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Republicans Following the Example Sot by
the Democrats.
U r to Which thn Hlnlil Congres
sional Publication l lli'liiK rut Venter-
liny' * rrorrcdlngs In tlio House
WnihliiBton News unit ( lomlp.
WASIIIXOTON , D. C. , April 15. Although
tbo proceedings ot the house today were
without Intsrest nnd would not occupy moro
than two or three pages of the HccorJ , the
probabilities are that tbo Hccord tomorrow
will bo n voluminous ono.
Mr. Mllllkcn of Mnlno will publish the
brochure on "Plymouth Hock lo McKlnloy , "
which will use up nbout ton pages.
Mr. Dolltvor of Iowa has died for publica
tion a series of articles from the Now York
Mr. Smith of Illinois will print ( If ho has
tlmo to collect thorn ) n number of editorials
nndlotlois from the American Economlit ,
nnd several other members of the republican
Bldo wilt , by printing extra news matter ,
bring Into public prominence the action of
the house yesterday which declared lu sub-
Bianco Ihnt under tcavo to print members
may make Iho Congressional Record a
medium of advertisement.
The bill lo promote the snfct ; ot national
banks was relerred to Iho commiltco on
hanking und currency which , it Is thought ,
kills It.
The private calendar wns then resumed.
The bill for the relief ot Iho heirs of H. H.
Slblcy , Iho Invonlor of Iho Siblcy lonl , ngaln
provc'd nn obstacle to Iho transaction of busi
ness aud Iho whole day was consumed In ils
consideration. No quorum was present , and
the roll calls emphasizing this facl , tbo house
took a recess until 8 o'clock , tbo evening ses
sion to bo for the consideration of prlvalo
pension bills.
The usual Friday night fnrco was enacted
nt the ovenlug session. Nothing was done ,
but two and a half hours were consumed in
doing it.
l'a\oriililu I.eglnlatlon for Thrm Nccil Not
* lli ) Looked Tor.
WASHINGTON' , D. C. , April 15. It Is ap
parent lhat the national banks have no rea
son to expect any legislation in their intercit
nt tbo hands of the present congress. The
senate seems lo bo moro favorably disposed
In Ihls matter than the house , but the
latter body , as has bean the laso for
several years past , promptly checks
any move on the part of the senate
to extend or In any way cncourauo the ox-
Islencu of tbn banks. An example of the
treatment such bills recclvo wns presented
in the house today. The house baa passed a
bill to promote the safety of national banks.
Its purpose was , as staled In the Ullo , and It
was reported by the house committee ou
banking nnd currency , to prevent a recur
rence of the failures that have resulted from
the action of bank oftlclals in borrowing
largo sums of money from their bank ) with
out the knowledge of the directors nnd
treasurer. Tha bill roach oil the senate nml ,
in accordance with tha usual custom in trout-
ing such bills , there was attached an amend
ment authorizing the banks to extend tiiolr
circulation to the full amount of the bonds
deposited by them In the Ircasury , Wben
the bill was returned lo the bouse nnd laid
bcforo that body this afternoon
no attempt was made lo concur
In Ibo Kunalo amendments ; nor was
It permitlod to retain n place of
prlvilnpo on the speaker's table , bjt , on the
motion or Mr. Bland , tha bill was referred
back to Iho committee on banking and cur
rency , from which It will emerge only to
meet defeat on thu lloor ol the house , unless
It be Ulves'.od of the objectionable amend
ment which the BCnato has heretofore in-
liilcd upon altnchiug lo all such bills.
I'oxtolllro Appropriation Hill ,
The postofllco appropriation bill was com-
jilotcit lodny bv the house commiltco on
poslolllccs and will bo reported to tbo house
in a few days , Its npgrognio of appropria
tions Is in the ncighborbood of 00,000,000.
The appropriation for the current llscal year
was $77.H)7nnd ) tbo estimates were
f 0i2l-100. : : The feature of the ulll of chief
interest is the section relating to foreign
malls , Included lu which is what is known
us the subsidy appropriation. The commit
tee , however , did not endeavor to strike ol
the present law by withholding its appio-
priations for its execution , ns some people
thought might bo the caso. Whatever action
is taken oy the committee wllh rofornnco lo
subsidies will bo taken In a general bill and
not an appropriation bill. For foreign inallu
Ibo committee appropriated $ 'JISJ3 : and the
unexpended balance in the treasury.
The approprlnllon mndo for Ihls purpose by
the last congress was f 1,259,000. This amount
was not based on estimates of the postmaster
general , but was the amount congress ro-
pardod ns necessary to carry out Iho subsidy
law. Fewer contracts , however , hnvo boon
made than were estimated for by the congress -
gross , so that It Is found that over $400,000 of
the appropriation is sllll In the treasury.
This unexpended balance , with the amount
appropriated , the committee thinks , will bo
1'ho committee Included ono bill which the
postmaster general did not estimate for , nnd
lhat was fll'0,011 ' for special railway facili
ties. This Is to defray Iho nxpcmtnof what
Is known ns the fast mall from Now YorK
nnd Boston to Tampa , Fla. , to connect with
the West Indian ships , The Item has been
In the appropriation bills for fourteen year * ,
but thli year Iho postmaster concrnl omitted
It from hU estimates. The - de
cided to provide for the service nevertheless.
The amount of compensation to beallowcdall
land grant and aubildUcd railways wasllxed
at 50 per cent of the usual contract price.
The last appropriation bill upproprlalcd
$10,000 for the purchase of confederate
rccordi tclating lo postal affairs , The post
master general , however , declined to make
the purchase nnd this year the commiltco
recommends that- whatever any two of Ibo
following cabinet ofllccrs agree thai Iho
books are needed they shall bo purchased :
The attorney general , secretary of the
treasury and postmaster general.
Aiitlclpitlne the Great Nil Mil Itcview.
After a conference with the various parties
Interested in the great inlornntional naval
review lo bo hold in Hampton Heads nnd
Now York harbor In Apiil , IS'.KI , Sunntoi
John W. Daniel of Virginia will , on Monday ,
introduce In the Konntu an amendment lo the
naval nppioprlation bill appropriating $300,000
for thu expenses of the review and the enter
tainments of the nation's guest who will
accompany the foreign floats.
The president will bo directed to extend
to foreign natloni an Invitation to participate
In the review ns soon ns congress provides
tbo necessary appropriation. It Is believed
bv Iho friends of the movement that many
ot the presidents of American republics and
the roicnlng tovcrulgns of bovcral ICuror.can
nations will como wllh iholr navy. It Is
particularly desired that Ui9 king of Italy anil
queen regent of Spain snail participate in
the corouioulcs.
AViiihlngtou Nc Notes ,
The Department of State has received fur
ther advices from Victoria , B , C. , ns to tha
tuccoss attoudlue the tleet now engaged \n \
hunting seals on the Puellie. The steamer
Mvttcry , which was en raced to take oil Iho
skins , has returned and tbo total catch to
data received at Victoria Is reported 10 bo
4,5CO. , This it regarded ns a light eaten and
is attrloutud in part to the facl that the soali
nro reported to be much less numerous than
In former year * .
Free delivery mails have been ordered on
Juno 1,1893 , nt the following named towns ;
Joplln , Mo. , four carrier * ; Partotn , Kan. ,
throe cirrler < ; MU Pieatunt , la. , three car
riers ; Orccloy , Colo. , two carriers ; Tyler ,
Tex. , four carriers.
Tbo patents commiltco of Iho hoasa has
md under consideration for some months nn
omnibus patent measure which proposes
Rcvornl changes in the rxUtlug laws , par-
.Iculnrly with reference to the Issuance ot
patents lo foreign inventors. Arguments
jcforo the committee tended to show that
whllo foreigners havn to pny about ( TOO to
secure a patent nt home they can got Iho
same horn for fS5. The commltlce proposes
to make Ihcm pay Iho same In this country ns
u charged American Inventors abroad for
patents , nnd have so constructed a bill ,
which will bo unanimously reported next
The attention of Commissioner Carter
wns today rnllrd to Ibo SCMOJ ot resolu
tions adopted last night nt n mooting
nt Kingfisher , Okl. , protesting against
the enforcement of the rules of Iho general
land ofllco prohibiting parsons from filins
moro thnr. two applications nt ono ilmo lo
onlor lands in Iho ceded Cheyenne nnd Arap-
nhoo counlrv nd directing lhat no applica
tion coming by mail bo received. Mr. Carter
said there hnd been uo ruling , changing thu
manner of doing business at local land oftlccs.
The old rules of the oftlco wore simply being
enforced to prevent Illegal speculation In
Tbo liouso committee on public buildings
has presented favorable reports on the fol
lowing now government building bills : At
Hastings , Neb. , .lollot , 111. , Clinton , la. All
wore placed on the calendar.
Tha condition of Mrs. Harrison is nmou
NIWS : roit TIN : AH.UY.
1.1st of the Orders of 11 lny In the Ilcffiilur
WASHINGTON , D. C. , April 15. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bni : . ] Tbo following ns-
tlgnmcnlsto regiments of onicora recently
promoted ar.d transfers of oftlcors nro or
dered :
The superintendent of the recrulllnp ser
vice will cause lifteon colored rocruils at
Columbus Barracks , O. , to bo assigned to
the TwenlMHtu infantry nnd forwarded to
the Department of Dakota. Mnjor William
Arthur , paymaster , will proceed from St.
Paul to Omahn and report In person not
Inter than the 150th Inst. to the commanding
Itcnornl , Department of the Platte , for tem
porary duty. A board of ofllcers Is appointed
to meet at the call of the presiding ofllccr
thereof at the Vvar department for the exam
ination of such o Ulcers as may bo ordered
before it , to determine their fitness for pro
motion. Detail for tha board : Colonel
James Biddlo , Ninth cavalry ; Lieu
tenant Colonel Samuel S. Sumncr , Sixth
cavalry ; Major Hohort H. White , surgeon :
Major Joseph G. Hamsay , Third nrtlliery ;
Second Lieutenant Peter E. Traulo , First
cavalry , recorder. Captain Adam Kramer ,
Sixth cavalry , will report in person to
Colonel Biddlo , Ninth cavalry , president of
the examination board appointed to meet at
the War department , nt such tune as ho may
designate , tor examination as to bis fitness
for promotion. Lave of absence for two
months , to take etlect upon being relieved
from duty nt tbo United States military
prison , Fort Lpnvenworlh , is granlcd First
Lieutenant Charles W. Mason. Fourth in
fantry. l.cavo of absence for four months ,
to take effect ou or about Mny 2 , is pranted
First Lieutenant Oliver W. G. Warwick ,
Eighteenth Infantry.
First Lieutenant Goorco M. Wells , assist
ant surgeon , Is relieved from duty at San
Curios und will report in parson to the com-
mandlnc ofllccr nt Fort Grant. Ariz. , for
duty nt that station. The following trans-
fora in the Ninth cavalry are ordered : First
Licutouunt John H. Gardner , from Iroop B
to troop I ; First Lieutenant James W , Hec-
ton , from troop I lo Iroop B. Leave of ab-
ECIICO for two months , to tnko effect on
or about May 1 is pranlci ) Second
Lieutenant John B. Miloy , Firth nr-
tlllcrv. Leave of nbsoncp until August
20 , 1S92-tfftnko'offcct when hls scrvlcacan
bo spared by his post commander , Is grunted
First Lieutenant James A. Cole , Sixth cav
alry. Captain Edward E. Dravo , commis
sary of subsistence ( recently appointed ) will
repair to Ibis cily und report in person to the
commissary general of subsistence for tem
porary duty In this oftlco. Second Llouten-
mil Henry J. Hunt , Fifteenth Infantry , is
transferred from company C to company H
of thai regiment.
Peculiar State of AllHIrs Avrorilliig to the
Testimony Tulcrn.
WASHINGTON- . C. , April 13. In the Haum
investigation Asslstanl Secrotnry Bussoy of
tbo Interior department Instilled thai ho re
ceived a letter saying that James Dungan ,
clerk of Heprcscntallvo Hnllowell of Penn
sylvania , had offered to furnish Information
similar lo ibat furnished by Horsoy.
Bussoy contradicted the statements made
by Green B. Haum , Jr. , yesterday ,
reflecting on the character of James Enloe ,
pension clerk.
W. E. StrcIT , n pension clerk , testified that
ofllco clerks were specially assigned to attend
to the calls of Duubar , Cooper's congres
sional competitor. Hod A. Durnam , chlel of
tbo western division , gave instructions to
answer all of Dunbar's calls that could bo
answered by tbo Tuesday before election.
McCullogh. another clerk , testified that ho
was discharged for giving Information lo
George B. Fleming , bul was reinstated when
It was found ho did not furnish the Informa
tion. Lemon at first hnd most of the casC3.
Subsequenlly , Mlle B. Stevens had moro
than anybody clso.
Tirar ir.i.vr nrKi\a.
Now lesion Itcpnlilleain Namu Their
luvorlto rrmldontlal Candidate.
Dixviit : : , Colo. , April 15 , A Republican
special from Silver Cily , N. M. , snys : The
New Mexico republican convention , lo
name delegates to the Minneapolis conven
tion , mot hero yeitorday nnd soleclod Iho
following delegates : Thomas B. Catron of
Santa Fo county , John U. Ball of Grant
county , Nicholas GIIIU of Sierra county ,
lames A. Whilemoro of Donnna counly ,
Trnuillno Luna of Valencia counly , Miguel
A. Oltoroof Miguel counly. The resolutions
npprovo Iho national and territorial admlnls-
Ir-illon , Iho McKlnloy not nnd recinrocily ,
endorses the nomination of Sccrotarv Elklns ,
The attempt at wool legislation by the house
Is condemned ,
Wunts to Si'o Harrison ICunonilnatoil.
NEW \OHIC , April 15. In regard to the
story of n political conference at tbo homo of
Cornelius N , Bliss last night , Mr. Bliss today
said : "Tlio story is pure rot , fiction of tbo
poorest sort. Perhaps I ought to say , as to
the McKlnle.v and Bliss proildonilal ticket
launched in the story , that I nm heartily and
unequivocally lu favor of the renomluutinn
of President Harrison and that of my es
teemed friend , Mr , Morton , ns well. In fact ,
1 am for the old ticket of 1S5S from top to
bottom , and 1 not only hope and expect to
see It in the Hold again , but reelected by a
larger majority than boforo. Tbcro has
bucn no concealment or doubt as to my foot
ings In ibis manor , und 1 nm surprised that
such a foolish story should bo given space In
any papers. "
Instruct for Harrison.
ATLANTA , Ga , , April 15. The republicans
wrangled almost nil night over the perma
nent chairmanship. Tbo convention Is com
posed of nearly all negroes. About 5 o'clock
L ) . H. Locke , postmaster at Macon , was
chojen. Thu convention then chose dele
gates at largo to the national convention , and
Is still in session awaiting the report of tbo
committee lo select a stale central committee.
The convention finished its business about
a o'clock this ufternoon after a continuous
session of twenty-four noun , The resolu
tions adopted cndoHO the administration
strongly and instruct Iho Georgia dt-legallon
to vote for Harrison at the Minneapolis con
Still Voting In Ithoilo Itlaml.
PnoviPCXCE , It , I , , April 15. The election
today > hews a heavy falling off in the total
vole , it being 25 par cent loss than a week
ago. The democrats elected their Etato sena
tor , Hlchard B. Coster , by the small major
ity ot 'J7. There wat no election for the uluo
He Receives Ono Year nt Html Labor for
Killing Myron Van Fleet.
Inrllncil to Think That Many Things AVcro
Ill-ought Out During the Trial by the
I'rosccntlon Not In Strict Ac
cord with Justice.
HASTIXOS , Nob. , April Ifi. [ Special lo Tun
BEB.J This morning the district court of
the Tenth Judicial district reconvened hero ,
nfter an ndjournmont of some two weeks.
The cause of pirtlcular Interest wns the fact
that today the motion tor a new trial In the
casooflhi ) slulo of Nebraska against A. D ,
Vocum was sot for argument , and because It
wns also expected that the case of Iho
slalo against Jell Tcomor , for aiding and
nbottlng In thohomocldo of Myron Van Fleet ,
would bo brought up for settlement.
At 10 o'clock the court wai called nnd n
couple of other cnscs were disposed of before
the Yocum case was reached. As It was not
generally understood that the motion was to
como up Ibis morning a small crowd of spec
tators and a dozen of attorneys were the only
ones present. Captain 1'ocum's wife was an
interested visitor.
General A. H. Covvon , principal counsel
for Captnln Yocum , asked for n few days
lltno additional limo lo present Iho motion ,
on two grounds ; first , that tlio defense hud
not had sutllclent tlmo to prepare their argu
ments , nnd second , in n few days It might
not bo necessary to urge the motion. It will
be remembered that an application hnd boon
made for pardon to the covetnor , which has
not ns yet bonn sottled.
Tbo delay wns rojlstcJ by Iho state nnd a
very exciting lllllo tilt batween counsel oc
curred. The state announced that Ihoy
would not resist the motion if made.
Tno court wished to consider the matter
nnd n recess was taken until 1 o'clock.
This aflornoon Judge lioall decided thnt
no delay was to lo permitted In Iho prcscn-
lallon of Iho motion. Tbo defense llicn
submitted the mollou wilhoutnrgumenl.
It was promptly overruled , nnd the de
fense Interposed nn exception nnd asked that
forty days leave be given to prepare a bill of
uxcoptions. Leave was granlod. Judge
Bcall then asked Iho defendant If bo had
anything lo say before sentence should bo
passed uuon him.
After hesitating a minute ho arose and ad
dressing the court said : "I desire to express
the gratitude 1 am under to the thousands of
loyal friends who have traveled with mo
through these dark shades till this dark hour.
Continuing I might soy Inany things that I
think would bo In sympathy with the do-
fcnso and with all of our friends nnd
many things that would not redound
to the glory of this prosecution.
Some peculiar ihinps have been done in Ibis
court by these whoso duty It was to proso-
culo Ibis caso. The record of Ibis case dis
closes the fact that many things bnvo been
said nnd dragged through this court and
paraded bcforo the Jury lhat nas found Its
verdict against me , that have not boon Justl-
tlod and which existed onlv In Iho minds of
Iho prosecutors. I must think they were not
thoproseculors , but the persecutors.
" \Vhilo I was in tno position not to
bo able to defend myself the weight
of misery was made worse by the
wolcht of these representations by this
prosecution. Again I wish to thniiK
ihls honorable court nnd those court
oQlclals for the many kindnesses shown mo
and I now submit myself to your sentence. "
* Whofrho finished the court sentenced him
to ono year in tbo penitentiary at bard labor ,
no part of which was to bo in solllary con
finement , nnd to pay the costs of the prose
cution. Captain Yocum thanked the court
for the sentence , which is the lightest that
could have bean imposed for the crime of
Mrs. Yoctun's oycs filled with tenr.s and
Iho caplain stood looking out of the court
room window for a few mmutos.
The principal counsel for both Toemer and
Yocum then announced , that ho was ready to
take up the case against the accessory , JotI
Tcemer , but the prosecution nnd court were
not ready and it was deferred until the Juno
Dmlgo County Selects Iclciles ; : to the Viul-
0111 State .UoL'tln s.
FIIEMOXT , Nob. , April 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Due , ] The republican conven
tion of Dodge county mot In this city this
afternoon at 4 o'clocic. The following dele
gates were selected : To the state conven
tion Hess L. Hammond , J. E. Frlok , S. B.
Coison , J. T. Smith , Ii. M. Keene , John
Cusack , 13. C. Burns. A. Norm , T. W.
Lyman , Gcorgo H. Godfrey nnd A. H.
Briggs ; to the congressional convention L.
D. Hichnrds , S. W. Boyd , A. Truesdell. A.
W. Forbes. F. L. Burrell , J. J. King , Alex
Hess , G. E. U. Kllnfebell , C. W. Smith , E. T
Staples and J. U. Foot.
Resolutions were adopted requesting the
state delegation lo use every honorable
means to secure the election of Hon. L. D.
Richards as ono of the dolcgntcs-al-largo lo
Iho national convention. The administration
of President Harrison and thu protective nnd
reciprocity policy of McIClnloy and Blaine
were warmly endorsed. The county central
committee was reorganized and Hess L.
Hammond and E. T. Staples wcra maao
chairman and secretary.
NUWMVX GIIOVK , Nub. , April 15 , [ Special
to Tim BKK.J A republican caucus of Shell
Crook precinct was held hero last night and
selected the following delegates to attend
the county convention to bo held at Buttle
Creole tomorrow : H. Saall , C. A , Handnll ,
Ed Johnson. T. Smltl' , C. O. ICrough , John
Slmonson , D. V. Ellsworth and L > . M. John
son. A motion , vns made and carried lhat
tbo delegates present nt the county conven
tion cast the entire vote of the product.
JL-.NI.ITA , Nob. , April 15. [ Special to TUB
Biu.J : There was a larger number present
last evening at the republican caucus hero
than tUcra has ever been in n township
caucus hero. The mooting was to lect delegates -
gates to the county convention. Much In
terest was manifested nnd n vote for presi
dent resulted in twuUo to ono for Harrison.
The delegates clin on are : A. V. Cole , D. C.
Kerr , J. B. ifonkwright , D. H. Ball , A. U.
Twidale , William Spada. Amos Sbatluck , B.
F. Smith and E. A. Si. John.
NOHS Notes from limiting ) .
HASTISOS , Neb , , April 15. [ Special lo Tun
Bm-Judse ] Dundy , when ho makoi his
periodical trips to this city to conduct fed
eral couri , furnishes an excellent argument
In favor of the Hastings publlo building bill
by refusing lo hold court In the Adams
county building , and by presiding in a hotel ,
The sumo line of action Is pursued at Nor
folk , nnotho federal court lown which has a
public building bill before the present con
The republican ward primaries to elect
delegate * to the county convention Saturday
were held last night.
Hastings society people will colobnito the
return to the world after Lent by a ball
given by the Hod Mon on Monday , the 18th
inst. On the next evening , Tuesday , the
Elks give a tall nnd banquet.
The railway employes of Hastings organ
ized a club Wednesday evening , G. S , Kll-
gore was elected president ; vlco president ,
F. B. Nopp ; secretary , F. J. Douglas , and
treasurer , J. C. Roberts. K. Hoi brook was
chosen delegate to the ktalo convention. By
Monday next , when tbo llrat ropulnr moot
ing Is to bo bold , It Is o.xpectod that 150
members will bo enrolled.
At the last , an adjournc' ] , session of the
board of county suporvUora U was decided
to allow the court room to bo used for polit
ical conventions.
Nebraska' * Uruln Shlpinenti ,
PI.BASANTO.V , Nob. , April 15. [ Special to
Tim BKK.J Monroe , Neb. , claims a ship
ment oi 105,000 bushoU of train , nnd Huzard
a shipment of K.r ,000'bB hols , from August 1
1S01 to April 1 , 1S9J. This Is n good bdw-
Ing nnd 8 peak a well nor Nebraska , but Iho
llttlo town of Ploajnnidn , situated nt the
terminus of the NitnUftkat division of the
Union Pacific rallrond ! can do n llttlo better.
Pleasaiuon stMton shlpptd from August 1 ,
1891 , to April 1 , ISO. , UW.nsO bushels of wheat
and corn , nbout 830 car * . ' This docs not Include -
cludo onts , rye , barley nnd flax scod. There
is onu elevator hero now and another Is soon
lo bo erected. Thcro are two gnnoral Btorcs ,
ono millinery store , blacksmith shop and
wagon shop , ouo good livery barn , and ono
Implement liouso. Plc&snnton has n good
farming country surrounding It , and any ODD
wishing n good location will do well to como
to this section ,
_ _ _ _ _ _
With n Shot ( limn Drunken Alan \Voumla
Two Women.
LINCOI.V , Neb. , I April 15. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bnn. ] The corner of Fifth nnd
B strccls in this city was the scene ot nn ox-
clllng episode nbkut4:30 this afternoon , In
which four people iiarrowly escaped wllh
their lives , The Uroublo was caused by Fred
Hordlicn , employed ns carpenter In Hie B. &
M. repair shops. Jlei-'Jllen nnd his wlfabavo
hnd Iroubto for some tlmo. Last evening became
came homo drunkjnnd a'flor quarreling with
his wlfo locked bur up In the collar , where
ho kept her prisoner until this afternoon.
Shortly after noon ho came un town for
moro liquor. Returning homo ho turtied Ins
wifooutof doors ( mid 'bngnn chasing her
around the housoC Mrs. John Luckhnrdl
nr.d Mrs. Fred Miller , bolh living across Iho
street , endeavored | to interfere nnd after n
few words Hordlicn went into the house nnd
returned with a doubln barrolod shotgun ,
Raising tha gun ho tired both barrels. The
charge of thn first barrel took effect in Mrs.
Luckhardt's thigh. ; Hef U-ycar-old baby lu
her nrms was also wounded in the leg. Tno
second charge was fired nt Mrs. Miller , and
she was alsu wounded In the lloshy part of
the ler. (
By this time Fred Miller appeared on the
scene , hut on threats of Ilordllon ho beat
hasty rotroat. Minor nnd his wife then took
rofupo in tboir ownjhouso where they were
followed by the IiifurUlcd man. He brolto
Iho window with tils gun , but before ho
could tire Miller gr.nbbod the barrel from the
inside , pulling Hordlion through Iho window
nnd lacerating tbo Tnltbr's hands In n fright
ful manner. Herdllcn then drew a revolver
from his pocket , but liy this tlmo Miller nnd
wife had appeared on the outsldo wllh a
As tlonlllen was nbout to fire Mrs. Miller
seized the gun nnd brandishing it as a club
felled the assailant to the ground , cutting a
deep gash in the lop of his head and render
ing him unconscious. A detail ot police soon
arrived arid look Jlo'rdllen lo Iho station.
Tno two women had pahy are all painfully
but not seriously wounded.
Resisted. tlio Sheriff.
CiiArrF.r.1 , Nob. , April 15. [ Special to Tan
Bnc. f The Jury in'tho coses against George
H. Wilson , James WjLson and George Dud
ley returned a verdict of guilty at a-inte hour
Wednesday night. iThls was a case nf resist
ing the sheriff 'btDcuel county when dis
charging his duty. .Itsocins from the cvi-
dcnco brought out In the case that on March
23 Houbcn Llsco , 'thasbcrlfT , attempted to
replevin 250 head oficnttlo from tbcso de-
tendants , who reside in the sand hilln in
the northern part ; of the county ,
nnd he nnd . bis - assistants worn
driven from thO' plnco with pltoVorks
and Winchesters. cLisco then1 came lo
Chnppoll , oblalnpd' warrants for their arrest
and arrested the thrv-o defendants , . Tbo case
was hotly contested , on both sides for two
days and the low.u'h'as beeii. full , of people
Qttondlnc ihe VrloL Coupty Judge \Vor > lf
tlnod each ot thotofendants ) ? 23 and costs of
the action , which w.s. promptly < appoaled.v
Cut 11U
COLUMIIUS , Noi } . , April I ? . [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Be E.J This evening Carl Hello ,
aged about lo , was stabbed in the nock by
Pearl McCoy , of about the sacio ago. Hello
was cut In the jugular vein and It was
thought at llrst ho was badly hurt , ns blood
ilowed in n stream -'from the wound. The
two boys work In the Meridian hotel and
bad feeling has existed between thorn for
several days. Tonight they mot Just outside
the hotel , when Hello announced his Inten
tion of whipping McCoy. The latler did
not want to licht , but Hello struck him with
nn Iron bolt , whan McCoy drew a pocket
knlfo nnd used it. Hello was carried up
stairs nnd a doctor called , who spoedlly
stopped thu hemorrhage and the wouudod
boy is now out of danger.
Now Srhool liulldiiif ; Dcalrcil.
NKIIHASKA CITY , Nob. , April l'i.--Speciul [ to
TUG BBC. ] A petition is being circulated ask
ing the Board ot Education to again submit
the question of voting bonds to the nmounlof
$24,000 for the purpose ot building a now
High school building. The $30,000 bonds were
defeated at the recent election , owing to no
ballots being at hand until noon on the day
of the election. The people generally uro
heartily in favor of this move. The bonds
will bo voted without n doubt and next year
will sea Nebraska City with a 24,000 High
school building.
Immigration Into Knoi ,
NionnuiA , Neb. , April 15. [ Special to Tin :
BEK.J The immigration movomcnt to this
county tnat has already sot in Is simply won
derful. The now settlers nro gonutno
farmers nnd not clerks nod city speculators.
us was the case in much of the early settlement
ment of this county. The newcomers nra
men who como with means to pay for their
land and make lasting1 ; Improvement ! ! . Moro
Inquiries como for I' n'ox county Innds now
than bnu ever been known in the county's
history. _
f.on .Marks .lulled.
Fitr.jioxT , Nob. , April 15. [ Snsclnl Tele
gram to TUB Biu.J-tLou : Marks of Omaha
was brought to Fremont last uluht and now
languishes i.i the county Jail , He is chnrged
with oblaining money under false pretenses ,
having procured 817 from L. G , Fuikorsoti
nnd. Ml from Hnssell & Hoops , Ho has not
yet had his preliminary hearing ,
Ilratrlco Worn in JaiiR'roinly Hurt.
UKATUICK , Nob. , Apfll 15 , [ Special Tolo.
gram to Tun BKK.J Mrs. P. G , Armstrong ,
aged about r > 0 years , ' fell down a collar slalr-
wny this morning at : nor rosld nco on Boll
street and sustained Iqlarlos aoout the head
that are liable to provp fatal.
oHlh Itoll.
BBATHICU , Neb. , Apj-U 15. [ Special Telo-
cram to THE BEE. J-J William F. Baker , aged
35 years , a leading .furniture merchant of
this city and member bt the ilrm of Baker
Bros. , died Ihls morning after a brief illness.
Washington If far Harrison.
SEATTLE , Wash. , April 15. The republican
stnto convention hat chosen the delcgalcs to
Iho Minneapolis convention : Nelson Dennett ,
J. H. McCraw , A. M. Cannon , William iClrk-
man , J. H. Clemens , ' J. U. Perkins , Edward
Eldridge , Mr. Davis. < The platform endorses
the administration or Harrison and rnalllrms
the devotion of the party to all tno well
known principle ? : favors the free colnago of
silver only whoa It shall have boon the result
of an international bl-motalllo convention ,
Iath orWllkm Ilouth'e Ilnnghtrr.
NKW Yoiii : , April 15. Hila Boolh , who Is
sold to have been the daughter of Wllkoi
Booth , the slayerof President Lincoln , and
who for some year * Ims been the wife of A.
L. Henderson , the well known orchestra
leader , died on Tuesday in Blnghamion , N.
Y. , where she Wft * pUvln'g in the company
of Floy Crowell , The body was broughMo
Ihls city and Iho funeral look place today ,
Hila Booth always worn a lockol containing
alikonoii of thu tll-fated Willtoi Booth.
j p -
Tlio I'lro lUcuril.
DAI.TOX , Mass.r April 15 , The "govern
ment mill , " where nil the government and
bank paper bos boon made for the past thir
teen years , burned Ian night. "Losa , 112.1-
000 ; Insurance , $75,000. The oauso of the
tire Is beligred to have been spontaneous
Thousands Hook to the Sissalon Reservation
in Search of llonm
Wlltl Scenes When the Signal Win Olvrii
itucliif ; Through thr-Miiil lor Chnlvo
yunrtrr Sort li > n < \Vnincii
Join In tlid Itnsh.
ST. PAI-I , Minn. , April 13. Tno Slssoton
rosorvntlou surplus lands that were opcnod
to settlement nt noon today itro located In tlio
northeastern conior of South Dakota , Qcovor-
Ing the most ot Hoborl county , lapping over
on the ciK'o of Marshall and Day counties ,
crossing the panhandle of Grant ni'd the
sharp point of tlio triangular shaped reser
vation extending down to the center of Cod-
dmcton , n few miles from U'atcrtown , S. D. ,
whcro filings mny be made nnd where much
of the crowd of eager scokors after lands
have boon awaiting this day. The northern
base of the triangle extends ever Into Sar-
pent and Ulcnland counties In North Dakota ,
and for that reason filings may bo made nt
Fnrpo. The reservation Is the source of the
Hcd river of the north , which llowa ulti
mately Into Hudson bay , of the Minnesota
river which crosses this state nml empties
Into the Mississippi uoar this city , nnd of
the Big Sioux river which Hews south and
Joins the Missouri. The lands nro rich and
numerous lakes cover the cntlro extent of
the reservation , a good portion of which Is
wooded anil of a hilly character. In inct ,
the character of tlio land reflects much credit
on the judgment of the Sissolon Indians ,
who chose this land as their reward far thblr
help to the settlers in the Indian war of
Foe nearly thirty years they hold the res
ervation Intact , but finally concluded they
would prefer to have their lands In severally
and live Illca whites , so the matter \vns soon
arranged , with the aid of a commissioner ,
and today's scramble for lands Is the result.
The Indians have selected many of the host
lands on the reservation , but It is estimated
that enough for about -1,033 clalmi of 100
acres each still remained up to noon today.
By tonight there will bo very little , If any ,
loft. There now remain some 700,080 acres ,
the reservation being forty-tiro miles across
tlio northern side and seventy miles on the
southeastern ar.d southwestern sides of the
triangle , respectively.
In u Thickly Settled Country.
This reservation is right in the heart of n
well settled country pud small towns and
cities nro within easy reach of the settler on
whatever part of the reservation ho may
make his home , The Great Northern and
the Milwaukee railroads run nil around the
reservation whllo other roads are within
easy reach , running to some of the many
near towns. The nearest to A central point
Is Browns Valley , Minn. , which is close to
the line of the reservation and almost In the
center of the eastern boundary. It is at the
lower extremity of Lake Traverse , which Is
part of the ensicrirboundary of the reserva
tion and nloug the shore of which are suld to
bo some of tho.cboiuest lands. This town is
at the and of trio Great Northern railroad ,
and has been the point ot cliicf interest to
many of the boomers. A little further south.
along tlio snmo boundary , Is Wllmot , S. D. .
on the Milwaukee , and within a few mile : , of
the line to. which that road extends. A
crowd of several hundred will make the race
for the reservation on a Milwaukco tram ,
and from the end of the track they will rush
for the promised land on whatever convey
ances they can secure.
Waterlown is near the southern point of
the triangle , Dutnot in n position for others
than lllcrs. Waubay , on tbo Milwaukee , is
close to the line , on tbo western side of the
reservation , and farther to the north and a
few miles further Hivity from the line is
Britten. Along the Una of the Great
Northern and Milwaukee on the northern
boundary of the reservation nro located
Fairmont , Oiwnld. Hanklnson. Stiles ,
Ledgervrood , Gayuiia , Hutlund and Suraguo
Lake , in North Dakota , nil of whlcnaro from
ono to ten miles from the line and all of
which had ttieir share of boomers durinu the
past ween.
Other towns there nro that have moro or
less interest In the opening of these lands to
settlement , but these are the new centers
and from thorn will coma the reports of the
sudden growth ot several counties and of the
setllombiit of now towns.
The effect of the opening of thcso lands
will bo felt all over the Dakota ? , for ether
sections have sent out agents to catch the
overllow from the Slsseton opening.
The Abordcen , S. D. , chamber of cora-
tnorco has sent a comntltteo with litcraturo
to secure as much of tno overllow of the settlers
tlors as possible.
TlionimiKla of Analotis Wnltcrs ,
Yesterday the triangular nloco of land ,
woods and lakes , which for the past thirty
years has been sacred to the wild man of the
prairies , was a sea of mud overhung by n
inroalomng sky and surrounded on all of Its
thrensidos by hundreds yea , thousands
who had for months anticipated this titno.
They hud pothered together from all quar
ters of the glebe and were longingly , almost
sleeplessly , watching the land from which n
line of blue coats alone separated them ,
Across an imaginary line that soldiers were
guarding there was n promise of homos nnd
the homeseokor was there to accept that
premise and fulllll its conditions. Tuuday
closed with n break In the clouds , nnd dur
ing the night colder winds blow and chilled
tbo bones , but not the enthusiasm of the
waiting multitude.
This morning the sun shone down on
groups of ready and cugor Bottlers. They
worn girding thoinsolvcsfora racofor homos ,
and tonight thousands &ro sleeping under the
blue sky , but on tno soil of their now homos.
Only twenty-four hours between the mud
and anticipation of yesterday nnd the weary
ro.it after the race and the acquirement of a
homo today , and yet how many incidents and
how much of linportunco to the homes and
future of the state has happened.
It bad boon n week of excitement In a
dozen towns that are near tbo boundary. In
coming hundreds attempting to ovaclo the
vigilance of the soldiers and scheming to se
cure the cboico claims occupied the attention
of all. Today the towns were early deserted
and the nrowds Hocked to tbo line , there to
await the signal gun that was to uo heard
around the reservation. Ono of the crowds
was at Browns Valley , Minn. , at the lower
cud of Lake Traverse. At 1 o'clock this
morn I nc fully 3,000 people had collected along
the reservation line where It runs southward
along the high bluff which arises abruptly
from the iron monument at the head of Lake
Traverse. Many of the croud were spec
tators from the village and surrounding
country. The cavalry patrols galtonod back
und forth along tbo line Heaping thu impa
tient crowd In check ,
Ilccomlni ; Uneasy anil
At 11:45 : the crowd booamo very uneasy.
Good tmturo prevailed in tbo crowd , although
there was something cropping out in every
conversation which plainly indicated a gen
eral belief that tno devil would lake the
Some of the outfits were unique ana In
teresting , A largo claim shanty on wheels
drawn I > y two horses pulled up tbo muddy
hill to the lino. It had rod window blinds
and at the side was glass door , the upper
part of which boasted of a red curtuln. As
the door would swing open with the lunges
of tno wagon from Mdo to Mdo glimpses
could bo caught of the indunrious house-
wile within nursing hrrbaUt. whichomlttcd
spasmodic cries from tUyj U dire. Covered
wagoni in largo muntrns crawled along
with Innumerable whltn heads peeping from
the canvuis in open-eyed wonder at the
wheeling toldicr * uud tbo many pople. A
largo wd V with arms llko n man pulled n
rearing tl * lown to Dullness. A sack of
feed , n bin 'f tiny nnd n spade composed
the outfit 6 , mo of thojo who wanted to
'pet there. '
Lumber 1 slinnty , surmounted by n
small stove , quilt , bundles , n couple of
chairs , pans Liin sklllct.s , winch rattled with
the wacon , nnd n rusty shotgun , made up
the kits of some of these who were going to
stay the night. Tnn iibiquittious country
editor was right in line on n white mustang ,
rcnny to rldo for n claim near town. The
doctor , the clergyman who wanted to lake a
farm for his health ntul the country police
man were nil seen In the crowd walling for
the slcnnl.
Anil Tlirn I ho ltu h lie-Rail.
Thn sharp , clear notes of n buclo nt noon ,
the nlmost simultaneous crack of n c.irblno
and then n volley from the whole far-roach-
Inpllno of cavalry as the signal wns taken
up nr.d carried In u reverberating report to
thousands of waiting car. * . A few moro hall-
Ing shots , becoming fainter as the distance
Increased , nnd the Sissoton reservation was
Thu military withdraw from the border
nnd rejoined their respective companies.
Flvo hundred teams plunged forward.
Horses snorted anil stnrtod madly across
the pralrlo with ihclr riders , regardless of
trail or direction.
A cavalryman fell from his horse nr.d his
revolver discharged.
The horseback riders soon took the lead.
Then c-nmo n powerful team of bluok horses ,
which seemed good for n ten mile. The
crowd wns soon loft behind. In this buepy
was Miss Burnett , a young Indv graduate of
tbo University of Minnesota. She nnd her
brother were off for the now townslto , nnd
as the long cnvalcado of plunging horses dis
appeared over the hill In the distance the
swift black team wis still abend.
Far up tbo lake n larco party wns crossing
In boats. Indian teams were watting on the
bnt.k above the water. Thav succeeded In en
tering the rosorva live miles ahead of the
crowd scattered along the road from Browns
Valley , Yet ethers got cvon moro advan
tage than these on the Inuos. Tlio cavntry
had scoured the country nnd many were
driven off the reservation , but when night
ciimo they returned and many ethers with
IJvory Hush Sheltered u Hoomcr.
The signal came from the brush all along
the course of the Minnesota river , from ra
vines hitherto held to bo unpopulated , from
every spot bordering on thn reserve that
could shelter n man , horse or wapon , tbero
Bpr.ing horde * of homoseokors nnd they led
the race for homos.
It is estimated that nbout 1,000 made tbo
rush from Browns Valley. About .100
started from the llttlo town called Traverse ,
four miles from the lake.
At Wheaton , where the approach to the
promised land was over a prlvnto bridge ,
whoso owner attempted to stem the flood of
boomers In the Interest ot a land company ,
000 people crossed the bridge regaruloss of
orders nnd the police force of the town was
overwhelmed hnd lost In the struggle for the
bridge. On gaining the table lanil.t , n inilo
west of the river , the crowd scattered In nil
directions , soon mooting with ether crowds
rushing clown from the north.
Lcxlgcrton was deserted early in the dny ,
largo crowds starting early in the day on
foot. Every kind of rigs were pressed into
service. All the farm teams In the neighbor
hood were engaged nt big prices nnd seeding
has been stopped for tbo time.
Uanitlnson , N. D. , nho reports n wild
rush at the tiring of the puns. South of
there along the line of the reserve was n
solid line of men waltinir , nnd in several in
stances half a dozen mndo for the same quar
ter and In consequence troubla is feared.
At Waubay , S. D. , the line of soutliwost ,
between 400 nnd 300 people with picks nnd
spades and nil kinds of conveyances joined
in ono grand rush for the cholco lands.
Indian * Do a Jllg Business In I'onles.
On the western border somo.milqs to the
south of Browns Valley , ot Wllmot , S. D. ,
thcro was n grand rush for n town site. A
train on tbo Milwaukee road with 500 people
on board pulled out. for the line nt 11 ; . ' ! 0 this
morning. At the strike of 1- the train was
rushed n few tulles to the end of the trade ,
from which pluco fast mustangs carried the
town site boomers. Those mustangs were
sold by the Indians nt big prices.
The on-rushing boomers from north , east
and west met in the reservation a.iil reports
of trouble , if trouble thcro was , will come
from these choice section : ; to which different
settlers raced from different boundaries.
Governor Mollotte of South Dakota and 'JOJ
deputy sheriffs are on the reservation , tno
latter heavily nriued and Instructed to main
tain order , peacefully if possible , forcibly If
necessary. They checked several rows'tc-
fore hcrlous results ensued.
Coddlngton county. South Dakota , of which
Watertown is the county scat , has the sharp
point of the triangle , nnd every quarter sec
tion in that county was occupied by from ono
to II f teen squatters before 1 o'clock. There
were numerous nltcrcatlons between rlvnl
claimants , but no blood has been shed so far
as Is known , and it is bcllavcd the deputy
sheriffs ana militia will bo able to preserve
order. There nro many squatters who began
the erection of houses at onco. A largo num
ber had houses already constructed on
wagons , but the majority commenced sottlo-
.ment by digging excavations for walls or by
Scenes at tlio Innd Ofllco.
At Fargo about 500 filings were mado. The
first filing was by Hev. Mr. Van Horn of the
Baptist church. Ono lady had llled. The
applicants nro good naturcd aim have re
spected the system of numbering applicants
in line , and the tilers will all gather applica
tions in the afternoon. Quito n number will
probably lese their claims through btjuallora
reaching the land llrst.
Waiortown was deserted early In the day
by nil butl.OOd men , who hnd plnce in tbo
line of lllcrs. A rush was made o.irl.y In the
dny to crowd out the head of the line , but It
vvaj unsuccessful. Thrco thousand dollars
were paid this morning for tin ; llrst pluco in
line. The party holding it has remained at
the door of the land onico slnco lust Satur
day evening. The 120th nlaco sold for f'JOO.
The opening oc-cuired without n slip and
without disturbance.
At exactly 1'J , Leo Stover , n local nttornoy ,
having purchased llrst plnco , was admitted
nr.d tiled ono declatory statement and ten
dering tlio tilings of 110 others , were re
jected. Ills business wns completed in a
minute and a half nnd number two was ad
mitted. At 1 o'clock 10'i tiling * had boon
made nnd the speed was being constantly
accelerated , FO that the on tire line wai
through by night. Most of the attorneys
lira following Stover's plan and tundorinc all
of tholrdoclaratoriossimultaneously. Olhorn ,
after tiling the original declaratory , take
their plaoo at the foot of ttio lino. From
llrst to last there has boon no breach of the
peace a fact which Indicates tbo splendid
character of tbo now Bottlers.
There is 03 ynt unconfirmed reports of the
killing of a squatter in Grant county , but no
particulars of this or any other serious
trouble bnvo baon received.
Conservative estimates of the number of
sntllcrs who wont on the reservation today
are placed at 2MXvhllo ) other * insist tha't
U.UOiJ have located.
Thu Itnsh friiin Whratnn.
At 11:5.1 : Captain ICIlUon announced to the
crowd of ever MX ) ut Wheaten that ho would
tire the signal In precisely live minutes by
bis watch , and advised all to bo careful und
not run into each other. At precisely 1ho
tired tbo shot and the rush was on. From
tbo boundary line to the bluffs , a mlia dis
tant , thn land Is level as a lloor with gradual
rlso toward the west , and it was to this plain
that the race took place. Of course these on
horses soon left the others in tbo roar , Ono
party was thrown out of his buggy at the
start and his team ran away. A cavalryman
caught the team and tbo occupants wore
soon again In tbo crowd. By.O o'clock nearly
every Inndsookor that hud made tbo start
from Wheaton was holding a quarter section
and there seems to bo plenty of vacant laud
How the Start U'ns 'Mado fur tlio rromUcil
WATEHTOW.V , S. D. , April 15. ThoSlsseton
reservation onoacd promptly at 12 o'clock ,
noon , In accordance with the president's
proclamation. A goodly portion of It u now
Wyoming Citizens Intended to Blow Uj
the Invaders' Oamp ,
Coinpixril of Some of the Most 1'riiinlncnl
I'coplii nf tlio Stiitr Urninittlo Scrno
lit tlio Tort U'licu thu Sur
render Occurred.
Cnnvr.NNr , Wyo. , April in. [ Special Tola.
Ki-nm to Tins HKK. ] Tuu llufTnlo wlro n
npnin in working ordar , 10 that the currant
of events transpiring thcro can bs tnkoii up
in Iho order ot oourronces. Tlio United
States troops reached the T A ranch on
Wednesday morning , not n moment too soon.
Tno line of investment was carried up close
enough to begin 11041110 operations. The In *
vailing parly conlatnod many old tlmo Indian
fighters , who put their military knowlcdga
to good use. The advances of tno line of rlllo
pits were made according lo military rulo.
A sort of moving fort , called the "ork of
safety , " was being bt-ought northward Into
position , behind which could bo safely lodged
forty mon. Their puriioso was to throw Into
the llttlo fort some of the dynnmlto which
the invading party Und brought into the
This would have speedily sotllod the mat
ter , ns not n man could have oscnpad nllvo.
Colonel Van Horn , with tbroa companies
of cnvulry , reached the scene before sunrise.
A ( lap of truce was nt once sent forward.
Mujor U'olcott of Glourork , commander of
the party , nt once nppoarod. To the demand
to surrender he wild : " 1 will surrender lo
you , but not to that mnn , " pointing to tlio
sheriff. " 1 have never seen him bcforo but
1 have heard enough of him , nnd rather than
give UD to him wo will die right hero. Ho
has Iho best of us now because our plans
miscarried , but It will bo different yot. "
Iliul , ) u < t Hern Shot.
Twenty minutes previous to tlio surrender
Alexiimlcr Lnwlher of Texas wiw shot In tha
side , "accidentally , " , it was stntod. During
the morning n ball struck M. C. Irvine la
the too of his hoot. Knur dead horses wore
found with live wounded caltlo. Iho cap
tured party conslsU ofV. . II. Tnboe. G. It ,
Tucker , A. U. Powers , D. Urooko , M. T.
Wilson. M. A. McNnllov , Uobort Uarton , M.
U Davis , Will Armstrong , Htiok Garrett , It.
J. Johnson , L.OX Hamilton , W. H. Wnllaco ,
Phil Dunfran. M. M. Llttlo , J. D. MvnoU ,
J. Uarlinc , L. H. Parker , D. S. Tucker , U.
Willcy. .1. M. Uumford , 1C. Plckard and 1) .
U. Schultzo.
Thrso nro all the Imported ones In Iho
list nmong thn local men mixed up in the nt-
fnlr and captured at the T A ranch nro ;
Major Frank Wolcott of Glen Uock. nn old
timer anil very well-known cattleman ; M. U.
Irvine , inmnbcr of tlio stnto live stock com
mission nnd local manager of the Opiilalla
Cattle company Fraul : M. Canton , iloputy
United Suites mai-Muil lor the Johnson
county district nnd has boon sliunlY of that
county and a stock' owner. Ho is churgej
with having assassinated an alleged rustler
named John TUilnlo six miles from Buffalo
last December. He wns acquitted nttho pre
liminary hcarinfc , but is now nmlor iO,000
bonds to nimVor to the cbiirgo. Ron Mor
risen , now n resident of Uhoyonno , nnd'aq
old timer in tbo country , has been n stock do-
Well Known Cltlzcm. ,
N. J. Clarke is a resident of Johnson
county nnd at prooout ono of tha
state water commissioners. Ii. T.aber- >
tuux is a Fro , non t county cattleman.
J. N. Tisdalo is a state senator and
has caltlo in Johnson county thouirh ho has
lately lived cbielly in Salt Unite. II. K.
Teschmachcr nnd l'O. . Deblllier nro two
young Harvard men who have boon In this
section for n numor of years , engaged In the
cattle business. All of thuir cattle uro now
in Montana. W. H. Gulhrio is in the stock
business In Converse county. Fred Hosso Is
largely engaged in the stock business In
Johnson county nnd was ono of tha
moving spirits In the enterprise. D. It. Tls >
ilnlo and Charles Ford are in the cattle busli
ness in Johnson county. Joe Klllott is a
stock inspector at Gillette , Crook county ,
nnd is cburgod with having attumntod to
nssnssinrUo two supposed rustler * in Johnson
counly several months ngo. Mllco Shonsey
is foreman for n entile outtlt. C. A. Camp
bell Is the representative of a slock commis
sion linn in ChicuRO. A. B. Clark and K. W.
Whltcornb nro in the cattle bush. CS3 in 1'iook
counly , while A. D , Adamson was a slocu-
mnn In this county until rorontly.
Ncllher of tbo injured Texans arc now ei.
peeled lo live. Green's leg has uo n ampu
tated. None of the others of the invading
parly received a scralch. The cnliro pnrly
wns placed under a double guard at Fort Mo-
Ivir.noy , four miles from Buffalo.
Kcnr.iliift oT Dr. M'atKlim , Nlrlc Iltty uud
Niitu Champion Interim.
ELTPAI.O , Wyo. , April 15. [ Special Tclo.
grum to Tin : Cun.J If the world could hnvo
looked upon this beautiful llttlo city today , It
would have been n revolution. All nalura
smliod , for Iho day was perfect. Seeing la
believing unywticro except in Johnson
county. Hero the truth must scan In
through the pores. The rcmnlns of Dr.
Watklns , the coroner , Nala Champion and
Nick Hey were burled lodnv. Dr. Wat-
kins' funeral was hold at the Congregational
church , Ilov. S. Weylor olllcmting. Tha
church wns crowded , many hullo. ) nnd men
outside looking through the raised wlnduw.s.
Man } ' Indies nnd several men were in t a .
After the sermon nil were allowed to vlqw
Iho remains. Evidently Dr. Wnlkins , who
was r > 0 yuurs ot ngo , was in poor health , uut
did not shirk from duty at the cmis. Tha
funeral was In chnrgo of the Masons ,
if nights of Pythias und Grand Army of Ilia
Hopublic , each socloly inking part ul tha
comolor.v , nfter which , nt the ru'iiui-st of the
Grand Army of the Hopublic' , the militia
tired n snluic. Thcro were in each society
many who bore arms on the Into ImUlelleJU ,
Tlio funeral of Champion and Hey was
hold nt 'J p. m. In a vacant store building
on Mul n street. Tbo room was to full of :
Indies that few mon cnuld got In. Tlio hand
some cofllns were beautifully nnd profusely
decorated with flowers. Hov. J. W. Mc-
Cullom ollcrod a ptayor iu which ho nald |
"Wo thank thoo. oh God , that there are those
who have htood by tbo law. Wo prny ibat
the law may bo strengthened. Tnat If wo
cannot got Justice bora then In Ibo other
world. "
Ilu then delivered n few remarks. Ho
said : "Thcso men have been sent to eternity.
\fa know not why. They were not crim
inals. "
Hey leaves live brothers and three Mstcrs ,
Ills parents could not bo notttlodai the wires
are cut , but same honors were paid ns It
were hero. Many were in tears. Those who
had net already viewed the remains were al
lowed to dn bo , A strange bight It was , the
black and charred trunk of Hey wllh n Moral
The procession then filed up Main street
and out to tha llttlo cemetery beyond the
hlllH. The hourso was preceded by Huaer
and McCullom , Then came carriages , wagons ,
footmen and last 150 mounted , probably AOO
In all. There was u short ccrvlca at tha
gravo. Champion was n uallvu ot Texas nnd
Hey of Georgia. _
C.ll'TlMir.I ) Tilt : .IIUIY'S HI.IKliO.V. :
Dr. I'l-mono In Jiill at DoughmVyu. . ( mid
Very I'oiiltrnt.
DOUOI.AS , Wyo. , April 15. Dr. Charlei
Hmghain I'onroso , the fugitive surgeon of
tbo cattlemen's army , who was captured by
ofllccrs ai ho was ttccln ? south , is kocuroly
located In a cell In tbo county jail. Among
hU effects were found a line revolver , plenty
of cartridges , surgical instrument * , untUop-
Uo tablets , cloth and rubber bandages , lint ,

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