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Gentility , Manliness and Oultnro Oharac-
toriBtics of Transatlantic Thespians.
At tlio Club * AVhero Wit , Ocnlnllty nml
Genius CiiinmliiEtc "AilvnnlHKOs" of
tlto KiiKllsli Actor llli I.mo
of n Quiet Homo.
LONDON , May 0. In nearly every prcat
Amcrlcnn city wo tiavo sotno particular
locality constantly frequented during cer
tain hours of the day by actors iiront and
mall. Tho'casual passer HnRors curiously
within the region , Even ono least nccus-
tompd to striking city phases Is instantly
Impressed with the unusual character ot the
ndghbJrhood and with the manners ana
dress of Us frequenters.
Public- houses nf a cozy rather than n
sumptuous sort are characteristic of the
placo. Windows ubovo It uro filled with
Btrnngo costumes. Llttlo low windows
nna stilt tinier glass casss or receivers
hero end thcro display curious examples of
the wiginaltor's art. "Voico Training" can
bo secured up this dingy flight of stairs.
"A School of Elocution" will bo roaunau
through another dark entry way , The logon d ,
"Fancy Steps , " will nppajr where the stairs
hint of serious stumbling Instead , ftoxt tno _
roof of ono building "Pupils" will bo "Fit"
ted for the Stage. " "Banjo Tuucht" has
broken out upon every doorway directory.
And slcns of "Dramatic Agency , " where
the flnt and perennially succcsslvo looting
of actors U done , cluster llko beacons of
wreckers to untlco tlio veteran as well
as the youngest skipper upon the
nhonls of treuchorous draniallo seas.
In general and particular everything
needful to "tho profession"and many things
which ils members could safely eschew'uro
gathered In and about this strnngo llttlo
world within the great city. H is called
"Tho Uialto. "
Histrionic Cln s Distinction.
Our American "Klaltos" are more marked
In concentration and character thun these of
Euronpan cities. Thu is particularly true
In New York , In London , where are the
baunts of probably more actors than
exist In any other four or ilvo
of tbo greatest cities , tbero Is no
spot which exactly corresponds with the
American actors' "Utnlto , " except ono. That
ono is the greatest resort in the world for
music ball performers. It is just across the
Waterloo bridge from j the Strand , on tbo
Burro/ side ot London ! and Is called in local
parlance , "Poverty Junction. "
ButiDotweon tboso folk , who am called
"prossers" or "pros , " In the vernacular , and
the actors of London thcro Is nn ever 1m-
passable gulf. In our country there Is con-
Bldcrablo commingling and association ot
these elements or classes. This almost
wholly accounts for the characteristic groupIngs -
Ings of business and lounging forming our
"HIaltos. " Hero the actor not only scorns
the "pros" as ho would u tramp and will
bnvo none of him as a companion , but howill ,
drink no liquor , out no food , transact no busi
ness and frequent no thoroughfare or haunt
where the "pro" is permitted to come.
There are reasons for thU close drawing of
professional lines. An important one. is found
In the fact that for a very long time London
theatrical managers have sustained an abso
lute monopoly of all dramatic performances.
By law the proprietors of music halls are for
bidden to present any exhibition of a dra-
tcutlo nature. Their compensation Is In being
permitted to sell all manner of liquors bv
bands of bewitching barmaids ; of itself a
great source of attraction ana profit. To tbo
"legitimate" dramatic performer , any ono
who has appcarca In "tho 'alls , " from bis
standpoint ot otblcs , can by no possibility
ever become a genuine actor or attain to
his social standing.
Actor nml'Educated Gontlenmn.
On the other hand , you will seldom find an
English , Irish or Scottish actor who is not a
centlcman born and bred. .1 do not moan
that bo If always of the sccallod British
' gentry" stock. But I do mean that the
Block from which bo has sprung is usually of
the bcstquallty : that ho hp.K had the advan
tage of being well bred ; has been slvcnoxocl-
iont homo and school , and very often univer
sity training ; that , bo Is a reader , n student
and n traveler ; and that the best regime and
athletic sports have done for him , physically ,
what bl > education has done for him mentally -
tally , and bis unavoidable culture , off and on
the stage , bas done fur both bis ethics and
bis manners.
This is universal rather than exceptional.
Ho is thcroforo justly proud of his vocation.
Sucb names as these of Shakespeare , Kom-
blo , Garrick , Macroady and Matthews fur
nish endless pique and spur to his ambition.
Ills excellent social status keeps him in
touch with the best rather than the undo-
Mrablo elements. Ho Is well paid and cer
tain of cmploji incnt , If bo has ability and ex
perience ; and If hqjiossesses only the former ,
with some learning behind it , bis period of
apprenticeship Is ono of fair opportunity and
considerate treatment , Without leaving bis
homo and his daily baunts and work , ho bas
before htm the highest opportunities to
which an uctor can attain within the conllncs
of Londoa Itself. And bis every surround
ing , acccsslblo aid In bis profession , and.
oven in bis hours of relaxation , which bring
him the line friction of the brightest minds
of our time , ho is as an actor continually
unwltUnt'ly and per lorco battered and ira
KiiKlUh Actors' I'rltlo of Homo.
The latter is as true today as It was In
Shakespeare's time. And all this is why the
haunts of London actors diflcr from tno
baunts of American actors ; and why , also ,
their environment naturally produces the
iciest delineators , not of Intense and exag
gerated character and situations , as with
( ho French , and sorcowlmt with our Amer
ican school , but ot these fadeless good and
mellow comedies , dramas and tragedies
which appeal to the Intellect and heart.
rather than to sensation hunger , tbo nerves
Mid tbo passions.
These changeless conditions naturally give
London actors as a class but two places that
may bo regarded as tbolr real baunts their
homes ana tbolr clubs. The first of these
may seem to Americans an odd sort of ac
tors' retreat , for though wo have many
among ua who possess genuine homos , and it
It n good sign that their number Is increas
ing , thcro are too few actors who possess or
lock a homo. It Is different In London , ana
1 think them Is nothing on earth achievable
In which a London actor takes such manful
nna exultant prldo.
They are seldom grand affairs , it is their
great number and their sweet and good
homeliness which malic them remarkable.
The exigencies of provincial orofos-
ilonal travel ana frequent American
tours often render their continuous
occupancy impossible. Frequently the
Husband goes In ono direction and the
wife , If she bo an actress , In another. But
tbo abiding place IB Mecca to both , ana there
In always ioino uno to hold tbo belongings
together and train tbo llttlo ones against thq
A 1'rotty IMcture.
Tbo English actor hat a grand abhoronco
of a big ana showy home. 1 could print the
nuincs of scores whoso incomes would permit
thorn to Ilvo , llko many or our eminent the
atrical people. In approved West End luxury
In winter ana gorgeously nwoltor In summer
In tbolr own fashionable resort villas. The
llttlo homo , llttlo and snug and cheery , Is his
from choice. He hides himself In It , and Is
often moat ludtcrouo In his shifts to uvold
knowledge of Its coming to only sworn
IriouUs. This occasionally goes BO' for that
( .liases are assumed , that ho may bettor pro
tect himself from intrusion and espionage.
In this inlta of a homo ho is as nappy n
man t.s there Is In all the woi'ld. Ho can
roach out to and know Its motes and bound-
i.tles , , U IB usually , and moro honor to him
for It , In n pcrmunuiit and delightful bulta-
buloo from the prcsonco of many roistering
3ml cladsoma children. It Is full ot strungo
und nulrugroufi puts. It I * buried in vines , all
out llto winCowf. nnd vvlihln itl * a plethoric
cmiRcrvntory of ulunts and llowcra , Tbero
nru many and the bosl of boons , not hidden in
tr.owy ens a * but within hand roach In every
nookapd cortirr. Bit * of urt work uud dainty
irlllos , but most of them this family's hand *
work , 'orderK-s's but interesting abound.
Tboro Is o harp , a zither , n guitar , a violin , or
, not "uiolaucholy" llute , and melody uud
song of the bomo-mado Kind seem to break
loota hero rather than como at "tho cuo" and
Jo order.
Above nil else thcro Is a wonderful sort
of all around housekeeping In these Joyous
llttlo homos from participation In which no
friend or guc t Is altogether debarred , nnd
occasionally under no circumstances ab
solved. It Is ns tnough the effort , assump
tion nnd repression of the slago world found
Its exact antithesis In this most precious of
haunts ; nnd that nil tboso things In homemaking
making nnd keeping which arc regarded as
Irksome bv ordinary folk , were to theao people
ple the acme of olcasuro und delight ,
lluror * anil Heroine * nt Home.
"A perennial lark , " ono fitly described it
to mo. And so It Is. With mingled feelings
of amazement nna delight , while enjoying the
roost gonlal entertainment I have over elsewhere -
where known , I hnvo assisted n Lady
Tenzlo nt dusting ; n Juliet nt digging
in the garden ; n Lcnr at leapfrog
with his not ungrateful children ; n Portia
nt shelling pens ; nn Othello nt mending
kites ; a Mrs. Mnlnprop in wcshlng the lunch
dishes ; n uravo digger at mctralng his range ;
n Cleopatra nt paring potatoes ; n Falstnff nt
milking gooseberry und damson jam ; n 13ob
Acres nt prilling chops or Surface at prepar
ing salads for Enellsh. actors nro peerless
ns cooks. ; n Bill tiykat nt prayer * ; und n
Ulcholiou at brewing such punches ns , I
have been tola by these who sipped them ,
loft , by comparison , the "ucctar of the gods"
more eight-penny treacle ,
The whole Uovont CJnrdon region , that
"Joyous region" as Tnnckcray called It ,
while not exactly a haunt of" actors , hns
been n sort of nctor-land for moro thanUoU
years. It Is now ns of old u region of line
old Inns , colTce houses , theaters , clubs , prin
ters and publishers , booksellers and cos-
turners. In these precincts , between Covcnt
Garden nnd the Stand , that greatest roaring
tide of humanity In nil tbo world , nnd UDOII
the Strand Itself , moru nctors will bo scon
comlntr , going or loitering than in any other
district of the great city.
After his piofcsslon and bis jolly llttlo
home' , the strongest attachment of the Lon
don nclors li given to his club. Every onu U
n member of from o'nu to a half do'zcn clubs ;
nnd these actors , us a class , moro than all
others of the liberal professions and
arts , have Inspired , developed and sus
tained that spirit of genial association of
men of talent which hns invcn London its
vast numbers of most splendid clubs ,
around which cluster the most precious of
historic and literary associations. It trny
bo truly sola that , from Shakspcara to
Dickens , not only the greatest nctors who
ever Jived , but most of the greatest writers
have been spurred and prompted Intu the
effort and nctlvltlcs which gave themselves
fame nnd the world its cleanest drama and
grandest literature , from this source nnd
out of this fruitful and fecund association.
Actors' Club Haunts.
Slnco "Will's , " "buttons' ' -Tom's" nnd
other famous cuffoo-housos and clubs of the
Queen Anne period , a history of the changes
and habitues of famous London clubs to
which nctors hnvo given the chief support
would almost bo n history of English men
of letters nnd literature. The actors' club
haunts of toJny chiefly comprise the
Garilck , Green Room , Savage , Arundcl ,
Lyric nnd Beefsteak clubs.
The latter unique llttlo club , which has its
homo over Tooto's theater , sprang out of tLo
Honorable Society ot Beefsteaks In the old
Beefsteak room of tbo Lyceum tua tar ,
which still exists , and is used by Irving for
his oxquUlto private dinner parties. The
Becfstc.ik over Toolo's is distinctive in being
a "one-room" club , and admitting no guests
The Arundel has 350 to 400 members. It
was once exclusively literary nnd artistic.
Ambitious solicitors and umatcun of all
sorts uro now admitted , and its percentage
of legitimate actors is growing smaller.
The Lvrlcjhus a magnificent club honso In
Piccadilly , nnd with its entire appointment ! ) ,
Including n largo theater nnd concert hall , la
among the finest buildings for this purpose
In the world , ft also bus nn annex called the
Lyric club atBarnos-on-Tbnmes , from which
bout racing and other river fetes can bo wit
nessed. Tbo Lyric Is a dramatic und mus
ical club with nearly < J,000 members. Per
haps 10 per cent ot these are actors.
The well known buvugoclub , literary nnd
artistic , which interchanges privileges with
the Lotus club of Now York , has about 700
members. It had Its origin twenty-four
years ago In a puollo house near Drury Lane
theater , blnco then U has wandered to Hux-
cl's hotel , tbouco to the Suvoy nna finally to
Adelpbi terrace , overlooking the Thames.
About eighty of Its members , who are also
members of the Green Room club , are actors.
Tno Gnrriclr , In Garrick street. Uovent
Garden , venerable , rich , stately , mellow and
grand , has no membership limitation us to
profession. VVhllo perhaps no moro than
twenty-live actors nro nt pressnt among Us
members , although nil London managers of
any promlnenco are upon Its rolls , It un
doubtedly possesses the most valuable col
lection of sodvonlrs and paintings relating to
the stage and Its most famous representa
tives of any association or institution in the
world , '
The Actors' Club Par Excellence.
But the Green Room club , in Bedford
street , which bad its origin about fourteen
years ngo from disagreements in the Junior
Garrick and the Arunclol clubs , Is by all
odds the real actors'club of London. It Is
already one of the wealthiest of its small
club's nnd ewes Its grout success to tbo ad
ministration of its honorary secretary ,
George Donnchor , a gentleman of ample
moans , a gcnumo art lover with boundless
sympathies for actors nnd their profession.
Persons In nil the liberal arts are admitted
to membership ; but no active manager can
bccomo n member unless bo was formerly an
actor of coed standing. Pincro and Lcrd
Carton , dramatists , Furjcon , tbo author , nnd
Charles Dickens , son of tbo grout novelist ,
are among its members.
"Saturday tilcbts" nnd "Saturday house
dinners , " the latter splendidly served at but
i ) shillings und G pence , are the kindliest ,
brightest , mellowest nnd most goniul oc
casions of our time among men of heart nnd
brains. Gathered hero will bo Tound such
men ns Plnoro. Sant Matthews , Irving , John
Hnro , Royce Carlcton , Kendall , Paul Morrlt' ,
Wyndham , Charles Hnrtburv. Bancroft ,
Ferunndez , Bcorbohn Trdo , Ted Gardiner
nnd Henry Howe , the oldest actor on the
English stago.
In thousands of books are preserved tbo
true or apochryphal sayings of Garrick ,
Shcrdlan , Hood , Thackeray , Dickens and
men of their kidney , who gnvo the wino of
Ufa to literary London in tbo past. I bollovo
that within this very Green Room actors'
, haunt of the London of today wit and
repartee ns spontaneous , unctuous nod true
find as constant expression.
A certain Gwylin Crowo , musical com'
poser , and conductor at the Covent Garden
theater , is a terrible atheist , and never
loses opportunity to vent his spleen against
sacred things and beliefs. Not long ago at a
Grcon Room Saturday afternoon dlnnor bo
had no moro than finished a particularly
vehement diatribe against the genuineness
of Christ , when Henry S , Leigh , a brilliant
London back , after a moment's scribbling
sent to the table chairman and bad read the
following quatrain :
\Vo hoar In language highly splcotl ,
That Orowo does not approve of Christ ;
Thu tlilnir wo now ilcslru to know
Ik Mbother Ohrist approves of Urovro !
Ilooki nt the 1'iibllo I.llirnrjr for tlio Student
amiVorliur In IClcttriciil Science.
Omaha public library possesses a very
comprehensive llttlo sot of well selected
works on electricity , magnetism and olootri
cal science , which tbo student and worker
or even the "go n oral reader" should appro
clutb. Tun following volumes are found on
the shelves , the names of the authors precod
lug the titles uud' the library numbers fol
lowing :
Abernothy. The Modern Sclonco of Com
merdal and Railway Telugrnphv. N2320 ; Al
gulvu and Baulard , Electric Light , JWl'JO
strument Mnlduir for Amateurs , NlJT5 ! ( ; Bui
tone , Electrical Bells and AH About Them
Ni.0buj Bottoue , Tbo Dynamo , NUOTU ; Urou-
nan , Popular Exposition of Electricity ,
NSOWl Brises , 1 ho Story of tbo Telegraph ,
Ni'317 ; ( Jrofu , How To Make a Dynamo
N'JOSS ; Crosby uud Bell , The Eleotrcal Kail- ,
way In Theory und Practice , NtflPiB ; Cum-
mlnir , Electricity , N2tXn ; Davis. Manual of
Magnetism , NU1I ; Desmond , Electricity for
Engineers , N2ll'J ; Dolboar , The Telephone.
N''itO : Dredco. lilectrlcAl Illumination , 3
vols. , N2J1U ; Du Monrol , ElomrmU of Con-
struclion for Eloctro-MngnnU , NiJOV.3 : Du
Moncol , Electricity ns a Motive Power ,
Short Lectures to Electrical Artlsnns , NS
Foote. Economic Vatuo of Electric Light
nnd Power , NS127 : Gordon , Practical
Trontlso on Electric Lighting , N'JllM ;
Gordon. Physical Treatise on
Electricity nud Magnetism , N31S5 ;
GiaT , Electrical Influence Machine ? , N2UTS ;
JulilemlnElectricity und Magnottsm.N OJ ;
Icdge.s , Central Station Electric Llgntlng ,
N2U04 ! ; Htdues , Contlnontal Electric Light
Stations.NWOS'.Hering.Pilnelplosot Dynamo
: ioctno Machine , Ni07" ; Ilerlnp , Practical
directions for Winding Ma nots. N209J ;
leilntr , Universal Wire Comnutcr , NU133 ;
lospltnllcr , Domestic Electricity for Aina-
ouis , NJ152 ; Hospitaller , Modern Applica
tions of Electricity. 2 vols , M2100 ; Induction
Colls. NW3J ; Jameson , ElomentnrC Manual
f Elcctrlcltv nnd Magnetism , N21K ) ;
cnHin , Electricity nnd Mugnotlsm , N'JOTO ;
Cnpp , Electro-Transmission of Energy.
NL'll.V Kompo , Handbook of Electrtcul
foiling , N'084 ; Kouuolly nnd Wilkinson ,
'radical Notes for Electrical Students ,
J-JNS ; Lntlmcr , Incandescent Elcctnu
sighting , N2U23 ; Lookwood , Electrical
ilonsurcment , N20S5 ; LockwoodElectricity ,
iliiKnetlsm nnd Elcutrlu Telegraphy , N-J175 :
jockwood , Practical In formation for Tele-
ibonUts , NL'UJO ; Lodge , Modern Views of
Electricity , Ni033 ! ; Lorlng , Elcetro-Mngnotlo
rclocraph , N'-'oil : ; Mackintosh , IClccirlcul
Theory of the Universe , N'J103 ; Martin , the
Electric Motor , NU.MO ; Mavornnd Davis ,
ho Qmulruplc.v , N2D74 ; Maxwell , Electrical
tcscarcho ? of Cavendish , N2109 : Meadow-
crnft , the A B C of Electricity , N''US'J ' ; Men-
denlmll , A Century of ElcctricltyN2orUMun- ;
ro , PocketBook of Electrical Rules , N20110 ;
Murdock , Notes on Elcctilcity , NDJli * } Pop-
> or , Electricity , NSO'.IJ ; Planto , Storage of
Electrical Energy , N215'l ; Pope , Evolution
of the Incandescent Lamp , M2lbO ; Pope ,
ilodcrn Practice of the Electric Telogrnnh ,
WJ70 ; Poy or , Magnetism and Electricity ,
Nl0'J7 ! ' ; Preecc , Telephone , N2323 ; Prcscott ,
Electricity nnd the EloctnoTelegraph.NiiUSa ;
'roscott , Bell's Electric Spoaulng Tolo-
ihono. N23.TJ ; Hoyhtor , Voltalra Accumuln-
orN2UOU ; Rlggs.Tho Electric. LlghtN3155 ;
togcM , Magnetism of Iron Vessels. N2C32 ;
{ UHt. Electricity , N2I43 ; Sawyer , Electric
sighting by Incandescence , N2187) )
Schcllcn , Macnoto-Electrio and Dy
namo-Electric Machines , N21SO : Slings nnd
Jroker , Electrical Engineering , N3100 ;
Salomon ? , Management of Accumulators ,
> J2orO ; Sprague , Electricity , N209J ; Svvln-
burno , Practical Electrical Measurement ,
N2HO ; Swift , Practical Telegrapher , N2375 ;
Thompson , Dynamo-Electrlo Machinery ,
? 203 : ) ; Thompson , Recent Progress In
Dynnmo-EJcctrio Machines , N2034 ; Thomp-
on , Elementary Lessons in Electricity nnd
Mugnottsm , N2UOO ; Thompson , L-scturos on
ho Electro Mocnot , N2009 ; Trcvort , How to
Make Electric Batteries. NC059 ; Tunzelnmn ,
Electricity in Modern Life. N21U9 ; Tyndall ,
Lessons In Electricity , N2120 ; Tyndall , Ro-
carcho.i in DlutnagnctUm , N2130 ; Urban-
tslcy , Electricity in the Service of Man ,
N217U ; Urquhart , Electro-Motors , N20S9 ;
Urqubart , Electric Light Fitting , N2105 ;
Vnlker , Practical Dynamo -Building for
Amateurs , N2029 ; Walker , Electricity in Our
lomcs and Workshops , N2074 ; Watson and
Burbury , Mathematical Theory of Electric-
ty and Magnetism , N21S'J ; Webb , Practical
Juldo to the Testing of Insulated WIres and
Cables , NUO'Jl ; Western Electrician , N1373 ;
Vhlpple , Municipal Lighting , N2150.
When you ouy your spring medicine you
hould get the bast , and that is Hood's
Sarsuparilla. It thoroughly purities the blood.
Put Clilcngo in Your i'ocltot.
A great work , "Mimxn's Dictionary o
hlcngo. " If there is a-foaturo or insti-
utlon in the World's fair city a.full do-
icrijjtion of which'docs > nobaupear in the
)0ok" , wo have yet to hoarof it. Price ,
! 5 contspor copy. Fofsalo at 209 Hot-aid
milding , Chicago. Sco the now ; com
plete ar.d elegant map it contains. Per-
ons ordering copies will please enclose
I cents extra for postage.
School liullillngg In Eastern , Citlc Visited
ami Kxnmlnoil by Omahu Men.
Messrs. Euclid "Martin , H. B. Coryell and
Dr. W. S. Gibbs und their wlve"s returned
yesterday from a ten-days sightseeing
rip to Washington , Novy York and Boston ,
n which cities they largely devoted their
imo to inspecting school buildings and maters -
, ors connected with educational worlr.
The trip was not a junket nt
tbo expense of tbo school board ,
as tbo members went of their
own volition and at their own expense. In
speaking of their trip , Mr. Martin said :
"Wo learned ono thing pretty thoroughly ,
and that Is that you can't have anything in
the very best shnpo without paying well for
it. Wo oxpcct to put up a llrst class twelve-
room building hero for $30,000. but Boston
pays from $430,000 to $75,000 for buildings of
Lbnt size. They go to moro ex
pense In rendering their Interiors nttractivo.
They have more roomy halls and corridors ,
and also plan for a larfo assembly room In
each building , wboro all the pupils can meet
for general exercises , or for any purpose for
which it is desired to call them together.
That Is something that wo do not have : They
put in masslvo stone foundations that glvo
their buildings a Uno appearance , but they do
not make their exteriors particularly ornate ,
"Their manonl training rooms are Qttod
up with the bcstof everything from top to
bottom , and In all departments wo could see
that they were not niggardly In the expendi
ture of money , It was the same wny with
their streets. Wo saw sotno poor paying ,
thnugn not much of it. Tbolr stone paving
wa * much easier to ride over nnd nicer ap
pearing than ours. The blocks were all of a
uniform slzo , and so laid as to glvo a
smoother surface tbun wo bavo.
"Another thing that we noticed was the
eroat growth of Philadelphia nud Baltimore.
Wo ouly passed through , out there were
thousands of now bouses to bo soon In the
course of erection. Wo could not help but
see that manufacturing Industries were the
cause of It , nor could wo help realizing that
Omaha must have some of them II she is to
grow and prosper in tbo future. I saw
n.nny things that Interested mo , und which
on flying business trips hitherto made I bad
entirely overlooked , but I came back pretty
well satisfied with Omaha. "
Disease uavor successfully attacks a ays
torn with pure blood. DovVltt's Sarsnparllla
maues pure , now blood und enriches the old.
Country Merchants
Who are cash buyers should not fall to
take advantage of the Hollman'fl admin
istrator's sale to secure some wonderful
bargains for their fall trade. Address
liith and Furmun , Omaha.
A disease , treated as such and perma
nently cured. No publicity. Noinflnn-
ary. Homo treatment. Harmless nnd
olToctual. Refer by pormlsulon to Bur
lington Hawkoyo. Send 2o stump for
pamphlet tSholcoquon Chemical Co. ,
Burlington , la.
Jmluo Dunily Will 1'oitpono 111 * Annual
Hunting Trip to Wyoiulnc *
Gcnernl J. B. llawlny was discoursing yes
terday morr.lngon too quality und quantity of
grizzly boars up in tbo cuttlo country for tbo
solo edification of JudgoDuudy , whoso weak
ness for boar hunting is bis worst besotting
' Guess we'd better take a llttlo trip up
that way , hadn't we , judpol1' finally asked
the general.
"Nopo , " was the positlvo reply , "I can't
spare ibo time. " >
"Such n condition of affairs never existed
bofuro , " mused the general. "What in under
the sun is tbo matter ! "
"Ob , nothing much , only I don't bollovo
tbo boars are fat enough to nav for the trou
ble , tluois we'd bettor lot'em grow nnotnor
year , for thoy'ro baring awful stormy
weather up there this spring. " ,
"Say. Skip1 nnd he turned to tbo clerical
son , "havo Jones nud Walker showed up
yotl" '
' No , pa , " responded Sciplo , Jr.
"Well , general , it's no uao. Tboro is too
' AH
much court business on band to permit any
boar hunting thW Sprlmr , ' ' nnd ono lone ,
sorrowful , silent "lenr cxudod from the
judicial oplio nndolcll ker-plunk , as If to
punctuate nud cmphnMzo this Until declare-
tl0" ' %
"Luto to bed nnd. b'.VTiy ' to rise will shorten
the road to your homo In the skies. " But
early to bed nnd a * irilttlo Early Rlso' , " the
pill that ranKos life 'longer nnd bolter nnd
y u
World's Pair Bouvrnir , Illustrate 1. being a
eotnplcto mid conuli-p history of the princi
pal world's fntrs trom the Crystal 1'nlnco ,
London , 1&M , to the World's Columbian Hx-
pos'llon ' In Chicago. tSUJ. With oxplnnntor
tables and maps. Published by The An-
abosuo I'uullslilnpconipany , Chicago , bound
neatly In cloth ,
It larcly falls lo the lot of the reviewer
to notice so exhaustive a work as the
"World's Fair Souvenir , " which ' has
been compiled with so much care by a
former resident of .Omaha , John D.
Jones. For purposes of reference , o
comparison nnd for general information
the work is u magnificent reflex of the
push und energy of n city that is the won
der of the world.
In its complin lion expense has not
been thought of , and the richness of its
Illustrations nf the World's fair build
ings , cuts of the men and women who are
directing to a suuccsstul issue what bids
fair to bo the greatest exposition of an-
clont or modern times , pictures
of the colossal business blocks that
stand at monuments to the enterprise of
their owners and builders , Is typical of
the "Chicago gait , " as the rush nnd
bustle of the great city by tbo inland sea
hns been described.
The book has boon arranged upon a
most comprehensive plan , the object of
the publisher being to give a complex
resume of what may bo scon in Chicago
in 1893 , and at the sarao time glvo the
n formation in a compact form , so that
the work may bo a valuable adjunct to
ho library and reading room. Its use
fulness will not end with the close of
, ho exposition , but on the contrary will ,
grow in value with years , for it is the
most perfect compendium yet issued of
an ovqnt which cannot fail to have an
nfluonco for many decades to como upon
, ill lines of art , literature and com
merce. A ? Mr. Jones says in the intro
duction to the work : "As an educator
this event will leave its impress upon
succeeding generations and boar fruit in
all realms of human thought , ingenuity
and progress. "
In addition to tWicomploto epitome of
, vhat has been d p'rf , is doing and will bo
done when the fair' opens , it comes to
the general publfc at a most opportune
.imo. It brings' b'bforo the American
people the forces 'lliat a-o actively at
work to make the * Exposition a success
worthy of a nutionrlhat ! in a little ovorja
century has , from nothing , builcloJ the
mightiest ropublicL'of earth. It not only
ives full page a t/ypo illustrations and
descriptions of the principal buildings
of previous world's fairs nnd all the
buildings of the pmsont World's Colum ,
bian Exposition , logother with portraits
and biographical skotclio's of its
officers- , and c.h.lp.fs. pf dDQartmonts ,
but it tolls "How ; to Roach the
Fair , " gives .descriptions * of Chica-
o's parkk and boulevards , its places of
amusement , the wholesale and 'jobbing
interests , its railroad facilities , and in
general is the mosi'complote guide book
to the city that stands at the edge of
Do you want ono of thee : books ? A
few minutes' worit will secure ono for
you. Send to THE OMAHA BEK ono sub
scriber to THE WEEKLY BEE at $1.25
and ono will bo sent to you by mall. The
book sells for 31. OOi but Tim BEE has so-
cured. a largo number of copies , enabling
the publishers to make this liberal offer.
It is the best thing1 in this line over of
fered and you are euro to bo nlcasod.
You can have tno paper and book sent
to your address or the book alone and the
paper to some other person.
Omaha , Nob.
Tlio Nntloiml * lliicninpincnt.
When the veterans of the Grand Army
of the Republic assemble in Washington
next September for their annual reunion
the blood in their veins will be quick
cnod by the sight of their old corps
badges , under which they inarched
from 1801 to 1805 , depicted in flowers
and decorative plant ? . Under the direc
tion of Government Landscape Gardener
Brown , these badges are to boorlicd
out in floral designs on the beautiful lawn
south of the pension ofllco. There will
bo forty flower beds , twenty-nine of
which will bo devoted to depleting in
flowers the various designs representa
tive of the dlllcront corps badges. The
most conspicuous or central design will
bo the Grand Army of the 'Republic
badge , with flng and pendant star ,
crosRcd cannon and musket , worked out
carefully Inflowers , that will duplicate
nil the original colors precisely. The
bed is to bo sixty feet long and fifteen
foot wide. Some of the other de
signs are more simple , but others
are very intricate , and the artistic skill
of the gardener. will bo taxed to the
highest degree. It-will bo no easy task
to present in flowers faithful represen
tations of the itbf ) ) > U circle of the First
corps , the trefolliQC the Second , the diamond
mend of the thivflw'itho equilateral triangle -
anglo of the Fourth , the Maltese cross
of the Fifth , Uuw Greek cross of the
Sixth , the crosscut and star of thd
Seventh , the cross7 anchor and cannon
upon tlio shield jbr/ho Ninth ; the four
bastion fort of uiri/rnnth. tlio acorn "of
the Fourteenth , Hno cartridge box , with
its grim motto , j'jiTorty rounds , " made
famous by General Logan's Fifteenth
corps ; tiio pretty shield ot the Twenty-
third , and the crossed sabers of Short *
dan's cavalry conji. Many of the beds
will rcqulro ! | 3co modeling , the
ground being fitted to conspJcuoualy
show the epocwl' design above the
field of the wvSpo. In this way
cannon , cnrtridjWr DOXCB , anchors and
eagles in the various' badges will bo dis
tinguishable , the 'earth being raised in
relief above tho''bnekground ' , filled in
cloBoly with plants that , by their suita
ble color , will heighten the effect. It is
intended to have those military and his
torical designs in the various parks and
publio reservations throughout the cap
ital city , but .the principal exhibit will
bo in Judiciary square.
Dopnrted Viitrmni
General Thomas A. Rowley , the nota
ble citizen of Plttsbnrg , 1'a. , who died
, ToUl iHUd of CIT ! 8 |
Cornupoodtnca loUclted.
163-109 Dearborn Street. CHICAGO.
! 8 Wall Ctreat , NEW YORK.
7O UUtoOt. . BOBTOHx
uddonly on Sunday , in his 85th year ,
vos the son of emigrants from Ireland ,
tnd was born in 1'lttsburg in 1807i Ho
ivoni to the Mexican war as second llou %
onantin the First Pennsylvania regi
ment , and rose to the rank of mujor.
Mtor his return ho became a valued cltl-
; cn bf PiUsburg , and an influential
member of the republican party
ivheti it started : IIo volunteered In
.ho war ot the union , bccamo colonel
) f the Thirteenth regiment , nnd
ivns a brlgador general at the end of
1802. When Major General Reynolds
'ell nt the battle ot Gettysburg , General
Rowloy took command of the third dlv-
slon of the llrst army corps. In 1801
; iu resigned nnd returned to Plttsburg.
William Sluol , nn aged veteran of the
ate war , was found dead in his bed nt a
boarding house in Jacksonville , 111. , on
the 13th. The man had n romantto ca
reer nnd had scon nearly all the world.
During the late war ho was n member of
Iho First regiment Illinois light artillery
tnd wont through the great battles of
' .ho western army and Won distinction
Jor his bravery. IIo roamed nil over
the world ns long ns his money nnd
strength lasted , and when ho could no
longer go , ho would go lo the Milwau
kee soldier's homo until ho could got
outngain. IIo loft no family ns fur. as
It now n.
The death of Lieutenant Colonel E.
II. Lolb at Mlllorsburg , Pa. , removes
one of the most gallant soldiers of Iho
tvar. Reports made to congress show
that Colonel Lolb'ontorcd the service as
private soldier in the Washington
artillerists ot Potlsvlllo , Pa. , the llrst
company of troops to- reach the seat of
the government after the president's
call for 76,000 men. This company
arrived hero ono diiy In advance of the
Massachusetts Sixth. On AprllUOJ 1801 ,
ho was commissioned a second lieuten
ant in the Second United States cavalry
[ now the Fifth United States cavalry )
mil was a participant in the llrst battle
of Bull Run. IIo was in command of
company F of his regiment at the uoigo
of Yorktowu , in the battle of Williama-
burg , Hanover Court House and through
the Peninsula campaign. IIo participa
ted in the "Seven Days" battles In front
of Richmond , in the battles of South
Mountain , Antiotam , Gettysburg nnd
Five Forks , where ho received a gun
wound , which entered the upper right
arm and passed through the body , in
juring the lungs and producing disability
that resulted in paralysis nnd finally
caused Ills death. On account of said
wounds and disability ho was granted a
pension by the government. Ho was the
recipient of many promotions nrd hon
orable testimonials from ; his command
ing olllcors for his g.illant'and Jmorlt-
orlous conduct in moro than fifty battles
in which ho was engaged.
The I.ust of the ItullUIo.
A majority of nil the living bufLilo in
the world are now on exhibition at the
terminus of the Benson & Halcyon
Heights railway. Gates open tit 2
o'clock. Admission , 25o ; children under
12 years , lOc.
Shadows have no claws.
No man Is rich who Is not contented.
The preatest cownrd in the world is a hereto
to somebody.
Indecision bas sent moro pcnplo to boll than
Birds with bright feathers ao not nlwnys
make a Rood potple.
Count the day lost on which you have not
tried to make somebody happy.
The devil would have to go out of business
if ho couldn't.mako sin attractive.
No man can servo two masters , but there
are pcoplo who try to servo a dozen.
Fight your troubles ono at a lime. ICnook
down tno llrst one , and the others will run.
Many lives contain whole chapters of good
ness , not a word of which Is over put on a
Unless a man's walls corresponds with his
talk tbo less ho has to say in prayer mooting
tbo better.
Bcnniy is no
Beauty often
dopoiido j > on
plumpness , BO
d health. Cosmetics do not beautify ,
but often destroy a healthy complexion.
A natural rosy and healthy oolov can
not bo had by the use of cosmetics , but
only through the health of the body
in general. Secure this result by the use
of the genuine imported Carlsbad Sprudel
Salt. Take it early in the morning be
fore breakfast. It clears the complexion
and produces healthy flesh and color.
Obtain the genuine , which has signature
of "Eisner & Mcndclson Co. , Agents ,
Now York , " on every bottle.
Union Stock Yards Company
est onttlo. hoi ; it ml ahoop market In the \ic t
/n ( YUAIHI Write to this houaa for cor-
VU. } UA1A11A | rapt Market Baporti.
Wood Brothers ,
South Ouinha Telephone 1U7. - Chicago ,
W. IS. WOOD. I t n KOrs.
Market reports by mall and wire cheerfully
furnished upon application.
Campbell Commission Co.
Chlcnpo , RistSt. Louis , Kansas Olty. South
uniiiliu. aioax uity , fort uorm.
A. Crlll , W , V. Doanr. U. V. Tiilliuaduo.
Chicago. lloz Haluiinan. OUUo suloiman
Grill , Denny & Company ,
Live Block Commlnlon. Hooni Z7 Kxcbuuga UU' ,
tioutU Oiuaim.
A. D. Boyer & Company ,
tSand W Kxolmniro IlulldlnSouthOinahn.
Corroipomlonco oltcltod and promptnrnworjil. ! .
B poc Ittl attention tu order * for ituotura A. t uedon.
Uttablliticd , 181. . . . incorporated , Wl
cupiui fuiir paid , no.wa.
Waggoner Uirney Company ,
Wrltaor wlro ui for prompt and roIUMo market
reports. '
Perry Brothers & Company ,
Live Stock Commission.
Koora 51 Exchange Iliilldlnir. youth Omaha.
Telephone 17U7.
Gas3man& Dudley , M. II. Hogaity 4 ; Oo. ,
llooms CO iindflj , Ex- Room Ul Kxoanjo
uliungo Jlulldlufc. llulldlns.
South Omuhu. - Neb South Omuhu , - Neb
Union Stock Yard National
Tlio unlr bank at tlio rardi. Capital and iur-
j.lui . , KM.UM. Cullectloin urowluit out of HID Ilvo
lock tm lno i tliuuld bo unt Ulroct to tlilt bank.
Blilppori can dopoilt lot UU ol Uiolr UOiuv bauk
'and '
Hind of Trodo.
In grain , eto. I'rUnla
wlro to N. V. , Chicago
ana t < C Louis.
CO. , Dealers' hardware anil
Corner loth and Jackson mechanics' looK
Streets. UOI Douglas Street
ItulMom' llnnlwnre arid
fiintraclors' Supplies.
& ; .North IDtli street.
Hardwood lumbar , wool
carpets and ptrqutt tmportol.Amarloin l'ort
Mooring , Iinteoii3it , MllwaukAS
liydrnullo cement anil
tthand Don4Us. ( Julncy whlto lima.
Ltnuor merchants , Ul )
llarnoyst. Mfrs. Ken
noJr's Hut ir.dla lilt Wholcv\ta ' llqnor denlon
Importers nnd Jobbersot
niltllnery. notionsMall
orders prompt. SU3-1J 8.
Pianos orKans. artists ! 'N. lOlh St. rtanof ,
materials , etc. 1518 tniulcand musical la
Douglas st. siruuivuts of all kind !
Koflncd and lubricating No bail odor , no smolo
chimneys , no chnrrlnj
oils , nxlo grcaso , eta wicks , Ask for It. Sobo-
c , eld , bhurmor A Tongle.
YOU TO OVER 1.50) ) I'ATIKN L'J. Investigate )
our inotlioil. Wrltton en ir nitoo to absolutely
euro ull kinds of RUPL'Ulti : of both soxos.
without tlio tiso of knlfo or nyrlti 0 , no mat *
tcrof how Ions atundlnj.
Tlie 0. G. Miller Conpy ,
307-30SN. y.Lir lluiUi jO ih > , Sii. !
OfllocB Denver , Oo'.o. ; Oliloajo , III. ; 9k
JxiulH , Mo. , Detroit , Mich. ; .Hll\ra. < lko3 , WIs
Uos&Iolnor. la. ; H.iULi ii Olty , Utvis f
unil , Oro. ; llutto , Mont. .
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
irn minrunUe to euro all nervous diseases , such as JVi-nk..Memory ,
Loss of llniln 1'ower. Headache. Wakof ulnoss. Lost ilanhood. Nig itlr Emis
sions. Nervousness. Lassllude.all drains and loss of power of the Ucneratlvev
Organs In either sex caused brovor orortlon , youthful orro's.or fxu ! ilv
. _ _ ohymi il0ior ! i.
5rFOiot * oirr * fsiKa , 'or refund IM monev.
For sulo in Omaha by Shormixn & McConnell 1613 Dodgn-Bt.
Or ( lie Llciiior Habit l-usllltrly C'urcU
by u luiliil t rli > if lir. Ilaluea *
Uoltleu Huerllle.
It oan be given In a oup of oonoo or tcs , or In foea ,
without th knowl d cube pstlcnt. It Is absolutely
harmless , and will effect a Derm ncnt and speedy
euro , whether the patient Is a moderate drinker or
analoobollovrreoU. It Ins b enclven In tboussnds
of ouef . and In every Instance a perfect cure his fol.
lowed. Itnevrrfnll * . Tbesystemonoelmprtgnsted
with tbo epeoino.lt becomes an , utter Impossibility
for the llauor appetite to exUt. .
UOLIIBN HI'KCIKIO CO. . 1'rop'rs , rinrlnMtl , O.
48-paae book of csrtloulars froo. To t ) uaa of
KtilinA Co. . IStliana nnuglus Sta. . and 18th
UnmlDRHti. Wlinloaiilo. Hluko. llrucpi Oo
an'l ItloUnrilaoii Drug Oo. , Oini > iiu.Nou _ _
-stsn . . ,
Tcrsons who have loU proporlr tra-n Indlnn
raids Klioulil Illo tholr clnliiii inidor the Indluti
DojiroJuton Act of MnrJh ' . 13 I. 'H > u t..inoU .
llinltod , an I the olulnm are taUon up Ith
courtiti thoorJurln HhU-li they are ro3olvod.
TakjNotloa thatall contraotJ ontareJ Into
wlih attornoyj prior to ths A ard imJ *
null and voU. Information lvon uui i
clulins uroniptly attendoJ lo by the
r5T Tlils Iluroau Is Btiaranteol by th
Omuhu Hue. the 1'lonour I'roiu uuU thu

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