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Another Batch of Torrid Resolutions Bead
at the Council's Meeting.
iilmn tlve Ilpport from llio nnRlnoor on
the Hnlijcct of 1'ulillc Snnltutlnn Mem
ber * Tangled In KcRiiril to Dcnl-
IIIR with n Veto.
The officials of the Union Pacific Railway
company evidently didn't know that the city
council was loaded when It conceived the
Idea of erecting a boiler shop Jlfty-flvo foot
high ocross the foot of Cuss strict and on
the proposed line of the west approach of the
Nebraska Contra ! Hallway company's ' bridge ,
but when they learn of the action taken last
nlpht they may change their minds in some
The buslncts of the council was being
transacted without a hitch until Mr. Munro
introduced this resolution : *
Whereas. The Union I'Hclflc Railroad com
pany hits obtulncd u penult from the Inspector
ot buildings to construct n boiler shop. 80x153
feet on block 3' , lit the northeast corner of
Tenth and Cuss streets at the estimated cost
of 812,000 : n lid
Whereas. It Is represented In the pttullo
press of the city that such holler shop Is to bo
located upon or across one or nmro of the
public slrcuts of the city of Oimilm , and for
the evident purpose of preventing the con-
itriictlon of another urUUu across the Mis
souri river nnd carrying out the project of
the Nebraska Central Hallway company ,
which hns bocn fa\orably consldoiod by the
authorities ot the county of Douglas and ot
the city of Omaha ; and ,
Whoreus , It the scheme contemplated by
the Union I'ncldo Hallway company ot BO con-
itruottng Its bailer shop Is carried out , It will
render nugatory the ontlro action ot the
county and olty authorities and will render
useless the afllt matlvo vote of the people on
the proposition to bo submitted at the special
election to bo hold on Juno 10 ; therefore be It
Itcso'.vcd , Itv the city council of Omaha , the
mayor concurring , that the inspector ot
buildings bo and ho hereby la Instructed to see
that the suld boiler shop 13 located In ac
cordance vlth said permit and not upon the
line of tlia contemplated bridge and railway
tracks of the Nebraska Central Hallway com
pany ; and bo It further
Hcsolvcd , That the city attorney bo and ho
ncruby Is directed and required to tnko such
action , by Injunction proceedings or other
wise , nd limy bo nocoss'iry to prevent the con
struction of such boiler shop except In accord-
unco with sncli penult ,
I.ulcl Over Ono \Vrok.
Mr. Cbaffco urged that the resolution
should bo referred to the committee on
streets and alleys , ana that the city should
not bo hastily plungnd Into a lawsuit.
Mr. Elsastcr ( mill that the resolution
should bo adopted. The city attorney would
not plunge the city Into a law suit without
it was necessary to protect Us rights.
Mr. Edwards wanted the committee to hava
power to act nnd It w us plvcu. The report
will coma back to the council next Tuesday
Mr. Munro again wont after the Union
Pacillo Hallway company with this resolu
tion , which was adopted :
Whorens , The Union 1'ucldo Hallway com
pany now Is and has been collecting money
for rental from tha American Wutur Works
company for the use of giouml on which said
water woiUs comjmnj's pumping station In
the vicinity of the toot of Cass street Is lo
cated ; nnd
Whereas , Such rental properly belongs to
the oltyi therefore bo It
Resolved , That the city attorney bo nnd Is
hereby Instructed to tsUo the necessary stops
to have said money so paid to the Union I'u-
clllu Hallway company for ground rent paid
Into the city treasury ot the eliy of Omaha ,
The now Omaha Thomson-Houston Elec
tric Light company accepted the proposition
of the council and agreed to pluco thirty-
eight additional arc lights at 140 per annum
each to burn on an ull-nlftbt schedule. The
company also agreed to make the same prlco
on the thirty-two arc lights now in use which
arc In addition to the 10J provided for under
tbo original contract.
The city attorney was Instructed to prepare -
pare the necessary contract.
The registers who will sit prior to the
ipecial election to bo hold for the purpose of
voting upon the bond question were ap
pointed and the appointments confirmed.
The fees of the judges and clerks who will
servo nt the special election wcro fixed at $ ( >
fortboontiio tlmo and services , providing
the county commissioners concur aud ngrco
to the prlco.
The tity attorney was instructed to prc-
pure an ordinance defining the duties ot the
commissioner of health.
Omnibus Imi > ro\umcnt Ordinance.
An omnibus ordinance providing for the
Improvement of a number of streets was In
troduced , icad twice nnd referred. This
ordinance catches nil of tbo streets where
contracts for paving were awarded by the
Bourd of Public Works with a lon-yoar
guaranty clause.
City Attorney Connell said that ho hoped
that the suits In wLlch the city was enjoined
from paving Fortieth sheet and other streets
wnnld brt finttlnd.
There woto two ordinances Introduced ,
creating two additional city oQlses. One
ordinance was for the purpose of creating
the ofllco of legal agent at a salary of $75 per
month. Ills duties are to collect
evidence nnd work under the direction
ot the city attorney. The other
now ofllco is that of ofllclal reporter of the
cltv council , with a mlary attachment of
$125 per month. The reporter is to stuv iu
the mayor's ofllco from 9 a. m. until f > p" . m.
of each day. He shall also attend all
meetings of the city council nnd
make a shorthand report of nil
proceedings. As soon as practi
cable ho shall make and furnish
to tbo mayor and each councilman a com
plete abstract of all that has transpired nt
the meeting. Besides this no shall furnlsn
to the mayor and members of the council
coptoa of ordinances and resolutions Intro
. duccd in tuo council.
Jit-ported Upon HUM era.
City Engineer Kosowiitor , upon the subject
of sewers , submitted the following report ,
which was referred :
1 hnvo tbo honor to report that I have made
R ciuotnl Investigation of nil of the iiuustlons
InvoUcil in the suwoi ago problems of tbo city ,
wltn a Uew to dotoimlnu what worn Is neees-
* ' > rynniluiiitciiii to ilono with the proceeds
of M.OUO In bonds sold this your ,
1 li'iU tcarooiy begun bufoio I ( Uncovered
that It wtis necessary to hnvo the ontlro city
Kpi'clnlly hiir > iniil : and mapped Into districts ,
embracing dnilimso iiro.iH nnd then , after
computing the slope of the surfiiro , us well as
Unit of the sewers , to determine the necemary
Hire ot the viulona hewers iilimu'tho line of
their respeetho courts. At the very outset
1 dlbcovcied that the extension of sewers has
In many oases been apparently Uono to meet
temporary dvmunds without tnat consider
ation tluit la utttonlliU to ultimate losults.
The extension of the main bower in North
Umulm from Sixteenth street east
hits Loon carried nut apparently with
out computation and Its present out
look ointiraccH it double muuur. each
conduit of which huBudlnmotor of Hlx feot.
three Inches. This suwur should lm\uleon )
built much higher to mold back wuter
at oidlimry stapes of the river. The capac
ity of thU double bower , under the most fu-
\orihlo clrenmsttincc * . Is only f > 7 p'rcent of
the totter which It purl orts to bo an oxtanblon
of. and during average high water It has con-
idcrubly less than half of th.it cupuuity.
The rvHtilt of thin construction Is retardation
uiul Illicit wtitor oxtunds fur Into the tinner
end , I llnd fruiiuunt similar rctiiltb In sec
tions of other cxii'iislunt. .
Inlijw of this , buforo proceeding any
further i deemed It necessary theiofnru to
mni > out the huwur bybtom of tliu city on a
\t > ry tiirgu bcalu < I&M ) feet ) and compute the
anujcltyof o\cry se er. Its voiutruetlun and
Us tributary territory ,
I.ujlni ; rimm fur the future.
With this accomplished , I then made a btudy
of the ultlmiilo uvnmiuU for the entire ureu ,
mid In doing to have made u special study to
uttllioluitliiisLoon dune. bO m to develop
the most vconomlu rtuiiItH , The urea of
Uiuaha liiMjiicrauMHl from eight ana uhalf to
twenty-four and n nnlf t < iimro miles slnoo thu
tirlglnul piuiih huvu ccun inn da Thomllcauo
of btrouu has inoroiisuii from IOJ to lOO miles
11 nd the pupulntlon fromr : ox ) to 1W.C01 , Ont-
bldo of thu possibilities of annexing South
Omaha , It Id Improbable H * the municipal
uirpornto limits will lu Incruascd nsiilu
wlililn tttunlj-Uvu yearn , If then. The iiruu
lit Omuliti and booth Omaha already cover *
i ur Id pei cunt tuoto ground thuu thu olty of
fnrls with n population of only 8 per cent of
that city.
In prcpnrlnz plans for future work It Is
enfo , therefore , to nsnumo tbo present urea
for n limit and that the entire nreiv will
practically become urban. It will cost but
Ilttlo more to make full provisions upon that
basis In low of the special facilities atTordcd
for drainage thiin to attempt to tcmporlro.
With these conditions In view I have out
lined the trunk or main sewers and their out
lets , nnd lm\o prepared estimates of the cost
of Rcvor.tl different plans to determine which
Is the most economical to admit. Those plans ,
with more detailed explanations , I desire to
submit before proceeding with wny work , and
In order that the cntlro subject m ly
bo fully explained nnd nil ot the
fcaturosillscussod and < | ttcstlons nnswercd 1
ask that a special tncctliu for the latter part
of the week may bo arranged , at which your
honorable body and such taxpayers as are In
terested In the subject ma ; review all of the
features and arrive at conclusions Intelli
gently ,
Some Vetoes Submitted.
Mayor Bonus vetoed the ordinance provid
ing for the grading of Thirty-fifth nvonuo
from Loavouworth street to Ellis place.
The objections were that the preliminary
ordinance for appointing appraisers to n -
sos damages had never been passed. Tbo
veto was sustained.
Then the mayor vetoed the contract with
John Grant to pave 1'ark nvonuo wltn as
phalt nt $3 03 < 4 per square yard. The mayor
said that the prlcoviu excessively high and
that It was bolter to delay the work than to
allow such an Injustice to bo practiced upon
the taxpayers.
On roll call Messrs. Bcchol , Bruncr. Bur-
dish , Chaffeo , Edwards , Jorobson , Lowry.
McLoarlo , Munro ana Mr. President voted
to override the veto , hut bcforu the veto was
announced the members cnaugod their votes
and the vote was sustained , nil of the mem
bers standing by the major.
Then tbo fun commenced. Mr. Lowry
moved n reconsideration of the vote nnd Mr.
Chaffeo got to the front with an able second
to the motion.
Mr. Ehmssor raised the point that a vote
on a vote could not bu rcconsiJoro',1. The
president held with iMr. iClsassor , but the
council did not.
Mr. ChnfTco , just to test the sentiment of
tbo council , appealed and tbo ruling of the
president was knocked out by a vote of
13 to 1.
Mr. Lowry then moved that the rules Co
suspended nnd the vote whereby thu vote
was sustained bo reconsidered. This wont
through by a vote of 13 to I ) .
Then tbo question catno up again on the
veto of the mayor nnd thai veto was rejected
byn vote of 12 to I.
Thcro were several members fwho had
some doubts about thu legality of this action
and they importuned City Attorney Council
to toll thorn just how the matter stood.
Thing * Is Mixed.
Mr. Connell stittod that ho did not want to
antagonize the council , but ho thought matters -
tors wcrn In bad shape. The coun
cil bad instructed the chairman of the
Board of Public Works to icadvcrtlso for
bids for paving tbo street , and bo doubted
whether the contract could bo legally ap
proved after that action had boon taken. In
fact , he said , the whole thing would tie illegal
nnd void , and any taxpayer could prevent
the collection of the tax to pay for the pav
Mr. ChafToo wanted that opinion in writ
ing. Mr. Connell wrote the opinion ana
submitted it to the council. It was ap
proved , only thrco members votine "no. "
At this point Mr. kdwards movoa to re
consider the vote byvhlch the mayor's vote
was rejected. The motion prevailed , thrco
members voting in the negative.
This resulted In the mayor's vote coming
squarely before tbo council , and again it was
sustnlnea , Mr. Chaffeo alone voting "no. "
Right hero Is where the council got bacn
nt the Board of Public Works. Hoiotoforo it
has boon the custom to instruct the cntlro
board to net , but bv Mr. ChafCoo's resolution ,
which was adopted , Major Puravand Colonel
Egbert were Ignored because the chairman
was Instructed to Invlto bids for paving
llmlnr tlin nnpiflnntlnn fnt * IRQ' ) linf tulth n
flve-year guaranty on asphalt and brick and
a one-year guaranty on all classes of stone.
Itoutlno and Closing.
The mayor sent another vote to the coun
cil. It was on the resolution to repair
Spauldlng street with vitrified briclt at the
Intersections where the block pivlng had
washed out. The resolution failed to state
the amount that would bo required to make
the repairs.
The veto was rejected by a vote of 1-t to 2.
In addition to this the may or vetoed the or
dinance ordering thu improvement of street
Improvement district No. 44'J. The ordi
nance U.ict not state the nuluro of the im-
provotnont and the vote was sustained by a
unanimous voto.
The secretary of the park commission
served notice upon the council that a deal
was pending by which the city might como
into possession of the Clark tract of land for
a park'on the south sldo.
City Treasurer Bolln asked for n burglarproof -
proof safe In which to keep the valuables of
his ofllco.
The Crane Elevator company was In
structed to have the elevators ready for
operation as early as Juno 1. If not ready at
that lirao the city attorney Is instructed to
begin proceedings.
Thomtis P. Godfrey was appointed and
confirmed as assistant boiler inspector , but
ho will bo paid by the insurance companies
that asked for his appointment.
The ordinance , providing for the levying of
fines of not less than ? . " > and not moro ttian
$ , ' 00 on gambling bouses was read three times
and passed ,
A resolution instructing the heads of do-
paitmonts tohlro residents in preference to
nonresidents was adopted ,
The council will hold an adjourned moot
ing at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
W J. McDonald , superintendent Lannoau
Manufacturing Co , Gtoonvlllo , S. C. , says :
"My wife has used Bradycrotino for head
ache , niul it is the only thing that relieves
her sufferings. "
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The I.imt of the llullnlo.
A mnjority of all the living buffalo in
the world are now on exhibition nt the
terminus of the Benson & Halcyon
Heights railway. Admission , 25c ; chil
dren under 12 years , lOo.
&oimi OMAHA.
Attempted Assault by a Tramp Uscapo of
the Human.
Shortly after the noon hour yesterday an
attempt was made by a tramp to outrage the
person of Mrs. Hhodou , the wlfo of William
U. Kbodon. living four miles south of this
city. Mr. Hhodon was In a Hold at work at
tbo tlmo and his wlfo was alone , She visited
the barn , and as she emerged therefrom was
caught In the arms of tbo tramp , who placed
his hand at her throat and threateningly com
manded silence. She fainted nnd was car
ried Into the barn by the villain. He was
about to carry out hli designs when the
lady's husband appeared on the scene , hav
ing returned on an errand from the field
where ho was working. Ho hastily secured
a pitchfork , nnd as the tramp escaped from
the door ho hurled the pitchfork at him. but
Without the dcslrod effect , and the villain
The farmer then turned his attention to
his wlfo , whom ho wltn difficulty brought
out of the faint nnd she was nearly paralyzed
with fright , and at the present tlmo is suffer
ing from nervous prostration , brought on by
the great scuro she experienced. Last oven-
lug Mr. Khotlon was In South Omaha to
secure the services of a physician and related
the story of the attempted outrage to n Unn
representative. Ho hopes to apprehend the
tramp , that justice may bo meted out to him.
rrnpnscd City Hu
In oxccutlvo session Monday evening the
city council considered the question of erect
ing a now city hall. The inattor was dls-
cussed at length and the session lasted until
a late hour. Conclilcrablu tlmo was tnlicn
up In agreeing upon the interior arrange
ment of the building. The building Is to bo
a frame , two stories In height nnd In slzo
40x100 feet. Locat-d on the first lloor will
bo the llro department , police headquarters
and city jail. On tno second floor will bo
the pity officials , the pohco court room nnd
council chambar. The latter will bo com
bined and the room will bj In sbo 'JOxlO feot.
The estimated cost of the building la O.OOO.
A largo vault will bo put In.
The council by n vote Instructed
Architect Decker to prcparo the plans
nnd specifications In accordance with
the views of the moinbora as
expressed in tbo executive session. E. H.
Rowland Is to cioct tbo building and the city
will enter Into a contract with him to rant
the same , and wbon the amount , invested is
paid by the city in monthly rentals , the hall
becomes the property of tbo municipality. In
other words , the city will purchase the hall
from Mr. Ilowland and pay for the sumo In
montb'y installment * .
It is expected to bcpln work upon the now
building within two wcoks and have U ready
for occupancy before August 1 ,
S In the 1'ollco I'orcc.
Officer John Van Wlo has boon appointed
night captain to succeed Captain McMabon ,
removed. The appointment Is regarded as a
good ono. The removal of Captain MuMnhon
was not unexpected , and was caused by the
change in the administration. For more
than four years ho has been n police officer
mid has always proven himself efficient.
Officer Spoottlo is the only remaining po
liceman , who did duty under Mayor Sloano's
administration , the others having been suc
ceeded by Mayor Miller's appointees.
Killed Ills Neighbors llonatnr.
O. B. Moroy , living ntTwcnty-sovcnthand
M streets , has sworn out a complaint in
pollco court against Anton Boclobeck , n
neighbor , charging him with petit larceny.
Moroy , up to yesterday , was the possessor of
n vnluablo game rooster , which ho prized
vcrv highly and valued nt J5. Yesterday
Beelobock killed the rooster and refused to
rclmburbO Mr. Moroy , who now proposes to
make it warm for that gentleman , if buch a
thing Is possible in court.
CclohrntcMl Its fourth AnnUcrsnry.
South Omaha ledge No , CO , Ancient Order
of United Workmen , last night celebrated
the fourth anniversary of its organization.
Tbo hall was filled to overflowing by tbo
mombois and invited guests each of whom
passed an onjo.vablo evening. J. ( J. Tate of
Hastings , state mastcrworkman , was present
nnd dolivcrcd an eloquent address. A line
literary and musical prosram was carried
out after which a strawberry suopor was
spread. The celebration was a decided suc
Notes unit 1'oritomils.
Dr. J. Walter of Persia , la. , arrived in
the city last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. U. E. Lso have returned to
their home at Manning , la.
W. A. Downs nndV. . A. Campbell of
Ncola , la. , were tbo guests yesterday of
James Murphy.
Mahoney & Nolan have boon awarded the
contraot for filling the largo hole at Twenty-
first and L streets.
The young daughter of Thomas McGulro ,
living at Thirtieth and R streets , broke her
left arm lust ovcalnc by a full.
Swift & Co. will erect a largo tool house
under the Q street viaduct , permission
having been granted by the council.
John Hartsing , an employe of the stock
yards , was sovoioly bruised about the body
while engaged in loading horcos. ills right
hand was badly smashed.
Thursday evening the members of the
Modern Woodmen of this city will glvo an
entertainment and sociable at their rooms
over the South Omaha National bank.
The entertainment and social given last
evening by the mombsrs of the Junior En-
worth league at the First Methodist church
was well attended ana a successful event.
The First Presbyterian church nas ex
tended a call to Uov. Hobort L. Wheeler ,
urging him to remain us its pastor at a salary
of f 1,500 per year. A committee was ap
pointed to present the action of the meeting
to the presbytery.
"Luto to bed anil carlv to rise will shorten
the road to your homo in the skies. " But
early to bed and a "Llttlo Early Hlso * , " the
pill that maucs lifo longer and better aud
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The following permits were issued by the
superintendent of buildings yesterday :
N. A. Kuhn , two-story frame residence ,
Ti\onty-Ilf th und Maroy streets . $ a.MD
John H. Wllhnell , ono nnd one-half
Htory brluk dwelling , rorty-llfth anil
1'lorco streets . . . 2,000
Six minor permits . 075
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unit roronc-nd lc n te bronk out with wliltoplmple
on tea surfnco. In-n low dnrn Itching commenced ,
which MH tpitlbte. After ho wonld rub It , matter
would ooie from tlio
point * . In ( i thort time It
prrndnver the top of lili
head , then rcnbs loon
formcJ on bond nnd fncc ,
Wo used everything wo
could lionr ot for nenrlr
live months. It grow worse
nil the tlmo , I aw tour
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with. ) .Mns O30AU JAMES , Woodston , Knu.
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pnrt . All remedies fnllod until 1 procured CtlTl-
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WaUGfulncsa , Lost Man.
hood , NcrrousnMn.Laj-
elluJc , all dialni and
Before & After Use. Iosi of power of the
Photographed from life. Grneratlro Oigans In
_ cltticr BOX , cmiied bjr
ovcr-eicrtlon , jniillinil Indiscretions , or the exccsilvo
nseortnlmtco , iiilunioi | Mlmnlnnts , nliUli ultimately
lend In Ihllnnllv , Umumillnn | nnd In-uulti. Tut up
Incoinetilcnt form to cam In llio\fst pcKktt. 1'ilco
f. or 0 forts. Wlllicvciy ? > ordci we she a
written mmrantee to euro or refund the
money * &rut by nmtl to am address. Circular flee
Ini'lnliicmelnpe , Mention this i | icr. AriJteai ,
HAD.UD CHEMICAL CO. Brunch Office foi U. S. A.
SM Dciuliorn Street , CHICAGO. II.U
Knba & Co. , Co r Utli & DouRlas St § .
J .A. Fuller & Co . CorHtb & Douulai Sto.
National Bank.
Cnpltnl . , - . . . $100,033
itrpIiH. . , , . . . . . . . ! 5J)3
OnicenanoTllroitiri KoirrV. . Yatoi.n-iillnt
It. C. Cushlnz. vies pro ildznt. 0. d MinrlmV. \ . V
Moruo , JolmS. Uolllaa , J. N. 1L IMtrlox. Liirli A
Hood. Cinhlor.
' 000 PAIRS
Men's Suits
Men's Cnssimcrc
has earned a reputation
In light fancy chevlota which extends into every At $1.OO
city and town and hamlet Light or dnrlc colors ,
Mensiits worth $1.9O.
in every state in the entire
west for selling the best best
in four styles of nil fitting best trimmed best Men's All Wool Cassimcrc
wool cnsslmercs.
made and best wearing cloth PANTS
' ing in popular priced goods AT
Men's Suits
AT that is sold by any concern in ' )
$6 and $6.50 existence. No matter how low worth up to $4 n pntr.
In tv half dozen hand- a price for
you pay us any
styles light or dark. KNEE PANT"
" articlewe guarantee that
Men's ' Suits you'll get good goods every
AT time. At $100 $ and $1.50 $
TO-DAY we place on sale
In ten styles of all " some immense purchases , LONG PANTSUITS
wool cass 1 m e r e"s7
cheviots and home which the continued cold SUITS
weather has enabled us to
At $2,50.
Men's Suits make at much under value.
AT "We shall make the prices so
and low that the oldest inhabitant
$9 $9.50
The handsomest lines will be compelled to throw up Derby
of suits at these popular
his hands and he in all the new shapes
lar prices you ever swear never
saw in your life.
dollars. Worth up to sixteen saw the like before. M Bo bit.
Are Quickly Married. Try it on your next
Purely Vegetable and Strictly
on the L.lvor and Stomach , rostorinrrtho
constipated organs to healthy activity ,
ACHE , BILIOUSNESS , and all ether
diseases arising from a disordered con
dition of the Liver and Stomach.
They nro the Only Itellfolo VcfiotaWo Liver
I'll ! Bold ; They nro I'erfo.'tly Harmless ; The
re I'.nroly Vegetable ; Try Them.
DR. FclioneU'a Hook on Consumption , Liver
Conijilnlnt nnil Dvspooslu gontj'rcc.
J . U. faOUKNOIt fc bU.S. I'lillailolplila
Enrirs : , ith KututTiiu ,
| ( II )
76 m 41) yo
64 4 < l
- _ _ , * 4SOO
80-U.b Pualon PD U | JC , tUaeb T\n . . Jfi ini VU1XI
THi'lvo'TJioninnd Tor a I.OK ,
DODOI : CtTX ICnn.i May 24. The trlnl of
the suit of a switch engineer named Tunuoll
npainst the Santa PO for W9.00J for the loss
of a log 10 a collision oamo to an end yo'ster-
day. Tbo } iiry.uwnrdod the engineer dam
ages In tlio suqiiof fl'.OOQ.
Mrs. Ij. U , Bikttpii , Uocicfora , III. , writes
"From peraoaalioxporioncol oin rocom man
DoWltt's 8ar ap rilla , n euro for linpur
blooa and gonprul ilouillty. "
I'ut C'llcuio In Your I'ooket.
A great wofk , "Moran'fl Dictionary o
Clilcngo. " If there is a fouturo or insti
tution in the World's /air city a full de
scription of which docs notanncar in the
book , wo have yet to hour of it 1'rlco ,
U5 conta per coi > y. b'or sale at 1.0 ! ) Herald
building. Chicago. See the now , coin-
plolo and elognnt map it contains. Per
sons ordering copies will please enclose
0 cents oxtru for poatugo.
Ultiil on the hcallulil ,
PiTTBUUitp , P . , May iM. 1'atrlek Pltzpa-
trlclf , a mixed tramp and laborer , was
banged hero this morning for the murder
last September of cjair.uel Karly m a
drunken row.
Disease never aucooisf ully attacks a sys
tem with pure blood. Do wilt's Bursnparllla
mauot'pure , now blood und ourluuoj tbo old ,
Dr. Cullliuoro , oculist , ODD building
114 Sontn 15th Street ,
Next to the 1'oatolUcc , Omaha.
Practical Opticians
And branch of norm renowned optloal eitabllih.
rocnt of A , a. Alee A Co. BL Louli. Our metbod lJ
inpertor to nil other * ; oar lonm re mperlor : wl'.l
not wturj. or tire tb ejoi. Tbo frame * properd -
( aitod to tbo face.
Byes Tested Free of Charge.
Prices Low for First-class Goods.
Dr , Ballsy , $ f
The Loading
Dentist '
Third Floor. Paxton Dloa'c.
Iclcphono 10S5 , 10th and I'arnain Sts.
A full set of tcctli on rubber for 15. 1'prfoctll ,
Tccoli nlthout | ilnto > or rumovcnblo brlilgo work
Just tlio tliliiK for Blnucrs of public upoukur , nuver
drop iluwn.
All fllllng at reasonable rates. All work
warranted. Cut thin out for 11 guide.
JtK.vr. Btpcplnofor llynlorlrv DUllnon , rid , Noil-
rnlulu , llenUacliu , Norvoua rroitrntoa uiuauJ by
ulcolioior tobacco , Wukufulnuii , .Mental IVuroi.
Ion , Uottnenof the Drain , caiulnii linunlly , lulnorr ,
Uccny.Uoiitli. 1'ruuuitura old Axu , llarrenusi. l.un
of I'uwtrln ulllivr lax , liupotcuor. Luiicorrliaa na4
nil Keumlo WuaknoinsK InvulunUrr lanai , Hpur-
mntorrhcu cauiud Or oyoroxorllon of Uu bruin-
folf-abuiaover Iniluluonco. A month's triwtuunt
(1,0 for W , by mall , WuvuaruntttoKlx bozo to CUM
KaiU order lor iiliojtui , wltli f ) will eoml written
iiuarantcoto refund If not cured Guarantee tnuuJ
onlr by A. Htlirnter , drunulit. > ol < > anent , eoutluait
coruur loth and Kurnuin tti , OmAba.
Anew and Complete Treatoiont , c6tilitiic ( OJ
Buppoiltorloi , Ointment In ( Vipiuloi , alio ID llux
and 1'IIU : a Io ltlra Cure for Kite runt , Internal
blind or Uleedlng Itoalnir , Cbronlo , lleo nt or lloritdl-
turr I'lles. TUli llemeify Iiai noior been known to
fall. II per box. Ufortli mint by mall. WbyfufTorfrom
IbUterrlbla UUoaio uhen u written guarantee li
positively jlreu with 6 boxei or ref and tbo money If
not cured Send > tamp for frco Sample. ( Juaratltea
Itiuoa by Kutm &Col'ruiiliU , 8olo Aieotio'jra r
IVtbiudUouirlai itrv tf , Omaha , Neb.
i KOM itusiNisd. : WE itni'Kit
VOa TO OVKU 1.30) ) I'ATlUNt'A Invcstlx ito
ourmethail. Wrlttnn un irintpo to ulisolntolv
cure nil kinds or HUITTUIU ; of Iinth aovai ,
without the usuof knlfo or Hyrliue , no nut
ter or how Ion ? stand In ; .
Tlic 0. E. Miller Company ,
307-303 N. Y. Life Building Oniilia , NC'J. '
omoes Trnvor , Onlo. ; Ohlo.i o. III. : 3t >
Louis , Mo , Detroit. .Mich , ; Mllw.iulcoa , WH .
DeiMolnnr. In. : S.ill I uo Olty , Uti'i ; I'orc
and , Oio. ; Hntto , Mont. ,
| 8"HorvoSoods , "
' the wonderful rcmeilr
' ° ls tolit with n writ
ten Biiurnntco to cum nil nervous dlicasen , siicli as Wculc Memory ,
IXJM nf llraln rower , Ile.idnctic. Wakafulnciu , Lott Manliond. Nlrmlv Enl : -
slorn , Norvousrion' , Lassitude , all drains and loss of pnircr of the licncram o
Organs In either sex caused ujrovcroxortlon , youthful errors , or oxcc'slvj
use of tobntco. opium or stimulants which coon lead to Inflrmlly. Consump
tion and Insanity. I'ot up convonlont to carry In vest pocket. Bl porpack-
iiBOliymnihbforB.Vlth every I i nnlor w ( rft ea written yunrnnUe tui
orrtjundAcmoney. Circular frca. Aildruei AcrrvoUsetl Co. , Chicago ,
For sttlo ill Omaliti by Sherman & MeCoiinoll 1613 DoJgo-at.
( Trade Hark. ;
> &
Tlio ahovo brands of Klovos lor sale by
The Boston Store
N. W. Cor. 10th an I Doujrlas SU.
O n ih v.
Dojf J'niiiHll.pPiic-r'H Xntlrtt.
Thofollottln dogs have been Impounded
slrico May 111 :
y ulillo unllilo-i ,
1 Nonfoiindland ,
y water sp.inlt-la ,
1 | jnul | ( siiun'ul.
i ! Cordon hotter * ,
a Irish setter ? ,
U hlatU and tun ,
If not irik'cmo 1 within four days the
ill Liu lU'Mrnvoit.
o n ct Q r 1 a. n cl-
Week of May 23rtl.
Ono Dime. Hourly Bhowa.
Conimcucfbtf Buoittr M tlni.o , May
In I he t mat men tnf nil forum nl
nnil ilnhllltlcH of youth mid iiuinhootl. IT years'
experience. Ilia icsonrc'cs anil f.icllltlus are
jirautlually inillinlteil. The Doctor h rucnin-
inonduil hy the proii , and oniloiHoil In th
Btronsost tornis hy tlin jiooplo for fair troiit-
iiicnt anil hoiiusl professional ailvlue. Thu
inoU powerful reineilluH Unown to modern
science for the sncccasful troiitmcnt of the
GONORRHOKA-Inmicdli'to relief. A cam.
pleto cure without thu loss of an nmir'H tlmo
frnin hiiHliiPHi. v
QIiKET One of the nioat complete anil siiof.
t'cssfnl truatmuntH for Kleet anil all aiinoy/rrh- /
( llsohai cs. vet Unown to the inudlral iirofoi-
slon. The insulin are trill v wondorfiil.
BTUIOTUItE UtOHlcHt Icnown rumuily for
the trualint'iil of Hlrlotnro , without pain , eut-
UIIL' . orilllatlnu' . A most iciiiiuU ihlu ruinoilv.
BYPIIIIJB-.No treatment for till * torrlhlu
blood illsoaso has over been nion ! suicoiifiil.
norhiid Htroii urendorituiiii'iila. In thu llKhb
of modern bcloiicu thm illBuiiko Is poiltlvnly
uur.ililu anil ovury tram of Ihn iiulmiii entirely
removed from thu hlool.
LOST MANHOOD , anil amhltlon. iicryiii )
nei ) , tlmlilHv. dcKpondeiioy nnd all wii.ildiuMi
and dUordern of youth or miinhoud , Hollot
nlituliud atoncu.
SKIN DIHKA8U8 , und all dlhoaHos of tliu
ktomai'ii. hlood , Ihcr , hluneyH nnd liladdtir
nro troiiti'd Nuiiicmrnlly with llio Kiu t
liiowiiroiiiuillosforthuso ( < IUi'ii ii
Write for olronlarn and iinustlon lint , free.
Jltlt unit JViivifiut itlM.HiHiilin

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