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Murderer Nick Fox Hold ? Them HespDnsi-
blo for His Ljng Terra.
llnvlug ( ilicii OUT the linuiin Notion Iho
Convlctoil Aliirilornr llcli IVIM Illnncir
nil CxLMiiplitry .Manner III * II. ill
l to I'rcciljiii.
The door ? of tlio state nanltontlnry Imvn
closed behind Nick Fox , the South O.nahn
wlfo murderer , and unlcsi pardonoJ or ho
escapes , Iho romilnlnz day * of his life will
bo spanl within the walls of that Institution.
At an early hour yesterday Sheriff Uou-
nottconvoyoJ tlio intolllgonco to Nick Fox
that ho was to bn taken to Lincoln. Fox
smiled and said he was glad of it. Ho
ate an unusually no irty br-nnfast and then
made his preparations for taking the trip ,
Ho called Jailor Miller and told him no
wanted n bnth. This Fox got , and for
twenty minutes ho splashed about in the
great 'tub In the buomont of the Jail , Ho
donned a suit of clnan clothes and then
walked up to the assembly room , where ho
Informed the Jailer that ho wanted his hair
and oca.d clipped , a * ho wanted to nlsgulso
hlmsolf at much as posslblo. Ho said that
ho wus afraid ttiat when ho stcppod outsluo
the Jail ho would bo mubhod by the friends
and relatives of the wlfo whom ho had mur
dered. Upon this score his mind was put to
rest , u ho was informed that not a soul out-
Bldo of tbo Jail excepting Sheriff Bennett
know that ho was to bo 'omovod to the pota
to n tin ry. .
Just after 0 o'clock a closed carriage was
driven up to the Jail. Whim Fox hoard the
rattle of the wheels upon Iho pavement ho
smiled nnu said : "I suppoio that Is my
wagonl" Upon being informed that U was ,
ho remarked. "What's the matter with goIng -
Ing right u\\uy I"
Just at that llmo Sheriff Bennett entered
the Jull and Fox was led Into the corridor ,
where ho was handcuffed to John Burke , n
one-year mar. convicted of forgery. The
prisoners in the assembly room pressed their
faces lo the who netting and as the two men
mnrchud out , n score or more goodbyes were
hurled after Fox , who looked buck over his
shoulder and pleasantly remarked : "I'llsoo
you down at Lincoln some day. "
A Bi.n reporter who was watching the
preparations for the Journey to the pen , re
marked : "Fox is not as ciazy as during his
trial. "
The murderer glanced about the room , but
not xvlth that crazy stare that ho maintained
when ho was on trial , and replied :
"Yon and some of thorn d - d pill bags
nro responsible for mv long term. If you
had kepi Unit stuff out of the papers and not
net the pcoplo dead ni-nlnst mo I believe that
J would got oft with ten years. "
Then turning to the sheriff , ho said :
"Thero nro some llttlo things up In the room
that I want given to my llttlo boy. The re
volver and the lazor I wint destroyed , if
thov have not boon already disposed of.
Thov mo now In the hands of tlio county
attorney. "
The Jail door was opened and Fox passed
out and Into the carriage which was rapidly
driven to the depot. Un his way to the sta
tion ho rcnmrkod n couple of tlmos about the
Intense heat , once saying "this is as hot as
h I , nut I suppose it's great weather for
corn. "
Immediately Judge Davis imposed the
sentence of lift ) Imprisonment Fo\ gave un
the luea of being insatio and since that date
has been a model prisoner.
Every testimonial regarding flood's Sar-
sapirllln Is an hotiost , un purchased state
ment of what this mcdlciuu has nctuuly
Eye nnd our surgeon , Grant Culli-
moro , room lhl ! , Boo buildin" ; .
ttfi.nn , St. I.oiiln lo Ciiiclinmtl anil ltd urn.
Via the Ohio & Mississippi railway ;
tickets fjood ijoinp ; on nil trains of July
10 , 17 and 18 , and roturninfr five days
nftor dito ; of wile. For tickets and fur
ther information cull at Ohio it Missis-
fiibaippi olliccu , 10"i NortU Broadway and
Union depot , St. Louis.A.
A. .1. LYTU3.
General Western PiisbOiiBcr Ajjont.
Cloorgn Claik's I.lfn Unilcil hy u llnlf Vutir'x
I'Drnlsti'iit Deli un h.
George Clan : was found dead In his room
at Iho Windsor hotel Monday night. Ho wns
about 10 years old , had no friends In Omaha
ana his death wan the result of hard drink-
When this statement Is made the Interest
of the publto In tieorgo Clark and his fate Is
dead. Theio are loving friends In Boston to
whom Iho uuwa will prove u bitter blow , but
no ono in this part of tbo world will feel any
particular Interest in cither Jus Ufa or death.
Clark cuino to Om.tlm about t > lx months
ago as aucnt for some book and put up nt the
Windsor Ho wns good looking , well edu
cated , know the world , talkeu well and soon
became popular. Ho was continually writ
ing letters and though ho has uono no work
has always had monov lu his pocket and
dressed well. Uottors found In his vtillso in
dicate that ho had friends , p.-ih'ips brothers
nnd sisters , who wire Interested in his wel
fare and who advanced him money from
time to llmo. They mention n Phil , u Nettie
nnd Kate , but toll nothing of who the writers
ore except that limy uro educated , rollncd
pooulo nnd very fond of the man whoso llfo's
tula Is told.
Ono of them is written on the letter head
of a Boston business man natnod J. M
Wuitt , and iho coroner tins telegraphed him
to notify the dona man's friends. Another
wiiltouona half sheet of paper evidently
hud an inclosuro. It has no date and roads :
"Dear George Just got your lottoi July n.
Ob dear ! What ulll joudoi I urn wild to
think that I cannot do mote.
' 'S. M. MOIIIII OV. "
While stopping nt the hotel ho had bcon In
the habit ot going on the wildest klnil of
drunks. Dm Ing ono of these ho was plckod
up on iho street by the pollco nnd at ether
times ho has boon brought In by the haclc-
mon perfectly iigltl.
Snmo time ago Mr. Prlnco gava orders
that ho should bo furnished no more ilrlnlci
at the bar. anil since that ho had taken Jugs
nnd bottles to hU room and uinptlod them
thoro. Some weeks ago ho wan titkon slcit
and treated by Dr. Somurs , who could not
understand why his patient did not Improve
until under his bed were found four doion
empty Masks. Over $ iJ worth of whisky
hud been drunk while ho was under the care
of the phyalcluu.
Monday morning Clark wont out at about
10 o'clock and returned with a parcel
uudor Ills arm which , It Is now known , con
tained n hulf gallon of whisky. At 7 o'clock
ho was found dead lying across the door of
tils room and the whisky Jug was ompty.
LEAVKMMIIITIIK , Juno Ifi , ' 00
Mr. J , li. Moore : Mv Dear Sir 1 have
been suVJcct to tick hoaducho nil my life.
Over two.M'ars ago 1 bcgunil ng "Mooro's
Tree of Life" fo t and never had a case ol
sick hoadaclu t > incc , except when thu
luudlclno was at ono oml of the road and I at
the other. It U worth more than money to
mo. I hoirtlly roco'iimmid It to all suffoiors
of headucuo. Very truly yours ,
W. B. LII.K ,
Pastor First Baptist Church ,
"Tirlu City Uhikiit.kiuiui , "
Hoolc lalund trixlim will leave
Oinulia for Cluitiuuiua L'roundt at 8 a. in , ,
10 a. in. , 12:110 : noon , 6:20 : p in. , 0ir : ! > i > . in.
Additional trains lonvo Council Blullu
11:10 : n. in. , 11:30 : a. in. , 1:50 : p. 111. , 7:110 :
p. in. Hotiirnlnt ; leave Cliaiitauqua for
Omaha via Council BlulTd ( : > a. in. ,
8:13 : n. in , , 11 n , in.,4:30 : p. in , fiKt : ! p. in. ,
10:16 : p. in. Kound trip from Omaha ,
f > 0o. Tickets on siilo ut 1UU2 Farnam
street or Union dojiot
The Tlionmi 1'a 1111ly Trouble * .
ThoThonmi fmnlllo * and tuolr troubles
bavo got into the courts again at.d another
.oiig drawn outlaw ull U probable. The
purlins are the lamu as In dayn of yore , John
D. Thomas , thu aophow , and John P.
fhotnai , the undo ,
la the suit which has Ju t bcou oounuoucod
ho nophcw has sued the undo in an action
n which ho alleges that ho Is entitled to the
sum of foJ.OOO.
In his potltlort John D Tnonw alleges
that during the year 1831 ho nnd his undo
otitorcd into an ngreomont by which the
undo was to pay him f. > JJ par month , hi re
turn for this ho was to caw for and look
nftor his unclo's property , piy the insurance
and keep buildings In good repair. During
all of Iho Intervening yours slnco 1831 John
D. nllogcs that ho ms com oiled with tbo
oruis of the agreement , but that his undo
ias utterly fullod to niAko the pnymsnts ns
agreed upon. _
Clmtiihrrliiln'ii Colic , cholera mid Dliirrlurn
itcmril ) .
Can nlways ho dapjndcd upon , it Is
iloasanl to take and will cure crimp , choloni
norbus , dysentery and dl irrntu l In their
worst fornn. Every family should bo pro
vided with It. % : and iij C3tit botUoj tor sale
ly druggists.
Spectacles a'ljustea for defective
vision. Cullinuro , R 221 , Uoo bldg.
Matilda Flctchor , the sllvor-tongiiod
ecturor , will make a tour of the west
the uomlni ; soasrm. Stibjoct. "What is
Manj" ' The Now York Tribune say.s :
"All the audience thtit h ivo hoard her
isivo been greatly pleased. " She ex-
> eots to visit several points in Nebraska ,
t ) chid In" : Om tli.u
Not lie.
Sncchil meotliiff of Capitol lodge No.
1 , A. IA and A. M. , Wednesday ovenitip ,
Inly 1U , at 70 : ! ! p. in , , for work in-tho
VI. AI. degree. Members are requested
, o bo present. By order of the mautor.
JOHN BAMroitu , Secretary.
Coitncllmnn Alter the Cliiilrinnn of the
lloaril ol Piihllo Works ,
If the plans do not miscarry , the Board of
Public Works , or at least the nets of the
chairman of that body , will bojotno iho sub-
oct of ofllcial investigation at the bands of
ho city council.
For many weolts a majority of the council
ias realized that the department of the city
rovernment presided over by P. W. Birk-
itiusur was traveling too slow. Kicks have
coma from numerous quarters , the kickers
cnarging that tbo chairman wns not doing
its duty. Thcso reports , in their round s ,
cached the oar * of the councilmen -
men , ntul last night Chairman Spccht of
the committee on paving , curbing
and guttering introduced n resolution pro
viding for a thorough and complete investi
gation of the affairs of mo ofllco of Iho Board
of Public \Vorus.
The charges are brand and swooping.
1'hoy set up the allegation that Mr.
llrkhnuser U wholly incompetent to till the
losltlnn , ihit ho noglecis tbo duties of his
illlce , that ho has uo Knowledge of whcro the
work under contract is located and that ho
does not ask or roqulro the city inspectors to
report to him the progress being made upon
work bejog performeu.
A m in who Is in n position to know whereof
10 speaks said that ho was glad to hear
hat an Investigation was about to bo Insti
tuted. Ho wns of the opinion lhat It would
result In benolilltig the city , "for , " sold ho ,
"at the present time the Board of Public
Works Is without n head The llrst year
lhat Ulrkhauser was chairman ho did tirst
rate and followed in the footsteps of his
: jredccessor. Major Batcombo. After that ho
ot go his gup , and since that time ha has
not done anything.Vhy it Is , I cannot say.
I'ho man appears to be afraid of tbo con
tractors , and at the same time ho is afraid
of Iho city council.
" 1 know of my own personal knowledge
that ho knows nothing about tbo city work.
Ho scarcely over visits the working gangs ,
and when ho docs visit them it is simply to
drive along the street. Ho never pots out of
his cnriingoto examine the material , nnd
does not know whether the work Is accord
ing to contract or not.
"Last season's work wont into the winter
unfinished , nnd hero It Is the midulo of Julv
with nothing accomplished. The chairman
had it in bis power lo order the contractors
to work three months ago , but instead of do-
ii.g so ho has simply sat nrounu his ofllco
and allowed iho same contractors to dictate
"Another thing in which ho is lame is
this. The ordinance provides that city Inspectors
specters on public works shall ropo'rt to
the chairman each nnd every day. So Itir
this season the inspectors bavo not reporlcd
once a month. They could not report. They
woik until 5 o'clock in thoafternoon nnd then
coma down 10 the ollico , out tbo ofllco is
always dosed. As soon as the 5 o'clock bell
taps iho door IB locked , and for Ibis reason if
a man IIvo Blocks away wants to see the
chairman ut his ollico ho cannot do so after
ho has finished his d iy's woik.
"If the council will go ahead and do some
InvestUating. it will llnd homo oyn-oponers.
if iho whitewash brush is applied , of jourso
the result will bo the same as it has been
with oilier luvosllgalions. "
I Know Its Merit.
That Is Why I Recommend It.
I have no hesitancy in recommending
Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera and Dinrrluua
remedy to the public as I do to my friends
and patrons. I used it myself after ether
well Known remedies had failed aril il cured
mo in a few minutes. J recommend It can
didly and cheerfully upon" its merits , not
from u tlnnncinl slundpolnt , because I bavo
others in stock on which I make a largnr
prollt , but bcciiusa Chamberlain's is iho best
remedy for bowel comnlainls I know of ,
There is no doubt about it , it doni the work.
James Forgy , druggist. McVoytown , Pa.
The regular monthly inootincr of the
Builders and Traders Exchange will oo
hold \Vcdnubduy , July 13,11 a.in.sharp.
Opening remarks bv the president on
vltnl matter pertaining to tlio exchange.
Lunch as usual.
N. B. llrssuv , President ,
W. S. WiiKii : ; . Secretary.
Clningo of Time.
The auction siilo for the benefit of the
creditor * , of John Buumor , the jeweler ,
of No. 1311 P.irnamst. , will bo continued
dally this week.
Mo-ning session , from IOItO : to 12.
Afternoon hosiion , from 2:30 : to a
Monday , Wednesday and Saturday
ovenlngH , from 7:30 : until i:30. ) :
No sale Tuesday. Thurnday and Friday
nights. J. II. FUI.VCII , Auctioneer.
Tom Oriiishj'x MiKh.
Ono of the passengers on a South Omaha
car was a very pretty girl. As the car
crossed Harnoy street n good looking
pobco ofllcor stopped on iho car and lifting
his hut said : "Miss Davenport , may I speak
tn vou a mlnuto if you are not in n hurry I"
"Certainly , Mr. Ormshy , " smiled the
young ludy , and she hold out her hand for
the sergeant lo assist her to might.
Then iho two walked down Iho street and
the passengers meciully commented on Tom
Ornu.by'8 peed looking "mash. " U'hon
they rcacho.l the police station Tom gal
lantly escorted her into a roll and locked the
door. She is wanted in Lincoln for grand
lurcony , nnu the pollco have boon looking for
hoi for the last four months.
Omul Itcumiu Why U Shoiilil ,
Mr. W , M. Terry , who has boon In the
drug buslnois at Elkton , ICy. , for the past
twelve years , Biys : "Chnmberluln's Cough
Uomody gives butter kutUfactlon lhan any
ether cough medicine 1 Uuvo ever sold , "
I'horo Is good roiuon for this. No other will
euro a cold so quickly ; no oihar Is so certain
n preventive ami euro for croup ; no ether
affords so much relief lu cases of whooping
CliiiiiKO of Time ,
The nuctlon s-tle for the bonolit of the
creditors of John Baumoiv-'tho jeweler ,
of No. 1314 Farnam aU , willljo contiiuuid
dally tiiib week.
Morning * ossion , from 10:30 : to 12.
Afternoon session , from 2:30 : to 5.
Monday. Wednesday and Saturday
ovonlngt ) , from 7iiO ! until 0:30. :
JS'oaniu Tuesday , Thursday and Friday
nights , J. II. FKUNCH , Auctioneer.
UN Ihjiirlf * 1'niMMl rutiil ,
Wlllltun .olohtonau , the painter who fell
from thu fourth story of the Martin Tibko
building at Twonty-sevontU and Cumluii
ftiouin , Olod yesterday from the effects Pi
the Injuricj rocolvod.
Only Six Snlo Days MOM to Close Out tbo
Entire Stick.
Out Stoiirlilll'n Hiiilro Stock orVltlto nnil
lleil riiinnclK , Itliinlirt * mill Miitltns
at 1'rlcpnTlint Will MnkoTliom
do Itcloru > 'l
On sale In .
Alt of StonohiU's pluld llannols or
llnsoy woKoys jjo ut 5cJ.
Kvory yard of StunohiU's blotched
and unbluwliud muslin ? , lniliidiiifr Lous-
diilcs und all other brands , worth up to
112k' , fr < > ut oo yard.
Strmuhill's untlro stock of Lonsdulo
cambrics po at "Jc a yard.
Stonchiil'a ontlro stock of flnd chain-
brnyH , pinks , liphts and dark blues , KO
at Oc a yard , worth l"jc.
Stouolilll'rt cntiro stock of M all
wool rod llannols po at liijo.
Stonolnll'i ) entire stoclc of tijc all wool
red Ilannuls jjo at li3 ! ) a yuril.
Stonehill's llncst grades of all wool
fwnrlot shaker llunnol worth up to otic
po at Uoc.
Slonoliill's highest grades of all wool
medicated twill llannolb go at 32e , wortli
up to 75c.
All of Stonohill's 25o white Ilannuls go
at lt > } c.
All of Stonohill's extra fine 3oo and
60c white llannels go at 12" > c.
All of StoiiohiU's 10-1 white blankets
go at ! ) Sc.
All of Stonohiirs$3.50 bhinkots go at
All of Stonohill's finest grade white
wool blankets that ho sold for 85.00 , go
at S-.oO a p.ilr.
All ot Stonohill's heavy blue denims
go at ! ) c a yard.
All ot StonuliiU's white and colored
shuct wadding goes at Ic n shoot.
All of Stonohill's best grades of crino
line and wiggan go at lo ! a yard.
Stonehill's stoclc of dress padding goes
at / > c a yard.
Remember our immense dress goods
ind gloria silk s.ilo is still on , and will
continue as long only as the goods hold
out , and that there are but six days
iltogethor in which you can avail your
self of the grand opportunities that can
only ba found in the greatest bankrupt
Iry goods sale tluil Omaha has over
On sale ut
N.V. . Cor. 10th and Douglas.
And at Stonehill's old stand.
TWO i\cuitNin.vs u.vsr.
Vln till ! U'llbull I.Inn.
8d Saratoga and return $50.55.
For the N vtio nil E luu ition il imoeia-
lion the Wnb ish will nbll round trii )
iekets at above r.itu July I to 10 , with
choice of routes via 'St. Louis Oi.-
4th Detroit and return $20.39.
for the B ipti-jt Young i'oo pie's usiioi
the Wubash will sell round trip tickets
it above rate . ' < ily 12 and 13
For tickets , Sieoning car accommoda
tion and a ( older giving HsU of routes ,
side trip3 , cost of same , with ether
'iiluablo information , call at Wab'ish
ollico , 1502 Farnam street , or writa
N. W. P. and Ticket Agent ,
Ouiahu , Nob.
Through tn the Souuil.
President Ularlc of the Union Pacific made
a tour of the company's Unas in Oregon and
\VashitiRton last weak. While at Portland
jo was que.niouo J as to whether tuo coiu-
> .iuv intondoil to complete Its line from Port-
atid to the sound. Ilusnid : "Cortalulywo
shall complete It. Wo have spent too much
nonoy on tlio line to lot it stop. I think the
Great Northern Hill continue according to
contract and help complete the road. I can
not determine when wont will bo resumed. "
Air. ( Jhirlc itatos that ho found the cntiro
system in good condition.
It Cnrcil the Hoy.
My llttlo hey was very bad oft for two
months with Umrrlioja. Wo used various
medicines , also called In two doctors , but
nothing did him nny good until wo used
Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera anil Dlarrhiua
remedy , which gave prompt relief and curca
lilm permanently. I conslaer it the host
medicine mndo and can conscientiously
recommend it to all who need a reliable
remedy fordlarrhwi , colic or cholera morbus
J. 1C. Hare , Trenton , Tex.
The I'oliru I'lcnlc.
Oftlcors Uravos and Cook who were In Lin
coln looking over tbo proposed ground for
the potlcomun's picnic , are enthusiastic in
[ nnlsoof tuo way they wore treated thoro.
They were mot at the station by tbo cbiof of
| ) ollco , the Ruporintendont of the U. & M.
and a momonr of tbo govurnor's staff and
were .riven out to the pirlc in carriages.
Durlington Uoich , they say Is , a beautiful
place , and if tholr recommendation Is con
sidered tbo police will picnic at Lincoln.
It Smo the Children.
Mr. C. H. Shawon , Wollsvillo , ICan. , says :
"II U with ijloasuro that I speak of the good
Chamberlain's Colic , Chobr.i and iJiarrlnui
Kumod.v has done my family during the last
fourteen years. In the most obstinate cnsoi
ot summer complulnt and ( Imrrluu.i among
my children , It acted as a charm , making It
never necessary to call In a physician. 1 can
truthfully say that In my Judgment , based
on year * of experience , there Is not u medicine
icino In the market that is Its equal.
The Wutl lit lliiiiHcnni 1'iirk.
The well ut Ilanscom park U now down .110
foot. 'i'lio auger li still grinding away
through bedrock , wtucu was struck at "GO
Tbo well is being sunk at the rate of about
twenty fool per day. Tlio bedrock nny bo
1UO feet thick , or It may bo 'I'JJ ' , but when the
iiugor penetrates to the bottom , then the
\\orlunon expect to know pretty soon thoro-
nftcr whether or not tnoy arj going to luvo
an artesian well , The bodrook is a gray
sandstone , such as is used ( or building pur
For a disordered llvor try Dose-ham's Pills
Trtulu Tuple * .
The nig Horn Petroleum and Land com
pany of Aurora , Nub. , has guno out ot bull-
The recent San Joso. C.il. , flro was a destructive -
structivo ouo. Tno following linns were
burned out ; J. C. Hlack Son , groconos ,
loss. flH.OOJ , Insurance * . ! t.5UU ! ; < V. & C. Ham
company , loss $ .10,000 , Insurance fifi.OuU ;
Koonlg & Son , boots anil shouj , loss JJJ.UJO.
insurunco ftS.OlKJ . ; ( . ! , B. McICoo & Co , paints
ana oils , loss ( Jl.OOO , insurance $11,000.
DoWUt'sSursaparllln cleanses the hlooj.
Alter the
The flro and police commission propoios to
start after the antpclsts cro many dnys.
By the tonns of ton cimrtor nil druggist * arc
miulred twice each year to report their
liquor sales to thvtttrk of the commission ,
The dates for tmiUiog nucn rcpcrts are on
January 1 and Juljr.t , Up to ttm date , of the
ninety druggists In the city , only twonty-Qvo
have reported.
Mr. C. > . Dlclr lt llnl nf the lltillt ot n
Hunting * .Bunk' * Clnlm.
Ihe somewhat nnclcnt c no of the City
National bink of I Hustings agnlnsl C. N.
DtoU was glvon nnotber twist in the Unltoil
States court yosturdny. Ibis is n case begun
bv the receiver for the defunct bank to comucl
Mr. Uiotz 10 pay certain sums of money
which the olllcors of the bank ulloeo ho bor
Mr. DIctr claims and lias claimed all along
that the money was borrowed by his man-
nger at Hastings , Mr. N. L. Hlsotnoro
without authority andva not
used in conducting Mr. Diotz" business , out
In prlvnto ontorpriscs cngugad in by Ulso-
inoro , with which Mr. Diotz wa not per
sonally connected.
Attorneys for the receiver appeared in
court today and stated that they Ind found
tliat about $ .IJ,000 nf the amount for which
Diet/ had boon bold responsible h id been
eliminated fiom tlio account. 'Ihoy ad
mitted that thcra was much of the account
which Mr , DloU coald not bo hold rcspon *
bio for.
An effort was made to adjust the matter
by getting Mr. Diotz to nssumo the payment
of the balance , but this ho refused to do and
the case stands in about the snma condition
as U has maintained for some months.
Ho Dili il Smooth 1'lcro of Itiirglnr Work
ami J'Huiipoil *
Jack Hgan , the notorious thief and thug ,
Is working out a sixty-day sentence on the
street. Six yours ugo Egan v.-as ouo of a
gang of four winch porfornnd ono of the
neatest and uorvtou Jobs of burglary ro-
cordoil In the city. The victim was a clothIng -
Ing merchant at Sixteenth and Burt and
Egnn and another stood out on the sidewalk
In front of the building talking to the police
man on the boat , white their two p&ls car
ried out of the roar door SI,4'JO worth of
plunder , loculod It on u spring wacon and
carton It off.
Taptalns Mostvn and Cormack traced the
robbery to the homo of a man named Wood-
worth , and Mrs. Woodworth , while thn oill-
cors word in the house , throw an old bustle
out of the window. Tnts was plckod up and
found to contain JtiOO wortn of Jewelry.
Next iluv Ornubv captured the four men in
Council Blurts. Two if them concsscd and
cleared Egau and Baxter , who haa been
talking to the oWcor on the walit.
A Nu\v Kind of liixnraiu'c.
For 25 cents you can insure yourself and
family against anv bad results from un at
tack of bowel complaint during the summer.
Una or two doses of Chambcilam's Colic ,
Cholera and Uiarrhiui Homodv will cure
nny ordinary caso. It never fulls , and Is
pleasant and safe to take. No fatullv can
afford to bo without It. For sale at U5 nnb
50 cents par bottle by druggists.
Ittillrn.'iil Notes mill I'o
John Francis , general passenger agent of
tbo B. & M. , wont to Kansas City toaltonda
meeting of the Tiunamlssourl association.
Mr. A. B. Smith of the general freight de
partment of the B , & Si. loft In a spe
cial car last evening lor Clear Lalco , la. ,
and will ba accompanied by bis wtfo and
four children , Airs. Samuel Burns , Miss Mao
Burns , Samuel Burns , Hobort Burns , Mary
and Fanny Duryca.
Ono of the interesting rumors on the street
yesterday was to the effect that the Wolls-
Fargo , Adams and American express com
panies had combined in an offer to buy the
full controlof the United States Express com
pany , hut nothing dotlnito could bo learned
at ttio local ofllco , 1101 Harnoy street. Should
such u deal bo consummated ttio purchasing
companies would each take a third of the
business of the United States comp inv.
Tno Union Pacific Is making arrangements
for carrying a shipment of Culfurnia ( frutt
enrouto to Kuropu. Heretofore ) the Cali
fornia growers have boon burred from the
London and Paris markets on account of distance -
tanco and the heavy cost of transportation.
Tboy are now making up a coiibii'iiraont
of 11 vo cars that ulll go through
from San Francisco to Now York in seven
days , thcuco by fast boat across the Atlantic.
This , il is said , will bo the llrst lot of Cali
fornia fruit offered for ale in the cities of
There promises to bo a largo number of
young Baptists leave for Detroit tomorrow
by way of tlio Union Pacific and Chicago &
Northwestern line to attend the annual
convention of the Baptist Young Pee
ple's Union of America , which convenes In
Detroit July 14 , lusting three davs. A special
car will bo orovidcd loavlng the Union Pacific
depot at 4:05 : p. in. tomocrow. It will con
nect with n special Wubash tram leaving Chl-
| cage Wodnosuav morning , giving time to
breakfast at Chlcigo. Delegates coming In
over the Union 1'ucitlc and Missouri Pacillc
roads take this car at Omaha , while dele
gates from the Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri
Vullov railroad can Join tbo train nt Missouri
Valley , lu. The rate to Detroit and return
is WJ.r.O and tickets , it is thought , will ho
made gooa until August in.
Mr * . L. II. Patton , KoakforJ , III. , writes :
' From personal experience I can recommend
DoWitl's iSarsapanlla , a euro for 1m pur o
blood and general debility. "
IlnlliltiiK I'urniltti.
The following building permits were is
sued by tbo superintendent of buildings
yesterday :
Callahan liron , tlirco-stnry and bnse-
nietit Ijrluk Hlore bnlldliu , Mxtuunlh
and C'lilciiKomiuuti . JKi.ODO
Minnie II Food , two-story fr.i'iio dwell
ing , I in North 'I'lilrly-Hucoml avenue . f > ,000
Thic'o minor purmlts . 750
. . . . . J10.750
Disease never auccossfully attacks the sys
torn with pure blooU. Do Witt's Sarsapirllla
makes puic , now blood and ourichct. blood.
Now 1'nlluu Olllcorn.
At the regular boislon of the II ro
and pollco commisslo.i six now pollcamcn ,
who will report for duty July i0 ! , were
appointed. D. P. Baldwin and John Donobuo
goon as regulars , with ( Jjorgo Prescott , E.
M. Arnold , Aunp baiter , W. H. Marshall
and J. U. Gross us substitutes. Wtion the
regular men aio off duty thcso substitutes
will take their
DoWltt's Sarsaparlltu destroys such poi
sons as scrofula , skin diseases , ocioma , rheu
matism. Its timely use saves many lives.
Itl'pilhUfHn County Cnntnil CiMilinttlre ,
Chairman D. H/Jvlorcor has Issucu a call
to the mouthers of the republican county con
trol committee to. meet at lougua hcad-
ijuartorH , Thirteenth and Douglas streets , ut
4 o'clock Snturdayjafternoou to discuss sov-
urnl matters ot Importance as well in to not
upon the toslgnatloa of Patrick MuArdlo as
commlttcoinan from MoArdlo precinct ,
Mrs. Wlnslow'sSoothmg Syrup for chil
dren teething Is tlio family benefactor. i5 !
cents u bottle.
.Marring" l.l
The following marrlago llconsos wcro
issued by Judge Ellcr yesterday :
Name and AddrunH Ago ,
I Kiiriiuin Koornor.-.EIkhorn. Nob. . . . . . ; n
I Amanda KtilcT-t , filtllaiil , Null . %
I John 11. Travis. Wnvurly. Neb . 51
I .Mmy I , iriuod. MllwanUue , Win .
When you go to Denver slop at the Ameri
can honso. Kales f . ' . ,111 to fJ.&O. Homouolod
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
To Preserve
The richness , color , nnd beauty of the
hair , the greatest care is necessary ,
much harm being done by the nso of
worthless droislnp' ? . To bo sure of hav
ing n ilrst-cla s article , aik your drug-
plst Or perfumer for Aycr's Hair Vigor.
It Is absolutely superior to nny other
preparation of the kind. It restores the
original color nnd fullness to h.ilrldch
has become thin , faded , or gray. It
Itccps the scalp cool , moist , and free
from dandruff. It heals Itching humors ,
proxents baldness , nnd imparts to
ft silken texture nnd lasting fragrance.
No toilet can bo considered complete
without this most popular and elegant
of all halr > drc.ssing ! < .
"My hair began turning gray nnd fall ,
ing out when 1 wus about 25 years 08
nge. I have lately bcon using Ayer's
Hair Vigor , nnd it is causing a "now
growth of hair of the natural color. "
H. .1. Lowry , Jones Praiile , Texas.
"Ovcrn year ago I had a severe fever ,
nnd when I recovered , my hair began to
fall out , and what little remained turned
gray. I tried various lemedics , but
without success , till nt hist I began to
Ayer's Hair Vigor , and now my hair la
glowing rapidly and is restored to it !
oilglnnl color. " Mrs. Amiio Collins ,
Ulghton , Mass.
"I have used Ayer's Ilalr Vigor for
nearly live years , and my hair is moist ,
glossy , and in nn excellent state of pros-
ervation. I am forty jcar.s old , and
have ridden the plains for twenty-llvo
years. " Win. Henry Ott , alias "Mus
tang Bill , " Newcastle , Wyo.
Hair Vigor
Prepared by Dr. , T C. AyerS. Co , ] .o cllMae .
Hold by Druggists Etirj wlitru.
triumph of Scientific Medicine.
Nothing has ever been produced to
equal or compare with it as a ct'UATtvn
xised over 40 years , and alwaj s affords
relief and always ghcs satisfaction.
J-or Piles External or Internal , ISIind
or lilecding ; Fistula in Ano ; Itching or
Itlecding of the Rectum. The relief is
immediate the ctue certain.
For litirns , Scalds and Ulccration and
Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant
the healing wonderful and nncqtialed.
Tor Boils , Hot Tumors , Ulcers. Fistulas ,
Old Sores , Itching Erupt'ons , Chafing or
fccald Head. It is Infallible.
For Inflamed or Caked Breasts and Sore
Nipples. It is invaluable.
Price , 50 Cents. Trial size , at ; Cents.
Eol4 1 j * nnifrcMn , or cent font-iutM on rerelj t of j rlre.
) . , IIIA n3 inii.nibi.MiTioi : ! ! , .
MKNT. aipeoltlo fur llyntorlit. Dlntneu , Kill , N u
ralKla. LleadaLho. r urrout I'rustraton cau ad br
Klcoboior lobucoo. WaVefulueii , Mental Uanroi
slon , holiness < if tha HrMn cnu9liulniinttr , mliary
iJccnyit7i.tii. I'ruinitjio Ol.l ABO. llirrcnuu , 1,011
of 1'ow l TV- cither iot , licpotunor , l.uucorrU an i
nil Femalu Wo iknes ea luruluiittrr I oiioi , bpor
luatorrbea causoil by oraroxurllon of tas briln
Holf abuiooTOr Indiilitonca A month' ! truatman
H.o for f'br mull , WoL'uuriinlooitz boios tocjr
Eatti onler foru buxui. wllh | j will nouil nrlt'.e
cuarnnt-e to rofuml If not ourod Guiranme 1m i
only by A bchrotor , ilrnuuln. toln n out , BO'Jtb > a
corner loth nnil Kiirnnut tta . Omiiha-
o o
oo oo
ooo ooo
oooo oooo
For the pranil fnsilatlo of shot nnil shell
upon the fortress of ilUc.ihC , is iiossusbcd in
unliiiiitcd qunntltict , anil of ( lie most elicct-
i\e kind , by those monaichb ot the medical
profession ,
Drs. Betts & Betts ,
Upon whoso banner victory has
perched tor li7 years.
' *
4 &
+ &Y J AND
Vanish before the nmnlc power
of their skillful touch.
( iU.SOItKIIOIvA , aritic"rUITTr"
TTLisTf : \'Aitictuii.nr :
WKAliNlSS 1'ii.KM. iTTvrifiMT
MGIII'l'.Mlh&IOXH. ItlX'TAI. UU'liHS ;
lll'i'i'-trirt OK r.AKXK'iHT
I.ONCi hfA N J ) I NOT
oit"liow oin EN
These , ono nnd all. reiullly yield to thr > lr
skillful and sclcnUlc trcntmrnt , tia limit-
hands of tustlniiniUU ( rein grntettU j.cojilo
abunduntl ) jirovo.
send 1 cents foi Iliclr now , hnndsnmoly
Illnstrnted and vnlimblo book of 12 < > jinxes ,
full f i uro Information for nil.
Consultation free. Call upon or mUliess ,
DKS. BETTS & IiTT.\ ! !
South 11th St. N. K. Cornop 11th
nnil DouRlm Hti.
Omaha , Neb.
I For the lilehrr > nil l.llirril hilurnllnn cf cltU
I * ml youne wompn. HvcUltlr | : Jliiflc , Art , Rio *
jrutlon , rii | > lc l Trtlnlnc Moim IIFRI , CoM
l ml liotwutrr , h th roornn , etc , on c tli floor.
J4th Snifloii W | IK . ' ( Pl Mil. IWJ. VorC l loKU
S tlor a U nt M f < r t cltienllnc /
! -5- ! -
O I trHtWo5 - YonntUdlci rounrof Muily Ilior. X
" " * * * " * * *
cuch , Mii lf \ 'tiiifnlihlilimturJ ( Mch tnlfllnll l * \mcrlrtn l f
anil KiiroponnriiUiirr , Utcc inl l.piiitlful crounili , ncn I.nillinen. , rofitimll
COLLEGE TtntlliMrJ , Mclitnl ly c tlr * vfMfnil fr 7lh Tor cslnlocup urt.lrfM
- - KCT T. W. II ltmiTT : , Vrr , I OLtj.milA , MW ,
Clixldl , Ultrttjr , Scientific mil Builntu , Cent n rf stn.lv rrrn > rr < ft.f CM.
ctr IlinlMM , WfUIWiitftAniiMwlH OHt.l M.lllnrj Sfhnol In Mo. , "ilh
WENTWORTH lhrUtlMllil > lorianl ; > Mlnn InUnlty intl Atllllciy Drill tml Vrtlml < 'ntnlr ; .
i\tcn : l r linproicmcnU now Wine ijfit. | | , ro lilinc ll mMfin ( onvrnirn.
tfM liralinc. ilclillm : ett Ktpfnt lowrr lhan ttime of Any tcliool dTciinf
MftAnCUV tlir t nc tilonlicri llluMUItil C l lt > tut. Ail.licK
flUflUCIIlIiMnior s S3nxj3i.jnixe , a .A. , LCXIMOTOtj MO.
. . . . . . .
- - furnUtitl
QL il IMM..MI.M. i I gaunt Koeiul
wfll trnllltlri ] ham wlije , toil nlllDti Mun Hratrl roueriuut wlih .tft n Kol ttij Ml < 1 watrr and l 'h roe . nil Mtry
I Ithtr I h lnr n l ( nl rlpclrle lldbti I arjf. will rquliM-l | | fmn * l m Illlh anil hf Uhfiil ln < * tlin I c. if r i f Hn1y
M h Irt I * fititir Mu l > ) an I 4ri .Ifuatlni'iit. nf Mlh tl cnl.- I r < * i K tnalfi rol4 ! > * la Ih Urlt SfVi > < lctt optar
Bci.int.r . J , ISS2 Hciid for CulnloEUr. Aililrcaa K. MK.M.t'Ki : . I'lx.iacnt , l.lltl.It rIIISSIIIIII. .
'T'HE ' RIPANS TABULES regulate the stomach , liver ntul
* bowels , purify the blood , are pleasant to take , safe and
always effectual. A reliable remedy for Biliousness , Blotches
on the Face , Bright's Disease , Catarrh , Colic , Constipation ,
Cluonic Diarrhoea , Chronic Liver Trouble , Diabetes , Disordered
Stomach , Dizziness , Dysentery , Dyspepsia , Eczema , Flatulence ,
Female Foul Breath Headache Hives
Complaints , , , Heartburn , ,
Jaundice , Kidney Complaints , Liver Troubles , Loss of Appetite ,
Mental Depression , Nausea , Nettle Rash ,
Painful Digestion , Pirn- pics , Rush of Blood to
the Head , Sallow Corn- plexion , Salt Rheum ,
Scald Head , Scrofula , Sick Headache , Skin
Diseases , Sour Stom- ach , Tired Feeling ,
Torpid Liver , Ulcers , Water Brash and every
other symptom or dis- ease that results from
impurc blood or a failure in the proper performance of their
functions by the stomach , liver and intestines. Persons given
to over-eating are benefited by taking one tabule after each
meal. A continued use of the Ilipans Tabules is the surest
cuio for obstinate constipation. They contain nothing that can be
'injurious to the most delicate. Pi ice : One gross ยง 2 , sample bottle
13 cents. For sale by Druggists , or sent by mail postage paid.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Tb eminent gperlnllit In nonoai , chronic , prlvito Moot , skin and unnnry illon e A ronlir nnl
registered graduate In mcdclno. tin diplomas nnd cortlttcntts ohow. li still troatlni ; ivltti the groilu l tmcrpis
catarrh , apuriUHliirrhui'w U'M ' infinhoot , nominal wpnkno t nluht lossot. linpiuuticy inililltv. Mrlcturo ifun >
orrhuea , Kl6tl. Tnrlcorutc.clc No mercury nseil. NLMT triMtlincnt forlotsof vllil puwor. Parties uuiblu lo
visit mo may bo treato 1 at lioinu 117 oorrcipunilunco. Mcitlilno or Instruments Pent by mall oreipri'Hi i -
curcly packed , no marks lo lniH"ato contontu or lender. Ono personal lutorrluw prelnrrod. Coniultailoa
( rco. Lorru ponilcni-o strlctlr prUnlu Hook ( Ujaterl'i of Ufa ) loat frto. OUlou boure'Ja. m. to V f. m.
8uadaii U ) a.m. to i > ui Soiiil si imp lor roDir.
"Norvo Seeds , "
i the oiiiliTful r
Is soM with n
For s.ilo in Omaha by Sherman it McConnell , 151 Dodtro street.
ii.Mro.ir rreimrnlury CullcxIntP. MiMrnnil I Ino
Art luiirso * His foi Wi'llosle ) fccnil fur llluMm
tvilciliiluiiiio U. K 11U1.LAIII ) , A M I'rln Jutk-
soinllk- . Ill
.tlH4 SpcnccN HOAKDI.vTiNil ] I > VY
sdlOdl. loulrlK bpctlnltiiilonls . .iliiillled
\Vt-st IHth Mr.M't , > \orU.
Sold by DriiKElsts K\crwhere
New Yoik Depoti yi H ilium Stiect
Ofilike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
arc iiacd In tha
preparation of
Breakfast Cocoa ,
which is absolutely pure
nnd soluble.
It 1ms more than three times the strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch , Arrowroot
or Sngnr , nnd is far moro economical ,
costing lets than one cent a cii ) > . It
is duliuiona , nourishing , and tAsii/r
Sold by Crocors everywhere.
W. Baker & Co. , Dorchester , Mass.
Elastic Stockings
Weak Limbs
, . Varicose Veins
Swellings , all
sizes. Abdo
minal Supporters
ters , Deformit
Braces , Medi
cinal Supplies.
IH. 15'i ' ! St. , Next toJMjt T _ "
TiieGrpal and Genuine
Imrnrts the meat delicious tssto and icet
a.Mii > ICAI , ( Ir.N. GKAYIUH ,
raB to liln bmtlicr | FJKII ,
May , 1ML HOT A : COI.D
that their nauca la
liiKhlj oHeomod la
Jiulln , nnil i ln my
tha Diost
ralntablo , as null
OH the nioflt wbolu'
pomo nauco tliat U
Blade "
Beware of Lnitations ;
. . . _ . >
aj.mu..Li.ijpmmrE r m BaM -mi
BOO that you got Loa & Perrum'
Blffnatnrooneverr hottlunf Od fini' U O miina.
Or tli Miiuur Ilnbll tNi.HUrlj < * iueil
by mliiiliilaferlns' Iir. ltuliii' *
< Jol < lni .Sprflllc.
7t cm bo fftvon In oun ot collro or tea , or in food.
wt houtthoknowlpdcQofthopattent. Itlaabaolutel/
baimlcen , and will cITcct a permanent and erectly
curr , whctlier the patient la a modcrato drinker or
an alcoliotio wrcok. Itliaa hcon given in tliousaiida
of cao p.nnd In every Inatancen perfect euro JUB fol *
lowed II neirr 1'ull * . ThoDyjtrmoncoimpretnatf a
with the Cpeoino.it becomca an utter impossibility
for tlio liquor apptllto to oiUt.
IJOI.IiKN M'iOIKIC CO. 1'rop'ri. Clnrlnnittl. O.
book or ijartlnnUra . ' '
fruo. 'J'o bu had of
& Uo. . ISthaurt Doa lm His.
CmntriK'htsVJio es ihHiuko , Hriico . * c la
mid Kleliunlbon Hriuu , Oiu ihii.
. E. McG-BEW
In tlio Irn itninnlol nil forms of
I'UIVATK DI8BA8KS , unil nil dUorlnm
nnd ( InlillltloHof yoiilli and munliooil , 17yoan *
u | iurloncu , 1119 ruHiiuruo ! ) and fiicllHUn are
lir.ictlcully iinllinltoJ , Tlio Duotor li rncoin-
mended | jy tlio | ) ro < i , and onilorsnil In tha
itroiuokt iiirini liy thf ) > uoln | ) for fair tr ' t-
incut and hotiust | irnfussionitl udvjco Tim
inoHt iiowurftll ruimullcH knoirii to innilurn
s < ! lini-o for the succotfiful truiiliuent ut th
fol low IndlHuavus :
QONOUHIIOKA Iininortli'.torollnf. A cnin-
iiiutouiiru wlthuut tlio IUMI of un lioiir'M time
from husliipsu.
QLKKI ( Jnoof Hi" molt coinploto nri'l
rossfiil truiitmonu fur Kluut unil nil aii
( Huohiirjos.vot known lo tlio inolloal
tlnn The nisnltii uro truly wunilotfiil ,
HTIlICTUJlK-droilukt known romcily for
thu I n ! ilmi'dt uf Htrlotnru , without ) i tin , out >
tliiL . or diluting. A iiiontniiiiurk ililu rumuilr.
BYI'IflLiIH-No tri'iilmont for thin torrlblo
lilocul dlsuisii ; li&i omr boon mom sui'ousifill ,
nor luu ! Htronij-ur ctnliirnuniunla In thu IlKlib
of inuiturn lufance thm dlHuiio M iiosltlvul/
cur.ib u nnd ovury trnce of thn puUun untlrolr
riimuvud from thu blno I.
LOHT MANHOOD , luid ainhltloii. nurvoiu-
nu > i , tlmlditv , duuponilonoy unil nil wu.iknoij
mid dUordur * of youth or inunhuuU , Kulltf
obliilncd nt on on. . . .
HKIN DJSHASKB , mid all dlsubsoi of 111 *
klumncti , Ulooil , llvwr , klilnuyi iind bludilar
urn troalnd u ucodfully v iUi Iliu KroaU
kimwiironiodliia for thudn'Jii j .
Wrllo forolrouUr4 iiudciuoillon lUt , fra .
tilt a/til Jtinnun at * , < ' i /t /

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