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How tlio Tolograpliors' ' Strike on tbo Rook
Island Is Viewed by the Men.
Confidence Sllll .Marks tlin Adloni of the
OommiltPP Strikers' .Slnloniriit of the
.Sltiintlou AloiiK the Line 'I'hu
( 'oiupniiy'fi Vcrnlon.
Klnvcn strikltiR Kock Island operators nro
nowcittnrtcrcil nt the Utllon Depot hotel nnd
a rommlttw ) h out nldtij ; the line between
tills city nnd Lincoln , sklrmlshlnK fortul-
dttlotml frco Ijonnlcrs for that bostlory.
Tlio operators claim that tliclr ntrciiRtli
i nn'd rosouivos , whlrh tlio.vsn.V tire constantly
increasing , luivc nuvur been fairly recog
nized. At tlio Union Otijiot hotel last nlRlit.
it was alleged that thostriUltiK ti'lcgraphcrs
hiivi ! sufllclent inonny to carry tlirin Uiroviuli
tlic wlnlor , own thotiuli Iho present lavish
outlay of money Is continued.
The Union Depot liotel Is the headquarters
of tlio opi'i'iitor.H on thu division between
Omaha and Lincoln. It Is claimed that thu
fillliter.have less strpnitth on this division
tlian on any of the others In tliu system cov
ered by the strike , yet tbey have practically
Hindu n conquest of It. One of tlio striking
operators , speaking for the otbers , but ask
ing to IKS spared personal credit for what ho
sitd : , assured a ! : : reporter last night that
tlio telegraphers bad every prospect , of win
ning the light.
Still Vrry SiniRillnr.
"Thn Hoolt Island people , " bo said , "htivo
been diligently circiihitltig n rciwrt dttrltig
tbo imst few days that our treasury is about
exhausted and will speedily ho emptied.
This report lias been repealed to 'rat' opera
tors and the boys who tire participating In
the stilko fora very evident purpose. Hy
declaring that wo are bankrupt , they hope
to make the vagrant operators they pick up
chary of dealing with us , through
fear of our not being able lo keep
our promises. On the other hand ,
the report is chviilated to scare
the boys who Imvo Joined the strlko nnd induce -
' duce them to yield to the company. The
reports of this nature are wholly false. Our
. treasury is well lllled and we have plenty of
money to carry on the war very merrily.
There Is no danger of our funds giving out
BOOH , though wo are spending a great deal of
money , and through our efforts nro taking out
more men than the company can
hlro and put in. Tlio men who
are cupablo of filling the places
vvo htivo vacated are in sympathy
with the strike , and wo have no trouble
keeping them away from the company. Of
course , there are a lot of kids , who learned
'telegraphy1 at business follows , who are
willing to take the jobs the company now haste
to offer , hut they lack two qualifications ,
Bcnso and experience , and arc wholly Incom
petent. It will take a long time before the
kids can ho trained and made useful , and the
company will probably not have enough
spare time this winter to educate an entirely
new sot of operators.
"At some places where the operators have
quit work it has been reported that new
operators have been put to work. That
sounds terrible , but what does it mean ? It
simply means that kids have been sent there
ivhonro thoroughly usclcts. The point is
ns silent and deserted with the 'new oper
ators' as when the old men quit work. This
kind of talk does not alarm us. 'Now oper
ators' may bo sent to certain points , but they1
are wooden cannon. They don't scare u
and don't help the company much.
1'aints a ( Jloiiniy I'leture.
"Just look at the situation on the divisiot
between Omaha and Tincbln.Vo are
stronger on every other division , yet we
have prnctli'iilly caused the line to bo deserted
sorted clear to Lincoln. Of course , som
men remain , but they are not stiflieicntl ;
numerous to meet the needs of the company
not by a good deal.
"Passenger trains go over tlio division onlj
a httlo slower than usual , as they travel 01 :
schedule time , hut freight trains take froii
eighteen to twenty hours. It vi-ill bo noticed
that nearly all llm regular trains are lato.
' "Over at Council muffs the yard ontce
closed , and Iho opuratois have quit work at
"U'estoii and Underwood. At Neohi two
operators have joined the strike ,
and the station agent is handling
the wires. They sent a man out to Neola
n few days ago. Ho was some kid business
college operator and was so incompetent
that the Council BltilTs dispatchers refused
to have anything to do with him and they
brought him back , lie was a fair sample of
the 'now operators' who are to take our
places. The Mindcn ofllcu is closed and at
Shelby two operators have walked out , the
agent 'doing their work. ' Two
men quit work at Walnut and
their places Imvo not been filled and
ono man is out at both Chantauqua and
Avoea. All the telegraphers are out at
"Wyotn. At Atlantic the agent is working
, the boards , the operators having quit , as
sisted by a kid. The kid's father is with
him and both are drawing p.iy from the com
pany. The father carries a shotgun and
threatens to kill any wicked oper.itor who
dares approach his darling son and put had
notions in his head. Tlio father is in grim
earnest and watches tlio boy like a convict.
Life AloiiKtliu l.lne.
"Fifteen striking Hock Island operators
are nt Stuart , bu.t tbey wont't turn a hand ,
though Chief Dispatcher Linderof DOS Moines
is there alone and is trying to tempt them to
work in till manner of ways. Mr. hinder is
doing all the work himself and is having a
hard time of it. Stuart is a red hot union
town , anil everybody is in favor of the opera
tors. Mr. Lindcr cats at tlio depot. The
barbers won't shave hint , nnd he is refused
board at the hotels. Ho lorages from the
dining cars that pasa his way and don't wall ;
uround town much.
"At Warno the operators are out , Ono
man quit at Anita and the agent is doing the
work. Two men quit work at Adah-ami
their places are still vacant. Ono man is
working at Unsuy. lie is the only old Kock
Island man who refused to go out. There is
a kid at. Menlo who is supposed to do the
-work of the operator who quit there , but ho
don't ' do it.
"It Is the same at Shelby. The kid there
don't know enough lo understand the orders
Kent him and is thoroughly useless.
"At Albright there are two now men at
wprk.They tire good men , but wo expect to
Induce them to join us before morning. An
old mini is at work at Kiehl.iml and l/iuls-
\illo is no ofllco.
"South llcnd is held down by another kid ,
whoso father Is with him. The kid is not
much good. Going to South Hcmi ho llotir-
jahcd a revolver on tbo train and talked
about battling with striking operator. His
father took the gun away from htm , fearing
that the youngster would hurt himself. The
old man Is guarding the new operator. No
violence is feu red. I guess the father fears
his .son might bo led into temptation.
"At Mm-dock the agent is doing all the
work , and everybody is out at Alvo. The
npont is working at Prulrlo Homo. Ho
joined tlio strike at llrst , hut was Induced to
go back to work by his father , a wealthy
man.who beared him by a starvation tall :
and by declaring that ho would not supiKH't
thu young man in Idleness. At Haveiock
the agent Is loyal to the operators. Ho quit
work , locked up and will not now oven look
. at the passenger trains as they pubs by.
OU'iiilorn | recllnt ; Cheerful.
"All these Btalements nro facts. Tin
operators tire holding out on all the divisions
West of Beatrice all the ir.on went out , ami
the prospects of a favorable termination oi
thu strlko are improving every day. Thougl
the division boiweon Omaha and Lincob
jiroswits the worst showing , il can bo beci
that wo are very strong on that division
Our committee , now out on the road , Is ( loin ;
li ! > od work , and the olllccs nrc being einptlei
twice as fttbt as they tire being lilhul. Om
of the men who quit work on the Uocl
Island and came hero lo the Union Depo
liotol has found work on another system
( V AVouro fooling very cheerful and are con
k. * ildent that wo will win our light. Tbo com
jiany knows that wo tire not so v.cak us the
pretend to think us. "
Commit ten Strurk Some "j-
ThocriininHti-o of striking operators wh
visited Albright , last night , for thopurpos
of inline lag the night telegrapher to quit th
cervices of thn company , returned to Omuli
about midnight and reamed that the nigh
man nt that place was being guurdc',1 by tw
lueu divssou as suction men wlun
they hnvo reason * to sttspert nro
special i > olleo. They say furlhrr
tiiat the company in having its trnrk of the
entire division between hero nnd Lincoln
patrolled by special iwllcpniPti , who arc dis
guised ns truck walko/a or section men.
They declare that the company 1 *
trying to cast suspicion on the
striking operators to elicit public sym
pathy in Its behalf. City Ticket Agent
Utitlierfoitl of Lincoln Is nt Albright for
some purpose which the operators could not
ascertain. The committee says thccompauy
will leave nothing undone to prevent the
strikers from reaching the men nt work ,
fearing Hint they will persuade the operators
now nn duty to cngago in the strike. The
committee assorts that tbo company's ex
treme precautions indicate conscious weak
Thlnlnthe Striken 1'nllnre.
A very different report to that of the
striking operators is made by ( leorgo Mer
rill , one of tbo L'lurks In tlio Hock Island
freight ofllco.whoso knowledge of telegraphy
has been called into requisition by the com
pany at South Hend nnd Albright since last
Saturday. Ho returned to Omaha yesterday
morning. Mr. Merrill asserts that the strike
will prove a failure , declaring the fact of his
having been ordered homo is evidence
that the company now has moro
men than it needs. There are. he said ]
some men still out in the western division !
but their places are being rapidly lllled'
there being four applicants for every vacant
place. Mr. Merrill thinks the men umdo a
great mlstalteVhen the company refused to
treat with a committee of thu Order of
Itaihvay Telegraphers , nnd requested that
the grievance he presented by a committee
of its own employes. Mr. Merrill says the
trains arc not now running on schedule time ,
but will be before the end of the week.
Afmlstant Manned' Allen Siys : the Synlcin
IH III Itetter Shape ' 1-111111 i\er. :
D.UT.NTOIIT , In. , Dec. 1 ! ! . [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HII : : . ] Assistant General Man
ager Allen of the Hock Island still liugots
hero , though ho Insists this afternoon that
the strike of the operators is not worth con
sidering for the actual trouble it makes lu
the movement of trains. Tlio sleet and rain
west of hero caused the lilies to work badly
Monday night and today , but It Is claimed
none of this trouble and Iho consentient de
lays in train movements are attributed by
the olllclals to the strike. H is admitted
that some of the now men tire going out , but
the number is stated to ho very small , and it
is claimed thai all places arc promptly tilled.
Mr. Allen is as incredulous as over of all
reports of sympathetic strikes by other
classes of employes. lie says the storm has
made some trouble , hut that otherwise the
system is in better shape than over , and that
It is improving nil the time. Hoi showed a
pile of n down letters today which were
stated to be from strikers who asked rein
Itud Wrcelt In loivn.
DM MOINHS , Ia.iec. lit. It is reported
here thai tlicro was a wreck on the Hock
Island road at some eastern Iowa point this
this evening , in which live persons were
Stretchers and other appliances were sent
e.ast on the ( Iyer tit ! li : i tonight , and it is
said a work train also went east.
Tlio railway olllcors hero are reticent and
tit 1 a. m. the rumors could not bo verilied.
CIIICAIIO , 111. , Dec. 111. The olllcials of the
Hock Island in this city deny the report of
Iho wreck coming from DCS Moincs. Word |
from tlio train dispatcher's ofiieo at Daven '
port is to the effect that all trains are on
\ K Tour Operators Will Not Strike.
CIIICAIIO , 111. , Dee. 13. Chief Hiunsoy of
the striking Hock Island telegraphers , said
today that there would bo no strike on the
Hig Four. It id also definitely settled that
none of the other railroad organisations will
strike , and that the Hock Island operators
will play a lone hand. Chief Hamsey says ,
however , that his men will surely win , and
Manager St. John still insists that there is
no strike of anv kind.
I'JMSOX.II. I'.tlt.lUlt.ll'llS.
F. 0. Simmons of Seward is at the Millard
C , H. Elmendoi'f of Kearney is at the Pax-
John Casey uf Pawnee City is at the Ar
.1. M. Drake , a Louisville merchant , is in
the city.
Hubert A. Smith of Tckamah is at the
Colonel L. M. IJeiinett left forUtieaK Y. ,
Alex H. Vance of Milford is registered at
the Paxton.
.lames ( i. Kruso of Creighton is stopping at
the Arcade.
Otto Bauman of West Point is n guest at
the Murray.
M. .1. Hughes of West Point is a guest at
thu Arcade.
Henry H. Goring of Plattsmouth is a guest
nt the Millard.
Hon. .1. 15. Weston of Beatrice- a guest
at tlio Psxton.
W. A. Johnson of Wood Hivcr Is registered
at the Arcade.
Mrs. Isaac Coo of Nebraska City Is regis
tered at the Murray.
J. H. Hell and wife of Fairhury arc regis
tered at the Millard.
Hon. fioorgo W. 13. Dorsey of Fremont was
in the city yesterday.
Mrs. W. S. Strawn went via the Burlington
to Chicago yesterday.
Mrs. Maria Ourlfoylp , who bus been the
guest of Mrs. Kennedy , 1.72 : ) Jackson street ,
leaves for her homo in Brooklyn today.
Mr. Seth Abbott , father of tlio late Kmma
Abbott , is visiting at the homo of Mrs. M.
II. Dixon , 107 South Seventeenth street.
C. A. Muivh , state secretary of the Young
People's Society of Christian ICmlonvor of
Kearney is registered at the Paxton.
Mrs. W. J. Hnrgoss , wife of the popular
manager of the Fnrnam street theater , has
gone to Chicago on her ' holiday visit with
her parents.
H. J. Kiipatrick of Cambria. W. II. Kit-
Patrick of Newcastle , Wyo. , and C. W. Col
lins of New York , members of HID Ilrm of
Kiipatrick Bros. \ Collins , railroad con
tractors , are In the city , .stopping at the
At the Mercer : F. Kondelo , Wnlioo ; David
S. Murray and A. K. M. Hoigles. Stilt U'lko
City ; H. S. Ladd. Hlsing ; J. K. Misli. Chicago
cage ; S. N. Klmo , Toledo , O. ; J. Yv . Uowo.se ,
Lincoln : T. 10. Palmer , Chicago ; Kdward L.
Hurko , ( Jenoa.
Nnw Yoitic , Doc. 11) ) , [ Special Telegram to
THE Bi'.i ! . ] Omaha : .1. U. Lagear , New
York. F. C. tirablo , Hoffman. Lincoln : N.
S , Harwood , Plaza.
CIIICAOO , 111. , Doe. 13. [ Special Telegram
to Titc IlKB. ] The following Nebraskans are
registered hero today : ( irand Pacille J ,
Francis. Omaha ; II. K. Heed , Lincoln. Pal
mer J. M. Metcalf and-wife , Onmlia. Vie-
loriaS. . Drake , Omaha.
Ignorance of Iho merits of DoWitt's Llttlo
Karly Kisors is a misfortune. These little
pills roguluio the llvnr , euro headache , dys
pepsia , bad breath , constipation and blllous-
Three minor permits , aggregating $ SOO ,
were issued by tlio stiperinteiulcJit ol build
ings yesterday.
The ladies of All Saints church Avlll give n
biilo and luncheon at 111) ) South Fifteenth
street , commencing today. Every ono la
The musical entertainment under tht
auspices of Huly family conference of St ,
Vincent do Paul usaoL-ititlon at Creishtoii
college hall last evening at b o'clock wan en
Jojedbyn largo cr < > v t of people The proceeds -
coeds will be applied to the relief of the
| K > or mid the sick.
George Carlson , for some four years | mt
nil employe of Imnmmml hospital , was tnkrn
lo the county Jail last ui ht by Sheriff Ben
nett on the charge of Insanity. The pris
oner has been acting queerly for some time.
Charles Boll snatched n piece of chewinp
gum from ' -Creole Dlck' < * i > ookol in n Twelfth
street saloon and was hit nver the head with
a iwkcr so hard he fell senseless. Creole
Dick was captured nnd Jailed after a lively
Orion Hopkins , n barber. Is missing. He
worked In South Omaha nml left his hoitie ,
1911 DaveniKirt street , yesterday morning lo
go to his work , but did not show up at his
place of business. The police are looking
for him.
Last night Octavlo Green , colored , who
lives at 1017 Capitol nvoiiue. had a quarrel
with her husband and took a dose of Stram
onium with suicidal intent. She made a tea
of the drug and drank enough to kill a dozen
men A doctor was called and managed to
save the woman's life after n deal of hard
A telegram to the police from Hedlleld ,
In. , states that 13. W. Hartmin. n capitalist
of that city , Is missing. Mr. Harmnn has a
sister , Mrs. Fantiie Thompson. 2IVBJ Parker
street , of this city , but mqult-v utthat place
proved that Mrs. Thompson knexv nothing of
her brother and that she was considerably
worried on account of his disappearance.
Xftir.s or rnsTKiin.tr.
A Ma--nohU'-i'Us syndicate will elect a large
cotton mill at Cleat llairlnuton.
The whNky irii t has declared n dividend of
1'i ' percent , pnynhle .Inniiiiry : ) , IH'.K ' ) .
The annual ineetlliK of the American Sab
bath union has eonnneneetl ill Uilrtico. 111.
The leadlni ! spring inanufncttireri of the
oountrv lime entered Into n gljjantle com
t' . II. Miller of Itlvoi-ldo , Ala. , shot nnd
killed I' . K. l.'orn > t ( > r. Toi-ioMer had attacked
Mi. Miller.
Dr. ( jlhnoie un : killed and three other men
M'flously wounded In a shooting iiiYrny til
Sparta , tin.
( Iconic Koacler and a colored woman , l.ou
Keys , weie found untutored tit the hitter's
home : it Xi-nla , O.
There was sldiped | fiom the pott of New-
York yesterday lo Kniope J'J,75ilOl ) ( ) in gold
nnd & 76U.HOI1 In silver.
Hums Wlncllold , a wealthy farmer , living
near Spi-higHi'ld , ( ) . , ( hopped dead shortly
after piedlclliiK bis own death.
The SI. JnM'ph Lead company of lloiiini
Tone , Mo. , has made a contribution of ndn-
ornl specimens to the Wet Id's fair.
The trial of the OS-supremo olllc-ors of the
Older of Solon for conspliiioy and enibe/ile-
menl him begun at riHsburc , I'll.
Prof. Townsend of the lloston mdversltv de
clares that the t'nltcil Statelu all Its depart
ments , Is dominated by the ( . 'atholli-church.
The foreman of a phosphate mine near JacK-
sonhoro , S. ( ' . . In an alteirtitlon with n number
of his workmen , shot nnd hilled four of them.
Dr. Honrge wis : asphyxiated by coal ns and
C. I' . Pose and Mrs. Mull' arc In n critical con
dition from tlie sainu cause til Sioux Kit I Is ,
S. I ) .
( overnoiI'lower of New York has ap
pointed Susan II. Anthony a member of the
board of trustees at the State Industrial
Captain ( icoi-go N. Woodbrlibro , cashier of
the Savings hunk of Klehinoml , Vi , , bus com
mitted suicide. The CHUM ! of the deed I * un
It I * repot ted in Washington that ex-Secre
tary Itlalne lias been converted lo t'ntholl-
cl-ni and Is now a communicant of lbil :
Deb I'll7.slninions and .llm Mull have met In
Now Vork and signed articles for their lljiht
before the Crescent Ulty Athletic club nt.New
The Marble Cullers National association. In
session nl rit. l.ouls , Alii. , will ask i-onuress lo
Increase the duty on polished marble from Til )
to 15U per eonl.
A negro woman In Kdjzflold county , Soutl
Carolina , killed her babe , cooked II and set veil
It up as roast pl lo a parly of fi lends \\lii
were visiting her.
plndlaiinpolls , Ind. . has already hecnn prepar
ations for entertaining the ( iiand Army of tin
Republic , \vlileh will meet there In national
encampment next year.
I.evi Hartley shot Postmaster .T. Kelser o
Clinton , Mo. , wounding him seriously. Kclsci
married Hartley's divorced wife , which wan
the cause of the shooting.
Pri'sldcnt-i'li'ct Cleveland will take up his
resideni-e In New York- City until ne\t .Inn-
iniry , when ho will remove to l.nkewood , there
to remain until his Inaumiratlon.
Morgan Kush and a 111:111 : named Ilensley at
tempted lo hold up a milling camp In l.eu
( ( unity , Virginia. Both men were wounded In
the alleinpt , but immaei'd lo escape.
Peter Homier , at Slroiidshurg , I'a. , shot and
probably fatally wounded Anna lloyer be-
oausosht- broke their oiijiiifrcincnt to ho mar
ried , lie then blew out his own brains.
An Arkansas irand jury has found three In-
dli'tmcnt.s nsnlnst o.s-Ticasiiror Woodroof of
that state , In connection with the alleged lar
ceny of scrip ! from tin * Mute treasury.
ThulmxKniritcarof the Santa I'o passenger
train riinnln ; ; between Kansas City nnd Chl-
CIIKO left the track between Caniden and
Kloyd , Mo. The liaggauo master was .crloiisly
The Ni > w York Tribune says that Jljjr.
Satolll will be lei-nlled , and that hN recall will
be made at the Instance of American bNhops
who art ; opposed to his Ideas on the school
Colt Johnson , son of A. K. Johnson , the mil
lionaire ship agent of New York , attempted lo
kill his father In Chlcnuo yesteiduv with a
pair of .shears. The men had a dlUk'nity o\er
money matters.
Hy the \plosion of a holler In Swift's lolllni ?
mlllsnt Newport , O. , two teams wt-ro killed ,
Herman Shellleld and Cleor e Iteld mortally
wounded nnd the building damaged to the ex
tent of * l.jMW.
The argument In the Choctnw county , Mon
tana , election case has been llnlsl'cd beloiellie
supreme court ami the case taken under ad
visement , II Is expected that a decision will
be made today.
William Jenkins , cx-prcsldcnt of the Clark
county , Ohio , Hoard of Agriculture , Is at the
point of death from tin * assault of two high
waymen , \\lio robbed him Of $100 and his gold
watch anil escapo'd.
Mrs. Kale Painter bus been arrested by HIM
I'ltlshurg , Pa. , police , charged with having
poisoned her husband. An analysts of the
( lend man's stomach disclosed the presence of
aisenlc In large quantities.
Thomas 0. l.ainar. In resisting arrest , shot
Mayor ChatTce and Chief of Police iiasion
of Langh'V , S. C. , and was himself .shot and
killed by Mayor ChaU'ee. Chief of Police Oas-
ton will ( lie fiom Ills wounds.
Charles Sehocks , John Hooper nnd Richard
DI.Miii , mall thieves of Philadelphia , I'a. ,
have been convicted and bcntcneod lo the
penitentiary fur terms ranging from nine
months lo two 3 ears and six months.
A suit against thn Kcllpse l.uhrlcallngOll
company , glowing out of the late Hood at Oil
City , I'a. , has been begun. A Mr. Koaeli Is
seeking to iccovttr heavy damages for the
death of Ids wife and children , who pci Ished In
theIlic following the Hood , alleging that , in a
great measure , the. ; company was responsible
for the liie.
f I'ourmasked men attempted toiobn Clie a-
peake .t Ohio passenger train near Iliintlng-
ton , Vu. , Tuesday night. They were attacked
by IVIei Prakn ami Oscar Took , bolh of ( 'In
I'luuati. who , with the conductor , succeeded in
driving them from the train. In ( lie light Mr.
Tock was mortally wounded and ha.s since
died. Mr. Drake was shot twice , but not
hurt. _
foreign ,
rritneols Kdounrd Joaohlm Copiio , thu I'r ( inch
peel , Is dangerously 111.
Premier lilbol of Franco has decided tonittko
the Itolscrrln hill a cabinet , Issue.
llnbcar mid llnsinnr 1m vu .signed article.- , for
a skull race on the Thames , la come oil'on
January ill ) ,
Tlit Norwegian hark Arabian was wrecked
off Iho Honduras coast on December 11. Her
crew were nil saved.
The dlll'eront political paitlesof Japan are
now and have been of Into Iho ctuisoof much
disorder In that country.
In u flee light at Melllu , Man. , Arlliiu
Yaugluin , Ids In ot her Harry , and ( Jeorgu
Randall xtcic soiloilaly wounded.
Pilgrims to Home are assured by tliu pope
that they will be protected by the civil author
ities from assault or Interference.
A Turkish torpedo boat , which left Kell on
November 18 , Is Mipposod to have gone down
in ono of the gales ol the last ftwcok.s. .
It Is staled that at thu ne.vt consistory In
beheld In March , Ib'.KI. the pope will rnUi
Mgr. Saner , Mgr. Jacobin and Aivhhtsho )
Corrlgnn tocnidiimU ,
I Ugliest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
oo oo
ito u
Mr. > T. O , Anderson
Of Scoltdnle , r.i.n veteran of the llth Pcnn.
Vols. , says , ns n result ot war service ho
Suffered Every Minute
From liver nnd kidney troubles , catarrh In the
bead , rheumatism and. distress In hH stomach.
livcrylhuiRhentc ncrim-il Ulto Irnil. Sloop
wu restless , and In tlic morning ho seemed
more tiled than when ho went to bed. Ho says :
Hood's SairsaijpairiBBa
and Hood's 1'IIH did mo more cootl than every-
thlno eho put together. All my ilHanreealilo
symptom * liavo pone. " Uo sure lo ict llood'a.
HOOD'8 PlLLS "to tl" > I' " ' attcr-illnnet
pills. They a ! lst illccitloa ami euro hculacho.
reduce your weight without dieting ;
euros the causoB of obesity , such na
dyspopein , rhoumit'sm , norvons-
ncsBcatarrhkidnoy troubles ; keeps
you hoalt'ny , and beautiiles the com
1 I caln write you to say I liuvo lost in
pounds , inn I ; I UK 42 pounds lost lu 10 weeks by
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Very truly yours. UiiAtit.r.s 11. Kisn.
Prof. llAt.K , Chicago University , writes to tlio
CliIctiKo liurulil. sopt. 18 , 1832 :
Corpulent men should tiny some attention
to reduelrrj their wolshtVhon a iiinii Is
troubled with rheumatism , dyspepsia , kidney
t rouble or nui vousnuss thu reducing of vvoielit
Is slower , until the Obesity I'llls htivo cured
thn disease that caused nhuslly. 'I'hu ' pills
soften and beautify the skin of the face.
I inn tit liberty lo eltu a O.-IKO in point. I'tuler
my advice Mr. Armour nsod nn Kdlson Obesity
Hand and .1 bottles of I'llls and lost 21) pounds
In G weeks. Other patients have boon equally
Llont. f ! . A. ScoTTS-Kqvenuo Cuucr Ilnmlln.
writes to the Cprrftspontlencn Dopartmcnt
of the New VorksSirridav World :
Tlirce years ami IS ATol hed , its pounds , but
after uslns : Dr. ICdjVhjCs popular OUoslty I'llls
and Salts 1 reduce tpull' ' . ) pounds and easily
keep at this wel ii ' ,1 saw how much other
correspondents of iyonr Viilunh'o ' papers were
benollttnd nml wi-th(5'\Ju ( \ o the Dr.'s treai
" "
luent n trial.
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1)11. ) i : . C. WKST'S NIIllVK AND llltAIN THK.VT-
mcnt , a Hiorlllufur | Hyutprln , Dlz lncdi , Kits , NVu-
ulKln , llea'laehi ! , Xorvoin I'rCHtrutlon caiiHOil by
liquor or lub'icoo. wukofuliiPhs. Meatnl lltipri'Hnlon ,
h'eftiii.'ss of tlin Brain , e.-uialiit ; Insinlly. ml ur ; . iln-
rnr , ilottth , I'rcuiiifiri'Oll . lliirroanciJ , 1,091 of
1'invur In < 'ltlior ox , Imputi'iicy. Ijoacorrluunanil nil
Koamlu VVuaknufSL'tt. Invuliinlary LOJSCS , Hpu'riaa-
lurrliKiicniiwil by oror-c'u'rtlnn of tliu lir.iln. A
inonth'H ireiitiiu'iit SI ; II furf.'i ; by mall.Vu Ktmr-
anteoil lio\c' to uuri' . Kneh onlcr lorli IIOXPI wltli
13vlll neml wrltli'ii uuuriintco iii rufimd If not miruil.
( iiinrftntou IHSIIOI ) umy Ity ' 1'heuiloro K. I.ut\lH , ilrtiK-
Rlit.nnloavenl , * outhcin : cuinur ICtli anil Kuril am
street * , umulia.
If you have
rreoklos Is next
your faeo Is to
Dirty. Godliness.
How to Oi'i'e ' Freckles
IN i
filneo llm lisulniiliiiru.f7livworlil ; preity furoi Iniva
lecn > | iullod with frufkieJ'iina ' tlin mutt liuHuilfii
cumiiluxluiishlililtMiuiibf * Ao < onn-Uhtly I '
Ooto ynurdrtlKKltt on Mondnjr unj irot holllo of
In Free-kin , take. It lininu ami apply ItuccorJInz tu
UlrwIlun'Oi' 'ondO'Tiii'mlsf ' nmf WeJiio-dujr , iiml
on Buiulur you will not Inmtu rruc'.lu. Viiurcmn.
iili'ilun will tu us jiBrlect u wUen it lltllu b.iUTliU
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Mme. M. Yale's Temple of Beauty
146 Stale SI. , I' . 8.-.Send
for At M K-
Chicago 111. 1 . '
, YAI.K'd T&I
Hook Kroo.
To the owners of the lot * , pi rt < of lot * nnd rent
oMnto nliuttlnKonor niljnrnnllo the sirents ,
nllejrsor avenues herein tintnuil or smi.itcd
In whole or In pirt within nny of iho ills-
trlBtilt oriiln spcellledi
Yo.i nn d OHCh of you , rtre horohy notlflo.1
lint thn el tv council of the city of Uninlin will
ill us n Ito.-ud of l' < | iullrAtlon. at the otlleo of
the cltv cler ; . In the city hull , Oiiinhn , Net ) . ,
on I'rliliiy , the lath diy : of December , ity ; .
from I ) o'clock n , in. to ( i o'eloek t > . m. , for Hie
purpose of eonslttcrln ; ? nnd ciiualmmt thn pro
posed levy of special t-i\cs nnd iisioiincnli
ns shown by "Proposed Plans of AsspMincnl"
now on Illo in the dtllco of said elty cieik , nnd
corriH'tlnK any errors tlieielrr. tinifof hearing
nil eoniiiliilnts that the owners of property so
to bo assessed and ted may make ; tald
special taxes and assessments proposed tobu
lovlod belna necessary lo oovor Iho test of the
ftovornl Improvrnmnu duly iMithorlrud tdbo
maiionnd now eotnplutod , us follows :
To eover the cost of itnmaKes for cradlnit
Twonty-Hoeoml stroot. from Clark street to
NU'linlns street , amount.nir to tun sum of
* r.'l. ( ( > , which snld mini II N proposed bv n re-
pott duly ndoptod by the elty council. to.s- :
sess pro rntn on Ibo real eslnte onbothvldes
of Twenty-second ilroel from ' lark stteiH lo
Nleholnsstrcet. neeor.llnjMo the nsnal scaling
bnel ( process to thudcnth of 1IJ feet from the
slri'ol. Kate per fool , tj.ti.iviv
To cover theiost of e rail In f Ohio street from
Twcnly-suiond Htreet to thu oist line of
Henlse's addition , iimonntin to the sum of
JiliUO. which s.tld sum it N proposed by a re
port duly adopted by the elty council , tons ,
sens ( in tile re il entitle on liolh sides of Ohio
sircul , from Tncnlv-secom ! slreet to the e.i"t
line of Dciilsi.'s . .iiMllluii pro ruin aecordlns lo
fool frontage and the usn il scallm : biieU pro-
ce > s In dentil to the llrsl alley Kale per foot ,
$0 nui ,
To cover Ihn eon of cradln ; Mneteenlh
t-treot from Mason street to I'lerce stieel In
District No. I ! ' , iimonntin to the Hum of
fil | . " > . ' )7 which said SHIM It I proposed by u re
port ( Inly adopted by Iho elty couneil , to
ns oss on thn rent cst-ito on hgth sdesof
Nlnuteenth streol from Muion street lo Pierce
street , according to foot fiontnite , In depth lethe
the llrsl nllev : is per usu il sealing : baek pro
cess. Kate per foot , * J tT7il. ) :
To eover the cost ot Kradluj Donislns street
from I'nrtv-fonrth sire-el to r'orty-ulziiih
street , in ur.idlnt ; illstrlet No. il ! ' , ainonntlim
to thu sum of $ i..su.ii : , which said sum It. K
proposed by : i inport duly ndopteil by the elly
council , to assess pro rata ticcnrdlm ; to foot
frontline ; on the real estate , on e.ieh shloof
Dotmhis slreet from Porty-fonrth Htrcel. to
Forty-olKlilh street , according lo lliu usual
MMillin : bnek process to thu center of bloc ! ; .
Unto per foot , ifiUlUHS.
To cover the eostof grading Capitol nvuniio
from 4' > th street. t > > Hell I.llm railway In grad
ing nlstrlul No. Kl , iiinountliij to the sum of
Sl.iirj.7-1. which snld sum It Is proposed by a re
port duly ndnpted bv the elty council , to as-
seas pro ratn according to foot frontage on the
real estate on O'ich sldo of Capitol uvonno
from 4-th * stieet to Itelt Line rnllwny accordIng -
Ing to the usual seallnu process to the lirsi al
loy. Halo per foot , $ UH7.ltt.
I'o cover tliu one-liilf ; co t of gradlnz Mason
street from IBth slieot lo''Uth NUCOI , amount
ing to the sum of * .I(1.8'J. ! ( which said sum It Is
proposed , by n report duly ndoplcd by the
city council , lo assess on thn real estate on
each stdo of Mason streut from IStli stieet to
20th street tno ratn according to foot frontage
nnd the usniiLscnllng back mocoss tu the ecu-
er of the block. Itato per fool , $ t.'J&Si : .
To cover thu one-half cost of grading -'d
street from I'opplolon avi-nno to south Una of
lax lot ; ii. ( section ' 'i. ' amounting lo thu sum of
$ J4li : ? , which said sum It Is proposed , by a re
port duly adopted by thuclt.v connuil , to as
sess uro r'ltu according lo foot frontage , on
iho leal estate on e.ieh sldeof ' . ' 'd street from
I'opploton iivenno to south line of tax lot 'M.
according to the usual scaling back process in
depth _ iu ; foot from street , , Iatu per foot ,
To cover the one-half cot of irriidln : 'J2d
streol from Locust street to Spencer street ,
amounting to the NIMH of KfflMi.1 , which s.tld
sum It Is proposed , hy a report duty adopted
by iho city council , lo assess on lliu real es
tate on Oiii'h sklo of ' . " 'd from Locust sireut to
Spencer street , aucordlnu lo thonsnul sciilliiB
back process in depth us follows : On the west
sldo to Iho alley ! on Iho east slilu to the ecu-
tor of b'ock. Ituto per foot. $ ) . "iI" ! : ; .
To eover llm cost of Kradlnn Dnpont stieet
nnd Caslollar street , from east line of Dnpont
I'lnce to west line of Dnpont I'luee In Kr.titlnK
dlstrici Not. 4'i HMCI Jll , aniountiiii : to tliu sum
of J.T > 7(1.J1. ( : which said sum Ills proposed by a
rupert only adopted bv tbo elty council to
assess , pro rnta nccordliiE to foot frontuKe. on
the real estate on each sldo of ( Jablullar and
Dnpont sticets In Dnpont I'litee , nccorJIns ; to
the usual scallni ; buck process in depth to the
tlrst alley. ICato per loot , io.Tirui.
To cover the cost of KradliiR Arnus avcinio
from Sherman avenue to Oj feel eastof the
alley butwcen 10th and llth streets , anioiinl-
) ns lo Iho sum of .TKLl.V which said sum it Is
proposed hy a report duly adopted by thu city
council to assess pro rat.i.on caehsldoof Ames
a von no from Sherman nvcnnu tod'J fcutenstof
alloy between mill and llth streets , according
to foot frontline and thu usual nculln back
process , In depth from Hald btrcet 1JO feot.
Kale pur foot. . ) . ( M."il7.
To i-ovur the coM. ot cr.idln alley In block II ,
Campbell's addition. In Kradlni ; district No.
M ) , amounting to iho hum of Ifill , which .sum II
is proposed by a report duly adoptud hy tliu
city council to assess on the. roitl estr.tu on
each sldo of said alluy pro ratu. neeordinx lo
foul frontage and thu usual bc.illn back pro
cess. In depth to dupth of lot , Kate pur foot ,
To cover lliu cost ot pradlnK Iho alluy In Dn
pont 1'lncu between Dnpmit nnd Castellar
streuls. fi-oin SOtli hlrrel to iho west line tf
Di.pont Place , amounting 10 tliu sum of JI.VJ It ,
which sum II Is proposu by u report duly
adopted by the oily council to iissusson tlio
rual iflalo on both sides of sal alluy pie r.iti : ,
according lo foot frontage ami the usual seal-
In haul ; proccs > > , In duptli one lot. Kuto pur
loot.i ) . : : ! ! * ; ! ,
To uover the one-half eostof Rradlni : Ihn
alley in bloel. in. Konnl/u's 4th supplementary
addition , amounting lo Iho sum of U.'t/r. ,
which sum It Is uroposod by n report duly
adopted by the city council to assess pro rnta.
on lliu real estate on each side of said al'uy ' In
block 10 , Koiint/.u'd lib supplementary addi
tion , as pel fool frontnxo and thu usual sual-
ini ; hack process In depth onu lot Katu pur
foot , S..OSJ'i
To eover the ono-half eostof sradlnj ; Hamil
ton B tree I from 4'ilh ulrect to the Hult Line
railway , uinountlii to the sum of Sl.i sm ,
which said sum It is proposed by a rupert duly
adopted by the elly counull to assess on thu
rual estate on uaeh slilu of Hamilton street
from 45lli street , to the Itelt Line railway pro
rata , 119 ] > ur foot froiilaKU. nceordltiK to iho
usual saalinz bade jiroeess. In depth to iho
llrst alloy. Hutu per font. Sl.Oi'il' ' ) .
To cover Iho co l of L radium alloy : 'n block 4
Campbell's addition , hulnir thOBonth ulley In
halu block , amonntlm : lo the sum of } llii.r > : i.
which said sum It Is proposed hy u report duly
udoptml bytlio ulty council tonssusson tno
real estate on both sides of uaid alley pro
r.itc , us per fool troutafre nnd according lo tli-
usual scaling baek nnieess , In dcitli | from
alley on himth sldu lo llancroft bticol , on
norih sldu lo iho duplh uf uvo lots. Kaiu per
fool , * ' ) . lIBSs.
To cover the iinu-hulf cost of u'railln lliu
al.uy In block 1 , KonnUe's 4tli udditlon ,
amonnllni : to Iho sum of f-.Vl i c. wiiluh snld
sum it Is proposed by a report duly adoplud
by thu city council lo assess piorataun the
ualiHlii lu on both sidus of H.I Id alluy , as per
oot ( ron luce , to lliu dupth of onu U't. au oril-
1m' lo thu usual scaling baek nroec.ss. Itato
per foot. W.41M1.
To cover lliu cost cf cr.idlin ; i4tli street from
I'liriiain utrvel to DotUc street , amonnllni ; to
plio Kiimof ir4.UI , which said sum It Is pro-
eoscd by a report duly adopted l.y thu ulty
Council loasaesH on t lie real estate on lioili
shies of Illlh btre.ul from Do.liru biiuut to Kar-
iiaiii stieet pro rata , as per font fronla u anil
thu nsii.il scalliij : back proems. In duiith to
the center of block. Itatu pur foci , t' ' ' _ ' ! HI.I ,
To covur Iho cost of | iavliu and eurbliu In
strout Impioviin.unldlstrlut. No , 4 IS. comprla
i\X \ Uard blreul fiomlsth slruel loi'id stiuitt.
amoiinlln-1 to the sum of MU,4SI.O < , which mild
urn. It Is proposed , by a rop'irl. duly udoptud
by lliu oily council lo assus pro rata , accordIng -
Ing to fool frontline on Ibo real ustato on notii
Klitus of l/'int streul from Ibth uireul lo .lid
Klruct. In depth ID center of bloui * . according
to thu Usual be.uluu baeU process. Itaiu pur
To cover the cost of paving arid ourhtni : lllth
btreet from tliu houih line of Ur.ico Blieet to
north line 1'addouk place. In streut Improve
ment district No.- . aino.iinlliiK to the Mini of
Tlu.VJ.Vvii. which hiilil sum , .1 Is proposed , by u
ruporl duly adnpoil hy Iho elly council , to as
sess on llie real estate on each sldo of lilth
stieet from ( iracoulreul tontrtli line of Tad
doun plncu , pie rata aeeordintf to foot fronl-
nuti and thu usual scaliiii : haul ; procuss I-
depth thu dlntanco of onu lot. Itatu pur foot ,
f.VtiCOJ. Thu cost of pavlnj : and curbliu' pri
vate approach 10 bonsso scd to thuiuul eatatu
for which ills la Id.
To covur thu cost of paving and cnrb'ns
Hhurrnan aveiuu ) lo a point : uii feu' , noith of
Iho eonturof Heollon II In Htreel Improvumont
dutrlct No. 40U , nmountliiK to thuHiirn of $ IU-
lld * . ' . ) . ' ) , which sum. Il i piutxmed , by u report
duly adopted by thu city council. 10 asso = < on
thu properly on both sides of sliniinan ave
nue in mud dlslrlu' . pie rata according to loot
fronlauii undthu usual kualliiK hack process In
dcp h lif'fcol. 1'ruvldud. 1'hat that part of
tux 'ot ' 'Jl i/ms butwoun Omaha Holt railway
; : of way and Commercial Htreel shall ho
assespod for a fronlu o of liufcut , italo pur
foot. * i.fd'J.V )
Tu roMii thu cost of iiivliiK : and eiiibliiK of
street improvement district No. : & . ClmrloH
btruot from Thlrty-ul/hlii streut lo Kurtlutli
slreelaiiiUiiiitlnz to the sum of i".I-.1U. - wlnlu
bald hum it U propo.sud hy a lupoit duly
niluplcd hy iho city uonnull lo IIKBCSH tire rala
on Iho ro.il est.ilo on both nidus of Uharluii
street from Thirlv-eli-'hth bticitl to Koitluth
hi reel , in dupth lo llrst alley or center on
block , according to thu nsuuf bcalhiK buck
process. Itato pur foot. fJ , rj. " > .
To eover thu eoilof puvniK and curhliu
Mlclilicnn ittuot from Twenty-third slreet to
Tweniy-fmirth hlrcol in btrcet liiiururomiiiit
dlblrlct No. 4II > . amounting to tlio mini of
ilICS.U4 , which nild : sum It is proposed by u ru
porl duly aduptod hy thu oily council to as-
beds on lliu ru.il estatuon botn hhius uf Mlohl-
Kan btreot from Twuntv-thlrd street to
Twenty-fourth bireel , pro rata accordim : to
foot frontuge , und thu usual kcollni buck pro-
eiiis In driith to center of block. Katu per
fool , JAW. ' ' ! The cost of prlvutu approach to
the roul estate for which II U laid.
To cover ihocoti ot uuvluu auJ curbing
( Minrninn nvpiuip trotn n polnt.Wfpot north of I
tluicpiitcrof sootlou ; i n-l | , to drancl nVfiuiu i
In ( itrpot linprovpinrnt OU'rlPt No. 411 ,
ainouiillni to ll.oMiinnf II7..HJ.70. which said
mm It l < proposed by n report duly adopted
by tlipvltvi'ounril , to IH C OM Ihn propprty
onn ich sldeof Miermaii uveiiuc from n point
,1 tl f cot north of I ho center of inot Ion . to Urnnil
avptiup. , pro rMa. according lo thu font front-
ftKtv In depth from Sliormnii avenue IIU feet ,
us per theo iitil scullng buck process lUte
ppr fool , } ! . .
, ! ' . ' rovi'r " 'f COM of pnviii : nml citrtilr.it
7nlrlr-sivonil strcot. from tlic north line of
1. lli'lld Plaio to Woolworth nvonuo In Mri ot
Irnprovcmotit district No. ITI , amounting to
thesntiiof fl.4Rtu.iT. wli'cli S'lld HUIII It l < pro
pose , ! , by a report duly iidopted by tbp pity
couni'll. to nmnm on the protiorty on oncli
run of I bitty-second slrcpt , fnvn north line
of l-.nolld I'l-ice to Woolworth aV'iiue , nrcord-
Ing to f < mt froutaite. and the usn.il m-ilttu
back propp H Ir drpth t > i tltsl allt'V or conler
of bock. ! liitc per foot , jl 7lll ! : tbo cost of
private nppr.uchiM to boasscsiod lo the property -
erty for which made.
' 1 eover the cost of paving an I curbing
California street from 1'ln tiect to tnthstieet
In streut Improvpinenldlstrlct No 114. amountIng -
Ing lo the sum of K'r.i.ni , whli li s i d sum II U
linipoietl by u rop.irt duly adopted by the cltv
council to ns4ps < on the ro n estate on each
s dn of I'nllfornl i street from l.lthslroct to itith
street pr.i rnta. accordlns to foot frontage ami
thn usual o.illtu back pntornv In depn to
the tlrst alley as tier ns'ial so.illiu b.icl , pro-
i-cs * . Kuto per foot , < ; , : , \ ; tim private road
wav , amoutillii'i tu the sum uf Jill ) . ' , to bo asses -
sos od totliernil ostalo 'idjo'nlng. '
In eover the po t of P'lvlng and curbing
Sewnrd street from V4t list reel to ' 'Mb street tu
street Inipiovo'iient distnei No. 4.1 , ' . s td pav-
1ng amounting tu the sum of Jl. I .V.'l nnd Mm
eurhlng to thn sum of ill H7. which s iln UIIIM
II Is proposed by a reuort duly iidnplod toy the
oily council to assess us follow * :
' 1 lie post of curblti't to too nx.esvd to lotil ,
black G , Hlilntl s addlllo-i.
Thu ousl of ) ) : ivln. private appro.ieh ,
amounting to lliu sum of Jjl.41 , ' , to bo ase setl
to lot I , blocs 0. Shlnn's addition.
I he balance of the cost of paving. amountIng -
Ing to the sum of * l'ks.7ii | , to be assessed on the
teal estate on both sides of Suward strei't from
L'lth street lo ' 'ith sliet'l pro rata per foot
frontugu and In depth from stieet to llr.st.
alley , at-eonllng to the usual sc.illng back ino-
cess. lialo per foot. Jl ti'.l i" ,
To cover the cosi of pivlnj and eurbluc of
" .led streut from Cumlng struct to north line
of Michigan streol in street liiiproi-emont dis
trict No. 4 in. amounting to the sum of $ . ' < I 'J.U7 ,
which s iid sum It is proposed hy a roncn duly
adoplpd by the city couni'll to assess as fol
lows ;
The amount of $ > 0,1 , > to bo assessed on lot 7 ,
block liM'i ' , for paving and ctirPlng approach.
I'hu balance uf M.iril.tr. , to bo assessed on the
real estate on both sides of ! d slreet from
( 'timing street lo tbo north side of Mlchl.'iin
street , according to foot frontage , In derth
lo the ( 'enter of block , according to the usual
illng haul , process. Katu per foot. $ I.O.Vi.
Tocovcrlho cost of paving and curbing
( iraco street from the east line of the C. , St.
P. , M. .t Ci. Ity right of way tocast llnu of Pad
dock place. In streol improvement district No.
: < 7i ; , amounting to thn sum of RliK.V. . which
said sum. It is proposed , Ly a report duly
adopted hy ihu city council , to ns-ess on the
real ustate on each sl'lu of lir.iuu stiout from
the said right of wav to iho o isl line of Pad
dock plnuc , pro rata as pur foot frjut me and
the usual Huallng baeli process In duplh IJ.
feet. Hate pur foot , fii.l-.M.
To cover tlio cost of p.iving and curblns Olli
street from I'lercu street to Hickory slrcol. In
slreet Improvument district. No. 4'J'I , amount
ing to the sum of 31. > .ni.iiT. : ) which said sum. II
Is proposed , by a report : duly adopted uy thu
elly council , lo ns < css as follows : Tlio cost of
private approach , amounting to the sum of
in.s : ; , to hu assossu.l to thu rual estate for
which constructed.
The balance of said cost to bo assessed
prorala on the leal estate on both sides of
said street , according lo the footfrontago and
the usual sealing bncu process to the depth of
said district as ere ilod : tint strips from tiar-
rowhiL- the streets In said district not consid
ered In calcinating thu frontage. Hate per
foot , JUI-tHKj.
To cover tl'o cost of pavlni and curDIng
C'ass street from 'J.'d street tolib struct , lu
.street Imiirovcnumt district No. 4.W. umount-
Ing to tlio sum of f.VJtU.lii. which said sum.lt
Is propLsod , by a report duly adopted by thu
city council , to ussus pro rata per foot front-
aguaud the usual scaling burl ; proeuss In
dupth to the tlrst alloy. Kate nor foot , j ; > Sr | : ' .
To cover the cost of paving and cnrblngof
Cass street from e-ist tine of Twenty-fourth
street to west llnu of Twenty-fourth Hired In
struct Improvement district No. 4.VJ , amount
ing 10 the sum of il.V > . , l' > . whleli said sum II is
proposed by a report duly adopted by the elly
council , to assess on lot 7 , block Melly. .
To covur thucost of constructing a sewer lu
sewer ilisu let. No. 1'iH. umouutiiiK to the sum
of il.iJ.KUi. which aald sum It Is proposed hy u
report duly adopted hy me city council , to as
sess pro rata aucordlu. to foot fronlagoon Iho
real estate fronting on said sewer , corner lots
hn vng : a sewer on two sides to bo assessed Tor
Iho longer sldo only. K.uu p'jr ' foot , $ ) .H < 17 .
To cover thu cost oT const rm't ing a sewer In
sewer district No. llV ) , amouullng to thusuai
of JI.7IT.M , wh.ch .said sum II Is proposed hy a
rupert duly adopted by the city council to as
sess pro rat lion the real ust ito .idjolnlng said
sewer accor ling to the fool fr.ml'igu. and tlio
usual M.villir. hack process In depth to the
iHiundarlos of said district as created.
Hutu pur foot , SJKTOIIL
To cover the cost of constructing a sewer In
smver district Nn. IBI , amounting lo iho sum
nfH.-NJE. ' . which said sum IL Is proposed hy a
icportdulv adopted by the oily council , tons-
sess pro rata on the foot frontage and Iho
usual sealing back proooss in depth to the
boundary lines of said disirlcl as created.
Kaio per foot , ifl.i : l > .
To cover the. cost of constructing a sewer in
sovorcllstiletN'o. l.Vi , amountliuto thosum of
W-lt-Uli. ; which said sum It Is proposed by a
rupert duly adopted by the elly council tons-
suss pro rata uccor.llng to foot frontage and
the usual scaling back process to tlio dupth of
onu hit on rcjvl uit-ito In siid district :
Provided , That on corner lots having a
soweron two shU s they shall ho ussssscd lor
the long side only.
Certain triangular lots are asosud for iho
one-half of front ago. KaU- per fool , fi.u.'c'i ; .
Tax lot ii : assessed for i'.M.ll. ' "nd tax lot M
nssoasuil for f.VJ ( il.
To cover the cost of coastriictlug connec
tions tosewurs lu stieellmprovumenKllstilcts
Nos. 1H > , 4ni. J - ' : ! . 4ili. : 1.17 , and 4 U. done under
contra ! with John K. D.ik-y. amounting to Iho
sum of SSKi. , > l , which II is i.roposed by .1 report
dn'y aioilcd | hy the city cohnell to as-ess Iho
cost of each sepa rite connection to Iho lot or
part of lot or real esialu 10 which Midi con-
neutlou Is made , as follows :
t . Imp.
Dist. Amount.
SGIt.-7hlk lt > 7i ! city ft7 10
" s41 ftof IttiUlk 157ii ' 17 U
" It lOljlk IS74 " 1H o : .
< lfllt I bile I'.UVi ' " T ( it )
4 0 in. ulk Ill-Mi " IMK ! )
410n ! iof lirililk llti'i ' " 1HII" >
42aslutiftof itj bill ' - ' ( " IS 7 : >
" it 1 hlk I Crodlt I'onuler IC > 7."i
1 It. blk I " IS 7.'i
" | t.4blKl.'i " IS 7,1
' It 4 blkS ! " HI " >
it : , blk 23 " Hi" .
Itshlki7 : " ii : {
' It 4 hlk : w " 13T.
' It . - . hlk 'IS " PJT/1
" tax lot II (5 ( con ) " I'll ' ( ill
4-'Jlo ( ii of Itablk P Camplicll'tisub II II )
' 1141.1k P " 11 HI
ltd blk P . " MM
o' , of It ! ) blk 4 P.irkor'.s addition 11 HI
w 4 : . ft of It IU blk I : 11 )
Ii7nik : . " U si
itotolkr. 11 HI
uiiof hSblkli " ll'iil
' w Vi of It 8 bllt 0 II VO
" o " , of II : iblk7 " 11 Kl
ol , of It I bin 7 " II HI
o ijof H4 bin d " II U
it : i ink ( i iun :
o'/f nt.4 blk a 11 10
It.-itoll , 11 " II M
' lt7l > lKU " U I"
" Ht blk U Slilnn'd'Jnd aildltlou II Kl
u % of It f toll ; 1 " II in
it u bile I " U I"
iiW it" lnlco fatrluklamVs sub II HI
It rib kO " II 8J
ItunlkO " 11 W )
it 1.1 hi | < O " II Ml
4H7 ltd h ! I ; 1 Klilnn'i udJIlioii HJ
lillblkii " i-'l i
it 5lHti ) " 1:1 : i
ii'.i : It , lu Jooslon's sub K . ' 7
li 'J Prnyn'H.snb 1'J r > 7
JU4 " 13 fi7
HShlkA fclilnii'saclUHlon 1414
HIIblkA " K [ fi7
It r. blk A " 1- ' ?
" Hf.blkA " 11i ! !
" i4 i of UDlJlk B " 1i"
ith bik 10 janj
wjjof itsu'.kii n w
n ! . ' , of It S blk II l'Jf'7
UN blk 13 " U Jh
" It 5 blk 13 " IS 57
HOblU 13 " Ij ! 57
ii : > si
Tocovor the cost of connniollirjcpmiocl Ions
to HU we I'M In stroat Improvomoiil dlstriots Nus.
'JhO , 4U'I. Ill , 44i. : 144 , Ji ) , 4.11 , J.iH.lik ) , ( ill , 407 and
4rlln thocltyof Uniaha.amonnllng tothusuin
off l.iliVl ) , whluh said Hum Ills proposed by a
lopnrt duly adopied by the ulty eouncll to ns-
spison tlio lot. part of lot or real idlatu to
which conneoll.ii.s are rnaUo , UH pur tliu ful-
( nvin ; , ' lUt : u
It Milk ( M 4(1 (
'tof a sii ft of It Iblkll .t II
ti'iof Itilblk It 7 ID
n'jof Kablk It n 13
' ItMllKlt n u
' It < blk II .1 u
' It 1.1 blk 13 "I , M
" It II blk i'J ' SIs
Itn blk 13 vi :
" It I blk t s ith addition ' . '
' U IS blk I
" tax lot : n
11 tnxloin-i : t ; w
" tax loll ! ) 4(1 ( 7:1 :
4' . ' ) III blk m Oily II MS
112 blk WJ 14 "t
411 111 ? Offtilou Park 15 lt
It Kl 1:1 or.
' It III is m
1120 177-J
" IISI lr. I r.
' IIS ! ir , in
' 1121 15 in
ll-.M IS t > 1
IS l > !
" It f.1 hlk I Jerome I'.uk III SI
" It I'lblk t 111 81
" U 11 blk 1 in Ht
' It I blk'J 17 , J
" 11-.Milks li 7J
" Hit blk 2 17 7J
" It 4 blk U 17 72
itr. bik'J 17 r.J
' 111 blk 4 " Ivllby Place 15 till
R2blk I IS Oil
" II4 blk I IS I'll
" llThlK 4 IS IM
' it 8 b U I IS 0 ! )
" IIIIhlk I IS 01
' Itlflblhl in st
111 It I King's addition 20 IM
II vo 21 Ml
; It Hill ; I liu Voti : place 2S 4t :
V.S 4 I
' It 'I hlk l 2S 4't
1H blk
' ' I J8 4 'I
sti r > 2
27 41
' 114 Mono At llrunner I'laeo 22 .V !
2. SI
itn 22 51
21 M
" 21 tvl
HID ' , ' (1 ( M
' II I hlk B IMPitlulou I'.irk VI f.tt
" -
It-.Milk 8 BJ W
" " It II blk 8 ffil fil )
Itflblks 23 M
" Itn blk S 8,1 M
' Its blk s 21 fvS
lti > hlk d
21 W
' H S hlk U 2i IP.1
" It.'lhlk I ) 20 1TJ
' U l till ! ll 20 n- >
' It fi hikil 20 IK
It R hlk | i 20 C.2
" It 2 blk I ! ) ' . ' ) 02
' It 'I blk m to IM
' It 4 blk ID 21 5ti
It A hlk II ) 20 ttl
It ( I hlk 111 20 tW
; ; it i hlk 23 I'S 43
Itii Js M 13
blk 28 43
" It 4 blk 23 2.1 TO
" Hit blk a I'nrk plnco 21 Kl
it niiika 21 Kl
It I''blk I 20 fit
li labik i 20 fll
no blk a Shnrwood Park 21 M
" lt.IT ; ytuwart I'laeo 2J 0) )
2J I1J
) 22 fil
it it 22 fil
' it 4:1 : 21 . ' .2
Hit as ro
ii r , as s
lav lot I
" tuv lot III 20 C.2
" lax lot UJ 20 ' )
41111(1 ' ( Washington Stiuarc jr , 2'i
It 7 ir > anIS
" It ! ) IS 2i (
HID IS 2.1 .
Hit V art
" HM ! ti 20
" It 21 l.-l ' - ( >
H2J ir. 20
" It SI IS 2rt
" -
H-JI ] 5 23
1127 is ad
" It 1.8 15 2i
I'rt ' ) It II < f Clark's adilltlnn ID dl
HI2 in ni
" 11 I Jacob's addition in i
" HU 10 ns
4JIII 8 Axforil's addiilon r. si
" " Hill I'rnyn'ssiin r. sa
II 111 ranlscu's addition ( i 82
" or. : ' ft of it n 5 h'i
" wir.Kofitii r , h1 !
" 11 12 ( i S2
" It III 5 82
" Itll n si
" It'-I ( r. 8i
" 1121 r. w
" 1121 r. ta
43j It blk Tl llanscom I'lacu 17 11
It7blkii ; 17 It
" It .s hlk III 17 U
" It ! ) bik n 17 11
" It 111 blk 1" 17 11
" Hit blk ia 17 U
" It 12 blk II 17 H
" It , III blk II 17 11
" HIS blk II 17 11
" H21 blk II 17 111
4fintri : bik - & Oiry M ( l t
It I bll ; i ( /rod 11 I'onclor 2 ( ! 2
401 It 5 blk SIS Ulty 1(1 ( 78
" It ( Milk 2411 20 Oil
" It 7 blk 211 20 till
" It 8 hlk 211 2(1 ( fi'l
" It. lblk2W ( "
" lt2blk2iW
" H.-lblkL'W 3257
IfiT 117 blk III ( i OS
' MSblkia 7 DO
4" ! It.a blk 17.'l lf ) > 7
" It4 blk I7a 9 fii (
" Itr. blk 17.1 II ! > ' )
Total . 53.010 51)
To cover the cost of damacus for chance of
crade. bolnu a Judgement In favor of Sclup-
poret , Clark and Cluhnniu for change of Krudo
of Kiihteoiiili ; streut trtni I. " iveinsorth street
to 4.10 feet south of Mason stroiit , Hiimuntlui ;
lo thnsum of f.L'll.il : : , which said sum II Is pro
posed , by a report. uiiiv adopted hv the elly
council , to iihsuss on the real estate on both
sides of IJu'liteeiith slreol. from l.oavenworlb
slreet lo tliu railway rlilu. of iy. prorala as
per foot fronlase. and thu usual scalini ; back
pio-iss in depth to the Hist al.ev Kilo nor
foot. $ o.7jrur.
To covur tlio eostof damnj'i's awarded for
tlio opunlir. ' of 'i'wunly-sixlh ttieel from lliu
north line of Nelpon' * loidltlon tol'aldwoll '
strcul , amonutlnz lot be sum of illi , I2H. , ' . , which
said hum It Is proposed l.y a report duly
adopted bv the city council , to nssi'.ssou both
sides of 'I'ufinly-slxth street , from turning
streut to Howard struct , IIH follows :
I'rom I'umln J slicul to north line Nelson's
addition J4,4'.S ) . at the raloof i.MI per front
foot ,
On lots 2 to 0 Inclusive. In Joi-sti'its' ' sub ,
$2 7.18 , attho ratoof2.44 pur front foot
I'rom C ildwell to Hamilton st reels , Sl.vj.OO , at
the r.uo of U ) uiints per fnmt foot
I'rom Hamilton lo Ch.irius stmuls , flOi.OO , at
the r.ilo of sn cents per from foot
l' ° rom I'b irles to Reward streets. . ! " > 700 , at
the rate of 70 eonlo per front fool.
On lot No. I , .Inuolen's sub. * ! ) ! S' .
On lot , : ! , block Shlnn's addition. sTMUO.
TJioahovi-'issussmeiillndcpib from Tnonly-
sl.vlh slrunt lo i lieu lit anee of one lot on'y '
'I'n cover the eo'tof const met im ; purmanunt
sidewalks hv I'ord.V llusu , ainouiitliiK to tin )
.sum of f ; , ! ) : i..2'i ' , vvhlun s ihl sura It Is propose I
bv a report , duly adopted bv the citv coumill ,
to assess on Iho following real e , litu , , alotlX
which said wains aru laid :
Iolfiblock7i City fr8" > 2 8(1 (
Lot fi block 7-J ' 21111 HI
I.nt7blocl , 7J " IliiK'l
lot Ibloi'KS ! ) " r.7 | C4
Lot J ! block IX ) ' till 17
Lot I block ! ) ) ' 2)7 ) M
Lot ttblooit'-'DI'.j ' " 22)i : >
.Lot S hloolc : i'l " IIS 47
Total . $ . 'J'2 ! 2(1 (
To novel * Iho co-it and li s ieei on f laying
piirfli.iui'ii' ' ' stone walks hy .1. W I uriliHA :
b'ons , amonntliitf to ilut sum of t ! . " > ' "V , whli.'h
said sum It Is propoiud l.y . a roporl duly
adopted hv tlini'ity I'liiinull , lo , i soss on the
real ustato aloiii , ' v.hlch ualti walks un > la d , as
l.oi : i. blouk 'J'll , nity J ! M'I ' 7
lllirh school grounds , butwocn ' .HIMI : il I
: "Jil anil I'o.l ' j and Davunporl slit - ' "il7 - ! )
Tot , . . . . . ( . . . T 'I 1y I
To covur thu eosl of slonu ntdert.ul , t lal'l bv
.1. W. l''uruiis , V'on , anionutliu' In Hie sum of
trH..K. , which said sum It IN proposed I y a re
port duly udoiitnd hy ( lie ulty -n to nn > im
on thu hits or purls of lols ii 'l1i" ; > .iil t-i Iho
walk laid , to-witi
1 , 1 7 bile ( li Cltv 1111.1) )
Total fJti'J KV
You am further notified that said "Proposed
Plans uf A'SesMiii'in. " am now subje-t to thu
Inspection and uMimlnatlon uf anv of tneowo-
i'lt < of nahl lots , pails of loin or pleiMis of leal
estate , or thu inspeetlon or examln > t | > i > "f
any olhcr iierion micrustuil in h-i..i . ji/ , , , , < i > I
nssessiiiunts. at lliu ollku of a < 1 ' tv i-i > rK
ai.il Hi it by a lopurt of a commilti "f > > > i
riiii'ii'll duly iidoiited , It Is pr'.p ' - < i t , il un-
leni for L-OOO and snlllulnnl uaus > - < i. , iy b
oiliurwls or.li'ind and duterni.ii. . . < iiil Hie
( ol of s.clil IliinioviMnuiilj resi | ve . ' he UK-
hesMiil on the several lots , | inN < .f i - nixl
plum's of loal ( "itatu as KIIDVVII by . j pru
posud plain of assessment.
You , and uauh of vou , am lieruby ie i.iod ! lo
appear bi'foru said llourU nf l.ii.i . | . / ion. . .tt .
the llmuand nlaeu abiivo t > p < 'ellltnl. I.- , ii > Uu
nny eoniplalnl , statement or .it , : ' .n j < n ) >
k'rocotifurnlriK auv of t-'iid pr j > . . , i > i ! > -iU4
nnd iisbussiuonu of speulul IHM-
JOHN iilt'iVi ' " .
I 1 V I II" !
iJmaha Nob. Dfccun.ijor Itli itii1 " ' " > * <
Man ; of our AOri.NTS nrc sIKM.i'xat I > "i
\'Oi worth '
py inunUi | ) on'l romili MiO or nilur - 'M i
nn 'i' wlmi roj mhflK tiu milinia uiord
a iiiuiiujr A ; > i > ly 1 ir Uruii ,
i. , llltd. MuaU , "

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