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A Glowing Fcmlnino Apostrophe to the
. Boll Ekirt.
An OmnlmOlrl In the Thirteen Ton Party
AotUlly of Wnmrn In Vnrlmis l > o-
piirtmiMits or Industry Cur
rent I'.nlilon Notc .
Tdcars , femtnlno the very name of "boll
skirt'1 suggests comfort , lightness , sym
metry mid grace. No moro disfiguring
panlors conceal tuo form dlvir.o. No longer
doth the weary soamstroii pleat yards nud
yard * of useless fabric Into the hand which
encircles the wnlst. Becoming : nhko to bll
U "tho bell. " To these of slender build it
accentuates the curves of boautv , while to
these anuorod by too much adipose It odds no
superfluous folds , mid lend * nstately height.
How long , wo wonder , will dame fashion al
low us the almost unrestricted freedom that
wo now enjoy of selecting what Is becom
ing to our Individual tastes. With what u
sense of emancipation do wo look back to
only a few years ngo , when fashion's decree
wont forth unquestioned. As uluvos , wo
bowed in submission , however unreasonable
her demands might ho.
Never bus there boon n tlmo when foralalno
craco showed forth as now.Vo are grow
ing to realize that to bo graceful wo have butte
to bo natural , and to bo natural wo must dis
card these articles of dress which prove un
comfortable , and In point of comfort what
can excel "tho boll skirtl" Light as a
feather's ' weight , it falls In graceful folds , a
boon to these to whom nature has denied a
pretty foot. Nor doos.lt nocessurlly conceal
the slinpoly ones of n moro fortunate sister.
For who of feminine guile docs not know the
utility of n llttlu backward grasp of the
semi-train , revcalinir , If desired , a glimpse of
dainty heels. When the rain king decides to
move hl headquarters from over our fair
city , many pretty girls nnd stately matrons
will bo scon upon the promenndo. Pictur
esque , all of them , in beaullful bats ,
crowned with sweet ( lowers and draped In
fascinating veils ; and matron and maid
of high degree , nil gowned alilto , will bo in
that queen of skirts , "iho boll. " Long Hvo
und rolgn ' 'tho boll. " OHACB H.
* *
Uneasy tics the head that wears a oeol-
grce. T'ho Colonial Dames of Now York aru
besot with the claims of dames with millions ,
but whoso grandfathers never dreamt of the
United States. This element has a number
of aggrot > lvo supporters with the organiza
tion. Efforts have boon made to admit them ,
but falling to furnish the requisite pediprco
they have been ruled out , The result Is tout
the Dames are vigorously assailed as oxclu-
slves , nnd high circles in Uottiam are ngl-
tatcd. Heally , If the Colonial Uamcs are
wise they will go out of the business. It is n
great sDnmo that they can' * , keep the Pilgrim
Mothers to themselves , but there Is uo use
trying to light the Millionaire D.imes. Thcso
autoplutocrats will have ancestor * even If
they have to skip a inarrlago or two to got
Some one has unearthed the fact that Mrs.
Christopher Columbus was a Miss Pales-
trallo of Lisbon , the daughter of a naviga
tor. Sbo made 'many sea voyages with her
father , and when ho died ho loft to her a
very valuable collodion of charts , maps and
memoranda. The asslslancoand the Inspira
tion vvbich Mrs. Columbus booamo to tbe Il
lustrious Christopher will never bo told.
Sbo will , doubtless , bo recoznized at the ex
position In the woman's department.
Carroll D. Wright in the Forura pays a deserved -
served tribute to the moral character of fao-
tory girls , underpaid.as they aro. A genera
tion or two nco some of tbo best young
women In Now England found employment
in the big cotton mills and factories , and
Charles Dickens was so forcibly Impressed
by their good standing In the community
that ho violated hU rule of never praising
anything American to testify to their worth.
On toilets for yountr girls very pretty ef
fects nro produced by velvet runners through
bands of colored insertion , and embroidered
stripes iiro made to alternate with thoao bor
dered with line hemstitching. Upon yokes
of pink organdie , pale blue chambry , ecru
batiste , und the like , Is wrought line needlework -
work that imitates tbo multi-colored Persian
embroideries so popular on rich fabrics , the
only difference being that the work Is executed -
cutod with fast-dye cottons and not with silk
floss. The patterns are almost identical
these on the cottons with these on the richer
There Is aa Instructive story related of a
gentleman in Virginia , of sorupulous taste ,
who , bolntr enamored of a younp woman ,
rode to her homo to toll his love. Ho took
her band in his , fixed his eyes upon it before
asking' it as a gift , saw the pink nails of his
ideal edged with blacK , dropped it , sold fare
well , and such is the end of his romance. It
is a suggestive chapter of disenchantment.
Thcro are many short , stout women who
do not find tbo seamless nklrt at all becom
ing. These can do no bettor than to obooso
the eight-gored boll cldrt whoso very lines
Blvo them length and the effect of a aograo
of slenderness ut least. Many have each of
the teams on the front and sides overlaid
with passomontorlo bands or velvet ribbon.
Another model for stout women is the close
princosso rodlugoto with slashed skirls and
open in front. Beneath is the close sheath
skirt , but Its outlining form is covered by
the panel-llko breadths of the polonaise.
* *
Evening shoos nro In great varlotv and
must match the gown. Black shoos with
paste ornaments are worn with whlto
drossos. Tno nouost decoration is in the
form of a small diamond-shaped buckle , nuu
has a scrap of satin througb it to glvo a
touch of color. Palo blue suggests an opal
burroundcd by brilliants. Black patent
leather shoos often have bright rod rows.
The daintiest shoo of all has a gold network
at the top and tiool ; U may bo over pale
blue or pink whlto , the rest' is of black or
whlto satin.
Ono of the most unique banquets on record
took place on the 13th at Mount Auburn , O. ,
the participants being the graduating class
of tbo noted Mount Auburn Institute. The
singularity of the affair consisted In tbo foot
that there are ju t thirteen girls In the class ,
the banquet was served lu thirteen courses
and on the thirteenth day of tbo month ,
whichhorrlblo to relate , happened to bo Fri
day. The thirteen young ladies who have com
pleted the four yours course at the institute
urn : Misses Ella Uoll of ( Jlondalc , O. , Mao
Burns ol Omaha , Nob. , Iloso Wallace of
LafarbVto , Ind. , Suslo Thomas of Llttlo
Hock , Ark. , Nolllu liuynos of Knoxvllle ,
Tonn. , CatlinrliiH Strong of Stark , Fla. ,
Halliu Chase of Mount Auburn , Florence
Daglngor of Covlngton , ICy. . Mary Urban of
Walnut Hill , Cincinnati , ( iraro McLuugn-
HU of Mount Auourn , Jessie lloadlug of
Columbus , O , , Anna Coun of Mount Au
burn , and Anna Mowat of ( Jrand Itaplds ,
IVImt Women Aru lining.
Out of the 210,000 domestic servants In
London It Is estimated that 10,000 , are always
out of employment ,
Mrs. Uoso Jiartwlok Thorpe , who wrote
"Curftnv Shall Not King Tonight , " I * living
In California aud busy on , a history of Ore
A bed quilt with 19,000 plooos In U and
upon which a Cooperaburg ( Pa. ) woman had
labored for year * , was sold at bar' death for
That was u tender little babe which was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Dates , of giant fame
und circus renown. The llttlo stranger
wolghod 'J3f pounds.
The most highly valued gilt at the queen of
Denmark's golden wuddlu r last WOOH was a
crown ot golden wheat ears and olovor
bought with the pennies of 400,000 school
children ,
The hospitable doors of the Manufacturers
cluu lu Philadelphia have been thrown open
wldo to admit all women oitbor rotated to , or
within the olrolo of friendship of , the mem
ber * of that proiporou * organization.
Tbo "Black Paul" has bean tbo most
highly colored oporatlo success of tbo season.
Her "high U" has ovokoa as much surprise
ns admiration , and lias thrown n deep bru-
uotto suaJo over all efforts at rivalry ,
The first Indian woman to prepare herself
for nursing by a soloutitlo training It Nanoy
Cornelius of tno Indian school nt Carlisle ,
Pa. , who lias just received n dlplomavln the
Hartford training school for nurses.
The money ordef department of the Pitts-
burg posloflleo. whcra the receipts nro moro
tbim SiOOO.UOU. Is exclusively In charge of
Mary Steole. This la said to bo the Inivojt
business handled by utiy woman In America.
There were 752 gills' schools represented
nt the last meeting of the Madras Nutlvo
Christian association. The pupils number
a > .l'iU9. Of those S.'JISaro ' native Christians.
S.Mft are Mohammedans , 19,809 Hlndooi , l.filX )
Pat lain and others.
Mrs. Harriet A. Ifotcham , who mule the
successful design for the Iowa soldiers'
monument- , died soon nfior learning ut the
nc''oplaneo of her plan. She was nn Ohio
girl , uho had studied abroid , and tnanllojted
undoubted talent as a sculptor.
The servant girl problem bos been solved
on the Paclllo coast , whcro lii.UOJ Japimoio
nro.omplo.vod in that capacity. As yet the
opposition' thoni Is quite faint. The
Japanese dtoss llko Americans , drink-liko
Americans , and are willing to vote early aud
often If given halt n chance.
A Woman's Pnarnnecutlcal Association of
.Illinois has been organized and chartered at
Sprbgtiold for the purpose of mutual bonot'.t
to Its members and to nrrnntron pharma
ceutical exhibit for the World's fair. There
uro flfty-throo registered women pharmacists
In thoataUTand ilfty nsslstanls.
On account of the prevalence of intemper
ance among the mun in Holland women have
bcrn employed ut ratlioud switches with
greiil success. Not an accident has occurred
am co the women were Installed In their
unique office. If the precedent becomes
established that n sober woman is a bolter
servant than n tipsy man , thorn will bo a
great revolution In the industrial world.
MM. Grant hoi 'finally dacluod that she
xvlU not publish her memoirs of her famous
husbind. She finally romplotoJ the manu
script about three weeks u o , and ul her In
vitation several editors and publisher * wcro
invited t $ look over it with u view to "tho
highest bidder. " Hut slut changed her mind
nt the lau moment by the tidvlco of friends ,
it is understood and thu storv of General
Grant's life , a * told by hi * widow , will nnt
bo seen by the public fee nome yoirs ut least.
Suminnr l' ° : nlilon Notes.
Fancy combination surah , with n stripe or
figure , is mndo Into gowns.
The now India pink U merely the old mn
gcntn shade greatly softened In tint.
Scoria of chiffon , with ombroldorod or lacu
oiids , nro worn. Those are knotted around
the neck or under the collar.
Old-i'auhloncd oranudlo muslin In now and
fanciful tloml patterns is ono of the coolest
and daintiest of summer fabric. ) .
Short capos are mido of feathers which
Just cover the shoulders , formed llko a
pointed yoke , with standing collars.
The most fashionable china is pure whlto
with scailopcd edges , nuu has the monogram
of a single Initial engraved on ono side.
There are some lurco huts shown of most
eccentric shapes , curving brims and Moating
plumes. Louis XV. and XVI. fashions nro
quite passe.
Gray undressed kid Newport ties , with
stockings , gloves and parasol of the same
tint , will form n ludylllco accompaniment to
many summer toilots.
Charming lace caps , fichus 'and berthas
will como in with airy summer toilets.
Some of these will bo made of cream lace
llounclng deep enough to roach below the
Sleeveless Eton Jackets are a feature ot
tennis suits over shlit wulsts of white or
vivl'J rod surah or fancy-stripod China silk.
The full Ergllsh skirt worn last summer Is
tabooed , and tbo bell skirt is chosen.
Soft and pretty lightweight silks with a
tiny dot In a single color make pretty toilots.
with the bodice cut down or corselet-shaped ,
and completed by a vest or gulmpo of surah
or silte cropon of the color of the seeding1.
Rod nnd white striped silk shirt waists no-
company pretty boating costumes of admiral
blue pilot cloth. The skirts at the bottom are
trimmed with bias bands of the cloth , piped
on each sldo with biaa folds of tbo striped
Machine made lace is so cheap that tbo
poor women who make- lace by baud are
thrown out of employment. Bat the day
will return whoc Houiton lace will again be
in fashion , and tuis will give worn to many
who need it.
A now fancy for hat decoration Is the use
of outs In such profusion as to suggest the
thutch on a counfy cottage. The brims uro
often banked with the sprays of oats in all
shades of green und brown with the tips
hanging over the edge.
Many whlto dresses for summer nro made
up over yellow silk with wldo yellow sashes
at the belt , or yellow silk girdles. Spanish
yellow ribbons of either silk or velvet aroused
used ns a garniture for cream white wool
gowns or tboso of soft silk.
A tiny Imported bonnet consists of a small
crown of the teacup shape in black rico
straw , with n roll of cherry rod velvet
around the head , with a bit of old white laoa
In frunt , with two of the above mentioned
peacock's eyes standing above.
Llttlo girls have some pretty llttlo sailor
bats with a diamond shaped crown of open
work plaited straw and a straight brim cov
ered with scarlet or navy blue cloth. The
effect Is very ohlo.ana the open crown makes
a delightfully cool head covering.
Lady This may bo the latest style hat
now. but I suppose by tbo time I get it
trimmed tboro will bo still newer styles out.
Milliner Ob , no , I am Euro there won't bo.
There can't bo. It would be impossible to
got up anything uglier than this.
Night dresses are made of flno striped or
dotted percale , or of batlsto , as well as of
sillt. Often a blouse oftoot Is glvon to a nlcht
dress , which may have an umbroldorcd bolt.
Tbo sKlrt may bo simply finished with a dcop
lioin or elaborately trlmmod , according to the
Another thing that will corao In again Is
the old-fashloncd embrace. There was no
comfort In embracing n girl with a whalo-
honed bodice and a starched dicky , besides
you Know you would navcrbo forgiven If you
rumpled the polished integrity of that shirt
Now Persian fabrics show olives , palms
and geometrical figures on soft , beautifully
colored grounds , In foulo fabrics , summer
camels' hair , Himalaya wool , or vigogno.
Pioco-dyod foulos , with Jacquard designs ,
nro greatly favored , also diagonal stripes in
Tbo fashion of arranging the { front hair
very elaborately is encouraged by the now
hats , which fit closely to the back of the head
and rise clear up over the front hair ; also by
the Hat hat worn level on the hair nnd raised
In front and at the baoic , with , flowers stick
ing up perpendicularly.
Fontcuollo , when Ou years old , passed before -
fore Mmo. Ilelvotlus without perceiving her.
"Ah ! " said the lady , "that 1s your gallautrv ,
then 1 To pass before mo without over look
ing nt mo ! " "If I had looked at you , mad
am , " replied the old boat ] , " 1 never could
have passed jou at all. "
iilouso waists with bolts all round and
bodices with blouse fronts und girdles uro
favorite xvalsts on Imported dresses of light
texture , sueli as crcpallno , luce , veiling ,
challl , India silk ana the dainty soml-dlu-
phanous old-fashioucd lawns and muslins
that uro revived by loading modistes.
A pretty model in this style Is a light
striped silk , doublo-braustsd , with two rows
of throa buttons nt the waist , and the top
filled In square with u fichu of whlto chitton'
with a rutllo of the snuio falling over the
odgn. The Helm Is arranged over n plastron
of lace , which shows in a V In front.
Ono of the newest blossoms reproduced In
milliners' flowers is the American laurel , ana
very pretty It Is , too. Bunches of ifreon
loaves of all kinds tire preferred in manv in
stances to gay blossoms , and In some bunches
of berry leaves tbo fruit is done In cut Jet
with great oltoct among the delicate groan of
the loaves.
Aprottyhat for a young pirl is of fine
white straw , with curving brim und a orown
pressed down to ono sldo with pink hoathar
peoplntt out from under It , and whom It Is
dented In tbo top Is a Knot of pink satin rib
bon and a bunch of heather , and the high
bows in the back are of the same riboon ,
with tall mrayi of the fine blossoms nmouc
Parasols are various In doilgns and ma
terial. Chiffon Is used , alto laco. Hlnck
inoiro with sutiu'ttHpea is preferred by some
women , while the subject of handles Is mid-
loss. Tha Dresden hanula Is having u rival
in curved codes' heads , or n stick of Scotch
llr has a silver fox /or a handle. In fact
lizards , aqulrrols , etc. , arc all captured in
this way by tbe hand.
A popular truvelini : coitumo for a brtda 11
that showing a aulrt of soft but rough
camel's hair in plaids or stripes , and with
this a plain silk shirt wuUt handsomely
belled or girdled nnd an open prlnccsso Jacuut
with rovers. The Jacket baa only ouo fasten
ing , and is silk lined nnd finished with full
sleeve * and n deep turn down collar connect
ing with the rovers on the Jacket front.
The latest hlouso Is of the "Indopllssnblo"
silk , or Is tucked by hnnd or accordion
pleated by machine from throat to bolt , and
It hangs rather full on tin figure : but bt-lng
usually of talletn or surah , It decs not sat ;
over ns it would if of softer tniUoriiil.tmt keeps
n bouffant npponranco utid Is held in by n
folded ribbon bait with n largo rojctto.
Thc o sleeve * nro preferred unploatod , but ,
are full , with tight cuff * .
ru.v.vJi.tirA .
T"ho onjrsgoment is announced of Miss Car
oline Knox.il tnt'titcr of the Into Mr. .John Jav
KDOX , president of iho Dank of tno Hopublto ,
nnd Dr. Kltuball.
Jennie But you cnn't supnort a wlfo on
$1U n week , Gforge. Gcoro Tniu. dnrllntr ;
but our firm iilwnys raises Its men tol4-.5'J !
when they get married.
Ji ko ( after the refusal ) I have n notion to
shoot out my heart nr brains. Cora Lot It
bo the brains. "Why sol" "So there'll bo
no stnln loft on the carpet , "
A prottv fancy is for bridesmaids to walk
up thu church uUlo lu diamond procusslmi ,
llwtono.bi'ldesmald , the t two , nnd n fourth
alone , followed b.vituo bride with her father.
It clooin'l matter so much whether or not
n girl Is competent to cook , BO long ns her pi
Is rich enough to lilro somebody to do It , and
doesn't hnvo nny oojcctlons to the man she
wants to mnry.
Statistics < iho\v that there are ono nnd a
half tlmoi as many unmurrlod man ns thora
nro unmarried womon. Comnqtlcntly ovcrv
woman has u chtincn of scouring n husoana
nnd u fraction of n husband.
On Wodnosduy. Juno 1 , iho mnrrluRO of
Mr. Henrv Bunion McDowell , .son of the
lute Major Uunarnl McDowell of the United
Slates army , und Miss Mnud Applcton Fuller
will tniio ulaca ut noon In King's ch.ipo ) ,
Has ton.
Allen Totters of Marshall , III. , and Miss
Mary Jones of Branl , Ind. , ligutcd In nu _
clopomont last week. It did not vary In general -
oral outline from the nvurago clopomcnt , ex
cept that the bride Is worth nearly WOU.COO
to Totlors.
A brilliant wedding ill London last week
was that of William Hepburn Hui'klos , son
of Dr. Thornjs BticKles of Baltimore , to
Georgln I Gran foil Wnlroml , youngest daugh
ter ot the lutu Theodore Wulrond , who was
connci'teu for several years with the British
civil service.
One of the most notable of Juno waddings
will bo that of Mrs. Siilllo ( shannon Walsh ,
widow of Iho lalo John A. Walsh ot Su
Louis , and Dr. William W. Johnston of
Washington , D. C. It will tnko pluco late
in the month ut tha county seat of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Solon Humphreys at Berg6n Point ,
N * J.
A notably prottv wedding occurod Wednes
day , when MNs M'iry Butler Green nnd Mr.
Eltsbn McCurJy Fulton , Jr. were married ut
Dr. John Hull's church. Now York. The
bride und bridesmaids were nil pretty girls ,
and the bridal tableau was unusually rhurm-
inp. A very nttr.ictlvo nnd novel fouturo
were the cxquhite parasols the bridesmaids
carried instead of the conventional. bouquets.
Thuy wcro filled with sweet peas utid caught
with bows of pink satin ribbon.
Tno chief wedding In Now York lust week
was that of Miss Julia W. Chapln , the pretty
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester W.
Chapln , nnd the Marquis llaoul do la Tour
du Villurd. It was a homo wedding , solemn
ized at 3 o'clock Monday evening. The core-
mot.y was porformoil under an exquisite
uitiopy , composed solely of white Mowers ,
principally lilies of the valley. Tuls temporary
ary chancel was arranged In the front draw
ing room , between the windows facing the
street. Draperies of dollr.ato green hung on
either side of the whllo canopy wore fastened
back with pink ribbons. Thu drawing rodm ,
finished in whlto and gold , the colling fres
coed in the airiest , softest cloud effects , and
the distinctive llowers of tbo wedding Doing
wblto. brigbtonod by a plimmer of pint In
roses and ribbons , the scene was nn unusually
charming setting for a lovely brido.
William H. , the oldest son of Cornelius
Vandarbilt , and the oldest of the fourth generation -
oration of tno millionaire family , died sud
denly In Now York Monday at tua itgo of 22.
By honest Industry and toll Ferdinand
Ward bus accumulated enough money for
the purchase of a Wo.OOU farm In Connecti
cut , nnd way devote the remainder of his life
to the cultivation ot tbo basswood nutmeg.
Goorco W. TSstes , who died in Salem ,
Mass. , on Friday , nt the ago of 87 , was said
to bo the first man who aver played n snare
drum by note , He officiated as drum major
nt the funeral of President William Henry
Harrison , in 1S41.
General Francis A. Walker's name Is said
to bo ono of these under consideration at
.Washington in connection with tbo choice of
five delegates to the International silver con
ference. Gossip says ho can have the ap
pointment if ha'wlll taltu it.
Leopold , hereditary prince of Isonburc and
Blrstoin , the eldest son of Charles , sovereign
German prince of Isenburg nnd Blrstcin ,
and Louise , archduchess of Austria , have ar
rived in Washington , having made a tour of
the United States during the nast , three
Senator Harbour was not a great man , but
be said a wise nnd significant thing in the last
letter that ho wrote lo-wit : "Itisoxceoa-
ingly doubtful whether tbo democratic party
can elect any caualdats who may bo nomi
nated by the national convention lor the
presidency. "
Thomas Nast , the caricaturist , says that
his cartoons put an end to a loug-contlnuod
and Intimalo friendship between hlmsoli and
Carl Shurz. Theio distinguished mon no
longer speak to each other , nud Mr. Nnst ex
presses surprise that Mr. Shurz should hnvo
been so sensitive to ridicule.
John H. McCormlck , ono of tbo oldest em
ployes in the bindery of the government
printing ofllco , has Just died. Mr. McCormick -
mick was ono of the men who carried Presi
dent Lincoln from Ford's theater on the
night of the assassination to tbo house op
posite , where thu martyred president
breathed his last.
Dr. Francis L. Gait , the old surgeon of tbo
Alabama , und the only officer who was cap
tured by the Koursargo attor the memorable
sea fight off Cherbourg , has settled down ns
a country doctor In Loudou county , Virginia ,
and rides around every day with bis saddle
bags just as if he had never board a big gun
or served on board a war vessel.
Edwin C. McCnbo , who is engineering the
movement to make Oklahoma a negro stale ,
was formerly state auditor of Kansas , is al
most a whlto man and is aajd to bo quito in
tellectual. There are ' . ' 11,000 nonroos now in
Oklahoma , it Is stated , and 200,000 in tbo
south-organized for the sumo destination.
Two colored men in the United States sonata
tcoins a strong probability for the uour
Congressman Weadock of Michigan , who
has in his district counties ol the most ro
mantic names , is un Irishman by birth nnd
was born in Ballygarrot , County Wexford.
Ho represents Alcana , Alpona , Aronac , Bay ,
Cuoboygan , Clare , Etnmott , Crawford , Glad-
win , losco , Moutmoranuy , Ogomaw , Oscoda ,
Oiscgo , Prosquo Isle , Hoscouimou uud Tus-
cola counllos.
The Into Consul General Anderson , who
died In Liverpool last week on his uay homo
from Cairo , was ono of President * Harrison's
oarllo.it nnd closest trionds. They wore
roommates nt Miami university , nnd the In
timacy of youth ripened into a warm nnd
lasting attachment. The Washington Post
( iays : "During the last/dajsof his residence
( as a congressman ) hero , Mr , Anderson was
a constant visitor at the whita house on tha
most familiar terms , nnd tlioo who knew
him best were constantly touched by his
genuine lava for the man , as thuv were im
pressed by his rospoot nnd admiration for
the president. His death will bo a blow to
Mr. Harrison and bU family. "
Frederick L. Amo < Is said to bo tha riohoit
man in Now England , nna tousplro to bo the
createat landlord In Boston , holding in that
city sorao such position builncaswiso as the
Asters lu Now York. Ho U taxed in the
modern Athens upon a valuation of fti,009-
000 , which is far below iho market value of
his property thoro. Ho Is a cousin of ox-
Governor Oliver Amos , and a nephew of
Onko Amos , and lives in North Easto'ii part
of the yonr. Ho Is n skillful horticulturist ,
possesses n rare collection of orchids , owns
mugnlflcont paintings and tupostrlex , aud
pines up a great deal of oholco china and
other precious waro. Two vases of Judo , ex
hibited in the Boston art museum , and be
longing to him , cost (10,000 uplcco.
"Eat , drink nr.a bo tticrrv for tomorrow. "
Bradycrotlno will stop iho headache.
N w York lluralilt Thu yniini ; man who U
thuroiiKhiy tituvk on lilimolt noldum udbeiu *
to much olio.
"Do You Ileaiitio Ohildron Waop'mg Er o
the SorroW'fJomei With Yoara ? "
r1 * > i
.SfurliiB mill UfttVj tlii ? In "Hnll' * ll'ilt-
Aprn" Visit tW'tho ' I'lvo I'nlntw .liixrnllci
AIU < liiu It iVjxi Dnfortitinto OII-
t , 4nioclD'i Cuttllti.
NMV YOHK , May 21. [ Special to THE
Bun. ] In n Single recent Issue of ODD of the
great metropolitan dalllo * there were ro-
coidcd with no spaclai comment u series of
crimes committed In ono day by IIttlo boy * ,
the eldest scareo 15 yuan of ngo. Ono ; I
these Infant criminals lay In wait In a darn
hallway for the paymaster of a factory who
ho know nxusl pass that way with the. weekly
wanes It was his duty to disburse. With re
peated blows of a heavy ball stloit u pen the
head of hU vljtim , ho struck htm to uncon
sciousness nnd death , and nftor fobbing his
body of hnnd red a of dollars Hod , A younger
boy , Inspired by the 11 imlng adventures of n
youthful plr.ito , the hero of n dime novel ,
stele a yawl from n sloop lying in the harbor ,
painted hU urnft blnck , and lljlngtho InKy
flag of Captain KldJ , Btxrtoa : out on the
bounding billows of the North river us n
"wharf-rat plruto. " A third hopeful , who
had already oic.-tpsd from two "reform
schools , " being threatened with arrest by
his parents , draw two revolvers , and cover
ing his father und mother backed out of
their proscnco nod escaped.
'I his U Innocent , ro y childhood 1 Thought
ful men and women inay well IOOK grave
when coufiontcd by thu nppallmir increase of
Juvenile crlmn utid 'one of thu burning quo-
lion's of the hour h How snail the children
bo savetll Ueforra schools do not always re
form , anil police records show onipuutloully
thntyount : delinquents sent to prison foi
potty misdeeds ns a rule cmo.'co hardened
and ready for fresh olTensei. A widely
known philanthropist with whom I wus dis
cussing this question this morning , waxed
eloquent as ho described the crcat work ac
compltsheu In thu past , now going on , and
reaching who can suv to what ends of fu
ture usefulness In the I'OJu'.io of children
from that kindergarten of crime , the streets
nml slums of dnrko-.t Now York. "
"Tho crusade ngulnst crime must bo based
us fur as Its work among children goes , "
said ho , "on Uu principle that nn ounce of
prevention is worth u pound of punishment. "
Then followed n brief and vivid account of
the work of the various associations whose
efforts are dlroctoJ chlolly to the rescue of
children from vile and vicious surroundings.
His enthusiasm awakened u thoughtful In
terest in the bojnm of your correspondent
which resulted In n scries of visits to the va
rious Institutions In and around Now York ,
whcro littlo. children who , unless snatched
from the vile influences of the slums must
grow to swell the criminal population , are
rescued from that crudest of destinies , a ca
reer of crime.
"Hull's IIulf-Acro. "
Naturally first'nmong ' these is the famous
Five Points Houso1 of Industry , und it is
ttioro I invlto thb readers of Tim But : to ac
company mo. Forty years ngo the Five
Points was known Us the wickedest spot in
the world ; in no-corresponding area in Lon
don or Paris was the ratio of crlmo so largo.
Yet hero were hundreds of llttlo children ex
posed to tha torriulo inlluenuo of the place
born to a heritage of moral leprosy and phys
ical suffering. Itfwas a great thought that
contemplated purifying this dark spot by
raising in the mid u house of hope and help
for these llttlo oqes .
Leaving Broadway at Worth street wo
plunge at onud"iuto the maelstrom of de
graded humanity that soothes throuch Chat
ham and Mulberry stroots. "Hell's half-
acre" they call that pcstllontroslon , even
now. Until tlio'ti'itiiblish'mdnVjOf ' the mission
misery nnd murder stalked hand-lu-hand
through tboso reciting nlloys by night and
day. Even thu police feared to venture alone ,
nnd were always detailed In couples to duty
hero. Now at least llfo Is" safe , nnd
wo pick our wav ns rapidly us possible unmo
lested toward the mission houses. Entering
the now building a largo , six-storied fire
proof structure , ono is strucic by the abso
lute nnd Immaculate cleanliness of the place.
On iho first floor is the chapel , a room 50x03
feet , with pretty frescoed colling nnd tinted
wulls. Hero In tiers of llltlo chairs ranged
In amphitheater style back toward the largo
pipe oraan , the little ones gather for Sunday
services. On the floor above are live largo ,
well ventilated school rooms where the 1200
children residing lu the institution and many
little waifs gathered from the neighboring
streets are taught thn ordinary English
branches under the Joint supervision of the
Board of Education , the charity commission
ers and the trustees of the institution.
A yet moro interesting schoolroom Is the
printing ofllco on the corresponding floor of
the old building , wbero boys aud girls are
taaght typesetting and press work. Hero
they print tbo Record , a llttlo pamphlat
that sots forth from mouth to month what is
co'.iig on in the institution. From this llttlo
printing establishment have graduated many
boys who are now earning Journeymen's
wacos. This room is used after school
hours as a reading room and study by the
larger boys roMaing in the institution.
There arc works on botany and natural his
tory in the cases that stand along the walls ,
and a largo number of bloomlntr plants In the
wldo windows tuat lorm ono BIUO 01 tno im
mense room afford practical object
loisons in botanical science , whilu a
frlsicv squirrel and u good sized aquarium
constitute a small but rcry lively nnd Inter
esting museum of natural history. Near by
is the carpenter shop , where the boys who
evince any taste for such work and what
boy doosn't revel in hammers and saws and
nails ] are taught thu rudiments of the
buiider's trado. Another flight of stairs
brings us to the boys' dormitory. Hero nro
100 iron cots , each covered with n white
counterpane as spotlessly clean and frosb as
tbo tondorost mother could provide for her
favorite son. Hero , too , is the boys' wash
room , a largo apartment with a long tiled
bathtub in the cantor into which water
pours from sprays on all sides. A hundred
lllllo shelves along Iho wall , each allotted
to ono particular boy , are furnished with
toothbrush , ncako of soap , towel and brush ,
for Its owner's indlvlduuai toilet. Above Is
the pills' dormitory , as clean and orderly as
that ot tbo boys. Oa this floor , too , is a
dormitory of forty beds , whore homeless
women are lodged until suitable situations
nro found for them.
YVVIicro thu Tliilo { Tots Are CnroU for.
Then there ii'-thb ' nursery , where forty ,
tiny tots under the ago of 5 flock up to you
us you enter the door , and with n coalldonco
that tounhcb your hUart clamber Into your
arms , explore yotJ jiocltoU and petition you
for n "story. " Oho motherly llttlo llgnro
particularly ul tracts you. It Is that of n tiny
girl 4 years ol'd11 who hovers proteot-
ingly over her llttlo brother , 2 years
younger. Ho itastlos an closely us
possible to her sidennd , , all our blandish
ments avail not to coax him away or to ban
ish the pathetic IpoU of sadness from his
great , dark oyos.jjlicso two children , re
cently icscuod from a filthy cellar where
their mother lay dying , nro the youngest of
the seven Curnoulo-rullUron. Tholr father
Is u worthless drunkard , a cousin of the
millionaire of PlitttHfrff.
You Mini It difficult , to tear yourself away
from this room , botlvou turn umld a chorus
of "goodbr , " "comdAigain , " to tbplast flight
of stain that lead you up to tha
playroom , where In stormy weather
the children are amused. An
uncomfortable looking young man
Is vainly endeavoring to maintain order
among a detachment of thirteen boys , who
uro busy washing the floor. Such u splashIng -
Ing ! Such soaping and scrubbing and sing-
IUK nud slopping ! If cleanliness bn next to
troilllnosssaintly Indeed must bo this baker's
dozen of merry boys , for the most searching
eye falls to find a spot or stain in their wako.
Wo next vltll tbo sowing rooms , where all
the garments aru mauo und tncndod for thu
little wearers and. where the girls uro
taught thu housewifely art of using a tioodlo
and thread.
Now down another flight to the kitchen , n
room so &htnlngiy spotless that in the vocab
ulary ot the gills bo learn cooking hem
there's no such word as dirt. Across the cor-
rldiu nnd wo ure In tbo rofnctory , with Its
lout ; table spread reuuy for the dinner of the
400 children who ure dully fed hero. It isn't-
exactly a Deltnunlco oprend , but there is a
generous bowl of soup , weal , potatoes and
i rcad nt each plato nnd the furo scorns dainty
Indeed to the little ones who ont it
An Important room Is the concrnl bath , ( t
Is In n wing of the old building nnd contains
n circular bathtub which holds 1,700
gallons of water. When children
enter the institution , thov do so through this
tub. Wo have scarcely tlma to \ hit the In
firmary where the children of the Institution
nnd nny ot the neighboring poor nro treated
by eminent cliyslclatis nnd attended by onro-
fully trained nurses , and wo leave the build
Ing with n warm glow In our heart nnd n
hope for the future of the children whom a
helping hand has lifted up into the light of
this noble rolugo from the evil Influences of
the streets.
Tin : T//i.irw.
Omaha Is to have Its first prolonged season
of summer opera. It has been for some years
past nn iistnbllshcd fact In the clues around
Omaha-Chicago , Milwaukee , St. Paul , Mln-
noapolU , Kansas City and Denver but the
venture has never before boon tried hero.
Manager' Burgess catuo to the conclusion
that in vlaw of the grout success that Iho
Fnrnatn Bluet theater bos had during Us
Jlrst season , ho could not round up lu a bet
tor manner than by offering patrons n season
of sutnmor'bpani , to bo prolonged so long ns
It shall bo profitable. Ho scoured
the Dodd opera company , which has ,
during the past two weeks , boon
playing In St. Joseph , Lenvonworth
nnd Topokn , and from the proas of these
cities it Is learned thut the company Is ono
of unii-uinl merit , carefully presenting the
operas selected uud giving ontlro satis
faction to the public. Thov will open their
Omaha season ut the Farnntn street theater
todnv , Sunday , Muy ! ! U , with n matinee ,
presenting "JMio Chimes of Normamly" for
Iho first half of yio week nud "Tho Mas-
cotto" for tbo last half. These will bo fol
lowed by "Fra Dluvolo. " "Olivette , "
"Glrollo-Glrollii , " "Threo Blnck Cloaks , "
"Bahamian Girl , " "Tho Boggnr Student , "
"Thn Mllcndo , " Fiitlnlt/n , " "The Pirraus ot
Pcnznnce , " "Pinafore , " "Nnnon , " olo. , two
operas being plvon each week. Miss Amy
Leslie Is the prlmu donna of the company
und she ubly assisted by Helen Ut. Clnlr.
Those two young lauio hnvo an established
standing In'tho operatic profession nnd nro
painstaking ami conscientious singers. Mr.
Muck Charles Is a fine tenor slngor nnd has
made many friends In thu clues already
visited. Dan Young Is an eccentric operatic
comedian widely known in the profession
nnd he is sure to gain great favor with the
Omaha public. Miss Lssllu writes ton friend
in this city that the cliorus is tha stronpos. !
of nny company sha lias ever bcnn associated
with , the gentlemen of the company presCut-
Intr u line appearance and nil being excellent
singers. She savs tbo girls are nrotty und
carry their chorus parts very effectively.
"Tho County Fair" will bo presented for
th < 3 last time In Omaha , the last half ot the
week In Boyd's theater. Last year the play
was presented for a wuok and loft nn ncrco-
able impression , so there Is every reason to
buliovo that It will provo again attractive.
"Tho County Fair" is a series of sketches of
Now England country llfo , and its homespun
settings should revive cheery'scones nnd
memories of days "down on the farm , "
Abigail Pruo , the heroine , who mattes
delightful butter and love to the shy
Otis , and whoso giddiness causes
heartiest laughter , should again bo a wel
come visitor. Brieilv , "Tho County Fair"
still vies with the most important succossoj
of the day. There are admirable views of
rural quietude , softness and harmony in
woods , trcos , brooks , blue skies and Arcadlun
loveliness goneraliy , and there are many daft
touches of Now England chiractar nnd hon
esty In the action of thocharaotors. . The
filial scone depleting the horse race Is n very
stirring bit of realism , and must bo seen to
bo fully described and appreciated. It Is to
all Intents the actual start and finish of n
race , which the audlouco sees intact , with
galloping' steed , whipping Jockey and ull the
bustling incidents of thn track.
W. G. Smyth's "Hoss nnd Hoss" com
pany is un unusually largo ono for farce-
comedy nnd numbers twenty-five people all
told. 'No chorus or supers In the lot. but all
clever artists. It is said to bo thn best
singing and dancinc company on the road.
The engagement is for four nights , at the
Bovdcommencing Sunday ovomnp.Juno 5.
Today the Iowa State band will Rive two
concerts nt Boyd's new theater , under the
leadership of Prof. Frederick Phlnnoy , a
matinco nt 2:30 : this afternoon and at 8 this
ovonlnj : . Thn following ptograms will bo
rendered , subject to slight cnango :
Selection Tnnnlmuscr Wncrner
\Vnltr. llltio llnmibo btrnuss
Muillej llrlc u-ltrac .7. Mlssuil
bok'Clion sulo , with bund accompaniment. .Hartmun
Ovurturo tlohomlnn Girl llnlfo
l)08crlitlvo | 1'lcco Ahuntltii ; scene..I * , llucnluxnl
\VulU-ll Ultima Itucalogsl
Overture I'oel anil J'oaJiuit hujipo
Baritone solo Vacant Clmlr..Mr. Krank O. Koiulnll
National airs lij umlncnt American composers
Overture \Vllllnm Tell rtoeMnl
Waltz-.Muslkaiitou 1.Ic.lcr- K. Klciler
Descriptive The M lit Alarm IX W. lloorca
Suxlpliono BOlo , wltli band nccompnalniunt..Wutior
Itulluncr In AlKler Itoeslnt
liilurnutlonnl Congress J. Philip Bousn
Uarltono cola , with band nccompanlniout Tbo
Artist's 1'olka.
Mr. Frank C. Komlnll.
GrnndtaBQlor of war SOUKS , pmbrnclr.R the Krent
unttlo conc , Allexrn KurlOBO. with miuketry uc-
comimnlment. Tlio realistic cllocla of this pleco
nro moat atarllin .
'Till WeMoct Again Toutucr
It Is reported Modjoska's next ooason will
bo very short.
' novel "A Colonel "
Oplo Road's , Kentucky ,
has boon dramatized ,
A now Polish pianist is the rage In Loncfun ,
His name Is Sllvinski.
Henry E. Abbey nnd Maurice Grau are In
Vienna'in search of musical novelties.
Cora Tanner will not bo soon on the road
In "Husband and Wlfo" next season.
John L. Sullivan Is reported to have n plan
for organizing u variety show next season.
John H. Kussoll of "Tho City Directory'1
and Amelia Glover were married the other
day.Miss Bosslo Holllwny. a former Paplllion
girl , Is winning laurels on the Now YorK
Miss Gala will sale In Juno for Europe
returning In tlmo to begin next season In
Hubmstcln's opera , "Moses , " Just finished ,
is lu eight nets and will require two even
ings to produce.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sidney Drew and tholr com
pany , who bad boon playing "That Girl from
Mexico , " stranded in St. Louts.
Charles H. Hoyt , the farce writer , has boon
elected a delegate from New Hampshire to
the republican national convention.
Another American prlma donna. Miss
Sodobr Rhodes of Now York , has made a
great hit ut her debut in Florence , Italy.
DoWolf Hopper will spend his summer va
cation In Europe and will attend the Interna
tional musical aud theatrical exposition ut
Vienna in July.
Pain's "Carnival of Venice. " n spbctaclo
on thg.order of the "Slogo of Sobnstopol , "
will open for the summer at West Brighton ,
Now York , July 15.
James T. Powers nnd Itaehol Booth nro
married. They will star next season in n
play to bo written by John T , MoNally , au
thor of "A Straight Tip. "
James O'Neill has written a now play for
hlmuelf that bo thinks will rival "Monte
Cristo.ii It is entitled "Fontunelle , " and ttio
scene Is laid in Franco during tbo rolgn of
Louis XV.
Jennie Ycamans will bo starred In n piny
called "la P. M. . " It was written by C. B.
Dllllncham , Now York manager of the Chicago
cage Times news bureau. Thu comedy will
bo produced in August.
High toned variety performances will bo a
feature of the roof gardens in New York nnd
the managers hold out the inducement that
male spectators will bo allowed to smoke and
move about In comfort.
Next season Roland R od wll | produce a
new comedy by Milton Nobles entitled ' 'For
I to von uo Only. " It Is Intended to satirize
modern political methods nud campaign Jour
nalism , but back ot it there is a love story
and a touch of pathos.
Tbo summer season Is considered on in
Now York. The spectacle of "TJio Fall of
Plevna" began last week nt South boncb.
the roof garden at the Mudlson Square will
bo opened on the evening of Decoration day
and the Casino gurdou will follow on Wednes
The now tboator at Broadway nnu Thirty-
eighth street , Now York , to bo controlled by
Henry E. Abbey , will cost M.Vi.000. U will
bo ilx-story structure of limestone uud
brick , The now playhouse will bo called the I
Abbey theater and work ur.on It will begin
early In 1893.
An elebhant has been bought for "A Nloht
nt the Circus , " nnd Nclllo McHcnry has
christened It Cupid. This , with Iho wild
man of Borneo , a horse , n dog and the clover
llttlo pickaninnyillmakOqultou menagorlo.
The next season , by the way. will open In
this city July 18.
Lottto Collins , the Cnelish musio hall
singer who Is claiming the glory of having
Introduced "Tn-rn-rn-boom-do-av , " has mndo
such n hit in London that her sularv has been
raised to 8330 n week , and she sings the nb-
Himlity nudity nt four muslo halls bosldti
tbo Galoty theater.
The thirteenth nnnunl tour of Augustlu
Daly's company begun in September last In
Paris , was continued in London , and niter
the recent Now York season was resumed in
Washington nnd will tormlnalu In San
Francisco , making In nil the most extensive
tour ever accomplished by nny American
Director Bertrand had Intended giving
several performances of Gounod's "Romeo
nnd Juliet" in the Paris Grand opera this
summer with Juuti do Koszko aft Romeo , but
the plan did not succeed owing to the fact
that the tenor demanded 5,000 frauc.s a per
formance , whereas the manager was willing
to gtvo only 2,500.
Immediately nftor vounir Salvltu's engage
ment nt Boston ho nnd Mannpor William M.
Wllltlsou sail for Europe , nnd will proceed
to Mmo. Punt's castle In Wnlos , where the
diva will produce at her own theater the
now version of "Cnvnllorln Rtistlcann , " her
self appearing ns Santuzzn nnd young Alex
ander Slavlnl as Terrldu.
Biintrlco Vohon , the singer who recently
achieved ut the Roynl CourtthonterntStock-
helm what is described ns "tho croatest
triumph since the days of Christina Nllsson , "
Is u Chicarraglrl , the'child of French parents.
Sh'b rocelved her musical training In Purls.
It Is said that her -'glorious tones" qulto
"enthralled the nudionco , " ntid her beauty
wus "dnrzllug. "
Franklvn W. Lee has boon called from St.
Paul by Manager Divld Henderson of Chi-
caeo to help write iho book for his now ox-
truvnganzi , "All Bnbn. " Five years ago
Mr. Lee wns n young newspaper scribbler at
DCS Molnoj , barely maklnc n decent living.
Ho drifted in St. Paul , got to writing clover
sketches , did a hook or two and is now falily
launched upon comlo opera w ork.
Just before sailing for Europe Mmo. Patti
suld that tier tour next season will bo under
the direction of Marcus Mayor , beginning
November 15 nnd closing April Jfi , Ib'.U.
embracing forty concerts. She snld : " 1
pronoso to sing ballads only during this tour ,
avoiding heavy grand opera muslo
altogether. Then I will show people that I
can sing something besides 'Homo , Sweet
Homo. ' " Speaking of the time between
now nnd her return to America , Mine. Patti
sold : " 1 shall go from Liverpool direct to
London , where I am to giva my first Albert
Hall concert. Juno 11. I am to glva another
in July , but iho exact date of that bus not
yet boon fixed. Thoi I aui to glvo nn anuuiU
series ot fifteen concerts in the English
provinces , beginning in October , under the
direction of Percy Harrison , the nephew
of the man with whom I have given
them for fifteen years. Think of that !
Fifteen years under ono manager , and ho is
to have mo for three years moro. You hoar
n good deal of talk about my salary In tuis
country ; would you llko to know what 1 re-
colvo for tboso concerts in Englandl 1 got
300 ( f 1,000) ) for ray London concerts and
500 ( ? 2,500) ) for these in the province , nnd at
each I only sing a cavatlna and two ballads.
Considering the hard work I do in America
and the voyage to and from , do you think
there is such a discropaucy bo'twoon my
salary in England aud my salary hero ? No ,
I don't moan to do any other professional
work than that 1 hive mentioned from now
until I return for the next tour of America.
I am going to travel in Italy nnd visit my
father's old homo in Catania , Sicily , which I
have not seen for n long tune. Of course 1
shall spend a good deal of tlmo at my castle ,
Craig-y-Nos , nnd I must bo" there about
Christmas or the children would think evil
days had fullon upon them. "
Few people have an Idea of the number of
stars cradled In the variety business
and other humble places. Annie Pix-
ley In her girlhood days pave
concerts in California. Cora Tanner wns u
ballot girl. Helen Barry Jed n march of
nmnzons In pink lights. Rosa Coghlan was In
Lydiu Thompson's crowd' of blonde bur-
lesquors. Pauline Hall once drove a circus
chariot. Lillian Russell won her first honors
nt Tony Pastor's. Tbo veteran Mrs. Gilbert ,
in her prime , was n ballot dnncor ; so was
Agnes Booth thirty-five years ago. Mrs.
McKco Rankln was a dancer in a Philadel
phia concert hall wbllo in her toons. Minnie
Maddoro's vocalism was often in early years
applauded in the vaudeville theaters. Paltl
Rosa , Mattie Vickers and Jonnia. Youmans
farm a trio of variety theater graduates.
Francis Wilson was 'onco a song-and-danco
man. Lottn , in her music-hall days , sauo ; ,
danced nnd picked a banjo. Nat Goodwin
came from the variotv theaters ; so did Den-
man Thompson. Null Burgess , Gus Wil
liams , Dan Sully , Edward Harrlgan. Jeff
do Angolls , Richard Golden , franic Daniels
and half a hundred others.
'Tho Isle of Champagne , " U comlo opera
by Charles Alfred Byrne and Louis Harri
son , has Just been put on in Chicago with
Thomas Q. Scabrooko us the star. Too scene
of the story is laid on & mythical isle , where
water is unknown and whoso Inhabitants'
only beverage Is champagne. The king ot
this vmeal realm is Pommory Second , a pov
erty stricken prince , whoso fortunes nro sud
denly retrieved by the wreck of a steamer on
the shore of the island. Among the stores
ot the vos.sol is n larco quantity of water.
This tbo king procures and sells to his sub
jects nt so much a bottle. Many queer and
laughable Incidents follow the Introduction
of this new liquid into the country.
liy 1' . W. aioHlior.
By resorting to the principle which Is
called "position , " a majority of the vowels
can bo omitted and still leave tha writing
perfectly legible. Words are written In
three positions , first , second nnd third. The
position of a word Is generally determined by
the position of the accented vowol. That is ,
If the accented vowel Is a first position
vowel , the word is written in the Oist posi
tion ; 'or if a second position vowel , the word
is written in the sooond position ; It a third
position vowel , the word is written In tbo
third position.
The words which have been horctoforo
given In the writing exercises and illustra
tions arc second position words. Words
that are composed entirely of .horizontal con
sonants are written about one-sixth of an
Inch above the line for first position ; on iho
line for second , und undor-tho line for'ibird
position. Words containing perpendicular or
slanting consonants should bo written so the
flrst oonsouunt does not quito touch tno line
for the flrst position. For the second posi
tion so It rests on the lino. For the third , so
It extends through the lino.
If the outline of a word contains more
than two simple stroka consonants , It is gen
erally safe to write It lu the second position ,
though the loading vowel may bou first or
third position.
The diphthong "ow" is represented os Illus
trated In the words ou.o nnd mow ( line ) .
A light dash In the third position repre
sent ) ! the bhort sound of double oo , ns in
"back. " A h avy dash In the third position
represents < ho long sound of double oo , as In
"true. "
Line 1. Bin , sootn , meek , keep , tree , trip.
Line ! i. Sane , sumo , smoko.oapo , treydrap u.
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Koud gclf-addruised stamped envelope for
Fire !
Fire !
Fire !
By order of the Insurance
Companies we arc author
ized to sell our entire
stock of
N ,
Slightly Damaged by
Their Former Price.
The entire stock must be sold
within 30 days.
Douglas -St.
Open Evenings
Till 9 O'clock'
CAPITAUS 100.000.00
. .
DIRECTORS . : A uwYM/\NtC.w.NAsH . . .

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