a person who may need
money In business o1 to protect credit.
Second. It guiirantees a paid up policy the exact amount baing specified In con
Third. It guarantees extended Insurance for the full amount of Iho | > ull
time being specified in the contract.
Fourth. It guarantees inviuimnnt , protection and the use of your c.ipital.
Fifth. It guarantees money without terminating the insurance ,
Send or call for hamnlo nolicx. nurtlcularj and rates.
M , L , ROEDEB , Manager , Paxton Block , Omaha.

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