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Explanation of the Salvation Array Trag
edy by the Wounded Captain.
BtrmiKoHtory of Ono ( llrl'n Infatuation for
Annthnr nnil Jrnlonsy Hint I.rd In At
tempted Assassination and
Self Murder.
Cnptaln Hattlo Smith of the Salvation
Army has told her story of the tragedy at the
Salvation Army Jnblloo In Omaha last November -
vombor , In which she wai shot by Nettle
Doidler , who , after committing the deed ,
teen lior own Itfo.
The tragedy cnmol n profound sensation
attbo time. Many of tbo features of It were
peculiar. Thn Bolalor girl , prior to her
double crltno , cave no Intimation of her In *
tontlons that were consldcroj worthy of at
tention nnd all ofTorts to show a cause for her
crlmo wcro futllo.
Captain Hattie Smith has recovered from
the effects ot her wound mid nt a Salvation
army mooting at Ottumwu , la. , the other
night BUVO her version of the affair. It was
a strongo story. Ihnt woman should fall
desperately in love with man and murder her
rival. Is commonplnco : that u male lover
should decide to kill bis Inamorata bccatuo
shu refuses to marry him on account of the
old folks U simply "opening the chestnut
burr ; " but that ono woman should booomn In
fatuated with another , that rather than to
llvo without her , she would kill her nnd then
end bor own life Is a disorder ot the brain
the mystery of whloh the ordinary psycholo
gist or anatomist does not dare to probo.
Allco Mitchell nnd Ficaa Word , prin
cipals In the recent Tennessee trnj-
ody , were wealthy and had social promi
nence. Hattie Smith nnd her wou'd-bo
murderer hod neither. Yet the same species
of insanity made victims of both.
Of Courno hhn'n Ulnil ,
Recounting her story , Captain Smith said
to the army :
"I am very glad to bo with you tonight
and to bo able to toll you the truth of this
terrible event whloh happened a few months
ago in Omaha , Nob.
"la the llrst plnco this Miss Nettle
Boldlor , who committed thlo terrible crlmo ,
never had any connection with the Salvation
army in nny way other than to simply attend
our meetings , us nuy other disinterested per
son might do.
"Tho flrat tlmo I over saw Miss Boldlor
was in .luly last , wnon the Salvation Army
divisional brass band was In Council Blurts
holding a series of special meetings la a tent
there. I had charge of the Council Bluffs
Corps of the army nt that time. I saw Miss
Bofdlor como into the largo tent and sit
down near the center. She looked rather
sad nnd so I went to her and asked her If she
was n Christian.
" 'No , ' said she , 'but I would llko to bo.1
"I tola her if f ho was willing to glvo up
her sinful ways nnd to serve God He would
lorgivo bar of her sins nnd enable her to llvo
a Christian life. But sno said , 'Not now , '
and i loft hor.
"I saw her several tlmos during that series
of campmootings , and often spoke to her and
tried very hard to got her to eonsecrato her
life to God , but all in vain. After the camp-
meetings were over she attended our
services In ourhall. She often expressed her
desire to bo a Christian , and once arose in
the meeting nnd requested us to pray for her ,
which wo did glaalv , but wo were unnblo to
influence her to pray for herself. Ono night
she came to tbo house whorol and my sister ,
who was helping mo in the moot ings then ,
were stopping , and asked us to Dray for Her.
It was vtry late , nnd wo had retired , out we
prayed with bor again , and ugain tried to
gqfbor down upon her knees , but were dis
, _ Wouldn't Lfiivo tlio Army.
"Attbivn short ' \\rno \ licit Council Bluffs
nudvent to Osltalo'osa , la. , .nud'took ' charge
of the corps there.V'hllo tboro I received
two otthjoo ; letters from MUs.tBoldlor , in
wbiohsh& : always seouioito'oxress | } ) n special
utfcbtlbQ for uio'foc'shdsald ! 'Captain , you
ere the only person who over took any intor-
Q3t in mo , and I would like you to leave the
Salvation army and eomo to Council Bluffs
and bo my chum. ' I refused and told her I
would not leave the Salvation army for her
or anybody olso.
"Last November , wbon she heard wo were
coing to have a council in Omaha , she in
quired and found out when I arrived thoro.
While I was there sbo came to my boarding
place several times to see mo. I talKOd to
her about her soul every tltno I got a chanco.
but she told mo she had given up all hopes of
over bolng saved , so I thought I bad done all
I could for her and tried to avoid her us
much as possible , but it scorned that she
would follow mo around and continually try
to got mo to loava the army and go and llvo
with hor.
"On the Jnst day of the council , 'tho fatal
Sunday' after the afternoon mooting. Miss
Boidlur sent mo word that she wanted to some
mo , but as I was busy I paid no attention to
hor. Than she came to mo and said , 'Cap
tain Smith , If you nro a Christian , you will
como and talk to mo. '
"When I enquired 1 found 6 bo had nothing
of Importance to talk about except to try to
persuade mo to leave tbo army. Lieutenant
Banister , a lady onlccr of the armv , came nnd
asked mo to go to supper with bor iu tbo
other end of tbo ball. Miss Boldlor tried to
prevent tno going by standing in. front ot mo
in the aisle anil said : 'You don't care any
thing for anybody In the world but that lieu
tenant. . ' I said , 'Well , I llko her better tban
I do you because sbo is a good Christian girl
' and you are not. '
I'vlt n 1'runcntliiioiit.
"Sbo seemed to envy Miss Banister my
companionship. After supper I and a couple
of other ofllcors wcro Bitting around when a
queer fooling came over me , and I asked them
to sincr with mo ,
, , "Tho cross ls not greater than His grace ,
Tlio Htorm rnnuot hide His blessed face ,
1 am hiitUIIod to Know.
Thnt with Joins hern below ,
1 shall coiniuer every too.
" \Vo snng it tovoral times , then Captain
Emily Wallace and I started down the street
, to wash our hands. But wo hud only gotten
to the door when wo found that Miss Bold lor
was following us. She walked very close to
me , almost between mo and Captain Wai-
lacp , untU wo got to the mlddlo of the street. ,
Thou sbo wanted me to stop and talk to her ,
but 1 tola her I did not care to talk to bor as
, I had done all I could for bor , by trying to
got bor to boQotno a Christian , nnd besides
that was no lit placa to stop to talk In the
tnlddlo of the street of a largo city , She
scorned to act so strange that wo quickened
our stops , but stilt she kept at our bools.
When wo reached the opposite sldo of .tho
street , Captain Wallace heard her say , 'I
wonder what t have done with ray mittens , '
and Just then she draw n revolver from tbo
folds of her plush coat , and tlroa at me. Tbo
ball took effect Just on the loft side of my
spinal column unu pierced through tno lower
part of jny loft lung , lodging somewhere In
the body. This was followed by a becond
shot , whioh | could hoar go buzzing by my
head , . She Ihou turned tbo revolver toward
4ior Own bead ud iirod , striking borsolf in
' tha temple and /ell doad. When I fouiid I
-\yaa .shot I ' "alartod to run , hut had only
michca thn'noxt corner before my strength
s v i.\vay-ttudl. fell lu Miss Wallace's arms.
1 was carried to a drug store ncur by , where
I'romalnoJ.a'fow minutes , and was taken to
jour. ' .Omaba.Tralulng Garrison , ' and from
bora I was , iakon to tbo Child's hospital , ou
the corner of Seventeenth ana lodgn Btroel ,
by prfldr * ofJ ) Q surgeons.
l' ' by .tlio Creator. t
' . 'For hours and hours as tlio dear ofllcors
rot' ' the winy atpod abaut 010 weeping , it
' 'seemed to everyone present that every mom-
eaViAvaa tuy'last , but ( ioti pa rod ; mo.
-AiUiougtrtny own tear | mother was hundreds
of miles away Mrs. Major Keppel was a
UiotbeY to mo. She stood by uio and 9011-
stanUy. sj > oku encoring word * of oncour go-
mout to luo. God blest her , but thank God
tbrougn it , all. I fully readied that Jesus was
with jna and that if I went to moot God I
was ready to GO ,
"Ouco I thought euro I was dying , I
coined to BOO tbo angola coinlntr into the
room and 1 was sure Jesus was coming for
mo but juit then I prayed God to spare ino
andHe did it , for from that hour I began to
"The. most wonderful of all thin gs was
that it was only a llttlo over a week before
I could ait up and a few days aora I was
blo in go with my mother to my own homo
in Clinton , la.
"It was not the skill of the nhyiiolan that
oured mo for bo gave mo uothlnj but a few
toaspoonsfuls ot sweet milk and warm
water nnd as I was about to leave tbo hos
pital ho satd , 'I fully confess it U'somothlng
titgbor than any earthly power that hits
healed you , cnptnln. To God bo all the
glory r
"Tho onlv cause ot the torrlmo event was
that Miss Beldlor was partially Insane. "
.Some Talk Atmnt tlio TfiunVlilrh \VII1
Kilter the Nlnto I.CIIKIIC ,
Pi.ATTsMOt'Tir , Nob. , March 20. Special to
THE BEK. ] Ever since the formation of the
State league the enthusiasm of our base ball
cranks ha * been on the rlso until now it has
reached the status of claiming the champion
ship. Manager T. M. 1'attcraon hnsalroudy
signed eight llrst class players nnd hai wires
laid to capture several more. Ho has secured
the following players sure and their names
nro a guarantee that wo will have winning
ball this year : Mnupln. catcher ; Hooves ,
Ynpp nnd I'ernuo , pltchors ! Gluson , llrst
base and change catcher ; MclCibbon , nccond
base ; 1'orter , third base ; Kennedy , thlrct
base ; Clark , shortstop ; Miller , outfielder ,
and tiam Patterson , extra roan.
Mnupln , our catcher , li ono of the best
knOAn players in the state nnd ono of the
best known * men In the league. Ha was last
season n member of the famous Lincoln
Giants nnd of our local team. In addition to
bis magnificent catching qualities ho is n line
niiin with the bat nnd will bo a tower of
strength to the club. In Koovos , vo think
wo have secured a pitrhor the equal ot any
in the lentruo. Ha is a colored tnau nnd has
had experience with the great Cuban Giants.
Ho was also a member of the Lincoln Giants
and all the ball players horn speak ot him as
n flno twlrler. Ho'nnd Mnupln will tnnlto up
ono of our ivlnnlng batteries nnd It will bo n
Goorpo Ynpp , when In condition , Is ono of
the best pitchers in the west. Ho last year
played with Plattsmouth nnd wo all know
him to bo n winner. Hols nlso handy with
the sticic. Al Perrlno has the reputation of
being ono of the speediest pltchors In the
state , and this year ho will put 'cm over the
plato swifter than over.
Gibson , our man on first , Is comparatively
unknown bore , but report says ho is nil right.
Ho hails from Fairtloltl , In. McKlbbcn
ou second , has made for himself
a big reputation with the Hastings
team and will no doubt sustain it hero. Ho
is , without question , the best second baseman -
man in the stato. Porter nt third , baa all the
np'pcaronco of bolns an A1 man although ho
is unknown hot-o. Ho brings high rocom
mondatlons and comes from Pueblo , Cole ,
whore ho played with the Colorado state
league loam. IConncdy , nlso a third Laso-
man , is from Beatrice und is another of the
heavy weight ball playors. Beatrice wants
him again this season but we
will nave him , if possible to
got him. Clark , shortstop , was second on
last year's Carroll , la. , team -in batttnc. Ho
comes very well cndorsud und great things
are expected ot him. "Whltoy" Miller is ono
of our own i'lnltsmouth players , and has had
n great big experience iu the base bull line.
Ho last year organized the local club. lie Is
noted as a terror to catchers , being a cr.ick
basorunnor. Ho last year astonished the
great Traffloy by stnallng third base on him
at Glonwood , la. Ho is also a Una ileldor.
Sam Patter > on will play outliold this year
when tbo club Is at 'homo but will not go
upon trips with it , Ho wns last year the
heaviest hitter in tno state and will this year
add to his reputation in that lino. Ho is ulio
u great pi teller and n ill do much to aid the
locals in wresting the championship from
tholr rivals. The team U at proiont managed
by T. M. .Patterson , who at ono time was the
star player of the community but who has
since retired and will devote his attention to
the management of the team. Ho will endeavor -
deavor to secure the best material possible
for the club and will make it a winner with
out doubt.
llanny Daly on .Ills Tour.
Tow NloimAiu , Nob. , March 20. [ Special
to THE BBE.J Danny Daly ot Omaha nnd
young Gallagher stopped at this place and
gao ono of the best sparring exhibitions
over given around this part ot the country ,
nnit exhibited their skill to a largo crowd.
The first bout was between Smith and
O'Proy , 'the. socoud between Donner mm
vVesr , the third between Uanny p.Uv und
Girod , the fourth between Gallagher and
Porrott and the tilth- between Wallace und
The wind-up was between Daly nnd
Gallachor , and if wns the best of the even
ing. Pony Moore was the master of cere
Neiv York Won.
NBW YdiiK , March 30. The chess matoh
between the Manhattan Chess club nnd the
New Orleans Chess , Checker and Whist
club on ten boards by telegraph was decided
nt t ) o'clock this morning in favor of the Now
York club by OK to appoints. The match
commenced at U p. m. on Saturday availing ,
the Western Union having connected the two
clubs by a special wlro.
" Tip" * for Ted y.
Here are sorao likely chances picked for
today by the knowing ones :
1. Vocal Harlequin ,
- ' . Marty 11. llelnlov.
X Khaftan Firefly.
4. Innovation Sir Kno.
r . Woodcutter Lovelier.
0. Kablan Kassott ,
1. Flemlnctpn John Arklns.
t ! . lionnollu Colt hlttlo Madam Oolt.
II , Klorlmoro Mlddlostonc.
4. llomoL Lee 8.
5. J'unznnco Skeo Gontor.
t ) . Question MacUrogpr.
All all times , In all places , on all occasions
under all circumstances , for alt beaaachos ,
use Bradycrotluo only.
Keno proposes to establish a creamery.
The HunVboldt river is now literally ulivo
with carp and cattish.
Farmers contemplate starting a pork pack
ing establishment near Gardnorvillo. One
of the seven stores in Carson valley paid 54-
000 for imported bacon.last year , whllo tbo
farmers were socking a market for their
Klohard O.'MnU/.a pioneer of the 1'aciflo
coast , committed sulcldo at Austin , Nov. , by
shooting. He wns u resident of Downlovillo ,
Cal. , in Ib&O , and a resident of Austin slnco
18(13 ( , and was a native of Now York , aced C3
years. <
A company has Loon organized ut Susan-
villa to build a telegraph line to Uono oy way
ot Amaduo. " Tbo Nevada , California &
Oregon railway is said to bo the only road of
any considerable length In tbo world without
a telegraph lino.
An Indinirnrrestod for catching fish in the
river was tried boforo. Judge Linn of Keno
and acquitted , there not being ovldonco auf-
Jiclont to lind a conviction. Lo was ably defended - '
fended by Johnson Sides , tbo Webster of the
Piutes. Slaos made an elegant appeal tor
justice , acd addrosied tbo court as follows :
"What for you 'rest dU man ) Ho no guilty ;
ho innocent. Ho llko fcodum his fani'Iy all
vfiame as white man. Maybeso ho catchum
lutlo pish , I duuno ; but Injun llko make hon
est living all same white man , I no nabo
what for you 'rest him. L'sposo ho line some
pish oat , and go catchum. Government ho
say ho proloo Iniun. What .for ho no do It1' !
Judiro Linn could not withstand so forcible
an argument and'discharKed the prisoner.
The total cost of running tbo territory for
two years foots up.$804,630 ,
A stocl pi pa line for tiio conducting of nat
ural gas from Laka Sbora to Salt Laka will
bo laid during the coming summer at a cost
of t.YW.OOO.
Jnines P. Frees , high Mormon counselor ,
arrostad by United .tilatcs marshals for un
lawful cphubllajioa , has been held to. uwalt
the Kruno jury's notion. The nrrost of bucb
ai | exalted ruler' created consternation In
church circles- '
The demo-Mormon legislature 'wontM to
appoint the World's fair commission and as
sumed that power m a nJoron'tho uppropri-
tion bill. The .governor vetoed tbamoaiuro.
An a coubcquoucu. the territory -must depend
on prlvalo contributions forropreafutatiou at
the fair.
The Osden Standard inakes a oed point
Iu favor of beet sugar by pointing out that ,
In addition to establishing- home Industry ,
It must eventually prava tt vast oconomlo
benefit to consumers by , brlnKlng them in
close contact with tbo producer , and thus
eliminating unnecessary middlemen and car
Mrs , L. Itpatton. Hoekford , III. , writes :
"From personal experience I can. roootuuioad
Do Witt's ' Sarsaparllla. a euro for impure
blooJ.and goueril debility . 't
Depicted Condition of the National Ex
chequer the Object of Much Solicitude.
Montt nnd His Advisors Will Work Hard
to Rehabilitate the Country.
Certain of the Presidency" , Ho Leaves the
Argsntiuo Supramo Bench Voluntarily ,
Argentine Ilppnlillo Want * n Now Trinity
\tllli tlio Unltoil Stntrii-lntcrrstliiff
Ninvd rroin tlio Mouth Ainorl-
cnn Stntrs.
tCopi/r/ohlcd / ISM by Jamcx fJonlou
VAU-UUISO , Ohlli , ( via Galveston , Tox. ) ,
Marcn 10. [ By Mexican Cable to the Now
York Hornld Special to Tins UHB. | I'rosl-
dent Montt and his now cabinet have gene to
Santiago. A mooting of the commission
conservadoro , which supervisor the nuts ot
tno government during the recess of con
gress1 , has been called far MarchIt Is
said that it will consider tno advisability of
favoring an extraordinary session of con
gress early In April for the discussion of the
financial status of the country nnd other im
portant quoslions.
BoththoAdinirantoCochranonnd the Huai-
car have received additions to their rapid
firing Runs.
Hoports from Iqulquo state that the
Ultrato mines will be reopened April 1.
Very Swell Kvtmt.
The llrst big society event that das oc
curred slnco tbo triumph of the congres
sional party was the wedding bora today of
Captain Munoz of the Esmcraldn and
Senorita Teresa Arlocul , daughter of.tho late
intondonto of Valparaiso. There was n bril
liant assemblage ot cabinet ministers and
naval officials.
Mercantile circles express great oonfldonco
in Augustin Edwards' conduct bf tlio minis
try of Ilimnce.
Inquiry into the Carcsson case has boon
turned ovorlo the fiscal. Tbo cvidoiic.o oon-
ilrms what I have already cabledyou in re
gard to the matte
Tno court of appeals has admitted the
members of Balmaccda's congress to ball.
rroKrnm ot the Government.
In the official program the DOVT cabinet
ntos that President Montt desires to provo
by deed us well as word that no would
govern Chill in nccordnnca with public
opinion , freely expressed and repre
sented by its legitimate organ congress.
The cabinet pledges that it will adopt a
course o ( moderation and act in accord. It
adds that nothing is to bo gained by partisan
struggles. Vacancies will bo lillPd by com
petent mon , Irrespective of politics. Tbo
finances question U says is paramount , and
tbo national interest require that the ex
penditures bo minimized.
Notes froni Argentina.
BuuxosAYIIES , Argentina , ( via Galveston
ton , Tex. ) March 19. [ By. . Mexican .Cablo
to the Now York Herald Special , to THE
BKE. ] Saenz Ponu , the loading candidate
for the presidency , has resigned nfs office as
judge of the supreme court.
The gas company of Belgrano has notified
the municipal authorities that'iinloss ' wiihln
flvo dnys they pay four years' arrears it.ill
cut oft all the lights.
News from Asuncion , Paraguay , Is to the
affect that the government is expecting from
day to day a revolution. Tbo gonorai fooling
among the people of the cities nnd country is
that before long there will bo ft' tiidjt serious
outbreak against the present rulers , whoso
course has given the urontest.dissatisfaction.
Rumors were current last nlght.that Ad
miral Walker will shortly present a do-
fonslvo and offensive alliance treaty-between
the United States nnd Argcutina. VTho com
ments of the papers are extremely favorable
to tbo idea If terms can bo satisfactorily
arranged between the two countries. The
Argentina minister at Washington/ is said ,
has been ordered to return to Buenos'Ay res ,
relative- tbo treaty , so that do may fully
Inform bis govcrnmont ns to opinions at
Washington In regard to themattor.
Word bas bcoa-received from San Luis
that fears ore entertained of an uprising
among the soldiers. From San Juan comes
rumors that plots to assassinate government
officials bavo been discovered. , ,
Indian Outbreak ynollml.
Lo PAZ , Bolivia , ( via Galveston , Tox. ) ,
March 10. | By Mexican Cable jtotho Isevv
York Herald Special to THE BEE.JGeneral
Gonzalez is authority for the statement that
complete peace has boon rcstorpd in' the
province of Arodes , and that oll-df the hostile
Indians have been dispersed , , , with the
exception of one band , which Uas-rollrod to a
fortified position In the mountains of Lctapo.
Tbo govorn'mont troops are on the march tent
nt tack tbo Indians . , , , .
Dr. Mariano Baptlsta , now Bolivian min
ister to Argentina , has Informed tlio national
party of bis intention to return to BoUvia
immediately for the purpogo of running for
the presidency.
Kiln of Clint About 1'erHOiiH mill
Now liuCoro tlin I'ulillr.
( .Co ) > i/rf/M ( / f 1893 / ) / Jitme * Giinlun ,
Loxno.f , March 19. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to THE BKE.J London shopkeepers -
keepers wbo suffered so mum from fog , in-
flucnza and court mourning have boon hoping
against hope that tbo king of Italy's contem
plated viblt to London woulu become an ac- ,
comjilisuod.fnot , but the queen has , a. strong
aversion to sanctioning any court festivities
this yoar. It Is not supposed for un in
stant that tbo Italian monarch can be
received without coroinony as a cbancp
vultorat Buckingham , or'can ho bo allowed
to shift lor himself at the West End hotels.
His most probable , therefore , that * tils' visit
will ho postponed indefinitely. ButIt
cannot bo denied that aside from the benefits
to trade which would result from the arrival
of King Ilumbertand tbo ileot , a.grand.naval
demonstration at Spitshcad Just before -un
appeal to the country would make quite a
Bcaconslloldan coup do theatre for Lord
IIo'll Take In Toxai.
Among the fellow-passengers with the
duchess of Mnrlborough ou the Mnjustio is
Lord Deloval Borosford , a brother of Lord
Charles Berosford. Ho is on bis- way to
Texas , where bo owns a lanjo ronclu Doleful
U ono of tbo best horsemen in England. A
few nichts before sailing ho was "dining at
the Savoy with a party of Americans. After
dinner all entered the court-yard , where
stood a brougham occupied by an , elderly
woman nod her daughter. Tbo coachman
was standing nt tbo noraos' heads. Sud
denly the borso shied , Jumped in tno air and
made a dash for the street. Lord Doleval ,
who was In evening dress , rushed forward ,
x ecu ted a Joap that would liave-doflO' credit
to a profosslonul , Untied on tbo horse's- back ,
chocked him amUtout his seat till the coach ,
man regained the "box and reins. Then ho
dismounted , bovW-i ) tp tbo occupant ! ot the
brougham nnd'WcIft ' Into the bar \\lthan
, .InrTO
I i
admiring crowd.jf „ ,
Connlo GllchrbfV'wno ' will bo remembered
as the Gaiety dapper , nnd hat also been In
America , hns blossomed out ns n society
bonuty. She Inui splendid horiowomnn ,
whip end golf plhJreT ? , and tops nil with her
onpncament to b' lig Orkuoy , n Scotch poor
with a family tropjnpoJ enough oven for tbo
fastidious GalotyvRlrl , who traces her ante
cedents to a man-gUnVt establishment.
interesting evopj.j. nro looked forward to
in the families of Sir William Gordon Cum-
mines and Eorl Dudley.
Mrs. Haigronvcs' ponrls will not down nnd
nroto bo sold nt Christies'on the 2Slh Instant.
The celebrated cabinet from which they
wcro stolen has found a purchaser at 100
culncn.s , which is oraethlne like ton times
its actual vnluo. Wbothor the ponrls will
fetch n fancy price Is a mooted question , us
few women care for s'o ilUnRrconblo an
association. Captain Ojborno is bolngquiotly
but surely pressed out of the nriny.
Ciittlo Punchers unit tlin Consulate ,
Tbo legation nnd consulate are overrun
with Impocunlous American cattlemen nnd
tramps. Tboro were so many at the con
sulate thU wools that Consul Gonural New
was compelled to close the doors to thornnnd ,
they have now formed n kind of club , with
hoadijunilcrs across the way nt the
Kings Arms inn , where limy mnnnpo
to got cnouch monov to bocotno
gloriously drunk nnd lar imprecations at
the officials. One Texan luntod about i the
consulate today with n big ktnfo , threatening
to disembowel the entire staff. When ho
began to get sober his ardor loft him , nnd ho
meekly followed n policeman oulsido llio
gates. Deserving Americans nro always
helped , but tramps never
( lUlnp till ) Show Alonn.
The Goupll galleries' were crowded today
with visitors who ndiiiirod , denounced ,
mocked or seemed nmuscd at the two rooms ,
Illicit with forty-three of Jimmy Whistler's '
oils. It is the first tlmo ho has had a one-
man show. Whistler has given ulmsolrup
entirely to nocturnes. His most
attractive work is a portrait of
Carlisle , which has been sold to tbo
corporation of Glasgow. Whistler , by the
way , is working on a commission received
from tbo World's fair. The committee was
probably actuated by sentimental motives.
TboKrandfnlhorof the witty Whistler se-
loctcd the site for Chicago in 1SO.I , and ns a
tribute to poetio Justice it wns suggested that
tbo honor of commemorating tha exposition
should full to bis Illustrious grandson.
Grandpa Whistler did not hit on a llrst rate
position lor n city , but the picture will prob
ably supply the deficiencies in the landscape.
Tlloy Could Do I'Jonty Worse.
An ovonlng paper today prints n column
article In favor ofTa'astf hall ns an English
came and adviscs'Jfoot ball clubs and cricketers -
otors to give it a trial. Tbo annual meeting
of the National Base Ball association was
hold nt Manchester'his week. Mr. Newton
Crane was elected pfosidont.
Frank Hall , wlio'-got up the big walking
match at Now Yojk/somo years ago , opens n
six davs' bicycle tournament hero on April
4 , with Suowdcn , tile American champion , '
and Baker of .Boston pitted against Curtis
and Bertie , EnglijshnSon. Hull Is also negoti
ating for a loose c MJerMajesty's theater ,
which ho wantsito turn into a variety tho-
ntor and surround1 tho" galleries with switch
' '
backs. e - ; .
JJlacklmlllli'tho . . Fair.
- * if/ *
Glostcr ArmstiNpug-liaa./ieen unablq to nr-
range for spaca within tbo grounds -of the
Chloao'fa fr Wr'tho erectloti of the tower if
London. Armstrong is.sonriins out this
notice to thofpapors tonight : lTho fueling
against English cntcrpriso at Chicago is very
strong nnd they speak most sneoriiiRly of
Great Britain only giving iir ! > , ODO toward the
fair. Consequently It 'is more or loss o
case of 'no English need apply" in Chicago
at present. In fact the people in thlcngo ;
have an idea that the universe will stand
still to look at her anil the fair , which after
all docs not promise to ba ns atti active , In
teresting or well managed ns If it had taken
place in Now York , , which would have
been its natural home , and would buvo saved
Europeans the torrihlo jourcoy of 1,000 miles
to Chicago where , although the hotels are
larger , they still lack Iho comfort and refine
ment of ftew York houses. The town nlso
belli ? rough and new , does not appeal to
visitors aa New York doos. " The World's
falf people had ool'.er ffivo this man all tno
space ho wants.
Not Dcaif Hut Slm'iilng.
The Old Settlers ssocintion is peacefully
sleeping. Its history slnco its establishment
has not bean .filled with excitement , and for
tbo last year nothing has been dono. At tbo
last meeting , ho'a about eighteen months
ago , A. D. Jones wi.s elected president , and n
badge with the deslpti ot n buffalo's bead
surrounded by-tbojwords-"od ! settlers of
Nebraska , " was adopted. The badges bavo
not been engraved , nnd the association re
mains in statu quo. Ihcro an ) about ! 13U res
idents of the county Who are eligible to mem
bership , and the oDiccU of the association
are simply fraternal und social , and include
tbo holiday of an annual picnic.
01 * r .sriitj.i ( r.
Domestic- .
The miistci ! convention Ims adjourned to
ineutnt Detroit the hucond Tuesday In Mny
next year.
1'roaldentO.iKoiof Iho Nnrthnrn I'.iolflo de
nies that Ills ru.ul was In any way i-omicutcd
with the Clilcauo.DyoUlliiR sramJal.
li. U. X.nileol. oonllOuutluI booKkeopur for
Collln iV riolclier. pork | i.ulerH ; of liullnnapo-
lls. Ind. , Is short Jij lis , ) uuciciuius i'.ujv.
I * I ) . Slauchtur. who shot Jonnlo I.ove. hU
paramour , last AnaNst : i } . J tll.o Kock , Ark. ,
wascoiivlcti'dnf miirdi'r In'tho llrst decree.
Tim bllzzanl has struck Massachusetts nnJ
renorls from tlirro'ntiy cold weather IIKCOIII-
puniod by deep snows und high winds pruvnll.
A Konio dlbpatcir lonowa the uollvom
rumor that Arohblshop t'orrlian of New Vortr
will prob.ibly bo iiiudu u cardinal at thu next
coiihiatory. i mo ;
The bis vrln'low tcliuii fautory ut iiplouland ,
Ind. , hnsuloiert dci\vii-on iiccouiit of the full-
uru of Its niitnr.il Bft iipnly. Tliruo luindroJ
men Imvo bouu throNru out of ctuploymunt.
\Vorkinun enicatrvdilu uxcuvn.tln ( ; it collar ut
Oroton Falls , N. V , , nnparthud tlio skoicton of
n woman. It wns III : tjeoud Htnto ofpiotcrvu-
tlon , but cruinblod un liclns exposed to lliu
ulr , ' '
jj't' ,
The trial of Ishliyviiyennor. Mnrrlx Callls ,
.Iiilltis Mosiiowlt/.aqiUUiuls Juuobi ut I'liilu-
dolphln , cliurtioil yltjl"conspiracy , ilot und
LlosDliemy , has tormmatuj In u vorOlet of
guilty. ]
I'urty frolsht ca'W'lfeft ' thu trnoK on thu
north I'onngyiviiiilu llr.uiuli of tlici Itundlnz
rallioad mmr Tiibawi 1'a. , und were budly
wrecked. _ Dun ol. MirMlOali. u brtk > * ni4ii , was
killed. The rvukj : | ji caused by HIIIIW ,
It Is said thut thi ) v < iWii | | > Hon now unsi ; cd
In llxliif the I'onnaijrYr ' buiwqi > n the UiiltoJ
titulett und Mexico JiAAalnuoYerisil th it n liir o
urou ut land lierutdMrb'tliongtit to liuyo bt'Oii
In the latter uoun < ( Vuiiilly ) iKilcJiiiis tp the
United Suite * . ziiU n
At \VlllluiiiKbiliy stone qnurry John
Out/of I'otcrabur. , I'u. , whllo VMiuulii lilm-
bolf nt u lire , uu.ir which > ovorul d'yiiiiinlto
onrtrldges hud buen placud. unoonsulonsly
bt | ) | )0l ( on one of tliniii JUIK ) WMS Instantly
blown to plci'os by thj ) uteoinp4nyliiguxplo- |
.Torrlifii , ,
ThohtrlKoon the ( irmiil .Trunk K.itlway of
Oupnda promises to bo siutku ! at un ouily
ThU year elabt bte-iineri nnd two . .
vessitl * will sail from tit. Johns. N , P. , fur Ibu
seul llahery.
Tim National guard of IdaJunalro Jiavo
been tinned with now Coniblalii Hllua. Ciun-
cral Mmear lint boon pronibtud to bit marshal.
The twenty-first anniversary of the I'.irls
ooinmuiie wi-bciil br.itoil ln'l' rl ! , liy Trench ,
Uuriunn und KiiKlljli cummuiiUts. No dl > -
turbunuos ouuurred.
Two hundred saaler * uuro carried out lo ecu
on nn leu Hoc from Trinity buv , Newfound
land , u fuiT'iiay ago. All but iwenly-llvo ts-
papfrt tHBliiirf , XJt thu'utter ' nniuher Ilfluon
wi-ro frozen ) toilu.itn and Hie oilier tun hn\u
net us yut boon arctimlu4 fur.
John M. Thuraton Opens the Campaign of
1802 in Omaha.
1'ollry of tlio 1'nrty nnd It * Works Insplrn-
tlon fur VOUIIR Mniiitiprs Uinulin'HTnl *
vntpit YOIIIIR 'Muii An Intprostlng
s * nn I.lte Itsuos.
The Lincoln Hopubllcau club has opened
the political campaign. Last night it had n
big demonstration , and In response to tlio
announcement that it would have Hon. John
M. Thurston ns the sponltor of the ovonlng a
largo unmoor ot people assembled nt Exposi
tion hall to hoar that distinguished leader of
Iho republican party of the wost.
The audlcuco was nn enthusiastic ono , anil
many ladles were present. Upon the plat
form were about twenty members ot the
club with II. C. Brown , the president , acting
as chairman.
It was rather late when Mr. Thurston
mndo his appearance , but as ho entered the
hall ho wns heartily applauded.
Tno " 1' . 1C. " quartette wa first presented
and rendered two songs , after which Mr.
Brown , in n few introductory remarks ,
stntcd that the club was ontorlng Into the
coinlngcainpaign. Ho spoko-of the Industrial
question in connection with prolcctlon.
Ilo believed that protection was conductive
to the general good of the industrial system.
Ho spolco of the tariff and Iho MoKlnloy bill
unit the results of their opor.mon. To dis
cuss these questions was what the Lincoln
club hud solicited tiio prcwenca of the nudlonco.
Ho then Introduced the speaker of the even
ing , amid a tumult of npplauso.
Mr. Thumton
Mr. Thiirston was in n happy mood , In
his usual eloquent and nblu manner ho spoke
of the two political parties , the tariff and
American citizenship. Ho held his audience
intensely interested for two hours.
"It isa very early time of theyoar in whloh
to begin the preliminary discussion of the
Rroat political questions that will confront
us , " said Mr. Thurston In Ills Initial remarks ,
"but it seems to mo tlint now U the time for
thn American people to come together to dis
cuss a few great vital ouoslions. "
In speaking of the republican party for ho
snld ho was a republican because ho was on
American ho stated that i ( it wcro
necessary for n party to die
on account of its advancement and
progress , lot U die without regret. Good
citizenship was bettor than partisanship.
During campaigns whou m alters were in-
llamod ; political discussions were not carried
on us they should bo There wcro too many
Indulged In. Ho bad the utmost contempt
for individual personalities in political bat
"I come vhero tonight a republican and. 1
want you to BO homo with the thought that I
um , u republican wbo will vote the republican
ticket'whothor iny friend is on It or whether
Eomoootiy elso's friend is on It , " said ho. "If
u ticket is chilly to me I am the first
to como to the front and try
to warm it up. I don't think
nuy republican leader should bo entrusted
by hi party if be carries n political ra/or to
unifosomeono who may not bo nis friend.
"Tbo republican party is in command of
tha greatest government in tbo world and
has done more good for America than any
other could have possibly accomplished. I
have no personal axes to grind ; I have no
personal ambition to gratify , but I am with
the state and national republican parly. "
This elicited npplauso ntid than Mr.
Thurston spoke of the Nebraska republican
clubs , which , with their bright young mem
bers , would smoothly sail to victory under
clear , sunshiny skies. The old "croakers1'
wcro not iu it. The victories ol the party
during Iho uaxt campaign would bo won by
the young men from the ages of 11 to 40
years. They woula with fervor push
to tho- front nnd carry the party
to victory. Ho said the party's
success wus assured , occauso itas
true to Its avowed principles , true to Ameri
cans , true to Us advancement und progress ,
true tolls powor. It was for what is right
and against what is wrong. It believed in
liberty and freedom. It could , if necessary ,
stand disaster rather than resort to dishon
est , principles. Ho thought no party should
exist ou ideas of sectionalism.
iJ , J Jii tjio Tariff Uucsilon.
Mr. Thurston then diiftcd into the tariff
question. Ha s&ld It was not a matter for
light discussion. It was not a question to bo
discussed- amusement , or stories to please
tbo vanity of people who hoard the uiscas-
eion. Ho stated that it was a ques
tion thaorequired the sober , thoughtful and
dispassionate consideration ot the Ameri
can people. 'Tlia jargumeut , ho contended ,
wus 110 1 a new one. It was very old and had
been discussed pro and con a century. ago by
our great grandfathers. The issue com
menced with freedom ut the end of the
revolution. : ' It baa made history year by
tear. One groatdisndvdtitago to tbo Ameri
can people , ho believed , was that they had
not the tlmo to glvo to tbo question.
They wcro too busy In individual
pursuits of life. In bis own busy
days of Itfo , while having tlmo
to consider the questions of the hour and
while having n moss of Illustrations before
bin * , ho did not have the necessary ilmo that
some gentlemen Jn congress have for going
into old dry debates and using language from
archives without even the quotation marks
on tboir pages of manuscript. In speaking
of this Mr. Tburslon .snld bo had no l.oalta-
tatlon In alluding to the present rcprosontn-
tivo in congrosH of this district. The repre
sentative from Ibis district wus doing great
credit to bis .state by showing hl.s ability as a
yoUng statesman.
"l would bo glad , ' ! said the speaker , "to
sec some of our republican young mon of
Onwha-und. Nebraska in con proas to meet
him in debate. Wo have lots of them. Will
Gurloy , Charley Green. Henry Kstabroolio
could ineot him. Henry 13 > tabrooko ivould
rise ubovo him. There are many republican
boys that WQ could send to the hall of con
gress tbatrivould distinguish themselves nna
comouvyuy with laurels. Omaha has many
bright upa brilliant young men whom we
pass ovorj < d.ay on the streets and think noth
ing of thorn. They are fitted to stand un and
dlscusK the Kl'JMt questions of tbo nation
nnd make thqhiselvus Illusirlouq bv having
tUom.iilludeU to as Nebraska boys.Vo don't '
have U > buvo , democrats to maka tho' state re
nowned niterthfs. . Wonro roluR to j enu u
republican boy to congress next time. Ho
will bo ono Avlth bruins aud will do some
thing in the bulU of congress. "
Hcturniugto tbo tariff. Mr. Thuraton said
the colonists from 17.S.I to 173'J had dosoluto
fieo tr.ido , und it was the only ; lmu it was in
oxlstouuo from the tlmo ot tlio arrival of
Columbus nt the island ut the gulf. Since
tbo constitution was adopted the country
had not hud free trudo. All the old states
men Haw tlint the urotectivo tariff wns
necessary la bill Id up the colonists in order
to protect themselves from cheap Kuropeun
labor. During tlio six years , between l A' }
lo I7jS' > , of free trade tbo condition of affairs
was terrible. The country passed through
u crisis that has never noon equaled for dis
tress. The English merchants Hooded the
country with their warm for the purpose of
wipiiiL' out , the budding industries of Amer
ica. They sold goods at lest than it cost to
proJuca them.
Wlivil tlio J''ir ' l Turlir I.uvvViiH rusuciil.
At that tlmo Madison wrote that business
wus patul.izod , agriculture wa * in a distress.
ing stnto , there was no money in the land ,
thoic was no credit or capital loft. Owing
to this .condition of nftuirs the government
wu > weakened , mid despised and would not
much longer hold together , Meichants wore
insolvent , people were povcrty-unclion and
iu distress ou account of American manufuc-
turlts being crushed. In 1770 the tint pro
tection luw wns passed. The result was
magical. The depleted treasury began
to III ! up ; people bocuu to buy from
their American brothers. There wus gen
eral prosperity Iu every uveuuo of trudo and
business. It was f.bo principle of living ou
L'lvo and ti > ki > . It wns u great lesson to labor
aud capital Ono could not succeed without
the other. Today there were more happy
homes than ever before , pcoplo were more
intelligent and batter clad , und loJi > y men
anil women stood in the nunshlno of happl-
UOK and cop ton l meat. This was all brought
about by protection , und that was what the
republican party advocated.
Mr , Thuriton further suld in reply to Mr.
Mill's swwmunt that a waa bad a
right to buy where ho could buy
the cheapest , that ho domed the assertion ,
Ha did not think it was right for an Anierl-
can to buy where bo conlil buy the cheapest
It ho had to go to a foreign country to do so.
If cheap foreign goods were bought an
American would bo rdbbcd Just that much
by pauper labor. If nn Ainorlcan could not
pay to a follow citizen n lltllo inoro than au
article would cost In a foreign country , ho
should leave the community. Ho snld labor
was kin ; under the American II a jr.
Dudes end drones had no place hero.
Labor had been marching stoadlly
onward since it as paid by the lash. It
had risen until it was fit to compel its own
rights , nnd It could not bo downed nny more
than could the sun bo turned backward.
Ho hnld that the republican party had done
nioro for labor than nuy other powor. The
theory of protection was that the Dlvlno
Bom ir nmdo this laud broad nnd wide
enough , dotted with Its fertile vnllovs.'lts
mountains with gold and silver nnd
Its rlvors , within its boundnrios had
placed In the earth every necessary article
for uso. Ho thought the generous poopla
would use them without going after the
same thine to foreign countries ,
Mr. Thurston concluded by saving that
the country had now soon the oononts of pro
tection , and over $ )01OOD,000 more goods had
been sold slnco tbo passage of the McKinley
bill ; there wcro fewer paupers , happier
homos and creator opportunities on account
of the advancement end progress of the re
publican party.
"Llvo for America , Amcrlnan * and Ameri
can indu&trlos , " ho concluded.
t'nUcruil ' 1'rnUo Menus Merit.
The succors of Chamberlain's couch rom-
edv In olTeotlng n spcoJy euro of la grlppo ,
colds , croup anil whooping cough , has
broucht It Into great demand , MOMM. Pontius
tius ft Son of Cameron , O. , say that it hns
gained n reputation second to none in that
vicinity. JumosM. Queen of Johnston. W.
Vn. , says it is the best ho over usoa. B l-\
Jones , druggist , \Vlnona , Miss. , stiva :
"Chamberlain's coiiijh remedy Is perfectly
re I hi bio 1 uuvo always warranted It and
it never failed to give the most perfect sa ls-
fnctlon. " GO cent bottles for sale by drug
jir 'Jin : Kxi'iMsws oj.1 I..IMI\
ICIfiht I'vrNdtiR Terribly Iliirnod , Onn fit
Tin-ill Ciiiuint Itrroxrr.
Lvs.v , Mass. , March 10. Eight persons
were terribly burned , ono fatally , by a lamp
explosion this ovonlng in tbo homo of Mrs.
MnrgarokCoupln , Mrs. Coupin's daughter
Mrs. H. Carter , was moving n lamp
from n mantel nnd dropped it. Tha
lamp foil ou the steve , broke , and
tto Icoroseno covered Mrs , Carter nnd n
babe in her arms. Their clothing caught llro
and dropping the bnbo , Mrs. Carter fell un
conscious enveloped in flames. Ilolon M.
Coupln , Mrs. Carter's sister saved the baby ,
but wus badly burned herself. Others wcro
burned in extinguishing the linmos on Mrs.
Carter's clothing. The injured nro :
Miti. JAMES U. CAUTEH , face and breast
Mus. JAMIS Coi'i'iv , both arms burned , will
bo incapacitated for some timo.
JOHN Cooi'is , loft hand burned.
MOIITIKP. Coui-is , right sldo , face and right
forearm burned.
Ilci.cN Coui'ix , loft forearm burned.
HONOIIA M. CAKTCK , baby , head nnd breast
Mus. MAKOAUKT Coi rix , fuco und hands
H. CAIITHII , right hand burned.
Xurroiv Kicnpu of H Kppppr AVIui Wan AR-
saultcil by OIIH of thr lllRItrntVH. .
NEW YOIIK , March 19. FrnnK fisher , aged
27 , had a narrow escape from being killed by
the elephant called "Vicious Tom" nt Cen
tral park today. Fisher wns recently em
ployed to tatto charge of ' Tom. " Ho , in com-
panv with another regular attendant of the
elephants , ontorcd tbo elephant house to clear
out "Tom's" pen. Snyder had his back
turned to his companion when ho hoard a
sudden cry from Fisher , ' -Help , Billy , help ! "
and at tbo same mouiaiit there wus a heavy
thud as FUhcr's body was das hod ugainsttho
northern partition of the pou. "Tom" bad
evidently been looking out for a good oppor
tunity , nnd with ono whnck of his powerful
trunk , sent the man in u heap into the north
west , corner of the pen. Suydor had been in
such predicaments before , but was horrified
to qeo-Tora" get down on his knees and open
ing his mouth try to jab at tha prostrate man
with thn stumps of bis tusks. Luckily the
brute's head is so big that when his forehead
came against the partition ho was not able to
get bis mouth near enough the man to ac
tually hurl him. Snyder says tbo brute
had his trunk up In the , alr and was doing
bis utmost to got at Fritik , "I plunged my
nook Into 'Tom. ' 'J his mudo the brute getup
up , and ha obeyed my command lo move
over. Frank crawled ouVot the baclc door.
Frank is the third man whoso life I bavo
saved troni tbo clopluuits in thn mcnagorlo.
Tom Leo was nearly done for by 'Old
Dutchv' in 1S37. und only in July , 1S > 91 , I
saved Tommy Guinness. " Special Agent
Conklln was high in his praise of Snyder ,
nnd Raid had it not boon for the mini's pluck
nnd presence of mind Fisher would undoubt
edly bavo boon allied.
One of Dotrult'n Notorious C'ltl/cnn Jto-
celios Illx Ouletils.
DETIIOIT , Mich. , March 10. John Con-
aldine , the well known sporting man , who
gamed much notoriety recently in connec
tion with the abduction of .To.iepti.Perrln , a
prominent cltUon of this city , wan shot and
probably fatally woundo.l this evening by
Hob rt McCarthy , n real estate dealer. The
shooting occurred about IU o'cloclc fu Swan's
dining roo.n and saloon.
A quarrel In thfiHusscli'barronm oarller in
the evening , 'in which McCarthy struck
William G. Thompson , ex. major ol the city ,
led up to iho shooting. Constdluo nnd a
number of frionus who were present , wont
from hero to Swan's where the quarrel wus
renewed. When Cotistdino Interfered Mc
Carthy pulled out u revolver and shot bun in
the breast , causing what- - may provo to bo n
fatal wound. Ho wai taken In ou umbu-
lance to a hospital , where n hasty examina
tion of the wound showed thut although ho
was struck In u vital spot , ho uiikht recover.
John Considlno who is the loader of a
local gun ? , notorious for Its clellanco of the
luw , was connected 'with the abduction of a
prominent citizen of thU'ulty ' , John I'crrln.
His case In connection with tills ubduction is
now pending before Judge ( Jtmiuuers , who
will probably mnko a dpcl/ion / in n few days
ns to whether iho evriuncc presented Is
sufficient to convict the defendant of con
spiracy. _ _
A Kumii : Mini' *
mill C'olds.
Colds und coufc'hs have bean so prevalent
during tbo pant few months that tlio experi
ence of Alb/rt Kav'ooto of Arkansas City ,
Ivan. , cannot full to Interest sonic of our
reader * . Here it Is In his own words : "I
contracted u cold curly Just spring that set
tled on mv luns ana hud ImrJI.v rooovcroJ
from It when I caught another that hung ou
nil summer nnd left mo with n haouliiff cough
which I thought I never would eot rid of. 1
hud used LhamborUln's couth ro nody some
fourteen yean ago with much succors and
concluded 'to try Huzuln. Wnei. . I bud cot
through with ono bolilo my cough had left
mo and I have not suffered with n cough or
cold slnco. I buvo recommended It to olht-ra
and nil epouk wet ! of it. " W ) cent bottlui for
sale by druggists ,
Disease never successfully allurki n svt-
tcm with pure lilooJ DoWltt'ii S trsavarllta
uiako * pure , now blood and enriches the oJ. !
"I have In my ornp'oy ' a man who has been
n victim of porioHc. Ueudaehes for years , bus
tried all kinds of treatment , and 1 Have tried
vailous remedies on him. Your Dradycrollno
helps bun more than nnvthlng over did. " O ,
D. ICiugsloy , M.I ) . , White I'lalns , N. Y.
i ii
"Lato to bud nnd uuriv to mo ulll shorten
the road to yourbom'i In the ckies , " But
early to bcd'und a "Ltltlo Karly Klsor , " the
pill that makes lifo longer ana bolter and
_ _
De Witt's Sarsap-irilla do4iroy suca poi
sons us acrofuU , * klu di&easo , ccjomo , rheu
matism. Its tlmvly Uo save jnan y litre * .
hU-uincr Arrivuli.
At tbo Lizard 1'assod La Bourxogno
from New York ) Noordlaud from Now York
for Antwerp.
At Now York BHtunnlc from Liverpool.
II ( lot * 1'onl nni ! Pouonnu * Unless It h Kept
t'oiutnntty I'l
At thU oa m of the year people fool mots
or loei wcitk. run down , wi < arlotl nml depressed.
It JIBS been commonly fuinposcil tlint II Is dun
tolmntirltlt-Hof tha blood. nnit tlint only by
purifying the blood can good honlth ho secured
Is this triiu ? l.cl us sco. The blood gets tin *
purohccnusolt isslliRclsli. llowiloostistroniii
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way to Keep tlio blood Htlrrln ? Is by tlio IIMI
of iipiirontliiiulntu , In nuiiloriitlon. Stlmiilntti
ItKuntly , nnd It will keep In constant , hcnltliy
motion , nnd coed health will follow , Tltoro Is
butoiipway In wlilcli this ( nil bn donu. mid
tlint Is by tlio 110 of tlio purest nnd bust stim
ulant you run llml , prrfornlily whiskey , nnd
tlirto Nlnit ono tibsolutely pure , medicinal
whlskry known to tlio world , nnd Unit IN
DulTv's I'uroMiilt. Sclontlttts luliuit. tins. tlm
do ? tors til I confirm It. Ills more. KCiirriillyutitMl
to-dny tbiin nny other whiskey which tlio
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through UH inur t. Ho not lot nny driiKRlt or
Rroeordi'cnlvo you liy snylnz they hiiM > some
thing "JiiBt u H nmul" "Homotliltiff'tliny cnu re
commend. " etc.Vhon nny dealer siys : this lilt
his : nil Interested nioilvo , lileh usually Is , to
soil } ( i'i something elieap nnd Infoi lor on hlch
ho oun innku nioro monuy Do not ha so
Healthful , Agreeable , Cleansing ,
Chapped Hands , Wounds , Burns , Etc.
Bemovos aud Prevents Dandruff.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water.
KKADlOATOU liiroinU ilo ai 8i bpoiuis Hkllli
thn mlrrobo orKOrm I'nl lipn.ul rotnlluJ In II tlanl
finioi. iho Inltur Is ; ualloni. Hont nnrwharo pro
pnld on receipt of prlcoorC O 1) Weliiuj n mnr
nntco tncuro The publlo iriila mil jubbjri HUP
pllocl liy thn Klns'cr Druif ( ininpinjr. O nulls , I \
Molohor , Huvriml Moyorand I ! . I * . Hsjrkura , JSoul.i
Uuinlm : A. I ) . Kojter nciil II. J. Kill ) Uownjll llliilts.
Unuor the ptiti-onnpo of
70 and 71 Globe BIdg. , Boston.
Tour of 80 dnys. $500 ; Tour or 60 dnys ,
$ -100 ; Tour of 00 auys , $ ; 57o ; Tour of 15
days , WOO.
All mivollntf , liotcl Mid UIU-ncoIiw rxjionsos In
( I'nrllos to snll wllh Mrs. Krnznr , July 2 , alonni-
Khlp SO\TiIA.Cunnrl [ I.lno , lloitin )
.NORTH C.U'i : 1'AUD Iu nnll Juno 14. lif ntcam-
alilp I'AVOMA from lloitun 55 ilijra , ti'M
Apiilkntloii ] iiiii3t ho mndo ul uncu fur this tou
und xor clrculni and ruTorcncc.
(1 ( redo flark.j
P &
The nbovo brands of. ylovcH arc foi enlo
The Boston Store- , ,
N. W. Cor. 10th nnd Dou-rltis Sis.
BOYD'STi $ < yur.EICTRA !
'llioOn-nti'at Cmnuiljr Kvcnt ICvrr IllOnm'.u.
Th oa Nljhli Only , Moidty , Tue U/ and
Wednssdiy , Mftroh ill , Sa and S3.
KiniiiNuir Vork.ln William Clllutlu'u l > Touli > ut
IIIUl'll ) , "
MR , WILKINSON'S ' [ $ f
WIDOWS hi ! : ! Hl.
( iiiinleal Cauwtf l-'urtu uf tlu Voar.
, lrioiili llollniid'Ilioiini 11. llunn , 'lliunmi H ,
llyluy. I ilw. Colcin in. J' lui W. TIIHII | | > OI. lljiirtflo
Dri'iv Ilirr/uiuro. limllr II moiur , llatll'J l'jrn'iuu.i ,
A" " ' " ' '
A1i'V'iiv'i > rt 3UaNljiiitii In Now Viirk
I'rlrfM : > , .MiT > , II anil t\M. \ HenUui uli )
btttiiriluy tin I'Jili ' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Ono \Vook , ConuucnclnThuriid iy .March J7ti. !
Anil lilt iiluyera , In
The Runaway Wife
.MotlmMil Halm day , Huniln1 and > VuJiiexlji )
Two Grand Concerts
Btj Ui Famous
Of Washington , D. C.
Conductor , Abslxtcil liy tlio Cel brati > l I'rJinii
DOIIIKI. MIM : , MAUII : I > ICA. : ( ;
EXPOSITION HALL , 14tli and Capllo ) Avc.
AfU-rnooii and Ilt'enliiK.
Ituburved S-nts , * 1 , 75c und SOo , on
ut Alnyor's MwHic Store , Tliurii-
du > , lilth , ut 0 a. 111

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