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Greit Methodist Conference Begins to Swing
Along Quite Lively.
Tlinn nn Memoirs I.ttnltpil Conference
OlnlniK DUciissril St.uiilliiK Commit
tee * CniiHriniMl ntul Orgiinlrcil
ol 'Mcinbtri.
About three-fourths of the delegates were
present joitcrdny morning In the Methodist
conference when Bishop Warren rapped the
gathering to order.
Hev. Dr. Mlloy of Central Now York
led In dovotlor.nl oxotclscs. After a scripture
lesson bad been read the conference Joined In
singing l ho hymn , "God Moves lu n M } stcrl
oui Way HU Wonders to Perform. "
Secretary Monroe then tead the minutes
of the previous day. Ho stated that there
wore tbrco delegates named Whltlock and no
\VMnotsurothathobnd the proper initials
pfHxod to the three names The confusion of
initials vvns finally straightened out nnd the
reading of tbo minutes proceeded. It wa
evident that the conference was settling
down to business lns\stcmaticoider as thoto
wcto towei corrections suggested to the min
utes.Dr. . C. P Crciphlon moved that some of
the mii-or motions pertaining to the seating of
delegates and other preliminary matters of
nu unimportant nature be stricken from the
record before H was published.
Dr. Ncely of Philadelphia opposed the mo
tion. Ho wanted all the actions of the conference
once reported in the published minutes. Dr
Crelghton's motion was tabled.
Dr Belt of Ohio , who sits near the south
door , nioso here and sa > d that something hid
to bo done to piotcct the delegates in lhat
imrt of tuo house from the cold air and tne
Lum and clatter of conversation aud the noise
of foot that carao lloatlng in from the lobbv
just Inside of tbo south door Ho moved that
the door ba locked The conference agreed
with him and the south enttauco was ordered
closed duilng the session.
Tbo minutes of the aftcraoon session were
then read by the secretary.
Limiting the tlmo on Memoirs.
Dr. Sanford Hunt moved that n commit
tee on memoirs be appointed It w.u carried.
Dr Buckle } spoke upon the subject hold
ing that some restrictions Miould bo placed
upon the tlmo and space allotted to all writ
ten ihciiiDirs He said that the matter of
producing memoirs had ut so-no of the previ
ous confcienccs become a sort of boio , ull out
of tiioportlon nnd entirely inconsistent with
the object , Tno momoira should not bo
blogiaphios. Ha therefore moved that fif
teen minutes , and 110 moie , bo allowed for
presentation of memoirs for each of the dis
tlneulshcd dead.
Dr Leonaul moved that the time bo ex
tended to twoat } tUnutcs.but bo received no
eocond. lie believed that it would be shame
ful to allow onlv fifteen minutes foi the pie
sentation of tuo memoirs of the illustrious
ofllcials of thu chuicn who had passed awav
llo thoupht that fifteen minutes would not
bo enough for u memoir of Di. Bucklov
The fifteen-minute limit for memoirs was
finally adopted
The following names were announced as
bavlne been placed upon the standing com
mittee on rules C C Carpenter , Iowa , Dr
J. M Buckley , Isow York , Dr T. IJ Ncclv.
Philadelphia , H. 1C Hames. Minnesota ,
William Liwrcnco , Onio. Earl Cranston.
Colorado , nud E. W Cunningham , Kansas
1 he I'lilscopU AelilruHS.
The bout of 10 o'clock havinc arrived the
conference decided 10 proceed with the ordei
of tbo day which was the hearing of the
episcopal uddresb to be delivered b } BUhoi
Thu gallcrie > s were well filled and Bishof
Warren admonished ever } body present , del
epates and all , to keep perfect silence so tha
ever } word of the important message couli
bo hcaid bv ell.
Blfhop Fostei said that his voice wouh
not bo v ei } clear or stiong lor a few minute :
but it would improve as ho went on
The readinir of the repoit was nttcndci
tlobcl } b } the delegates and the visitor It
intense interest to the church workers nm
members was attested by the deep attentioi
piven , and many notes were made as particu
larlv impouant points or timely suggestion
wore made. On the tenth page of this morn
ing's paper will be found the full text of tbi
impoituut document.
Ill Miming IContlne AV orlt.
A lengthy discussion ensued on tbo ques
tlon of how man } copies of the bishop's ud
dress should be punted. It was llnall.
ordered printed in the Dail } Christian Ad
\ocato and ot her oftlcia ) pipers of the chuich
nnd M.OOU copies were ordered printed ii
pamphlet form , each dolcgato to nave fiv
for distribution among his friends
At this juncture the chairman called th
attention of the conference to the mattct o
D committee on deaconess work , which wa
not decided Tuesday The oiiglmi
motion was that the couuniltci
consist of n minister and ;
lavman from each conference dis
trict and ono moinber at largo A substitute
tuto provided that natters pertaining to th
deaconess work be loft to thu committee 01
state of tbo church. When the matte
was biought up Dr. Pearson move
us nn amendment that tbo commit
tee consist of ono member fini
each conference district and fivoatlatgc
On motion of Dr ljueal the latter was laido
the table nnd after coribideiabio ducussio
tbooiicitml motion prevailed
0r. Kdwards of Michigan offered n resoh
lion piovidlug for the appointment by tb
chair of a special committco on coufeti'nc
claimants to cousibt of six inlaistuis an
tin eo lav men.
Mr. Twindells thought that these matter
should ba referred to thu committee on teir
poral economy
Dr. Hammond of California vvns c
the opinion that tbo matter wti
of exceptional Importance aud shoul
bo considered by n comnilllr
on which all conferences wort' icprosontoc
Ho offered ns a substitute a motion that tb
special eo'umitte'o consist of two delegate
flora each coufereuco district aud onu c
Hi re VVtis Mint for Argument *
The repoit of the board on confcronc
claimants , a length } punted document , we
road bv the secretary , aud the question c
what should uo done with it was again i
The miik of the cocoanut , so tar ns the
inattci is concerned. Is right hero Some e
the confercncii distucts are rich and have
largo fund on luuid with which to care fc
superannuated aud worn out pteacbers
On tha other band some of the conference
are poor nnd the oxhorte-rs who at o worn ot
in the cause tlnd It prettv rocK } kieddlng , r
thcro Is little money on band \\itn which 1
help them It Is the proposed plan to thro
till tlioconfoioni.es tozother in thU matter nu
make all chip in to a common fun
Thai's whoio Iho rub comes in The ric
conferences don't propose that tl
motior that thov have sured up fi
their own shall be peddled all over tbo fai
of tbo elol'c , not if they can help it Tl
poor follib thinli it would hi a snap and
course ) thov are after it. Th
is why tliero was so much di
tmsslon about it aud it isn't over } (
The f i lends ot the Cia-sus conferences vvai
it all ref cried to tbo committee on temp.ir
cconoim , but the other fellow s protest tb
In th t ca < > Q string with a s\"iio at tha sr.
would bo tied mound its netlc nnd itwou
ncv er onino to Iho surface ) They insist on
kpecinl eoimnlttco , without which they clal
the } will have no share.
'i'ho debate \vaxocl 'ing and loud , and tl
hour of udjouinmeut tboppod it lu two iu l !
Mluor llmlle * VMilihVVill I'lt-puro 1'ood f
thuMiol < -
The afternoon session was held at f
MotuodUt church , with BUbop Nm
in the chair. The opening exercises were in
charge of Dr Sprague , president ot the
Wyoming conference seminary. The first
rccular business was the organization of the
standing committees Some of tbe delegates
favored organlzinp several committees nt
once , and n motion wa uiado to that effect
Others maintained that only ono committee
should be 01 panizod at n tune , slnco by the
former course delegates who vveie on several
committees would not ba nulo to take part In
the organization of mote than ono 1 ho lat
ter Idea prevailed and the committco on epis
copacy was appointed first
After nu hour had passed and the first
committco bad not returned the motion to
organize but ono committee at a , tlmo was
reconsidered , and In oruor to conclude the
business of organization as quickly ns possi
bio It was decided to organize four commit
tees at H tlmo
The committees wcro all appointed and
confirmed and nearly all of them were organ
ized. The rcunlnder will organizetoday. .
The organization was perfected as follows :
Chilrmen and Secretaries ,
Book Concerns Presidotlt , AmoJ Sblnkle ,
Kentucky confercnco , secretary , Hev John
D Hammond , California conference.
Educallon President , Dr. Charles H
Pa } no , Cincinnati confeience , secretary ,
Rev E J. Gray , Central Pennsylvania con
Eplscopaey Chairman , Dr..I M Bucu'.ey ,
editor Chil tlan | Advocate , East New Yorlt
conference , secretary , Hev. Chnilcs N
Grandlson , president Bennett college , North
Carolina conference
Temporal Economv-Piesldcnt. William
Lawrence , Central Ohio conference , secre
tary , Hov Soron L Stewart , West Virginia
JJovisals President , Rav. J. B draw ,
Now Jersov conference , secretniv , Hav.
Honrv C Jennings , Minnesota conference
State of the Chuich Piesident , John
Mitchell , Noith Ohio conterence , secrotniv ,
Rev Joseph F Berrv , editor Epwoith Hci-
ald , Detroit conference
bunda } Schools and Tracts Pie ident ,
Dr A B LeonardCmcinnnli conference , ca
ictary , Hov William P Bignell , Erie con
Itinerancy President , Hev. Arthur Ed
wards , editor Northwestern Christian Advo
cntc , Detroit confeience , societal } . Hov.
John R CrclghtonWisconsin confeienco , ns
sistant socrotarv , Rev. D W. Hays , East
Tennessee confeienco
Freedmen's Aid nnd Southern Education
President. Dr. William Tivindells , Hock
River conference , secretary. Rev. L H
Hav good , Lexington eonfeieuco
The standing committees as appointed and
con tinned by the conference uio coastitutod
us follows :
Temperance and Prohibition of the I.liiuur
J H. McCleakey , W. J. A'elson , David
Gav , James E Ingram , Frank W. Wnrue ,
T W Matncy. C V. Anthony , August
Klabei , H J Liebbart , J. G Evans , H E.
Gillum , E M Mills. E D Whitlock , Robert
L bhctter , C H Maynaid , A B Leonnid ,
John Evans , G. M Booth , J H. White ,
Emorv Miller. Matthew C Hawks , George
Abele , G G Winslow , R A Howard , J T
Edwards , A H Jones , U J Plumb , Robert
1' 'lhomp on , A. .1 Bruncr , H. K rimes ,
W. A buiith. John H. Ketchum , C G
Stafford , S E Pctidletop , J b Jones. G L
Knox , W R R Duncan , J F Patt } . E S
Crosby. Samuel Dickie , Hcnrj Beemot ,
Simon L Jones , .1 J Bcntloy , F A Ricgm ,
J F. Dodd , L E Hitchcock , Ebon
Tirrill , b. C. Kceler. Jacob B
Grand , John Neele } , E. J. Hill ,
C H Grandison , J. A. Hov is , T B Shep
herd , W F Finke , H M Daniels , Norman
Becklcy. John Dale , W F Whitlock , H A.
balzer , H A Goain , \ \ ilmot Whithold , M
M Stolz. Fletcher S Coultron , S P. Wilson
William Twindulls , J A Lane , D T. Denny ,
William H. Burnes , James Aimsttone , Wil
liam Jones , J. L , J. Barth , G M Dunton ,
James A bii ent , E W. Caswoll , O H.
Clarke. J. E. Hobinson. Hugh McBlrne } ,
James T. Haaua , Karl A. Johnson , H. B
Smith , A. J. Kvnett , Warren McDonald , R
L Bruce. Charles Ott , O. R Bcebn , Harry
Swan , C. S. Likm , M B. Balch , Alfred
Smith , Thomas llatioun.
W T Hozan , G E. Ackerman , M L Curl ,
George E Nics , J F Goucher. Frank W.
\\BIUO , W. R Gober , August Klahor , B E
Scrjpgs , Jicob Rothvvoiler , M A Hend , R.
E Gillum , U S Beobe , Ellas D. Whitlock ,
M K , Foster , J M Carter. Charles Iwert ,
John P. arson , Eail Cranston , H Kasinus , A.
W. Atkinson , William H. Coffev , L M
Mann , W H Shier , E J. Eiselo. A. F.
Chose , J H Keycs , D W Hav s , T B. Col
lins B. Dillworlb , M. J Plumb , John E
Williams , R E 'ihorapson , E Gebhaitt , A
J Bruuor , I. N Sanders , W. A Smith. John
A Ward , T. ( J Me } ars , WilliamBurt , Julius
Sopor , G T Dcarbom , A Boremg , E W. S.
Hammond , J. M , Case , P. Laudrr ,
J B Lapha-n , C. A. Gamboa ,
Georee S HicUe } , G H Bndgmitn. Simon
L Jones , T A Cauady. Franc-is A Higtjins ,
Samuel P Hammond , G S Chadbourno , S
O Benton , J. M Duirell , Geoice B. W iptit ,
C C McCabe , J O. Peck. R Baxter Me
Rorv , J. A Hav is , T B Shonherd , J G
Bauci , E W Parkei , A W Limporl , J B
Maxfleld. .1 Mitchell , Adopth DullUS 15
Town , WilmotWnltUeld , M M. btalz. Al
fred Anderson , A Olsen , .1. H .lohuson ,
John C Ai buckle , S. \\ilson.J H Har
rls , F. H Woodiing , P. J Ma sov , John M
Caldwcll , Jamea Armstrong William Jone-s ,
Charles Heidel , C. O Fisher. E
J. Saw } or , James A. Sargoant , E W
Caswoll , G. Dosdalo , J. D Gillbain
J. E Robinson , Hugh McBiinoy. Thomas S
Hodgson , Cuil A Jonsson , T W Johnson
EdwaidLoe , W 11 Hughes , T. E Fleming ,
J E Eokles , J O Shcrburn. G P. Moore ,
H A Carroll , J G Lust. O. R. Beebo , B .1
Henry , William P. Hihelbaffei , G. W. Case
W L S Murray , H. W. Bosworth , A. J
Van Cleft.
rieeiliiu'ii's and Soiithein K < lucitlon :
F C Freeman , G E. AcKerman , M. L
Curl , George E Nles , S. S. Henklo , Franl
W. Wnino. C V Anthony , August Idaho ,
A W McKinnov , Honiv J Liobhatt , B. F.
Tallmin , R E Gillum , E J , Hermans , Lero <
A Beit , B B Hamlln. J. M Car
tcr , Charles Iwert , N. W Wilson , b
W Thornton , G. M Booth , E T L.nnglev
John E Gunby , W. U Hamsev , Jesse Kit
patrlck. E J Eiselo , E M TlboitU. W. H
Slider , D. W Hnvs , W P Bignell , B. Dill
worth , N J Plumb , b McGnralu , L D
Elllngtor , .1 F Spence , H 1C Huus , J. B
i'oung , J F. Meis , Llngi Mando , Jullui
Gopher , G b Dearborn , A. Shinicle , L M
Hacood , J. M , Cox , J. C. Hartzell , E S
Crosby , C. A Gamuoa , M M. Collcn , C M
Head , J. M. bbumpcrt , J J Benllcv , Join
E Rlchaid. A. F Coon. William H. Mur
ph } , W. It Clark , R. S Douglass. S C
Kceler , James Moore , J M King. Josopl
Pullman , C. U Grandebon , J A. Ilovis , Got
don Moore. W F Fink , W. H. Daniels
James O'Brien , J.v. . Shank , A. M
Mattisou , Henry A. SoUer , Olive
Gaid , W Ilmot Whitfleld , M M
Stalz , J. H. Lindgren , O Olsen
P O. Magnuse-n. J. W. Dillon. J O Booth
William Twindolls , A L. Pott } , D T Dom
ing , Lewis Curls James Aunstroug , U W
Huphe.v , J. L J Baith , W P. Thullold , L
M Dnntou , Knoch H Wood , P M Green
H Wollraan. J D Gllltlm. J E Robinson
H W Cunffoe , T ft > Hoi's&on , Atipus
Flink , C B. Wilson. W H. Loh-an , J. H
Guild , b W. Heald. Wairen MucDonnld , li
L Biuce , W T bchoole } , livinG Polio , C
Fnck , U. L Robinson , Ifurv bwann , Lorci
L Stewart , J W. I'asci , H H Adams , J. 1 !
Croltjhton , Thomas Harroun.
W T. Hopan , G. E Aciserrain. M .1.
Curl , David Gav , John Lanabau , Frank W
t Wuino , T. Baxter White. C. V Anthony , t
H Aftlerbuch , A vN McKmnoy , Henr } J
Liebhurt , C. O McCulloch. H E Gillum I.
C t > uoal , Leiov A. Belt , M K rosier , J. M
Carter , Charles Hodle-i , A U Leonard , Eai
Cranston , G M Booth , A W AdUlnson , W
. . .
* .4f tt v > ' n.WtlUIUl * Ut * * * J | JUt. | WW A i
1C. HlDSs , ta H Whitloci , William R HH
Stead , T. J. Mecrs , William Uuit. Jullu
boper , G. b Daarborn. A Borelng. E , W. " ;
J S. Voumans , R. A Howard , T B Colllu
A. H. Jones. N J Plumb , S Hunt , H , 1
Thompson , W. A Galbratth , J. N. bander
J. C. Vandowutcr. M Simpson , J , B. Youni
LulplMatdo , Julius Souor b E Penoletoi
J S. Jones , J M Peici * , W. R. H. Duncii
HauiuioDd.U H. Duncan , J U. Har
zcll. J B Lap'iam , A. Cabrera Jivmes
H Potts. J r Cbaffee , James M Hurapert.
O S Mldd'eton. ' John E. Hlckards. C F.
CrclRhton. Henrv A Buttz , William IL
Clark , b O Benton , b C Kceler , Thomas
Hanloti. James M King , J W Buckley , C.
U. Grandlson , .1 A Hovls , D T Pierce , J.
O Bauer , 11 Monsell. A. E , Mohin , J B
Maxfiold , J W Mendenhall , Adolph Dulltz ,
L J. Sm th , O W Pratt , W H bv\eet ,
Alfred Annerson , A Olesen , J H Johnson ,
David H Moore , S P. Wilson , T. B NVolv ,
C. W Smith , A J Hanson , Frank M.
Bristol , E B fiayder O. M. Stewart , Will
iam Koencke , C. b Fisher , Joshua E Wil
son , John B D.John , P. F. Breezer , H Well-
man , P. H Clark , J. E. Hobinson , Hugh
McBlrnoy , Jnraes C Hall , K A. Jansen ,
H. J Breltor. C. B. Wilson , I B Scott , John
H. Coloman. J. O. Mapea , J C Eccles , R L
Bruce , (3. P. Moore , Uonji-nln Brown , J G.
Leht , C. A Mastln , Harry bwunnV. . G
HiheldofTer , George \V. Case. W. L. S.
Murray , W. P. Stowc , Manloy S. Hard.
Temporal Kcoim.ii } .
F C. Freeman , J H. McClosky , W. J.
Wilson , George E Ntes. S s > Houklo , FiauU
W Worne , T Uaxtcr White , C B. Perkins ,
C H Afllarbach , 7. E Scruggs , Gottlieb
J Golden , T. J. Hobinson , R E Gillum ,
George A. Gurnsoy , A O Williams. N K
Foster , C H. Mavnaid , G A. beofelu , Janies
N. Ga-nblc , H J. DzLonp , J. P barcent ,
D W Dipcs , I rod Nichols , L M Shaw , G.
W. Hobinson , Ed J Eisolo. N P C Withers ,
P Luudry. b. S Crosby , A Cabrcr-i , H E
Staples , H R. Brill. James M Shtuupcrt , S.
H Prathcr , F. A Rigcln , A F. Coon , L E
Hitchcock , H b Dauplass. Cbarlra H Hail
well , Edmund Hewitt , William M Nelson ,
E J Hill , H. Baxtei , M Hary , J A Hovl ,
W H Filch , W F. Fmkc. H Mansoll , Nor
man BecUev , J. B Maxlield , M M Hester ,
Adolph Dulltz , W M Kendall , Eurcnc Secor ,
E W Voorhos , J H Lindcron. 1C Androos-
jen , P. O Mogusen , John H libblos , S. P.
Wilson , John Field. J W Miles , F S Wil
liams , B F. bhcots , E B Snvder , O M.
Stow nit , H H Jacoby , T A Fortson , E J.
Sw.ver , Will F Stevens , P M. Gioen , H.
Wellmann , M A Smith , W B Wright.
Edwin W. Cunningham , James T Hnnna ,
Augusl Fllnk , J W Johnson , H D. Pern-
bet ion , C D Hammond , Calvin Yoian , P
E Tubbs , W. P. Dilllnphnm , W. T.
Scboolev , II A Carroll , C Fnck , C. A
Mistln. Henrv Swan , Louu A. Martin ,
James Spouslov , H McMillen , Joseph Pyle ,
Marcus W Scott
Chureh K\leii8lon.
F. C. Freeman , J. H McClosky , W J Ncl-
on , GeoipeE Nols.James E Ingram Frank
.V . Wane. 1 W Matnov , E. W Plavtod.
August Klahn. B E Sciupps , Gottlelb J.
Jolder , John M Arbuciclc , C O McCulloch ,
salati H Henderson , Robert L Shelter , C
1. Mavnaid G A. ieefeld , Thomas H
'cancc , Eiil Cranston , G M Booth , C B
: iark , J H U bite , L M. Shaw. A R Birt-
ott , Ed J. Elsele. G G. Wmslow , b J.
Williams , R A. Howard. A. WhoMer , B
Dilhvorth , N J. Plumb , G Chapman Jones ,
TJ ; F. Thompson , W A. Galbraitb. I N.
iaundcis , W H. Musgro.o , John H.
iCotchum , M. Simpson , Luigl Mindo ,
lulius Sopor , D C Isowcorab A S. Hinltlo ,
j M liagood , J. M. CoJ F. Patty , E S
2iosby , , C A Gamboa , L Mastei , H
3eemer , A D. Pane , S H Pralher , F A.
Jigcnus , D II Lowrie. J W Hamilton , E
Terrell , J M Emoiv , E W Hewitt , A J.
Palmer , G H Mams , R P MeR-ir } , F J.
Young , W U Fitch , W J Finke , E W.
arker , J. O'Buen , A. J Anderson. G A.
lup.hos , H A Solzer. b B. Town , E Secor ,
I C. Postlowuite , A. Andetson , A Olsen ,
J H Johnson. J C Jackson , J O Booth , T.
B Noel } , J. W. Miles , D T Denny , F , M.
Bristol , J. Armsttong , M. (5 McGregor , C
Heidel , I. G Greenwood , L M. Dunton , W
F Fieidlev. " P F. Brezcr. D. Dosdoll , F M.
Vnndteese" W B. Wngbt , C. H. Rice , II.
White , A. Fllnk , J. W. Johnson , E Leo , G
A. Barrett , A J K\nett , 1' E Tubbs , J. O
Sherbuin , W. T. tachooly , B Brown , J. S
Kleinschmldt , C A. Mastin , B J Henry , L
A. Mnrlin , M. B. Balch , A. Smilh , W. P.
Slowc , I. H. Dale.
S F. Uphnvn , F. D Blakesleo , J. U. Dur-
rell , T. Hanlon , A Coons , C S. Wing , R B.
Mcllay , P J Younr , C .1. Little , W F.
Finke. H. Mnuscll , B A Kemp , A J. Ander
son.V. . 1' Whitlock. A. Dulltz , H. A.
Gobin , W. Whittlold , W. H Sweet , J. R
Liudgien , * K. Andreason , P. O. Magnuson ,
F S Coultrap , M. C Wiie , b W Thomas ,
C W smiith , T J Massey , H B Ridgeway ,
W. L. Hagan. G. E Ackcimac , M b. t url ,
David Gav , W.S Edwnids , F W Warne ,
T W. Matnov. J. N. Beaid. C. Holier
bach A W McKinney , J. F Schaal , J G.
Evans , R. E Gllum , A. B Blodgctt , A C
Barnes , E J. Gray , J. M. Cartel , Chailes
Hedler. C. H. Payne , John Evans.
H. J. Co/mo , C. B. Clark , Fred
Mchols , W. S Hooker , E R Fibkc ,
J. George Abele , A. I1 Chase , Lewis Miller ,
E B bnyder , G W Iluqhov , William
Kooneke , T A t'ortson , M H Gasavvav , J
P D St. John , \V. b. Matthew , H. Well-
man , A G Jep-on , W B. Wright , D b
Elliott , T. C Thobuin , J. P Lar-on , C. H.
\\ilson.ll B Pcrabsiton , C F Dantoa , J
H Hbao , J Williams , W P Dillingham. G
P Moore , J H Guffln , C Oil , J W
Dryncu , H Swann , L H Gordan , b. S
Benedict , A E budloj , G \ \ Gallagher ,
L L Sprague , H A iloward , J T. Edwards ,
A H Jones , A. J. Plumb , b. E Bills , R. F.
Thompson , A J Bruner , H 1C Hmcs. H
C. DeMotto , N T DoPauw , C. S Stafford ,
Buitri Mando , Y Ninsmiyn , J W.ldcrman ,
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, S L Jonc . O S Middlctcu , J L
Oonventions Now in Scssioa in Tire States
of tbe Union ,
DclrRntr * Mitt Ho Instructed Tnr liar-
rlson Trcmhlo llrenlng Among
Mlclilctu Democrats ( ) \er Sit *
cr Wlscomln Itoiirbons.
: p. 111. . May 4 , Ai n Isto hour
tonight tlie committee on resolutions , by a
vote of IS to 0 , decided to ndd a resolution to
the platform endorsing in the warmest terms
the administration of President Harrison nnd
instructing the state jldlegntlon to vote ns a
unit for his rcnomlaatlon at tbo nitlonal
The largest convention lu the history of
Illinois assembled this afternoon. The hall of
the house of representatives was entirely In
adequate for the accommodation of the per
sons In attendance. Every seat on the Hoer
and all the available standing room was oc
cupied , jet the dulx > accrcdlted delegates
were utioblo to secure places
Governor i ifer still hblds easy lead for re-
nominniton 1 ho friends of Lloutennnt Gov-
01 nor Hay were somsvvhat anxious this
morning ov or olToi is In certain quarters to
bootn 11 H. Stasson , ft Gorman Lutheran ,
for the lieutenant governorship , ns it ap
appeared that Stassca could cot defeat
Pavey foruuuitor , andU was deo'ced neces
sary to have a Gorman Lutheran on the
ticket. Hay himself , however , was quito
confident of ronomlnotion. For socrotar.v , I
N. Patson , the present incumbent , bad no
opposition Heits lo v" some ground for the
tieasureishlp owing to the failure of certain
tiadcs sought to bo effected } cstcrdav , and
ino pledge of his competitor , Mark Bassott
of Puoria , not to take interest on public
funds now being used with effect nealnst
nm , ns Hettz w as slloi.l on that point. The
gut fet the attorney iF cralshlp is close bo-
ween Geor.ro Prince of Galesburg and J. M.
'rultt of Hillsboro. , Ueorpo S Willetts of
Chicago , Senator Charles Fuller of Belvl-
cie , General John | Hlnnker , Cicero Dale
-indie } of Bond , ox-prcsidentof the Farmers
ilutual Benefit association , and youus
{ ichard Yalcs of Jacksonville are manlnea
ivelv candidacy for oongressman-at-laigo.
heio is liable to bo SDroo tiouble , when tbu >
art of the ticket is teichod
The conpicBbional district conventions this
morning selected the members of the state
leuttal committco.
Kcnmilv.5 lij tlicTcnj > oriry Clintrmnn.
Shortly after 2 o'clock the convention was
: allod to order by-Hrm. JV M Jones , chair
man of the state central committee whoin-
loduced Cougiessman A. J Hopkins of Aa-
era as temporary cbilrman Hopkins was
> leas.antl.v received by the convention
Having thanked tUs delegate * for his oloc-
ion as chairman , and alluded in eulogistic
orms to thu part which the state bas played
n the gloat political contests of the countiy ,
10 incidentally rofcrrod to the nomination of
Altpeld for governorjy ) Iho demociatic con-
enlion. Not content with denouncing the
republican p..rty for its great woik in maln-
aiuing the unity of the states and tha finan
cial bonds of the couutrv , tno convention
vent ono step further initsbraren cflrontcr }
and took issue with I'rovidenco by placing
n nomination for govjmor a man who had
to furnish the delegates assembled with his
autobiography , so that , they might u = suio the
lemocrats of thostatu on their return to their
several homes that t\ic unknown man was
eligible to the oflles o which his barrel
aspired. v -v '
Dealing with tiLi ! > ' ' ' - naLiissues , . of the
campaign , ho declared they would be largely
a repetition of those of ISsb The republican
pirty was irrevocably commuted to u policy
) f protection of the industrial , manufactur
np and labeling classes of the country , and
amended to that thev would hive the ques-
.lon of maintaining the financial integiny of
, bo countrv , and insisting that the stumn of
.ho government upon the com of tbo country
shall be maintained In all its integiit } nnd
that ever } dollar of white metal which has
he stamp of the government upon it shall bo
the equivalent of 10J cents In the coin of any
ountry wi'h w bleb we htvo commercial jo-
1 out htil on the T.irrlll.
Touching upon the tariff question bo
quoted f torn vauous sourceto support bis
assertion that efery lover of hu countr }
should give his endorsement to protection.
The speaker compa'icd the condition of
Philadelphia with that of Leeds , England , in
couthmalion of his denunciation of fiee
trade principles. Id Leeds , with a popula
tion of J-'O.OIW , not ono laborer or mechanic
owned his home , In Philadelphia 170.UOJ
liomes wereowueu nnd occupied bv working
people. Out of the population of the United
states , over .000,0 )0 ) they had enl } 7t,04. >
public paupeis Engjand , with her HT.OOii.OUO ,
bad 1)74,411 ) public ipaupeis , demonstrating
what ho described.as the blessings of the
McKinlev bill Ho jstated that theio was no
article on the dutiable list w hich could not
today be purehasecj ( is cheunlv in the mar
kets as before tbe passaeo of the act , and
with the gioat mass of dutiable articles they
came to tbo consumer much cheaper than
before the onactmenf of the measure. Not
only this , but It hjid mot thu democratic
charge thatnptotecKVO tariff interfered with
foreign commerce , rfor foreign commerce
showed an Increase in the llrsttvvelve months
of more than flOJ,00uua. Ithad established
reciptoc il relations with many of the booth
Ametlcan states and had forced German v to
open her ports to tbo products of Iho Ameri
can farmer. I
Ho denounced as eDsbonest and fraudulent
the molaods lOsorteJ to by the domociatlo
party Noufithstatfdlng tha abuse of the
Mclvinlov net vvhenj tnu democratic house
was organised in December , the great apostle
of free traao , Mr , ' Mills of Texas , was
stricken down in tha noise of bis friends at
Iho behest of the New York Tammany
tiger , and instead of regarding the MclCin-
le } bill us straightforward men , tha loaders
In the puitv had organized a sot 01 distinct
and separata .neasures and by those bud ht-
templod to fool the people ,
l'ie 'Iimln Propositions llvnoiiiieeil.
The proposal toput wool on tbo free list
was no\t denounced as something which
would strike down -iOJJ.OJJ fiumera inter
ested in the wool trudo bv compelling them
lo put their product m competition with thu
cheap wools of South Ametica and Aus
tralia , u competition which incs \ than live
years would destroy the Industry in thi'
country In tha same measure the farmer. :
were required U ) payJIO per cent upon the
cloth manufactured , from these woaU , a fat
illustrative of dumbcratio inconsistency
Tbo bill relating to tuo cotton ties bo uo
clurcd to bo one of thu most anomalous piece ;
of legislation ever presented to a legislative
bed } mid to buvo been promoted lu the In
terest of a fovv cotton , planters of tbo south
Finally Mr Hopknjs predlcloa a woonine
republican victory , spoke of tbo diplomatic
genius of Blaine , acd , declared tnat whoevoi
was named at Minneapolis would bo the nox
piesidont of thu nstlqa.
Cbaiimau Hopklusjpoech was loudly op
pioudcd at ftequu.1. intervals , particular
when ho alluded lu ( ? o\ornor Fifer , PICSI
dent Harrison aud becroian Biuine Whei
ho eulogi/od the adinlnistiaiion of Hanlsot
and Blaluo the friends of tboco two loader
manifested tbo wildest enthusiasm Blaln
como in for the lion's share of the ova
tlon and hats , coats and umbrellas won
trovvu into the air as the delegates .veiled re
peatedlys "What's Iho matter with BlatueC
Knlluilhutli ) I'oilllnliip. .
WUPn tbo chairman predicted that tb.
candidate nomluittod at Minneapolis vvoult
be elected , tnete were loud C-ITJS of "and ul
T'K fs so w nuen iaihe bonk of fate , " sail
the chairman , qontlnulup his spofch ; bu
the delegates Interpreted it at meaning at
endorsement of their augge tloa of Blalno1
nomination , and again that popular loade
was loudly cheered.
At the conclusion of his speech Chalima
Hopkins road a telegram ju t receive. ! froi
SenatorCullom , In which the senator ai
the roople of the nation will continue the n
publican party in power in all tea uranchc
of the government , nnd nnko sure nnd per
manent the cause of a free ballot , honeit
money , n protective tariff system and nn on-
ercctlo ndmlnlstrntlon of local and foreign
affairs. At the same tlmo tbo people of Illi
nois will pivo to the republicans a victory ,
both for the state and national ticket ns
glorious ns that won bv ttiotn In ISSb. "I
trust,1' concluded the senator , "that the con
vention will bo wise in reflecting the wishes
nnd view sot the partv In all that muy bo
done. "
The remaiolnp temporary officers wcro
then selected ns tollovvs J D Puterbiuph
ot Peoria , socretar } , W L Eaton of Wlnno-
bngo nnd G W Harper of Craw ford , assist
ant secretaries
Various committees were selected and It
was decided to infer ill resolutions nnd com
munications nffoctinp the platform to the
committee without reading A Inreo num
ber of thorn were referred A resolution
was then adopted for an adjournment until
10 o'clock tomorrow and tno session ended.
Committee Al .tlnp.
The committee on permanent organisation
this evening agreed to maUo the temporary
orpanl/ntion permanent
As soon as the committee wont Into session
this afternoon .I , A Crawford , piesnlont of
the United Mine Workers of America , was
given n honrlup. Ho urpod a plnnic favoring
the abolition of the truck store sj btom ,
weights nnd meiisutes and cash pnraotit of
wages each week.
Seveial other arguments on different
poluta wore heard Jesse Baldwin of Chicago
cage presented resolutions urplnp tbo ndop-
tlon of a plank lor n law compelling the
fctnto treasurer to turn over nil interest on
funds , niso that nominee of the present con
vention be nominated with the ex pi ess un
dcrstanding that ho agiee to tins pioposition.
Then the vexed compulsory education
question came up Lcnethv arpumcnti for
Its repeal nnd for an amendment of the
present Invv were hoard , and icsolations
ndopted by the state camp of llliuois of the
Patriotic Order ol Sons of America opposing
any attempt to tepo.il the law wore spread
before the committee.
The committee w cut Into c\crutlv o session
About half of the members expressed them
selves on the question. All these favoted n
repeal ot the IHW , and most of .them favored
the to cnactiucnt of a law which will embody
the eoifipulsorv principle , but nt the same
time protect public nnd prlv ate schools from
Interfererca by local authorities Fmallv ,
by a vole of is to 'J , it was decided to favor
the rope il of the piescnt law nnd declare lu
favor 01 the enactment of a new law provid
ing for compulsion , but pioteclinp parents
and private nnd parochial schools from
unnecessar } official interference It shall
embody the principles of compulsory educa
tion in English
I ) < It Uo , .uid Mtcrnnli > < M U cleil
The committee to select dolopntes and al-
ternates-at-l&rpo to the national convention
and presidential elcctois-at-larcongieedupon
Iho following names Delegates Senator
Cullom , ox-Govetnor Oglesby , evCongress-
man Cannon , Joseph Hobbms of Quincy , and
James R Gilbert , Sam B Raymond , George
B. Swift and Miles Kehoe of Chicago Al
ternates Thomas Vrrnon , S F Wblttmn ,
B O Jones , R M Skinner , William Kent ,
Niels Juul aud E B. Gould
Electovo-at Lirgo J. W E Thomas. Chicago
cage , William Garrett , Joliet , W. C. ICuef-
ucr , Bollville , the fourth man to bo selected
by Iho Cook county mombeis tomoirow. The
session of the committco wus a long aud
belted one.
The colored men demanded that ono of
their number bo placed among the delegates ,
but the co'mmitteo finally compromised by
making Thomas an clector-at large. Some
of the colored men are dissatlsued with this.
George Hill uf Bloominpton says tbat the
cjlorod people are not getting'tho recogni
tion they should have.
cnii.uii ) rou GICOVUK.
The Man of Dcstinj in It Deep Vp in
Wls. , May 4 A wild choei
for Grovcr Cleveland wont up before the
demociatic state convention \Visconsir
bad been in session si\ty seconds. It was ai
the beginning of the speech of Tempoiarj
Chairman KobeitLeos in opening the con
vention. So enthusiastic vveio the delegate ;
and so anxious to inaugurate a Clcvulanc
boom that the custom of piofacmp tbo pio-
cccdincs with a prayer was overlooked.
It vvns a biilliaut scene in the Pabstopere
boubo when the hundreds of delegates unc
spcctatois met under mvriads ot incanuo
sc.-nt lichts and the led , while and blue
stieamers tnat formed the bulk of tbo deco
rations The speech of Chan man Lee was
waimlv received and evciy reference tc
Cleveland seemed to touch ofl nn earthquake
ol cheering
T injiiir irj Chairman Let's Speech.
Tempoiarv Chairman Lses on assuming
the gavel , suid "ft is psihaps not too much
to sa } that no demociatic convention was
over 'held in \ \ isconsm that had moro serious
duties to pei form than the o devolving on
.vou. nor one whoso actions were moro closelv
cnticised than } outs aia to be Tueruloto ,
upon n Just and'foaile5perfornnnco of those
duties depend not out } the vvclfatc of the
pan ? but also in a gioat measuio the hnppi
ness and prosperitv of the people You , ii"
representatives of vVisconsiu uemocracx , be
llevo in the truth of democ-racx as onuneiatei
by . 'eiTorion. piacticed by Jarkson , ex
pounacd by Tilden , illustrated bv the act !
and public services ol tbo last but uin
means tbo least of a long line ol
eminent statesmen whom the demo
ciatic nartv has lownrded with tin
presidency Grover Clov eland. You will pro
ceed in no unceitam manner to lealltrm voui
faith i.i the principles of self government
the bed rock of democrae-v. Had Hamiltoi
lived he would have iound lov.il followers U
the Hoards , Houblus , Teliters and Ifaymcii
of this state , nnd would have icjolccd to lea ;
them in their attack on personal liberty u
support of the Bennett law. un act ns need
loss'and intolerant as unjust and arbitrary
'Tno conflict , " he continued , "which origin
a ted with Jelfoison and Hamilton , ropiescnt
ing progi ess and freedom on tbe one side , am
rctrogiussion and ficmtudo on the other
continues lo this day. It is neodlesb to asl
which side is juitand in the cud will prevail
fodoialism , disguised not concealet ) , b.v tin
euphonious term 'republicanism , ' or Its onpos
He , 'dumocintv. ' "
1 he speaker then turnrd his attention t
the billion-dollir congress and the rcpuli
lican taiiff Ho aeolaiod tbe tantf ta :
sboula bo icducod to the lowest possibli
limit Ho declared that the icpublican party
oorruptbi lone continuance in poiver , wouli
lesort to force , fraud or tieachery to main
tain itselt In power Its standard of leaaor
shin had fallen gradual ! } fiom Garrison
Lincoln , Suwnul and Chiso until it icsu It
nope on ( JunjVi.naniakcr , Kood and Har
rison. Cnaiimai Lees dopiecated the ten
duncy In the icpublicau party to paternalist
and the interfetoncfl of the. national govern
ment with tha rights of states Coutluum ,
ho said
"Should the bilvcr men ever got the !
views adopted by tno people of Iho Unlic
Slaters , no reaionablo man car. doubt our ex
penenco would bo n repetition of tbo comnio
experience of all nations which have at
tempted to crcato value by virtue ol laws
1 trust your jesolutions on this bubjoctwi ;
have no' equivocal rnoamnt ; nnd will bel
place the demonacv of this state in th
vanguard , not only for honest money , bu
honest measures , honest government , nn
for tbathopo and pride of holiest democrat !
Grover Cleveland "
Lees closed his remarks vvltb a compll
mcntary allusion to Go vet nor Pock and u
apology for the late perrvmandcring of th
state , claiming the domociats inerelv fo
lowed the example of tncir repuulica
Som oftlio I'latlorm.
Tbo platform begins b.v declaring allcgianc
to tbo fundamental principles of the detni
ciatic luith It believes that In tbe patriotic
and wlsuotn of tbo whole people 01
bts the best guarantee of good go ;
ornment , declares that a public trust :
for public vveltaro , not for thoprivato boupf
of the Incumbent or his political party , tnt
unnecessary taxation U unjust , thorcfoi
there should bei no tariff taxation except fc
revanuo ; denounces the Infamous lejfUlallc
of the last republican oonprets , Jncreokln
the burden of taxation 10 enhance the boui
ties of a fuvored few i opposea sumptuui
laws as unncoestary and an unjust interfe
enco wnb individual liberty
Od the caiienc } question the plutfor
= .
IIVilHirr for Om t7 l in' t ( ( /
/ > > > fii. ) > i n , ? fiiiniin ; f" Jnoir.
t * Strike u tlii l * * > lt.
Urportx from stnte 1'olHt' tjgoiiM inlon .
* CliUt Mtuileritl.
Speed Itlni ; nnd ltu i' Hull N < |
Oeneril I'lilltleil News Contltt ]
st Confereme Cnntlnueil ,
Council lllufT * 1.01 ill Nru ,
IMItorlil Mutter mill Ciiinment.
innki CongrcsimH'ii NeRlertliii ; Their
Dut ) .
Keeping Out the Clilnenc ( IcnctalVu lt-
Ingtiin .Ncu .
.Ittle 'Mime } In the Work.
Nchrasliu stiitc News ,
( iraln , Alone } , Provision nnd 1.1 MI Murk
Markets ,
Omilii l.oinl New * .
HUM Clinrle } qiiires rooli-il the Coiltii II ,
loua I'eoplo I'c.-ir 11 I lood.
Aildr < f < ol tlu < MetluidUt lllshoiH to the
Cuiili lenrt.
Urlde lit SLelitnii Ciiiup.
Month of Ma } on the I'll in ,
Itoth Allies of the Kiihtlir Onrstloa.
( ooil Itepnlillcin Dodilnc.
"Wo maintain that the true Intetcsts
of the people demand sound , honest , Mablo
mone } , composed or based on nnd redeem
able in gold nnd silver coin of equal intrinsic
\aluo. wo theioforo oppose the project of tuo
unlimited coinngo ot silver dollars of loss
commercial value than gold doli&ts as un-
democintlc , dishonest and specially hurtful
to farmers and the laboilng classes , the first
aud most defenseless victims of unstnblo
mouev uud a fluctuating curicncvVo denounce
nounco republican legislation on this sub
ject , more piiticulaily the fc > Ueimnn act of
1SOJ , as a cowardly makeshift , an inexcusable
vvisto ofnatlonal resources m tbo putchaso
and stnrairc of tons ot bullion pat 3ay and us
n menace to the maintenance of n sound and
stable euiioncv , wo demand the lepcal of
tnat act.Vo heartilv cotnmoi d the action
of these democratic repicseiitatucs In con
gress from this state who have opposed a'
measures foi silvei comacoon a false basis "
Continuing , the platform condemns the ox-
travagancoof the Hanison administration ,
which not only squandeitd the rev"uuo but
the magnificent surplus accumulated bv the
cconoirv of the preceding democratic admin-
Opposed lo Compiilsnr } IZdiu atlon.
On the educational Question tbo platform
sajs "Wo are opposed to tate interference
and the rights of conscience in the education
of children as an infiingcment of tbo fuuda
mental democratic doctrine of the largest in
dividual liberty consistent with the rights of
othots to insure tnebighcsttv pa of American
clti/ens nnd tbo best goveinment' '
The plntfoun ondotse the p'esent state
administration nnd duccts the dele
gates fiom Wisconsin to the na
tional conventio. . to vote as a unit
on nit subjects and candidates when and as
the majoritj of the delegation miv direct. H
approves the record ot th'j last dcrriociatlc
national administration , admires the "presi
dent whoso ability , honesty and devotion to
public dutv enthroned that administration in
the confidence of all peed citizens. Wo
tlinrcforo desito our delegates at the national
convention to use all honorable means to
nominate for president the man who is in
himself the embodiment and guaianteoof
sound democratic principles Grover Cleve
land "
Which plank received the most appliuso it
would bo nard tosiv , but the declantions as
to the tariff and money and the coimiulsorj
school law wcro behind none of the others in
the bie waves of cheoiinir ,
Before the thunders half ceased that were
emitted at the conclusion of the roadinc. the
acme of Cleveland enthusiasm , Chmrmiu
Lees , who nad been made the peimancnt
jiresident , was on bis feet , calling for n
using vote on the adoption of the platform.
Opposition , if any had been contemplated ,
wus clcAilv out of the question , and no ob
jcction was raised when the chair omitted to
call tbo negative and introduced the next
order , the selection of four delegates at-
larpe to the national convention.
Nominations lor Hi le ; iti i-nt-1. irge ,
"Tunt pladi itor of the v oung democrncy of
Wisconsin , " \v.ib the vvav Senator Yilas v > as
put m nomination for Iho Hist of tbo lout
E C Wall , chairman of the state central
committee , had nn eloquent advocates in
Muyoi P J Somers of Milwaukee
'J he name ot Gcnenil K h Biagc , "the
comtnandor of the Old Iroi brigade1 , " its ho
was affectionately lofoned to , uioughlout
un apn.tlling yell trom an old vcteian In the
gallei } which was taken up uythoentlir
A hot light for fourth plica among the
dclogates-at-latgo was pteeipitatcd who
John A. Knight , a manufactuiei at Aslnan. ,
and 'Iheodoro Kerf ton , a piominont ( lOrman-
Amcrican from Chilton , Genetal Biagg's dls-
tiict , were both put forward. To complicale
matters , motions lo olrct Vila * and Bracg bv
ncclamalion wcro lushed ihrough , loiving
Wall to tnlto bis chances in a ballot with
Keiiton and IvnU'hl
Colonel Vilas quicl.lv naw that bad blool
was arising and asked that his election bv
accl.imntio-i be icconsidoied. n couiso which
was Jo'lowcd ' bv General Bragir After an
ugly wrancle this was done
Ballotting resulted In Iho defeat of Kcra-
ten , nn outcome which was picotod with
hisses. The vote stood as followsVllas ,
ajii , Bragg , 315 , Wall , y > , Knight , 1'Jj ,
Kerston , 1M ) .
An attempt to mollify Kersten's friends by
inaUiiii ; him ono of the fo ir nlternute-s-at-
largo was met by a quiet \Mthdiawal cf hi-
namc , but this as not acce-ptod , and the :
convention insisted on tnaklnc Kcrstcn the
first alternate at laigo , and emphasised tbe
honor b } civing a ununimous viva vocu vuto ,
Itr.iHoiio lor J'uo NominalIOIIN.
A significant episode now followed. Sena
to.1 Vilas tooit the Hoer and nominated Gus.
lavVnolaejcr of Milwaukee to hold
the list of democratic presidential
electors in Wiicoiibin. "Mr Woolaeger. "
bald the silver-voiced senator In his
most eloquent manner , "stands toj it portion
of the democratic party for whom wo oughl
to foil all the conbidoiation duo to meu ulu
vote and llsht on principle-tho straight
foivvurd , Bincere German * of \ \ i ronf > in , am
] am desiinus. indnod , that thev bo recog
nized as thov deserve Nationality as F.C !
is not lung to as creed as such is nothing tc
us , but 1 urge the recognition proper to a dis
tinct element of the pat tv end ask that v 01
name Hist for elcctor-at larce ono who Is i
loprosontutiva Gorman , a lepiesentatUi
democrat nnd a representative American ol
the bi/hosl l > po "
Mr Viias mentioned Incldontlv that Mr
Woolaeger was in charge of exactly l.OOCi in
Biiraneo aifontsnt wolk in Wisconsin.
Oonsideiablo pleasantly resulted whoi
lloLnrH.l McBride ot NcilUvilio was urgoc
for second olectot at-larce1. "u pquallv as ex
eel lent a pentlemau ns Mroilaegei , bar
ring the fuel that Mr MclJndo la not u Gcr
man , though no doubt existed that for dayi
Mi-Brldo nas regretted not being ono , am
also not bong un insurance agent. "
Both Wooloeperund McBride wcrocleclcc
bv utclatuntion
Mr Woolaej-'f'r is prominent m J.utherai
circles Mi Ixoistcn , the other German
who was. made first alleroatc-al-largo , It
well known Catholic
( iil < > It H I'lc | lirirlUO Mlllllllp.
A plctuieiEQiio vvlndup wus given the con
veution oy an ndaros * from the llcrj littl
Gunuial Brak'g , now uhitu-Uhlred at can be
but Impetuous as ever. Hcferrlng to tb
coining national convention ul C'hicago uu
tbo consideration there of the name of Mi
General Cnsnnns Said to Hnvo Been As
sassinated in His Omnp.
It.iUnp Mulntnlm-il tllmxeUIn the I'niMnj'f
Coiintrj Itir soeriil A\ < < ! ; , itiit
IhotiKht lie Would llo 1'rc-
| mri il lor Sui li mi Invent ,
> 2 t > u Jjmti ( rrtnfo'i llfnnrtt ]
A , Venezuela , ( vinGalvcstmi , Tex * ,
Mny t > . ( By Mexican Cable to the Newr
York Hornld bucclnl to Tun Brr i-Tlio
forces of the limit sent general , Uucrrn , nro
encamped In the tilimplo foi meet bv , 1'uimeo ,
Tcquos nnrt Victoria , north of the last tiiunecl
place. Guorra's position 1 almost on the ill-
icct line between Victoria nud Caracas.
Among the man } uiuorlllod rumors is ono
that Dr Casanns. Pulauo's cuiof , has been
Silica In bts cnmpnt Culilwo.
It la nlleped that u clo70n Inrceis pie-
tended to hiuo deserted Irom the insurgent
army nud asked to bo enrolled under the pov-
ornmont's stnndnid. They \\oro Interviewed
bCn < atias and pictonded to supply infer
nntiou ol the positirn of the rebels Till-
XMIS on April > That sumo night thi > } mur-
ilorcd Casnnns in nls hc.idqunrlcts.
It loons as if thi * infoimatlon was plvoi
out to strike tcrior to Pulncio , who bus
been anxiously \pcrtlnp to hear
sotro fmor.iblo news fiom hU com-
iuandor-in chief Cnsanas is known
to be brave , hut ho Is much hateil In ordi
nniv mattcis he -.luowd and not likelv to
bo caught oU his puaid. llo hns mnintalnod
himsulf for scvci.il wcc-Us in the hunt of the
enetn\ count ! } , pinned bv rebels and has
notjtt boon cnptutod 'Iho mmor of his as
sassination shows at least that his aim } ,
which is not a largo jni > , is still intact
All Ni us Sonic uluiK Colon ( I.
A larpe foicoof insurgents stand between
him and the Oiitsido wo-ld , nnd the iutelli
pence from Calaboso is us much colored to
< uit the cause of the revolutionists as tlm
news that loaves ( . 'aincas in the oidiuary
wais colored to please tboishos of the
Another rumor curient is 'bat 'v. aloncia
has boon captured by Meta and his armj of
blacks. Feais mo ontortaiucd lhat 'b bair.i
is a prisoner. ' 1 bis lepoil is doubtles *
caused bj General Cicsuo's sudden appear
ance so near Vlctona , as detailed ycstoidav.
and the arm nl of Gucua to the north ot
tUot citv. The revolution is surol } approach
inp n crisis. The negro general , Morn who
is near Valencia , and Kodi igues. \ \ ho is hold
inir a position between tno puiirlo and the
north , want to Join the advauco upon C ara-
cas , but thov ha\o boon advised to hold their
ground ana Uoep the federal troops just
w hero thov are. All ether posts hold bv the
KO\ eminent arc unimportant and are gutting
\ory costly to maintain.
Unlit i i on the \ ergo iift'lill Ar. .
LM'V/ , Bolivia , ( via Gnlveston , Tex l ,
Mnv 4 [ Bv Mexican ( able to the Now
York Herald Special to fm Bri I'ho
polincil agitation is Incrcising as the presi
dential election diaws neir Hi Empaicial
of this citv predicts that a revolution is cer
tain to icbult from the bitter strife which
exists between the clericals and liberals.
At Yungas a stieet light has oc
curred between the partisans of these
two factions. The entire icpjolic is
in a state of Intense excitcmout The
cloigv have excommunicated some of the most
prominent , liberal loaders President Aice ,
with some of the members of his cabinet ,
intend to support Buptlsta , the clerical can
didate ) The liberals anil democrats ate
united for Pachcco and Comacho as against
i 1J.I MHO.
Ills Duel Cut Jinn Ai rested 1'nul mil'I
Count iinil tint Color I. Inc.
[ Copj/i / lolitnt l ' 1 l > u 1 1 1 > " ' ' < > ' I > " ll'n i'i > \
Lo\i > oMaj 4 [ Now York Hora'd ' Cahlo
Special to Tun Hn. J The reason why
llnrrv Vane Mlllbank has not returned to
Puns or London from Brussels since the
last duel at Osteuu , is that ho is under ar-
lest in Belgium for dueling , and is out on
patole Ho will piobiblv bo able to secure
a conditional release bciorc Saturday
Bon owe has called several times
nt Tom Ocbiltroo's cmmbcis for tha
put rose of finding out what the gallant
Tax an mL ml wlien ho said he would huvo
something mtciesting to sav ooon , but tuo
colonr-1 has not been ut homo
The Houbo of Lords con mittee in accept
ing William Gi i. as the lighlful heir to Hie ,
caildom of b'amlord liaeicap"d the awful
possibility of the Hottentot earl , b t Las
not succeeded m ciushiug aside tbe dnwaper
countess , who is n lull blooded uegross
1 ho late call ol bta-nlord , who died at
LJDO of Good Hone a > cai ugo , mainou hib
thud and aurxivitu pittnei atnbord ,
South Africa J'ho coal black dowat'er
countcsb of Stamfoid is tbo daughter ol a ,
Hottentot named Solomon , and ilratatti acted
luolmorof the late eml b actiug ni a
ten ant m his household. It was the call's
mulatto son bv tuis woman who sought to
inherit his luthei'b title and beat in the
House of Lords
The dowager countess Is in London under
guidance of the Cane Lawjcr , and It Is
feared t > ho mnv demand to bo presented at
one of tbe dravMng rooma lu'ldin the queen.
Beinir a peer's widow she Is entitled to access
to lojaity , r.nd it would bo interesting to oh
set xo whether tbo queen would follow us
lone established custom and imprint tbo im-
pori'U Isiss upon tlio duskv cuuoU of tha
doixngei , as bho ciocs evciy ladj of the ccci-
jgo who is pi-'sentoJ.
or iiir. viinit n
I'lilim 'Ilu oliigii -iMiiln.il > I
Iriiiu I i < h'klnit li nl ( ( introl.
Nl. YCIIIK , M y 4 [ Special Toiogiam to
TUP Bri. . ] Union Theolon'ical suimnarj lias
cibt tbo uio which will eventually sovei it
from any specific connection with the i'los
byterlan church At the last moating of mo
directors ot the scmUiaiy rtjjomtions wcro
passed r"iUCbtinK tbe general assembly lo
annul the. agreement ontcicd into at thu
fublon of the now nnd old bibool branches at
the Piesbytoriau chun-n
This virtually amounts to cessation for it
is fcaid the ugroeamnt will be annulled ttb far
us t'nion Is cOiicetncdwhether the assembly
is willing-or not It Is staled this morning
that Pietfidcnt Hustings of L'nion had un-
equivocallj dei.iod that the seminar } Lad
withdrawn ( mm the Jurisdiction of thu
iisstniblv Dr. HastingH l-as not
denied that the directors will aslc
to bo released from the agreement
which tins of Into becoino so distasteful to
them , it wa said toda > by a promnioi l
Presbyttiian , who will go to Portland as H
coniinUsionei to the assemblv. tnat 11 was
piobublo that the miuost of Lnion would ba
granted Dr. Bngg > hunst-lf will s'lii bo
liable to tde charso * already made agovnss
iiim , as ho indlMdually is a mcmuer of tha
Presbuoiian church Union homlnary a a
seminary undur oc leblastlcal control , IB
to bo u thing of the past.
Sir iinvlilji Arrli Us.
At Southampton Tra\o.
At BostonPrubsian , from Olaspoxv.
At Morlllo Utbiopiii
At ( ueonttown- Nevada , from N'ow Yorlt.
At Now VorK Dubhlcaani , from Ainstur-
dam. Teutonic , from Liverpool Lahn , from
Breuioa ; Advunio , lioni Kio Janeiro
Afrit mi MiitliiMilbllun C unli r < 'i u.
PirTaiiiriiu , I'a. , , May 4 The nineteenth
jroneral conJereaco of the African Mothodin
/ton church bo au this luoruiiiit and will
fontlnuo threu xvuouk JmportBiit cbaugei
will tie made in ! ! iodUcljiliuo and four bUu
ji > VM.I by olectod.

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