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Judge Orouato Drives Qcniral Van "Wyck
to the Cover of His Works.
Twenty-Gvo Hundred Pcoplo Listen to an
Earnest Session of Epoaking.
Eoms of the Things Ho Did in the Past
Carefully Commented Upon.
IVImt the Itrpuhllcans Move Ion i nnrt Arc
Doing tor the Pcoplo-Thci HmulU
of llpciproclty unit the Mo-
Klnlcy HIM.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sspt. 29. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BEI : . ] The Joint debate be
tween Lorenzo Crounto and C. H. Van
\Vyck In Bohannn's hall tlil * evening was
heard by 2,500 people , and the utmost inter
est was manifested throughout the discus-
filon. Tl-e fact that the meeting was hela lu
tbo afternoon wus especially favorable to the
support of General Van Wyck , a largo num
ber of independent farmers driving lo the
city from near-by points. Van WjcU's
ndhcrcuts wcro disposed lo bo somewhat
demonstrative , aud there were a great manj
disorderly Interruptions , both the speaker !
being disturbed ,
Judge Crounso was introduced by th <
chairman of the meeting , C. E. Magoon , ant
wns received with much enthusiasm. Hi
thanked bis hearers Tor the cordial erect In r
He baa lived In Nebraska for a quarter of i
century nnd nil his good fortune was duo U
Nebraska. It WOK especially pleasing to bi
so cordlully greeted by Nebraska people.
" 1 am a Nebraskan aud a republican , " hi
suid. "I never expect to ho anything nnc
never could be anything but n republican
What I sny lo you this afternoon will bo re
publlcnnism , and I tnko for my text the plat
form adopted by Iho republican parly at
Minneapolis. "
He rend Iho clause referring to protection
Vim Wyck a nil Tree Lumber.
' In the debate nl Beatrice my opponen
raised his voice In favor of tree lumber. Hi
does not sotm to remember thai when he wa
in Ibt ! national legislature ho voted to put :
tax on lumocr double tbo ta : named in th
JvIcKluley bill. I am afraid my friend ha
not a good memory , which every good poll
Ik-inn should have. His appeal at Ibis pom
lor free lumber Is nol an incident in his gen
tral appeal to passion und prejudice for ih
purpose of provoking n feeling of ditcontcn
ninong the people of the stato. He raises tti
cry of calamity and hopes to sail Into oflic
_ o.u.tho wave of a foolish discontent. "
Before Icavinir the subject of lumber , the
sneaker paid bis respects to Congrcinnmc
* "Mr. Bryan Is talking the McKlnloy bil
.in this district. When ho went to Washing
( ton , old ho introduce a bill to repeal th
i McKlnloy lawVo ? know that he did not
( Instead he popped away at'oluding lwln <
jund lumber and accomplished nothing. Hi
Is now endeavoring to follow ino platform o
his parly and his own Ideas at the same time
llf ho continues , ray friend must necessaril ;
'Epllt hlmiolf In two. In seeking to win In
ilcpctidout votes ho is running directly con
'trary to the principles of hl party. A mai
ihb attempts to be a strndaicr or whlfflsr de
Bcrvos uo other fate than repudiation.
For Iloinr and Native I.itml ,
"Now , I desire to ask my frlena on thl
rlalform whether ho is an Bnglistnnn or a :
American , wbathcr ho U tor thes America
laboierothu British manufacturer ? A
for myself , I am on American from top ti
bottoir , ana I believe tbnt American intei
eats should bo protected. I am \Vnshms
ton county , my own county , flrst , then fo
Kubrasua. and then for the wbolo Unitoi
States. What Is ray friend for1 ?
Heforring lo the Mclvluloy bill , Judg
Crounso sola : "TMb beneficent measur
lias more than met tbo expectation of it
friends and has utterly confounded Us one
Taking up the republican platform agair
Judqo Crouuso road the reciprocity planli
and paid a glowing tribute to James G
llpclpriiclty's Working * .
"Under reciprocliy American products ari
entering whore they never had a place ue
fore. The United States has already secure
a monopaly of the Hour trudn I
Cuba. Through the meat inspectlo
law and by the power placed i
iho nands of the president of the Unite
States by the McKinioy bill , Germany ha
been maae to open her markets lo America
pork. Wo buvo already exported this yea
to that country over 85,000,000 pounds c
pork , and this product is bringing from n bnl
u cent to a cent more per pound in Ibo mm
Icels of thn world than it has before , duo t
IntpeciloD. Wo secured freeenlry of Amcr
can pork Into Germany by making German
understand that her sugar would nol bo ad
Uilllcd free into thU country unless sh
upenod her markets to our pork.V
achieved our purpose. "
ru\orn un llonuit Uolliir.
Ho Interpreted the currency plank of tt
national platform as meaning that the repul
'Mean ' party is In favor of B sound tlnancii
jstorn and a good honest dollar.
" 1 am in favor of the government bein
bonest , I don't believe lu u govcrntnci
paying lt acbts in wind. My opponent , ft
Inspiration for his peculiar llnaucial view :
foes Duck Into nucieul history and wecf
.over the grave of Adam and wunaer * utnou
Itho tnmbs of Esypt. For my Inspiration
IRQ back lo the history of this country and t
my own congiosslonal record. 1 nm prou
lo be able to say that I voted in UTS for It
measure which provided for Ihr pavmenl 1
gold and silver of every nolo issued by it
Kovcrnnions , "
Hero there was pronounced applause an
the speaker sala : " 1 am glad I have the ai
proval of the bonest portion of niv audience
"My frlond boasts of his patriotism. He
bo explained to you how ho happened t
diaw two salaries during the war , onu ns
s"5 * colonel and. onn as a member of congress I.
"The supporters of my friend have a pen
Uur process. They would level the world n
I by bringing everybody down. "
Ho here referred to Van Wyck's slat
menu about tbo depression and mortguc
indobtcdne&s In Hitchcock county , savin
that on a recent vult ho found everrwhei
only evidence * ' of prosperity , with moi
work than men , with the banks lull of cl
posits and the farmers owning from M to '
per cent of tbo deposits.
HulouK * tu Uru tlioiper | Dji.
"My friend. In crying calamity. Is a lilt
nut of aata Ho should have mudo bis p'.i
during the scourge of grasshoppers. TI
cruif hoppers now would bo a Godsend
him. Ha gee * hand in uttnd with the eras
hopper , the drouth and the potato bug. "
Hero an Independent waxed vehement
tils denunciation of the republican ipenue
The judge bore tbo Interruption very ca'inl '
und when tbo disturbance was over be r
marked ! "In ray youth I used often to i
buntlne for lurkryi , und I could always t <
\vhcn I bet a turkey by the way he wi
gled. " ThU tullv provoked B atorin ot u
Tbo gentleman who opposes mo for tl
election to the governorship of thu nato hi
dgioas d waUrlaUj Ue rcpuutii
and standing ot Ibis commonwealth
nnd ho glories In it. Llko old
Nero ho vould fiddle while Homo burned ,
onlv In fnls instance Home refuses lo burn.
I nm sorrr to sny thnl I have ottcn been
compelled lo neologize for his statements. I
ao nol Intend to try to win your sympathy by
such pleas as ray friend makes. I wanl only
Iho honest votes of nonest men. A perusal
of the hlstorv of my adversary In this con
test will show lhal he has advocated ocrr *
thing under Iho sun , from sound republican
ism In Washington to the wildest anarchy In
Chlcaro. "
DUcuipp * Donnelly.
Then the speaker read Ignatius Donnelly's
preamble ot woo to the platform adopted oy
the natior.nl convention of the independent
party nt Omnha.
"Whnt do you Ihmk of this picture , my
cllow citizens , painted In the very heart ot
magnlficcut natlnn now In the hey-day ot
cr prosperity ( i nation tbnt tins outstripped
lolhcr England nnd Iho empires ot ibo
vorld , whoso credit Is unparalleled , enabling
ho government to borrow money nt 2 per
ent , with factories and railroads and diver-
iflcd Industries nnri mogmnccct cities I Jg-
inltus Donnelly nnd the Independents sny wo
re in the midst ot material and moral ruin.
Vhcro Is the ruin I"
Spcnklnc Incidentally of the proceedings
f the last session of the legislature , ho re-
erred to the disappearance of Senator
I'nylor. This aroused Snrndcr and other
ndepcodcnt leaders on the platform nnu in
ho audience , nnd there was another stormy
ccno , lasting a mlnuto or two. Somebody
asked :
"Who stole Taylorl"
"I don't know , " replied Judee Crounso.
You people [ mcaninir the Independents ]
brought him to Lincoln and placed him on
ale. I don't know who bought him , "
Legislation on Trusts.
"My friend complains about trusts. Did
10 over Introduce n bill aimed at trusts ?
Does ho remember that the republican party ,
vhlch has had control of the government for
so many yeara , and which he charges with
to much corruption. Is the only party thai
ras tried lo reach the trusts ? "
Ho read the antl-lrusl law introduced in
he last legislature of Nurasua , nnd re-
'erred to n committee of which "D n the
Joustitutlon Sbrader" was chairman nnd
wns reported for indefinite postponement ,
tie nlso cito'l other bills airacd at corpora-
lions introduced in the legislature and post
poned by the Inuepenaent leelslntors.
There was contlnuons cheering for several
minutes at tbo conclusion of Judge Crounsa's
opening address , after which General Van
Wyck was introduced by Cbuirmnn Magoon.
i'ho Independent candidate was warmly re-
colvcu. n number of men nud women In the
audience becoming enthusiastic in their ex-
pro slons of Joy.
Ulniculty In Grttlng Started.
In openinc Mr. V n Wvclc said ho would
Ike to tinve his opponent explain lo Iho au
dience whal ho muanl bo debased currency.
Tudee Crounso accommodated him , repeai-
ng in subslanco some of his former declara
tions. The republicans cheered and the in
dependents hissed.
"Now , " said the spenKer , 4 > l am not hero
Tor the purpose ot nbusing anvoorty. The
dirt which my opponent has tnrown'at me I
will allow lo lie at my feet. "
Ho would like to ask his friend if heal
ono time was nol in favor of llal money ,
homebody in tbo audience tried to enter into a
discussion with the speaker , nnd there was
another interruption. Oraer being restored
the speaker said he would like to know the
justice of the procosdinc whereby the bond
holder got his intcresl In gold while the sol
dier who fought for his countrv wns paid in
greenbacks. Referring to monopolies , ho
said :
Souio Morn on Trust" .
"All the trusls In the United States have
grown up under the administrations of the
old partlo ? . The law which the republicans
have passed ngalnst the trusts is strong
enoucn 1 alwn.vs.said thai but you repub
licans didn't mean lo enforce 11 , did you ?
You had n sugar Uust Did your party <
which bad tno power , try to ehsck It ? You
are opposed to trusts , are you ? By word of
mouth , that's nil. "
Ho spoke of Claus Spreckles , who , ho said ,
is ihe pretended enemy of the sugar trust ,
induced the people of 'Philadelphia to give
nlm fU,500,000 to put up a factory In thatcilv.
Spreckles erected the factory and afterwards
sold It to the sugar trust for an advancu of
three jr fojr mllllo&s.
"Now , wasn't that a violation of the law ?
It's the same way with all tno trusts. "
Ills Lnclslatite KeeorU.
"My opponent , the Juag-o , has referred to
my record. Does no remember that I advo
cated a bill forfeiting 15,000,000 acres of
Southern Pacific railway land and fought it
through ? Wns thnl bill of no benotil lo Iho
American people ? Does ho rctnetabcr my
efforts to 1:1 : alto railroad lands subjccl to
taxation , and how 1 succeeded ? 1 didn't do
anytulng for the American people ,
eh ? I Introduced a bill In the
Nobraiun legislature a ereat many years
ago reducing the amount of Interest from 12
to S per cent. In order to got it Ihraugb we
bad to compromise on 10 per cent , and because -
cause I accepted thai , knowing that if J
attempted to put the bill through at S per
cent il would fail altogether , it was charged
thai I was not In favor ot lowering the rate
of interest. I Introduced another bill In tno
legislature , nlso many years ago , reducing
passenger milence to S cents on regular
trains and 2 cents on ifreight trains. My
friend seems to forget these and other
measures of n similar nature thai I helped lo
pass. "
Hero n copy of the Daily State Journnl
was produced , nnd he read whal purported
lo bo an extract from a speech delivered by
him ib 1S01.
When Ho Went to Wur.
"This teporlls garMcd , " he said , "And
only half true , and tbo newspaper men who
publish it are cowardly bcoundrels. I will
explain how I happened to bo both a member
ot congress nud a colonel ul ibo same tlmo :
In ' 01 , when 1 was in Ihe lower bouso rep-
rcsrnllng a . district from New York
state , a good many of us con
cluded thai , II would bo a
good thing for us to go home and raise regl-
ments to send down south. I went buck lo
New York amone the hills und vniluvs and
secured a large enlistment of soldlew.'Wbilo
I was , doing this every onci In u while some
body would sny : 'Why doii'lVan Wyck enlist -
list himself 1 Why don't he go to the fronK
and then the men whom I bad enlisted came tc
mo nnd wanted lo know aboui the pay they
were going to get , whal It was going to be
and what kind of money and iinally
I told thorn that I would tnlist and lhal
I woula not draw a dollar of pay until lb <
war wan over and my work > vus done. ]
served four years and a half , and when 1
came homo I drew niy money. Then my con
fclllurnts tent ino lo Washington again ant
kepi me ibero for several successive terms
That's the truth about this allegation ,
"They don'i like my recordVoll ? , I wll
say thut I never casl a vote thai uuder the
same circumstances i would not cast again
Aim my 'house at Washington ; tfccj
bring that up in . this campaign
The building ol that fcouso wa
the besi thine I ever did in my " life , and
am Eltfd Ibal U U good enough lo rent to the
chief justice of tha United Stales. Tu bt
sure , 1 hud to put a moriKUgo of f 15,000 ot
it , but I thank God , Juace [ walking up to hi
opponent and thaulng hU lls-t in tiU face
thai thoio ain't any railroad monuy lu iu1'
HU friend hud said in Beatrice thai the
republican party had dropped him out. "Lo
mo tell bltn that the people didn't drop m
out. "
Sonio Sratlcrins Hliotn.
"My opponent has referred to what I havt
suiduuouin car coupler. Well , that's nl
richt. I am lu favor of car couplers and any
thing cl o tnat will prckerve hun.ni life
I'ho corporations of this covutry are murder
lug ui.d mangling 0,000 perton * everv .vea
because ul defective appliances. " Hero th
speaker explained Joy Gould's mclnods u
railroading , how he buys up n little road fo
f.'O.OOO , waters the slock and sells it foi
"If iho judge when he wenl out to Hitch
cock county had talked with somebody Us
bidet bankers and lawyers , bo would bav <
found a allferont itala of tffulr * . . I'll tel
him that iho farmers In thu Hepuollcut
vul ! v ro nol Getting enough money foi
their wbeal jo pay for Ibe coil ot raising U
"Tho Judge and other republicans nlli > E <
Andrews and McKeighan Given a Great
Ovation at MoOook.
i\rry : Train of the Uny Ilrotight Crowds
to the City nnd the TrntVoulil. .
Not llrgln to Atcommo-
dutc tlio Audience.
McCooK , Neb. , Sept. 29. ISpcclnl Tclo-
; rnm to THE BEK.J The second Joint dcbato
between Hon.V. . E. Andrews nnd Hon.V. .
A. MclvcUhan , the r.andtdalcs for congress
from this district , cumo off today. Tbo
morning train * brought In muny persons
ot both parties aud at noon tbo
Hayes county juvenile band carao
n at the head of the Ilnyos County Kcpub-
tcan club. Thn Huldrege Andrews club ,
headed by Its republican band , soon niter nr-
rived , and at 3 p. m. the Dundy county club ,
whlln extra coaches wcro put on all freight
trains to accommodate the crowds. No. 1
brought In the Hastings and Mlr-dcn con
tingent nnd with them the republican candi
date , Hon. W. E. Andrews.
All day the crowd was swelled by loads
of lurmurs , many of whom had driven twenty
miles to hear tbo debate. Promptly at 7 p.
in. the line of parade wns formed , houded bv
McCook cornet baud , the Dundy County
Republican club occupying the post of honor.
Then followed the delegations from the
various counties , headed by their bauds.
Hon. W. E. Andrews was escorted to the
ground * , where u large tent had been erected
lo accommodate the crowd , and oven this
was not sufllcient. Fully 10,050 people were
Speahom Wurinly Kecclvril.
Both Andrews and McKolebun were
greeted with applause by their Iriends as
they mounted the platform. Chairman
Lindsay Introduced Mr. Anarcws and he
wis greeted with deafening cheers. Ho nt
ouo proceeded to dcllne his position on
the tariff ana other great issues
of the day. Ho referred to the McKlnley
law as It affected the people of this district ,
und tbo great benefits resulting to the
farmers from the efforts of Secretary of Ac-
rlculturo Kusk ana the reciprocity treaties.
His address wns able ana logical and met
with mentoa npplauso. Ho stated the
position of Iho pitrty on every issue that is
before the people , and from tnu commence
ment to bis closing ho had the audience with
Mr. McKelghan was Introduced and pro-
cecacd at once to too argument of the frcu
silver and demoralization parts jof the inde
pendent platform His record in the house
of representatives nnd his entire life , bo
suid , bad been a battle for the people.
He endeavored to explain the various
tenets of the Independent plat
form nnd show bow , under republican
administrations , things were continually
going from bad to worse and thai Iho only
salvation was In the independent , movement
nnd free Iraae. He received frequenl applause -
plauso from bis Indepeudenl admirers.
Andrews closed the debate in a mastorlv
manner and in a few words punctured the af-
iruments wnich his apponent had advanced
causing his audience to rise to their feet
and thu applause was almost continuous. It
was the effort of his lifo nnd he was equal
to the occasion. The republicans arcjubi-
lant ,
NOT rovjjitrv VTKIUKE.V.
Ulicyennc County Citizen * . Indicate Their
< -Poiltlon on I'uIltlc.U Quest long.
SIDNEV , Neb. , Sept. 29. | Speclal Tele
gram to THE BEE.J An immense crowd con
vened at the fair grounds to hear the Whitehead -
head and Kern joml deoato today. Hon.
Mark M. Neoves introduced Mr. Whiteuead ,
who ut once entered lulo a clear nnd logical
speech. He effectually showed tbo Incon
sistencies of people's party doctrine
and in particular Mr. Kem's
a&clrine. The statement ttiattbis country
is on-the verge of moral , political and material
terial ruin was raaclo to nppen'r very r lcu-
lous by his authentic statistics. In his
tariff lallc Mr. Whiter-end had the advantage
of results at his disposal in showing bow
this country has prospered unaer a protec
tive system and bo made use of them In n
forcible manner. Histnli < on the monetary
question met with general approval among
business men regardless of politics.
Mr. Kem took up bis tluo with funny sayIngs -
Ings , slang phrases and a general defense of
his record. His assertion to the effect that
this county is not la n prosperous condition
bad about tbo same effect upon bis audience
as old the statements following , thnl Instead
of the farmers having soup for din
ner they baa uo spoon , nnd
because a tiger cub was Jound
running with the cow was no evidence that
the cow was mother to the CUD. Ho charged
tno republican party with causing tbo late
Indian war ana being responsible for the low
price of wheat. His reform schemes were
Invariably In the interests of some country
other tbuu America. Ho feared tujtalr and
water would soon be bottled up to tneiBborer.
Mr. Whlteboad in closlus the discussion
completely met nnd refuted any attempt Mr.
Kem madd to gain a point ana effectually
exposed his record on such measures as Iho
Pickler banking bill , gas bill , etc. His en
tire speech was dignified and gentlemanly ,
and ae ho took bis seat Ibree loud cheers
were given for Whitchead.
The local Grand Army of ihe Republic gave
n big cimpllro nt the Minting rink tonight ,
at which General Uil-vortU was the principal
.luilgo riclcl'n Ability as nil Orator ICecoc-
iii7i-it tit \Vi > pliiff U'a'.rr.
WUBIINOVATF.it , Neb. , Sept. 20. [ Special
Telegram to THE Br.i : . ] Over 1,000 people
were present to listen to the Field-Bryan
joint debate thib afternoon , which look pluco
In Iho city park. Judge Field as an orator
U In the iscendaacy and the plain , logical
reasoning and apl references gain for him
the strictest attention. Mr. Brvan's friends
attempted It- place their candidate on tbo
pluitonn with a ulioop that was as
much of c failure as his speech.
Mr. Bryan iu opening defended his
record , gave bis reasons for voting
uiraliiEt tbo World's fair appropriation and
denouncing it us a steal. He took up Field's
record while on the bench , citing the number
of cases reversed , aud then uxrusfd his own
conduct In cougici ? by asking thai they
khould bo charitable with him for out of the
number of Dills ho had voted on bo was li
able to err In n few. Hii > appeal to tbo inde
pendents for support fulled of Its mission and
tlio effect thai be wished to produce on hU
hearers In tUhiug out the ten questions re-
foned to in TUG BEB on former occasions ,
which he requested answers to , foil flat.
Air. Fluid In iho tiirn allotted him elicited
rounds of applause. His talk on the tarlfl
and Us effects ana the masterly manner In
wntcb he dealt with tbo silver question
will win him many votes. Mr. Hrvan's flf-
toen-mlnuto answer was uttered In rapid
denial of Field's asseitiouu , b'll bis voloo
was so hoarse that much could not bo becra.
Ouo Ihiug is noticed since Iho debute , and
thuilstho respect tbo democrats have for
Field' , ability as an orator. Thn uitv was
gaily decorated and the Avoca baud fur
nlsued rnutla _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Itliing * Clturnk interfiled.
HISINOS , Neb. , Sept. 23. [ Special Tele
ginm to THE BEE.J Hamilton was to speak
hero today , but failed to arrive and S. A
hteele of David City made a short spuccb
A delegation went to Uavid City tonight , o
over 100 , to bear Hamilton.
Joluiton County Itepiibllcani.
TEUIMSKIJ , Neb. , Bept. S9. [ Special te
TUK BUB.J The republicans of Johnson
county have made trrungemcnU for a grand
rally end ox roast at Cook on October 2" .
wllb. IKS J-amlup aud Hou. TboniHi Mojor
s orators of the dayj Tbo republican clues
f Tccumscb. Vesta and ; Sterling will bo In
ttcndnnca in uniform if nd It wilt bo made
bo event of the cnfnpiljrn. This week n
challenge ( Till bo i , pubfUbtd from Iho Inilc-
icndeni central committee offering to add nn
ox , two orators nnd 'another day and make It
n Jotni debate. , Thlt la the final effort of
ha Independents to get a tesprctnblo crowd
o listen to their ranting , and MS the rcpub-
leans will re f use to nccepi this chnllcngn
here will notK po much calamity beard In
his county , ns ibero' have never been more
hnn twenty orlhlrly at any of their meet-
Mil. I'OY.ITJiK > VAS l.ATE.
Norfolk1 * Joint OclMito Did Nut Occur n <
NOIIFOI.K , Noo.i5 pt 29. [ Special Tele-
gran. to TnK Hcn. ' | Tbo joint dUcutslon
which WAS to have tnkon place today at the
'air ground * between lion. G. D. Mcikcl-
ohn , republican ngnilnoa tor congress , and
\V. A. Poynter , int1opndonL nommco for the
arao honor * , did cprtccur In regular order.
That portion of the agreement between the
nominees and klcnot ) . under the date of Sep
tember G , reads as5 follows : "At any meet-
up should either fcbeaker ba absent , when
tbo scheduled tlu ยง arrives , after waiting
ten minutes , the other speaBor may proceed.
In case anyraco\ing Is opened ns here
tofore provided ISti'd the speaker pros-
nut shall havt. occupied his own
tlmo is occupylhff thnl of bis op
ponent , upon arrival ot bis opponent
: ie shall yield the floor at once to him and bo
shall finish bis o ; rt allotted time , IcAVlnc
tha specltled time for closing to the ilrsl
spentter. " i-
Promptly at 10 Mr. Mcluicjohn appeared
OB the grounds , but Mr. Poyntcr w'as con
spicuous by hU absence. Throusb courtesy
Mr. Molklcjohn wul cd forty-Bvo minutes
for his opponent. Mr. H. F. Barney , the
Madison county member of the Indcpenaenl
congressional committee , m calling tbo raeot-
icg to order stated tnat under the terms of
thu jolnl dobalo Mr. Poynter was to open
and close the bebato todav , but that the lime
for oponicg the > imitlng ! was long past nna
as Mr. Molkcljqbii nvas here on time ho
would proceed wilti the meeting as provided
for by the agroemcdl nnd would sprak forty-
live minutes.
Al that time ho mounted the stage and de
livered a niosl eloquent and logical address
to an enthusiastic audience , touchlnc the
tariff , comparing tbuMcKinlcy bill to fanner
tariffs and bhowing'by tbo Independent plat
form adopted at Omaha ihnt they Insist on
tbu circulating medium being Increased to
{ 53 per capita any tnat statistics prove
ttial tboro is nov on dopoiit In
the state and national henks of Nebraska
19.85 per capita nqd the money now < n the
pocltcts of the pcoplu f 7 > ebraia would
more than rnnue uplboCj cents over which
Mr. Poynter and bis followers are shedding
so muny crocodile tears.
He referred to Ptfcfe' * report to corrob
orate the fact that ! the average wages of
laborers in the stale of Nd w York havs been
Increased $23 , ranking moul increase ot de
posits in the savings banks of over 0,000,000.
Ho next cxploat'iU the subtreasury land and
Inan scheme to the otltuc&tion of all present ,
showing the fallacy cf such an idea ,
and referred lo iho consraiKfonal commit
tee's report of the pills before congress nnd
their uncoiistituUoualfty. He advocated the
doctrine of a solid currency and showea the
inconsistency of the free coinage people upon
tbo silver question.
Mr. Meiueljohn- closed after a forty-fivo
minute speech and the audience was dis
missed bvUie.chalrmajil After Mr. Melkel-
John had lelt tbe-grbuuclfc Mr. W. A Poyn
ter appeared uuti I vested upon matting his
speech , but bo forgot to state tibw , as cnslr-
man of the siftins.CDniKiIttO3 , bo helped to
smother tha Oms.hn jstock yards bill , tbo
passage of which , hti pnrtr douinnded ,
or lo . Justify . 1)U * melon lo tnddn-t
uitoly 'postnane the Icgtilathro rcdistrict-
Ing mil or tbo extravagant expenditures
of the reform legislature of two years aco.
Hp nlso forgot tp muntlon the frequency
with which' h unrt bis friend traveled over
the country on railroad passes during the
session of thai leeialatnro. Soon after bo
commenced speaking the larger part of bis
audience/left. Everybody seilhed to bn well
D'casod with Mr. Moikoljohn's remarks.
Crnnrnrd'c Joint Dpnntc.
Cit wroun , Neb. , Sept. 29. | 5peolnl Tele.
gram to THE BKB. | Lael eveninc nt the
engine bouse iu Crawford the people were
treated to a joint debate between Mr. J. E.
Frlck , a staunch republican of Fremont , and
Mr. Matt Goring , tbo democratic nomi
nee for attorney ' Renoml.aaMr. Frick
opened tba debate , Mr. Goring
following nna M > Frick closing.
There WHS a peed crowd present , Rupub- >
licans , democrats arid Independents came lo
hear the Iwo exponent's of the republican and
democratic parties. Mr Frick was intro
duced nnd received wltb apnlnuso. Ho
opened his argument with a ilear ) , logical
talk , and held tbo auijieaoti ono hour with
his eloquence. Hn Is a strong speaker , and
circled the bouso with him throughout his
speech. Ho urged the maintenance of pro
tective tariff ana gaya good , sound argu
ments to the people. He made many
friends. Mr. Gerfp ) ; replied. Ho U
a pointca speaker and brought down the
bouse with some of his answer * , He did not
believe as Mr. Frick did on anything except
that wealth was crpated by labor. Ho used
the regulation argumont. Mr. Friclt
answered in a fifteen minute talk and he
warmed Mr. Gcring'g jacket for him in a
eood republican way. It was a treat and
everybody appreciated it.
I'ulrmmit's ItCMuUlIcuu Club.
FAIRMONT , Nab. , Sept. 29. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUE BEC. | A very enthusiastic re
publican nicotine 'was ' held In tbu
city this evening to perfect Ibo
organization of u republican marching
club. About 100 ntmes were secured.
The followlug-ofllccn were elected : J. G.
McFadden , captain- ; ; . T. Magee , first
lieutenant ; L. Dalbyjaecond lieutenant ; L.
M. Swartz , third lidutcnant ; C. Manley ,
color bearer ; C. D. L'ndloy , secretary , ana
C. Musselman , treasurer. A committee of
i even was appointed. . On general arrange
ments. It was douided to attend all rallies
In this vicinity mounted. '
I'reparcu lor the C-tmpulen.
NKiiuifcKA CITV , .Neo. . Sept. ' "J. [ Special
Telegram to THE B B ! ] The marching col
umn of tbo HepuDlicaA' held n inoBtcn-
thuslasllc meeting lhi | dvenlug and has now
about 100 members.Jnlforms have boon or
dered ana they will bu'ori bund soon. They
will be a zouave costume * and tbo club wlfi
bo known iu tbo Uepahjlcan Zouavus. Ev-
orytbing is prepared loran energetic cam
paign from this on. ,
No Urmvd flirViriiitln. :
Suiii'iiisp , Ntb.rSopf , ' 29. [ Special to TUB
BEE.J General Vlctor'Yf < ) Ualti was adver
tised to nddrcssftbo people ol Surprise last
evening on the democratic Issues of the day.
The general made hU" appearance overflow-
lug wltb democratic uoctrlno , but for luck of
a crowd to hear him or" some place in which
to show his oratory tho" general became dis
gusted uud orovo out of the town.
\Vayu IiiUctfriifniits | Itully.
WAVKC , Neb. , SopUC9 , [ Special Telegram
to THE BEE. ] The populists' roily today was
a rather slim affair. Seventy-two people
gathered at the opera4)Qi&o ; Ibis aftercoonlo
listen to .Mr , J. Do vine , Tonlt-ht a torch-
Ilgbl procession occurred pf considerable
proportions , after wbt n Mr , Poynter do-
llvcred an address.
ToNuiiio Auoiliur Cuinllilute.
BHUKEX Bo\v , Keb.jSepL 89. The demo
cratic congressional committee of tbo Sixth.
district of Nebrasiti tins been called to meet
at Grand Island on 'Tuesday , October 4 , at 2
o'clock p. rn. . for Ibo'purpotoof tilling the
vacancy caused by the withdrawal of J nines
J. Mclutosh.
, Nel , , Sept , 2U. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BUB. } Hon. Mntt Goring ,
democratic candidate for attorney ceneral ,
spoke lo an audience tonight composed prin
cipally of republicans * aud laalu * of nbnut
ion. He occupied hU lima crlilcltluir the
McUlnley bill
Close of tbo City Hall Investigation Comes
in n Hurrji
tic llcfuncil to DUnlco tlii Nntni > of nn
Inrormiint nnd the Cominlttcfi lie-
eolvrd to Adjourn Mmic.
: of n How.
The councilmnnlao committee Investiga
tion which has been In progress during tbo
past week has closed. The curtain was rung
down on iho last net last tilght. The Investi
gation wns not completed , however , but tbo
curUln wont down , nttcndcd by lots of red
fire nud slow music ,
Omnbn peoulo who hnvo attended Investi
gations In the past hnvo been called upon to
wltr.oss many wild scf-nos , but they never
vleuui ono that could hold a candle to Iml
night's session.
The members of iho committee , the In
terostcd parties , the lawyers , the members
ot Iho council and a lobby full of spectators
wcro present. Chairman Lo'.vry of the com
raittco called the session to order and invited
the mayor to take the witness stand. The
mayor responded to the call , and up to that
point everything was a * serene as a May
mornlne , but there was a black cloud hover
ing over the scene and the rumblings of Iho
approaching storm were soon hcaid In the
Mr. Prince of the committee staled to the
mayor that ttie , investigation had reached a
point where it was absolutely necessary lor
Lhe committee to know iwo things before
any further progress could bo made. The
committee must hovu the imrnts of tbp
parties who had told the mayor that the re
port of the committee would be a whitewash ,
and also the names of the parties who had
told the mayor that Beiudorft had con
tributed ? JOub to the defeat of Liuiugor and
to the election of Gushing.
Ho Would Not Aimucr.
With reference to tno flrst point the mayor
declared that he would not answer , while
upon the other point he could not remem
ber ; there wore numerous persons who had
spoken about It , In fact , ho said , the air
was full of rumors.
Chairman Lowry iald that when the mayor
was on the witness stand Wednesday nlgl l
bo had stated thai ho would furnish Iho in
formation ut the next meeting of the commit
tee. Georze P. Bcmis was the second wit
ness who had refused to nnswer the ques
tions of the committee in an iuvoiUuation
which wns brouuhl on by himself. Conllnu-
ine. Chairman Lowry said :
"Mr. Mayor , H jou refuse to answer it
must bo baid that you arc in the road just at
present. There was Jacob Counsman , who
could not remember the names , though he
told them to Or. Mercer. If il has reached
a pass where a witness will not testify wo
mlgnt as well resign. "
This was tha first Ibing Ihnt indicated that
the face of ths moon WAS streaked with
blood , but tbo other Indications followed in
rapid succession.
Tho"maybr slardd"Vhal "tblnirs looked as'
though ho was the party who was being in
vestigated , instead ol the parlies whom the
committee should hunt qut.
The mayor insisted that the air was full of
rumors and that the motnoord of the commit
tee bad heard them.
"Pardon me , Mr. Mayor , " said Mr. Prince ,
"we are not Investigating the air. "
The mayor remarked that tbo architect had
said that ho bad contributed money and why
not put.him on thosland )
"Will you , or will you not give Ihose
names ) " usked Mr. Mcl carlo.
UI will not , " answered Iho rnavor.
' 'Then , Mr. Chairman , " continued Mr.
McLearis. " 1 have this resolution which 1
will introduce , though I halo to do so. "
The resolution was handed up lo Ihc chair
man und It read line this :
Whereas. His honor , the tnavor , made a
statement on thu Witness stand Wednesday
evening. September , that n. croat many
pcisoni had told him durliij the day , that no
inaitor what WHS proven before mis investi
gating committee , tnat the icport would be a
whitewash ; nnd ,
Whuroas , " This corrailtteo requested his
honor , the mayor , to name tlio perauns wlio
told him this ; uid otherstntoiiieuii which li id
beou made. In order that the committeeinli/ht
pursue tliolnve > tlatlon to thu bottom ; und.
Whereas , Ills honor , the mayor. uositUcly
refuses to elve snld names , as requested by
thii committee , thereby nlnCcrln.uud bloulc-
lntbo committee in this Investigation whan ,
us the chief executive of this ' 'Ity. ho Is hi
duty bound to ns lst tlio committee In very
wsiy possible to arrive ut tbotinth of thine ,
eliuives ; therefore , he It
Hi-solved , Til a i this confmltteo do now ad
journ until such tiinu as his honor , the muvor ,
notlUes luucuulrmuu of this committee thut
hols prepared to give the names as lerpiestud ;
und DO It further
Unsolved , That this committee do make n
partial report lo thu city council ut : it , early a
date us possible , stuli\- : the lea-ion of the
delay and utUns for further Instructions.
Council Wanted to Talk.
City Attorney Connell was upon his feet
before the chairman had JinUned reading tbo
"Bit down , " said Chairman Lowry , bul ho
did nol sit.
He did nol sll down , bul Instead started to
talk. This much it is known thut ho said :
'In thointercstof the taxpayers of Omaha ,
I desire lo ask n few quesiions of witnesses
who are present and " But thu rest of bis
remark : ! were losi In the tumuli.
"Sit down. " commanded Chairman Lowry ,
"or I will order Ibo scrgeant-at-anns to put
you out. "
Above the din of the conflict came a sound
which evidently was the attorney's voice
uniting up among the pictures In the celling.
U sounded like this ; "I wanl to make a few
respeolful ana ptoper remarks , "
"Sll dowul" again yelled the chairman ,
bul Mr. Connell did nol care 10 sit down jusl
ihen. i
"Sergennt-at-arms , tnko him away I" com
manded tbo chairman , pointing to , tno at
'As president or this council. " said Mr.
Davis , who was watching the proceedings ,
"I command you to'ao your duty. "
"Are you a member of this'committee ) "
asked Mr. Council.
"I am the president or the council , nnd
again 1 command iho sorgeanl-ut-arius to do
hi > duty1 ; responded Mr. Davis.
Wouldn't Ito I'ut out ,
The sorgeanl-ul-arms started to do ns told ,
apd grasping Mr. Council by tbo arm , tugged
away , trying to got him outside of the lull.
The little icllow was not equal to thu occa
sion , and Mr , Connell remained In hU track * .
The mayor hud watched the proceedings ,
dud nl Ibis point , addressing Mr. Davis ,
sold : t'lf you are n member of thin coin in It-
toe , thon. an the executive ofilcer of the city ,
J am also. "
"Sit down , sir , " commanded .Vjr. Davis ,
"you have no voice In Ihis thing. "
"We'll tee , " quickly reapomled the mayor ,
and turning to the sorgeant-ai.arm * , who
had not lei go of Mr. Connell's coat , haid :
"You go , sir , aud call the police and tne
patrol wagon. "
i'be sergeanl-ut-arms wns in n dilemma.
"Take Ibal man from Ibo rconi , " com
manded Ibo prcsldenl of Ibe council.
"Call Ibe police , " commanded the mayor.
The peico. oftlcer of the council looked at
both of his superiors , eelzed his bul nnd
rubbed Irom the room.
Then the trouble broke out anew. Mr.
I'rinco moved the adoption of the resolution.
U wii seconded by Mr. McLoarle.
'Iho unyor tried to talk whlln Chairman
Lowry continued to pouna a hold in iho pol
ished oak detU.
The mpyor said that bo was Inllv con
vinced that It was a wbltowatn committee
and thai It was appointed for tha purpose ol
bIlltllnc him and uinolhvriae the damnable
uburc s that bad been mado.
Attorney Council was liking ai the name
time , voicing the sentiments expressed , " '
thoinnvor. \
The chairman , In reply to what the ma\
was sny Ing , remarked ! "You can talk
you want to , but you can't ride over tn\ \
oven If you nro together hand and glove
Tbo notion of you two parties convinces mo
that you , Mr. Connell , nro the portou who
tundo these whitewash statement * to jou ,
Mr. Homl . nud you , Mr. Council , hnvo not
pot the courage to go on the witness stand
anil swear to whtit you said In secret und
behind the backs of the members of the com *
mlttce. "
< \ < l < iitril | the ItrfMiliitloii.
All of the purtles were spnn-lng for wind
mid during ibo momentary lull the rosolmlon
was adopted.
Oiieo more Mr. Connell Insisted that ho
was ronvluiAul tbnt Ihu cotntulttco tntondcd
to sptcad whitewash.
The remark was caught by-Mr. McLcarlo ,
who nt once denounced Mr. Connell us a
"If It was not so , " Insisted Mr. Connell ,
"you wouid have let the witnesses gone upon
thostnnd. "
"Yns. and you nnd the mayor , " said Chair
man Lowry , "would have continued to do-
famu the reputation of hunoit men with
your damnable stories that you Iloat through
the air. "
"You can't smother this and you will all
land In court , " answered Mr. Council.
Tb n tno meeting broUo and tba members
of the wnrrlcg factions gathered iti groupi
In the loobyvhorc they discussed the situ
This continued for some tlmo , when the
door was opened and tjaptain Moysten of the
police lorco walked In , but discovering no
cilsturbince no arrests weru marto.
Half nn hour later the council chamber
was vacant nnd Knottier Investigation had
gone up In stnoke.
Intcrrttluc Aitilrns Delivered l > v lion , W.
II. Meplnirii at l.rnov.
CIICSTOX , la. , Sept.Special : ; ! > [ Telegram
to Tin : DEI : . I The attendance nt the Lenox
district lair today was over J..VJO. It wns
republican d.iy nuct Hon.V. . II. Hopburn.
rouublican candidate foconpre s , was the
speaker. Ho talked for over an hour nnd a
half and hold his auaionco with perfect in
terest. The colonel has lost none of
his vitality or persuasive cowers , none
of tils keenness or wit , and ho was
met from time to time with thunderous ap
plause. Ho salu that the republican jmriv
had the same forces to contend with todav
that they did in IbOO. The democratic arsu-
ment wns for tree trada and ownership of
labor , while the republican partj was for
liberty ana the absolute freedom nnd liberty
of laonr , nnd the man who earns his living
by manual labor ana the went of his blow
has reason to thnnlc God nnd the republican
party for the happy conditions of the pres
As proof of tbo intelligence an ? good Judge-
ment of the republican party. Colonel Hop-
burn cited the fact , that ID IS'jO ' the United
States only had SUOJO.OJO,000 , while noxv ll >
has over $65,000,000,000 , nnd is the richest
nation of the earth. Ho called attention
to the fact that thrco car loads of
fruit , eggs and batter wcro today
equal In value to sixty cars of corn llfteeh
years ago , and credited the republican party
with hevitig brought this about. Ho closed
his argument by charging that John Duggau
of Creston , supurlutcdent of the Wo.it Iowa
division of the Burlington railway , wns n
member of. the democratic committee that
\rote tbo resolution condemning him ( Hep
burn ) nua that it was the light of the railroads
roads nsalnst bin' .
Ho honorably admitted that ho may have
done some things ns congressman which
were not in accord , with the wishes of the
people , but ibal ho had gained wisdom by
experience and was now iu closer touch \vilh
the people. Tomorrow will bo democratic'
da- .
Ilarrliioii County Democrat * .
Missoum VAU.KT. la. , S pu 20. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE.J The democrats in
county convention here today nominated A.
\V. Mintun for auditor , \V. "T. Howard lor
clerk of the court , \\illlara Withrotv for re
corder and Pruuk Tauilslca for countv ct-
Eod of u Long Drawn Out Ccmtmt in tli
blxth Kentucky District.
CINCINNATI , O , Sept. i9. ! One of the most
unusual contests for a congressional nomina
tion has just terminated \Vorsaw , Ky. , by
the nomination of Hon. A. S. Bcrrv ot New-
nort , Ity. . bv the democratic convention of
ino bixth district. It was n three
days' struggle , and 37iJ ballots were
taken. The leading candidates wuro
Mr. Berry and Theodora Hullam of Coving-
ton. Berry's name was dropped for many
ballots and Baker and McCain came in sev
eral times. Each at different times had
enough votes to nominate , but were de
feated uy chances before iho vote was an
nounced. On tbo 3T2d ballot Bauer bad
seven majority. Then a consultation was
asked and chances were ugam made , so be
fore the vote was declared it stood Berry.
42 ; B.iKur , SI , Mr. Berry is a graduate of
Miaina univeislty and was in the coafo.ler-
ale service.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , Sept. 29.-Ous Wilton
was nominated for congress bv tbo republi
cans of the Fifth district tonight.
l.xtt Mslit'n Itillllot.
The Sixth ivard democrats held a largo
and enthusiastic mooting corner Twenty-
ninth and Spalding directs last evening.
Speeches wore made by (3. J. SternsdorlT , E.
P. Smith , W. H. tlerdman nnd others. The
following are the delegates to the city con
vention : George , T. Siernsdorff.V. . C. Bui-
Inrd. , R U. 1'atrick , J. D. Hustln , H. S.
Parkar. J.V. . Boabor , Ernst Wigus , C. L.
MrCoy and William Sievers. The toild dele-
gallon will support Mr. Ed N. Brown for
councilman from that wura.
The Ninth Ward Republican club held a
well attended mooting at Twcnlv-inntb and
Farnam streets last night. Mr. Charles H.
Green made tbo principal address of the
evening. Ho Bpoko on the tariff Uuostlou
and aoout the platform of the democracy ,
iJave Mercer followed with 8 short address ,
and tbo meeting was closad wltb short
speeches from n few lessor lights In the
political \vor'd , _
CuuntjV Apportionment.
NEW YOIIK , Sept. 2'J. The general lorra ol
the supreme court bunded down Its dccUlon
this morning In the appeal from Judge Bart-
lell'fc decision , refusing to grunt a mandamus
to compel Iho Board of Supervisor * to con-
vcuo nut ! rcaaporllon tbo assembly district ) ;
according to the constitution. The general
term ufllrras the decision of Jnd o Bartletl
in the special term , which practically holds
that the apportion roont , ok made by the
KingK county Board of Supervisory U legal
und constitutional.
South Carolina Itctpi
Cou'Miiu , S. C. , Sept. U'J , The republican
state rouvcniiou met this afternoon. It Is
comprised mostly of negroes , and the old-
line republicans control it. No btato ticket
will bo nominated , but presidential electors
will bo choson.
Jin .Vo More
, TOJC. , Sept. S9. Senator llogoi
Q , Mill * ' condition Uvorio , and bu will b ;
unable to take further part In the campaign ,
Movement ) , uf Ore. u SUMiiu-r" .
At Broraer Hnyon ArrivedTrave , from
New York.
At Brow Head Passed Curte. from Now
At Baltimore ArrivedDelano , from Hot-
AlNew Vork Arrlvod Danla , from Ham
bunr ; Do Uuytsr. trom Antwerp.
At HIo do Jcnelro Tbo United Slates and
Braill company's steamer Eofthantross , Can
tula Chtsholm , from S&ntos , called from Hie
do Jonelro lor New York via Victoria Sop-
terabor 'Jl.
Mrt , llnrrUiin Much Ilettrr.
WiMliNOios , D , C. , Sept. U9 , Mr , Hard
son passed the taotl comfortable day she tin :
bad lnco her arrival la Wnvhingtoa. lr )
Gardner prououuoos her batter toufgot ,
'ammanyitcs and Anti-Snapper * Have Not
Yet Agreed.
Mucwuinp * win I'riilnM.v Mnki < Noinlim-
llom In Opptxltlttn to Tiiminmiy
In fatnli Up Thrir 1)11.
fcroncci I'dlltical .Notc .
New York , Scot , CO. Tomorrow shall bo
decided , It Is believed , the much f/xoil
qucstlou us to whether the so-callcd'nntU
snappers will run a separata municipal
ticket In this town. The suite organization
perfected nl the "Dandelion" convention in ,
Syracuse last Alny has boon kept uo anil
strengthened anil thu problem is now : Shall
Lhe anti-snapper * use It for the support of an
Independent nomination for the mayoralty
nnd other cHy oftlcinlsj The antl-snappon ,
if they do act Independently , will uaso their
action upon the ground that a contest for
two city tlrkots hero will bring out n larger
vein tor the head of the national l.ckcU
John Jcrolonon , a member of the indepen
dent ucmocrnt committee that Is to dccldo
the ijucMlon , said to-iay : "If there wcro
simply the local conditions to look to , I
should say at once that a third Itckot Is ad
visable. But how will the country nl largo
lojk at the matter ) 1 thlnl : that two rival
tickets would urine out this heaviest possible
\otcund make nn energetic and succosslul
campaign , llut how will the country at
laru'o have It ! Where would It weaken the
cuse ! This is the exact status of Iho case
nnd it is tto lundumuntul question to be de
cided. "
Ex-Secretary Whitney said : "I have
never been nulc to convince myself that It Is
notn uood thing to name a second demo
cratic local ticket. But I don't lnovr
wether It is best or not. I know In I s3
when thiro wns but one ticket , the national
ticket suffered bauly nnd Mr. Grace wns
elected by n bore a.OOO votes. A local Dghv
brings out a vole which otherwise does not
appear. Mr. Corolonon himself , KVS that it
made no difference to him whatever. The
only way it might hurt us Is in the country ,
whcra the people believe there Is n lot or
trading colng on here , and It might Injure us
in that way. "
Kx.Mayor ( irnco's Opinion.
Ex-mayor Grace , leader of the anti-snap
pers , expressed himsoli thus ; "Thu battls
Is a desperate ouo In Now' York state. * The
Indications are bad. The Uemncr.itlo situ
ation is very much complicated by local
causes. There Is no doubt that a verv'strong-
clement exists in tbo city which Is 'anxious
to run.a lo al tirkot in opposition to the one
that will bo named by Tammany hall. If
the < o who have charco of Mr. Cleveland's
canvass are of the opinion that it will Injure
thu national ticket if n third local ticket \a \
nominated , I Kupposo that the winncsof these
men will have to bo respected , although such
opinion does not nijroa with inlno. I shall
certainly withdraw from any movement hav
ing a third ticuot in view. It must not be
said that I or any of the friends of Mr.
Cleveland last winter Imporlloil his election
by any action wo might nave taken locally.1
Finally Tarumany's chieftain , Richard
Crokor. was seen und questioned. "Wo of
course know about tbo movement to nomi
nate a second democratic ticket. 1 have
nothing to say about thnt matter now , ana , "
smilingly , "My boy , I don't thinli you can
pump mo tmtay. "
Tbo oolmon "was expressed nt the demo
cratic national quarters today that there will
be but one democratic candidate for mayor
In the city m the forthcoming elco'.Ion. The
cpxmitUio which called upon Chairman H r-
rity yesterday is oxvectort to report to the
meeting whioh sent thorn tomorrow night ,
und the belief at headquarters today was
that the project of an anli-Tamm&ny mayor
alty nomination'would then ha Indotim'loly
County Democracy Out In Open Hostility to
NEW YOIIK , Sept. 29. The county demo
cratic committee of this citv met tonight and
permanently organized for IS'fJ. It was do-
termincd to noinluato an Independent , city
and county ticket. Some made socecbes de
nouncing Tammany hall , Intimating thai
Tammany was prepared to sell out the elec
toral ticket , and in order to Insure Cleve
land's election tha campaign must not bo
pincea in the bands of Tammany.
r on Nr\v York.
MrMPHis. Tenn. , Sept. 29. Colonel C. B.
Howcry , Misni&sippl member of the demo-
cratio national executive committee , has re
turned from a visit of several weeks to the
democratic headquartcrB'In Ncw York and
to an Associated press representative tonight
t > aid : "Tbo democrats are confident of
carrying New York by a bandtomo majority.
Thu very best estimates obtained at bead-
quarters are to the effect that Mr. Harrison
will step on ono ccd of Harlem orldge with a
raujoiity of 05,000 und Mr. Cleveland will
stop on the other xvlth a majority of 100,000.
Mr. Whitney and other loaders place the
figures higher than this , but what I' give you
is a conservative und reliable estimate. "
( irover In In Now York.
PALI Riven Mass. . 29.
* , . Sept. Ex-Presi
dent Cleveland left Gray Utbles station on
tho5 o'clock train for New York this after
noon , accompanist ! by Editor O.V. . Ollder
of the Century , Charles K. Cbicheatcr and.
Daniel J. Urlfllu , well known in Now Yorlt
btnto politics. On reaching Fall Klver , Mr.
Cleveland and party immediately bearded
the htoamer I'llgrlm of tno Full Klver line
enrouto to Now York. Up&n arriving nt
Now York Mr. Cleveland will bo driven to
tbo Victoria bol l , wboro ho will remain dur-
uic his visit to the cliy. f lo may return to
Buzzard's Bay In a few days.
Arretlcil u I'romlumit Politician.
KANSAS CITV. Mo , . Sept. ii9. Hon. JohnT.
Bluke , chairman of tbo republican state cen
tral cotntciitoo , for whom a warrant was
Kworn out yesterday on complaint of the late
secretary , Isaacs , on a cbaro of disturbing
the peace by applying to him In public nn
opprobrious epithet , gave himself up to a
rcmsUblo today and went to the office of tba
justice of the peace before whom the war
rant wan sworn out to plead guilty. Th
justice was then holding court und flluko
wai allowed to depart on bis own recognlz-
ani'O. He will plead guilty tomorrow morn-
iin ; when the court convenes.
Stoveiuun at Iliinin ,
BI.OOMIXOTOX , III. , Sept. 29. dnneral A.
K. Stevenson and wlfo returned homo this
tnormiiL' irom their sixteen days trip through ,
the south. They nro in excellent health.
( Jcuoral Stovensun fculd ho bad bad charm *
Ing weather and largo crowds. He bad
hearty receptions everywhere. Th9 general
brings homo a hornet'it nest , rabbit's foot and
other souvenirs , presented to htm bv onthu-
Klmlc southerners , lie will spoaic Saturday
ul Wooasdule , O. . the borne of Govonior
C'linubiill , and will open his Illinois cam
paign at Elgin , October 0.
.South ImUot.iS I'olltlc.il TrHde ,
Siot-x PAI.IA , S. U. . Kept. ' "J.-After a pro-
iciaKetl , < toniiy n.i lon , the dumocratio state
central co.-nmlttoo voted to empower tha ex >
ecutive committee to deal -.vitli the question
of fusion. All lit mc'iiben are fusionliti.
It is proposed to trade ' .ho democratic eloo-
-iorul tlctcul for state auditor ad treasurer.
llu Wim Nut Ininriuploil at lUlelgUi
RALEIDII , N. O. , Sept , 29 , Uoneril
Weaver and Mrs , Le i > e ipoUe hero to a good
crowd. The ( peaking w& tint mnrked br
any Interruption. After the ipoaklng
ovsr , three cheer * wore proposal and ir
tor Weaver. Field. Mri. L a o ad
tblrU party.

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