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Up nnil Down th Ml onrl.
ZVtrott Frte I'm * .
Rover doubt anything 'you hcnr about
Iho ircnchorv of the Missouri rlvor. The
Oldest pilots on the stream these grlz-
eled follows who went to Fort Botiton on
trips thut netted from $3,000 to 320,000
each will toll you that n "tlo up" overnight
night is the only way to insure the pas
sengers thut the morning will not find
thorn stuck on n. bar In midatronm , or ,
what is worse , camped on shore with
the boat pinned by a snag and Bottling
In the mud. No modern snag boat can
kcop the channel clear of the heavy
logs that tire always floating down from
Bomowhoro up along the Dakota , Iowa
or Nebraska shores , green ut first astern
torn from caving banks , but dead , hard
nnd splintered when most dangerous.
Snugs thut stick their noses above the
( valor nro llttlo to bo feared , but the
hidden * logs , these whoso limbs are
cutjght in tlio mud , while the trunk
Bwinga up within a foot or two of the
Hurfiioo , hnvo always tnado steamboat-
ing on the Missouri u precarious occu
1 -member one instance , however , in
which u visible snug sent a good sldo-
wlicol boat to the bottom ono of the
clearest , brightest nights that overhung
hung over the rlvor. It was in I860 , or ,
perhaps , a year later. The boat was the
Martha 'Mitchell , a trump from the
lower waters , running from Cincinnati
to New Orleans. She was making u
trip to St. Joseph with provisions for
the plains , mostly bacon , and bacon , lot
mo tell you , was n necessity in the west
then. The passenger list of the Mitch-
oil was heavy , so Unit many of the trav
elers were forced to remain on deck. It
was 12 o'clock on n moonlight night in
August. The captain hud gene to bed
fora wonder and only a sleepy watch
man who nut astern represented the ox-
ccutivo among these awake on deck. A
* do/on passengers were seated about the
big boll forward , tolling stories while
they reveled in the bounties of thonight
The moon was shining with a clear ,
white light that made everything for
100 yas da ahead as plainly visible as at
noonday. There was no nolso aavo the
dull throb , throb , throb of the engines ,
the gcntlo putT of the released steam ,
nno Iho breaking of the water on tha
wheel's paddles.
Suddenly .Tack Caruthors , a young
follow from St. Louis , gazed forward in
the course of the boat , and pointing to a
email , black object just discernible in
the distance , naked :
"What's that thing , boysV"
"A log , probably , " returned an old-
timer. "They're always floating about. "
"But I've boon watching it , " Curuth-
era wont on , "and she hasn't moved
much. "
Tho.ontiro party lookednt the black
object in tlio distance. It grow plainnt *
as the butit climbed the strcum , but not
as if it were lloating down on the cur
rent the approach was too slow.
' 'Son thorol" Carulhors exclaimed.
"It's swingitfg from side do sldo. "
"Funny , ' said the old-timer , "but
if she's a anng the pilot'll got around it
all right. "
By this time all of the deck passcn-
pors were looking at the black object ; .
Tlio boat did not change its course.
There was no more comment all eyes
were riveted on the dark spot In the
river. When the bout was within forty
fcot of it the old-timer sprang up and
placing his hands in trumpet fashion'
about his mouth called back tn the pilot :
"Hello , up there. "
There was no reply , and the nose of
the big bout continued straight at the
"Hollo ! " chorused the party.
"Well , what IB it ? " cotno a , gruff an-
"Throw her hard to larboard" ' the
old timer said ; "there's tv big snag
twenty feet in front. "
Thotowa&n clanging of bolls below
decks , and the pussonzcrs in their berths
felt the boat li rch violently as the ma
chinery was reversed and the steamer
unsworod her rudder. But it was too
Into , In thirty seconds there was an
other jar , greater than the first. The
Martha's nose seemed to climb into the
nir. An effort was made to back the
boat , but It would not budgo. Then the
passengers became panic-stricken , run
ning about in their night garments and
threatening to jump overboard. The
clear-headed captain was on hand in a
moment , however , and before the old
Btonmur huu settled a foot every passen
ger was started for the shore.
" } In the morning wo watched the cabin
of the Martha float elf while wo stood on
the great blulTs just above Kochoport.
Then the hull sank out of sight.
The owners of the Murthudld not save
their bacon. The sleepy pilot saved his
by escaping through the woods. Wo
only wondered that ho did not run us
nslioro before the accident , but the cup-
tnin said thut ho know the river so well
thoto that his work was mechanical.
Llnorty Landing Is the jiuino of u
Email place touched by the Wnbush rail
road and the Mibsouri river. Before the
riulroud.e imn it was the place at which
boats stopped to send goods ever the hill
to the town of Liberty , in Clny county ,
the old homo of the James boys. Of
course the landing never amounted to
\ory much those placet ) never did ,
lioing only depots for larger towns somewhere -
where Imcic from the river , from which
they got thulr mimed. There- was but
ono" exception to this rule Wostport
LnnUing. The town of Wostport was
five miles back in Jackson county , and
it had the start of the landing , but before -
fore long the tide turned. In n few
youra Wcstport Landing was changed
to Kansus City. But I must not forgot
Liberty nnd the landing. Our boat
reached the landing one beautiful Juno
morning just after sunrise , and there
was n larger crowd to greet us than
Among the visitors who came on board
was u pretty girl of 20 , nil spick and
Bpin : in a new calico of modest design ,
while her Hwcqt face peeped out coyly
frinn the great , old-fashioned bonnet
that enveloped It.
She smiled. There WHS an Instant
rush of all the young follows on board
the boat to ehow her through the
Btoumor. Sylvester Cobb of LouUvlllo ,
n wealthy youth of a wealthier father ,
u planter , was the first to reach her side.
"Lot me have the pleasure of showing
vou ever the steamer , " ho suid , raising
his h t with much ceremony.
"I don't euro. " said the inuld simply ;
"I bullevo I'd like to sou howsho looks , "
So they went on the upper deckwhoro
& good viinv of thu river w.ia obtained ,
then into the olllcers' quarters of "tho
Tox.is , " aa ttto llttloooop under the nilot
house IH callud , they wont ; then into the
pilot house Itself , where the youngKcu-
luckian explained the working * of the
big wheel. Tlmy rumbled about for
nioro than an hour , examining iho en
gines , the furnaces under the long boil-
em unidshlpj , the long "social hall , " or
aloon. with Itn litllo doors opening into
atntotooms ; the nluno was looked upon
wondufliufly hy tlio Clay county maid
and tha bull rang1 , warning visitors to
go u horc.
I hope you enjoyed yourself , " uuld
young Cobb , im ho helped the girl along
thu giuiRiiltuik to the nhoro.
al "I did. " she suld , and her oy a foil.
Eho hud noticed sotno onu she did not
C'iro Id KOO.
"And when I come back next month
I'll likely bo on another bo'at. I'd llko
to showyou ever her , too.'r
"I'd llko It , " shi ) flald. "but I reckon
we'll have toglvo it up. "
"Glvo it upl" Cobb was tntorested.
"How's thutV I'd bo delighted , I'm
sure. "
' Oh , I cnn't toll , " she said , with
something of a coyness In her sin Ilo.
The second boll was ringing.
"Well , good-by , Miss ah , or good-
by. " Ho extended his hand and she
took it.
"Yes , I'd llko to look ever the next
boat with you , but " and she glanced
under her lashes up the hill to a little
crowd that stood there "only to tell
the truth , I'm going to bo married next
month. "
"Oh ! " exclaimed Cobb , "and I can't
bo horo. Can't you put it oil ? " ho
"Not now , I reckon , " the girl an-
Bworud , holding his hand nnd glancing
up the hill again , "but but you can
s'luto the bride now , if you want to. "
The miito had given the order to hoist
the gangphmu , nnd already the ropes
were creaking , while the Dig stern
wheel of the boat bo an to turn slowly.
Cobb know that overbody on board was
look-ine at him , nnd ho know , too , that
the lucky swain must bo In the crowd on
the hillside. But ho saluted the bride.
It was a rousing kiss. As ho stooped to
imprint it , u young follow dashed out ot
ono of the little groups ahead and
bounded toward him.
"Drop 'or ' ! " ho shouted.
But Cobb was away llko the wind , and
ai ho aiming on the stage it swung down
eo as to * almost throw htm in the water.
The young man shook his fist angrily.
"Don't , " pleaded the girl , laughing.
"Didn't you know I was only foolln' all
the tlmo. "
"But ho kissed youl" yelled the stnl
wart young man.
"Oh , John , " two laughed , "ho was
only sulutin' the bride. "
And the laugh that rang out from
deck and shore was 'echoed time and
again from the hills of old Clay.
"Seo that trco there. " said Billy Al-
ford , the engineer , as wo neared Wolf
Island. "Yes ? Well , Hint's where wo
hung one o'tho rankest gamblers over
on the river , I reckon.
"Wo stood him for three seasons nn'
ho seemed to bo as square ad any of 'em ,
but ono time in'58 ho lleecod a young
feller from down cast out o' $4 , < 500at ono
swipe , tin' it was dead robbery , too.
' 'Ilo hud the three cards all right
enough , but ho'd bcon drlnkin' an' had
got nervous. Ho lot tlio young feller
win so's to git confident , until there was
$0,000 on the board ,
"Excitomontv Well , I gucssl It was
the lust hnul an' the young follor picked
up the curd. It was the right ono , an'
ho reached for tlio cash , but the other
follor got his hand out ( lr.it. Ho grubbed
as much us ho could , an' , cramtuin' it in
his pocket , jumped over the rail into the
"I never BOO slch a swimmer in no
water before nor after. Ho wus twenty
yards astern uforo wo knowod
ho'd gone. The captain wus
a cool man , an' ho ordered the yawl out
with tin armed crow. They had to shoot
him in the arm before they got him , bi.it
ho was hauled into the boat before ho
got to shore. They tied up the old Hen
rietta that wus her name right ever
there by that tow-houd , an' the captain
told the mute what to do.
"Tho feller's body was hanging on
that big tree when wo came buck on the
down trip , but I never hcorod o1 it after
ward. The young follor shot hissolfat
St. Jo for remorse , an' wo sent the body
unHiis money homo.
"I hoord next trip that the boy'n dad
dy said thut the young follor was worth
more dead 'an alive , for he'd left him
S10 an' a now suit. Seems that ho know
the cards hlssclf.1 ]
Evoryb'odv who took a trip on the
Missouri a do/.en or twenty yours ago
romombsrs Captain Duvo Silver , ono of
the handsomest men that ever guided
the destinies of those old-timers. Cap
tain Silver is still alive ho is some
where in the south , I think. Butwhoro-
ever ho is , ho Is still the courtly , stately
figure that used to stand forward and
bow to the Diissongrors leaving the boat
at JolTorson City , St. Joe , Omaha , or
Kansas City Wostport Landing it was
then. They all know young , handsome
D.IVO Silver thuy all liked to ride on
his boat. It was the Lucas , I think , ono
of the fastest that ever rode the river.
She were the champion's door horns on
the pilot house for years.
It was hard on Captain Silver for all
of the lloating palaces to pnsa nut of the
t Ivor forever , but ho hud another mis
fortune. Ho had a brother. How ho
loved him ! They were inseparable. Ono
day they were standing near the rail of
a big bout just as ( she wis pushing olT.
The brother leaned forward a bit , the
rail broke , nnd before Captain Duvo
could catch him the man had fallen into
the water. The boat swung around at
thut instant and poor Silver wus drugged
under the wheel ,
"It's Joel''gasped Cuptuin Dave. That
wus nil ho flald. Ho hud soon his
brother go under the vicious paddles ,
and ho fell into a partial faint. Thut
wus ono of the reusons that this tall ,
handsome man , with the elegant manner - ,
nor and gray hair and board , loft tha
Missouri for thu low banked streams of
the far south.
On the giiutct Tr.ill.
CMcaaa Inter Uctan ,
Danny Redmond was the mall
carrier on the Sunset Trail , and
ho full } ' roali/.od the importance
of his position. Tronic might
stagnate , civilization might pall , but the
United States mail must go right ahead ,
and on schedule time ut that. As for
the Sunset Trail.it wound its way far
ever the dreary plains of Kansas , across
the Cimtnnrron , and on nnd on into the
great state of the Lone Star.
aBut Danny "H route only extended to
Crooked Crook , a town consisting of u
grocery store. At this time tha popu
lation of Ford county could have boon
ousily corralled on u quarter section nnd
had comfortable standing roam nt thut
Danny was an iipoitlo to those lone settlers
tlors , and only ono who had experienced
the tippalllnff loneliness of existence In
these thinly peopled plains , where you
can POO your next-door neighbor's dhan-
tyon clour days only , can realize the
joy with which they heralded this blue-
eyed , brown-haired bunch of turbulence.
"Two o'clock , " would comment some
unkempt denizen , consulting the sun.
"Dunny'll bo hero In ton mlnutos. "
Then they would look till their oycs
nohod ufur to where the Sunset Trull
tipped ever the roll of prulrlo at the
horizon. Soon tholr wutohlnsr would bo
rewarded , und steadily uud swiftly would
the bay mare Dolly hour her rider down
the trull in thut swinging , indefatigable
gallop of the mustang.
Perchance some settler coming into
the postolllco would jog in the path that
Danny chose.
"Git out o' the way of the United
States nmill" would como the warning ,
nnd ho would prudently "git" to the
other sldo of the road , for Danny could
und would shoot , nnd , besides , didn't ho
have every ono of those follows down at
the olllco to stand nt hla back to the last
shot ? So no matter how much of a ilro-
enter the old obatruetor m'ght ' bo hu i
switched off when the carrier domtmdcd '
right of way. .
And that was often. For that lad had
the idea inculcated Into his being that
all ether powers , torrostlal mid celestial ,
were secondary considerations when the
United States mall was concerned , and
ho seized ovorjr opportunity to exorcise
his authority.
How longingly and expectantly thoao
ongor pioneers would watch the loiters
dlstrlbutodl Thouph , perhaps , they
had no grounds for expecting a letter ,
yet tholr hope did not sink until the last
ono was put away.
Then the return mail would bo made
up , and nt the oxnct mlnuto Danny
would vault into the largo Mexican saddle
dlo almost as largo ns ho or Dolly and
with the nil-potent mall securely
strapped to the clrdlos on oa.ch side , ho
would rccomtnonco his long rldo , never
stopping na'ho tried n shot nt some unwieldy -
wieldy rattlesnake that had dragged its
mottled form out on the trail to loll in
the sunwho would not bo able to wlpglo
into the tall grass ere the United States
mall was upon him. Along the route
the settlers would cotno out ot tholr
shanties half bent , und wave their som
breros nnd cheer the buoyant rider.
Wubash was the only stop. It was of
the sumo importance an Crooked Crook ,
onlythore vvero two houses instead of
ono , or , rnthor. a double house ; for the
owners of the claims that joined uo there
occupied a shanty of two compartments ,
ono on ouch claim. Somehow or ether
the scamp would sit struightor in tbo
saddle nnd pull Dolly's houd up higher
when they approached Wnbash , nnd n
pretty little pouch of a girl would como
out and chat with the currier while her
spectacled father's attention was rlvotcd
on the letter packages. Dolly would
probably think that Danny was getting
rather weighty on ono sldo as ho bent
low In the saddle , dangerously close to
that pink sun bonnet. Ana the scolllng
pophor thut sat up conveniently close to
his burrow would wonder for what reason
n follow would want to olto a pretty girl
like hor. But Koslo didn't sonm to mind
the punishment a bit. Ah , I feur Dunny
would feign have lingered longer nt the
unprepossessing post of Wubash , but
the United a tales mail must bo carried
on ,
Nitrht would fall ere ho crossed the
dark" Clmmarroji , nnd on nuspicious
nights the moon was well up in the sky
when ho rode , with n whoop and halloo
that stilled the howling of the coyotes ,
into Fort Dodge the journey done ,
Ono day a cowboy came into the fort
with n jaded mustnng and a slosh across
his cheek und reported that ho hud boon
chased by n bund of Arupuhocs , These
children of nature had grown insolent
with well feeding nnd little work. They
of ten became thus at irregular intervals ,
and , breaking from the reservation ,
swept north upon the scattered settlers
of the plains , considerably depopulating
these sparsolv inhabited districts. Their
great father in Washington , they com-
pluinod , was not giving them enough
blankets , and in consequence they were
compelled to trade their moccasins for
"firo water. ' '
Then a wild flight would commence
for the fort and larger towns for protec
tion. The heathen would rage about
with fire and sword. Occasionally some
wandering cowboy in search of mave
ricks would share the fate of the sottlors.
Then the great father in Washington
would order out his bluo-coatod disci-
plitiors and poor Lo would start back to
his reservation with becoming humility.
Then a delegation would go to the grout
father with a spurt of oratory about the
treading of his people into the earth by
the foot of the paleface.
Danny was preparing to sturt upon his
route when the news cumn.
"You oughtn't to go. Dan , " they said ,
"for they'll strike right up the Clmmur-
ron like they allays doand , moro'n likely
full tilloul of you. If you do your sculp'll
dunglo from some red nigger's bolt before
fore mornun" . "
"I'm not skoort , " replied ho , settling
himself in the suddlo , "and besides the
folks at Wubush and at the Crick ought
to bo warned. And you know the mull
ought to go as long ns it's anyways pos
sible. "
The spur touched Dolly's flank moro
often than usual , but she kept up
bravely , and Dunny clattered into Wa-
b.tsh ahead of tlmo. Impartincr the
alarming intellieonco to old man Beck ,
the postmaster , und cautioning him to
got I ho family ready and start for the
post without further delay , ho rode on
toward Crooked Crook.
"Jowhlllukors ! " exclaimed ono of the
watchers. "What's Danny ridin' so all-
fired fast about ? Must bosuthin' up.1'
They soon know , and scattered for
their itMfectlvo claims to prepare for
flight 6o < ho storm burst
Danny cinched the suddlo tighter and
looked to his weapons ere ho mounted
for the homo ride. Ho was not afraid.
Had ho been a coward ho would havoro-
malncd safely at the fort But nn omin
ous dread foil upon him ns ho thought
of the dark Cimmarron. Ho arrived nt
Wubash and looked in at the open door
of the Bock and Larton households.
Everything was topsy-turvy as loft in
the hurry of departure.
"Well Rosio is sufo " ho
, anyway , con
fided to Dolly with n sigh.
Their flying shadows grow longer and
lonpor , and finally nltrht dropped on the
plains. Before him loomed the Clminar-
ron. Ho could see the misty vapor roll-
inir up llko smoke.
"If they're anywhere they'll bo down
there " ho mused. ' '
, 'They'll want to lay
along the trail and catch some of the
settlers making for Dodge. Wonder if
I hadn't bettor cross further down ? "
It was u good idou , and ho turned
Dolly from the trail nnd directed his
course further down the rivor.
The reins changed from right to loft
as he ontcrod the mist , und hia right
fell upon the protruding butt of n re
volver in hla bolt. A twig cracked under
Having been compelled to wnlk on cratches
for fight yiars on account of lilp dlm-uec ,
I wus in n nail plight when I was agulu
compelled to a o crutches for H months on
nccount of Sciatic Itheumntlsm. After
several montha treatment my physicians
could glvo nio > cry llttlo encouragement ,
rheumatism had to ntlectcd my Inmu leir.
AB n lust resort 11 failed the tinrlnga dur
ing ie& ! . Within two ivccka ufcur my vlnlC
1 wan enabled to dlpcDo with eau crutch ,
nflcr which llino I wan compelled to return
to Kansas city on account of bueltienv , but
continued tukiuK tlio uulura.
Within u month after my first aging
the untrr I could'ualk without crutches
with the aid nf u aino. I have TlslteU thu
f printeevcral tlmi-n since then bat maroon
on attouut of plcaauro than from ueccs-
Itf. Very truly yours ,
\Vllhthu Great Western Ulcctrlcu ) Supply
Co. . 100 & iiu Plfih ATC. , Chicago , lit
Ttovattn art tolllttl only ly Hit i'xetl-
itorSjrringi Company at
Excelsior Springs
lUcliardson Drug Co. Omaha Neb.
. , Agts. , , .
' - ' '
NAHHVlUK ui'll'iTe. .
TKN.N. , a building * * l o.llojr. , 7 Vondoibllt
< 3 puplli from HlHlutun. Art , Muilc. Urmim.iucii
Uur OKOHUI ? W. F. 1'UICK , l ) . t/.frc.'U
the horso's fcot niltt pave the rlilor a
st.irt. Down Inlo the itnmirron they
Mi ) ashed. Dolly willed nt the rotn.
" Doll cntl't-drink this tlmo "
o , no , ; ,
ho murmured.
Ilo climbed the hank on the opposite
shlo and rode out on the plain , breath-
Intr oasior.
Dolly belted forward , nnd a flaino of
light Hashed In tho'darkness up the
rlvor. '
"Ylp-.vlp-ylp ! " It was the war cry o (
the Arnpahoo. Th6' ' fight and flight
was on. With a yell df dofiitnco ho llrod
at the dark mass touring- after him , and
bonding low ever the smldlo horn spoke
encouragingly to the horso.
"Dolly , If you ever run , do It now.
You'ro faster than any of them. Dolly ,
If you'll only try look out for cophor
hills Unit's a good horse. Whew ! that
ono was closo. Now you'ro gottin down
to It. Dolly. We'll boat the red devils
yiU On , Doll. Hoinotnbor , wo'vo got
the mall , and It must bo saved. Iloro's
the trail. Now see how fast you can run.
OuchI Oh. God , I'm lilt , and hit homo
nt that. It's all with you , Dolly ; it's
all with you. " ,
Ana ho clung to the saddle horn and
gave the mustang free rein.
Uorso seiiso. Wo hoar It alluded to
In a jocular way. Did Dolly roali/o that
in her Hoot foot lay her muster's only
salvation ? I think so ; you may not.
But she ran like a frightened antblopo ,
hardly Booming to touch the ground ,
while Danny , with closed eyes iintl
clenched teeth clung to the saddle horn
with the desperation of death.
"Haiti Who cornea thoroi" ! challenged
th .guard , as a horse and rider came
into tSo fort. ,
"Tho United States mail , " came the
faint roplj\ and Dolly galloped up with
blood in her nostrils and blood on hot'
Hanks , quivering like an aspen.
"Dan , are you hurt ? " nuoried the soldier -
dior , lifting him from the saddle ,
"I'm hit dead , " ho replied , with n ,
moan , They carried him into the bar
rack room , mill the surgeon was sum
moned , but there was no hope , ho said.
It was ti wonder ho hud lived as long as
ho had. Soon the news spread to the
camp and the rough soldiers and fugi
tive settlers gathered around him ,
watching with breathless interest for
the end to come. A girl came pushing
her way through the crowd , wringing
her hands in agony. She bent down
and took the suil'oror's hand.
"Rosic , " said ' ho with a pained smile ,
"I'm a goner , I'guess. Good by , Hosio ,
you can have Dolly , nnd take care of
her , for she did all shocoultl tosuvo me.
Goodby , boys , Yondcr's the Clmraar-
ton. That's u good horse , Dolly. "
"Delirium , " said the surgeon.
"Got out of the way ot the United
States mail "
The end camo. Another daring spirit
had passed along that unknown trail
that leads through , the dark , dreary
dcsort of death.
Both the method an results when
Syrup of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste , and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys ,
Liver and Bo\vels.cleanses the sys
tem effectually , dispels colds , head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever proi
duced , pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach , prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects , prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances , its
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Byrup of Figs is for sale in _ 75o
bottles by nil leading druggists.
Any reliable druggist who may not
have it on hand will procure it
for any one wlio wishes
Eromptly Manufactured only by the
Extract ofBeef , <
Do you want a copy ol
Doof ToaV See thut it
is made from the Gen
uiuo Incomparably
the boat. Pure , pala-
tablorofrcshlng. Dla-
Boluds cloarly-
the Baron Lei- SJ
big's ulgnuuro lif
in blue on each y *
label , thus. "
Pension ges n
That is the sojtof thing Th9
Bee Bureau of Claims was or
ganized to correct. The
JUireau believes in giving
the veterans the benefit of
the laws that were passed
to help them. * It wages
war on the sharks consequently
quently the sharks don't like
it. But as long as the sol
diers aie grateful it is satis
fied. If you are a veteran ,
or the widow , child or de
pendant parent ol a veteran ,
write to Tr.e B83 Bureau of
Claims and find out how
much the government is
willing to do for you.
Bee Bureau of Claims
Omaha , Neb. '
To tlio owners of the lots jrirts of lot * nml
rrjil citato nlmttlru on or ndjncont to tlio
RtreeU. allcvt or nvenno * liorulu mimed or
slttrilcil In wuoloorpirt within nny of the
UJMrlcts herein tuuclllcdi
You ami oneli of you nro liorofoy notified
tlint the City Council of the City nf Om.ilin . ,
will hold Its ( In U mljourncd mmtlnR its n
lluir I of Kiiuallratloti. nt tlio iifllca ut the
Cltv Cleric In the City Hall , Omaha. Nob.
on Tuesday the PUli < ! ny of Jntu1ST. ' , nt 10
o'clock n in. , for the purpose ut considering
ami ritiillzliiK tlio proposed levy of sncclnl
tnxo < nml nssi > tiionl9 m shown liv 'Tro-
l > soil I'lniia of As cMtnont" nnw on Illo In the
olllco of sMtl Olty Clerk , nml correcting nny
orroM therein , mid of hearing nil complaint *
tli t the ownori of property so to bo s o soil
luultaxo.l inny iiinkc ; Mill taking Itiml nrtlnn
Mrltli roforuneo to such cninplnlntn uiul ol-
jrctlom nlrondy made : 8 till ijioclnl taxes nnd
asscf smonls proposed to ho tovlod living lii'C-
t'ssury to cover tlio cost of tlio sovcrnl Im
provements duly nutluirlziMl to hu made aim
now complete. ) us follow * !
DamnRoi for ohim/lnn the ttrmlo of Arbor
street , llth street and 12th street ,
nniounllnR to tlio MINI of sf.K7.oa which nalii
sum It laproposod by a rupori duly m'optoit
by thoclty connell to assess on the lots mid
real ostiito to tlio ( lopthot center of block on
both Bides ; of
Arlorstreot from 10th street to 13th street.
11th street Irom 173 foot south ut Arbor
street to Unstollnrstrcot.
12th stMot from Vlnton street to Cnstollnr
Judgment In fnvorof Mlclmol Donnelly for
( lunmsoH for chtumo of Knuto of Onvcnpnrt
Uruot from nth to 10th Rtroot , iimimiitlni : to
thn sum of f OJ in , which sum It Is proposed by
n rapartduly ndnjitoil hy the olty counell to
ussi < ss on UKots nnd ro'i ) estnto to the dupth
of l.tt feet < in both sides of s.ild Davenport
street from lltli to 10th street.
Dnrnieui tor unidlnj : the nlloy In block B ,
Koiinl70\ Hutu's iiddlllnn , ninoiiiitliiR to the
sum ol JlTflK ( ) , whlohsuld sum It Is Ditiosed | by
n report duly ndonlcd by the city eounullto
iissesi on thu lots nnd real esliito to the depth
of ono lot on both sides of nald nlloy In ulook
H , KounlzotV Uuth's nddttlon.
ChntiRliiE thuL'rndo of Do\mlni street from
10th In COIh Htn-et nnd cortnln Intersuutlni ;
streets , nmouiitlns to the sum of $ Kl'J7 ' , which
mild sum It U proposed by n report duly
adopted hy the cltv roiinoll to nssoss on the
lotsund ronl oslnto to the depth of 2 feet on
both side * of sild : Donulns street from Dili
street to 21th street , ns follows ;
I'ronilllh to luthsl. , 7'icls. per foot frontnRO.
I'ro'n 10th to llth Et , jl.U per foot f ronlnco.
1'rom llth to 12th St. , Jl.n : per foot frontipo
Kiom TJIh to iith : St. , ? l.7. > per foot frontiiRO.
l''iom Kith to 14th st , J.'OJ per foot frontiiQO.
l < 'rom 14th to 13th st. . rJ-.iJ pur foot fronlngo ,
1'ioni l.lth to Kith St. , ? 101 pur foot front.mo.
Krom yjnil street on north sldu to west line ,
lots , llcmsoi's sub. , from Lllth Htrcot on soutti
sldo toost line , sub. IS , lot l' , Cnpltol add. , ut
W.-liii ) : per foot frnnln o.
On north sldo front west line lot 2. llouscl's
sub to west line sub. 8 , lot ' 2 , Uipltol add. On
south sluii from west line sub. 18 , lot " , U.ipltol
add , to west line lotO. IIousol's sub. nt8J.ua
pur footfiontnuc.
On north sldo from \\ostllno sub. 8. lot 2 ,
Capitol add. to west line atiV. : i , lot : i , C.-ipltol
add. On south sldo from west line lot 0 ,
11 ousel's sub. to west , line s b. 12 , lot ; i , Cnpl
tel add. , at * . ' ( ) . ) per foot frontnso.
On north sldo from west line sub. ,1 , lot 3 ,
C.ipltol iidd to 24th street. On soiuh sldo
from west line sub. I' ' , lot II. Oapltot add. to
24th street , : it $2.0U per foot fiontiiKo.
21th strec-t on west sldo from north line of
lot I ) to south line lov U In ICellom's Isc iidd ,
at. II.M per foot fnintace.
I-'oii las stieut from Kith to SOth nt $ .1.70 per
foot ftontuco.
17t h si root troin nlley 1101 Hi of Kurnnm street
to IJod ostreot nt $ J.70por font frontiKo.
1Mb stice.t from Karnatn to Dodge xtrcot nt
J3.TO per foot frnntnsi * .
I'.Hti street from Karimm to Dodge streets nt
S.1.7U nnr fool , frnntiliD.
For the coit of pradtnz 4th avenue from
Gr.mdvlow to Itnncroft street , ainoiiiitlni : to
fO,178.'Jwhich ( said sum It is propo-tud by n re
port duly adopted by the city council to as
sess on tin ) lots nnd real estnto to tlio donth of
alley on both sides of 4lh avcmio from Grand-
view to Iliuiorott street , Hatu per front foot-
nRe. J.4217 .
( JhaiiKlnR tlio prado of 2ltli street from
Loavonnorth street to Woolworth nvonue ,
ainounthiK to the sum of Jl.'ill.OO , which said
sum It Is proposed tonssosson the lots nnd
real est.ito to the doptu of the center of blook
not oxecedlnK 150 foot on both sides of said
24th street from l.ouvonworlh to Hickory
street. K.ito per foot frontaze , $0.21035.
DiuiiaL'es for Rradliiji certain streets nnd al
leys In Marsh's addition , amounting to the
Bum of S3J4 ( W. which said sum It Is proposed hv
n report duly adopted by tlio olty council to
iisscss on the lots adjoining the streets and
alloya , to-wlf.
Maicy street from 25th to 27ih streets.
Blnson struct from 2oth to 27th streets.
2. * > th avenue from Loavenworth street to
Hickory place.
2.Hh street from Lonvenworth street to
Hickory plnco , and the alloy * In Marsh's ad
dition , equally on the several lots In blocks 1
to U Inclusive , | n Marsh's addition , on each lot
Damaces for Knulln ; ; Castoltnr street from
1Mb to24th streets amounting to the sum of
JJCT.OJ. which said sum It Is proposed by n re
port duly adopted by the city council to assess
on the lots and real estate to thu depth of the
alley or the depth of three Ci ) lots and In t ix
lot to the depth of 150 feet , on both sides of
( Jastollarstreotfrom 15th to24th streets. Kate
per toot frontage. S.u51soa
Damages forcnulliiK I'ai'ldc street from 21th
to 27th streets , > iiiiointlt > K to thu sum of $018.0.1 ,
which s ild sum If Is proposed by a report dulv
adopted by the city council to asausb on the
lots and real estate to the dupth to the center
of block , and the depth only of lots ) , 37 nnd
40 In lllo'iory ' place , on both sides of 1'aolllo
street from 24th toTth streets. Hate per foot
frontage. W.25&9.
Damages for grading rhipontstrcctnnd Klco
street In Dupont place , amounting to the sum
of f4S50' , which said sum It Is proposed by n
loportduly adopted hy the olty council , to as
sess on the lots nml ronl estate to the depth of
125 feet on bothsldeo-of aald streets ns fol
lows : .
Dupont street from cnst line to west line of
Dnpont place. Klco street from east line to
west line of Dnpont place , ut rate of $0.135 pur
foot frcntnitc.
Damages for ohnnRO of gr ido of 47nd street.
LnfavcttL1 , nnd other streets In Walnut Mill
addition , amounting to tlio sum of $277.00 ,
which said cum It Is proposed by a report duly
adopted hy tlio city council to assess on the
lots nnd real estate to the depth of 150 feet on
botn sides of-I''iid street from Hamilton to
Nicholas street ; Lufnyotto avenue from 150
foot wcstof 4.'nu stioet to 4st | street. Hu'e
per foot frontauo fu. 1118.
iJhmaL'os torKradlnglliUh street from 1'ar-
nnm to Hurt street , amounting to the sum of
WOO.GO. which said sum it Is proposed by a re
port duly adopted by the city council to ns-
soss on tlio loth nnd real estate to the depth of
first nlloy or 150 feet on both Hides of : Wth
street from Farnaia street to Hurt street.
Unto per foot frontage S.IKI.U.
ChiuiKlns the srado of Hamilton street from
24th street to 4Jth street nnd curtain Intor-
soctltiK streets , amounting to the sum of 241.-
250.00. which said sum It Is proposed by n re
port duly adopted by thu city council to assess
on thu lots nnd real estate to the depth of
center of block or the Urat alley , nnd property
noi BiiD-uiviued jxi ; leeiun uoin biucs 01 tno
followhiL' streets :
Hamilton street from 21th to 13th stroet.
25th street from Charles to Caldwcll street.
27th street from nlloy south of Hamilton to
Charles street.
28th street from Hamilton to Charles street.
anh street from Indiana to Charles street.
Illst street from Hamilton to Charles struct.
Xlrd street from Myrtle avenue to Chiir.es
.Titli street from Lafayette nvonuo to Charles
; tfllh street from Lnf ay otto a venue to Charles
Hate per foot f rcntnco. t'J.033,745.
riHIim curtain lots nmountliu to the sum of
$ a10 , which said sum It Is proposed by a re
port duly adguted by the city council to as
sess on the lots a ( id real estate an follows ;
Lot II , block 4 , Drake's addition. (1)5.10.
To cover the cost of sloping certain lots.
nniuiinllii , ' to the sum of tioj.to which said
sum It It proposed by u report duly adopted
by the ulty counell to assess on the lots and
real CHlato ns follows :
Lot IH , block 10. Ambler placo. Sl.rci
lot 111 , block 10 , Amblur placo. 14.27.
Lot 20. block 1 . Amblur placej { 'S.II8.
Woit 15J foot of so Hot n w H suction 20-15-13 ,
KCs for cradlnK'2fith strnut from VAT *
nam street to Hnrney street , and nlloy from
LBthatrnet to 27th i : venue , nmountliiK to the
Hiimof $ I,50U ' 0. which ald Hum it Is proposed
by a repoitduly udoptod by the ulty council ,
to .isscBson Hio lota nnd real estate to thu
depth of IX'fouton oantsldn and I'U feet on
u ett sidu of said tflth street from Tarnum to
Hnrnoy streets. Itato per foot frontagn.
DaniaKcs for chnnRlne the crado of Dodge
street from Lowe avenue to Bolt railway.
uniountln ? to the sum of t-Hfl.no , which Bald
hum It Is proposed by a report duly adopted
by the city council to nasosa on the lots Itnd
ronl estnto to the depth of three lots , or the
first alloy , on both slden of said street from
l.owo avenue to Holt railway , Itato per foot
frontline , .iM57.
Ilr luimon of openlnc S7th street from Ilrls-
tel street to KeU ok park , amountliiK to the
sum of ilM > 0.0J , which Bald sum It Is proposed
by a report duly adopted by thoclty council
to IISHI-XS on the lots and real eatatoon both
aides of H'lld 27th street from llrlstol street to
I' ax ton street , an follows ;
To bo maimed on the balance of lot 10.
Httucs' ucldltlon. IXO.QO ,
To bo noetKod on this oust 01 feet of nublot
II. tax lot No. . ' ' , t-JuOO ) .
Krom the south line of Kedlck park to I'ratt
street ut the rate of fJ.'ti pur foot f rontuKO In
deiilh to center of block.
From I'ratt street to 1'nxton street nt the
rate of * o.ii7 : per foot frontajjo In depth to cen
ter of blork.
Vou nro further notified that said "Proposed
I'luns of Assessment" are now subject to the
limpoutlon nnd examination of any of thodwn-
n of and lots , parts of lota orplweiiof real
C'stani. or the limpi'ctlon or uxumlnatlon of
nny other perbon Intorostoil In said proposed
OHiuisiiiiints , ut the olllcu of sulu city clerk ,
und that by u report of u cominlttou of Bald
counell duly adopted. It Is proposed that un
less for Rood nnd sufllclcnt citiKo It mny bo
otbornUo ordprod nnd determined , that the
cost of said Improvements roipectlvni * bo
nsscsscd on the several lots , parts of lots nnd
Ulncos of rout pstatn ns shown oy said pro
posed plans of assessment ,
You nnil cash of you ro liorobr notlflfu to
nppoir lioforosnld Ito.ird ( if KimlUitlon. | nt
Ilia tlmo ntul place nbovc spcclflctl , to make
nnv complaint , slntomcnt or objection , olthnr
addition or original , you desire concerning
iiuy of said proposed levies and nssos monts
of special tnxcs. JOHN UltOVK : * .
City flork.
Omaha , Neb , , Juno ! l , 1502. JSIdr.t
Council Chnmbor. Omaha , Neb , May IP9J.
Do It resolved by thoclty coitnoll of the olty
of Omalm , the mnyrir conaurrhiRt
Tint permanent sldownlKs bo construotoa
I" the olty of Omalm us drulunatod below ,
within five dnvs after the publication of this
resolution or the personal service thereof , MS
by ordinance Is authorized nnd required ) such
sldowaiksto bo Intd to the permanent Rrndo
ns established on the pivcd streets specified
horuln nnd to bo constructed nt stone , nrtl-
ilolnl stone , brick or tiling according to spool-
tlcatlonson Illeln thoolllcuot the lloixivl of
I'ubllo Works , and under Its supervision , to
North sldo of UumlnR St. , lots 14 to 18 Inclu
sive , hlooK I , ArmntroiiK'a 1st ndtlltlon , U foot
wide , pcrmnnonturndo.
Kast sldo ot ICJnil avenue , lots 15. 17 to 23
Inclusive , block. \ West Ilnd , 0 foot wide , per
manent Kr.tdo.
Knst sldo of rrnd : avenue , lot 14 , block It ,
Summit I'Uco , (1 ( fuut wide , purmnuont grade.
t-onth sldo of Ijcavonworth nt. , lots 1 , 2 , ; i , 4
block ll . Cherry Garden , 0 fcot wide , perma
nent grailo , >
North sldo of Doilgo .st. . lot & , block 81 , city ,
6 fret wide , permanent sr do ,
Kast sldo of I'Jth ' su , lot 5 , block 81 , city , Ofoot
wide , permiineut grade.
And bo It further resolved ;
That the Hoard of I'tibllo Works bo nnd
hereby Is authorized and directed to canto n
copy of this resolution to bo published In the
olllelal paper of the city for ono week , or bo
served on the owners of s ild lots , nnd unless
such owners sh ill within live days after thu
publication or service of such copy construct
said sldtnvalks ns heioln requited , that the
Hoard ot I'ublle Works came the iiiniu to bo
done , the cost of constructing said sidewalks
respectively to ho asscs-ii'd atfnlnst the teal
estate , lot or purtot lot In front ot and aunt-
President of tint Connoll.
oil v Clerk.
Approved ; GKO. I * . IIKMI ? .
To thu owners of the lots , parts of lots and
rual estate described In thu above resolu
tion ;
You nnd each of you nro lioroliy notified to
construct permanent sidewalks as required by
u resolution oT the city council nnd mayor ot
the ulty of Omaha , of wh'oli the above Is u
copy. 1' . W. IIIKKIlAUiiat.
Chairman Hoard ot I'ubllo Works.
Omaha , Neb , Juno 20. IS'J. ' . JuliKt
Council Chamber , Onrilia , Nob. , Juno 7 , 1 0. .
Ilo It resolved by thoclty council of the city
of uninha , thu mayor concurring :
That uooilen sidewalks be constructed In
the city of Omaha us designated lielou ,
\\lthlnllvodnysaflurtliupubllc.itlun of this
resolution , or the personal service thereof , as
by ordination is authorl/od nnd required :
such sldo irnlks to bo laid to tlio present grade
on thu streetsspeclllcd herein , anil to bu con
structed of pine plunk of such width nnd
tliieKne.ss and bo lain upon joists of .such
dimensions nnd In sncl1 manner ns Is pre
scribed by the spoclllc.mons on ( Ilo In the
ofllce of the Hoard of I'ubllu Works nnd under
It supervision , to wit :
West sldo of 4th street , lots I und " 0 , block
45B , Grand Vlow addition. I foot wldo.
boutli sldo of Mason .strout. lots -7uil"S.
bloeK 8. Kountzo's & Itlith's tiddltlon , U foct
North side of Maple street , lots I * , 0,10,11 and
14. Ifcmlnuton's snl ) low u. , l ami Ul , ( ilio's
addition , 0 foot wide.
KustslUo of : i7th stroet. lott block 2) ) , West
Omali.i ndultlon , G foot wldo.
And ho 11 further resolved :
Th.it the Ilo ml ot 1'iibllu Works be. nnd Is
hereby , authorized und directed to ciinso a
copy of this resolution to lie pnhllshe I In the
clllulal paper of the olty for ono week , or bo
fcorvod ou iho owners of Bald lots , and un
less such owners shall wltnln llvo days lifter
tlio publication or sorvlco of sneh copy cou
nt rnct siieh sidowalUs ai Imioln roiinlioJ , that
the lioinl ot I'tibllo Works eauso the s-inio to
bo done , tlio cost of constructing b.ilU.sldo-
walUs respectively to bo assessed imulnst the
ronl estate , lot or pirt of lot In front uf und
abutting such sldowalUs ,
L'nssod Juno 7 , ISO ! .
n. r. DAVIS ,
Pros'dimt of t ho Council.
Olty Olork.
Approved : GKO. 1' . UEM1H ,
To tlio owners of lots. | i irtsot lots and re.il
estate dos'jrlbud In Iho above resolution :
Vou and o.ieh of yon lire hereby notlflo I to
construct wooden .sidewalks as required by
a resolution of the city council und in lyor of
the city of Uniah.i , of which the abovn IH a
copy. IW. . lUKivIIAI'MrK.
Chairman Hoard of Public Worsts.
Omaha. Nob. , J uno 'JO , Ib'J. . J2d d 7t
Council Chnmbor. Omaha. Neb , Juno 7 , 18JJ
Uo It resolved by the City Council of the City
ot OmMia , the Mayor concurring :
Tbat permanent flidewalks hu constructed In
the city of Omaha as doi-lgnatml below , wltnln
live clays after the publication ot this resolu
tion , or the personal survtco thereof , an by or
dinance Is authorised and required , mien side
walks to be laid to the permanent grade as es
tablished on the paved streets specified herein
and to be constructed of stone or artificial stone
according to speculations on file in the olllco
of the Hoard of Public Works , nnd under Its
supervision , to-wlt :
West silo of Ifith st. south 60 fcot , more or
loss , lot B block 201 Ho Hy. 20 feet wide , perma
nent grade.
West side of Kith st , . north 03 feet , more or
less , lot 1 block l'.W'/i city , 2J fcot wUo , perma
nent cr.tilo.
North side of Harnoy street , lots ! > nnd R.
block 14' ' ) . city. 12 fcot wldu , permanent grade.
West side of 12th st , , lot 1 block 150 , city , 20
feet wide , permanent grade.
And be It further resolved.
That the Hoard of Public Works no. anil 1 >
licreoy authorized nnd directed to came a copy
of this resolution to be published In thu olll clal
paper of the city for one weoK. or uo Horved on
t ho owners of said lots , and that unless such
owners shall within five days after the publica
tion or service of sucli copy construct a ild
sidewalks as heroin inquired , that the Hoard
of Public Works causa the same to be done , tno
cost of constructing u kid sidewalks respective
ly to bo assessed against the ronl estate , lot
or part of lot In front of and abutting such
Passed June 7th , 1BHS.
rrosldont ol the ( Council
JOHNOROVH3 , City Clork.
OKO. P. JlBMIS , Mayor.
To the owners of the lots , pirn of lots nnd
real ostiuo descrlbod In the uoove resolution :
You and each of you are hereby notlllod to
construct permanent sidewalks as required by
n resolution of the city Council and ilavorof
the City ot Omaha , of which the above U a
copy. P. W. IlllllvHAUHKU ,
Chairman Hoard of Public Works ,
Omaha , Neb. . Juno''Oth , IB ! ) , ! , J.0d7t
To the owners of nil lots , pnrts of lots and real
oatato along the nlloy In block : ) . Campbull's
addition , from 20th strout to 2lnt street.
Vou nro hereby notlllud that the under-
slgnen , three disinterested freeholders of the
olty of Omaha , have boon duly appointed bv
the nr.iyor , with the npurovnlof thu ulty coiin-
cllof said city , to assess the damage to thu
owners respectively of the property nUVctod
by grading the nlloy In blockII. Campbell's ad
dition. from2Jth street to 21st street , docTareil
neccss iry by ordinance 2,071 , passed I'obrunry
' 'Jd. IHD3 , upprovod March Ut. IHUj.
Vou are further notlllud , that linvltui ac
cepted Hald appointment , nnd duly qiMlllled
ns reijulred by law , we will , on the 2.ld day of
June , A , D , IB'/ . ' , ut the lion rot iu o'clock In thu
forenoon , at the olllco of T. It , McCullouh ,
room HI' . ' New Vork Llfo bnllclln.- , within the
corporate limits of mild city , moot , for the pur
pose of considering and making thu assess
ment of dumago to the owners rospuctlvclv of
said property. nIToctcd by said grading , tak
ing Into oomtldurat on special benefits. If any ,
Vou nro notllled to bu present ut the llino
nnd place aforesaid , und inuliu nny ohjoetlons
to or statements concornlng Huld nsHuhsmunt
of aumuges us you may roiuldor proner.
w. H. UATia :
Omaha , Juno 10,1802. Jll-dlOt
Vou are hereby notified that thu bank of
orth now exUtliu along Iho lot on the south
side of Harnoy street next west of 21th street ,
in thoolty of Omiiha , and designated on the
ntlns of tno elty of Omaha , published by O , .M ,
llopklnn as "KollogK" has been declared by
ordinance No. 'Jif/I to tie u nuisance.
Vou HTO hereby illroeted to ubito said nul-
sauce by grading down the front part of xald
lot so us to prurcnt the waning , falling or
wunhlng of earth from said lot upon the sliJu-
wnlki adjacent tbernto , within thirty day *
from thofcti day of June , 16)2. ) or said nul-
sancn will be ubntud by thu city authorities
nnd thu expense thereof levied as u ftpocial
tux u-jnlnit thu propurty on which sntd mil-
nncuuxl ts.
DatoU thU 17th day of .Innp. 1K)2.
CUulrmun of thu liuurd of I'ubllu Works.
Council Chamber , Omnhn , Neb. , Juno 7,1 03 ,
Ilo It roiolved hv iho cltr council of the city
of Omaha , the mayor concurring :
1 hat permanent sidewalks bo rountructod In
thn city of Omah'i ns do-tUnatcil bnluw.wli.liln
IIvo days after tlio inihllentlon of this rosolu *
tlon.or the personal servlco thereof , ns by or-
dlnanto Is niithorlxud nnd required ! such
sidewalks to be laid to Iho permanent cr. d
on the streets specified herein , mid to bo eon-
strutted of stone , artificial stone , brlok o
til ng.nccordlns to Riioclllcatlomion nio In tha
olllcnoftho lloird of I'ubllo Works and under
Its supervision , to wlti
West side of aithstroat , lots I and 2 , block
IH. Shlnn's addition , 8 foot wide.
r.ast sldo of lutb ntrcot , south 223 foot tnoro
or loss ot tnx lot 7 , section 2MJ-1.T , 0 Jco
Kftst sldo of loth street , lots.V ft , 7 nnd ablcok
I , South Dinah i addition , n feet wldo.
Kast side 1Mb street , undivided south MR
feet ot block 1 , Bouth Omaha audition. 0 ( cot
Kast sldo of 10th streot. ( id foot In blook 0 ,
South Omlm addition , being the n. o. cor , ut
10th and Caslollnr. 0 f cut w Ido.
North sldo of rariinm street , lot.1 , block8 ,
Joroino pnrk addition , tl feet wide ,
West sldo of 231 street , lot 8 , block nil. city.
foot wluo.
youth sldo of California street , lot 4 , block
UK city , n ti-ot wldo.
South sldu ot Capitol nvo , lots 1 ami I , block
81 elty. n foot wide.
Kast sldo of 2.Uh street , lot 4 , blook 0 ,
Swi'OAoy's addition , fl foot wldo.
South side of California street , lots n ami 4 ,
blook .Swi'osiy'a addition. 0 tout wldo.
North sldo ot Hurt street , lots fs 0 , 7 and 8 ,
block MIX eltv. II tout wide.
south sldo of Douglas Mr ot , lotsfl , 7 anil B ,
llonsol's sub. of , or In lot 2 , Cnpltol addi
tion , (1 ( feut wide.
South sldo of Doufrlis street , sub. of lot" , lot
1 , Cnpltol addition , tl feel wldu.
Souths ( loot Doiulas street , lot 1 , Uapltol
addition , 0 foi > t wide.
.Northsldoof Dotiulas street , lot I , Capitol
addition , (1 ( feet. wldo.
Souths dcot Douglas street , sub of lots II.
12 , III. 14.15 mm in , lot II , Cnpltol addition , 0
feet wldo.
South sldo of Douglas St. , sub. 0-14-13 , lot 2 ,
Oapltoi additionU fuut wide.
And bo It fin t her resolved , That the Hoard
of Ptthllu Works tie and huroby Is nuthurlroa
and illrccteil tocatiM ) n copy of this resolu
tion to bo published In thuulllct.il p.ipur ot
thoclty for ono week , or bo survuil on the
owners of snld louand that unluss such owners
bhnll within thu days nftor the publication or
service of such copy construct sldonnlks ns
hoicln rcquln-d , tbat the Hoard of I'nhllo
\Vorkscnusuthnsimo to bodono. Iheoostof
constructing said Hldowalksrcspootlxely tobu
assessed against thu real estate , lot or part of
lot In front of nnd abutting such sidewalks.
1'asbod June 7 , It'J. ' .
President ot the Coiinoll ,
Attest : JOHN OHOVns ,
City U > rk.
Approved : GKO. P. HKMIS ,
Notion TO CONSTimcT SlIiKWAIjKd.
To thu owners of lots. Marts ot lots nnd rual
< state described In thu nbovo resolution :
Vou nnd each of you urn hereby nolltled to
construct poimanunt sidewalks as required by
a tcsolutlon of thu city council und mayor
ot thu ulty ot Omaha , ot which the nbo\umi
V , W , milKHAUSKlt.
Chairman llonul of I'ubllo WoiKn.
Omahn. Nob. , ,111110 lUtli. Iblli. J.'OdTt
To the owners of all lots , parts of lots nnd real
estate along Jo les street , from 'llth street to
Uiltb struut , Jackson street from Jllthslroot
toDHtli street. Howard street from 3.1(1 street
to itcth street. Half Howard street 'from
Hedlck Orovo loIUith street , Illth street from
Loavonworth stiuctto Half Howard street ,
: i5th struut from .lonc.s street to llnrnor
street , and 31th avenue from I.o.ivcnworth
street to Half llow.ird strcut.
Vou are hereby notified thut the undorstanod
thrcndisinterested freeholders of thu city ot
Omaha , have been duly appointed by the
mayor , with Iho approval of the ulty council
uf sntd city , to assess thu damage to thu own-
era respectively of the property alTuutuiby
grading Jones street from : ilth stiuot to.'lOth
street , Jackson street from : tltn street to : ilth :
street , Howard street from Illrd strout to lth
struut. Halt Howard stieot. from Kedlck
Grove to : ifitb street. IIHh street from Leaven-
worth street to llnlf Howard street , ilUli
street from Junes stieet to llarnoy street ,
nnd ! i5th avenue from Lo.ivonnorth struut to
llnlf Hownra struct , doclarud nucossiry by
Ordinance No. ; n\ ) : passed May 21th. 1SJJ , ap
proved Mayath. 1SU
Vou are further notllled , that having no-
ceptod said iippolntmont. nnd duly qualified
ns required by law , wo will , on tliu-Mtn day ot
June , A. D. IsOJ , nt the hour ot 10 o'cUffclt In
the foienoon , at the ollleo of T. C. llrunner ,
Koom 1 , Wnro Itlock , within the corporate
limits of said city , meet for the purpose of
( onslderlng and malting the assessment of
damn o to the owners rospoctixoly of slid
property , niruutud by sahl grading. taUItu
Into consldoint'aii special bonelliH , If nny.
Von are notllled to bu piusciit nt thu tlmo
nnd plnco aforesa d. and niaUo nny oh lent Ions
toorbtatoinonts eoneeinlii-- said iisscssmunt
of damages us you niuy consider iirupur.
T. O. HltUNNliH ,
Commltleo of Apur.iUor.s.
Omaha. Juno 10th. JMi ) jlidlOt
To the owners of all lots , parts of lots and
real estate along Military nveniiu from Ham
ilton strout to Grant struct , and necessary
Vou aru hereby nntlflod that the undor-
stnjod , three disinterested freeholders of the
city uf Omahn , have been duly appointed by
thu mayor , with the approval of thu olty
council of said olty. to assess the damage to
tlio owners respectively of the property
atreeted by grading Military avenue from
Hamilton street to Grant street , doelarod
necessary by ordinance No. 308. , passed May
24. l ! r. . approved May 28. IB'U.
You nro further notlllod , that having
accepted said appointment , and dulv qual
ified as required by law. wo will , on the 24th
day of June , A. I ) . IH'JJ. nt the hour of U
o'clock In thu afternoon , at the olllcu ot T. 0.
llrunner , room 1 , Wnro blook , within the
corporate limits of said city , incut for the
purpose of considoilng and making the
ussussn out of damage to the owners respect
ively of bald propurty , nlToctud by said grad-
Iiir , taking Into conslduint.onspoclnl bonodU ,
If nny.
Vou uro notified to bo present nt the tlmo
nnd plnco aforesaid , mm mnku any objections
to or st itommits concerning s-ild assessment
of damages us you may consider propur.
T. C. llitu.NNl'.ii ,
Gr.niinic J. PAUL.
Committee ot Apprnlsors.
Omaha , Juno 13 , 18U2 , JlMlOt
To the owners of nil lots , parts ot lots nnd
ronl estate along Twenty-ninth strout from
Hickory to Martha street , and Intursuctlng
streets ;
Vou nro hereby notified that the undor-
slaned. three disinterested fron-holders ot the
ulty uf Omaha , have been duly appointed by
the mayor , with thu approval of thu city
council of Nuld city , in iibsats the dntmiguH to
thu owners respectively , of thu property af
fected by ohniui ) of grade of Twenty-ninth
htroet from Illukory to Martha streets nnil In
tersecting struut-s , declared necustury by or
dinance No. 1S5 , pinned .May 31 , 18DJ , aim ap
proved Juno 2 , 1.V/- ' .
Vou nio further notified that having ac
cepted Hald iippolutn ( lit nnd duly qualified
ns required by law , wo will , on the .Win day of
.111 no A. 1) ) . IB'J-J. nt the hour of 10 o'clock In the
foienoon , at the olllco of Shrlvor , t O'Dounhoo
1101 Farnam ntruut , Within the corpoiuto
limits uf said ulty. moot for thu piirpouu of
constituting nnd making thu iiHsosimunt ot
damages to the owner * respectively of Mild
property , ntfuctod by mild ch ngo of grailo.
talcing Into consideration spqulul bunollw If
any ,
Von nro notified to bo present at Iho tlmo
nnd place aforesaid und make nny objuu' Ion *
to or btatununlH concerning H.ild assoisment
of damages us you tuny consider proiiiir.
Omaha , Nun. , June 18th , law. jj.a lot
In compllnnco with the Mtntutcs of the Htata
of Nebraska , In Hiich ensi'i inudu nnd pro
vided , notluu Is huiuhy given that Munlud juu-
poMilswIII bu received at thu olllcu of Iho Com-
mUilonur of I'nbllo Lands and llnlldlniiH iintl
4 o'clock p. m. the 1.0th day of June. Jh'J. ' , for
fiirnluhlni ; uuppllo for the qnurler ondlnii
betileniburUO , lo'JJ.
Tor thu liospitulM for thn Insane ut Lincoln ,
Hastings unI ( Norfolk , thu Iiulustrl.il school
at Kearney , the Inntllulc for the Illlnd ul .Ne
braska Olty , the Jiintltutii fur tlio Deaf und
Dumb ntOinulia , thu liKtltulu for the I'cublo
Minded Voillh nt Huntrlcii , the HoldlurH und
Hallors Homo ut Grand Islnn I , tlio Industrial
Homo ut Mllford und thu Ulrls liidnitnal
school nt Geneva.
Estimate blanksoan bo procured by apply-
Inz to tliodllfuriint Institutions.
Ail bids should bu sealed , uddruHioI to
"Hoard of Purohano and t'upiilluH. Lined n ,
Nebraska. " and murkud "PrnpotuU fur nup-
iillcs. "
The board reserves the right to ncropt or
reject nny or nil bids , and no bid will bo con.
Hldored which Is received after thu day iintf
hour above named.
All bids to bu niudu In duplicate.
A. U. HIJMPHitr.V ,
Commissioner of I'ubllo Lands und Hulldlngft ,
Lincoln , Nob. , Juno2U , ItKtt. J-WUIUl

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